Dead Space 2: FAQ/Walkthrough

             __________      _________          _____      __________
     |   _____  `.   |   ______|        /    _`.   |   _____  `.
     |  |_    `.  |  |  |____          /  ,  \     |  |     `.  |
     |  ,-'    |  |  |   ____|        /  /_\  \    |  |      |  |
     |  |_____,'  |  |  |_____,--.  _/  _____  \   |  |_____,'  |
     |__________,'   |__________,' |__,'     \__\  |__________,'

     ________    __________      ,-.___     _______     .-.______
   ,'  ______|  |  .--.__  |    /    .-'   |   ___ `-.  |   _____`.
   |  |_____    |  |____,' |   /  ,  \__   |  |   |_,'  |  |____
   '._____  `.  |   _____,-'  /  /_\  .-'  |  |         |   __,-'     
  .-._____|  |  |  |_        /   ____  \   |  |___,-.   |  |_____     ______
  |_________,'  |___/       /_,-'    \__\  |_______,'   |________}  ,'_____ `.
                                                                      _____| |
                                                                    ,' _____,'
                                                                    | |______

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Authored by: BkStunt_31 ( Gregorio31 @ gmail . com )

- AND -      Shadow 571 ( Shadow591 @ hotmail . com )

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 \/                               INTRODUCTIONS                            \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Horror in space? Of course!

Hello everyone, Bkstunt and Shadow here with a walkthrough of Dead Space 2.
The first Dead Space, released in late 2008, was a resounding hit, virtually
guaranteeing the production of a sequel. And here we are! Being a huge fan of
the first game, I jumped at the chance to write for Dead Space 2!

Note: Being as how this game is VERY new, this guide is currently under
contruction. We appreciate your patience! For now you master chapters 1-4 as
well as see what we are planning for the future! Exciting!

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 \/                            Table Of Contents                           \/
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Note: Press Ctrl+F and enter in the code to skip to that section.

Version Updates:......................................(DS 1.0)

Walkthrough:..........................................(DS 2.0)


     Chapter I: Welcome to the Sprawl ................(DS 2.01)
     Chapter II: Fun with trains .....................(DS 2.02)
     Chapter III: Crazy Unitologists .................(DS 2.03)
     Chapter IV: The Church ..........................(DS 2.04)
     Chapter V:
     Chapter VI:
     Chapter VII:
     Chapter VIII:
     Chapter IX:
     Chapter X:
     Chapter XI:
     Chapter XII:
     Chapter XIII:
     Chapter XIV:


Power Nodes:

Text Logs:

Audio Logs:



Credits and other ramblings:

\/                                                                 (DS 1.0) \/
 \/                         Version History                                \/
  \/                                                                      \/

Version 1.0: Jan. 25th-26th.

Main walkthrough well underway. Currently covering chapters 1-4. Shadow is
currently working on chapters 5-7, which will be added along with my chapters
8-11 in the next update. Cheers!

\/                                                                 (DS 2.0) \/
 \/                            Walkthrough                                 \/
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Here are the controls for playing Dead Space 2:

                _,.--.,_                              _,.--.,_
               |  _____ |                            | _____  |
               |-'     `'.__________________________,'`     `-|
             ,'    __     `.                      ,'    .,.    `.
            /     |  |      \        SONY        /     (/_\)     \
           !   __  \/  __    |                  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
           |  |__ >  < __|   !__SELECT   START__| ([ ])     ( O ) !
           !       /\        ___`-.        ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
           |\     |__|     ,'   `. \      / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
           | `.           /       \ |    | /       \    `-'    ,' |
           |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
           |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |
           |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |
           \         /                                  \         /
            \       /                                    \       /
             `.__,-'                                      `-.__,'

[See the menu for now! Coming Soon!]

Ok, onto the walkthrough proper...


Popping in the disk... loading up.... and...

Welcome to Dead Space 2! Shadow and I are here to guide you through your stay!
First of all, Dead Space 2 is a DIRECT sequel to the first game, and so we'll
assume that you've played the first title. Also note that we discuss this game
in-depth, so...


Don't touch anything at the start menu if you want to see the opening
cut scenes, which are pretty cool.

Upon starting the game, you'll be greated with EA's ToS (Terms of Service) and
Privacy Policy. *Yawn.... Do they actually expect anyone to read this? We get
it EA, you don't want to be sued and you want to sell us a bunch of stuff.
Moving on...

Past that is the online pass menu, where you will need to enter in your online
code which can be found in your manual (it's staring you in the face as soon
as you open your case). EA does this to make more money by having anyone who
buys Dead Space 2 used be forced to pay $9.99 to play the multiplayer on their
servers. I have a lot to say about this subject, but I'll let you make your
own mind up on EA's... practices...

Note that you can also enter in any pre-order bonuses (such as the Rivet Gun)
here as well, which will download from the PSN store.

You will also get any unlocks at this time, such as the Hacker Suit from
Dead Space Ignition.

I also got the "refurbished plasma cutter" at this time. Not exactly sure why.
It may be because I have a Dead Space 1 file on my hard drive. (Can someone
confirm this for us? Our emails are at the top).

After you're done entering in codes, you'll be taken to the main menu.
Here are your options:

Single Player - (Self explanitory)

Multiplayer - (Self explanitory)

Extras - (Shows you the controls, lets you enter in redeem codes, and lets
          you look at credits)

Store - (View the PSN Store for DLC)

Online Pass - (Enter in your online code or purchase a pass)


Select "Single Player" to be taken to another menu:

Continue - (Continues your game)

New Game - (Self explanitory)

Load Game - (Loads a saved game)

New Game + - (Play through the game again with all the items you've acquired)

Previously on Dead Space - (Plays a nice cut scene that tells you the story of
                            Dead Space up to now. A very nice inclusion. We 
                            recommend you watch it)

There are five difficulty levels in Dead Space 2, four of which are available
right off the bat.

Casual - Enemies are weak. With some effort, you can survive.

Normal - Ammo and health conservation are the keys to survival. A skillful
         trigger finger is needed to survive.

Survivalist - For veteran Dead Space players. Ammo and health are less
              plentiful, and enemies are more deadly.

Zealot - Ammo and health are very scarce and enemies will brutalize you.

Hardcore - (You must beat the game to unlock this mode)

Note: This guide was written while playing the 'Normal' difficulty.

Now adjust your brightness and watch the opening cut scenes.

***Opening Cut Scenes***

After the scene with the doctor, you'll be awoken by Franco (from Dead Space
Ignition). Watch as the Infector changes Franco before he can get you out of
your straight-jacket. Well damn... without our arms, all we can really do at
this point is run (L2). Get out of your cell, as Franco will stand up soon,
and run to your left (as there is a necro to your right). Another necro will
jump through a window on your left as you run, but don't steer too far right
as there's a necro on the table and he can lash out at you. Steer for the
middle. Keep running past the Infector through the doorway as a necro runs in
on your right.

Turn left past the door as another necro emerges behind you and two more pop
in to your right and in front of you. Go throught the next door and take a
quick right. Take the next right as well through the ultra-bloody hallway and
make a break for the open door. Here, the closest necromorph will jump you, so
jamn on your X button to kick him off of you and back into the closing door,
decapitating it.

Well, quite a rush! You'll be VERY low on health now (no matter what).

Welcome to Chapter I. 

Chapter I: Welcome to the Sprawl                                   [DS 2.01]

Walk forward and you'll see your first save station. Open the door nearby and
you'll see two soldiers. Somebody to help us out? Not quite, walk towards them
and see why. You'll than here an intercom message about having the "key
subject" terminated from a Dr. Tiedemann. Walk forward past the offices and up
the stairs and enter the door to the observation room.

Here you can watch a video on one of the patients, Nolan Strauss, as a doctor
asks him questions. Head down the stairs on either side to continue. Here you
can look down into the patients rooms, where you just came out of. Continue
forward and go into the room on the left, as the right door is locked.

Continue on and you'll reach a room with an escaped patient. After a rather
tense moment, he'll cut your arms free and point out a locker which has a
flashlight and a health pack. Turn around to thank your new frien.. OH MY
GOD!!! Poor guy...

Move into the next room where you'll recieve a transmison from Daina, who
tells you that she's the one who rescued you. She also claims to be able to
cure your dementia, if you can reach her that is. Head down the elevator to
the patient rec room. Here you will learn how to use your locator (R3), which
is very handy indeed if you're ever not sure where to go. Oh, we can also now
punch things with R1 and stomp on things with R2. Go ahead and try it out on
the corpse ahead of you. Ah, satisfying...

Move through the rec room, where some tv's will turn on trying to freak you
out. In the hallway to the right is a locked door and your first audio log,
"Popsicle Sticks". You can listen to audio logs as you play by pressing
[Select] once you pick them up. Move down the hallway to the save station and
enter the doors on your right. This leads to the showers, where Issac will
have a headache. Foreshadowing the dementia? Continue on and jump into the
maintenance duct.

Here a necromorph will scuttle out of your way as you crawl along, which is
good as we're pretty defenseless at the moment. You'll soon fall down into a
room below you, where you'll have a quick conversation with Daina. Go to the
panel by the glowing patient and interact with it as Issac pulls out a device
that gives you the Kinesis Grab ability. Try it out by breaking out the right
glass window. This will make a necromorph pop out into the hallway. Well, we
may not have any guns, but we do have our grab! Grab a bar and have it ready
to throw at the necro when he gets into our room. This will impale him onto
the wall! Repeat that for another necro that comes by, impaling him to the
wall as well. The doors on either side of this hallway are locked, so take
the elevator to the surgery observation room. Pick up the health here as well.

Once you enter this room, some necromorphs will burst out of hiding and start
ascending the slope in front of you. Move to your right where you will find
two poles laying on the ground that you can use to impale them. However, there
will be three necromorphs, so use you Kinesis to grab a spike off of one of
the dead necro's and impale the last living one (FYI, this will give you the
"Taste of your own Medicine" trophy). Be sure to stomp/punch the necro's to
search for any items or credits they may have on them. Which leads to the
golden rule:


Go down to the lower deck and check the yellow boxes on the left and the
right for items. Go up the right side and through the door to continue. Here
they'll teach you about stomping on boxes/corpses to search for items, so get
the items for the nearby box and corpse. Handy. Continue on and they'll teach
you how to melee. Punch the necro in the wheelchair for another item. Head
into the intensive care room where you'll hear cries for help. Move forward
but be sure to grab the item from the box in the room on your right. You can
tell when these boxes will give you something, but sometimes they are locked.
For example, the room on your right has one box that's locked (glowing yellow)
and one box that will give you an item (glowing green).

You'll notice the man needing help is tied down in the center area. The room
across from him has some plasma energy in it (ammo) that you should be sure to
grab. Now go into the room and try to help the man by interacting with the
computer at the top. A necro will break in while you are trying to help and
will unfortunately kill the man, but you will gain the plasma cutter.

Now that we have a weapon, we can use it to revenge the man.


As you may or may not know, killing necro's in Dead Space is all about
cutting off their limbs, which the plasma cutter is VERY efficient at.
Remember: Aim for the limbs!


Weapons have alternate modes of fire, accomplished by pressing R2 while you
are aiming/using them.

Now that you're armed, use the plasma cutter's main fire and alternate fire to
de-member the two necro's that show up. Loot them and head out to the hallway.
Loot the third room and kill the tied-up necro, then enter the door behind
him. Here Daina will tell you to dismember the creatures, but you already knew
that. Continue through the next door. Use the save station here if you wish
and then continue into the intensive care waiting area.

The left path is cut off, so continue to the right. Soon the fire
extinguishers will go off, followed by three nerco's jumping out. If you are
fast, you can go back to the first area and wait for them to come out. Try and
shoot off their legs, and than stomping on them to conserve ammo! You'll
probably get the "Shoot the Limbs!" trophy about now as well.

Loot the corpses and continue on. Before entering the door, check the nearby
rooms for some items and a yellow box with more items. Continue through the
door where the game will tell you how to reload (Square) and give you some
more ammo. Go through the next door to find a dead soldier whose comm. unit
reminds you to shoot the limbs (think they want you to shoot the limbs?).
Grab the item and break the nearby box for another item.

The next door leads back to the hallways. Head to your right and take a left
at the intersection to find a room on your left with a text log ("Orderly TPS
Report: 1411"). Interesting stuff. Check out the waiting room on your left
for some ammo, health, and another yellow box on the wall. You should have
quite the cache of ammo and health by now. Continue down the wall and enter
the "Upper Lobby" door.

Here another patient will tell you to follow him as "they are after us", but
he won't say who "they" are. Grab the item to your left and take the left door
down the ramp as there's some ammo by the gourney. Go down the ramp and grab
the health out of the monkey vending machine and the ammo by the dead guy.
You'll see "Patient 5" telling you to remember him as the door seperates you.
You'll then talk to Daina telling her you don't need her help as she get's mad
and says "Fine, let's see how long you last then". Cue the necromorphs.

You're in a pretty good spot though, as nothing will come in behind you thanks
to the security door. Four necromorphs will come down the walkways, so be
ready to cut off their legs and stomp them. After you kill them, the siren
will shut off and Issac will apologize to Daina. We'll then learn that
we are on Titan station, orbiting Saturn, but Tiedemann will jam the signal
before we find out how the necromorphs are here.

Loot the corpses and go through either of the center doors. Be SURE to check
the middle station for some ammo, a text log ("Anxiety Spike"), and your first
power node. Head through the double doors in front of you. Check to your left
for some ammo, than take the hallway to the right. Use the save node nearby
and head into the Triage Room.

There's a text log on your right ("Heisenberg"), so grab it and interact with
the red box to your left. Here you'll do your first hack attempt, so as the
game says, slowly rotate the left stick to find the blue weak points, then
press "X". These hacking attempts are also random, so I can't tell you how 
to do them, but just rotate the left stick around until you find the blue
area (the circle will highlight blue) and press X. Do this three times.

Doing this will grant you the Stasis Power (Triangle), which will be aptly
demonstrated as a necromorph breaks into the room and gets hit by it. As you
can see, it greatly slows the creature down, so dispatch it already. You'll
also learn that the stasis meter slowly recharges over time. Feel free to use
stasis at any time (it's especially usefull when you are outnumbered). There
are also statis recharge stations scattered throughout the game, as you'll see
one on your right and left.

Open the nearby security gate using the console, and then aim at it and use
your stasis. As you walk toward the gate, a camera will see you and try to
slam the gate closed, but since you slowed it you can make it through.

Check to your left for some ammo and head to your right to see a man's last
moments. You'll run into two necromorphs in here that will try and puke on you
so kill them off and loot their bodies. One will drop a stasis module, and
you'll learn how to recharge your stasis (triangle). Explore the room, as you
can find a power node near the back by some yellow boxes on the wall. Continue
on and enter the elevator.

You'll see a freaky cut scene and then you'll get control again. Head out
of the elevator and grab the text log ("Secrecy") directly in front of you.
Check the cubicles nearby for a yellow box and another power node.

Now, the game wants you to go through the east wing, but head west instead
to the "Conduit Room". Here you'll find yet another power node, a hefty amount
of credits, and an audio log ("Final Report"), which is probably one of
Franco's last logs ever. Now head down the east wing and take note of the
caution sign that reads oxygen is in use. Grab the ammo and enter the critical
needs room.

Here, the room will decompress, sucking out everything in the room. Issac will
hold on, so quickly shoot the flashing red triangle (the lockdown switch) to
shut the door. Head through the door on the left and search in front of you
for some ammo. Shoot the corpse in front of you by the save station, as it's a
necromorph in waiting. Gather the loot and open the box flashing in front of
you to find another power node. Save if you wish then examine the nearby

Stores are a great help in Dead Space as you can buy items, sell items, and
store items.

Store Location #1


Engineering Suit: 1000 Credits


You can find the Rivet Gun and Refurbished Plasma Cutter here, if you have
them. They will sell for 0 credits.

Take what you can, but be sure to grab the engineering suit for 1,000 credits.
It has 10 inventory slots, and will actually give you some armor (5%). Much
better looking than that straight jacket! (You'll get the "Patient on the
Loose" trophy as well).


I really don't know what the differnce is between the two plasma cutters is.
If you do, feel free to email us. I also WON'T be using the rivet gun, as I
realize not everyone has it. I'll also be storing my refurbished plasma
cutter as well.

Once you're done in the shop, head out the door to the emergency arrival area.
This actually leads to a vacuum (space), and you'll start using your supply of
oxygen, which lasts 120 seconds. Move through the short area and you'll exit
space and be in a big wide open room. You just KNOW something about to happen.

Head towards your objective and soon you'll see a rather large creature jump
out. This thing is a Tripod, as it stands on three legs. First off, hit it
with a shot of stasis and aim for one of it's two front "legs". See the
slightly yellow portion? That's its weak spot. Shoot that spot 2-3 times and
you'll blow its leg clean off. Otherwise, it'll just jump around the area and
try to jump on top of you.

There's a statis module behind you, by the door if you want to refill. Do the
same thing to the other leg and it'll fall flat on it's face, dropping some
items. DON'T LET IT FOOL YOU!!! It's still alive. See it's tongue that dropped
out? Its got a yellowish weak spot too, so blast it in half to kill it for

You'll know it's dead when Issac has a conversation with Daina. You'll learn
alot about Issac in this conversation, including why it's so importent to
reach Daina. Search the corpse for loot (a gold semiconductor) and be sure to
loot the surrounding area as well as there are a lot of boxes scattered about.

Once the looting is done, go into the vehicle bay. Go down the ramps and enter
the next door. Keep your eyes peeled, as there will be some random items in
the bay itself, on the floor. The door to your right is locked, so like the
game says, use Kinesis to break off the panel in front of you (marked with the
blue marker) and enter another shaft. Crawl to the exit to reach Chapter II.

Chapter II: Fun with trains                                        [DS 2.02]

Right away you'll find an audio log ("Cut off their limbs") by a dead soldier
(another limbs message... great). Here you'll find a store as well as a work
bench. Let's examine the store first.

Store Location #2


Line Gun:                9,000 Credits
Javelin Gun:             11,000 Credits
*Rivet Bolts (10 Pack):  750 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):  1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:          2,000 Credits

*: Only if you have the Rivet Gun. (Note: Will someone confirm for me if the
Rivet Gun is buyable? Thanks!)

You can also sell that gold semiconductor for 3,000 credits. While you may be
rich by now, I doubt you can buy both guns, so you'll have to choose. I'm 
personally going for the Javelin Gun (I like impaling, what can I say?).


With multiple weapons, you can assign them to one of the directional buttons.
Very handy as you can switch out weapons on the fly.

Also, store some ammo if you have too much of it. You'll want the inventory

Now let's inspect our first work bench.

Bench Location #1

The work bench will let you upgrade your equipment by placing power nodes into
a diagram. What you want to upgrade is entirely your preference, but take note
that the diagrams often have blank spaces between upgrades, so plan ahead
accordingly. I personally took my plasma cutter and upgraded the DMG, CAP,
and REL using four power nodes (be sure to save one).

Once you're done, go out the nearby door. You'll be able to see out into space
from here. Get ready to fight, as once you get close to the escalator it will
start up on it's own, sending a necro down your way. Kill him off and pick up
the loot along with a health pack. Move up the left side of the area (ignore
the escalator) and you'll see Tiedemann on some TVs up ahead. So THAT's what
he looks like. There's also some boxes with loot in them that you can break.

Check to the left up ahead for a stasis module and then check out the save
station if you wish. Up ahead to your left is a power lock. Basically, you
can find rooms that are locked throughout the game that can be unlocked with
a power node. They usually contain all sorts of goodies, so it's wise to keep
a power node on hand to unlock them.

Unlock this room and you'll find a text log ("Quarterly Report"), as well as
a Ruby Semiconductor (10,000 Credits) and a [Power Node Schematic]. You'll
also find various ammo and health as well. Quite a good haul, really.


About schematic's, once you find them you can access the item/weapon that
they provide at a store. For example, you can go to the last store and it
will make Power Nodes available for purchase because you have the schematic.

You can go back to the last store and sell the Ruby Semiconductor and buy
another Power Node if you wish (I would buy one at least). Whenever you're
ready, head through the "Titan Heights" door to continue.

Pandimonium ensues, as nercomorphs are attacking the residnets. Kill the one
in front of you and grab the power node chilling to your left. No need to
rush, you really can't help those people in the background right now. If you
hang out in this area, some necromorphs will pop out as well (if you want the
credits). Enter the elevator to continue.

As you know, elevator rides aren't exactly our friend. Watch the scene and
continue. Once you leave the elevator, Patient 5 will yell at you from across
the room, telling you about the drugs that make you forget things. Soon a
new necromorph will RUDELY interrupt the conversation though. This thing is
a crawler (aptly named), so shoot it once to stun it and stomp it to death.
Patient 5 will leave, so continue down the hallway to the right and stomp the
box for some goodies.

Past the door, you'll see some people fleeing, but once you try and go near
them a necro will break out of the door on the left. Take him out. Check out
the apartement on the left for some credits but be ready for the crawler that
comes out of the bathroom. Once you kill it a nercomorph will pop out outside,
so take it out too. Continue on into the laundry area and gather the loot (I
have NO idea what's going on with that machine...).

Once you head to the exit, the lights will go out, stating that you need to
wait for the power to come back on. Get ready, because you'll have to defend
against a necromorph ambush. To start, one necromorph will fall down VERY
close to the locked door. He's alone, though so take out a leg and stomp him.
You'll than get a spitter where the machines are, but he's also alone so kill
him fast, because in about four seconds a crawler and necro will drop down by
the door. It's easy enough to stomp the crawler, so do so and take out the
necro's legs and stomp him as well. Easier typed than done, given the close
quarters, but you should be able to get off a good shot. Reload and get ready
for another necro to drop in. After fending off the onslaught, the power will

Enter the Terrace now and enjoy the view. Enter the left door to find more
apartements with a guy shouting for you to stay away. Break the box here for
some goodies (I got the "Romper Stomper" trophy here). Go down the hallway to
find some health on your right and a text log ("Titan Part I") in the back
explaining planet-cracking a bit. Head into the elevator where Issac will
talk with Daina some more, and you'll learn more about Tiedemann and the

Save at the save station if you wish and you'll hear a baby crying. Aww..
being a rather new dad, that actually made me sad a bit. Check out the
apartement on the left for an item and continue on. You'll see a woman die
past the bars on the right. Further on a necro will jump out of a door on the
left, so take him down and stomp the nearby box for some goodies. Enter the
transit station.

Outside you'll see a creature scuttle up the window, and than a ship will
explode. Ahead, one of the corpses on the ground will rise up, so shoot it
back down. A crawler will also appear as well. Gather up the nearby items and
continue on. There's a Gold Semiconductor on the left hand side of this area
as well (use telekenises to get it).

Up ahead on the left is another Conduit room. Here you can find an audio log
("Hampered") as well as a [Hacker Suit Schematic] along with various other
goodies. The gods won't like you coming in here though, as the power will once
again shut off and you'll have to defend yourself to get it back on.

It's nowhere near as hard as last time though. Exit the Conduit room and
you'll meet the exploder necromorphs. These guys have a VERY obvious weak
spot on one of their arms. They are basically time bombs. Just shoot the big
yellow spot and they'll explode. Three of them will come at you from the
escalator area, while the last one will break through the vent near the door
you need to go through. After killing the first three, run past the escalator
to kill the last one (he's too close to you at the conduit room).

Once they are dead, the power will restore. Gather up the loot and head
through the doors. As you go on, Issac will freak out, leading to some weird
graphics. Continue on until you see Nicole to make things go back to normal.

Explore the station for various goodies. Once you get near the train, an
infector will grab a corpse and turn it. Kill off the necro and the infector
when the doors open. Another necro will come at you from behind. Be sure to
kill the infector though, as it can make more necro's in this area.

Once that's done, get on the tram. Grab the goodies to the right and then go
left. Grab more goodies if you can and break into the box ahead of you. This
will start the tram moving and make a necro charge at you, so be ready to take
him down. Two more will break in through the windows on the right. Notice that
there's some poles near you, so you can save ammo and impale them if you wish.
Head forwards once you kill them. There'll be a spitter past the first door.
Kill it.

Through the next door you'll have to hurrel yourself towards the next tram
car. Stay on the right as the left door will blast off, then get over to the
other side. Once you're near the car you'll have to mash "X" to get in. You'll
be greated by a necro and an exploder, so blow them up. As you walk into the
car, a necro will pop in behind you as well. Enter the next car to start a
scene where the tram will crash, sliding you down the next few cars only to
be strung up upside down.

This is NOT a good position to be in, but you'll have to defend yourself while
in this state. Take note that there's some ammo near you that you can grab as
well as some poles ready for impaling. Get ready. Kill the crawler with a pole
as it shows up in front of you (a bit to the left) and explode the exploder
that follows. QUICKLY grab another pole and impale the necro that comes from
the left, than blast away a second one that comes out on the left.

A necro should be closing in from the right right about now, getting too close
for comfort. If you're not super fast, you'll probably get hit between those
last three necro's. Once you kill the last one, Issac will flip around so he
can look up at the tram. A bigger necro (a tripod, I think) will pop out, so
quickly shoot its weak spot. After that, Issac will finally fall down to the
ground. You're not clear yet though, as Issac will quickly move out of the way
of the falling train.

Chapter III: Crazy Unitologists                                    [DS 2.03]

What a close call! Issac will message Daina to get a new route. Explore the
surrounding area to loot all the necro's you killed. Be sure to check out the
nook to the right of the train to find a Power Node hidden behind some crates.
There is also a [Pulse Rifle Schematic] behind the left side of the train, so
be sure to grab that as well. Once you're done looting the area, follow the
objective to a room full of lockers. Grab the item off the desk and open the
single locker that they let you get into.

Head up the ramp and use the save station if you wish. You'll see a necro's
shadow as you continue onwards. To your left, do you see the "dead" necro?
Yeah, go ahead and shoot him. Also be sure to grab the Power Node to your
left out of the box. Grab the item out of the yellow box near the ramp.

Head up the blood-stained ramp to continue. Go through the door to find the
commercial section of the city. Inspect your right side to find some credits
on the ground. Now this next part sucks. As you head forwards, a new creature
that looks like a small kid has been infected will come out to play. These
things are collectively known as "The Pack", and will try and take you down
with numbers. Kill the couple that come out on your left, and move forwards.
A bunch (5-6) will come out near where you got the credits, with maybe two
more coming out where you killed the first two. Turn around and kill a few,
but move back to the escalator and sprint all the way down to the other end
(near where you got those credits) as 3-4 more will pop out behind where you
where. The trick here is to not let them sneak up behind you, which calls
for our sprinting tactics.

You'll know you've killed them all when Patient 5 radio's you and talks to you
some more about seeing things. Gather up your well-deserved loot. Head onwards
and use the save station if you wish. There's also a shop here where you can
finally download those two schematics.

Store Location #3


Pulse Rifle:             7,000 Credits
Hacker Suit:             20,000 Credits
*Rivet Bolts (10 pack):  750 Credits
Power Node:              10,000 Credits
Line Gun:                9,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):  1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:          2,000 Credits

Here, I recommend picking up the Hacker Suit and the Pulse Rifle. The suit
gives you an impressive 15 inventory slots and 15% armor (a major upgrade)
while the rifle is very handy to have for taking out the pack and makes a
good back-up weapon. I had to sell some spare line gun ammo I had to be able
to buy both of them, but if you can swing it, it's worth it.

Once you're done wheeling and dealing, head out to the mezzanine. Here you'll
learn more about Patient 5 courtesy of Daine. Head to your left to find a
text log ("Tital Part 2"). You can find credits at both ends of this place, so
explore it a bit and then follow the objective. You'll find another text log
as you go on ("Altman's Footsteps"). You haven't forgotten about Unitology,
have you? The door to the elivator is locked, so hack the console near it to
open it.

Once down into the unitology place, you'll get another text log ("Recruiting")
as well as some other goodies. You'll notice that the vent on the left is
locked. Whip out your rifle and advance forward a bit. Soon you'll have two
pack, an exploder, and a necro in front of you. Explode the exploder and kill
off the pack. Retreat back to the elevator though, as 3-4 more pack will pop
out near where you were standing. Pick them off easily with your rifle. Much
easier with the rifle, isn't it?

Alternatively you can also shoot out the glass behind ALL the creaturs and
watch them get sucked out to space. Just be sure to shoot the red triangle so
YOU don't get sucked out as well.

Gather the goodies (you can carry more with your new suit) and explore the
area for more goodies. Crawl through the vent and check out the video that
the nearby dead man made. How nice of him! Gather up all of the green boxes
and go up the ramp (the trash compactor is a dead end for now). Up through
the door past the ramp you'll see why. Save here if you wish and feel free
to use the bench.

Bench Location #2

Again, upgrade as you wish. Personally I used 3 nodes to up the plasma cutters
DMG and CAP. Be sure to keep one node as room insurance.

Once you're done, shutdown the trash compactor. Remember to loot the locker
as well. As you go down the ramp, a spitter, two necro's and an exploder will
pop out, but you have the high ground. Take them out and head into the trash

Here you will be in your first "Zero Gravity" area. Note that you can press
"L3" to launch yourself and to land. Controls in zero gravity mode are pretty
easy; its kind of like you are floating in water.

Grab the few floating goodies in this area and instead of going straight
ahead, pay a visit to the room on your left. Here you can find several open
lockers as well as a Power Node. Now go into the other door, where you will
find some controls that open up the hatch you need to go down.

Oh, this is going to be fun! Go ahead and start heading down the hatch you
just opened up. Needless to say, do your best to avoid any large debris that
heads your way. You'll have some help though, as you can boost by pressing
"L2" and orient yourself to the ground (make yourself "right-side up") by
pressing "R2". Travel the short distance down the tunnel to a door on the
right. You'll also get the "One Small Step" trophy.

It's not all fun and games though, as the lights will soon shut off. Grab the
two green boxes in front of you and head up the ramp. You'll pass a wide area
and head towards a door. I know you're thinking an ambush is up ahead, and
you're right, as a necro will burst out of the vent on the left. It's just
one though, so put him down. The door in front of you will require a power
node to open, so give it one. Inside is a bunch of random items with a Bronze
Semiconductor and your first Med. Health pack.

To your right is a power pack that's fallen out of it's home. You have to use
TK to put it back in, which will light up the area and power up the elevator.
Take the elevator to continue. Grab the power node on your left when you exit
the elevator and go through the door. Up here you'll see lots of candles.
Pretty spooky. The "dead" necro on your left could use a shot or two, so give
it to him. It's also "pregnant" by the way, which means several very small
crawlers will emerge from it and try to hurt you. The rifle is a good choice
when dealing with this type of enemy.

There's also some crawlers in the apartement that's open straight in front of
you when you enter, as well as some goodies and a text log ("Sally3"). Head
down the hallway into the room your supposed to go into. Grab the item from
the bathroom and enter the kids room for another lovely "Nicole moment". Grab
the item from the desk and move through the door to another hallway.

Here you can move up the hallway for a stasis pack and a good view of the
unitologists area. Move through the door and you'll see a giant gun-ship
checking you out. Keep going through the next door and get ready for a necro
who will jump out of the left door at you. Kill him off and move into the
elevator nearby. Use the save station on the left if you want.

As you enter this big open area, the door behind you will shut down trapping
you. The dead corpse in front of you will have an infector show up near it and
start to turn it, so blast it out of the sky. You'll also see an exploder come
out of the left vent behind it, so hit its yellow spot for an easy kill. We're
not done yet, though. Your best bet is to go up the stairs on your left and
wait for the next monsters. There will be two spitters and an exploder come
after you at least. There's also another infector on the loose, turning
corpses into necro's, so take care of the spitter's and exploder, then hunt
it down. Once you've killed it, the gates will open.

Gather up all your loot. Take note that you can find a [Javelin Spears
Schematic] in the elevated area that you took a stand in. Once you're done
looting the area, head further into crazy land. This next area is full of
boards where you can listen to the history of unitology if you wish. Head
through the next set of doors when you're done listening to crazy.

Out here the gunship will start to fire on you, putting you into space and
forcing you to hurry up through this area. Run to the right and head for the
door in front of you to get out of space, escape the gunship, and proceed to
Chapter IV.

Chapter IV: The Church                                             [DS 2.04]

After escaping the gunship, you'll enter the church itself. Issac will talk
to Daina a bit and then you'll be shown how to locate save stations, stores,
etc with your locator. As you can see, your objective wants you to go right,
while the store and bench are off to the left. To the left we go!

Enter the left door and than the door to your right to get into that small
little cubby area, which has a text log ("Tour Staff"). Head up the stairs
past the gift room and up to the reading room. You'll get a video message from
Patient 5/Strauss as well. Enter the reading room. In here you can find
another text log ("Two Tines") as well as some goodies and a Power Node. As
you leave though, a necro will jump down, so be ready.

Head back down and enter the gift shop. It's a small little area, but it has
just about everything you could want including a save station, bench, and a

Store Location #4


Javelin Spears (2 pack): 400 Credits
*Rivet Bolts (10 pack):  750 Credits
Power Node:              10,000 Credits
Line Gun:                9,000 Credits
Plasma Energy (6 Pack):  1,200 Credits
Small Med Pack:          2,000 Credits

Here I FINALLY bought the Line Gun as well as a power node. Onto the work

Bench Location #3

Here I continued my quest to max out the plasma cutter, adding on DMG, SPD,
and REL using three nodes (I still have one in reserve). 8 more nodes to go
to max it out!

Save if you wish and start treking back towards our main objective. This area
is similar to the gift shop area. Stomp on the corpses down here and pick up
the loot, then enter the nearby door to find an audio log ("Harsh Pressure").
Now ascend the stairs and press onwards through the door. In this upper
walkway you'll find an infector trying to turn a corpse, so shoot it down to
stop it. Down below you'll hear a crash as a necro pops out. There's also an
infector down here as well.

Once you take care of the first wave and head down there, a second wave will
appear. A necro will pop out along with another infector, who will start to
turn a corpse. Kill the first necro fast and freeze the infector/necro so you
can deal with them. Retreating up the stairs isn't a good idea, as a spitter
will pop out up there and you'll be stuck between baddies.

Once they are dead, collect the loot and head for the center cargo lift. Take
it up a level and go through the next door. Here you can go through the door
in front of you or you can go to your right and break the fuse to open that
door. That door just leads back to the starting area, making it easy to go
save/shop if you wish. Go into indoctrination to continue.

Here you can watch the indoctrination video if you wish. Creepy. Go into the
door on your right. Here you can find some goodies in the green boxes as well
as a text log ("Recruit Test Results"). Now see the panel near the door? Pull
it off. Behind it you'll see a diagram of the doors in this area, with the
one you just entered green and the one up ahead red. You need to power the red
door. See the seat with the dead lady? By it is a power source. Pull the cover
off and pull out the power. Move it to the door power recepticle and the door
up ahead will be powered on.

Exit this room, but be ready as three unitology necro's will drop down. Shoot
the glass behind them to suck them out into space or alternatively use a
stasis shot to deal with the easily. Once you're done, use a stasis shot on
the crazy door to give yourself enough time to get past it. Be careful here,
as bad timing WILL kill you.

Once your inside, Issac will have another "Nicole moment". Pick up the ammo
and save if you wish. In the next room is the [Security Suit Schematic] as
well as various goodies and another vent. Exit the vent for the best "Nicole
moment" yet. Once you're done being insane, check out the office for a Power
node and some credits. Exit through the door. There's another fuse to your
left should you wish to head back to the store/save. Head towards the Basilica
once you are ready.

This area is rather cool looking as well as a little bit foggy/hazy. Gather up
all the ammo they give you and take the lift down. Very foreboding. There's
plenty of spooky sound effects here as you make your way to the left. As you
near the door, it will break down. Issac will then ask Daina to find him a
route and she'll work on it.

Now, this section is... interesting. Walk out into the middle of the area and
then run back to the ruined door. In a bit, all of the grates that were
blocking off the area will go down. These monsters are called Stalkers. They
are quite unlike anything you've fought up to now, as they try to catch you
unaware and then RAM into you, knocking you down and inflicting damage, then
they'll run away again (it's a great death scene, by the way).

What you want to do is run back to the ruined door and wait for them. They'll
grow impatient and one by one will charge at you. Take out their legs to put
them down. DON'T let them hit you.

After you've killed four of them Daina will find you a route and the dramatic
music will cease. You'll also get the "Clever Girls" trophy (Know what that is
a reference to? Yep, Jurassic Park!). Gather up your loot and go hack the box
by the lift to make it work. Go grab the Power Node to your left (behind the
corpse) and head right, gathering up the goodies you see.

In this hallway there should be a Med. health pack by the door to yet another
conduit room. Head into the room to find an audio log ("Suspicion") as well
as a Power Node and various goodies. Head back to the hallway and go past the
door on your right so you can break the fuse up ahead. This door is directly
above the gift shop, so it's a good time to save/shop if you wish. (I went and
put some more nodes into my plasma cutter).

Once you're ready, go back and enter the chapel. Have your rifle ready as a
bunch of those little creatures come out. Take out as many as you can while
a necro crawls up from the pit. Take him out with the rifle too, then
immediately focus on the necro to the left. Once it is dead, focus on getting
rid of all the rest of the little creatures. Collect your loot and grab the
credits by the podium. Go behind the pillar and kill the "dead" necro in the

Ride the elevator down into the last place you'd want to be during a
Necromorph invasion: The Crypt.

Chapter V:                                   [DS 2.05]

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