Dead Space 2: FAQ/Walkthrough



Author: SMF Doomas

Game: Dead Space 2

Console: Xbox 360

Difficult Written On: Survivalist

+          ~ Introduction ~ I             +
  +		               	         +

Would you like a side of necromorphs with that paranoia? Why of 
course! Isaac Clark is back, but this time three years after the
events of Dead Space. Your mental condition is getting worse by
the minute, and you need a cure.

+		                 	 +
  +             ~ FAQS ~ II            +

This little section will describe; the weapons and correlating
ammo, what I mean when I say something like, “random item”, etc.

Weapons (Alphabetical)/Corresponding Ammo:

- Contact Beam (9,000): Heavy damage energy projector.
Primary Fire: Pull and hold RT to charge a high intensity blast,
then release.
Secondary Fire: Press RB to fire a blast of kinetic energy into
the ground to push away all nearby objects.
Uses: Contact Energy (4,000 x2)

- Detonator: Proximity mine deployment tool. 
Primary Fire: Pull RT to deploy a single proximity mine.
Secondary Fire: Press RB to disarm the last deployed mine for
Uses: Detonator Mines (1,200 x3)

- Flamethrower (11,000): Hydrazine industrial torch.
Primary Fire: Pull and hold RT got a steady stream of flame.
Secondary Fire: Press RB to launch an entire flame fuel canister
at a target for heavy damage.
Uses: Flame Fuel (1,000 x25)

- Force Gun (11,000): Handheld Graviton Accelerator.
Primary Fire: Pull RT for a short range, high powered blast of
kinetic energy with wise area of effect.
Secondary Fire: Press RB for a long range, tight radius energy
Uses: Force Energy (900 x3)

- Javelin Gun (11,000): Pneumatic spear launcher with electrical charge.
Primary Fire: Pull RT to launch a javelin. Caution: Danger of 
Secondary Fire: Press RB to electrify the last javelin that was
Uses: Javelin Spears (400 x2)

- Line Gun (U): Wide-beamed slicer with timed mines.
Primary Fire: Pull RT to fire a wide energy beam. Can slice many
objects at once.
Secondary Fire: Press RB to fire a timed energy mine
Uses: Line Racks (2,000 x2)

- Plasma Cutter (N/A): High-energy mineral cutter.
Primary Fire: Pull RT to fire a narrow cutting beam.
Secondary Fire: Press RB to rotate the cutter 90 degrees.
Uses: Plasma Energy (1,250 x6)

- Pulse Rifle (): Military-grade assault rifle with a high rate
 of fire.
Primary Fire: Pull and hold RT to fire a fully automatic barrage
of energy packets.
Secondary Fire: Press RB to launch a grenade at your target.
Uses: Pulse Rounds (1,250 x25)

- Refurbished Plasma Cutter (0): Dead Space Unlock, used and
refurbished by CEC.
Primary and Secondary Fire: Same as Plasma Cutter.
Uses: Plasma Energy (1,200 x6)
Note: This gun is unlocked by having a Dead Space save on your
Hard Drive

- Ripper (8,000): Remote industrial saw.
Primary Fire: Pull RT to tether a blade in a short radius from
the saw.
Secondary Fire: Press RB to eject a blade from the saw at high
Uses: Ripper Blades (1,350 x3)

- Rivet Gun (0): Rapid-fire rivet tool.
Primary Fire: Pull RT to fire rivets. Rapid fire is enabled on
this model.
Secondary Fire: Press RB to discharge embedded rivets. Warning:
Impalement damage is possible.
Uses: Rivet Bolts (750 x10)
Note: This gun is unlocked through pre-order of Dead Space 2.

- Seeker Rifle (11,000): Advanced scouting rifle with precision
Primary Fire: Pull RT to fire a single long-range round.
Secondary Fire: Press RB to toggle zoom mode and increase shot
Uses: Seeker Shells (1,000 x5)

Armor (Alphabetical)

Advanced Suit (35,000):
The Advanced Suit grants unique functionality to the wearer:
	Stasis Bonus: Stasis recharge time is decreased by 50%.
Purchase guarantees a minimum of 25 inventory slots and 20%
Your RIG retains the highest upgrade of Armor and Inventory

Elite Engineering Suit:
Equipping this suit will give the wearer the following benefits:
	15% increase in health restored by Med Packs.
Purchase guarantees a minimum of 25 inventory slots and 25% armor.
Your RIG retains the highest upgrade of Armor and Inventory

Engineering Suit:
Purchase guarantees a minimum of 10 inventory slots and 5% armor.
Your RIG retains the highest upgrade of Armor and Inventory

Hacker Suit:
The Hacker Suit grants unique functionality to the wearer:
	Hacking Bonus: Hack consoles require one less stage to complete
Purchase guarantees a minimum of 15 inventory slots and 15% armor.
Your RIG retains the highest upgrade of Armor and Inventory
Note: This armor is unlocked by playing Dead Space: Ignition

Riot Security Suit:
The Riot Security Suit grants unique functionality to the wearer:
	Weapon Bonus: Contact Beam receives a 10% bonus to damage.
Purchase guarantees a minimum of 25 inventory slots and 25% armor.
Your RIG retains the highest upgrade of Armor and Inventory

Security Suit:
The Security Suit grants unique functionality to the wearer:
	Weapon Bonus: Pulse Rifle receives a 5% bonus to damage
Purchase guarantees a minimum of 15 inventory slots and 10% armor.
Your RIG retains the highest upgrade of Armor and Inventory.

Vintage Suit (40,000):
The Vintage Suit grants unique functionality to the wearer:
	Store Discount: Items at the Store are discounted 10%.
Purchase guarantees a minimum of 20 inventory and 15% armor.
Your RIG retains the highest upgrade of Armor and Inventory

Aid/Etc. (Alphabetical)

Large Med Pack: Medical gel pack that restores a large amount of
health. (10,000)

Medium Med Pack: Medical gel pack the restores a medium amount of
health. (5,000)

Power Node: A Circuit Node used to upgrade your RIG, Stasis, and Tools
at the Bench. (10,000)

Small Med Pack: Medical gel pack the restores a small amount of health.

Stasis Pack: Restores Stasis Energy. (2,500)


"Random Items": When I say, “random items” I mean any items that are
not always there on every play through. For example, at one certain place,
there may be 1,000 credits, but the next play through it may be reduced to
800. Or may be something completely different.

Writing Style

I wrote this guide trying to keep the surprise factor of Dead Space 2
intact. So I DO NOT tell you where every enemy is, I do this so the game
does not lose it's fun. However, whenever I think it is wise to restock
on ammo, health, Stasis, and so on I will tell you. I will also tell you
when something major is about to happen, but not what is about to happen.

Know Something I Don't?

If you found something that I did not list, or even know something that
I don't, please tell me. For example, if you know the price of the Elite
Engineering Suit, or the Line Gun. Or even a Random Item I might have
missed, please contact me to let me know at, Your
contribution is welcome, and your name, gamertag, or GameFaqs user name,
will be listed in my credits.


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  + ~ Table of Contents ~ (TOC) +

Side Note: Hit Ctrl+F to skip to a certain section, by using the code.

Table of Contents......................(TOC)

Chapter 1: And the Paranoia Begins.....(1.01)
Chapter 2: Why Hate Trains You Ask?....(1.02)
Chapter 3: I Wish I Had Boot Thrusters (1.03)
Chapter 4: Women Who'll Ram You........(1.04)
Chapter 5: Is It Sunday Already?.......(1.05)
Chapter 6: Same Place, New People......(1.06)
Chapter 7: Of Solar Arrays and Men.....(1.07)
Chapter 8: ............................(1.08)
Chapter 9: ............................(1.09)
Chapter 10: ...........................(1.10)
Chapter 11: ...........................(1.11)
Chapter 12: ...........................(1.12)
Chapter 13: ...........................(1.13)
Chapter 14: ...........................(1.14)
Chapter 15: ...........................(1.15)

+		                 +
  +        Controls  (1.00)    +

A: Action

B: Kinesis (While Aiming)
Quick Heal

Y: Stasis (While Aiming)
Recharge Stasis

X: Reload

Right Stick (RS): Look/Aim
Locator (Click and hold RS)

Left Stick (LS): Move
Zero-g Launch (Click LS)

D-Pad: Switch Weapon (Any Direction)

Left Bumper (LB): Run

Right Bumper (RB): Alternate Fire (While Aiming)

Right Trigger (RT): Fire (While Aiming)

Left Trigger (LT): Aim (Pull and Hold)

Back Button: RIG

Start Button: Pause Menu

+		                  +
  +         Walkthrough         +

~ Chapter 1: And The Paranoia Begins ~ (1.01)

~ Chapter 2: Why Hate Trains You Ask? ~ (1.02)

~ Chapter 3: I Wish I Had Boot Thrusters ~ (1.03)

	All right, with the Brute killed, and the train sequence finished, look around.

	Behind the train on the left side is a schematic for the Pulse Rifle
(and some random ammo), hooray! Now turn to the right, and run straight
until you see a room with four CORE crates and a large toolbox. Behind
these crates, are...another Power Node, again hooray! Okay, now head back
in front of the train and head towards the only lit room for miles.
Inside are a couple open lockers, head up and the ramp and find a
Save Station. **SAVE NOW** 

	After the save, head through the door, you should see the shadow
of The Pack. Head up another ramp, and as you come out the door, head
towards the Titan Station Elementary, to find a random item. Now turn
around and head towards the unlocked elevator. Near the elevator is a
Save Station and a Store, near the store should be a random item.

	As you exit the elevator, turn to the left, and shoot the moving
statue a bit. *PING!* Moving you head near the statue turn to
the left, facing BOLD Stylings, and find a Text Log. Continue on your
path, near the vending machine should be a random item. Now as you head
towards the Unitologist Recruitment center, do not go in immediately,
but keep going straight, to find another random item. In the Unitologist
Recruitment Center to the right is another Text Log, now begin hacking
to open the elevator.

	As you exit the elevator, on the desk is a Text Log and a random 
item. Do not go straight into the vent, instead go into the room on the
right, wait for the necromorphs to appear, bust open that window to cause
a rapid decompression, and wait for the door to close. Head towards the
closed door, and head left into this room, for a random item. 

	In the room across from this one, is a another random item, now
head into the vent. Head straight once you get out of the vent, for some
item boxes. Turn around and head towards the two corpses, finding another
box on top of covered crates. Ignore the Trash Compactor door for now,
and head up the ramp. Once you come into the room, you'll see
a Bench, a Save Station, an active console, and some open lockers to your
left. **SAVE NOW, Upgrade if you like**
	Activate the console to stop the Trash Compactor, head back down
the ramp into the Compactor Room. Welcome the your first interaction with
Zero Gravity! Press down on the Left Stick to move around in Zero Gee, go
ahead and get a feel for it and grab the items. (Reminder: Hold LB to
activate the boosters, and press RB to orient Isaac to the ground. This
makes Isaac's feet face the floor, so you wont be upside down.)

	Head straight from the room you entered from, into the Tunnel 1
Fan Control room. This room, is the room to the right of the Fan Tunnel.
Activate the fan, head back out and go to the room to the left of the
door you entered. You will find a Power Node, and some open lockers. into the wind tunnel, you can boost the whole way through,
just to make it go faster, and making it easier to dodge the giant things
of trash. As you get close to the garbage chute, look to the right to find
a platform, with the doorway that you need to go through. Head straight to
find some boxes, now head up the ramp, and right at the top to find a
random item.

	Now, in the room with the flickering light is a door activated by a
Power Node, feel free to open it. This room contains a number of random
items. Pick up the battery with Kinesis, and put it into the battery
plug next to the elevator door. Outside the elevator door to the left is
a Power Node, head through the door, and head straight to find a random
item and a Text Log. 
	Leave this room, and go into the next one to find a random item.
Leave this room as well, head to the right and enter yet another open
door. Go towards the baby room, but head right for a random item. Face
the right to see a dresser, for another random item, and head out the
door. Turn to the right, go to the busted vending machine for another
random item. Head back and out the door, and through the other. Head
towards the back, and to the right to find the elevator. Leave the
elevator, to find a Save Station, **SAVE NOW** 
	Now head to left, and turn left at the opening. Now head behind
the Marker statute, and turn left to find a Schematic for Javelin Spears.
Turn  around and head to the other table on the right side to find a
random item. Leave the statue item and head towards the open door, and
through the other at the end of the long hall. Once you enter this room,
head through the open door across the hall, to reach...Chapter 4!

~ Chapter 4: Women Who'll Ram You ~ (1.04)

All right, after that warm welcome, head through the door on the left,
turn right, grab a random item by the corpse, and head through that door.
After you get the Text Log underneath the chair head out, up the stairs,
and into the Gift Shop. **SAVE NOW, Upgrade if you like** 
(I suggest stocking up on supplies) 

	After you're done in the gift shop, head back into the room that
triggered the start of Chapter 4. Now go into the room on the right side,
in here there are 3 random items, and a door to another security booth,
go in there. After you collect this Audio Log head back out and all the
way up these stairs. 

	Head through the only unlocked door, and keep an eye out for random
items as you head near the stairway. Head into the unlocked elevator at
the back of the pillar, and through the open door. Once you do, you can
head to the right, to find a door that will lead you back into one of the
main rooms. If you don't and just head forwards, you will find your self
in the Indoctrination Room. 

!-Rapid Decompression Room-!
	Head towards the back to find two things of random items and towards
the red door for another. Now head into the unlocked red door.
(REDRUM! REDRUM!) Towards the glass window are two boxes, and near a chair
is a Text Log.

**Puzzle Solution!** 
Take off the second panel, near the first one that flew off when you first
entered the room. This will expose the empty fuse slot. Now near the chair
where you found the Text Log, is a panel that is still attached to the wall.
(Not for long) Take it off with Kinesis and take the spare fuse. Now take
said fuse, and put it into the empty fuse spot to unlock the door to the
Observation Room. 
**Puzzle Solution, Fin** 

	Now leave this room, and use Stasis on the now malfunctioning door,
and slip under it when you have the chance. To your right will be a random
item and a supply box, as well as a random item on the table to the left.
Continue onwards to find a Save Station. **SAVE NOW** 

	In this room on the left shelf is a Schematic for a Security Suit,
a random item, and a supply box on the middle shelf. Now into and out of
the vent! Now once you're finished with that little sequence, pick up that
Power Node on the desk in front of you. As well as a random item on a 
able in the back of the room. Through the door on the left side, is a door
that leads you back to the room that takes you to the library.
*RECCOMENED: Restocking* 

	Head through there back into the room that triggered Chapter 4, and go
back into the Gift Shop room. Start restocking on health, ammo, and 
Stasis. You can upgrade your weapons if you like. I would also suggest
having either a Pulse Rifle, or a Javelin Gun, as well as plenty of
ammo or each/both. Now head back through the room on the right side,
up the stair case, and into the room on the right. Turn left and enter
the door at the end of the hall. Turn left again, and through the door
at the end of the hall, to enter the Basilica. Now, instead of
immediately entering the elevator, head to the end of the walkway for
two supply boxes, and two random items. Now you can enter the elevator. 

	Now head left, out the gated hallway thing, and to the unlocked
door...Or not. Well, might as well enjoy the scenery. Now for fighting
these enemies (Stalkers), I highly suggest using either of the following
the Secondary Fire on the Pulse Rifle, the Secondary Fire on the Javelin,
or the Seeker Rifle. If you see a Stalker charging you, hit it with Stasis
fast! Once you killed all of them, there should be about four, take
a breather. You will also know when it's over when Daina contacts you.
Head into one of the hallway like things and begin hacking to activate the

	Once you take the elevator up, take a left to find a Power Node
underneath the corpse. Now turn around and follow the walkway to the
end to find two random items, and an open door. Head through this door
and to the left, into the Conduit Room. In this room is an Audio Log,
a Power Node, and a random item. Leave the Conduit Room, follow the
hallway to the end, to find a door the leads you back to the room with
the Gift Store. **I recommend restocking, upgrading, saving** If you
did go to the Gift Store, head back up the stairs, to the right,
and into the Funerary Wing.

	Follow the hallway until you reach the red door that leads the
Reunion Chapel. Head towards the suspended coffin, on both sides of
the coffin are a random item. Head behind the coffin area, to an active
elevator. Leave the elevator, AND RUN TO THE OTHER DOOR! Are you safe?
Good. Because there was nothing even there! Open the door to
find...a Save Station! **SAVE NOW** This room also triggers Chapter 5!

~ Chapter 5: Is It Sunday Already? ~ (1.05)

Head through the door, and go to the right, all the way down the hall to
find a supply box. Now go left, turn right at the bottom of the ramp, and
go through the door, into the second cryochamber room. You can head either
way, because both side have a supply box on them. Now head through the door
into the third cryochamber room. Now go to right, and enter the room on the
left to find a Text Log. 

	Leave this room the same way you entered, and continue down the hall,
to find another Supply Box. Go down the ramp and enter the fourth
cryochamber room, you can head either way you want again, being that
their are Supply Boxes on both sides again. Once again, after collecting
the items, head into the fifth and final cryochamber room. Now...WHO'S
READY TO RUUMMMBLLE!? Once you have finished the fight...So many quotes,
so little time. Head through the door, and go forward to get a Text Log. 

	Now get on the elevator, but turn around first to find a Gold
Semiconductor between two groups of the mechanical arms. Now ride
the elevator down to see the Gravity Flux Generator (for lack of a
known name). Head behind it to find a Power Node and the hacking panel.
But don't hack it just yet, turn to the left a little ways to see a
Schematic for the Ripper. Ok, now you can begin to hack the controls
for the Gravity Flux Generator, which will release mechanical arms to
stop certain parts of the Generator. 

**Puzzle Solution!** 
In order to solve this puzzle, you have to pull down the mechanical arms
that have been exposed by the panels dropping down. The first set of
mechanical arms are easy to match up, just pull them down and get ready
for the next set. The second set requires you to be a bit faster, so I
would suggest running from the the first arm of the second set, to the
second arm. Now the third and final set will require you to be much
faster. So once you bring down the first arm, hit the Generator with
Stasis and run to the second arm and bring it down. Now gravity has
been disabled! 
**Puzzle Solution, Fin** 

	Once gravity has been disabled, a fan will be turned on to slow
the descent of the coffins coming from the top area. Hit the fan with
Stasis, fly past it, and continue to the very top. For safety reasons,
hit the door with stasis just as it is letting a coffin through. Once
again, fly through that part, and head towards the top middle of the
room to find a Schematic for a Medium Med Pack. 

	You can land anywhere you want, but it would be easier if you
land near the Artificial Gravity Control panel. Activate it to open
the door across from you. Through the door to the right is a store.
**I would suggest stocking up on your supplies here**. Continue on through
the door way and up the stairs. 

	Hey look a Bench!...Wait, what? Power outage? Now?! *sigh* Well,
wait for the power outage to be over and head behind the coffin to find
a random item. Go back to the middle of the room, and take left. Wait, the
door ways blocked?! Great, just great! Head towards the bench, and turn
around to see three coffin holders blocking your way to a vent and a
Save Station. Move those out of the way to be able to save and progress
through the story. Yay! **SAVE NOW, Upgrade if you like** 

	Head through the vent, and exit it once you reach the end. Have a
nice fall! Now turn around to find three random items, turn to the right
to find...more random items! Now leave this little corner, and go back
the way you were facing when you fell. You will find a door, go through
it, and head straight to find yet another Schematic for Line Racks. 

	Now turn around and head through the only opening, head to the
right and on the shelf are two random items. Turn to the left again,
to find a supply box and an open door. Open the box, and head through
the door. In this hallway there is nothing that special until you reach
the door, where there are two Supply Boxes. After collecting the items,
head through this door as well. Get out a strong weapon, one that you
are good with helps, and get ready. After that little fun part is over,
look at the base of the second to last Marker Pillar, on the left, to
find a Medium Med Pack. 

	Now head up stairs, either side works, there's nothing special on
the left or right side. Once you reach the point where the paths meet,
go through the door. Head behind this Marker statue, 
(Can you say obsessed?) to find an active elevator. Go ahead and ride
the elevator all the way to the top. Now, feel free to exit the elevator
any time. In this circular room are three random items, but in the office
are; a Power Node on the desk, a Schematic for the Detonator on a
shelf behind the desk, a Save Station also behind the desk, and a random
item in front of a shelf on the right side. **SAVE NOW**

	Leave the office and go right, open the door, and get man handled
by a couple of security guards. Cutscene and Sequence time! In case you
do not know what to do, and are actually still reading this...SHOOT THE
YELLOW PARTS NOW! Once he drops you, RUN! Great...the gunships back....
After a short little cutscene, you have to shoot a gas canister to get
rid of him. Once that's over, hooray! You made it to Chapter 6!

~ Chapter 6: I Never Signed Up For This! ~ (1.06)
	Ok, after flying through that window, (what fun) and through the
door, (even MORE fun). Turn around back into the room you flew in through,
to find a random item by the fallen lamp, and a Power Node on the desk in
the back on the left. Now, turn to your left to find a bathroom, and in the
shower area on the left, is another random item. Now leave this room, and
head from the open room on the right. In this room are two random items;
one on the shelf to your right, as soon as you enter. Also in the bathroom,
lying near the shower. Once you've taken the items in this room go ahead and
exit this room. 

	Straight ahead of you is an unlocked door that you'll want to
go through. Once you've entered this room, there is a washing machine section
to your left, feel free to break the glass to enter. In here is a random item
on the table, to the left, and a Save Station to your right. **SAVE NOW**

	Now face the exit of the washing machine section, to see an unlocked
door, start walking towards it. Near the door though on a table to the right,
is yet another random item, pick it up, and head through the door. On this
little overview area are a Supply Crate, directly in front of you. There is
also a Schematic for the Seeker Rifle near the door to the right. Once
you've collected these goodies, head back into the room with the washing
machines. Now you can take the door on the right side, and continue on!

	Walk down the hall a ways until you see an open door to the left, go
ahead and enter the room. In here there is one random item, it can be
found by going through the doorway on the right, and it's just lying
on the table near the corpse on the couch! Haven't you always wanted
to take other people's stuff? Go ahead and leave this room, again
continuing down the hall, and entering the supply room on your left.

	There are two random items here, one on the shelf to your left
as soon as you enter. As well as one on the work bench to your right. With
those items collected, face the exit, and go into the room across from you.
There will be a random item on the chair, on the right side. Check the
bathroom for any extra items. See any? No? Well leave the room then. GAH!
I hate alarm clocks! *begins to shot alarm clock* That will teach it...
Right, back to the walkthrough. Once you have left this room, turn right
and through the unlocked door. Once you enter this hallway, have a nice
little chat with Strauss. Once that conversation is over, there is a
Supply Box on the left side of the hall. But on the right side of the
hall, (opposite the Supply Box), is an active elevator. Ride the elevator
down, and find a corpse of an EarthGov soldier, replaying a message from
Tiedemann and a Save Station in front of him. **SAVE NOW**

	Continue on down the hall past the Save Station, to find an open
walk way, with another Marker Statue. Now behind this Marker Statue are
two random items, and a Supply Box. The first random item is near the
far left window. On the right is a Supply Crate hugging the statue,
and the second random item is on a table also on the right side. Oh,
and I would suggest making sure all your weapons are have full mags.
Now leave the statue area, and head towards the door at the far back
of the room. I would also suggest not running into the hallways, but
staying in this open area so you have the advantage...Now, once that
ambush is taken care of, continue towards that door to find a random

	Turn around, and head back up the staircase on the right, and
turn right again to enter another hallway. Begin to turn right, and
head closer to the Store. There should be the yell/growl of a Pregnant,
so be sure to take him out before you enter the store. **I would suggest
stocking up on items.** Once you've stocked up on supplies, turn towards
the left and head to the unlocked door. Mmmm...Look at all that blood!
My advice to you in this area, is if you hear a kind of deep guttural
sound, keep an eye out for little liver looking blobs. These beauties
are called Cysts, and they will blow you to hell. Now follow the blood
trail to see what looks like a waiting area for the Sprawl's tram.
Also, I would suggest walking on the moving sidewalk, considering
that that will be the area with less Cysts. Keep a close eye out for
them, especially the one on the support beam on the right. Once you are
clear of the walkway, you will see; a Save Station, a Bench, and a
Power Node enabled door. **SAVE NOW, Upgrade if you like.** It is
recommended that you open the Power Node door if you are low on

	Once you have saved, upgraded, and/or opened the Power Node
door. Head through the unlocked door into the Hyperion Hall Apartments.
If you head to the back of this hallway, on the left is a random item.
If you collected the item, turn around, and head back towards the door,
but turn right when you can. Now before you try and kill the fire there
are some items that you can collect. Activate Zero Gravity mode and fly
up to the first balcony to find an Audio Log on the left side. How sad...
Well, fly up to the second balcony to find a Supply Crate floating on the
left side. Now run to the right side to see another Supply Crate floating
a little ways from the balcony. And take note of that little station
attached to the ceiling. 

**Puzzle Solution!**
	Alright, to stop the fire and allow yourself to continue, you have
to put it out. How you ask? Well keep reading! In this room you will see
two active Oxygen Stations, which are fueling the fire. The first on is
simple to turn off, just pull out the battery that is powering the station.
Now, turn around to see the second Oxygen Station, walk behind the area
that is facing you. You should see a panel just underneath the Oxygen pumps.
Pull it off to expose the battery, and then pull out the battery. What?
The fire still burns you say? Well, do you remember that thing I told
you to take a note of? The one that's one the ceiling? That's another
Oxygen Station, and you have to disable it. Just do what you did to the
second station and, there you go! The fire is out!
**Puzzle Solution, Fin**

	Once the fire is out, you can feel free to leave the room, with it having
no Oxygen. You can also turn an Oxygen Station back on if it makes you feel
better. Either way, head into the area that was once blocked by flames, and
head left to find an unlocked door. Once you head through the door, head
into the only room you can, to find a random item on a table to your left.
You will also see a blown battery, looks like we need a replacement... where can we go to get an extra battery? Oh! That's right,
the room you were just in! So head back into that room with the three
Oxygen stations, take an extra battery, and bring it back to the room
with the bad one. Take out the bad battery, if you haven't already, and
put the good one in. Hooray! Now we can use the elevator!...Wow, that
was a close one...Once you exit the elevator you will see; a Supply Room,
a Supply Cabinet, a Save Station, and a Power Node holder near a locked
door. **SAVE NOW**

	After you have saved, and collected everything you want, shoot the
fuse to allow yourself entry to the Supply Storage room. Well, there's
a lot of boxes, and some shrieking, guess it's time to run into some
more women. Make sure all your weapons are loaded, your Stasis bar is
full, and you are comfortable with your health level. Once the check
is complete, head down the ramp to find 3 sets of Detonator Mines
(1 each) I would suggest using the same strategy discussed in Section
1.04. Which is, “using either of the following the Secondary Fire on the
Pulse Rifle, the Secondary Fire on the Javelin, or the Seeker Rifle.
If you see a Stalker charging you, hit it with Stasis fast!” But since
this room is a lot more crowded always keep an eye out behind you.

**NOTE** If you leave the caged area and turn right as soon as you can,
you will see a Stasis Recharge Station. Remember its location

	Walk forwards through the gap between the two sets of CORE crates,
and turn to your right, you should see a Supply Crate. Use Kinesis to pull
it towards you. Now heads towards the set of lockers on your left, walk
forwards a bit to see two more Supply Crates on top of some CORE crates.
This one is a bit tricky to see but there is a Stasis Pack near the
Supply Crate that is closest to you. Now keep your finger on the aim
button, and walk between the set of CORE crates closest to you. This
should cause the Stalkers to engage you. Get ready for a fight! Just
remember the advice I gave you! Also, if you feel safer camping near
the ramp that brought you into this room, go ahead because they can't
get behind you from there. There should be maybe 4 to 5, possibly 6.
I wasn't exactly counting how many I killed, but the end of the
dramatic music should be a clue.

	There are still a few more things in this room that you can collect
though. If you head to the very back of this room, you will see a set of
lockers, some open, some not. Once you arrive at the lockers, and collect
the items, turn a bit more than 90 degrees to the right, to see more open
lockers. Head back towards the set of lockers I mentioned before this one.
On your way there you should see a locked door, head towards it, but turn
left to see a panel you can hack to open the smaller door. Now hack the
panel to open the door. Follow the hallway, and go all the way up the ramp
to your left...Man, that's A LOT of blood! Head through the open door at
the top of the ramp, and continue on through the open door way...Do you
gun shots? And swearing? Go towards the source of the gunshots and yelling.
But first make a stop at the Unitologist Recruitment Center, near the
elevator is a Supply Crate. Now you can continue towards the source of the
gunfire. Also, before you cross the bridge though, there is another Supply
Crate at the end of the walkway.

	...How friendly. Well, continue walking towards her for now, once you
do reach her, enjoy the cutscene! After you and Ellie have a nice little
chat, she decides to continue on her own. Well that sucks, so much for a
friend for the ride. Before you go into the elevator turn right and walk
down the hall, near what used to be BOLD Stylings is a Supply Crate,
hugging the right wall. If you turn around you will be staring a
Schematic for Pulse Rounds, face to...well you get my point. Once these
little items have been collected, head back towards the elevator and hop

	Outside of the elevator, directly to your left is a Store, and a Cyst
blocking a safe entry to the store. I suppose you know what to do with it.
If you don't need anything from the store, head forward to find a Save
Station, or if you accessed the Store turn around to find the Save Station.
Either way, **SAVE NOW**

	On the left side of the moving walkway, directly across from the Save
Station, is a random item. Now turn to your right, and head towards Fashion
Kid. Underneath the busted out door is a Power Node. Continue on towards
the Titan Station Elementary. Once you are in front of the door, turn left
to find a Supply Crate. Now before you enter the Titan Station Elementary,
look closely at the door. If you see it, and have taken care of it,
continue on. Otherwise, there is a Cyst on the upper right hand side of the
entry to the Elementary. Once the door is clear, go ahead and enter.

	Creepy, huh? Well head to the left side of the pillar, towards the fence,
to find a random item. Start walking down the hall that's on the right side
of the pillar. But stop for a moment and look through that window...Well...
moving along! Once you reach the end of the hall, go into the unlocked door
on the left. Once you've cleared the crib room, enter the classroom...Oh great.
Well once even more are taken care of, approach the teachers desk. Surprise!
Ok, now that this room is completely empty head behind the teacher's desk.
Now through the unlocked door on the left wall. And continue down another
hallway to your right. After the first set of colored light on the right
wall is another unlocked door, go on through. On the desk is a Text Log,
Along with two Supply Cabinets on the walls. Now near the unlocked door
is a Save Station. **SAVE NOW**

	Head through the door, turn right, and head all the way down the hall.
Looks like your paranoia is acting up again, after that little scene is over,
continue down the hall to find a random item. Now you can turn around and
enter the gymnasium. In order to get to the stage head behind the seating
area. Once you have made it through the seating area, weave your way to the
stage. I never really was one who enjoyed doing plays. So work your way back
stage. After the surprise passes take a right to find a panel that controls
the power to the stage. Hack it to bring the gym back to normal. (At least
somewhat). Once you have cleared the gym of the mutant children, head
towards the newly exposed door. Near the door you will find a number of
unlocked lockers just waiting to be opened! Once you've collected
everything you want, head through the unlocked door.

	Make a left once you've gone through the door, and make a mad dash
to the end of the hall. Now, directly behind the pillar is an unlocked
door that leads to a room with a Text Log right in front of the door.
As well as a Schematic for the Flamethrower, in the back room. Exit the
room, and take a right to find a random item near another gate. Turn
around, and enter room 305. Now, in the blue rocket ship is a Power
Node, take it, and head towards the elevator...Wow, she's getting
more and more evil by the second. Right, into the elevator. Once you
exit the elevator, there are two Supply Cabinets, and a Supply Crate
near the cabinets. Now to the right are two Supply Crates, and a
Save Station. **SAVE NOW**

	Continue on down the hall, past that GIANT hole in the wall.
What could have even caused that? Well, anyways, moving along. I
would suggest doing another self check before you go through the door.
Which means, check your health, check your Stasis, and check all your
mags in your weapons. Ready? Head through the door. After Ellie says,
“I can't hold it back!” Do a swift search of the room. You should see
a Brute. Here's a good tactic to bring him down, when he gets about 10
feet away from you hit him with Stasis, run behind him, and hit the
yellow spots, on what look like backwards knees. I would highly suggest
using either, the Line Gun, the Pulse Rifle, or the Plasma Cutter. As
these fire fast, and do a good amount of damage per area. 

With no legs, the Brute will begin to fire what looks like puss balls,
at you! These come at you at blinding speeds so keep a good distance!
You can either throw them back at him, or dodge them and shoot his

	With this Brute defeated there are a lot of item to gather. So
head the middle of the room, the area with the odd statues, and face
the Transport Hub sign. Now, turn to the left until you see a locked
door, head towards it. Near this door you will see two Supply Cabinets
and a Schematic for the Vintage Elite Suit behind some glass to your

NOTE: I believe this Schematic is only there after you have beaten the
game once before.

	At the door just two steps to the right, of where the Schematic
can be found is a Supply Box. Now turn right again, and walk straight,
past the door you have to go through, to find another Supply Box.
This gets repetitive, I know. But turn right once more, and straight
again to find some open lockers and a Supply Crate behind them.
Turn the left, and go straight towards the bar, to find a Supply Crate
somewhat hidden behind a chair. Now you can head through the only
unlocked door there is. 

	In front of you are two more Supply Crates, and to the left of
those two crates, are ANOTHER two crates. Turn around, and head through
the unlocked door. See that blue beam blocking the hall way? Shoot the
part that is projecting the beams to destroy it. Head down the ramp now,
but beware of the Guardian! Once he is killed there is a Supply Crate
next to the tables, and a random item behind the tables in the right
corner. Pick up the Conductor the Guardian dropped, open the Supply
Cabinet behind you, and enter the elevator.


	Congratulations! This elevator ride triggers Chapter 7!

~ Chapter 7: Of Solar Arrays and Men ~ (1.07)


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