Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight: FAQ/Walkthrough

       ´╗┐Copywrite ExtremePhobia (Brandon Fusco) 2010  |

Before I actually Introduce the guide itself, I'd like to ask you to give me
your feedback. Unfortunately, even after over 100,000 hits on my guides I
can still count the amount of feedback I've gotten on two hands. I'm still
pretty new at this and I want my guides to be helpful so I would really
appreciate any feedback, good or bad, about my guide.

With that out of the way, welcome to my guide for Command and Conquer 4:
Tiberian Twilight. If you are having any trouble with the game, I hope that
this guide helps. I don't think there are many spoilers, mostly because the
missions are pretty well removed from the actual story anyway. 

I also recommend you do the GDI missions before NOD for both Story and 
difficulty. Both are considered canon, despite discrepancies.

Welcome Back, Commander.

Table of Contents
A) GDI Units                           [xxGDIunxx]
   1) Offense..........................[xxGDIofxx]
   2) Defense..........................[xxGDIdexx]
   3) Support..........................[xxGDIsuxx]

B) NOD Units                           [xxGDIunxx]
   4) Offense..........................[xxNODofxx]
   5) Defense..........................[xxNODdexx]
   6) Support..........................[xxNODsuxx]

C) Tutorial                            [xxTUTmixx]
   1) Beginning of the End.............[xxTUT01xx]
   2) Bad to Worse.....................[xxTUT02xx]
   3) Hard Choices.....................[xxTUT03xx]

D) GDI Missions                        [xxGDImixx]
   1) Spontaneous Outbursts............[xxGDI01xx]
   2) Cold Hard Truth..................[xxGDI02xx]
   3) Transport Down...................[xxGDI03xx]
   4) Insurrection.....................[xxGDI04xx]
   5) Lock Down........................[xxGDI05xx]
   6) To Kill a Prophet................[xxGDI06xx]
   7) For All Humanity.................[xxGDI07xx]

E) NOD Missions                        [xxNODmixx]
   1) Things Fall Apart................[xxNOD01xx]
   2) Further Complications............[xxNOD02xx]
   3) The Harder They Fall.............[xxNOD03xx]
   4) Reversal of Fortune..............[xxNOD04xx]
   5) Heresy's Reward..................[xxNOD05xx]
   6) Bleed Out........................[xxNOD06xx]
   7) End of All Things................[xxNOD07xx]

F) Contact.............................[xxContaxx]
G) Legal...............................[xxLegalxx]
H) Version History.....................[xxVerHixx]

                    GDI Units                [xxGDIunxx]
This is just the basic layout for each unit, structure and power of the three
different types of GDI crawlers. Keep these words in mind to understand each
units strengths and weaknesses.

You will see a unit's weapon(s) first followed by their armor level, the number
of command points and finally the time it takes to build one. After that will
be a short description of anything else of note.

Light - Light armor is weak to gun weapons
Medium - Weak to cannons
Medium Aircraft - weak to rockets
Heavy - Weak to lasers
Reinforced - weak to blast

Gun - Strong against light armor
Cannon - Strong against medium armor
Rocket - Strong against medium aircraft armor
Lasers - Strong versus heavy armor, including some structures
Blast - Strong against most structures

Offense                  [xxGDIofxx]
Engineer - Repair, Light, 3, 0:06
   Engineers can jump small cliffs to get places and are capable of repairing
   friendly non-air units and buildings. The can also capture downed husks to
   add them to your army

Talon - Rocket, Light, 3, 0:07
   Fast, light anti-air unit. Also has cliffjump for getting around.

Hunter - Cannon, Medium, 6, 0:09
   Very sturdy and decently powerful unit. Can only attack ground units

Wolf - Gun, Medium, 6, 0:09
   Pretty fast, has a large mag size so doesn't have to reload often. Also
   decent at anti-air.

Titan MKII - Laser, Medium, 6, 0:09
   A good unit for attacking defensive enemy because most defense towers are
   weak to lasers and this unit has good health.

Bulldog - Gun, Light, 3, 0:07
   You start with the wolf which is barely longer to build and at least twice
   as effective. Only real advantage is it's speed.

Striker - Laser, Light, 3, 0:07
   Not as good as a Titan MKII in terms of damage but it can be useful for it's
   cliffjumping ability.

Tier II Upgrade
   Allows the building of Shockwaves, Sandstorms and Commandos and adds a 
   cannon to the MCV.

Shockwave - Blast, Medium, 6, 0:12
   Tier II. A decent anti base unit. Unfortunately it doesn't really hold up 
   well to enemy attack and can only attack ground units.

Sandstorm - Rocket, Medium, 6, 0:12
   A very useful anti-air unit. Has a decent amount of Health points and does
   pretty good damage.

Commando - Rocket/Cannon, Light, 6, 0:09
   A pretty versatile unit with some good upgrades available. Only real
   downside is the low health and that you can only have one at a time.

Tier III Upgrade
   Adds rockets to your MCV and allows you to build the Mammoth Tank, Refractor
   Tank, and Mastodon.

Mammoth Tank - Cannon/Rockets, Heavy, 10, 0:15
   Pretty good unit but not as useful as it used to be. The 10 points it takes
   to maintain one makes it kind of a heavy unit to keep around. At the same
   time it is somewhat powerful, just not as powerful as it once was.

Refractor Tank - Laser, Heavy, 10, 0:11
   A pretty good unit for attacking bases. If struck by a laser, it can divert
   some of the damage to enemies around it. Does not leave a Husk

Mastodon - Rocket/Blast, Heavy, 12, 0:15
   A fantastic unit. The Mastodon can attack from a very good range and usually
   can attack base defenses from beyond their range. Not only that but it's
   blast attack can even bypass shields.

Defensive                [xxGDIdexx]
Support                  [xxGDIsuxx]

NOD                      [xxNODunxx]
Offensive                [xxNODofxx]
Defensive                [xxNODdexx]
Support                  [xxNODsuxx]

       ######  ##  ##  ######  ######  ######  ######  ######  ##
         ##    ##  ##    ##    ##  ##  ##  ##    ##    ##  ##  ##
         ##    ##  ##    ##    ##  ##  ######    ##    ######  ##
         ##    ##  ##    ##    ##  ##  ## ##     ##    ##  ##  ##
         ##    ######    ##    ######  ##  ##  ######  ##  ##  ######


The Tutorial missions are the three missions that lead up to your dicision on
whether you want to side with NOD or GDI. You only have to play them once. Once
you finish them, you can select the first GDI or NOD missions from the mission
select menu.

Beginning of the End     [xxTUT01xx]
This mission will get you familiarized with the Basics. 

1) Locate VIP
The first thing you'll have to do is find the VIP Convoy. From that patch of 
tiberium, you want to scroll up. You should see a red vehicle with an arrow 
over it. That's your convoy.

2) Locate Deploy Zone
Wait for him to tell you to find your deploy zone and then scroll up some more
and you should see it as a green patch just to the left. If it doesn't
recognize that you've already found it, then just wiggle the screen a little.

3) Meet up with VIP
Follow his instructions to deploy your Crawler. Once you've deployed and
contructed your units, destroy the rocks just to the right of the deploy zone.

4) Escort the Convoy
Take your squad and travel down to the convoy. You have to keep your Wolves and
the Crawler by the VIP for it to move to the next spot. You do not have to use 
the "Guard" command.

Continue along the path with the VIP until you get ambushed. Take care of the
small group of ground and air units. Don't worry, the VIP has a shield that has
quite a bit of juice.

Once you've dealt with this small group you'll have to unpack your MCV again
and build three Hunters. Once you've done that, pack up and continue on. You'll
be attacked again by a group of heavier enemies. Just direct your units to take
care of them, it should be easy work.

Continue on just a little bit further until you come to a ramp where NOD will
set up a road block. Unpack your MCV and build three Shockwaves. First direct
your units to converge their fire on the small units that attack you and be
careful because they are very good at slipping behind you. They don't really
pose a threat unless they go unchecked.

Once you've dealt with the attack, direct your units to destroy the three
obelisks. Once you've destroyed the obelisks, the VIP will move ahead and be
trapsferred to another group for protection. Wait for them to leave the map and
you are done.

Bad to Worse             [xxTUT02xx]
1-3) Build defenses at waypoints
To start this mission, you'll have to deploy a crawler. This time it will be
a defense Crawler. As soon as it lands you can start building a defense tower.
Move the crawler west and have it unpack under the waypoint icon near the 
Tiberium Control Node.

Once you do that, you'll need to deploy your defense tower. After you deploy
that you'll unlock the bunker. Build a bunker and then place it under the
waypoint. Then you will have to build an infantry unit. Just build one and send
them into the bunker by right clicking on it. Now left-click on the bunker and
click the glowing eject button. Then click the sell button to sell the bunker.

4) Collect Green Upgrade Crystal
This may cause a crate to spawn. Collect the crate for a bonus. Then send your
infantry north to the waypoint and you'll see two pieces of Tiberium. Send your
unit to the green tiberium to collect it and then send that unit all the way
back to your deploy zone.

5) Scout TCN Node
Build up a few units of varrying types. Remember, you want a good mix of all 
three types of infantry.

Either way, take your troops north to the Tiberium Control Node just past the
green crystal you picked up. Put you troops in the green area and wait until
you capture the Node. You will also receive a Bonus Objective.

We'll cover the bonus objective now. Go down the ramp to the right of TCN and
you'll come to a Tunnel building guarded by a defense tower. Destroy the tower
first and then just wear the tunnel down. Now go back over to the ramp to the
left of the TCN. Head up a little and you'll see the tunnel. Once you get close
to it, you'll be ambushed by three air units. Two of them will attack your
troops while the third one will repair both the building and the vehicles. Get
rid of the repair unit first, then destroy the other two units and finally
destroy the tunnel to finish the bonus objective.

Once you've done that, head back to the TCN and then head north. Make sure you
have hit your command point cap. You'll go up a ramp and there will be a few
garrisonable buildings as well as a capturable artillary structure. Capture
that but don't garrison the buildings. The other side isn't going to attack
so there's no reason you shouldn't take your full squad on the offense.

6) Capture the TCN Node
Continue north and you'll come to their base. Basically the base consists of
an MCV to the left and then TCN with six bunkers around it. There is also one
mean unit around. Try and hit him fast and hopefully you can take him out
without any interference. You want to fight as far from the base as you can so
that you don't get surronded and only have to fight so many units at a time.

Destroy the first bunker you can reach and be prepared for a few more groups of
three coming at you. They're going to evacuate the bunkers. Remember to focus

Once you've killed all the troops, just head toward the TCN. You'll start
working capturing that and you can work on the MCV from here. The mission ends
when you capture the TCN. And all your units die.

Hard Choices             [xxTUT03xx]
1) Repair ally turrets
Start the mission by deploying the Support MCV. Use your new Repair support
power to repair the two gun emplacements. You don't have to be near them to use
the power. Head in that direction anyway.

2) Destroy Tunnel Network
After you've repaired both sets of gun emplacements you'll need to deploy your
MCV and build three Spanner units. Take your spanner units and follow your
ally's troops. As soon as you are given the ability to use the air strike power
you should use it on the tunnels at the top of the map. Start hammering them
and you might be able to get rid of two before the troops even get there.

Now use your spanners and repair power to keep your ally's troops in good order
while they clean up the last of the troops from the tunnels.

3) Capture Husk
Once you've completed that, you'll be asked to take out a group of enemies in
the western corner of the map. If you aim well, a single air strike can
take care of these enemies. Destroy them all and then you'll be prompted to
build an engineer and orcas. Build an engineer to capture the husk of the
avatar and then use your remaining command points to build orcas.

4) Redeploy as Defense
Once you've done all this, you'll be told to redeploy as defense MCV instead
of support. To do this, head southwest to find the Uplink tower. Capture it.
Click on your MCV and hit the DELETE key to decomission your MCV. Not Backspace
but Delete. It will take a little bit to decomission but once it's done and
the timer expires on the deploy button, just use that to drop a Defense MCV.

Now it's time to deploy bunkers. Move Northeast just a tad and deploy your
MCV. Build two bunkers in the designated areas. And... wait, that's the end of
the mission.

Decision Time
This is where the game splits. You will view a short cut scene and then you'll
have to choose between GDI and NOD. Just because you choose one doesn't mean
you can't do the other. In fact it's as easy as just going back to the mission
select menu and selecting the other side. You can play a few GDI missions and
then play some NOD missions without losing anything you've accomplished on
either side.

                           ######  #####   ######
                           ##      ##  ##    ##
                           ##  ##  ##  ##    ##
                           ##   #  ##  ##    ##
                           ######  #####   ######


This is the beginning of the GDI mission set. I would do these first before you
do the NOD missions, both for story and difficulty. Good luck.

Spontaneous Outbursts    [xxGDI01xx]
1) Secure Evactuation Sites
Start by deploying an attack MCV. Unpack and build an engineer to run around
and collect all the red Tiberium against the back of the map. Make sure the one
towards the middle is last because the engineer will likely die just after
getting it. Build Two of everything and an extra Hunter. Make your way through
the streets towards the way point in the upper left. Kill the rioters and watch
for bunkers as you go. Your MCV should follow so it's available if needed.

At the waypoint you'll find a Basilisk hovering above the site. Just toss
everything at it and it should go down with ease. Once you've secured the site,
a few trops will be dropped in for you. Leave them here and continue right to
the next site. Getting to the site is easy but the site itself will be a little
bit tougher. Make sure you drag your MCV with you.

You'll have to be ready for some quick work when you get there. There will be
a bunker and a Basilisk right at the corner of the site when you get there.
Figure out which is weaker and destroy that one first. Then destroy the other.
It might get difficult because there are a few other enemy aircraft around that
may jump in. When you finish off the Basilisk, the first site might get
attacked but the troopers you left there should be able to handle it.

Once you've secured both areas, head over to the last area. This one is going
to be more difficult still. Try to take out the bunker first but watch out for
the enemy aircraft because some of them can freeze your vehicles. If that is
the case, take out the aircraft with whatever you can, then return to the
bunker and finally finish off the Basilisk. Watch the scene unfold. It's about
to get Hairy.

2) Protect the Civilian Convoy
You'll have to protect busses of civilians going through the area. You have to
keep trying until you get twelve across. Don't worry if you lose some because
you can't actually ever lose too many. Make sure you don't get wiped out first.

But the absolute FIRST thing you should do is move your MCV back to your
deployment zone. Unfold it there and start pumping out units. You want a little
bit of anti-air augmented by a significant amount of anti-vehicle. There are 
two enemy MCVs in the area so you won't be able to keep up with them blow for 
blow. Your best bet is to get on the road in a few places and throw your troops
at the enemy. Hopefully you will distract the enemy long enough for the trucks
to get by.

Really though, as long as you keep your MCV safe, you can't lose. Just keep
sending more troops out until a truck here or there slips by. Eventually you'll
get the trucks you need. It's just a matter of time.

Cold Hard Truth          [xxGDI02xx]
0) Landing
You've got to choose between two landing zones to start off with. Which one you
choose is more a matter of whether or not you want to pursue the bonus
objectives on this mission. If you do then you will gain two Mammoth Tanks.
There is no harm if you don't do them. This mission is so quick and easy that
I don't think the two tanks are worth it but it's really up to you.

If you would like to pursue the tanks then land on the bottom of the two zones.
Choose an offensive MCV and as soon as it lands, unpack it and make six wolves.
Kill the few units that were in your zone to start with and then use these
six wolves to obtain the southern tank. Once you've cleared the area, send an
engineer to collect the tank. Repeat with the northern tank.

If you don't care about the bonus objective then pick the top of the two
landing zones. Pick an offensive MCV, unfold it and produce three Hunters.
Kill the troops in your zone.

1) Securing the Communications Tower
Before you venture out, there should be a green tiberium crystal near by. You
should only have one upgrade and it should only require one crystal. If you
need more crystals then you are free to make the decision about how to go about
that but they are really unnecessary. 

Once you've either done or decided not to do the bonus objectives, build 
engineers with whatever command points you have left. You should have at least 
three tanks and at least one engineer. My preference is to have three tanks
and then ten engineers. Take all your armor from your base and have them run 
in as direct a line as possible towards the tower.

Once your armor has gotten a good portion of the way to the tower and attracted
the attention of your enemies, send your engineers at the tower. If you only
have one engineer, I wish you luck. If you have 10 engineers you really can't
fail. Once you've captured the tower, pour the rest of your engineers into it
and then start mass producing Strikers if you can. If not, then any other fast
moving armor is fine.

2) Protect the Comm Tower
You now have to protect the Comm tower for a few minutes. The timer is at the
top of the screen. When that timer hits zero, you win. Just keep your tower up
until then.

As your units roll off the assembly line, send them directly into the mess
of units that are surrounding your new tower. Use them to draw attention away
from the tower and then have them cause as much damage as they can to the
enemy. Keep pumping out units as they get destroyed.

Every so often your tower's health may drop a little low. If it drops below
about half, make an engineer or two and send them into the tower. This will
fully heal the tower. Between your diversions and the engineers you should have
no problem lasting the five or so minutes.

Transport Down           [xxGDI03xx]
1) Secure Escape Pod crash sites
Drop an offensive MCV. Build three wolves, three hunters and four strikers. 
Once you have your team together, seperate them into seperate groups.

Move your Wolves first. You want to use your wolves to mow down the little 
Visceroids that scitter around. If these get too close to you, they'll explode.
Even if they explode on your Wolves it's not that big of a deal as long as you 
manage to get rid of them all. Then once the visceroids are gone you want to 
use the strikers on the trucks and the hunters on the walking bots.

There are three ways to leave the crash site. You can go up, left, or down to
the right. You want to take this last path. Head down and right and you'll come
to a ramp leading up. At the top of the ramp you'll get attacked by mutants. 
Fend off the mutants and then capture the hovel by standing near it. Once 
you've captured it, head up the ramp leading northward. You'll find even more 
enemies. Clean them up using the wolves on the little guys and the strikers on 
the big ones. Once these enemies are all dead, you should recieve some 

If you need to, replace what you've lost. To decomission infantry, click on
them and hit the delete key. This will give you more command points. Now that
you are back at full strength, continue on northward and you'll go down a ramp
that will lead to more enemies. Dispose of them and collect all the crates
around here. Head down the ramp heading Northwest and then up the ramp across
the way. This will bring you to the northern most hovel.

Destroy the enemies here, capture the hovel and refresh your troops if you need
to. Continue working your way counter clockwise. DO NOT RESCUE THE LAST TROOPS.
Once you do you will have to do a lot of things very quickly. Do not rescue the
troops until you read ahead. I will tell you when to rescue the last troops.

After you rescue the troops, you will have to quickly do three things. You will
have to secure the three TCNs. You have to possess them all at the same time.
Hopefully you will do so before NOD arrives. Send one unit to each of the TCNs
and then converge the rest of your troops into your drop zone.

Decomission your MCV and bring in a defensive on this time. Start building
towers right away. Hopefully you should still have most of your Hunters with
you so you will have the best of both worlds.  Unfold the MCV and set up the
Guardian turrets as far from your MCV as possible. This will let you see
enemies sooner and keep them further out of range of the ship.

For the last set of troops, try to build your team mostly on hunters with a few
Wolves. Try to keep it at full strength all the way through the battle. As soon
as you get the confirmation that you've completed that objective, send your
units, switch MCVs and start building turrets.

You should have a cue of atleast 20 towers set up. You will lose a lot of them.
You can't rebuild hunters any more so build Zone Defenders and Troopers. Don't
waste your time on engineers, they won't speed this up. Make sure you watch the
far side of the ship and chase off any attackers.

Unfortunately I can't help you much more than that. It comes down to your
ability to watch the boarders and keep deploying towers in a timely fashion.
Good Luck.

Insurrection             [xxGDI04xx]
1) Destroy atleast one Defense Crawler
You are given thirty minutes to do this. It is possible to destroy all four
of the crawlers but you only NEED one. The ideal situation is to destroy the
bottom two crawlers. All you get for defeating four is satisfaction and the
last few minutes knocked off the clock.

Here's how to maybe beat all four crawlers. It works but that doesn't mean it
will succeed.

Drop an offensive crawler and unpack it.

Start by building six Strikers. Head up and start destroying the defenses on
the left wall. While you are attacking that, build six Bulldogs and then spend
the rest of your command points on strikers. Make your way to the first crawler
on the left. This is a pretty easy one to take.

Lead with your bulldogs and kill as many infantry as you can. Then move the
strikers in to attack the MCV. Continue to kill infantry with the bulldogs as
they spawn. You should maintain six bulldogs. Replace both bulldogs and
strikers as needed.

Eventually you will destroy the crawler, then just clean up. You'll have two
giant tanks dropped in for you. Now we'll target the first crawler on the 
right. This time around, the Crawler is going to have a shield around it. You 
can move your troops through it and attack the crawler or you can hammer the 
shields to drop them. The former technique is a much better choice. As soon as 
you have the available command points to do so, build an engineer to keep 
refractors alive.

B) Destroy the Tunnels
At this point you can go for the bonus objective if you like. Just make
sure that you attack the middle area at the corner that was being defended
by the crawler you just destroyed. You can walk right past the defenses and
only have to deal with a hand full of troops beyond the walls. Kill them and
destroy the tunnels. Now back to the main objective.

Make sure your troops are repaired and then head over to the crawler. Try to
get your troops inside the shield, have any bulldogs attack infantry and have
your strikers and refractors attack the crawler.

Hopefully you'll destroy the building and have both refractors alive. You'll
recieve a Zone squad and captain. Keep them alive because they do a number on
buildings. Repair your squad again and then head over to either of the next
two crawlers. This time, take yours with you and park it outside. It should
be right about the spot that the bunkers are at the bottom of the stairs.
Make sure that you aren't being attacked by defense towers on either side.

Use whatever bulldogs you may have to deal with infantry. If you lose bulldogs
and can afford to, start replacing them with wolves. Try to clear a little bit
of the mess leading to the crawler. There will be a lot of infantry so at some
point you'll probably have to just rush through the line.

Move your refractors, strikers, zone squad and captain into the shield and have
them start destroying the two guardian towers in front of the crawler. These
shouldn't last too long. As soon as you destroy both of them, turn your
attention to the crawler and try to get as much damage into it with these
troops as you can. As the troops die, replace them with Wolves. Keep feeding
wolves into the shields. Have them attack any infantry that spawn and when
there are no infantry, have them attack the crawler. You should be able to
prevent any new infantry from actually participating and the fight and you'll
slowly whittle down the Crawler. Just keep churning out wolves and sending them
strait into the shield until you finish the crawler.

Once you've killed the crawler, clean up the area and prepare for the best gift
ever. Two Mastodons are going to get dropped in. Now all you need are the two
mastodons and a few wolves and you are set. Have the wolves keep the infantry
off of the mastodons while the mastodons destroy every building they can from
beyond the enemy's range. Better than the fact that the Mastodons can destroy
all the defenses while out of range is that their attacks bypass the crawler
shields as well! Once you've destroyed the defenses, don't bother moving
anything into the shield, just let the mastodons destroy the crawler from

2) Protect the Strike Team
This part is pretty easy. Just send all your troops to the bottom of the map
and meet the troop transport. You can control the transport despite the fact
that it seems like the computer is guiding it. Move it up into the middle of
the map by the giant building that appeared to finish the mission. That's why
you wanted to take out the bottom two crawlers first.

Lockdown                 [xxGDI05xx]
1) Capture the Uplink
This is a micro-manage mission. You start with a few troops and a couple
engineers and you have to be extra careful with them. If you get attacked, stop
moving and fight. Only when you have nobody attack you should you move. Head
down and right to the Uplink. Capture it to get an MCV.

2) Deactivate Power Generators
EASY: After I finished this level I realized that there was a much easier way
of finishing this level. At this point, don't bother building an army, just
build an army of engineers. Once you have a large group, send them to the first
generator and if they survive, the second. As the die, build more engineers.
Don't send them to meet with the first group, just save them. Once the first
group is dead, finish building your second group and send them out too. You
should be able to capture all four generators with just engineers.

Pick an offensive MCV. Build up a group of Hunters, Wolves, and either 
Shockwaves (if you have them) or Strikers (if you don't have them). Build up
two of each and then add in a couple engineers.

Start by heading Southeast. Just toss everything at the bunker (except the
engineers) and it will crumble. After it's dead, two engineers will drop in.
Add one to your squad and then use the other to capture the generator.

Now head north from your drop zone and then east to find another generator
guarded by some defenses and a shield. Get everything inside the shield and
take out the shield generator. Then destroy the two defensive towers and any
enemy troops that come to their aid.

Collect your forces again and head north this time. You will have to push your
way through an decent sized group to get to this one. There aren't any
shields or anything to contend with though, so keep pushing. Take it slow and
you should be able to hammer them back far enough to slip an engineer into the

Once you have it, keep hammering the enemy and producing more units as you need
to. You have to head through them to the Northwest. Once you start getting
closer to the final generator, a riot will break out. This can be used as a
diversion. Commit your troops to running a screen and slip an engineer or two
towards the generator.

To Kill a Prophet        [xxGDI06xx]
1) Escort James
Drop an offensive MCV and make four hunters and four wolves. then make a few
engineers and head towards James. She's the one in the mech suit and glowing
red. You want to make your way slowly up the right side of the map. There will
be a lot of NOD units on the way, some of them underground or cloaked but you
really shouldn't bump into anything too devestating. About three quarters of
the way to the waypoint, you'll have to take out an enemy crawler. This
shouldn't be too difficult either. Just make sure that your units are firing
on the right targets and that the engineers are repairing properly. Make sure
that you are bringing your crawler with you.

2) Protect the Base
Once you get to the way point, James will head into the building in the middle
and start getting the power for the base back on line. The first thing you
should do is unfold your MCV in the middle of the base. If you need to replace
any of your units, do so. Hunters, Wolves, and engineers. The building James is
in can be repaired by an engineer but it can't be entered so if you start
getting low, make sure you put an engineer on it early.

The first wave that will be thrown at you is a large group of Centurians. If
you make sure to focus fire your hunters and wolves and watch your engineers,
you should be able to get through this first wave only losing one or two units.
Replace these and wait for the next wave.

The second wave is a small attack of flame tanks and infantry. Make sure you
put the Wolves on the men and the hunters on the tanks. And make sure you watch
your flank because a few will slip in from the side. This wave is pretty easy
but almost as soon as you are done with this, the third wave will hit you.

The third wave consists of Avatars and Widows. Remember that these vehicles
will leave a husk that your engineers can capture. This doesn't mean you should
though. If you would like to do this, it will almost certainly put you over
your command point limit which means that you won't be able to replace your
normal troops or the engineer you captured the Husk with.

I say destroy the third wave, repair and replace any vehicles. Capture a few
husks AFTER the battle but make sure that you still have an engineer or two

3) Escort James again
If you captured any husks, you should lead your squad with them. Pack up your
Crawler and have it follow your group. As you move westward, you'll come across
some medium and heavy armor again. Send in your husks first because they have
the best armor and they are taking up a lot of command points. They may not
do a whole lot of damage but they can soak some up and then you can hit them
with your Hunters.

It shouldn't be too difficult to make it past these units though. Make sure
your crawler is taking up the rear. You'll eventually get to a field of
Tiberium. Collect your forces on your side of the field. Once you are ready
head across the field and on the far side of it will be two NOD tunnels.

The tunnels will alternate sending tanks through. As they come through, destroy
them and you shouldn't have to worry about taking any damage. Whenever you
don't have an enemy to shoot at, start working on the tunnels. Eventually you
will take the tunnels down and not have to worry about tanks coming up from
behind you.

Head toward the nearby Uplink. Capture it and then sit tight for a little bit.
James will call in for Support and a whole bunch of friendly forces will
drop in. With them to help you out, the next patch is pretty easy.

4) Activate the TCN
Once your support arrives, head down the ramp and start heading east. You
should be able to just walk right over. Your allies will keep the enemy units
to the north at bay. Make sure you bring your crawler with you. Make your
way to the east but don't go up the ramp at the end yet. Collect your forces
and your engineers at the bottom of the ramp. Once you are ready, have them
focus fire on the defensive towers ahead of you. If you lose any units or if
you have points to spare, build shockwaves if you can. Otherwise just replace

Try to take out anything near the MCV that can attack you and any bunkers or
defenses that can reach you. Wait for any enemy units to come to you and kill
them as well. The enemy crawler will produce units continuously. This will slow
down the destruction of the crawler but shouldn't provide any real threat to
your mission. Kill the units as they are created and destroy the crawler.

Start heading toward the TCN behind the base. There are two bunkers ahead which
didn't get shut off with the destruction of the MCV. Just pound these two and
direct your troops to capture the TCN. As soon as the TCN turns blue, the
mission is over.

For All of Humanity      [xxGDI07xx]
1) Capture the Deploy Zones
Drop in an offensive MCV and immediately start building Wolves. Build a couple
and then build a couple hunters and an engineer or two. Then round out your
team to have three engineers, four wolves, and five hunters. Bring your crawler
with you. This mission is largely just you being persistant. Make sure you
collect the red crystal beside your deployment zone with an engineer and be
sure to collect the blue core crates that are going to be dropping everywhere.

Head westward slowly, killing anything that confronts you and repairing or
replacing units as needed. Eventually you'll come to a ramp. Unfold your MCV
at the foot of the ramp and send your troops up. You'll be attacked by a
variety of enemies. These shouldn't really be an issue on their own but be
careful of the tower here. It's a capturable tower though so move your troops
in close to it and try to fight from there. Once you destroy the enemy units,
turn your attention fully to the tower and capture it. Make sure your squad is
at full strength and continue up the next ramp a little.

You'll get attacked by a few more tanks on the way out but your new tower will
help. Kill these and move on. This next area will be pretty tame. Just keep
moving your troops eastward toward the uplink. You'll come across a couple more
towers but they should be easy to capture. The enemy crawler might come out to
place but it'll likely run away back towards it's uplink as soon as yuou shoot
at it.

Plant your crawler just outside this first uplink and send your troops in. They
should make relatively short work of this base. Just make sure you watch out
for troops coming in from behind you, likely from the cliff above. Kill the
troops and the crawler, then capture the uplink for reinforcements.

Now to the next uplink.

From this position, head up the stone ramps to the base structure about. This
area will be a pretty steady fight. As soon as you get to the top, you'll see
a tower. Move your troops to it to start capturing it while you beat back
any enemies that are thrown at you. Once you have a chance, beat on the tower
to spead up the capture.

Now that you have that tower, clean up any enemies near by and move your troops
towards the next giant defense tower in the middle. Just surround the base of
the platform it's on to start capturing it. You'll get attacked by enemies,
make sure you choose your targets well. The first tower should help cover air
enemies and your hunters and wolves should be able to handle anything on the
ground. Use the wolves to clear the skies if it gets hairy. You'll probably
lose your Spartans on this push but it's really no big deal. Remember to keep
your engineers focused.

Capturing the tower shouldn't be too difficult. Now you need to push towards
the deploy zone. Unpack your MCV somewhere near the middle of the platform and
start sending your troops to attack deploy zone. You should be able to handle
the few troops it musters but make sure you watch for defensive towers. This
MCV is a defensive one and will be building structures around you. Keep
persisting and eventually you'll be able to take down the crawler. Capture the
uplink and be rewarded with two shockwaves.

The third uplink

Head up the ramp here to find another tower and a couple of engineers.
Hopefully that's it. You may see the enemy Crawler but it should turn tail.
Capture the tower here.

Really, this last MCV is actually more annoying than difficult. It's a support
crawler which means that when it's moving, it's in the air and that it builds
mostly aircraft. It won't produce anything that's really a danger to you. It'll
mostly just make more and more repair drones. So keep killing the drones and
pushing back towards the Uplink. Make sure to capture the second tower on the
way. Once you get near the uplink, the crawler will stay on the ground.

From here just start pounding on it with everything except your wolves. Use
your wolves to keep the skies relatively clear. If you crowd around the uplink,
it's very likely that you'll capture that before you finish the crawler. If so,
you will recieve a few anti-air units to help you out.

2) Survive
This actually won't be as bad as you think. You probably have no command points
right now to build anything so seperate your units however you see fit and then
place your crawler in the green deployment zone surrounding the tower. Once you
do this, the last battle will start. You will have to keep yourself alive
for the next few minutes. 

You have two ways of going about this. NOD will start from the bottom and make
it's way towards you at the top. 

Your first option is to hunker down at the top and wait for them to come. I
would recommend that you make your stand just down the ramp to your left near
the AA tower. If you do this, it will take NOD about three minutes just to get
to you. They'll move in with their attack crawler and you can just pound the
units and then that and should have no problem destroying it. This will give
you even more time.

The other option is to push outward. You could head way south and start the
fight right as NOD enters the map. This will slow them way down and keep them
from getting to your crawler a little longer. Send a group of troops and then
as they get destroyed, replace them. Make sure you have a decent number of
troops before you send them in because if you just send on at a time, they may
not even stop to destroy the unit. 

Either way, fight with whatever you've got. Use the units you have to start
with carefully because if you care for them, you will be able to keep a much
larger army than you should have for much longer. Refill with the standard 
units, Hunters, Wolves, and engineers. You should manage just fine until NOD 
starts launching missiles at you.

James will appear and say that you need to build some AA defenses because NOD
is going to be using missiles. If you have a few wolves, you should be fine.
You'll see a bunch of waypoint markers on your map and they'll be heading
strait across the map. This are the missiles. Once you see them, stop your
wolves and sandstorms and have them target the missiles.

With any luck it shouldn't be too bad. Your Hunters and Wolves should be able
to take a hit or two from these missiles. What you really need to watch for is
your engineers. You may have too many units to rebuild them which will mean
that you'll have to decomission some or wait until some get destroyed to make
more engineers which will significantly decrease the strength of your army.

Either way, you should be set. Fight hard and you will probably finish this on
your first try. When the timer is winding down, your screen will start to go
black. Now just sit back and enjoy the ending.

                         ###    ##  ######  #####
                         ## #   ##  ##  ##  ##  ##
                         ##  #  ##  ##  ##  ##  ##
                         ##   # ##  ##  ##  ##  ##
                         ##    ###  ######  #####


Enjoy the much fuller story here. But be warned that the increased reward means
increased difficulty. Some of the NOD missions are just brutal (while some are
actually quite easy). Good Luck.

Things Fall Apart        [xxNOD01xx]
1) Capture the TCN
Drop in an offensive crawler. Don't use your troops to start fighting yet.
Build a few troops, the enemy shouldn't bother attacking you yet. Build up a
team mostly of Raiders with a few avengers and a couple engineers. You'll be
fighting mostly rioters and later you'll really be happy to have all those 
extra raiders.

Once you have a decent force, move to take the force field generator that's
blocking the ramp. Destroy the defensive structures. Continue down the ramp
and through the giant group of rioters. Don't try and kill them all, more will
keep coming in through the side of the map. Make sure you take your crawler
with you. Slowly work your way down the side of the map and you'll come to
another shield. Use a couple of Raiders to keep the rioters off your back and
then direct the rest of your troops to take down the three defense towers.
Also try to take the generator to drop the shields.

Once you've made it through the shield, get your troops together, including
your MCV and head strait north towards the Uplink. You should have a strait
shot there. Capture the Uplink and head east towards your actual objective.
Crowd your troops around the TCN and start destroying the defensive towers
around there. They won't do you any harm but you have nothing else to do so you
might as well get the bonus objective.

2) Protect the Convoy
Once you've captured the TCN, a convoy will arrive that you need to protect.
The convoy won't move without your crawler near by. You'll be fighting almost
exclusively rioters the whole way down. You're heading back to where you
started the mission. Basically undo the route you took to get here. You only
need one truck to make it to the end. Make sure you lead with your Raiders to
clear a path for the trucks and follow with your crawler because it's really
just too slow to keep up. But make sure the crawler keeps moving because you
want to get those trucks to the end as quickly as possible.

Further Complications    [xxNOD02xx]
1) Capture the TCN
Deploy an offensive MCV and starting pumping out units. Make a mix, you'll
probably be attacked soon. Go with four Avengers, three Raiders, and three
Spider Tanks. Don't forgot to build a couple of engineers too.

Now you can head north with a couple of units first and capture the tower
there. It takes no effort but it didn't seem to come in to play at any time.
After you do that (or if you don't) head eastward from your deploy zone and
towards the blue tiberium. Collect that and then start heading north.

B) Destroy 1 TCN Dampner
You'll eventually come across a shield generator. Just east of that is probably
a GDI crawler. Knock out the crawler and whatever else is there, including the
TCN dampner then head toward the shield generator and capture it so you can 
continue onward. Just on the other side of the shield is a capturable defensive
tower. Take this as it could be useful later if complications arise.

Keep heading northward until you get close to the TCN. You'll probably pass a
GDI tunnel on the left and there will probably be a GDI crawler ahead of you.
Knock out the tunnel so you don't get flanked and then decide on how to do this
next part.

There are really two ways of doing this and neither is particularly easy. Since
the GDI crawler is on your way to the TCN (sort of) and the NOD seperatists are
on the far side of the crawler, you could potentially just sandwich the GDI
and kill them somewhat easily to take them out and make it a more direct fight
for a little bit OR you could leave them there and head strait for the TCN if
you would rather use the GDI to mediate the NOD forces.

Either way is kind of a gamble.

If you take out the GDI then you should focus on rebuilding your army almost
exclusively as Avengers and Engineers as you lose troops because almost
everything that Gideon is going to throw at you will be medium armor. Hang out
by the TCN until you capture it. Be careful, because Gideon can destroy it. As
long as you capture it before he does so, you'll be fine. This means if you 
need to retreat after you capture the TCN, you can do so.

If you choose to blitz the TCN, you have to keep some things in mind. First,
GDI and Gideon will fight each other just fine. You should only ever attack
an enemy if that enemy is attacking you OR more importantly, your crawler. If
they attack your crawler, try to draw them off of it by attacking them. You
have to be really selective about your targets here because if you start
attacking everything that moves, both sides will turn on you and you'll be
faced with a 2-on-1 battle. Once you capture the TCN, if you are getting beat
up, retreat. 

2) Destroy any remaining crawlers.
Remember that if you are losing, as long as you capture the TCN, you can't 
really lose. Just retreat and keep in mind that your crawler can rebuild troops
as it moves. Just walk backwards toward one of your captured defensive towers
and then unload your troops. You'll eventually find yourself in a position to
rebuild your army and repair your MCV. Then start again. You'll slowly beat
them down until you win.

The Harder They Fall     [xxNOD03xx]
1) Prepare for the GST arrival
Drop in an offensive crawlers, which spot isn't really important.

This is one of the toughest missions in the game and probably your toughest
yet. The first thing you need to know is that the GST doesn't always appear in
the same place and not all of the AA towers will be able to reach it. And no,
it doesn't appear that you can influence where it appears. The second thing you
need to know is that you are likely going to lose a few times before you get
this. Don't worry, it's normal on this mission.

The first thing you are going to do is ignore the misleading bonus objective.
This will save you a lot of time wasted. Build up the usual mix of units.
Four Avengers, three raiders, three spiders and two engineers once again.

Now start heading east. Since you aren't going to be trying for the AA Towers,
you're going to need something else to do. You are going to hunt down the
GDI crawlers. They should appear either near the uplink towers or in the blue
deploy zones. You want to kill two of the three crawlers. If you kill the third
it will just reappear so don't bother. Also try to capture the uplink towers
if you can. It's not really all that necessary though so don't worry about it.

When you reach roughly the two to three minute mark on the countdown, save the
game. Really what you need is to have two crawlers down and two minutes left
on the clock, if you have more, that's great. If not, start over and try again.

2) Bringing down the GST
You don't have to do anything right now. You are going to do recon. Let
the timer run down and the GST will appear. Watch it for a little bit and
you'll notice that the GST will fly a strait line from Northwest to Southeast.
Now reload from the save you just made a few minutes before the GST appeared.

The GST will appear in the same place and then travel the same way as it did
before as long as you keep using this save, even if you exit out of the game
and reload this save later. 

Now you should once again have two minutes or so before the GST arrives. Direct
everything towards the closest AA gun to the future spawn point of the GST.
Also, as you move, you want your crawler building and you want to start
decomissioning your troops. 

You want to convert everything except one avenger to mantises. After the
cutscene, you're command point cap will go up by 20 points. Just after the
cutscene, round out your units so you have three Avengers, three engineers, and
the rest of your points put into Mantises. Now there are two different games
you are going to play here but thankfully it shouldn't be too overwhelming.

A) The Air Battle
The first game you are going to play is the air game. You are going to use your
Mantises to take down the GST and other air-bourne enemies. They should always
be looking up. There will be four spawns of air units during this battle.

The GST will spawn with four Hurricanes, Orcas, and two spanners. This will
happen again at 75% and 50% health. You should go for the spanners, then the
orcas, then the hurricans - in that order. If you can't reach something then
go down the list. Whenever the air is clear then target the GST.

The last batch of enemies will spawn at 20%. This is much harder because it
spawns four firehawks instead of hurricanes. These are very effective against
your mantises. For this batch the order is Spanner, Firehawk, Orca, GST.

Just make sure that you take every opportunity to attack the air support.
Sometimes you can get both spanners before they make it to the GST at all.

B) The Ground battle
Unfold your crawler by your AA tower. Keep your avengers and engineers together
and make sure that they stay by your crawler and AA tower. Right now, use these
troops to keep control of the AA tower. Once your Mantises back track to this
point, divert the Avengers to attack enemy armor. You should have enough troops
by the tower at this point to keep it.

Once the Mantises start moving beyond the AA tower, use your avengers,
engineers and crawler to beat back the enemy. Try and take the fight to their
door step. You want to get rid of all the enemy armor and keep them from making

It might make this battle close but hopefully you'll get the thing down. You
have to get it to 5% to win the mission. It will take a few tries and a lot of
effort but you should eventually be able to get it. 

Reversal of Fortune      [xxNOD04xx]
1) Defend the GTS
Go with an offensive crawler. Once you have the chance, build an avenger and
a few raiders. Leave your crawler where it is, it'll be fine. Grab the upgrade
crystal near by. Now try to fend off attackers.

The GTS will fly around and you have no control over it. So fend off the
enemies as they attack and then attend to the AA gun nearest the GTS. As long
as you keep on the enemies as they spawn and deal a little damage to the AA
guns at a time, you should be able to get rid of the AA guns and keep the GTS
alive the alotted time.

2) Hack with your Crawler
This is rediculously easy. Send all of your units, including your crawler
eastward and then south to Gideon's crawler. Now keep your crawler following
Gideon's and keep your units defending your crawler. Eventually you'll lose
all of your troops and just have your crawler. Don't bother building troops.
Just keep following Gideon's Crawler. If your crawler dies, spawn another one
and send it after Gideon again. You should have no problem getting through
Gideon's Firewall by just being persistent with your crawlers.

From one of the hardest missions to one of the easiest.

Heresy's Reward          [xxNOD05xx]
1) Infiltrate Gideon's Compound
Offensice MCV Just build the usual mix of units and grab the red upgrade 
crystals on either side of your deployment zone. Head to the barricade to the 
east and there  will be some defensive towers around the barricade to deal 
with, just destroy them. They shouldn't be any real threat. Once you've dealt 
with them, destroy part of the barricade itself. You don't need to destroy the 
entire thing to get through but do make sure that you have everybody on the far
side of it before you save because if you ever load the saved game it will 
magically reappear and be both invisible and untargetable.

B) Destroy Gideon's Crawler Army
I don't know why it gives you a bunch of "bonus objectives" that are necessary
but it does. There are three crawlers to destroy but you need to make sure that
you destroy them in the correct order. Follow the Southeast side of the map
up to the eastern corner. You'll eventually see a ramp that leads down to the
eastern most crawler. Go down the ramp and at the bottom, unfold your MCV.

You shouldn't be too far from the enemy crawler at this point. Decomission your
army and reform it into a completely flame tank army. Build eight of them. If
you don't have flame tanks then you can try substituting Avengers. Once you
have a full compliment of units, send them at the MCV. It will be stealthed but
it should reappear. Attack the MCV with all of your units. 

As your units die, rebuild them but DO NOT send them back at the enemy. Also
don't retreat with the first wave of units. Have them attack until they all
die or you risk drawing the enemy's entire army to your MCV. A few may wander
over anyway but it's much better than all of them. Once you have rebuilt your
army, send the second wave in and just attack the MCV. Rinse and repeat until
you've defeated the crawler. It will probably take you three or four tries to 
destroy it. Once you've killed the MCV, mop up it's troops.

You've got one out of three MCVs down now, and the hardest of them for sure.
Restructure your army once again as a mix of units. Use the usual mix of. Now
take your army north and make sure your crawler comes too. There's another
barricade toward the top of the map. You want to go through that and you'll
come out in the back of the base itself.

Now it's time to attack the second base. From this angle, head up behind the
MCV and start hitting it. Direct your units to their strengths. Avengers should
hit the Centurians while raiders should take infantry. Spiders will pretty much
be on the MCV the entire time though enemies might present themselves that
are weak to lasers, it's just rare.

If the shields to the south of the base are giving you a hard time, you can
head into the shields and hit the generator from inside. This will allow for
your entire army to attack the defensive towers. Keep the enemy unit count low
and keep hitting the MCV and it will go down. Feel free to unfold your MCV here
if you need to rebuild units.

Once you have defeated this second crawler, it will set Gideon in motion. This
will make everything a little more difficult but if you act fast, it shouldn't
really be a problem. Consult the "Prevent Self Destruct" section below if you
are concerned about that. For now, read on.

There is one more MCV to destroy. It's roughly south east of your position.
This is the easiest MCV. Just head strait up to it and start hitting it. Use
your raiders to kill enemy air units. If you need to, feel free to convert some
units to mantises. Even without doing that, you should take this crawler down
fairly quickly. Just make sure that you take down any repair units that it
spawns so it doesn't heal.

2) Prevent Self Destruct
Once Gideon announces he's going to blow everything up, he'll start trying to
capture the five towers spread across the map. Once he's captured one, you can
recapture it. If he ever controls all five at once, you lose.

This isn't really that bad. You only need to make sure that he doesn't have
one of them to keep the battle going. Really, you should have at least two and
maybe even three at all times just as insurance. To capture one, just make
a few engineers and send them as a clump to capture it. Odds are likely that
all of them will make it there alive and you can send them back to your base
alive. Just keep running your Engineers around and keep a few towers.

3) Make Gideon Submit
This isn't really difficult so much as it's a little bit of a pain. Make sure
you keep him from capturing all the Self Destruct towers first. While you're
doing this, his crawler will move from tower to tower, appearing somewhat at
random. When he arrives, he'll create an engineer to capture the tower and then
stick around for a little bit to rebuild defenses at that location. While he's
there, he'll also repair his 15,000 health crawler pretty rapidly. This means
that you can't just send all your troops to one tower and wait for him to
appear and you can't destroy all the defenses and then hop around and kill him.

Here's what you will do. Let him capture two or three towers. There's one tower
that has engineers that heal the crawler and then there are two more that have
rocket defenses. I would let him have the one with the engineers because and
maybe one or both of the rocket defended towers. If you allow him to have all
of those towers then you should keep in mind that you only have two towers left
so you're playing a risky game. However this can speed up the finish a little.

The next step is to decomission your MCV and redeploy as a support unit. Unfold
your Crawler in the middle of the map. Then you are going to make four 
engineers and finish with as many Vertigos or (if you don't have those) Cobras
as you can. Use the engineers strictly for recapturing towers as needed and
use your Vertigos/Cobras to attack the MCV. You only need to take him down to
3,000 health - make sure you don't kill him (which you shouldn't be able to do
under normal circumstances anyway). Continue this approach until you've won.
It shouldn't be difficult so much as just time consuming.

Blood Loss               [xxNOD06xx]
1) Repair GDI MCV
Gather the troops you are given and split them into sub groups so you can use
them against their best targets. Once you are set to go, head southeast towards
the GDI crawler. Make sure you keep your engineers in the back and keep pushing
forward. You should be able to make it to the GDI crawler with almost no
effort. Once you get there, use your engineers to repair the crawler. You
should have the crawler up and running again in no time at all.

2) Return Crawler to Kane
Just send your new crawler to the deploy zone you started in and unfold it.
This will satisfy the requirements. Make sure you take your troops with you.
Also, send your engineers north of your deploy zone to find a few red crystals.
There should be four and you want all of them.

3) Get crawler to helipad
Build up as many units as you can. I recommend hunters and wolves. Fit them
in with your other units by the type of enemy they are good for. Once you are
prepared, start moving your troops eastward. On the far east side of the map
you'll see a ramp leading up. Try to make it to the ramp with your crawler
still having 98-100% health and with a few troops. Just go slow and you should
be fine on this first leg.

Once you get to the ramp, just make a run for it. Send your crawler strait for
the helipad waypoint. Use whatever you have left for troops to distract the
enemy from your crawler. Try to focus your attacks on enemies that attack your
crawler. And keep your engineers healing your crawler. I don't know when your
crawler is too weak to support you but it's some point below 40%. You should
be able to make it to the helipad with more than that and do so pretty easily.

The End of All Things    [xxNOD07xx]
1) Secure the TCN Network
This might seem very difficult at first but it really isn't. Spawn yourself
with an offensive MCV. Build up a mixed army and remember you have an extra ten
command points on this mission. I recommend two engineers and then something
along the lines of five avengers, four raiders, and four spiders.

Take your squad, including your crawler to the southern TCN node that NOD
possesses. Then take your squad past that and down the ramp to the southern
most GDI TCN. Grab the red crystal on the way and upgrade your MCV to tier II.
Start to capture that TCN.

To complete this objective, all you have to do is control more TCN nodes than
GDI does and allow the network to build points. Once you have a majority stake
in the TCN network then you will see the percentage at the top start to climb.
Just hold on to that majority until it reaches 100%. It actually shouldn't be
too difficult. If you split with the GDI then progess will stop and if you are
losing to GDI then it will reverse and you'll lose points. I'd be surprised if
this happened.

Once you start getting close to 100%, start decomissioning your troops and
converting them to the toughest laser units you have available.

2) Take down the Arcus
Once you've gotten 100% of the TCN network, the Arcus will appear. This little
bomber is actually very powerful. It's ok, you're about to make short work of
it. Don't worry about keeping your Network majority, you actually have to lose
all 100% to lose the mission. Now just take all of those laser units you just
built and send them to kill the Arcus. With ten laser units it should take no
time at all. Just keep rebuilding your units and sending them at the Arcus.

By the way, you can also send your tier II MCV at it also. It's now equiped
with a laser. Enjoy your ending.

Contact                  [xxContaxx]
I would love to hear from you. I recieve very little information about how my
guides are doing which is bad. Maybe everybody loves my guides and doesn't feel
the need to gripe or maybe they're so bad that people don't bother with trying
to help. Either way, I know that my guides aren't perfect and have room for
improvement and I need your help for that.

If you liked the guide, let me know. Let me know if you liked my sorting
system or if it was easy to find what you wanted to find or tell me that the
insane wall of text was useless to you. Whatever it is that you think could
help me with future guides, even if it's just a pat on the back or whack upside
the head, please do so.

Two rules though - Please be polite, these guides take a very large amount of
time and effort. And Please include the game title "Command and Conquer 4" or
"Tiberium Twilight" in the subject so I know what you're contacting me about.

To contact me, my e-mail address is (minus
the dashes).

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Version History          [xxVerHixx]
April 4, 2010 - 1.00
   -First build of the guide with complete walkthroughs for both campaigns
   -Need to finish unit evaluations.
   -Only requires touch up and possibly multiplayer strategy though the latter
   isn't likely because MP is never static.