Blackwell Deception: FAQ/Walkthrough

       Version 1.2 10/18/11

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The Blackwell Deception
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2011

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
003.  Walkthrough
  003a. On the Yacht
  003b. Jeremy Sams
  003c. Jamie Graham
  003d. Tiffany Walters
  003e. Stopping Gavin
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called The Blackwell 
Deception, for the PC. It's the fourth game in the 
Blackwell series, but you can still play it and understand 
what's happening, even if you haven't played the other 

To contact me, use my email address, Feel free to email me if you 
notice any mistakes in this guide, if you have helpful 
suggestions, if you want to reprint this guide on your 
website, or anything like that.


Rosangela "Rosa" Blackwell: Rosa is one of the game's two 
main characters. She's an author, but she spends most of 
her time dealing with ghosts who need help moving on to the 

Joey Malone: Joey is Rosa's spirit guide. He has a smart 
mouth, and it seems that he's from the 1930's. Joey can't 
move too far away from Rosa.

Ryan: The first ghost that Rosa and Joey meet in this game. 
He has a bit of a temper.

Jeremy Sams: One of Rosa's old co-workers. They worked at a 
newspaper together, and Jeremy calls Rosa out of the blue 
to ask for her help in writing an article.

City Post Receptionist: The receptionist at the City Post 
is not very friendly to Rosa, and she refuses to let Rosa 
retrieve Jeremy's notes.

Detective Durkin: A police detective, who is assigned to 
investigate the deaths of Jeremy Sams and Jamie Graham. 
Since Rosa is investigating those deaths as well, she meets 
him a few times.

Madison Haines: The daughter-in-law of Penelope Haines. She 
is not on good terms with Penelope, and she tries to hinder 
Rosa's investigation of Penelope.

Chris Haines: A small baby who can see Joey.

Seagram Assisted Living Receptionist: A receptionist who 
helps Rosa find Penelope Haines.

Penelope Haines: An elderly woman who hates her relatives. 
She knows Jeremy, and she has been brainwashed by Gavin.

Danny Marconi: An elderly man who knows Joey Malone. Joey 
doesn't want to talk to him, and he doesn't want to tell 
Rosa about him.

Gavin: A shadowy figure, who is somehow connected to many 
of the deaths in this game. He is very good at convincing 
people to do whatever he wants.

Lisa Tensin: A fake psychic, who tries to scam people that 
come into her store. She sometimes sends her customers to 
Gavin, according to an arrangement she has with him.

Jamie Graham: A college student, who comes from a small 
town and who was overwhelmed by life in a big city. Jamie's 
life went downhill once she started going to a nightclub 
all the time and doing drugs.
Seb: Jamie's ex-boyfriend. They broke up when she told him 
that she was doing drugs.

Professor Elaine Appleton: Rosa's former professor and 
Jamie's current professor. Professor Appleton teaches a 
writing course.

Tiffany Walters: A morose woman whose obsessive behavior 
ruined her life.

Rachel Abu: Tiffany's friend and former co-worker. She 
hasn't heard from Tiffany, ever since switching jobs.

Sterling Temp Placement Worker: The worker from Sterling 
Temp Placement is an unfriendly sort, who does not want to 
tell Rosa about Tiffany Walters.

Ken Sharpe: A man who was having an affair with Tiffany 
Walters. He tried to end things with her, but she became 
obsessed with him.

Madeline: A ghost that Joey knows. She helps him during the 
endgame sequence.


003a-On the Yacht

The game starts with our heroes, Rosangela Blackwell (Rosa 
for short) and Joey Malone, climbing onboard a yacht. 
They've been hired to investigate the yacht, which is being 
steered by a ghost.

Joey is a ghost, and you can switch between Rosa and Joey 
by pressing the tab button. Try this out now, and have Joey 
examine the carving on the side of the ship, in the 
lower/right area. Rosa can't see it, but because Joey can 
float, he can see it perfectly.

The carving reads "Ryan and June". Interesting.

There are two doors on the yacht. One is on the downstairs 
level, and one is upstairs. If Rosa tries to go through the 
upstairs door, she gets stuck because it's locked. That's 
not a problem for Joey, though. He can float through the 
door whenever he wants.

When Joey goes through the top door, or when Rosa goes 
through the bottom door and turns on the lights, the ship 
comes to life with a jolt. Joey and Rosa go back to the 
main deck of the ship to see that it's now moving.

Go upstairs as Joey. He sees the ghost responsible for the 
problems on the yacht. It's Ryan, and he's not friendly. 
Whenever Joey tries to talk to him, he shoots Joey.

In the upstairs room, have Joey use his breath power on the 
key, near the door. Do this twice, and he'll move the key 
near the vent on the floor. Also as Joey, examine the 
diagram on the wall, which is made up of circles and 
letters. That's a clue to an upcoming puzzle, where you 
need to spell out the name "JUNE". You might want to jot 
down the diagram on a piece of paper, so you don't forget 

Joey can't do anything else here in the upstairs room, so 
go to the downstairs room as Rosa. Turn on the lights if 
you haven't already, and examine the vent in the ceiling, 
the one above the bed. The keys are near the vent, but Rosa 
can't open it.

Use the dime in Rosa's inventory on the vent, and she opens 
it. Left-click on the vent, and Rosa puts her hand through. 
Click on the key, and Rosa grabs it. Now she can go 

Before then, go left. There's a knotty pine wall, with 
interesting knots. In fact, the layout of the knots matches 
the diagram in the upstairs room. Time to spell out "JUNE", 
by pressing the four knots that represent the letters in 
her name.

 | | | |U
 | | |S|
I| | | |
 | |N| |
 | |E| |A
 |J| |Q|

Once you press the J, U, N and E knots, in that order, a 
hidden compartment opens, containing a lot of money. 
Examine the money to learn that it all comes from GCT.

That's all you can do here, downstairs. Leave the room, and 
use the key on the upstairs door. Rosa goes in, and Ryan 
shoots her, but the bullets do no damage because he's a 

Rosa talks to Ryan for a bit. He's worried about a bank and 
the police, but he eventually decides that Rosa is a 
harmless stowaway.

At this point in the game, Rosa has a lot of information. 
The game wants you to learn how to use Rosa's phone, to 
process this information. It's pretty simple. Click on the 
phone in her inventory.

Rosa's phone has email, an Internet search engine called 
Oogle, and her case notes. Examine the case notes now. You 
can click on one of the notes to read about it. You can 
also click on two different notes, and Rosa will try to 
make a connection between them.

For example, try making a connection between the bank Ryan 
fears and GCT. Rosa figures that GCT could be a bank. A 
quick Internet search reveals that GCT is the Grant City 

Open the Oogle Internet browser, and search for "Grant City 
Trust". It was robbed by a disgruntled employee named Ryan, 
who died in a police shootout.

Talk to Ryan. Consult Rosa's notes and pick the bank 
robbery. Ryan will admit that he robbed the bank, and he 
says he's not stopping the yacht until he's safe in Boston.

Well, he's currently near the New York border, so it's 
probably going to be a while before he reaches Boston. 
Whenever you ask Ryan where you are, he examines the map.

Move Joey near the map, and it starts going haywire. Ask 
Ryan to check the map again. Hopefully, the map now says 
that you're in Boston. If not, ask him to check the map 
again. Joey makes the map spit out random locations, and 
eventually, one of the locations that gets spit out is 
Boston Harbor.

Once Ryan thinks he's in Boston, he goes outside to look. 
Follow after him, then talk to him. Ryan notices that he is 
not, in fact, in Boston. With some prompting from Joey and 
Rosa, Ryan realizes that he is dead.

Ryan goes back inside. Now that Ryan is ready to move on, 
you can use the tie in Joey's inventory on him. Ryan and 
Rosa go through the portal, leading to the next world. Ryan 
talks for a little bit about his wife and the bank robbery.

Rosa goes back to the normal sphere of existence. It seems 
that the yacht is going completely out of control. Oh no! 
Ryan sabotaged it, so no one could get the two million 
dollars inside! Quickly, go outside and left-click on the 
gap near the back of the boat. Rosa jumps off, shortly 
before the boat crashes into the New Jersey Harbor.

Rosa and Joey then return home, slightly saddened by the 
fact that they won't get paid for their work that night. 
The opening credits then roll.

003b-Jeremy Sams

After the opening credits, we see Rosa and Joey in her 
apartment. Rosa gets a phone call from one of her old 
friends, Jeremy Sams. They used to work together as writers 
for a local newspaper, before she quit. He's now working 
for the City Post, and he has a nasty cold, so he wants 
Rosa to help finish writing an article for him.

Leave Rosa's apartment, and a "where to?" screen pops up. 
Select Jeremy's apartment. Rosa and Joey go inside, where 
they are surprised to learn that Jeremy is a ghost. Talk to 
him about everything. Just like Ryan, Jeremy is in denial 
about his death. He thinks his death is just a cold.

Jeremy wants Rosa to pick up his notes at the City Post. 
That's not too difficult. Leave the apartment, then select 
the City Post as your destination.

Talk to the receptionist here. She doesn't want to let a 
stranger into Jeremy's office to get his notes. When Rosa 
tries to explain that Jeremy is dead, the receptionist 
becomes suspicious and upset. It's clear that Rosa won't be 
able to go inside the offices.

Switch to Joey, and have him go through the door on the 
upper floor. This is where Jeremy's office is. Jeremy's 
cubicle is the one in the middle of the screen. Joey can't 
interact with any of the objects here, because he's a 
ghost. In fact, there's only one things Joey can do, and 
that's look at the post-it note on the computer.

Read the post-it note to learn that Jeremy went to the High 
Line. Fortunately, Rosa knows where that is, so leave the 
City Post, then go to the High Line. A police detective is 
there, investigating a crime scene.

Talk to the detective. Rosa is pretty sure that Jeremy is 
the person who was killed here. The detective doesn't know 
who she is, and he finds it rather strange that she claims 
to know the murder victim, without having seen him. When 
she offers to identify the body, he refuses.

Leave the High Line and return to Jeremy's apartment. There 
are photographs on a desk here. Look at them, and you find 
an old photo of Rosa and Jeremy, from six years ago. 
Examine the photo, and then take a copy of it.

Return to the High Line. Show the photograph to Detective 
Durkin. The picture shows that Rosa and Jeremy know each 
other. He gives Rosa his phone number, in case she has 
questions, then he decides to investigate the lead that 
Rosa gave him: Jeremy's workplace, the City Post.

Go to the City Post. The receptionist has spoken with 
Detective Durkin, so now she knows that Jeremy is dead. She 
agrees to let Rosa inside Jeremy's office. Take the 
elevator upstairs, then go into the office.

In the office, there is a press pass on the left, near the 
window. Make sure to pick that up. Also, pick up the 
journal, next to Jeremy's computer. Rosa will read it. Look 
at all the various entries, to learn bits of information, 
like the fact that Jeremy lost his phone after someone 
tried to scam him and the fact that Jeremy was 
investigating a woman named Penelope Haines. 

Leave the City Post, then go to Jeremy's apartment. Once 
you read his notebook, you can talk to him about Penelope 
Haines. Jeremy wants you to talk to her, yourself. He gives 
Rosa the address to the Haines residence.

Leave the apartment, then go to the Haines'. Rosa meets 
Madison Haines, the daughter-in-law of Penelope. Madison 
says they put Penelope in a nursing home, and when the 
conversation is over, Rosa leaves.

You are given the option of sending Joey inside the 
apartment, once Rosa leaves. Have Joey go in, and make him 
go inside the bedroom. This is Penelope's room, and it's 
rather empty, besides for a pretty peridot pendant.

Read the brochure on the dresser. It's for a nursing home 
called Seagram Assisted Living. Leave the Haines' now, and 
go to the Seagram Nursing Home.

As Rosa, talk to the receptionist. Unlike the one at City 
Post, this receptionist is rather friendly. She tells you 
where to find Penelope, and she lets you go inside. So, 
take the elevator to the second floor.

Talk to Penelope. She is somewhat odd, in that she talks 
about other realities and things like that. Talk to her 
about everything, then leave. When you do, the old man in 
this room briefly recognizes Joey. Joey is quite disturbed 
by this, and he refuses to talk about it.

Return to the Haines' residence. Rosa will talk to Madison 
about Penelope. Madison will say that Penelope used to be a 
more normal person, but she was recently brainwashed by a 
cult leader named Gavin. Gavin pretends to be a spiritual 
advisor, but it seems that he is nothing but a glorified 
scam artist. After meeting with Gavin, Penelope changed her 
will so everything went to Gavin, and nothing went to the 

Madison says that she gave a key to Penelope, and the key 
is in Penelope's room. Return to the Seagram Assisted 
Living, then go to the second floor. Talk to Penelope. She 
sings the praises of Gavin's spiritual work, and she claims 
that she never got a key from Madison. Penelope says that 
if you get her peridot, she'll tell you more about Gavin.

Click on the ball of yarn on the table in front of 
Penelope. Rosa takes a piece of string from it. Then, go 
downstairs. If you haven't done so already, talk to the 
receptionist about Seagram Assisted Living, then take a 
brochure. Use the string on the brochure to get a sliding 
brochure...kind of.

The receptionist now has a yellow chart in front of her. 
Earlier, she didn't have this. Use Joey to read the chart, 
and he discovers that Penelope lives on the twelfth floor.

Take the elevator to the twelfth floor. Use the brochure 
and string on the door, and Rosa slides it under the door. 
Then, as Joey, go through the door. Use Joey's breath on 
the brochure to slide it, then use Joey's breath on the key 
to the Haines', which is on the chair in this room. The key 
falls on the brochure. Rosa can now pick up the brochure 
and take the key.

If you make a mistake in solving this puzzle, you can use 
the game's autosave feature to reload, or you can talk to 
the receptionist about Penelope's room. The receptionist 
sends someone to clean the room, thereby resetting the 

Now that you have the key to the Haines', go there. Madison 
opens the door. Talk to her about everything. She refuses 
to give the peridot to Rosa, and then, Madison, her 
husband, and Chris the baby leave to go to dinner.

Time for Rosa to break into the Haines' apartment. After 
they leave, use the key on the door. Rosa opens the door 
and goes inside. Go into Penelope's bedroom, then pick up 
the peridot pendant.

When Rosa tries to leave, the Hainses suddenly return. Oh 
no! Rosa can't leave the apartment as long as they're here!

Switch to Joey and move him to the main room. Use Joey's 
breath on the thermostat to turn it up. Madison will then 
open the door to the left, in order to offset the higher 

Have Joey talk to the baby. The baby can see Joey, and it 
will now follow Joey around. Have Joey leave through the 
now-open door on the left, and the baby goes there. Madison 
soon follows, leaving the main room empty.

Switch to Rosa, and have her exit this area, while Madison 
is gone.

Return to Seagram Assisted Living. Go to the second floor 
and give the peridot pendant to Penelope. Now, when you ask 
her about Gavin, she gives you the address of Lisa Tensin. 
Lisa was Penelope's contact person for Gavin.

Go to Lisa's area. Lisa is a street psychic. Ring the 
buzzer to talk to her. She lets Rosa in, and she tries to 
scam Rosa into buying a $200 candle. Lisa doesn't want to 
talk about Penelope or Gavin or Jeremy. Rosa will 
eventually leave Lisa's office.

If you remember, Jeremy's notes say that he lost his phone, 
shortly after Lisa tried to scam him. That means Jeremy's 
phone is probably somewhere close by. Use Rosa's phone to 
call Jeremy's phone, and it starts ringing in the trashcan.

Go through the trashcan to find Jeremy's phone. Then, 
return to Jeremy's apartment and show him the phone. Jeremy 
becomes confused because he already has his phone...right?

Jeremy leaves for the High Line, upset. Follow him there, 
and you find Jeremy, staring at the chalk outline on the 
ground. Talk to him, and Jeremy realizes that he's dead.

Jeremy is ready to move on now, so use Joey's tie on 
Jeremy. Rosa leads Jeremy to the afterlife, and the two of 
them say goodbye.

Return to Lisa's. Since Rosa found Jeremy's cell phone in 
the trash can outside Lisa's, she has proof that Jeremy met 
Lisa. Press the buzzer outside Lisa's door, then go in and 
talk with her. Lisa tries to bluff her way out of things, 
and eventually, the conversation reaches a dead end, Rosa 
gives an impassioned speech, and Lisa throws her out.

Rosa and Joey return to Rosa's apartment, where they decide 
to call it a night. The game skips to the next day.

Return to Lisa's. Try talking to her through the buzzer. 
Lisa refuses to see anyone tonight, so you can't have a 
conversation with her. Darn. Send Joey inside Lisa's 
building. Have him move past the crystal ball room to 
another room, where Lisa is looking at a photograph.

Have Joey examine the photograph. It's a picture of Danny 
Marconi, someone Joey knows. Send Joey back to Rosa, and he 
says that Danny is the old man from the nursing home.

Return to Seagram Assisted Living, and ask the receptionist 
about Danny Marconi. She says that he died, earlier that 
day. Return to Lisa's, and this time, when you press the 
buzzer, mention Danny Marconi, then mention the fact that 
he's dead.

Danny is Lisa's grandfather, and she seems to be upset 
about his death, which is why she closed her business 

Lisa wants to know how Rosangela knows Danny. Pick any of 
the options here, to learn that none of them convince her. 
Ask Joey for help, and after his first hint fails, he gives 
a lot of information about Danny.

Lisa lets Rosangela inside. Go through the conversation 
with Lisa. Lisa thinks Rosa is part of an organization that 
is related to Gavin. Lisa gives Rosa the names of two 
women: Jamie Graham and Tiffany Walters. These are the last 
two people that Lisa sent to Gavin, besides for Jeremy.

Rosa now investigates Jamie and Tiffany. You can 
investigate them in either order, and you can investigate 
them simultaneously. There's really only one thing which 
overlaps between the two investigations, which is a clue on 
the noticeboard in Tiffany's apartment complex.

003c-Jamie Graham

Jamie lives at some sort of college. By coincidence, it's 
the same college that Rosa went to. Jamie's room is locked, 
so send Joey inside. Have Joey read the note on the 
backside of the door, which says "Remember Waterloo".

Use Rosa's phone to look up Waterloo. That was a battle 
that took place in 1815. As Rosa, enter 1815 on the keypad 
on the door, and the door opens. Now Rosa can go inside.

There are a few things in Jamie's room that are worth 
noting. First is the computer, which is locked with a 
password. Second is a poster on the wall, for Jamie's 
favorite band, Epileptic Fish. Third is Jamie's class 
schedule, on the whiteboard.

Read Jamie's schedule to learn that she has Elaine Appleton 
for a professor. Elaine used to be one of Rosa's 
professors. Use Rosa's phone to look up Elaine Appleton, 
and Rosa gets her phone number.

Call Elaine Appleton and talk to her about everything. 
Elaine says that Jamie was a good student, with a fondness 
for Middle Easter History. However, Jamie got mixed up with 
drugs and a nightclub called Munray's. Jamie's dead body 
was found, near the nightclub.

Professor Appleton mentions Detective Durkin. Rosa still 
has his phone number, so call Detective Durkin. He agrees 
to meet Rosa at a café. Go to that café, and talk to him 
about Jamie several times. He reveals that Jamie never did 

Use Rosa's phone to look up Munray's, and Rosa will get the 
address for that place. Go there. Most of the people at 
Munray's don't want to talk to Rosa.

Switch to Joey, and have him go to the VIP area, which is 
roped off. He meets Jamie, who is a ghost. She is not very 
friendly towards Joey, because he's an old guy. When he 
asks her to dance, she refuses, because the music isn't 
very good.

Switch to Rosa. Next to the roped-off VIP area is a tablet 
device that controls the music in the club. Have Rosa use 
it, and type in "Epileptic Fish". That band's music starts 

Switch to Joey. Now that Jamie's favorite band is playing, 
she's willing to dance with Joey. Go through the various 
conversations with Jamie. You'll notice that a few 
conversations won't go away: the conversation about Jamie's 
dog, and the three conversations about Jamie (her hometown, 
her interests and her studies at school).

This is actually a dialogue puzzle. Joey needs to finish 
all three conversations with Jamie. For example, ask Jamie 
about her studies at school. Mention history, then mention 
Middle Eastern History. Professor Applegate said that Jamie 
liked Middle Eastern History, and she was right. Once Joey 
mentions that, Jamie becomes much more interested in the 

Now we just need to figure out the other two things--
Jamie's hometown and her interests. We can't figure that 
out here, though. Switch to Rosa and leave Munray's. Return 
to Jamie's dorm room.

Go inside Jamie's room and use her computer. The password 
to the computer is "benji", without capitalization. Yes, 
she used her dog's name as a password. Read through all of 
Jamie's emails to learn that she broke up with her 
boyfriend Seb, once she started doing drugs. Seb likes to 
spend time at Munray's.

The emails also reveal that Jamie is from Illinois, near 

Return to Munray's. The blonde man near the bar is Seb, 
Jamie's boyfriend. Talk to him about everything. He is not 
very talkative, and he is upset that Jamie was a drug user.

Using Rosa's phone, connect the Coroner's Report (from 
Detective Durkin) with Jamie and Drugs (from Seb). Seb said 
that Jamie used drugs, but the coroner's report says 

Talk to Seb again, and this time, ask him if he lied. Seb 
becomes upset when he hears that Jamie was only pretending 
to take drugs. Seb mentions that Jamie's favorite author 
was Ashbless, and then he leaves.

Use Rosa's phone to look up Ashbless. The Internet says 
that Ashbless wrote a book called "Anubis at the Gate".

That's all the information you need to solve the puzzle 
with Jamie. Switch to Joey and have him go back to Jamie. 
Since you read the email about Mattoon, Joey can mention it 
to her. Ask Jamie about her hometown, and choose the 
midwest. Then, choose Illinois. Then, choose Mattoon. Jamie 
is interested to meet someone who is from the same area as 

Finally, ask Jamie about what she does in her spare time. 
Mention books, then Robert Ashbless. After that, mention 
"Anubis at the Gate". Jamie becomes interested in this 
topic, and she recommends some other books for Joey to 

Once Joey finishes all three conversations about Jamie--the 
one about her hometown, the one about her studies and the 
one about her spare time--Jamie decides she's sick of 
Munray's, and she wants to leave. She kisses Joey, then 

Return to Jamie's. Joey goes inside the room and speaks 
with Jamie. Jamie realizes that she's dead, and she 
reflects upon her life. Jamie says that Gavin is 
responsible for what happened to her, and then Rosa and 
Joey send her off into the afterlife.

Rosa returns and speaks with Joey for a bit. Rosa wants to 
see Lisa again. Return to Lisa and tell her that Jamie is 
dead. Emphasize the fact that Gavin is responsible for 
Jamie's death.

003d-Tiffany Walters

When you first go to Tiffany's apartment complex, examine 
the buzzers on the left. It tells you that Tiffany is in 
Apartment 2, which is right through the door on the right.
If you want, you can look at the noticeboard here. It talks 
about using your dog's name as a computer password, which 
is a hint for one of the puzzles concerning Jamie Graham.

Send Joey through the door on the right to find out that 
Tiffany is a ghost. Talk to her and learn that she doesn't 
want to talk to Joey.

There are two things in Tiffany's room to examine right 
now. The first is a photo on the bookshelf, which is of 
Tiffany and Rachel. The second is a letter on Tiffay's 
table. The letter is from STP, and it sounds vaguely 

Leave Tiffany's room. Now, examine her mailbox, which is in 
the bottom/right of the mailbox area. Joey can look inside, 
but it's too dark to read anything.

Switch to Rosa. Her glow-in-the-dark business cards should 
take care of things here! Use one of her cards on Tiffany's 
mailbox, then have Joey look inside again. He sees a letter 
from R. Abu.

Switch to Rosa. Using her phone, connect the notes on 
Rachel with the notes on R. Abu. Rosa figures that R. Abu 
is actually Rachel Abu. Do an Internet search for Rachel 
Abu, and you learn that she is at the local cafe.

Leave now and go to the café. Rachel is working as a 
barista. Talk to her about everything, especially the 
things dealing with Tiffany. Rachel mentions that Tiffany 
was obsessed with a man named Ken, and she says the two of 
them worked at the same temp agency.

Using Rosa's phone, open up the cast notes. Connect STP 
with temp agency. Rosa learns that STP is really Sterling 
Temp Placement, and she writes down where that place is.
Leave the café and go to Sterling Temp Placement. The man 
here doesn't want to talk about Tiffany at all, not even 
when Rosa pretends to be a reporter for the City Post.

Return to Tiffany's place. Send Joey to talk to her about 
Sterling. She says that they terminated her contract, but 
she doesn't say much else besides that.

Return to Sterling Temp Agency. Show the City Post press 
pass to convince the man that Rosa is a reporter for a 
popular newspaper. Then, talk to the man about everything, 
especially Tiffany's terminated contract. Eventually, you 
get the option to blackmail him. Rosa pretends that she 
will write something nasty about Sterling Temp Agency, 
unless he tells her what happened to Tiffany.

The man says that Tiffany was sent as a temp to a man named 
Ken Sharpe. After the job was finished, she became obsessed 
with Ken and started stalking him. That's why STP 
terminated her contract and sent her the nasty letter.

Rosa leaves the temp agency. Go somewhere else, and use her 
phone to look up Ken Sharpe. He works at Sharpe Sounds, and 
Rosa takes note of the address.

Leave and go to Sharpe Sounds. It is through the doors on 
the left. Go through the doors, then talk to Ken about 
Tiffany and Sterling Temp Agency. Even when Rosa prompts 
him, Ken says he doesn't remember any Tiffany. When the 
conversation is over, Rosa leaves.

Send Joey into Sharpe Sounds. There is something inside 
Ken's desk, but it's too dark to see. A phone is there as 

Switch back to Rosa. Have her go to the doors on the right. 
There's a note on the door, saying that Ken has Becca's 
phone. Read the plaque to learn that Becca is Gal Friday, 
of Gal Friday Publishing. Use Rosa's phone and do an 
internet search for Gal Friday. This gives you her phone 
number. Then, call Gal Friday's phone.

Switch back to Joey. Now that the phone is ringing, there 
is enough light to read the letter in the drawer. It's a 
love letter from Tiffany. 

Switch back to Rosa and have her hang up the phone. Re-
enter Sharpe Sounds and confront Ken. Go through all the 
dialogue options here. Ken tells the whole story about him 
and Tiffany. He and Tiffany had an affair together, and 
when he tried to call it off, she became obsessed. She even 
called him her "Turtledove".

Return to Tiffany's apartment. Go through the door as Joey, 
then talk to her about Ken. Joey repeats some of the things 
that Ken said, but Tiffany refuses to believe it.

Have Joey mention "Turtledove", which convinces Tiffany 
that he has met Ken. She then goes flying off to see Ken.

Return to Sharpe Sounds. As Rosa, talk to Ken and have her 
confirm that things are over between him and Tiffany. Rosa 
does a good job of steering the conversation, so Ken is 
responding to Tiffany without even realizing it.

Tiffany leaves, depressed. Leave the studio, then talk to 
her. She is unhappy about how she ruined her life, chasing 
after Ken, all because Gavin said to do so. Ah, so Gavin 
was behind Tiffany's death, too!

Use Joey's tie on Tiffany. Rosa takes her to the afterlife, 
then Rosa returns to Joey. Our two heroes agree it's time 
to pay another visit to Lisa. Go to Lisa's and tell her 
that Tiffany is dead. Emphasize the fact that Gavin is 
responsible for Tiffany's death.

003e-Stopping Gavin

Once you finish the storylines about Jamie and Tiffany, 
return to Lisa and tell her the results of your 
investigations. When Lisa learns that Gavin killed Tiffany 
and Jamie, she becomes disturbed. She decides to leave 
town, but not before setting up a meeting between Rosa and 

When Rosa leaves Lisa's business, she meets Gavin. He knows 
that Rosa has been investigating him, and he knows that 
Rosa has a spirit guide (Joey). Gavin knocks her 
unconscious with tranquilizer.

When Rosa wakes up, she is tied up inside Lisa's house. It 
seems that Gavin is holding Rosa hostage for unknown 
purposes, and Lisa is Gavin's accomplice.

As Rosa, talk to the door. This starts a conversation with 
Lisa. No matter what Rosa says, Lisa won't help her.

Switch to Joey, then go downstairs. Gavin is on the phone, 
talking to an unknown person about Rosa. Click on Gavin, 
and Joey overhears the conversation. Gavin is speaking to 
his superiors about Rosa. He says that Rosa is the bestower 
they've been looking for, and that he knows exactly what to 
do with her.

Gavin also mentions that he will take care of Lisa.

Switch to Rosa, then talk to Lisa again. Tell her that 
Gavin plans on killing her. Lisa becomes upset, and Rosa 
convinces her to betray Gavin. Unfortunately for Rosa, Lisa 
doesn't betray Gavin by freeing Rosangela. She betrays 
Gavin by leaving through the fire escape.

I guess that means it's up to us to escape. Use Joey's tie 
on Rosa, then pull her to the right twice. Pull her 
backwards, towards the cabinet. (You can't do this until 
Lisa leaves.) Then, use Joey's breath on the glass on the 
cabinet. It falls down and crashes into pieces.

Switch to Rosa and have her pick up a piece of the glass. 
Use the glass on Rosa, and she cuts the ropes. Freedom! Go 
through the door to find...

...Gavin with his gun. Talk to Gavin if you want to.

Once the conversation with Gavin is over, switch to Joey. 
Have him go downstairs, then left into Lisa's main room. 
Lisa is now a ghost. Talk to her about everything. She 
refuses to talk about Gavin, as well as her grandfather, 
Danny Marconi.

Go right. Use Joey's breath on the photograph of Danny 
Marconi twice. The photo goes to the next room, the one 
with Lisa in it. Go back to the room with Lisa and talk to 
her about the photograph.

Lisa reveals that her grandfather Danny always had regrets, 
because Joey Malone died to save his life. Joey forces Lisa 
to confront the fact that she's dead, and she leaves the 
room, upset.

Go to the next room. Joey meets up with Rosangela, who has 
been brainwashed by Gavin. Rosangela takes Joey to the 
afterlife, then leaves before he floats through the portal 
going back to this world or the portal going to the next 

In other words, Rosa abandons Joey, leaving him stuck 
between the two planes of existence.

There's a brief scene with Rosa and Gavin, and the game 
switches back to Joey. Amazingly, there is someone else 
here. Float right and Joey meets this person, Madeline. The 
two of them know each other, and Madeline is somewhat 
morose about the fact that she's been stuck here for years.

Talk to Madeline about everything. Madeline goes into 
detail about the link between Joey and Rosa, which is 
slowly dissolving. Once the conversation is over, use 
Joey's tie on Madeline. After all, the tie is his link to 
Rosangela. Madeline is shocked to learn about this, and 
before the tie disappears, she uses it to send herself and 
Joey back to Earth.

Madeline immediately leaves, but Joey doesn't have time to 
worry about her right now. It looks like Gavin is trying to 
kill Rosa by draining her energy, or something like that. 
Joey talks to Lisa about it briefly, but eventually, Lisa 
leaves, too.

Gavin is surprised that Joey made it back to Earth, but he 
doesn't seem too worried, because Rosa is under his 

Click on Rosa to start the final puzzle of the game. This 
is a dialogue puzzle. What you want to do is insult Rosa at 
every turn. This makes her upset, and she fights back, a 
little at a time.

When talking about Jeremy, say "good riddance". When 
talking about Jamie, say "you're nobody". When talking 
about Penelope, say "not a damn thing". When talking about 
Tiffany, say "you are no better".

Once Joey insults Rosa and disagrees with her four times, 
Rosa manages to break free of Gavin's grip. Gavin dies and 
becomes a ghost, but he is not overly concerned, because he 
knows that he will return to his body soon.

Lisa then returns and attacks Gavin. While the two of them 
struggle, use Joey's tie on them. Gavin, Lisa and Rosa get 
taken to the next world. Gavin is destroyed by some unknown 
force, and Lisa goes on to the next world.

Rosa returns to Joey. The two of them are somewhat 
introspective, and they talk about where they're going with 
their lives. The business of finding different ghosts and 
helping them doesn't satisfy our heroes anymore. No, they 
want to do something else: stop the organization that Gavin 
was working for. Maybe then they'll find fulfillment.


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