Conduit 2: FAQ/Walkthrough

       ´╗┐The Conduit 2: Full walkthrough

***Table Of Contents***
*1. Intro
*2. Starting Out
*3. The Primers
*4. The Showdown
*5. Fixer Fight
*6. The Basement
*7. The Office Building
*--Mayan Calendar Conduit
*8. Return To Atlantis
*9. The Mountains
*10. Battle With Li (Boss Fight)
*11. Siberia
*12. The Escape
*13. South America
*14. Final Fight With Adams
*15. FAQ
*16. Copyright

   1. Introduction
I am pretty much entirely new to writing Walkthrough/FAQs, and at the moment
I will probably only make one version of this guide, unless it needs to be 
updated due to inaccurate information.  This guide is pretty straightforward
and at first sounds awful, but there isn't much to say about the first part of
the game, so bear with it, it gets better.  While playing I never used the
ASE much, only when it was entirely necessary, so you would be better off
searching around for stuff yourself.  There isn't a whole lot on the ammo 
either so you should always be aware of looking for ammo crates yourself.
Other than those, this a very solid guide.

   2. Starting Out
After the beginning cut scene is over you will be on top of a Heli platform, 
go forward and kill the guard.  Go down and use you ASE on the hackable door.
As you go through there will be more guards, one falls, so kill the other one 
that's running.  Keep going along the walk and two soldiers will come out, 
kill them both and then go up the stairs.  Wait for the door.

   3. The Primers
Once you are in the next room your enemy will be talking to you.  Wait until
the glass starts cracking, then shoot it and move into the next room and wait
for the door to the right of you.  Once you get through, kill the two men that
enter, and as you move ahead there will be another soldier.  Kill him and
turn left to get the two other men.  Move ahead to the window and use your
ASE to hack the object just below it.  Once you finished hacking that, the 
door behind you will now be open.  Go down the stairs and kill the guard.
Open the door to go outside.  Three guards will be there.  Shortly, there will
be an explosion and the guards will be startled.  Kill all of them and then go
forward and into the building.  Go upstairs and through the door.  There will 
be a soldier in the hall.  Kill him, and there is another on the right side, 
get him and go through the door and over a catwalk.  Kill the next two guards
and then take the stairs.  There will be 3 guards in this room, kill them and 
follow the Crew Berthing marks.  Once you are outside again, look left and go
up the stairs.  Kill the one guard.  After the cutscene, descend from these 
stairs and go forward then kill the one guard that pops out and go up 
these stairs.  Kill the three unsuspecting guards here and go through the door
to the right of where they were.  Kill the guy in here and the other two in 
the next room.  Use the door in the last room and kill the three soldiers down
there.  Three more come in.  Once you have taken care of them go into the next
room and deactivate the primer in the back.  After that more guards enter in.
Go back to the previous room and through the door to go outside on the 
catwalk.  The leviathan will be to the left of you.  But open the door on the
right.  Kill the somehow oblivious workers inside.  There is a weapon crate
next to one of the guys you kill.  Go through the door that is also near there
and downstairs there are 3 guards preoccupied with other things.  Take care of
them, and the guards on the other side of this room.  There will be an armored
soldier so you should use all you can on him.  Go down the stairs and across
the room.  Go through this door, and there is a guard.  He gets taken out from
another source, so don't worry about him.  Go down this hall and go through
the door.  Kill the guy in here.  Then the place will start to shake.  Kill 
the next guards that come in.  Go to the next room and kill the two workers.
Go through the next door to find a ladder.  Climb up to the next level and
ambush everyone in this room.  You will find the next primer.  Deactivate it
and watch as you have a close encounter.  Go through the next door and kill
the guards in here.  Another worker will enter, so kill him as well and then
go through the door that he came from.  Go down the ladder in the corner
of this room.  Get the workers in here.  Look around too, there's a lot of fun
stuff lying around.  Go up the elevator at the end of this room.  Once the
elevator stops, turn around and use the door in this room.  Go forward and
kill the workers in the next room.  Big explosions...  Anyway once you kill 
them you can disable the third primer up the walk.  Go back down and through
the next door.  Then through another door in the next room.  Go right and 
through another door.  Kill the soldier in here and go down these stairs and
get the weapon crate and go through the next door.  Crouch and then go through
the opening to get to the other side.  Go through the next room look right and
go through this way and up the ladder.  Kill the guards and go through the 
door to your left and then the next door.  When you get outside go left and
through the open gate.

     4. The Showdown
Now it's time for some epic battle.  When you start, kill the soldiers and 
workers.  The Leviathan will attack you.  This fight can be annoying because
of the constant spawn of guards, but they aren't too tough.  Anyway back to
the Leviathan.  Get on one of the turrets and start shooting its open
spine. Do not let it destroy the surrounding generators.  There are three 
of them and if he destroys them, you will lose.  The leviathan also has a
laser beam.  Take cover while he does this.  Once he destroys a generator
make sure to keep the other safe.  Once you have destroyed all of his spines
he will power up and you have to constantly shoot him.  Be careful because 
your turret will overheat.  Once you damage him enough you get a harpoon gun.
Shoot his neck.  After you get that, do it again and you win!

    5. Fixer Fight
Well now you should be in Atlantis.  Run up the ramp and go left and then
turn on the next right.  You do get attacked by robots, but they aren't much 
of a problem, and can easily be destroyed.  Go through the door and kill more
of those robots.  Then go to the next room.  Keep going up the next ramp, kill
even more of these robots. (Note: you will constantly run into these pests,
they aren't difficult, but they do spam you as well as running you down on 
ammo)  Well on the next walkway there are other small robots that show up.
These aren't as annoying since they are embarrassingly underpowered.  Jump as
soon as you get to the next room.  Go up the next ramp and go across the 
bridge as you are being spammed by robots.  Take the next right ramp and go
through the door and pass through this hall.  Kill the attacking bots and go
through the door at the end of the hall to get to another room.  More robots
will be after you again.  Jump on the platform on the right wall.  Wait for 
the hole in the wall to get big enough for you to get through the next side.
Get out your ASE and look around for the hackable device.  Jump on the new
platform that appears.  Kill the guys that come out and go through the door in
the middle of the room.  While going down this hall you run into an ambush!
Kill these guys and go forward.  Use your ASE in this room and hack the 
device.  Step on the blue platform that appears.  Leave and look right.  Go
through here and walk to the door.  However there are stairs!  Take these and
get out the ASE to hack the pod.  Cutscene...

    6. The Basement (Bunker)
As the cutscene ends, you are now in a bunker.  Go forward and then right.
Search for a vent at the top of this pile of rubble.  You do get attacked by a 
bug in this vent, so be prepared.  Go through this vent until you reach the 
opening, then jump out.  Shoot another one of those bugs as you turn around
(Drudge Bug Actually)  Look over  to the left wall.  Destroy this since it is
the cause of these bug spammers.  Sometimes it will glitch and spawn a few
more of them anyway.  Open the office door next to the one bug pod and kill
the creatures that await in the next room.  You are now about to exit the 
bunker.  Go around the pesky flames the pipes are making, and kill the guy
with the gun.  Go through this opening and you are now in the main building.

    7. The Office Building
Now you should be in the main building which has been hollowed out.  Kill the
drudge guards in this next room.  Blow up the one and then 3 more will come in
from your left.  Go across the room and kill the soldier to your left.  After 
finishing that go through the door and use the staircase to your left.  taking
this path you will find a soldier, follow him and then you get ambushed.  You 
should probably go back to the previous area for a better area of attack.  
Now... Kill everything!  Search the dead soldiers for some awesome weapons
which will better aid you later.  go back upstairs to where you were before
and destroy any remaining pods.  Once you're done with that go through the
ceiling and go through the right of the room and go down the hall until you 
can go left.  Once you go left, you are in another part of the building.  Kill
the drudge soldiers in this next room.  Once you defeat them go around the
strip of floor to get to the next room.  Move along this wall and kill the
armored soldier.  Make sure you get his weapon.  Turn and go around the walls
to the right.  Go through the next opening and move into the next building and
look left.  Kill the single soldier in here and then prepare.  In the next 
room there are more soldiers as well as an armored drudge.  After you've
finished them, go through the door on your right.  Kill the soldier in your
way and go up the pile of rubble to get to the next floor.  Go left and walk 
until you see a door on your right.  Get ready for an epic war.  Go in and 
wait for the bombs that fall down to explode.  Once that happens run in and
kill anything left inside.  Walk down the now destroyed floor and an armored
drudge will appear.  These armored ones can start to be a pain, but fight 
through it and once you kill him go through the hole in the wall.  You should
now be on the street.  Go down the street killing the drudge and trust 
soldier.  Go around the corner and kill the soldiers that jump in front of
you.  Continue and then a few more will ambush you.  Kill them and continue
forward until you see a passage to the left.  Go down here to see a showdown
between trust and drudge soldiers.  Kill all of these guys, then go through
the window in the alley and continue on.  As you come out in the next area you
should turn left and get attacked by two soldiers.  Get rid of them, you might
want one of their weapons for this part.  After all that there will be a 
sniper shooting you.  He is using a laser, so find him by tracing that back to
him, kill him and more soldiers will be on their way from the left.  

Once you've taken care of everyone here, move through the entrance next to the
large doors.  Go up the stairs on the wreckage and kill the soldiers in there.
A warning - you have to face an armored soldier with a shotgun, I would run
to keep him out of range.  Go through the hall on the left and kill the
soldiers that fly in.  Keep moving and as you get to the end of this hall, get
prepared for a fight.  Kill the two soldiers with shotguns and move on.  Turn
left and kill the other soldiers from afar.  Move on and finish the rest of 
the troops in your way.  Get your ASE and hack the device.  Trace back to the
beginning of this building.  Go back to the courtyard and kill all the troops
on your way there.  Go to the large door at the end of the road and kill the
soldiers there.  Enter the command console area and hack with your ASE.  
Going into the next area, there is another sniper, and more soldiers.  Kill 
the sniper and then the soldiers as soon as they come out.  Kill the other
soldiers that come out before entering the next building.  Move into the next
area.  Watch the cutscene.

After that go through the vent in front of you.  Keep moving until you fall in
the next room.  Move outside and kill all the soldiers out here.  Once you 
kill all of the incoming waves of soldiers move into the next street.  This 
time there will be a sniper, bombs, and troops.  Fight through this and kill 
the other soldiers that appeared in the previous area.  Well now jump into the
giant hole and go down into the door you find.  Move left when your inside and
kill the soldiers.  Then kill the drudge bugs that appear.  Go down the hall 
and through the open door.  Kill the drudge spawning pods and then the bugs.
Go up through the next area and kill the trust soldier.  The next area is full
of trust warriors as well so kill them and go through the wall and then the
left.  While moving ahead you will be attacked by more drudge soldiers, as
well as an armored soldier.  Now make your way toward the destroyed train and
go through the tunnel after killing the drudge guards.  Keep going through 
these tunnel and you will get attack by more drudge.  Destroy the pods and the
drudge soldiers.  Move along the metallic floor and destroy all drudge that
are in your way.  Go back to the tracks once you kill all of them, go through
the door to your left.  Make sure you destroy all the spawning pods because 
these guys won't stop going after you.  While in the next room stay left and
kill all of the bugs in here.  Once you've taken care of everything in here,
go through the two doors and watch the next cutscene.

--Mayan Calendar Conduit--
Now you get attacked by bugs yet again.  Look left and destroy that spawning
pod.  Then turn right and destroy the other spawning pod.  Destroy the other 
spawning pods below those orange spheres and then shoot the middle sphere.
Now move to the corner and go into the vent.  Move through until you reach the
next area.  Go through the next door, and now you've just set off an alarm. 
Go up the stairs as fast as you can and shoot all of the bugs in your way.  
Destroy the pods, remaining bugs, the whole drill.  Now go through one of the
windows and then the door in the next room.  Stay against the wall of this
tunnel and move ahead.  You can now see the train flying towards you.  Stay
against this wall to avoid getting crushed, and then fight the armored 
soldiers coming to kill you.  When you come out in the next area you will run
into five trust soldiers.  After that look to your left and use your ASE on 
the hackable object.  You will need to wait a little here and more soldiers
are coming in.  First from outside the barricades, and then in the middle of
the building you saw when you came in, and then more to the right of where you
came in.  As soon as you are told to scan the bomb again, get out your ASE and
hack it.  After that you need to get to the national institute.  Go through 
to the next building and as you open the door and armored soldier is going to
attack you.  Keep your distance and take care of the rest of the soldiers that
are still inside.  Around the right corner are two snipers and a few more 
soldiers.  Turn around and go the other way, and kill the other soldiers that
you run into.  Scan the Mayan calendar you find with the ASE.  Keep going
forward and as this room goes into a narrow hallway, a soldier will pop out
 and shoot you.  Kill him and the other two hiding behind cover.  Get out your
ASE and the tomb statue will light up, scan it and it will move.  You will
need your ASE a lot here.  Once the tomb moves back go down and scan around.
There is a lot of good stuff down here, as well as the two objects that are
marked on your screen.  Scan them and you will get coordinates from them.  As
you go back upstairs there will be drudge shooting at trust soldiers.  Don't 
shoot the drudge, they are helping you and killing the trust soldiers.  Run
back and jump into the Mayan calendar.

      8. Return To Atlantis
As you return to Atlantis, Andrameda will tell you to walk over to her. Go and
she will talk to you about Adams, and how you will have to go to China. Go
back behind you to the glowing blue door and up the ramp and through the next
door.  Move down the forming ramp and kill the fixers that
attack from both sides.  Go up the right ramp and through the door.  Listen
to the instructions:  Take the left platform out and kill the fixers and the 
sentries in this room.  Once it stops, get ready for a fight and go through
the door to your left.  A bigger robot will activate and attack you.  Defeat
him and move down through the hallway and kill the other robots that attack.
You will probably be low on ammo after the giant robots.  I am not currently
aware of any better ways to defeat it.  There's an ammo crate ahead anyways.
Go through the next door and there will be a giant bot along with others that
will kill you right away.  I hate Atlantis.  Stay to the side of the door and
use it as cover.  Once you defeat them, go through this room and as you walk
more platforms will guide you around the water and onto the next platform.
More robots will appear, kill them as they do, then go forward and then to the
tunnel to your right.  Go through here killing the robots as you do and once
you get to the end you will be in the engineering room.  You will have to wait
a while until you can drop down through the hole.  Kill all of the robots just
below you and then jump onto the platform to the right.  Navigate through the
gears and go along the next walk.  Get out your ASE and look for the hackable
object.  Hack the console and go through the next door.  Go through the next
set of doors and move down the ramp through the next door.  Keep going down
until you can go left and then you will be control area with Andrameda.  Talk
to her and once your down go to the coordinate console and select "China".
Enter the portal.

      9. The Mountains
When you enter, you will now be in China.  Ships will fly past you.  The First
thing to do is to turn right and go down this path.  When you reach the end of
the path, wait a moment for the screen to zoom into the appearing soldier.  
Yes, soldiers can now pop out of nowhere at any time.  Kill him and then two
more soldiers will come in.  Kill them and continue going forward.  Around the
corner are three more soldiers taking cover behind columns.  Take them weapon
from the guy on the left.  This weapon is a beast and will help you later on.
After you clear through there continue forward and drop down to the next area.
Kill the sniper and the soldier on the left side, as well as the other bugs in
here.  Continue forward and kill the other soldier on top of the building.
Watch out for the auto turrets.  Soldiers will spawn out of the conduit in the
corner.  Kill all of them and more troopers will come in, there will be an
invisible above and to the left of the conduit.  Use you cloak for any of the
motion turrets.  Go through the next opening and down this hallway.  Through
this hall are many of the turrets, so be prepared.  At the end is the door 
marked by a waypoint.  Open it and kill the flying bugs that wait inside.
Go down the stairs to your right after you're finished with them.  Down here
are more soldiers and a sniper waiting.  After you kill them, use your ASE and
to the right is a China element.  Scan it to open a path to the next area.
In the left and right corners, it appears there are some statues.  Do not be 
deceived.  Get close enough and they attack.  Kill them and more soldiers will
come running out from where you came.

When those soldiers come down, kill them and the other statue if you haven't
already done so.  Once you do this, a path will open to the next door.  Get
the weapons crate next to where the statue was on the left.  Cross the water 
and go through the next door.  You are instantly attacked by three soldiers 
after entering the next door.  When you're done with that, go through the 
first door to the left and run up the stairs.  Run through this hallway and go
through the door to the right.  Go down these stairs and there are soldiers
protecting the next element.  This is the earth element.  Scan it with the ASE
and kill the statue afterward.  Watch out because another will jump over from
the left platform.  Then another from the one in front of you, and yet another
from the right one.  Return to where you were previously.  Kill the soldiers
in the hallway on the way back.

Once you're back into the main room again, go to the door across from you.  
Go through the two doors and you run into a sniper wielding a machine gun.  He
is very accurate so stay to the side of the door and use it as cover while
firing back.  There are also other soldiers in the next room, so get them 
as well.  After they're dead, go across the narrow pathway and up the stairs.
Use the ASE and scan the water element.  Upon scanning the element, there
will be soldiers rushing in.  After you kill them, return to the main room

Go to the room in the right corner.  When you go downstairs, turn right and
go down the hall and kill the soldier in the middle.  This looks like the same
room as the Earth element.  Scan the wood element, and kill the statues that 
were to the left and right of you.  Then the one that comes in from the left,
then the center and then the right again.  Return to the main room again and
kill the soldiers waiting in there.

Now go to the other door on the left.  Go up the stairs and through the next
door on your right.  Kill the unsuspecting soldier and the other, now alerted
soldiers, below you.  Go down the stairs on the right side.  The waypoint will
mark the metal element.  Use the ASE and hack it.  After you do that there
will be more soldiers that attack you from behind and from the staircase that
you came from.  After defeating them, return to the main room again and fight
off any soldiers on the way back.  

Good, now you've collected all the elements, and now you can go through the
door in the center.  Go through it and while you are on the balcony, kill the
soldiers below you.  Go down the stairs to the next area, and there will be 
soldiers shooting from below you where the waypoint is pointing at.  One of
the soldiers you killed below had a Phaser Rifle.  This is very effective for 
using on the troops below you.  Scale down this wall by going to the right 
side of this area and dropping down. When you drop down from there, look to
your right and there will be more soldiers coming out.  One of the soldiers 
you killed before should have a SMAW.  This would be very effective for the
armored soldiers that just came out.  Kill them and more will still be coming 
out of the conduit.  Once they stop appearing, go into the next room and get
out your ASE.  You need to charge all of the pedestals, so go around and do
that, then prepare for battle.  Open the door with the glowing green symbol. 

     10. Battle With Li
Li can be an annoying boss.  Run into the circular area of the next room.  Li
will disappear into flames and move around the room constantly.  He can
jump at you and stomp the ground for damage and he will also charge up and
shoot energy balls at you.  Shoot at him after his energy attack when he is
vulnerable.  He gets new attacks once his health goes down low enough.  He
will try to suck you in and stomp at the ground.  After this, he is vulnerable
and will grow.  After he is down to one-third of his health he will summon a
monster and it will appear in the middle of the room.  Li will still attempt
to suck you in and use his energy balls.  Keep firing at him while he's 
vulnerable on the ground.  After you kill him, use the ASE and scan his body.
After that, hack the conduit console and go through.

      11. Siberia
Go back to Atlantis and over to the conduit dialer and select "Siberia Crash".
Run through the conduit and you appear in a freezing cave.  Destroy the wall
of ice standing before you.  When you go outside there will be two ships 
flying around.  Don't worry about those, one of them will go out of control 
and crash anyway.  Go to your right and down the path, where soldiers will
attack you.  Keep going down and a new alien enemy will attack you.  After you
Kill him, a robot dog will run up and attack.  Keep going down after that and
there will be two soldiers below.  Continue down the path and two more robot
dogs will jump at you.  Keep following down the hill towards the waypoint and
go into the cave on your right.  Drop down as you get in here and there will
be a wounded drudge.  His ship was the one that was shot down earlier.  He'll
tell you about their suicide mission to attack the trust prison and how you 
have to help them now.  Leave the cave, and at the exit there will be a sniper
on the building to your left and a gunner on the ground to the right.  Kill
those guys and drop down to the next path and fight of the troops ahead of you
along with the sniper.  Go up the hill and into the building on your right, 
and get the turret in the middle of the room.  Leave the building and go to
the path that was on the left towards the waypoint.  Climb up the ladder in
and climb down the next one on top.  Hack the door in this room and get
ready to fight off an armored soldier.  Use your new turret and cower inside
the building if you have to.  Go down the stairs and outside, and there will
be more soldiers waiting below.  Pick them off and go through the passage to
your left.  Two robot dogs and two soldiers will attack you.  Enter the cave
to your left.  There aren't any enemies inside.  Exit and go down the path to
your left towards the next waypoint.  Look to your right at the next building
and climb up the ladder to get on top.  In front of you will be another 
ladder.  Climb down and kill the soldier next to you.  Then get out the ASE
and hack the door open.  Now you have to get to the communications array.
Go to the building on your left after exiting the door, and there will be a 
guard as you enter.  There's also another one down to your right.  Use the ASE
and hack the console to send your coordinates.  Now you need to head for the
drudge ship.  The door to your left will open and a soldier will attack you.
Kill him and go through here.  Now you can see the ship that crashes before.
When you go outside, kill the two unsuspecting soldiers to your left and go up
the hill to the drudge ship.  When you enter the next area, make your way 
towards the next waypoint.  Drop down to the narrow path on the right and kill
the soldier in your way.  Move up and kill the guard behind you.  Drop down
from there and go through the narrow tunnel on your right.  Go through here 
and beware of the flames.  Navigate through these obstacles and go through the
hole to your right at the end and kill the workers that were talking before.
Open the door in front of you and destroy the camera above you.  Go around the
corner and destroy the next one.   Keep moving forward and use the door that
is to your right.  Go through and soldiers will take cover once it opens.  

Kill the four of them and go up the ramp and activate the door.  Soldiers and
robot dogs will come in upon it opening.  Go through the door you just opened,
and then the next one.  When you get outside, soldiers will start rappelling
in.  Run up the passage to your left and enter into the building on your
right.  Turn right and kill the soldier taking cover behind the laser.  Use
the ASE and hack the laser and the console.  The laser will fire at the wall.
Scan the remains with the ASE.  Now another robot dog will attack you.  Enter
into the next area and kill the soldiers hiding behind cover.  Jump over the
barrier and enter through the middle door.  The elevator will go down.  When
it stops open the next door.  Once you're down here, go through the middle 
door.  Make sure you shoot the camera upon entering.  In the next room, guards
will come out of their chambers anyway, along with a robot dog.  Use the door
in the right corner of the room.  Do not enter this hallway yet.  Destroy the 
camera across the room, and then look directly upward and shoot the camera
above you.  Kill the inactive soldiers in their pods anyway.  Go down the hall
and to the left and hack the door.  Enter in to the next room.  In this 
circular room, soldiers will start rappelling in.  In the front of the room
will be an elevator.  When you go up, you will be attack from all around along
with robot dogs.  Use the elevator to get up to the next level and you get
attacked by more soldiers and robot dogs.  Go up to the next level, but this
time you are safe.  Go through the next two hallways and through the next door
and kill the guard in front of you.  Kill the others on both sides of you as 
well.  Use the ASE and hack through the force field.   After Prometheus and
the alien girl talk, she wants you to absorb her energy.  Scan her with the

     12. The Escape
Open the door right in front of you for a horde of fixers to come through.
Go through this part and make your way to the next waypoint.  Along the with  
a more fixers and trust soldiers.  Once you get to the waypoint, you meet up
with drudge soldiers and you get into a gunship.  use your ASE and scan the
controls on the ship.  As you do that, kill the bots that ambush you in the
small hangar.  The keep on rappelling in, kill them until the ship is ready.
You are now a gunner and you have a ship trailing you.  Keep shooting at it
and the red engines on both sides.  Soldiers will also be flying in at you.
As the HAVOC becomes more damaged, more soldiers will come in and the ship
will fire missiles faster.  Just keep on shooting the soldiers and at the red
engines until the HAVOC is at zero.

      13. South America
After escaping Siberia, you'll end up in South America.  As soon as you enter
there is a sniper aimed at you.  Kill him and as you progress there are more
soldiers waiting near explosives.  Get rid of all of them and make sure you
take the rocket launcher.  It'll be useful later.  Look the right on the stone
wall and there will be a cave.  Enter in and use the ASE on the hackable
object.  After deactivating the forcefield, kill the two guards that come in.
After killing them, there are two snipers outside on both sides of you.  The
one on the right can be a pest.  He's in camo and will always get in a few 
quick shots when you go out to kill him.  Once out of the cave, go over the
rocks and fight the armored soldier.  Why not use the SMAW you picked up
earlier?  Once you kill him, I would take his hive cannon.  Kill the soldiers
to the left of the rock where you kill the armored drudge.  Some are behind
cover, so you might want to use an accurate and ranged weapon.  Drop down and
move along the narrow path and scan the body when you are told to do so. 
Go back through the exit, and take the path on the left, 
and you can use the SMAW at
this point, along with the hive cannon, because now there are six armored 
soldiers after you.  After you've dealt with them, go back up the hill and 
kill the sniper at the top, and then up the ladder and through the next 

    14. Final Fight With Adams
Finally, the showdown with your nemesis.  When you start out, hide behind the
pillars.  He can destroy them so be prepared to move.  There is no trick to 
killing him right now,  just keep shooting him.  There is one annoying part
to this fight.  Soldiers will constantly be coming through the conduits in the
back.  Destroy all of the crystals in the corners to deactivate the force 
field.  Once it's down, fire away.  You should also kill any of the soldiers
that come close to you.  Once you've damaged Adams enough, there will be a
short cutscene and he will turn into his alien self.  Now you are in a 
different area.  Use the new Columns as cover.  Adams will start trying to ram
you.  Make him hit into the statues and he will be vulnerable.  Shoot the 
yellow glowing weakpoint that appears.  Keep repeating this, and avoid his 
other laser attacks by hiding behind the columns when he fires them.  After a 
few energy attacks he will stay down in the center getting powered up, this is
another opportunity to shoot his weakpoint.  After his health reaches zero,
you've won!  Use the ASE and scan the body to win.  Congratulations you've
beaten The Conduit 2.

     15. FAQ
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