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>Game Review
>1999 Mode
>Story Walkthrough
	New Eden
	Hooks and Crows
	The Sky-Line
	Monument Island
	Battleship Bay
	Welcome to Soldier's Field
	Hall of Heroes
	The Shockyard
	My Fair Lady
	Finkton Docks
	Plaza of Zeal
	The Good Time Club
	The Bull House Impound
	The Otherside
	The Factory
	Welcome to Emporia
	Downtown Emporia
	Of Time and Space
	The Bank of the Prophet
	Comstock House
	Stairway to Heaven
	The Hand of the Prophet
	The Prophet
	The Infinite
>Weapons and Upgrades
>Vigors and Upgrades
>Enemies and Weaknesses
>About Me

Version 1.5

BioShock Infinite Review
The first thing you need to realize is that this game was rumored to originally
be a new IP separate of Bioshock, so if you're ever wondering why it's a 
Bioshock game then that question may or may not ever be answered...

I bought the PS3 version which included a copy of the first Bioshock on the 
disc, not as a download. I did this because I have fond memories of the world
of Rapture and will play that game again, especially after this wonderful
game. I never finished Bioshock 2 because it just felt like a cash-in, but I
might finish that off now too.

This game takes place in the clouds, but the parallels between Columbia and
Rapture are more than coincidence. You have the same powers, similar weapons,
similar damsel in distress, and similar god/king main villain taunting you
throughout. I don't need to say much about the story other than as you might
know, the ending is one that really ups the ante for video game stories. If the
game were bad and still had this ending it might still score highly enough to 
warrant owning.

The gameplay is kind of the weakest part of the game. The gear you get is
often useless, most of your vigors will be abandoned, and unless you're up 
against extreme odds you'll probably find most fights are easy. They say normal
mode is too easy, and I just played on hard anyway and the game seemed about
right. I'm curious to play on normal just to see how easy it is. The hardest 
mode isn't too brutal, which is fine because any more challenging and it 
would be pure frustration.

Really there is no debate. If you like a good story, beautiful environment, 
love Boardwalk Empire or anything from another time period, and dig sleek 
combat mechanics, then there's no excuse to not own this game. It's a must-
play for sure, and after finding out about it I almost wish I had bought the 
mega-edition with the Songbird figure...

This is a TIER 1 game, must own, instant classic. It just falls short of 
surpassing the original game.

Everything is solid, and the only criticisms come against the lack of total
imagination in the combat and maybe the ending isn't flawless to match how 
beautifully-crafted it is.

Starter Tips
>Possession is the key to the game. You hardly need any other vigors.
>Explore to find money and items. Money isn't as plentiful as you would think.
>Here is my initial list of the weapons in terms of best to worst:
	Sniper Rifle
	Crank Gun
	Hand Cannon
	Hail Fire
	Volley Gun
	Machine Gun
>You might think swapping out empty weapons is great, but often you'll find
ammo for it not long after.
>You keep the reserve ammo for guns, so it's not like when you discard a weapon
you lose all the ammo you had; I guess only the clip.
>Upgrading weapons is risky because, again, you won't be using them at all
>So it's likely best to not upgrade so many vigors as they are very expensive
and you'll ikely use vigors less anyway.
>The Winter Shield gear is nifty. I didn't really need it on hard, but it's
something to think about in 1999 mode.
>Murder of Crows stuns Handymen.
>Traps have their uses, but it's very limited.
>Food and drink with negative effects are likely small.
>You can possess all vending machines to drop some money. This is only really
useful if there is some extra salt nearby, so it's essentially free money.
>On your Infusions, the shield is the best thing to upgrade first. You don't
need to max out salts, and health is pretty valuable. But you can't go all-in
on one, you have to spread them out. There are a total of 24, plus 5 more for
those with the DLC.
>Elizabeth will point out items you may miss. It appears as a blue glow.
>Here are some abbreviations I will use in this guide:
	SR = Sniper Rifle
	BG = Burstgun
	CG = Crank Gun
	HC= Hand Cannon
	VG = Volley Gun
	MG = Machine Gun
	POSS = Possession
	RtS = Return to Sender
	BB = Bucking Bronco
	Fire = Devil's Kiss
	Crows = Murder of Crows
	Raven = A crow man

1999 Mode
The below walkthrough was made on 1999 mode. The first draft done on Hard mode
is just digital dust. That's right, I wrote two walkthroughs of this game...

This is the hardest mode in the game. It unlocks naturally by beating the game,
or by entering the infamous Konami Code at the main menu. I would highly
recommend against just jumping into this mode first because it's better to
approach it after you know what to expect. But it's up to you.

You could also unlock this using the Konami Code from the main menu. It goes
I assume the PC commands are whatever the Cancel and Confirm commands are.

Differences from Hard mode: 
>Enemies hit harder and have more health
>You die faster (melee hits are brutal)
>Harder to find ammo (not really)
>Fewer respawn points, respawns cost $100 and if you can't afford it you return
to the main menu.
>Can't change difficulty
>Can't use the objective finder
>You don't want to use Dollar Bill vendors because that would ruin the top
achievement/trophy in the game during this mode.

If you can't afford the $100 revive fee then you return to the main menu. I
don't think that means you fully restart, you just can't continue from where
you got stuck at and with the spawn points more spread out this may mean you
fall back a long way. So if you're on this mode you want to keep like $500 on
you at all times. $300 if you already beat the game on Hard mode and know what
you're doing.

My advice:
>Get Possession upgraded ASAP.
>Only get a few vigor upgrades.
>Comb every area as everything is more valuable since you need all the money
you can get and you don't want to visit a Dollar Bill.
>Upgrade the lesser weapons too; at least their damage. The Hail Fire, Heater,
and Volley Gun were the only guns I never used in my 1999 mode run.
>Winter Shield chestpiece will ensure you pass the final act of the game.

-The Grand Achievement-
Scavenger Hunt - Beat 1999 Mode without using a Dollar Bill vending machine.

The aspect of this mode that provides less ammo is over-estimated. Whenever I
was low on ammo the game gave me more when I went looting. You should cap out
lockpicks by the time you reach the bank, and enough lockpicks are provided to
open everything and I believe I point all of them out along the way - and 
Elizabeth helps point them out too.

-Season Pass?-
So there isn't a whole lot of info out on this, but I suppose it's going to
be 3 DLC for just $20 and you get the the early bird pack. This pack includes
4 upgraded pieces of gear, MG and pistol skins, and 5 Infusions. The gear is
pretty good actually, upgraded pieces of ones you can get in the game, but
don't overvalue the 5 extra Infusion - they aren't that much more in the long
run, but you can cap everything.

If you know me you know I hate any and all DLC, but this game was so fun and
the story so interesting that this might be one of the few times that the DLC
is required. Now I'm not saying it is because after all 3 come out we might
regret it, but since they will later cost $10 each without the bonus now, then
I would say this is actually a decent bargain.

As for our purposes here on this 1999 run, the gear that gives you a little
more ammo and the extra Infusions might come in handy. I'm not saying buy it,
but if you're in a good place right now and love this game a lot, I think I'll
finally come around and get this DLC - because I just did.

BioShock Infinite Walkthrough
This walkthrough was done on a 1999 mode run, so that means it will be 
OVERKILL for the lesser difficulties. I don't recommend starting on 1999 mode,
so if you aren't on this mode please ignore the stuff about not using a Dollar
Bill machine - or take it to heart and add a smidge of difficulty to the lesser

Again, this guide is played on 1999 mode, but it should be overkill for the 
lesser difficulties. If it's your first playthrough I would recommend you play
on hard. This game almost demands two playthroughs, so you can get 1999 mode
after your first.

Don't forget the subtitles. Always the subtitles.

As the game starts there are plenty of items all over, but I won't be pointing
out every single thing, but I will point out the important things.

There is just a tiny bit of cash to find on your way to the top of the
lighthouse ($18) and then open the door using the code. Enjoy the ride.

-New Eden-
When you are back in control there are rooms on the side with loose change and
Voxophone #1. Move along and take the baptism when ready. Come out and you can
grab the loose change and food as you head to the city square. You can steal
the boy's wallet from his wagon. Go right and into the store for Kinetoscope
#1 and Voxophone #2. Past the bridge is Kinetoscope #2 adjacent the shop. Then
go left to find Voxophone #3 in the garden.

Further up the path a boy hands you a note. Go left to find Telescope #1 and
look down, then exit - you see that? You can go to the dead-end, but all paths
lead to the fair. View Kinetoscope #3 behind the vigor demonstration. You have
three games to play that are the tutorials for shooting and vigor use. Pretty
simple stuff, and no need to aim down the sights. I think you can get all the
prizes in the shooting games, so maybe try to get 2nd and 1st place; they seem
a bit harder on 1999 mode anyway. Oh yeah, and the targets award more points
than body shots.

Move to the end and pick up your first power, Possession (POSS). You can go
back to the middle vendor for free coins, then hit the ticket robot, use either
the salt phials in the tent or from the salt machine nearby, and then go
through the gate. DOLLAR BILL DO NOT WANT (Hsssssss)! But seriously, on a 1999
mode you want to avoid these vending machines like they'll give you a STD in
real life. Don't even POSS it or the one up ahead, just move along and save
your salt for the upcoming fight. Down the road you'll be told to look at a
statue of Lutece, and under it is Voxophone #4. Before you reach the fair
there are some things to loot, but no much at all. You're better off just
grabbing the coins on the fountain and moving in to pick your number. Throw it
at the announcer for a gift later.

Note: For all you vets, POSS only works on humans after you get the upgrade.
So don't waste it now.

Just start by bashing the two cops, then the next two. Loot their corpses and
up the steps it will be empty, until you go a little bit to the right and two
more cops will come out from the side, one with a gun. Run behind the blue cart
and kill the melee cop, then run out and charge the other one to take his gun.
Up ahead will be Voxophone #5 between the cages. Use the vigor vendor to
upgrade POSS to now work on humans. When you exit, two cops will drop in on
the ship nearby, so take them out with your gun. There will be a third on the
ship, and DO NOT hit the turret. Give it a second and then put a POSS on the
turret and just crouch as it takes out at least two cops below. You want to
loot the ship and jump down while the turret is still friendly to help with
the three cops that come from around the corner. Shoot them and quickly go to
the fountain. Peek around the right side and locate the turret in the bushes
and POSS it (it's at the corner of the steps). Hopefully it will clear out
most of the four or so cops for you.

No need to POSS it to move through the gate, just get behind the cart below
the turret, watch for it to turn its light away, run up to the blue box for
health if you need it, and then quickly get around the corner and hide in the
doorway on the left as a cop will rush at you while three more get settled in.
Trade fire with them and begin looting the area. In the shop is a closet with
a booze that restores health at the cost of salt, but there is plenty of health
on the cart in the street. Grab it all and get ready for the fight ahead.

As you start fighting the Fireman, grab salt on the left if you need and then
run along the right wall to the turret in the back and POSS it. It might not
last long, but it should afford you a little time to get some headshots on the
big guy. I just let him occupy the raised area around the turret while I stayed
low and just moved sideways to avoid the fire and OIL slicks and he didn't hit
me otherwise. Just pop his head several times and that's it. Loot the area and
his corpse to refill any lost health, then put your lips around that sweet
vigor juice. Then just look to the gate on the side, hold to build up your
trap, and then shoot a fire trap right in front of the gate. I think like four
cops were supposed to be there, but all of them just got nuked and I could only
loot one. Oh well, go forward to loot the front of the building and go in.

-Hooks and Crows-
Loot the salts here and view Kinetoscopes #4-6. If you got the Early Bird pack
or Season Pass for this game, your rewards are on the tables in the bar (all
shield). Everyone else just pick up your shield, Voxophone #6 in the kitchen,
and head out. Use the hooks to get over and you can drop under the second pair
for some crates. Get on the last hook and aerial kill the guard ahead. Take the
ammo and move to the lowest area below. There are four soldiers on the ground,
and to the upper left is a ship with a turret. If you can peek left and get the
turret that would be great, otherwise work on POSS two enemies. Remember,
turrets are not yours for long. Loot their corpses quickly and get into the
little room. You should be refilled on salts.

The gameplan here is that the turret will likely switch back over to the dark
side, so we either want to POSS it or run away from it. Running away is fine
because we're gonna go across and up some steps to a raised area on the side
which will protect us from that turret and another one ahead. The second part
of this is to have a fire trap ready and to launch in between the three enemies
who will jump onto the roof nearby, and with the right placement you should
blow up all of them. Again, there are turrets on both ends of you, so looting
is optional.

The next part is to run down the other steps and straight to the narrow ledge
behind one of the two good pieces of cover - grab the salt behind one. You
might see a ship land nearby and drop two more cops down, so run as far as you
can, stop behind cover, and then turn to deal with the two enemies who are
likely behind you or about to be. There are two more enemies on the roof below,
but they are hard to see through the mist. There is also the turret. Ignore
the turret, that's why we are hiding. Just POSS one of the guys on the roof
and as the other enemy and turret focus on your thrall, kill the other soldier.

Now jump over and jump down the skylight. Consider not looting everything, just
the money, Voxophone #7, salt and health to fill you up, and the silver bar.
Inspect the locked chest to pick up an optional objective and we will be back.
Go back out to the balcony and hook out and jump way over to get away from the

Inside the house don't go out the first set of doors. Loot the corner and note
the two med kits in the middle rooms. In the back are a few wallets and a bunch
of items, but hopefully you're full from before. When you go out look around
you quickly, make your way right and to the upper raised area, and either try
to POSS the turret to your left as you go behind cover, or run to the end of
the wall and POSS it from the other side. Best to just use your pistol to help
the turret mow down enemies. Remember, the turret is on a short leash, so you
have to do what you can quickly before it turns on you and before the Fireman
shows up. With the turret and all the little guys dead this will be an easy
duel, but if a lot of officers are up and the turret has any life, you'll want
to think about running back into the house for health and cover. If you can
move freely there is a med kit behind the stage on the corner and there is
salt on the booth counter near the doors you came out of. My only issue was
running out of MG ammo, and then I had to run into the house for health. The
hardest part might be avoiding the Fireman's suicide run, so just run away
from him when he does.

1999 Note: Remember, no Dollar Bill machine for you if you want that epic

Loot all you can, even going back into the house for anything you left behind,
and don't forget to loot the Fireman himself; lot of times looting the big bads
will help a ton. Pick up Voxophone #8 on the stage, view Kinetoscope #7 behind
the wall in the back where you should have been posting up, and follow the
path to the house of the ravens/crows.

Inside, go right and POSS/kill the guy at the end of the table as I think the
one walking is not hostile - or kill him too, I don't care. Two more will come
at you from the bar on the opposite side. Not a ton of loot other than
Voxophone #9 at the bar. Then go back to the middle and up the steps to crash
the blue KKK singalong. It's really simple, just stand at a slight angle from
the balcony so you can charge up and lob a fire trap dead in the center of
them, or quickly lob two to each side, whichever you feel best with. Then you
can just mop them up with your pistol as they recover. You could also lob some
traps to  the stairs they will come up, and even trap the opposite balcony of
the one you intend to post up at. The only tricky thing is trying to post up
or clear the steps because they are agile and one might be behind you as soon
as you look down the steps.

After the fight there is health and salt at the top-left statue, loot the
corpses, Voxophone #10 and then grab your key and Infusion. All shield until
full, that is the plan; we'll make due on limited salt, so that means we'll
have to hunt it down more in combat.

You don't have to go all the way back, but I'm making you. Remember there is
all sorts of fun stuff to drink at the bar to refill, because back at the
staging area there will be four new baddies. Maybe I just got lucky but I gave
it some time, killed the first enemy nearest to me, and then set a fire trap
up just above the oil slick in the path and it smoked everyone; the key was
waiting a little bit to set the fire trap, not planting it immediately. Kill
them and make your way back to the hooks area. You can now drop under that
last hook to get the crates, then from the hook jump to the balcony to the
house. Loot anything you need and use your key to unlock the chest for a
second Infusion (shield).

Then just head back to the raven meeting room.

Take the lift up and DOLLAR BILL MACHINE - hssssss! Money on the table,
Voxophone #11 in the left room, and push the bookshelf on the right for Gear
#1 (random pants?). You'll see a hint of the next enemy through the door ahead.
You should be full on salt and there are two phials in here. On 1999 it takes
3 fire traps to basically kill him. You don't want to cluster them in one spot,
but plant them around the bridge. The Raven will move around as crows and
materialize to melee you. You can sit next to your fire traps and let him get
close for big, easy damage. Pelt him a little with your weapon and he'll die
easily. Restock and when ready drink the Murder of Crows vigor he drops.

Now is a good chance to test it out by placing a crows nest in the green grass
ahead. About six enemies will rush in, but all of them will be afflicted by
birds when the trap activates, or you could just send the crows out yourself.
Mop them up and through the doors will be Gear #2 (Burning Halo). Outside is
Telescope #2 on the ship. You can jump from the hooks to a side building and
go down for a purse, but there is no reason to engage the three cops other
than pure bloodlust. Continue on the hooks and aerial kill the guy below on
the left, then gun down the other one. Loot up the area and pass through the
doors to leave.

-The Sky-Line-
Kinetoscope #8 is to your right, then visit the vigor vendor just to see what
is has, but NOT the Dollar Bill - hsssss. Save the items in here and note the
pops by the vending machines; save those. What you want to do is run out with
POSS and hit the turret, then I say use your pistol and start doing some
serious house cleaning. There are about 12 enemies in total, so just fall back
to the corners of the entrance area and move back and forth with eyes open as
melee enemies will rush in with other guards having guns behind them. If the
turret isn't killed get it on POSS again until it is. A fire trap that hits
many would be nice, so consider planting on by the turret since new enemies
come in from the back door. Again, salt by the vendors, stuff in the middle,
one up behind a pillar, and more stuff behind the barrier on the right.

After the fight make your way to the rooms, but if you needed to during the
fight feel free. There is a wallet on a table in the upper right corner, and
in two rooms there are two piles of coins. No need to hit up the vending
machines in the back. Outside, look in the ship's cabin for loot, then get on
the sky-line.

You can go faster, slower, and turn around while on this. Soon as it slows down
you'll see a platform and guy ahead, so aerial kill him and blast his buddy
that emerges. On the railing is Telescope #3, and in the back room is another
Infusion (shield). Get back on the line and aerial kill the guy in the next
platform. There is Voxophone #12 in the back room, then pull the lever and get
back on.

Aerial kill the guy on the ship, then you can quickly try to fire trap the guys
below, but I say just use a POSS and then aerial kill one. You could loot the
whole area including the platform below the one hook before killing the two in
the house and then the third when you go around the corner, or you could kill
them all and then loot in safety. All you need to know is Gear #3 (random) is
behind the dresser in the bedroom. Get on the clear sky-line again and the
enemies ahead will not fight back, though you are more than welcome to kill
them if you really want to.  Just get on the lift and go up as you listen to
his speech. Grab the ammo from the guys above, then move along until a hole is
made. I say POSS one of them before jumping over, then try to aerial kill one,
because that aerial kill may not prompt you correctly. Either way, there are
two to greet you on the zeppelin and two more inside. Clear them out, grab your
loot, and go use the controls. Then run back and get on the sky-line below.
Slow it down and hop off onto the first platform to grab the pop on the bench
that is the only loot aside from what is behind the barricades next to the
exit door.

-Monument Island-
Hook over the gate and enter for Voxophone #13. Little bits of loot as you
move up for some fun levers that aren't creepy at all (first period, it means
first period). In the area with lots of rooms, the dental room have Voxophone
#14 and the projector room is kind of boring. In the next room there is
Voxophone #15 and behind the desk is another Infusion (shield).  Take the
elevator up and pull levers as you move along the rooms - make note of the
movie on the movie sign. The final viewing area has Voxophone #16 (make a big
note of this for the story). Then just follow the path until you are out.

-Battleship Bay-
At the back of this beach is Voxophone #17, further up the path is Kinetoscope
#9, and on the side is a door leading to a boiler room with lots of loot. Don't
bother combing the second beach for health as you'll get all you need in the
gift shop ahead, but feel free to take in the chats people have with you
nearby. Go grab Elizabeth on the pier and she can skip rocks by the water near
the little boy. When ready, head into the gift shop where there are items
behind the counter and in the side room. Move up to the upper boardwalk to
make a purely aesthetic choice.

Head into the next building and she will open the door on the side. Move along
and catch the coin, which she will do often BUT DO NOT USE THE VENDING MACHINE
- bad advice she gives. In the room ahead is Gift #4 (random?) and Voxophone
#18. Around the corner you'll pick up Gear #5 if you spared those folks at the
raffle. Take in the fun room ahead, then you'll find Voxophone #19 in a
bathroom, and Kinetoscope #10 in the hallway.

Head on up and follow the steps up and down to find some purses at the dead-
end. Come back up and stop in the middle of the ticket lobby and look around -
weird. Go up to the ticket counter and pull your gun on him. Then take the
brief few seconds you have to go hide to the right and be ready to either lay
traps or use POSS, or both. You will want to POSS one of the guys with a
shotgun, so if you're behind cover it's one of the guys on the right of your
vision. I say save your fire traps for the second wave. Kill the guys that
ambush you, then grab a shotgun and any other items around; one salt on the
floor. Lay fire traps around the gates on the side of the room, not the ones
from where you entered. About three or four more guys will then enter the room
from those gates, and lastly there will be one down the hallway to your left.

Go into the police room on the right and only when you turn on Voxophone #20
will the ticket guy appear and run after you, so be waiting for him. In the
ticket office is ammo and an Infusion (shield). There is a room on the left
that leads to Voxophone #21 and a bunch of money. Come back up and loot the
platforms before going to Liz and pulling the lever. There is a little loot at
the next station and Telescope #4. Then enter Soldier's Field.

-Welcome to Soldier's Field-
On the right side of the lobby you'll find 2 lockpicks on a crate, a weapon
upgrade vendor that is useless since we most likely dropped the pistol, and
Kinetoscope #11. On the left side you'll find 1 pick next to the locked door;
opening it costs 1 pick. Inside is an Infusion, Voxophone #22, and a carbine
(feel free to take it, it's a single-shot rifle). The 5 lock safe will be
something to think about later. Lift up the gate to exit the lobby.

Kinetoscope #12 is just up ahead on the left, Voxophone #23 in the ice cream
shop (don't steal or get behind the counter), then go to the far right end of
the area for Voxophone #24 in the bookstore, ignore the Heater replica in the
gift shop, pick up the lockpick just to the right of the carousel on the
ground, and save any health and items you don't need for after the upcoming
fight. When you go to the gondola controls and pull the lever the area will
clear out and by the bookstore will be about 6 soldiers and 4 cops. I found
that when I hid in the corner beside the steps that the cops would flank me,
so maybe lay down a trap or two for them on around that signboard. The
soldiers don't come down the steps, so don't waste traps for them, just POSS
them and you likely have to carefully move up to take them out. The best way
to do this is to POSS one of them and run up to find cover at the same time.
Those soldiers carry boomsticks, so don't get close; this is the one time the
carbine does help quite a bit. But you'll likely want to swap it back out for
the MG.

There are some items in the corner and you probably have enough cash to buy a
vigor upgrade, but for now just ignore both vendors and take the elevator. Use
the fuse box while going up. On the right consider saving the health for after
the pair of enemies ahead. In the bathroom to the left there is just a pick
and purses, in the middle of both bathrooms on the ground is a pick, and in
the men's room will be two soldiers you need to take out quickly. Just a wallet
and ammo with them. Use a pick on the other door and inside is a turret. Just
run up the right side of the room and peek out between its burst of fire to
blast it with your shotgun. I say got ahead and spend picks on the safe, but
it's up to you if you want the money. There is Gear #6 and Voxophone #25 to
pick up.

Go out and up to find a new vigor, Bucking Bronco. This will send a straight
blast in front of you and toss anyone in the air and hold them for a few
seconds. Get ready a fire trap for the enemies ahead though. Power one up and
lob it in the big group waiting. Try to clear a few out before you hook up to
the right where there is likely just one guy on the balcony. Kill him and try
to POSS the turret down below. The soldiers should finish it off, but take some
out while they are distracted. From this spot you should see the Raven appear.
He'll get up to you, so watch out for him. What I did (on 1999 mode) was just
run back and forth from the end of this balcony under the hook to inside the
ticket building. Inside there is a carbine on the top level which I had to
resort to. If you can get a BB on the Raven then unload shotgun shells into
him and then back away as he drops back. Of course when you kill him in here
you still have a job of killing the rest of the soldiers protecting the sky-

You could just run around in this building or the bar across the way to find
ammo and salt, but either way we will begin looting the ticket station. On the
top floor is a pick and Voxophone #26 as well as loose change under the
machines. On the ground floor grab the Code Book from the cannon's barrel,
then reach through the ticket window for a pick. Look at Kinetoscope #13 and
loot this little gift area. On the weapon upgrader I got the sniper rifle (SR)
damage and the RPG damage boosts; we'll get them shortly. On 1999 mode you
always want to keep a minimum of $300, and later that might go up to $500;
plus, we are saving up for the cheaper POSS upgrade too. Anyway, after you
upgrade you should have just enough locks to open the door nearby for Gear #7
and a coin bag.

Note: If you really want to be sure you have cash to revive and get the POSS
upgrade further down, go ahead and bypass any upgrades until then.

There is a Dollar Bill, but all I'll say is hsssss to that. In the bar you'll
find Voxophone #27 in the kitchen, and in the first bathroom is the code for
the book you got. After Liz looks at it, go into the next bathroom and tip the
hat. Inside is Voxophone #28, an Infusion (shield or salt), and the RPG. When
you come out feel free to use the RPG to dispatch the four enemies who are now
patrolling; you'll get more ammo ahead. Do some final looting, clear the sky-
line, and jump off in front of the Hall.

More RPG ammo and Voxophone #29 on the gondola. To the far left is a small area
with some loot. Go up the steps toward the hall and a sniper will shoot at you
from the upper left perch. Liz will toss you a SR of your own. Just look up
and inch to the right until you can see the light looking toward you and when
your crosshair shows his health bar just shoot. Then back up and use the lower
part of these steps as cover (we haven't left the gondola in case you are
confused). Sniper enemies by the door but also get the ones running after you.
Try to POSS the ones close with guns and kill the melee guys. If you run out
of SR rounds you can try to launch a few rockets toward the cowards at the
front door as there are more rockets to be had. There are also a few phials of
salt here. Either to finish them off or after, there is salt to the far right
with a carbine, coins in front of and behind the statue on the ground,
Kinetoscope #14 on the right, and health in the corner left of the doors. When
ready, enter.

-Hall of Heroes-
Oh yeah, look up for some Samurai Toga Washington, a true American Hero! There
is some loot and ahead are a few vendors (fire trap upgrades are tempting, but
at 1.2k with only 1.5k in hand I have to pass). I had the MG and RPG on me, so
the extra rocket clip and MG accuracy boosts were equally as tempting - the
coveted POSS upgrade is in the next section of this guide, so feel free to save
up for its $1.6k pricetag. Go into the ticket room to find a pick, coins, and
Voxophone #30, and that will trigger two soldiers to appear at the fork in the
hall. Come out and either fire trap them or send them one rocket; I say fire
because of the free salt machine.

In the next room listen to the speech and set a fire trap directly in front of
the door on the right. Post up behind the statue so you can watch the door
open. The trap should take out most of the four that emerge, so finish off the
survivors. Inside that room are two picks, a silver bar, stuff to refill on,
and an Infusion (maybe salt). Move along to the crossroads room with some loot
and a weapon upgrader (just save your cash).

Let's go left, to the Boxer exhibit. In the corner is a storage room with a
pick on the floor by the wall, a silver bar, and Gear #8. When you pick it up
turn around and kill the soldier walking in. Head to the end of the exhibit
and you might want to trap the middle of the room with a nest and maybe a fire
bomb in another spot in the middle. You can quickly try to refill your salt
behind the Comstock statue because soon after the enemies will spawn on the
right side of the room, including a Fireman, so start on the left side if you
can and try to crow the guys while you BB the big dude. RPGs will come in handy
to kill them all. If you get stuck in a bind, run up to the little pagoda atop
the hill to restock on salt and health quickly. Just keep the Fireman in BB
and he will not be your biggest worry. BB reaches far, so feel free to use it
on the soldiers too, but the RPG does wonders here. Loot them all and head

Two soldiers will be in the Boxer entrance, and then two more will be in the
rotunda. Remember, no Dollar Bill for us. Go to the Indian side of things and
in this corner room will be a soldier waiting for you, but he guards only Gear
#9. At the end of the exhibit you should lay a crow trap near the entrance
(they will drop down from above) and go to the right to wait for them. Gun
down the few few waves of soldiers, then pull out your RPG and start blasting
them away indiscriminately. Either the final enemy to appear is a Raven or
he's just with the last batch. Either way, have BB ready for him, loot corpses
as they should have a spare rocket or two, and circle the room to find salt
and supplies. Keep him in BB and it will be over shortly. Loot and head back to
the rotunda.

Trap the ground in front of the door as three enemies will emerge. Go through
and in the assassination room will be Voxophone #31, a purse, and coins around
the statue of the lady. Just follow the story to the end.

-The Shockyard-
Wait for the hook to appear and then "summon" (note how she calls it wish
fulfillment). Look down and summon the MG nest and notice how you drop from
your hook. You can only have one tear open at a time. Get POSS on the enemy
turret at the other end, and when that is destroyed get another POSS on the
rocket guy on the steps. Then get the sniper rifle up here and finish off the
lot. When you jump down the items up here will be lost. Loot the area and
there are a few items on the second level accessed via the hooks, but you can
save those for the fight on the way back. And ignore the Dollar Bill tear of

In the gift shop you got Kinetoscopes #15 and #16, and if you have just $1.6k
for the Possession for Less upgrade then DO NOT buy it as we might want some
spare cash for revives in the coming fights. It's tough, but do hold onto your
money. In the main room note you have a health, salt, and turret tear; only one
can be up. Spawn the turret and stand at the back of the room, somewhat behind
a column but keep eyes on the glass display straight in the back. I think maybe
for a few moments after it comes out it is immune to damage, so let it come
out and start up before you unleash some rockets on it. It will move up and
run into your turret. If you don't have rockets you may need to attempt to
cheese POSS and hit him while he's an ally, and by spawning the salt tear you
can respawn the turret tear after a short time. There is more salt in the room
and the health in the middle. On 1999 mode if you don't have rockets and this
plan doesn't work, I guess your only other options are to use line of sight
with the big columns or use the previous areas to retreat to.

After all that be sure to refill and get the Crank Gun (CG) he drops but keep
your RPG. View Kinetscope #17 and then try to enter the back room. Feel free
to open the safe for cash and open the big crate to find nothing. Come out and
avoid the shock traps. With the big safe you might have enough to get the POSS
upgrade. I had $1.97k and it costs $1.65k. That's enough for three revives on
1999 if I really don't know what to do ahead. But since I do then this upgrade
will further help that cause.

Note: I know enemies can die from shock traps, but for some reason it only
happens here when you POSS them. Oh well.

When you come out quickly move up, turn around, and spawn the hooks above; get
a shotgun if you are bad for any weapon but a shotgun does no good on 1999
mode. I had the CG and RPG, and I first took up a position on the second level.
The first wave is pure soldiers who come from the way you entered; some will
drop down and some will stay on high ground. Since my guns were heavy hitters
I used my new POSS for less upgrade and just let them kill each other with
some CG fire to help. During this encounter you'll want to POSS only humans
and best to get the ones not next to shock traps. Also, don't forget the salt
behind the sandbags near the gift shop - get it after the first wave.

The second wave comes from the side room and it spits out a Fireman with
soldiers. The big bad can't get to you up top, but he can still toss fire
bombs at you, but you'll have plenty of room to move around to avoid. The
trick is not to run out of ammo up here when all you have is a single salt
phial and spare RPG. Kill the Fireman and then carefully watch the soldiers.
You will probably be hurting for ammo to replace the empty CG, so a wise move
would be to jump down, kill the last enemy, grab a MG from a dead guy, try to
loot some corpses, and then hook up to the RIGHT side. You must do this
quickly as two Patriots will spawn from the top left room and jump down
(thankfully). Try to POSS only the soldiers as it's a waste on the robots.
You're pretty much a sitting duck up here once you are out of ammo, so you're
only hope would be to look over the edge between bursts of fire and hope Liz
will toss you some RPGs (it will be whatever gun you are holding when you ask).

If both Patriots are up and you're out of ammo then put your hands together
and start praying to Father Comstock for ammo. But something that might
actually work is to slip around into that upper-left hall for two trashcans
and a pistol in a crate - hey, beggars can't be choosers. But a far better
option is to drop down into the lower-left room, avoiding traps, and grabbing
the Infusion to refill your salt. With salt you can use POSS on a Patriot to
serve as a distraction while you hunt for some MG rounds so you can retreat
back up top. If only one Patriot remains, then you can POSS it and get close
for some shotgun blasts. If all of that doesn't work, then I don't know what
to tell you - you're playing the wrong difficulty my friend.

Note: After the fight you can then go to the vigor vendor to upgrade POSS if
you have the funds plus a few hundred left over.

So after the fight he'll just drop some more traps. In the lower left room is
the aforementioned Infusion (salts seems good), Voxophone #32, and a pick.
Take the lower right path where four soldiers stand between you and Slate. If
they run up they will die in the traps, so do what you must to mop them up. If
you don't have a clear path just pop a few traps so you can get by; one bullet
kills a trap. When you finally meet Slate it matters not which choice you make.
Drink the juice and let's make our way back.

Note: A CG with less than 100 bullets is worthless, so drop for a MG.

In the room with the bridge above you and water below you can shock both guys
to death by hitting the water. In the rotunda (crossroads) you'll encounter
three soldiers and a Raven, so feel free to retreat to handle them better and
don't be shy about POSS. Kill the Raven, loot, resist the urge to use the
Dollar Bill, and return to the closed gate. Shock the coil, get a whiff of
them salts, and head out.

-My Fair Lady-
Note the mosquito tear flying above, and the SR barrel to your left. If you
need the SR, spawn it first and grab some, but then quickly summon the mosquito
when ready. Move up and POSS one of the guys nearby, or kill them and POSS
enemies further away. The drone should provide a good decoy while you snipe
some heads, but you have to watch the guys coming up the lower middle; so
either POSS guys on the side or the ones up the middle. The drone will die,
but you can resummon it in a short time. Just sit back, hide behind cover to
the right if you must, but if you just keep them from running up the middle
you should be fine.

Loot the corpses and on the right you'll find a coil that leads to Useless
Gear #10! The gear appears to be random except for that one, because on my
first run all my starting gear was great, but this stuff is garbage. One thing
to keep in mind, any gear involving sky-lines should be considered around sky-
lines - seems obvious but I'm guilty of overlooking them too. Get on the line
on the right and you can get off to deal with these enemies, but all there is
is a lockpick, salt, and RPG ammo. It's really simple to clear this area, you
just spawn the Patriot tear and POSS the RPG guy on the ship and atop the
structure; with POSS upgraded it's all free loot as you will get more salt.
The pick is under the stairs in the back.

Get on the line and return to the mainland. A Fireman and company is waiting.
Lob a fire trap toward the center near the oil slick, then get your POSS out
and get as many soldiers with it as you can. With a full RPG just start
blasting away at the Fireman. Just stay mobile and he won't hurt you too badly,
and remember you have the balcony on the left to retreat to, or either
building. Keep POSSing soldiers until they are gone, and feel free to keep up
BB on the Fireman to keep yourself safe. Loot him and his dead friends and move
out - she says there is loot "over there" but I have no clue, just keep going.
Get shock ready for the Patriot in the entry hall. If you step to the right and
wind up a shock trap, make sure he's coming from that side and let it loose
where he will walk. Even on 1999 mode the shock trap pretty much killed him.
Otherwise you just keep zapping him and inflicting damage.

Note: Patriots are weak on their backs, but how they expect you to hit there
is beyond me.

In the empty boardwalk go into the bookstore on the right first for purses,
salt, and a pick. Some of the stuff you've looted before will be refilled, so
check trash and desks where you find them. The ice cream shoppe has some money.
If you have 5 picks feel free to go back to the start of this whole area and
open the 5 lock safe for about $214; later you'll reach the cap of 30
lockpicks, so I say go for it, I had 8 at this point. Then look to the left of
the middle building on the boardwalk for a hook point and coil to shock. In the
bedroom is Voxophone #33 and Gear #11; save that salt phial and remember this
place for the upcoming fight. In the toy shop there is a coil leading to Gear
#12 and a SR if you want, and you should.

Before you recharge the lever and call the gondola, feel free to take a tour of
the sky-line here. There are three areas where you can dismount and stock up,
two of which have turrets. But these are not important to us. What we are going
to do is summon the gondola, then sky-line up to far perch. If you have a SR
feel free to look down the gondola line (up and to the left is all I can say
if you have no clue) and try to snipe guys on the ships as they are incoming.
They will return fire quickly, so the plan here is to summon the turret for no
reason really and then get on the sky-line and ride to the hotel in the middle.
Get inside and from here you can melee defend the door, let their rockets kill
guys with friendly fire, and you can pop in and out of the door at will. There
are only a half dozen or so grunts, so they shouldn't be the issue. The issue
is killing the rocket guys on both ships. The ships will circle around the
hotel and settle on either side of the gondola platform. From the hotel you
can easily POSS the rocket guy on the near ship by just running out and getting
him in your line of sight. If the rocket guys don't kill each other you can
snipe or POSS the one in the far ship. Just realize that you have to be moving
quickly to avoid the rockets and their wide area of effect.

The final piece of the puzzle is the gondola will drop off a Patriot and a few
grunts. A shock trap placed correctly can pay off big, but just as easily you
can summon the Patriot tear by the carousel and he managed to clear all but
one guy (on 1999 mode no less), so just assist him and feel free to shock trap
twice or more. After the fight you are welcome to refill on stuff like the
salts at the perches because there is a sneaky tough fight ahead. When ready,
get on the gondola, grab the loot, and take a ride.

Some loot around the platform, and when you go up and turn the corner about
half a dozen guys will have you pinned down. Quickly POSS one and then keep
one POSS. Use rockets and shock will help if one gets too close while another
is still in POSS. Just flush them out quickly and you'll be fine. Maybe get a
few weapon upgrades, ignore the Dollar Bill, loot the place, the kinetoscope
is a rerun, and take the elevator out. In the airship is an Infusion (health I
say) and a bunch of cash. Use the console when ready to leave. Try to comfort

-Finkton Docks-
To the left is a building with Voxophone #34 and upgrades to look at. Further
up will be a pick in a little assembly line room on the left. Just go left on
the dock to head for the other side; don't go right and trespass on the other
ship. Around the container is a wallet, and in the room ahead will be Gear #13,
but it comes at the heavy price of having to fight an army of cops, a Patriot,
and drones. You also get some silver bars, but the cost is too great for what
might be useless gear. Maybe on a low difficulty with lots of spare ammo it's
not a big deal to take it, but on 1999 mode, no way.

Note: I was using the piece of gear that returned ammo 40% of the time on
kills. I came into Finkton with just 4 rockets and I left with 5 thanks to this

Note: To all you 1999 players, from now on you'll want at least $500 on hand;
that's five revives. Seems you'll be in peril every fight from here on out.

Just keep going and after the second tear you can go around the box on the
right for a crate. In the office there is Voxophone #35 and many coins. Head
out, stock up, and when you see the sky-line you've arrived at the fight. If
you have an RPG go ahead and open with it on the pair to the right, then start
POSS and maybe laying down some shock traps around the right lower area where
a ship will take anchor. Watch for the ship and POSS the turret. You shouldn't
need to leave this elevated area and there are a few items up here. If you
really need ammo or salt there is salt directly below you and a carbine behind
the elevator shaft in the holding room. You might clear the area and the ship
and still hear enemies taunting you; just hop the sky-line and they'll be in
the top area (it was just 1 on hard but was 2 now).

After or during the fight, that holding room also has an Infusion in the cell.
Go to the top level for loot, same vigor machine, and remember, no Dollar Bill
for you. The Volley Gun (VG) is here, but I don't like it, especially if you
still have the RPG. Open the elevator door and follow her. Some items on the
dock, under the sky-line, and when you try to reach her you get interrupted.
When you land there is Telescope # 5 and a 5 lock door on the ship; I had 8
picks so I got Gear #14 inside. Up the steps is a weapon upgrader; with less
than $1k I just bought the sniper recoil one and left.

Note: There is a 5 lock up ahead that gives an Infusion, so pass on this
random piece of gear if you don't have at least 3 picks in hand. So you need
10 picks to get everything. There will also be 3 picks after the next fight,
so you can count those too.

Kinetoscope #18 is just to the left inside the work center and no new vigor
upgrades. In the main reception room there is a pick and Voxophone #36 in the
middle office. Go to the line to see what it says, then go to the desks
adjacent to the middle office to find a pick and wallet. The side room with
the Infusion and plenty of supplies is locked behind 5 picks, so if you have
them great, but if not we have 3 more after the next fight.

Go down either side (the right side has a carbine adjacent the steps if you
need it) and below will be about half dozen cops and a Patriot. The cops below
aren't the issue, it's the ones that will flank you from behind when you start
fighting. You'll want to try and keep POSS up on a cop at all times, but also
have shock handy. To supply your POSS you'll want to shock the Patriot, clear
anyone below, and  quickly make your way into the lower room with the sunlit
windows. This room is easier to defend than anywhere else and it has some
supplies. The melee cops are the biggest problem here and if you stay up top
you'll want to either be waiting for them with a rocket or fire trap the steps
behind you; they come from the lobby above. Remember, you can keep shocking or
throw shock traps around the Patriot, and in the room you can line of sight
him by weaving in and out of the room. There is a SR on the left and more
supplies all over the room if you can collect them while fighting. Remember,
POSS the cops.

Note: First time I died because I sat up there on the balcony and the melee
cops moved too quick even though I was waiting for them. I spawned at the
entrance to the building and the Patriot was just around the corner, so I was
sort of stuck and barely made it out with like two bullets left and no salt.

After the fight you can loot the safe, grab a pick in one of the trashcans, a
pick in the corner, a pick in the room with the elevator, and Voxophone #37 in
a locker by the elevator; among other items of course and if you couldn't open
the Infusion lock above, now is the time to open it, hopefully. Call the
elevator and take it out.

-Plaza of Zeal-
You can pick up the Hand Cannon (HC) if you want; it's a very powerful
revolver. Step into the plaza and watch the auction unfold; one of the funniest
things is following those guys to the right and saying "No, don't do it lad!
You have so much to live for!" There is a VG and some picks here on this mini-
dock, then open the locked door where you'll find another code, wallet, pick,
and HC. Come back to the front and go to the lower-left corner garage for
items; I got the VG damage boost since I was carrying one at the time. Come
out and look up to see a hook on a sign, and from there you can jump to the
awning above the gun shop and get Gear #15; maybe save that SR for later. Drop
down and go into the gun shop (the middle building) for Voxophone #38, a pick,
and some ammo.

Note: The VG is not very effective against the Handyman, who is your next

Come out and you might see a red tear in the upper-left building. When you
move past the police barrier you'll make all the cops in the zone come to you,
plus the drone in the sky will be hostile and the turrets will shoot when you
are in range. What I did was POSS the drone and then fell back to the gunsmith
shop and just blasted the cops with the VG as they tried to get close; about a
half dozen of them. I believe the drone will stay your ally until you POSS
something else. You can then enter the upper-left building to examine the
unique tear and find health. May as well kill the turret by using the cover
next to the vendor. There is a turret on the opposite side, Voxophone #39 in
the upper-right corner, and do try to leave items you don't need because a
rather tough fight will happen here later.

Note: On consoles you hold the vigor switch button to pull up the vigor wheel
to swap out your main two.

Enter the gun shop and there are items to the left. Go up to find a pick and
some crates. Talk to Mrs. Lin and then head back out. Step out and notice the
shaking. Step onto the street and look right as your first Handyman appears.
We are going to stay in this area and do the following. Use crows to stun him
for a few seconds and inflict damage. You'll find the crows don't disrupt his
attacks, so he will likely manage to do his sliding rushes at you that will do
major damage, but you can eat it and live to run away. Actually, when he does
this rush at you he is vulnerable for some damage.

You want to hit his exposed heart, but often you'll find yourself looking at
his profile when he's re-adjusting his arm. It's sort of a gambler's task, but
you really do need to stay on a level surface with him and somewhat try to
stare down the beast. You can't keep him crow-locked, but with the hooks you
can stare him down, maybe eat some damage, and then zip away. The awning above
the gun shop has the SR, which is a good choice here. You can continuously
hook up to this awning and drop down, but at some point you need to inflict

Note: I don't think he naturally resorts to it, but if he gets stuck he will
starting spewing giant shock blasts which hit very hard. I don't know how to
counter them.

What I had to do was run for salt. There are phials in the garage and in the
opposite corner by a table before you reach the mini-dock. Nothing says you
can't run into each corner for the items, like the HC in the previously-locked
room; med kits in the sweatshop and you'll find more items on the other awnings
around the plaza. There is also a phial of salt in a buggy toward the club to
the north. One possible strategy would be to try and just jump from awning to
awning around the gun shop. The crows really are the key to give you a split
second or two to line up and hit the heart (not enough time to aim with the SR
though). However you manage to eek out the victory, loot his corpse and find
Gear #16 that he drops.

After the fight feel free to comb the plaza for items because you have another
tough fight up next. Again, there are items on the awnings all around. When
ready, enter the club.

-The Good Time Club-
Look up and note the hat on the ground for this guy. Go up the steps for a
purse and Kinetoscope #19; save money because this fight is tough. Step in and
quickly assess the area. There are lots of salt phials spread out, a RPG tear,
a VG tear, med kit tear, and all the doors are locked. The plan for the first
two waves is simple, abuse POSS and work your way front to back with the salt
phials, meaning you want to jump down on the floor and find the phials first,
and save the ones to the back for the last wave. I brought in a RPG and SR and
Liz kept me stocked when perilously low.

The first wave is just a Fireman and friends. The enemies have HCs, so they hit
hard. Keep one POSS even if you think all other enemies are dead, just use
POSS and save ammo. I believe he will mostly try to stay around the stage, so
to some degree you could get on the floor and at an angle where he wouldn't try
to bombard you. When the minions are cleared you can then run up and BB him to

The second wave has a Raven and more soldiers. The Raven is actually not that
hard. I recommend (with trepidation) that you take position along the upper bar
with the med kits. Just run around in front of it until the Raven gets there
and BB plus rocket/whatever to kill him. All the while be sure to keep POSS on
enemies. They will take up by the RPG tear across the way; I used my SR on
them and POSS the ones closer to me on the floor. Remember, get salts between

The final wave is a Patriot and two turrets on the stage. I say take position
at the bar once again, but whatever you like; you could line of sight the
Patriot among the booths, but we will have drones appearing shortly and I'm not
sure of any safe spots for the whole fight. The turrets appear first so POSS
one and they should almost kill each other. Finish off whichever turret
remains. The Patriot should dash toward up to you, so you could trap the steps.
About when you start to damage him three drones will fly into the room. You
want to stay up here and behind the cover panels with shock in hand to keep
the Patriot locked. I just blasted him a few times with rockets and he was
gone, but the drones nearly got me because I was behind the bar (drinking
again probably). Just POSS and shoot down the drones and that's it.

The room is filled with loot. On the top there is a study door that unlocks.
It has Gear #17 and a safe, as well as SR ammo. The tiny bar in front of this
room has a pick. In the lower-right corner is a winery with an Infusion, a
pick, and coins. In the lower middle is Kinetoscope #20 and a pick and a purse
in the restrooms. Be sure to loot the stage and the turrets. In the dressing
room behind the stage is Voxophone #40.

In the first basement room are two guards, so try to POSS the dude so he can
melee for you. Loot the room and the little room on the left for a pick. Past
the locked door, run up and POSS the first enemy you see and hopefully he'll
kill the other. In this room is the Code Book by the furnace. View the
projection if you want and in the cellblock POSS the first guard and then get
the second that emerges from the right side. There is Voxophone #41 next to a
pick and tons of barrels to loo. I had 13 picks to afford the 5 lock door up
ahead, and hopefully Gear #18 is something good for you.

Go down the the other cell, grab the pick on the right before you enter the
dark chamber, turn on the light, and then examine the body. Go into the tear.
You are welcome to the Repeater, it's a good automatic weapon, but I kept my
full SR and RPG. View the projection as you return topside. On the stage POSS
the first guy and maybe lay a fire trap near the curtain. An SR helps get the
enemies in the distance, and keep possessing them. One of them is wearing a
funny hat, and after you kill him listen to what Liz says about him. Loot the
room, but nothing new as far as environmental loot. There is Kinetoscope #21
when you return to the lobby, and I bought the SR fire rate upgrade since I
had $1.1k. A coin purse is on the bench before you leave the club.

Go left and POSS the guy by the door, or anyone really. There are half dozen
or so that got you pinned down, and then a VG guy will appear. You want to
POSS him, but if you get one of his minions that is fine too; keep trying to
POSS him for an easy kill/ally. Mop up the area and loot whatever you might
have left earlier. Watch out for the new corner turret; I temporarily swapped
out my SR for the VG to kill this turret. Go into the mini-dock room to solve
the code and open the clock for an Infusion, pick, and Voxophone #42. Enter
the gunsmith's. No new loot, just go up top, then back down, and then out.

Go back around and engage the six or so cops that come out of the mini-dock
area. Keep a POSS up and wipe them out. Enter the door right of the gun shop
and you'll find salt and nothing new in the vigor machine. Pull the lever and
go out to find another fight. POSS the first guy you see on the ground, then
hide to the right behind the boxes. When your thrall dies, peek over the boxes
and POSS the RPG guy on the billboard. Then look to the right and summon the MG
turret. They should handle it, but feel free to help. Should be one last guy
to rush at you when you move forward. No need to visit the weapon upgrader
behind the turret as nothing new. There is a pick and you can note the locked
new vigor in the office ahead, and then take the elevator out.

Look around and as you should expect, not a lot of loose loot. At the fork in
the road go left and kill the two hooligans giving the locals the business,
then claim your Infusion (by now you should be into health and I say don't go
beyond 8 on salt). Near them is a pick by a bed. Go down the ramp and two more
ruffians will engage you when you approach the bar; one time it glitched one
was inside the bar, but so long as you don't hit an innocent guy I guess you'll
be okay to fire inside. Inside do not mess with the barkeep. There's a pick by
the rightside vendor, and you likely don't have the funds to buy any upgrades.
So just head down to the basement on the side where you'll find Voxophone #43,
a few picks, some cash, some keys, and you can play the guitar for a charming

When you come out and head down the road you'll hear angry people. Just move up
and find the tear in the road to spawn food and they will be calmed. You can
loot the downed vendor, and up ahead just behind the wall with the singing
child you'll find a pick on the ground under a dude. Further up you'll find
Gear #19 and you'll hear a guard talking.

Around the corner you'll engage the cops, and go to the left and post up
behind the cover atop the steps. If you have rockets I say just open on them
to blast them away. From the cover you might notice there are two giant turrets
guarding the police station. Just under them and between is a MG turret. Your
POSS will go that far, so line up a shot (a SR helps) and just POSS that turret
and let it chew up the bigger turrets - I don't question the logic of this,
all I know is it works. It should kill a turret in one POSS charge, then POSS
it again and once the big cannons are gone a Patriot will show up at the
entrance. POSS on the Patriot is a waste, so feel free to try and get a few of
the more stationary cops to convert. I tagged the one up to the right and this
sort of revealed the gears behind the Patriot for me to get in a big hit. In
short, with one clip of SR ammo I sniped all of this first wave of defense.

If you don't have a SR or range there are tons of rockets on the tall building
to the right, as well as med kits on the lower part of it. The left side is a
shooting range on a roof which has a lot of ammo too. You'll also notice when
you move up there are lots of tears, including a rocket turret and mosquito,
these are most useful, and remember that you can alternate them. There are SRs
at the top part of the left side. There aren't many salt phials, but you
shouldn't need many POSS with all the tears.

You'll see that when you move up toward the station that a second wave of about
16 or so cops will pour out to defend the entrance. They hide all around the
steps in front of the station, so it's wise to switch between the drone and
turret tears to maximize their usefulness. There is no reason to put yourself
in harms way; I say just pop out from cover and launch a few RPGs their way
since the right building has plenty of rockets. Maybe throw out a POSS or two
to assist your drone, but don't waste all your salt when you have rockets.

When the fight is over be sure to do a round on the sky-lines to find salt and
ammo. You'll find Voxophone #44 at the back top of the right building, and
just above the steps at the beginning of the area you'll find Telescope #6 on
a balcony, reached via the hooks. I still held onto my SR and RPG as tears
provided ammo for both, but consider bringing a HC as the next fight is inside
the station and more personal. I might have brought the crank gun if only it
had 100/100 bullets.

-The Bull House Impound-
You'll find Kinetoscope #22 at the front desk before you pass through the
doors, as well as a pick. When you go through either guys above or below will
spot you first. I say you could drop a fire trap at the foot of the steps as
soon as you get in, then run up the steps, POSS a guy up here, and then take
brief shelter in the door on the left at the top of the steps. If it goes to
plan then a bunch of the ground cops will be blown to hell and you can snipe
the cop opposite your cover who is toward the shower room. Believe there are
three cops up top and about six below, so once you clear the top you can just
rain down POSS below. You'll want to POSS the final cop on the ground for when
the Patriot comes in through the entry doors. Hopefully your final thrall will
play decoy and let you hit the Patriot's back, because otherwise just blast
him with rockets and use shock if he gets too close. I just stayed on the top
level this whole fight, and the shower room provides time and distance to
handle the Patriot if need by.

When it's over let's start looting from the showers. In here there is just a
pick on the bench near the sinks and a few bags. In the top office area there
is an interesting board on the wall to examine, and in the corner room you'll
find a pick on the floor, Voxophone #45, and the chest to use your keys on to
get an Infusion (health, remember, no need to fully cap salt). The room at the
top of the steps costs picks, but we have plenty and there are still more to
find here. This room has Gear #20 and another Infusion. On the ground floor
the offices have little loot, but there is a safe with cash you can pull out.
Around the left corner you'll find Voxophone #46 and some picks in the
interrogation room.

Head down to the cells and there is a pick in the first cell, and at the end
are some coins and crates in the room. Open the tear to reveal Burstguns (BG)
and a repeater, but I still had plenty of sniper rounds so I passed. Head back
up and pick up Voxophone #47 as you leave the impound.

-The Otherside-
The first guy will get shot in front of you. I didn't waste any time and I rode
the line to the right and stopped at the little perch. From there I hopped the
hooks all the way to the balcony with the telescope and it seems this caused a
glitch. Perhaps if you could POSS one in a group of them (seems to always be
three) and then run straight back through the autosave point, I think that will
just wipe away all the enemies, since it's from that point where they spawn. I
stood on that balcony and POSS and shot down about 30 of them before realizing
something was wrong. It seemed the glitch fixed itself as they stopped showing
up, but at the little archway where they spawn, they were just standing there
waiting. I blasted them over and over and this just made more spawn instantly;
kind of funny they would spawn before the body of the one I just killed had
settled. Then I just POSS one and ran by, it saved, and when I turned around
the POSS guy vanished. So I only assume passing under the archway will clear
all enemies.

I can confirm that there is some sort of invisible wall at the archway because
after passing through I wanted to go back and try to loot ammo I wasted trying
to defeat a glitch, but soon as I crossed that line a guy spawned on top of me
and upon retreating back over the line he vanished.

Now of course without the glitches (infinite stream and stuck at spawn point)
the same plan works. You just hop to the balcony, shoot and POSS them like fish
in a barrel, and then stroll out of there. The more traditional approach works,
I guess, which is to fight the enemies area by area. Perhaps you must clear the
whole Bull Yard?

Anyway, no threats on the rest of the way back. Just sights, sounds, and some
bodies to loot. Head toward the bar for Voxophone #48 by the dead Handyman,
Voxophone #49 at the bar, and you can now loot the counter as the barkeep is
gone. That is it, just head back out using the elevator.

Move up to the small room and grab the new vigor, Charge. It's of limited use
and more useful if you really know what you're doing, but really only after you
get it's upgrade for brief invulnerability; even then other vigors might be
better. In this quick fight you could try to POSS the turret ahead (might not
be able to), summon the turret on the left, and then try to POSS the RPG guy
on the ship to the right. Be careful now not to POSS any allies as that is
pointless and kills them. You could also summon the hook behind the ship and
jump on to POSS the RPG guy much easier. Collect your loot and there is no need
to attend any of the vendors here or in the plaza. Head back through the lever

Just a reminder, no Dollar Bill. You'll return to the plaza occupied by more
enemies. The first group in front of you will get blasted, then come out and
POSS an enemy quickly, let him do damage and die, and then quickly get the
drone in the air. Assist it and with any luck the drone will inflict damage
and be destroyed by the turret around the corner. Finish off any of Comstock's
men and then destroy the MG turret. No new items in the area to loot, so just
go into the gun shop to see the site and pick up Voxophone #50 nearby. Play it
after Liz and Daisy are done speaking.

-The Factory-
Just outside the shop you'll see Vox at the door. Go up to use it to get the
next part rolling. Inside there is really just the salt there in the middle,
though on the right is a Dollar Bill you will ignore and a single crate in the
little room that isn't worth the effort. When the second door opens quickly
get a POSS on one of the turrets ahead and assist in killing the other one.
Run up and make sure your POSS turret is dead (kill it yourself if you must)
and then get a POSS on one of the rocket turrets further back. Also summon your
rocket turret tear and hopefully the enemy rocket turret will get handled. A
Patriot will appear, so once the rocket turret you POSS is destroyed, get a
POSS on any and all enemy humans. Focus fire on the robot and let your minions
take care of any stragglers.

Soon as the Patriot is killed turn and run back to get the salt at the start
of the bridge ONLY if you are almost out of salt as there is a good amount
given up ahead. I imagine if you are over half full on salts you could just
hop on the sky-line near the factory as soon as the Patriot falls. You'll ride
this sky-line to board the zeppelin after a few curves in the track. You'll
jump to kill the guy on the wing to the right, then POSS the other guy and help
him destroy the turret. Grab the salt phial to fill you up. I had the SR and
RPG since the dawn of time it seems, but know that there are weapons to get
during the next fight.

Come up to the doorway into the heart of the zeppelin and it has a few soldiers
and a Patriot. You'll want to POSS the nearer soldiers first by just peeking in
and out of the doorway. Once they are dead locate the soldier above the Patriot
and POSS him. The robot will turn and this gives you the chance to nail his
back with a RPG or whatever hits hardest. Not sure how or why you would end up
without enough ammo or salt, but there is plenty of it in here. There is a SR
on the opposite side of the ship, a RPG near the front of the zeppelin inside,
salt all around the Patriot, and the columns in the ship have MGs and shotguns,
so there is more than enough ammo. If you really get in a bind you could zap
the Patriot over and over to give yourself time to get said items.

If you are really bad and somehow made it this far without any weapons, perhaps
you could just zap the Patriot over and over, disable the engine, and jump off.
You'll need to disable the engine anyway, and when you do the side door opens.
It's safter to wait until you are prompted to jump to the skyline, but you
could also drop and latch on in free-fall. Jump off near the factory, go up
the steps, find Telescope #7 at the top of the steps, and then enter.

Note: The upcoming Gear #21 is your last chance to acquire the powerful gear
called Winter Shield for your chest. Check your inventory and confirm you don't
have it before trying this trick. Perhaps they will one day fix this, but for
now you can keep running through this easy segment to check the random piece of
gear, and if you don't have Winter Shield you could reload from that
checkpoint. I don't think being on 1999 mode will cause any extra penalty. This
gear isn't crucial, and I wouldn't want you to be in this cycle all night
seeing as how there are about 40 gear to get in the game and we only would have
20 unlocked at the most already. It's just my job to let you know about this
trick. Maybe 10 tries at the most, but I must say that it might all be
irrelevant as you can do just fine without it.

The fighting here is more for show than anything as your Vox allies will
overwhelm the enemies on the first floor. You could poke through the door,
POSS an enemy, and then help everyone kill the turret, or just let them do all
the work - either way. Lots of bodies to loot and picks by the door on the
right. On the other side is Gear #21, grab a pick by the elevator, and then
take the elevator up.

Just stay in the safety of your elevator and POSS one of the guys, watch him
die, and then POSS one of the others with the biggest health; don't need to
fire a bullet. Loot the corpses and find Voxophone #51 in the corner by the
door. Pick up the new vigor Undertow by the door. It's decent. The tap function
just pushes enemies back; the hold function brings them to you and stuns them
for a brief time. The holding one is best used to bring enemies onto a trap,
but only really useful when you upgrade it to bring in two enemies; I think the
crow trap plus this could be a powerful combo in the right spots.

Also near the door - don't go through it yet - will be a ton of cash on the
floor, in the desks, and two bars on the table. This brought me from $1.2k to
$2.2k. With this money, go into the side room and buy the Crows Boost upgrade
to increase the stun time. Just to be safe we want to bring $1k to the next
fight, which on 1999 mode buys us 10 revives. I would only anticipate two or
three deaths, but this fight can get out of hand. So, with $1.6k left I went
to the weapon upgrader and bought the SR damage, as well as MG damage for if I
need to swap out to a dead enemy's gun.

Before we go through the door to the second most difficult fight in the game,
let us discuss gear. Now up to this point you should have at least 20 pieces
of gear, most of which are random. So I must first apologize if you didn't get
these, but hopefully you have something just as useful. Consider equipping any
and all sky-line-related gear. The vest Winter Shield is the best one, to give
you invulnerability when you hop on and off a line. Any gear that require you
to stay on the sky-line in order to get a benefit are not as useful because the
Handyman will take you off of it. I had the following gear: Hill Runner's Hat,
Winter Shield, Newton's Law, and Sky-line Reloader. Again, you might not have
the same ones in that order from head to toe, but just make sure you approach
this fight as best as you can.

When you come out be sure to grab the SR ammo at the foot of the steps and run
up to see the scene. If it doesn't glitch, Liz will point out the incoming
Fireman from the left on a ship. Hopefully you can POSS one of his minions and
then just hide and wait for him to jump down. Use BB to keep him stun locked,
but don't shoot him in the air unless he will fly back to and die on solid
ground (so you can loot him). Once he is out of the picture just start zipping
around on the sky-line doing aerial kills and such. You'll want to be sure the
top platform is clear, and that no enemies are left up there when the Handyman
arrives in short time. POSS is the best way to clear the top platform, and
aerial kills on anyone on the ground level.

Hopefully you got some salt left when the big guy shows up. He'll drop in
wherever you are, so either be ready to jet out on the line or toss him some
crows. You have to somewhat be brave and face him down to inflict damage and
try to snipe his heart, but once he gets close just jump on the sky-line.
Always be in reach of the line. Early into fighting him just keep your main
focus on killing the minions as they are easiest to kill. I just kept going
from the entrance to the area and speeding (using the throttle) to get back up
to the top platform to avoid him. Remember to grab SR ammo from the SR tear on
the top platform.

Important: he can shock the sky-line if you are on for too long. Seems if you
can make a half-lap around the line (throttle helps) and he won't shock it.
This means you need to move on and off of it constantly. Especially with the
Winter Shield this idea works to the full benefit.

When I was out of crow juice I then headed for the area below the platform.
The control panel here has salt on top of it, a health pack under it, RPG ammo
in front of it, and a nifty Tesla Coil tear nearby. Spawn the coil and stand
by it to let him get close. It will shock him and give you extra time to either
run away and shoot or just run away. Remember, all your salt and bullets will
be put to their least benefit if you aren't aiming for his exposed heart. You
cannot play ultra-conservative; everything I've told you so far is to maximize
your ability to withstand some punishment and be able to dish some back when he
charges you. The sky-line is always there to provide you a quick escape. You're
only going to die if there are lots of minions around helping him, if he gets
stuck and starts shooting energy blasts at you, or if you just aren't being
mobile enough.

Just three salts: near the window you saw Daisy perform her execution, on the
top platform, and by the control panel near the coil. Remember to loot the
Fireman's box whenever you get a chance; if it doesn't vanish by then. You
might run low on ammo, to which the dropped guns will work and so will the VG
and BG near the beginning. There was also a crank gun by the execution window
too. There is a Dollar Bill but resist the urge to use it.

I swear to you, I came into this fight and aced it on the first try, so it's
really not that tough once you know how to abuse the sky-line; I don't even
think the Winter Shield gear played a big role in my victory either.

Anyway, this is 1999 mode and you should do okay on that part if you beat it
on hard before. Telescope #8 is near the control panel and don't forget to loot
the Handyman and pick up Gear #22 that he drops. So after the fight just go to
the side of the middle room. Help Liz up and then tap on the glass. Inside will
be an Infusion in one room and Voxophone #52 in the other. Head into the
airship, knock on the door a few times, and set a course.

-Welcome to Emporia-
Note: We are not grabbing any Hail Fires or Heaters. Repeaters, Burstguns, and
Machine Guns only if desperate. Otherwise, always go with Sniper Rifle and RPG.

Get out and get the note. Move the piano and start looting the poor souls.
Plenty of food on your way up until you see the tears, which obviously means a
fight is ahead. You really want to POSS the guys with the big guns, but it's
too difficult to run up to them with so many soldiers around. Don't summon the
drone immediately, instead go right and take cover in this corner area with the
vendor. You'll want to come out from the right side and try to POSS and spawn
the drone at the same time to let you POSS anyone who is farther back. This is
a fight where it might be easier for you to waste all of your RPG to clear the
area than it is to take the time to try and POSS as many as possible. On 1999
mode they will bring down your shield and health very quickly with their
stronger weapons and by focusing fire on you. I'm not saying run out guns'
blazing, but just run out and blow a couple of them up and then run back to
cover. It's easier to avoid the mortar fire when there aren't as many soldiers
keeping you pinned down. Again, if you can POSS guys further back you'll open
things up.

After the fight you should be able to refill your salt and find many items,
including a pick in the corner behind a cart. The weapon upgrader in your
hiding spot will offer a RPG damage boost that you should take - again, I still
have my RPG and SR from a long time ago (the ammo return gear helps). Inside
the building there is a vigor vendor. Remember, try to always stay over $500 on
1999 mode, and the one to give extra time on the BB float effect is worth it.
One trick is since there is salt next to the vendor, you are free to use POSS
on them to get extra money. There is plenty of cash lying around, and I won't
point them out but most trunks and debris from here on out will have loose
wallets or other items. In this room you can spawn the hook up above to reach a
pick and Gear #23. The 3 lock gate leads to an Infusion.

Move up the hall, looting everything of course, and around the corner POSS the
first guy and he should handle the other. Come out to the gondola station and
you'll see in the distance it is inbound. Not much salt around or I would say
trap up the right side, so just keep POSS handy, spawn the turret, and wait on
the left side, at the top of the steps. When the turret is destroyed summon the
Patriot near you, and hopefully it will distract the other Patriot and you can
safely neutralize it. If you are in trouble just retreat into the building and
don't forget to shock it; even trap the steps when it tries to get close to you
if you think you need it. Then use the turret or Patriot to handle the minions.
Good bit of loot here (spawn the turret to make the annoying Patriot stop
following you), more loot on the gondola, Telescope #9 nearby, and then open
the cabin to take a neat ride.

Few things to loot at the end, and when you turn the corner up ahead POSS the
first guy you see and kill the other if he fails to do so. Go into the room to
hear the radio and open the safe. There is a pick in here, a phial of salt
(save it), and a Hail Fire at the end, but leave it. When you come out two guys
will appear, so POSS one of course. Also POSS both vending machines for free
money and then go get that phial of salt to refill. I had all SR and RPG
upgrades, and bought the BB time increaser before, so I held onto my $1.2k.
Down the hall is more loot, Voxophone #53, and a pick next to it.

Up ahead in front of the Salty Oyster restaurant is a safe in the ticket booth.
Spend another 3 picks to enter the Oyster and get ready to face three soldiers
holed up inside. POSS one of them and make sure you kill the shotgun guy before
he focuses on you. POSS the vending machine before grabbing the phial of salt,
as well as a pick in the corner by the trunks. Shouldn't need any upgrades.
There is Kinetoscope #23 by the bathrooms, RPG ammo, a silver bar, and the
infamous potato in the toilet that you can eat and recover health with...

Don't spawn the MG turret when you come out, just walk up, maybe with a RPG,
and pop the middle of them, then summon the turret. Use BB on the Fireman and
with the upgrade he will float for a long time; remember to run from his
suicide blast. Few items to loot in here, a pointless weapon upgrader, and then
get everything ready for a big fight ahead.

In Grand Central Depot the game plan is both simple and complex. You'll come
out and POSS the first fool you see. Try to go around the column to the
immediate left and spawn the Tesla Coil. Clear anyone else near you and then
peek out from the left side and try to use a trunk to peek over it and hit the
Patriot if it all lines up right; the idea is to just stand atop the steps and
burn down the Patriot using that trunk as your cover. Once it's down you can
then peek around the column to the left and start POSS anything you see. Once
it's thinned down a few should try to run and melee you, to which hopefully
the coil will help you crowd control them. Continue to POSS enemies on the left
side until they are nearly gone.

A second wave of enemies should spawn on the right, so once the melee guys on
the left are gone immediately summon the right side coil. I got a POSS on the
guy with the helmet, but it kind of worked out all too perfectly that everyone
ran into the coil and they were pretty much dead on arrival. You want to try
and save some salt because when you're killing the last of the soldiers, two
Firemen will spawn, likely at the upper left side of the room. I was under
heavy pressure from them, so I retreated into the room on the right (there are
two rooms beside the entry steps to the area) and in there I grabbed enough
salt to BB each one one time a piece. The longer BB time renders them
defenseless, so if you have the salt when they first appear, feel free to run
up and get the jump on them early. There is a VG tear on the right and a crank
gun tear on the left if you really need ammo.

After the fight we begin the equally-difficult task of looting this bitch. I
will say you should leave any health and salt because you'll soon come back
through this area after facing more enemies in it. Let's start in the middle
area where there are trashcans and trunks. Use the hook above the statue to
reach the shoes of it for a pick and wallet. From the entrance to the area, the
room on the right has a pick and purse in the its back room. The room on the
left has a safe and Voxophone #54. Then there are just a few trashcans and
corpses to loot in the outer portion of the area, including a nest of dead
bodies by the exit gate.

Spawn the cover and have POSS ready when you open that gate for snipers that
appears on the upper walkway; getting one will probably just get him
immediately killed by the other, so have a second POSS ready (hard to see him
through the rail of the bridge, but the POSS found him). You can spawn the
hook above to reach that bridge to loot the trunks, but not sure why there is
a weapon upgrader here. There is a vigor upgrader down to the left by the
bookstore, but even though I had $2.1k and could buy anything I wanted, I kept
the money for upgrades ahead.

Open the bookstore and you'll find Gear #24 in front of you, and Voxophone #55
on the right. Go down the steps, and put a fire trap at the top and bottom of
the steps. This should kill the four that follow you down, so finish off any
survivors. Then go grab the pick in the corner and Voxophone #56 which allows
you to backtrack for loot. When you come out of the store have an RPG ready
for the six enemies that drop down from the bridgeway, or fire traps.

It's optional but I'm not giving you the option. Head back the way you came and
two mortar guys will be in the big room. Find and POSS one of them and don't
forget to use the Tesla Coils. Kill them, recover if you need to, and keep
going back. Summon the MG turret and head back into the Salty Oyster. Jump
behind the counter and push the button under the register (no, it wasn't usable
before). Inside are picks, Voxophone #57, a purse, an Infusion, and your final
vigor, Return to Sender (RtS). It will create a temporary bullet shield or you
can hold it to catch incoming fire and release to send it back; the return is
basically a trap that can instantly kill on contact - it doesn't shoot the
bullets back like a gun. You'll have a chance to test it when you come out and
your MG turret is getting blasted. Two armored soldiers are up top and two
below are closing in. Try to POSS one of the top ones first, then have RtS
ready on the bottom guys; use the held function to see how it works; no need
for the bubble if you are using the held function. Then just loot what you can
on your way back, like if you left some salt somewhere, but please don't scour
the whole area again unless you're desperate to recover.

Head back and go through the turnstile to find money by a cash register. Try to
use the elevator, then go look at the book by the other register to roll a
scene. Get on the elevator and head out.

-Downtown Emporia-
During the brief time you have as they fight in front of you, get your sky-
line gear on and prepare to do battle with a Handyman. A few ships will roll
in and the fight in the middle will continue for a minute or so, but then only
the Vox will remain and they will focus on you. In the meantime, you could hop
the lines down to get salt if you need it. There is salt here under the
elevator, two health spawns on the "ground" level, sniper ammo at the top
middle of the area, and RPG ammo at the top left side of the area. This fight
is similar but easier than the one with Daisy. We are going to abuse the sky-
line like before, doing aerial kills and speeding away to safety, but you have
much more control of the battle here.

Before the Handyman arrives just do your normal POSS of everything and just
ride around the line, maybe getting a sky-line kill or two (which is jumping
to someone while they are on the line). At some point a ship will prepare to
anchor nearby and Liz will probably point it out, but all of the baddies
onboard will be crushed by a Handyman who will then come after you. I literally
used every area possible to elude him, but of course the most crucial one was
the area below the elevator where I needed to refill salt for more crows. I
believe my SR and RPG were stronger than last time, so he actually died much
quicker than before. By staying mobile there is really no way he can kill you
unless you can't get off the sky-line when he shocks it, or if the two armored
Vox that show up get you. I crossed by them on the sky-line, and only had to
deal with them after the big guy was dead, so don't overlook them and be
cheaply killed; get a POSS on one of them.

Again, just abuse the sky-line and crows to kill the Handyman; enough said.
After the fight just refill everything and then open the 3 lock door at the top
platform. You'll get Voxophone #58 and not much impressive ammo. Then go ahead
and head to the middle and enter the bank for some coins, a pick by the
fountain, and trashcans to dig through; the kinetoscopes are re-runs. Then
exit and go to the upgrade vendors. Get Send for Less and the RPG speed boost,
and with about $900 left I got the BG reserve ammo increase, leaving me with

Now we can go either side to cover the same ground, but we're completionists
and will go left, through Beggar's Alley. In the corner before you reach the
vendors will be a pick. When you go up the steps in front of the vendors and
look out, put on a RtS shield and look up high to try and see the snipers.
There are three (might have been four...) and Liz will point out only one. The
mistake here is to expose yourself to all of them and trying to survive the
strongest attacks in the game. Just peek out little by little and work your
way left to right, making sure you clear the rooftops of snipers. The decoy
tear in the middle does help a little, and if you need sniper fire of your own
there is a tear supply of it, but it's too hard to get without killing one or
two. You could always use POSS as they are mostly stationary, but without RtS
shields you'll barely be able to even see them.

However you manage it, refill on sniper ammo and then check the green boxes on
the left wall to refill life. Enter the building on the left and all that's in
here is a pick by the burning elevator, and then you'll want to turn and POSS
one of the two incoming melee Vox. Cross over the gap using the low path to
find salt and a pick in the center of the catwalk. Enter the wineroom on the
right where the music is playing and downstairs try to get the un-armored enemy
with the shotgun to blast the other one away. Then you can loot all the barrels
and find Voxophone #59 tucked in the wall. Come back out and enter the
apartment across the street and just POSS the crazy guy inside. Grab the salt
phial to refill and then Gear #25 on the stairs.

Note: That gear and the next gear are you last chances to get the optional hat
Storm and the chest Scavenger's Vest pieces to make the upcoming boss which
you will fight three times. Optional means not required, so it's up to you and
they only make the fights a little easier to manage. I'm not sure where the
last loading was but I know there was one when I exited the bank and if it's
that far then it wouldn't be much to try and get those pieces if you want them.

Follow the road until you hear Vox and Comstock men fighting it out. On hard
the Patriot was left standing, but here on 1999 the Fireman was left. Could
have been I ran up and put a POSS on a guy that swung the battle one way or
the other, but either way be prepared for a Patriot or Fireman. Use the MG
turret to help and make sure to POSS as many little guys as possible. If it's
a Patriot, then use RtS and return his bullets; if it's a Fireman, BB his ass.
When the music stops you're free to loot. If you didn't get the upgrades
before, you have another chance now; keep at least $400 or so. There are a few
items to loot; use the hooks on the right to reach RPG ammo. On the left is a
shop with Gear #26 and Voxophone #60.

Note: Not a bad idea to get the shock stun duration upgrade at the machines
near the gates ahead.

Resume your path to reach the gates to Comstock House. Plenty of bodies to
loot, Voxophone #61 by the statue, and then examine the gates to get your next
objective. Down the road will be Telescope #10 on the left. Now we are going
to be super efficient and go into the graveyard now, but I offer you the
alternative plan. You are welcome to read a little ahead and follow the path
to essentially make the trip back to the bank from the other side. Along the
way you can refill on health and ammo, maybe get enough money for upgrades,
and you can get the Infusion before fighting the boss in the graveyard.
However, one little extra Infusion won't make much of a difference, if again,
you are already full on health and ammo now. If so, then let's just get the
graveyard part over with so we don't have to backtrack more than we need to.

-Of Time and Space-
Enter the graveyard and comb over the whole area to know what you have at hand
for this fight. First, let's go over the items. You have two med kits spawns:
one in the tunnel below the entrance and one in the very back mausoleum. There
are shotguns near the entrance and a crank gun in the "upper perch" area which
is on fire. Other static items include a heater, salt in a grave, salt by the
tombs near the entrance, and a hail fire near the open graves, among other

Secondly, go to the upper right mausoleum and send fireballs at the torches
beside the gates to light them and open it for Gear #26. Speaking of gear, the
Storm hat and Scavenger's Vest are primo pieces to equip if you have them.

Lastly, let us discuss strategy. The fight with the Siren will involve her
running around summoning minions and occasionally running up to you to blast
away your shield. I think only on 1999 mode will she attack you twice in this
fashion. It takes a lot of damage to kill her, so dying is very bad. My
strategy on hard was to just stand at the back wall by the shotgun tear,
ignore the minions, and damage her when she swung by. But this doesn't work
well in 1999 mode, especially early on.

The reason why we bring the Storm hat if we have it is because it will chain
Devil's Kiss and Shock Jockey effects, and these effects will permanently kill
any undead minions of hers. If you somewhat noticed, she has about 15 bodies
in this graveyard and they will continue to spawn unless killed by these
elements. She spawns them two at a time and she will continue to spawn them if
you just kill them without the vigors. Shock is fine, but it requires extra
bullets to register a kill. Fire traps on the other hand will kill in a wide
area and spread fire after. Fire traps are the way to go, but shock and shock
traps can be used in a pinch to stun at least. The problem is you don't have
much salt and Liz only gives you a little extra, so you have to make sure any
fire traps hit, even if it's only an enemy or two.

I died three times in this because I used shock and it didn't come through for
me. When I used fire traps I stopped dying, so use those to start, but I
wouldn't plant fire traps before the battle begins. So you know what to do,
you got the gear, you know where everything is, and now go open the gate to
the Lady's body. Once she is awakened go ahead and use shock on the first few
enemies so you can cut a path right and up toward the shotgun tear. Clear the
enemy up here (again, using shock), and then get fire traps ready. Enemies
should be congregating around the open graves, so a fire trap or two there
will likely do a lot of damage, and if you have the Storm hat and more are
burning, best to just follow up with a RPG.

Retreat to the shotgun spawn when under fire, or when she comes after you. To
avoid her just turn and run, but she likely won't kill you, only take away your
shield to give her thralls that chance. We could stay at the shotgun tear, but
she will summon a RPG unit at the higher area, so use shock to kill him. Take
a moment to gather yourself up here and get ready clear more of them before
they rush you. It seems only at the start and when you come to kill the RPG
guy will enemies not be around the mausoleums or open graves; I think only at
these key times will they encroach upon your cover. From the upper area you'll
just have to let your skills do the talking, and go ahead and swap out your
low gun for the crank gun up here. When the Siren ever comes up here, just hop
the rail and book it back to the shotgun tear.

So with the RPG guy gone the rest of the fight becomes formulaic. You could
stop trying to kill the thralls and just focus on her, but your ammo is
probably running low and the minions are more dangerous than she is. Without
compromising yourself, go ahead and finish off the minions she has, or even
just whittle them down to two or one. What happens when she is out of corpses
is she will just chase you around and do her detonation wave attack over and
over. All you do then is turn, attack, wait for her to get close, and then run
away as she is charging up her blast. It actually makes killing her much easier
so long as you don't trip up or get snagged anywhere. When doing this you'll
also need to grab ammo and guns while moving. You'll just run over a weapon,
press the grab button, and when you realize what you have you just use it. The
shotgun tear comes in handy when you reach this final phase of the fight, but
if there are still undead thralls around she won't chase you.

It's really up to you what you prefer. On hard mode it was much easier to just
absorb any of their fire, but on 1999 mode a single enemy with a gun can wipe
you away, or she will catch you in a blast and a bullet or two will finish you
off. That is why I elected to go with the permanent kill strategy on the
hardest difficulty.

After the fight there should be almost nothing left in the graveyard to loot.
Just heal up, grab whatever has some ammo, and see the Luteces. Don't miss the
salt phial on your way out and back to the streets. Go right and then jump
into the bobbing building for money and Voxophone #62. Ahead by the Dollar
Bill machine that you won't be using is a pick. Around the corner you'll have
about five enemies waiting, so POSS away as there is a phial of salt between
some buggies nearby. Once clear feel free to grab a repeater and then enter
the shop in the middle for picks and cash.

Then enter the Lutece Lab and go witness the first memory at the machine.
Voxophone #63 will appear on the floor behind the tear when it's over. The
side room will have Voxophone #64, and upstairs you'll find a few bags of cash,
Voxophone #65, and an Infusion.

Leave and follow the left wall to find a 3 lock shop with Gear #27 and some
coins. In the burning building are some vendors and a pick by the weapon
upgrader (friendly reminder to get the shock stun upgrade and to consider the
Devil's Kiss ones which you shouldn't need and shouldn't go broke getting).
Down the next piece of road go around the corner, BB the Fireman, and just
shoot him over the side and let him fall to his death. Turn around and go to
the corner shop for a pick on the ground below the door. Go in for an Infusion.
Come the final stretch of road there are trashcans and barrels on the right
side wall as you approach a burning store. A pick is at the top of the steps,
3 picks are at the bottom in a bag, a 3 lock safe is down here, and around the
corner is a purse and Code Book. Then go out and open the nearby gate to return
to the bank area.

-The Bank of the Prophet-
Seems quiet enough; you could throw on your sky-line gear since it would be a
shame to die now. Go ahead and reload and loot what you need now. Spawn the MG
turret in the middle and have your BB ready. When you approach the doors to
the bank two Ravens will appear right there. BB and kill is the easy way;
having to abuse the sky-line is the hard way, but I think you can sky-line kill
Ravens (you'll lose their loot though and one drops major coin). I forget how
this unfolded on my hard mode run, but when I went to grab the BG and RPG at
the top platform, that made a Fireman and a wave of enemies come out of the
bank. I thought they and the Raven appeared at once, but oh well. Perhaps if
you want to avoid them you could just wing it and run into the bank with
whatever you are carrying, but it's much safer to go ahead and get the BG, RPG,
kill the enemies, and then upgrade the BG. It only takes a little over $800 to
get both BG damage boosts. Don't forget, we are going into a bank and there is
tons of loot inside. With that in mind, feel free to blow more cash to upgrade
the damage for the Repeater; it helps in the boss fight. Loot the corpses going
in and take the elevator down.

Remember to un-equip your sky-line gear. The fight here could be more
difficult, but let's make it easy by just using POSS. As you exit the elevator,
look closely or zoom down the way to see enemies pouring into the room just to
patrol. All we're going to do is send POSS their way and take shelter by either
set of stairs on the side - resist urge to use the Dollar Bill. On 1999 mode
they made it closer to me, but it just took a few shots to handle them. You
want the ones in armor if you can help it. There are some oil slicks you could
trap, but it's really not necessary. The range they have to cover to shoot and
reach you makes this a very manageable fight. If you really need to you could
use the top sides to seek shelter as there is only one way up there.

After, I will tell you that if you can avoid picking up the salt phial you will
do yourself a small favor for when we face the Siren again coming back. Plus
the next segment is pure looting, so you'll be able to refill your salt without
touching either phial on the sides. Just loot the middle and sides for a lot of
cash, but not nearly as much as you would think. On the left there is a safe,
and on the second level on the right is a BG with ammo. The hook tear won't be
there for the boss fight, sorry.

At the fork in the road go left first. Comb everything on your way to the end
and you'll have plenty of loot, Gear #28, and you should be able to leave
lockpicks behind or you haven't been looting properly up to now. In the final
room you will use the code book you found in the burning store before to reveal
Voxophone #66, bars under the safe, and an Infusion (just 1 more, so make sure
your health and shields are capped out). Return to the lobby.

Go right and and there isn't a whole lot of fruits of looting, but it being
1999 mode and especially if you take damage you will want to comb the sides
for loot. The first room of cabinets is pretty bare, but when you step into
the second room about four enemies will attack and they have a sniper behind
them. POSS a few of the ones near you, mop up all or just cut a path so you
can POSS the sniper; whatever you do, POSS the sniper is the easiest way to
take him out, but don't die trying to POSS him. Little bit more loot in this
room, including the sniper rifle he drops - I had the SR and a full RPG, but
if your second gun is low consider bringing the BG that is also in here.

Note: Actually, it might be safer to go with SR and BG and drop the RPG. The
RPG is good for killing the Raven ahead, but the SR and BG register easier
damage on the Siren. The RPG on the siren is only good if your hits connect.
Remember, with the Scavenger's Vest gear and Liz helping you on some ammo, you
always have a little extra than your ammo caps.

In the third room will be some coins at the middle desk and a health kit under
one of the desks, but that's about it. The fourth and final room has lots of
loot, so comb it over. It also has Gear #29 and some picks that you shouldn't
need or even see because the game doesn't let you see picks when you have 30.
When ready make sure BB is equipped, save your SR ammo, and get ready for a
Raven to appear in place of the tear when you approach it. Just BB him and
blast him with anything but the SR. After, Voxophone #67 replaces the tear.

Don't step out of the vault just yet. From the tear, the room on the right only
has a repeater, which you need to keep in mind. The left room has a cabinet
that had a salt phial that put me back to full. There is also a heater
(worthless), a safe (up to you if you want to retrace steps to replace the
picks you use to open it), and Voxophone #68 behind the safe. When ready,
approach the vault door leading back to the lobby, but don't step out just yet.
Go ahead and throw on the Storm hat if you got it.

The second fight with the Siren can be easy or difficulty, depending on what
you have and how accurate you are. Salt is best used to defend your vault. Not
sure why but on 1999 mode the zombies like to run into the vault and they never
did on hard. I think on hard just one got close to the vault door, but on 1999
mode two of them were on my tail when I ran to get the repeater. So in luie of
that and since it doesn't seem like the Siren likes to revive anyone not in the
lobby, I say trap in front of the vault door and put one where they walk into
the vault (not close to each other is the point). This will be your primary
use of salt in this fight.

This time we will not be trying to kill her thralls because there are so many
of them and we like it inside the safety of the vault. Other than if a few run
in when you go to grab the repeater, you're mostly safe inside the vault. You
can't leave out the back, but she will not come in to get you; she most likely
will if you kill her guys. That's one possible tactic though, is to kill a guy
of hers in the middle and she will keep reviving it. I believe that is what I
used on my hard mode run, it wasn't necessary on 1999 mode.

The bulk of the fight relies on how accurate you are with that sniper rifle.
She will float left to right and it's only the zombies you have to worry about.
I think if you poke your head out too far from the vault door she will come
after you, but again, she won't go into the vault. I used the raise in the
vault door's bottom part as cover and never went out. The only time you can't
see her well enough is if she goes to the right side, behind the vault door.
The only difficulty I found is hitting her through her bobbing motions; so
don't anticipate shots, aim for her body and just shoot when you see her health
bar. Don't mistake a corpse she is rezzing for her, since they are both

I say don't waste a single round on the zombies eventually she should settle
down somewhat. I'll admit, I did try to fire trap her guys further down the
way so she would keep rezzing them, but a single fire trap was no longer
killing enemies as I found out and it would take more ammo to finish them off
while they burned. Maybe you could do the same and just toss fire traps toward
the desks, or even the left side, and/or follow up with RPGs, but the only
intent there would be to make her move around. After I had thrown some traps
down the lobby and spent up my RPG (which mostly missed her completely), I
found that she had stayed around the right side behind the vault door, spent
time to the left-middle, spent more time to the far left, and finally I killed
her when she was very close to the vault door with a few of her minions. I
actually finished her off with that repeater (which I got and had to kill two
guys that came into the vault when I did) and the final shot was delivered
with me crouched behind the cover of the debris under the vault door and two
minions encroaching closer and closer.

I don't know if her pattern is to naturally move around like that, ending near
the vault door, but that is what happened. It seemed awkward that I was
crouched behind the door as they were just outside of it, but it worked.
Through the whole fight Liz gave me about three clips of ammo and three phials
of salt. I think it requires moving around for her to "find" those things.

The alternative: perhaps a "real" fight with this siren involves running around
the lobby, or you might be forced out of the vault to refill stuff. On 1999
mode you don't last long while under fire, but perhaps with RtS you could buy
yourself time to run for the sides for salt/ammo. I did see the doors in the
upper areas open, though I would think it strange if the full bank was unlocked
(if so, feel free). The hook tear is no longer there, and I'm not sure why
because with it I could see fighting in the lobby as a more viable option. It
seems there are 15 or so corpses, so trying to kill them all is a bit of a
stretch on your resources (whereas in the graveyard you at least had guns all

Bottom line: use the vault to hide in, put fire traps at the vault door, maybe
kill a few minions to get her to move around to a better firing position, use
the repeater in the vault, and run out of the vault only as a last resort (use
RtS). Perhaps you could grab that heater by the safe in here and run out in a
final charge, but on 1999 mode dying is rough - just don't die.

After the fight, loot everything you can and need, including running down the
sides to refill life. I left with a BG and SR. Head back outside. If you need
to stop playing for the day, now is the time to quit because it takes at least
two more hours to finish from here and it's hard to quit the story from this
point forward as the twists are revealed. The story so far has been about the
Vox and the revolution, but the truth of the story is about to unfold.

-Comstock House-
Outside you are thankfully not ambushed. Now this is the last time you'll see
this place, so feel free to comb it over once more to restock. My SR was low,
but there is SR ammo up ahead. You could still consider dropping something for
the hand cannon in the room above, or the volley guns or RPGs. As for upgrades
you could potentially plan for the future, but for the here and now, with $2k,
I just got the final BG upgrade. So I have at this point a SR and BG, both
fully upgraded.

Note: For later we will wish we had gotten some upgrades for the pistol or
shotgun. I can attest that when these are your only options they can get you by
without upgrades, but with upgrades you would be better off. Just FYI, you
shouldn't die or be in any peril during the final Siren fight, but save a
little cash anyway. There is one more chance to upgrade too.

We're going back through Beggar's Alley. It's all clear. Just before you reach
the road where you before had either a Patriot or Fireman to face, you should
notice the Siren's footsteps lead to a shop that was locked before. Inside will
be Voxophone #69 to replace the tear and with that you can finally enter
Comstock House. Down the stretch of road where there used to be a big fight
will now be just three enemies. Come in with POSS, look up to the left until
you see the armored soldier and convert him. You might see the enemy near him
attack him and see some flak launched at him too from afar. You might go unseen
by the second flak guy, but do POSS him whenever you get a clean sight on him.

When you reach the gates to the house you will notice new tears and more
corpses. When you move up toward the gates the scene will roll that will call
out the Siren for the final fight with her. In this fight we are going to use
shock and the SR tear, and the Storm hat is good too. Once Liz starts talking,
retreat to the opposite of the gates to a small pair of steps. This is your
cover and it works pretty well at keeping you safe. All you have to worry
about from here are the two melee enemies that come to get you, but once you
kill them you are home free; you don't need to shock them to kill as the Siren
does not come toward you at all, ever.

Notice the drone tear in the sky. It's a bit hard to see it to summon it, but
is the key to beating this safely. Remember, once it is destroyed you only
have to wait about five seconds or so before it can be summoned again. So the
plan will be to summon it, shock an enemy (it will reach from these steps),
and then kill it and with the Storm hat or the chain lightning upgrade you can
permanently kill more than one in a single shock use; no need to use traps.
Early on the drone won't last long, but it will help chew away some health bars
to where your shock victims will be easier to finish off. Remember, only shock
and fire victims will die permanently.

Again, we are killing all the dudes because she doesn't seem to ever come after
you. You want to try to pepper her with damage when you can, but if you come
under fire from the minions just focus on them for a time. With the Storm hat
it becomes easier to crowd control them, and when a few of them are dead or
when they are out of line of sight you can then focus back on her for a time.
The master plan in all of this is that when all the minions are dead and you
are out of ammo, the mosquito will finish her off since she can't attack it.
For me, all she did was hide behind some of the cover shields and the mosquito
just kept hitting her.

If you do need some salt and ammo to finish off the drones, or want to speed up
the process when she is all alone, there are plenty of guns on the street. I
imagine if perhaps the devs ever fix this to where she does chase you, the
same rules apply as in the graveyard: just avoid her, run away, and pick up
guns while on the run.

So once she is dead just walk up to the gates and see the scene. After there is
just a little bit of looting to do from the fresh corpses, top off the best
guns you find, last chance to upgrade for pistol and/or shotgun damage at the
vendors in the corner of this area (avoid the Dollar Bill of course). Still
save some cash, but at least one upgrade for each gun would help ahead. Pass
through the gates for a scene beyond.

When in control, hook back down to the lever and just go forward. When you
reach the end of the bridge, look right for a phial of salt in the snow. Head
in and soon you'll run into the first Boy of Silence along with his mindless
slaves. Quick, interesting note about these guys, the "mental patients" are
actually not in the dimension and the Boys are able to manipulate dimensions
like Elizabeth to bring those patients into this one to attack you. The Boys
are invincible, so no point in attacking them. You cannot avoid this first one.
Before you are spotted by it, examine the sides of the room to see the pistol
and health on the left, and the phial of salt on the right. Chances are you
are low on ammo from the last Siren fight. Have BB ready, or the Storm hat and
shock. Also, any melee gear might help too.

Note: The Storm hat and shock, or any other vigor trap combos, would work great
here. Of course I haven't recommended any of the trap combos and I won't force
you to use gear you might not even have.

Go up to it, let it see you, and then back off and be ready for all those guys
to swarm you. An upgraded BB will hold them up for a while, and the Storm hat
plus shock work great too, but BB is the best way to weakened them to begin
with, especially once you must resort to using that pistol which you will in
all likelihood. You must keep running, only stopping briefly to grab the pistol
and salt. When they lunge to attack they cover a lot of ground, so if you
aren't sending a power at them they will hit and cause massive damage. When
you are under attack just turn and run around the room in a circle until your
shield is back. BB is the best way to buy yourself time and shooting them in
the air will send them back to give you a little more time. This fight is
really tough on 1999 mode, and hopefully by the time you run out of salt it's
just one or two left, but don't get tripped up and underestimate one crazy guy.
With one left you are then free to use your own melee attack.

After the fight, go to the door and push the button which brings down the lift
behind you. Get in and listen to Voxophone #70 as you go up. Another Boy will
guard the exit, but one thing to know is that you have a few seconds to get
out of the yellow gaze when spotted, so you have a little room for error. All
three of the remaining Boys can be avoided, which is how I will approach it so
if you are spotted, good luck.

For this first one, inch to the corner and when his gaze goes to the right
sprint out and go left. Here you'll find some health, Kinetoscope #24, and a
carbine you probably need. Coming back, when his gaze goes left, run forward.
Ignore the salt next to him because getting close to these guys will also
trigger them, so don't even risk it. Just run into the torture room and go
left to find Voxophone #71 and some coins in the corner in the furnace room.
Examine the tear at the torture chamber and there are is a hand cannon nearby,
but it's low so no need. In the wash room there are some smokes you should use
before the med kit.

In the next room is the third Boy. Nothing to loot, so just move out and use
the vertical pipe for cover. What we are going to do is stand next to the pipe,
wait for him to look to the direct right, and then dash to the other side,
behind cover and toward the next tear. When you make it over there is more
pistol ammo under a table. Before you leave this room make sure you are ready
to fight cops ahead and have POSS ready. Move through the doorway when the Boy
looks away and run up to POSS one of the turrets above. Quickly try to help it
kill the other, but then you need to stay behind cover from the cops at the top
of the steps while also dealing with a Raven that will come at you. Thankfully
those cops don't rush you, so you can just sit behind cover and BB-lock the
Raven. You could hit one of the cops with POSS before you fight the Raven, but
POSS is the best way to kill both as they are hard to hit from below. If you
do run up to fight them, throw on a RtS shield or just use RtS to kill them.

After the smallish, tough fight, come back down and examine the tear next to a
phial of salt in a corner, be sure to loot the Raven, and I say get one of the
HCs and proceed with HC and pistol. Go up and around the right corner are a few
items. At the next tear are empty containers, but further up is Kinetoscope

Note: Now is a good time to stop playing if you've been on a long session.
Past this point the story really amps up and it will be very difficult to stop
playing, even as difficult as it would be to stop now.

So anyway, just a bag with cash in this room with the masks. When you reach the
room with the fourth and final Boy of Silence, crouch and go to the left to
swap your pistol for the shotgun in the shadows. To get across I did prove that
you can crouch the whole time, but if you for whatever reason get caught you
have the shotgun, your vigors, and a phial of salt at the back of this room.
All you need to do is sneak from box to box down the right side of the room.
Don't be hasty and try to go too far, just go one piece of cover at a time.
Again, just move when he is facing the opposite direction. I didn't run because
we are very close to him, and remember if you are momentarily caught while
crawling you have a few seconds to get out of sight. It should be very easy,
and peek around the column to grab Gear #30 and Voxophone #72. Just crawl out
and that's all of them.

Note: I believe after this kinetoscope is a save point, to which you could
consider abusing to reload and try to get the Winter Shield chestpiece if you
don't have it already. I mention this because it really makes an otherwise
frustrating fight ahead easy as pie.

There is just a health kit in the projector room behind the podium, and
Kinetoscope #26 at the end of the hall. In the security room there are some
desks, cabinets, and crates to loot, as well as Gear #31 on a desk near the
middle and Voxophone #73 at the projector here. You can bring a carbine if you
really want, but HC and shotgun are good enough. Upstairs just note the phial
in one of the corner rooms, then go loot the control room but try to save and
remember any salt in the cabinets because you'll want them here in a second.
Pick up Voxophone #74, listen to it, and then open the gate.

Throw a POSS on the first enemy you see, then just hide behind the bulletproof
glass in here and keep making thralls of them; grab the salt in a cabinet you
saved. Just sit back, let them kill each other, and once the music stops go
loot and grab the phial in the corner room, and I had upgrade the MG so I
picked one up and tossed the shotgun. There will be about four more guards
patrolling outside plus three more across the gap. You'll probably run out of
salts if you try to POSS the whole gang, so POSS and assist so you aren't
forced to only fight them without salt. You especially want to POSS the ones
across the gap. Once you finish off the last one just loot them and head down
to the lift that is open. Before you head down, the Boys of Silence are gone,
and if you left that phial of salt in the rubble by the second one we crossed,
then you can go retrieve it now before going down (I would not recommend
anymore backtracking than that). Listen to Voxophone #75 in the elevator as
you go down.

Note: That voxophone is key to the story, so feel free to listen to it a few
times or read it in your menu. Also, pay close attention to what is said in
the scene ahead.

Through the gate is some salt and then just enjoy the scene.

When you are back in the right place, through the door and after the talking
there is salt to the right on the table by the wall. Now you can go up either
corridor but the result is similar: four enemies plus a turret. On 1999 mode
you really want to POSS the turret and then provide supporting fire, especially
if any shotgun guys are running straight for you. If you really want to be
safe you could throw a shock trap and maybe with the Storm hat you will ensure
minimal loss of health. I can't stress it enough, there isn't a lot of health
so you want to make sure you kill any shotgun rushers. Up the left hall is salt
and a med kit at the end. When you get to the end of either hall you will face
two turrets and two more soldiers. POSS one turret and help it kill the other
while keeping an eye on the opposite hall for the two soldiers to rush out.
Once your turret is out of POSS or dies, POSS a soldier and help him kill the
turret and/or other soldier.

Now this brief moment of recovery is key. I say if you can, go MG and shotgun
unless you upgraded your HC and I'm not sure why you would have. Loot
everything, including the turrets and don't miss the salt and health down the
left corridor. To clear the other hallway of its turret I suggest just using a
throwaway gun you temporarily use, or if the shotgun is full and more ammo is
nearby, just use it.

I say throw two shock traps around the center of the end room, where the two
turrets were; the middle and the other side of whichever passage you're taking
to a control lever. What will happen is you will go and turn off one half of
the controls, there is a phial of salt with each one, and when you come back
out you will be ambushed by a Patriot and soldiers. So if you go down the right
side passage to flip a lever, when you come out the Patriot will come out of
the left side passage and the soldiers will come of the left side hallway.

Traps in the middle of the room are useful for when the Patriot runs at you,
but you really want to POSS the soldiers as much as you can. If they can get
the Patriot to turn around then you can hit his gears, or if you POSS the
Patriot for a short time he will likely turn around also giving you time to
hit his back. I say be ready to switch to RtS at any moment to save yourself
some crank gun damage and return it. If you could manage it you could slip
down the other passage to get more salt for RtS, but you shouldn't need it.

What I had to do was let the Patriot run to me around a column, I had POSS all
the soldiers and they were dead, and I then kited the robot around the column
and made him run into the rest of my shock traps in the middle of the room. I
then just blasted him with the shotgun until he blew up, but I was ready to
run down the passage for that phial of salt. I suppose if you really want to
run and hide, the whole area is open. Be sure to loot the big guy and take his

Once that fight is over, go use the other control, grab the salt, and then go
set her free. Head to the back room and open the 3 lock door to get the final
Infusion, a gold bar, and Voxophone #76. Open the elevator and head out.

-Stairway to Heaven-
Lots to loot, including a purse and BG. At the weapon upgrader I say keep $500,
no exceptions; because with the loot you get from the next battle should push
you above $600 for the tricky bit where you ascend to the ship. But since I
had $2k from not getting pistol or shotgun upgrades I wish I had gotten before,
I instead bought both carbine damage upgrades. For you, make sure the BG, SR,
and RPG are fully upgraded first, then worry about other guns. I got the
carbine damage upgrades and the recoil to leave me with $1k. FYI, the Undertow
upgrade we might want costs $306, so keep that in mind in your calculations.
Keep $500, no less (unless you have Winter Shield I suppose...).

More loot on the balcony as you head for the big fight. As I can tell, there
are three phases to this fight: first Patriot and his friends, second Patriot
and his friends, and the airship that docks at the end. You have a rocket
turret and drone to summon, so alternate to maximize their usefulness. As the
fight starts do not hesitate to retreat back toward the first room. Don't run
for the elevator and try to zone out, but it's easier to defend one point of
entry than to advance and be caught by the rushing soldiers. If you brought
the crank gun from before, feel free to use it and shock traps to better
control the field. The rocket turret and drone should handle quite a few of
the unknowns in the distance.

Remember, POSS soldiers and try to hit each Patriot on the back, or hopefully
your drone will because the rocket turret doesn't like to shoot at the robots.
This is the reason why you'll want to alternate between the two, so the rocket
turret can hit some guys further back while the drone might distract the
Patriots. It did seem like on queue when the first robot died, a handful of
soldiers rushed me, so this is where shock traps hanging around will help.
Remember to utilize the crank guns. Once the second robot is down, an airship
will appear to the far right and dock, but the guys don't run toward you. Just
run up to the central building and get a clean sight so you can send them a few
POSS to let them handle themselves.

Bodies disappear eventually, so loot away, and there is quite a lot to be
found. Be sure to fill your salt, and grab the RPG you'll find near the rocket
turret and more behind the burning airship on the left. Open the locked door
to the building for Voxophone #77, a safe with $100, loot, and a vigor vendor.
I had $1.1k after all the looting and getting the carbine upgrades. If you DO
NOT have the Winter Shield chest, then feel free to spend $300 on the Undertow
Aid that pulls in three enemies, or just save those three revives instead. With
Winter Shield you don't need anything else really but the RPG. Without it you
could utilize fire traps and Undertow as crowd control.

Note: RPG is a staple from here on out, don't lose it. Scavenger's Vest gear
helps keep it stocked.

Don't miss the Telescope #11 by the airship, and when ready board the ship and
scope it out before you set off. There is a med kit, shotgun, carbine, salt
phial, and should be some guns from the dead guys on the ground. The first two
airships we face won't be too tough, but the third might make you ragequit if
you aren't prepared. Protip: Winter Shield chest and Newton's Law pants will
prove immensely helpful here. If you put them on and practice on the hooks
while you chat with Liz, you'll see you get the invulnerability and the
knockback when you jump off; you can just jump to the center.

Note: You can swing to enemy ships, but you'll want to swing back to yours. You
would only swing over if an enemy is stuck and you can see him. Then you would
just POSS him and swing back.

The first one is easy enough, you just POSS one, help him out, and then POSS
another. The second wave starts with mosquitos, but you want to POSS one, kill
the other, and then at some point kill your own drone so you can POSS more
guys. Soon after the drones appear a couple of ships will too and they will
attack each other, so try to get the RPG guys and just keep behind cover until
you can get a solid grasp of who will be left to attack you (if you got the
Winter Shield just keep swinging on and off your hooks).

As the third wave approaches be sure you topped off your salt and go ahead and
set some fire traps in 3-4 places on your ship. The third wave is two ships
sandwiching three drones. I'll admit, with Winter Shield all you do is swing
up, down, and you can RPG blast your feet and you will breeze through this. 
Without Winter Shield you can use fire traps and Undertow to pull in enemies
and blast them away, and feel free to sprinkle in some POSS. Remember, Undertow
can pull enemies onto traps or push enemies off the side of the ship. Also, if
things get hairy you can jump to the other ships where there might be less
enemies. Either way, now is the time to use your RPG.

Note: The salt is for 100, so you can use it while almost dry and it will
almost completely fill you back up. I say this so you don't grab it too early
and waste salt.

On the third wave, the first ship that comes for you shouldn't be too hard to
handle, or perhaps it is but you have time to prepare for it. It's after that
ship is dispatched that three drones fly in. You might want to stand back and
just blast them with rockets, or if you want to POSS one be sure you remember
it will turn from ally to foe when you POSS anything else. The second ship that
arrives brings the biggest threat as the guys will be all over you while the
drones are still alive, so you have almost no time to set more traps. You could
try to Undertow pull and then push them off the sides with the Undertow jet
stream, and POSS a guy on their ship buys you more time. If nothing else, just
jump hook up to their ship and see what happens. I had Winter Shield and it
made things laughably easy just abusing the hook. On hard my mistake was
keeping the drone under POSS and I was in a near-endless cycle of dying, so
you're a goner if you do that here.

Note: If you die several times I suggest re-analyzing gear and vigor-use.
Change things up and see what happens before you die too much.

-The Hand of the Prophet-
Anyway, however you manage it, you'll arrive on the Hand. You don't get a
moment to rest as soldiers are inbound. The layout here is that you have a
long deck with two paths down each side. On the left you have a drone to
summon; on the right a turret. Both tears are covered by turrets in front of
them, so will want to pick a side (I like right), POSS any soldiers you see
rushing you from that side, and when you are clear send a POSS at the enemy
turret. You will at the same time want to watch your back and the other side
as shotgun rushers will be inbound. Because you can only watch one side, it's
a waste to summon the opposite side tear-ally unless the tear on your side is
destroyed. You basically have to watch both sides; traps help. One might even
be up above on the roof of the cabins. There is a sniper rifle by the right
side tear, which I say get.

Sit tight until things seem quiet, then clear the other turret before moving
forward. Both sides have crew quarters with loot, and you can cross through
them to reach the other side. The left side has a kitchen and ammo room, and
the right side has barracks. Both sides have a vendor, vigor or weapon
upgrades, but I had about $1k and already bought the carbine upgrades, so I
sat on my cash. You can see why I recommend carbine upgrades, because they are
all over the place here and in an upcoming fight.

If you want to start the second phase of this fight, you could go to the middle
airship floating between the two cabins and go to the front of it. Either
doing that or moving up the side paths will trigger an airship to appear in
front of the control room ahead, which is flanked by turrets. Don't waste time
POSS the turrets because you need to control the soldiers first. The ones
inside the control room don't come out, so it's just the few that came from the
airship and the turrets you need to worry about at first. I say move closer
from the right side, and if the turrets remain, then POSS them to mow down the
gang of dudes in the control room.

After the fight there is new loot at the third airship nearby, and feel free
to go back to scour the cabins to refill; use POSS on the vendors for free
coin with all the salt lying around. The control room itself has salt and
health, so no reason to move on without being stocked. Use the controls and
take the sky-line.

You'll see enemies and you'll pass over one wing, you'll swing around the back
of the ship, and then you want to dismount on the other wing (no big deal,
just makes things easier). POSS a guy nearest to you and summon the turret
nearby. I'll say this once, Winter Shield provides protection, but Scavenger's
Vest provides free kills when combined with the RPG - just keep those factoids
in mind. It shouldn't be too tough to handle these guys and I never needed to
leave this wing, but you have the whole deck to run around if you really need

During and after the fight there are tons of salts, but try to save the ones
near the back, where the enemies were. Scope out the deck and at the back on
the second level you can POSS the vendors for free cash and there are just
tons of phials all over. Below the vendors is a 3 lock door leading to Gear
#31 and RPG ammo. If you somehow misplaced your RPG there is one on a beam near
the back of the ship where the control panel is; don't use the panel yet. There
is one more door to unlock on the lower level, under the control panel. There
isn't much loot in here, but there is Voxophone #78 and a crank gun, but I had
full RPG and SR.

Approach the control panel and I'll remind of the setup: turret tears on both
sides, salt everywhere, a med kit tear near the center, and a sky-line that
would make Winter Shield a solid choice. You can get out of this jam without
firing a single bullet. The first airships come from the left, and with our
turret tear already there it will distract them a bit; just stay low, like on
the steps directly behind the controls. Then just POSS a guy every now and
then and with Winter Shield you can just circle around the sky-line, jump off,
and jump back on - it's really funny how broken this game becomes with this
gear. If you don't have it I would say you could get by in a similar fashion;
all you do is use throttle and perhaps keep reversing course in the dips in
the lines where they can't shoot at you. Remember, with salt phials everywhere
you can abuse RtS and all other vigors. So if you have Winter Shield you just
hop around like Spider-Man; without it you just rely on your vigor skills a bit
more, plus there are two rooms to hide in with more salts.

The best reason not to fire a single shot is to save ammo for the Handyman
fight next up. Without a full RPG and SR we would need to rely on carbines, to
which the upgrades would come into play. But if you do have an RPG you could
consider holing up in a room on this deck as you wait. An objective update will
tell you when the track is clear, if Elizabeth telling you isn't indication
enough, and then you just run for the controls and get on the sky-line leading
up. This party is a bit tricky since the lower sky-line doesn't let you jump
right to it; or maybe it does I just didn't slow down enough. Either way, you
could use RtS to cover yourself when you run for it because you get salt in
the next area. You can jump off at the first dismounting point and enter the
third deck.

-The Prophet-
Both entrances have salt, so grab both phials if you need for the Handyman
ahead. The layout is this: you have a small sky-line, platforms all over, a
rocket and MG turret, just a few handfuls of enemies at the end, avoid the back
room which has two rocket turrets, there are two pairs of phials of salt at
the in the middle of the "arena," and there are carbines and VGs if you run
out of ammo (which are not great options). Now I had a full SR and RPG, so
without that your results may vary.

I guess I take the fun out of this because this was joke; Winter Shield not
even needed. From the start you look down and there are a few guys on the
platforms down the way. You can clear them before moving up the room. You can
summon either turret, but I say spawn the MG turret further down as neither do
a great job of helping you kill the Handyman and the MG turret at least keeps
the soldiers at bay. So you sniped and POSS a few enemies, summoned the MG
turret, and when you go about halfway up the room the Handyman will come
looking for you.

For some reason he ran into the wall to start off, so I got some cheap hits on
his heart from the start. I then sent crows after him and got more hits. You
have to anticipate when he's going to jump to where you are because he chains
the jump with an attack and you have no time to react. Feel free to do the
following combo: sky-line away, drop, deploy crows as he gets closer, shoot
his heart, sky-line away, and repeat. The soldiers shouldn't be an issue, and
for them I would recommend fighting the Handyman almost exclusively at the
"front" end of this room so you don't have to worry about the minions.

The only difficulty here is if you blew all your good ammo in the last fight
and/or don't have Winter Shield which would prove useful when you have to
resort to using the carbines and VGs. But again, I came in stocked with SR and
RPG ammo and walked out with some sniper rounds and didn't need the RPG.
Remember to loot the dead Handyman and grab Gear #32 that he drops.

Killing him isn't the end. There are likely more dudes at the end of the room,
but the MG turret should still be up and mowing them down. Use salt to finish
them off. Use POSS and maybe a bullet or two to clear the two rocket turrets
perched up in the back room. They'll trade rockets and you kill the survivor;
if your rifle is low hopefully Liz tosses you some free ammo during this
harmless skirmish. Once those turrets are clear you are done with the "small
fights" in this game. Not much looting, and if you brought the SR and RPG and
they are low don't even drop them; just hold onto them. All there is to loot
are med kits and salt (don't forget the one down the other entrance if you
didn't use it and need it), and just head out through the next sky-line. I say
don't even upgrade at the vendor, because you might need your cash for revives
- I had $1.1k.

Jump off at the back of the ship and go in. Enjoy the events that follow.

After, at the middle of each set of steps are rooms with Voxophones #79 and
#80, as well as a sniper rifle which you should get if you don't already have.
In the control room just get on the wheel and the scene will play out.

Note: Mission-critical spoiler below, but if you are reading and playing in
order you'll know what the spoiler is...

-The Infinite-
Hide in here for a bit as the airships go to the front to unload guys. Though
it might not be obvious, the idea here is to defend the power core which is so
brilliantly just sticking out. A meter appears in the upper-right corner to
let you know its health. It can take quite a beating before it starts to budge,
so don't think you have to risk life and limb to keep every bullet off of it.

The second thing to consider is that you now control Songbird. After a little
bit you will be told how to control him, and all you do is aim, the thing
you're looking at will glow red, and you hold to send your new ally to bash
whatever is there. He can attack the deck of the ship in three areas, but
there's a slight delay so it's safest to only send him when the enemies are
right under the power core, and even then don't do this until the later waves
of Patriots are pouring in. You can monitor his cooldown with the clock under
the power core health bar; when the arrow is at the top he is ready to use.

Quick notes: Winter Shield is great here and Songbird's cooldown is relative
to the target you send him after. Remember to keep POSS up on the little guys,
and watch for the armored units which are the best targets for POSS. Also,
there are plenty of phials and ammo for the RPG and SR, and especially the RPG.
The RPG ammo is all over the place, so keep your eyes peeled. It might involve
you running down to the deck to grab some. Finally, the back end of the sky-
line takes you way above the ship, so feel free to reverse unless you don't
have Winter Shield, then I suppose going up there is a way to recharge.

The third thing to consider is that after a few minutes big zeppelins will need
to be killed by Songbird; after the guy on the megaphone makes a speech. I'm
talking about the big zeppelins that will be on the sides of the Hand. They
don't show up for a while, so you can send Songbird after the first big barges
that appear. There will be a big zeppelin at the front raining fire on you,
and this is a good target for the bird. There will be two such zeppelins at the
front, and three on the sides.

You need to keep an eye on the sides and when Songbird is ready, because the
real key in this whole fight is to destroy those barges ASAP. Nothing else
matters but sending Songbird after those big zeppelins because until those
blow up they will continue to pour Patriots and soldiers onto the field.

Admittedly, with Winter Shield this is very easy because when you are in
trouble you just chillax, look up, jump on the sky-line, and jump off,
preferably killing an un-armored Vox when you jump off. For those of you
unfortunate souls without it and on 1999 mode, you must be extra vigilant of
stray soldiers around you. I'm not sure how but somehow they like to end up on
the sides of where the power core is, and they aren't concerned about the power
core so much as they are about killing you. They will need to be controlled
with POSS and/or other vigors, but I would not recommend holing up at the very
back of this area, behind the power core, because then you are most vulnerable
to them. In an odd way, you can leave a wave of dual-Patriots alive so that
another batch isn't sent, and a single Patriot isn't going to kill the core by
itself. In fact, once you start blasting away at a Patriot it will turn its
focus on you, and for a time nothing will be attacking the power core.

The RPG is the weapon of choice. Again, there are plenty of boxes of ammo here.
Early on when there are breaks in the waves you can run toward the back of the
ship and you'll find boxes of ammo on the crates. Maybe they only put ammo on
the immediate sides of the power core that are of what you brought in, but I
found there was enough sniper, RPG, and salt supplies just around the power
core. Plus you have whatever Elizabeth throws at you. You can ride the sky-
line, throttle to safety, jump behind those buildings mid-way through the deck,
and you can ride to the top of the ship if you are in danger. From the top of
the ship it is kind of cool to jump off at least.

Remember, kill the zeppelins and this fight can be very short. You could even
consider hiding at the top of the ship and just waiting for Songbird to kill
the zeppelins - by any means kill those zeps.

Anyway, that's all I got for you. Winter Shield is over-powered, but just
jumping to the sky-line does get you out of harm's way anyway, so pretending
to be Spider-Man is a sound tactic either way.

After the fight there is nothing to do but follow Elizabeth into the infinite.

There is a behind the scenes video in the credits, and there is a tiny frame or
two after the credits.

Weapons and Upgrades
All values are in the game currency of course.

Dollar Bill Vendor
80% Med Kit - 36
20% Med Kit - 14
100% Salt - 67
25% Salt - 19
Lockpick - 48
1 Clip of Ammo - 8

The ammo is very cheap, but on a 1999 mode if you want the top achievement 
you'll have to not use this vendor.

RPG Upgrades
Extremely powerful. Combine this with the sniper rifle and you'll have two
heavy-hitters with plenty of shots for both. If this gun had fewer rockets to
hold it might be less useful.

Dmg 1 - 385
Dmg 2 - 385
Clip - 816
Rocket speed - 333

Sniper Rifle Upgrades
Very accurate and powerful. As many have noticed, it's also accurate without
aiming and easy to aim with. Surprisingly, I found ammo for this in most

Dmg 1 - 349
Dmg 2 - 349
Fire rate - 654
Recoil - 288

Burstgun Upgrades
A long range, automatic burst-fire gun. It's great, difficult to be accurate
with, and is great if you got the ammo to feed it.

Dmg 1 - 423
Dmg 2 - 423
Recoil - 822
Reserve - 672

Hand Cannon Upgrades
One of the best choices in the game, but not a ton of ammo for it. If it were
just a little stronger it would be elite stuff.

Dmg 1 - 448
Dmg 2 - 448
Reload - 656
Recoil - 350

Hail Fire Upgrades
You hold the trigger and release to let it explode, or just press to shoot it
like a bouncy grenade. It has a few spots to use it, but not many. These
upgrades are way too costly. It should be like the crank gun and just be very

Dmg 1 - 688
Dmg 2 - 688
Radius - 415
Clip - 399

Volley Gun Upgrades
A flak cannon that isn't quite powerful enough for me.

Dmg 1 - 522
Dmg 2 - 522
Radius - 536
Clip - 740

Repeater Upgrades
It's a good gun, only if there were a lot of ammo for it.

Dmg 1 - 416
Dmg 2 - 416
Recoil - 711
Clip - 449

Machine Gun Upgrades
Almost all enemies carry these, so upgrading it is smart.

Dmg 1 - 236
Dmg 2 - 236
Accuracy - 512
Clip - 391

Shotgun Upgrades
Very powerful, even at medium range.

Dmg 1 - 255
Dmg 2 - 255
Reload - 456
Cone - 360

Carbine Upgrades
Upgrading this isn't bad because you'll almost always find one of these 
somewhere in a fight. Other than that it's not great.

Dmg 1 - 357
Dmg 2 - 357
Clip - 484
Recoil - 333

Pistol Upgrades
As is usually the case, mastery of the pistol is never bad. The problem is you
don't have to carry one and other guns do much more.

Dmg 1 - 199
Dmg 2 - 199
Clip - 275
Reserve - 404

Heater Upgrades
Terrible gun. Would be decent if it was like a major hit on anything, including
the big bads.

Dmg 1 - 554
Dmg 2 - 554
Reload - 752
Cone - 467

Vigors and Upgrades
Salt is the lifeblood of vigors. What I found late in the game is that I did
not need to max out my salt supply with my Infusions - just getting it to 8
might have been best. Very rarely will you use up all your salt, and if you do
it's because you aren't looking around as plenty is around or in dropped loot.

One thing even I didn't use much is combining vigor effects. This is required
for one achievement, but due to the risk of some or just draining you of 
salt, it's best to try on normal difficulty.

In order of when you unlock them:

This is easily the most useful power in the game, so get both of its upgrades
ASAP. I would suggest saving all money in the early game to get both of these.

Aid - 50
	Allows you to possess humans. The best use of it.
For Less - 1653
	Cuts the cost in about half. As guaranteed kills on humans, it's crazy
	worth it.

Devil's Kiss
This is like an incendiary grenade or trap. It can be used on oil spills. The 
traps are very powerful, especially early on.

The traps are good early, but required the damage upgrade to be useful later.
If it weren't so situational I would recommend it easily.

Aid - 1241
	Turns it into a cluster for more damage over a wider area.
Boost - 666
	Further increases it's damage.

Murder of Crows
Sends crows to stun and I believe severely damage one enemy. The trap aid is
nifty as it can chain crows. 

The boost upgrade is required for Handymen.

Aid - 1485
	People killed by crows set a crow trap in their corpse. Good if used
	at the start of a fight, but the cost is too damn high!
Boost - 545
	Increases the stun, so good for a Handyman, I think. Either way, it's
	fairly cheap so it's worth it outside of a Handyman fight.

Bucking Bronco
This is probably the best power besides POSS as it can be used to lock out the
bigger bads like Firemen and Ravens. It's also best against a bunch of enemies
in front of you and goes a decent distance. Enemies hit while in the air will
be knocked back, so this can be used to knock them off of Columbia. 

The boost upgrade is required.

Aid - 777
	Allows the floating effect to chain, which is pretty good.
Boost - 421
	Doubles the float time.

Shock Jockey
A zap stun or a multi-stun trap. One of the most versatile vigors in the game,
but it's just that there are more powerful ones to be used. Does not work
against Handymen because they have electric attacks too.

More stun is good, and so is the chain, but the chain upgrade costs a bit too

Chain Aid - 1265
	Chain lightning effect.
Duration Aid - 575
	Longer stun duration.

Ram into the enemy. This power has very limited uses, but with upgrades it 
becomes something that could be abused in the right hands. 

Never have to use this power as it's best used when upgraded and even then
it's situational. Maybe I missed it's usefullness but I saved the money.

Aid - 1614
	Grants invulnerability after using charge.
Boost - 555
	Adds explosive damage.

Either knock them back with a jetstream, or pull them toward you and stun. 
The real use of this power is to let you use traps and pull enemies into them.
The jetstream is best used to knock enemies off ships or edges. This power has
one spot to maybe use toward the end of the game and that's pretty much it.

No upgrades recommended.

Aid - 306
	You can grab three enemies.
Boost - 1143
	Doubles the range.

Return to Sender
This can be tapped for a shield or held for a shield that will catch and can
shoot back bullets. This is great when you're pinned down, trying to find a
sniper, and is the kryptonite to Patriots. Holding it down drains salt fast,
even with the reduced cost, so you can't abuse it.

Only For Less is recommended.

Aid - 1287
	Lets you take ammo you catch.
For Less - 898
	Reduces the costs of both uses.

Enemies and Weaknesses
There are about three tiers of the standard enemies. You got the regular 
cops, more geared soldiers, and in the end some slightly more armored elites.

RPGs and VGs- Enemies with RPGs and volley guns usually come with armor, and
have heavy armor by the end of the game. You might think this would protect
them from POSS, but it doesn't. Just hit them with POSS and they are your
powerful ally.

Snipers - There are only a few in the game. RtS is the best way to avoid 
being hit because this is one of the few games where a sniper can kill you
very easily. POSS works on them and is the weapon of choice.

Mosquitos - These aerial drones will permanently be your ally as long as you
don't POSS anything else.

MG Turrets - They will only be your ally under POSS for a short time. Still,
you'll want to not destroy them until you have to, or just avoid their line of
sight and sneak away to save ammo. They rarely have any loot when destroyed.

Firemen - They throw Devil's Kisses at you. They are easy to kill with BB, as
well as other vigors. Upon dying they will try to run to you for a suicide
blast, so either kill for good or just turn and run.

Ravens (aka Crow) - They move around in a murder of crows and then materialize
to melee you. As with the Firemen, BB works well as well as many other vigors.
I don't like calling these guys Crows because it might confuse people compared
to the Murder of Crows power, and the KKK wannabes are part of the Fraternal 
Order of the Raven, so it seems they should be called Ravens.

Patriots - You would think they are slow, but if they can't see you and are
close they will run and close the distance for melee and bullet damage. Shock
and hitting their back is the best way, but getting to their back is difficult
under any circumstance. Sniper rifle, RPG, and RtS are the best ways to down
them. I believe undertow works too. POSS will affect them for just a few 
seconds, which isn't terrible against two at once; like in the final battle it
can stop one from attacking the core. But NEVER use a Patriot under POSS to
kill soldiers and cops, because it's far more useful to let the little enemies
gang up on the Patriots.

Boys of Silence - There are only four in the game; one you hae to fight, the
rest you do not. You can't damage them, and after they spot you for a few 
seconds they will scream and summon all the nearby lunatics to attack you. The
first fight is tricky because you be low on supplies, but after that you can
sneak past all the rest of these guys. Careful not to get too close as those
big ears can hear you and also trigger the alarm.

Handymen - You only encounter a handful in the whole game, but they are the
bosses of the game more or less. They are fast, powerful, and take a lot of 
damage to finish off. Their weakness is their heart, so aim for their chest.
Murder of Crows is the only vigor that works on them, so keep that handy and
abuse, but other than for offense you could use it to turn and run. Every time
you face them you can use sky-lines, so do that to escape. But you can't stay
on for long or the lines will be electrocuted. And if you think range or 
getting one stuck is the solution, they will only be pelted with massively
powerful energy blasts that have wide areas of effect. Every attack from these
guys will take away your shield, so you can take a hit, just be sure to have 
an exit strategy. Use tears when you can. The Winter Shield shirt would help
in the fights with these guys.

Siren - She will rarely come to attack you herself, but when she does you can
just back away or run back and it seems she only takes away your shield. She 
will continue to respawn her undead thralls, but you can permanently kill them
with shock or fire; combine with the Storm hat and you'll save on salt. But
only in the final of three fights against her do you have all the ammo you
would want. In the other two spending ammo to kill the thralls might not be
such a wise move since I have sweet spots to hide in to avoid gunfire during
all three fights. She takes a lot of damage to kill, and that is why I think
every bullet you have is better spent on her than her minions.

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