Call of Duty: Black Ops - First Strike: Ascension Guide

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        |          Call of Duty: Black Ops      |
        |              Zombie Guide             |
        |               Ascension               |
        |            Written By wilmer007       |


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| 1. Introduction [INTRO1]                          |
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| 2. Copyright & Use [COPY2]                        |
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| 3. Version History [VH3]                          |
|                                                   |
| 4. Tips [TIPS4]                                   |
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| 5. Team Oriented Tips [TEAM5]                     |
| 6. Strategy [STRAT6]                              |
|                                                   |
| 7. Classes [CLASS7)                               |
|    - Assassin Class [ASSIN7.1]                    |
|    - Support Classes [SUPRT7.2]                   |
|    - Tank Class [TANK7.3]                         |
|    - Medic Class [MEDIC7.4]                       |
|    - Cleaner Class [CLNR7.5]                      |
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| 8. Round 30 and Beyond [RND30]                    |
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| 9. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ9]              |
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| 10. Credit [THANKS]                               |
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| 10. Contact And Suggestions [EMAIL007]            |
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   |          1: Introduction [INTRO1]              |
   |                                                |

Hello and welcome to my guide on Ascension Map for Zombie Mode. In this guide i
will not be providing general tips on how to play any map in zombie mode or a 
map layout. Perhaps in future version i will add map layouts and basic zombie 
mode tips for any zombie map for zombie mode beginners. This guide is simply 
a guide dedicated to getting into the late rounds in Ascension without having 
to do much work. The guide will assume you are at least familiar with how to 
play zombie mode and the player has at least a general understanding on how 
zombie mode works and is an average player in zombie mode. It is also for new
or weak players who may or may not know much about playing zombies with other 
players. As well as some of the more experienced players who may be looking 
for new tips to get to a higher round on for the leaderboards. The guide will 
assume you are playing with 4 Players and sometimes even 3 players. I may add 
a Solo Section in future versions of this guide, so keep checking for any 
updated versions. Bare in mind that some if not most of the tips may also work 
on Solo but i can't make any guarantees that it will work for you in Solo. If 
you need a guide on how to play zombie mode i kindly ask you to look at some 
of the other zombie guides on gamefaqs or Call of Duty Wikia for further help. 

Now that we have that out of the way let's continue.

   |          2: Copyright & Use [COPY2]            |
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You may only use this guide for personal use. You may not put it anywhere up
in public without my permission.

The only sites that may display this guide are:

Nowhere else. If it is somewhere else, than please notify me so i can have it
taken down.

   |          3. Version History [VH3]              |
   |                                                |

A complete version history that lists all revisions of this guide from newest
too old.

Version 1.0

First Try. Pretty simple.

   |          4. Multiplayer Tips [TIPS4]           |
   |                                                |

1) Stay in starting room until round 4-5 with nothing but your starting pistol

Everyone picks a barrier and stays at it until round 4 or 5. DO NOT STEAL
KILLS FROM SOME ONES BARRIER!!!!!!!!!! If you think they need help when they
get inside the main room then yes give them a hand. But don't be tossing a
grenade from the other side of the map into his barrier unless he asks for
help. Save your pistol ammo for rounds 2-4 and knife only in round one. Let
them come in so you all have a better chance of getting bonuses.

2) When they overrun you in round 4-5 open the top door

Now everyone heads straight to the power switch. The two players with the
most money buy the two doors. The one with the lowest points buys the most
expensive and the one with the highest points buys the least expensive.
You're going to open the fence next to the MP5k and the door at the top next
to the switch that leads from the previous door you just opened.

3) Hit the mystery box until you get at least one decent weapon

Do not overuse the box so that the teddy bear doesn't move it and it makes it
easily accessible to everyone. So if you got a decent weapon for the starting
rounds (a SMG, Shotgun, AR, LMG or anything better) hold on to it and don't
use the box until it's out of ammo so the box doesn't get moved. Everyone
makes a line and you hit the box. One try and then go to the back of the
line. Simple as that.

4) You're going to camp up in the power switch room up until round 9-10, then
move to the MPL room for rounds 10-29

Do not buy any perks or doors (unless the box moves). at the end of round 9-
10 you will all move to the MPL room (it's the room that you go to if you
open the bottom door from the starting room) because at this point you cannot
hold up in the power switch room very well. For the power switch room 2
players will camp at the top of the stairs (whoever has an AR and/or a LMG)
and defend it. One player defends the window (someone with crappy weapons
like a shotgun, FAL, or pistol) and the final player defends the ceiling 
(this player has any combination of weapons mentioned). For the MPL room the 
player with the worse weapons (or is the weakest player) will defend the only
entrance into the MPL room. The other 3 will defend the only stair that leads
to the MPL room. One person (preferably someone with at worst an AR) will be
on standby to help the guy watching the barrier when he calls for help).

ONLY BUY JUGGERNOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This way you do not trigger monkeys until ammo and perks become a problem.
You can hold off on perks until those rounds when ammo and juggernog is
needed. Don't be a jerk and go off buying a different perk or Juggernog and
not letting anyone know. Because we're all here thinking we only have to
worry about defending one perk for the first monkey round. Now everyone gets
a free perk for defending the Juggernog so everyone saves some much needed
points. After round 20 you can go buy the other perks (because you will need

6) Do not blow ammo away if someone has the death machine

It makes no sense. It's like mini max ammo. Use the ammo after the death
machine ends. Let the person with the lowest points in the early round get
the death machine. In the latter rounds you should only let the medic
or the cleaner classes (detail on these classes later below) pick up the
death machine. Or the person who really needs to catch up on points. The
person who has the most ammo and/or ray/thunder gun should not be getting the 
death machine unless he is really behind everyone else in points.

7) Do not worry about fire sale and/or mystery box too much

In the early rounds, middle rounds and especially during a round don't bother
with this. Just keep doing whatever it is that you were doing. If you ran out
of ammo then yes go for it as long as it's safe (you also don't want to lose
your perks and maybe weapons too if you can't be revived). But don't leave
your post just to hit the box because you want a better weapon and you still
have ammo on your weapons to hold them off. The guy watching the window will
not be very happy to know that he died because you left your post just to hit
the box when you really didn't need to. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if he
did the same to you. If you do hit the box then open it and go back to your
post while the box is spinning for your weapon. Then go back to it if you
prefer that weapon. In the really late rounds (past round 30) the mystery box
is almost essential as you will quickly burn through all your LMG ammo really
fast. Ray Gun will get a decrease in damage and so it will waste ammo faster
than before. Thunder Gun will have to be conserved even more because more
than likely you may use up anywhere from 25%-100% of your ammo in just one
round, so it should be conserved as much as possible. And also make it count
try to use it when there's a bunch together (like more than 7 or so zombies
together in one area). Also camp in a corner will help ensure you get as many
zombies together as possible for one use of the Thunder Gun. Traps passed
round 29 will also be use very frequently.

8) You do not need Speed Cola until round 18.

That is when my slow reload really became a problem for me and it started
hurting the team. Luckily we made it to round 19 in that game before we lost.
So speed cola is very important at round 18. Just hold off on buying it
(unless it was a free perk from the monkeys) until round 18.

9) Everyone buys claymores as early as possible if the door to it is open.

Don't open the door just to get claymores. Rounds 6-8 are the ideal time to 
buy claymores. If everyone cannot buy Claymores then at least one person 
should just to be safe. The earlier round you buy them the more claymores you 
will all have for use after round 20 when they really come in handy. Plant 
them in the MPL room in a corner facing the wall where it won't be triggered 
by the zombies. Everyone picks a corner 
(preferably right next to where you will be camping). If u need to plant them 
to make way for max ammo, monkey round, or next round plant them somewhere in
the map and remember where you place them so you can come get them back later. 
Extra claymores start piling up and soon you will have lots of them.

10) If you get overrun in the MPL room (you shouldn't until round 29) then
everyone goes to the PhD Landing Pad unless the mystery box is
at one of the other two landing pads.

Simple enough. You got a huge area to work with. An infinite supply of
grenades. A couple of traps nearby. A few more traps not too far away and
easy access to a circuit around the middle of the map. Not to mention the
best of all, an escape lander if things get really hairy. If the box is
somewhere else you may want to try to get it to spawn at the PhD Landing Pad. 
The Claymore Landing Pad is not bad if you have all some kind of
ammo. The Sickle Landing Pad is only good if all of you have Full or Max Ammo
in all your weapons. There are no traps and there is only 1 way in and one
way out (plus the Lander) in the Sickle Landing Pad so you should only go
there when you have all the full firepower of your team.

11) Get to know the map layout really well (especially if it's your first
time playing on the map).

In between rounds when there's a crawler, take advantage and go to all the
areas of the map. Don't open doors that are still closed. Study the traps,
weapons on the wall, mystery box spawn locations, etc.. the last thing 
you want is to need a trap to bail you out and you go to the sickle landing 
pad thinking a trap is there and there isn't one. That is what happen to the 
last survivor on our team and that is why we lost at round 29. He was 
surrounded by at least a dozen or so zombies and the landing pad was not there 
(nor could make it in time) to bail him out.

12) Communicate with your teammates

I swear if everyone communicates the game will run more smoothly. Obviously
everyone will need a mic. If you don't have a mic you will have to follow
orders during the round. In between rounds you can send one person who has a
mic your message so he can relay it back to the other 2 players. If you have
to use the bathroom, get a snack/drink, repair barriers for points, hit the
box, call in the lander, PaP your weapon, buy perk(s), need help, need to
coordinate, or anything else please speak up. Staying quiet is the worst
thing you can do to your teammates. So don't be afraid to speak up.

Very important right here so make sure you read this:

First off everyone must have the black hole device (a.k.a the gersh device).
This is a must after round 25 and beyond. If you have the doll bombs trade it
for the black hole if you have the chance. Have one guy be the designated
black hole operator. That way you don't have two guys throwing it at the same
time and wasting them. Ideally you want to throw the Black Hole when someone
needs to be revived. When he uses all of them up let the team know so that
someone else calls shotgun and uses them next and so on. This tactic and the
communication on using black hole is vital after round 25 when ammo and
revives become a problem. Toss the black hole on the stair or at the top or
bottom of it would be better, depending on which room (Power Switch or MPL
Room) you are camping at the time. Use black hole to buy time to be able to
revive player. At round 29 wait as long as you can before you open the door
and switch to using traps instead. You also want to be careful as to not use
the black hole very late in the round and not get a crawler to stock up on
ammo. It would suck to get to round 29-30 with not enough ammo because the
black hole took the last guy and the next round automatically starts.

Do not open the door from the MPL room that leads to the starting room. You
only open this door when everyone is overrun. If you do this right you will
camp in the MPL room until round 29 (that's the round that we had to open the
door and stopped camping altogether).

   |          5. Team Tips and Rules [TEAM5]        |
   |                                                |

Want to get passed round 20 and possibly into 30s and beyond, then follow 
these tips and rules and the team will go a long way. If you break any rules 
or a plan, be certain the team may likely lose the game and the team is 
headed for disaster.

1) Communication is key:

I cannot stress this enough. Guys if a plan is set, stick to the plan. You 
break the plan the team is not going to work as well as a team that is 
working properly. If you need help or see someone is about to get hit from 
behind kindly let them know so he gets prepared. Once you break a plan you
better believe the players sticking to the plan will not be happy and may not
want to play with you again unless he has no other choice.

2) Weaker players get the easier job(s)

Assign him the role of babysitting a window or crawler so he gets the hang of
the game. make sure you inform him to call for help if he needs it. assign one
guy to be the one to support him. the other 2 will work together so don't 
worry about them.

3) Split the 4 players into 2 teams

One team of 2-3 work together and the other team with 1-2 players work 
together. form a plan so that if both teams come together to help each other 
a backup plan is ready. stick to the backup plan.

4) The player with the lowest points kills the last remaining crawlers

If you have 6k points and one player has 1k points why on earth would you not 
help the team as a whole. perhaps at one point in the game you and him trade 
points and then he does the same thing to you when you need the points.

5) The player(s) with the most points open doors and use the lander

Simple enough it's a balanced rule and it's also a plan. if no one wants to 
lose their points then who is going to use the lander. If you dont do this, 
now you give the zombies a chance to take down all 4 of you on the actual 
lander while no one activated the lander.

6) If a player has both LMGs he does not get death machine

If you have both LMGs and have the top 2 highest points, why in the world 
would you take the death machine. you forget it has unlimited ammo. 
if you have both LMGs you are not only going to always have unlimited ammo 
anyway (thereby always having a mini death machine), but you will have over 
1500 bullets and can generate over 15k points with both LMG. you have no 
business using the death machine unless the player runs out of ammo or until 
the team is at Round 30 when LMGs won't work very well.

7) The player with the lowest points, or no ammo get to use the death machine

If everyone has a LMG and someone is holding Thunder Gun and Ray Gun 
together, he will always have the lowest points. let him take the death 
machine. it is not only going to save his almost always low ammo count but 
he gets to have some fun and rack up a ton of points to catch up to everyone 
else. Since he doesn't see very much action as he ensures the team stays alive 
by clearing areas when needed, this player is the perfect candidate for the 
death machine.

8) When someone has the death machine hold your fire and save your ammo

Death machine has unlimited ammo so theres no use in trying to outwit a death 
machine. he's not only shooting faster than everyone else combined but he 
never has to reload. that ammo is going to come in handy in the later rounds. 
now if you see someone coming for you and the death machine is not going to 
cover you then you go ahead and fire your weapon. take the time to
reload all your weapons and get ready for when the death machine ends.

9) Don't buy any perks until round 12-13 and only buy juggernog

You only buy juggernog for the first monkey round. I cannot stress this 
enough. There is no point in trying to brag about having 2-3 perks when 
another player only has one perk for the first 13-15 rounds and hasn't been 
downed yet. Now he has to listen to the player cry about losing his perks. if 
you would have listened and stick to the plan everyone would have gotten a 
free perk and everyone will have saved points. So after the first monkey round
everyone can go buy all the perks they need.

10) Try to balance out everyone's points

If someone has 15k points and the rest of the team only has 6k points. hold 
off on racking up so many points and help them. keep them alive so that they 
can catch up in points. You have no idea how valuable everyone having an equal
share of points after round 30 is. If theres a player taking up all the 
points the team expects that player to be the one doing the revives or
providing room sweeps because we cant afford to buy anything because of lack 
of points. So give your teammates a chance to catch up on points. Don't be a 
jerk to the team or don't expect to play with those players again,

11) Assign classes to everyone on the team

A Medic, a Tank, a Cleaner, and an Assassin is all you need. Medic does the 
revives while The Cleaner cleans the room so medic can do revives. Tank and
Assassin do most of the shooting or knifing/headshots while the other 2 do 
their roles. This ensures the team will get to round 30. After round 30 
assigning classes may lose their purpose (i have yet to get to
round 30 so I'm not sure about that).

12) Don't overuse the box unless it needs to move closer to the camping spot

If you got decent weapons for the round that the team is on, save the points. 
If you get downed later and lose all your perks and weapons you will need all 
those points to get back on your feet. Theres no point in hitting the box to 
trade in an AUG/Commando with full ammo for a LMG or Thunder gun. You got what 
you got learn to use it until it's low or out of ammo. Then you trade it in. 
Too many uses of the box will cause the teddy bear to spawn and move the box. 
Not to mention if someone remembers the box being in the starting room, if he
isn't aware that the box moved he will assume it's still there. that could 
spell trouble for him and the team as a whole (especially after round 30).

13) Don't worry about the fire sale unless you need ammo

This is how teams start going downhill. If you still have lots of ammo then 
don't worry about the Fire Sale. If your already standing next to the box 
spawn then open it but watch the area. don't overlook the main objective
because you may not live long enough to take advantage of your newly aquired 
weapon from the fire sale. Also remember if you go down you lose your perks.
So do you really want to go down and risk losing everything when you still have
good weapons and ammo? I hope not

14) Use 3 main camping spots to your advantage

Power Switch Room --> MPL Room --> Sickle Landing Pad

Best 3 camping spots in the game and in that order. When it's time to go open 
the door or use the lander and get out. Rounds 5-10 camp in Power Switch Room. 
Rounds 10-30 camp in MPL Room. After Round 30 camp in Sickle Pad until its 
time to use the lander. Do not go back to the sickle room until the start of 
the next round to camp there again. Go to any of the other two landing pads. 
You'll be better off at either two then the Sickle Pad.

15) Use the 3 Landing Pads to your advantage when things get really bad

Sickle Pad (first priority) --> PhD Pad <=> Claymore Pad (tied for both)

Use lander and get out. then go to one of the other 2 pads and repeat. 
whatever you do, do not go to sickle pad. you only camp there at the start of 
a round. You will die if you go to the sickle pad. There are no traps or ways 
to get out. Theres only one way in and one way out (except with the lander). 
And the only entrance will get very packed with zombies so you can't get out. 
You've been warned.

16) Don't open any doors that you don't need to open

The more doors you open the more chances you have of getting hit from behind 
or flanked. Having a closed door behind you is a great camping method and the 
door should only be opened when they are boxing you in between them and the 
closed door behind you at the very last second. Also by having closed doors 
you restrict the monkeys during the monkey rounds so it makes it easier to 
control what perks they can try to take. So try to hold off on opening that 
door for as long as possible.

17) When you are ready for next round just wait at camping spot for everyone

This is an excellent way of knowing who is ready and who isn't. If you are 
camping in the MPL Room just ask anyone who is ready for the next round to 
just wait at the camping room before you finish off the final zombie. The last
thing you need is for the next round to start and there are players who have 
no ammo or did not get to buy a perk he needed. When all 4 of you are next to
each other in the camping area and everyone says there ready then someone 
finishes off the final zombie to start the next round.

   |          6. Strategy [STRAT6]                  |
   |                                                |

If you didn't read the tips above here's a quick recap of the strategy.
Basically the whole team is going to camp in just two spots until round 29-30.
Rounds 5-10 you camp in the power switch room. One guy covers the window next
to the power switch; one guy covers the ceiling in between the window and
mystery box. The other 2 guys will camp at the top of the stairs that leads
to the Power switch room from the floors above Juggernog. Rounds 11-29 you
will all camp at the MPL Room (that is the room you enter if you open the
bottom door of the starting room). However, do not open the door that leads
from the starting room to the MPL room. You only open this door at round 29
when things go really bad in the MPL room and camping just no longer works.
To get to the MPL room, from the power switch room go downstairs, in front of
you is a locked door that leads to juggernog. Buy the door and then take all
the stairs down to the final floor at the very bottom. This is the MPL Room.

So in the MPL room one guy (preferably the weaker player) will just watch the
only window in the room (this is why this room is really good for camping).
The other 3 players will defend the only stair that leads to the MPL room.
Don't try and go up another floor because you think it's safe to go up there.
Not only are you risking yourself and the team but your teammates will not
like that you are taking their kills and points. Everyone stands next to each
other so all 3 of you get an equal share of the action and equal opportunity
of points so everyone is happy.

   |          7. Classes [CLASS7]                   |
   |                                                |

Basically in this section i will post an ideal class setup for each player
that works until round 29. During rounds 15-25 everyone should have
plenty of points to get there class setup finished. The weaker player 
(in terms of knowledge of zombies or the map layout and his current weapons) 
should receive the easiest jobs and should follow his duty as planned. The 
other 2-3 players will camp the stairs at these two camping spots 
(Power switch and MPL Room). You guys should be fine in this room until round 
25 at which point you will all start to have trouble but can still hold off in 
the MPL room until round 29.

Also don't be afraid to hold off until around Round 20 to PaP your weapons. I
did not have to PaP any weapons until the 20s.

Ok here we go, onto the classes.

Weaker Player Class (The Assassin Class) [ASSIN7.1):

This class belongs to the player who either has no knowledge of zombies or
Does know how to play zombies but does not know the map layout yet so he's
Learning and so he will rely on everyone else to cover him while he covers
The rest of the team in the easiest ways possible. At any point in time
during the game the player who was downed or has no weapons/ammo or no
Points will become this class temporary. The class is responsible for
Watching just one barrier only (sometimes two entrances that are very close to
each other). 

When this player has no ammo or has crappy weapons 
(like shotguns or FAL) his job is to do the easiest jobs to stay alive while 
insuring the other players do not have to worry about a zombie flanking them 
from behind or the side, while they take care of the big waves that are coming. 

He is called the Assassin simply because his job is to use an SMG to get 
headshots most of the time or Ballistic Knife + Sickle. SMGs have very little 
recoil and since the player will be burst controlling 
(single shot control burst is better). This way his ammo lasts longer and he 
won't have to worry about ammo too much or need to buy more ammo off the wall 

Ballistic Knife and Sickle together give you 1 knife hit kills up until 
round 15. After Round 15 you need 2 knife hits to kill. After round 20 you
need 3-4 knife hits. Just guard the window and knife everything that comes to 
you from the window. If you can rebuild the barrier all the time and keep one
zombie there he will be your final crawler. While everyone else opens fire on 
anything else that comes towards the team.

Early Rounds (Round 5-10):

Here in the early rounds his job is very simple. Just watch the window next
to the power switch. If you are playing 2-3 players and not 4 then your job
is to also watch the ceiling to the right of this window (the little corner
in between the window and the mystery box). Let one or two come in so you get
chances for bonuses.

The following crappy weapons are good for now in terms of priority from better
to weakest:

Sickle, Ballistic Knife, SMG, Shotgun, Pistol, and Sniper Rifle, Crossbow, and 

Obviously a SMG/AR/LMG is the ideal weapon but the above crappy ones are good 
for now.

Tactical Grenades: None

None required but either one is a nice bonus for the team. Doll Bombs are good
for making a bunch of crawlers until round 15. Black hole being better than 
Doll Bombs after round 15 because it sucks in and instanly kills any zombies 
it sucks in.

Perks: None

You do not need any perks in rounds 5-13. If someone did not follow the plan and
turned on the power and bought juggernog during rounds 5-13 then yes buy 
juggernog too.

Mid Rounds (Rounds 10-20):

Here in the mid rounds is where the Assassin Class is born if you do not have 
a weak player on your team. Here this class has perhaps one crappy weapon from
the ones in the early rounds above and a decent or good weapon such as Assault 
Rifles and LMG.  He can still provide easy duties by guarding just one window 
in the MPL room. When a crappy or decent weapon runs out of ammo here the 
weaker player will be buying the MPL and MPL Ammo right next to him when he 
runs out of MPL Ammo. You can also knife only as previously mentioned. 

Do not PaP the MPL just because you have infinite supply of ammo nearby. It's 
not worth it unless you are going for headshots. Especially after round 15 
when the HP increase to the zombies will cause you to waste ammo faster. 4500 
points is a lot for a crappy weapon to have ammo within easy reach. Doll bombs
or black hole (the latter being better) is great for rounds 10-20 but the weak
class does not need it. It's nice if he has it though. Once the weaker player 
gets more points or learns the map better he will then convert from a weak 
class to a support class for round 20 and beyond (which is detailed below). If
not he can just be a permanent assassin.



You have infinite supply of ammo nearby. after round 20 MPL is useless unless
you're getting headshots so you either have to get headshots with 1-3 burst
fire or simply trade it in for an AR/LMG mentioned below.

FAMAS and/or RPK

Either of these are good for head Assassins because of the high fire rate and
the extra damage you do over a SMG.

AUG (PaP'd)

You get a master key (that's a shotgun attachment) and a good AR combined into
one weapon with high rate of fire to go along with it. The master key is a One
Shot Kill until round 15 so take advantage and PaP the AUG in the early rounds
if you get it. so if you have this and a SMG/MPL/FAMAS/RPK you are pretty much
set until round 30.


Good choices for Assassins if you don't have the FAMAS or AUG. They're better
than a SMG but have slightly slower rate of fire than the FAMAS/AUG/RPK and 
lower magazine capacity than either LMG. The next valuable options for 
Assassins are these.


Keep in mind the M16/G11 are 3 Round Burst Weapons. If you PaP either one
of these two they will become fully automatic. So in the later round having a
3 Round Burst AR is not good because you will have too many zombies coming to
the barrier so PAP either of these in the late rounds is recommended. The M16
becomes an AR and China Lake combined into one weapon, it gets a damage
increase as well. So the grenade launcher is good for clearing the room. While
the G11 becomes a mix of an RPK with any AR. It gets the highest magazine
capacity of any AR (48 bullets per magazine) and 288 ammo in reserves, a 
damage increase, and no sway.

Ballistic Knife (PaP'd) and Sickle

Since you are just watching one window for most of the game this combo is not
a bad idea. Having both together is highly recommended. You will simply be
doing One Hit Knife Kills until round 15. After round 15 it becomes two/ three 
knife hits to kill. If you do damage with another weapon first, then it 
becomes a one hit knife kill again. You will also have the ability to 
instantly revive a fallen teammate. They can provide cover for you while you 
do the revive(s). And don't forget the most important thing: You are not 
wasting any ammo at all. So you rack up a ton of points without worrying about
ammo. Keep MPL or a AR/LMG as your second weapon and your good to go until the
late rounds.

Tactical Grenades: Optional

None required but either one is a nice bonus for the team. Black Hole is the
better of the two.


Required: Juggernog, Speed Cola

You don't need any perks until after round 13. After round 13 only buy 
juggernog. Ideally this class should focus on Juggernog and Speed Cola as just 
those 2should be enough to make it to round 20 easily and should be enough to 
make it to round 30. 

Optional: Stamin Up, PhD, Quick Revive

You don't need Stamin Up until round 29 and beyond. At round 29 Stamin Up is
highly recommended as a 3rd perk for this class because you need to run fast 
around the map and using traps so you must get to your destinations as fast as

PhD is recommended only if you will be planning to dolphin dive off high 
places for explosion damage. Combined with Stamin Up and you can basically 
nuke and run away fast

For Quick Revive, the other 4 perks are more useful for an Assassin than Quick
Revive is. However do keep in mind that the ability to run really fast with 
Stamin Up combined with Ray Gun will make you a secondary medic when revives 
are needed when the team is not camping and is running around the map.

Not Required: None

Support Classes (2-4 Players)[SUPRT7.2]:

This is your main firepower. The backbone of the team, which is needed to make
it to the late rounds. Their job is simple. GUARD THE STAIRS AND PROVIDE

Here i will provide 3 separate classes which assumes you are playing with 4
players and 3 of them are watching the stair that leads to either the power
switch or MPL room (depending on which one you are camping). If you are not
playing with 4 players then skip or combine these classes for one of the

Support Class 1 (The Tank) [TANK7.3]:

Your job is to provide the most support to your team. You are like a Light
Armored Tank. You make crawlers, get bonuses when needed and help another
player who is getting cornered by a group of zombies and could die. This
class should not pick up Death Machine because he's going to be doing most of
the work for the team on the stair. If he's low on ammo then he can pick up
Death Machine. One of your best 2 players should be assigned to this class.


RPK or HK21 (the latter being much better):

doesn't matter if its PaP'd or not but make sure you PaP this weapon when
it's out of ammo, and at round 25 it should already be PaP'd because you will
need the extra ammo. RPK fires faster so that could help this class. While the
HK21 fires slower but has a lot more ammo. If you PaP'd a LMG and have no ammo
hit the box and trade it in for the other LMG so you can keep going.

Ray Gun:

You shouldn't have to PaP this until round 20 and beyond. Try to hold off
from PaP this until it runs out of ammo. After round 25 it has to be PaP'd.
Try to conserve as much ammo as you can. Remember to aim at their feet. If
you have PhD you can aim near you (or at your feet) since you will not take
any slash damage.

Tactical Grenade: Either One

Having either one of these is better than nothing. Black Hole is the best one
of the two. You don't really need this but if you do get it it's a bonus to the


Required: Juggernog, Speed Cola

Speed Cola so you can reload faster. Your the tank so you must continue firing
as quickly as you can

Optional: Stamin Up, PhD. 

Stamin Up for after round 30. PhD for under round 30 and maybe after round 30

Not Required: Quick Revive

There's a medic on the team so you don't need this.

Support Class 2 (The Medic) [MEDIC7.4]:

Your job is exactly like Support Class 1 (The Tank Class) but slightly
different depending on what round you are in and situations like low ammo
count, low on points,  bad weapons, etc... this should be assigned to the
player not as good as the best 2 players but better than the weaker class.
You can also assign this to the player with the most points when you get to
round 29 so he activates traps. This class might have to provide support to
the weaker class or the guy defending the entrance(s) when help is needed.

This class should not pick up the Death Machine either but has higher
priority than Support Class 1 when it comes to the death machine. This is the
middle man really as he does a little bit of everything such as being the
weaker class at one point in the game, reviving the other players, using
traps, etc... so he's very important. He is the Medic because he is basically 
in charge of reviving teammates and activating traps most of the time 
(since he will more than likely have the most points so he will buy and can 
afford most of the traps). 

Ideally it would help if this class also has Quick Revive for faster revives. 
However it is not required. After round 29 you may want to consider trading in 
quick revive for Stamin Up. In round 29 traps are a must and weapons will 
become almost useless so the extra run speed and sprint duration will come in 
handy. Quick revive is useless at round 29 because you won't have space or 
time to revive anyone. 

Here is the ideal class setup which this player will become as
he is pretty much a clone of Support Class 1 for most of the time as he's
getting his class together.


Both RPK and HK21 are your two main weapons. You're the real tank of the team.
You're the man who has the most ammo because you are using both LMGs
together. You are carrying a combined 1525 bullets (when both LMGs are
PaP'd). That is a ton of ammo and a ton of points (That's over 15k points if
all the bullets hit the zombies). That is why you activate traps because you
will more than likely have the most points with all that ammo at your
disposal. After round 25 you will quickly see how fast you burn your ammo and
will want a Max Ammo Drop. After Round 30 you may want to trade in at least 
one LMG for Ray Gun. Ray Gun will clear areas easier than the weakened LMG and 
you also run faster than a LMG with the Ray Gun. PaP'd Ballistic Knife after 
Rounds 25-30 you should be considered.

Optional Secondary Weapons:

Either Launcher (China Lake or LAW), Crossbow, Ray Gun, Ballistic Knife PaP'd

These weapons are primarily for when you are waiting for either LMG or Ray
Gun so you can complete ir upgrade your class. These are mostly for clearing 
groups of zombies together. The Ballistic Knife PaP'd is your class style. 
Since you are the medic it would be more fitting to be able to revive 
teammates instantly. I would not use it though. If the team is doing well you 
will have plenty of time to do a normal or quick revive. If you are going to 
use the Ballistic Knife then also get the Sickle for combined power increase. 
You will then knife all the zombies that come in to the only window in the 
MPL Room. You conserve ammo and will 1 or 2 hit knife the zombies until the 
late rounds. After round 30 Ray Gun is highly recommended and PaP'd Ballastic
Knife is also optional for the instant revives since teammates will 
probably start needing revives after Round 30.

Tactical Grenade: Black Hole

You are the Medic and Black Hole is your ticket to reviving teammates safely


Required: Juggernog, Speed Cola

Optional: PhD (when using Ray Gun until round 28-29 or if you are using a
launcher or crossbow, if not trade this for Stamin Up), Quick Revive is still
useable until round 28 then tradeoff for Stamin Up. PhD can take the place 
of quick revive after round 30 if you are using Ballastic Knnife PaP'd. Stamin 
Up is pretty much required after round 29 when running around the map and 
activating traps is highly recommended.

Not Required: Quick Revive

If you decide to use Ballastic PaP'd then quick revive is no use to you.

Support Class 3 (The Cleaner) [CLNR7.5]:

Your job is to provide guaranteed protection to everyone else. Ideally you
want to assign this class to one of your two best players. Because his
experience and knowledge can judge if cleaning out the room that very second
is really needed while conserving as much ammo as possible.  You will provide
cover for the other players who will be reviving fallen teammates. You MUST
make sure that you do not fall and ensure that you can be the last player
left standing if need be. You will not be doing any revives unless a black
hole is active or you are certain the area is clear to do revive(s), or the
team is still in the early rounds and you do not yet have the Thunder Gun.
After round 25 this class has to sit in a corner where he can see the entire
room from that spot so he sees everything that's happening and can figure out
the best spot to aim to clear the room. This player should also have one of
the two most points out of the team and so he does not need to fire very much
in the late rounds as he did most of his work in the middle and the easier
late rounds (rounds 20-25). Since he will not be firing much in the really
late rounds, he has more time to coordinate the team while the rest of the
team is handling all the zombies. Ideally this is the guy you want using the
death machine since he will more than likely have the fewest ammo on the team
and he doesn't see very much action. Not to mention he is the room cleaner
after all so it suit's his class style just fine. This class should also be the
main claymore guy as he has more time to stock and plant claymores to help
clear the room (even though after round 25 the claymores are almost useless
but they help none the less). 

Here is his class setup:


RPK or HK21 (the latter being much better):

Doesn't matter if its PaP'd or not but make sure you PaP this weapon when
it's out of ammo and at round 25 it should already be PaP'd because you will
need the extra ammo.

Thunder Gun:

You'll want to hold off on PaP'd this this weapon until around 25 when you
pretty much run out of ammo on it because you used it a lot in the previous
round or two. You can hold off on PaP that long as long as you conserve your
ammo for it wisely. You will be using this weapon for clearing out a room or
if someone is close to going down and needs a revive. You will also provide
cover with this weapon to the medic as he revives player(s).

Optional Secondary Weapons:

You can try either Launcher or the Crossbow instead of either LMG. That way
you can honestly say you are in fact the room cleaner. I myself have not used
any of these 3 weapons in this class. It should work in the early and mid-
rounds, but in the late rounds (after round 20) i highly doubt they will work
well except for PaP'd Crossbow. You are welcome to try them out in the late 
rounds and let me know howt hat works out for you though.

Tactical Grenade: Black Hole

Again your the room cleaner so black hole is required for this class.


Required: Juggernog, Speed Cola

Optional: PhD (when using launcher, or crossbow. doesn't matter if it's PaP
or not. But After round 30 the crossbow must be PaP'd. If not using those 
weapons then trade this for Stamin Up. Stamin Up is pretty much required 
after round 29 when running around the map and activating traps is needed.

Not Required: Quick Revive 

Since you won't be doing most or hardly any revives it's just not worth having 
for this class. And when you do need to do a revive you cleared the room 
anyway so it's still safe to do normal revives with it.

   |          8. Round 30 and Beyond [RND30]        |
   |                                                |

I have not made it passed round 29 yet and during round 29 all the players on
the team ran out of ammo (I think we did not get to make a crawler in the end
of round 28) and there simply wasn't enough time to get to the mystery box.
Even if we did, we did not have time and/or space to open it then run around
while it scrolls the weapons and then come back and get the weapon.  A wall
weapon would have helped out at that point but we didn't think about it until
it was too late. The last survivor went to the sickle landing pad thinking a
trap was there, but did not have time or space to call in the lander and wait
before getting on it to escape and we lost. If you know any tips for these
rounds please email me at with the tip and i will gladly
put it here and give you credit.

   |          9. Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ9]  |
   |                                                |

Q: Where is the PaP Machine located?

A: It's located under the huge rocket that goes up to the launch pad after you
turn the power on. To get to it you must first unlock the PaP Room. It's done
by using all 3 different landing pads with the lander vehicle. after the
third landing pad is used you will hear the man say something about waiting
for authorization or something like that. Now go to the launch trigger right
next to the power switch to authorize launch sequence. The rocket will then
blast off like in the map "Launch" and then the PaP room will be unlocked. To
get to the room you must go to the room all the way in the back that has a
turret and mystery box spawn. It's a big open field with a ramp and had a big
white clear looking door (which you can see through). On the other side of
this gigantic door is a drawing on a wall in front of you that looks
identical to drawings on other walls located around the map. The door use to
be locked but now it's open. Go in and to the right you'll see the PaP

Q: What about defending the perks from the space monkeys?

A: Well like I said at the start of the guide. Do not buy a perk before round
12-13. Everyone will be fine without any perks until then. Now when you get
to round 12-13 you will only buy Juggernog. When the first monkey round
comes, everyone will camp on the juggernog floor. Plant claymores on both
stairs that lead to the juggernog floor (one upper stair and one lower
stair). Also plant 2 claymores inside the actual juggernog room which is
really small and tight. After defending juggernog you will get a free perk.
The first monkey round (if you follow this guide properly), should come
around rounds 13-18.

The second monkey round you call can repeat as before and defend juggernog,
or have 1-2 guys defend juggernog and the other two players defend speed
cola. If you think you can defend 3 perks then guard PhD in the second monkey
round and then defend Stamin Up on the third monkey round. Don't worry about
quick revive it's the least important perk of the 5. If you think you need 2
players defending juggernog then do it. Even if that means having your 2 best
players at juggernog. You cannot lose juggernog or the team will be a trouble
(this monkey round will come around rounds 19-24).

For the third monkey round you will need two (maybe 3) players defending
juggernog. And the remaining 1-2 players will defend speed cola. Again if you
think you can protect a 3rd perk then only defend Stamin Up in this third
monkey round as you will need it for the next rounds (this monkey round
should come around rounds 25-30).

   |          10. Credit [THANKS]                   |
   |                                                |

-Credit goes to lxl M4TRIX lxl, and DontFearTheHobo for showing me some of
the tips (camping in the MPL Room, Sickle Landing Pad, and Power Switch Room)
as we were playing.

-Credit goes to anyone else i probably have missed. If i forgot to give you
credit i am truly sorry but just kindly contact me (via email or XBL) and i
will gladly give you credit.

-Credit goes to me for making this guide and thinking of some of the
strategies and tips. Most of the tips came from other zombie maps and/or
playing on Ascension and learning new things every time i play it.

   |          11. Contact & Suggestions [EMAIL007]  |
   |                                                |

Contact me at

Under subject please put "Black Ops: Zombies: Ascension" or "BO:ZO:AS". If
the subject line is not either of these two I will ignore it and may mark it
as spam as well.

You can e-mail me for various reasons, including praise, tips, suggestions,
Errors I had, questions, etc...

              ---->Copyright (2011) (wilmer007)<---

              *****End Of Guide*****