Crysis: Walkthrough


Level Walkthrough

About This

This simple but complete guide is on DELTA difficulty; its my 
second run through Crysis single player (first on EASY and got 
as far as the tank mission) depending on your play style DELTA 
is not much harder than EASY. I'm not writing these at the 
side of playing so detail recollection is not possible. After 
a prerecorded cinematic the campaign loads.

No texture information that could be found in either the manual 
or cheatcode listing will be here. And I will try to limit 
spoilers so you would still want to finish the game to see the 
cinematics. To do that I will skip mundane or objectives storied 
but not performed in the game.


This FAQ was solely intended for the public use. It cannot be 
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code will result in violators being prosecuted under the law. 
This document is to be used by the public itself and cannot be 
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of the author of the document appears in due credit. You may 
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notice of the author but it must not be used for sales and 
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sponsors any type of monetary use.

In short, this is intended only as a gamer service from one peer 
to the other, it is to be used AS SUCH but any use beyond that 
is not right and legal owner has the right to go after you.

| Level 1 - CONTACT |

This I checked it is possible to ante up on DELTA difficulty by 
not resorting to cloak mode. You started out in an in engine 
cinematic (all cinematics in Crysis are in engine) para-jump, 
few seconds into the jump some unknown knocked out your chutes 
and everyone's navigation; they land on all over the place but 
you have the priviledge of falling full force to the ocean. Some 
emergency restoration put you back on course, 

Level 1 Section 1 - Find Jester

Follow the green dot on the map; it is marking where to get to, 
this is meant as much a tutorial since you are told what are the 
other keys here. You in fact had to deal with some KPA soldiers 
right before Jester, he is one actually landed near the flair. 
When you get to the green dot he will shout out "Over here" and 
end this objective.

Level 1 Section 2 - Assist Aztec

This part has not much going on. Aztec got himself entangled upon 
a tree, Prophet is the squad leader tells you to reach him; 
strength jump some rocks when prompted; half way he screamed 
over the radio about something terrifying and quote bible in 
possibly Spanish; I'm not sure myself, then radio went silent. 
Prophet tells you two double time to get to him, way too late he 
is already dead and along with 4 KPA patrols; Jester makes the 
observation that no way Aztec gunned them down and something else 
is. Yeah, tell us something we don't know. Take SCAR ammo left.

Level 1 Section 3 - Proceed to rendevous point 
(LZ first, then change to interior)

After brief exchange; Prophet tells you to regroup, Jester will 
stay to investigate further, leaving you to clear the path. Sure 
enough a roaming patrol of 2 KPA soldiers shows up in the 
distance and closing in. Prophet did tell you to go in cloak to 
gun them down; if you haven't done so equip the SCAR with 
silencer via C to bring up options. Proceed on after dealing 
with them. However this is level-ending primary objective and 
you will be interrupted with other objectives.

Level 1 Optional 1 - Disable jammer

After running through the woods, a cinematic view labeled First 
Light will display the hallmark of Crytek and Far Cry, a section 
of the island on one side with sandy beaches and seeing through 
the distance, but the jammer is right down the slop to the 
makeshift outpost below, why this is optional is beyond me but 
it is beneficial to complete it. Few guards here and the patrol 
boat in shooting distance. You don't want MG shells to coming 
toward you. Dealing with them is a piece of cake. But they could 
call in a squad for reinforcement by flair up toward the sky, 
brace yourself IF that is the case. In my last run I gunned 
all of them down in a Spec Op way that does imply all sorts of 
travel options.

Level 1 Optional 2 - Infiltrate North Korean command outpost

After completing Optional 1, it does seem to have only the 
primary objective left but in an appropriate location Prophet 
radios in that you are in the vincinity and gathering info is a 
good secondary objective for you to do. In my last run I have 
the options:

- do I go on foot?
- do I drive the jeep I gunned out?
- do I swim my way?
- do I drive the boat I gunned out?

By land the foot or jeep route fight your way through various 
checkpoints on the beaches and roaming jeep patrol, by sea there 
was another patrol boat previously out of shooting distance but 
it is now. Gun them down if you want to. The Command Outpost 
Trailer is up on a penisula stretch at the edge of this area. 
Impossible to just sneak in uncloaked but in my last run I made 
a rackus elsewhere and gunned them down one by one when they 
came. Go in the trailer, use the laptop as access, F by default, 
done this objective; take grenades behind it. Leave. Drive the 
trucks for kicks and speed.

Level 1 Section 3 - Proceed to rendevous point

Back to primary, it is in fact on a U turn to the interior part 
of the island, there are three shacks there with a military jeep 
parked there; I can't actually do a Kamakazi run in Crysis but 
I gun the entire squad down for kicks too, grab grenade pack 
there if you want, proceed, Prophet tells you checkpoints ahead 
and best grenade them; never liked the supreme mayhem approach. 
Gunned them down one by one in silence. Running along up to the 
overlook to gun them down if you want. But interior after Lusca 
Call is free of enemy and just finishes up the level.

Level 1 Intermission 1 - Run after Jester.

Prophet did tell you to join him/Psycho/Jester because he can't 
even describe what he's seeing. Cinematic opens up on a brief 
exchange; a Matrix Alien burst out grabbing Jester, Prophet 
shouts to run after him. You can hear on the way this Matrix 
guy kills 2 KPA soldiers with Jester in tow. No enemies at all 
just have you running toward where the guy dumps Jester's body.

| Level 2 - RECOVERY |

After finding Jester's body; Prophet decides to stay on mission. 
At such early point you should still have standard issued SCAR, 
take the ammo from him and disregard sanctity of the dead for a 

Level 2 Section 1 - KPA COMM Outpost

Prophet intend to hit the outpost right in front, but no dice, 
it is already being cleared out by aliens; Prophet sent you to 
rescue hostage further down the road in the town. Alone as 
always, Crysis is a Lone Wolf game; Psycho says he is 
"supporting you when in position" but never did...

Leve 2 Section 2 - Rescue Hostage

She is at the school building. There I say it right out. You 
have 3 general methods of attacking this. Either go by the road 
to the town front entrance or drop down to the water to reach 
a mined outskirt on the side the 3rd is involving a side road 
and optional objective. Mines are visible circular disks of 
jumping-waist type hit it with poison darts to safely trip it 
afar (2 meters at least).

Depending on how to tackle it, you might enter the town with 
school right in front of you. The first class room from the 
front entrance is empty, 2nd room is a KPA ammo dump with 
guards there. At this point Prophet radios you the rescue 
signal is definitely from within school. She is being 
interrogated as you approach, open the door and triggers 
cinematics: Psycho decloaks and knock out door and the KPA guy 
there, the cute CIA spy (for bunch of polygons anyway) gave 
you more clear picture of what and why KPA was so interested 
with Dr. Rosenthal's archeological work.

Level 2 Section 3 - Clear path by blowing up tanks

Those need rocket launchers, 3 hits each to take down. One 
circles around school the other on the main road. Launchers at 
the ammo dump. if you did take the Black Op approach this is 
guaranteed to make the foot soldiers go gaga. Psycho is the one 
giving you this improptu task; do it. Prophet tells you to 
rendevous in the hills behind. 

Level 2 Section 4 - Proceed up river

I wish Prophet is a real person so I can give him a piece of my 
mind. He will keep telling you he is investigating further 
upriver and follow him on his heel, proceed on the trail 
alongside river or drop down the river; I suggest the trail 
approach, better for any method of play here. It ends at the cave.

Level 2 Optional 1 - Investigate KPA radio station

Recall that at the start road to the town folks out into the 
road or drop down to the beach, if you chose the road it will 
folk out again with a foot trail, this is the route of optional 
objective, further into the trail Prophet radios in that a radio 
station target of opportunity is up ahead, dispatch or sneak the 
5 guards there, get info and ammo, this does little besides 
reading that the hostage is in the school building and firm 
coordinates on it.

There is a way to sneak in town; despite Prophet's suggestion of 
rocketing to distract. It is on the right side from the main 
entrance where you will run into a KPA soldier urinating; this 
foot trail is not guarded.

| Level 3 - RELIC |

This is a wide open level conveniently separated into 3 sections 
with chokepoints between them, it begins with Prophet at the 
side telling you situation is FUBAR with a jammer nearby that 
blocks JSOC. An alien flyer burst out and grab him; now this is 
bad, you are the only one in field with a jammer nearby only 
audio communication is possible. A Major Strickland butt in to 
assume intel op for you. The first thing is knocking out jammer.

Level 3 Section 1 - Disable jammer

At this point rocketing it is possible especially from the 
elevated position you are at, although doing that way would make 
all of them gaga with 2 of them backtrack the smoke to your 
position. This jammer is more powerful and it completely 
knockout your compass if you come near it, so be certain its 
at the middle of settlement next to the trailer and KPA 
transport. It is in fact optional but this objective is just 
along the way. This jammer is vastly more powerful than the one 
before it.

Level 3 Section 2 - Infiltrate KPA Base

Strickland tells you to gather intel for them to prepare a major 
offensive. This base s heavily fortified; for a forward field 
base it is. Two MG nests each at front and back also 2 
watchtowers with snipers. Once you managed to get in guards 
stand in front or inside the trailer with terminal, at least 2 
but I did count 3 at last run.

The rickety bridge is the backway while the winding road down 
the river lead to the front; on my Delta tries the rickety 
bridge always collapsed before I can get to there but sneaking 
via that route is very difficult even at Easy so going around 
to the front is better way; an unguarded shooting range is 
attached to this base with a small patch of wall using half 
height panels that in cloak mode you can jump over and into 
the base.

Level 3 Section 3 - Infiltrate research dome

This is even more heavily fortified than the last, to start with; 
still at the forward field base cloak climb onto the watchtower 
that is not facing the rickety bridge to see a Vietnam-style KPA 
soldiers patrolling the countryside. Snipe them off one by one; 
then follow Strickland's suggestion of drive to where you need 
to go. By the way that is the road to the dome, on my first play 
I got disoriented and spent hours drive and snipe on the other 
side of river until I realized wrong way. You achieved this 
objective simply by getting to the place.

Another cinematics ensues; Rosenthal is forced to work while 
General Kyong holds others at the 'temple' entrance deep in the 
mine. Arguement between Rosenthal and Kyong erupts on how to 
proceed, when this discovery suddenly comes alive and laid waste 
in the dome, Strickland radios you to evac. Quite straight 
forward objective but quite difficult to complete especially with 
nano-suit KPA Special Forces in cloak at the end, 4 of them to 
boot. Kill them and get into VTOL transport to initiate cutscene 
and end it.

| Level 4 - ASSAULT |

A good map; it contains nearly every possible moves possible in 
Crysis; except driving tanks which happens after this level. You 
start off at landing at the rear, Psycho and pilot tell you this 
point is as safe as possible. Even though it is indeed some 
distance away.

Level 4 Section 1 - Meet Lt. Bradley

Just follow the soldier to the overlook to meet, this is a 
chore-style no brainer.

Level 4 Section 2 - Disable the two AAA guns

How you do it is up to you; either C4 or rocket the anti air 
tanks. Although watch it, a Hind Mark II helicopter shows up 
after the first destruction of AAA unit. There is a C4 on the 
table beside the AAA at the bridge while grab rocket launcher 
outside the shack on the inner beach before going to the AAA at 
the peninsula.

Level 4 Section 2 - Last AAA tank in the harbour

After dealing with the 2 triple A tanks, Psycho radios in he is 
at the harbour, just ran into a previously unknown anti-air 
hiding in the midst of containers. If you did not complete the 
optional before it Psycho will give you a location of ammo dump 
that does have better items including C4 and rocket launcher. 
There are guards in the vicinity including 2 right beside the 
anti-air you need to destroy.

Level 4 Section 3 - Disable jammer

This doesn't block your JSOC but does prevent the F-22 Raptors 
getting lock-on the cruiser. Deal with the guards around 
appropriately. Strength jump on a bent railing around the helipad 
to get onto the cruiser. The thing is just a laptop at the bowel 
of the ship; it is the only open room on the ship so you won't 
miss it. But in case you might run to the front aimlessly turn 
left immediately from the stairs connecting helipad to the rest 
of ship. Turn off jammer via the laptop.

Level 4 Section 4 - Paint the target cruiser with binocular

Jump off the ship; preferably on the watery side but the hard 
pier is fine if no one is shooting at you, binocs the ship and 
left click to have the F-22 getting fix and blow the cruiser to 
the bottom of the sea.

Level 4 Section 5 - Blow the helicopter to smithereens

Before the heavy VTOL can land a KPA Hind Mk 2 is guarding, 
blow it off the sky, straight forward. Mission ends with heavy 
VTOL puts the tanks down and you meet Strickland in person at 
the train tunnel.

Level 4 Optional 1 - Gather intel from KPA outpost

About few hundred meters before the harbour right beside the 
road there is a small settlement used as makeshift outpost, a 
laptop within one of the shack reveils that there are two ammo 
dumps inside two warehouses within the harbour. The one close 
to the entrance is one with C4 and rocket launcher.

| Level 5 - ONSLAUGHT |

The only tank level, both good and bad it is so big a level with 
chokepoints separate it to 3 sections (with 3 chokepoints spread 
out progressively in a triangular layout). Tanks in Crysis is in 
fact modeled to be weaker than what is in COD 2: Crysis' tanks 
can be affected by terrain and have no damage control to 
"regenerate HP" so hop out and play on foot if you are not 
experienced. On my last try, I managed to use abandoned KPA APC 
until near the end but certainly needed to hop out from time to 
time. And rocket launchers are liberally spread here so you 
won't run out.

Level 5 Section 1 - Capture train station

This is the first chokepoint separating what's before and after 
in this level, at least 4 foot soldiers, 1 jeep and 1 abandoned 
tank with watchtower sniper-nest and rocket launchers hiding at 
the cliff on the right and positioned as 1st line of defense. 
There is a foot trail from an outhouse leading to flank the 
first line on the right.

Since APC rapid fires I used it, fire anything moving in that 
area. Friend-Or-Foe within Crysis will prevent friendly fire in 
even Delta. Shell the watchtower and suspected hiding fox hole 
too, see the physics in motion as sniper is plunging to his 
death if you have not yet figured the game is physics-intensive. 
The carriages right after the locomotives can be blown too.

Level 5 Section 2 - Sabotage the tank factory

After train station the next objective is set far away at the 
end of the map while you just cleared train station. See the 
optionals for Crysis hand holding you to complete it easier and 
more colourful way. Helicopters show up here to harass you. 
Oil barrels strew about there in the factory site (was it armory?
 ... hmm can't remember) shoot and blow one to chain the rest 

Hint: helicopters can be shot down by tanks, serious trial-error 
and reticle leading is required and obviously it must be done 
afar to allow the limited angle of tanks.

Level 5 Section 3 - Link up for the final push toward 
excavation site

Some KPA guards along the way but nothing substantial. Moving 
along but at the end you see earthquake or deliberate KPA 
sabotage ripped the road apart. Your character radios Strictland 
that no reinforcement (perhaps soldiers are non-entity here) can 
get through but you decide to go along.

Level 5 Optional 1 - RPG troop ahead

Can't even remember right but Strictland yells out that you 
should deal with those foot soldiers ahead before the rest can 
push up to the train station.

Level 5 Optional 2 - 3 triple A units

There is no meaning to complete this and next optional if you 
have no intention to complete the "colourful" way I mention. 
Simply put F-22 Raptors armed with precision bombs can't launch 
air-strike until AAA shield is gone and target coordinate being 
painted. The first anti-air is behind a tree cropping in the 2nd 
area with foot soldiers and a tank guarding it. The other two 
are at the 3rd area each some way behind the double chokepoints 
separating the two areas. Each have some foot soldiers guarding, 
I suggest going for the right side since that is where all other 
actions are and not to mention it is elevated.

Level 5 Optional 3 - Paint the target with your binocs

This is why I suggest going right to begin with. You are already 
at this ideal surveillance position that Strickland sent you. 
Do what you did for blowing the cruiser last level see the 
Raptors coming and bombing.

Level 5 Optional 4 - Get Gauss rifle

A powerful weapon that proves its worth in metal later on, but 
this set of hardware and ammo will be stripped away by Kyong next 
level. Get and learn to hold it if you like to.

| Level 6 - AWAKENING |

A fun level to go through but it does have some nano-suits, I 
counted 8 of those. This map is divided into 3 areas: 
Administrative compound, refinery compound, and the mine. The 
roads about 100 meters separating those 3 areas are minimally 
patrolled. With one position being the perfect sniping ground. 
Admin compound can be circled around and ignored.

Level 6 Section 1 - Clear out for landing zone for the VTOLs

Strickland radios you the promised reinforcement rest on you 
clear out a zone to land. Upon reaching it your character have 
some dialogue about the area (refinery) is crawling, can't help 
it Strickland says, you dispatch the guards there, including 
2 free-roaming nano-suits and two more nano-suits cloaking 
posted at the rooftops. One behind conveyor belt one on the 2nd 
highest building there. See general hint to know how to dispatch 
them easy on Delta.

Level 6 Section 2 - Get to the mine entrance

After VTOLs land and before you head out, snipe/rocket off any 
opposition down below at the mine compound; you are at the 
perfect position to do so in gaming history; elevated position 
with precision rifle and RL. There are 3 tanks, some jeeps and 
foot soldiers, some are positioned in a safe position to begin 
with so expect at least 2 of them on foot got away from your 
eagle eye. When you are so close to the entrance guards 
reinforcing the gunned down squad pours out, 2 of them 
nano-suits, not cloaked.

Level 6 Section 3 - Proceed to the site deep in the mountains

The rest is quite linear so mapping is useless here. The shaft 
is opened only on the side for crews not the main door for 
loading trucks. You will see guards and one of them being 
nano-suit. Dispatch them, there is one more cloaked nano-suit 
hiding to ambush you behind last cart there. Dispatch him, 
clear way to the end, some jumping puzzle obstacle along the way 
but no combat at all.

| Boss - General Kyong |

Very easy fight; think of it as prolonged nano-suit fight with 
possible WWE Smackdown. At the end of Level 6 you cloakly 
observe Kyong and Helena the way you cloaked to spy Rosenthal. 
But as you do that a nano-suit stalker suddenly Strength himself 
beside you and knock you out. When you come to you are being 
held nano-disabled and stripped of weaponry in a COD 4-esque 
way face to face with Kyong; he forced open the Alien structure 
and nano-suits in the area all being irradiated; him being too 
strong to cloak, you magically recharged, others gone. But 
weapons do lying around to use, shoot him or Smackdown stuff at 
him until he is dead.

| Level 7 - CORE |

This might be a map you like or not; but certainly stands out. 
At the time Kyong falls the entire cave is collapsing, a VTOL 
arrives in time to evac Helena Rosenthal but just few seconds 
short for you. Determining that you need to get out in a hurry 
you chose to go through that alien structure for some hatch or 
doorway on the other side.

You will lose radio contact soon after entering; for all the 
fake loopings and unaccustomed Descent disorientation this is 
fairly linear level. I say Descent because you will soon lose 
gravity and navigate like in Descent except no mapping.

The aliens in their unarmoured form look like jellies except 
they propell fast and strike hard, only in full nano armour mode 
and full health you can survive a hit. But physically they are 
frail, a grab and throw enough to kill one. There are also 
instances where you have to shoot some glowing orange power 
generators to drop a force field to proceed.

This level is a visual treat and providing a story transition, 
from this point on, the story is KPA bailed out leaving US with 
some KPA hardware to clean the mess. When you get to a large 
cylindrical room with hordes coming out, lying in wait, a door 
is timed for a while after and gone thru it to end this level.

| Level 8 - PARADISE LOST |

Gravity is restored when you exit the ice cannon; as you exit a 
bright bolt comes out too freezing the land in the immediate 
area. Starting here the game became more and more linear COD-like 
so I played only once. Not in anyway bad but COD itself is better 
with lighter requirement.

Level 8 Section 1 - Find the missing squad

Radio and full JSOC is restored here so Strickland tells you to 
join a stranded squad nearby, there are alien foot soldiers all 
over but sneaking by is preferred unless you have Gauss to go 
one-shot-wonder on them which I believe I didn't have. When you 
manage to get to them they are all flash frozen.

Level 8 Section 2 - Defend Prophet

You did not know a squad of alien is nearby to ambush you. 
Prophet managed to done even better than you to survive and adapt 
an alien MOAC minigun-like weapon. However that exposes him and 
with damaged suit he can't evac by himself alone. Stood your 
ground with him, a counter on incoming shows up.

He will offer you that gun but it is not good; like a minigun 
with infinite but overheats. Also alien foot soldiers explodes 
short while after death. Prophet won't die with heavy wound but 
with his failing suit he could get flash freeze if he exert too 
much without heating for recharge.

Level 8 Section 3 - Escort Prophet out of ice sphere

The linear nature is very visible here, and the safe house 
positions are designed to place in a linear way that you have 
to lead Prophet to use them every one of them. Do not stray to 
false loops along the way. The level ends when you cross the 
bridge out of ice sphere.

| Level 9 - EXODUS |

When you are out of the sphere. You happen to meet up a platoon 
of US marines holed up in the inn right outside. 

Level 9 Section 1 - Meet up with Lt. Keegan

Not much, just walk up to him on your left.

Level 9 Section 2 - Hold the line against aliens

Messy fight, just do hold the line even though after a while the 
platoon realizes this is not possible with puny SCARs and decides 
to evac down the hill.

Level 9 Section 3 - Ride down the hill

Prophet will instruct you to get on the same Humvee and be 
impromptu gunner, if what you have played through so far has yet 
to convince you this is a COD-me-too campaign I have no idea what 
will. Savour the rush, that is what COD/half of Crysis is about.

Level 9 Section 4 - Rescue Helena Rosenthal

Her VTOL was shot down. She's the remaining scientist that has 
some notion of what are we dealing with so rescue her is 
priority. You need to hold the air-borne aliens off while 
Prophet Strength forces the jammed door open. A KPA tripple A 
is being abandoned nearby make use of it but hop out when too 
damaged or that you even managed to get it intact throughout 
the ordeal.

Level 9 Section 5 - Retreat to evac position

A mini-boss alien exosuit quad-pod burst out just as when Helena 
is evacuated, Strickland radios you to retreat and leave the 
marines buying you time to evac. Appears that your romp through 
alien structure records important data that has yet to extracted. 
You retreat to the position and slag/sneak alien foot soldiers 
in between. Those nameless marines do held that exosuit monster 
off since it is not after you. Stood and fight at the evac 
position, when exosuit pushes to this point Strickland tells 
you to lift off while he will stay to buy you time. Mission ends 
with the exosuit crushing Strickland.

| Level 10 - ASCENSION |

Today's weather: shitstorm... while the pilot PAs out this he is 
killed by an ice shard. You rush and become this VTOL's crack 
pilot. The control is simple: WASD-space + mouse (button 1 for 
minigun and 2 for rocket, guided so you need to lock on first)

Level 10 Section 1 - Get to USS Constitution

This is the only primary objective here. Fight off the alien 
air-bornes alongside, the only part to watch out is when you pass 
the bridge that you and Prophet went through, 2 tornadoes also 
forms here when you fly through; scrape the left side of the 
valley if you need to, the tornadoes are much bigger than they 
appears and must be avoided at all cost. Some optional evac 
objectives pops out and when you reach the beach Psycho starts 
yapping from Constitution. When he is done the mission ends and 
lands for you.

Level 10 Optional - Evac others

I recall missing at least one of them, 3 evacs total, do it if 
you want to spice up things a bit or have no idea where to fly, 
you provide air support another VTOL do the actual landing.

| Level 11 - RECKONING |

The marines aboard your VTOL appreciate your crack flight that 
got them to safety. The hatch opens up with Psycho and Helena 
tows a dead alien air-borne onto Constitution's deck, it sucks 
power and Psycho quickly subdue it.

The first half of this ending mission is in fact setting up 
story for the climatic ending. It has you traverse key locations. 
But explosive event that begun with Admiral Morrison shooting off 
a nuke on the island but only realize that they eat nuclear 
energy for breakfast.

Aliens now gain enough strength to attack offshore enmasse. 
One of first more dangerous event is have you shutting off the 
reactor on a flooded deck. Follow the instructions. Radiation 
only comes when you enter the reactor chamber. You will also see 
some alien foot soldiers syphooning nuclear power there but 
Helena figures out how to knock them down just by having you in 
the proximity. They died before you have to melee them.

The ship's engineer tells you 3 jammed control rods in front of 
you must be pushed manually. Go Strength mode and push them in. 
One at a time max 2 and run out to control room to recoup from 
radiation damage.

After done that fight your way back up and go to bridge, some 
cinematics involving mortally wounded Morrison and gun the 
alien that killed Morrison down. He wants you to go to flight 
deck to help out. But you have to detour to get the TAC Launcher.

| Mini-boss - Alien Exosuit |

Very easy just lob enough albeit tiresome large amount of weapon 
fire and it would die, it had no fatal weapon but a Freeze Ray 
that you must wiggle out by A-D or you die, a bug here to watch 
out the bridge building is hollow. When it dies Psycho and Helena 
swing around to pick you up from the doomed ship. But it is yet 
to be over.

| Final boss - Alien Warship |

This hovering monstrousity rose beside the doomed carrier and 
have shields that Helena can't get close due to unshielded 
cannon can gun out anyone close. Gause those, 2 on its 
"shoulder" and 2 more on "waist".

After destroy the guns and Helena got close enough to drop its 
shield, TAC the "arms" off, this is the only instance of TAC 
Launcher in use in single-player plus one more at the very end. 
The hit effect is a bit underwhelming but who cares. The aliens 
aboard gotten real mad and hover onto the flight deck to release 
elite foot soldiers, here is a physics bug in my favour where it 
gotten entangled and exploded. What should be happened without 
the bug is that elite squad will be reinforced if you dealt 
directly with them so blow the hatch that they come from with 
Gauss (hatch has glowing blue lines so you can't miss it) TAC 
the blown hatch to kill the warship. Due to the bug I killed 
ship effortlessly.

After that, run madly to evac from the sinking tangled mass 
toward the bow of the ship, Psycho piloted the VTOL there, 
final cinematic ensues, you decided to bring the fight to the 
island instead of linking up with US Pacific reinforcement. 
Now you know how to fight them, leaving a cliffhanger ending 
there. Likely for a Crysis 2 game in the future. Warhead is 
just parallel story line from Psycho's POV.


1. Stay crouch, a system similar to Commandos is in play here, 
this cuts visibility and accuracy of shots of your foes.

2. CryENGINE gave dense foliage its own object, use it; it is as 
good as safe houses.

3. Houses are destructable, the buildings are mostly shanty type 
even more easily destroyed; I did make the mistake of throwing a 
KPA off watchtower hoping the vehicle shack right behind will 
hold the body out of sight it didn't, he crashed through and 
essentially raised alarm.

4. Open-ended: kill only when needed, sneak by is fine.

5. Nano-suits are strong, defeat them: as strong as they come, 
they are as every bit vulnerable to poison darts as ordinary 
foot soldiers, use it to knock their lights out, then have your 
way with them using either silenced SCAR OR FY71. Same general 
strategy for cloaked mode or otherwise.

6. Cloaked nano-suits: before applying above, rouse them up 
using a laud weapon on some collapsible physical object. Stay 
cloaked in a foliage or just lay low ASAP, let them zero-in to 
your general area, only through being closer does cloaking 
leaves visible trail. And Spy phones or near proximity you 
will hear constant static like a TV without reception.

7. Similar to above but visible trail applies to you as well, so 
in cloak is in no way safe to get close to your foe.

8. They will investigate unexpected sounds, watch out for it.

9. Deal with the KPA helicopters first if they show up, 2 rocket 

10. Kamakaze run the vehicles, they are as if on a handbrake so 
you do need to time very close to the target.

| Vehicles |

1. KPA Patrol Boats, 1 gunning position, 1 driver, 6 transport 
positions (only 1 at most and seldomly being used to transport) 
1 rocket hit.

2. KPA Patrol Jeeps, 1 gunner, 1 driver, unused 3 other seatings. 
1 rocket.

3. Unarmed local pickups, and no other types, this is only good 
for quick transport. 1 rocket.

4. KPA Troopcarrier Trucks (hooded/unhooded), same as jeeps but 
obviously bigger.

5. KPA APC/tank/anti-air: you will get the chance to use them 
once. APC is the best all-around treaded vehicle that rapid 
fires. Tanks need 3, APC 2 hits, anti-air 1 hit.

6. KPA Helicopter: fictional Hind Mk II, familiar Soviet Hind 
body but no bubble canopies that tips me off this is fictional. 
Not yours to fly in single-player, kill them when seeing them. 
2 rockets

7. US VTOL: fictional air transport for a squad plus wounded 
six at maximum, VTOL is in fact describing generally Vertical 
Takeoff Or Landing; else known as Vector Thrust jets starting 
with British Harrier follow up with US F-22 Raptor, currently 
those are real and no more others in the real world. See, you 
learnt something here.

8. US F-22 Raptor: true VTOL today, you don't get to fly them.

9. US Humvee: equivelent to KPA patrol jeeps, civilian name is 
the Hammer.

10. US Tank: the one here is unnamed, you play one in Onslaught 
though I did quickly hop out for a KPA APC.

11. Alien Sentinels, fly overhead and pesky like the KPA 
helicopter, whip 2 Gauss at it.

| ...Urgh... bugs |

This is unpatched Special 3-Disc Edition Crysis playing here, 
and none of them is game-ending serious; half of which is 
physics error. Not reproducable for most of them.

- Spinning barrel, in way like a toy top. While realistically 
it should be just a jerk in one loop around the rim.

- Corrupt skyline texture, that makes the whole thing feel like 
playing on a Holodeck while USS Enterprise is on the verge of 
being blown by a Romulan Warbird.

- Entangled flying foes, happened to me twice. Once with KPA 
Hind II on Harbour the other is alien warship on 
USS Constitution. Instant death to those foes.

- Physical frail human body for you, either slip or dead foe 
bounce off wall close-quarter to hit you, not sure it is a bug 
or partially design error, instant death.

- Missing mission objective, the final meet up with Prophet 
after blowing the tanks are not showing up in RECOVERY, but the 
game does indeed proceed so the display is not triggered but on 
my last run knowing what to do I still successfully ended the 

I don't like going online to be dropped in amongst a bunch of 
seasoned FPS players that ruins experience for everyone.

If you do have questions in SP, welcome to give me questions