Evil Genius Base Design FAQ

       Evil Genius

Base Design FAQ

In this FAQ I will review several aspects of designing your base, 
from the easy to do, simple base designs, to the incredibly hard,
but very useful base designs.  I will also cover the designing
methods as well.

Each base design submitted will be judged according to 6 

Complexity (How complex or convolouted the design is)
Time (How long it takes for a minion to travel the length 
     of the base)
Efficiency (How well your minions work in said base design)
Security (How easy it is for agents to infiltrate the base)
Modularity (How modular the base is, IE, how easy it is to 
           add traps and other extra items, such as loot.)

Each characteristic has 5 potential judgements:

Very Low
Very High

Here is the best rating for each characteristic possible:

Cost: Very Low
Time: Very Low
Complexity: Medium
Efficiency: Very High
Security: Very High
Modularity: Very High

Submit designs and tips to dragonmaw@gmail.com

This FAQ is also featured in Torias's comprehensive FAQ, 
with my permission.

Table of Contents
1.0: Design Reviews

1.1: Basic Designs
1.2: Complex Designs

2.0: Design Tips

3.0: Revisions/Versions

4.0: Credits

Section 1.1: Basic Designs

Corridor Madness

A simple design, and the most often used, this design 
focuses on keeping everything connected to a corridor,
which ends up allowing for massive trap potential, 
and a long base design, but it is rather easy to navigate
 and has poor efficiency.  It also costs quite a bit and 
takes quite a long time to travel, unless you add extra 
entrances, which leads to decreased security.  Good for 
early in the game, but later on, you will want to switch designs

Cost: Medium - High
Time: High
Complexity: Low
Security: Low
Efficiency: Very Low
Modularity: Very High


Another simple design, it saves money on corridors, and if
used right, takes efficiency to soaring heights.  Instead 
of wasting money on long corridors,each room is interconnected, 
saving travelling time.  Thanks to the decreased time travelling 
and the increase in efficiency, you can afford to have just one 
entrance.However, due to it's compactness, modularity is not 
very good and security is somewhat lowered thanks to the absence 
of trap-infested corridors.

Cost: Low - Medium
Time: Low
Complexity: Medium
Security: Medium - Low
Efficiency: Very High
Modularity: Low

Efficiency Expert

The best of the simple base designs, the efficiency expert 
combines the corridors ofCorridor Madness with the efficient 
compactness of Interconnection to bring youa great design.  
It is characterised by corridors filled with traps immediately
followed by complex, compact grouping of rooms, allowing for 
massive potential.However, the cost is high, which makes 
building such a base quickly very tough.

Cost: High - Very High
Time: Low
Complexity: Medium
Security: Medium - High
Efficiency: High
Modularity: High

Section 1.2: Complex Base Designs


A base design which focuses entirely on setting up trap 
potential, it is characterised by long, twisting corridors, 
infested with traps, large rooms with many, many traps 
and sensors, and finally, the heart of the base, 
where everything takes place.  It is a great design for 
eliminating agents, but is very bad in most other respects.  
Because it is so complex and long, efficiency drops to a 
minimum and the time it takes to complete even simple tasks 
skyrockets.  Friendly fire is a problem as well, becuase 
eventually minions will stumble upon your traps and kill 
themselves.  Finally, the cost of such an endeavor is 
enormous, which means that it is not to be built lightly.

Cost: Very High
Time: Very High
Complexity: Very High
Security: Very High
Efficiency: Very Low
Modularity: Very High

Deep Earth

Very similar to the Deathtrap design, deep earth consists 
of building a long convolouted corridor which ends up in 
the center of your base.  Agents will spend such a long 
time just trying to reach the actual base that they will 
go home before seeing anything bad.  Coupled with 
psychological weakening, this design almost ensures that 
agents will never find anything to incriminate you with.  
It often includes corridors that go in circles and large 
empty rooms.  However, the cost is VERY high, and efficiency 
drops, as well as time.

Cost: Very High
Time: Very High
Complexity: High
Security: Very High
Efficiency: Low
Modularity: High (But isn't used)

Corporate Facade

A base design centered around fooling agents into thinking 
your base is merely a simple corporation or company, this 
base design is characterised by a front, often consisting 
of a Barracks, Control Room, Mess Hall, and all the other 
low-no heat rooms, followed by a trap infested corridor 
which leads to the high heat rooms such as the Armoury, 
Sanctum, Power Plant, and Freezer.  It has high efficiency, 
high security, but only a somewhat good Modularity rating, 
and high costs. It is quite possibly the best design I have seen.

Cost: Very High
Time: Medium
Complexity: Medium
Security: Very High
Efficiency: Very High
Modularity: Medium

Section 2.0: Base Design Tips

- Keep rooms that replenish minion's stats near the heavy 
work areas.  In other words, keep rooms such as the Mess Hall, 
Barracks, Staff Room, and Library somewhat close to the Control Room
or other areas where minions are often found.  This will increase 

- Build a good security network.  With cameras and loudspeakers 
placed properly, your base willbe the epitome of secure.  
Remember, in order for cameras to see someone, you must have 
them tagged.

- Traps are your friends.  They help keep enemies out of 
sensitive areas, which means low to no heat will be generated.  
I suggested traps such as the attention or intelligence draining
gas traps, or wind tunnels, or the like.  Sending an agent home 
alive and without suspicion is better than killing him by far.

- Loot is used to keep up your minion's loyalty, so place it 
in areas where it will be easily seen.  However, moderate 
this with caution, or you will lose the loot along with 
some notoriety, which is very bad

Submit your tips to dragonmaw@gmail.com

Section 3.0: Revisions/Versions

.1 - completed the first few base designs, as well as 
     added some tips.  First version of semi-finished FAQ

Section 4.0: Credits

Evil Genius is copyright Elixer Studios, and is published 
by Vivendi-Universal Games

Writer: Dragonmaw
Editors: Dragonmaw
Contributers: Dragonmaw

Copyright 2004 James Murff