Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn PS FAQ/Walkthrough

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Welcome to the complete guide for .. 
                          COVERT OPS      
         ____   __ __    __  _        ___   ____  ____                
        |    \ |  T  T  /  ]| T      /  _] /    T|    \               
        |  _  Y|  |  | /  / | |     /  [_ Y  o  ||  D  )              
        |  |  ||  |  |/  /  | l___ Y    _]|     ||    /               
        |  |  ||  :  /   \_ |     T|   [_ |  _  ||    \               
        |  |  |l     \     ||     ||     T|  |  ||  .  Y              
        l__j__j \__,_j\____jl_____jl_____jl__j__jl__j\_j              
                 ___     ____  __    __  ____                    
                |   \   /    T|  T__T  T|    \                    
                |    \ Y  o  ||  |  |  ||  _  Y                  
                |  D  Y|     ||  |  |  ||  |  |                  
                |     ||  _  |l  `  '  !|  |  |                  
                |     ||  |  | \      / |  |  |                  
                l_____jl__j__j  \_/\_/  l__j__j                  


                         An international conspiracy
                          One man against a million terrorists

Welcome to my complete walkthrough for Covert Ops : Nuclear Dawn.
Also known as Chase the Express in Japan and other asian regions.
This walkthrough is complete in all formats and I have made sure 
as to leave nothing out.

This walkthrough is brought to you by Adnan Javed, better known as 
ChandooG on the GameFAQ's message boards and as A-J among his friends 
and many many forums. 

Keep in mind first off that the walkthrough contains spoilers so if
you would rather not spoil the story of the game then I would advice
you to close this window and go play the game, I do not wish to make
the game less-enjoyable for anyone, so use this walkthrough mainly
for pointers and information as you please.

Sit back, kick your shoes off, get yourself a carbonated soda and turn
on your console/PC ..

Quick overview

                             Covert Ops : Nuclear Dawn
                                Complete Walkthrough
                                   By Adnan Javed
                                      Alias AJ
                      ChandooG on message boards
                               Original ver DEC/20/04

                 *under repairs*

 _        _     _                    __ 
| |_ __ _| |__ | | ___         ___  / _|
| __/ _` | '_ \| |/ _ \       / _ \| |_ 
| || (_| | |_) | |  __/      | (_) |  _|
 \__\__,_|_.__/|_|\___|       \___/|_|  
                                _             _ 
                 ___ ___  _ __ | |_ ___ _ __ | |_ 
                / __/ _ \| '_ \| __/ _ \ '_ \| __|
               | (_| (_) | | | | ||  __/ | | | |_ 
                \___\___/|_| |_|\__\___|_| |_|\__|


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               |2. |   Information                      | infx |
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               |3. |   Introduction                     | ino9 |
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               |4. |   Story                            | st00 |
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               |9. |   Complete Walkthrough             | wtrs |
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               |10.|   Endings                          | sce0 |
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               |11.|   The S scenario                   | ssss |
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               |12.|   Item's list                      | gils |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |13.|   Game Memo's                      | gifs |
               |   |                                    |      |
               |14.|   Cheats                           | tc&c |
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               |15.|   My review of Nuclear Dawn        | mrv0 |
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               |16.|   Legal Information                | lgll |
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               |   |          - Ending words            |      |

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 __ _____ _ _ __(_)___ _ _   | |_ (_)__| |_ ___ _ _ _  _ 
 \ V / -_) '_(_-< / _ \ ' \  | ' \| (_-<  _/ _ \ '_| || |
  \_/\___|_| /__/_\___/_||_| |_||_|_/__/\__\___/_|  \_, |
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

December 10th
After playing through the game one more time, I decided to finally
write a walkthrough for it, the biggest reason however was that
there was a terrible lack of walkthrough's for this game, and I
finally wanted to fill this void since this is one of my most
favorite games.

December 15th
Completing through the game, taking the memo's down which took me
the longest time in the entire process, second only to writing 
the main walkthrough area.

December 20th
The walkthrough is completed and I am just about to upload it.

End Section.

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       _       __                    _   _          
      (_)_ _  / _|___ _ _ _ __  __ _| |_(_)___ _ _  
      | | ' \|  _/ _ \ '_| '  \/ _` |  _| / _ \ ' \ 
      |_|_||_|_| \___/_| |_|_|_\__,_|\__|_\___/_||_|
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

Game : Covert Ops : Nuclear Dawn (NA) , Chase the Express (JP)

Platform : Sony PlayStation

Release dates :  (NA) 05/31/00
                 (EU) 02/15/02 (Platinum)
                 (JP) 01/27/00

Game Genre : Third person action adventure / shooter 

ESRB Rating : Mature, 18+

Playable characters : 2 

Scenario's : 2 (S scenario included)

Number of Endings : From A to F

Boss Fights : 5


Personal Information

Author name : Adnan Javed

Alias : A-J , ChandooG

Author age : 17

Contact :

Comments : Definitely one of the most under-rated games in
           video gaming history, this is one of the best
           looking video games for the playstation 1, I
           guess the marketing wasn't adequate.

End Section

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
     _     _               _         _   _          
    (_)_ _| |_ _ _ ___  __| |_  _ __| |_(_)___ _ _  
    | | ' \  _| '_/ _ \/ _` | || / _|  _| / _ \ ' \ 
    |_|_||_\__|_| \___/\__,_|\_,_\__|\__|_\___/_||_|
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

Nuclear Dawn, in my opinion one of the most under-rated video games is 
actually a very good game to look at and to play it. The game takes  a
lot of cue's from movies as you would obviously notice along the story
the most obvious one is the basic layout of the entire game which acts
like the movie Under Siege 2 and a fight with a helicopter at the end
of the game and its conclusion seem really similar to the ending parts
of the first Mission Impossible movie. So basically the game feels as
a video game movie. 

But thats the only thing you'll see familiar to movie, the gameplay is
very much like any ordinary survival horror game, except you dont have
zombies running or shuffling after you, instead you have armed people
chasing you and shooting at you. While this all sounds too Metal Gear'
like, its really not. The terrorists are really stupid and they  miss
about 90% of their shots. You can easily kill one with 2 or less shots
from your average handgun.

Now on to the actual gameplay, if you have played any of the resident
evil games then you'll be very familiar with the controls, the  other
features include a duck feature, rolling right or left  and  a  nifty
quick turn, all of these things really help in dodging enemy  gunfire
and making life easier for you during boss fights and normal fighting.
The aiming system is very easy, all you have to do is point the heroes
face in the general enemy direction and he will  automatically  raise
his gun and a targeting reticule will form around  the enemy in your
sight. Then you just press the fire button and thats about it.

Graphically the game is pretty good as the character models are  very
well animated and nice to look at, you can run right up to the screen
and take a closer look at the facial features of the  hero,  who  for
some reason reminds me of  Keanu Reeves  from the first  Speed movie.
The game isnt all that big for a 2 CD game but thats because its  got
plenty of FMV sequences to go by. The sequences  are either  good  or
really painful to look at thanks to the  awkward  character models in
those CG movies. The in-game models arent that weird looking compared
to them hehe.

Besides that the game has plenty of different ending scenario's which
arent that different from each other but add a little replay value to
the game once you've finished it. All in all its an enjoyable game .


Hop aboard for the thrill-ride of your life. 

As the lone NATO soldier aboard a hijacked train, you form the thin 
line between peace and nuclear holocaust, armed only with your well
trained tactics - and an arsenal of military  assault  weapons  you 
discover along the way. Shoot down enemy helicopter. Engage in hand
to-hand combat on the train's slippery roof. Elude high-tech traps. 
All while infiltrating terrorist strongholds, rescuing an ambassador
searching for clues, and defusing a bomb of apocalyptic proportions. 

Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn takes you on a thrilling journey from St. 
Petersburg to Paris. The mission: To  thwart  terrorist  plans  to 
detonate a nuclear bomb in Paris while rescuing an ambassador aboard 
a hijacked train. This nonstop action/adventure employs real-world, 
3-D architecture,  environments  and  cinematic.  You  will  solve 
puzzles, search for clues, and utilize a variety of military weapons 
as danger lurks  throughout.  A  variety  of  multiple  endings  are 
possible, which depend entirely on your decisions.

End Section.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
                 __| |_ ___ _ _ _  _ 
                (_-<  _/ _ \ '_| || |
                /__/\__\___/_|  \_, |

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

             "Guarded by NATO soldiers, the French Ambassador 
              and his family headed out of St. Petersburg to 
              Paris on a specially armed train...
                      The Blue Harvest                      "

The back story of the game revolves around the French and Russian
countries making peace progress and the French Ambassador heading 
to Russia for peace talks, as a gift of peace  the  Russians  are 
handing over tons of French art stolen after World War 2 and they 
are also sending the Ambassador home on a specially  built  super 
train  called  the  Blue  Harvest. The Ambassador is on board the 
train with his family  heading  back to France with the pieces of 
art, and NATO forces along with Russian military are guarding the 
train and ensuring its safe passage all the way to France, one of 
the soldiers is Lt. Jack Morton while on their way the helicopter 
is suddenly attacked by unknown gunships and Lt. Morton is able to 
save himself by jumping off the helicopter and landing on the train. 
After that several helicopters  drop off masked soldiers onto the 
train,  these  soldiers storm the train and take out all the NATO 
guards on the train and take over it.

The leader of the terrorist group "Knights of the Apocalypse" is
a  notorious  Russian  terrorist  and  a former KGB agent, Boris 
Zugoski they manage to capture the ambassador and his family and 
begin to  do  the ransom talks with the UN people. They demand 10 
billion in dollars and a safe and guarded passage all the  way to 
France. Also to convince the UN people, Boris shows them a hijacked 
Nuclear weapon which he brought with him. 

At the same time, Jack climbs on the roof of the train and there 
he  is  contacted by the UN people who inform him of the current 
situation  his  first task is to find a safe passage inside the 
train and rescue the French Ambassador. Jack starts to make his 
way to the hatch leading into the train and on with his mission.

Thats where the game begins.

End Section.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
                         _           _    
              __ ___ _ _| |_ _ _ ___| |___
             / _/ _ \ ' \  _| '_/ _ \ (_-<
             \__\___/_||_\__|_| \___/_/__/

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


L1        :  Turn around, 180* turn
L2        :  Roll left  
R1        :  Crouch down
R2        :  Roll right

Triangle  :  View through doors
Circle    :  Run / Cancle decision 
Square    :  Fire weapon
Cross (X) :  Select choices, check items

START     :  Open inventory menu
SELECT    :  Open options menu


L1        :  Crouch down
L2        :  Roll left    
R1        :  Run
R2        :  Roll right    

Triangle  :  View
Circle    :  Attack / cancle decision  
Square    :  Turn around
Cross (X) :  Action button

START     :  Open inventory menu
SELECT    :  Open options menu

End Section.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
            _                     _              
         __| |_  __ _ _ _ __ _ __| |_ ___ _ _ ___
        / _| ' \/ _` | '_/ _` / _|  _/ -_) '_(_-<
        \__|_||_\__,_|_| \__,_\__|\__\___|_| /__/

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

In order of appearance.
Lt. Jack Morton is a NATO forces member and also a US pilot too. 
He is extremely skilled in all sorts of combat and has been placed 
to the roughest assignments  in the  past.  His skills and  quick 
thinking help him survive the initial onslaught and from there on 
he uses his combat training to negotiate his way through the train
compartments and find and rescue the French Ambassador. Jack  is
skilled in weapon and unarmed combat equally and he can kill any
one with a clean body shot. Jack also has a radio with  him with
which he is able to contact the UN HQ and take advice  or report
his current mission status to the HQ people. 
The person in charge of the Knights of the Apocalypse group, Boris
is a notorious terrorist and his plans are equally horrifying.  He
was a former KGB agent and Russian military which is the reason for 
his precise military planning for the hijacking of the train. Boris 
has hold of some Nuclear Weapons which he  wants  to  detonate  in 
France as a method to destroy the countries which have adapted the 
EU currency, while being a terrorist he also  cares  for  his  own 
mother land, which is why he's planned it in such a manner that the
explosives will damage only Europe but not Russia.
Otherwise known as the French Ambassador to Russia, Pierre is on
the Blue Harvest on his way back to France after a visit to Russia
He is on the train as a person responsible for the pieces of art
that the Russians are giving back to France, the Ambassador is on
the train with his family but he's had constant worries about his
secretary and his recent behaviors, he is equally concerned for
terrorist attacks on the train, but he doesn't fear for himself, he
values his family more then anything. After the train is hijacked
the Ambassador is locked in his room with his secretary, after he
is rescued by Jack, the first thing he asks is for Jack to go and
rescue his family.
The ambassador's appointed secretary, he's well trained in armed
combat since he was once a member of the military,  he is also a
loyal person, but recently has been acting strange  and his  new
behavior has caused the Ambassador to think about  firing him a
few times too, while Mason acts like he's  innocent  and doesn't 
have a clue to whats going on, the strange tone in his voice can
lead anyone to believe that there is more to this person then you
can see. He is obviously planning for something big.
The only surviving SP member who were guarding the Ambassador on
the train. Christina is a well skilled agent and according to her 
profile she is also a former Olympian, reason why she is able to 
survive through out the onslaught, she is equally  well  skilled 
with a gun in her hand and can kill a person just as easily. She
helps Jack through out the mission in various circumstances and
provides him backup through his radio, Jack can contact her any
time to ask for advice or to find out where to go next.
End Section.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

          __ __ _____ __ _ _ __  ___ _ _  ___
          \ V  V / -_) _` | '_ \/ _ \ ' \(_-<
           \_/\_/\___\__,_| .__/\___/_||_/__/

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

Here are all the weapons that you might run across during the game.

This is the best and most powerful gun in the game, from early on in 
the game you would start finding clips for  this  gun  but  the  gun 
itself isnt found until much later into the game in the car 6 armory
area with the small key. It has several attachments like  the  scope
and the grenade launcher, the scope will allow you to shoot  farther
away down the screen giving you a very big advantage over the normal
terrorists in the game. Best weapon in the game.
Not really a weapon since you find only 2 of them in the entire 
game they are meant to be "trap" devices, you can place one any 
place in the floor and detonate it with the action button, this 
is best for the boss fights as you can do heavy damage with this 
baby, but be careful not to be in the explosive radius since it 
can easily kill you too.
While its actually just an attachment for the Assault rifle, it is
good enough to be a separate weapon in itself, the sad thing is that
you will find this very later, near the final boss in the game, but
thats okey since the main purpose of this weapon is to fight off the
final boss helicopter. Other then that the ammo is pretty scarce but
you should get enough to finish the game in the first place.
This is your average starting handgun, you will be able to shoot 15
rounds at one time, besides that the ammo  for this  gun is  pretty 
common and often terrorists will drop  it  after you kill them. The
gun is best for the normal terrorists since they dont take more then
2 or 3 bullets to die anyway, the gun has a slow firing rate but it
helps you to save ammo for the later parts of the game, the overall
best gun in the game in my opinion, drop this in the box only  once
you've gotten a hold of the Assault Rifle. Aim  at  the  terrorists
carefully and shoot at them when the reticule is visible, they should
die easily.
Later on in the game you will find a second handgun which you can
attach to your first handgun to turn it into a double handgun. It
is almost the same as a normal one in all aspects except that  it
now fires two shots at once, a waste in my opinion since the second
bullet is mostly wasted. Its best to keep a singular handgun.
The gun is found about an hour into the game, its probably the most
useless gun in the game since you won't find lots of clip for this
one during the game and its ammo is wasted pretty quickly, most of
which are missed shots anyway, so I would advice you not to use the
gun for the most part. Besides that you will also find one tool for
this gun too, but thats also equally useless. All in all the worst
gun for me.
End Section.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
 _              _                        _       __     
| |__  ___ __ _(_)_ _  _ _  ___ _ _ ___ (_)_ _  / _|___ 
| '_ \/ -_) _` | | ' \| ' \/ -_) '_(_-< | | ' \|  _/ _ \
|_.__/\___\__, |_|_||_|_||_\___|_| /__/ |_|_||_|_| \___/
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

Thats right, you should take a second or two to make sure that 
Jack is aiming in the right direction, you will know this if a
target box appears around the enemy in front of you, but if the
enemy is off-screen you can find this out when you notice Jack
raising his weapon to firing position. Fire only when your sure
your bullet will do damage to the enemy and after  firing  one
shot wait a second or two before firing off the next one since
there is a small waiting period before you can do  consecutive
damage to the enemy.

Thats right, you can identify the amount of damage you can do
to the enemy by the color of the target box over the enemy, if
the box is yellow color then your doing less damage, if it is
red or orange then it means your doing good critical damage, 
basically the closer you are to an enemy the more damage you
can do to them with a single shot, but this is a double edged
sword as the enemies can also do equally more damage if they
manage to hit you at close range.

This may sound strange but as soon as you encounter a soldier
crouch down immediately, because the first thing soldiers will
do is fire, and if your crouched the first few bullets will 
miss guaranteed, also besides that crouching helps your aiming
and it also makes it harder for the enemies to hit you, ALSO
later when you encounter a few dogs or the small robot machines
the only way to kill them is by crouching down so that your at
the enemy's level and fire.

Equally impressive for dodging fire is the roll around, this
is almost essential in the boss fights where you have to be
quick and responsive to their attacks. Rolling around looks
good on the screen too and you can roll around out of corners
just for the fun of it lol.

Often you will be attacked by terrorists from the behind you
and even the camera wont be focusing on that place so you do
not have any idea where or when the terrorists come out of, in
such situations you can identify approaching terrorists by the
heavy foot steps or they will often yell Take That or something
like that before they open fire at you, as soon as that happens
quickly turn around and give him something to remember you by.

The concept of the box is exactly like it is in Resident Evil.
You can store your useless items in there, the box is available
with all the save places in the game, where Resident Evil asks
you to use items over and over again, in this game you can put
most of the key items in the box as soon as you use them once
since they're all meant for one time usage, besides a few of
the items. The box comes in handy.

Along the train cars you will find lots of your former NATO 
buddies dead, always be sure to check their bodies since 99%
of the time they will be carrying an item on them, staying on
the same topic check the enemies you kill too since they will
also drop off valuable first aid kits or ammunition.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
                   _     _       
 __ ___ _ __  _ __| |___| |_ ___ 
/ _/ _ \ '  \| '_ \ / -_)  _/ -_)
\__\___/_|_|_| .__/_\___|\__\___|
                    _ _   _   _                      _    
       __ __ ____ _| | |_| |_| |_  _ _ ___ _  _ __ _| |_  
       \ V  V / _` | | / /  _| ' \| '_/ _ \ || / _` | ' \ 
        \_/\_/\__,_|_|_\_\\__|_||_|_| \___/\_,_\__, |_||_|
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

While the game has many ending scenario's, I will only cover the
best ending scenario in my walkthrough, so if you want info  for
the other ending scenario's, scroll down to the appropriate area
in the walkthrough for that. 


All the area's which are specific for scenario S are marked 
separately, you can find more about scenario S by going  to 
the appropriate section.

                           St Petersburg

Jack will be on top of the train and he will be contacted  by  the
HQ people to find a hatch leading into the train, luckily there is
one on the roof of Car 11. So jump over the car  with  the  action
key. On Car 11 some soldiers will come out of the hatch and  start
attacking you, this should serve as a good target practicing  area
for you to test your skills out. Carefully take out the guards one
at a time and once they're all dead head for the  hatch  they came 
out of. Check the area's where the guards were standing  to see if
any of them dropped any ammo. Enter the hatch to Car 11.

You will be in a ventilation area, check the dead NATO soldier  on
the left of the screen for a first aid kit and head down the other
ladder leading down into the main car area.

NOTE : You will see a little car map on the top left of the   screen
one thing you should know that if your going UP the screen according
to the map then you would be going closer to the engine and  if your
going down the screen that means your going to  the  backside,  just
wanted to tell you guys this to make  navigation  easier  later  on.

Now, head down the car 11 area and check the dead NATO soldiers for
ammo and first aid kits, kill any soldiers in your way, at the  end
of the car climb the stairs to the second floor of the car, head to
the dining area and read any memo's here, at the end  of  the  back
side of the counter, you will find a dumb-waiter lift but there is
something missing which makes the lift work. Head back down the 1st
floor of the car 11.

Head up the map and near the ladder that we used to  come  in  this
car in the first place, take the door which leads you into the 10th
car. Enter. 

In car 10. Ignore the stairs leading up for now and head down the
hallway, kill the soldier here and check all the small rooms one
by one, in one of the room you will find a note, and in one of them
you will find a key item called "UNIT" , take it, dont bother to go
to Car 9 since the door is locked anyway. Now still ignore the stairs
leading to the second floor and head back to car 11. 

Once back here, kill any guards on the way and climb the stairs to
the second floor once again, this time with the unit in hand head
to the dumb-waiter lift behind the counter and use the unit on the
panel next to it. As soon as you do, you will be attacked by two
soldiers, ignore them and quickly enter the lift to head down into
the kitchen on the 11th car.

In here, quickly turn on the switch on the wall next to you for the
lights, after that head across the kitchen, check the memo on the
table on the way, at the end of the kitchen is a freezer door, head
into it. Inside you will see a dead chef with a GOLD KEYCARD next to
him. Take the card and before exiting turn the freezer off, this is
for later in the game. Exit the kitchen via any of the two doors,
either of which will take you back to the first floor of Car 11.
Familiar places.

Head back to Car 10 once more, ignore any guards on the first floor
and this time take the stairs immediately to the second floor, up
here check the locked door and use the GOLD KEYCARD on the panel 
next to it. This will allow you access on the 2nd floor. Head in.
Here, take the door up closest to you, inside check the memo for
the list of the Ambassador's personal guards, now head down the
hall, ignore the locked door in the middle since you need a code
for it. Check the dead body though.

At the other end enter through the other door and take the memo
that the game zoomed in on, check it from your menu and it will
have a code for you. Now head back to the door in the middle of
the hall, use the code you just found from the memo on the panel
and you will unlock it. Inside quickly kill the single guard and
look at the door that the game focused on. Before entrant it go
to the far end of this lavish room to find a memo, also check the
picture of the Ambassador and his family in Russia. Now head in
the only other door.

A FMV will begin, Jack will run in on a guard hiding behind the
Ambassador and his secretary, Jack efficiently shoots the guard
and introduces himself to the Ambassador, after some talking the
Ambassador and his secretary will go to the previous room, when
your in control, check the guard you just shot and you will find
a BLUE KEYCARD, on the other end of this room check the bathroom
and you'll notice you need a puzzle item here, also check the
tub in the far corner of the bathroom, nothing to it at this time.
But remember it for later. Head back 2 rooms where the Ambassador 
and Mason are.


Outside, you will have another FMV, the HQ will contact Jack and
tell him that a rescue team is coming in 10 minutes, now Jack has
to go and find the Ambassador's wife and daughter, he himself will
stay in this same car with his secretary for the time being. Head
back down to the first floor and enter the 11th car.

Save your game along the way if you wish, now head across to the
other end of the Car 11, killing any guards in the way, at the other
end you will find the door leading to the 12th car locked, use the
BLUE KEYCARD you just found on the panel next to the door and it
shall open, enter through the door to car 12.

In here, run forward, ignore the stairs leading to the second floor
for now, kill the guard here, there are four small rooms in the
car, check all of them one by one and you'll find 2 memo's, and
one handgun ammo clip. Take all of them, near the end of the car
you will find a separate door, enter the shower room, take the
memo from the wall and enter the main showering area, once inside
you will be attacked from the behind by a knife soldier, kill him
quickly and take the item he drops.

Now head back to the stairs and take them to the second floor, see
the dead body for a first aid kit, the door on the left is locked
for now so enter through the door to the right to enter the comm.
area of the train. Kill all the terrorists here and get any items
they drop. After that check the central small room and enter the
door. Inside you will find a SYSTEM DISC, take it. Now head to the
very end of the comm. room and take the note on the table, enter
the door at the end. In this room check the computer console on
he top of the screen and use the SYSTEM DISC we just found on it.
Also check the map on the far wall to see what route the train is
going to take to France.

Now enter the door number of the only locked door from the display
screen you see and it would be unlocked. Now head back all the way
to the door which was previously locked on the other side of this
floor. Before you enter it you will head gun shots. Enter the door
carefully. Inside you will have another FMV and you will come face
to face with Christina Wayborne. The only surviving SP. She takes
her coat off (rawrr.) to be more comfortable and starts to talk
with Jack. Jack hands her a radio to keep in contact, after a few
words she will leave and head for the Ambassador.

Now you can contact Christina just like you contact your HQ, she
is really more helpful then those people are and its more fun to
talk to her anyway lol. After she's gone check the dead body to
see that Jack is impressed with Christina, after that check the
machine on the desk and use the BLUE KEYCARD on it. After a few
seconds your KEYCARD will be upgraded and now we can go rescue
the Ambassador's family for certain.

Head down to the first floor with your advanced KEYCARD, now head
to the other end of the car and use the KEYCARD on the panel next
to the door heading into the car 13. Enter.


In this car, check the dead body first for another First aid kit.
Now head forward and check the doors one by one, you will find
more notes here which will reveal more about some of the soldiers
on the guard duties. Now head to the back area of this car and
take the stairs leading on to the second floor.

Once here, take the nearest door to you, this is another bathroom.
In here, first turn on the lights and examine the dead body, now
check the back side of the bathroom and examine the bath tub. It
is filled with blood, drain the tub, when its completely drained
you will find a key in it, take it. Its the SPECIAL KEY, no use
for it at this moment but we will be using it shortly. Now exit 
the bathroom wondering why this puzzle reminds you of Resident Evil.

Now, head down the hallway, ignore the locked door in the middle
because this one also requires a code and we dont have one at the
moment, now exit the other door at the other end of the hallway.
In this meeting room of sorts, kill the two guards and check them
for items, take the memo and read it. Head to the other end of the
hall and check the laptop PC. You will find a mail which will tell
you how to figure out the code.

Now according to it the code is the date of the train's departure
from Russia, if you have been paying attention you would know that
the train departed on 24th December, so the code is 1224.

Head back to the locked door and use this code to enter it, the
code should work, inside kill the singular guard and once thats
done enter the door on the back side. Another FMV will begin. Jack
has finally found the Ambassador's family but they're scared as hell.
Jack asks them to come with them to the first floor. Once they're
down with Jack, you will be asked to clear off the 14th car so the
rescue choppers can take the family to safety.

Car 14 was completely blown up in the starting commotion and thus is
now an open-air car which is why chopper rescue can be done from it.
But first you will be asked to clear the car of enemies as the heli's
are encountering heavy firing. Enter car 14 via the door. In here run
forward and hide behind a crate immediately, you will be attacked by
10 or so guards 2 at a time, take care of them, killing them shouldnt
be that hard, but immediately duck down after firing a few rounds.
The guards will also drop off plenty of rounds but dont bother to
head out at them now. We can get them later.

After all the guards are dead, another set of FMV's, the rescue team
will finally arrive and air lift the family, but before they can Jack
gets a message from Christina that the Ambassador isnt in car 10 and
she found Mason injured. Pierre's daughter asks Jack to take her good 
luck pendant and give it to her father. Jack promises that he will and 
heads back to check car 10 as the family is evacuated safely.

Once your back in control, take all the fallen ammo clips from the
car 14 safely and head back to car 13. Now you must head back all
the way to car 10, so get to it. Along the way you will be attacked
from the behind in almost all cars, take care of the terrorists.
Once you reach the car 10, first off go to the save panel and save
your game, now dispose of the BLUE CARDKEY in the box since we're
not gonna use it ever again. Now take the stairs up and enter the
Ambassador's room.

In here, another talking scene, Mason will claim that he doesnt know
what happened, he's stupid, once the talking is done, head into the
bed area and go back to the bathrooms, check the tub again and turn
on the tap, you will see the letter 5 form on the window, take note
of it and exit the Ambassador's room. Once outside you will have a
scene in which HQ will inform you that the terrorists are angry and
they're about to launch some missiles showing their anger towards UN
sending a rescue team. Jack must stop them.

Since we cant reach car 9 normally, head back to the car 11 and take
the ladder back up to the roof of the train, once here run toward the
car 9 and you will see an armed and ready missile launcher along the
way. Before you can do anything it will launch some missiles, Jack 
will contact HQ and tell them, they will reply that these missiles
can be easily shot from the air but they cant risk any more launches
like this so Jack has to stop it. Once your back in control of Jack
jump onto Car 9 and use the SPECIAL KEY to open the hatch leading
down into the 9th car.

Here, take the first aid kit off the floor, and avoid the moving
machinery, take the other ladder to go down into the first floor
of car 9. Once here, enter the main car area and enter the first
door you see, run forward and take the handgun clip, also check
the missile top and Jack will notice that he needs a screw-driver
to open the panel on it. Head back to the hall and continue down
the train, go through the door at the end and check the door at
the top of the screen, another FMV. Jack will see an injured but
alive NATO soldier Billy McGuire. He tells Jack that he can use
the screw drive to open the missile panels, aint nothing we can
do for him now so ignore him.

After the scene is finished take the screw driver from the table
behind him, use the save panel to save your game if you wish and
head back to the area with the missiles, use the screw driver to
open the panel and set the destruct sequence, run like hell to 
the exit cause the missiles will explode in a few seconds, as soon
as your out the door they do. Some guards will run into the car
now, kill them and head to the area with Billy in it. He's fainted
and there's nothing we can do now. Use the panel and drop off the
Screw Driver in it. Exit the door leading to Car 8 now.

In this car, ignore the stairs leading up for now, head forward in
the area with the crates, there's 2 guards here, kill them ASAP
and check for items, there's a fork lift along the way, press
the button on it to clear the path, after that a guard will attack
you from the back side, kill him quickly, at the end of this crate
area push the final crate out of your way and head to the far end
of this hall, kill the guard shooting from the open doorway and 
head up the stairs here to the second floor.

Here enter the door to the big control room like place, kill the
guard immediately in front of you and check the dead body next
to you for a first aid kit. Head forward and head for the cubical
like area on the top of the screen, check the control panel and
Jack will turn off the missile controls, immediately after that
you will be contacted by the HQ telling you that there are a few
terrorist choppers around and Jack must take them out. Luckily
there is an anti aircraft gun on this very floor. Before thinking
of exiting check the entire room for any and all memo's to read.

Now head for the door at the other end of this big control room
area,  (other end from the one we entered from) but before going
through it check the red panel on the wall next to it to turn
the machine gun power on. Go through the door now. Across the
small area there's another door, go through this one too and
once inside this small control room check the machinery on the
panel and you will begin a very fun small mini-game. Shoot the

The game will inform you of the controls to operate the guns 
you will be brought to a first person shooting screen. Its as
simple as it can get, you just press the triangle button while
aiming at the approaching heli's and keep on shooting at them
until they fall down and explode, but there is a limit to how
much you can shoot continuously, so when the vacuum gets red
hold a few seconds for it to re-charge again. After the time
on the timer runs out the choppers will retreat and another
scene will begin.

The UN people will be negotiating with Boris and he threatens
to blow the bombs unless the rescue teams are called back, so
now all thats left for support and rescuing the Ambassador is
Jack. No rescue teams are coming to help him.


Exit the machine gun room and you will be contacted by Christina
she wants you to come and meet her and Mason in car 9. Jack also
tells her about the injured soldier, Billy. Once your back in
control, head down the stairs and make your way to the back of
the car to the exit door to Car 9.

Here you will have another scene and Christina will inform Jack
that Billy has lost quiet a lot of blood and they need to take
him to an infirmary, luckily there is one right in this train on
the 6th car. A dumb-sounding Mason will suddenly realize something
and hand Jack a RED CARDKEY and tell him that when he was attacked
the guards dropped this. 

Before heading anywhere, save the game at the panel in the room
where you found Billy originally, also drop off all key items we
have already used, now head back into car 8. Now head across this
car to the other end, beware of the soldiers that might sneak attack
you on your way there. Use the RED CARDKEY to open the door at the
far end and enter Car 7.

In car 7, take the nearest room first and take any memo's you see
in here, exit back and head down the hallway, kill the guard here
and take the item he drops, after that enter the next door on the
side wall, its another missile room, there should be a handgun clip
inside here, take it, now head further and at the end of the car 
take the ladder up ignoring the door leading to car 6. Up here take
the first aid kit and head back down. Enter the door leading into
the 6th car.

First thing you'll notice here is that the power is out, so we have
to do something about that first, head further into the car, ignore
the stairs leading up from here for now, in the car hallway you will
find 2 soldiers, kill them quickly, the second one might surprise
you for a second, after the soldiers are dead, check the locker area
near the first soldier you killed and you'll find a PIPE for your
machine gun, this baby will actually double your ammo storage for 
the sucky machine gun. Now head down the hall and enter the small
inlet which is glowing, inside it check the circuit breaker at the
wall and activate it. The power's restored.

But before anything, head to the very other end of the car and take
the stairs here up to the second floor, enter the door on the right
wall. Inside you'll see a portable lab like place, read through any
notes you might find in here, take note of the door on the far wall, 
you cannot open it at this moment, but check the panel next to it 
and activate the air purifier machine, check it again and Jack will
remark that the process might take some time so we can go and do 
other stuff meanwhile.

Now drop back down to the first floor, and head back to the opening
corner of the car 6. You should get a radio message along the way
in which Jack will tell Christina that the car is secured and she
can bring Billy over here, i advice you to save the game at the
save panel immediately. Now head up the stairs in the other end of
the car. Up here, ignore the door on the right wall for now and go
in the other door. In here, cue another FMV.

Christina, Mason and Billy are in here, Christina informs Jack that
Billy has lost quiet a lot of blood already and he needs a full
blood transfusion and that if we dont help him soon he's gonna die.


Read through the following parts very carefully since saving Billy
TWICE (one more time later) is really important for the sake of the
good ending which this walkthrough is following.

Before you start panicking for Billy, check on him once and Jack will
read his blood type and RH group from his dog tag, memorize that and
exit the infirmary. Now head for the door on the right wall, and its
a syntethic blood making lab, check the machine on the far wall and
you'll realize something is missing here, take the note from the desk
and read it carefully. Now exit and head down to the first floor. Head
over to the other side of the car and climb the stairs here. By now
the air purifier should be done, enter the lab door.

Take the Base Fluid (un-prepared blood) from the table and if you've
got more then 2 item slots left then take the assault rifle ammo from
the dead body too. Now exit and head back towards the infirmary. Once
your on that side enter the blood lab once again, place the blood
pack in the slot on the machine and start it. Now you'll be asked the
kind of blood you want to make, here's what you select.

Blood group B , RH + group , C and D for heavy blood loss.

Start the slow and tedious machine, note that if you run out of blood
packs by doing the combination wrong then Billy will die and you will
not get the best ending later on, and that would royally suck.

Hopefully you made the right kind of blood, head back into the
infirmary once you've done that and its time to save Billy, well
we already did our part in it and another FMV will inform you that
Billy's condition is now stable, he tells Jack about the commotion
on Car 5 and hands him a GREEN KEYCARD and tells you that there is
something important in Car 5 and that Jack should check it out.

Allrighty, we're up for that. Exit the infirmary.

Head back down to the first floor, first off check the box and put
all your useless key items and ammo inside, keep only the handgun
and its ammo, and the first aid spray as personal items, now head
down the 6th car hallway and along the way there is a door which
we couldnt open before because it was locked. Use the green card
that Billy just gave us on the panel next to it and you shall open
it swiftly. Head inside the door, its an armory of some kind.

First off take note of the locked locker on the south side of the
area, we'll get to it later. Now check the row of lockers along
the way, one of them has a plastic explosive, another should have
a bullet proof vest. Check the same locker (the one with the vest)
to find Night vision goggles. Take all these items but before
proceeding forward head backwards, check the vest and it should
have the initials of BM on it, now think (Billy Mcguire). This
must be his. Head back to Billy in the infirmary and give him
his vest back.

Note : This is also important for getting the best ending.

Now head back to the box and put the goggles inside it for now, 
we dont need them immediately. Now head back to the armory room.
Head forward through the armory, enter the door on the far wall
to the VIP luggage room, in here check the air vent on the far
corner and go through it, in the next room take the first aid
kit and the ammo clip from the floor and take the ladder leading
to the roof of the train. 


Now here you will have another FMV, another huge train will come
side by side to the Blue Harvest and some terrorists and one boss
will jump on the Blue Harvest, as soon as your in control start
shooting at the terrorists in front of you, when you kill the
starting few you will be attacked from ahead and behind, take
care of the terrorists, once the terrorists stop coming at you
head forward on the roof where the boss is calmly standing.

Once you reach him, another FMV, the boss will jump on the big
train and Jack will follow him, but at the same time the Blue
Harvest will speed ahead, leaving Jack on this other train. The
boss enters the train via a hatch and Jack follows.

Take the hatch down, once your in this other train, save your game
at the save panel next to you before anything else, once thats been
done, put any useless key items you still have into the box, now
head through the door near the panel to Car 4. In this car crouch
down immediately since you will be attacked by 2 guard dogs. You
cannot hit them normally and the only way to do is to drop down to
their level and then shoot. After killing the dogs successfully go
deeper into the car and kill the singular guard here, he would 
drop off some valuable grenade launcher rounds, take them and
push that move-able crate to find a handgun clip behind it, take
all these items and exit back to Car 3 (the one we originally came
from in here).

Deposit the grenade rounds in the box and continue down this car.
You will be attacked by 2 terrorists, take them out and enter the
door at the end of the car to enter Car 2.

Head further into the car and you will come to a place with four
columns and you will run into the first boss fight of the game.


Yes this is the easiest boss in video gaming history, first off
the basic attack patterns of this boss include shooting three
arrows in a row from his crossbow, as soon as he shoots at you
quickly dodge to the right or left or hide behind one of the
columns and you should easily dodge the boss, you can even duck
down to dodge the arrows. Now shoot at the boss carefully, give
some time between your shots as quick shots usually miss. The
boss will often try to surprise you by running right up to you
but show him who's boss by smacking a few bullets into him 
before he reaches you. The boss is really simple to beat and
shouldnt take a lot of bullets to die. After its dead take all
the items it drops.

The items will include his Crossbow, a Microfilm and a WHITE
KEYCARD. Check the microfilm from your inventory and it will
turn into a file Microfilm A. We dont have any use for them
at this time, not until very near the end.

Before proceeding on i would advice you to go back to the save
panel in Car 3 and use it to save your game once again, once
your done with that come back to this area and enter the door
leading to the engine room. Here Jack will receive an emergency
radio message telling him that the bridge that the train is on
is broken and that the Blue Harvest has been temporarily slowed
down, Jack should try to catch up and jump onboard.

Thats exactly what we're going to do, quickly take the note off
the table and the first aid kit too, take note of the timer
and check the control panel near the ladder on the other end
of the engine room, before entering the real deal you will get
a little demonstration on how to increase or decrease the speed
of the train, its all fairly easy but adjusting the train next
to the Blue Harvest can be really tough.

Start the puzzle already, take the train up to full speed and
when you start catching up to the Blue Harvest and get close to
your target, quickly reduce the speed, once your almost next to
your target reduce your speed to 80 and try to align with the
red indicated area. If your successful enough the cars will
align automatically and the game will tell you that you can
exit now. Quickly take the ladder next to you and Jack will
jump onto the Blue Harvest automatically.

If your an evil dude like me and wait for the timer to run out
then you will have a small FMV where the train approaches the
broken bridge and falls down to its destruction. Game over.

                          S-SCENARIO ONLY
BOSS : CROSSBOW MAN                                                   |
-------------------                                                   |
Alright, this is the first and only boss variation that you'll be     |
facing during scenario S, at start the fight will be normal but       |
you would notice that the adjacent train is pulling back rather       |    
then staying there. As soon as you do away with the normal guards,    |
the boss will yell "Take this" and start running back and fro on      | 
the roof of the blue harvest, thats right, we're going to fight       |
him right here and now. As soon as your in control immediately        |
check your roll responses cause we're gonna be doing that a lot.      |
The biggest variation with the boss is that he fires more harder      |
to dodge arrows which go in a zig zag pattern so you really dont      |
know which way to jump. As soon as the fight begins quickly roll      |
left or right a couple of times to dodge the initial onslaught,       |
after that do your best to keep the boss in your target box and       |
fire at him, as soon as you fire at him once he will shoot another    |
round of arrows at you, dodge a couple of time left or right to       |
dodge them as well, after that shoot, and dodge some more, he will    |
take a lot more ammo then normal to die this time, so you should      |
be on your guard as well, and by guard i mean you should keep         | 
rolling around over and over every time you hit him. After a lot      |
of shooting, he will finally go down. Once the boss is dead, go to    |
the hatch of car 4 like you would in a normal game.                   |


Now you will be back on the Blue Harvest on the roof of it, you
will get a radio message asking you to go after the Ambassador.
The only really important place that we haven't checked at this
time is car 5 and now we're gonna go there. Take the hatch into
Car 4. Take the other ladder and head down into the main Car 4.

Head through the door leading into the big central control room
area in the middle of this car, there should be a terrorist on
here, kill him. Now run across the control room area on to the
other side, you will be attacked by another terrorist with a 
knife along the way, kill him too and exit to the far end of the
car. Here take the stairs up to the second floor. Once here, 
head into the nearest door which is a bathroom, take note of
the shiny golden wall colors. This just looks like the VIP area
in Car 10.

So in the bathroom, use the panel, save your game if you wish 
but most importantly check the box and take out the GOLD KEY
from it, head out the bathroom and use the GOLD KEY to unlock
the only other door you see, head inside. Kill the guard in
here ASAP, before proceeding further, check the cabinets near
the door we entered from, one of them should have an SP's coat
in it, check in the coat and Jack will find another handgun,
from your item menu combine the two handguns, now you can switch
to single or double handgun at will, but i would advice you to
stick to a single gun since the double guns would quickly, I
mean really quickly deplete your ammunition without any big
advantage. Now, head further down the hall and enter the door
at the end, nothing here for now, take note of the painting and
the fairy statutes on the far wall and exit back down, use the
same save panel and put the GOLD KEYCARD back inside it. Drop
back down to the first floor here.

Now back down on the first floor, head back into the control
room area and on the wall directly opposite of you would be
a small door, head through it and look at the delicate machinery
in here. Since the normal way to access the 5th car is locked
we will have to improvise, by that i mean opening the hatch
under the train and going from under it.

Check the control panel in this small room, there should be
three buttons which we would consider to be A B and C from

Now in order to open the hatch you need to press the buttons
in the following order. A, C, B, C.

Once this is done you will hear the hatch opening. Check the
door on the left wall and check the now opened hatch and you
will have another scene, Jack will climb down the train and
hang on for dear life and make his way to the 5th car. Now
your inside that car.

In this car, immediately head up the stairs to the second floor
Once up here run forward and enter through the door, you will
see a small killing robot here, if it see's you then it will
open a barrage of gun fire which can quickly drain your health
meter, so quickly squat down and start shooting at it non-stop.
It should explode in a few bullets, take the items it drops, now
head forward, ignore the other door on the wall and at the end of
the hall, check the shelf to find the Machine Gun. Head back and
enter the door we just ignored.

In here, run forward and take out the two ducked guards when they
show themselves, once they're dead take the memo from the table
and check the back side of this rather dark room, there is a
glowing light panel here, check it and you will turn something
off. We dont know what we did just yet. Now head back out and
down the stairs to the first floor.

I would advice you to go to your nearest save panel and take out 
the night vision goggles and the crossbow from the box. Now back 
in car 5, on the first floor head through the door we haven't 
check up till now. In this area run forward and enter the other 
small door, you will hear a buzzing noise. DO NOT proceed further 
into this room, first use the night vision goggles from your 
inventory. You should now see the green lasers, they're quiet 
easy to avoid, so work your way through the hall, pause in the 
middle to pick up the rope from the floor, once you've passed 
the laser area hit the switch at the end to stop them for good. 
See the grated floor. If we hadn't turned the switch off then it 
would've been a electrified floor instead hehe.

Enter through the door to enter a mysterious area, there is a 
huge electrified floor and something's in the middle of the 
electrifying area on a platform, we gotta check it out. Take 
the little elevator next to you to reach the upper  balcony. 
Walk forward and check the corner of the balcony and Jack will 
wonder if only he had something to throw like a rope or 
something, well do we have that or not.

From your inventory menu combine the rope and the Crossbow. Now 
use them standing next to the edge and Jack will fire off the rope 
creating a passage for him. Once your back in control, just press 
the left direction key avoiding the big electric busts coming out 
of the floor, once your on the far end of the rope Jack will drop 
down and you can take the item from the middle of the platform. 
Its a IC CHIP. Once you take it the electric floor will turn off.

Now head through the turned off floor, head through the door into
the fourth car. A few seconds later Jack will get an urgent call
from Christina and seems like she's in trouble. Quickly make your
way back into the 5th car and go through it to the 6th car. Make
your way towards the infirmary and kill the guard along the way.
Once your there another FMV will begin, Jack will shoot down the
soldier about to kill Christina, but Billy and Mason are missing.

Boris comes on the intercom and orders Jack to come to the 12th
car with the IC chip if he values Billy's life. Christina will
opt to go to the 4th car to find out where the Ambassador was.
Now when you try to exit the infirmary the game will ask you if
you want to save, do so. End of the first disc.

                         S-SCENARIO ONLY
The second variation of the S scenario, once you've picked up the  |
IC chip in the S scenario, suddenly pink gas will fill the room    |
and Jack will be knocked out, after that a FMV will begin, Jack    |
is taken off the train to some random location in Germany but      |
Christina managed to follow by hiding in  the  truck  they're      |
carrying him in. Another FMV, Jack is tied to a chair and Boris    | 
takes the IC chip from him, and vows that Jack will never get      |
out of here alive, then he leaves.Now you will be playing for      |
a little while as Christina. You will start  from  inside the      |
front door of the big church, she comes equipped with a handgun,   |
 some ammo and a first aid kit, immediately run forward and take   | 
out the single terrorist and grab the ammo he drops, after that    |
head to the right side of the front altar and grab the ammo clip   | 
there too, now head to the left of the altar and enter the single  |
door there. You will come in a small resident evil style hallway   |
with plenty of doors and one staircase. First off go up the stairs |
immediately, and from where you come up, head around the stairs    |
to the back area and you will find a machine gun here. Take it,    |
now on to the other side of this second floor room and you will    |
find a clip for the machine gun, equip it and head back down the   |
stairs.                                                            |   
Once down, take the door nearest to you on the left wall, you will | 
come out in an open area, head to the left of the screen towards   |
the clearing and take the 2 clips, one is for the machine gun and  |
the other is for her handgun. Now head back inside the door we came| 
(there is a path leading further into a graveyard but there's only |
1 guard and 3 dogs there, nothing more that why its stupid to go   |
there). Back inside, head to the area behind the stairs, there's 3 | 
doors here. Check the farthest door first, peek inside it with the |
triangle button and you'll see Jack inside, we need the key for    |
this door. Now check the other two doors from right to left, the   |
first one is a bathroom, check the potty to find a first aid kit.  |
Enter the second door, there's a ladder leading down here. Take it.|
Down here, take the plastic explosive and enter the door next to   |
you, in here there will be tons of crates and two roaming guards,  |
take them out. Now head for the very back area of this room, there |
are three crates blocking your way, when you get near them a guard |
will pop up from the behind and try to surprise you, take out the  |
guards. Now use the plastic explosive near the crates to clear a   |
path. Head to the elevator behind it and take it up to where ever  |
it goes.Up here, take the note and the key you see, and also take  | 
a look at the small jet you see here, now with the key in hand head|
back all the way to where you saw Jack's door, use the key to open |
that door and head inside, another FMV as Christina will open Jack's| 
restraints. She tells him about the jet she just saw and they can  |
use it to get to the blue harvest in time. Christina will run off  |
now and you'll be in control of Jack, since we've already cleared  |
the area of terrorists, head straight for where you saw the jet and| 
check on it. Jack will ask if they should go, select yes and another|
FMV.Jack pilots the jet and quickly flies to where the blue harvest| 
is, after it gets close they dump the jet and jump to the roof of  | 
the train, now the game will switch back to you, Christina has already| 
left for the infirmary, you will get a radio message from HQ lady  | 
and she will ask you to go there too.                              |   
Back to normal.                                                    |  

                               DISC 2

Once your back in control after changing the disc, head back into
the infirmary and take the assault rifle ammo from the floor there,
now we have to make it to the 12th car quickly, head down to the
first floor and use the save panel in the bathroom, drop of all
unnecessary key items. Make your way across car 7 8 and 9 via
the normal hallway method, a new wave of terrorists will be on each
car, kill all of them and seek the items that they drop.

Once your in car 9 save once again as we are about to enter another
boss battle, since the conventional method isnt working, we'll have
to improvise, now on your way you will see land mines on the floor,
the best method to deal with them is to run into them and quickly
pressing the quick turn button make a dash backside. Its risky but
its the most efficient method of getting rid of them. Continue your
way to the back side of the car and climb the ladder onto the vent
area and head for the roof of the train.

Before you can however you will have another FMV of the next boss
who i'll dub "take that man" from now on, a guard will quickly
attack you too, kill him, take the first aid kit he drops and
take the ladder up to the roof of the train.

Once on the roof, continue to the back side of the train taking
note of the other train thats running side by side with the Blue
Harvest. Kill any and all terrorists along the way, and check 
their standing places for valuable ammo or health pickups. Once
all the terrorists are dead head for the place where the boss is


You'll soon find out the reason for the strange boss title name.
First, the basic attack patterns of this boss are that mostly it
will yell "take that" and do a floor sweep flame, there is no
method of out-running or dodging this attack , the only way you
can save yourself is to jump onto the other train, note that
the boss will always follow you on the train that your on at the
present time. The other attack the boss does is that sometimes 
very rarely it will stand its ground and do a flame shot like a
normal flame thrower should work, you can avoid that by staying
out of its reach, take shots at the boss one at a time whenever
aiming is possible, but always be ready to jump to the adjacent
trains after shooting since he likes to do the "take that" thing
every time you shoot him. Not so many bullets later the boss will
be finished dropping a valuable item.

Before anything check the item the boss dropped, its another
microfilm item, check it and it will turn into Microfilm B and
go in your memo menu.

Now head back onto the Blue Harvest and take the hatch that goes
down into the 11th car like we did at the very start of the game.
Once down, if you want some extra ammo enter the kitchen area, 
kill the single terrorist in here for some assault rifle ammo.
Now go and check the freezer in the back and if you remembered
to turn the freezer switch off the first time we came here then
there should be a spare handgun clip around here. Take it, exit
back out and onto the main hallway of car 11.

There is a terrorist here too, kill him and take the first aid
kit that he drops, now since we're about to run into another
boss battle not so far from now, its wise to find the nearest
save panel and save your game. When your done saving go through
to Car 12 and take the nearest stairs up to the second floor.
Up here enter the door on the right to the computer area, once
your inside the door will lock behind you meaning we cannot get
out of here until we kill the next boss. Boris Zugoski himself.

At this time you should have plenty of handgun ammo to go by
so it shouldnt be a problem, you should also be stocked up on
first aid kits too, head forward into car 12 and another FMV.
Boris has Billy at gunpoint and he orders Jack to hand over
the IC chip and the Ambassador, but Jack thinks that Boris had
the ambassador, Boris realizes that the ambassador is with 
neither of them, and knocks Billy down, and shoots him on the
chest a couple of times. Jack now furious raises his gun to
Boris, and its game time.


This is not a really boss fight, all you need to get through
this one is the ability to quick turn and dodge the grenades
that he will throw at you, ok his attack patterns include mostly
throwing grenades at you from a few feet away which can do quiet
a lot of damage, the best method of taking him out is to squat
down and shoot him, then quick turn and run a little back dodging
the grenade that he throws at you, face him and squat down again
to fire at him, dodge the grenade then squat and so on and on.
If your lucky enough sometimes Boris doesnt move from his starting
place at all and you just need to move a few feet back, squat down
and shoot at him consecutively for a quick and simple finish.

After the boss fight is over, another FMV, if you did manage to
give Billy his vest back then he would be alive and well, otherwise
your not getting the best ending in the game. Once the FMV is done
you'll be contacted by Christina who's in the 4th car and asks for
Jack to come to where she is. Now check where Boris died for a few
useful items, first is his cigarette case, apparently useless but
if you check it from your item menu you will get a little Russian
poem which we'll need to remember by the ending of the game. Also
you will find a GOLD PLATE crest too, wonder where this goes.

Once all this is done, head down to the first floor and make your
way back to the car 11, once here exit towards car 10 once more.
Before anything head up to the second floor and check the VIP room
once more, remember the ambassador's bathroom. Go there and use the
crest we just got on the panel next to the mirror. Once used, the
mirror will slide revealing a secret room below. Head down and take
the assault rifle ammo from the floor, also check the memo on the
table, and take the DISC A from there.


You should know your way around the train by now, so get to the
roof and down to car 9. From here on make your way back to the
4th car killing any and all terrorists along the way, also on
your way you will get a sudden message from Christina who will
interrupt it and say that she just heard some noise from the VIP
room upstairs. Uh oh. We gotta hurry, communication is lost from
Christina after this convo. Now we really gotta hurry.

In car 5 the electric floor is still out so you can cross like
a normal person rather then do the grating thing. Once your in
car 4 head to the second floor and check the VIP room, in the
second room on the pool table you will find a note which will
tell you that you should go to the 3rd Car with the IC chip if
you value Christina's life. Also there is a black keycard on
the table too. Take it and exit down to the first floor.

On your way to the back side you will be attacked by some more
terrorists along the way in the big control area in the center
of this car. Kill them and check if they dropped any items.

Use the keycard on the door leading onto the 3rd train car and go 
through that door. We're gonna go save Christina. Head forward
ignoring the small elevators places here since both of them are
on the second floor at the moment, run forward and kill the single
terrorist who's hiding behind the crate, take the door onto the
next half of this car, here run forward and kill another single
terrorist around the corner, but before taking the lift up here,
enter th door on the center wall, its a small safe room.

In here, take the assault rifle ammo, the small key, and the memo
and use the save pane to save your game, drop off the assault gun
ammo in here for the time being, but keep the small key with you.
Take the elevator up and a string of FMV's.

Jack finally discovers the real threat, its Mason, the ambassadors
personal secretary, he's got Christina at gunpoint and demands Jack
drop the IC chip, while Jack drops the chip some one in a space
suit attacks Mason, who is able to dodge this person and escape
with Christina and the IC. Jack discovers that its the ambassador
himself. After some chit chatting Jack gives him the pendant his
daughter gave him, that sparks up the Ambassador and he starts to
run out of the area, we gotta follow him now.

Take the first aid kit from the floor and exit to the next room, 
here take the scope (an attachment for the assault rifle we are
about to get shortly) and another memo, take all this and head
down the small elevator from the end of the hall, go through back
to the 4th car. Once back here make your way across the central
control room area following the ambassador. Climb up the stairs
to the second floor and enter the VIP room.

Inside head for the back room and the back of this room where
the painting and the 2 statues are, another FMV. The ambassador
tells Jack that the pendant is one of the keys to use on the
slots on the statues, Jack and the ambassador use their keys
and the painting moves aside revealing a safe and inside it a
SECRET INFORMATION DISC. The ambassador is confident that Mason
will release Christina once he gets this disc.

Once your back in control of Jack take the secret disc from
the safe and make your way to the save panel in the bathroom
before you can proceed further you will be contacted by HQ
and now you have to go all the way to car 16 to find Mason.

Once your done saving, drop down to the first floor and make
your way through the control area killing the terrorists in the
way and get to the next car. Go through car 5 killing the single
guard along the way and into car 6. Now we've gotta do something
really important here. Kill the single guard patrolling this area
and enter the armory area in the middle of the hall, remember the
locked locker we couldnt access before, well check it again and 
open it with the small key we recovered and you can open it.
Inside is a lot of assault rifle ammo and one working Assault rifle.

Immediately head for the save panel and drop off the handgun and
its ammo in the box, take out all the assault rifle ammo you have
gathered up to this point, it should be plenty for you to go by
the entire game and we'll use this as our main weapon now. If you
picked up the scope earlier use it with the assault rifle and you
will have a longer ranged weapon now, save your game hera and keep
heading down the cars.

Along the way in car 7 you will run into some more land mines and
another small killing robot, dispose of them all like we did before
and continue your way, once your in car 9, take the ladder leading
up to the roof but be prepared since we're about to run into the
worst boss fight in the entire game. I personally hate this boss.


Now you will see an FMV of the next boss approaching the train, I
will dub this boss "Ray man" because of his ray like twin weapons
he's one bad cookie. Once your on the roof of the train, head for
the 11th car killing the terrorists along the way, be sure to do
quick dodge rolls if your attacked suddenly from the behind, the
guards should drop off some valuable assault rifle ammo or an 
even more valuable first aid kit. Anyway, you will be attacked by
the boss once your at car 11.


Now, if you manage to learn the attacking pattern of this boss
then this fight shouldnt be that hard for you to get through,
the basic attack of this boss is a barrage of ray fires from
his laser gun, you should quickly dodge roll left or right to
avoid his lasers, each time he stops firing take aim and fire
at him with the assault rifle, at a successful hit he will 
turn his guns up and fire into the mountains causing boulders
to rain donw on you, the best method to dodge these boulders
is to press the back and the run button at the same time so 
Jack does a little back-hop thing, do this three times in a
row once he does the boulder attacking thing to dodge all the
boulders, but as an added bonus quickly roll either left or
right as soon as your done hopping back as he quickly fires
a laser after the boulders stop. Continue this way taking shots
at the boss whenever you get the chance and pretty soon it will
be finished and your done. 

Check the dead body of the boss to find the third and final
microfilm, like the previous one's check it and it will go to
your file menu. Now take the hatch down into Car 11.

Now immediately go back to car 10 and save your game at the
bathroom save point here, after thats done exit back to the
11th car and its time for our trip to car 16. The way is a
straight path but you will be occasionally attacked by some
guards from the front and behind so keep an eye out for that
too. Once you reach the 14th car, the open one where we did
the rescue thing with the ambassador's wife and daughter, you
will run into a couple of soldiers here, take them all out 
and take the supplies they drop. Enter the 15th car now.

No terrorist here, take the first aid kit and the 2 memo's in
this room, also take the assault rifle ammo from the floor,
take note of the nifty tank but we cant go in it yet since
its hatch is blocked. Before entering the 16th car save your
game at the panel near the door, now if your going for the
best ending read carefully.


Go through to car 16. In here, another FMV as Jack runs into
Mason once again who's got Christina hostage, Mason asks Jack
to give him the secret information disc and the game takes you
to the item menu, if you want the best ending then do not I
repeat DO NOT give him the secret information disc, but instead
use the similar looking DISC A, another FMV, Jack will throw
the false disc towards Mason who doesnt know that and kicks
Christina towards Jack and raises a bullet proof wall quickly.
Jack is unable to do anything about Mason for now.

Mason explains the whole idea of getting the IC chip and this
secret information disc to Mason which is really complicated
and once the talking is done, he tells Jack that Boris planted
a surprise in this car which should be going off about now .
As soon as your in control of Jack open the small briefcase in
the back corner of the room, quickly take out the DISC B and the
STEEL KEY, after taking both the items the bomb inside the bag
will activate. Quickly run to Christina and use the steel key
to unlock her cuffs. Quickly run back to the previous car with
the armor car after taking the memo in here, enter the armored
car and another awesome FMV.

Jack and Christina navigate through the explosion thanks to the
armored car but they're too late as Mason escapes in the high-tech
chopper stored on the train. Christina runs off towards the 4th
car and Jack is left standing there.


Now we gotta go all the way back to where we came from in the
first place, thats boring man. Anyway, cross through the cars
and go through car 14 like normal, save your game at the save
point in car 13 before proceeding backwards, dispose of all the
key items besides DISC B for now, and return back, continue your
way across cars 13,12 and 11. Remember that you might be taken
under attack from either side during your journey so be careful.

In car 11, head for the ladder again and climb it to the roof of
the train, cross the train cars and drop down via the hatch into
car 9. In car 9 you will run into those small robots that cling
to the roof and jump down to get you and explode like mines do.
The best method to deal with them is to run head on into them
and when they drop toward you and are on you, quickly press the
jump back button to avoid the explosive radius.

Pass through car 9, in Car 8 you will be attacked by a terrorist
and his pet dog, kill the dog by shooting crouched, the guard
should drop grenade rounds, take them and cross through to car 7.
In car 7 you will run into a small killer robot, kill it quickly
and cross over to car 6, here you will be attacked by 3 terrorists
along the middle hall, do rolls and quick turns to dodge their
gun fire and kill them one by one, check any ammo or health kits
they might drop. Cross over car 6 and then car 5 which has nothing.

In car 4, I would advice you to go and save your game at the save
point in the VIP bathroom immediately because we are about to go
to game critical area's and what we do can effect the ending.
Once you've saved your game drop back down to the first floor and
go to the central control room area where you'll see Christina,
Billy and the ambassador standing. Cue another FMV.

Billy will tell Jack that the train's systems are all dead and it
will explode in 10 minutes with the warheads and all, and that if
he only had the system retrieving disc he could do something. As
soon as your back in control, open your inventory menu and give
Billy the DISC B we got from our earlier encounter with Mason.
Another scene will happen now, Billy will work his magic with the
new disc and will inform you that he has unlocked all car doors.
Now we can go disarm the warheads.


Now we gotta hurry towards car 3, exit the door leading into the
third car, cross the hallway, you will be attacked by a single
guard along the way, just waste him, I would advice you to take
out a few seconds and save at the save panel in the central room
in the second half of this car since we're about to get rough.
Cross through the door leading to car 2.

This is our first visit here. As soon as you enter you will have
a long FMV where you will see the UN people thinking about how
they can stop the train. The final suggestion comes as to blow
it up along with the warhead in a empty un-determined as of yet
tunnel to stop its commotion. Jack is contacted by the UN people
and is informed of this, and is told that if he manually shuts
the warheads down they would abort this plan immediately. 

Jack nods and cuts the transmission, read carefully.

NOTE : I hope to god you didnt give Mason the real secret info
disc, because if you did then your A scenario went to the drain
already, but as an added feature, and this only applies if you
already gave him the real disc, the time you take the disarm
the nuclear warheads will also determine the ending scenario
you get in a short while. More on what ending conditions are
in the separate section.

Alright, now quick as lightning go through the single door here
and go deep into the next one, you would see three boxes lined
up from the place you entered from to the end of the hall, go to
the end of the hall first and take the 2 items from the floor, 
the first one is a PLIERS which Jack will use automatically when
the time for them to be used comes, the second and more important
one that we need is an ENDOSCOPE. Take it.

Now before you get confused, the methods to disarming the nuclear
warheads are written in your Microfilm's A to C, they will tell
you the exact colored wires that you have to cut in order to
defuse the bombs.

NOTE : The box that is closest to you at this moment, and by that
i mean the box closest to the endoscope is BOX A. Meaning you
should read microfilm A to see its color pattern and go from 
there on backwards. Simply put here are the color combinations.

Box A : White, Red, Blue
Box B : Red, White, Yellow
Box C : Red, Black, Green

As soon as you defuse the bombs (hopefully) you will see the 
timer stop and a Game Over screen will start flashing on the
boxes, Jack will be confused about this but he will get a
radio transmission from Christina telling him that as soon as
she used the Disc B the train started to go all ballistic and
she learned that Boris was actually planning to use the entire
train as a nuclear weapon ramming it into France. Jack's still
not of trouble.

As soon as your done talking move towards the back side of the
Car 2 and take the ladder up to the second floor, cross the
thin walkway here killing the single guard and the little killing
robot along the way, the guard should drop a much needed  first
aid kit for you. Take it, on the other end of the walkway take
the ladder down and enter through the door to the Engine car.

We're in the final few minutes of the game now. As soon as you
enter the first car, you'll see some items lying around and a
save state panel, first the items, there is a much needed grenade
launcher upgrade for your assault rifle, take it, also take the
20 or so grenades that you find on the floor, these should be
enough to finish the game but you can never be so careful so 
check the save panel and take out any grenades that you might
have put in their from the start of the game, combine the grenade
launcher attachment with the assault rifle and refill it with
grenades. While your at it save your game right now too.

One very important note, take Boris's lighter out of the box
and check it one last time, take a note of the little poem
written on it and write it down on a piece of paper since we
will be using the info on it to defuse the final bomb.

Now, exit to the front half of the first car by going through
the only other door, you will come into the cockpit of the
train here. Read the memo immediately which will tell you that
you can separate the engine from the rest of the train. Read.

NOTE : This is the final last minute ending determination choice
you have to make, you do not have to separate the train cars, 
but separating them WILL lead you to the best ending, so do it.

Now, immediately, check the panel to the left of the main cockpit
and you will have a small FMV of the train engine separating from
the rest of the train, Christina Billy and the ambassador are all
in the back cars so they're all safe now, Jack is the only one in
deep **** now. As soon as the FMV is done, take out the assault
rifle, equip it with grenades and go out the door on the right to
the outside of the train.

Outside, you will have another FMV of Jack hanging on for dear
life as he makes his way to the very nose of the train, once your
there you will be back in control, immediately read and try to
remember the Russian poem from Boris's lighter, and check the
nose of the train. Jack will open the mechanism there and reveal
the final nuclear warhead. 

Now you will access the warhead mechanism, the mechanism is like
a roulette table, it will have a spinning dial on the right with
three images, a star, a moon, and a Russian monument, the dial
will move a little then stop on one of these images, at that time
you will have to cut the right wire until all three wires are out.
If you cut the wrong wire then its kaboom.

Here's what the poem tells us.


As soon as the wires are cut in the correct order, your thinking
that you've finally finished the game, but NO. As soon as you
cut the right wires, an attack helicopter will wizz by the train
and you'll realize that its Mason who's discovered that you handed
him the wrong disc and now he's come back to get his revenge on you.

NOTE : You would obviously figure out that if you gave him the
right disc in the first place, he won't be coming back for this
final fight at all. So this is the final indication that your
getting the best ending in the game.

Now, the chopper will whizz past the screen a few times then it
will get to the back of the screen ready to attack you, and the
game will hand over the control to you, quickly equip the grenade
launcher from your inventory and equip it with grenades, now you
are ready for the final boss fight.


This can be a really easy or really hard fight depending on how
you, the player, have managed to learn the basic dodging and rolling
around and quick turn features and so on, so as soon as the fight
begins head either right or left of the main nose area of the train
Mason will follow you around and fire missiles at you, the only way
to counter him is to aim carefully with the grenade launcher and fire
at him whenever you have a clean shot, you should know that the only
method of killing him is the grenade launcher. The aiming part is
tricky though as Mason will often sway the chopper back and forth
the screen, so dont bother shooting at him until you know you have
a clear shot for a second or two, then fire. Overall he doesnt take
a lot of grenades to die but the hitting part is the hardest thing.

After about 6 or so grenades the chopper will fly ahead and explode
in front of the train in a blaze of fire, another FMV as Jack will
jump to the roof of the train to dodge the chopper explosions ( does
this remind anyone of the first mission impossible movie ? ).


Now you will get to see the best ending in the game, if you followed
all the instructions that i gave you during the walkthrough then you
would end up in Paris, the battered and bruised train will be making
its victory lap around Paris, you'll see the final FMV of Christina
the ambassador and Billy landing, the ambassador will finally be
reunited with his family in a tearful reunion, he will give the lucky
pendant to his daughter back, meanwhile Jack and Christina are standing
together when suddenly Jack shows Christina the real secret information
disc, Christina is ecstatic to see that the real disc is safe and sound
and she hugs Jack. The camera zooms in on the reflection of the family
of the ambassador and the game ends.

Now you will see the Paris monument with your final score, which is
the time you took to finish the game, the ending scenario you got and
the total number of guards you killed along with number of saves.
Curse at the small length of the game and save when the game asks
you to if you want to play the S scenario.

End Section.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
                        _ _              
            ___ _ _  __| (_)_ _  __ _ ___
           / -_) ' \/ _` | | ' \/ _` (_-<
           \___|_||_\__,_|_|_||_\__, /__/
!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*

Here is a list of all the endings that you may get during the course
of the game and the right methods of getting the ending, if you were
following my walkthrough then you've already gotten the best ending
in the game, but there are many more scenario's as to what the game
holds for you. So read on if you want to explore the game fully.

One minor thing that i forgot to mention at the end of the walkthrough
was that if you finish the game with the best ending then you will get
a screen at the end which will say  "EXCELLENT" BUT if you finish with
any other scenario then you would get a screen which says "TRY AGIN"
and tells you that there is more for you to uncover.

The best method of exploring the different endings is first doing
the best ending then going for the other endings with the save 
the game asks you to make at the end of the game. Here is a list
of the different endings and their requirements.


1/ Make sure that you give Billy the proper blood transfusion
   and also give him his vest back, in simple words you have 
   to make sure that Billy survives.

2/ Make sure you go and check the secret room in the bathroom
   of the ambassador's personal VIP room and get Disc A from
   there, also read the note there.

3/ Make sure that you do NOT give Mason the real disc when he
   asks for it in car 16, but you should give him disc A instead.

4/ Make sure that you separate the cockpit from the rest of the
   train right before the final boss fight in the game, not doing
   this will result you in getting the B scenario.

5/ You will be able to play Scenario S from the save file you make
   at the end of the good ending scenario. A scenario i mean.


1/ Make sure that you give Billy the proper blood transfusion
   and also give him his vest back, in simple words you have 
   to make sure that Billy survives.

2/ Make sure you go and check the secret room in the bathroom
   of the ambassador's personal VIP room and get Disc A from
   there, also read the note there.

3/ Just give Mason the real disc when he asks for it during
   your confrontation in the 16th car with him.

4/ Make sure that the timer on the clock reads more then 8
   minutes when you defuse the final bomb, not doing this will
   immediately take you to scenario C.

5/ Note that if your following the A scenario, but forgot to
   separate the cars at the end, you will get the B scenario
   ending automatically.


1/ Make sure that you give Billy the proper blood transfusion
   and also give him his vest back, in simple words you have 
   to make sure that Billy survives.

2/ Make sure you go and check the secret room in the bathroom
   of the ambassador's personal VIP room and get Disc A from
   there, also read the note there.

3/ Just give Mason the real disc when he asks for it during
   your confrontation in the 16th car with him.

4/ Take your time during th defusing process, and make sure
   that the timer is less then the 8 minute mark when the final
   bomb is defused, now you'll be taken to scenario C.


1/ Make sure that you give Billy the proper blood transfusion
   and also give him his vest back, in simple words you have 
   to make sure that Billy survives.

2/ Dont bother checking the secret room in the bathroom of the
   VIP room in car 10, now you'll go straight to scenario D.

3/ Do the rest of the game like any other scenario, except that
   since you didnt pick up the DISC A you dont have any other
   alternative to give to Mason.

4/ After that continue the game and end it like any other end
   but you might not get the chance to separate the engine from
   the rest of the train at all.


1/ Just let poor Billy die, this can be easily achieved by
   using up both the blood packs to make the wrong kind of
   blood for Billy, or you just dont give him his vest and
   Boris's gunfire will surely kill him.

2/ Make sure that you check the secret room in the VIP bath
   room, and take the disc A and the secret memo down there.

3/ Continue through the game as normal, but since we didnt
   save Billy at all many of the later scenes will be a bit
   different, proceed towards the ending as normal.

4/ Give Mason whatever you wish, it doesnt matter, you may
   or may not get the chance to separate the engine from the
   rest of the train at all. Finish the game like that.


1/ If you get this scenario then you officially suck at the
   game really really bad.

2/ Just let poor Billy die, this can be easily achieved by
   using up both the blood packs to make the wrong kind of
   blood for Billy, or you just dont give him his vest and
   Boris's gunfre will surely kill him.

3/ Do not bother checking the secret room in the VIP bathroom
   and proceed through the game as you normally would.

4/ Do the rest of the game like any other scenario, except that
   since you didnt pick up the DISC A you dont have any other
   alternative to give to Mason.

5/ Finish the game like normal.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
           ___                             _     
          / __|   ___ __ ___ _ _  __ _ _ _(_)___ 
          \__ \  (_-

                    BILLY's DIARY

Dear Diary, 
Today i've lost my bullet proof vest, i've looked everywhere
but cant find it... I hope nobody finds it before me or I'll
be in big trouble.

Dec 24.

                    NCO's DIARY

The door to car 10 is broken. And they say we're scheduled to
depart tomorrow. We'll have to use the  external  hatch,  but
still, access to car 9 is very inconvenient. I  also  noticed 
that the guards on car 5 were armed. Whats going on with this

< Dan Hogart >


1. No smoking
2. Turn water off after use.
3. Handle the locker with care.

                    WANTER TERRORISTS

The following is the list of terrorists that have been active
in the recent years.

Andrei Mikhalov
Shot an army officer in 1998. In hiding in southern  Europe.
Note : Holds Russian and British Passport.

Ibrin Shim
In 1999, attempted to kidnap  a  Russian  nuclear  engineer.
Note : Wanted by CIA

Boris Zugoski
Active in supplying arms to insurgents in S.Europe  and  the
Note : Former KGB agent

Cain Woznik
has twice penetrated the US strategic defence system.
Note : In exile in Cuba

Hiroki Kusaka
1989 bombed Hong Kong art gallery and bank
Note : Wanted by CIA

Nikita Andropov
1997 Minks airport massacre 1999 weapons smuggling.
NB : Ex-Ukrainian army.

Vincent Rossa
Has killed 264 people in the past 23 months in 5 countries.
NB : Hiding in Europe.

                    AMBASSADOR's SCHEDULE

(Dec. 24)
(Dec. 25) MINKS
Visit Nuclear medicine center
(Dec. 26) WARSAW
Visit UN orphanage
(Dec. 27) BERLIN
Speech at remains of Berlin wall
(Dec. 28) LEIPZIG
Music performance at St. Thomas Church
Day off (sight seeing with family)
(Dec. 30) GENEVA
Visit the Euro-Electronic Commodity exchange
(Dec 31) ZURICH
Speech at UN center
(Jan.1) PARIS
Reception party.

                    COMMUNICATION SCRAP 2

[Report from Washington]
Domestic strife and revolution are continuing around the
world. As a result of the endless stream if refugees, 
the US, Russia and other NATO countries have developed a
high-speed trans continental train called the Blue Harvest.

it is designed for the fast evacuation of refugees and
speedy transportation of medical supplies.

                    GUARD's LETTER

I'll be home soon. I hope to spend all of my time with you
while im back in Paris. I am intending to ask Julia to marry
me. Its been 6 months since i've seen her lovely eyes.

                    NCO FILE 1

Currency guide,
With the birth of the Euro in 1999, EU countries took a major
step forward in uniting. However optimism about the UE was
weakened by:
* Major powers not joining the EU.
* Differences between member economies.

As more and more eastern European nations join  the  union, 
talks about foreign affairs between the east and west will be
necessary. It has been argued however, that such integration
could destroy the individual cultures of the countries involved.

                    NCO FILE 2

After the end of the cold war, many thought that the world
would live in peace and harmony. However, the many differences
between religions, governments and cultures caused friction in
the new world...

                    BH TRAIN INFO

Car 1
Train control room
Power unit

Car 2

Car 3
1F : Hangar
2F : Passenger room

Car 4
1F : Main computer room
2F : VIP suite

Car 5
Electrical power unit

Car 6
1F : VIP storage, Weapon storage
2F Infirmary, Lab

Car 7
Freight car

Car 8
Communications car

Car 9
Freight car

Car 10
1F : Passenger rooms, storage
2F : VIP room, SP room.

Car 11
1F : Kitchen, Freezer
2F : Officer's lounge

Car 12
1F : NCO's room
2F : Briefing room

Car 13
1F : NCO's room
2F : Sen. NCO's room, small meeting room.

Car 14 to 16
Freight cars.

                    OFFICER's NOTES

The Special Tactical Arms Reduction Treaty was an agreement
between Russia and the US to reduce the number  of  nuclear
warheads by 3000 within the next 6 years

                    BH PERFORMANCE CHART

The Blue Harvest was designed as an "Armored train for local

* Max speed : 400 mph
* High output diesel engine
* Automatic rail width switching system.
* Anti-aircraft missile launchers and two 40mm anti aircraft
* Fueled tank and helicopter onboard
* Missile guidance TVM system, anti-electronic war ECM system
* Communications terminal linked to the military facilities of
  each nation.

                    MISSILE SPECIFICATIONS

Using the new TMD system, satellite support enables ballistic
missile interception. The system also makes ground to ground
pinpoint attack possible.

Missile : Patriot 2G
Max. Range : 200 miles
Max. Speed : Mach 3

by switching to the OS, anti tactical ballistic missile (ATBM)
can be used as tactical attack missiles.

                    DEMO AND SHERRY

Wide angle surveillance

Low field of vision surveillance

*Humans are detected by sound, infra red, and temperature
*Unregistered people are recognized.

                    SYNTHETIC BLOOD FCB INFO

FCB artificial blood contains a range of antibodies and
nutrients to treat a variety of patients. To use combine
the various blood ingredients to suit the patients condition.

Combining ingredients
* Anaemia (Add ingredient Y)
* Light blood loss (Add ingredient C)
* Heavy blood loss (Add ingredients C and D)

                    TREATMENT UNIT REPORT

December 22,
The following 5 people volunteered to give blood for donation.

Jean C. Dan (Type A, RH+)
Billy MacGuire (Type B, RH+)
Rick Casey (Type AB, RH+)
Joe Thomas (Type O, RH+)
Mike Grant (Type O, RH-)

Billy Macguire reported that he had been drinking the night
before so we'll have to look for another type B volunteer.
< Dr. Kimbel >

                    LABORATORY WARNINGS

*On entering
Users of the lab must always press the air purifier button
before entering. 

*On leaving
Always check to see if toxic gases are leaking from the
experimental equipment before leaving the lab.

                    EXPERIMENT DIARY

Emissions from the hydrogen engine were tested for toxic
gases. Test results proceed negative. The emissions continued
no lethal fumes.

                    MICROFILM A


                    CONCERT PLAN B

1/ Leave church on strings, meet up in the theater in Zurich
   or Liechtenstein.
2/ Put audience to sleep and perform on strings
3/ Abandon strings and perform on wind

< The conductor >

                    EMERGENCY MANUAL 1

In the case of an emergency, use the helicopter in Car 16 to

Top speed 300 mph
Machine gun : 30 mm
Flight range : 460 miles
Seats : 2 persons

Departure preparations will be automatically completed in 8
seconds after boarding.

                    INFRARED ROOM RECORDS

Guards are to check ID's of anyone who wishes to enter and
have them fill out the appropriate form.

Pierre Simon
Item brought in for storage
Nothing removed

Philip Mason
With ambassador Simon
nothing brought or removed.

                    DECODED INSTRUCTIONS

A : Andrei takes the freight train then meets up with BH
B : If Andrei fails, Vincent will show up in the armored

Plan A or B, either way, we will abandon the train and 
switch to a helicopter piloted by Nikita to escape.

C : We can also escape directly from the BH by helicopter.

< Boris >

                    MICROFILM B

4- R
5- W
6- Y

                    AMBASSADOR's NOTE 1

I am expecting a terrible trip.
I think there is a big chance that terrorists will attack
this train. But an even greater worry is Philip's behavior.
If we get to Paris safely, I will finally be rid of this
secret. Catherine, Jane, I'm sorry. I love you both.

                    DESK NOTE

Looking for Christine ?
If you care about her, come to car 3 with the IC chip
NOW !!

                    EQUIPMENT RECORD

[Usage requests]

* Geiger counter, sealer suits : see Lt. Battle
* Requests for private use strictly forbidden.

                    DECODING TABLE A

Mozart > Andrei
Beethoven > Vincent
Schubert > Nikita
Conductor > Boris
Audience > French ambassador
Perform > Escape

                    MICROFILM C

7- R
8- Blk
9- G

                    DECODING TABLE B

Theater > BH train
Percussion > Freight train
Strings > Armored train
Wind > Helicopter
S seat ticket > The disc
Symphony > Nuclear warhead.

                    ARMORED CAR SPECS

Amphibious vehicle

* Top speed 100 mph
* Seats 4 people

[Additoinal systems]
* Infra red night vision device
* Housed chain driven auxiliary wheels
* Central tire pressure control system

* 4x9 9M31M STRAYLER1
anti aircraft missile with rotating launch platform.

                    LIST OF ARTWORK

Henri Matisse

Edgar Degas
< Two dancers>

Gustav Courbet

Leonardo da Vinci

Claude Monet
< The seins at rouen>

Auguste Renoir
< Woman in front of piano>

Pablo Picasso

Paul Gaugin

Paul Cezanne

Raphael Sanzio

Toulouse Lautrec

                    POWER REACTOR NOTES

The Blue harvest is powered by an experimental tritium
hydrogen fueled engine.

* Fuel for this engine can be extracted from sea water and
the energy combusted emits no pollution. This engine was
created with top secret joint research data from teams in
the US, Japan and Russia.

Everyone involved is therefore asked to maintain the utmost
secrecy and work hard to collect operational data. This
hydrogen engine can be the answer to the world's energy
problems. For the future of the human race.

                    EMERGENCY MANUAL 2

[Items] Unlocking the car linking mechanism. Car 1 can be
separated from the rest of the train by pulling the lever
in car 1. This lever is only to be pulled in emergency

End Section.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
                   _             _      
                __| |_  ___ __ _| |_ ___
               / _| ' \/ -_) _` |  _(_-<

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


                            UNLOCKABLE ITEMS


This is the real deal, finish the game on either normal or expert
mode to unlock this, there is a really big section just for the
alternate things you might encounter in this scenario, head over
to it to read more about Scenario S. All I can tell you here is
that it includes playing as Christina and getting off the train
for a little while.


This is different from S scenario, completing the game on any
difficulty would unlock this scenario, in this you will start off
with infinite double shot handguns, also in the kitchen in car 11
you will find the assault rifle with infinite ammo and grenades.
Obviously making the game easy as pie.

                             GAMESHARK CODES
                           for the NA version

Infinite Health 
80010402 1000 

Infinite Ammo/Items (All Weapons/Items) 
D007D718 0000
8007D71A 2400 

Slot 1 
3001045C 00FF 
Slot 2 
3001045E 00FF 
Slot 3 
30010460 00FF 
Slot 4 
30010462 00FF 
Slot 5 
30010464 00FF 
Slot 6 
30010466 00FF 
Slot 7 
30010468 00FF 
Slot 8 
3001046A 00FF 

Have All Memos (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) 
50003901 0001
3001088C 0000 


^/ Always try your best to conserve ammo, its not a bad thing
   if you see an opportunity to run away and can take it too.

^/ If you want to save your ammo then run right up next to the
   enemy and de-equip your weapons, Jack is also well skilled
   in hand to hand combat and he can kick an enemy's ass easily.

^/ Staying on conserving ammo, if you want to kill enemies in 
   a hurry then make sure that you do not shoot them until your
   target cross-hair is red, that means that your bullet will do
   the most damage on the enemy, to make it turn red get closer
   to the enemy.

^/ Read through all the memos you find in the game, not only will
   they add story to the game, but often they will give you hints
   about how to solve a puzzle or just what to do to get past a
   certain area. They're worth it.

^/ Make good use of your duck and roll features as they will often
   save you from getting damaged by enemy gun fire, rolling is 
   very good to dodge gun fire and you should rol around often
   when up against multiple foes at a time.

End Section.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
         __  __                    _            
        |  \/  |_  _   _ _ _____ _(_)_____ __ __
        | |\/| | || | | '_/ -_) V / / -_) V  V /
        |_|  |_|\_, | |_| \___|\_/|_\___|\_/\_/ 

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*


Covert Ops Nuclear Dawn, now where to begin, i really have no idea, since 
there are times when this game seems like an absolute brilliant piece of 
software and there are times when you feel like you've seen "that" happen 
many many times before, here is how i broke my review down for this game.

Graphics 9/10

The game has pretty impressive graphics for a ps1 title, although the 
camera and setting of the game may remind you of resident  evil,  the 
game's graphics are pretty good if you look at  them.  The  character 
models are nicely drawn and you can run right  up  to the camera with 
the hero and see his facial features up close, which include blinking 
eyes i might add hehe. The environments are rendered  completely in 3D 
unlike most survival horror games which opt for hand drawn backgrounds. 
The 3D graphics aren't half bad to look at either, since the train is 
very neatly drawn, obviously this being a special train you can expect 
it to be quiet different from "real" trains. Anyway, the FMV sequences 
really could have used some more work, but  the  normal  game graphics 
more then sway my vote in favor of them.

Sound 8/10

Sound wasnt really a big issue in this game, since most of the voice 
acting happens, well ALL of the voice acting happens only in the FMV 
sequences and the only dialogue you hear in the game are the enemy 
soldiers grunting and screaming at Jack. Overall Jack's character is 
the only one who does a really impressive voice acting, all the other 
characters really sound mediocre, and even poor at certain times. The 
HQ lady also does a good voice and reminds me of M from the James Bond 
movies. Jack himself has a certain action-hero quality in himself, and 
he REALLY reminds me of Keanu Reeves from the first Speed movie, even 
the tone of his voice. Music on the other hand is different, its very 
minimal and only rises up in desperate or action times. The music score 
could have used working on it as well.

Controls 7/10

There really isnt much to say about controls besides that they are tight 
and responsive, Jack himself runs kinda slow but it doesnt feel that much 
since the actual area's that he's running back and forth in are small too. 
So its really not big of a deal. Besides that the duck and roll features 
work perfectly, overall the controls are well responsive.

Gameplay 8/10

The roots of the gameplay are your average survival horror game, mostly 
like Resident evil, but its more action oriented then just surviving, 
while the threat of humans with guns  sounds  more  interesting  then 
zombies, surprisingly the human's arent that tough either, they only 
die in a bullet or two and they miss 99 percent of their bullets on you. 
That could have used a lot of working on, making the enemies a bit harder. 
Even on the harder difficulty levels you'll feel like being too easy, and 
then there's the final boss fight with the helicopter which can get either 
very very hard or very easy depending on how well you've managed to get a 
hang of your character. Besides that the gameplay  is  all  good,  adding 
features like ducking and rolling around give this game more of an action 
edge, If only they had added the ability to view first person (not counting 
through doors) then the game would have been so much funner to play. 

Overall 9/10

One of the most under-rated video games of all times, i think this game 
should have gotten more credit then it does, sure its like a mixture of 
many other games but it manages to pull that off very well, combine that 
with not so average and almost okey-ish voice acting and you've got a fun 
game, the only problem is that its just a bit too short for a 2 CD game. 
Thats my verdict for ya.

End Section.

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*
           _               _   _       __       
          | |___ __ _ __ _| | (_)_ _  / _|___   
          | / -_) _` / _` | | | | ' \|  _/ _ \_ 
          |_\___\__, \__,_|_| |_|_||_|_| \___(_)

!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*(`'. .').').')*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*!*



This guide was made only for the purpose of helping other people, 
and I dont intend to use it for profit, and I would really really 
appreciate it if no one else does it too. This guide is as free as 
everyone of us is. Use it nicely. The following sites have are the 
special sites who this guide belongs too in full right...  

( PS ... this doesnt mean that other sites cant use the guide, any site
which I want this guide to go to and any site which tells me before
using it shall be allowed )

On another note I dont think I need to mention that this guide is also
protected by the international copyright laws and that makes it about
as illegal as any bad thing for anyone to plagiarize it, I ask everyone
to keep there eyes open and if they ever see this guide being used for
the wrong reasons then please dont hesitate to contact me and I shall
see what I can do about it, dont think of this as a joke because
plagiarism is not that uncommon nowadays, several great authors works
are plagiarized for money and thats.. very VERY bad..

This guide was made by Adnan Javed , better known as ChandooG on the
Gamefaqs message boards, I made this guide just for the people for 
free to be used as a source of making your game easy and enjoyable... 
or if you dont understand in those words or you think of using this 
guide for profitable purposes then know this that I have a very 
qualified lawyer in my family :) get the picture.

Nuclear Dawn all its characters and all the logo's are copyright of 
Activision inc. I am in no associated with them and this guide is an 
uffocial work. 


Want to drop an email to me ?! please make sure of the following things
before sending me an email

* look in the walkthrough for any puzzle or monster related questions
  first.. dont find it there.. mail me.

* Please DONT mail me about how good you are in the particular game
  and how bad i suck.. hehe those will go to the trash ASAP

God any question about the game ?

Use this address :


* God of course for making the whole world like it is today
  and a special thanks for making me lol ;-)

* My hands, i can say without a doubt that i may be one of
  the fastest typers alive, since i wrote this enter thing
  out in about less then 2 days. I RULE !

* , for allowing people such as me to show off
  their writing skills, or even learn that common men can
  also make walkthrough's for games, i mean three years ago
  i didnt know what a FAQ was.

* Activision for making this brilliant game, but I also give
  some heat off to them for not advertising or publishing this
  awesome game good enough to many people can get to play it.

* All the people who use this walkthrough for making their
  game easy, not for their profitable gains, a special
  thanks to the websites who use it by asking my permission
  first , and keeping it in its original unedited .txt format.


If anyone even bothers reading all the way down here, i have said
before many times in the past year that i would not write any other
walkthroughs until i get to play resident evil 4, but this year alone
i have written over 1 mb of walkthrough's lol. In October alone i
submitted three complete game walkthrough's. That was awesome hehe.

Anyway, cya all later.

 ______,      ___    ___  , _      ____  
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    |  |___| \__    \__   |   |    |    |
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