Castlevania: Harmony of Despair: FAQ/Walkthrough

-------------------------[CASTLEVANIA: HARMONY OF DESPAIR]---------------------
---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
-------------------------------------[Xbox 360]--------------------------------


I didn't feel like FAQing this game but it seems that GameFAQs wants an FAQ for
it bad. So I guess I'll be the one to do the deed and satisfy the masses. The
game Castlevania: Harmony of Despair contains six actual levels with an extra
five levels available for downloadable content but I'll cover those separately.

I play as Johnathan in this game.

| Stage 01 |
Caught in the Cradle of Decay

Enemies: Zombie, Bat, Skeleton, Ghost, Axe Knight, Peeping Eye, Amalaric Sniper
Flea Man, Bone Pillar, Merman, Spittle Bone, Gurkha Master and Minotaur.

Hidden Item: Bell

Boss: Gergorth

Start off by going right and hit the lamps for items and money. Also attack the
Zombies. When you get to the slope, attack the Bats, then head to the dead end
ahead and hop up. Use your magic to attack the Axe night and Amalaric Sniper by
first hopping up the wall then turning left and shooting them. Climb your way
up the left side and kill the Skeleton and the Peeping Eye. Once you get on the
platform where the Skeleton was, attack the wall behind it to get some Tasty
Mints. Climb your way to the top and go left. There you will take out a Gurkha
Master and a Flea Man. Go up one screen and kill a Flea Man and go to the right
and open a Chest contains the Silver Stud then go back left and go up.

Gergoth will now start firing a light beam towards you. You will see a narrow
light first, then it will expand. Get out of the way before the attack expands
or major damage will be done. Get to the top and hop into the slide under the
bottom bell and hop into it to make the Hidden Item Bell fall from the bell on
the left. Kill the Flea Men and Bone Pillars if you wish. Hop up the bells and
go the left to get the Red Licorice for energy then go back to the bell on the
upper-right and hop through the ceiling. Climb to the top and go to the left
and kill the Bone Pillar. On the top left corner is a chest that contains the
Goggles. Go back down to the spot where you had defeated the Bone Pillar and
gotten the bell and go right. Kill the Gurkha Master and hop down to the very
bottom and kill the Fish Men as you go but watch out for Two Fish Men hopping
down from the top. 

Jump across the top of the water, get onto the platform and avoid the spinning
spiked windmills. Kill the Axe Knight and Peeping Eye. Run right and move the
lever. Get on the top platform and get the Meat Strip then hop onto the crate
and go up the next screen and go left to open a chest with 500G and go right.
Get on the moving foot hold and ride it to above the spinning gear and use the
gear as leverage to get to the next part on the right. Climb down to the bottom
and open a chest with the Studded Choker. Now climb up and go to the gear and 
drop down and hang a left into the opening. Kill the skeleton and climb up and
go left. Open the book if you choose. Keep going left and hit the lever to drop
the drawbridge. Kill the Bats and Peeping Eye. As you reach the top, go left
and get the popcorn. Climb up and go right to kill a Bone Pillar and Minotaur.
Get the chest at the very right and it will contain Prima Shoes. Head back down
and go across the gap and kill the Minotaurs. Next take out the Axe Knights.
Open the chest to get 500G then you will your your way up the stage by going up
the clock pendelums clock gears while killing all enemies in your path. Open
the chest at the top to get 500G. Go right and ignore the lever. At the end of
the path, drop down and face Gergoth.

Boss Fight: Gergoth
Stay to the left and hug the wall as you continually, use your skeleton magic
on Gergoth. Eventually the floor will break, hug the left wall to fall into the
opening. Zoom out and use all your Skeleton Magic possible to drop bones onto
Gergoth. When magic runs low, drop down and finish him off with melee attacks.
Open the casket for the Assassin Cape.

| Stage 02 |
Lord of Unseen Strings

Enemies: Ectoplasm, Bone Pillar, Treant, Axe Knight, Frozen Shade, Succubus,
White Dragon, Une, Yorick, Moldy Corpse, Aliorum, Persephone, Man Eating Plant,
Imp, Mimic, Sea Dragon, Glasya Labolas.

Hidden Item: Crown

Boss: Puppet Master

Go left and kill the Man Eating Plant and a Treant. Continue left and kill two
Treants and a Moldy Corpse. Get the Skull Mask at the dead end and go back. Go
up and to the right. Kill the Man Eating Plant, the Yorick, and then the White
Dragon. You can kill the Yoricks in the room above with a weapon that can reach
them through the floor (ceiling in your case). Hop up the rooms numbered 3 to 1
as you kill Ghosts then go left. Kill the Molding Corpses, and go down at the
end. Kill the Une at the stairs on route to the bottom. Once there, kill the
Moldy Corpse and Treant. From here on out, avoid the bloody trap as all costs.
At the dead end, head down and kill the Une and get the treasure that holds the
Chain Mail. Go left and get the Berry Cruller. Kill the Succubus and the Yorick
before going down. Kill the 4 Moldy Corpses and get the Bikers Jacket out of
the chest. Go back up then left, then up, then go left.

Hit the lever and raise the barrier then go through the top platform and keep
going left. Get the chest above for 1000G then proceed to the left. Kill tje
Ectoplasm and some Ghosts. Get 500G from the chest at the bottom and go right.
Kill the White Dragon if you like then go left and kill the Armor Knight and
get the treasure with the Viking Helmet. There is also more Chain Mail in the
room above if you want it. But anyway, return to the original room where you
had climbed back up to and this time go up to the top (marked 15) and hit the
lever then go left and up to room marked 7 then 5 and go right. Jump onto the
chandelier then go upwards and to the left once you reach the opening. Get the
1000G from the chest and keep going up. Go right and kill the Disc Armor and 2
Persiphones. Go up at the end and go right. There will be a Mimic in the next
room so be careful with it. Next room over, drop down and kill the Moldy Corpse
and jump over the trap. Destroy the wall on the right for a Tasty Meat then go
to the platform above for a Breastplate treasure. Now go to the top. In Hard
Mode, you will face a Sea Demon here. Use the Bone Pillar for leverage and 
kill it then go to the top left room to kill a Succubus and get 1000G. Do the
same for the other side and kill an Aliorumnas and get the Biker's Jacket.

Now go back and kill the Bone Pillars with any weapons you can throw from above
and drop down. Go right and kill the Frozen Shades and Moldy Corpse. Go up the
first chance you get and kill the Treant and Man Eating Plant. There is a Bible
at the end. Get it then go back and go down then right. Kill the Aliorumnas and
Yorick and go down and kill another Aliorumnas and a White Dragon. Once you get
to the bottom, kill the Frozen Shade and Yorick and get the treasue with the
Iron Helmet. When you climb back up, destroy the edge where the stair is for a
Tasty Meat. Then go left across the gap, knock down a few Bone Pillars then use
them for leverage to get the Danger Knee on the right then double jump across
to the left for 1000G. There is another mimic to the left. Avoid it then hit
the lever on the left then avoid it again if you like as you return right. Now
you will work your way over to the spot you lifted the lever and go down. Kill
the Glasya Labolas. Go right and hit the lever. Kill the Imps on route to the
Cape of Invisibility. Go left, and jump over the trap. Go down and kill the Sea
Demon (hard mode), hit the lever and kill the Gurkha Master for the Boomerang.
Go to the right and drop down. You will see 10 White Keys and 6 Black Keys. To
get the hidden item: Crown, step on the keys in this order.

5W, 5B, 6W, 5W, 2B, 5W, 5B, 6W

Now go back up twice to the right to face Puppet Master.

Boss Fight: Puppet Master

Get in close and attack him by swinging the ball and chain. This will kill any
corpse the Puppet Master brings and damage him as well. When he starts moving
to the left, move left yourself and use your magic and restore your magic to
full and you will probably kill Puppet Master without having to chase him room
to room. Get the Cuirass to complete the level.

| Stage 03 |
The End of Chaos

Enemies: Skeleton, Axe Knight, Minotaur, GlasyaLabolas, Cave Troll, Fire Demon,
White Dragon, Bone Pillar, Imp, Peeping Eye, Fleaman.

Hidden Item: Moai

Boss: Menace

If you want the hidden item in this level, you must use a character with a jump
kick attack. Don't bother staying on the bottom to fight the Minotaurs unless
you plan on treasure hunting. Jump up a level and kill the Axe Knight. Kill the
White Dragon on the right then kill the Cave Troll as you work your way up. 
Up the staircase,kill the Imps and then the Fire Demon at the top of the stair-
case (by staircase I mean blocks arranged in that fashion). Go up to the next
level and go left. Don't smash the gelatin blocks. Use them to get up on the 
platform above. Run to the left and open the green chest. Drop down to the far
left and keep going down and open the blue chest and hit the lever now as this 
will be used as leverage to fight Menace when you go up against him. Climb back
up and kill the Skeletons and kill the Imps and get the Escargot for health.

Go left and kill the Fire Demon and Cave Troll. Climb up a level to kill an Imp
then kill the Glasya Labolas by destroying the bubbles it spews then attacking
it from afar.  Kill the Axe Knight next then kill or slip past the Minotaur you
face next. Drop down and you will see a bony spine, but double jump to the left
to open the Blue Chest. Kill the Imps and Cave Troll to keep them out of your
hair during the boss fight. This also goes for the Peeping Eye you will free
from the jelatin cubes. Same with the Fleamen bleow. Free them and kill them.
Now work your way down and kill all the enemies in your path. Whip the gelatin
blocks on top jump kick the big one on the very left and whip the other blocks
away except the one on the bottom left to use it for leverage when you run from
Menace. Once all the necessary blocks are whipped away, you can go right and
hit Menace to awaken him and begin the boss fight.

Boss Fight: Menace

Don't bother fighting him now, run for your life to the very left. Jump kick
the small gelatin blocks away along the way. Once you are safe from harm from
Menace, climb up high and zoom out to find the path to the golden platform that
I said to activate earlier. Once you are on there, Menace's 2 major weak spots
can be attacked easily (face and heart). Constantly attack his face and when he
rears back his fist, duck under his punch attack in the middle of the platform
then slide left under the recoil. To attack his heart, wait for Menace to rear
his leg back then double jump over his kick attack. Now go for the heart. Once
both are destroyed, you can end the level but wait... what about that secret

Drop down where Menace's dead body is and climb your way back up to the left so
you can get to the platform above the center of the blackhole in the background
of the level. Once you get to the end, use a jump kick to go through the center
of the blackhole and the Moai is yours. This tactic is easiest to perform with
Shanoa as her Magnes ability allows her to climb up the nodes and save time.

| Stage 04 |
Esquisse of Violence

Enemies: Spittle Bone, Lerajie, Dullahan, Axe Knight, Witch, The Creature, Cave
Troll, Gurkhan Master, Flea Man, Glasya Labolas, Ghost.

Hidden Item: Goemon

Boss: Brauner

Go right and kill the Axe Knights and Skeletons. Go up once you see the stairs
and kill the Creature to the right. No kill the Gurkhan Master, two Flea Men 
and the two Cave Trolls. Work your way up and kill the Dullahan by attacking
the loose head. Get the chest behind it which contains an Iron Plate then hop
on and off the platforms quickly before they dump you and try to make it to the
upper right. Kill two Glasya Labolases and a Cave Troll then go up to the next
level and to the left. Kill the Imp here then kill the Fire Demon and then The
Creature and a Cave Troll as you trek left. Let the Gurkhan Master get under
the platforms and use it for leverage to get up there for the treasure and some
healing items. Drop back down and kill the Gurkhan Master and continue to the
left and kill another Gurkhan Master and you'll soon be going up.

Defeat a couple Lerajies as you trek upwards. Go right once at the top and kill
the Imps if they get in your way as well as the Gurkan Master, Ghosts, and the
Dullahan. Hop up and off the platforms to get to the left and then jump inside
the picture with a flashlight to transport to another room. Go left and kill
the Witch and Spittle Bone. Get to the bottom and kill the Lerajies and Spittle
Bone on the way and jump into another picture. You'll warp somewhere in the top
right. Go right and kill the Glasya Labolas, The Creature, and then the Gurkan
Master. Hit the lever. Ignore the picture and get the treasure on the edge and
fall off. Remember where you fought the second Dullahan earlier? Go back to the
spot and this time go right and open the treasure, ride the platform up then go
left and up. Ignore the picture and go up and enter the mirror to fight...

Boss Fight: Brauner

Brauner starts off with Blood Arts Technique and shows an example painting on
him that fill form on the screen in a bigger version and it is harmful to touch
so you will be whipping away at it to get rid of parts of it. When you get past
it to attack, whip at Brauner rapidly but back off when he does Painting of the
Souls where he rains blood upon you and sends an artbook with ghosts coming out
to attack where you stood. You turn to stone if hit. When he says, "This is 
Art", he will jump inside of a painting and travel around the room and then 
jump out. Pattern repeats itself except with different paint patterns. You can
wear him down easily.

The secret item is found by making your way to the far right of the stage and
when you reach the bottom, jump into the alcove and the Goemon will pop out
somewhere on the left and side.

| Stage 05 |
Song of the Unslakable Blade

Enemies: Buer, Peeping Eye, Lerajie, Cave Troll, Medusa Head, Axe Knight, Harpy
Gurkha Master, Sea Demon, Peeping Eye, Dead Warrior, Imps, Skeleton Gunmen.

Hidden Item: Vic Viper

Boss: Death

Go right and use the pendulums to get over the spikes. Kill the Dead Warrior
and get past the Swinging Axes. At the dead end, go up a level and go left. If
the Cave Troll gets in your way, kill it. Step on the pad next to the light and
aim it to the upper right until it touches the first gear it reaches. Now go to
the right and make your way upwards and kill the Cave Troll you come across. Go
right and kill the Imp then hop on the ledge above left and destroy a piece of
the wall to get some food. Watch out for Death's mini-sickles and use the gears
to get up to the next level but watch out for the ceiling spikes. Steer clear
of the spinning spike windmill and hop up a level. Kill the Harpies and use the
gears to go into the upper left. Throughout the level you can do some damage to
Death before the actual fight. Kill the Lerajies as you go down. Now you kill
the Skeleton Gunmen and get the Meaty Strip then jump out of the castle to the
left. Drop all the way down and drop down a level and go left.

Duck and kill the Nova Skeletons to avoid their beam of light. Kill the Lerajie
and kill the one below you as you go down. Go left and go on the first ledge
you see and destroy the ledge for a Kiwi. Kill the Medusa Heads you see if you
need to. Get to the upper left and hop up a level and go right. Avoid the axes
and duck when you get the blue chest containing a Stone Mask then jump over the
Buer. Get the Hot Dog first then go back and kill the Spittle Bone and then an
Axe Knight. Get to the top and kill a Harpy and Aliorumnas. There is a Blue
Chest with some clothes inside then go to the left for a Green Chest and food.
Drop into the alcove and get past the spike windmill as you go up. Get the red
chest and kill the  Disc Armor and go up a level. Go right and kill the Harpies
and Dead Horsemen and step on the switch to open the path to Death himself.

Boss Fight: Death

This will be a tough fight. Start off by avoiding his downward stab once the
fight begins then hit him as he flies around the room. Throw your weapons at
him if you can use them and whip your vine to attack the mini-sickles. Watch
out for his dashing slice. Slide under it if you can or double jump over it.
Better yet, let him get close and slide away at the last second to dodge it.
When Death sends a bloody spiraling circle, get inside and start attacking him
rapidly. When he summons six giant schyte blades, slide out from the middle of
them and avoid them as they go every which way. Always remember that he will
randomly use the downward stab. With these attacks in mind, you should know how
to take care of him.

To get to the secret item, Vic Viper, go to the room in the upper left portion
of the room and jump into the mirror. Get the blue chest on the right then drop
down into the room and go to the corner and press up, quickly run back to the
chest and try to grab Vic Viper zooming by. If you miss, get to the mirror fast
then transport to the other side and jump to get him.

| Stage 06 |
Come Sweet Hour of Death

Enemies: Buer, Malachi, Dullahan, Medusa Head, Lerajie, Succubus, Sea Demon,
Thunder Demon, Nova Skeleton, Gurkha Master, Disc Armor, Aliorumnas, Final 
Guard, Ectoplasm, Specter.

Hidden Item:  Konami Man

Boss: Dracula

Run right and kill the Aliorumans and go up to the next level and then kill the
Thunder Demon on the way there. Go to the right slightly and go up a level and
kill the Nova Skeleton, Lerajie, and Medusas as you go up. At the top, go right
and kill the Malachi. Drop down a level and go right. Kill a Nova Skeleton and
a Malachi. Then instead of going past the Malachi, go up and go right. Kill a
Nova Skeleton, Dullahan, and Disc Armor. Drop down a level and there are a lot
of red treasures. Go left and kill the Ectoplasm and Sea Demon. You can destroy
the edge and get food. Go down and kill the Ectoplasm and Nova Skeleton. Now do
away with the Specter and Thunder Demon and drop down to kill a Lerajie and a
Succubus then go right to kill a Thunder Demon and drop and kill a Malachi, a
Buer, a Dullahan, and Disc Armor. Go up to kill a Nova Skeleton. At the top you
kill a Sea Demon, go left and down. You can ignore the Gurkha Master and go up
past the Medusa Heads at the top, go left and you'll fight the toughest foe yet
next to Dracula. What makes him so tough is that he takes 1 hp damage per hit
no matter what you throw at him. Go past him and go up the stairs. Get on the
roof before going up the stairs first. There is a secret item to collect there.
It's the Konami Man. Get on the roof and press Up. Zoom out so you can see him
zipping by and collect him. Now go back up the stairs to face Dracula. Step on
the switch to get inside first.

Boss Fight: Dracula

Dracula fights in three forms. In his 1st form, you can make him a sitting duck
easily. Try to determine where he's facing and get behind him and whip him to
hell until he disappears. If he appears in a corner, jump above him and keep
jumpkicking him till he disappears. Not only do you hurt him but you will also
avoid any attacks he throws in the process. When he transforms to form two, he
is a sitting duck there too. Run back and forth avoiding his jumps. He'll rain
green arrows when he jumps. When he lands, whip him like crazy. Eventually he
will sends souls at you and send a light beam at your current position that can
be avoided. This will break the monotony but you can he'll return to just his
jumps. Also he will shoot a fireball that runs along the ground and you can hop
over it. After a lot of damage, he'll gain another form and hell starts now. He
will stay still taking damage before he guards against it. He'll form a red
circle and send fire pillars that will erupt where you currently stand. Try to
lure to fire to a spot so you can avoid it. His other attacks include sending
a series of triangles and then he will close his arms together to form a circle
that erupts a series of fire pillars at the same time as well as an electrical
ceiling above. Get in the safe zones then attack when safe. Another attack will
consist of harmless lasers followed by harmful ones to attack where the other
ones hit. Get in the safe spots. There's more. He can form flame pillars at the
corners and summon a Demonic Methodome that can cover almost the whole screen
but you can run to the spots where the flame pillars conviently vanish. Beware
that the triangles and claws do major damage as well as the Demonic Methodome.
Keep these attacks in mind and he'll fall.

That concludes my FAQ. But don't worry, I'll cover the other 5 levels within
seperate FAQs as there is a page for each one. Also be on lookout for my FAQ
for Yakuza 4.


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