DuckTales Remastered: FAQ/Walkthrough

-------------------------------[DUCKTALES REMASTERED]--------------------------
---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
--------------------------[Wii U/Playstation 3/PC/Xbox 360]--------------------


Too be honest, this game virtually just came out of nowhere. Sure we have seen
videos and previews of this game in action but seriously, no one was expecting
this game to be created out of the blue. Same goes for another upcoming game
starring another Disney character that got itself a facelift in a form of Mickey
Mouse Castle of Illusion but that's being developed by a different company.

Nonetheless, thanks to both of these games, we all have high expectations for
more remakes to come out in the future whether it'll be Chip N' Dale Rescue
Rangers, Darkwing Duck, or even Ducktales 2. It'll be funny if they make Little
Mermaid Remastered. Knowing how Capcom operates, I'm calling that one right now.
Laugh if you want to. Either that, or Little Nemo: The Dream Master.

At least a majority of the characters' voice actors were able to reprise their
roles for the game but for those who didn't, they sadly passed away. May they
rest in peace.


Ducktales Remasterd and its characters are trademarks of Capcom, Ducktales, and
WayForward n' all copyrights belong to them.

This FAQ is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka Ice Queen
Zero and cannot be put on other sites or posted without my given permission
nor can it be reproduced without proper consent.

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Scrooge McDuck is on a quest to discover five hidden rare treasures to increase
his wealth and add more to his title as the richest duck in the world. He has
some competition from Flintheart Glomgold, Magica De Spell and the Beagle Boys.


D-pad Left/Right = Walk Left/Right
D-pad Down = Duck, Climb down rope/chain/vine
D-pad Up = Climp up rope/chain/vine

Y or A|[] or ()|X or B = Hold to do a pogo after a jump, Cane Swing
B|><|A = Jump

Down + Pogo Button = Pogo when Hard Pogo is on.


-Some bosses no longer die after five hits like they did in the original game.

-When swimming in the money bin, you will see some small changes when you
 collect more money. Collect 100 million dollars and the money bin will fill
 up almost to the top.

-You no longer have to go to Transylvania to retrieve a key to the African

-You also don't have to return to Transylvania to face Count Dracula Duck at
 the end of the game. You face him in Mount Vesuvius instead.

-Some levels now has some gimmicks where you must collect some items in order
 to proceed to the next part of the level.

-Each level has hidden rubies and diamonds. Just jump around in random spots to
 find them. Diamonds are worth 10,000 dollars and rubies are worth 50,000. The
 small diamonds are worth 2,000 dollars. You will also find random hidden cakes
 and ice cream. They refill you health fully (cake) or one heart (ice cream).

-The five core levels have a heart container that adds to you health. They are
 only in Himalayas and Moon on the Hard and Extreme Modes.

-Easy Mode gives you infinite lives and you lose half a heart with each hit and
 you can view the whole map by pressing pause.

-Normal Mode and beyond have lives and the map is only drawn out when you go to
 that area. Extreme mode offers no continues so it won't save your progress if
 you beat a level.

-Shortcuts that were in the original are no longer there but you can still take
 their routes to get special treasures.


----Money Bin----

The Beagle Boys are invading the Money Bin. It's up to Scrooge McDuck to stop
them before they make off with who knows what. Head to the right until you get
to a big red button. After the cutscene, pogo away the rocks and hit the button
to bonk Baggy Beagle and rescue Huey. Defeat a Beagle Boy and climb up the rope
at the end. Get the two treasure chests and climb up again. There are two hidden
treasures in this area. Climb up again and go left. Jump up to make a hidden
treasure appear and use it to reach the treasure chests on the upper right. Use
the Cane Swing to hit the barrel to the wall and use it to get on the platform
to the left. You'll come across Burger holding Dewey hostage. Hit the bottom
button to make Burger eat a burger then hit the top button to knock him away.

Cane Swing a rock to hit the barrel and get onto the platform. Watch out for the
mallets and kill the Beagle Boy and climb the rope to the top. Once there, there
are three hidden treasures on the left hand side. Get them if you want them and
go right. Cane swing the rock to knock down the treasure chest. Use the barrel
to reach the treasures. One contains an M-coin that makes you invincible. It is
really useless, Cane Swing the barrel to the right and kill the Beagle Boy and
watch out for the mallet and you will see Bouncer Beagle holding Louie hostage.
Avoid the laser and hit the bottom button first then hit the top button and
Louie is saved. Now just avoid falling into any pits and you're off to fight
the game's first boss: Big Time Beagle.

Boss Fight: Big Time Beagle

Big Time Beagle cannot be defeated by normal means because of the helmet that
protects his head. His first attack consists of him charging at you. Go to the
other side and wait for him to lob or throw a globe or bust at you. If he lobs
it, run under the object. If he throws it, jump over it. After the object lays
still on the floor, golf swing it at the safe above and make it land on Big Time
Beagle. Pogo onto his exposed head and repeat the process on the other side. You
will win the fight after five hits.

----The Amazon----

Note: You can't see the images on the coins but I'm just going by what Scrooge
says is on them.

You have to collect eight coins in this level. Watch out for the gorillas. The
first coin is noticeable up ahead. Inside the big treasure chest is a coin with
a nightengale. You can choose to go down the vine into the cave now or do it
later. You need to go down their to get all the coins. Let's do it now. There
is secret area to the very left which you must hit the barrel to the wall and
use it for leverage to get in that area. Another gold coin is in this area and
it has an image of the Queen's Horse. There is yet another secret area over the
wall to the left of this area but it has 2 small chests with more treasure. Head
back to the right and get past some spiders and get a coin with an eagle image.
Too save you some trouble go back to the left and up the rope.

Once outside, go right and watch out for bees and don't land on the flowers as
they can't be killed with a pogo jump and they'll snap at you if you are above
or below you. The fourth vine leads to another coin that has a Sun. Go back down
while being weary of the thorns. Some tree stumps yield items or treasure when
you Cane Swing them. The Scythe coin is in the middle of field of thorns and
flowers. Another vine just ahead leads to two treasure chests with rubies. The
next coin is at the very end of the overworld. It has a picture of the spear. Go
down into the cave for the last coin in the cave which has a shield. Climb to
the top and get the ruby if you want it. At the top, go left and get the final
coin which has an image of the Scales of Justice. Go to the right and watch for
the flowers.

The eight coins are inserted into wheel slots and it lights up a laser pointing
to the entrance to the temple. Grab on to the rope underneath Launchpad's copter
and just stay there and ignore any treasure unless you want them and avoid the
bees. Climb up the vine and in the upper right, Cane Swing the treasure chest
then go over the ceiling to the left for a secret passage for treasures and cake
in the chests. Go back and head down the normal path. Get a move on before the
boulder runs you over and kills you immediately. The floor will start to fall
from beneath you. Watch out for the natives and see that rope above? This used
to be a shortcut that lead to the boss in the original version but now it leads
to treasures and Ms. Beakley who gives you health and an extra life if you are
playing Normal and beyond. This gets you a trophy or achievement. Once you drop
down, you will see a floating block. Pogo onto it then jump up to make a hidden
M-coin appear. Use it to blow past the natives and spiders. At the end of the
trail you will meet up with the statue that demanded 300,000 dollars to proceed
upward in the original version but now you can destroy the statue and you will
gain 300,000 dollars worth of rubies and diamonds. Go up the rope, get the items
and go left. Move fast as the ceiling blocks are falling down. There is a break
in the blocks that will let you collect the diamond. Then run like crazy until
you get to the end. There is a hidden cake just near the wall which you can get
by pogoing and hugging the wall. Once you get it, go left into the next area.

Go up the vine while avoiding the flower. This path will lead you past snakes,
spiders, and natives. At the end of the trail, you will see a rope to climb up
but don't go up just yet. You may notice the set of thorns below it. Use the
pogo to safely go through the wall on the right and it will lead to a Heart
Container that adds once heart to your health. Now go back out and up the rope.
Get the ice cream and go to the left to face the boss: King Manco Capquack's

Boss Fight: King Manco Capquack's Statue

This boss will slide across slides across the floor and will occasionally hop in
the air and come crashing down. Pogo onto it when it is on the ground after it
does its jump. Watch out when it jumps in the air and hovers for a few seconds
as it is going to make a big stomp onto the ground that can cause damage to you
if you are on the ground. After every three hits, the head will rejoin its body
and the pillars that make up the walls, floor and ceiling will try to crush you
and leave one safe spot to stand on. Fortunately, you will not instantly die if
you get crushed. The boss will fall after twelve total hits and the Scepter is


Note: As there are three pieces of map to collect, do note that no matter which
path you take, you will always rescue Huey first then Dewey, then Louie so the
miniboss fights will follow the same pattern but within a different layout that
depends on which path you took.

Note 2: You can Cane Swing the tombstones for treasures but be careful as some
of the tombstone will yield ghosts instead.

Before venturing inside, there are some hidden jewels outside. Bounce around
until you are sure you got them all then go in the castle. You will see some
duck skeletons come to life. They will run in a straight line until they hit
something then fall apart. They can destroy blocks this way. After falling apart
they will reform then run in the other direction. If you pogo them while they
are running, you can use their skulls to Cane Swing at treasure chests in the
air. The first mirror you see is actually an exit mirror so don't pay no mind to
it. There are several paths to take in this castle. You can decide to go up the
chain now or you can go to the right and you'll exit the castle. You will meet
the most annoying enemies in the game which are ghosts. What makes them such a
pain is the fact that they are invincible and they will show up in the most in-
convient spots. I decided to go to the right first. You'll end up in another
part of the castle once you go through the outside section. Go up for some
treasures but the path to take is down. It's dark in there so have your pogo
skills ready as you will be pogoing onto thorns and those will hurt you if you
mess up. Pogo into the tight space then collect some treasures then pogo into
the tight space again as you go left and you will fight a miniboss. All you got
to do here is pogo onto the fake ghost as it runs back and forth. After three
hits, it is revealed to be a Beagle Boy in disguise. Head to the left and get
some items and treasures and enter the mirror.

You will come out through the mirror I mentioned earlier. Go up the first chain
and go left to defeat another Beagle Boy and rescue Dewey. During this battle,
you will have to watch out for a real ghost interfering in this battle. You will
get another piece of the page. Get the treasures on the left then go right. You
can pogo the mummy ducks or Cane Swing their balls to kill them and any other
enemy within its rolling path. At the end of the path, ignore the chain for now
and jump onto the tombstone. Go through the wall on the right and it leads to a
Heart Container. Go back and go up the chain and enter the mirror.

Ride in the mine cart. Collect the treasures but duck down to avoid being low
bridged as that will damage you. Jump out of the cart before you fall into the
pit. You can take the high road or low road. When you ride into the next area,
jump out almost immediately or you'll fall to your death. You'll fight the final
Beagle Boy and have to contend with two ghosts during the fight. You will rescue
Louie and get the final piece of the page. Go left and ride the mine cart again.
As before, jump out of the carts to avoid falling into the pits. And like before
jump out when you end up inside. Go down the left side. You will eventually run
into Mrs. Beakley. Get her goodies and the treasures behind her. There is a fake
wall where you can use the respawing duck skeletons to knock all the treasures
out of the air. You can Cane Swing the armor to get treasures but some will make
the head come off and attack you. Go down the chain at the end. Get some of the
treasures out the armors as you go left and enter the mirror. When you come out,
work your way to the very right and ignore the mirror. Go beneath it and you
will see a fake wall that leads to the main mirror. Magica De Spell comes to
taunt you. Jump into the mirror and as you go left, the ghosts will harrass you.
The best tip here is try to lure a ghost into chasing you to the left as there
can only be one ghost on the screen at a time. As long as it is chasing you to
the left, no other ghosts will appear to give you a hard time and you can face
Magica De Spell one on one.

Boss Fight: Magica De Spell

Magica De Spell has five methods of attack. Her first attack consists of three
sets of vertical and horizontal flame pillars which are randomly selected. For
the vertical ones, the initial pillar is harmless but you must get away from
the pillar before it expands and hurt you. For the horizontal pillar, jump onto
the block to avoid getting hit. After three pillar sets, Magica will stand in
the foreground and laugh at you. Pogo onto her. For the next attack, she will
hide in one of the mirrors as they spiral around. Pogo onto the mirror that her
head was in and then she will reappear and stand in a corner. Pogo onto her and
now she will turn into a crow, pogo onto her when she swoops in and she will
follow up with a three-way magic beam (replaces her thunderbolts from the NES
& GB version). Just stand afar, and jump over the horizontal one then pogo onto
her for the fifth hit. That is the end of the first set. On the second go-around
she will use four verticals and/or two horizontals. On the third go-around, she
will use five verticals and/or three horizontals. In all, it takes about fifteen
hits to due her in for the Coin.

----African Mines----

As you go in, head right and you will see the lift is missing a key for it to
operate. In the original version there was a wall that need a key to go through
and you would have to go back to Transylvania to retrieve it. Now, you can just
proceed further to the right going through bats and slugs and the key is in the
big treasure chest at the end. There is a M-coin if you need help getting there.
Go back to the lift and you can make it go up or down by holding up or down. The
moment you go down to the bottom, head left and there is a false wall leading to
a Heart Container. Now go right and you'll meet up with Mrs. Beakley. Just past
here is the original shortcut but now it leads to treasures and cake. Bounce off
the green ducks to get there. At least this time, you can see the bubbles before
they come up so aim for the bubbles and you should be fine. Head back to the
left and drop down. Go to the left and beware of the slugs and the flowers you
say in the Amazon earlier in the game if you went there first. Run as fast as
you can from the boulder until it falls into the pit. Climb up two chains to the
top and go left and as you jump, treasure chest will form on the ceiling. Use
the Cane Swing on the rocks to knock them down. Drop down at the end and go
right and move fast because a boulder is coming from behind. Some blocks will
impede your path so get them out of the way. The boulder will kill the flower
and clear the rocks away. 

Go down the chain or jump down. Go right and pogo onto the ducks for leverage if
necessary and swing the rock into the bat. Drop down at the end and start moving
fast to the left as another boulder will be chasing you. At the end, jump over
the boulder with a pogo and it will clear the rocks. Get past the flowers and
ride the mine cart. Duck down to avoid the low platforms and jump when you see a
break in the rails and land in the next cart. This cart will lead you straight
to the cutscene. Once you go left and down, head right and get past the flowers
and deal with the Beagle Boys. Go down three screens and when you go to the left
you will fall down and face the boss, Terra Firmie King.

Boss Fight: Terra Firmie King

Watch out for the King's roll attack at the start and pogo onto him. You can do
so during in the middle of this kind of roll. After every hit, The Firmie King
will get angry and rev up and roll around the room a few times then jump into
the background and blow his horn twice. If the notes are blue, get ready for a
Terra Firmie bumrush. Stay on the far right and pogo onto the balls to avoid
taking damage. If the notes are orangish, watch out for falling boulders. The
shadow of a boulder will form over you before it falls in that spot. The boss
concedes defeat after five hits and give you the Diamond.

----The Himalayas----

Note: If you are looking for Mrs. Beakley, follow the path to the first plane
part then use the ice blocks for leverage to get above the ceiling to the left.
There is a hidden rope up there so hold up as you are walking to the left.

Launchpad lost the plane part and it's up to you to retrieve it. Don't bother
pogoing in the snow as you'll be stuck in their freezing. Concentrate on getting
past the rabbits and goats. Ignore the first rope and drop down the second hole
as their are extra treasures there. At the bottom, go to the left and you will
see the plane part but a trio of rabbits will rip it to pieces. Dive down and
go to the right through a false wall leading to a Heart Container. You can drop
down again or head left. Either way, you will come across a rabbit that you must
kill for a piece of the plane part. I suggest staying on top then when you get
the part, continue onto the rope and drop down and go right to kill the other
rabbit that way you don't have to deal with the spiders and icicles on the lower
level. Once you take care of both pieces, go left and you will come across Bubba
Duck frozen in ice. Pogo onto his ice block three times to free him. Bubba will
attack the rabbits but only hit them while they are out of the snow. He will
also break any ice block in your path. Be quick to get some of the treasures
before Bubba destroys the ice block you were using for leverage. After the path
is clear, Scrooge sends Bubba to the plane with Launchpad. Go up the rope and
kill the rabbit before climbing the next rope as it contains the final piece of
the part. Drop down to the right then climb up the next rope.

Work your way up by climbing through the ropes and pogoing the spiders. At the
end you'll end up in open ground and see the Beagle Boy. Pogo off of him to get
to a hidden area to the left with treasures and treats now go back to the right
and defeat all enemies and you'll meet up with Launchpad and Webby gets caught
for stowing away. The four of them take off then Flintheart Glomgold will show
up in a plane in the background and launch Beagle Boys and bombs at your plane.
Kill the Beagle Boys and Cane Swing the bombs back at Flintheart. He will be
defeated with five bombs. Carefully make your way past the rabbits, goats, and
pits to face the Yeti boss.

Boss Fight: Yeti

Whoever would have that thought the Yeti would end up being female? In the NES
and GB version, the Yeti was the same size as you but in Remastered she is very
huge. She follows a simple pattern and is a good boss to start against in the
Extreme Mode. Her pattern consists of hopping to one side with an occasional
giant hop that damages you if you are on the ground. Once she reaches the side,
she will pound on the wall and make an avalanche. A rock will fall down. Time a
golf swing on it to knock an ice block on the Yeti's head to bury her lower half
in the snow then pogo jump on her. Five hits will end the fight and give you the

----The Moon----

Bounce off the aliens and the Cosmic Ducks. A spaceship will emerge. Go up the
chain inside the ship and watch out for the shocky spikes and you pogo onto the
Martians. Going left leads to treasures so you want to go up. Go right and you
will see Gizmoduck's helmet encased in glass so you can't get it yet. Go up the
rope on the right then go left and hit the button to free Fenton and the rats.
Fly around and turn all the switches green to turn on the gravity. From there,
keep working your way up and to the left for several screen. When you find you
can't go any either direction any longer, you are at the top. Go right from that
point and get Gizmoduck's armored suit. Drop down two levels and go to the very
right for some treasure over the wall then go back and climb the rope. Clear the
bricks and barrel to get some treasures and cake. Go up the rope two levels and
you will be outside. Pogo off the red aliens and spikes to reach Gizmoduck's
wheel. Now head back and drop down a level and go left. Clear the aliens and
climb the rope to meet Mrs. Beakley. Now you are going to drop down four levels
and go right and the helmet is free. Head back to the start of the level so that
Fenton becomes Gizmoduck.

Gizmoduck fires rocket to take out enemies. Guide him to the green wall and he
will destroy it but Flinheart send in the Beagle Boys. Drop down to the lowest
level that doesn't require traveling far to the next rope. Once there, head to
the left and you will see a treasure chest located in the upper left above a
rope. Ignore the rope and pogo off the treasure and go over the wall and it will
lead to the Heart Container. Go back and go down the rope. Fight your way to
the very left and fight a giant Moon Rat.

Boss Fight: Moon Rat

The Moon Rat has a random pattern. Just stand in the center and wait for the rat
to go nearby and pogo onto it. After every three hits, it will go on a rampage
and materialize in a different spot and run in a straight line. Get to a safe
spot before it runs you over. After a few rounds, it will repeat its previous
phase. After several hits, it will fall and the Green Cheese of Longevity is
yours. At least, the rat won't hurt you while it is materializing.

----Mount Vesuvius----

Magica De Spell has kidnapped Scrooge's nephews. Scrooge resorts to enlisting
Flintheart Glomgold's help to save them. Off the two of you go to Mount Vesuvius
which many people in history class remember as the downfall of Pompei. Head to
the right and use the skull of the Skeleton Duck to get the treasure. Venture
past bats, Skeleton ducks, spikes, and pits until you reach Flintheart. Smash
the bricks blocking the path. Pogo off the red ducks popping out of the lava.
Let the diamonds be your guide where to jump. Once in the shadows, take the low
road and there is an M-coin to help you blow through enemies and climb up the
chain on the end. Pogo off of Flintheart's rock to reach the chain and pogo to
the next chain carefully as those spikes mean business. Climb the chain and
duck off to the side to avoid the boulder that will kill you instantly. Climb
to the top and stand in the pocket and jump over the next boulder as it passes
by. Do the same on the next screen. Pogo on the spikes and use the boulders for
leverage to reach the chain. At the top, go through the false rocks for some
treasure then go back to the right.

Ride the cart and collect the treasures and jump off at the end of the track.
Use the ducks to stay above the lava. It's hard to see but it is safe to drop
down where you see treasure chests. There is also a mine cart to the right of
them to ride. Jump off at the end of the track and climb the chain at the end.
Go right and those damn ghosts appear again. Run across the crumbling rocks and
move across the chains. The third one lets you go up for some treasures. Once
you drop down from there, Flintheart is waiting for you. Go right and it turns
out Flintheart and Magica where in cohoots. The treasures were used to revive
Count Dracula Duck. Time to fight him.

Boss Fight: Count Dracula Duck

Trying to hit Dracula is tricky. You must wait for him to send a bat out and
pogo onto it then pogo onto his head to score a hit. After getting hit, he will
retreat to the background and Magica will throw one of three potions into the
pot that determines his next attack.

Green: Turns Dracula into a green dragon that will spit balls of fire that will
turn into a ground flame that lingers when it hits the ground for a few seconds.
When you avoid the first one, stand in a spot to lure the next subsequent fires.
After five fires, the potion wears off.

Yellow: Turns into a giant Dracula and will try to crush you with his duckbill
or sharp teeth. If you can't get from under him when he hops, just duck down if
you are not under his tooth. The potion will wear off after a few attempts to
bite down.

Red: Forms a swarm of bats that will attempt to swoop down and crush you. Make
it to the open spot before the bats come down and you'll be safe. The potion
will wear off after several attempts.

Once a potion wears off, get ready to hit Dracula again. If you fail to hit him
after a few tries, he will retreat to the background for another potion so make
each attempt count. After 4 hits, Dracula goes even higher up and you will need
to pogo onto two bats to reach him and pogo onto him safely. Seven total hits
will send this duck back to his grave.

After he is defeated, go right and you will see Magica and Flintheart arguing
with each other. You must race the two of them to the top and grab the number
one dime first or else you will lose a life. It use to be a straight shot but
now you must go through some obstacles to reach the dime. You are not out of
the woods just yet. You must climb your way to the top to avoid the lava. Once
you make it to the top, you beat the game. In Extreme Mode, the lava rises real
fast and its better to take some shortcuts like pogoing to the third chain near
the beginning.


Enter a level where the 10,000s digit is a 7 (70,000, 170,000, etc.) and you
will go through a special Gyro level where he drops rubies and diamonds.

To listen to the 8-bit music right away, input put Down, R, Up, L, Y, B at the
Capcom logo. (Note: This is a secret code used for Street Fighter 2 and Street
Fighter 2 Turbo for the SNES in the same situation). For the PS3, R = R1, L = L1
Y = [], B = ><. For the 360, R = RB, L = LB, Y = X and B = A.


Sink or Swim (Bronze)
Dive into the Money Bin  

Work Smarter Not Harder (Bronze)
Defeat Big Time Beagle using your noggin  

Superstitious Hocus Pocus (Bronze)
Collect the Coin of the Lost Realm  

Extravagant Housewares (Bronze)
Collect the Sceptre of the Incan King  

Where No Duck Has Gone Before (Bronze)
Collect the Green Cheese of Longevity  

Any Crash You Can Walk Away From (Bronze)
Collect the Lost Crown of Ghengis Khan  

Garbage Collector (Bronze)
Collect the Giant Diamond of Inner Earth  

Luck o' the Ducks (Bronze)
Get back what Magica stole  

The Duck Who Would Be King (Bronze)
Collect $10,000,000  

Score to Settle (Bronze)
Scrooge doesn't take kindly to being swindled by statues  

Bless Me Bagpipes (Bronze)
Collect All the Heart Containers on Easy or Medium difficulty  

Tougher than the Toughies (Bronze)
Beat game on Hard difficulty   

Smarter than the Smarties (Silver)
Beat game on Extreme difficulty   

Connoisseur of the Arts (Bronze)
Unlock all art in the Gallery   

Art Aficionado (Bronze)
Buy art in the gallery  

Look Ma, No Spats! (Bronze)
Enter either underground section of Amazon and climb up the other side using
only the pogo jump   

A Few Gears Loose (Bronze)
Get to the secret gyro area in the clouds  

It's A Duck Blur (Bronze)
Defeat 5 enemies under the effect of 1 magic coin  

Healthy Appetite (Bronze)
Eat some of Mrs. Beakley's delicious treats. 
Pogo A Go Go (Bronze)
Defeat 5 enemies in a row with pogo jump without touching the ground  


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