Dead Rising 2: Case Zero: FAQ/Walkthrough

       ----------------------------------------------------- We ride to Fortune City!
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                          - -  C A S E  Z E R O  - -


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                            Started: 8/28/10
                      Completely finished: --
                           Last update: 9/2/10
                               Version: 1.00
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                 Authored by: Berserker (Berserker_Kev [IGN])
                    Email: berserker_kev(at)yahoo(dot)com
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             This document Copyright 2010 Kevin Hall (Berserker)
                  Dead Rising 2 Copyright 2010 Capcom Ltd.


=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- - T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S - -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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   Section I:  Introduction  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [IN00]

  Section II:  Basics  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [BS00]

 Section III:  Walkthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [WT00]

  -- Case 0  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CS00]

     - Case 0-1 - Find Katey Zombrex  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CS0-1]
     - Case 0-2 - Find Zombrex  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CS0-2]
     - Case 0-3 - Broken Bike . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CS0-3]
     - Case 0-4 - Find Bike Parts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CS0-4]

  -- Zombrex . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CS01]

     - Zombrex 1  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CS0-5]

  Section IV:  Item List . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [IL00]

   Section V:  Combo Weapons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CW00]

  Section VI:  Achievements  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [AC00]

 Section VII:  Credits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . [CR00]


                           I N T R O D U C T I O N

It's been two years since the zombie incident in the small town of Willamette, 
Colorado.  Recently, another zombie incident has been reported in the Las Vegas 
area.  12 hours after the reported incident, Motocross racing expert Chuck 
Greene, along with his little girl Katey, pull up to a gas stop in the town of 
Still Creek.

Chuck and Katey leave their vehicle to survey the surrounding area.  While 
looking around, an individual hijacks their truck and leaves them stranded in 
Still Creek.  Before long the dead inhabitants of Still Creek step out from 
around the corners.  Chuck and his daughter are now trapped in a zombie-
infested town!

The two quickly run inside the nearby gas station and Chuck barricades the 
building.  The last bit of the Zombrex drug that Katey needs to survive was in 
their truck and now Chuck must find some more and get himself and his daughter 
out of the town alive.

This guide covers the full game of Case Zero.  I'll have videos for it up on my 
youtube page soon.  If you have any questions then feel free to email me or 
message me over Xbox LIVE.  My gamertag can be found on my youtube page.  
Please, no friend requests.

See you for the full game!

- BK

                                  B A S I C S

Basic Controls:

X            - Attack
Y            - Command
B            - Pickup Item/Weapon/Cancel
A            - Jump
RB           - Cycle through inventory of multiple items
LB           - Cycle through inventory of multiple items
RT           - Toss/Fire in aiming mode
LT           - Aiming mode
LS           - N/A
RS           - N/A
Start        - Pause Menu
Back         - Map
L thumbstick - Move Chuck
R thumbstick - Rotate Camera
D-pad up     - Unequip Current Item/Weapon
D-pad down   - Drop Item/Weapon
D-pad right  - N/A
D-pad left   - Chuck's Wristwatch


Chuck can stop by any restroom in order to save the game.  There are three 
restrooms in Case Zero:

1 - Inside the shed of the Gas Station
2 - Inside the Diner
3 - Inside Uncle Bill's Department Store


Chuck will level up as he gains Prestige Points (PP).  As he levels up, he will 
gain access to new combo cards, new attack moves and his stats (attack power, 
attack range, etc.) will rise in level as well.

NORE: The quickest way to rise in level is through the boomstick's heavy 
attack.  It yields 2,500 PP per kill, so perform the heavy attack often to get 
tons of PP in a short time.  A player can keep remaking the weapon at a 
maintenance table.  Game progress literally comes second to this move in 
gaining PP in Case Zero.


There are three maintenance tables found around Still Creek:

1 - Inside the garage of the Gas Station
2 - Behind the Department Store (in a maintenance room)
3 - Along the side of Big Buck Hardware (in a maintenance room)

Maintenance Rooms are marked by their red double doors.  Each maintenance room 
contains a maintenance table that Chuck may use to combine items and weapons. 
Place a weapon on the maintenance table then place another weapon on the table 
to combine them.

Only weapons and items with a green wrench icon may be combined.  A player will 
get the "Combine" action while standing near the maintenance table when an 
item/weapon can be combined with the current item/weapon on the table.


Chuck will gain a scratch card per weapon combination that he makes without 
having a combo card prior to combining the two weapons.  A scratch card will 
remain as a scratch card until Chuck gains the combo card for that particular 
weapon.  When only having a scratch card, some attacks cannot be used per combo 
weapon and Chuck will not gain the full PP amount per attack.


Chuck will gain a new combo card per level gained.  The combo cards display 
weapons that can be combined to make a new combo weapon.  In order for Chuck to 
use all attacks per weapon and gain the full PP amount per attack, he must gain 
the combo card for that particular weapon.

NOTE: Chuck can only gain 4 combo cards in Case Zero - Spiked Bat, I.E.D., 
Boomstick and Drill Bucket.  All the rest of the weapon cards will remain 
scratch cards.


Just like in the original Dead Rising, the player can use blenders to mix food 
items and create different types of juice such as the randomizer or pain 
killer.  The results will vary depending on the food items mixed.  Blenders are 
found throughout Still Creek in certain stores.


A player will find an oven inside some stores in Still Creek.  These can be 
used to heat pans.  Set a pan on an oven and wait for it to turn red.  Chuck 
will gain a 1,000 PP bonus for using the oven and the pan will gain an extra 
attack once Chuck picks it up.  Press and hold the X button to make Chuck shove 
the pan into a zombie's face and fry it.  The quick swing of the pan will also 
take off more damage while it is hot.


Chuck will eventually run into other survivors in Still Creek.  He will have to 
get the survivors to join him then take them back to the Gas Station to save 
them and gain a PP bonus from helping the survivors.

Once a survivor has joined Chuck, he can call to the survivor by pressing the Y 
button and send the survivor to any direction by holding the LT button and 
pressing Y.  Chuck can also equip a survivor with a weapon by standing close to 
a survivor and tapping the B button.  This will give the survivor the current 
equipped weapon.

Survivors in Case Zero are much more able to look after themselves compared to 
the original Dead Rising's "dumb as a doorknob" survivor AI, so a player will 
not have to worry as much about keeping a survivor safe in Case Zero... or 
worry about having a survivor get stuck behind a sign ad while following the 
protagonist - oh, how I hate the original Dead Rising's survivor AI!

                             W A L K T H R O U G H

____________________________________ CASE 0 ____________________________ [CS00]

_________________________________________________                       [CS0-1]
C A S E 0 - 1: F I N D  K A T E Y  Z O M B R E X \____________________________

Control of Chuck Greene will be given to the player after the beginning 
tutorial.  Pull up Chuck's wristwatch by pressing D-pad left when you're unsure 
of the current time.  Katey's next dosage of Zombrex is needed between the 
hours of 7:00pm and 8:00pm so Chuck will have to find some before then.  The 
time is now 7:00am, so Chuck has around 12 hours to find the Zombrex drug for 

HIDDEN WEAPONS\_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Sniper Rifle - Enter the back storage room in the gas station and climb the 
ladder then you'll find this on the rooftop.

Purple Spray Paint - Enter the back storage room in the gas station and climb 
the ladder then you'll find this on the rooftop along an air condition unit.  
This can be combined with a pylon to make the air horn.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

To the left of the door in the garage is one of the maintenance tables that can 
be found around Still Creek.  There are two others in the town as well.  These 
tables will allow Chuck to combine weapons and make new powered weapons.  Items 
that can be combined have a green wrench icon over them while standing next to 
them.  Chuck will gain a "scratch card" once a new weapon combination has been 

| Combo Weapons                                                               |
| Baseball Bat + Box of Nails = Spiked Bat                                    |
| Propane Tank + Box of Nails = I.E.D.                                        |
| Power Drill + Bucket = Drill Bucket                                         |
| Whiskey + Newspaper = Molotov                                               |
| Pylon + Green/Purple Paint Spray = Air Horn                                 |
| Hard Hat + Beer = Beer Hat                                                  |
| Battery + Leaf Rake = Electric Rake                                         |
| Pitchfork + Shotgun = Boomstick                                             |
| Paddle + Chainsaw = Paddlesaw                                               |

Go ahead and pick up the Box of Nails and Baseball Bat to the side and place 
them on the maintenance table.  Combine them to make the Spiked Bat.  This is 
one of the simplest and best weapon combination to have with Chuck at all 
times.  Its quick hit and heavy hit will kill any zombie instantly.  Tap the X 
button for quick hits and press and hold the X button for heavy hits.

Combo weapons will also grant a PP bonus per kill.  For instance, a player will 
receive more of a bonus per kill from a spiked bat swing kill than from a 
normal bat swing kill.  PP Points are used to gain levels with Chuck.  He'll 
receive stat bonuses and extra moves and combo cards with each level increase. 
A player can only level up to level 5 in Case Zero.

After making the spiked club, open the door in the garage that leads out into 
the junkyard then move toward the shed off to the left.  Be sure to grab at 
least one bottle of Whiskey to heal Chuck later if needed.  There is a restroom 
in the shed - these are the save rooms for Case Zero.  Go ahead and save your 
game now then open the exit door of the shed.


A cutscene will play as Chuck steps outside the gas station for the first time. 
Your main destination is all the way down the road to the left.  If Chuck tries 
to leave the town by moving to the right an extra cutscene will play.  Go ahead 
and pick up the paddle if you want to make another useful combo weapon further 
down the road.

HIDDEN WEAPONS\_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Paddle - After exiting the gas station, run straight ahead then look off to the 
left to see this lying next to a reddish building.  This can be combined with a 
chainsaw to make the paddlesaw.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Run all the way down the road to the left.  If you look at the map, you'll be 
heading east.  Stay along either sidewalk along the sides to avoid the majority 
of the zombies.  Zombies are a bit more aggressive than in the last Dead 
Rising.  These zombies all have different AI.  Some will stand in place, others 
will lurch and some will literally chase Chuck no matter where he runs.

If any of the zombies grab Chuck, wiggle the left thumbstick to break free from 
their grasp.  Jump through a crowd of two whenever they gather and are about to 
grab and you might just avoid taking damage.  Use the spiked bat to hit any 
zombies that get in your way otherwise.  A light swing is enough to kill and 
it's much better for multiple zombies when compared to the heavy swing.

Watch for the "Big Buck Hardware" sign along the side of the one of the right 
buildings near the end of the street.  Go inside and grab a chainsaw then leave 
the store and combine the paddle with the chainsaw in the maintenance room 
connected to Big Buck Hardware to make the paddlesaw.  The paddlesaw might help 
in a moment.

You can also move down the alley near the end of the street to the left and 
find a battery on top of the dumpster at the end.  If you look at the map, the 
alley is behind the Still Creek Movie Theater building.  The battery can be 
combined with a Leaf Rake from Big Buck Hardware to make the Electric Rake.  
This weapon is not as useful for crowds as the paddlesaw is though.

HIDDEN WEAPONS\_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Battery - The battery is on a dumpster at the end of the alleyway on the left 
side of the street before getting to the street in front of the quarantine 
area.  The street has several cars parked on it.  This can be combined with a 
Leaf Rake to make the Electric Rake.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Move to the end of the street near the cars bunched up in the road to trigger a 
cutscene that will end the first case.

_______________________________________                                 [CS0-2]
C A S E  0 - 2: F I N D  Z O M B R E X \_______________________________________


Chuck will start on top of a burning truck after the cutscene.  You can hop 
down to the smaller truck in front of the truck that Chuck is on to find a 
pretty good bit of beer in the back.  Chuck needs to move inside the quarantine 
area with tents to the right up ahead.  Stay on top of the vehicles for the 
most part to avoid the zombie crowds.  Chuck will need to move toward the right 
side, so hop over to those vehicles.

Some Pylons are lying near the gates that lead to the tents.  If you want to 
make the air horn weapon, then go ahead and grab a pylon.  The pylon can be 
combined with the purple spray paint bottle back on the roof of the gas station 
to make the air horn.  The air horn is a pretty bad weapon overall though.

Enter the area with the tents and move toward the ambulance vehicle that has 
tumped over.  Examine the back doors of the ambulance for a cutscene that will 
end the current case.  The zombie soldiers in the quarantine area might carry 
assault rifles.  Really though, outside of a shotgun and a rifle, firearms are 
pretty useless for zombies.  Melee weapons are much better for zombies overall.

_____________________________________                                   [CS0-3]
C A S E  0 - 3: B R O K E N  B I K E \_________________________________________


Alright, great... a new group of soldiers is headed for Still Creek and they'll 
be there within the next 12 hours.  Thankfully, Chuck finds a motorcycle that 
he can repair though.

Chuck will start this case with a Utility Cart in front of him.  Grab the 
utility cart by tapping the B button then push it by holding down either X or 
RT.  Push through the zombies near the cars up ahead.  Chuck needs to get back 
to the doors of the gas station shed in order to complete this case.

The utility cart is indestructible, so Chuck can plow through a ton of zombies 
on the way back and rack up kills.  If the cart happens to hit something, it 
might tump over.  If it falls over, pick it up and lay it back down then grab 
the handle again and push it.

Push the cart back to the gas station shed doors to trigger a cutscene and end 
this case.

____________________________________________                            [CS0-4]
C A S E  0 - 4: F I N D  B I K E  P A R T S \__________________________________



[ ] Find Wheel
[ ] Find Handle Bars
[ ] Find Engine
[ ] Find Bike Forks
[ ] Find Gasoline Canister

This is the case that makes up the majority of the gameplay for Case Zero.  
Chuck needs to find all of the motorcycle parts listed above and bring them 
back to the garage of the gas station.  Place the items on the bike in the 
garage to reassemble it piece by piece.

Make another spiked bat at the maintenance table if needed.  We've got 
ourselves a job to do, and we're gonna' see it through.  We're gonna' 
reconstruct ourselves a bike and rescue some people around Still Creek.  An 
I.E.D. would be another good weapon to make for the portion coming up, but the 
spiked bat should do just fine also.

Be sure to grab at least one whiskey bottle from the junkyard and save the game 
then head outside through the storage shed door once again.  A cutscene will 
play upon stepping through the door.


From now on, some zombies will have Queen Bee's attached to them.  These Queen 
Bees can be collected after killing the zombie and used as a weapon to defeat 
several zombies at once.  Find a zombie that raises its arms in the air as if 
in pain.  These zombies have Queen Bees attached to the back of their necks.  
Once a Queen Bee is collected, Chuck will place it in a bottle.  This bottle 
can be tossed at zombie groups in order to kill all zombies in the immediate 
area.  Queen Bees are one of the best weapons to use in order to rack up 
zombies kills.

[ ] Rescue Dick

After the cutscene outside, an old man will be on top of the nearby van as 
zombies surround him below.  Move over to the van and kill the zombies 
surrounding it.  Kill them with a spiked bat or I.E.D.  Make sure that no 
zombie is near the van then climb on top and talk to Dick.  Talk to him twice 
while no zombies are around the van and he will hop off and lead the way to his 
Pawn Shop.

[ ] Find Gasoline Canister

While Dick moves toward the Pawn Shop, take this chance to head over to the gas 
pumps in front of the gas station and pick up the **GASOLINE CANISTER** from 
off the ground near the left pump.  Unlike many of the other bike parts, this 
part can be stored in the inventory, so just switch back to the spiked bat.

Hurry on over toward Dick on the right side of the street and he should move 
toward his Pawn Shop when Chuck steps near him.  Talk to him while he stands in 
front of his Pawn Shop then speak with him one more time to go inside.

Chuck has a few items for sale and one of them really stands out.  Ahoho!  A 
motorcycle wheel!  The wheel cost $5,000 total.  Chuck will likely need to find 
some money in order to buy it.

[ ] Find Wheel

Run over to the Casino next door.  Step inside the Casino and break the Casino 
gaming machines inside with any weapon. Shatter them and they will spit out 
money.  Break the ATM machines and the cash register for extra money as well.  
There is a bit of money lying around on the floor and there is even some 
outside the Casino (on the ground and in the handbag - toss the handbag to make 
the money pop out).

Run back over to the Pawn Shop and buy the motorcycle **WHEEL**.  Keep in mind 
all the other items that Dick has for sale.  Pay special attention to the 
Zombrex that he has.  If you want to do everything in Case Zero, Chuck will 
need that Zombrex later.  Don't worry about buying it now.

Wheel x oo [$5,000)
Spiked Bat x oo [$2,500]
Moosehead x oo [$500]
Zombrex x oo [$25,000]
Handgun x oo [$500]
Electric Rake [$5,000]
Drill Bucket [$2,500]
Assault Rifle [$1,000]

The Moosehead is one of his best items in the Pawn Shop and one item that Chuck 
might want to pick up while passing by the Pawn Shop every now and then.  Chuck 
can move faster while using its dash attack, allowing him to move up and down 
the streets much faster than normal.  The Moosehead is also really good for 
killing zombie crowds quickly.  If you're going for 1,000 kills in a game, 
you'll want to use this.

Take the wheel and the gas canister back to the Gas Station.  If a zombie gets 
in Chuck's way then hit it upside the head with the wheel.  Place the wheel and 
gas canister on the motorcycle in the garage then save your game and travel 
back out into the street.

[ ] Find the Shed Key

There is a locked shed all the way to the far east slightly past Big Buck 
Hardware.  The shed key is inside the hotel on the left side of the street up 
ahead, but it's on the top floor and the only way to get to the top floor is to 
get on top of the stairway in the back of the building and move up to the top 
floor from there.  The stairway is broken though.

Find the man (Bob) on top of the building up ahead.  The building is across the 
street from the gas station and just before reaching the casino.  Move around 
the left side of the building and climb on top of the green dumpster on that 
side.  Hop over to the air condition unit then hop onto the side of the 
rooftop.  Climb up toward Bob and speak with him.  He is searching for his 
daughter at the moment but we can't help him right now.

NOTE: Be sure that you speak to Bob before 7:00pm or he will ignore Chuck when 
spoken to afterward while trying to help him.

Pick up one of his beer bottles if you have the inventory space for it in order 
to combine it with another item in a few minutes.  Climb on top of the roof 
portion with the circular fan cylinders then move over to the left side of the 
back portion of the roof.  Hop over to the platform in front of the railing of 
the stairway of the hotel building across from Chuck.  Hop over the railing 
then move through the doorway.


Chuck is now inside the top floor of the hotel.  Fight off the three zombies in 
the hall then move down the left corridor with the boarded stairway and turn 
right.  Enter the room at the end of the hall then kill the zombie inside and 
grab the **SHED KEY** from off the floor.

Leave the room and look along the right side of the corridor outside.  See the 
three windows?  Look up really high! Jump to one of them and grab onto the side 
and Chuck will pull himself up to it.  Move to the left and hop down to the 
lower section of the roof.  Cross the steel bridge platform then climb up to 
the raised portion of the roof off to the right.  Find the Hardhat weapon on 
the right side of the roof and pick it up.  This is the only hardhat in the 
entire game.  Keep it and combine it with beer later at a maintenance table for 
the Beer Hat.  Once Chuck makes the Beer Hat, he won't need to worry with 
picking up whiskey and other health items.

HIDDEN WEAPONS\_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hardhat - This is lying on top of the rooftop behind the hunting store.  Get on 
top of the rooftop where Bob is and it's on the rooftop to the left of the 
stairway in the back of the nearby hotel.  This can be combined with a beer to 
make the Beer Hat.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Find the Propane Tank on the rooftop and drop to the building roof past it.  
Move further ahead then hop up to the next roof past the football.  Chuck is 
now on top of the Hunting Store.  Drop through the trapdoor off to the left to 
enter the hunting store.


There is a real good variety of weapons in the hunting store.  There are two 
shotguns in the glass cases near the register that will come in handy.  They 
can be combined with a pitchfork to make the boomstick.  Chuck will need to 
grab a Broadsword from this store later to help some survivors... but this 
comes much later.

HIDDEN WEAPONS\_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Moosehead - This is lying on a mantle along the back wall on the left side of 
the hunting store.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Moosehead on the back wall can come in handy for zombie groups outside.  Go 
ahead and grab the Moosehead if you have the extra inventory space.  Unlock the 
front door to the hunting store (Locked door 1/4).  Chuck can quickly combine 
the hardhat and the beer in the maintenance room behind Uncle Bill's Department 
Store off to the right to free up inventory space if you have both items right 
now.  Enter the Dirty Drink bar across the street.


[ ] Rescue Survivors: Gemini and Fausto

Gemini and Fausto are inside.  Speak with Gemini until she joins Chuck.  Fausto 
will take a bit more persuasion to join however.  Speak with him and he will 
ask for some booze.  Pick up the nearby beer and give it to him.  Fausto will 
want more to drink after the first drink.  Pick up another beer or whiskey and 
give it to him.

Fausto will eventually throw up.  He is now shitface enough to follow Chuck.  
Talk to him again and he will join.  Open the door to the bar and lead both 
survivors back to the shed door of the Gas Station.  Unlike the original Dead 
Rising, survivors will look after themselves quite a bit in Case Zero, so Chuck 
can actually run ahead of them and not worry much about their safety, whether 
they have a weapon or not.


Save your game at the save point inside the Gas Station then go back out onto 
the street.  Now would be a good time to unlock the Sheriff's Office.  Run over 
to the Pawn Shop then move just a little ways past the Pawn Shop on the same 
side.  Hop onto the green dumpster then hop over the blockade to the right.  
Follow the path behind the Pawn Shop to reach the back door of the Sheriff's 

HIDDEN WEAPONS\_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Green Spray Paint - The green spray paint is near the beer and folding chair on 
the ground along the path to the back door of the Sherrif's Office.  This can 
be combined with a pylon to make the air horn.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Open the door to the office and step inside.  A few zombies are lurking 
throughout the office.  The only major weapon that Chuck might want to grab is 
the shotgun on the desk of the upstairs office.  Unlock the front door to the 
station (Locked Door 2/4) and head back out into the streets.

[ ] Find the Bike Forks

The Bike Forks are inside of the shed that Chuck recently got the key for.  Run 
down the street to the east and run past Big Buck Hardware then look to the 
right to see the shed.  Unlock the shed with the key (Locked Door 3/4) and grab 
the **BIKE FORKS** from inside.  Unfortunately, they can't fit in the 
inventory, so Chuck will have to carry them all the way back in one go without 
any other stops along the way.  Get back to the Gas Station and place the Bike 
Forks on the motorcycle.

[ ] Find the Engine

Run down the street to the east then make a left at the second intersection.  
Find the Still Creek Theater at the end of that street - it will be off to the 
right.  Enter the theater and break the gambling games off to the sides for 
some extra cash.  Enter the theater room through the left set of doors and 
Chuck will not have to fight as many zombies inside since they all group on the 
right side.  Run to the back door in the theater room then unlock it (Locked 
Door 4/4).

Grab the **ENGINE** on the ground outside then move down the left alleyway.  
Chuck will move out onto the streets of Still Creek once again.  Make a right 
and head back to the Gas Station then place the engine on the motorcycle.

[ ] Survivors: Nikki, Tia and Sharon - after 1:00pm

It should be about 1:00pm by now.  If it isn't then enter and exit the Gas 
Station after 1:00pm to make the next set of survivors appear.

Follow the street to the east and find the Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley just a 
little ways past the Pawn Shop on the right side of the street.  Enter the 
bowling alley and talk with Tia.  Nikki will not talk that much.  Their friend 
Sharon is missing and they will not leave the bowling alley until they find 
her.  Tia will mention that she might be in the quarantine area.  Leave the 
bowling alley and run toward the quarantine area at the far east end of the 


NOTE: Make sure to talk with Tia up until the point that she refuses to leave 
or else Sharon will not appear in the tent in the quarantine area.

Enter the area with the tents and step inside the furthest left tent among the 
right row of tents.  Sharon is inside.  Talk with her and she will eventually 
mention that she needs some Zombrex.  Talk with her again after her request and 
Chuck will hand over his Zombrex to Sharon.  You'll need to buy the Zombrex 
from the Pawn Shop to give to Katey after doing so.  Sharon will join after 
Chuck gives her the Zombrex.

Move toward Sharon for a "carry" command.  Pick up Sharon and take her out of 
the Quarantine Zone.  Chuck is nearly invincible while carrying Sharon as long 
as you stay moving.  Zombies will stagger if he runs by them while carrying 
Sharon.  Chuck will really only get hit if he stops.  Run back to the bowling 
alley while carrying Sharon and talk with Tia and Nikki.  They will join 
immediately after seeing Sharon is safe.  Carry Sharon back to the Gas Station 
and Nikki and Tia will follow.

[ ] Survivors: Archie and Jason - after 3:00pm

Run over to the hunting store (Bob's Fish 'n Hunt) and grab a Broadsword from 
inside and take it with you.  Head to Uncle Bill's Department store to the 
right of The Dirty Drink bar.  Enter the store then open the back door.  Archie 
and Jason will be fighting off zombies in the parking lot behind the store.  
Jason will notice Chuck as the "motocross racing star Chuck Greene" as Chuck 
approaches the two.

Talk to Jason and Chuck will ask for the handle bars in his hand.  Jason will 
not hand over the handle bars unless Chuck gives him a broadsword.  Equip a 
broadsword and give it to Jason and he will give Chuck the **HANDLE BARS**.  
Archie and Jason will both join Chuck afterwards.  Lead them back to the Gas 
Station like all the other survivors.  The handle bars can be carried in 
Chuck's inventory much like the gasoline canister.

After placing the handle bars on the motorcycle, Chuck should now have all five 
pieces of the bike assembled.  A cutscene will activate if the handle bars are 
the last piece.


[ ] Find some more Zombrex

All a player has to do now is buy some Zombrex from the Pawn Shop.  The Zombrex 
costs $25,000, so enter the casino and break the games inside to get some 
money.  Enter and exit the gas station if needed to make the games respawn.  
The Diner and the Still Creek Theater all have breakable gambling games inside 
them also.  Buy the Zombrex from the Pawn Shop and Chuck will be all set to 
give Katey her dosage between 7:00pm and 8:00pm.

There is really not much else to do in Still Creek until 7:00pm now.  If you 
want to gain some easy levels through PP bonuses then pick up a pitchfork (The 
Dirty Drink bar or Big Buck Hardware Store) and combine it with a shotgun 
(sheriff's office or hunting store) and combine the two to make the boomstick. 
Constantly kill zombies with the strong attack from the boomstick to gain 2,500 
PP points per kill.  Keep remaking another boomstick when the current one 
breaks.  Enter and exit the Gas Station to make the shotguns respawn.


Case: Above the Law

[ ] Survivors: Bob and Darcie

Once the clock strikes 7:00pm a cutscene will play to confirm the time.  You 
need to be fast to do this next rescue since Chuck needs to get back to the Gas 
Station to give Katey some Zombrex shortly after the rescue mission can be 

Climb back up to the roof that Bob is on and speak with him.  He will mention 
that he saw his daughter run into the hunting store below.  Drop off the roof 
then enter the hunting store.  Speak with Darcie.  Chuck will ask her to leave 
but Darcie will refuse to leave with a stranger without her father's 
permission.  Keep talking with her until she refuses to leave.

Exit the hunting store then climb back up to Bob on the rooftop.  Speak with 
him twice - he's proud of his girl for not leaving with a stranger.  Bob will 
join Chuck eventually.  Fall back down the rooftop and enter the hunting store 

NOTE: While the two reunite, bust open one of the glass cases in the back of 
the store and grab at least one of the shotguns.  You will need this for an 
upcoming fight.  Chuck can also make use of two assault rifles for the upcoming 
fight as well.

Darcie will join Chuck after she reunites with her father.  Quickly escort both 
of them back to the gas station shed.

The time should be close to 8:00pm by now.  Quickly save your game at the 
restroom then run into the gas station garage and move over to Katey then give 
her the Zombrex (you'll have to buy the Zombrex at the pawn shop if Chuck 
doesn't have any).  A cutscene will play after giving Katey the Zombrex.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Psychopath: Jed


Shotgun Blast (long range)
Stab and Blast (short range - grab)
Push and Flame Blast (short range - grab)
Pitchfork Poke (short range)

Case: The Mechanic

Chuck will have to fight Jed after the cutscene.  Jed will start out at a 
distance and likely fire his shotgun at Chuck.  Jed comes equipped with a 
boombstick (pitchfork + shotgun combination).  He also has a gas tank on his 
back, which he uses to power his torch.

Jed will often fire his shotgun from a distance, so be prepared to run at him 
in a zigzag pattern to avoid his shots or get behind a stack of cars to avoid 
the shotgun blast.  He will eventually charge Chuck and try to poke him with 
the pitchfork.  Jed will either try to hit Chuck with his pitchfork or try to 
perform one of two grabs.  He will either stab Chuck and hold him up in the air 
with the pitchfork shortly before shooting him with the shotgun or he will stun 
Chuck then blast his face with fire from his torch.

Jed is not much of a problem at all if Chuck brought a shotgun to this battle. 
Wait for Jed to run toward you then aim and back up the whole time he runs and 
fire at him.  Chuck can also use the assault rifle.  Jed will try to poke chuck 
with the pitchfork, but he should miss if you keep backing up.  The only hard 
part about doing this is accidentally backing into a wall.  You need to make 
sure that Chuck is not moving toward a wall or Chuck will get stabbed.

If Jed hits Chuck with a shotgun blast, Jed will always taunt afterwards 
leaving him open to an attack.

NOTE: If Chuck hides from Jed by stepping behind a car, Jed will eventually 
move to one of the corners and call out to Katey.  He leaves himself vulnerable 
while he does this.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Once Jed is defeated, he will leave behind his boomstick weapon.  Take the 
boomstick and go blast some zombies outside.  This is an easy way to level up 
your character and gain quick PP points.  Use the heavy attack to stab and lift 
zombies into the air and kill them off for 2,500 PP points per kill.  The 
boomstick will respawn where Jed dropped it each time that Chuck exits then 
reenters the gas station junkyard.

Chuck must move toward the motorcycle in the garage and examine it in order to 
leave the area before 8:00pm or a player will get the worst ending for the 
game.  So long as you leave before 8:00pm, you can stand out in the street and 
kill zombies with the boomstick or mutilate them in whatever way you want.  Be 
sure to save your game before leaving!

___________________________________ ZOMBREX ____________________________ [CS01]

_________________                                                       [CS0-5]
Z O M B R E X  1 \_____________________________________________________________


Chuck will be on his bike with Katey after the cutscene.  Chuck needs to drive 
to the road that was blocked off at the quarantine area to get out of Still 
Creek.  A total of 1 minute and 30 seconds is given to the player to escape 
Still Creek.

| Bike Controls   |
| Accelerate - RT |
| Reverse - LT    |
| Horn - Y        |

Try to hit as many soldiers with the bike as you can while leaving Still Creek. 
They are worth 1,000 PP points per hit.  The solders are dressed in white and 
they will usually fire at Chuck when he drives up to them.  You can actually 
slow the bike down and run over them with little acceleration.

Be careful about slowing down too much though.  Chuck takes damage quickly from 
machine gun blasts.  The soldiers will also toss grenades at Chuck.  It's best 
not to slow down that much if you do.  Don't ever turn around to go back for a 
soldier that often.

Here are the directions out of town from the starting:

Left at intersection
Right at intersection
Left at intersection
right (to get on the dirt road)

Chuck will have to fall down a few dropoffs while moving ahead.  There is an 
extra ledge along the left side of the dirt rod that Chuck drive up on and drop 
off the side of.  He will be able to hit a few soldiers before the dropoff.  
Follow the dirt road and eventually Chuck will drive back onto the main road.  
Turn left and drive into the tunnel for a cutscene that will end this case and 
the full game of Case Zero.


Ending A - Rescue all survivors, give Katey Zombrex, escape Still Creek
Ending B - ?
Ending C - Rescue all survivors, give Katey Zombrex, do not escape Still Creek
Ending D - Do not rescue all survivors, give Katey Zombrex, do not escape Still 
Ending F - Do not give Katey Zombrex.

                                I T E M  L I S T

Gas Station

Default Clothes Closet

Baseball Bat
Box of Nails

Motor Oil x 2
Acetylene Tank

Tire x 2
Large Wrench
Propane Tank
Steel Shelving

Saw Blade x 3
Power Drill

Orange Juice
Orange Juice x oo

Cardboard Box x 2
Snack x 3
Snack x oo
Snack x oo
Cash Register
Box of Nails x 2
Box of Nails x oo
Box of Nails x oo
Steel Shelving x 3
Motor Oil x 2
Motor Oil x oo
Motor Oil x oo

Cardboard Box x5
Push Broom
Baseball Bat (top of shelf)

Rooftop of Gas Station

Purple Spray Paint
2x4 x 2
Sledge Hammer
Sniper Rifle


Whiskey x 2
Propane Tank x 4 (one is on top of middle stack of cars)
Acetylene Tank x 3
Crowbar (on top of car stack to the right after exiting Gas Station)
Garbage Bag x 6
Tire x 5
Tire x oo
Bucket x 3
2x4 x 2
Power Drill x 1
Pallet x 6
Sledge Hammer
Large Soda
Leaf Rake
Large Wrench x 2

Cardboard Box x 3
Steel Shelving
Acetylene Tank
Tire x 4
Restroom (Save Point)

Pawn Shop

Wheel x oo [$5,000)
Spiked Bat x oo [$2,500]
Moosehead x oo [$500]
Zombrex x oo [$25,000]
Handgun x oo [$500]
Electric Rake [$5,000]
Drill Bucket [$2,500]
Assault Rifle [$1,000]

Sheriff Office

Highback Oak Chair
Round Potted Plant
Flashlight x 2

Metal Garbage Can x 2
Newspaper x 2
Nightstick x 4
Stool x 3
Round Potted Plant
Serving Tray

Cardboard Box x 6
Steel Shelving x 2
Nightstick x 2
Highback Oak Chair
Metal Garbage Can
Cactus Plant
Whiskey x 2

Still Creek Casino

Fancy Tall Chair x 4
Playing Cards x 3
Casino Chips x 2
Metal Garbage Can
Cash Register
Fancy Small Chair x 8
$300 x 3
Casino Games ($300 each) [Trouble with Turkeys & Bonus Bonanza] x 18
ATM machine ($500 each) x 2 

Hotel (Bottom Floor)

Assault Rifle
Cardboard Box x 3

Hotel (Top Floor)

Outfit - Black Cowboy Hat
Small Potted Plant
Shed Key (Key Item that appears during Cast 0-4)


Ad Board
Round Potted Plant
Serving Tray x 3
Onion Rings x 2
Chili x 2
Bacon x 2
Orange Juice x 2
Pie x 2
Stool x 3
Chef Knife
Casino Game ($300 each) [Trouble with Turkeys] x 3
Restroom (Save Point)
Metal Garbage Can
Outfit - Diner Waitress
Plates x 3
Blender (for drink mixing)
Cash Register
Cooking Pot
Oven (for heating pans)

Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley

Outfit - Bowling Shirt
Outfit - White Tennis Shoes
Cash Register x 2
Bowling Pin x 41
Bowling Ball x 11
Handbag x 2
Beer x 15
Hot Dog
Metal Garbage Can x 4
Gumball Machine
ATM machine ($500)
Snack machine ($100) x 3
Highback Oak Chair x 7
Keg x 2
Large Soda x 2
Cooking Pot
Oven (for heating pans)

Ed's Friendly Barber Shop

Outfit - Mohawk Hair
Magazine (Health 1)
Round Potted Plant x 2
Shower Head x 2
Shampoo x 3
Scissors x 4
Highback Oak Chair x 2

Big Buck Hardware

Outfit - Overalls
Cash Register
Power Drill x 4
Box of Nails x 3
Sledge Hammer x oo
Chainsaw x 2
Acetylene Tank
Pitchfork x oo
Leaf Rake x oo
Saw Blade x oo

Big Buck Hardware (Maintenance Room)

Maintenance Table (for combo weapons)
Propane Tank
Box of Nail x 2

Still Creek Movie Theater

Hot Dog x 2
Large Soda x 3
Cash Register x 2
Jellybeans x 2
Metal Garbage Can x 2
Newspaper Box x 2
Cardboard Cutout x 2
Gumball Machine x 2
$100 x 4
Casino Game ($300 each) [Trouble with Turkeys & Bonus Bonanza] x 8

Bowie Knife
Jellybeans x 2
Large Soda x 3
Hot Dog x 2

Bob's Fish n' Hunt

Outfit - Hunting Jacket
Cash Register
Assault Rifle x 2
Shotgun x 2
Handgun x oo
Handgun x oo
Broadsword x 2
Bow and Arrow x oo
Bow and Arrow x oo
Bow and Arrow x oo
Bowie Knife x oo
Bowie Knife x oo
Cardboard Box x 3

The Dirty Drink

Outfit - White Cowboy Hat
Serving Tray x 5
Large Barrel x 4
Stool x 4
Acoustic Guitar x 2
Beer x 7
Whiskey x 2
Blender (for mixing)
Cash Register
Plates x 2
Highback Oak Chair x 4
Cactus Plant x 2
Metal Garbage Can
Keg x 2
Large Soda
Hot Dog
Oven (for heating pans)
Cooking Pot

Uncle Bill's Department Store

Outfit - White Cowboy Hat
Outfit - Ladies Hat
Outfit - Plaid Suit
Magazine (Building)
Cash Register
Playing Cards
Snack x 2
Jellybeans x 2
Onion Rings
Large Soda
Milk x oo
Milk x oo
Orange Juice x oo
Whiskey x 2
Whiskey x oo
Ketchup x oo
Mustard x oo
Push Broom x oo
Lead Rake x oo
Bucket x oo
Bucket x 2
Gumball Machine
Propane Tank x 2
Box of Nails x oo
Motor Oil
Motor Oil x oo
Donkey Lamp x oo
Donkey Lamp x oo
Round Potted Plant
Round Potted Plant x oo
Cactus Plant x oo
Cardboard Box x 2
Stick Pony x oo
Servebot Mask x oo (amused)
Servebot Mask x oo (overjoyed)
Servebot Mask x oo (happy)
Lawn Dart x oo
Lawn Dart x oo
Football x oo
Football x oo
Football x oo
Bowling Ball
Bowling Ball x oo
Fire Extinguisher
Casino Games ($300 each) [Barnyard Bonanza] x 3

Maintenance Room (near Department Store)

Maintenance Table (for combining weapons)
Power Drill


Pallet x 2
Cardboard Box x 2
Bowie Knife

                         C O M B O  W E A P O N  L I S T



Baseball Bat + Box of Nails

Baseball Bat Locations:

- Gas Station (beside Maintenance table)
- Near Van (outside Gas Station shed)
- To the left of the Maintenance Room of Big Buck Hardware

Box of Nails Locations:

- Gas Station
- Uncle Bill's Department Store

Move List:

- Bat Swing (Light attack)
PP earned: 50 per kill

- Bat Impale (Heavy attack)
PP earned: 200 per kill

-- I.E.D.

Propane Tank + Box of Nails

Propane Tank Locations:

- Gas Station (junkyard)
- Uncle Bill's Department Store

Box Of Nails Locations:

- Gas Station
- Uncle Bill's Department Store
- Big Buck Hardware

Move List:

- I.E.D. Swing (Light attack)
PP earned: 100 per kill

- I.E.D. Impale (Heavy attack)
PP earned: 50 per impale

-- Drill Bucket

Power Drill + Bucket

Power Drill Locations:

- Gas Station
- Big Buck Hardware

Bucket Locations:

- Gas Station
- Uncle Bill's Department Store

Move List:

- Head Drill (Light/Heavy Attack)
PP earned: 500 per kill

-- Molotov

Whiskey + Newspaper

Whisky Locations:

- Gas Station
- Uncle Bill's Department Store
- The Dirty Drink
- Sheriff's Office (upstairs sheriff room)

Newspaper Locations:

- Still Creek (streets)
- Sheriff's Office

Move List:

- Molotov Toss (Light/Heavy Attack)
PP earned: 175 per kill

-- Air Horn

Pylon + Green/Purple Spray Paint

Pylon Locations:

- Quarantine Area (east end of Still Creek)

Purple Spray Paint Locations:

- Gas Station (rooftop on air condition unit)

Green Spray Pain Locations:

- Still Creek (behind the Sheriff's Office - hop over blockade near Pawn Shop)

Move List:

- Noise Blast (Light/Heavy Attack)
PP earned: 250 per kill

-- Beer Hat

Beer + Hard Hat

Beer Locations:

- The Dirty Drink
- Still Creek Theater
- Still Creek (streets and near Bob on rooftop)

Hard Hat Locations:

- Still Creek (*rooftop behind Bob's Fish n' Hunt)

* Get up on the rooftop with Bob.  This item is located on the rooftop across 
from the outside stairway in the back of the hotel near the building that Bob 
is on.  Jump to the stairway then hop onto the air condition unit of the 
building across from it to easily reach it.

Move List:

- Beer Drink (Light/Heavy Attack)
PP earned: 150 per drink

-- Electric Rake

Battery + Leaf Rake

Battery Locations:

- Still Creek (*alley before Quarantine Area)

* Before entering the street full of cars in front of the Quarantine, look off 
to the left and follow the alleyway just before the car pileup and the battery 
will be lying on dumpster at the end of the alleyway.

- Leaf Rake

- Still Creek (near the entrance to the Sheriff's Office)
- Big Buck Hardware

Move List:

- Electric Rake Poke
PP earned: 200 per kill

-- Boomstick

Pitchfork + Shotgun

Pitchfork Locations:

- The Dirty Drink (to the left after stepping inside through the front door)
- Big Buck Hardware

Shotgun Locations:

- Bob's Fish 'n Hunt (two are in a glass case along the right side)
- Sheriff's Office (lying on the desk in the upstairs sheriff room)

Move List:

- Stab and Shoot
PP earned: 200 per kill

- Impale and Shoot
PP earned: 2,500 per kill/200 per shot that kills standing zombies

-- Paddlesaw

Chainsaw + Paddle

Chainsaw Locations:

- Big Buck Hardware

Paddle Locations:

- Still Creek (*right outside the Gas Station shed - across the street)

When exiting the gas station, walk straight ahead then look near the reddish 
building to the left.

Move List:

- Blade Slice
PP earned: 125 per kill

                             A C H I E V E M E N T S


-- Zombie Hunter (10G)

Description: Killed 100 zombies.  That was just a warmup, right?

-- Part Way There (10G)

Description: Found and returned a bike part, but it's still not road-worthy...

-- A Taste of Things to Come (10G)

Description: Built a combo weapon.  Necessity is the father of invention.

-- Chop Shop (20G)

Description: Defeated Jed The Mechanic, and put an end to his zombie hunting 

Extra Info:

Give Katey some Zombrex between the hours of 7:00pm and 8:00pm to fight Jed 
afterwards.  If you gave some Zombrex to Sharon then you'll have to buy some 
more Zombrex from the pawn shop.

-- Clueless No More (10G)

Description: Purchased a clue from Dick, the pawnshop owner.  He drives a hard 

Extra Info:

Speak with Dick in the Pawn Shop after saving him and he will offer clues to 
the location of bike parts for a price.  Buy one clue from him to get this 

-- Locksmith (20G)

Description: Unlocked all doors in Still Creek.  You are the master of 

Sheriff's Office Door - Climb on top of the green dumpster just to the north of 
the pawn shop and hop over the blockade.  Follow the path to the back door of 
the Sheriff's Office.  Step inside and unlock the front door to the Sheriff's 

Back Theater Door - Enter the Theater near the Department store then go through 
either set of doors and unlock the back door in the screen room.

Shed Door - The shed key is on the top floor of the hotel.  Climb to the 
building with Bob on top then hop over to the stairway on the building near it. 
You can also hop to the stairway from the green dumpster behind the hotel.  The 
key is in the room around the corner near the boarded up staircase.  The shed 
is near Big Buck Hardware store.  It's to the east of it and you'll find the 
Bike Forks inside.

Hunting Store - Climb up to the rooftop where Bob is located and hop over to 
the railing of stairway along the hotel near that building.  Hop onto the air 
condition unit of the building across from the stairway then pull up.  Move 
along the rooftop to the left and to the next roof.  You'll pass by a football 
while moving along the roof.  Hop up to the roof of the hunting store then drop 
through the trapdoor along the roof.  Unlock the door to the hunting store 
while inside.

-- Ready to Ride (20G)

Description: Rebuilt the bike.  You're quite the handyman!

-- Still Creek Savior (20G)

Description: Saved all the survivors in Still Creek.  So much work in such a 
short stay!

Extra Info:

Dick - On top of the van in front of the gas station shed after bring the first 
piece of the bike back to the gas station.  Taking him back to his pawn store 
saves him.  He can't be taken to the gas station.

Gemini and Fausto - The Dirty Drink.  Give Fausto two drinks and he will join.

Nikki, Tia and Sharon - 1:00pm at Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley.  Talk with Nikki 
and Tia until they mention that they won't leave without Sharon.  Sharon will 
appear in the quarantine area inside the second tent in the right row of tents 
after entering.  Give her Zombrex and carry Sharon back to Tia and Nikki then 
speak with them.

Archie and Jason - 3:00pm behind the Department Store.  Grab a broadsword from 
the hunting store and give it to Jason and both of them will join.

Bob and Darcie - Climb up to the rooftop of the building across the street from 
the gas station and talk with Bob before 7:00pm.  After 7:00pm (after the 
cuscene that plays then) return to Bob and speak with him and Darcie will 
appear in the hunting store.

-- We Ride To Fortune City! (20G)

Description: Escaped Still Creek with Katey!  But the worst is yet to come...

Extra Info:

Rebuild the bike, give Katey the Zombrex between 7:00pm and 8:00pm and examine 
the bike between the hours of 7:00pm and 9:00pm after finishing off Jed to 
escape.  This will give a player Ending A.

-- Zombie Exterminator (20G)

Description: Killed 1,000 zombies.  Where do they keep coming from?

Extra Info:

The quickest way I have found to do this is to find zombies that have Queen 
bees in them and kill them then take the queen - the zombie will raise its 
hands as if in pain when it has a Queen Bee on it.  Find a big group of zombies 
and toss the Queen Bee near them to kill them all at once.  Keep finding Queens 
and doing this to raise kills quickly.  Use the spiked bat to kill the Queen 

The paddlesaw and moosehead will also help a bunch for killing zombies quickly 
though they break very easy.

The quarantine area and the area directly in front of the gas station (near the 
pumps) usually has the biggest crowds of zombies.

NOTE: The 1,000 kills for this achievement must be done in one playthrough.

-- Small Town, Deep Pockets (20G)

Description: Spent $100,000 in the pawnshop.  You just put Dick's kids through 

Extra Info:

Go into either the Casino, Diner or Theater and break the gambling games inside 
to get money fast.  You can enter and exit the gas station to make the games 
respawn.  Zombrex is the highest item you can buy ($25,000).

NOTE: The money spent carries over to other playthroughs so long as you keep 
restarting the story from the same save game.

-- A bigger taste... (20G)

Description: Built all available combo weapons.  Now take those combo cards 
into Dead Rising 2!

Extra Info:

| Combo Weapons                                                               |
| Baseball Bat + Box of Nails = Spiked Bat                                    |
| Propane Tank + Box of Nails = I.E.D.                                        |
| Power Drill + Bucket = Drill Bucket                                         |
| Whiskey + Newspaper = Molotov                                               |
| Pylon + Green/Purple Paint Spray = Air Horn                                 |
| Hard Hat + Beer = Beer Hat                                                  |
| Battery + Leaf Rake = Electric Rake                                         |
| Pitchfork + Shotgun = Boomstick                                             |
| Paddle + Chainsaw = Paddlesaw                                               |

NOTE: See the combo cards section if you need item locations.

                                C R E D I T S

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