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Table of Contents
1. Introduction                                                 [DWInt]
2. Controls                                                     [DWCon]
3. Story Mode Walkthrough                                       [DWSto]
   3.1 Chapter 1                                                [DWS01]
   3.2 Chapter 2                                                [DWS02]
   3.3 Chapter 3                                                [DWS03]
   3.4 Chapter 4                                                [DWS04]
   3.5 Chapter 5                                                [DWS05]
4. Version History                                              [DWVer]
5. Credits                                                      [DWCre]

I. INTRODUCTION                                                 [DWInt]

Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce is the latest in the Dynasty Warriors line
of video games. It's geared towards multiplayer, with a majority of the
missions being way, way too hard for a single player game. However,
with the help of some GameFAQs board posters, I was able to figure out
some methods of getting through single player. It takes a lot of skill,
a lot of grinding, and a HUGE amount of luck, but it can be done.

II. CONTROLS                                                    [DWCon]

L - Lock on
R - Dash
Triangle - Smash Attack
Square - Normal Attack
X - Jump
O - Switch Weapon
Select - Map controls
Directional pad - Camera controls
Directional pad + L - item management/usage
O + Triangle - Fury mode, Musou when in Fury Mode

III. STORY MODE                                                 [DWSto]


-Grind a LOT. You'll want to grind to as high a level as possible for
 each chapter, because the enemies are incredibly tough and murderous,
 even for multiple people.

-Upgrade your stores ASAP. You're going to need a lot of high level
 equipment in order to get through this game solo.

-Poison is your best friend. When you equip an orb on your weapons,
 make sure it is a wood element orb, if your weapon isn't already a
 wood element. Wood element weapons can inflict poison, and poison's
 damage over time is a HUGE factor of success for much of this game's
 single player strategy.

-Control + Focus + Power Armor + Immortal. When Poison Bows and melees
 cannot get you through the day, go into fury mode, and start swinging
 away at everything. Keep a healthy collection of elixirs and such to
 ensure your fury mode stays as long as possible. I was able to
 maintain fury for up to seven to ten minutes at one point. With this
 combination, you can't be flinched, you can't be killed, and you'll
 have to take down your enemy as quickly as possible.

-USE YOUR BOW. The most annoying enemies in the game are bar none, the
 sorcerers. They can do lots of damage, and can fly. So they'll just
 fly around shooting fireballs at you. Normal melee weapons might as
 well be paper fans against them, but they are weak against one thing:
 bows. A few shots of your bow will kill even the hardiest sorcerer.

-Each enemy type is weak against certain weapons. I'm currently
 experimenting, but what I know for sure is that sorcerers are weak
 against bows, animals against techs, static and heavy weapons against
 staffs, light infantry against swords, and heavy infantry against
 pikes. Spears are all around average against every enemy (except
 heavy infantry, apparently). My recommendation is to have a bow and
 a melee weapon, because sorcerers are too annoying to fight without
 a bow.

3.1 CHAPTER 1                                                   [DWS01]

You'll start ar you base camp. This is where you accept quests and
missions. You can also buy orbs, chi abilities, items, and weapons here
as well as visit your storehouse for item management. For now, you
don't really need to do any of these things. You have no missions
either so you'll want to check the request board to the left of the
gate on the northern side. Take the only request you have, you won't
need anything for this request.


Enemy: Bandits
Commander: Bandit Chief
Reward: 100 G
Victory: Defeat Commander
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (50 G): Open gate within 3 minutes

You start at the southmost portion of the map. Run northwards into an
area with continually respawning enemies. There are a few item boxes
you can smash here, but don't waste too much time here. Use these
enemies to get a feel for the controls and the battle system, but don't
linger for more than a minute or so. When you're ready, head north into
the next section.

Here, you'll fight a set number of bandits. They are all rather easy
and it shouldn't take more than 30 or 40 seconds to kill all of them.
Once you do, the gate to the next area opens. You should be able to do
it within 3 minutes easily, fulfilling the bonus.

In the next area, you'll fight the Bandit Chief. He carries a giant
mace, so he has a rather long range. Wait for him to finish his attacks
then run in and hit him. You can use your smash attack to hit him into
the air where he's rather helpless. You can also use your dash attack.
You'll find in this game that the dash attack is immensely useful and
highly invaluable to your game. It attacks fast, has a wide area of
effect, and can dodge projectiles easily. He should go down without
much trouble and you'll finish the request upon his defeat.

You'll still not have any missions after this, so go to the request
board again to take on the next request. Before you take on the next
request, buy a few meat buns.


Enemy: Lu Bu
Commander: None
Reward: 200 G
Victory: Defeat all Officers
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (100 G): Defeat Butterfly

There are four parts to this map, north, south, east, west, and center.
You start at the west part. Go east to the central part. To the south
is Wen Chou, who is a heavy mace user. He's not much different from the
bandit chief from the previous request, but things are complicated here
due to archers, cannons on the walls, and sorcerer enemies firing stuff
at you all the time. The sorcerers have too much HP to be worth
fighting, so don't bother. You can use the dash strike continually to
keep dodging their projetile attacks. The problem is that while
fighting the commanders it's kind of hard to do. Salvage any meat buns
you can on the battlefield.

To the east of the central area is Hou Cheng. You'll have to destroy
the gate to his fortification first, but it's easy. He is an axe user;
while not as fast as a sword user, he is much faster than the last two
bosses you've faced. Here there are a large amount of projectiles and
enemy grunts making life hard for you, so keep dash attacking and try
to use air attacks. When he's gone, keep going east to the eastmost
section of the stage to find the "Butterfly" enemy. It's kind of hard
to reach, so you might take a while to defeat it, but all it has going
for it is its small hitbox, so just keep at it.

At south is Wei Xu. He's another mace user and should be easy game for
you - if there weren't more grunts. You have sorcerers and some strong
grunt enemies to deal with. They have padded HP and the sorcers can
really dish out the pain. Go into fury mode (you should have a full
bar by now) and unleash you Musou attack when you are able. This should
give you a fair advantage. You should be able to clean up the rest of
the boss' HP afterwards.

Now you can select your first mission. Make sure you are prepared. Load
yourself up with healing and fury items. You should also have enough
raw materials and money to make a new weapon for yourself. Upgrade your
weapon if possible, and move out.


Enemy: Yellow Turbans
Commander: Zhang Liang
Reward: 100 G
Victory: Defeat Zhang Liang
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (50 G): Defeat 50 enemies

Go north and you'll be in an area with a sealed gate and lots of
enemies, as well as fire. The fire will damage you, so watch out for it
and the enemies consist of spear users and archers. They aren't that
tough but be wary not to walk into the fire. When you've killed enough
Cheng Yuanzhi will show up. He's a mace user so he's nothing you have
not dealt with before. Be careful as the spear enemies will rush at
you while you're fighting him. Once he's gone all the fires will be
put out and the gate unlocked. Move north.

You'll now be in another area with locked gates and enemy grunts.
Fortunately there are no fires to dodge here so you can concentrate on
defeating the enemies. Once you've killed enough of them, Zhang Man
Cheng will appear and fight you. he's a sword user and he's fast. He
can jump quite a distance as well. Use your fury mode if you have it
and barrage him with your Musou attack to down him easily. THe gate
will unlock and you can go north.

You'll have to contend with Cheng Yuanzhi again here, but he's nothing
really special anymore. He hasn't changed at all from his previous
fight so you can defeat him easily. When he is defeated you'll fight
Zhang Liang. He is quite difficult, appropriately. He has tons of HP
and you'll have to dodge projectile attacks from catapults as well as
enemy grunts. He wields a staff and can throw fireballs at you. Start
attacking him immediately with your smash attacks, using the dash
attack to your advantage. Never let him get too much distance from you
otherwise he'll start chucking fireballs. When he's down to about
1/4 of his life he'll activate his fury mode. Respond in kind and
continue your attack. Use your Musou attack to finish him off.

You should have easily me the 50 enemy requirement for this stage.
Afterwards you'll have no more missions but more requests at the board.
You should also have enough material to upgrade some of your stores,
and to purchase some upgrades. Get whatever you think you need.


Enemy: Yellow Turbans
Commander: None
Reward: 200 G
Victory: Reach Destination
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (100 G): Defeat 50 enemies

Here, you'll have to find chests with belongings that were stolen.
These chests present as item boxes and are marked with a "!" on the
minimap. There is one in the center, two to the west, one to the east,
and one to the north, followed by the goal further north.

In the west area you'll have to fight a sword user, Yang Zhang. While
it isn't necessary to defeat him you can get a nice obnus by defeating
him. He's fast and uses dash attacks without mercy, plus you have to
dodge projectile attacks from the wall and other enemies, so if you can
not handle it, just grab the chests and leave.

There's a good chance you haven't gotten the fifty enemy bonus even
after getting all five chests. Go to the central area and kill some
enemies. Here you won't have to worry about sorcerers, just infantry
and archers. Now go to the north to the goal.

You'll be able to select another mission from the mission list now.


Enemy: Yellow Turbans
Commander: Zhang Bao
Reward: 200 G
Victory: Defeat Zhang Bao
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (100 G): Completely destroy the armed base

GO north from your starting position. In the next area, you'll have to
navigate the stage by crossing pits with floating platforms. Ignore the
enemies and keep jumping over the platforms, as they'll just distract
you. You should reach the other side with little trouble.

At the next section you'll fight Pei Yuan Shao. He's a sword user and
thus pretty fast, but you can make short work of him easily. Head north
into the next section and you'll have to kill off all the enemies here
in order to proceed. It's annoying thanks to most of them being
sorcerers. Just take your time by using dash attacks and air attacks
and you'll win.

In the final section you'll be trapped in the southern part of the area
and have to defeat a bunch of sorcerers. After they're gone, Ma Yuanyi
will appear and fight you. He's an ace user, so he has medium speed.
Block his attacks and wait for him to finish, the run in and strike
while he is still recovering. When he's gone you'll no longer be
trapped so you can run north and fight Zhang Bao.

To achieve the bonus in this stage, you'll have to destroy the wall
cannons that shoot fire at you. There are around six in the romo and
while you're running around attacking them the enemies won't bother
you, so just get that out of the way first. Now, heal up, and run to
fight Zhang Bao. Pei Yuan Shao will join in this battle, but he's a
minor annoyance compared to Zhang Bao, who is a beast. He'll fly
around, throw fireballs at you, and be a general bastard. You'll want
to activate fury mode and slap him around a bit before unleashing your
musou attack. Then you want to recharge your fury bar by using items 
and doing it again. This should take out a considerable amount of his
HP. THe rest is up to blind luck because he flies all over the place
and the camera can't really keep up. Just jump at him, attack, and hope
you get lucky enough to hit him so you can chain into a combo. Make
liberal use of your dash attack.

Now you'll have more requests to deal with.


Enemy: Yellow Turbans
Commander: Bo Zhang
Reward: 200 G
Victory: Defeat Bo Zhang
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (100 G): Defeat Ma Yuanyi

Go north to the next area. When you enter, immediately go to the west
and jump on the ledge. Now circle around to the north while avoiding
enemies as well as bamboo traps. You only have ten minutes so you can't
waste your time fighting anything other than what you have to.

In the next area, you can try getting to the cliffs on the west by
double jumping and using continual air attacks. Go west to fight Ma
Yuanyi, who's a total pushover by this point. Otherwise, keep going
north. In the next area, ignore all the enemies and go east. You'll
have to defeat a grey cart here. Use your ranged weapon since melee
will just get your ass kicked. Continue through the gate and you'll
have to fight another blade cart to get through. The next area is the
same. Keep going to the last area.

By this time you're probably running out of time. Run forward to where
Bo Zhang is and activate Fury mode. Barrage him, then Musou attack.
Now use your items to refill your fury gauge and do it again. Keep
attacking him, and only him in order to finish him off within the
time limit.

Get an Argor Orb so you have a wood element on your bow before this
next mission.


Enemy: Yellow Turbans
Commander: Zhang Jiao
Reward: 200 G
Victory: Defeat Zhang Jiao
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (200 G): Completely destroy the Yellow Thunder
               Defeat Zhang Liang and Zhang Bao

Go to the next area. Ignore all the enemies here and go north; this
next battle is BRUTAL and you'll want to conserve as much HP as
possible. You'll eventually have to fight Cheng Yuanzhi. By this point
he is a joke. Defeat him like you did before, and try to take as little
damage as possible; it's possible to get through without being hurt,
but it'll take a little luck. His attacks are easy to dodge, so don't
hesitate to fall back if you think he's about to attack. The gate
unlocks once he is down, so go through.

Now you will have to fight Zhang Jiao, Zhang Bao, and ZhangLiang. They
are MURDEROUSLY difficult. I wonder what the hell the deveopers were
thinking. Anyway, keep away from them and keep shooting Zhang Jiao with
your bow to poison him. A few shots will kill him but he will defend
some shots and dodge others. SO just keep locking on and shooting at
him while running away from them. When he dies once, he'll come back in
fury mode. it is DOUBLY IMPORTANT you keep away from them because they
are fast, angry, and strong. Keep shooting at him and if you take
damage, heal yourself. Once Zhang Jiao is down you'll win.

Don't even try to achieve the bonus unless you are in a multiplayer
fight. These guys mean business.

3.2 CHAPTER 2                                                   [DWS02]


Enemy: Dong Zhuo
Commander: Niu Fu
Reward: 300 G
Victory: Defeat Niu Fu
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (150 G): Defeat all bandits

Go north. Defeat all the enemies here in order to open the gate. They
should pose no real threat as you are now. Now go north into the next
area, and then head east. Kill all the enemies here (even the bandit
chief is absurdly easy after Zhang Jiao and co.) to achieve the bonus.
Now go the the west back to the previous area and go north. There will
be a sealed gate. Go directly to the sealed gate and kill the guard
directly in front of it in order to open the gate.

In the next area you will fight Niu Fu. He uses a spear, which is
quick and has a long reach. Poison him to make things go faster, and
fire arrows from long range. If he is in a recovery phase, rush in
and smack him around with your melee attacks to finish him off.


Enemy: Yellow Turbans
Commander: None
Reward: 300 G
Victory: Capture all bases
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (150 G): Defeat Butterfly

You have to capture all the bases by defeating the sorcerer enemies in
each base. There are four, northwest, northeast, southwest, southeast.
However, you have to remove all Yellow Turban presence in each base,
otherwise it will be recaptured as soon as you leave the area. What
this means is that you have to defeat ALL the enemies in each base,
including the ballistas. Fortunately, there are no boss enemies, so
it's actually rather easy. If you have poison weapons it's even easier.
Also, you don't have to clear out the Turbans from the last base, only
the sorcerer enemy.

The butterfly for the bonus is in the northwest base, on the west cliff
and you can find "Legend of Zhang Jiao" in a red crate here.


Enemy: Dong Zhuo
Commander: Hu Zhen
Reward: 400 G
Victory: Defeat Dong Zhuo's forces
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (150 G): Defeat 10 enemies unharmed

This request has you fighting three waves of enemies in one area.
GO north and you'll fight wave 1, which is just a bunch of normal
soldiers. Note that this is the best opportunity to get the bonus
as these enemies are rather easy. The second wave is a bunch of
spinning blades. Trying to melee these things is suicide, so hang back
and take out your bow, then shoot them to death. Finally you'll fight
some sorcerers, heavy infantry, and Hu Zhen and Fan Chou. These two
are rather easy, especially if you poison them. When they're gone,
use your bow to take out the sorcerers, and melee for the soldiers.


Enemy: Dong Zhuo
Commander: Xu Rong
Reward: 400 G
Victory: Defeat Xu Rong
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (100 G): Foil ambush on first attempt

Go into the center area and kill the messenger and he'll spout some
weird cryptic nonsense. What you want to do is locate the box in the
area depending on what he says:

"Where the sun sets" - West Area Box

"Where the sun rises" - East Area Box

"A land far away" - North Area box

"Former land" - Center area

When you break the box, Xu Rong will come out. He's quite easy despite
being a boss, so you can take him out with little trouble. If you
found him on the first try, you'll win the bonus.


Enemy: Dong Zhuo
Commander: Hua Xiong
Reward: 300 G
Victory: Breach Si Shui Gate
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (150 G): Defeat Hua Xiong in 7 minutes
               Foil Li Ru's strategy

Go north to the next area, where you fight Li Jue to open the gate.
He's deceptively fast for being an axe user but otherwise he's not
too difficult. Now go north into the next area, and either east or
west. Keep going in that direction to battle Guo Si and Li Jue. This
time it's much harder, as you have a lot of soldiers fighting you
as well as a blade cart trying to ginzu knife you. Destroy the cart
first, then equip your bow and shoot Guo Si from afar. Now, equip
your melee weapon and take out the soldiers and Li Jue.

Now you'll need to fight Li Ru and Hua Xiong at the same time. Li Ru
will release poison into the gates so be careful. If you can manage
not to be poisoned, you'll get the bonus. Use your bow to take out
Li Ru first, as he is the more dangerous of the two. Then close in
and use melee against Hua Xiong. With poison you should be able to
get through easily within 7 minutes.


Enemy: Dong Zhuo
Commander: Lu Bu
Reward: 500 G
Victory: Breach Hu Lao Gate
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (250 G): Defeat Lu Bu

Keep going north. In the second section, jump over all the enemies and
go into the third section. You'll have to defeat some enemies here so
you can fight a boss. Destroy the blade cart first, as it'll be a
nuisance if you leave it there. The boss isn't too difficult, poison
him for an easy win.

In the next area, you'll have to fight Zhang Liao first. Poison him
and shoot at him with your bow. He's too dangerous in close quarters
combat, as he uses two blades and is extremely quick. It may take a
while but it's the safest way to defeat him. Next is Diao Chan (what
the hell is she doing fighting anyway? This game is absurdly inaccurate
and weird). She'll go down easily with some poison and melee attacks,
and is far less dangerous than Zhang Liao.

Now you have to fight Lu Bu and Bi Xie. THis battle is extremely hard,
though easier than the final battle in chapter 1 for one reason,
Bi Xie is a very easy target to hit. What you want to do is retreat to
the far right or far left side and target Bi Xie with your bow. Keep
shooting it. THere will be tigers, so keep jumping and moving to
avoid their attacks. This method is very slow, but it has the least
chance of you dying, as Bi Xie's attack cannot reach you at either
end of the battlefield and Lu Bu will not come down unless you're
really near. If you're feeling bold though, you can try to get Lu Bu
to come down, and then poison him. It'll siphon away some of his HP
and you can repeat this process two or three times to finish him
off, getting the bonus.


Enemy: Dong Zhuo
Commander: Dong Zhuo
Reward: 500 G
Victory: Defeat Dong Zhuo
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (250 G): Victory within 5 minutes
               Defeat all Strategists

Here, you can go directly after Dong Zhuo or run around the whole
map taking out the strategists. Know that you can thus only get one
of the bonuses this way. I recommend you not bother with the strategist
bonus and just focus on Dong Zhuo. He's incredibly powerful and uses
a mace. Hang back and use your bow to poison him and play keep away
with him as his HP dwindles. Eventually he'll activate his fury mode.
At this point you'll want to stay far away and pelt him with arrows.
He'll go down eventually and you'll barely have a scratch.


Enemy: Dong Zhuo
Commander: Dong Zhuo
Reward: 600 G
Victory: Defeat Dong Zhuo
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (250 G): Defeat Tian Lu

Go north and you'll fight Guo Si and Li Ru. Use the previous strategy
of bows against Li Ru and melee against Guo Si and you should win
easily. Continue north through the now unlocked gates and you'll fight
Hua Xiong and Li Jue. There's a Blade Cart and some troublesome
enemies here, too, so destroy the blade cart first and then focus on
the bosses. Hua Xiong uses a mace so he's rather easy to defeat. Li
Ru is quick as always, so use your bow against him.

Go north and you'll have to fight Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu, and Tian Lu.
Run along the outer extremes of the room to avoid being hit by Tian Lu
and keep dodging attacks from Lu Bu and Dong Zhuo. Eventually Lu Bu
will exit the fight, leaving only Dong Zhuo. Now, take out your bow
and fire shots at Dong Zhuo until he is poisoned. Now keep dodging his
attacks and when he's no longer poisoned, fire more arrows at him.
When his HP goes down to 1, you can easily defeat him.

Don't bother with the bonus here, as Tian Lu has a truckload of HP
and getting near it is a death sentence.

3.3 CHAPTER 3                                                   [DWS03]


Enemy: Lu Bu
Commander: Diao Chan
Reward: 400 G
Victory: Defeat Dian Chan
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (200 G): Destroy Blade Cart

Look at the mini map and you'll see two areas below the northernmost
area with boss characters. You'll want to get keys by defeating both
of these characters, so go to either side. The first one has Wang Jie,
who is a sorceror. As always against these enemies, take out your bow
and start shooting at him. He'll go down with little trouble, just make
sure not to let him hit you too much. Now go to the next boss. THe area
north of where you fought Wang Jie has a Blade Cart to the east.
Destroy it to earn the bonus. Now go north and then east to face
another boss. This one is also a sorcerer, so again, take out your bow
and shoot at him to down him quickly. Now that you have both keys, go
to the previous area to unlock the gate and go through.

Diao Chan uses a whip, which is an incredibly fast mid range weapon.
try to poison her with your bow, and then run in with your melee weapon
to damage her further. She has a few soldier grunts trying to attack
you, but they aren't too big a threat. The poison should cause her HP
to dwindle to nothing and you should be able to finish her off without
too much trouble.


Enemy: Lu Bu
Commander: None
Reward: 500 G
Victory: Defeat Juggernaut
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (250 G): Defeat tigers

You'll have to fight lots of tigers in this one, which is okay since
they are not too tough. In the first section, clear out all the tigers
and the tamers that accompany them. Don't worry if they hang around
after you reduce their HP to 0, they'll just run off. In the second
section you have to defeat all the tigers to open the gate. They're not
too hard, just smack them around a bit and they'll retreat. Finally,
in section three there will be tigers and a juggernaut tank. Let the
tigers come to you first, and defeat them. After they're gone, go after
the Juggernaut tank, which'll only attack if you near it. it'll spit
fire and attack from the front so maneuver behind it and strike it a
few times, then retreat and repeat the process. This isn't too hard.

If you defeated all the tigers you get a nice bonus.


Enemy: Lu Bu
Commander: None
Reward: 500 G
Victory: Defeat all Officers
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (250 G): Prevent Officers Uniting

You'll have to fight three boss officers here. THe first is Wei Xu
in the western area. He's a mace user so you should be able to down
him without too much trouble. Poison him to make him die faster so
he doesn't reach the central area. Next is Song Xian to the north, who
uses an axe. Again, not too hard. Just poison him as well, and keep
attacking. He'll use fury once he reaches a certain HP percentage, but
outside of that there's nothing that can threaten you. Lastly is Zang
Ba. He is also a mace user. When you get to him, activate your Fury
Mode and keep attacking him. He'll activate fury mode as well right
when he meets you, but poison him and he'll go down before he can do
too much damage to you.

If you defeated each officer before the others appeared, then you'll
get the bonus.


Enemy: Lu Bu
Commander: Gao Shun
Reward: 500 G
Victory: Defeat Gao Shun
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (250 G): Reach gates unharmed

You'll have to make your way through three sections of arenas where you
must defeat every enemy in order to unlock the gate. The first wave is
not too hard, the second wave is the same, save for some spinning blade
enemies you'll want to take out from afar, and the third is slightly
more difficult. Gao Shun himself uses a bow, so you'll have to run in
and melee him. Try to poison him to make his HP drain, and keep chasing
him around and attacking him until he goes down, since you'll lose in
a far range battle.


Enemy: Lu Bu
Commander: Lu Bu
Reward: 400 G
Victory: Defeat Lu Bu
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (200 G): Defeat Diao Chan

First, go north, then east. You'll have to fight two people to open up
a gate again. Chen Gong is up first. He's a sorceror, so use a bow on
him (with poison) to take him down quickly. Go east and you'll fight
Gao Shun. Poison him and fight off the other soldiers. When his HP is
near 0, give him the finishing blow. This will prompt Chen Gong to
show up and both of them will engage fury mode. Now things get a little
difficult - they are both incredibly powerful in fury mode, so you'll
want to activate fury mode yourself. Take out your bow and kill Chen
Gong first, as he's the more dangerous of the two. Then like before,
melee Gao Shun until he's poisoned, wait for the poison to siphon off
enough HP, then finish him off.

Now go to the northernmost area. Here you'll contend with a Juggernaut,
Diao Chan, and Lu Bu. By themselves they're too difficult (with the
notable exception of Lu Bu - he was known as the strongest fighter in
the land who could fight Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, and Guan Yu to a
standstill in the history books, appropriately), but together they are
a force to be reckoned with. Lure Diao Chan and Lu Bu out so you won't
have to deal with the Juggernaut. Use a bow to poison Diao Chan and
keep running from them. Eventually she'll go into fury mode. Poison her
again, and when she has a few HP left, melee her to death. Now Lu Bu
will go into Fury mode. Poison him, and like before, keep running, for
he is a juggling beast. If you get hit by him, it will hurt. Now, keep
playing keep away with him, poisoning him if he ever recovers. Once he
is near death, give him the finishing blow.


Enemy: Lu Bu
Commander: None
Reward: 500 G
Victory: Defeat Zhang Liao
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (250 G): Defeat Zhang Miao

Go south and you'll fight Hou Cheng. There are way too many enemies
here for yu to fight by yourself, so poison him and run around the room
until you can finish him off. Now continue south. In the next room, you
have to hit the control rod and run to the doors before they close. In
the next area you have to fight Song Xian. Poison him and keep avoiding
the enemies, especially the Thunderstrikes, because they are annoying
as hell. Once he's near death, finish him off. In the next area you
fight Zhang Miao. He's annoying to deal with since he's rather strong
and there are lots of other enemies here. Use a bow to poison him and
keep dodging everything else's attacks. When he's down to no HP, kill
him off and go to the next area.

Now you'll face Zhang Miao, Zhang Liao, and Juggernaut. Lure the two
officers away from the Juggernaut and poison them. Zhang Liao will
go into fury mode when at a certain HP percentage, so be aware. Zhang
Miao is the same as last time. This time, use your own fury mode to
contend with them. Poisoning them along with your fury mode will enable
you to take them down much more easily.


Enemy: Lu Bu
Commander: Lu Bu
Reward: 700 G
Victory: Defeat Lu Bu
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (350 G): Defeat all officers

You'll have to make your way through lots of bosses and enemies here so
make sure you are prepared. The first area has two bosses. They're both
Pike users so they should pose little threat if you just poison them
and let their HP drain. THe next section requires you to kill as many
enemies as you can. After a while another officer will appear. This one
is a sorcerer and will use fury mode, so use your bow to kill him. At
the next section, ignore all the enemies and head north. Be sure to
avoid the swamp water or risk getting poisoned yourself.

THe final area has Lu Bu himself. It's a collection of islands,
basically, so hit him with poison using a bow and run around. If he
recovers, poison him again. Keep running from rooftop to rooftop while
he tries to come after you. Eventually after a bit of cat and mouse,
he'll go down. Then he'll come back in Fury Mode. It is doubly 
important that you don't let him get near you now. Poison him with a
bow again and keep running from him as his HP dwindles. Don't try to
melee him unless you have confidence you'll land a hit; you don't
want to get caught being guarded, then open to attack. With enough
time, Lu Bu will go down, and you'll also get the bonus.


Enemy: Lu Bu
Commander: Lu Bu
Reward: 800 G
Victory: Defeat Lu Bu
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (250 G): Defeat Diao Chan

Move north and avoid any enemies in the way. You'll have to fight
Diao Chan and Lu Bu now, and they're actually not as difficult as
before. For one thing, they stay in the air on their bird of prey
mounts for a majority of the fight, only coming down every so often
to try and smack you around. So what you want to do is - yes, equip
your bow, and start firing at them. If you are able to poison them,
they will fly harmlessly overhead as their HP drains. If they come
down to try to hit you, just run away from them and keep shooting
at them when they recover from poison. It might take a while, but
it's a rather safe method of defeating them.

3.4 CHAPTER 4                                                   [DWS04]


Enemy: Yuan Shu
Commander: Yuan Shu
Reward: 600 G
Victory: Defeat Yuan Shu
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (250 G): Escape Castle in 10 minutes

You'll have to go through three areas of enemies before you fight the
boss. The first two areas are home to sorcerers, spear users, arbalest
tanks, and (in the second area) bombadiers who'll throw fire at you.
These areas aren't too difficult. However in the third area the tanks
are replaced by spinning blades, which are much more dangerous. Use 
long range attacks to defeat them.

By the fourth area, if you've spent less than 10 minutes on the level
you'll get the bonus. You'll now fight Yuan Shu. He uses a sword, so
use a bow on him to poison him. In fact, you'll want the bow for every
enemy here, the Arbalest tank notwithstanding. As you run from Yuan
Shu's attacks, just keep shooting the other enemies with your bow to
make them stop bothering you, stopping periodically to poison Yuan Shu
again. Since his weapon has an incredibly short range, you should be
able to defeat him easily.


Enemy: Allies
Commander: None
Reward: 600 G
Victory: Defeat all officers
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (250 G): Defeat Butterfly

This requests is difficult at the end for throwing the sheer number of
enemies it has at you. In section 1 you fight Lei Bo, who's a pushover
as he uses a mace and you should be able to take him down easily, but
when you get to the second section, he comes back to harass you along
with the new boss, and this goes on for four sections. In the second
section, Liu Xun is the boss. He uses a sword and is quick, so you'll
want to poison him and Lei Bo, wait for their HP to dwindle, then
finish them off. In the third section, Ji Ling is the boss. He uses a
pike and is joined by the previous two bosses. Liu Xun is still the
primary threat here, so take him out first and Ji Ling second. Again,
poison is your friend. In the fourth section all three previous bosses
are joined by Huang Zhu, who uses a bow. Shoot each of them with your
bow to poison them and keep running around the area to avoid their
attacks. Pick each of them off separately, and heal if you're damaged
too much. When you're down to two, activate fury mode and finish them
off. In terms of strength, they aren't that strong. But they have
sheer numbers on their side, so it's best to rely on the poison to
siphon off their HP.


Enemy: Yuan Shu
Commander: None
Reward: 700 G
Victory: Reach Destination
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (250 G): Defeat 100 enemies

Look at your mini map and you'll see five ! points interspersed through
the map. The object of this section is to locate the crates at the !
points and smash them open, then go to the goal. This isn't difficult
in the least, you could probably finish within 5 minutes by ignoring
all the enemies (and you should, the bonus isn't worth that much). Just
be careful of the westernmost area, it has swampland that'll poison you
if you step in.


Enemy: Black Bandits
Commander: Zhang Yan
Reward: 700 G
Victory: Defeat Zhang Yan
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (350 G): Destroy all machine cannons

Here, you'll need to defeat Zhan Yan 3 times. Go to where the boss
marker is on the map, and battle him (use the poison bow strategy again
to defeat him). He'll appear on the westernmost area. Now make your
way ove there, and you can stop in the area before it to destroy 3
machine cannons, giving you the bonus. Now go to the westernmost
area and defeat Zhang Yan again, and he'll reappear where he was
at the start of the map. Go back there and finish him off to end the


Enemy: Wei
Commander: None
Reward: 700 G
Victory: Reach Destination
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (250 G): Rescue A Dou unharmed

You'll see a goal marker on the map. Head to this area while ignoring
all the enemies. Hang around there for a while and it'll disappear, and
a boss icon will appear three sections away. Head there to fight Xiahou
En. He uses a Pike, so shoot him with your bow to poison him, and hit
him with your melee when he's almost dead to finish him off. Now go to
the first area of the map to open the gate and then south to the goal
in order to finish the level.


Enemy: Shu
Commander: Zhuge Liang
Reward: 800 G
Victory: Defeat Zhuge Liang
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (250 G): Defeat Butterfly

Go to the northernmost area and you'll have to go back to area 1 to
fight Zhuge Jun. He uses a sword, and is fast, so poison him and keep
blocking or dodging his attacks while landing your own melee hits in
order to defeat him. Now go to the northernmost area again and Zhuge
Liang will disappear, again. Go back to area 1 and now you fight Xu
Shu, who uses a bow. Here, you'll want to run in and melee him, and
if you've been listening to me both your weapons have wood elements
on them, so you'll poison him as well. Poison combined with your
melee attacks will bring him to his knees.

Now go to the northernmost part and finally you will fight Zhuge Liang.
He's a powerful sorcerer enemy who starts in fury mode. As with all
sorcerers before him, equip your bow and start shooting at him. If you
hit him enough times you'll kill him outright, but more likely you'll
"only" poison him. Play keep away with him as his HP drains, and re-
afflict him with poison if it runs out. Then shoot him again when he
is near death to defeat him and end the quest.


Enemy: Wei
Commander: Xiahou Dun
Reward: 800 G
Victory: Defeat Xiahou Dun
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (400 G): Fire strategy succeeeds
               VIctory within 5 minutes

Keep going to the first section where you fight Dian Wei. Despite using
a mace, he's actually quite fast, so you'll want to rely on your bow
and arrow to poison him and get his HP down so you can defeat him more
easily. Now go to the easternmost area to fight Xu Shu. He uses a bow,
which is not threatening at all by itself, but because there are tanks
aiding him you'll want to poison him then keep dashing and jumping
around the battlefield while his HP drains. When he is defeated, go to
the northern area. Here you wll fight Yu Jin who uses a spear. Again,
like Xu Shu, there are tanks helping him so you'll need to poison him,
preferably with a bow, then run around to avoid the projectile attacks
coming at you from every direction. When he goes down, go north.

Now you will fight Xiahou Dun. There are fewer enemies fighting with
him, and if you offed all the other officers the battlefield will be
set on fire, fulfilling the first bonus. Know that it's near impossible
to achieve the second bonus if you did the first one unless your level
is absurdly high. Anyway, Xiahou Dun uses a spear, but he's fast and
can use Fury mode. So, as always, poison him and keep running from his
attacks. Doubly so when he starts using FUry mode and gets all pissy.


Enemy: Wei
Commander: Cao Ren
Reward: 900 G
Victory: Defeat Cao Ren
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (450 G): Cao Ren appears within 3 minutes

You have to go around killing all the officers. First is Yue Jin, who
uses a spear. He'll have lots of guards and arbalest tanks at his
disposal, so shoot him from afar with your bow to poison him and keep
dodging all the stuff being thrown at you. At the easternmost area
is Han Hao, who's a bow user and is accompanied by two catapult tanks
and a bunch of soldiers. Hopefully you have fury mode available right
now, if you do, activate it, rush in, and defeat Han hao as soon as
possible because the enemies here can do massive damage to you if you
let them. If you don't have fury mode, you'll have to fall back on the
poison bow strategy once again. You'll fight Jia Kui next, who is
another bow user. Melee him to death as soon as you can. Run to the
northernmost part of the map for the fight with Cao Ren. Know that if
you take too long to defeat any of the officers, they will retreat and
you'll have to fight them alongside Cao Ren.

Cao Ren is incredibly strong, and starts the fight in Fury mode, so
respond in kind and attack Cao Ren with your bow to poison him, keep
running away, turning, and shooting. Since all you need to do is
defeat Cao Ren, just concentrate all your fire on him, and once he goes
down you'll win the fight.


Enemy: Wei
Commander: Cao Cao
Reward: 1000 G
Victory: Defeat Cao Cao
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (400 G): Save at least 1 villager
               Save all villagers

The first officer you come across is Zhang He, who uses claws to
attack you. Use your bow and arrow to poison the officer, and play
keep away until he's down. Now go through the unlocked gate. Keep
going and you'll fight Xiahou Dun, who is pretty strong. He uses a
mace type weapon but is incredibly fast and a juggling demon. Use your
bow against him, but be wary of the spinning blades; you might want
to destroy those before fighting him.

At the northermost area you will battle Cao Cao. He's incredibly strong
with high HP and wields a sword. At 80% he goes into Fury mode and has
absurdly powerful area attacks. While it may be tempting to take your
melee weapon and duel him to the death, it'll likely end in a horrible,
horrible death for you, so fall back on the bow and arrow you've been
using up until now. When Cao Cao uses Fury mode, go into Fury mode
yourself so you can keep up with him. Just don't get too near to him
otherwise his attacks will punish you harshly.


Enemy: Wei
Commander: Cao Cao
Reward: 1200 G
Victory: Defeat Cao Cao
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (600 G): Invoke SE wind
               Destroy all Wei barges

Go to the westernmost area and you'll have to fight an officer who
wields a mace. He's not too much trouble, but in order to get the
bonus you'll need to destroy the prayer towers here. There are 7 in
all, 6 in plain sight and 1 in the very center, high above the
battlefield. Once you've gotten these operational, go to the top of
the map.

Cao Cao will be accompanied by three officers, two of which are Sima Yi
and Cao Pi, two of the strongest fighters in the game. You'll want to
really rely on poisoning all the officers and running from them.
Be careful if you invoked the southern wind because the ships will all
catch on fire eventually and you'll have to dodge the fire. Cao Cao
will come back once again after being defeated in permenant fury mode
and it is again very important that you do not let him near you, other-
wise he WILL kill you. Poison him again with your bow and keep running
away. Eventually they'll go down and you'll win the battle.


Enemy: Liu Zhang
Commander: Liu Zhang
Reward: 1200 G
Victory: Capture Cheng Du
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (600 G): Defeat 100 enemies

Go to the center area of the map as quickly as possible, ignoring all
the enemies. You'll fight Yan Yan here, along with some strategists,
soldiers, and spinning blades. Again, poison bows rule the day, as
everything will maul you if you try to melee Yan Yan. After defeating
him, go through the gate to the north.

You'll have to fight three separate officers here. The problem is not
the officers themselves, rather the sheer amount of enemies and the
platforming you have to do to get to them. The camera is problematic
and you might land in the water a lot, causing lots of frustration.
In any case, all three use spears, and you can easily dispatch them
using the poison bow trick. Now at the end you'll have to fight ALL
THREE OF THEM in fury mode and with a tank and other enemies backing
them up. All I can say is, this battle is HELL. You're constantly under
attack and I think I died more than 10 times just on this fight. You
will want to go into fury mode yourself and hopefully you have some
useful abilities to help you along, because you'll need them. Upkeep
fury mode with Elixir+ items, and keep using poison on the bosses
and whacking away at them. With enough luck, you'll win.

3.5 CHAPTER 5                                                   [DWS05]


Enemy: Bandits
Commander: Bandit Chief
Reward: 800 G
Victory: Defeat Bandit CHief
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (600 G): Open Gate within 5 minutes

This is much like the first request of the game, except here, you have
to fight enemies in the eastern three areas until a random one drops
the key you need in each area. Once you have three keys, go to the
first area to open the gate. GO north to fight the bandit boss, who's
pretty much a pushover if you go into Fury mode and barrage him with
your bow.


Enemy: Zhang Lu
Commander: None
Reward: 800 G
Victory: Defeat Catapult Cart
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (600 G): Destroy Blade Cart unharmed

This is another easy stage. Run to the second to last area, and defeat
all the enemies there (use a bow for the sorcerers and melee for the
carts). Now, go north and activate fury. Immediately go to the
northeast portion of the map and keep smashing the Catapult Cart and
it'll go down in no time flat.


Enemy: Allies
Commander: None
Reward: 800 G
Victory: Reach Destination
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (600 G): Defeat Butterfly

Another easy request. Just go to one of the goals of the map and you'll
win. There'll be enemies blocking the gates to each of the goals, but
they're all a few carts with some enemies; you can easily off them with
your bow.


Enemy: Allies
Commander: Zhang Jiao
Reward: 900 G
Victory: Defeat Zhang Jiao
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (600 G): Defeat Yan Liang & Wen Chou

A straightforward stage. You have to defeat all the officers that
appear. Use your bow to poison all of them. You might want to take out
the arbalest carts nearby too, as they can make life difficult. When
Zhang Jiao appears, focus on him and only him and start shooting at
him with your bow while running from the other officers. Eventually
you'll take him down.


Enemy: Wei
Commander: Sima Yi
Reward: 1000 G
Victory: Defeat Sima Yi
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (600 G): Rescue Ma Su unharmed

Go to the "!" icon on the stage in order to find Ma Su. Zhang He will
appear and attack. Use your bow to poison him and dodge his attacks,
and let his HP dwindle. When he is defeated, go through the unlocked
gate and you'll fight three officers, one of whom is Sima Yi. He's
quite powerful, so you'll want to use your bow to poison him, as well.
He'll go into fury mode evenutally, just poison him again and keep
running. Whatever you do, don't step into the swampland, or you'll get
poisoned yourself.


Enemy: Allies
Commander: None
Reward: 1200 G
Victory: Capture all Bases
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (600 G): Defeat Butterfly

On either side are officers you'll need to defeat. However to get into
their bases you'll have to defeat the tanks in front. The blade cart is
in front of the west gate whereas a Juggernaut waits to the east. These
two are problematic, so use your bow against them.

In the west base you'll fight Xiahou Yuan and Xiahou Dun, the former
uses a bow and the latter uses a pike. Use your bow to poison them
and run from them as quickly as you can. The east base has Sun Ce and
Zhou Yu, who uses pikes and staffs, respectively. Since they're both
mid range fighters, again, reliance on the bow to poison and defeat
them is your best bet.


Enemy: Wei
Commander: Xiahou Yuan
Reward: 1200 G
Victory: Defeat Xiahou Yuan
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (600 G): Victory within 7 minutes

You'll want to loop through the southern path to avoid enemies, since
you want to conserve energy and items for the boss battle. When you
get to Xiahou Yuan, use your bow to hit him and poison him, then keep
dodging his own bow attacks. At 80% health he'll go into fury mode.
Use your own fury mode to keep ahead of him. I may make it sound
easy, but it's not. This is easily the toughest battle so far, so
you'll want be careful not to let him hit you.


Enemy: Wei
Commander: Sima Yi
Reward: 1300 G
Victory: Defeat Sima Yi
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (650 G): Victory within 7 minutes

Wait for the enemy's provisions to run out, then rush to the northern-
most area. Here you'll fight four officers, including Sima Yi. This
battle is brutal, just hope that the normal poison-and-run strategy
will work, because these guys are brutal as hell.

Alternatively, if you have Fury Armor, Focus, and Immortal Chi
abilities, your fury bar will charge while waiting for the gates to
open. WHen you get to the battle, immediately use your fury mode.
Now, you'll basically be invincible, and just rush in with both
arms swinging. Use a multitude of elixir type items to keep your
fury gauge up, and just hope that you'll outlast the officers. This
method is dangerous and expensive, but I found it to be majorly
effective against some tougher fights; consider it an all-or-nothing
strategy. Use Control to make it more reliable.


Enemy: Wei
Commander: Cao Cao
Reward: 1500 G
Victory: Defeat Cao Cao
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (750 G): Defeat all officers

The officers blocking your way aren't huge threats. The worst threat
is the boss. Cao Cao will have three officers backing him up and even
worse, he'll sit on top of a Phoenix monster who'll shoot fire at you.
All three officers will go into fury mode before too long, too. Your
normal bow poison trick won't really work here, so if you've been
grinding your levels (and I hope you have), you'll want to use the
all-or-nothing strategy I described earlier. Be careful, as sometimes
you'll inexplicably go out of Fury mode for some reason. Load yourself
up with fury increasing items and come in swinging. If you're lucky
enough you'll survive the whole ordeal. It took me about 20 tries on
a level 50 character to win this battle.


Enemy: Wu
Commander: None
Reward: 1200 G
Victory: Escape Fan Castle
Defeat: Time expires
Bonus (600 G): Defeat Sun Quan

You have ten minutes to escape from the castle. There are a multitude
of sealed rooms you have to kill enemies in, and you'll only unlock
the gate after killing a certain number of enemies. The problem is
some rooms have officers and tanks in them as well, so you'll want to
make liberal use of your bow in order to best the officers and destroy
the tanks. It's fairly straightforward, but make sure you work fast
becuase you get no time boosters in this stage.


Enemy: Wu
Commander: Lu Xun
Reward: 1300 G
Victory: Defeat Lu Xun
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus (650 G): Foil fire strategy
               Victory within 5 minutes

The enemies here aren't too bad, but you'll need to fight through
three officers. THe first two are nothing special; your normal bow/
poison trick should work fine on them. Just be careful of the cannons
or you'll pay if they hit you. Lu Xun, the area boss, is much more
difficult. He's strong, fast, and uses fury mode liberally. Use your
own fury mode and try to stay on top of him. He's not damaged much
by bows, but try to poison him. Run in with swords swinging and you
can probably beat him before he gets you. Just be sure to have the
right Chi abilities equipped.


Enemy: Wu
Commander: Sun Jian
Reward: 1500 G
Victory: Defeat Sun Jian
Defeat: Die 3 times
Bonus: None

Like the final battle with Cao Cao, the final battle is incredibly
difficult. I have a hard time believing this is beatable with even
four people, much less only one. But, you can try using the fury
rush strategy to defeat Sun Jian. Just defeat all other officers
before you do or his life bar will keep refilling. Make sure you go
into the battle with a huge number of elixir type items, so you can
upkeep your fury mode as long as possible, otherwise you'll lose it
at the worst time.

IV. VERSION HISTORY                                             [DWVer]

-First Version
-Walkthrough finished

V. CREDITS                                                      [DWCre]
-GameFAQs, for making this site, which I use a lot.
-The GameFAQs boards for helping me through my first trip through the