Costume Quest: FAQ/Walkthrough


                *              TT                            *
     CCCCCCC                   TT                *
    CCCCC                 TTTTTTTTTTTTT
   CCCC                        TT    
  CCCC         OOOO            TT                 MMM      MM       EEEEEEEEE
   CCCC       OO  OO    SSSSS  TT                MMMMM    MMMM      EEE  
    CCCCC    OO    OO  SSSS    TT   UU   UU     MM  MMM  MM  MM     EEE  
     CCCCCCC  OO  OO    SSSSS  TT   UU   UU    MM    MMMMM    MM    EEEEEE
               OOOO   SSSSS    TT   UU   UU   MM  *   MMM      MM   EEE
                               TT   UUUUUUU  MM        M        MM  EEE
   *                           TT                                   EEEEEEEEE
         QQQQQQQQ        *     EEEEEEEEE       SSSSSSS        
        QQQQ  QQQ              EE            SSSSS     TTTTTTTTTT
       QQQQ   QQQ              EE           SSSSS          TT         *
        QQQQ  QQQ   UU   UU    EEEEEE         SSSSS        TT
         QQQQQQQQ   UU   UU    EE              SSSSS       TT
              QQQ   UU   UU    EE            SSSSSS        TT   *
              QQQ   UUUUUUU    EEEEEEEEE  SSSSSSS          TT
       *      QQQ                                          TT      
              QQQ                 *                        TT       



                               >> Costume Quest <<
                              >> Walkthrough/FAQ <<
                        >> Created by: Monistic_Turtle <<
                      >> E-mail: <<

>>>>>>                        Table of Contents                        <<<<<<<

       ~~ Intro ...................................................... [INT60]

       ~~ Note About the Layout ...................................... [NOT61]

>>>   Quests/Walkthrough    <<<

  |                               Auburn Pines                               |
  | Robot Repair ...................................................   QUEST01
  | Programmed for Protection ......................................   QUEST02
  | Pie for the Putterpan ..........................................   QUEST03
  | The Patriot's Party ............................................   QUEST04
  | These Tombstones Aren't Styrofoam ..............................   QUEST05
  | Suburbs Bobbing for Apples .....................................   QUEST06
  | Auburn Pines Hide 'n' Seek .....................................   QUEST07
  | This Card is So Rare ...........................................   QUEST08
  | Suburbs Collect 'em All ........................................   QUEST09
  |                             Autumn Haven Mall                            |
  | Tickets for Treats .............................................   QUEST10
  | Earn Your Monster Slayer Badge .................................   QUEST11
  | The Mall-O-Rail is Broken ......................................   QUEST12
  | The Dark Side of the Mall ......................................   QUEST13
  | Extreme Costume Challenge! .....................................   QUEST14
  | This Card is Rarer .............................................   QUEST15
  | Mall Collect 'em All ...........................................   QUEST16
  | Mall Bobbing for Apples ........................................   QUEST17
  | Mall Hide 'n' Seek .............................................   QUEST18
  |                                Fall Valley                               |
  | The Original Costume Quest .....................................   QUEST19
  | All's Fair That Ends Fare ......................................   QUEST20
  | Children of the High Frutose Corn Syrup ........................   QUEST21
  | Fall Valley Hide 'n' Seek ......................................   QUEST22
  | Fall Valley Bobbing for Apples .................................   QUEST23
  | This Card is The Rarest ........................................   QUEST24
  | Fall Valley Collect 'em All ....................................   QUEST25

    ~~ The Final Fights ............................................     END26

>>>     Other Stuff      <<<

    ~~ Creepy Treats  ................................................ [CRE65]

    ~~ Battle Stamps ................................................. [BAT66]
    ~~ Costume Patterns .............................................. [COS67]

    ~~ Random Extra Info/FAQ ......................................... [EXT68]

    ~~ Contact Me? ................................................... [CON71]


      |       Intro        INT60 |

    Hello there, this is just me saying hello. ^__^ A little about myself and
my acquisition of this game. I'm a college student, I've written a few other 
FAQ/Walkthroughs, I'm a tae-kwon-do student, (black strip, only one belt away 
from my black belt, curses!) musician, (classical guitar and piano) Secondary 
Education English major, and a firm believer in the use of parenthesis (I can
stop anytime... I swear!). I happened upon this game only about 2 weeks ago. I
knew nothing about it, but the concept seemed amazing. RPG + Halloween? are 
you kidding me? genius! Long story short, I fell in love with this game very
quickly and now I feel compelled to give back and write an FAQ for it. My only
complaint was that it was over too quickly, I could have played this for 30+ 
hours and not get sick of it. But alas... (who uses the word alas anymore?)

      |   Note About the Layout     NOT61 | 

    This game functions a little differently from a standard RPG. Quests are 
basically the bread and butter of this game but you're only required to do 
certain ones. Basically in each area of the game you need to trick or treat at
every single residence in order to progress. There are certain quests in each
area apart from the "trick or treat at every house" thing that you have to do
in order to gain access to other portions of the maps. I might have made this
sound more confusing then it really is; just play the game and you'll see what
I mean.

    Anyways, I've decided to do a pretty basic walkthrough of the game, but I
will section off each quest with it's own "find" code. If you want to jump to 
a certain quest... say Robot Repair, just press Ctrl+F, type in QUEST01 and 
hit enter. This should jump you do the quest you need. I do discourage you
from reading this walkthrough while playing the game for the first time. Part
of the fun is trying to figure out stuff by yourself. On that note, for the
most part, I have not listed the locations of random chests full of candy. 
Those are basically up to you to find, sorry. >.< But... I know some quests,
battle stamps, etc. can be hard to find/do so that's what I'm here for. ^.^  

>>>>                         Quests/Walkthrough                           <<<<

    Your first COA is to choose between Wren or Reynold as your character. 
Once you've done that, you can stop at the nearest house and collect your 
first candy bounty. The next house has a little suprise waiting for you. This
triggers a cutscene and you find yourself in your first battle. 

    The battle is pretty straight forward, just follow the prompts and read 
the in game tutorial. After the battle, your costume is taken and now you have
to find the missing pieces, first quest... go!

>>>>>                            Auburn Pines                           <<<<<<

                                 Robot Repair                          QUEST01

   ~~ There's a path in front of your starting position with a bunch of      
glowing pumpkins; bash those with your pail by pressing the square button.   
Once that's finished, head down the alley and go ahead and hit random stuff  
with your pail. Anything you can hit will give you 2 peices of candy (usually)
except... hitting other kids won't net you any candy, but it's still amusing.
^.^ Anyways, head down the path and you'll find your first Coffin Chest, it's
holding the cardboard box. Head to to your left and you should see the next 
chest containing the Aluminum Foil. Go forward now and destroy the rocks in 
your way and at the end of the path (past some more rocks) you'll find the 
last chest with the Roller Skate Shoes inside. Head back to where you came 
from and you'll get a short cutscene. After it's over you have to use the 
robot's costume ability to launch yourself over the ramp. Just hold circle 
down and direct yourself at the ramp. Once you've made the jump, you're done.


    Alright, well now you're free to browse around the town. Problem is, 
there's a very limited portion available at the moment. So, you're next course
of action is to go talk to the mummy gang. Talking to the ring leader who's 
beating up the some kid will trigger your next quest. Oh it's on mummy bully!

                           Programmed for Protection                   QUEST02

   ~~ This one's pretty straight forward, just use your heelys (circle button)
and outrun your opponent. Stay on the road and you'll be fine.


    Ok, NOW you're free to hit up some houses for candy and talk to the 
locals. If you check your quest log, you need to trick or treat at 20 
different houses. Some of which are not available right now (we'll get to 
that later). After you have your first battle at a house, Everett will mention
something about a girl selling battle stamps at the playground. The playground 
is basically at the center of the suburbs. But the stamps are a little pricey, 
so you might want to hold off until you have more candy. 

                               Pie for Putterpam                       QUEST03

   ~~ You can find Mrs. Putterpam to the right of the playground, on the road.
She's next to a bunch of bake sale tables that are blocking the road. :( She 
wants an ingredient for a pie, and its up to you to fetch it for her. The 
weird thing about this quest is that in order to complete it, you have to do
an entirely seperate quest... joy. Completing the next quest (Patriot's Party)
will give you access to the ingredient you need. To get to the patriot party 
quest, head down from Mrs. Patterpam and take a right where the road splits.
There's a house all decked out in American pride, talk to the kid who looks 
like Evil Kenevil and is shaking his head back and forth. And now... you'll 
need to jump down to the "Patriot's Party" quest and complete that before you
can do anything else here. 

       Ok, are you done with that now? Now that you have access to the 
backyard, head over to the cherry tree. The only thing between you and your 
ingredient is some hot and bothered squirrel. Use the Knight's shield ability
to pass under the tree and grab those cherries. Deliver them to Putterpam, 
and you're finished! 


                             The Patriot's Party                       QUEST04

    ~~ This quest is located at the house that's all decked out like the 4th 
of July. It's to the right of the playground. Talk to the blond kid in the 
red, white, and blue costume who's constantly shaking his head. He'll tell you 
to find the kids dressed up as Abe Lincoln and give them the secret password. 
MANIFEST DESTINY! lol I love it. Anyways, the first kid is right there, in 
front of the steps leading to the house. She'll give you a costume pattern. 

    From there, follow the road all the way to your right. You should find 
another Abe in front of a drainage pipe. Once you give him the password and he
moves, you'll have to use the Knight ability to get through the water. Once 
you're inside, take the little jog to your right and you'll see a treasure 
chest with your first costume piece. Head up the later and you'll spot the 
next Abe standing in front of a ramp. Use the robot ability to jump the ramp.
To your left you'll find another chest with the second piece to the costume. 
Now, just talk to the last Abe directly below you and you'll get the last 
piece. Head back to the patriotic party, talk to the kid who gave you the 
quest and you're in. oooo exclusive access.  


                      These Tombstones Aren't Styrofoam

   ~~ This quest will not become available until you have trick-or-treated at
all 20 houses. Once you do and the gate opens, just go through the gate and 
this quest will be added to your log. You'll get a short lecture as you 
approach the first Grubbin about attacking enemies in the field with your 
pail. It's as easy as it sounds, just walk up behind and enemy and press 
square to get the jump on them. Doing this will knock off some HP from your
enemies at the start of battle. 

    Once you go a little ways in, you should spot a scarecrow with green mist
emanating from its body, fight the Grubbin standing there first, and then talk
to it. It'll give you the Pumpkin Costume Pattern and the first piece to the 
costume. Go a little further and the Wren/Reynold and Everette start talking
about hitting sarcophagus'. You can abuse them if you want, but they're not 
going to open... yet. Anyways, go forward and watch the cutscene. 

 Boss Fight: BoJonn

     This guy's pretty easy, and despite your set-up, you should be ok. But if
you're having probems, here are my suggestions. Have the Robot and the Statue
of Liberty costumes equppied, have one person with the Disembodied Hand battle
stamp, and the other with either Fang of the Wolf or Pumpkin Guts. Attack the
Megaphone first, then proceed to take out any Grubbins he's called in, and 
then focus your attacks on BoJonn. Don't forget to use the Robots Missle 
Barrage whenever you get the opportunity, and use Anthem when your HP starts
getting low. 


Once that's over with, it's off to the next area. Jump down to the Autumn 
Haven Mall portion of the walkthrough. ^__^


                          Suburbs Bobbing for Apples                   QUEST06

   ~~ This quest is at the playground, just look for the guy in the cowboy 
costume (or are those his everyday clothes O_o) next to 3 barrels full of
apples and water. Talk to him to initiate the quest. This quest is pretty fun
and a good way to SAVE. Yes, the saving function in this game can be a little
annoying, so if you need to save in a hurry, just come back here and play a 
round of apple bobbing to save. 

      Anyways... there are three rounds of apple bobbing, each one getting 
progressively harder then the last. My advice for these is to forgo red apples
if there are any green apples in the water. Red apples are only worth 1 point,
while greens are worth 3. If there's a red apple right below you, but you see 
a green pop up on the opposite end of the barrel, forget about the red and 
make a mad dash for the green. And you can hold down the analog stick to get
to your next destination, sometimes this works better then tapping... that's
basically all I've got. >.< I'll list the rewards below.

      Round 1: 20 candy pieces
      Round 2: 50 candy pieces
      Round 3: "Sweet Tooth" Creepy Card 


                          Auburn Pines Hide 'n' Seek                   QUEST07

    ~~ To trigger this Quest, all you need to do is talk to one of these 6 
kids. Then you have to find the other five. ^.^ Here are their locations, in
no particular order. 

      Kid 1: Hiding behind a tree in the playground, in the... upper left 
             hand corner. 
      Kid 2: Over near the "gate", north of it just a bit. The kid's dressed
             as a devil, and he's crouched behind a mailbox. 
      Kid 3: If you did the Patriot Party quest, once you pop up from the 
             sewer, he's right next to you, hiding behind a green car. He's 
             dressed as a... nerd? I guess? lol. Basically he's over on the 
             west side of town by one of the Abe Lincoln kids blocking a ramp.
      Kid 4: Once you get past Mrs. Putterpam, stay close to the row of houses
             on the top, and go left. You should spot him hiding behind some 
             trash cans with a dragon suit on. 
      Kid 5: Also not available until you complete the Putterpam quest. At 
             the end of the area past Mrs. Putterpam, there's another drain 
             pipe, use the Knight ability to get in. Once in the tunnel go 
             into the small room with the treasure chest. The kid's right 
             behind it. 
      Kid 6: The only kid that's actually hidden well lol. To find him, go to
             the patriotic house and go right. The house right next door, with
             the big purple garage, and the large Happy Halloween! banner on
             it is where the kid is. He's just to the right of the garage, 
             behind some shrubs. 

    You get the Candy Tote Bag for your efforts. Now you can carry even more 
candy and everyone gets a +3 to Attack Points... yeah! ^.^


                             This Card is So Rare                      QUEST08

   ~~ The kid you get this quest from is just outside the playground, standing
on the corner of the street. He has a little card icon glowing above his head.
This kid wants a Glop Card for his Creepy Treats card collection. Problem is, 
even if you have one, you're not giving it up, no way! You have to have at 
least 2 Glop cards in your inventory. You get Glop cards from the random 
battles with Grubbins around Auburn Pines. You probably won't get your second 
Glop card until late in your trick-or-treating pursuits, so you'll just have 
to wait awhile to get this quest completed. 


                           Suburbs Collect 'em All                     QUEST09

   ~~ Just like the above quest, but this time you must find another Fruity 
Foam Card for the collector. The kid for this quest can only be found once you
have finished the "Pie for Putterpam" quest. He's in the section of town past
Mrs. Putterpam at the end of the road near a drain pipe. He'll have a card 
icon blinking above his head. Again, just find 2 Fruity Foam Cards by battling
random Grubbins in this area. 


>>>>>                          Autumn Haven Mall                        <<<<<<

     Well, to start things off, we have to traverse our way through a little 
mini-dungeon of sorts. First line of business is to consult the map that 
Everett walks over to. Ascend the stairs and you'll get a new quest. 
(Continued below in The Dark Side of the Mall quest)

                           The Dark Side of the Mall                   QUEST13

   ~~ In attempts to keep this as unambiguous as possible, the quest numbers
will be a little out of order here. Anyways, your only option is to go north
here. Take a left and use the Knight ability to get past the falling debris. 
Keep following the path until you initiate a conversation with a mall cop. 
He'll give you the Space Warrior costume pattern. Keep following the path and
you'll eventually reach your first fight, remember to approach them from 
behind and use the pail to initiate combat. 

Pretty soon you should spot a blond guy staring at a Grand Opening sign, talk
to him to get the Snow Boots. Go down and talk to the construction worker for
the Safety Visor. And to your right, there's a guy hanging out in the shadows
with a broom, he'll give you the Empty Bottles. Your quest will be complete at
this point... but you still need to get out. Head down from the janitor and to
the right to find a chest and another Grubbin. Head back to your left and you
should see a large amassment of darkness? Anyways, use the Space Warrior 
ability to make your way through it. Keep heading down and you'll spot another
patch of darkness. Make your way through it, head down the stairs and you'll
spot two more enemies. Over in the upper left hand corner, there's some more
darkness hiding a chest. 

Head up the stairs to your right and in the next area there's a chest to the
right and more darkness to the north. More enemies to fight, etc., etc. Pretty
soon you'll arrive at the next gate. After a short scene, enter the opening to
your left and you're at the mall. ^.^


   Upon entering the mall, you're hit with a quest right away, and if you look
to your right, you'll see a kid in a ghost costume with a card icon above his 
head, talk to him for another card collection quest. And now you're free to do
as you please, find more quests, trick-or-treat in the mall, whatever. 

   Oh yeah, and don't forget to buy some new battle stamps. Sadie is located 
in the Campin' and Stampin' store. You should probably be level 5 by now. 

    When you're ready to continue with the story, head over to the arcade on 
the right side of the map. Talk to one of the pirate kids and you'll get the
"Tickets for Treats" quest. 

                              Tickets for Treats                       QUEST10

   ~~ Once you have the quest, just head over to Bojonn and talk to him. 

Boss Fight: Bojonn (round 2)

   This guy again? Basically just use the same tactics you used the first time
you fought him. To make this fight really easy, just equip one of your 
characters with the Jawbone of the Wolf stamp and the other with the Witch's 
Brew stamp (you won't have access to them until you're level 5 though). Having
someone with the Statue of Liberty costume might help as well if you need a 
quick heal. Actually... I'm not sure if this is really a boss fight. >__> It's
very simple. 

After you've won, the quest is complete. Head through the hole in the wall and
continue on. This leads right into Quest 12. So skip on down to that if you 
still need some help. 


                        Earn Your Monster Slayer Badge                 QUEST11

   ~~ After you talk to the red ninja on the second floor, he assigns you with
hunting down three monsters and stealing their horns. Stay on the second floor
and head over to your right. You'll spot the horned monsters walking around 
over here. Kill all three of them and report back to the red ninja. You'll be
rewarded with access to the third floor and the Ninja costume pattern. ^.^  


                           The Mall-O-Rail is Broken                   QUEST12

++ This is continued from Quest 10 ++

   ~~ Ok, once you've gone through the hole, take the track leading down and 
you'll find a chest with a Costume Material in it. Head further down the track
for another chest with 20 pieces of candy inside. Head back to where you came
from and follow the track around the corner. 

Third party member! It's about time. ^.^ Anyways, the newest addition to the 
party will give you another Costume Material. And... Bojonn again? really?

Boss Fight? Bojonn... again

   Uh, this is pretty much a carbon copy of the last fight, except this time 
he has one extra lackey. But so do you ~_^ Anyways, really easy fight, you 
should know the drill by now. You'll be rewarded with a "Sour Feet" Creepy 
Card for your efforts. 

Hop on the monorail and the conducter guy will thank you and give you the 
another Costume Material. 


   Alright, after you've completed Quest 12, the pirate kids in front of the
escalators have moved and you can continue onwards. Your next objective is to 
go talk to the kids on the far left side of the second floor. There's three of
them dressed in ninja costumes. Two blue ninjas and a red. Once you've spoken
to them, you're next story based quest will be assigned. lol this is getting
confusing, but this quest is actually quest 11, so you'll have to jump back up
if you need help. 

   You can also do quest 14 now, given that you have 3 people. I'd advise 
doing that first, before you forget. 

                          Extreme Costume Challenge!                   QUEST14

   ~~ This quest can be found by talking to the announcer in the orange suit
who's on a stage with a "Happy Halloween!" banner behind him. He's on the 
ground floor in the middle. Anyways, in order to actually DO this quest, you 
have to have your third party member. So... you won't be able to access this 
until you complete quest 12. 

    Once you have your third party member, talk to this guy and he'll tell you
to head off and find three judges to talk to and get the "insiders opinion".
>.< All three judges are on the ground floor. Two of them are over to your 
left past the escalator. Both are heavy set and dressed in orange shirts. 
The guy in the back sitting on the bench is a judge (yeah I didn't know he was
a judge either at first). The other judge is all the way to your right, past 
the escalator, next to the french fry stand. 

    When you have all the information, dress up your characters in the Knight,
Statue of Liberty, and Robot costumes and go talk to the announcer again. For
your efforts you'll get the Unicorn Costume Pattern. 

++ Side note on the Unicorn Costume: All the pieces to the costume are in the 
mall, so make sure you scoop them up before heading out. If you need help 
finding any, I've listed out all the locations in the "Costumes" section down


                              This Card is Rarer                       QUEST15

   ~~ Just like the other card collecting missions. This time the your 
employer wants a Cinnamon Brain card. The kid you're looking for is right next
to you when you first enter the mall. Look over to your right and you should 
spot him. Anyways, keep fighting trowbags around here and you'll eventually 
get the 2 cards you need.

     Reward: "Gummy Water" Creepy Card


                             Mall Collect 'em All                      QUEST16

   ~~ Another card collecting quest. This kid is located on the third floor of
the mall. Kinda in the middle of the floor, but closer to the left side. Just
stick to the path and you'll spot him. He wants a Slime Bettles card. 

  Just an FYI, since you're over here, there are chests to the right and left
of him. One's behind the water run off, and the other is kinda of obscured by
a wall over on the right side. Both contain 50 pieces of candy. 

    Reward: Misfortune Cookie


                            Mall Bobbing For Apples                    QUEST17
   ~~ Bob cracks me up. ^.^ Anyways, he's right below the costume quest stage,
in the middle of the mall (ground floor). The objective is the same as last 
time, bob for as many apples as you can and beat the clock. Bob - "You 
protested the heck out of those apples!" lol 

      Round 1: 20 pieces of candy
      Round 2: 50 pieces of candy 
      Round 3: "Pizza Sundae" Creepy Card


                              Mall Hide 'n' Seek                       QUEST18
   ~~ This is the exact same thing as the hide 'n' seek quest in the suburbs.
Find one of kids to start the mission. 

       Kid 1: From the entrance, head down the stairs to the left and you 
              should see him hiding behind a tree in the corner. 
       Kid 2: Directly to your left from Kid 1, you should notice the "Campin'
              And Stampin' store. Head in here and to the right of the tent 
              there's a kid with glasses wearing (I think) a mummy costume.
       Kid 3: Head to your right on the ground floor. Pass the escalators and
              when you near the arcade you should notice a french fry stand 
              (at least that's what I think it is). The kid is hiding right
              behind it. 
       Kid 4: Second Floor, over on the far right side. He's in a frog 
              costume, hiding behind a plant. 
       Kid 5: Second Floor, over on the far left side. The kid is in a banana
              suit hiding behind a trash bin. 
       Kid 6: The last child is on the third floor over to the right hand 
              side. Not all the way to the right, but pretty close. She's 
              wearing a princess/wizard? costume. Pretty easy to spot. 

   Your reward is another candy bag upgrade and 500XP. sweet 


   Ok, so after you've completed quest 11 and you've done as many of the 
optional quests as you want... just head upstairs, and polish
off the remaining stores. Oh and there's a spot over on the far left side of 
the third floor where you can gain access to another piece to the Unicorn 
Costume (I cover this in the "Costumes" section, but thought I'd mention it
here to). When you're on the far left side, look out for some orange cones on
the path. Right next to them, you'll see the railing is busted, and someone 
put some caution tape over it or something. Bust the tape with your pail and 
fall down to claim your costume material. When you're done with the 
trick-or-treating, head back to the gate via the monorail. 

  Oh and BTW, you'll notice now that one of the sarcophaguses next to the gate
has opened up. If you approach it, you'll be given the option of returning to
Auburn Pines. So even if you miss something in an old level, all is not lost,
you can always come back.

    Take the monorail through the gate, and you'll enter a standard fight, 
followed up by a boss fight. 

Boss Fight: Metxel

   This guy's not bad, you can basically use whatever costumes/battle stamps
you want but make SURE to make one of your characters a Ninja. I'll explain 
why in a bit. Anyways, here are my stats, stamps, costumes I was using at the
time to give you some ideas.

Level 7
Costumes: Ninja, Space Warrior, Unicorn
Battle Stamps: Ninja = Albino Black Cat  Space Warrior = Jawbone of the Wolf
               Unicorn = Witch's Brew

Now, don't take this as the one and only truth. BUT, having said that, make 
sure you bring in that Ninja. Mextel has a habit of reving up some super 
attack but you're qued in as to who he's going to hit with it on his next 
turn. So use that opportunity to use Kitsune Shroud on the person he's going
to hit. This way they take no damage and this battle becomes a breeze. 

And yes, he does have two "forms" but really, he functions the same way in 
both incarnations. He does have one final attack that hits everyone for a 
decent chunk of damage, but it takes him so long to do pull it off, it really
isn't that threatening. 


After that's over we're off to Fall Valley! but not under the most pleasent 
circumstances. >.<

>>>>>                           Fall Valley                             <<<<<<

   First things first, bust out of jail! just hit the left side of the thicket
with your pail, then hit the sign and make your daring escape. Now we have to
retrieve our costumes. 

                          The Original Costume Quest                   QUEST19

   ~~ Alright, you have to do a little side mission to retrieve your costumes
before you can proceed any further. So logically, that means finding another 
costume! duh ^.^ Follow the path out and go north. Just before you enter the
residential area, you'll spot a guy manning a frech fry stand. Talk to him to
initiate the next part of this quest. 

    You have now been tasked with rounding up customers for the french fry 
stand. Cool, I always wanted to be an indentured servant! What you have to do
is run around in the village area and find the three kids with the chicken leg
icon floating over their heads. Walk up to them one at a time and press and
hold circle to use the crazy awesome powers of the fry costume. Once you've 
snared a kid with the smell of french fries, lead them back to the guy at the
stand. And yes, you have to get each kid one at a time. "I'm gonna eat french
fries till I puke!" lol as if candy overload wasn't enough >.< 

    Locations: Obvious one next to the fountain. Kid on the pier. And slightly
               obscured kid over to the far right in the village; he's next to
               some ballons. 

    When you've delivered all three kids, the mission ends and now you can 
retrieve your costumes. Once you get back to the crow enemies guarding your 
costumes, you'll notice they now have the chicken leg icon above their heads.
Use your costume ability to lure them into the red barn, open the treasure 
chest and viola! Head over to the ticket booth and talk to guy there to 
complete the quest. You'll also get a new costume pattern for your efforts. 


                          All's Fair That Ends Fare                    QUEST20
   ~~ You'll receive this quest as soon as you enter the carnival area. First
order of bussiness is to eliminate the Grubbins frantically running back and
forth in the candy shower below the ferris wheel. After the fight, talk to the
ferris wheel operator and you'll discover the controls are broken. ;__; Now 
you're tasked with finding an alternative means of getting to the top. If only
we could fly! Well... if you head to the right, you'll notice a cannon on a 
platform with a guy standing in front of it. Talk to him and you'll discover
he's not just going to let you walk on by... or is he? >_< Equip the ninja 
costume on your main character and use the cloaking ability to sneak past him.
Now, for another fight! And after that... mission complete!


    Ok, well know that every area is opened up, you can start your 
trick-or-treating rounds whenever you want. When you're finished with them, 
head for the gate. 

                   Children of the High Fructose Corn Syrup            QUEST21

   ~~ Head through the gate and talk to the Grubbin standing by the tree. 
He'll bestow upon you the Grubbin Costume Pattern. Now you're tasked with 
freeing his friends. Each one you free will give you a piece to the costume. 
So, lets start searchin'!

    First off, head past the Grubbin and go up at the first split in the path.
As soon as you go up, hang a sharp left at your first opportunity. Follow this
path until you get to another area where you must go up or down, go down. This
will lead you to the first Grubbin the first costume material for the costume.

    On your way back (you might have already grabbed this) you'll see a chest,
open it for an easy 50 pieces of candy. Alright, now head to your right along
the top path or the path you just came from (they both lead to the same place)
and you're back where you started. When you're back at the tree, go directly
to your right (top right). Ignore all the paths heading up and keep going 
right until you hit a fork that goes right or left, go right. Follow this path
for a ways until you hit another fork, this time go right for a treasure chest
and then take the left path to continue on. Now just follow this all the way
to the next Grubbin. 

    Smash the thorns behind the Grubbin to exit and head down from where you
are and you should see another path that leads off to the right at the bottom.
There are three paths here, take the one in the middle. It jogs just a little
to the left and then goes down. While on your way down there's a branch that
goes right, take that to find another treasure chest. Head back to where you
were, but this time continue down. Follow this path to the next Grubbin. 
You'll receive the last piece to your Grubbin outfit, and now it's time to 
head over to the crow who's standing behind some wooden bars. Talk to him to 
while wearing the Grubbin costume to proceed. 

Note: The Grubbin costume does not work in battle, if you enter a battle with 
it on, you'll just enter the battle with a different costume equipped. Bummer 
eh. :( 

Anyways, after you talk to the crow, the mission is complete ^.^ Skip on down
to the section below quest 25 for the remainder of the walkthrough. 


                           Fall Valley Hide 'n' Seek                   QUEST22

   ~~ Here's another hide 'n' seek quest to tackle. You should know the drill 
by now. 

       Kid 1: Located at the very beginning of the map, where the red barn is.
              He's towards the bottom of your screen, next to some hay bales.
              The kid's wearing a frog costume. 
       Kid 2: Another easy one to spot, he's just to the left of the ticket 
              booth on the main path. He's crouched behind some rocks.
       Kid 3: On the main path area, across from the kid with the card icon 
              floating above his head. To his right you should spot a little
              path that deviates from the main one. Take this, destroy the 
              thorns, and talk to the girl in the witch costume. 
       Kid 4: He's in the carnival area. Just south of Orzo the Human 
              Cannonball you should spot him trying to hide behind some hay
       Kid 5: After quest 20 is completed and you've gone through the little
              darkness patch using the Space Warrior ability, head south on 
              the new path which will lead you towards the gate. On your way
              you'll spot a kid in a banana costume who's just standing on the
              road. Nice hiding spot kid lol 
       Kid 6: On the same path as Kid 4, but this time follow the path towards
              the village area. You should spot a destructible wall and a kid
              in a superhero costume standing in front of it. Just to his 
              right is a kid in a ghost costume hiding (pretty well to) behind
              a tree. 

   The final reward is another pail upgrade and a 500XP bonus. But in my 
opinion, the biggest payoff is that the last pail gives a +10 effect to every
characters AP. nice! 


                        Fall Valley Bobbing for Apples                 QUEST23

   ~~ Bob is located just to your right as soon as you enter the carnival 
area. He's very hard to miss. Anyways, the same basic concept applies here, 
bob for apples and get candy. The last round can be a little tough, but it's
certainly doable. 

       Round 1: 20 pieces of candy
       Round 2: 50 pieces of candy
       Round 3: "Sugar Bucket" Creepy Treats card 


                           This Card is the Rarest                     QUEST24

   ~~ The kid that gives you this quest is very easy to spot. He's on the main
road that connects the barn, carnival, and residential areas. Talk to him for 
another card collecting mission. This time you're asked to retrieve an extra 
Street Chews creepy card.

      Reward: "Mice Crispy Treat" Creepy Treats card 


                          Fall Valley Collect 'em All                  	QUEST25

   ~~ The girl you get this quest from is located on the path you open up 
after completing quest 20. She's just standing in the middle of the path and 
she wants a Unicorn Pellets card. 
      Reward: "Coconuts & Bolts" Creepy Treat card


                               The Final Fights                          END26

   ~~ Alright! after you've passed the crow, take the first branching path 
down then go left at the intersection. Use the Robot ability to launch 
yourself over the ramps and scoop up all that loose candy. Use the other ramp
to get out and now head right on the path. At the next T, go up and follow it
down until you get stopped by Metxel. FIGHT!

Boss Fight: Metxel (round 2)

  This is basically the exact same thing as last time. Except this fight is an
absolute joke lol. Really, I was level 9 at this point, I had Wren/Reynold as 
the ninja with the Albino Black Cat stamp. Everett as the Pumpkin with the 
Jawbone of the Wolf stamp. And Lucy as the Unicorn with the Vegetarian Witch's
Brew stamp. Metxel had time to get off 2 attacks. So basically you can pretty
much get away with using whatever costumes you want. But having Jawbone of the
Wolf and a poison stamp on someone makes this go very quickly. 


  After the fight, keep following the path and you'll come across an area with
candy strewn all over the place. You should also notice the two sarcophagus' 
standing next to some trees. Now you can head back to either the Mall or the 
Burbs at your own discretion. 

Both times I went through this game I was just a little short of level 10 and
I needed about 300 more Candy to buy the last stamp I needed. If this is also 
you, use the Mall sarcophagus and head up to the 2nd floor in the mall. There 
are random enemies here but I'm not sure how you get them to respawn once 
you've killed all of them. But you should be pretty close to being level 10 
and having all the candy you need for all the stamps at this point anyways.
Whenever you're ready to continue, head back and continue on up the hill. 
Use the Robot ability to navigate the ramps, and at the top you'll 
encounter... the next boss fight. ^.^

Boss Fight: Dorsilla

    Alright, so Dorsilla does have 4000 HP so this could be a long fight. I 
suggest having one person as the vampire. The "There's a Bat in my Hair!" 
special ability will become invaluable in this fight. As far as your other two
costumes go... they're up to you. I had Pumpkin and the Unicorn as my other 
two, but really use whatever you feel most comfortable with. As far as Stamps
go, I strongly advise a poison stamp, (Vegetarian Witch's Brew is preferred) 
Jawbone of the Wolf, AND a stun stamp like 2-ply Toilet Paper or Rotten Egg.

    By Dorsilla's second or third turn she'll start charging up some kind of
super attack. When she's charging, get off a few hits on her while you can but
make sure you use the stun ability on her when you get the chance. For some 
reason this stops her from charging and she goes back to her normal attacks. 
FYI, you can survive her super spell without using the stun, but it's a 
pretty devestating attack. If she does get off the spell, that's a good time
to use the vampires healing ability. Try not to use it before she does this 

    At some point during the fight, Dorsilla will capture one of your team 
members and encage them in vines. The vine cage will go down with one or two
hits so make sure you free them ASAP. Towards the end (at least for me) she 
will split into three copies, with only one being the true Dorsilla. If you
have any special group abilities, like the Vampires, this is a good time to
use them. Also, if you've hit Dorsilla with poison, you can tell which 
Dorsilla is the real one on the end of your turn. Because she'll take some
poison damage, which makes it a little obvious. At this point she should be
close to death, so just keep up the assault and play carefully. For winning
you'll receive the "No-Eyed Vampire Bat" Battle Stamp.  


  After the fight, go back into your stamp list and replace the Stun stamp 
(if you used one) with your newly acquired No-Eyed Vampire Bat stamp. When 
you're ready, go over and talk to Dorsilla not once, not twice, but three
times. And now prepare for....

Boss Fight: Big Bones

Sidenote: Before the fight begins there's a conversation between Dorsilla and
Big Bones. A recording device pops up and sheds some light on Dorsilla's real
motives. Now... I got this item from doing the optional Pumpkin costume 
sidequest. So, I'm not sure if not having this item changes anything about the
fight. If someone wants to confirm this for me, that'd be great. Although this 
might be an item you get during the story, I'm not really sure. >__> Anyways!

    As far as costumes are concerned, stick with the Vampire and I'd advise 
using the Unicorn as well. The other costume doesn't matter much. Keep on a 
poison stamp and Jawbone of the Wolf, and as I noted earlier, try to give the
No-Eyed Vampire Bat stamp to someone (probably the Unicorn). Just start 
knocking off his HP and make sure you block his attacks. Use the Vampires heal
ability only when you really need to. On Big Bones third or fourth turn he'll
use an unblockable attack. This attack only hits one person, but it can be 
devestating. So that's why I advise bringing in the Unicorn. The revive 
ability can come in very handy if you're caught offguard. 

    Once Big Bones gets down to about 1000 HP he'll down a few pixie sticks
and go into sugar rush mode. He can be very deadly at this point, so make sure
you keep everyone's HP high and try to finish him off quickly. Also, if you 
miss a block here, he'll probably destroy at least one person. I do like 
having the Pumpkin costume here, because its special ability will do about 390
damage to the big guy. This can be very beneficial, expecially since you want
to finish this last part quickly. Anyways good luck ^.^


    And that's it! you're done! Enjoy the final scene and send a thank you
e-mail to Double Fine and tell them to make more games like this lol. Oh and
I totally remember dividing up candy like that on Halloween, but thankfully 
no one was mean enough to give us black licorice >.< 

haha, my sentiments exactly!

                                Creepy Treats                            CRE65

   Ok, when I say "Random Enemies" I mean any enemies in that area. They can 
be found in the houses your trick-or-treating at, in the mini dungeons of that
area, or just walking around in certain spots. 

    Auburn Pines Suburbs    |

Random Enemies: Glop, Raz-Ums, Chunkwutter, Fruity Foam, Candy Hair, Moops, 
                Swedish Noses, Wobblers, Shimmerfizz, Chocolate Carrot, 
                Lollopops, Box Cake, Jammie Jams, Fuds, Gooz

BoJonn Boss Fight: Fee-Fi-Fo-Fudge 

Bobbin for Apples: Sweet Tooth

This Card is So Rare: Choconana 

Suburbs Collect 'em All: Jelly Has-Beens 

    Autumn Haven Mall       |

Random Enemies: Edible Hat, Cinnamon Brain, Slime Beetles, Fish Head, 
                Gingerbread Ham, Licorice Cables, Mossy Log, Sweet Fat, 
                Pimples, Sludge, Wood Chips, Broccoli Wafers, Coffee Toffee 
                Taffee, Frozen Butter

Bojonn (third fight): Sour Feet 

Mall Bobbing for Apples: Pizza Sundae

This Card is Rarer: Gummy Water

Mall Collect 'em All: Misfortune Cookie 

Metxel Boss Fight: Banana Beard 

       Fall Valley         |

Random Enemies: Jelly Ha-Beens, Chocolate Hamburger, Old Lady Fingers, Gloop,
                Unicorn Pellets, Fried Popcorn, Street Chews, Blobbles, 
                Human Crackers, Salmon Rings, Misfortune Cookie, Jaw Hurters,
                Booger Pie, Clipplingz, Barf Roll-Ups 

Fall Valley Bobbing for Apples: Sugar Bucket 

Fall Valley Collect 'em All: Coconuts & Bolts 

This Card is the Rarest: Mice Crispy Treat 

                                Battle Stamps                            BAT66
   |  Fang of the Wolf  |
         ~~ Increases Attack Power, +4 to AP
         ~~ Cost: 150 Candy       
         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 1
   |      Black Cat     |

         ~~ Adds chance of dodging enemy attacks

         ~~ Cost: 150 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 1

   |  Moving Tombstone  |

         ~~ Increased HP

         ~~ Cost: 250 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 2

   |        Egg         |

         ~~ Damage and stun a single enemey for 1 turn (stun does not work if
            you attack the enemy you stunned on the same turn)

         ~~ Cost: 250 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 2

   |  Disembodied Hand  |

         ~~ Counterattack upon a successful defend

         ~~ Cost: 250 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 2

   |    Pumpkin Guts    |

         ~~ Attacks do splash damage to nearby enemies

         ~~ Cost: 300 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 3

   |  Screaming Spider  |

         ~~ Chance to cause a single enemy to flee 

         ~~ Cost: N/A

         ~~ Found: Reward for beating BoJonn (first time) 

   | Bloodshot Eyeballs |

         ~~ Increased critical strike damage

         ~~ Cost: 300 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 3

   |    Toilet Paper    |

         ~~ Applies a stun to a single enemy for 2 turns

         ~~ Cost: 350 Candy
         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 4

   | One-Eyed Vampire Bat |

         ~~ Small HP recovery per turn

         ~~ Cost: 350 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 4

   |    Witch's Brew    |

         ~~ "Poison" Effect: Attacks apply a damage-over-time effect 

         ~~ Cost: 400 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 5

   | Jawbone of the Wolf |

         ~~ Greatly Increased Attack Power

         ~~ Cost: 400 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 5

   |  Albino Black Cat   |
         ~~ Adds greater chance of dodging enemy attacks

         ~~ Cost: 475 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach level 6

   |       Banshee       |

         ~~ Auto-resurrect self after 1 turn with some HP restored

         ~~ Cost: N/A

         ~~ Found: Awarded for defeating Metxel   

   |  Flying Tombstone   |

         ~~ Greatly increased HP

         ~~ Cost: 475 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 6

   |     Rotten Egg      |

         ~~ Severely damage and stun a single enemy for 1 turn

         ~~ Cost: 500 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 7

   | Disembodied Six-Fingered |

         ~~ STRONG counterattack upon a successful defend

         ~~ Cost: 500 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 7

   | Moldy Pumpkin Guts  |

         ~~ Attacks do splash damage and may apply a DOT 

         ~~ Cost: 550 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 8

   | Yodeling Black Widow |

         ~~ Greater chance to cause a single enemy to flee

         ~~ Cost: 550 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 8

   | 2-Ply Toilet Paper  |

         ~~ Applies an attackable stun to a single enemy for 2 turns (yes, you
            can actually attack the enemy you stun without having to worry 
            about the effect disappearing).

         ~~ Cost: 550 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 8

   |  Headless Banshee   |

         ~~ Auto-resurrect self after 1 turn with all HP restored 

         ~~ Cost: 600 Candy 

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 9

   | Vegetarian Witch's Brew |

         ~~ Attacks apply a powerful damage-over-time effect

         ~~ Cost: 600 Candy

         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 9

   | No-Eyed Vampire Bat |

         ~~ Large HP recovery per turn

         ~~ Cost: N/A

         ~~ Found: Received after defeating Dorsilla  

   | Bowl of Bloodshot Eyeballs |

         ~~ Greatly increased critical strike damage

         ~~ Cost: 625 Candy
         ~~ Found: Sadie's Battle Stamps. Available when you reach Level 9

                                 Costumes                                COS67

  I'm sure you don't care a whole lot about stats and what type of damage each
costume does; so I'm just going to list where you find each blueprint and all 
the Costume Materials. Fair? ^_^ 

                                [      Robot      ] 
   Blueprint: Obtained at beginning of the game
   Costume Materials: Obtained during the Robot Repair quest (if you need help
finding the pieces, just refer back to QUEST01.

                                [      Knight      ]

   Blueprint: N/A

   Costume Materials: Obtained when you save Everett from the mummy bullies.

                               [ Statue of Liberty ]

   Blueprint: Refer to QUEST04

   Costume Materials: Refer to QUEST04

                               [   Space Warrior   ]

   Blueprint: When you go through the abandoned section of the mall, you'll
have a scripted scene where you talk to a mall security guard. He'll give you
the blueprint. 

   Costume Materials: In the closed section of the mall there are three guys 
standing around in close proximity to each other. They give you all three 
pieces (refer to QUEST13 for more precise locations). 

                               [      Unicorn      ]

   Blueprint: Awarded for winning the Extreme Costume Challenge! If need help,
just refer back to QUEST14.

   Costume Material #1: When you're doing the Tickets for Treats quest, you'll
fight Bojonn a second time. After the fight he'll bust open a hole in the 
wall. Go through the hole and once you're on the tracks, follow the path down.
On your left hand side in the next section, you should see a chest containing 
the first piece. 

   Costume Material #2: When you gain access to the second floor of the mall 
go towards the middle of the second floor and head south. You should see an
escalator with the steps running down. Throw caution to the wind and run up 
the descending stairs. Your costume material is at the top. 

   Costume Material #3: Probably the trickest material to find. Head up to the
third floor of the mall. If you go all the way over to the left side, you 
should spot some orange cones in the path. The railings been busted here, and
there's tape over the gap. Break the tape with your pail and fall down. The 
last piece is in the chest you fall on. 

                               [       Ninja       ]

   Blueprint: Awarded for completing QUEST11.  

   Costume Materials: You'll get these automatically when doing Quest 10 and
Quest 12. 

                               [      Pumpkin      ]

   Blueprint: Obtained from the first scarecrow in the Auburn Pines section.
After you gain access to the gate, he's a little ways in, a Grubbin is 
standing right in front of him. 

   Costume Material #1: When you get the blueprint, you'll get this also.

   Costume Material #2: In the Mall, the scarecrow is right next to the 
costume judging stage. Right in the middle of the mall, ground floor.

   Costume Material #3: While doing QUEST20 you'll be prompted to follow a 
crow enemy through some darkness over on the upper right hand side of the 
carnival. Use the Space Warrior ability to get through. Once you're on the 
other side, walk south towards a crow enemy. A little ways down the path you 
should spot the last scarecrow. The last scarecrow will also give you a little
"bonus" item. This will come in handy later. 

                               [      Vampire      ]

   Blueprint: Obtained from the ticket booth salesman for completeing QUEST19. 

   Costume Material #1: This one can be a bit hard to find. Once you've done 
QUEST20 and you're on the new path past the little darkness patch, head north
towards the village. You should see a destructible wall and a kid in a 
superhero costume standing in front of it. Go to your right, past some trees, 
and you should spot a small cave obscured by darkness. Equip the Space Warrior
outfit and use its ability to enter the cave. Once in, there's a little room 
in front of you with the material. 

   Costume Material #2: Over by the ferris wheel in the carnival area. The 
chest you're looking for is right behind the ferris wheel operator. 

   Costume Material #3: After you have completed QUEST20, you'll gain
access to a path that connects the carnival and the village. If you take this
path south, it will lead you to the gate. So go south towards the gate and on
your way you'll notice the last scarecrow. Down from the him are a bunch of 
small trees; walk inbetween them and follow a small path around to your right
and you'll find a chest containing your costume material. 

                               [   French Fries    ]

   Blueprint: Obtained during QUEST19

   Costume Materials: N/A

                               [     Black Cat     ]

   Blueprint: The Black Cat Costume is awarded to you for finding all of the 
Creepy Treat cards. 

   Costume Materials: N/A

                               [      Grubbin      ]

   Blueprint: Once you open up the gate in Fall Valley, a little ways into the
Hedge maze, you'll spot a Grubbin by a tree. He'll give you the blueprint. 

   Costume Materials: Refer to QUEST21

                           Random Extra Info/FAQ                         EXT68

   Not much here yet, so this part might grow, or maybe not. Depends on how 
many questions I get on things that I have not already covered. hmm... oh wait
I do have one thing ^.^

   Q: What's the highest level you can achieve?

   A: Level 10! 

That's all I've got so far... don't laugh!


                                                                  ...... CON71

    Well I guess that's it for now, if anyone has any questions or
recommendations, please feel free to e-mail me at 
(yeah it's an e-mail I set up just for GFaqs mail, don't laugh). Actually I
check the game boards much more often then I do my e-mail, so if you want you
can just topic a title "Attn: Monistic_Turtle" and ask any questions you have
there. That way you'll get an answer promptly. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this game and I hope my FAQ helped somewhat, bye!

                                            Copyright 2010, Monistic_Turtle