Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn PS Memo FAQ

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Welcome to the memo FAQ for....
                          COVERT OPS      
         ____   __ __    __  _        ___   ____  ____                
        |    \ |  T  T  /  ]| T      /  _] /    T|    \               
        |  _  Y|  |  | /  / | |     /  [_ Y  o  ||  D  )              
        |  |  ||  |  |/  /  | l___ Y    _]|     ||    /               
        |  |  ||  :  /   \_ |     T|   [_ |  _  ||    \               
        |  |  |l     \     ||     ||     T|  |  ||  .  Y              
        l__j__j \__,_j\____jl_____jl_____jl__j__jl__j\_j              
                 ___     ____  __    __  ____                    
                |   \   /    T|  T__T  T|    \                    
                |    \ Y  o  ||  |  |  ||  _  Y                  
                |  D  Y|     ||  |  |  ||  |  |                  
                |     ||  _  |l  `  '  !|  |  |                  
                |     ||  |  | \      / |  |  |                  
                l_____jl__j__j  \_/\_/  l__j__j                  



* MEMO's


Since this game has tons of memo's for the player to read through I 
thought that it would be good if there was a Memo FAQ for this game,
and since there isnt one existing on at this moment I
thought about making one. Here we go.


Here are all the memo's that you find in the game. Enjoy.

                    COOK's DIARY

The lift in the kitchen broke down again. I looked at the unit and
noticed that it had a faulty connection. I'll  have  to  experiment
with it a little more but I think I will be able to fix it.

                    COMMUNICATION SCRAP 1

Elite NATO unit teams were dispatched to escort  the  Blue  Harvest.
A NATO representative has revealed that in the event of an emergency
all itinerary countries will be linked to the UN headquarters, and a
command agency will be set up at the pentagon. The train will depart
Russia on December 24th carrying the Ambassador, his  family and the
historic artwork.

                    CHEF's MEMO

Salmon Tartare 
Vegetable risotto

Sea urchin gratin
Rost rabbit
Lamb rotie

Strawberry sorbet

Bottled wine
Cola for the daughter

                    PASSENGER IN VIP CAR

Pierre Simon 53
French Ambassador to Russia.
Former secretary of the old Gaulist party. 

Catherine Simon 45
Ambassador's wife

James Simon 11
Ambassador's daughter

Philip Mason 39
Ambassador's secretary.
Translator for previous French ambassador.

Henri Reviere 40
Ambassador's SP
Former trainer for the French Foreign legion.

Christina Wayborn 25
Ambassador's SP
Former Olympic shooting team member.

Jan Bell 35
Ambassador's SP
From the army special forces

Jules Ringo 29
Ambassador's SP

Rook Vaal 52
Ambassador's SP
From the French metropolitan police.



                    REQUEST TO AMBASSADOR

Pierre Simon, French ambassador to Russia
Due to a request from the NATO military, we would like to ask 
you to travel on the Blue Harvest to Paris and be responsible
for the cargo onboard.

For PR reasons, we would like you to have your family  travel
with you. Please have a safe and pleasant journey on the train.
As a sign of peace Russia is returning 250 pieces of art which
were confiscated from Germany at the end of WWII. 

Awaiting your safe return with the artwork.

                    BILLY's DIARY

Dear Diary, 
Today i've lost my bullet proof vest, i've looked everywhere
but cant find it... I hope nobody finds it before me or I'll
be in big trouble.

Dec 24.

                    NCO's DIARY

The door to car 10 is broken. And they say we're scheduled to
depart tomorrow. We'll have to use the  external  hatch,  but
still, access to car 9 is very inconvenient. I  also  noticed 
that the guards on car 5 were armed. Whats going on with this

< Dan Hogart >


1. No smoking
2. Turn water off after use.
3. Handle the locker with care.

                    WANTER TERRORISTS

The following is the list of terrorists that have been active
in the recent years.

Andrei Mikhalov
Shot an army officer in 1998. In hiding in southern  Europe.
Note : Holds Russian and British Passport.

Ibrin Shim
In 1999, attempted to kidnap  a  Russian  nuclear  engineer.
Note : Wanted by CIA

Boris Zugoski
Active in supplying arms to insurgents in S.Europe  and  the
Note : Former KGB agent

Cain Woznik
has twice penetrated the US strategic defence system.
Note : In exile in Cuba

Hiroki Kusaka
1989 bombed Hong Kong art gallery and bank
Note : Wanted by CIA

Nikita Andropov
1997 Minks airport massacre 1999 weapons smuggling.
NB : Ex-Ukrainian army.

Vincent Rossa
Has killed 264 people in the past 23 months in 5 countries.
NB : Hiding in Europe.

                    AMBASSADOR's SCHEDULE

(Dec. 24)
(Dec. 25) MINKS
Visit Nuclear medicine center
(Dec. 26) WARSAW
Visit UN orphanage
(Dec. 27) BERLIN
Speech at remains of Berlin wall
(Dec. 28) LEIPZIG
Music performance at St. Thomas Church
Day off (sight seeing with family)
(Dec. 30) GENEVA
Visit the Euro-Electronic Commodity exchange
(Dec 31) ZURICH
Speech at UN center
(Jan.1) PARIS
Reception party.

                    COMMUNICATION SCRAP 2

[Report from Washington]
Domestic strife and revolution are continuing around the
world. As a result of the endless stream if refugees, 
the US, Russia and other NATO countries have developed a
high-speed trans continental train called the Blue Harvest.

it is designed for the fast evacuation of refugees and
speedy transportation of medical supplies.

                    GUARD's LETTER

I'll be home soon. I hope to spend all of my time with you
while im back in Paris. I am intending to ask Julia to marry
me. Its been 6 months since i've seen her lovely eyes.

                    NCO FILE 1

Currency guide,
With the birth of the Euro in 1999, EU countries took a major
step forward in uniting. However optimism about the UE was
weakened by:
* Major powers not joining the EU.
* Differences between member economies.

As more and more eastern European nations join  the  union, 
talks about foreign affairs between the east and west will be
necessary. It has been argued however, that such integration
could destroy the individual cultures of the countries involved.

                    NCO FILE 2

After the end of the cold war, many thought that the world
would live in peace and harmony. However, the many differences
between religions, governments and cultures caused friction in
the new world...

                    BH TRAIN INFO

Car 1
Train control room
Power unit

Car 2

Car 3
1F : Hangar
2F : Passenger room

Car 4
1F : Main computer room
2F : VIP suite

Car 5
Electrical power unit

Car 6
1F : VIP storage, Weapon storage
2F Infirmary, Lab

Car 7
Freight car

Car 8
Communications car

Car 9
Freight car

Car 10
1F : Passenger rooms, storage
2F : VIP room, SP room.

Car 11
1F : Kitchen, Freezer
2F : Officer's lounge

Car 12
1F : NCO's room
2F : Briefing room

Car 13
1F : NCO's room
2F : Sen. NCO's room, small meeting room.

Car 14 to 16
Freight cars.

                    OFFICER's NOTES

The Special Tactical Arms Reduction Treaty was an agreement
between Russia and the US to reduce the number  of  nuclear
warheads by 3000 within the next 6 years

                    BH PERFORMANCE CHART

The Blue Harvest was designed as an "Armored train for local

* Max speed : 400 mph
* High output diesel engine
* Automatic rail width switching system.
* Anti-aircraft missile launchers and two 40mm anti aircraft
* Fueled tank and helicopter onboard
* Missile guidance TVM system, anti-electronic war ECM system
* Communications terminal linked to the military facilities of
  each nation.

                    MISSILE SPECIFICATIONS

Using the new TMD system, satellite support enables ballistic
missile interception. The system also makes ground to ground
pinpoint attack possible.

Missile : Patriot 2G
Max. Range : 200 miles
Max. Speed : Mach 3

by switching to the OS, anti tactical ballistic missile (ATBM)
can be used as tactical attack missiles.

                    DEMO AND SHERRY

Wide angle surveillance

Low field of vision surveillance

*Humans are detected by sound, infra red, and temperature
*Unregistered people are recognized.

                    SYNTHETIC BLOOD FCB INFO

FCB artificial blood contains a range of antibodies and
nutrients to treat a variety of patients. To use combine
the various blood ingredients to suit the patients condition.

Combining ingredients
* Anaemia (Add ingredient Y)
* Light blood loss (Add ingredient C)
* Heavy blood loss (Add ingredients C and D)

                    TREATMENT UNIT REPORT

December 22,
The following 5 people volunteered to give blood for donation.

Jean C. Dan (Type A, RH+)
Billy MacGuire (Type B, RH+)
Rick Casey (Type AB, RH+)
Joe Thomas (Type O, RH+)
Mike Grant (Type O, RH-)

Billy Macguire reported that he had been drinking the night
before so we'll have to look for another type B volunteer.
< Dr. Kimbel >

                    LABORATORY WARNINGS

*On entering
Users of the lab must always press the air purifier button
before entering. 

*On leaving
Always check to see if toxic gases are leaking from the
experimental equipment before leaving the lab.

                    EXPERIMENT DIARY

Emissions from the hydrogen engine were tested for toxic
gases. Test results proceed negative. The emissions continued
no lethal fumes.

                    MICROFILM A


                    CONCERT PLAN B

1/ Leave church on strings, meet up in the theater in Zurich
   or Liechtenstein.
2/ Put audience to sleep and perform on strings
3/ Abandon strings and perform on wind

< The conductor >

                    EMERGENCY MANUAL 1

In the case of an emergency, use the helicopter in Car 16 to

Top speed 300 mph
Machine gun : 30 mm
Flight range : 460 miles
Seats : 2 persons

Departure preparations will be automatically completed in 8
seconds after boarding.

                    INFRARED ROOM RECORDS

Guards are to check ID's of anyone who wishes to enter and
have them fill out the appropriate form.

Pierre Simon
Item brought in for storage
Nothing removed

Philip Mason
With ambassador Simon
nothing brought or removed.

                    DECODED INSTRUCTIONS

A : Andrei takes the freight train then meets up with BH
B : If Andrei fails, Vincent will show up in the armored

Plan A or B, either way, we will abandon the train and 
switch to a helicopter piloted by Nikita to escape.

C : We can also escape directly from the BH by helicopter.

< Boris >

                    MICROFILM B

4- R
5- W
6- Y

                    AMBASSADOR's NOTE 1

I am expecting a terrible trip.
I think there is a big chance that terrorists will attack
this train. But an even greater worry is Philip's behavior.
If we get to Paris safely, I will finally be rid of this
secret. Catherine, Jane, I'm sorry. I love you both.

                    DESK NOTE

Looking for Christine ?
If you care about her, come to car 3 with the IC chip
NOW !!

                    EQUIPMENT RECORD

[Usage requests]

* Geiger counter, sealer suits : see Lt. Battle
* Requests for private use strictly forbidden.

                    DECODING TABLE A

Mozart > Andrei
Beethoven > Vincent
Schubert > Nikita
Conductor > Boris
Audience > French ambassador
Perform > Escape

                    MICROFILM C

7- R
8- Blk
9- G

                    DECODING TABLE B

Theater > BH train
Percussion > Freight train
Strings > Armored train
Wind > Helicopter
S seat ticket > The disc
Symphony > Nuclear warhead.

                    ARMORED CAR SPECS

Amphibious vehicle

* Top speed 100 mph
* Seats 4 people

[Additoinal systems]
* Infra red night vision device
* Housed chain driven auxiliary wheels
* Central tire pressure control system

* 4x9 9M31M STRAYLER1
anti aircraft missile with rotating launch platform.

                    LIST OF ARTWORK

Henri Matisse

Edgar Degas
< Two dancers>

Gustav Courbet

Leonardo da Vinci

Claude Monet
< The seins at rouen>

Auguste Renoir
< Woman in front of piano>

Pablo Picasso

Paul Gaugin

Paul Cezanne

Raphael Sanzio

Toulouse Lautrec

                    POWER REACTOR NOTES

The Blue harvest is powered by an experimental tritium
hydrogen fueled engine.

* Fuel for this engine can be extracted from sea water and
the energy combusted emits no pollution. This engine was
created with top secret joint research data from teams in
the US, Japan and Russia.

Everyone involved is therefore asked to maintain the utmost
secrecy and work hard to collect operational data. This
hydrogen engine can be the answer to the world's energy
problems. For the future of the human race.

                    EMERGENCY MANUAL 2

[Items] Unlocking the car linking mechanism. Car 1 can be
separated from the rest of the train by pulling the lever
in car 1. This lever is only to be pulled in emergency





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