Chronicles of Riddick FAQ/WALKTHROUGH

                             T H E    C H R O N I C L E S    O F   
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                 E S C A P E  F R O M  B U T C H E R  B A Y
                        FAQ/WALKTHROUGH  VERSION 1.3

                       T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S

I. General Information
      [I.    Introduction        ]
      [II.   COR: EFBB           ]
      [III.  Legal Information   ]
      [IV.   Contact Information ]
      [V.    Controls            ]
      [VI.   Characters          ]     
      [VII.  Game Basics         ]
      [VIII. Enemies             ]
      [IX.   Weapons             ]
      [X.    Fighting Tactics    ]
      [XI.   Cigarette Locations ]

II. First Max
      [I.    Escape              ]
      [II.   The Arrival         ]
      [III.  Prison Yard         ]
      [IV.   Aquila Territory    ]
      [V.    Infirmary           ]
      [VI.   Mainframe           ]
      [VII.  Prison Yard Riot    ]
      [VIII. The Pit             ]
      [XI.   Papa Joes Den       ]
      [X.    Dark Tunnels        ]
      [XI.   Showers             ]
      [XII.  Guards Quarters     ] 
      [XIII. Abbot               ]        

III. Double Max

      [I.     Tower 17                   ]
      [II.    Tower 17 Base              ]
      [III.   Recreation Area            ]
      [IV.    Feed Ward                  ]
      [V.     Work Pass                  ]
      [VI.    Mine Entrance              ]
      [VII.   Security Checkpoint        ]
      [VIII.  Upper Mines                ]
      [IX.    Cargo Transport            ]
      [X.     Mining Core                ]
      [XI.    Tower 19                   ]
      [XII.   Container Router           ]
      [XIII.  The Crash                  ]
      [XIV.   Abandoned Equipment Center ] 
      [XV.    Central Storage            ]
      [XVI.   Loading Docks              ]
      [XVII.  Fuel Transport             ]
      [XVIII. Hanger                     ]

IV. Triple Max

      [I.   Excersize Area    ]
      [II.  Cyro Pyramids     ]
      [III. Facility Control  ]
      [IV.  Corparate Offices ]
      [V.   Take off Platform ]

V. Side Missions 

      [I.    Kill Molina for Shabby                  ]
      [II.   Cuellas Snitch List                     ]
      [III.  Kill all the Bluskins                   ]
      [IV.   Find Jagger Valance                     ]
      [V.    Find Gulags Red Tube                    ]
      [VI.   Poison Binks Food                       ]
      [VII.  Get TwoTounges Injector and Kill Bassim ]            
      [VIII. Find Shruiks Glasses                    ]

VI. Version History

VII. Credits


/                             I. GENERAL INFORMATION                         \

_______________________________I.I INTRODUCTION______________________________

Hi, my gamefaqs name is ieatdirttoo, however My real name is David Donaldson. 
I live in St Louis missouri and Im seventeen about to start my Senior Year
in High School. I first got my NES back in 1993(I know it was old even then).
Since then Ive been hooked on Video Games. I use Notepad to create guides, 
and I highly reccomend it since its so simple to use. I tried using wordpad, 
but I found out that it isnt the best tool for making guides. I also tried 
Microsoft Word, which was just to complicated. I make guides on a DELL 2400 or
a Compaq Presario. Neither one of them is very good for gaming, except for
Older Games.

I spend 2-4 hours a day in front my TV playing games. I own a Playstation 2, 
Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo 64, SNES, NES, anda Dreamcast. I am not exactly
what you would call a Harcore gamer but I do play video games a lot.

Im play games on a 27 inch HDTV. I have a surrond sound system which supports
both DOLBY Pro Logic and 5.1 Surround Sound. I usually play after school, but 
if its summer time then ill play during the day. I find that my surround sound
system really makesa difference an makes me more excited when Im running around
Omaha beach in Medal of Honor: Frontline. I use the Controller S, which seems
to fit my hands better than the huge origintal controller. I think that 
Microsoft went in the right direction making its controllers designed for
a FPS, since most Xbox games are shooting games.

The Chronicles of Riddick has some of the best graphics Ive ever seen. Normal
Mapping creates some of the more detail than any other console game. The 
lighting, shadows, reflestions, everything is just so accurately placed. The 
only complaint I have about the graphics is that they are rathert low 
resolution. In some of the cutscenes edges are so jaggy its unbeliveble. But 
thats probably due to the enourmous deatail and lighting.

MY contributor name is also my message board name, but I rarely browse the
Chronicles of Riddick(which will now be said as "COR: EFBB") board. I have
several reviews for Xbox and PC games, including this game. I love this game
and think its one of the best FPS shooters ever. As of right now I only have 
one other faq, its for Max Payne 2 on Xbox.


Okay, you have to face it that most movie based games stink(E.T.). While 
some of these games break that stereotype, most do not. Movie games just seem
to be low on quality. Thats exactly what I whought when I first saw this
game, but I was terribly mistaken. I went over to my friends house and played
this game and realized how I was terribly wrong. Right away I was addicted
to this game, and I have beaten it 5 times since then.

This game is unique in the way that it blends a fps and a stealth game. It
adds tons of replay value. You can choose to run in guns blazin and ready
to kill, or you could just sneak up and silently kill everyone. They seem
to balance this out well too, which prevents the gae from being boring. If
you dont have alot of patience then this game amy be frustrating to you since
you muse sit and wait a lot.

As you may have noticed, COR: EFBB has some of the best graphics ever seen on 
Xbox. It runs of a new engine that Starbreeze designed. It uses Normal Mapping,
Bump Mapping, and AF. This creates a vividly amazing enviorment that rivals
what DOOM3(Xbox) is shaping up to look like. It also runs at a decent frame
rate, which is impressive considering how well it looks. I might have mentioned
this already but the resolution does tend to get low sometimes, but mostly 
during cutscenes.  

Starbreeze worked with VIn Deisels personal company to make this game. Riddick,
Johns and other characters are voiced by the original actors. They also added
some new characters into the mix such as abbot. Although he isnt very important
he fits well inside the game, his voice is provided by Xzibit. The voice talent
in this game is top notch. The characters voices are clear and sound accurate

__________________________I.III LEGAL INFORMATION_____________________________

Below are the current sites that can use my faq.

Despite my previous policy, I am now letting sites use my faq. If you want to
use this faq on your sight, I would appreciate it if you sent me an email
so I know. However, I must DO NOT alter it or take compensation for it. Thats
just plain rude, and it also shows no respect to me

________________________I.IV CONTACT INFORMATION______________________________

If you have a question or comment, or spot a mistake(not a typo), please 
inform me of it via email to However, if you
send me any emails with questions that are already covered in the faq,
they will be deleted. I have already recieved tons of emails like "Im stuck
here, will you tell me what to do". Ive answered a few of them, but not 
any more. Just read the walkthrough, If you really cannot find a clear way
to get through, email me and I will rewrite that section if I think its
too sloppy. Also, do not send any emails to my other email addresse which
was I no longer check mail for that addresse, so it
would be pointless to send something.

When you send your email, please put the subject COR: EFBB WALKTHROUGH so 
I know that its not spam. Also, dont send me emails with explict content or
foul language, if you do you will not get a reply.  Also, if you dont mind 
could you be friendly in your email. Please dont be rude.

_______________________________I.V CONTROLS__________________________________


Move/Strafe         -Left Thumbstick
Look/Aim            -Right Thumbstick
Fire/Punch          -Right Trigger
Block/Melee Attack  -Left Trigger
Crouch              -Click Left Thumbstick
Eyeshine            -Click Right Thumbstick
Menu                -Start Button
Inventory Menu      -Back Button
Action              -X button
Change Weapon       -Y button
Reload              -B button
Jump                -A button
Zoom                -Black Button
Flashlight          -White Button


Move/Strafe         -Left Thumbstick
Look/Aim            -Right Thumbstick
Fire/Punch          -Right Trigger
Block/Melee Attack  -Left Trigger
Crouch              -Click Left Thumbstick
Eyeshine            -X button
Menu                -Start Button
Inventory Menu      -Back Button
Action              -A button
Change Weapon       -Y button
Reload              -B button
Jump                -Click Right Thumbstick
Zoom                -Black Button
Flashlight          -White Button
Flashlight/Eyeshine -White Button


Move/Strafe         -Left Thumbstick
Look/Aim            -Right Thumbstick
Fire/Punch          -Right Trigger
Block/Melee Attack  -Left Trigger
Crouch              -Down on D-pad
Eyeshine            -Click Right Thumbstick
Menu                -Start Button
Inventory Menu      -Back Button
Action              -X button
Change Weapon       -Y button
Reload              -B button
Jump                -A button
Zoom                -Black Button
Flashlight          -White Button


Move/Strafe         -Left Thumbstick
Look/Aim            -Right Thumbstick
Fire/Punch          -Right Trigger
Block/Melee Attack  -Left Trigger
Crouch              -Click Right Thumbstick
Eyeshine            -X button
Menu                -Start Button
Inventory Menu      -Back Button
Action              -A Button
Change Weapon       -Y button
Reload              -B button
Jump                -Click Left Thumbstick
Zoom                -Black Button
Flashlight          -White Button

____________________________I.VI. CHARACTERS__________________________________


RIDDICK- Riddick is a murder and one of the most wanted outlaws in the 
universe. He uses force to get what he needs. His voice is intimidating and
quiet. The reason he is in Butcher Bay is because of Johns, the Bounty Hunter
whos follows Riddick in a desperate attemp to put him in a slam for good. 
Riddick uses stealth to kill his enemys, and does it very well. They list
of people hes killed would go on forever. Riddick has a mystic voice inside
his head. The voice keeps telling him to find his destiny and not to hold
back. Riddick is not like other Humans, which you will find out when you 
watch the movie. His voice is provided by Vin Deisel.

JOHNS- Johns makes his living off of capturing wanted prisoners then selling
them to prisons. He is a depressed soft spoken person with a nack to make
Riddick mad. Johns follows an impossible mission of getting Riddick into
a Slam and getting a good price on him. He has several almost succesful tries
but never has accomplished his goal. In the movie Pitch Black Johns actually
dresse up like a cop in order to get Riddick to a slam. However they crash on
a Desert Island. Sadly, Johns does not live to see the day when Riddick dies.
Instead he is left bitten in two to rot on the grounds of a frozen waste land.

HOXIE- Not much is explained about Hoxie in the game. Hoxie is the owner of
Butcher Bay, the Slam in which this game is set in. Judging him by what he
owns he is a wealthy buisness man with a dutch accent. He dresses in a green 
outfite with yellow decorations. He has long blond hair with a wort on the 
side of his cheek. He is aggresive and out front with his points. Despite 
what Riddick has done, for some reason it seems like Hoxie respects Riddick.
In the end Hoxie is accendentally betrayed by his own guards. The last time
you see Hoxie he is lying a chair with his head swinging lifelssly and several
bullet holes in his torso.

ABBOT- Second in Command of Butcher Bay, Abbot defines the term "Gangsta" in
Riddicks universe. Fast Talking, Foul Mouthed, and Dangerous Abbot uses every
thing in his power to make prisoners lives miserable. Hes dressed in shiny
black and red armor. He is voiced by and has the resemblance of Xzibit(Pimp
my Ride). Hes african american with cornrows and a slight mustasche. You meet
Abbot on several occasions through out the first half of the game. You end up
killing him in a brutal melee battle in Tower 17. This guy is personally
my favorite character besides Riddick.

POPA JOE- Joe is a mysterious prison hermit that lives in the deep tunnels of
Butcher Bay. He is a large tan man with several tattoes and pody paint. You
meet Joe when traveling throught the pit. He helps you get your Eyeshine
Ability, which is Riddicks trademark. You actually do a favor for him and then
he stitchs all your wounds. 

_______________________________I.VII GAME BASICS_____________________________

Health: Riddicks health is determined by how many blocks there are in the 
top left conrner of the screen. You start out with 4, and by the end of the
game you can have a total of 8. When you are damaged one of these blocks will
turn reddish. If you stand for a couple of seconds ONE block will regenerate,
making it a little easier on you. Unlike some games Riddick is actually pretty
weak, meaning that he will take lots of damage fairly quickly. When your 
health is low I suggest that you find some cover and let the one block 
regenerat before you go back into battle.

Nanomed Stations: This station is what you use to refill your life. These are
scattered all through the prison. They are a big box on the wall with a red
or black strip. GO up and press X to use one. Sharp needles come out of 2 
holes and go into Riddicks neck, presumably inserting medicine to heal him.
There are 4 one time use nanomed stations that increase your health maxiumum
by one block as well as healing you. Red stripped stations are located in 
First and Double Max, Black ones are located only in Triple Max.

Jumping/Climbing: Jumping in this game pretty average. You press A to jump and
X to grab onto ledges. Riddick will pull himself up on almost anything that
is wothin his reach. You also can use this to grab onto ladders and hangrails.
You have to climb up things frequnelty in the game. You also need to shimmy
a little, what I mean is moving left and right when hanging on a ledge. Like
other games you will get damaged if you fall from to far of a hight, so keep
that in mind. 

________________________________I.VIII ENEMIES________________________________


Weapons: Shiv, Club, Knuckleduster, Fists
Intelligance: Stupid

Description: As said in the manual, prison is a kill-or-be-killed place, so
your not the only murderer. Inmates are found in almost every level of the
game. They usually are weaponless, but the carry a variety of home made 
prison weapons which they use to there full potential. Inmates in Maximum
Security will be less aggresive and more cooparative with you considering
they are afraid of you. Inmates in double max will be meaner and more 
aggresive towards you. Inmates in third max are paralyzed dummys that wont
talk or move. Inmates are really stupid. they wont follow you when you run
or use varied tactics. 


Weapons: Screwdriver, Knuckleduster, Assault Rifle, Gun
Intelligance: Average

Description: Mechanics are rare enemys scattered across the game. They are 
dressed in uniforms similar to inmates. They are unarmored weak and just
thrown in here and there for support. They carry screwdrivers and shivs most
of the time, but they can carry guns. In the very beggining one even carrys an
assault Rifle. As for intelligence, they are pretty smart. Since they usually
no gun when they see they will just run out charging try to beat you up. When
they do have guns they act pretty much like any other guard. You know, Shoot
to kill then seek and destroy. It seems like MEchanics are just put in the
game as support.


Weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Gun
Intelligance: Average

Description: These are non-armored guards payed mostly to walk around and 
monitor prisoners. They usually wont be aggresive, but if you get in there
way they wont hesitate to pump you with 38 rounds out of there assault rifles.
They are mostly found in the beggining of first max but are also located in
random locations in double and triple max. They have pretty good aim, and use
the gun most of time when out of first max. Despite how they look, they are
pretty smart. They will seek you out when you flee, Actually try to kill
you rather than just standing around. They also will kill you on site if they
see you with a weapon classified as lethal(shivs, tranq guns, ect.). 


Weapons: Assault Rifle, Shotgun
Intelligance: Smart

Description: These are the most common enemy in the game. Unlike the Max
Security guards these boys are armored and tough. Dont walk to close unless
you want the butt of a rifle in you face. They mostly use Assault Rifles
but will use shotguns from time to time. They are tough and intelligant. 
Unlike other guards they follow you and dont let you recharge your health.
You will see alot of these guards. Mostly in Double Max, but they are also
common in Maximum and Triple Max too. These guards are much smarter than there
unarmored counter parts. They use tactics and work together to force you out 
of hiding. There assaul rifles also have flashlights on them, making the dark
alot less protective. These enemys are generally hard, but not as tough as
some other enemys.


Weapons: Assault Rifle, Gun, Shotgun
Intelligance: Very Smart

Descripition: These low armored fighters lead there men into battle. They wear 
the samearmor as Abbot, but are very weak. There armor is not as thick as a 
DoubleMax guard, and they tend to have bad aim. They are found in all three 
securitysettings, but are probably the most least common enemy in the game. 
They arefast runners however since they are wearing less armor. Most of the 
time they fight with Assault rifles like every othe guard. These guys are
extremly smart, but It is all put to waste since they cannot defend themselves
properly. Since they lead guards in battle they must be intelligent. They also
use the normal gun to there advantage. The only personn you will probably find
a gun on is this guy.


Weapons: Minigun
Intelligance: Dumb

Descroption: These guards are assigned specifically to attend to riots and
escaped convicts. They carry a minigun, the best gun in the game. There armor
is nearly impossible to penetrate except for the paneling on there back. They
are found in every sectin of the game, escpecially at the end of double max.
When you kill them they drop the minigun, which is the only thing that is 
effective against them. Always aim for there back and they will die quickly, 
but if you have a minigun just load them full of lead in any part of there
armor. Despite how strond they are, they are pretty dumb. It may just be
because of there lack of agility, but they behave oddly. Try this. When find
a riot guard let him notice you. Go behind him then just keep circling him.
He will slowly turn towards you, but you will already be behind him again. 
Kinda fun.


Weapons: Minigun
Intelligance: Smart

Decription: These are some bad asses. They carry an extremely powerful minigun
and bulletproff armor. The only way to kill one is to shoot it with your own
heavy guard or somehow drop explosives on him. The Heavy Guard is located at
the end of double max and a few times in triple max. Howver in Triple Max
you get your own. They show up only 3 times I think, but Im not sure. There
Armor is immune to anything except for one of their own minuguns. They also
have the ability to fire rocket/flare missles for instant kills to anything
around it. They arent stupid either. They will charge, force you out of 
corners and hunt you down.


Weapons: Fists
Intelligance: Stupid

Description: The dwellers are naked human looking monsters that live in the
dark places of Butcher Bay. They throive in the dark, moving quickly in order
to kill you. They crouch all the time and run similar to Gollum(LOTR 
character). The are pretty stupid, meaning that they cannot wield weapons, so
they use theyre fist's. They attack in groups, so naturally the Shotgun would
be the most effective weapon against them. As far as intelligance goes, they
are generally idiots, but will not hesitate to come looking for you. The
dwellers are found in only 2 chapters in the game, so you really dont have to
worry about them.


Weapons: Claws
Intelligance: Smart(for an underground creature)

Description: In this game there are two types of Xeno. The first type is huge
burrowing monster with large jaggedy teeth. This Xeno only appears a few times
in the game, but you cannot defeat them. The second typ of Xeno are little 
pods that come off the bug Xeno's back. The little pods are very common in the
chapters the Xeno are located. They are also very weak, dying by one shotgun
shot. For creatures these Xeno are pretty smart. They stick to you like glue,
following you no matter where you go. They can also jump up ledges, so don't 
think about running. Xeno usually come in waves of 2-5 every time you beat 
the previous wave. They do eventually stop respawning. Xeno are only found in
a couple chapters of the game so they really are not much of a threat.

____________________________I.IX Fighting Tactics____________________________

There are several fighting tactics that are necessary to beat this game. They
are listed in this section.


Hand to hand combat is the most common method of fighting early in the game. 
You can always fight with your bare your bare hands, but you can significantly
increase your chances of winning if you equip a weapon. Melee weapons are 
found through out the game and can be used for other tactics as well. 

When fighting you are not limited to a single attack. There are many jabs and
punchs(or stabs) that you can perform. In order to do a certain move you must
use the right joystick and the attack button. If you do two attacks fast enough
you will perform a combo. Below are the following attacks and the controls to
do them. When I say "right+ Right Trigger" right means right on the right joy

Right Jab....................Right + Left Trigger
Left Jab.....................Left  + Left Trigger
Uppercut.....................Down  + Left Trigger
Heavy Punch..................Up    + Left Trigger
Left and Right Jab Combo.....Left Right + Left Trigger

Hand to Hand combat is mostly used in the beggining of the game and becomes 
obsolete very quickly. It is revived in the fighting arena in Tower 17, but
other than that it is gone. Hand to Hand fighting can be hard to, escpecially
when versing people like Bam or Rust. 


Unlike most other FPS, this game requires you to use a significant amount of
stealth. You can use stealth with almost any weapon, including guns. The most
ideal weapons to use are melee weapons like shivs and other sharp things. 
Stealth is mostly used in double max. In order to kill someone with a sneak 
attack there must be several things in place. The target must have his back 
turned, and he cannot be aware of your presence. You must also be in stealth 
mode(duh) to perform a stealth kill.

In order to kill the guard you must sneak up right behind him. There are 
actually two methods of sneak attacking. If you press the Left Trigger, Riddick
will grab him by the neck but not kill him. In order to kill him you must press
X repeatedly. The other method is by pressing the right trigger for a louder 
but much quicker kill. If you have a gun just press the LEft Trigger and 
Riddick will hit the guard with the gun for an instant death. Use this method
on the Hard difficulty, it will make the game easier.


This is a usefull method if you need to kill a guard but you cant sneak attack
him. Whenever you walk up to a guard he will most likely try to hit you with
the butt of his gun. Right before it hits you press the right trigger. This
will make Riddick grab the gun and point it under the guards chin then fire. 
You can also use this when someone is hitting you in a fist or melee fight.
This skill is required several times in the game, and does take practice to
master the timing. 


I was very sad when I found out there was no sniper rifle in this game, but 
after testing the technique out I have found that it is east to snipe people.
First of all, your going to need either an assault Rifle or a gun(pistol). 
The gun is better for this, but the Assault Rifle works good too. Any guard
will die if you shoot him in the head, which is why sniping is so valuable.
Sniping is pretty simple. Just aim your gun at your enemys head and fire. If
your using the gun you can still miss but hit the target with the next shot,
however if your using an assault rifle you will need to get the head shot on
the first try. This method is very useful on hard where going out into a 
firefight will get you killed.

_______________________________I.X WEAPONS___________________________________


Weapon - Fists

Category          - Melee
Clip Size         - NONE
Time Used         - The Whole Game
Ammunition Type   - NONE
Special Abilities - NONE

Damage            - *
Range             - *
Accuracy          - ***
Value             - **

Description: The fists are mainly used for one-on-one duels with other 
inmates. They are relatively weak and donít do much damage. You can however 
crack peoples neck with them. You can jab in for different directions by 
using the right trigger+ any direction on the d-pad. 


Weapon - Shiv

Category:         - Melee
Clip Size         - NONE
Time Used         - Beginning of Game, All of Double Max
Ammunition Type   - NONE
Special Abilities - NONE

Damage            - ***
Range             - *
Accuracy:         - **
Value             - ***

Description: Custom made tool made by prisoners. This weapon is a sharpened 
piece of glass or metal thatís usually custom made. Like Fists, this weapon 
can be slashed in 4 different directions. Also like fists you can block. While 
this weapon is better than using fists, it becomes obsolete really fast.


Weapon - Club 

Category:         - Melee
Clip Size         - NONE
Time used         - Double Max
Ammunition Type   - NONE
Special Abilities - NONE

Damage            - *****
Range             - **
Hit Ratio         - *
Value             - **

Description: This weapon has a good damage, but bad accuracy make this weapon 
rather difficult to use. It has the standard 4 direction swing as most melee 
weapons do.  You can block with this weapon as well. This weapon can 
potentially be very dangerous in hands of an enemy, so I advise you to take 
out anyone you see carrying this weapon.


Weapon - Knuckleduster

Category:         - Melee
Clip Size         - NONE
Time used         - Beginning of Game
Ammunition Type   - NONE
Special Abilities - NONE

Damage            - ****
Range             - *
Accuracy          - **
Value             - ***

Description: High damage and good accuracy may this a weapon of choice. 
Generally this weapon is used in melee fights where you need to pack a 
little extra punch. It has the same moves as the fists abut does a whole 
lot more damage. You can block as well. Overall this is a good weapon in 
the Beginning of the game, but once you get guns yor going to want to leave 
all melee weapons alone.


Weapon - Gun

Category:         - Automatic Pistol
Clip Size         - 14 Rounds
Time used         - Interrogation Room, Most of Double Max, all of Triple Max
Ammunition Type   - 9mm UC Bullets
Special Abilities - NONE

Damage            - *******
Range             - **********
Accuracy          - **********
Value             - ******

Description: This weapon, believe it or not rocks. High damage and the best 
accuracy in the game make this my favorite weapon. Since it doesn't show up 
much in the game, I advise you to use this weapon to its full potential. 
This weapon is especially great for head shots.


Weapon - Shotgun

Category:         - Pump Action 
Clip Size         - 8 rounds
Time used         - The Whole game
Ammunition Type   - 7mm Buckshot
Special Abilities - Flashlight

Damage            - ********
Range             - ****
Accuracy          - *
Value             - *****

Description: This is your standard pump action shotgun. while its very deadly 
up close, this weapon is horrible for long range shots. I found this weapon 
best suited for light armored guards and creatures. The accuracy is accurate 
up close, but far away the pellets will just spread too far out.


Weapon - Prototype Assault Rifle

Category:         - Automatic Rifle
Clip Size         - 14 Rounds
Time Used         - End of Double Max
Ammunition Type   - 9mm MTT bullets
Special Abilities - Flashlight

Damage            - ********
Range             - *******
Accuracy          - *******
Value             - *****

Description: This was the prototype for the Assault rifle. Overall this is a 
good weapon, but it has one huge problem. It only hold 14 rounds. Compared 
to the Assault Rifle that holds 36, this factor can be very annoying. The 
Firing Rate is actually doubled for this weapon, making it even harder to 
conserve ammo for. The specs are all the same as the normal Assault rifle, 
so no worry's there. The glass display is also cracked, meaning you have 
no idea how many rounds you have left.


Weapon - Assault Rifle

Category:         - Automatic Rifle
Clip Size         - 36 Rounds
Time Used         - Whole Game
Ammunition Type   - 9mm MTT bullets
Special Abilities - Flashlight

Damage            - *********
Range             - ********
Accuracy          - ********
Value             - ****

Description: This is probably one of the best weapons in the game. It has 
the best firing rate in the game, but also is accurate and does excellent 
damage. This weapon can be used to take out anything under riot guards. 
Most guards carry this weapon. It uses a glass display to tell you how many 
bullets you have left. You will most likely be using this weapon the entire 

time you have it.


Weapon - Tranq Gun

Category:         - Electric Shock
Clip Size         - Unlimited
Time Used         - 2nd half of Double Max
Ammunition Type   - Non Lethal Electric Stun
Special Abilities - Stand over your victim and press L to kill them

Damage            - *
Range             - *******
Accuracy          - *******
Value             - ***

Description: This weapon was not intended to be lethal. It puts out an 
electric shock which renders its victims temporarily stunned. You then 
walk over, press L, and Riddick will kick their skull. This weapon is 
useful if you donít have another gun, or like to stealth kill enemy's.


Weapon Ė Minigun

Category:         - Fully Automatic Chainsaw Gun
Clip Size         - 4000 rounds
Time Used         - Double and Triple Max
Ammunition Type   - 10mm MTT bullets
Special Abilities - NONE

Damage            - **********
Range             - **********
Accuracy          - ******
Value             - **********

Description: This weapon kicks ass. This weapon can take care of anything all 
the way up to medium guards. It fires off a 4000 round clip that just 
annihalates anything in its way. You should mainly use this to destroy riot 
guards, but it takes care of anything else. The only problem is that you can 
aim. You can only shoot forward. It also is heavy, which means Riddick will 
have to walk slowly while lugging this thing around.

________________________I.XI CIGARETTE PACK LOCATIONS________________________

Cigeratte Pack Number - #35
Manufacturer          - Bloss
Warning               - Do Not feed to Children
Reward                - Game Concept art 32
Location              - When you first start the game you will find your
                        self outside the entrance to buthcer bay. once you 
                        have cracked johns necks, one of the prisoners will
                        open a hatch behind you. Jump down it and look to
                        the right to find the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #1
Manufacturer          - Hogdahl's Finest 
Warning               - May Reduce Ability to listen to questions
Reward                - TCOR Combo Trailer
Location              - After you go down the hatch travel threw the tunnel
                        and various rooms and you will eventually end up 
                        a large room. To the right there is an anclave with 
                        10 ud and the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #6
Manufacturer          - Desert Air
Warning               - Not for Weak Throats
Reward                - Movie Still 1
Location              - In the tutorial you will eventually come to room with 
                        a guard in it that has a shotgun. Kill him then take 
                        the pack thats on the metal table behind him. 

Cigeratte Pack Number - #25
Manufacturer          - Voodoo
Warning               - Will Make your life a living HELL
Reward                - Game Concept Art 24
Location              - Go talk to Waman while your still in first max. He 
                        tells you to kill molina. Molina is in the cell 
                        across the hall. Go kill him and then come back to 
                        waman. Talk to him and he will give you the pack. 

Cigeratte Pack Number - #58
Manufacturer          - Habibs
Warning               - Could Cause Hullucinations
Reward                - Game Concept art 35
Location              - Go to the Aquila territory and find an open cell. 
                        Inside the sell is th epack lying on the ground.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #59 
Manufacturer          - Just regular Grass
Warning               - Will not replace regular "grass"
Reward                - Movie Concept Art 4
Location              - Go to the aquila territory and find the open cell
                        with moondog. Talk to him and he will give you the
                        pack of smokes.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #57
Manufacturer          - MBryo
Warning               - Dont smoke while being pregnant
Reward                - Game Concept art 36
Location              - after you kill rust walk back towards the courtyard 
                        and you will see 2 guards chasing a prisoner. After 
                        they pass walk around the corner and talk to blueboy.
                        He will give you the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #26
Manufacturer          - The Counts Forest
Warning               - Makes you Immortal
Reward                - Game Concept Art 25, Riddick Prototype
Location              - When you find the courtyard in first max you will 
                        see booger leaning against the slanted wall. Talk 
                        to him and he will sell you the pack for 20 ud.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #12 
Manufacturer          - Dr. Filur
Warning               - Not endorsed by actual doctors
Reward                - Movie Set 6
Location              - In the infermary there is a door that leads into an 
                        operating room.Kil the 2 guards then take the ones 
                        pass card. Go throught he door On the chair theres 
                        a scapel and the cigarette pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #13
Manufacturer          - Alunda Classics
Warning               - Might make you strange
Reward                - game Concept Art 22
Location              - In the mainframe there is a room with a catwalk 
                        hanging overhead. Climb up onto it and towards the 
                        end the pack lying on the ground

Cigeratte Pack Number - #27
Manufacturer          - The Beetle Blend
Warning               - May Contain a Small Amount of Poison
Reward                - Concept Art 1, Riddick Prototype 2
Location              - When you kill the riot guard in the main frame, he 
                        will drop the pack of cigarettes. 

Cigeratte Pack Number - #15
Manufacturer          - Mont Noir
Warning               - Do Not Mix with Fire
Reward                - Game concept art 17 TCOR Novelization
Location              - In "The Pit" you will come across a locked gate with a 
                        swich lying on the ground to the left of the switch is 
                        the pack of smokes.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #16
Manufacturer          - OP
Warning               - Do Not smoke While Sleeping
Reward                - Movie Concept Art 2
Location              - In popas den there is a large room with some explosives 
                        Go through one of the doors and you will notice a hole 
                        in the wall to the right.Crall in the hole to find the 
                        pack of smokes to the right.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #28
Manufacturer          - Karaven
Warning               - NONE
Reward                - Game concept art 3
Location              - At the end of the dark tunnels chapter, there are some 
                        pubicals. The pack is one of them.

Cigarette Pack Number - #29
Manufacturer          - Yups
Warning               - Tastes like wet dognuts
Reward                - Game Concept Art 12
Location              - In the shower area, there is a locker room. Find it 
                         and search the lockers. You should find 10 ud, a 
                         shotgun, and the pack of cigarettes 

Cigarette Pack Number - #30
Manufacturer          - Q
Warning               - Will make your skin crawl
Reward                - Game Concept Art 31
Location              - Go to the Armory. If you look around the floor near 
                        the main door you will see the pack of smokes laying 
                        there on the ground

Cigarette Pack Number - #33
Manufacturer          - Guards
Warning               - Only For Guards At Butcher Bay
Reward                - Movie Set 7
Location              - In the Guards quarters, there are several shops. You 
                        can buy a lot of things, including smokes.  

Cigarette Pack Number - #32
Manufacturer          - Gronko's Bar
Warning               - Will only taste OK if mixed with alcohol
Reward                - Movie Prop 1
Location              - In the guards chambers there is a room where a 
                        chancellor is wanting to buy some liqour for 50 uds. 
                        Give him any liqour you got from the shops and he 
                        will give you 50 uds and the pack of smokes.

Cigarette Pack Number - #5
Manufacturer          - Charlies
Warning               - Smoking Parents may give birth to wrinkly shildren
Reward                - Game Concept Art 19
Location              - When you first start in Double Max, you will be in a 
                        row of cells. Go into the one next to the hallway. 
                        Flip the bunk to find the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #56
Manufacturer          - Yoshimi
Warning               - Do you realize that everyone you know will someday 
Reward                - Movie Set 5
Location              - In section B of the Recreation center theres a guy
                        named Pink. Talk to him and he will sell you the pack
                        for 10 ud.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #7
Manufacturer          - Dog Smokes
Warning               - Not Even Healthy!
Reward                - Movie Set 01
Location              - Talk to the guy in the right hallway of the feed
                        ward, he will sell you 5 packs of smokes, this 
                        one 10 ud.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #8
Manufacturer          - Black Death
Warning               - Nicotine may build up character
Reward                - Movie Set 2
Location              - This one is 10 ud.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #9
Manufacturer          - Charlies Chocolat Cigarettes
Warning               - Emits toxic gas is heated
Reward                - Movie Set 03
Location              - for 15 ud.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #10
Manufacturer          - Pirate
Warning               - Danger inside
Reward                - Game Concept Art 11
Location              - For 25 ud.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #11
Manufacturer          - Roulette
Warning               - One of these sigarettes will cause instant death
Reward                - Game Concept Art 37
Location              - for 30 ud. 

Cigeratte Pack Number - #3
Manufacturer          - Carl's Blend
Warning               - Not worth dying for
Reward                - Game Concept Art
Location              - Get Gulags red tube for him and he will give you 
                        the pack of smokes.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #32 
Manufacturer          - Old Timer
Warning               - Designed to make you Dizzy
Reward                - Game Concept Art 28
Location              - Finish the Nurses sidequest and he will reward
                        you with the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #18 
Manufacturer          - Yoyall
Warning               - Makes pregnant women look cool
Reward                - Game Concept Art 20
Location              - Defeat baasim in the ring and then go talk to
                        centurion. He will give you 20 ud and the pack of 

Cigeratte Pack Number - #19
Manufacturer          - Starlife
Warning               - Do not eat contents
Reward                - Game Concept Art 39
Location              - Defeat sawtooth in the ring and then go talk to
                        centurion. He will give you 20 ud and the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #20 
Manufacturer          - Clemens
Warning               - Cigarettes cause smoke
Reward                - Game Concept Art 6
Location              - Defeat Cusa in the ring then go talk to centurion.
                        He will give you 20 ud plus the pack of smokes.

Cigeratte Pack Number -  #21
Manufacturer          - Noname
Warning               - Picture of a brokane heart
Reward                - Game Concept Art 29, Riddick Prototype 4
Location              - After you deeat abbot go back to tower 17. Talk to 
                        centurion, he will give you the pack plus 20 ud.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #55
Manufacturer          - Lung Busters
Warning               - Tracheomety tickles
Reward                - Game Concept art 33
Location              - Go to Section D and talk to twotounge, he will
                        give you the pack of smokes as long as you 
                        killed baasim.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #22 
Manufacturer          - Painful
Warning               - ?
Reward                - Movie Set 09
Location              - Trade moths for this pack plus 10 ud and twotounge
                        will give you the smokes. 

Cigeratte Pack Number - #38 
Manufacturer          - Rokles
Warning               - This product of New Poland is extremely strong
Reward                - Game Concept Art 21
Location              - Near the mine entrance there is a path leading down
                        to the left. Go down it and look for a ventalation 
                        hatch. Go in it and you will find the pack of smokes.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #39 
Manufacturer          - Nordvist Nicotine
Warning               - Will get you in the mood
Reward                - Game Concept Art 30
Location              - In the security checkpoint there is a ledge 
                        on the opposite side of the room. Climb up the crates 
                        next to it and look for another ledge to the right.
                        Jump onto it and lying on the ground will be the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #40 
Manufacturer          - Space Jockey 
Warning               - Not for use inside space suit
Reward                - Game Concept Art 23
Location              - Near the area you kill the blue skin there is room
                        with a balcony. On the other side of that room is a
                        door and lying next to it is the pack. 

Cigeratte Pack Number - #42
Manufacturer          - Addictive M
Warning               - Might make you give up smoking
Reward                - Movie Set 01
Location              - In Cargo Transport there is a sign that says Floor 2.
                        Underneath it is the pack of smokes.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #4
Manufacturer          - Swift
Warning               - Might Turn you into a couch potato
Reward                - Game Concept Art 16
Location              - In the first part of the Mining Core there is a dark 
                        area to left of the fork lift. Jump down there and 
                        turn on your eyeshine. Its a dead end butnear the 
                        cliff is the pack lying on the ground.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #41
Manufacturer          - Jimboro
Warning               - Time Flies like the win. Fruit Flies and Bannanas.
Reward                - Game Concept Art 27, Riddick first playabe 3
Location              - Near the ramp in the back of the mining core is a 
                        bunch of crates. In a corner behind them is the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #37
Manufacturer          - Sicher
Warning               - NONE
Reward                - Game Concept Art 38
Location              - In Vaylas secret room there are some crates. Climb
                        to the top and you will find the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #36
Manufacturer          - Tiny Tims's Blend
Warning               - Stronger Than You migh think
Reward                - Game Concept Art 26
Location              - Just befor going back into the work pass area for the
                        third time you will come to a room with an 
                        fence. Near the crates is a grating. Puch it open to 
                        find the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #34
Manufacturer          - Red Frog
Warning               - Contains Poisen, Nucleur Waste, Hazardous Gas, and
Reward                - Moivie Set 4, Riddick first playable 2
Location              - In the work pass area there is a room with keypad. 
                        Inside is what looks like a control room. There is a 
                        nanomed catridge and the pack on the controls.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #17
Manufacturer          - Sensei
Warning               - Could actually make you smarter
Reward                - TCOR MOovie Teaser
Location              - Complete Cuellas sidequest and he will give you the

Cigeratte Pack Number - #23
Manufacturer          - Cone Puffs
Warning               - Might not be worth it
Reward                - Game Concept Art 2, Starbreeze Motion Capture
Location              - Give twotounge the 20 moths and he will give you the

Cigeratte Pack Number - #24
Manufacturer          - Five Fingers
Warning               - You'll die anyway
Reward                - Game Concept Art 10
Location              - Finish the Side mission for Jamal-Udeen and
                        he will give you the pack of smokes.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #43
Manufacturer          - Iron Lungs
Warning               - Over 100% chance of getting you killed
Reward                - Game Concept Art 15 Riddick First Playable 1
Location              - In the interigation room there is door leading to
                        some stairs. At the base of the door is the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #44
Manufacturer          - CA Alderholm
Warning               - Smoking may encourage drinking
Reward                - Game Concept Art 8
Location              - In "Cointaner Router" you will start in a big room 
                        thats in lockdown. Underneath a one of the crates is 
                        a ladder. Climb down and you should see a guard. Kill 
                        him then go down the ladder next to him. When your 
                        up turn around and you will see the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #45
Manufacturer          - 20 Musketeers
Warning               - Do not use all at once
Reward                - Game Concept Art 4
Location              - Near the tranq gun in container router there is a 
                        path leading to a large room. The pack is laying near 
                        the window on the floor.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #46
Manufacturer          - Robot Smokes
Warning               - Robots have no lungs
Reward                - Game Concept Art 9, Riddick First Playable 4
Location              - Near the nanomed health station in container router 
                        there is a crate. Climb up it and you will see another 
                        platform. Get up there and you will find the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #48
Manufacturer          - Maestro
Warning               - Can you spell DOOM?
Reward                - Game Concept Art 7
Location              - In "Container Router" there is a ventalation hatch in
                        one of rooms. Climb into it. Halfway throught you will 
                        find the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #47
Manufacturer          - 68
Warning               - Unberable Suffering Guaranteed
Reward                - Movie Set 8
Location              - After you get out of the shaft(See #48) you wil come 
                        a large room.  Go down the stairs and through the 
                        lower door. Look up and you will see a platform. Climb 
                        up to find the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #49
Manufacturer          - Mummy Lights
Warning               - Smoking may seriously damage your complexion
Reward                - Game Concept Art 13
Location              - In the abandoned equitment center there is a partially
                        covered bridge. Hidden in right alcove is the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #50
Manufacturer          - Count Gunthur
Warning               - Maybe you shouldn't smoke these, because it is not so
Reward                - Game Concept Art 14
Location              - In the abandoned equipment center there is a room with
                        a powercell. There are also some crates to the left. 
                        Tucked behind the crates is the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #51
Manufacturer          - Cloud No. 17
Warning               - May cloud your mind
Reward                - Movie Concept Art 5
Location              - In "the abandoned equipment center" there is room with 
                        a huge drill. The pack is in the left corner.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #52 
Manufacturer          - Enfermo
Warning               - Beware of Tobacco-rush
Reward                - Game Concept Art 18
Location              - IN the central storage are you will come to a room 
                        with a riot guard and a normal guard fighting the 
                        creatures. Above you is a hangrail. Jump up and follow 
                        it to the end. Climb up the ladder and go to the 
                        second fan. The pack is lying on the ground next to 
                        the fan.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #53 
Manufacturer          - Graes
Warning               - Think twice before using
Reward                - Game Concept Art 34
Location              - Near the end of the loading docks chapter you will 
                        come to a room with 2 hangrails at the top. Kill the 
                        guard on the right and he will drop the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #54
Manufacturer          - Gawd
Warning               - There is no smoking-section in heaven
Reward                - Movie Concept Art 1, Game Concept art 40
Location              - Go Into the room with a bunch of computers in "Facility
                        Control". There is a desk behind one of the computers. 
                        The pack is lying on the desk.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #2
Manufacturer          - Candy Candy
Warning               - Shouldn't be compared to candy
Reward                - Movie Concept Art 03
Location              - In the room wher you verse the third heavy guard there
                        are some crates in the top right corner. Climb up them 
                        and on to the platform to find the pack.

Cigeratte Pack Number - #14 
Manufacturer          - Space Cowboy
Warning               - For men with strong character only
Reward                - Cigarette List, Starbreeze technology demo.
Location              - In the room where you got #2 there is a ggarage door.
                        Below the door switch is the last pack.
/                             II. FIRST MAX                                  \


After the cutscene ends you will start out in front of the Prison. Talk to
Johns and select one of the two things to say to him. Once your finished 
talking one of the other prisoners will walk towards the prison. Johns will 
stop him. Go behind johns and crack his neck. He will drop a gun, but its DNA
encoded and will just damage you if you try to pick it up. Turret guns will
notice you and start shooting you. Behind you is a hatch that one of the 
prisoners opened. Go down it. 

Proceed forward and you will come to a ladder. Jump down and you will see a 
man fixing something. Go up and kill him then pickup his keycard. Go through 
the door and go into stealth mode. A guard come by humming a little tune. 
Sneak up on him and crack his neck. Pick up the ventalation tool that he 
dropped. Grab onto the body and move it into the darkness. Continue down the 
hall and you will come to a room with some crates to the left. Climb up them 
and look above. There will be a railhanging above you. Cross it and you will 
see a guard come out of a door.You can drop and kill him or just continue on. 
At the end of the rail is Ventalation hatch, open it up and continue. 

Follow the tunnel to the end and kick the hatch open. Peek around the wall to 
the right and you will see a guard with a shotgun. Run up to him. Instead of
shooting you he will justmelee attack you with his shotgun. When he trys to 
hit you press the Right Trigger and Riddick will make him shoot himself. 
Take the shotgun and look above you and you will see a balcony. Jump up onto 
the crates then climb up onto the balcony. Go left and you will come to an 
elevator. Press the activation button and the elevator will move up. 

Continue through the hall and you will come to an outdoor area with 1 guard. 
Hide in the shadows then when the moment is right, walk up and crack his neck.
Take the shotgun shells and climb down the ladder that leads into the sewers. 
There is a door with a lock on it, shoot it with the shotgun to open it up. 
Turn on your shotguns flashlight then walk down the hall. You will see some 
guards that will start shooting at you. Everywhere around you there are 
explosive barrels. Shoot them to blow up all your enemys. Keep going down 
the hall taking out any guards in your way. You will eventually come to a very
bright light. Walk into it to get to the next chapter.


This chapter will start out with a cutscene. It shows Riddick being freed by
John from the Restraints. After talking a little Johns takes you outside the
ship and onto the port. You will now get your first look at Butcher Bay 
Correctional Facility, your home for the next few days. Ahead of you is the
main gate, on the side of it are 2 fences. Out of the main gate come three 
men. The one in the middle whos dressed in green and gold is Hoxie, the owner
of Butcher Bay. The man in the shiny black and red armor is Abbot, second in
command of Butcher Bay. He's also carrying a rifle. The third man is the
standard guard for butcher bay, you will come to know them well. 

Johns negotiates for Hoxie and trys to get +50% on Riddick. This does not go
over well with Hoxie, who thinks that Johns should just give Riddick to him
to cover what he owes Hoxie. Johns gets mad and threatens to leave Butcher
Bay and take Riddick with him. Hoxie decides to keep negotiating, and tells
Abbot to take Riddick to his cell. You will be back in control of the camera
now, but you can't move. You will walk alongside Abbot while he tells you
your prison information. Look down and you will see your shadow moving, an
excellent example of how good this game looks. You will walk into the prison
then left into the gate. 

Abbot will explain the rules to Butcher Bay. Take this time to look around
and see what the game looks like. You will keep walking down the hallway until
you come to another gate. The guards open it and you keep walking down the 
hallway. You then turn left and walk just a little bit before you stop at your
cell. The guards throw you in and Abbot tells you not to breath for the 


After one of the best game introductions ever, you will be left in your
cell. After Delousing go outside your cell and talk to Barber. He tells you
that a guy named Mattson is talking about you and that you can find him in the 
courtyard.Make your way to the courtyard and you will see Mattson in the  
corner. Go talk to him and he will tell you that he has a shiv waiting for you
in his bunk. Go back through the Cell block A to cell 40. walk inside and 2 
guys will ambush you. Kill them and then go back to mattson. He tells you 
that rust  forced him to set you up and that in return he will get you a 

Go back to your cell and you will see a cutscene. Mattson will walk in and 
give you a shiv, but you and him are only to be interupted by Rust. Rust 
claims he owns everything he sees, which doesn't go over to well with Riddick.
After a little hassle, rust ends up at Riddicks mercy. This is when Abbot
walks in. He explains about how you shouldn't mess with the natural order of 
things. Rust then picks on Mattson and the Cutscene ends. Apparently rust is
Abbots little puppet and does whatever he says. 

Talk to Barber and he tells you that rust wants to kill you and that he is 
waiting for you in the aquila territory. He also tells you that you can get 
a weapon from waman, who is cell 37. Go talk to him and he will tell you if 
you need a weapon to go kill molina. Go across the hall to cell 38 and you 
will find molina. He has a knuckle duster, so you shoudl just circle around 
him while throwing a couple jabs here and there and you will eventually kill 
him. Pick up his knuckle duster and then go back to the courtyard. on the 
other side of the courtyardis the now opened Cell Block B, which is now 
availible to go into.

II.IV Aquila Territory

Go forward then left and you will come across two Aquilans hitting some 
prisoner. One of them will charge at you with a Knuckle Duster. Repeatedly hit 
him to kill him quickly. The other punk that stayed back will now try and kill
you. Just repeat the same strategy as before. Next You will come across an 
Aquilan with a Shiv. Keep going around him and jabbing. Since shivs aren't
very protective, he wont block to much. Once hes dead grab his shiv because
your going to need it later. 

Proceed and you will come across two gang members. One will light a flammible
liquid that will blow up an explosive object. Oncehe sees you he will light it
so back up and get out of its way. Go in and kill the guy with the 
knuckleduster. In one of the cells there is a medstation. Use it if you ave 
any wounds. Continue on and you will come to a hallway with two aquilans at 
the end. The ywill both attack you head on. Its diffiuclt to attack them both,
so try to lure one away and then kill him. Kill the other one and then proceed 
In the nex room you will find Rust waiting for you with a shiv. Keep running 
around him and at the same time jabbind him with your shiv. 

When you eventually kill him you will see a cutscene. Abbot asks you
to be his new roster, but after you stay silent he warns you not to say no
to him. Once you are back in control change back to your fists or else all
the guards around will shoot you. Go back through the Aquila territory and 
into the courtyard. Talk to Haley. He will tell you that the Pit leads down
into pigsville. Hey says that you would need a rifle but since there all DNA 
encoded you need to get inside the mainframe and add your DNA to the databank.
There is a passage from the infirmary to the mainframe. Heley tells you to 
talk to a guard named boulder for passage. Go throught Cell Block A and talk 
to boulder. Hell let you through.


Walk throught the door and you will see two guards. One of them is standing
next to a door, and the other right in front of you. Walk up to the one right 
in front of you and he will try to hit you. Press the Right Trigger to make
him shoot himself. Take his Keycard. The other guard will come and attack you
with just his fists. After you have wasted him, there is a door in the top 
left corner. Use your keycard to get through and right away you will be 
attacked by a Bare Handed guard. Kill him then continue to find a med station
thing that increases your maximium health to 5 blocks. Continue up the ladder
and down the hallway. 

You should come to what looks like a balcony with a crate in the middle of it.
Get on the side of the crate and a guard will come in. Sneak up on him and 
crack his neck. Continue on to the next room and through the grading. Follow 
the short tunnel to another balcony. Quickly cross before the guard can notice
and go through the small tunnel and until you find your self in a room with a
guard. Sneak up and kill him then proceed forward a room with another guard. 
Sneak up and break his neck then keep on going until you come to a room with 
a high stack of crates. Kill the guard and go through the door on you left. 
Continue on through the Halway and into the mainframe.


You will start of in a tall room. At the bottom is the DNA computer. Go to the
end of the scafold and jump on the crates below that are in the corner. You
will notice a man with a toolbox fixig something. Laying on the ground next to
the toolbox is an assault rifle. Get down on the floor then sneak up and break 
the mans neck. Use the DNA computer and then pick up the rifle. Proceed 
through the door and kill the 6 guards. Go around the corner and a guard will 
throw a grenade at you. Dodge the blast and then look around and you will see
a huge hole in the wall. Use the Left Trigger to knock of some of the wall and
go in to find a guard with a shotgun. To your left is a power box that 
controls the fan. Turn the fan off then climb up the crates on the other side 
of the room. Go across the crates and under the fan. There is a thin grading
on the floor. Walk on it to fall onto the ground. 

Kill the 2 guards and go down the hallway and turn right. Kill the guard in 
the next room. You will to a room with a bunch of crates and a balcony with 2 
guards. Kill the guards and use the NanoMed Health Station to heal. To the 
left is a dark room. A guard will role out. Kill him then go into the Service 
Hatch. You will be in a room with a green gas spraying everywhere. Turnt he 
valve to turn the gas off and then proceed. A guard will throw a grenade at 
you and 2 will start attacking. Kill them both and continue throught the hole 
they blew in the wall. You will come to a room with a guard and some crates. 
On the left is an explosive can, shoot it to kill the guard. 

Follow the path to a Nono Med station and then into a room with a bunch of 
crates and to mini room things. There a couple guards in here. After you 
finish killing them a Riot guard will come out. In order to kill you will 
have to shoot it in the back, but if you can kill it then you can just get on 
the elevator and run. When you ride the elevator al the way upi you will come 
to a 3 way room. Take the way to Cell Block A.


You will start of in a hallway with 2 branches, one to your right and the 
ther in the corner ahead of you. Go to the one ahead of you and you will 
find a room with a Nano-Med Health station and a Vavle Go over and turn the
vavle then quickly run back into the hallway before the turret gun can kill
you. Go back to the other branch and you will be at the top of some stairs.
You will see a prisoner at the bottom of the stairs being shot to death.
Wait a second until a guard comes walking up the stairs humming something.
Kill him really quickly and proceed down the steps. 

You are now in Prison Block A and right ahead of you is a gate with 1 guard 
and a turret gun. Shoot the turret gun right away and then kill the guard. GO
right no and a guard will pop out of the corner. Kill him then destroy the 
turret gun. Proceed and you will come to two guards and a turret gun. Shoot 
the turret gun and then get some cover so you can heal. Go back out and kill 
the 2 guards then proceed through the cell block. Kill the next guard whos in 
a short hallway and you will come to a room with a gate. Riddick realises he 
needs to trick the guards in to opening the gate. 

Start going back through the cell block and kill any guards that pop up. When 
you get back to the area where first started in the chapter the gate will know
be open and some guards are hanging around. Kill the guards then use the radio 
transmitter he dropped to open thegate on the other side of the cell block. 
Go back through the cell block until you come to a prisoner laying on the 
ground barely alive. Shoot him to put him out of his misery then go through 
the gate. You will see a cutscene in which a guard shoots Riddicks arm but 
riddick tackles the guard and uses him as a cusion when jumps into the pit.


When the guard and Riddick fell the flashlight on the guards shot was damaged
and know it only has six minutes of power, which is more than enough to finish
this chapter. Go forward and throught the tunnel until you come to a hallway
with a glowing blue substance everywhere. Some dwellers will attack you. Blast
them to peices and then continue until you come to a hole in the gtound eher
the grading broke. Go down in the hole and you will be under the floor and on 
tp of the blue substance. Go right at the junction and then proceed down the 
hallway. Turn left and you will be ina short hallway with a valve laying on 
the ground. 

Take the Vavle and go back to the torn grading. Jump over the hole and proceed
forward until you come to the junction. Once again take the a right and then a
left. You will see a wierd looking man walking away muttering something. Next 
too the gae ahead of you is a object in which you must put the Valve in. Put 
it then turn it to open the gate. Proceed on the scafold and through the 


Follow Papa Joe to an elevator. He will take you up. Follow him down the 
hallway and through corridors and you will some to a room with 2 doors and a 
box of flares in one fo the corners. When he stops talk to him. He tells you 
that "He" told him that you would come. He says that he will stitch the wound 
on your arm, but in order to make sure you are not an imposter he wants you
to get his "voice box". Go over to the box of flares and take the limit of 
12. Go back through the path and to the elevator. 

Take the elevator down and go on the path to your left where the blueplasma l
iquid spilled out of the barrel. Continue down the path until you come to a 
dark hallway. If there are any dwellers blast them. Throw a couple of flares 
down the hall to light things up and proceed. At the end of the hallway is 
right turn that leads into a room with 2 passages and some explosive barrels. 
Shoot the barrels to kill the dwellers inside and turn right. Get the nanomed
pack and then go back in the room and take the other package. Kill the dweller
and next to his body you should find the voice box. 

Now go back through the tunnels and kill any dwellers that you meet. Go back 
up the elevator and into papa joes den. Talk to him and you will see a 
cutscene. Papa Joe is stitching up Riddick while riddick asks him a few 
questions. After the stitching, joe shows him the entrance into narc land. 
Right before he goes into the vent, the world around riddick freezes. The 
mysterious voice talks to him and gives him a "gift".He then recives his 
eyeshine. After throwing joe on the wall and arguing about what happened, 
Riddick goes into the vent.


Go to the end of the vent and then jump out of the grating. You will come out
in what appears to be a boiler room of some sort. Ahead of you is a hallway 
turns left. On the sides of you are cubical looking dividers with steam coming
out of their gratings. Kill all of the dwellers that come then go strait 
ahead. Go left and kill the dwellers here. Go strait and you will be in a
room very similar to the previous one. Strait ahead of you is a wall. On
your right are 2 pipes coming out of the wall. Next to the pipe is a ladder 
that leads up to the showers. Kill all of the dwellers that come to attack
you then go up the ladder.


You will come up in the showers of narc land. Turn around and take a left
and you should see a bathroom with a curtain for a door. Next to the curtain
is a light switch, use it to turn of the light. The guy inside will notice and 
open the door. Shoot him with your shotgun then take his gun. Go down the hall 
a short way and you will come to a big room with a guard in it. Next to the
entrance is a light switch, use it to make the entire room dark. Turn on your 
eyeshine and then shoot the guard in the head for and instant death. On the
side of the room is a hallway with a light. Shoot out the light and continue.
The hallay is has two directions and 1 wall. On the other side of the wall is
a door way and a light hanging over head. Shoot the light and the guard 
outside the door should notice. when he comes in shoot him in the head then
take his assault rifle. 

Out side the doorway there is 3 guards. 2 on the left one on the right. Try to
get one of the ones on the left to come into the darkness then shoot him in 
the head. Go outside then shoot then kill the other one on the left. Go back 
and recharge your health then kill the one on the right. Near the doorway 
where the guard on the right was standing is a Nano-Med Station. If you are 
low on health use it then kill the guard in the room. Go back to the door way 
with the 2 guards and go left and follow the path. You will come to a room 
with 1 guard walking around on the floor and 2 above you on a balcony. 
Kill the guard on the ground floor then snipe the guards on the balcony with 
your pistol gun. There is a stairway strait ahead of you and a passage on your
right, take the passage on your right too go to a room with a door pressing 
against a box. There are also 3 guards in the room, kill them all. Take the 
path on the right of you and kill the two guards that attack you. 

Continue and you will come to a very long and skinny
room with a guard at the door. Kill him then go around the little hole thing
with the guard rail and into the next room. The next room has a couple of 
guards and some crates. Kill the guards then go through the pass on the right.
Next you will be in a room with a path ahead of you and a garage door on your 
right. Kill the guard then use the eye reader. Riddick realises he will need
some eyes, abbots eyes. Go back and down the path that used to be ahead of
you. You will come to a door guarded by another guard. Kill him then enter.


You will start of behind a wall with two openings on the side. On the other 
side of the wall are 4 guards. 2 of them are guarding the balcony on the 
other side of the room, and the other 2 are wondering around the ground floor. 
Take the path on the right and there should be a guard right next to you, kill
him. Take his gun ammo then go back behind the wall. Peak out right then snipe
the 2 guards on the balcony with your gun. Go back behind the left wall and
peak out left and you will see a guard standing in front of a door. Snipe him 
in the head then go through the door. When your in the door you will find a 
an elevator. 

Take it up then shoot the 3 guards near in the room you come up to. 2 more 
guards will come out from the side and attack you. Kill them and take the 
path upon the left of when you first came up on the elevator. When you come 
to the stairs shoot the guard. Proceed across the baclony and into the 
hallway. You will come to junction, kill all the guards that pop out of 
corners and take the left path. Go up the stairs then down th hallway. Kill
the guard then go right and up the stairs. Turna around quickly and take out
the guard on top of the over hanging. COntinue down the hallway and then turn 
left. Kill the guards and then take the rifle case lying on the floor. Keep
Next to where you found the rifle case is a door, ring the doorbell. Abbot
will answer, trick him into opening the door.


Walk in the door ahead of you to enter abbots apartment. He will right away
realize that you are not here to give him his new rifle. He picks up and 
Assaul Rifle and starts attacking you. Right away run behind a pillar 
somewhere. When he starts to reload run out and shoot him up. If you didnt 
kill him the first time repeat the stradey. This guy really sucks, I kill him
with one clip everytime. When you beat him the game will go into cutscene
mode. Abbot is lying on the ground in a huge pool of blood. Riddick leans over
him and puts his fist in the air. Right before he swings he feels the tip of 
a gun on the back of his head.

Behind him is Johns. He explains to you that you and him are leaving butcher
bay. Unlucky for Johns Hoxie shows up with a coupld of guards. You are then
taken to Hoxies office. Hoxie says he should kill you both, but he doesn't.
Hoxie then turns around and hits Johns. He also tells Johns that he will give
him plus 20% on Riddick. He then proceeds to smack Johns around a little more.
Finally Johns gives in and offers 22%. Hoxie replys by telling him to get the
**** out of his slam. He then turns to Riddick. He talks about how his Slam 
is becoming a warzone, and what he intends to do with you. He decides to send
you to the mines, or otherwise Double Max.

/                             III. Double Max                             \


When you start this chapter you will see a cutscene. In it Riddick compares
Butcher Bay to the other slams hes been to, and reveals one very important
detail, that Butcher Bay connot control its con's. You will then see a cell
being taken to a loading area. When its inplace the cell door will open, and
a hysterical prisoner comes out. He runs out screaming and yells at the
gruffy looking prisoner next to him. The prisoner hits him then throws him
of the edge and down into the darkness. Then a security turret comes down and
shoots the gruffy looking prisoner. After that the cutscene you will see 
Riddicks cell being taken down. You will start off on the edge of the cell 
door. To your right is a prisoner walking through a door. Follow him until you
get into an elevator with another prisoner. The elevetor will stary moving.
All of the Sudden the other prisoner will run up against the wall and get shot
by the guard on the other side. This chapter ends once you get down.


You will start off in the elevator. Once the elevator come to a complete stop
follow the prisoner Rael out. When he stops talk to him. He explains about
double max and tells you the rules. He also tells you about Jagger Valance.
When your done talking head down the hallway and into the yard. Now, there are
two ways to pass the entire courtyard/recreation area. You can fight your way
up to Bam, or you can get cought with drugs. Either way the point is to kill
Abbot, but for know we are just gonna cover the Ring Fights method. 

Anyway, no matter what you do you will have to fight a blueskin to get past 
here. Go talk to centurion to get a fight arranged. He tells you to challenge 
the Blue Skin at the gate. Go over and talk to Harman the Blueskin. He 
graciously accepts your challenge. Go back to centurion to start the fight. 
After a review of the rules you will start off. Block right away and then hit
him. Keep Circling him and punching him. Use combo attacks and uppercuts. 
After a few seconds he will die, and you win. Talk to centurion right away to
arrange another fight, but you will have to find the next "victim" Baasem. Go 
to the door that Harman use to be guarding and go through to the recreation 


Half the aide quests in the game are in this area, but for now Im going to 
cover the fastest way of getting through this. Okay There are 4 parts of the
Recreation Area, A,B,C, and D. You should start off in a room with a huge
door and writing with a certain 4 letter word on it. Go next to it and it will
open up to part A. In part A there is a door to the right with 2 guards, a 
door right in the middle with a riot guard, and a door to the left leading to
part B. The difference between the other parts is that the door on there left
leads back to the previous sector. 

First things first, theres a guy named Cricket in part A. Go talk to him and 
he will sell you a Very Sharp Shiv for 30 ud. Next take the door to the right. 
In courtyard B is Baasim, which if you already talked to centurion will agree 
to fight you. Go talk to him and he will except you challenge. Go back through 
the recreation are and into Tower 17. Go talk to centurion to start the fight.
Now, Baasim is a lot harder than Harman, and a lot faster. Right away block 
because hes gonna hit you first. Once he hits you punch him then block quickly 
to avoid damage. Repeat this strategie until he starts to bleed alot, then 
hold down block and right before he hits you press the right trigger. Riddick 
will grab baasim and punch him hard in the face killing him. Once your done 
go over and talk to Centurion. He will tell you that he has another 
challenger, Sawtooth, and that he is located at the diner(feed ward). 


The feed ward is located in the room with the big door leading into the 
recreation area, only its on the other side of the room. Find your way to the 
feed ward and then continue down the hall. Right away a blueskin will attack 
you in revenge for harman. Before you hit him back up out of the way of the 
security turret. Okay, hes really easy so just kill him. Walk into the diner 
and then on the right eating will be Sawtooth. Talk to him and he will accept 
your challenge. Now go back to Tower 17. Talk to centurion to fight sawtooth. 
This guy is a lot harder then Baasim because he has an advantage, a shiv. But,
unlucky for him you have a super sharp shiv. Okay, Since you cant block in this
fightyour gonna need to kill him quickly before he can take much life off of 
you. Right away move to the right or left to dodge his first attack. Equip your 
shiv then slice him with a combo. Dodge his counter attack then slice him a
again. After you do this a few times he should die. 

Go talk to centurion to arrange another fight against cusa, who is located 
all the way over in section D of the recreation area. Make your way there and 
then challenge him. Once hes accepted head back to tower 17. Talk to centurion
to arrange the next fight. This guy beleive it or not is easy. Right when you
start off just move to the left or right then combo him ONCE and he will die.
NO I am not kidding,thats how weak he is. There is only one opponent left now,
Bam. Talk to centurion to arrange the final battle. Out of the stairs will 
come Bam, complete with Yellow Armor and a spiky knuckle duster. This guy is 
hard, and by far the hardest ring opponent. Okay, the one thing you need to 
do is to keep circling him. Go whenever you get his back facing you and 
slice him with your shiv. Repeat that strategie and you should be able to beat 
him after about 15 minutes. Just kidding, it will probably take you around 2 

When he dies you will see 2 guards come up and take riddick to a room. In 
the room awaits abbot with a bat. After knocking around Riddick he has his
boys come to finish you. But as riddick says, they don't know what there 
"messing" with. The mysterious voice talks to Riddick and release a power
inside of him. All of the sudden the camera changes to the door of the room
and you hear a loud crie, then you see the door flying off with the two dead
guards and a shaken abbot flying out then smackig down on the floor. Right 
away you will start off facing abbot. Now this guy is very hard since he
has that damn club. I have found that if you can get him to back up in a corner
you can repeatedly hit him for like 5 minutes till he dies. This method is not 
quick, but it is effective and it DOES work. Dont email telling me it doesn't
work because I did it 4 times to make sure! Once you beat him take his card 
and his bat. Search the room and you will find a station that increases your
maximum health by one. Find the exit, but before you exit conceal your weapons
by changing to your fists. 

Now that you have Abbots key card you can go through a door in the Work Pass 
Area. The work pass area is located past one of the doors in The D section of
the recreation area. GO through the Courtyards and into the work pass area to
complete this very long chapter.


The first room in the work pass area is rectangular shaped with three doors.
One door has a riot guard in front of it, another with a worker, and one
on the far right with a keycard pad. Go to the one on the right and use
Abbot's key card to get into the room. Once you get inside you will notice
that it is pitch black. Turn on your night vision and you will see a worker,
and two guards. One of the guards has a flashlight, so it would make sense to 
kill him first. In this room there are several floors that are a few feet 
above the ground, Crawl underneath them and make some noise. One by one sneak
up and kill the suspicious guards and the worker. On the ground next to 
where the worker was when you first entered the room is a vent tool. Go back 
to the entrance. On the right side of the room is a nanomed station, but on 
the left there is a row of boxes and a walkway with a grating in the wall.
Go into the grading and follow the vent until you come out and fall into an 


This chapter will start off showing Riddick riding on top of an elevator with
2 guards in it. Once you get to the bottom the guards will walk out and you
will be back in control of Riddick. The guards will walk over a bridge and into
an area with 2 crates stacked on the left then 2 more on the side but not 
stacked. The room they just entered is what seems to be a large underground 

Wait until the guards are on the other side of the bridge and behind all the 
crates. Move forward slowly and then proceed up the two crates. You will now 
have a view of the entire area, so memorize where the guards walk. When you 
can get one alone next to the base of the crates jump down and kill him. The 
other guard may notice you and some attack you. Run back up the crates and 
repeat the strategy. Once there dead look around you will see a huge door.
Exactly on the other side of the roomi s a tunnel engraved in the rock. 
Follow this down until you come to a door and a guard. Wait till the guard 
walks up close to you and turns around. Sneak up and kill him. Proceed through 
the door and into the hallway. GO into the big door marked with "security 


This chapter marks the beginning of the hardest part of the game. I seem to 
have had alot of emails stating they can't get past this. So, I hope this helps
you. The security checkpoint is a room with a long walkway leading into an area
with 1 riot guards and 3 guards. The reason its so hard is that no matter what
you do you will have to run out in front of the riot guard without a weapon,
which in most cases will get yourself killed. Anyway, heres how to get past the
shortest, but hardest chapter in the game. You will start off at the begining 
a long walk way. 

Go down the walkway and you will see some crates that provide shadows. Run as
fast as you can behind them. The guards will hear you but won't see you, so 
don't worry. Continue along the crates until you come to the last one. Peek 
left and you will see a guard standing there with his back turned. Sneak up 
and kill him, then take move his body into the shadows. In this room there 
are two exits, one behind the riot guard, and the other above you on a 
balcony. Belive it or not the one behind the riot guard is easier to get to,
but the one above you will make the next chapter a whole lot easier. If you
want to the door behind the riot guard the strategie is pretty simple. Run 
forward and past the riot guard without taking too much damage. Then go through
the door. If you want to take the harder but more reliable way heres what you
have to do. Ahead of you are a stack of three crates. Run forward and climb up 
them as fast as you can. Turn around and you will see a balcony, climb up on 
it. On the balcony there is a door, go through it. Go down the stairs to finish
the chapter.


You will start off on a balcony with several pillars on the side. The room is 
a huge room with several balconys running above a walkway. If you ran behind 
the riot guard in the previous chapter you would be down there, making this
chapter much harder. But if you ran up the crates, you will breeze through 
this. Walk quickly in between the pillars until you get to the corner. Go left
and continue until you come to the last opening. Below you are some crates and
a guard walking around. Drop donw behind the crates to have some cover then 
peek out and spy on the guard. Once the guard has his back turned run up and
kill him. Next to you there are some crates piled up sloppy and there is an 
opening underneath them. 

Squeez down in there. A guard will come up out of the end of the hallway. Wait
until he passes you then sneak out of the crack and sneak attack him. Go down 
the hallway from which he came then up the stairs. You will will be in a 
hallway with a door ahead and another hallway to the left. In the hallway 
the left are is a blueskins and a guard.Sneak up and kill the guard. Talk to 
the blueskin and he will tell you that the guard in the next room has the 
keycard to open the door behind him. Open the other door and run up to the 
guard that comes out. He will swing at you, but press the right trigger to 
make him shoot himself. Take his keycard the go back to the previous room. 
Open the door behind the bluskin and go through.


The Cargo Transport Area consists of 3 levels. There are crates and other
objects being moved up and down through 4 elevator type machines. Right now
we need to get to floor 1. When you walk in the room for the love of god use
the nanomed station, your going to need it. As said before there are three 
elevators moving crates up and down. Between 2 of them is a wall with the
Nanomed station. Face the nanomed station and look right. The elevator on
the far side with no crate just the lift is the one you need to take. Wait
until it comes down then jump on it. When you reach the bottom you will
find a miner and a dead guard. Talk to the minor and he will sell you a tranq 
gun for 50ud, please buy it. It makes the next chapters much easier. On the 
other side of the room from where you found the guard there is a door that
leads into the mining core. Go through it.


Finally your in the mines. You will start off in a halway with a brach to the
right and strait ahead. To your left is a nanomed station. Go forward and up
the stairs. Shoot the guard thats watching over the area from the guard rail
with your tranq gun. Walk up to him and press the left trigger to kick him thus
killing him. Look below and you will see the next area. Its a mining area with
a huge machine in the middle and some enemys. Above is a rail defense system 
with rotating turret guns. There is also an elevator on one side and a hallway
on the other. 

Go back down to the hallway and up to the door. Outside the door theres one 
guard, a mechanic and possibly a riot guard. When you open the door look around
for the guard. When you seem him shoot himm quickly before he sees you. Most 
likely the mechanic will have heard so shoot him too. Go finish both of them. 
If the Riot Guard is in here keep shooting him with the tranq gun to him for a 
few seconds. Next to the big machine is a power box. Open it to turn the rail 
defense system of to make things a little easier. 

Remember the the hallway on one side of the room? Go down it. When you come to 
a left turn peek before you continue. Right after that there is another turn. 
There are 2 guards and a riot guard in the next pass. If you take them all on 
at once your probably going to die, so this is what I did. Run out and shoot 
the riot guard. The other guard  should follow you. Run back and find cover 
then wait until the guard comes to  attack you. Stun him with the tranq gun 
then kick him. Go back into the room and shoot the riot guard again. In the
few seconds he stunned looked for some crates on your right. There is a small
hidden passage going under them. Shoot the riot guard again then just run in 
the passage. When you get out you will see a man standing there, Jagger 
Valance. Talk to him and he will tell you that he needs you to get a package
he dropped in the gas room back for him, since his lungs arent what they used 
to be. 

The package is located in a gassed up room on the other side of this area. 
Look around and you will see 2 miners and a guard. Shoot the guard then follow
the crates. Eventually the crates will thin making you visible. Between each
crate is a guard that will patrol every couple of minutes. Move along the
crates and one-by-one kill the guards. When you get to the end you will see 
a guard on a ramp. Go shoot him then continue up the ramp and then right into 
the next room. You will find a nanomed station if you need it. Go through the
warning tape on the front of the door and into the gas chamber. FOllow the path
through the red gas until you come to some crates and a hole. Jump up on the
crates then duck and go through the hole. The package is lying on the ground.
Take it then go back through the gas chamber. 

Once your outside take it back to Jaggerr Valance. After a bt of talking Jagger
agrees to help riddick get to the space port, but he has to do something first.
The chamber you went is above a den of very dangerous creatures. He wants you
to put a bomb in and blow up the wall and thus realising the creatures. He 
tells you that there is a man named Jupiter in Tower 19 that will  help you get
the bomb.

Now, make your way back to the cargo transport area. Were going to do the same
thing we did the first time, only were going up, not down. The lift you need
is on the far right side. Stand on the grading and wait until it the crate 
comes to move you up. Instead of getting off at level 2, wait until you get to
the very top then step off. To your right is a door. Go through it and then
through the next door.

You will come out on a ventalation chaft hanging over an endless pit. Jump 
down on it and look around. There is a little spot were the vent was broken 
off and the area open for you to go into the shaft. Very Carfully climb down 
and go into the shaft. Follow the path to the end and jump down. You are now
in the elevator you came down in. Use the keycard to go up. 

When you reach the top go out and you will come to a room with an electrified
fence. Look to the left and you will see a crate and a wall. Climb up the
crate then shimmy to the left until you are under the over hanging rail. Pull
yourself up then jump on the rail. Climb over the area below and stop when
you are right above the wall. Let go of X and to fall on the top of the wall.
Conceal your tranq gun then hop down. Go through the door hidden to the left
in order to proceed.

Remember this area? Crawl under the floor and sneak over until you can see the
door. Shoot him and then kick him. Go through the door and into the ventalation
hatch. Follow the hatch til the end then you will come out above the feed ward 
area. Shoot out the lights right away so the guards dont kill you and then 
go around the cage. Shoot the guard then kick him then go down the hallway.
Turn on off the lights with the control panel and then continue. Shoot then
kick guard and continue around the cage. Keep going until you come to a 
lighted area. Shoot the guard and kick him then go right and kill the next 
guard. Next to him is a ventalation hatch, go in it. Keep following it and
you will finish this long chapter.


Go down the ventalation hatch until you plop out into a room. Shoot then kick
the guard and then take his keycard. USe the computer terminal near you to
open the cell doors so you can talkt to jupiter. In order to get to jupiter 
you will need to go through a door in this room. If you stand with your back
against the wall and look right you will see a door. Go through it then 
through the hallway then the next door. The cells will open and jupiter will
walk out one of them. Talk to him and he will give you the bomb. Once your 
done talking two guards ambush you. They kill Jupiter and start shooting at
you. Shoot then kick both of them then look over the edge of the cell doors.
There should be a cell thats being transported, if not then wait. WHen one
comes just jump off and land on the cell to finish the chapter.

III.XII Container Router

After a few seconds of riding on the cell it stops, and you have to reactivate
it. When you stop 2 guards will be on the tracks attacking you. Shoot them
then go over and kick them. On one side of the cell you just hopped of of is
a hole with a ladder. Go down it and then turn on your eyeshine. You come down
to a room with heavy mist in the air. In one of the corners is a exit. Go
through it and shoot the guy then kick him. Continue through the room and you
will come to a ladder. Go up to go on to the next area.  When you climb you
will see a guard walking past, shoot him then kick him. Next to where he was
walking is a ladder, climb UP it. Walk on the little balcony and go into the

Follow the grating to the end. When you kick it out and drop you will be on
top of some crates with a guard below guarding a door. Shoot then kick him and 
go out of the room from the other opening on the left side of the crates. Go 
through this room and continue up the ladder. You will come out in a hallway
with a security turret facing you(not active). CLimb up and go down the 
hallway. In the next room there is a guard and a nanomed station. Go in and
shoot the guard, use the station if you need to. To your right is a hallway
that has a overlook of the cell station you just arrived at. There is also
a mechanic, shoot then kick him and take his red key card. Use the computer
terminal to start your cell again. Watch helplessly as your cell runs strait
into the wall and thus making you having to find another, Go back down the
hallway and tucked in one of corners iun the shadow of a crate is the grating
that you came in here from. Open it then continue.

Go through the ventalation shaft then down the ladder. Go through the room
and into the room with the dead guard. Open the door with your new red security
card. Keep going across the bridge and silentl into the next hallway. The next
area of this chapter consists of sveral hallways with laser trip beamns that
trigger Turrets. In order to see these beams you will need to turn on your 
eyeshine. There are also guards running about. Proceed into the next hallway 
stun the guard. Turn on your eyeshine and you wills ee the trip beam. There 
is a little box on the side, shoot it to disable the beam. Go around the corner
and kick the guard you shoot earlier. Keep going and shoot the next guard too. 
Stomp him and continue. You will come to a long hallway, a guard will walk up 
at the other end. Shoot him then run up and stomp him. Keep going and you will
come to a room with several brachs going off in different directions. Take the 
one that has the central station sign hangin above it. Go down the hallway and
kill the mechanic there. Go over to the computer and use it. You will get a 
message saying the generator failed and you need to reactivate the back-up 

Okay, go back out into the room with the various passage ways. Open the huge
security door, but dont run in. There is trip beam at the begining of the 
hallway, shoot it. Go around the corner and turn your eyeshine on and you will
see another tripbeam. Shoot its power supply then go around the next corner.
Shoot he guarrd quickly and then kick him. You are now in a room with a nanomed
station, so use it if you need it. Follow the path until you come out to the
station. its completly dark so your going to have to use eyeshine. Shoot the 2
guards and kick them then look for a ladder leading down into the track. When
you find it go down then look for a ladder with an orange glow. Go donw it and 
you will see a big power switch, use it to restore power. Now, go back through
the various hallways but WATCH FOR TRIPBEAMS, they are reactivated by now. When 
you get back to the terminal activate the track then once again go back to the
station. When you get to the station jump down on the side of track. Wait until
a cell comes by, then jump on it once it starts to lower into the pit. You will
trigger a tripbeam on the way down no matter what. When you get to the bottom
jump off onto the little balcony. Go through the grating in the wall.

Follow the vent into the mining core. When you jump out you will be near the 
area where you first met jagger valance. Make your way over to the gas room 
and go inside. GO to the spot where you found the package and a cutscene will
show riddick lighting the bomb. Once its over get out of there. When you walk
out the door the game will go into cutscene mode. It will show riddick walking 
away when he is suddenly stopped by a riot guard. After some talking the riot
guard realizes its riddick and arranges a transport.


When you first start this chapter you will see a rather lengthy cutscene. It
involves Riddick being transported in a cell. Once the riot guard turns you
over to the other guards. During your transport there is an explosion. The 
cell goes into emergency mode and everything dims. A few seconds later things
will come into focus. Your still strappeed down in the cell and the guards are
getting up. One of them puts the cell in emergency mode and the door is 
realeased. One guard goes out to see what happens and the other stays here to
guard you. Once your back in control walk up to the guard. He will try to melee
attack you but press the right trigger to make him shoot himself. Go out of the
cell than turn on your eyeshine. Go down the busted track and then you will
automatically go into cutscene mode. The cutscene show Riddick peeking around
at the guard. After he radios in he looks around a bit more. But there is a
huge hole behind him, and out comes a ferocious and hideous monster. This is 
called a Xeno. Off of the Xenos back comes a minature monster. It silently runs
up and chops the guards head off, then drags him back into the pit. Once you
are back in control jump down the hole. Yes, I did just tell you to jump down
the hole that the Xeno came out.


You will start off in the hole. In front of you is the dead guard. Walk up
to him and something will pull him away leaving his shotgun for you to use(yes!
finally a gun!). Keep going and you will come to a dirt out cropping. A huge
Xeno monster will jump out at you. Run around it and into the door behind it. 
Shoot the Xeno in here then continue down the hallway. You will be in a room
with a ramp to you left and a hallway right ahead of you. Kill the Xeno in here
then wait for some more to come out of the passageways(Every room you go in 
with Xeno more will come out of somewhere). Once they appear kill them then 
go into the hallway that used to be ahead of you. Go down the hallway and into
the next area.

You will be in the ruins of a bridge. Xeno will immediatly attack you, kill
them. On the bridge is a guard, take his shotgun shells. Head back to the room
with the ramp in it. At the top of the ramp is a wall to your right. Jump over
to the wall then climb up. TO your right is another dirt ramp. Kill the Xeno 
that come down then go up the ramp. Kill the Xeno in the hallway and go to the
end. To your right will be two crates stacke don top of each other, climb up
them. Climb up the wall and jump over. There is a door to your left, but it 
needs a key to open. Go right and kill the two Xeno then go around the corner.
Kill the Xeno here then go into the next area. 

Kill the two Xeno here then go over to the area with a vent hanging overhead. 
There is crate with a vent tool next to it, take it. Right where the vent meets
the wall is a grating. Go in the grating and follow the vent. When you come out
shoot the Xeno that appear. You are now in a room with a Power Box on one the 
walls near a door, use it to turn on the lights. Go into the next room and you
will see a huge drill machine, but thats for later. There is a door leading out
of this garage area and into darkness. Go in it and follow the path. You will 
now be on the other side of the ruined bridge. There is a dead guard laying 
on the bridge and next to him is the key. Take it. At the base of the your
side of the bridge is a cement block, with a rail hanging over it. Jump up
on the block then use the steel rope overhead. Keep going over the pit until
you get to the other side.

When you drop down a Xeno will attack you. Kill him then continue through the
path you went a few minutes earlier. Follow the path until you come back to the
door. Open it up and kill the Xeno in the room. Go into the next room and kill
the Xeno there. In this room there is a power cell recharger and a Power Box 
for the lights. Turn on the lights then go into the next room via the door to
your right. Go down the hallway and kill any Xeno that you see. Go into the 
next room and kill the Xeno above you. Go into the room to your right. Take all
of the shotgun ammo and the prototype assault rifle. Take the power cell in 
front of the grating. Xeno will come out of the grating. Shoot the 4 that come
out then go back out of the room. Go back through the hallway killing any Xeno
you see. In the next room charge up the power cell. Keep goin until you come to
the ventalation sticking out of the wall. Go in then make your way to the 
garage with the drill. When you jump out of the shaft a Huge Xeno monster will
come out of the wall. Run in the other room and insert the power cell into 
the driller. Start it up and watch it drill through the wall. Walk into the
hole and shoot the Xeno. Go into the broken vent to get to the next chapter.


Continue down the ventalation shaft. You will come to a grating overlooking a 
room. In the room is a guard thats fighting off some Xeno. You cant get down
there so just keep going. When you come to the end kick out the grating. GO out
and you will be on a small balcony. Above you is a hangrail. Jump up on to it.
On the other side of the hangrail is a baclony with some Xeno blood splashed
on the wall. Go over there then jump down. Go into the tunnel and kill the two
Xeno that plop out. Keep going down the tunnel then jump down when you come to
a fall in the shaft. You are know in a room with a guard thats defending
himself from Xeno coming out of the door. Kill the guard and the Xeno will stop
coming. Take his Nanomed catridge. There are two ways to get to the place you
need to be. The door that the Xeno came out of is the easy way. The door on the
other side of the room is the hard way. Go into the door that the Xeno came out

You are know in a room with a ton of crates tacked on each other. At the base 
of the crate there are two guards fighting of Xeno. Kill the two guards and
any Xeno around. There are two crates that arent stacked to the right of the
forklift. Climb up and shoot the Xeno. Next Climb up the crate on the forklift
and then up the one next to it. Kill the Xeno here then run across the other 
crates and into the shaft. Follow the shaft until you come to a junction. There
is another shaft in the dark area of this room. Go into it then kill the Xeno
in here. Follow the shaft until you come to a tall circular room. There is a 
ladder at the edge, go down it. 

Follow the shaft at the bottom until you come to a room with a riot guard 
fighting some Xeno. You start on top of some stacked crates. To your right on 
the ground is door with a yellow light on top of it. Jump down off the crates 
and go in it. You are now in a hallway with a riot guard with his back turned. 
Take out your assault rifle and shoot the panaling on his back. One clip will 
not kill him, but it will stun him for a second. Shoot him again and the go 
through the door on the other side of the hallway. GO through this hallway and 
into the door with the Sign saying "Loading Docks" pointing to it. 


In this room there is a rail defense system, so your going to have to act 
fast. Take out your assault rifle then run out of the door. Shoot the Xeno in
front of you then run down and hide behind a crate. Ahead of you is a stack of 
crates. behind that stack of crates is a door and 1 guard. Run out and shoot 
the guard then run in the door as fast as you can. Shoot the guard in here then
flip the elevator switch to start the elevator. Go into the elevator then wait 
for it to take you to the top. When you get up to the top shoot the guard then
use the Nanomed station. Go down the long hallway and into the next room. Flip
the elevator switch in this room and go into the elevator. Wait until the 
elevator stops. Go out then kill the 2 guards. Take there ammo the look 
around. You are now in a huge room with a elevator and some crates. Go on the
elevator and press the power switch to go up. 

When the elevator stops run behind the crate. In the next area is a riot guard
and two guards. Run out and let them notice you. The riot guard will run 
forward lloking for you. Hide behind the crate. Keep watching him and wait 
until he turns his back to you. Shoot him up then shoot the guards. There is a
door to the left in this area that leads to a hallway, go in it. Right away you
will be attacked by two guards in at the end of the hallway. Kill them then
kill the Xeno. GO down the hallway and kill the guards you come to. You will
come to a room in which a nanomed station that increases your maximum health
is in. Kill the guards then use the station to increase your health. Okay, keep
following the hallway and kill the next guard. Go through the door. You are 
now in a room with 2 over hanging balconys and 4 guards. Kill the 2 guards on
bottom and then on the top. GO into the elevator and press the switch to go up.

When the elevator stops the gate will open and riot guard will be facing you. 
Run past him before he can react. Run around him until your facing his back 
then shoot his back paneling. When he dies pick up minigun. GO to the other end
of the room and through the door. In this room there is a control boothe which
opens two doors. One leads to the next area, the other leads to a riot guard. 
A guard is next to the switch that leads to the next area. GO shoot him up
with your minigun then press the switch. A door will open up, go into it to
complete this chapter.

In this room you will have your first encounter with a Heavy Guard. Heavy 
guards are huge lumbering guards with armor thats impenetrable(except for one
thing, but more on that later). Above it fuel is being transported, and in 
prder to kill the heavy guard you are going to have to shoot the barrels so 
they fall on it. there are three rows of barrels, representing each area the
heavy guard will move. When the battle starts run behind a pillar. Peek out 
and shoot the barrels that its hovering over. After a couple of minutes the 
heavy guard will die. Continue past the dead guard and into the next area.


Walk forward and a Riot guard will come out. Shoot him to death with your 
Minigun to kill him. On the other side of the hanger is a Riot Guard, kill him
too. There is a big platform that branchs out of the hanger. At the end of it 
is a Transport Ship. Go down the platform and shoot the three guards in your 
way. When you get to the ship the door will open. Step up into the door.

The game will now go into cutscene mode. It starts off with you seeing Jagger
struggling to open the door to the cockpit. Riddick steps in the trys to open 
it while Jagger steps back. All the sudden Johns shows up and punchs Jagger.
He then points a gun to Riddicks head. He doesent know that riddick has a shiv
in his hand. Riddick thens stabs johns in the ribs. Johns drops his gun and
starts fighting with Riddick. Jagger picks up the gun then aims it at johns. 
After a few seconds he fires but hits Riddick in the ribs. A few seconds later
two guards run in the ship and shoot jagger.

The next cutscene takes you back to hoxies office. After talking a bit Hoxie 
decides to put you in cyro sleep. He also decides that johns will recieve 
nothing for Riddick since hes already costed him to much. Thats the end of 
Double Max. 
/                              IV.I TRIPLE MAX                              \


At the start of this chapter you will be awakened. You are in the Triple Max
Excersize area. The first time you wake up its monday. You will be awake for
2 minutes everyday, there are 4 days. During those 2 minutes the computer A.I.
construct will talk and quote phrases. The last 3 days will be shared with 
other prisoners, but they are unstable and wont talk to you( they will blurt 
out some weird stuff). When Thursday comes Riddick will realize that he can 
get out of cold storage by riding someone elses transport back to the cryo
pyramids. So when this happens walk over to the other guys transport and press
X. You will get in and the machine arm will drop Magico on you. Riddick pushs 
him off and stays in his transport. 


After the cutscene showing you getting out of the Cryo Transport you will
start off in the middle of the pyramids. Right away you will fall asleep.
When you wake up there will be a small floating machine next to you. It will
attack you doing little damage. Punch it a few times and it will break. 
Out of one of the doors will come a couple of Medium Guards. Right now you
cant beat them so dont try. You need to get in the door they came out of. Run 
up one of the cyro pyramids. Look to see where the Medium guards are. Once
they are far away from the doors run down the pyramid and through the door.
Go down the short hallway and into the next door.


Walk forward and look to your left. There will be a see through door with 2
medium guards behind it. Run to the other side of the hallway and look for a
shiny black thing on the floor. Out of it will some one of those little 
machines(now will be called cyro droids). Kill the Cryo Droid then jump down
in the hole. Proceed down the red tunnel and kill all of the cyro droids that
come in your way. At the end of the tunnel is an opening. Jump up so your 
in the shimmy position. Above you is a guard with a gun. Wait until he turns
his back on you then go up and crack his neck. Take his gun and go down the 
hallway. Jump down in the hole. Go down the tunnel and shoot any Cyro Droids
that get in your way. 

Pull yourself out of the end of the tunnel then go up the stairs. You are now 
in a hallwayy with 1 room and several computer  terminals. Next to the 
terminals is a guard with his back turned. Shoot him in  the head. A guard 
will pop out of the room. Kill him then use the terminals the first guard
was at to open all the doors. 2 guards will suprise you. Kill them and take
there ammo and shotgun. Go back down the stairs and through the two tunnels
killing anyone in your way. When you come out of the first tunnel you will
be in front of two medium guards. Despite how they look they are very wasy.
Shoot the bluw circle in the middle of there armor to kill them easily. 

Continue down the hallway until you come to a room with several inactive 
medium guards, and a EMPTY HEAVY GUARD in the back. Go over to the heavy guard
and get in. Press the Right Trigger to shoot the minigun and the left trigger 
to throw flame grenades. Right away shoot all of the medium guards so they
wont be a problem. Go into the door on your right. Another Heavy Guard will
come to attack you. Shoot him up to kill him easily. Continue down the short
hallway and into the elevator.


When the elevator opens you will be in front of a hallway. To the right are 
some guards at the end of the hall. Walk out and the computer will tell you
to run over minor targets instead of shooting them if you want to save ammo.
If you like to get physical, follow his suggestion. Go right down the hall 
and then run over or shoot them. Go left and coninue down the hall. Keep 
following the path and you will come to some medium guards. No problem, just
blast through them with your mini gun. Continue down the hall and kill any 
guards in your way. Eventually you will come to a room with several doors. 
In one of corners is an elevator. Walk your heavy guard into it and the
chapter will end.


When you reach the top walk out. Kill anything in sight and go down the 
hallway. Follow the hallway and kill any guard that you come to. You will come
to an area with a couple doors. Kill the medium guards and a door will open.
In the next room there are two guards. Kill them then out of another door will
come a Heavy Guard. Kill it then you will get a message saying that you should 
exit the unit immediatly. Get out and another heavy guard will come out of
a door. There is a odd shaped door with a switch next to it. Press the switch
and the door will open. Run out a little bit and the game will go into cutscene
mode. The cutscene shows Riddick running to the edge of the Take-off platform.
When he gets to the edge he turns around to face some guards and a heavy guard.
The heavy guard yells "Give Up Prisoner!". But right after he says it a ship
flys up behind Riddick and you here Johns tell him to get in. Riddick jumps
on the Ship and goes inside. Inside the Ship is Johns flying. He tells 
Riddick that hes leaving butche rbay and taking Riddick with him. After 
talking Riddick knocks Johns out and then takes control. However, the ship 
gets damaged by a missle. Riddick then proceeds to fly the ship into hoxies
office window.

Riddick gets out and finds Hoxie scared and wimpering. After som talking 
Hoxie Tricks Riddick and leaves via a secret passage. Out of the doors come 
Hoxies personal guards. Many people think that they are hard but I think
they are quite easy. Grab the Minigun on the floor and unleash an unlimited
supply of lead into them. When you kill both of them Riddick will walk over 
to one of them and use its rocket launcher to open up Hoxies Secret Room.
Out comes Hoxie and he bangs his head on the desk. With Hoxie begging
for his life Riddick asks for the codes to his ship. Hoxie tells riddick that
there in his desk. Johns will now wake up. Riddick asks him if he can walk
and run. After there done talking Riddick turns to Hoxie and quietly asks him
"Hows your eyesight?". After that you will see Johns being escorted down a 
hallway by a guard. All of the Sudden two guards will come rushing down the
Hallway screaming that they have a hostage situation. They also say to Riddick
on sight. When they arrive in Hoxies office they see someone sitting in Hoxies
Chair. Hes dressed in a Triple Max suit and is wearing googles. They fire
away thinking its Riddick. Once they shine their flashlight on him, they find
out who they really shot.

The next scene shows Hoxies ship climbing out of the prison. Inside is Johns
and at the control is the guard. The guard takes of his helmet to reveal that
he is Riddick. After talking a bit they blast of higher until theyre out of
sight. Wait until the credits are over and you will see a teaser for the 
Chronicles of Riddick movie.

/                          V. SIDE MISSIONS                                 \

V.I.Kill Molina for Shabby

Location: Shabby is located near the Infirmary in the Prison Yard.
Difficulty: *

Description: Shabby has been beat up by Molina, and he tells you the he will
make it worth your time if you kill him. Molina is currently in lockdown, so
follow the my walkthrough until you get to Waman. Like Shabby he too wants 
Molina dead. Once your done talking to Waman go outside the cell and go 
directly across the hallway. GO inside the open cell and you will see a black
guy standing there. This is Molina, he is no harder than any other Punk you
have versed so far. Just keep circling him and jabbing. When he dies go back
to Shabby to collect your reward.

V.II. Cuellas Snitch List

Location: Feed Ward
Difficulty: **

Description: Cuellas obtained a snitch list, but somehow it was taken away 
from him and now he wants it back. There are 2 peices to the snitch list. The
first is located in one of the work pass area rooms. This room is on the far 
right of thw work pass area. It completly dark so use your eyeshine. Facing 
the entrance door go up on the small floor to the right. Around here is some
loose paneling, open it up adn you will find the first piece. The second peice
is found when you kill 2 blueskins the second time you come to the upper 
mines. One of the Blueskins drop the snitch list. At the end of the Mining 
Core chapter you will have the chance to go back through the recreation area
and the Feed Ward. Drop the two lists by Cuellas.

V.III. Kill all the Blueskins for Jamul-Udeen

Location: Section B of Recreation Area
Difficulty: ****

Description: For a reason not told Jamul-Udeen wants you to kill all of the
Blueskins. When he says "all" he really means three. All three of the blueskins
are located in the exact same room, but not at the same time. In the upper
mines you will come to a blueskin(see above). He is located in a room behind
a huge balcony. Kill him  Eventually you will make your way back here via the 
elevator in the mining  core. When you come back to this room you will find 2 
more Blueskins. Kill them both, they are extremly easy. When you come back
to the recreation area head back to section B. Talk to Jamal-Udeen. He is
quite impressed, and gives you a reward.

V.IV Find Jagger Valance for Wilkins

Location: Section C of Recreation Area
Difficulty: *

Description: Wilkins wants to know if Jagger Valance, who is supposed to be 
in the mines is still around. Jagger is located in the centrel area of the
Mining Core, next to where the prisoners are mining rocks. In the center of
the mining core is a huge room with a Riot Guard Patrolling. To the right
side of the room are stacks of crates. On the right side of the stacks are
two crates 6 feet away from each other with a crate going diagnally over the
gap. Go under the crate and through the gap to find a man with a mustache 
whos coughing, this is Jagger Valance. Talk to him and continue with the 
story until you come back to the Recreation Area. Talk to winkins to complete
the mission.

V.V Find Gulags Red tube

Location: Section C of the Recreation Area
Difficulty: **

Description: Gulag had his red tube stolen by the PPP's, and now he wants you
to get it back for him. The two PPP's that stole his tube are Asif and 
Cricket. Asif is located in the Feed Ward hallway. Since there is no Camera
you can just go there and beat him up. Take his map and then go into the
Dining Hall. Go in the back where Monster is and look on the wall. You should
find a loose panel. Open it to find the Red tube and TwoTounges Injector. Go
take the tube back to Gulag and he will reward you.

V.VI Poison Bink's food for the Nurse

Location: Section C of Recreation Area
Difficulty: ***

Description: The Nurse lended some money out to a guy named Bink. The Nurse
wants you to poison his food so that he will pay back the nurse. First you
need some poison. A Blueskin named Gomer will attack you the first tim you go
into the Feed Ward. When you kill him he drops some poison. Take it then go
into the first dining section of the feedward. Put the poison in Binks food
then go back to Section C of the Recreation Area. Talk to the Nurse and he
will reward ad tell you that if you need a loan just ask. 

V.VII Get TwoTounges Injector Back and Kill Bassim
Difficulty: ***

Description: If twotoungues gonna employ you, he needs you to do him a favor.
He wants you to get his injector back from the PPP's and kill Bassim. In order
to get the injector back see Gulags red Rube^^^^^ side mission above. If you
want to beat Bassim, your gonna have to verse a couple of people in the ring 
first. Talk to centurion in Tower 17 to fight. When centurion tells you that
Bassim will fight you, go to section C of the recreation area. Go back to 
Centurion to fight. If you want to know how to beat him refer to the 
Walkthrough section. When your done with both of those go talk to twotounge
to complete the mission.

V.VIII Find Shuriks Glasses

Location: Work Pass Area
Difficulty: **

Description: When Shurik was down in the Mines he forgot his work glasses. 
His glasses are located in the upper mines. When you come through the Upper
mines a second time you will start off at the bottom of a cliff like area. 
There is a balcony high above you, with some crates on the side so you can
get up. CLimb up the crates then look to your left to find Shuriks glasses.
When you come to the work pass area again talk to Shurik and he will distract
the Riot Guard for you.

/                         VI. VERSION HISTORY                                \

Version 1.00

-Walkthrough Completly Finished(Up to Chapter 36).
-Cigarette Pack Locations Finished
-Enemies Section Finished
-Weapons Section Finished
-Introduction/Legal Info/Cantact Info Finished
-Neosekeer added to approved site list
-Ign added to approved site list

Version 1.1

-Chapters have been rerganized
-Table of Contents Changed
-Fighting Tactics Section Added
-COR:EFBB Section Added
-Redisigned ASCII Title
-Credits Section has been lengthened
-The faq has been totally reorganized
-Fixed Some Minor Errors

Version 1.2

-Added more Enemy's
-Added more length in the Description of Enemys
-Added the Characters Section
-Added Game Basics Section
-Extended the Controls section
-Weapons Section Modified a little
-Fixed more errors
-Rewrote the end of Chapter 36

Version 1.3

-Entirely Rewrote the smaller chapters
-Added more onto the Enemies Section
-Added Chapter II 
-Added the Sidequests Section

/                            VII. CREDITS                                    \

-Thanks to Starbreeze for making this amazing engine that the game uses
-Thanks to Microsoft for making such a great system
-Thanks to Kao Megura(Chris Mcdonald) who inspired me to write a faq
-Thanks to rurusk whos faq originally helped me beat the game
-Thanks to TCOR: EFBB maunual with help on the enemies section
-Thanks to all the talented people who made this game

Copyright 2004 David Donalson