Call of Duty: World at War: FAQ/Walkthrough

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* Game:	      Call of Duty: World at War  *
* Type:		FAQ/Walkthrough           *
* For:		PS3, Xbox 360, PC         *
* Author:	Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
* Email:  *
* Web:  *

Version 1.0 - walkthrough, zombies, death cards..

Version 1.2 - vet through first six levels.

Version 1.5 - this guide now covers veteran mode, I'm done with this game.

Table Of Contents
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1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls			( CON2222 )
3. Starter Tips			( TIPS333 )
4. Walkthrough			( FAQ4444 )

	1. Semper Fi
	2. Little Resistance
	3. Hard Landing
	4. Vendetta
	5. Their Land, Their Blood
	6. Burn 'em Out
	7. Relentless
	8. Blood & Iron
	9. Ring of Steel
	10. Eviction
	11. Black Cats
	12. Blowtorch & Corkscrew
	13. Breaking Point
	14. Heart of the Reich
	15. Downfall

5. Nacht der Untoten 		( ZOMB555 )
6. Weapons 			( GUNS666 )
7. Author Info / Copyright  

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

Eh, WWII is officially over after this game. This was a great game, good as 
could be for a material more overdone than the obligatory holiday romantic

This is a great game worth a play at the very least, but it must be by far the
best WWII game ever, maybe only challenged by CoD2. 

Again, please, make the next one in the Civil War or American Revolution,
Vietnam even. Something new and not about a war I've learned more from video
games than school.


* 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *

X - jump
SQU - reload/use; usually need to hold to use something
O - crouch; press again to prone (lie down)
TRI - switch guns
R1 - fire
L1 - aim down the sight
R2 - frag grenade
L2 - special grenade (either smoke or molotov)
RS - look/aim; click to melee
LS - move; click to sprint
START - pause/objectives
SELECT - not sure

XBox 360
A - jump
B - crouch; press again to prone (lie down)
X - reload/use; usually need to hold to use something
Y - switch guns
RT - fire
LT - aim down the sight
RB - frag grenade
LB - special grenade (either smoke or molotov)
RS - look/aim; click to melee
LS - move; click to sprint
START - pause/objectives
BACK - not sure

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *

#1. Crouching and proning are the keys to surviving. At any time if you are
under heavy fire you can go prone to reduce the chances you will take 
further damage, whether you're behind cover or not. You could also get more
advanced and reload while prone. 

#2. That's another thing, you need to just find cover when under fire as your
health will refill with rest. Never assume your cover is safe, so crouching
and going prone helps.

#3. Aiming without using the sights is sometimes the best for hitting an 
enemy quickly, but you're less likely to get the headshot. 

#4. Pressing the aim button when enemies are in front of you will auto-aim to
that enemy, but only briefly, and it's not like you get an automatic headshot
or anything. It just helps aim quicker, or even to know if an enemy is in the
place you're looking.

#5. You can "cook" grenades by holding the grenade button, then letting go.
This reduces the time the enemy has to toss it back, just don't hold it too
long yourself.

#6. On the flip side, anyone can toss a live grenade back or anywhere. When
you see the grenade indicator you can run away, or quickly go to the source
and try to toss the frag back.

#7. It you ever see the grenade indicator, just press the run button and
go far away from the area you're in. It's always best to see a frag coming in,
then you just run away or try for the quick toss back.

#8. The melee button is a must, especially for the Japanese portion of the 
game. Just press it with an enemy near and they die, simple as that. Also be
ready to press it when you are caught by a banzai, but you have to wait until 
you time to press it or you'll miss the timing.

#9. If you are ever lost, follow your friends. On the same note, when in 
battle, if you see a name over a person when you are aiming at them, that is
an ally, so don't shoot.

#10. Some battles are against a set number of foes, but most of the big ones
are against an almost infinite stream of enemies. Advancing on their position 
is the only way to stop this flow. I believe they do end at some point, but 
if you see enemy positions being filled as soon as you kill those enemies, 
it's probably best to start moving up.

#11. Ammo and guns are all over the place, something is never far from you. 
You can carry any two guns, so feel free to always carry the best you find.
Also, keep your eye out for side areas or guns leaning against the wall, 
those are usually good guns worth finding.

#12. When moving up, since you usually have to to stop streaming enemies, it's
always wise to toss a frag in the area of the enemies. This will either kill
them or cause them to panic, but the worst is that they return it. It's a 
crucial tactic for moving up with little cover and not wanting to waste a smoke
or other. Bit easier on the Russian 

#13. A good way to know when to move up is if the leader yells and your guys
advance. Unless you don't then usually that means you need to advance first
or there are enemies to kill. Sometimes you can sit back and help pick off
enemies from afar, but sometimes you have to Rambo and kill everyone before
your team moves along.

#14. A very important tactic is what I call the "sweep." This is when you take 
cover on one side of field, and from the cover you take out enemies on the 
opposite side and work your way to the near-side enemies. An example is 
hiding on the left side of a room and shooting the enemies on the right side
on the other end. It's simple because your cover protects you from the 
left-side enemies, but I say this because even though you may not see an enemy
on the far-side, it's best to wait to find the farthest-away enemy you can and
then work your way down, not just attacking the first thing you see.

#15. Veteran doesn't take kindly to you sitting behind cover. The key to vet is
to pop out and hit enemies, and when the grenades rain on you you must run to
new cover, either further up or just somewhere else. Usually moving up is 
best as sometimes your friends follow and the enemies scatter. Overall it's 
just about being a slight bit more aggressive than usual.

#16. On vet quick shots are key. The "assisted-aim" helps, meaning when you 
press aim and an enemy is on the screen your sights will set on him, but aside
from that you also need to have confidence of your moving shots; those being
of either moving enemies or when you are moving your aim. You should eventually
develop this keen sense of whenever you see something move your shoot at it,
no matter little of it you can shoot.

#17. Conversely, sometimes it's best to turn off aim-assist in the options menu
because this game does not read cover very well.

* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )                                                  *

Call of Duty: World at War Walkthrough

As for the latest version this guide is intended to work for veteran 
difficulty. And needless to say, all the lesser difficulties too. In fact, for
the lower difficulties this guide may be overkill.

Semper Fi

Don't forget you can pause and turn on subtitles. Damn! So after the horrible
timing on their part, feel free to look around and also change the sensitivity
option as well; low is harder to move, while high is crazy, so try to get used
to medium before you switch.

*NOTE: You can pause the game and check the Button Layout option to see the
controls. You need to know your frag button, crouch/prone, sprint, and melee.*

*DEATH CARD 1: These things are for co-op cheats, so pick them up. The first
one is in the hut to the right after you start.*

Pick up either the Garand or Type 100 (hold the button) and reload if needed;
the Garand is a long range rifle, so pick it up if you prefer controlled shots.
As with most of this game there are options in how you move forward, and all
of the paths will be taken by your friends. Right now you can go left up the 
wooden platform or right along the beach. I prefer to the right since you 
can duck behind more cover. Just go in the hut and pick off as many guys as 
you can, and then move up to more cover on the beach and pick off more.

*NOTE: Two things to keep in mind. When you see the flashing grenade on screen
you must either run away from it's direction or run to it to throw it back, but
whatever you decide you must stay to it because when you try to run and then
try to throw it back you are sure to die. Also, if you don't know whether a 
guy is an ally or not, if there is a name over his head when your crosshair is
on him, he's on your side.*

*NOTE: One last thing, a fairly simple note on gunplay in general, you will
hide behind cover, pop up, fire, and go back to cover, especially if injured.
It's a balance between leaving yourself open and trying to hit the enemies. But
when I say "pop and fire" this is what I mean.*

*VET: You should realize that if playing on veteran then you must learn how to
go prone, which is the hold the duck button and stay on the ground. It makes 
you harder to hit, and when you are back to normal just get up and try again.*

*VET: Two things you should always keep in mind. First that your allies can do
a lot of work for you. This level will be somewhat easy as the streams of 
enemies cut off, but later you'll have to balance the power between you running
forward to progress and letting your friends do the work. Second is that you 
need to make sure you move into cover, and when exposed you are sprinting. If
you are not behind cover and not sprinting then you are dead.*

Then move up and take cover by a shack at the corner, and toss in a frag as 
enemies should be inside. When it's clear and your guys are with you, run over
and behind a barrier that faces the rest of the battle; it's by the burning
building. Duck and pop up and fire every now and then, and also toss all your
frags. Once this are is clear, move up the ramp and help a friend being 
attacked by a burning Jap. Also you may find Thompson guns from fallen 
allies, and pick it up if you do.

*NOTE: You can hold any two guns you want at any time.*

*NOTE: For running, you don't have to hold down the stick, just click it once
and you'll run until you stop.*

Take cover on the right when you're on the patio of this burning building; the
cover is the small sliver provided by a door, or run up to the boxes. Pick off
the Tojo at the other raised hut and move to it when clear. On the left a 
friendly will shoot a Jap, then go inside and pick up the Thompson around the
boxes. Come back out and hug the wall as you move up because there are a ton
of enemies and a turret along the beach. 

You want to sprint to the sand and go left, but quickly pick off the two bad
guys in the hut; not sure if you can save the friendly. In this hut will be a 
ton of Tommy gun ammo. From here you will go around the back and take up point
at the corner of the building with the turret. And all you have to really do
is pick off Japs on the beach because your allies will rush and clear out the

Go up and be ready to kill a few ambushing Japs, then move up some more. 
When you see the spotlight, duck and move just enough so you can see it and 
shoot the light. There are enemies in the light tower, in two bunkers below,
and streaming from the left. But watch out for the friendlies around the water
and the sides; so almost anything on the beach is fair game. You can just stay
from where you shot the spotlight, up on the hill, and just pop and fire the
enemies as you see fit. No real need to rush the bunkers, but you can if you

Collect any ammo and grenades and go north up the creek. When you get to a 
shack, go in and position yourself by the wall, next to the metal sheet and
look to the bodies on the ground. When the flash goes up, toss a frag to the 
bodies and duck - this is what we call an ambush. When your sight is back, 
rise up and either toss another frag or just help your buddies kill the 
enemies as they appear. You need to be extra cautious of frags. When the
enemies to the side are gone, now there will be enemies on the other side of 
this shack, but I would say get out of the shack and start picking them off.

Then stay close to the shack and move left to trigger a few more enemies to 
appear on the ground and up to the left. So fall back and pick off the ground
enemies, then the upper ones. When you head up this narrow path one more 
will pop up to the right, so be ready. 

At the top you need to take out a turret gunner and then some enemies up to the
left. Kill the gunner, then run right to flank the enemies. Now you must use
the back of the truck, but don't follow it. Instead just take cover to the 
right of where you let it go. Stay here and use your rifle to maybe pick off
some enemies if you can see anyone, but let your friends fight their way
through. After some time, sprint up to the gate, and when ready you need to
sprint inside the compound and down to the left, to where the bunker is. Let
the door open and go inside. 

Use the charges and now run back out, but let Roebuck lead and from the bunker
door just run straight for the ocean and the scene to trigger.

Little Resistance

Once you have control you have some missiles to send out. Select them, look to 
the southeast to the trees with the bullets flying from them, and send the 
strike in that direction. After a good job, advance and you should hit a 
raised area. Quickly go up it with your team and move with them as the MG nest
pops up, so take cover with your guys in the crater. Then grab the Deployable
Type-99 in front of the bunker and swap it with your pistol. Move up with your
team and go right to the cover. Look through the opening and call an air
strike on the bunker. 

The next part is tricky as the enemies will keep streaming until you move up. 
First you must make sure no Japs have rushed near you and no one is shooting
them. Then you need to locate the line of enemies just in front of your 
position. You need to call an airstrike right on this line of enemies, but
to the left. And after the strike hits run to the left to a corner in the wall
and from here pick off enemies and stay alive as your allies move up the 
beach, and hopefully save a checkpoint.

Now get around this corner slowly as enemies will appear along the trench, so
be ready for a ton of grenades to fall near you. Peek around and pick the area
clean. To the right are the enemies, so run to some cover and toss a frag or 
two their way. Near on the side will be a Trench Gun, or a shotgun. Swap it for
your rifle and use it to carve a path up. One thing you could do is hide behind
the boxes so they can't see you and stay still and toss back their frags, they
throw a lot. Move up the left side of the trench and when you get near the 
open area be ready for one rusher.

In the open area you'll see a Jap run to a tree and go up, so shoot him
when he's up there. Step into the grass to trigger the rushers and mow them
down, and there are two more when you move up. Run forward passed the truck
and shoot enemies as you stand at the doorway to the bunker, and move to the 
right as you clear it. Head up the tunnel cautiously as there is an enemy at
each turn. At the end just stay in the bunker and toss frags over that crate
and blast enemies with your shotgun. When it seems calm, move up and hug the 
right wall as you clear the area.

*DEATH CARD 2: When you get to the end of the bunker, turn right and it will
be in the grass by the fence.*

Go into the turret nest to trigger the checkpoint. Go up the ladder and kill
the turret gunners up here. On the west side are turrets you can use to start
mowing down enemies below, but you have airstrikes. Use one directly below 
on the enemies; you can try one in the middle but you must likely have to 
use two on both sides. Kill the enemies and with strikes as the salvos need 
no time to recharge. Once they are gone send strikes on the enemy tanks firing 
to your allies on the beach; there are two of them on the left, not the ones
to the right.

After that rally with you squad at the back. 

Hard Landing

You got a beefy BAR, a Browning Automatic Rifle if you were wondering. Move up
the creek and when your guys stop at a plane look to the left to see some 
blocks that make your cover. Duck behind here and look to the right for when
the ambush comes; should be three enemies that charge out. But stay here as 
your men move up because there is a second ambush further up, or they will
just charge after you, so stay here regardless. After the fight, pick up a 
Type 100 by swapping your pistol.

When you move up to the next area just run to the block of cover and you can
just stay here as your allies take out the waiting enemies. Up ahead you'll 
see some friendlies appear and maybe the enemies standing up high. Your guys 
take them out, but what you want to do is run up the trail and go left behind
the second set of boxes you see. From here just pick off enemies as you make
your way left to an open area of land. Move up the cover as you kill the 
enemies and eventually you want to just run into the bunker, but make sure you
take out the two inside.

Three enemies will be inside the bunker after you kill the first two, so be 
ready and just peek around the corners as you move up. At the end of the 
bunker you can just let your friends clear the area beyond, and they do a good
job of it. Just stay behind the walls and after a while poke your head out
to see if all is clear. If so then cautiously move up to the next bunker, but
you need to be ready for anything on the right. There should be only a few
Tojo inside the bunker, and if you want to just run to the end of the bunker
that usually works too. 

Just take cover at the end of the bunker as your friends rally about the 
turret nest up ahead. You should run to the right and into the pit, and then
throw at least one smoke grenade to the turrets, then run far to the left to
get out of their view. Feel free to move up and pick off the left-side gunner
so your flamethrower can move up, but if that guy gets killed then pick up the 
flame gun yourself. If you have it just run up and send your jet flames into
the opening.

Enter in and there are just two guys defending the corner. Then go out and 
when you team stops at a turned-over truck, be ready for grass enemies, then a
gunner in the tree on the right, then a second set of grass enemies farther 
away. You can just stay behind the truck and pick them off if you want. And
feel free to swap out any guns, just not with any of the Japanese guns.

In the next area is a heavily fortified building. Just run along the trench 
line, ducking a few times if needed, and reach the truck at the end. If you
have the flamethrower then swap your other gun for this special Garand that
has a grenade launcher (press a d-pad button like the airstrike to equip).
Your only goal here is to clear out the cluster of enemies on the left, then
run to the left of the building, and from here just pick off enemies inside and
around the corner to get inside; of course keeping in mind there may be a few
who can get you on the second level if you stand out too far. Just clear the
defense around the corner and that's it.

*DEATH CARD 3: In the building, through the doorway to the right in the dark

*VET: I don't recall there being trucks and enemies when you first get on
the airfield, but for VET I know you must fight a few enemies as you move 

Go in and up the stairs to drop out onto the airfield with your tanks on the
left. Follow behind them until you hit the barriers and fencing. Head up the
middle and there is a pit with a bazooka. Swap out anything but your Garand 
(yes, that means the Garand) and start firing at the enemy tanks, there
are three. Get the first one, refill on rockets, then shoot the second and
third, and you should move to the left behind a fallen tank for a better view
and better cover. And FYI, you can use the mini map to find the tanks or
just see the moving ones with grass on them. 

Now you must move up to the enemy position. I would say it's best to go to the
right side, staying behind cover, and move up to that truck by the enemy 
position. If you do then your allies should move up, so just help them clear
the area of bad guys. When that's cleared, head right and take cover as you 
move up a narrow pass. Kill these enemies and move up to a corner with a ramp. 
Just duck and stay near the foot of this ramp as you pick off the enemies 
protecting the AA guns. From here you can shoot three of the four AA gun
operators (there are two to each one but shooting one takes out a gun). 

Then move up a bit and toss some smoke down the path so your guys can advance,
and you take cover. Your goal is to hit one of the last remaining gunners on
the AA gun to stop the stream of enemies, so do that, clean up the remaining
bad guys, and you're through.

Well, not just yet, one final obstacle to this massive level. This part I
believe is based on your kill count. I think once you kill about 10 enemies
after the first tank appears that will trigger the checkpoint and the next
wave, and then kill about 10 more. If you want the tanks out of the way and
your didn't bring a full bazooka, feel free to run back to the pit in
the airfield and get more ammo, it's not like it matters if you do or don't.
Once you hit the checkpoint be ready for guys to start climbing over the 
walls. Three things to keep in mind: stay low, avoid getting on any of the
turrets, and pick up a BAR if you don't have one.


*NOTE: Usually when you aim with an enemy in front of you, your sight will
momentarily set to that enemy, but only briefly.*

Once the evil German walks by, start moving forward until you meet Reznov and
then follow him. Get up when you can and then pick up the Mosin Nagant. Use the
scope to see the main baddy, but you have no bullets. Once you do, you will 
soon fire upon the remainig bad guys, two on the right, left, and middle, then
one more with a dog; you'll have to melee the dog. You shoot them when the 
bombers are overhead and they will stay until you are done, and don't forget to
can steady your aim, but it's possible to snipe without it. Also, you can get
the two on the right in one shot, and you may want to reload when there is just
one pair left so you're not out of bullets.

*DEATH CARD 4: In the first building, behind the bar after you first jump in.*

After that, move up and when he goes north, follow and jump in for cover. Move 
up and on the other side you will come under sniper fire, so jump into the next
building. Up the stairs Reznov will be bait. He will run across and the sniper
will be in the top floor, in the window on the corner of the building; you 
should try to snipe him the first time. Then your pal will play bait one more
time, but wait about three seconds before you hold your aim as he takes a while
to draw the sniper out. If you fail, just get into a shadowed area and I sure
hope you can get him when he pops out of the same window a third time. If you
don't you'll enter a game of cat and mouse where you must move as he does.
You can move to different shadowed areas but he will keep moving along the 
same line and not hop around, so best of luck, it's tough.

*VET: This part is so much different for veteran it needs a whole note. For
one I say don't bother changing cover, doesn't help because he knows where you
are at all times. For two it doesn't help to hold your breath when you aim 
because he won't pop out where you aim, so you'll need to get shots off while
your sights are moving; it may take a lot of getting used to. The key here is 
to keep track of where he is at all times. If you lose track of him feel
free to hide behind cover and wait for a shot to go off, then locate him. You
need to hit him two to three times. The only thing I found that worked was to
have my sight over where he would pop up, or where I thought he would, and as
he was popping up I would fire, and hit or miss I would immediately move to the
side back into cover (you have like half a second to move or you're dead).
And that's it, with a lot of luck. It also helps to get a feel for where he
pops up relative to where he is, as he can pop up on either side of a window,
but tends to pop up in the same areas. Your eyes should light up if he's on one
of the end windows and when you see the decoy bob up and down because you know
where he will pop up. Again, a lot of luck and patience and many deaths to 
pass this part.*

Follow Reznov after you take out the sniper and follow him to the point where
the Nazis are passing on the road. They will spot you no matter what, so hit 
the deck when he does. Crawl up and when you get to the end stay on the left
and be ready to quickly pick off three enemies in the windows from left to
right, quickly. Then stand and head to the fire and duck under, but look to
the left and snipe one more enemy. Go under, get up, and go up the stairs. Now
just follow him to the end.

Pick up either the Kar or MP40 (I say Kar) and go up the ladder. Use your
sniper rifle and watch as the flamer moves around, after he stops by the two
Nazis, shoot him back tank to blow them up. Then snipe the turret gunner far
away. Then use your Kar to pop off enemies all over. Soon there will be four
to the left and two up high, so be ready for them. 

Once your team advances, follow Rez up the building and swap the MN for the 
PTRS. You can move up and toss a frag over to the opposite doorway as enemies
will file out, then two dogs; feel free to use the PTRS if you run out of Kar
ammo, or use that MP40 on the table. Just stay in this room as enemies rush you
and toss frags, but you should toss a frag or two to their side. After the 
dogs just slowly move up and pick them off, and hopefully they all come out so
you can kill them.

Then move up and look to the south and start picking off enemies on the street,
but soon there will be APC's on both sides and a turret gunner on the ground,
so you'll need to take out both. Then work on the enemies on a roof to the left
and then the ones on the opposite roof. There is a turret you can use on the 
right, at least for the turret gunners on the ground, then snipe the guys on
the building to the left as your allies should be able to handle the 
occupied building.

Once the objective is complete, go right into the building, maybe after 
grabbing that fresh MN by the wall. And when you meet with Rez there will be
enemies nearby, so feel free to toss a frag or two down the hall. You can 
wait for them to come to you if you wish, then slowly pop out and move down,
but tossing all your frags is best.

Follow him to the perch and look to the left for when Amsel and his men come
out. You can't hit Amsel when he's just coming out, so look to the front of
the tank and take out the sniper that pops out there, and try to hit Amsel as
he moves. For normal I'm pretty sure you can hit him at any point. For veteran
I think you have to kill the driver of the car, then hit Amsel as he runs, 
that is your only option so do it.

After the assassination, swap to your lighter gun and follow Rez out of here.
He will mow down the enemies, so just stay out of view, and then follow up
the stairs and into the river.

Their Land, Their Blood

Feel free to not kill them, if that somehow clears you mind of all the killings
you will commit after. You don't have to do anything in the fields, just move
up, and feel free to grab anything by swapping your pistol; the Gewehr being
one such gun. At the river kill enemies on both sides, then get across and
feel free to go left or right, but I'll go left because it's easier not to 
get lost.

Some frags should clear the barrier part, then go pop heads at the other end.
You need to cautiously move up to stop the flow of enemies, and swap your 
mosin for a MP40. Head up to the crispy area and pick up the MG42, and keep the
MP40. Reload it and move up the trench and then go right along the trench and
up to a defensive position. From here you should be able to just crouch and 
pick off many enemies while taking little fire. Kill the guys in the trench
below you, but the stream of enemies from under the bridge does not stop
until you move there. When advancing stay low and be ready for a enemies from
a tiny bunker to the right, and inside is a different FG42. Just take it
easy and stay low as you move under the bridge, wait for the checkpoint and
your allies to follow before moving any further.

*NOTE: The MG42 and FG42 and different guns.

For the next field your goal is to take out four Panzers with the many bazookas
lying around, and they are everywhere. First run up the trench and take cover 
behind the house. There is a window on the left and for now just take out the
German infantry you can see. When attacking a tank make sure to just work on
one at a time and to aim for the back, or at least not the front, but you 
don't need to get behind them. Take a Panzerschrek and shoot the nearest tank,
and it should then move back a bit. You should then be able to use that 
window to take it out. Then shoot the other tank beyond the house, but this
time you'll need to go around the back of the house and shoot it through the
field of wheat. Be sure to grab a fresh one in the shack. 

Now take cover behind the first burning tank and look to the left for the
third tank to roll up. Crouch because I believe that improves your accuracy,
and what you will do is first one shot and then quickly fire another, but hide
behind the take after the second because the Panzer will fire back at you, even
stand back a bit.

The next thing you need to do is maybe drop the bazooka and pick up a light
gun so you can run to the right, around the fence, and into the trench where
you will go prone until the checkpoint clears, and maybe an enemy or two will
be nearby, so be ready. Wait for your team to meet you, be sure you have a 
bazooka, and look to the house. Run up to it with your gun ready as there may
be lone enemies inside, usually no more than two in the living room. Go up 
the stairs in here and go by the window and look down to see the Panzer below
you. There is really no rush, but try to quickly take out the tank with two
hurried shots, otherwise you'll have to relocate and try again.

When the last one is out, keep your bazooka in hand and move to the barn.
Be ready to toss a molotov and take point in the little trench on the side
of the barn. A fifth Panzer will come out, but so will two enemies. You want to
toss a molotov a little after the tank comes out, but just stay in the trench
and hope the enemies either don't get to you in time or your friends take them
out. All you have to do to the tank is just press the fire button without 
aiming, since it's right there in front of you.

*DEATH CARD 5: Inside the barn the tank bursts from, check a stable for the

Go inside for fresh MG42 ammo and then go get on the back of the tank for a 
nice little ride from which you will get off on your own. Pick up another 
MG42 and then get out your Panzerschrek. From the little road blocks take out
both towers inside the compound, which should trigger the checkpoint. When
you step inside the biggest concern are the many grenades which rain down, so
don't try to toss them back, just run away to cover. It's best to just work
your way to the right, around their flank, but staying at the entrance and 
using the molotovs also works if you don't mind the stress. 

When you cross into the second part a truck will come down the road, so either
toss a frag under where it stops or shoot a rocket at them. Make your way 
right or left, but right is easier. There should only be a single enemy, so 
take him out, then use your bazooka to take out the two towers. 

When you move there there will be one more checkpoint. Now you need to work 
your way up to the right. You can either stay down here and take out the turret
gunner straight up, or try to wind your way through the clutter up to the right
and the frags to flank them. It seems like just getting up to that stage 
will trigger the end of the level, but I know that on veteran it seemed like
there were a lot of enemies firing back. Either way, just advance up and 
the level will end.

Burn 'em Out

*NOTE: If you didn't realize it, you can "cook" your grenades by holding the 
toss button, then throw. Prevents them time from throwing it back, but don't 
hold too long. Just cook for a second or two.*

You have the M2 Flamethrower, and before you move from the start you can swap
out your garand for a Tommy gun on the right, if you want. You can basically
crouch for the start. Go up and toss some smoke around the corner of the 
trench and move up. And right off the bat you run into the worst segment of 
gaming I've seen thus far. I'll spare you the details, but suffice it to say
that the point of gaming is not to do this.

*NOTE: Yes, you can be burned by any fire, so watch your step.*

What you must do is burn the enemies to the left and move to the right. There
is a barrel down the left passage you want to attempt to burn, two enemies
up above in front of you, and one will be up to the right down the right
path; and yes, this is all from the start of the smoke you set up. Keep going 
right and be ready to burn the enemies up above, and stop at the corner as 
there are two enemies up above, but also two around the corner that are 
waiting for you. Stop here, be ready for any grenades, but watch to see if an
enemy comes at you from behind. To handle the MG nest and the enemy around
the corner just barely toss frags when you are just out of their firing 
range, which is harder than it sounds because they know exactly where you are.
And a third enemy runs after you once they are dead.

But we're not moving down this right path, there was a mortar we missed. So
go back and there are many random ways to go about this. First is to toss
smoke into the pit, run in with fire blazing, and hide in the alcove on the
left. Then you just hope that peeking down the middle hole you don't get 
mauled to death by the rushers and turret gunner. Once it's clear you can 
leave, and you should swap your Thompson for a shotgun, but don't.

Now going up the path on the right you'll learn that you may very well be the
only individual with any interest in winning this war. Watch out for the 
enemies up above, and when you turn the second corner there are three snipers
in the trees, with one down the middle that you may not be able to see, but 
he can sure see you, somehow. If your friends help, great, if not then you'll
have to advance all on your own, and every inch of this trench must be fought
for, almost to the point of stupidity. There are rushers, guys up above, and
coward enemies all throughout, and your allies don't seem to want to help you
at all, so good luck. What's worse is that for all your work there is not
a checkpoint until you clear the second bunker, so you can kill about 50
enemies and have to do it again just because the last one got you. 

*DEATH CARD 6: In the second bunker, southeast one, on the wall.*

When you do approach the second bunker be sure to toss in all your frags in
until you get the checkpoint. Go in and swap your Thompson for the BAR. For
the next pit you really don't need to do a thing, your friends will clear it.
Watch out when you step in as snipers appear in the trees above, about five
and a few you can see before the trap, but can't shoot them all. 

The next fight has barrels on the ridge, an exploding ammo crate on the right,
and the enemies in the trees you may have missed. The only solution I found to
this area was to toss in smoke, run in with flames blazing to the left, and
then taking cover in a corner to the left; from there you hope your pals rush
in and the checkpoint hits. Otherwise defend against the banzai Japs, but 
also any enemies still on that ridge.

Next is another tricky part. My solution is to run down the trench, burn to the
left, sweep to the right as you turn right, burn through the opening into the
bunker, and take shelter in the bunker and hopefully all of the enemies were
burned nicely. 

Next comes the second in the "WTF were they thinking" parts of this one level.
Down the trench to the right are about five enemies above the trench whose
guns have transformed into super heat-seeking, gatling guns; meaning if you
even give them half an inch to see you you are most likely dead in half a 
second, and no, I'm not exaggerating at all. 

My only solution was to run to the dirt mound right before the second mortar
pit. When you arrive you may see waves of your allies getting blasted, but 
sadly they should stop coming, because we could have used them as decoys. Yes,
the SHSGG's can see you from here too, so you have to go prone at the top of
this dirt mound and really you have to be careful because you will still get
hit for giving them an inch, but somehow it's not so bad from this spot. You
can barely see the enemies, and you will probably fire blindly at whatever 
moves, but the stream of enemies do stop. So after you see a couple die, return
to the trench and make your push toward the next two bunkers.

*NOTE: For the next part on vet you can tell how stupid the developers are
because you can burn the first tunnel the same way and somehow manage to die
in new ways every time for random reasons. Not fun, and not cool. I would
have already quit if I didn't somehow feel obligated to help people.*

Run into the one on the left with your flames on to burn the three enemies, but
be ready for anyone to pop up behind you from the other tunnel. There is a 
Type-99 in here, but I like the sight of the BAR better, but you should get the
smoke grenades by the boxes in here, you must; and it helps to run around the
dead bodies and find four frags. The only way to clear the right tunnel is 
with smoke, the flamethrower, and winning the lottery kind of luck. You toss 
in one smoke near your entrance, another deep to the left or right, then you
move up and just send out bursts at anything that moves and just random 
sprays all around, mostly to the left, and then you toss smoke to the left and
right at the end and just run in and spray all over, that's really all you
can do.

Now you need more smoke, and there are three more at the box in the other
tunnel, so go get them, but be sure to burn any Tojo in the opening above
you. Come back and you'll toss one smoke at the entrance to the mortar pit, and
then the other two to the left and right inside. Then toss frags to the sides
and two up the middle, and hopefully that clears the pit. 


Press the button to exit the tank when told. Run up and take cover behind the 
burned tank on the right and feel free to swap for that Tommy gun. Just make
a path and run to the left side of the creek and use either gun as you advance
up this path. On Vet it just takes normal, half-luck patience to get up, and
just remember to use whatever cover you have. I suggest using the Tommy to 
start and then using the Browning at the bigger fight. With the enemy position
in sight, toss a smoke to the side, a hidden enemy should pop up, and hiding
behind the rock should trigger the checkpoint. 

*NOTE: It's applied for most of the game, but tossing a frag to the enemies and
then moving up is a good idea, nevermind there are tons of frags on the bodies
all over to refill.*

From here just use the big gun to pop heads and return frags as you see. After
a big explosion at the back, possibly something you want to cause with a frag,
another checkpoint should hit soon after. Move up to the sandbags and from here
just stay cool and pop a few enemies, but mostly throw a few frags to the left
by the bunker. When Roebuck yells that means a wave will emerge. I say toss a
frag to the bunker, shoot a spray of bullets as you move left, and hide behind
the Triple 25, don't get on it.

The checkpoint should hit, so now just clear this area up and advance. You can
stand behind some crates over the trench as you clear the enemies near the next
gun, but at some point you want to toss smoke toward the gun and move down 
there. Soon after you want to move to the left, where there is a flat piece of
ground, and from this cover a checkpoint should trigger soon. Move up to the 
enemy position on this left side, and if you can jump into this defensive 
point there is a little alcove on the left behind the boxes that works as a
most excellent frag shield.

*NOTE: Reloading the Browning is long, so even though it can go almost forever
without reloading it would suck to have to do it in battle, so pick your spots
to refresh it.*

From this defensive position pop any enemies to the right around the pond, then
the ones near you, and don't be surprised if there are enemies like standing 
in the open nearby. When things seem calm on your side take second look around
the water for enemies. One thing that is weird is how it seems like you can't
hit the enemies on the right side, odd. Just move up the left to trigger an
attack, then fall back and defend and then pick off the new enemies up to the
left. Move up for the final checkpoint and watch for a few loners on the right
as you move up the path.

Hop over the fallen tree and this triggers the enemies and explosion up ahead.
Stay low, be patient, and move up to the trench. Go left and pick up the BAR.
Here just stay down and clear the guys to the left. When the flame tank appears
you should go left and then follow it up the hill, but not directly behind it.
You could possibly stay behind cover and let it run its course, or move along
cover close behind it. There will be enemies popping up all over, even in
spots the tank clears. You mainly want to keep your eye to the left cave 
entrance at the top, that will have the most enemies. But again, it's best to 
follow, and for some reason following the tank and just juggling between the
left and right side of it worked better than on normal difficulty.

When you reach the top, or the tank stops, be careful of the red barrels nearby
that may still stand. Just toss your last smoke to the left entrance of the 
cave; either side leads to the same, but the tank stops closer to the left.
Toss a few frags and move up the entrance to trigger the checkpoint.

Few enemies in the start of the tunnel, then make your way up to the first 
room. From this left side you need to be careful of hard-to-hit enemies to the
left. I suggest you toss two frags to the left, then two into the heart of the
room for the clog of enemies in there. When you can move up, move along the 
wooden barrier and notice that you can crouch and shoot through the opening
in the barrier. You can clear the tunnels on the left and up from this room,
but you want to take the path up the right, killing a few enemies.

This right path has a ton more enemies in here, but they should be not too 
hard to kill. The reason you took the more difficult path is because when you
reach the artillery room there is not much fire from this side.

*DEATH CARD 7: If you take either path, it's after the first room, in the mid-
way point of the tunnel, before the final room, and in a tiny section that 
connects the two paths.*

Just take your time, toss your frags all over, stay behind cover, and it's 
probably the gunner on the left that will be killed last. It should actually
not be too hard, even to clear on vet.

Blood & Iron

*VET: No, you don't just have four hits, you heal just like normal, only with
a tank you can only take four consecutive hits and you're dead - probably same
for normal but more so on vet as the hits seem to come easier. As for avoiding
hits you need to just use the terrain to maximum effect, just like cover only
sometimes just a little upslope of ground is enough to protect you. You need to
stay mobile when exposed, and keep your eye out for those nasty little bazooka
gunners all over.*

*NOTE: It's not wise to aim for the front of a Panzer where all the armor is.
No matter where you aim, aim away from the front.*

So you have a cannon with your fire button and fire with you frag button. Move
up and then kill the artillery on the left, a rocket guy on the right, then
hit the tank far in the distance; move around a little so you're not such an
easy target, just don't look too far to the side or things will get frustrating
if you try to make a sharp turn.

Move into the field, hit the artillery on the left, then enter into a game of
firing at anything that shoots at you. There are towers, tons of tanks, and
those pesky rocket guys that just make this harder than it should be - there
should be infantry support handling them, not two tanks. Make your way up the
left path to the artillery, and get up to the buildings and put on the fire in
both as you move along the path, hitting any towers on the sides (those guys
far in the distance are yours, but they aren't helping you). I kid you not,
you should look around before you move on just to make sure there are no stray
Panzers wandering around. Also, you can blow up walls of the buildings, not the
whole thing but the sides with enemies.

At the bend in the path are two Panzers, then you're in another huge field. The
towers and infantry are located with the final artillery placement in the 
center with tanks coming from both sides. Take out the tanks, move at an angle
as you approach the center, and burn/blast the rocket launchers. I say make 
your way to the right and use this slope in the path as cover, just watch for
the infantry. You can also look to the left in the trees to see some sort of
enemy placement. Fire a few shots at it, then go back to the front of this 
middle placement and once you clear the place (two shots at the tower), then 
you can just make a bee-line to the left path to the next fight.

There are two tanks near you, one to the left, a ton of rocket soliders in the
front of the building, a few towers, and a tank at the back right. Kill all 
three tanks and make your way left, and from here you can heal up using the 
building as cover. Then swing around to the front and just blast into the 
building, blowing up both sides. Heal up and move to the right to face the tank
and towers. 

Take the left side path and you'll be above the battlefield, so take out the 
two towers, then make your way down to take out the many Panzers as you go 
left. Circle around the enemy encampment and if you clear the left side you
can retreat to it for cover. There are towers and tanks on the right side and 
in the field, but don't overlook the tank in the middle. Once you clear the 
position and the tanks around, heal up and there is just one more tank among
the buildings and maybe a few infantry to burn as you move back there to end
the level.

Ring of Steel

This Mosin is not scoped, so you're better off using your pistol so you can
get an enemy rifle. Move up with your comrades until you hit the ruined 
buildings. Run to the right and inside the burning building slash at the 
Nazi inside. Pick up his Gewher and all I can say is use the cover of the walls
around the doorway and windows to pick off all the enemies. Start with the 
ones to the far left, keeping in mind that changing positions may allow you
view all the enemies. Then stay around the doorway and pick off the enemies 
up in the nearby building. For both cases focus on the RPG's in the top, and
feel free to swap to the Mosin when needed. Swap your weakest, emptiest gun
for a PPSh

Enter the building and go up the stairs and start picking off Krauts in every
window; that rocket launcher helps for the ones you can see directly into. 
Kill enough of them and the tanks can move up. Head down and around to see your
guys collecting at the stairs, and at the top will be a MG42 and ammo. Around
the corner are enemies, but your guys should be able to handle them. Move 
until you are on a walkway, and then look down to a gruesome scene.

Move along and you'll be near the asylum. Take cover and look right to some 
Nazis pouring into the street. The normal solution is to just run right and
stick to the buildings as you move up the street. The veteran solution is to
stand back and use the tank after it blows up as cover. From here just use 
the 42 and pick off heads. With the first bunch of Nazi's dead a second wave
appears deeper back, so pick more of them off. When your troops move up, 
follow and assist, but again, stay back and low.

Move up this street until the checkpoint clears. Now you have break into the 
asylum with a heavy Nazi resistance outside. It's actually not so bad if you
stay on this street, get to the tiny wall on the side, and from here bomb 
down your molotovs and frags all over the yard. Watch out for the MG up in
the window. When your men advance, follow and stay low again. Collect any
frags from dead bodies.

*DEATH CARD 8: Inside the asylum, go left and this is in the corner of the 

Go into either entrance of the asylum and make your way to the stairs, but to
the right is some more building you may want to see just to see it, no other 
reason. At the top you will enter a fight in the shower area, so I advise you 
run in and then back out of the shower area and take cover; I like the hole
in the wall to the left of the entrance. Toss in frags, mow down some enemies 
at the back to the right, then focus on cutting a path to the left.

After the checkpoint quickly pop the heads of enemies to the right, above the
courtyard, mostly up high. Then run left and hit some enemies in the opposite
window, up above, and down below, THEN get on the turret and mow down any
reinforcements to these windows. Mop up all around and advance when told.

In the next hall is a turret. Take cover to the left, pop a few enemies 
to the right, and after you throw a molotov at the turret run up and use the 
cover directly under it as you take out the handful of enemies inside and the
ones that run in. With this area clear, move up and down the next hall you can
pop a few enemies inside the ruined part. Run up, stay low, and then run to the
right to the walkway above the courtyard, but look to the left for an enemy or
two, and you can just wait here as your checkpoint should hit soon. If not feel
free to jump through the window and help out.

Then run out and join your friends in a pseudo-victory lap. However, there are
still tons of Krauts all over, and you're probably better off just sticking 
behind cover and shooting a Nazi every now and then as you follow the tanks. 
Just stay low, behind cover, dash to new cover as you move up, and there
should be little to no problems, even on vet. Watch the windows and RPG's.
Once a voice starts over the speakers, you can just sit and avoid death.


Move up to the murder and on the right is a Double-Barreled Shotgun to swap for
your pistol. Follow your men across a roof, inside, and they will take point 
in a room with some Germans. You don't have long before they notice you all
there, so toss a molotov and start blasting, only a handful of them to deal
with. Then go out the back and kill the two in the hall, then the two at the
bottom of the stairs. You can toss frags down the hall to scramble the two
at the top, then look over the railing and toss a frag to flush out the two
down below.

*NOTE: Use the shotgun only in close quarters, and you only have two slugs 
before before you reload, so keep that in mind.*

Go down and in the first room you see there is a Russian soldier being held by
two Nazis, so take them out quickly to save him; the second is near the 
Russian to the right of him. On normal you can sneak up the right side of 
this big room and take out enemies as you move up. But on vet you may want to 
assume the position the Russian was being held at and use the cover here to
pop heads and toss frags. After a little bit of that you can then move up the
left side of the room and use the balcony on the outside to flank the last 
few Nazis. Then you move up the hole in the wall to save the checkpoint.

*DEATH CARD 9: When you reach the checkpoint here, turn right and jump down
a hole, turn around, and the card will be on the pile of rubble.*

Now hopefully you already got the death card. If you did then you can just 
stay at this hole and use it as cover as you pick off the many enemies on the 
other walkway. If you fall down the hole then you have to keep your eye out for
nearby enemies as you make your way to the lobby area and fight your way back 
up, which will require clearing the upper enemies from below, which is hard.
If you don't need the card then just stay up here around the hole and pop heads
careful through your own guys, as they all take up the cover, but going to 
Reznov he seems to move for you; just watch for a rare grenade or two.

When ready to move toss a frag right over to the bookcase area, then be ready 
for a few enemies to pop up down below and back across the room. Then take 
cover in the sandbags by the cases. Run to the cover of a nearby hallway. Both
sides have at least two enemies deep inside. Your best bet is to toss a frag in
and pop out to take both out, but you must be quick. Then go to the end room
and kill the two down the other hall from behind. Lastly, in this end room 
look down and kill the turret gunner through the cracks in the floor.

Stay low while in the smoke-filled part of the basement. When it's clear you 
need to run from this first opening to the other room with the windows. From 
this right side pick off an enemy or two to the left, then slowly sweep your
way to the right as you pick off the enemies behind cover. There may be one
in the middle area that your team cannot seem to hit, so make sure they aren't
firing before you move. Then toss a frag deep to the left to flush out
the hiding enemies.

Now you must go through the opening and move up to flush out a second wave of
enemies even deep into the room. From the left side you can make a dash to 
a opening in a brick wall. Wait here as your men advance, then join with them
as you sweep the enemies, toss your frags, and move to the right so that you
can stop the stream of enemies. Once you move into the back of this building 
that will hit the checkpoint and your men will move up and onto the streets.

The name of the game here is move up. The enemies on this street are infinite,
but you can take out a fair amount before advancing each time. Here is the 
play-by-play. To start, don't exit the building, just go to the window and 
kill the first few Germans outside (they are the darker bodies). Then run
outside and to the left along the building and from here set your sight on the 
left side of the steps to slaughter the stream of Nazis that will end at some
point. Then run down to the open and take cover. Pop a few heads on this side 
and to the right, then move up to the steps area. A nice strategy here is to
use the bottom of the truck to kill enemies, and if the frags fall or it gets
too hot you can run up to a bookcase or fall back. Then pop some heads and move
to the right side of the street and move up. At some point there will be an
explosion and then you just move up the execution. You can either kill the 
Germans yourself or let your allies burn them alive, it's up to you, and it
has no effect on the game; I choose killing them fastly.

Take cover at the subway entrance and wait to go in. You can take the first 
left or continue down the steps. Either way you end up on one side of the 
tracks. Both sides have two rooms to enter, both have one MG nest, and from
both you also need to be aware of a few trains in the middle. Basically the
name of the game is shoot anything that looks organic because chances are 
it's a Nazi. Really, any sliver of movement of any round contour is cause for
a bullet in the dark. Just stay patient, use cover, it's probably best to stay
out of the rooms, toss frags at hiding enemies, and it's completely optional
to help the other side, as I believe they only shot at me once. There is no
solid strategy I can offer other than to take your sweet time and not to rush
this segment.

At the end just jump into the water and move up. I'm more than sure you can
just stay in complete cover and not help and the level will end, but feel free
to toss a few frags up and over.

Black Cats

*NOTE: You can aim like normal. And the countdown to switch guns will only
automatically switch you, so by pressing it fast you get to the gun a slight
bit quicker.*

This first segment only requires you to follow a few rules. First is to switch
to a gun when told. Second is to take out all 15 PT boats escorting the ships.
And finally is to aim for the ships when there is nothing else to attack. It's
wise to aim for the backs of the PT boats, and on the ships there are fuel 
tanks that seem to help you cause. It's real simple, just follow the guns you
are told and take out the small boats first. I'm more than sure that your 
final pass is when you actually take out the ships. Also, don't aim for the 
planes, they are your allies.

Next you must defend against Japanese Zeroes, or the tiny enemy planes. There
are waves that sweep in front of you, then you simply follow the clock
directions to track down the incoming trios. Just aim in their general 
direction as you can't really lock in on them and you'll do okay enough.

*NOTE: Aim for the white planes, not the blue ones.*

Soon you'll approach your own fleet of ships. You can hit a few white planes
as your rig goes into the water; should be one kamikaze to the right. Once in
the water you will switch to a side gun where you can rescue dudes out of the
water when not firing. First take care of the two PT boats, rescue a guy, then
the incoming planes, then the PT boats to your right, but you also need to 
pop some shots at the incoming planes in front of you, then rescue a dude. 
Then there should be two more boats on either side, pop a few planes, and 
rescue another. 

After that you will move to the front for one final go at some zeroes. I really
can't help you locate all the planes or help you shoot at them. All I can say 
is that you need to fire at all the planes you see and keep your eye out for 
the ones in front of you that come directly at you. After a while it will
end with success.

Blowtorch & Corkscrew

*NOTE: I know you have the flamethrower for this level, but it's really only
used for clearing bunkers and assaulting the first MG nest, use the big gun for
all the rest.*

Move up and it may interest you to know you have a Browning M1919, a big gun,
so I suggest you use that. When the checkpoint hits you need to go to the 
cover on the right as enemies pop up all around. Kill the ones to the left,
then fall back to where your guys are taking cover and from here pop all the
enemies you see. Move up the left side near the holes and there is a rock that 
provides cover for both. From here pick off all the enemies you see, and when
most are gone up up to stop the stream. More enemies up the hill, so pick off
and advance until the checkpoint hits and the MG turret begins to fire. Your
best move is to toss one frag up the hill, move up while picking off enemies,
then toss another toward the turret, move up, and then toss a final one up to
the right of the turret's location. When you move into the turret's area, just
use the flamethrower and burn anything that looks Japanese.

Through the tunnels watch out for the few enemies on the other side by a tiny
pond. The checkpoint hits and you'll notice the boxes to the right have golden
satchels on them. You can come here for more if you run out. When you move up
I suggest huggin the small trench as you move to the right to flank the 
bunker's position. Just stay smart and when all the infantry are down, approach
the bunker, burn em out, get by the opening on the right side, toss in the 
satchel (just like you call and airstrike), stand back, and fire.

*DEATH CARD 10: To the southwest of the first bunker, by the wall is the card.*

Assaulting the next bunker is very hard because of the grenade war that you 
must first survive. The second bunker is adjacent to the first, but you must
go around a barrier and up to reach it. This is tough because there are a ton
of enemies up there and they have a lot of frags, and yes, they always know 
where you are. You can try to kill the few to the left down below, but you 
need to keep the first bunker's battle zone open for you to retreat to when 
the frags are falling. An alternative is to just run up that path on the right
and try and take out the enemies, but it's best to endure the grenades and then
go up. Do the satchel again, along with the burning of the bunker first, and 
pick up more by the supplies nearby.

I say wait a bit and let your team move up. The reason is that for some reason
when I went back to retrace my steps and then moved up to where my men were, 
the enemies were kinda stopped and allowed me all the time I wanted to shoot
all them along the ridge. Otherwise just run to the abandoned bunker in the 
corner, but don't cross the bridge and pick off the enemies from here.

When you do cross the bridge two will rush you, then two will try to take up a 
position nearby, so take them out. The third bunker is ahead of this bridge 
along the right rock wall, but you need to kill all the Tojo on the field 
first when you approach this bunker, so fall back and pick them off. To take 
out the bunker just get to the right side of the opening and don't even flame
it, just toss in the bomb, stand back, and fire.

Go up to the next area where you follow your tank and men up a hill. The left
side is the tough side, so to right and aim for the top and toss a smoke up
there, you should have 4 from the supplies. You can toss another deeper to the
side as enemies will just keep coming, but also watch for the few to the left
of this path in the grass. Run up to stop the flow with probably the flame 
gun, just watch out for the few inside the little rock structure.

Once inside and your men catch up, move up as you keep an eye out for enemies
up high. Have your flame gun in hand because up ahead three banzais pop out of
holes. The tricky part is that around the corner to the left is an enemy bunker
and a sizable flow of enemies that cover it. One option is to gun in out, 
return fire and frags, and then run up with the flames. The second option is to
toss smoke and run up there with flames, but you have to be aware of the 
enemies inside the bunker and above it. Once you clear all the enemies above it
and around, your guys will move inside.

*NOTE: Keep an eye out for a Type 99 if you are low on your M1919, or just 
grab anything to replace it by this point.*

Enter and then run in with flames'a firin'. Clear out the first room of enemies
and just a few in the second room. Move down the left path and there may be one
more by the ladder. Go up after your team and quickly clear out the side of the
room with enemies. Don't be shy about tossing frags here, then run out and 
sweep the room of fire to clear it.

Go up the next ladder but make sure there isn't someone at the top, and when
you get up just stay by the ladder and the wall on the left and torch the two
or three enemies waiting. Let your team get up before you do anything, and 
chances are from here you can ignore the grenade indicators. This part is all
about luck and hopefully you have two smokes left. You'll use all your frags on
the middle and middle back of this room. When you will go to the right by the
boxes and toss two smokes, one to the back right and one to the middle. You'll
sweep right firing a few bursts of fire, then go left and finish off all the 
remaining Japs. Finally, at the back you must go up the ladder and burn the 
four remaining enemies, and they are very generous to let you get up and kill

Breaking Point

No ammo. Move up and you'll need to hold for ammo, then feel free to pick up 
another gun; try for the Tommy gun on the left. Then run to the right and go
prone behind the cover, and then look left for rushing Japs. From here you 
should just snipe the enemies perched on the trees. Take them out, kill a few
on the sides, don't die, and when your friends run up the left trench, you
follow, or just run up when the mortars start falling. Pick up the Type 100 if
your other gun is crap, but you should have a full Garand and keep the Tommy.

Drop into the hole and reload. Move through the tiny hole and wait. Down the 
next tunnel a room full of Japs. You need to cook a grenade for a few seconds 
and toss it in. How it doesn't kill them all is a mystery, but you need to toss
in a smoke after to obscure their vision, and to avoid their frags just run in
and smoke em. Go up the ladder on the other side.

Go around the corner and spring the trap of the enemy, then back up to the 
empty corner and kill anyone that comes after you, and you may need to go prone
for the enemies to the side. Then move up to the first set up steps and toss
some smoke so you can hit the MG turret way up high, and that should hit your

Now you just use the two statues in the middle of this zone and pick off the
enemies on the sides and middle. If a frag falls near you just run to the 
other statue. When it's quiet move up cautiously and you should see some 
enemies up the right. Move up the steps and use the cover to pick off the ones
that cover the long building. You can then run to the right inside a little 
shack and pick off the ones up and around the entrance. It's not safe to move 
up unless Roebuck says so, so until then watch the whole building for enemies.

*NOTE: Just so you know, you can shoot through wooden buildings.*

In the long hall there is a room on the side with a M1919, but before you go
in make sure to shoot the two "dead" Tojos, then swap your other gun for the 
M1919; reload it too. Go up the steps and all the guys along this bricked path
are friendlies.

When you reach the mortar pit area it's very simple. On both sides are two
tiny mortar pits that need clearing. On both sides are also two boxes of mortar
shells you can toss like grenades, they are by the cover. You need to know that
these things explode on impact and they have little arch, so you can only look
up to determine how far they go. Toss one to the building straight ahead to 
blow it up, then toss a few around the field, making sure you are looking a 
little up as you do so. When it's quiet look up to see any stray enemies, then
stand back from the cover, aim a little above the pits, and toss to clear them;
you will hav the objectives message let you know if you cleared them, or I 
guess you could go up and shoot the guys, but that's no fun. Do it on the other
side and then advance.

Move up to the second area and there is again a pit on the left and right. Stay
at this corner you enter this area from and just pick off the heads from the
pit or toss in a grenade; you can even use the little pegs on the building wall
to get a higher view. Once the first pit is clear you have five things you
must keep in mind. First is that the two pits on this end of the field have 
mortar shells, and there is a third box among the walls to the left. Second is
that there is a tower you can blow up with a shell in the middle. Third is that
depending on where the enemies are, there may be some weird enemy movements. 
Fourth is that there are two enemies in the building on the right. And lastly
you can kill the two enemies that hide in the grass on the sides of the door
to a building. Do all of these and enter to hit a checkpoint.

*DEATH CARD 11: After you clear all the pits, head south into the side building
where there should be one enemy, then pick up the card by the left window.*

On the other side you will be the option to go left or right. I say to right. 
What I did was I ran to the right and hid inside a ruined little 8x8 room, in
the corner. From that spot I was able to be shielded from the initial rain of
frags that fell around me. After that I just stood and used the broken wall to
pick off a few heads, and when a frag was near me I just ran up close to the 
pit of enemies. Clear it, watch for the ones in the pit on the other side, and
then move up. I stayed to the right and made a break for the corner of the 
steps in front of the building. From here I used the cover to pop out and kill
the final batch of enemies. But trust me, it took about twenty tries: half 
being frag deaths, some being an enemy behind me for some reason, and the rest
being frag deaths.

*NOTE: Frags are scarce, so comb the bodies to find any.*

Go into the building and head left and man the turret. After you clean off the
area, go help clear the remaining rooms; pick up a Thompson or Type 100 if you
need one. Head left and down into the tunnels and around the first corner
will be barrels in the back to shoot and blow up all the enemies. Then hit the
next room, take cover on the left, and pick off enemies as you move up; all the
barrels are live. Toss a frag into the room and then clear it out, but watch
for enemies on the other side. Head up to the next stairs, clear it, and go up.

Head down the steps and now you have a choice between Polonsky or Roebuck, so
choose who will live, but I believe saving Roebuck on the right gives you an
achievement/trophy, with nothing for the other guy.

Now comes the final stand, which is a mess. There are mortar shells to the 
right, but those are tricks into getting you to expose yourself. First thing
is first, go left and hide in the corner by the barrels and kill the first 
banzai to reach the checkpoint. Now just sit tight and wait for airstrike 
clearance, then quickly stand and set the strike on the building far to the
left. Doing so and surviving a banzai will set another checkpoint. Now smoke
billows up from the right building. Move up and go left and hide behind a 
statue until the strike is ready. Set it on the dead center of the right 
building and that should be it, you may have to send on another one, I'm not
entirely sure. So long Japan, enjoy America's two parting gifts!

Heart of the Reich

*DEATH CARD 12: As soon as the level starts, go left and into the other subway
entrance for this one.*

Move up with you allies down the left alley. You can toss a few frags up to the
enemies, then make your way to the left and clear out the enemies you see; 
there is a tiny divet to the left of the hole in the wall you can use for cover
but watch out for frags. Either enter the building or go along the outside, 
and I say go into the building. Let your guys go in for a few seconds then go
in. Keep in mind there are a ton of enemies on the side and two up above you,
so make sure you take them out. There is also the turret gunner way up high
that you can shoot from in here.

Clear it and move into the alley. I say just run to the right, let your guys 
catch up, and then run left to the barbed wire and youre team should move 
into the library. Clear out the narrow passage, and around the corner to the
right are enemies behind the desks. When you move up go right and then toss
a molotov to the same enemy area to hopefully clear them all away. Before you
jump out the window, go right and into a closet for a FG42, but save your PPSh.

Move up the trench and follow your men to the rallying point. Use your FG to
snipe a few Nazis before the battle begins, mainly the one on the turret and 
the ones on the right side of the field. Stay here, don't move, and snipe a 
few more all over. Hit a member of each crew of the two visible flak cannons,
then pick off all the guys you can see on the right side of the field, not
the ones up on the front lines, the ones in the back; the front line guys just
keep refilling.

Once the right side is clear run up to the right of a lamp. Quickly poke your
head through this break in the wall and kill a few enemies, then hop over and
take cover by ducking behind the little wall. Let your friends run up the 
steps if you must, and at any point you can run back down the steps to what 
is the most part relative safety. Now to get to the flak cannon on the right 
you must clear all the enemies around it, then run up the bench and pop a few
heads to the left, toss a frag to the left, run to the flak, hold the button
to plant the charge, and that is it.

Notice the little path in front of the tank and the wall shielding you from
enemies. The key here is to use this wall as cover and move directly into the
enemy's territory, and once you reach the corner of this cover your allies 
should storm up with you. Once they do you are free to run to any cover you 
wish, but the goal is to dash to the tiny cover by the cannon, pop a few heads,
plant, and then run back to the wall cover as the much needed checkpoint hits.
Yes, it may take a lot of tries until you can read further.

The rest of the Flaks are what I like to call, "run for its!" First, what you
want to do after blowing the second flak is to run up and to the right and take
cover behind the second box. Pop a few Nazis to the left, make sure there
isn't one on the other side or your cover, let a wave run out of the door 
nearby, and then run into that doorway. Hopefully your men advanced because if
they didn't they may need some help, so help from the doorway. 

Now there are frags on the other side by the hole. What you are going to do is
clear the enemies covering this hole and the ones by the cannon to the right. 
When it seems clear, run for it to the right, and you may need to go prone a 
few times, or toss a molotov at the cannon. Light it up, but there is one more
far to the left. Just run for it all the way left, prone if you must near the 
cannon, and light it up and run for it back to the cannon on the right. 

After what was a fairly simple break for the randomness of the first two
cannons, here we go again. You need to take cover at the doorway of the 
building on the right. Don't go down the right side of it because it's far from
secure. Just fight your way into the first room, and from here toss a frag up
the ladder, make sure you're safe from this position, and then move into the
next room. The main thing in here is to make sure you kill the sniper through
the tiny window in the building to the left. Once that is taken care of, or if
he's already dead, go up the ladder in the first room, not the third, and make
sure the sniper and his friends up here are dead.

Now, go up the ladder and be mindful there could be stray enemies to the left
and even another sniper in the left building, so be wary of that. From this
ladder you want to use the crack in the corner of this room and snipe enemies
from afar with you FG42. The left steps seem to be a stream of never-ending
Nazis that don't attack you, but you can kill them as you wish. You want to 
focus on continuously killing the two enemies that appear in the middle of 
the steps and will attack you. Once they stop coming or there is a calm, run up
this second floor and pick up a sniper rifle, swap out your PPSh. Hopefully
the checkpoint hits, if not just kill a few more and it should register any
minute now.

From here just use the opening on the left and pop the heads of Germans on the
right side of these steps until your allies move up the steps. Now there is a
KAR and PTRS up here to help you with the next part. All you have to do is keep
killing the enemies up in the windows and on the roof. Do this, move up to
the car, and soon the pillar will fall. Kill the flamethrower and you are
one level from ending this nightmare.


*NOTE: A good old fashion German MP40 is the rifle of choice when there is
nothing else to use.*

Swap your pistol for the PPSh on the floor. Move up to the big room and your
goal is to get to the left side. You can crawl along the cover because it's
hit or miss if just dashing will work. Use the cover here to kill the two that
will take cover to the left, then toss a frag to the enemies and run left 
where you pick the rest off and wait for your team to move up. Pop a few 
enemies in the middle, your other half should be working the opposite side,
and a checkpoint should hit soon. Getting up the steps is tricky. I would 
advise you toss a frag or two to the top, and run up the steps but take cover
at the bend. Then toss another frag and just run up and clear it as best you
can, may take some luck. FYI, pick up a MP40 when you find one.

*DEATH CARD 13: Around the corner of this hallway, at the end there is a door-
way on the right. Go in and in the dark corner is the final card.*

Head down the hall, killing the few enemies along the way, and at the next
room, turn right for the stairs and on the wall is a PTRS, so grab it and go
up, but keep your MP40. Reload it and take to the right side to pick up another
set of ammo. This first set of enemies do not attack you, so just pick away,
hitting any RPG's up in the front and then the turret gunner on the stage. 
When your objectives change and all the enemies scramble, snipe the enemies on
the opposite balcony. Then kill the two flamethrowers on the floor and anyone
else in gray. 

When your objective is to clear the floor, feel free to snipe away until you're
out of ammo, but your guys are waiting for you to join them at the door, so 
go with them after you kill all the flamethrowers so you get the checkpoint.
There is an STG to swap out your empty sniper rifle, but only do so after you
have cleared the floor. When it's clean, run up the aisle, pick up the RPG,
and shoot the eagle over the stage, then pick back up your gun. Go up the 
stage and wait for the door to open to go through and hit a checkpoint.

This top balcony is pretty tough. I say toss a molotov to the enemies nearby,
and clear them out. The tough part is clearing the enemies on the side, 
because they have range and they know where you are at all times. I say 
either fall back and pick off a few, or just advance, toss two or three frags
in their direction, and take cover behind the bookcase; and if you fall back
then do the same to advance. Then it's just pop out and kill the last few so
you can move on.

*NOTE: This next part is all about "the enemies waiting for you to think it's
safe" because if you give them any chance to attack you they will.*

Go up and you're at basically the last battle. Take cover to the left in the 
corner of the brick wall. You can pick off the enemies in the distance, but
the only way to move your team up is to run to the cover by the rail, then
you can come back to this corner. From here just pick off all the enemies in
the distance and the ones up high. The ones on your level are tricky because
aside from not needing to reload, they are ready for you. All I could do was
get right behind the barrel, toss a molotov over and then that didn't even
kill all of them. 

Once the initial enemies are clear, and they may still be hiding, you need to
get up to the steel beam and from here pick off the enemies in the sewer-like
part in the wall. With them clear and the place quiet, try to move to the 
right to see if there is one more hiding in the sewer, because you'll know it's
clear if your men move up with you.

Get into the tunnel and there are enemies at the other end, so toss a molotov
and another to kill them without much danger, or just go prone and kill them
by their legs. Now all you have to do is run into the middle to the sandbags,
and from there run to the other end of this tunnel. I say to improve your 
chances of success you should fall back to the end of this tunnel and pick off
the enemies around the wooden structure, and then maybe even go back to the 
beam to pick off the one or two up high. Either way, hit the middle sandbag,
duck for a moment, and then run to the other side of the tunnel. Run to the end
and your guys will all advance. 

Move through the wooden structure but just go prone as your guys exchange with
the Nazis on the roof as a rocket salvo will clear it and hit your final
checkpoint. After that, pick up the flag by the structure and then run 
forward for one final scene. Move up, plant the flag, and you just beat this
game on either normal or veteran.

The next CoD game should be the Civil War, that would be kinda different. 
Whatever the case, this has to be the last WWII game, it has to be.

OH YEAH, watch out for Nazi Zombies after the credits, you can quit from the 
pause menu and play at any time from online or solo, which is called...

* 5. Nacht der Untoten ( ZOMB555 )                                            *

Nazi Zombies! This is just like the horde mode in Gears of War 2 where it's 
just you and increasingly difficult waves of enemies. It's just a score-based
game, nothing too important. Have fun with friends. If you want to play on 
solo, it's the bottom level.

I won't go in depth, but I do want to give you some help. 

#1. You can buy guns from the chalk on the walls, but you need to earn points.

#2. You earn points by hitting zombies or repairing openings. Body shots are 
worth a little, killing a zombie is worth more, and a headshot is worth the 
most. You earn a tiny bit for each piece of an opening you fix.

#3. You can repair any opening that is damaged, but you only need two or 
three boards up, not the whole thing.

#4. You have a brief time between waves to repair, buy ammo from the chalk,
or open up new areas.

#5. There are several areas you can buy if you approach, such as the door that
says "help" from the first room. They open up new areas to buy guns, but also
new points of entry for the undead. You don't want to over-extend yourself or
you'll have too many enemies at once.

#6. You can only take three hits, so back up, run away, toss frags, watch your
back, anything to prevent a hit.

#7. Don't stay in one spot, you need to move around. To begin rounds you should
find enemies to shoot outside, and as the round progresses check up on all your

#8. Get the pick ups to help you survive. There are also red barrels outside
to take out some enemies, but save those for later rounds, or at least wait
until wave 5 or 6 to use them.

It's hard, and mostly just for fun.

* 6. Weapons ( GUNS666 )                                                      *

I will just list the ones I like. Haven't gone in depth with any of these, so
maybe I will later, or maybe not.

PPSh - By far the best gun with lots of ammo and very strong.

Thompson - Close second, but the shorter clip hurts it; still strong.

MP40 - Almost equal to the Tommy gun, just slightly weaker; holds a few more

Type 99 - If I'm not mistaken, this was the gun that made limbs fly.

FG42 - Hella strong, but small clip.  It's my fav.

M1 Garand - Strong, but only has a few shots.

M1A1 Carbine - I believe it's better than the Garand, but you run into fewer
	of these; they have more rounds.

PTRS-41 - Ha ha, this is the best sniper rifle I've seen in a long while. Not
	only do the shots kill in one hit anywhere, the damage it inflicts is 
	just not right. Not to mention it's fairly accurate without holding 
	still. I found it easier to aim while moving the sight around. Just

Frag Grenade - Standard frag. Cook, toss, dead.

Molotov - You light, toss, and there is a small fire where it lands. Good for
	enemies hiding behind something. Only used by the Russians in the
	solo game.

Smoke - Toss and a smoke screen prevents enemies from seeing you. Only used
	by Americans in the solo game, and only needed in a few spots.

* 7. Author Info / Copyright                                                  *



CoD Wiki - for gun info



Q: Where are the death cards?

A: Use the find command (Ctrl and F) and type "death card" and scroll through
the options for all 13. Easy.

Q: Help with multiplayer?

A: No thank you.

Q: Help with the Wii version?

A: No, this guide doesn't cover it and I have not played it.

Q: Zombies on the Wii?

A: No.

Q: How do I unlock the zombies?

A: Beat the game, watch the credits. Let it save or return to the title screen
so your system saves it.



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