Crackdown Xbox360 FAQ/Walkthrough


	   CCC  RRRR     A      CCC  K   K  DDDD    OOO   W   W  N   N
          CC    R   R   A A    CC    K  K   D   D  O   O  W   W  NN  N
         CC     R   R  A   A  CC     KKK    D   D  O   O  W   W  NNN N
         CC     RRRR   AAAAA  CC     KK     D   D  O   O  W   W  N N N
         CC     R R    A   A  CC     KKK    D   D  O   O  W W W  N NNN
          CC    R  R   A   A   CC    K  K   D   D  O   O  WW WW  N  NN
           CCC  R   R  A   A    CCC  K   K  DDDD    OOO   W   W  N   N


Crackdown Walkthrough and Guide
For Xbox 360
Version 1.55 (7/25/07)
Written by Brad Russell "TheGum" (email at bottom)

Version 0.5 - just the bosses, expect the weapons and other soon, also I plan
	to get a complete walkthrough in order (this should work though).
Version 0.7 - just filled in the sections, still have some work in the main
	guide; stay tuned.
Version 1.0 - I am calling this one finished, as time is tight and I can add
	the achievements and search codes later. The walkthrough is done.
Version 1.5 - added achievements and codes, now its all perty like.
Version 1.55 - updated the contact info

Table of Contents
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1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls/Tips 	conskti
3. Weapons		snopaew
4. Walkthrough

Los Muertos
	Jose Guerra			lmboss1
	Juan Martinez			lmboss2
	Violetta Sanchez		lmboss3
	Rodrigo Alvarez			lmboss4
	Ramon Gonzalez			lmboss5
	Rafael Diaz			lmboss6
	Don Domingo Garcia		lmboss7

	Sergei Sovetnik			voboss1
	Olga Romanova			voboss2
	Natalya Gryzunova		voboss3
	Boris Mikhailov			voboss4
	Igor Biragov			voboss5
	Viktor Rabotnikov		voboss6
	Vladmir Golyak			voboss7
	Melissa Fang-Yin		sgboss1
	Mrs. Timbol			sgboss2
	Vitaliy Rzeznik			sgboss3
	Thadeous Oakley			sgboss4
	Dr. Baltazar Czernenko		sgboss5
	Colonel Axton Cowell		sgboss6
	Zuang Lun Wang			sgboss7

5. Achievements		acments
6. Credits/Copyright	

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

Aloha and greetings. My sixth walkthrough, so I believe I know what I'm doing.

Crackdown is not a difficult game. It will take time to complete, but that 
does not mean you will feel challenged. Even when you bite off more than you
can chew, the game does not punish you beyond what you have already done to
yourself. This game is way fun though. The first few hours are great, as you
discover the layout of the city, build core stats, and hunt down the many
orbs. But after you have the strength and agility maxed out, the game really
crashes; hence, the crack loses its potency. This is how the game goes: you
are hooked like a junkie, you hit the high, and then you crash. There is 
nothing in the game after you beat the 21 bosses; and then the achievement
junkies can get their fix after that.

This game has the same vibe as Spiderman 2 did; just replace the web-swinging
with jumping really, really high. Perhaps the game was rushed, but as is, this
game offers the bare minimum for a game. And it all looks pretty. There is no
story, at least a good one (thanks bad ending). The boss idea was great, it's
just too bad that all the bosses were essentially the same goons with more 

Not the best game, but worth a try at the very least. You will be hooked for
a while.

Surely no one bought this game just for the beta, surely,

* 2. Controls/Tips     conskti                                                *


A - jump
B - melee/pick up objects
X - swap gun/pick up gun
Y - enter/exit
LS - move; click to crouch
RS - look; move while locked to aim for a part; click to jump also
D-Pad - up/down for scope
LB - reload/zoom out
RB - throw grenade; hold to detonate; zoom in
LT - lock on
RT - shoot/throw


Use the RS when locked on to hit the head. Just move it up and you should put
a read on the cranium of a bad guy. You can also hit other body parts, or 
even the gas tanks of cars.

Windows can be used to climb buildings.

Run before you jump to jump farther.

Despite the guns, kicking enemies and gaining strength orbs is easier.

Don't hunt down hidden and agility orbs (unless that is your goal), just get
the ones you come across, or if you need some.

The lock-on aiming is too accurate in this game, so abuse it accordingly. You
can lock onto a target and stay locked on even if you can't see the guy.

Avoid enemies that are not in your way, it usually isn't worth it.

You don't need a car to get around, this isn't GTA.

There is always a way up a building, it may not be easy, but there is a way.

There is always a different way to get somewhere, you just have to find it. 

* 3. Weapons     snopaew                                                      *

Rounds - how many extra bullets the gun has
Clip Size - how many bullets you can shoot before reloading
Rating - duh, should get the best ones

The total bullets a gun comes with and can hold is found by adding the clip
size with the rounds. 

Eh, yeah, these are really weak guns. I guess if you are desperate enough...

*NOTE: if you aim for the heads with all these guns, of course they are much
better. Especially the Agency guns. These ratings are on the raw power of the
gun alone.*

Colby 'Master'

Rounds: 180

Clip Size: 12

Agency-issue, and your tax dollars are going to waste.

Rating: 1

Kokov 'Diktat'

Rounds: 80

Clip Size: 8

Well, at least it doesn't sound like a whimpy gun. 

Rating: 1

Smithers 'Punisher'

Rounds: 160

Clip Size: 16

Probably the worst pistol, but they all seem bad. At least this one has a big

Rating: 2

All are about the same, but some are slightly better.

Colby EAR50

Rounds: 480

Clip Size: 32

Medium efficiency, but it makes a horrible sound.

Rating: 7

Ingalls X80 SMG

Rounds: 320

Clip Size: 32

Looks like it would be good, but it has a slightly slower rate of fire.

Rating: 4

Harman MP-50

Rounds: 320

Clip Size: 32

Extremely fast rate of fire, and it packs a decent punch.

Rating: 6

Ingalls MG-60

Rounds: 320

Clip Size: 32

Slow rate of fire holds this one back.

Rating: 5

Harlington HMG-90

Rounds: 800

Clip Size: 80

Fast rate of fire, and hella powerful, not to mention the huge number of rounds
it will hold.

Rating: 9

Of course only good at close range; worthless from far away.

Dempsey SO-6 'Stub'

Rounds: 40

Clip Size: 4

Not worth it, unless you are fighting a bunch of single enemies.

Rating: 3

Dempsey 190 'Equalizer'

Rounds: 80

Clip Size: 8

Same problem as before. Other guns have too wide a range and are accurate. By
the time you get close to one bad guy, a whole gang is pouring lead into you.
Not to mention they always try to run away.

Rating: 4

I feel like such an idiot - I learned how to zoom after I beat the game. That
means that the normal lock on is enough, but manual aiming is possible. Just
press Up or Down on the D-Pad, and then zoom in with the RB and zoom out with
the LB. 

Bastion S600 'Long Eye'

Rounds: 20

Clip Size: 5

Possibly better than the Longshot, if you don't mind using two bullets.

Rating: 7

Bastion SX900 'Longshot'

Rounds: 10

Clip Size: 1

If only it had a bigger clip and more ammo, it would be awesome. It is a one-
shot-kill gun.

Rating: 9

Priority one if the enemy has them, and having one yourself at all times is a 
wise move.

Watson HE79 'Grenadier'

Rounds: 12

Clip Size: 4

Basically gets grenades to far away enemies, but way better because these 
grenades will explode if they impact an enemy. They are normal grenades if you

Rating: 8

Watson HE99 'Hothead'

Rounds: 10

Clip Size: 1

I believe it is stronger than the Firefly, but a long reload holds it back.

Rating: 9

Watson HE99-X 'Firefly'

Rounds: 15

Clip Size: 5

Two words: Small Chainsaw. Remember from Dead Rising, how those weapons were
the cheat weapons of the game? This gun is the same thing, but not as big 
since this game is not that hard.

You can lock onto a target, launch a rocket, and the rocket will hit the target
so long as you keep locked on. The five clip size is just too much.

Rating: 10

Not much difference, but I am partial to the Limpet Charge.

Colby 'Limpet Charge'

I found these after beating the game, and they turned into my favorite very
quickly. You throw them, and then hold down the RB to detonate any that you
have thrown. 

Normal grenades will hit the ground and blow up after a slight pause. But for
these puppies you can throw them, hold the RB, and they will explode on impact.
You will notice that enemies run from all grenades you throw, but they won't 
get that chance if you master this grenade. 

Rating: 10 


It blows up.

Rating: 7

Shrapnel Grenade

More of a blast radius than the frag due to shrapnel flying a short distance
from the blast.

Rating: 8

Cluster Grenade

Causes a series of explosions, but just in the area of the original.

Rating: 9

* 4. Walkthrough                                                              *

I will hope you own the game and got the nice map poster. You will quickly see
that there are about seven districts and buildings already outlined for you
by the nice people at Microsoft for each island. That means there are 21, and
there are 21 bosses. Put two and two together. I will use the map as the main
source for where to find bad guys. I don't know what to do for those of you
without the map. I guess you can just use what the game gives you, and use
the markers on the map when you get the info, but that may take a while.

Note, I am not saying follow this thing to a T, but tackling each main event
in the same order may be the way to go. I assume you can do whatever you want
and get by, but doing things in order will somehow make a rainbow appear.


FTP. These guys are the gang for beginners, just to get the feel of things.
They carry weak guns and usually won't kill you unless you let them. 

Starting Point

Get into a car, any car, and head through the #1 door. Get through the long
tunnel and that is where my precise advice ends. You literally have the 
freedom to do whatever you wish. I'll bet you could even kill all three of the
kingpins right now, but that is crazy even for this game. There are seven 
bosses for each territory of the city, and several key supply points that you
should take back. 

You need the supply points, so let's put one as your first priority.

*Know how to aim for the head while locked on to make the game much easier;
just nudge the RS up when locked on.*

Supply Point:
	Pacific City Bank
Well, it is close to the exit of the Agency tunnel; just to the north a bit.
Supply points appear as Agency symbols on the map and mini-map.

This point is one of the easiest. Some cops will be fighting with you, just
watch for the reinforcements of Los Muertos. You can simply run to the 
building with the orange beam coming out of it and jump up to claim the point.
You can then pick off, or kick, the remaining bad guys, but they keep coming
so how many you kill is up to you.

Be sure to collect all the dropped guns on the ground and bring them back to
the point. This is how you earn new weapons in the game, so be sure to get the
big ones back to a point.

I'm sure you can start on one of the bosses, or all of them, if you wish. But
some stat building won't hurt you. Kicking enemies to death earns you strength
orbs; finding agility orbs is, well, duh; shooting enemies will help you
improve on shooting enemies; and blowing enemies up works the same way. I would
put strength as the top priority, as kicking enemies is not only fun, but it 
works very well (despite some bad collision detection). So just find enemies
and kill them in all three manners to at least get those up a level. Don't do
this now, this is just the info you may or may not need.

Agility orbs are far more important than the others. Agility will allow you 
to jump and run better, and that is all you will do for the whole game. You 
will find these green orbs in places above the ground, not always at the top
of buildings as they can be found on signs and such. If you want to find them,
simply start climbing the nearest building and jump around the skyline of 
which ever part of the city you are in. There are 500 in total, and you need 
about 250 to get that four-star agility. I can't tell you where they all are,
and they are pretty easy to find anyway. For now, just get a couple as you make
your way to the first boss to the north of the first supply point.

General 1

Jose Guerra lmboss1

Found at Guerra's Nightclub, duh. The northeast part of the starting island.

He is at the bottom level in the parking lot, in the back of his club, on the
south end. You can go around the outskirts of the club and you will find a big
rock on the south side. You can scale this rock by finding the protrusion next
to the sidewalk, under a blue thing. Basically, this will cause you to drop
right next to the boss and finish the job quickly. 

But fighting your way through the denziens out front is not a bad idea since 
you are lacking skills. They shouldn't kill you, but be sure to kill anyone
shooting at you. You will go through the front, kick open the doors to the 
back, and then make your way to the boss. 

You will find that the bosses are just like the other enemies, they just 
have more life and they have all their minions. Guerra, like all the other 
bosses, can be killed with grenades. Since you don't have the big guns yet,
just keep chugging frags where ever the boss is. He'll be dead in no time.

With him dead, there is another supply point nearby; in fact, you could have
got this before the boss (doesn't matter).
Supply Point:
	Royal Vista
If you are at the last boss's place, just run north and start hopping up the 
blue building to reach the point. There are some enemies up here, but nothing
special, and they never are. 

However, if you not in the jumping mood, or you simply can't get up there, then
there is another path. Go to the intersection near Guerro's. Take it west, to
the front of the Vista. You will eventually see a red covered walkway above the
street, go up the stairs, cross the walkway, and then take either way to attack
the goon protecting the point.

Okay, now let's go get another supply point to the southwest of this one. I
would advise trying to reach it by hopping buildings, just to nab some agility
orbs. And you could get the nearby boss first, it doesn't matter.

Supply Point:
	Hillside Housing
Attack from the street that runs west of Royal Vista. When you near the point
you are also in the midst of the nearby boss. You can kick the gate open, or 
just hop up the buildings at or around the building with the point. From up
here you can take out all the enemies and reload before you set out, though,
that may not be necessary.

Well, you are basically already fighting the bosses goons...

General 2

Juan Martinez lmboss2

He is on a building that is connected to a building that acts like a bridge 
from the streets. The main entrance is from the north of the Hillside Housing,
behind some gates to the Hillside Housing (If you got the third supply point,
then you are already in the area). Or you could use the more creative points
of attack, which all countless.

There will be a bunch of goons around the main building, but just make your
way to the surface between the two colored tops: the red and blue tops. He
is on the tiny bridge between the two, and there are a couple of higher 
ranking goons at his side. They just have twice the life of normal, regular bad
guys, so nothing big, but do kill them first. And then you can just run up the
steps and beat him to death.

Boss 4 is closer, but why not cross the city by rooftop to get some more
agility orbs? Okay, I did it backwards, but it would work either way no matter
who you take first. 

You should know that you don't have to do everything I say in the order I say,
and don't follow to a T, you can go get orbs or whatever between the main

Get the next supply point before taking on Violetta, no matter what.

Supply Point:
	Social Security
The easiest way to get to the top of the building is by approaching from the 
highway on the north side. Hop the fence (by using the small beam in the middle
of the fence), get on the support for the highway that almost touches the 
building, and then climb the windows directly to the point.

You could use the smaller buildings by the La Chica Loca on the east as 
stepping stones to the point, but that means cutting through a bunch of thugs.

Cross the street for the nearby boss.

General 3

Violetta Sanchez lmboss3

You will find her at the El Castillo Apartments on the South side of town. She
is at the highest point of the whole complex. The front is the side of the 
street adjacent to the Social Security. The back is reached from the side 
facing the fun park. Do not approach from the streets in the front, and don't
use the ground at all. With some jumping skill you can use the narrow bridge 
from the Social Security building to get up high very quickly.

You can use the various stairs to to her, but just round the top level and 
jump from section to section until you get to part where she is. Just get up
there and choose a skill to get some more experience. You can dispatch the many
levels of goons for the power, but that is for you to decide; I would at least
get the guys on the top levels, maybe before you get the girl.

Restock you supplies and head west along the beach. 

*Interesting note, there is a cave in the beach that will lead to the next
boss. The concept is cute, but not necessary. The cave has a bunch of hidden
orbs though.*

General 4

Rodrigo Alvarez lmboss4

Found at the Sportiz Sports Centre, directly west of the last boss, near the 

You can take them on from the main door, but that will lead to a lot of bullets
with you name on them. I say just take to the beach and use the rocks to take
out the perimeter of guys. He is on the beach right behind the center, inside
of a rock thing. Go ahead and take out the guys around him first, then just 
beat the crap out of him and be careful of his grenade launcher. And be sure
to pick it up on the way out. 

This gun only works if the enemy stands still, and it will be sweet, but if 
they move out of the way it is just like tossing a frag. Use this on the next
couple of bosses.

Okay, now bring up the map. You have just completed the first island, and now
you need to head north for the second island. Just run there from the mega-
highway on the west side. Approach the fifth supply point up the hill.

Supply Point:
	Garcia Point
Not hard to spot, as it is right next to the huge statue on the island. And it
is not hard to take either. Two groups on locos guard it and that is it. The
shack is yours.

There is little to do on this island, besides kill the last three bosses. You
can simply go east from here to reach him.

General 5

Rafael Diaz lmboss5

He is at the Easy Riders Garage on the second island, which is easy spot on the
game map (it's the huge structure on the south end).

*If you attack from the west side, you can get on the roof from the rocks near
the south end, but you need quite a bit of agility.*

It is best to attack from the north (near the radio station) and slip in
through the hole in the wall. Or you can run around the top and pick off the 
thugs on the perimeter. When you feel up to it, jump in the hole and take out
as many of the main thugs inside and around the center arena, some up high
too. Rush into the garage on the left side and beat the boss to death, just
make sure you don't let the gang members blow you up, or shoot you to death.

This building is fun to mess around in, so get a car and try to do something
cool, or bring an agency car here later. Either way, go through the hole and
follow the path. The supply point is inside this complex.

Supply Point:
	Radio 410 Tower
Not that easy to take, simply because the guys are tucked away in many places.
There are a few on the wall to the south, more in the tunnel below, and the
rest are all over. Just lob grenades in all directions, and the point will be

Walk to the left of the orange point and follow the path northward. Try to kill
the one guard before he runs away.

General 6

Ramon Gonzalez lmboss6

Found at the Lighthouse on the far north of the top pair of islands. It is 
probably best to approach from the bridge leading to the Radio 410 Tower
supply point.

Take the path down the cliff and into the area with the grass. Kill all the 
goons to the right, and the guys on the left in the sand. Then there are a
whole mess of them in the building under the tower and around the lighthouse,
and four will always keep coming from a spawn point (maybe more in other places

Ramon is on a tiny ledge, about half-way up the lighthouse. He has a sniper
rifle and will be firing at you the whole time. When things are somewhat quiet
on the ground, go up the stairs and find the place under Ramon where all the 
bad guys keep coming from. Get on top of the doorway, and jump to a small
ledge of rock up high. Lock onto the boss and jump up to get some shots in,
or just jump up to him. Either way, he will be dead in no time and you can
go back to the nearby base.

Follow the beach on the west side of the island, amongst the windmills, and 
jump into the water when you see the mansion out above the sea.

General 7

Don Domingo Garcia lmboss7

Found on the west side of the second island, the Villa.

Enter by water, there is a cave at the bottom of the tiny island. Go up the 
steps and take on the resistance. Follow the path until you can jump over a
gate, then take the tunnel, or you can jump up the rocks around the tunnel 
and get right to the boss. Jump up and to the left and you will be by the
pool. From here you can jump to the building on the left and you will have 
the kingpin cornered. Just unload your grenades on him and the final mission
on the island will open up.

Go all the way back to the fun park on the first island and just kill all the
"rioters" to claim the yellow territory.

From the park you can get on the mega-highway and take it east to the next
gang territory. 

Volk "Wolf"

They are simply the next step in evolution; better guns is really the only big
difference. For the sake of coherence, go to the northwest side of the top 
island under Volk control. But first, you should cross a nearby supply point
if you took the highway.

Supply Point:
	The Retreat
Look at the map and notice that the point is on top of a building that is
surrounded by more buildings of the same color. I'm not sure what that means,
but just know that getting on any building will get you to the point. I would
advise you go to the east side of the building to the north of the point. You
can use the windows or balconies to get up.

Now, you need to stay in motion up here, because on rocket will throw you back
down to the streets. Thankfully, the Hotheads the bad guys carry do not track
you down, so they are easy to avoid. Just ignore the guys up here that are not
in the way of you and the point, because once you get it you can die and be 
alright with it.

Get the Hothead now, if you can and any other guns you can track down. I know
I say get the Hothead in the boss parts, but these guys have them too.

Start heading north and from the top of the buildings you can see the huge
refinery that you are heading to next. Once you cross the water, just run in.
I know the info says attack from the otherside, but don't die and you will be

General 1

Sergei Sovetnik voboss1

Found at the Puregy Refinery on the top island under Volk control, on the
west side of the island. Best to attack from the north, but the bottom line is
to get on the top of the big building, the one that the boss in hiding in.

You can mess with all the goons on the ground, but that will take way too long.
Just get to the top and kill the snipers that can see you. From up here, look
to the ground and at the orange catwalks. There is a big exclamation mark above
a something. Shoot at it, or toss a frag, until it blows up, causing some sort
of explosion inside the building beneath you. Now look to the north, and there
are two more in that building. You can shoot at the bottom one from up ther, 
but then you got to jump from the pipes and get to the top level in order to
get a read at the top one (or just lob a frag over there). Jump back over and
you will run into the boss along with four thugs on each corner. Knock them off
the top and then blow the boss to heck.

One of the better boss fights, since you have to actually do something to get 
to him.

If you feel good and up to the task, go west young person. I mean east.

General 2

Olga Romanova voboss2

"She" is to the east of the last boss, in the Mason's Quarry.

Enter from a secret path, behind the quarry. Approach the main entrance to the
area, but then go along the rock ledge to the south until you find a path. 
Follow it until you are under the highway. You will find a billboard and one
bad guy above you. Jump to the top of the sign and get to the road. Then (watch
for cars) look up for another sign above you. Get on the top of that sign, 
which is a bit tricky, and then look up yet again. You should see a hidden orb
in the rock above. There are two tiny ledges that you can use to get to the 
tunnel the orb is in.

*Another option is to hug the wall from the right side of the main entrance and
get around the rock, but that is more dangerous and harder to explain.*

Kill the guys out here and grab a Hothead. In the cave at the top of the path
is the boss, covered by many more thugs with rocket launchers. The goons are
the first priority, so get the first group and then the group in the back. 
Then beat the "woman" to death.

Make sure you leave with a Hothead and get it back to a supply point. It is 
a good gun, and you should replace the grenade launcher with it.

Yeah, my map did not have her in the right place. She is next to the Retreat.
So go back to the supply point, reload, and head out. 

General 3

Natalya Gryzunova voboss3

She is next to The Retreat supply point on the west side of the bottom island,
kinda in-land. It is a horse-shoe building, but heavily surrounded with bad
men with guns.

The trick is not so much the boss, just getting to her alive, and with plenty
of ammo and health. There are tons of snipers and regular thugs on every roof
of each building on each side and on the ground. Kill enough and there will be 
hit-squads out for you on the streets. Your best bet is to get on the top 
level of the curved building she is hiding behind, and then pick off the guys
around her. Just jump down and beat her like a cheatin' wife (yeah, I went 
there, ha!). Also, if you missed the Hothead before, get this one.

Now go get another supply point, since you already cleared the surrounding

Supply Point:
	Maxims Arch
Well, get on the street that the horseshoe building is open toward (on the 
east side). Take the road south and stop at the intersection near the gas 
station. Look to the east and spot the rooftop race near a rounded thing 
attached to a building. Use the grooves in the wall to get up to the top. There
are just a group of guys protecting the point. 

You could use the balconies directly under the point, but they are guarded 
pretty heavily. It all depends on what you think you can handle.

Head south to the docks. You can even get on the boat by using the crates 
near the cranes, but that is kinda hard.

General 4

Boris Mikhailov voboss4

Head south of the last boss, he is in the ship at the Docks. The ship is very 
easy to spot, and it is not in the water. 

Best to hop the fence on the west side of the docks, make your way south, and
then jump to the small buildings so you can reach the ship. One guy at the top
of the stairs and Boris inside the room. Lob in some grenades, or whatever,
to kill him. Yeah, it's that simple.

Now go east for the next supply point.

Supply Point:
	Storage Facility
Well, there are some guys around. That is pretty much it...

Oh that was fun. Now head north to the next boss.

General 5

Igor Biragov voboss5

Head to City Coaches, which is southeast of the Hi-Power Tower supply point on
the bottom island.

*If you are approaching from the shanty, north becomes south as far as where
you enter from.*

Enter the building with the blue top of the complex, but from the north door
on the ground level (it is right below a watch tower). Kill a few bad guys 
and then jump up to fight the boss for all of three seconds thanks to the 

You should notice that all of this is following a path. So head northwest.

Supply Point:
	Hi-Power Tower
The name rhymes, that is awesome. If you approach from the last boss, simply
get on the walkways of the blue containers and jump to the point. You could
also use the raised areas in the front of the building (the part that doesn't
face the water) and try to make it up from there.

Just follow the boss sections to glory.

General 6

Viktor Rabotnikov voboss6

The next boss is to the direct east of the last one, at Camp Johnson.

Well, go a bit south of the main path of broken bridges to see the shallows 
(sand). Run along the shallows to reach the rocks and keep on running around
until you reach the east-most point of the tiny island. Just find a point where
you can jump up the rocks and somehow get right behind the boss. Lob some 
frags and shoot some rockets to clear out the bad guys and get the boss at
the same time. How you get out is up to you, as there are some orbs in the 
main area, but it is probably best to escape the way you got in.

General 7

Vladmir Golyak voboss7

You could literally swim to the next boss, which is just a bit southwest of the
last one at Exetron Oil Rig.

Skip the buffer that is the main path and swim directly to the base of the 
main platform. Take your time and kill each guard from a distance as you make
your way up from broken walkway to broken walkway (when there is one above
you, get to one side and jump up to the other side of the above walkway). When
you reach a yellow thing leading to another opening, take it to get on the 
outer walkway. Be patient again and make your way up the many stairs until you
reach a suspended set of steps that lead to the next part.

Go up and around the path, you will emerge in a bee's nest of bad guys. There
will be a bunch on the next level, and I believe they just keep coming. So 
clear out the brunt of them, then make your way up, preferably from the south
side of the platform. You should see a spot with some pipes rising from it
that lead to the next level. There is one more pipe up here leading directly 
to the boss above. Jump up, steady as you follow it, lob a frag, then just 
beat the kingpin to death. Pick up his body and toss for good measure before 
you go to the last event.

Simply jump into the water below and head back to the city. Go toward the 
star and into the central plaza with the huge hand on the gear. You can 
simply blast all the "rioters", but if you don't then you will have to use 
the tree stands nearby for cover, as you can't kill them all in one swoop.
You red territory is now safe.

For ease of reading, take the eastern most mega-highway to enter the final
gang territory.

Shai-Gen "???"

Well, natural selection and whatnot. These guys have the two best guns in the
game: Firefly and Longshot. So get them ASAP, like right now.

Supply Point:
Get off the highway when you are near the building with the point. Go to
the south face and start using the ledges to get up to the top. 

If you can't jump that high, then go to the building to the north of it. Get
up to the windows on the west side (if you are on the south side of it) and
jump from here.

Kill the guys around here and you should get the Firefly and Longshot.

Two nearby bosses, so let's go south first.

*Again, I hope you are not following to a T. By that I mean you should have
decent agility, and that is all I mean.*

General 1

Melissa Fang-Yin sgboss1

Near the Intellicenter supply point, on the far south side of the bottom 
island in The Knowledge Bank.

Jump from the supply point building to the first circle building, and then
get to the next one. Take out all the guys on the periphery (both sides) before
you enter the sphere. Be sure to kill the double-life bodyguards in here first.
She is a tough one, but as long as no one else is tossing frags at you, really
just more of the same.

Recharge your batteries and go for the next female.

General 2

Mrs. Timbol sgboss2

Oh, a scary old lady! She is to the west of the last female dog, in the 
Human Reality Inc. building. 

This is the boss with all the rooftop support. I say have the Firefly and the
new sniper rifle, but one or the other will do, but the Firefly is basically
like the Small Chainsaws from Dead Rising; that means it's too good. Snipe a
few of the snipers on the outer buildings, then approach the glass structure.
Maybe she is out or inside, but take out her bodyguards first. Then just rush
in and blast her to heck.

Now go north.

General 3

Vitaliy Rzeznik sgboss3

To the north of the last boss, in the Insight Counter Services building, which
is a mini-island.

Enter from some side by scaling the rocks from the water. You will eventually 
reach a hallway leading to the main section. If you entered from the right
place you won't have far to climb up; just follow the ramps and suspended 
walkways until you can go no further. Get up to an open area with some vents
along the surface. Go to the last vent and get to the part that has nothing
but sky above it, and then jump to the top level.

Go around the top until you get above the spot where the boss resides. There 
will be a stairway nearby, so just follow it down and you will drop right in
on the boss. Fire five or so rockets at him and it's over, well, some guys 
will drop in too late. Kill them and get back to the top where you can just 
dive into the ocean, on the north side.

Now go north again, which will take you through yet another supply point.

Supply Point:
	The Block
Lot of ways to get up there. I advise being south of the point and using the
windows to get up there (I hope your jumping is up to it, if not then jump to
the surfaces on the sides). 

The enemies up here are jerks and hookers, so don't let them get the best of 
you. So best to crouch and then look up to see who shoots at you.

Now head northeast. I know, nothing much to say in between anymore.

General 4

Thadeous Oakley sgboss4

By going north from the last boss you can get an easy save point on the way
to the P.C.N. Exhibition Center/Expo.

Again, enter from the back and knock down the doors to get in. Find the nearby
entrance to the center structure (there are some jars in here), and you should
kill the guys then catch your breath. Proceed when you are at full health.
Go along the next couple of rooms, but be careful of the men with shotguns
as you reach the stairs. Catch your breath before entering the hive.

Go up and be ready for some quick decision-making. When get up, quickly jump
to the center part, and then locate the open space on the ledge above (it is 
on the south side). Get behind the railing to catch your breath, then go 
beat up the boss, but if you use explosives he might fly over the side and into
the danger area; just use your fists. Get out ASAP because the bad guys just 
keep coming.

The next point is directly west of the last one.

Supply Point:
	Comfortitude, LTD

Well, again just watch out for the guys on the roofs, as it is not fun to get
hit by a rocket you can't avoid. So get to the point by climbing the windows
on the north side of the building.

Follow the bread crumbs. 

General 5

Dr. Baltazar Czernenko sgboss5

This lunatic is west of the last, at the P.C.N. Research Institute, and there
is another save along the way. 

Find the main entrance (the east side) and the big building, but you want
to go around and ascend the round buildings on the west side. When you get up
here, then find the opening to the bottom level on the east side of the main
center, round building. There will be a couple of guys behind some sandbags
and they guard the entrance to the main building.

Get past them and start killing foos as you ascend the levels on your way to
the top. I know there are a bunch of cool new enemies in here, but they are 
just eye-candy as you can ignore them; they pack a mean punch though. When
the path ends, you may think that there is no where to go. But the boss is in 
a hard-to-see room on the west side of the top level, which is reached by
taking the nearby steps. Don't blast away, like an idiot, because there is a 
big glass panel in the way of the entrance. Just kick it out of the way and 
start blasting more foos again. Oh yeah, there is a boss to kill, too bad that
is not a challenge.

You can just drop down into the pit and take the path to the streets.

Now head back into the heart of the city. There are two bosses in the main
square, and you will take the one on the west end first. Might as well get
the next point along the way.

Supply Point:

Simple enough, just use the ledges on either the north or south side of the
building to get up there.

Get back on the ground and enter the round skyscraper its east side; the front

General 6

Colonel Axton Cowell sgboss6

This guy is south of the last, in the big building just opposite the main
one, Central Point. 

Got to enter from the front this time, but just blast the first guys and knock
down the doors. Ignore all the enemies and run to the back and turn on the 
elevator, then run inside and make it go up. When you get to the destination,
you have two choices on how to go up, either: jump between the sides of the
middle circle to get up, but you need good agility, or you need to run up 
the ramps as fast as you can. Either way you will find an opening leading to 
some ledges that you can climb, but do it quickly because these foos ain't 
playin' around.

Jump up to the top, with your shield up at least, and blow the traitor to 
oblivion. Then I say jump to the sign on the building to the southeast side
of Central Point, below, so that you can reach the nearby supply point. 

One more supply point, may as well get it now.

Supply Point:
	Stripey's Cafe

With max agility you can reach this point easy. For everyone else listen
closely. There is a building connected to the big one the last boss hid in,
Central Point. Run south and keep looking up until you see a vertical sign
that reads: Manority Corporation. Jump on the thing above the doors and use the
balconies to go up. When you get on top you will see five marble, bent columns
to the left. Get on one and get to the next surface. Look right for the Ding
Dong PLC. Jump to it and the supply point is all yours. 
get up. 

Nothing left to do but doing the dang deed.

*Should max out your agility to make the last boss a bit easier. You might as
well, so you can max out the length of the game.*

General 7

Zuang Lun Wang sgboss7

The last boss is in the square building opposite the last boss, The Tower.

You have only one entrance into this building (or one good one) from the north
side, but not from the ground. You will notice that there are two buildings
on either side of the Tower. The southern building is useless, but the north
building will lead you to an opening in the Tower. I don't care how you do it,
but you have to get to the top of the building that is almost touching the 
Tower. Get to the corner, jump up the the skinny ledge, and do a quick burst
to get on the Tower, and if you do it wrong then you will have to start all
over. Go around, hop the fence, and enter.

Run up the steps, in the big room jump, run, and take the stairs to the next 
room. Run to the back of this room and get up those steps. This is where that
agility comes in handy as you need to jump up to the walkway above. Kill the
guys around the stairs on the east side, then catch your health. Go up and
take out some more guys. Again why the agility helps, jump directly above
the exit from the last stairs to reach the walkway above. Then ascend the many
levels until you reach the open air and some trees.

Wish I could say this is some epic battle of dark versus light, black against
white, day over night, wrong opposite right. Sadly, you need to clear out a 
couple of goons and then shove a couple of rockets in this old man's throat. 
That is it. 

Jump off the water on the east. Then make your way to the Comfortitude, LTD
supply point. The "rioters" are tougher than the boss you just beat, with all
the Fireflies and sniper rifles they are packing. But you can just jump around
and kill what you can, even die doing it, until all the red dots on the map
are gone; make sure to check all the nearby areas. Enjoy the horrible plot
twist at the end! Here's to Crackdown 2 being way more creative!

You've beaten the game! I've heard worst excuses to drink!

* 5. Achievements acments                                                     *

Well I can't ignore the achievements in this game, seeing as how they will add
a bulk of the play time. I'll list them and how to get them the easiest.

	The Story Achievements

If you follow my walkthrough, you will get these along the way.

Take Me to Your Supply Point - Get the first supply point. 

First Blood - kill the first boss.

Los Muertos Intel Master - complete their dossier.

Los Muertos Cleanser - Kill all seven generals. 

Volk Intel Master - complete their dossier.

Volk Cleanser - Kill all seven generals. 

Shai-Gen Intel Master - complete their dossier. 

Shai-Gen Cleanser - Kill all seven generals. 

It's Good to be Connected - get all the supply points.

The Trifecta - Kill all 21 bosses.

	Killing Fools Achievements

These will happen on their, so no worry.

Bare-Knuckle Brawler - kill 150 gang members with your legs (or hands).

Untouchable Agent - kill 200 gang employees without dying. 

Airtime Assassin - kill 5 dudes at once from the air.

Mad Bomber - blow up 500 bad guys.

Firing Squad - shoot 500 thugs.

Roadkill King - run over 175 enemies in a car.

	Difficult Achievements

Get four stars in all your stats first.

Front Flipper - Jump the SUV off Central Point, and push up on the LS until 
	it flips two times; stick the landing.

Chain Banger - Place Limpet Charges around the barrels on the opposite side
	of the beach with the fun park. Blow all those barrels, 
	run up the pier to the dome structure and hit that chain of barrels, 
	and then run back to the first set which respawn.

Global Impact - If you got the map for buying the game, you should have seen
	that the observatory is north of the quarry in Volk territory. The 
	globe is in the front. Get right next to enemies when you throw it.

Shot-putter - Toss a chair off Central Point.

Rampage - The killing ones are easy; use Diaz's chop shop for the car ones, as
	the cars will respawn.

Stunt Driver - Use the ramp from the Agency island that leads to the Volk. You
	can all five from this ramp by using the SUV. Stick the landings.

Hazardous Hangtime - Jump the SUV off the top of Central Point.

Driving High - Get in a car as you ride up the Central Point elevator.

Base Jumper - Jump off the Agency Tower to the water below.

High Flyer - Get on top of the Agency Tower. Use the back of the southeast 
	tower first, then the back of the southwest tower 
	(which is the one you need to get on top). 

Car Juggler - take a car on top of Central Point and hit it two times with the
	Firefly as it is thrown over the edge, or use a Limpet Charge.

Body Juggler - Use the Firefly on a dead guy.

	RPG Achievements

You need four stars in all of these. Athlete, explosives, and brawler are the

Agency Brawler - strength, killing guys with your kicks

Agency Athlete - agility, find green orbs on high

Agency Explosives Expert - bombs, blow enemies up

Agency Wheelman - driving, running over bad guys is the fastest way

Agency Marksman - shooting, shoot some foos

Master Agent - just do all of the above after you get four stars in each

	#$%&@ Achievements

These are the ones I don't have yet, and probably won't get, ever. Best of 

Orb Hunter - Find all 300 Hidden Orbs.

Free Runner - Find all 500 Agility Orbs.

Repo Man - Steal 100 cars from gang members. And yes, they have to be in them.

Ring Leader - Get all the Stunt Markers.

Double Team - Complete one co-op mision.

Tag Teamer - Complete all co-op missions.

I might get these and list them.

Road Warrior - Complete all 14 road races.

Over Our Heads - Complete all 12 rooftop races.

Timed Stunt Driver -

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