Evil Genius Walkthrough/F.A.Q

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                       Walkthrough/F.A.Q. Version 0.37
                Researched, Developed, and Written by Torias
                               Copyright 2004

Contact Info
Email: ToriasNW(at)Gmail(dot)com
MSN: ToriasNW

= Table of Contents = (UC = Under Construction)

 1. Introduction
   1a. Copyright Information
   1b. Version History
   1c. Acknowledgements
   1d. Foreword

 2. Select Your Genius!
   2a. Difficulty
   2b. Avatars
   2c. Henchmen (UC)

 3. Controlling the World
   3a. On the Islands
   3b. World Domination Mode (UC)
   3c. Game Mechanics (UC)

 4. Walkthrough
   4a. First Island (Objectives 1-5)
      I.    Evil Intentions
      II.   Head of the Underworld
      III.  Better Living Through Chemistry
      IV.   Masterplan Machination
      V.    Loot and Pillage
   4b. Optional Objectives 1
      i.    Cursed Collection
      ii.   Faking It

   4c. Second Island (Objectives 6-?) (UC)

   4d. Optional Objectives 2 (UC)

 5. Hints & Tips (UC)

 6. Base Design (UC)

 7. The Art of Nefarious Traps (UC)

 8. Research Tree (UC)

 9. Glossary (UC)

10. Common Questions (FAQ) (UC)

= 1. Introduction =

                        - 1a. Copyright Information -

    This F.A.Q/Walkthrough is Copyright 2004 to Scott Zimmerman (Torias)

This document is protected under International Copyright Law.

Do not edit, alter, or otherwise change this document without the express
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shape or form.

(Author's Note: Basically, if you want to charge people to use this guide,
don't even bother asking for my permission, I won't give it out.)

- 1b. Version History -

Version 0.10 - Basic guide layout made. First few sections detailed and
               written, and walkthrough started.
Version 0.22 - Added Acknowledgements under Section 1, completed Difficulty
               and Avatars under Section 2, completed On the Islands and most
               of World Domination Mode under Section 3, Walkthrough complete
               through Objective II.
Version 0.28 - Walkthrough complete through Objective IV, Primary Henchmen
Version 0.37 - Added Foreword under Section 1, Island One Walkthrough
               complete, Game Mechanics section updated, Acknowledgements
               section updated

- 1c. Acknowledgements -
Evil Genius is copyright(c) Elixir Studios, and is published by
Vivendi Universal Games

I'd like to give special thanks to those of you on the Evil Genius forum here
at GameFAQs who have contributed useful ideas, tips and tricks, or otherwise
helped me along with making this guide possible :D

Dana Crysalis

First brought the trick that allows you to freely acquire wealth in the
beginning of the game to my attention. You can thank him for your strongrooms
filling with millions before you even start Objective 2, people ;)

Fearful Ferret

One of the most active posters on the Evil Genius board. He has asked tons of
good questions, and has posted all sorts of useful and informative threads
about the game, plus being one of the biggest supporters of this FAQ getting
done =) Thanks for the support man! =D


Originally posted the exact locations of all of the kidnappable minion types
on the world map, all 24 of them. Quite a feat to track them all down for us,
so give him a hand. ^_^


For pointing out to us finally what exactly each Evil Genius' special
abilities are.

And to my fellow FAQ writers, keeping the populace tided over until I've
finished this guide, as well as providing plenty of information that I would
not likely have had time to do on my own! It's good to know I'm not alone ^_^

Dragonmaw (email: dragonmaw(at)Gmail(dot)com)

Published Works: "Base Design FAQ", Evil Genius(PC), In-Depth FAQ V 0.1
Last post/revision as of this writing: 10/09/04
Known Locations: www.gamefaqs.com

Saint (email: saintly(at)innocent(dot)com)

Published Works: "Evil Genius FAQ", Evil Genius(PC), FAQ V 0.5
Last post/revision as of this writing: 10/13/04
Known Locations: www.gamefaqs.com

- 1d. Foreword -
First, note that this guide was written with Medium Difficulty as its basis.
Numeric values of statistics or prices are subject to change depending on
which mode you chose, and the Author is not responsible if your gaming
experience does not exactly match what is described on these pages. Thanks =)

Evil Genius takes you into a world of espionage and intrigue, where one rich
madman can obtain the power to hold entire countries hostage and bring the
world to its knees. You, specifically, are this particular soul. Some would
call you a visionary, while others simply think you insane! But you'll show
them, oh yes, you will show them all!! MWUHUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!

*coughs* Sorry about that, where was I? >.>

In this game you'll get to build your own Evil Underground Lair on an Island
of Indeterminate Location. You'll gather armies of minions that follow your
every command, and loyal Henchmen who act as your enforcers and captains,
using their powerful talents to turn the tides in your favor. You can perform
infamous deeds across the globe, loot nations of their treasures and gold, and
become the most notorious evildoer the world has ever known in your quest for
World Domination! But be warned, powerful foes are waiting to oppose you,
vile Do-Gooders whose sole reason for existence is to protect the feeble and
innocent people of the world. As you grow stronger so will your enemies
excursions to your islands. Pesky investigators trying to obtain evidence of
your misdeeds, saboteurs and soldiers who seek to destroy your lair and slay
you and your minions, and annoying thieves who will attempt to take back that
which you have stolen. Face them down with your might, intellect and resolve,
your army of minions, and your corridors filled with deadly traps. They don't
know who they are dealing with, what they are getting themselves into. Show
them then, that you are indeed...


= 2. Select Your Genius! =

Welcome to the world of Evil Genius! Before we can begin, you must choose your
difficulty setting, and decide on an avatar to suit your own personal inner
villain :)

                   2  a  .     D  i  f  f  i  c  u  l  t  y

Easy:    In this mode everything costs 20% less, fewer tourists will frequent
         your island, and both regular and Super Agents will go down with
         fewer hits while dealing out slightly less damage. Super Agent
         ranged attacks can still one-shot many of your weaker minions, so
         watch out. At the same time, the enemy AI seems a bit weaker in this
         mode, and agents are more likely to fall for traps. To quote Dark
         Helmet from Spaceballs: "Evil always wins, because Good is Dumb!"

Medium:  Your average, 'normal' play mode. Costs on all items are right in
         the middle, and a larger number of tourists will tend to show up on
         the island than in easy mode. Agents and Super Agents have normal
         strength and take normal damage from attacks. It is important to note
         that actual room build costs stay the same in all three modes. It's
         the price of the objects you fill these rooms with that will vary.

Hard:    Here is where the real challenge is. Prices are up through the roof,
         tourists flock to your island like it's the next Hawaii, and both
         regular and Super Agents seem to have gotten fresh degrees from
         Rambo's School of Pain. Even a group of pathetic soldiers will
         massacre your troops if the situation is handled poorly, and the
         Super Agents are of your worst nightmares. Best avoided until you've
         gotten experienced with the game, or for people who enjoy screaming
         at their monitor in frustration ;)

                        2  b  .     A  v  a  t  a  r  s

* Maximilian *
"Take control as Maximilian! Short, bad tempered, and utterly insane, you are
the fabulously wealthy industrialist. Your ambition is to conquer the world
through advanced research and technological supremacy."

Maximilian will look somewhat familiar to you Dr. Evil aficionados ;) And
while he doesn't stress out about having 'Frikken Lasers' or arch his fingers
when he's phrasing certain words, you can be sure the little guy is plotting
plenty of evil. He even has his own 'Number 2' in the tutorial, though she
lasts about as long as the one from the movie ;) His German accent may be
hard to understand at times, but he practically screams classic bond villain.
The only thing missing here is Mr. Bigglesworth :D

His starting Henchman is Jubei.

Unique Avatar Trait: Maximilian has a normal, medium-sized sphere of
influence. When conducting research, Maximilian is able to squeeze more
efficiency out of his workers, making it cost less to buy research incentives
to narrow down which apparatus to use in each experiment.

* Alexis *
"Take control as Alexis! Elegant and beautiful you are the adorable
multi-millionaire heiress. Your beautiful countenance commands the utmost
respect and loyalty from those who are fortunate enough to be chosen to be
your minions."

Alexis is an interesting avatar, being that she has the most obvious unique
trait of the three, her extended Sphere of Influence. Her soothing voice is
easier on the ears than that of Max or Shen Yu, and her method of executing
minions is fairly humorous ;) The only female Evil Genius available, she more
than makes up for the lack of a second choice with her personality and style.

Her starting henchman is Eli Barracuda.

Unique Avatar Trait: Alexis enjoys a sphere of influence which more than 
double the normal size for an Evil Genius, and even larger than the SoI of
Uber-Loot. While within her SoI, minions regenerate their Attention (Purple),
and Loyalty (Blue) rapidly. Her minions also lose loyalty slower in general,
and gain loyalty faster. An avatar's or loot item's sphere of influence
is often the only way to restore the Loyalty stat.

* Shen Yu *
"Take control as Shen Yu! Mystical and inscrutable you are the quixotic
Super-Criminal, turned Special Agent, turned Evil Genius. Your powerful
global network of conspirators ensures you have hidden influence over the
governments of the world."

Shen Yu matches his description well, and he is the most viciously evil
looking of the three avatars, the pure white eyes being a nice touch. His
oriental styling and voice will appeal to some and not so much to others,
and his more ceremonial style of minion execution lacks the flare of the
other two however. His plays on Chinese proverb can be amusing at times,
though. :)

His starting henchman is Lord Kane.

Unique Avatar Trait: Shen Yu has the smallest sphere of influence, about the
same size as the cheapest loot you can find. However, his network of contacts
ensures that the worldwide alliances are caught up in extra red tape when
trying to react to your nefarious deeds, resulting in increasing the time
between rises in heat and agents actually being dispatched to your island.

                      2  c  .     H  e  n  c  h  m  e  n

- Primary Henchmen -

Extra Primary Henchmen become available at ??? and ??? Notoriety

* Jubei *

Health:    80
Loyalty:   100
Attention: 60 
Smarts:    50
Endurance: 70

Power 1: Wind Walk  (350 EXP)
Power 2: Eviscerate (150 EXP)

Stealing: Fair
Plotting: Terrible
Vitality: Good

Protects allies in battle
Boosts the information level in the region

A ronin samurai with the extremely useful special ability Wind Walk, which
allows him to teleport to any part of the island instantly. Extremely useful
for saving minions under attack, preventing damage to your base, or cutting
off a small group of agents before they get too close to your property or
escaping the island. His other ability is Eviscerate, which can cut down most
normal agents in close to one blow, and will severely injure a Super Agent.
He attacks a little slower than other henchmen, but makes up for it with the
extra power of his blows. On the world map, Jubei is fair at stealing and
plotting, and good at protecting minions.

* Eli Barracuda *

Health:    80
Loyalty:   100
Attention: 60
Smarts:    50
Endurance: 70

Power 1: Super Head Shot (200 EXP)
Power 2: Ghetto Posse    (300 EXP)

Stealing: Excellent
Plotting: Terrible
Vitality: Good

Protects allies in battle
Boosts the information level in the region

A smooth-talking gangster who until recently held control of New York,
Eli blew away his chances of keeping his criminal acts hidden behind closed
doors when he blew away the Mayor in a fit of rage over spilled coffee on his
suit. He is one of only two henchmen in the game with ranged attacks, and his
special ability Super Head Shot allows him to take down most regular
agents in one shot, while dealing major damage to Super Agents. His second
special ability, Ghetto Posse, will have him breaking out a boombox and
making any enemies around him break out into dance with him. It's amusing if
nothing else, and it can keep a group of agents occupied until the rest of
your forces catch up to join the fight. Keep in mind it takes several seconds
to set up, time which they can keep using to attack. On the world map, Eli is
excellent - if not the best - at stealing money from countries, generating
around $2,000 from a cash rating 9 country on his own! However he is terrible
at plotting, but makes up for it with a good resistance to being knocked out
while on the map.

* Lord Kane *

Health:    80
Loyalty:   100
Attention: 60
Smarts:    50
Endurance: 70

Power 1: Psychic Terror  (150 EXP)
Power 2: Smooth Operator (350 EXP)

Stealing: Good
Plotting: Excellent
Vitality: Fair

Lord Kane is a mysterious man who commands power with his mere presence. 
His first ability, Psychic Terror, can debilitate an entire mass of agents
when faced by his visage. At first they will drop to their knees and beg
for mercy, after which they will run screaming and flailing their arms like
frightened tourists, so long as Kane doesn't move. His second ability,
Smooth Operator, has two uses rolled into one, though I am not certain
if it has other effects on it's own. First and of extreme strategic
importance, whenever Smooth Operator is activated, the agent or Super Agent
of your choice will stop everything they're doing, and just stand there
until Lord Kane manages to run over to the person and begin the animation
for the power. Use this time to beat the ever-loving snot out of them without
fear of reprisal. A nuclear bomb could go off next to their head and they
would just sit there merrily through oblivion. Secondly, even when used while
Kane is standing right next to the victim in question, during the animation
they are still similarly helpless, which can give you all the time you need to
knock out or kill the victim. On the world map, Lord Kane is fairly good at
both stealing money and defense, and has the highest rating in plotting of the
three as well. Over all, great to use both on and off the island, and my
personal favorite henchman.

- Secondary Henchmen -

* Dr Neurocide *

First available at 75 Notoriety


Power 1: 
Power 2: 


* Red Ivan *

First available at 75 Notoriety


Power 1: Mine Field
Power 2: Cossack Grenade Jig


A villainous former secret police general, he carries a bazooka and is
deliciously sadistic with it. Armed to the teeth and built like the proverbial
brick house, Ivan's extreme attack power and high resistance to damage makes
him an ideal henchman for fighting strong groups of opponents. However, be
warned that Ivan's all-explosive ranged attacks are NOT Base-Friendly. Only
use him to kill agents outdoors, though it is okay to allow him to capture
indoors. His mine field is an extremely powerful trap in and of itself, and
will add considerably to your base defense. His Cossack Grenade Jig has him
start dancing and throwing grenades randomly in one of 8 directions at various
distances, creating a zone of complete explosive carnage around him. You'll
either love or hate him, but there is no denying that he is one of the most
powerful henchmen offensively in the game.

* The Matron *

First available at 75 Notoriety

Health:    60
Loyalty:   100
Attention: 100
Smarts:    100
Endurance: 60

Power 1: Electro-Shock Therapy (500 EXP)
Power 2: Motherly Love         (300 EXP)

Stealing: Poor
Plotting: Good
Vitality: Fair

Boosts the information level in the region
Shortens the duration of Acts of Infamy
Conceals the heat of other minions
Protects allies in battle
Conceals the heat from Acts of Infamy

A conniving old biddy who first came to the attention of the world when she
was caught torturing the cretins that were housed at the Swiss mental
institute where she used to work, The Matron is an interesting choice with a
wide variation of traits but no specialization in anything in particular. Her
Electro-Shock Therapy is a powerful attack, which sends a bolt of charged
electricity through her victim's body at close range, often killing lesser
agents in one shot. Motherly Love allows her to encourage another of your
Henchmen as a mother figure, making their special abilities recharge much
faster than normal. This is especially useful with Jubei's Wind Walk or Lord
Kain's Smooth Operator.

* Moko *

First available at ??? Notoriety


Power 1: 
Power 2: 


More To Be Added Later

= 3. Controlling the World =

In this section I will review the basic game controls for each screen, and
explain how specific parts of the game and interface work.

               3  a  .     O  n     t  h  e     I  s  l  a  n  d

To save the game, go to the game menu (Esc) and choose 'Load Save'. This
rather interesting typo is a minor oversight by the devs, and though it reads
as if it's just for loading games, rest assured you can save in this screen
as well. You can also use the Ctrl+L shortcut to reach this screen.

Quicksave by pressing F5, and Quickload by pressing F8. F12 Takes screenshots.

You can pause the game by pressing P by default. Use it, love it.

Learning the controls of the game is best left to the Tutorial provided,
though here I will provide a short review:

To select a unit, left click on them. Right clicking on empty ground will
move them to the selected location, while right clicking on an enemy will
set them to attack. You can only control your Evil Genius or your Henchmen
in this way. Left clicking off of the unit will deselect them once again.

Right-click on the henchman tab to select them without zooming in on them.
This works with your evil genius, too, allowing you to select any controllable
character without the screen shooting over to where they are currently.

To use a Henchman's special powers, click on the icon next to their face
displayed on top of the Main Interface Bar in the lower right. Gather Minions
is available to all Henchmen, and will activate immediately. For most other
powers, you must then right click on the target or target area to activate.

To set the security rating for a door, right click on it and choose a number
of dots from * to ****. At level one, anyone may pass through. At two,
only people belonging to your organization may freely pass through the door.
At three, only your Evil Genius or Henchmen may pass through the door, while
at four, the same is true, but now Henchmen will try to guard the door if they
are nearby.

To build a new room, right click on unbuilt land in the mountain or inside a
built exterior structure. Drag out the size and shape of the new room with the
left mouse button. You can remove squares you don't like with the right mouse
button, and can drag out an area to be deleted as well. When you have finished
preparing the area to build, press the -> icon under the price to proceed to
the next step. Here you can click on the Objects or Traps boxes to get a list
of these items to place in your new room. Left clicking places them, while
right clicking rotates them. Hold down the Shift key while placing items to
keep another copy on your cursor for further placement. Close the window
when you are done, or hit Escape. If you wish to continue without placing
objects first, click on the Hammer icon to set the room as ready for building.
Otherwise, you may click on the build tag to switch the room between build and

To interact with items, right click on them. Here you can select to destroy or
move an object, or check who is assigned to interact with it currently.

To add new objects to an area, right click on it to bring up the menu. You can
also choose to destroy a room or corridor here if it is not occupied or
required by another room or object. For example, you may only destroy an
existing Strongroom if another Strongroom exists and a Briefcase Rack is not
present in the one you wish to destroy. You also may not be allowed to destroy
it if loot objects or security devices are present.

To enter Link Mode for traps, left click on the trap. You will see red or blue
rings over each trap and blue arrows indicating which ones are connected to
which. To connect a sensor to a trap, left click on the sensor's ring and then
left click on the ring for the trap you wish to connect it to. You may connect
multiple traps to one sensor or multiple sensors to one trap in this manner.

  3  b  .     W  o  r  l  d     D  o  m  i  n  a  t  i  o  n     M  o  d  e

Here you see before you a grand model of the world you seek to control,
every territory color-coded based on their controlling Justice Organization.
There are 5 organizations, and each controls 4 territories, dividing up the
world into 20 pieces for you to explore, exploit and dominate. While your
mouse hovers over a territory, the name of that specific area will be
displayed in the green box on the upper left of the screen, and do the right
of that will be the name of the controlling organization.

Each individual territory also has it's own Cash and Justice rating,
which will appear in a small white text box over each area while zoomed out
so long as you allow it with the tag options on the lower right. Inside,
you will see a dollar sign, and a police badge. The numbers following these
icons range from 0 to 9. The higher the Cash rating, the more money
each minion will be able to steal from the region. At the same time, the
higher the Justice rating, the better the chance your nefarious actions will
be noticed, and the more dangerous a Justice Piece will be if it appears in
the region along with your minions. These numbers will normally be hidden, and
replaced by a ? if you do not have enough active Control Panels in your
Control Room to breach that nation's security. You can tell how many more
active panels you will need by hovering your mouse over the pictured panels
in the box on the upper left side of the screen.

Once a region's information level has been breached, you may occasionally
notice a number counting down over the Control Panel symbol in the new box
that appears. This appears when one of your Control Panels has become
unmanned, and indicates how much longer this information will be available to
you so long as someone is still manning your Memory Banks. As minions stop
working at the Memory Banks this number will drop sharply, and if it reaches
zero you will no longer be able to see the revealed extra information until
your control room becomes better, or fully staffed again.

There are two yellow bars, which appear here now as well. The top is simple
enough to understand. This bar represents the Cash Potential of the region,
and the part filled in with bright yellow indicates how much of this potential
cash you are stealing with your minions in the region. Once it fills
completely, no additional money will be able to be stolen from the country
even if you add more minions, unless the current numbers are reduced.

The second bar represents the amount of Acts of Infamy you have completed
compared to how many are possible in the region. Once it is completely filled,
there are no more Acts of Infamy or Loot items left to be found in that area,
and it is time to move your heinous activities to another locale. You can
still gain money by sending minions to the country, but nothing will be gained
by further plotting here.

Now, the various coalitions and their respective color and territories are as

P.A.T.R.I.O.T. (Blue), controls all of North America, as well as Japan.

S.A.B.R.E. (Green) holds authority over Europe, Australia, South Africa, and
the Indian Subcontinent.

S.M.A.S.H. (Yellow) oversees North Africa and the Middle East, as well as both
the continents of South America and Antarctica.

H.A.M.M.E.R. (Red), originates around Central Russia and Siberia, plus the 
Eastern Bloc and Cuba.

A.N.V.I.L. (Orange) consists of Northern China, Central and Southeast Asia,
along with Polynesia.

Each individual organization will have separate levels of Heat, indicated by
the red meter in the upper right corner. However, any shared territories share
heat, making the effects rise if you place minions in more than one country
controlled by the same organization, such as the West Coast and Japan. Plan
your dispatches carefully to avoid your heat rising too far, which will
trigger large invasion forces of Soldier-type Agents with high ratings (good, 
excellent, etc.) as well other nasty surprises popping up on your island.

The controls for positioning your minions across the globe are explained well
enough in the video tutorial available in-game (See: World Map 1 and 2), to
review, we send minions to an area by first clicking on the region, and then
clicking on the minions you want to send in the box on the bottom portion of
the screen. This box represents minions currently on your Island. To retrieve
minions already in an area, simply click on them in the box on the upper
right portion of the screen. This box lists the total number of minions of
each type in that region.

The buttons on the lower right allow you to change what is displayed on the
map. Each will show or hide either Cash/Justice and Transit indicators (Red),
Minion Markers (Green), or Acts of Infamy (Yellow).

Now more importantly, to find out how good a particular minion type is at
stealing money, plotting acts of infamy, or defending themselves, simply
left-click on any visible Minion Marker inside a territory. A new window
will appear, displaying Stealing, Plotting, and Vitality, in that order from
top to bottom. The statistics can be any of the following:


Incapable means that this minion will not be able to perform the indicated
action on the world map. Fair is the average rating.

You will also see any special abilities this unit possesses
in the text area just below their ratings. Common special abilities are
"Protects allies in battle", "Conceals the heat of acts of infamy", and
"Boosts the information level in the region." These will be explained below.

- Protects allies in battle -
Minions with this trait act as a shield for your other pieces in the region
during Acts of Infamy, or attacks from Justice pieces. While in play, your
weaker minions in the area, such as Science, Social, Workers, and weaker
Military minions will suffer greatly reduced losses, as the incoming damage
is mostly shifted to them. You will still have a chance of losing a few of
your weaker types, but so long as there is a good amount of these units
remaining, they should be much safer.

- Conceals the heat from Acts of Infamy -
Minions with this trait, usually Social Minions or certain Henchmen, reduce
the heat rating that will be generated for successfully completing an Act of
Infamy. You will notice (once revealed by Control Consoles) that the actual
number listed for 'Heat' will drop when these pieces are in play. The more
used, the lower it will go, making this a valuable trait for undergoing
high-heat AoI's.

- Conceals the heat of other minions -
Again normally carried by Social Minions or Henchmen, this trait allows your
pieces to actually reduce the Heat rating displayed in the upper right corner
of the screen that is generated by the mere presence of your people in the
region. The more pieces present with this ability, the lower and faster it
will drop. Be aware that sending minions with this ability may still raise
your heat rating temporarily, and it will take a few minutes for the overall
heat in the region to drop to the minimum suppressible level.

- Boosts the information level in the region -
(We have tried several theories on what this does exactly, and this is what
we seem to have settled on. This will be updated if a better answer is found)

This trait allows your minions in the region to act as small Memory Banks in
and of themselves. If your control panels become understaffed for some reason,
the amount of time before you lose access to the region's detailed information
will be increased for every minion or henchman present with this trait. In
general, only Science minions will have this ability, though several Henchman
have it as well.

- Shortens the duration of Acts of Infamy -
This is an extremely useful trait usually carried only by Science minions and
a select few Henchmen. This ability reduces the amount of time it will take
to complete an AoI, thus reducing the period your people are subjected to the
risks involved. The more pieces with this ability, the lower the timer will
drop, but be ready to suppress the extra heat generated by the extra minions

Now then, let's get more specific about Notoriety and Acts of Infamy, two of
the three primary reasons you will be using the World Domination Screen.

Notoriety is a measure of just how much of a threat you are to the world,
how eeeeeevil of an Evil Genius that you've been. ;) It goes up by completing
Acts of Infamy, or by having your Evil Genius gloat over captured prisoners.
Gloating over regular agents will usually net you a single point increase,
while a captured Super Agent is quite a prize indeed, and may add two or
three points to your score. As notoriety increases, certain Acts of Infamy
will become unlocked and available to attempt on the World Domination Screen,
and your maximum minions will occasionally increase. However, don't be in
a rush to raise your notoriety too high, because at the same time, Super
Agents will become aware of your shadow looming over the world at certain
notoriety thresholds, and will be dispatched to your island for the first time
when this happens. For example, it is known that Mariana Mamba will begin
appearing once you have reached 130 Notoriety. Use your discretion when
increasing notoriety if it is not required for an objective.

Acts of Infamy are devious acts that you can perform, which reward you with
notoriety, and occasionally either loot or new minion types for training.
Normal AoI's appear as dots of light scattered across the world when zoomed
out, or as flags, people or items on the map when zoomed in. A completed
Act of Infamy will either place a red flag with your evil organizations
symbol in its place, or mostly in the case of loot, remove the AoI
altogether. You begin with a small number of infamous acts revealed and
ready to be performed, but it is up to you to uncover the rest by sending
minions to plot in the various regions, though having a fully staffed Control
Room will also occasionally reveal AoI's on their own (See the section on the
Information Level bar above).

Here is the list of kidnappable minions and their locations, thanks to

From: kalyndal | Posted: 10/7/2004 7:07:21 PM
Okay folks, I gathered up all the minion locations so people wouldn't ask as
much. As a note, there are two of each minion type on the world map. If one
isn't popping up for you than try searching the other location. You CAN get
all of the minion types before you get off the first island.

Valet (Maid) - Polynesia (A.N.V.I.L.), Middle East (A.N.V.I.L.)
Guard - South America (S.M.A.S.H.), Central Russia (H.A.M.M.E.R.)
Technician - Northern China (A.N.V.I.L.), Japan (P.A.T.R.I.O.T.)
Mercenary - Mid-West (P.A.T.R.I.O.T.), South America (S.M.A.S.H.)
Scientist - Antarctica (S.M.A.S.H.), Central Russia (H.A.M.M.E.R.)
Spin Doctor - Europe (S.A.B.R.E.), Mid-West (P.A.T.R.I.O.T.)
Marksman - Europe (S.A.B.R.E.), Siberia (H.A.M.M.E.R.)
Martial Artist - West Coast (P.A.T.R.I.O.T.), Southeast Asia (A.N.V.I.L.)
Biochemist - Europe (S.A.B.R.E.), South America (S.M.A.S.H.)
Quantum Physicist - Europe (S.A.B.R.E.), Mid-West (P.A.T.R.I.O.T.)
Playboy - Europe (S.A.B.R.E.), West Coast (P.A.T.R.I.O.T.)
Diplomat - Middle East (S.M.A.S.H.), Eastern Bloc (H.A.M.M.E.R.)

On another note, some of the minions appear in none-obvious spots on the map.
The European Biochemist appears in Greenland, the marksman from there appears
in Finland. The South American Biochemist appears in Central America. In other
words, look carefully when you are zoomed in and click around if you have to
make sure you are seeing everything you've found.

Loot locations to be added later.

             3  c  .     G  a  m  e     M  e  c  h  a  n  i  c  s

Now for the in-depth specifics of how things work in Evil Genius and notes on
various miscellaneous statistics of the game.

Agent Heat Indicators
You may have noticed that when you hover your mouse over an enemy agent, that
either a blue circle, part of a red circle or a full red circle appears around
their feet, outside the yellow selection ring. Fearful Ferret's post explains
this very well, so I've decided to present it here. =) Minor editing has been
made simply to fit the post in context:

From: Fearful Ferret | Posted: 10/11/2004 11:52:29 AM

Agents have a blue circle when they first come to your island. It means that
they haven't seen anything yet. A red circle means they have seen something
incriminating. It can be a quarter-circle, a half-circle, a 3/4 circle, or a
full circle. The larger the circle, the more heat they have. They will have a
quarter circle if they have seen something small, like a body bag. They will
have a full circle if they have just escaped from a holding cell or something.
If they have a quarter circle, then they might lose it after a while, leaving
a yellow circle. I don't think you gain or lose any heat if they leave with a
yellow circle, you lose heat if they leave with a blue circle, and you gain
varying amounts of heat with a red, depending on how full it is. They won't
attack if they have a blue circle, are unlikely to attack with a quarter
circle, and will most likely attack if they have a half-circle.

Agents can also gain heat from being subjected to your traps. Some traps carry
no heat however, such as the Confusing Pop-Up trap, so their indicator won't
be affected if they see one.

Unit Statistics
Every character in the game, from the lowly construction workers, to the
agents and super agents, to your Evil Genius him/herself has 5 vital
statistics that they rely on to keep in good health and mentality. The higher
these values are the better of course. With your own people you can see a
small box showing these statistics in colored gauges when you left click on
them, while to the left of these gauges is a symbol representing their current
activity. You can get more detailed statistics on -any- character by
double-clicking on them. The stats and their descriptions are as follows:

Lives (Henchmen Only): Henchmen are special in that they can survive being
reduced to zero health by any normal agent, and are merely rendered
temporarily unconscious by the assassination attempts of these feeble beings.
However, it is an entirely different story if a Super Agent manages to knock
their health down to nothing. Each time a Henchman falls at the hands of one,
they lose one 'life', which is kept track of by three green life symbols at
the top of their detailed stats screen. These symbols turn red as lives are
lost, and when all three are red, that Henchman is gone forever. So it is
extremely important that you avoid sending a Henchman into combat against
a Super Agent while in a weakened state, and try to get them to escape if it
seems like they aren't going to win the fight.

Health (Red): This stat is the primary measure of a character's physical
health, in terms of resistance to weapons and attacks, including bruises,
wounding and other sources of physical damage. When this stat reaches zero,
the character is irrevocably dead, except in the case of Henchmen and Super
Agents. These special characters are merely knocked unconscious when reduced
to zero health, though Henchmen can only survive 'dying' in this way at the
hands of a Super Agent so many times, as described above.

Loyalty (Blue): This stat is a measure of your minions' respect (or fear)
towards your Evil Genius, and willingness to remain under your employ. If this
stat drops to zero, unless they are simultaneously rendered unconscious they
will decide they've had enough and desert your isle for brighter career
opportunities. You will be warned in your message box when this occurs, and
clicking on the message will zoom you over to the minion in question. If you
can manage to capture said minion before they escape, and torture them using
a device that doesn't drain health, their loyalty bar will refill when their
interrogation is over and they will usually return to work for you. This can
be avoided altogether in the first place with strategic placement of loot
items, using your Genius' Sphere of Influence, or summarily executing a minion
in view of other minions to inspire the rest of the workforce. A tricky stat,
as there are extremely few room objects that naturally restore loyalty. Agents
who are reduced to zero Loyalty will act as if they were normal tourists for
a time, wandering your island aimlessly and panicking at the sight of evil

Attention (Purple): Attention measures a character's ability to notice hidden
details, in particular the ability to avoid traps and sensors. When this stat
gets low, minions and agents will be much more likely not to notice traps are
going off nearby and become caught up in their effects. For example, agents
with lowered attention will generally not dodge a Wind Machine Trap's stream
of wind. When reduced completely to zero, both minions and agents will
stand dumbfounded in a daze, completely helpless to defend themselves.
Valets and other Social Minions will then escort dazed minions back to a
barracks or other recovery room to rest, while they escort dazed agents
outside and usually a distance away from your lair. Agents who are dazed in
this manner lose their heat and forget where they've been, sometimes even
regaining their blue anti-heat circle, though this is uncommon.

Smarts (Yellow): Smarts is a measure of a person's cleverness and logic, and
is essential to Science minions conducting research, in which they expend
smarts to progress. Training exercises can drain Smarts as well, making it of
mild importance for other minions. Smarts also determines the chances that
someone will trigger trap sensors when they walk over or past them, slightly
different than Attention in that this determines whether traps become
activated in the first place. Any minion or agent whose Smarts are reduced to
zero become dazed similarly to having their attention reduced. Again they are
helpless, and Social minions can guide them around freely. Agents who are
dazed from reduction of Smarts lose their heat and forget about any
incriminating evidence they've seen. It is again possible to regain their
blue anti-heat circle because of this, and happens more often than with
attention damage.

Endurance (Green): This stat is similar to health, though instead it displays
a character's ability to resist stun damage, or attacks which knock them out
rather than kill them. In many cases this stat is easier to drain than health,
but as the character is merely K.O.'ed, this isn't as much of a worry. Also,
an unconscious character cannot be attacked again until they have woken up.
Agents can be rendered unconscious rather than killed by selecting the
'Capture' tag, which will direct all minions to run up close and use 
non-lethal attacks. An unconscious agent will be flagged for being carried off
to your nearest Holding Cell for later interrogation, though you can manually
choose for this not to happen by removing their tag once knocked out.

Strongroom Economics
Gold in the strongroom is separated into stacks of $400,000. Each individual
gold bar represents up to $500. Each briefcase that your minions can obtain
or deposit in this room can carry at a maximum $5,000 at once, so be patient
if it seems to be taking a while for your expensive new objects to be bought
even though you have more than enough money for it, multiple trips need to be
made to the depot to drop off the money for the object to be purchased if it
costs more than 5k. This goes for building new rooms as well, each stack of
dynamite or crate of building supplies carries a 5k value at most, which is
why it takes many of them to be brought before the new area can be blown open
or your shiny new hotel building can be built.

In the same way, money acquired through stealing on the world map is brought
to your Strongroom in the same briefcases used to pay for objects, limiting it
to $5k per minion per trip to the depot. This way, if a thieving agent gets
their hands on a dropped briefcase, your losses are limited to $5,000.

Fires and Extinguisher Placement
The common mentality is to place Fire Extinguishers close to places where
fires are likely to break out. However, it is important to note that when
a fire does occur, Valets will tend to grab the Extinguisher which is closest
to where /they/ are, rather than the closest Extinguisher to the fire itself.
So make sure that when placing Fire Extinguishers, you put them near where
your Valets are most likely to gather, like your Control Room and Training
Room, as well as your Barracks, Mess Hall, and other stat-replenishing rooms.
Fire Extinguishers of course can only be placed within Corridors, so make sure
your base isn't void of corridor space deeper inside if you wish to place
Extinguishers further in.

Executing Minions
Executing your minions can be as useful as entertaining :) During the
animation, any other minions that enter the expanded Sphere of Influence
created by the event will have all 5 of their statistics restored to maximum
instantly. Try to avoid executing anyone but a basic worker minion, as there
is no difference in restored stats from minion type to type, and workers are
cheap and expendable. Also, it is of note that Alexis' execution SoI is
actually smaller than her normal SoI, about half the size in fact. Since her
unique bonus is the increased natural loyalty of her men, executing one has
a much reduced inspirational effect.

Spheres of Influence
Your Evil Genius, as well as any loot items you may have collected, and many
of the objects you can buy for your base have their own Sphere of Influence,
which you can see simply by clicking on them. This zone will change colors
now and then, and each color corresponds to one of the five statistics. Most
of the time, when a minion or henchman enters into this area, their statistics
which match the colors of the SoI will gradually be restored. Loyalty (Blue)
is the most common SoI effect, though Attention (Purple) is common too. Be
warned, however, not every Sphere of Influence has a positive effect. Some
objects or loot will drain statistics instead of increase them. You can tell
what sort of effect an item is having on a minion by watching for small
colored arrows that appear around them, which point up or down. Up arrows mean
the stat is being restored, while down arrows mean it is being drained. Body
Bags and the unassembled Totem Pole Pieces are among the objects, which have
negative Spheres of Influence. Some objects even have mixed SoI's, which
restore some stats while draining others. The Mouse Maze you can add to the
Training Room is one of the best examples of this, boosting Loyalty and
Attention while draining Smarts.

Agent Levels

Super Agent Stats

* Mariana Mamba *

Health:    80
Loyalty:   80
Attention: 80
Smarts:    60
Endurance: 80

Special Power: Feminine Charm

Mariana Mamba has no ranged attacks thankfully, though her trusty combat knife
will leave more than a few minions dead in her wake. Her special power drains
the loyalty of any minion she uses it on, causing them to desert your forces
immediately afterwards. She is most vulnerable to Smarts damage (she's a
stereotypical ditzy babe, what do you expect?), so have Spindoctors around to
weaken her, and subjecting her to Smarts-draining interrogation is very

* Jet Chan *

Health:    ??
Loyalty:   ??
Attention: ??
Smarts:    ??
Endurance: ??

Special Power: 

(Under Construction)

= 4. Walkthrough =

The Walkthrough for each Island is separated into two sections, for Primary
and Optional Objectives. Optional Objectives may be completed at almost any
time, but when you switch islands the Optional Objectives for the First Island
will no longer be available. As the Walkthrough will not reference Optional
Objectives until the appropriate section, please refer down to them when they
become available to you.

                4  a  .     F  i  r  s  t     I  s  l  a  n  d

                         Objective I: Evil Intentions

Get acquainted with the island and start expanding your lair

 * Ensure a healthy minion force by building a Barracks. You'll need at least
   one Bunk Bed and Locker.

 * Before you can send minions around the world to carry out Acts of Infamy,
   you'll need to build a Control Room to help filter information. Make sure
   you have at least one Control Console and one Memory Bank.

 * It seems you are under scrutiny even before you begin. Somewhere on the
   island are some pesky investigators tipped off to your arrival. Eliminate

Okay, straightforward enough. You'll find your Evil Genius on the
northernmost tip of the island, within a topside shack that holds your
temporary strongroom. You start with three worker minions, and one of three
henchmen depending on your chosen avatar. As well as the objectives outlined
above, one of your goals here should be unlocking at least the Freezer and the
Infirmary, which will make planning your base in this early stage a little
easier. The Infirmary is unlocked when one of your minions is defeated for the
first time, while the Freezer will be unlocked when you defeat your first
agent and its body bag appears. I'll leave it up to you whether you want to
do this right away, or after you've established your base to some degree.

When you do choose to attack the four pathetic S.A.B.R.E. investigators who
are wandering around the island, try to avoid killing them too close to where
your workers are running around, in particular near the lair entrance, the
strongroom, or the depot. Your only means of replenishing your workers'
attention and loyalty stats, which will drop if they are near a body bag, is
using your genius' Sphere of Influence to restore their stats while they pass
through it. Strategically placing your genius near the base entrance should
do nicely for now. Also be aware that you will need plenty of space for a
Power Plant, which will unlock when your base power demands grow close to
exceeding your free 20 points of energy (around 15-18 or so).

Now then, feel free to design and build your evil lair in any way you see fit,
however keep in mind these tips, which should keep you from having to restart
the game if your layout turns out to be a flop:

 - Pause, design, and THEN build!
I highly recommend that you pause the game (P by default) before you start
laying out the floor plans to your diabolical haven. While paused, you can
place blueprints for every room and object available to you without having to
worry about your workers constructing it until you're absolutely satisfied
with your work. Nothing is worse than wasting money having to demolish and
rebuild because a worker decided to start a room or corridor you left 'ready'
because you either didn't like the design after all, or you found that another
room or corridor won't fit the way you like without reshaping other areas. You
only have so much money to start with after all.

 - Plan ahead by laying extra long corridors from all lair entrances.
Building 'rat runs' of corridors in maze-like patterns can create the perfect
setting for laying out a gauntlet of traps for intruders to get past before
they will ever even dream of attacking your base proper, or infiltrating deep
enough to get incriminating evidence against you. You have easily more than
enough land on this island to place every building and object which will
become available to you during your stay on this temporary home, so get
creative with the upper half of the island, or wherever you decide to put a
new lair entrance. Remember, while paused you can also plan a network of traps
ahead of time and not have to worry about spending a dime, including testing
how you can link them together, so planning those ahead will pay off big
in the end.

 - Being cheap for fun and profit.
Once again, planning for the future can save the day. While it may be tempting
to fill all your new rooms with all of the newest and best of those high-tech
goodies waiting in the wings, try to resist that urge. Again, you only get
a small budget of $250,000 to build your initial facilities. While it is an
excellent idea to plan out the amount of space you will need in each room by
placing the blueprints of all the objects you think you will eventually need,
when you are ready to build just put the bare minimum you need for it to be
operational for now. The Control Room especially can be a big drain on both
your pocketbook and your power reserves. Remember, the fewer power-consuming
objects you have, the fewer of those bulky and expensive generators you will
need to keep your base from working by candlelight.

 - Money is Power, but Power is Priceless!
Keep aware of the power situation in your lair, and have extra space set aside
to expand your Power Plant before the need for energy becomes critically low.
You will notice that the generated power indicator on the lower left corner of
the main interface will turn yellow when this happens. This is a warning that
you are pushing your generators near their limit, and they will begin to
slowly degrade until they explode from the stress. Technicians can perform
regular maintenance to keep them patched together for a while, but to prevent
having your expensive power plant go up in flames be sure you expand and place
down more generators. I recommend 6 to start with, which at 15 power each,
will bring your maximum power level up to 110. Depending on the difficulty,
this will cost either $48,000, $60,000, or $72,000 just for the generators.
Capacitors are used to keep your base running for a while once your power
crosses over into the red zone, but don't count on them to last long. Once
you experience a blackout, all doors will swing wide open, your security
network will shut down, and traps requiring power will cease to operate.
Nothing that uses power will be usable while power is gone, leaving your
base in an extremely vulnerable state.

The first thing you should do is open your minion panel and raise the
number of workers from 3 to your current maximum of 5 to get things going,
however leave the slider all the way to the left so not to spend unneeded.
Now then, build away! Be sure each room meets the minimum requirements listed
in the objectives. This is easy enough on your own, and while you should avoid
overstocking the Control Room for now, make your Barracks nice and huge, and
fill it with as many lockers as you can, along with 5 - 8 bunk beds. Every
locker you place increases your maximum minion capacity by 1, on top of what
you are allowed from completing objectives or increasing notoriety. In fact,
completing the first sub-objective of building the barracks and supplying your
first bunk bed and locker will increase your minion capacity from 5 to 10,
which will always be available even if you lose your lockers. Similarly,
as your notoriety rises, every once in a while your minion capacity will shoot
up by maybe an extra 10. However we are going to be increasing the workforce
faster than this natural rise will accommodate, so the more lockers the
better. I recommend 20 at the minimum at this point. Be aware you can also
make extra Barracks later on that won't require anything in them but lockers.

You should also build a Freezer once it's unlocked which can hold 5-6 freezer
racks, and set up a new Strongroom about middling deep inside the lair,
preferably attached to the back of another high-security room such as your
Control Room, rather than linked to the main hallway. This way you should
never see any agents make it that far into the base to be able to rob your
stores. Agents don't know what is behind each door when they come to them, so
keeping your Strongroom off the main path will reduce the chances that they
stumble into it. Your Power Plant should be set deeper into the mountain where
there is more room to expand and where it is relatively safe from intruders,
such as south of the bottleneck in the upper middle of the buildable land.
Each generator takes 3x3 squares, and each capacitor is 1x2. Do NOT be tempted
by the fact that there are no critical access footprints for these structures
into squeezing them into every available square. If you do not leave walkways
to allow technicians to reach them and perform maintenance, there will be
nothing they can do to prevent them from blowing up once you've reached
critical power levels, plus this makes it extremely difficult to expand the
room as your workers can't reach the back areas. Even leaving one square of
an object exposed is enough to keep them maintained here, which shouldn't be
too hard. For this reason, expect your Power Plant to take up a huge amount
of space.

Once you're done laying out your lair, un-pause and let it build. If you
haven't yet, set kill tags on the four investigator agents wandering the
island, and/or select your henchman and send him to kill them. You can speed
up the tagging process by holding down the Left Control key while you click on
the 'Kill' tag - this will set the tag on the chosen agent and all allied
agents in his group. Don't worry about losing any minions to these starting
enemies - they've been set up to only deal Endurance (Green) damage, which
at the worst will simply render your minions or henchman temporarily
unconscious. It is preferable to let your workers try to handle the group as
one of them at least will likely be knocked out, which will unlock the
Infirmary for you. Once they are dead, build your Freezer and Infirmary.
It is important to note that the Infirmary is the room that your minions
need to go to in order to replenish their Health (red) stat.

                         *** Vital Information ***

Before you go any further, it is important to note that at this point, even
if you've completed all three of the outlined sub-objectives, that until you
start the new sub-objective that will pop up here by capturing the maid, the
world domination screen that was just unlocked for you will be completely free
of Agents of Justice patrolling the world map, and nobody will come to your
island in response to your actions on it. This basically means you can send
out as many of your people across the globe as you like to steal plot and
commit acts of infamy without having to worry about your heat triggering a
huge invasion force of outraged agents. Use this opportunity to distribute
your workers to the highest cash-value regions on the map and build up your
gold reserves for the long road ahead. The best areas for this are Europe,
the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Mid West in North America, each at a
cash value of 9 on a scale from 0-9. Remember, this is practically free money,
as the chances of even a single construction worker being defeated is slim to
none. Just be sure that when you've finally gathered up as much money as you
can stand waiting for, that the heat you've generated in each country
dissipates before you continue. Otherwise a flock of agents will soon arrive
to give you grief for robbing their countries blind. I managed to collect a
full two million dollars before continuing, though your patience may vary
your results. Be sure to use your henchman to bolster these effects as well.
In general, try to keep heat down to less than 25% if possible, to prevent
the game from thinking you've broken a threshold which tells it to start
sending more, stronger, and meaner agents later even if your heat has dropped.

Author's Note:
Some people don't like to use this tactic, and some purists go as far as
calling it cheating. Whether you wish to use it or not is purely up to you,
however, and I support it. I don't want to see people flaming each other over
differences of opinion on such a small matter as a game.


 * Reports indicate that trained civilians are holidaying on the island.
   Capture and imprison a maid in a security holding cell.

Alright, now that your strongroom is sparkling with freshly 'acquired' gold,
it is time to draw your attention to the lone maid you may have noticed
wandering around your island. She will show up as a pink dot on your mini-map
as well. This objective only becomes available once you complete the previous
three, and at the same time the Armory will become unlocked and available for
construction, though for now all you can place in it is doors, time clocks,
and holding cells. Build at least one holding cell, but leave room for more
to be added, and spaces for a security desk, a security camera, an
interrogation chair, and three or four gun racks to be added later. The
security camera should be facing your holding cells, so that your forces can
be alerted instantly to any breakouts. Also available once the first three
sub-objectives have been completed is the Topside Shack. This allows you to
create a very small room on the surface in a building identical to your
starting strongroom. Unfortunately finding a good use for these is difficult
due to the extremely limited space and inherent vulnerability.

At some point during this or the next sub-objective the Hotel will likely
become available to build. Even if you've acquired a significant amount of
cash I advise avoiding building one for now. They are meant to keep tourists
busy so they don't go snooping around your base by accident, however at the
present they hardly manage to do this job at all, and they only serve to tie
up your social minions by making them staff a useless and extremely expensive

Now, capturing the maid is a fairly simple task. Simply right click on her
to bring up the available tag options, and choose 'Capture'. Then send your
henchman and/or let your minions knock her out and carry her back to the
holding cell. Be warned: If you do not set the Capture tag on an NPC or agent,
your minions will always default to lethal attacks. Capturing damages a
victim's Endurance (Green) bar instead of their Health (Red), which in most
cases suffers damage much more easily. This has the effect of knocking them
unconscious rather than creating a body bag, though both lethal and endurance
damage will only temporarily incapacitate a Super Agent.

 * The civilian maid could yield useful information to your men. Interrogate
   her to train up an advanced minion.

Once the maid is securely tucked away in her nice clean holding cell, the
Interrogation Chair will be unlocked. Place one in the armory and wait for
a minion to come build it. Once it's ready, right click on the holding cell
and choose the far right red-outlined option, Interrogate. The bubble next
to your cursor should show a matching icon inside now. -RIGHT- click on the
interrogation chair to assign the maid to be interrogated there. Left clicking
will cancel the interrogation request instead, so don't do that. If the tag
above her head changes to the Interrogation icon, then the order was accepted.
If not, try again until it works. Some people seem to have problems with this,
so don't be discouraged. Watch the scene that unfolds as one of your workers
comes in and leads her out of the cell over to the chair, and enjoy the
humorous methods they use. :) Once the interrogation is finally complete, the
maid will fall down dead, while your construction worker transforms into the
awe-inspiring (well not really) Valet! Woo, social minioney goodness :D

Congratulations, you have earned your first advanced minion, and completed
Objective One!

                     Objective II: Head of the Underworld

There can only be one criminal mastermind. Time to make sure that it's you.
Gather all the major criminal players to a conference in your island, to
explain how it's going to be...

Summon the crime lords: 

 * Crime Lords, just like Evil Geniuses, are impressed by shows of wealth. You
   need somewhere suitably ostentatious to host this gathering of criminal
   masterminds. Build an Inner Sanctum and Conference Table in preparation for
   this nefarious delegation.

 * Rumor has it that all of the Indian Subcontinent is ruled by one man - 
   Armand Krishnan. He has many nefarious plots and intrigues, mostly
   concerning corruption of local government officials. Track him down and
   encourage him to bend to our way of thinking.

 * Marvin de Luca the nefarious Mafia don of all North America is a powerful
   man, but with too much hubris. He must be made to respect true power and

 * The inscrutable Lei Ying Lo is the undisputed head of organized crime
   across China and Southeast Asia. Track him down and send out a party to
   show him we mean business.

Upon completion of Evil Intentions, the Training Room will be unlocked, as
well as the various standard pieces of the surveillance network, and the
basic pistol / rifle racks. Additionally, the Inner Sanctum, Mess Hall, and
Staff Room become available. The Staff Room is important as it allows your
minions to regenerate their attention without needing you to walk your Evil
Genius near them all the time, while the Mess Hall allows them to restore
their endurance with fresh cooked food, which minions prefer over the Barracks
during the daytime.

Be absolutely certain that you buy the counter with the giant mixing bowl!
Why should you do this when the regular counter costs 1/3 as much? Well, this
will be explained later, but for now note that it can be used as an alternate
interrogation device to the Interrogation chair, but here your victim will
simply lose Smarts (Yellow) instead of health, meaning that you won't have to
haul off a body bag, but instead be able to have a social minion lead the
victim outside, where they will eventually snap out of their daze while
having forgotten any incriminating evidence they've seen.

How you set up your security network is entirely up to you, though I
recommend that you do not place Loudspeakers in any room where you will be
interrogating or torturing your captives. If an alert goes out and a minion
in mid-interrogation hears it, they will run off to answer the call while at
the same time your victim will be set loose with a capture tag. For similar
reasons, be absolutely sure you place a security camera to watch any
interrogation devices, so if someone gets free they can be recaptured.
If someone is dazed from losing all of their Attention or Smarts, a social
minion will come to escort them out of the base.

Go ahead and set up each of your new rooms wherever you like. When building
the Training Room, make sure you give it lots of room to add the larger
training devices that will be unlocked once you've gotten access to the
second tier minions (Mercenary, Scientist, and Spin Doctor) eventually. For
now, make sure you add at least two of each training device, more if you can
afford it, to allow your workers to be trained up. Also, change your desired
minion settings to accommodate at least 5 valets, preferably 10. Be ready to
shift even more worker slots over to guard and technician as well.

In order to proceed any further, your Inner Sanctum MUST have a Conference
Table. This is where the Crime Lords will sit when they arrive on your island.
Be sure all of the footprints are accessible and won't be blocked by
any other objects. You don't need an Impressive Desk yet, but it's always a
nice touch. When the room is fully constructed, your Evil Genius will be able
to recover their stats by sitting at the desk, in case your avatar suffers
damage at some point.

Now turn your attention to the World Domination screen. To be able to bring
the first three Crime Lords to your island, you need to kidnap and interrogate
a technician and a guard, so you can train your own. You will find the Guard
in the southern tip of South America, while the Technician will be in Northern
China. Be sure to send more than the minimum required number of workers to
perform the required Acts of Infamy, otherwise they may all be knocked out
before you've successfully completed the mission, which will make you have to
wait for a 'cooldown' period equal to the time it takes to normally succeed
before you can attempt it a second time. Once the guard or technician is
brought back to your holding cells, order their interrogation just like you
did for the maid to earn your new units.

                              *** WARNING ***

If at any time you lose all of your higher-tier minions and no longer have
any even better ones to re-train new workers to fill their ranks again, you
will have to perform another kidnap mission to replace them. These missions
carry very high heat ratings and can be hazardous to complete, as well as
setting you back. This can definitely be a pain when you lose all of your
second- or third- tier minions, like Spin Doctors or Diplomats, so try to keep
them away from combat when your numbers are spread thin.


Now, the locations of the Crime Lords are as follows: 

Armand Krishnan can be found in the Indian Subcontinent (Green)
Marvin De Luca can be found in the West Coast region of North America (Blue)
Lei Ying Lo can be found in North China (Orange)

Send minions to these areas and assign them to 'Plotting' until the Acts of
Infamy are uncovered. While zoomed out, these will appear as extra-bright,
rotating stars of light on the map, indicating they are critical missions for
completing objectives. Armand Krishnan requires that you send at least 5
Valets, Lei Ying Lo requires 5 guards to bring him to you, and Marvin De Luca
must have at least 5 technicians come after him. Do NOT send only Valets or
Technicians, as they will not be able to survive without guards, workers, or
your Henchmen to protect them. A good arrangement is 5 valets/techs, plus
3 guards and your henchman per mission. Send more valets if you can spare
them -- this will keep your heat lower and prevent tougher agents from
arriving on your island. Each mission will take around 3 minutes to complete,
so be patient. Fortunately, they only give you 2 points of heat each, but you
only get 1 point of Notoriety from them either.

 * Nikita Leonov, the notorious butcher of St. Petersburg, has arrived here on
   your very island, but he is refusing to acknowledge your authority. Maybe
   there is some way you can 'mix' up his principles and bring him round to
   your way of thinking.

Ahhh, this sub-objective which now appears before you has brought great
confusion to many aspiring Evil Geniuses like yourself. You will notice a
black man with an afro (which amusingly has a hair-pick in it) arrive on the
island wearing a bright red jacket, and a pair of katanas strapped to his
back. This is Nikita Leonov, your target. Immediately tag him for capture, and
if you like, send your henchman over to help. He should go down easily enough.

Once he is in your holding cell, right click on it and select interrogate, but
instead of using the interrogation chair, this time move over to your Mess
Hall and right-click on the Giant Mixing Bowl to select it. Sit back and enjoy
as a minion comes to take the Russian off to the kitchen. Other minions may
even stop in the mess hall to watch the fun. :) It takes longer than the
chair, but when the torture is finished, Nikita's blip on the mini-map will
change to pink, and he will walk off towards your Inner Sanctum to take a seat
at your Conference Table.

 * Nigel Ewing, the CIA Agent, has since gone rogue and is now the ruler of
   all criminal activities on the African continent. He was last seen cruising
   off down the Nile with a vast shipment of arms, and a veritable army of
   loyal tribesmen. He won't be easy to find and makes a point of only seeing
   seriously connected Criminals. If you aren't notorious enough, you'll never
   find him!

Nigel Ewing can be found in the Middle East region, however as the objective
text implies, you will not be able to locate him if you haven't achieved a
high enough Notoriety rating. If you have been performing Acts of Infamy now
and then, you should not have very far to go. If you haven't, get started!
Try to find and steal loot items before you go for the regular flag missions,
as Loot is important for keeping your minions' Loyalty up. Each loot item has
it's own sphere of influence similar to your avatar's, so strategic placement
will see a drastic reduction in deserters.

Once you reach a Notoriety rating of 70, Nigel Ewing appear in the Middle East
after a bit of plotting. Not only that, but at 75 a new Henchman should become
available. Choose the one you like best or that fits your style or goes with
your theme or for whatever reason you feel like picking a Henchman for :)
At this point it is likely you will have at least Red Ivan, Dr. Neurocide and
The Matron to choose from. Feel free to send the minimum of 1 worker out to
recruit them, as the mission will rarely fail due to it's extremely short
timer and low risk rating.

Send about 5-10 valets, 7 guards, and your henchman to coerce Ewing to come
join your little meeting of the minds. With luck, even if a Justice piece
appears while the mission is underway, you should complete it with no
problems. Remember, it's always good to send a henchman along on acts of
infamy if they haven't earned their extra powers yet, as they net plenty of
experience from tagging along.

 * Bob 'Barking' Caine, the respected organized crime boss from the east end
   of London, is the last of the major crime bosses. He isn't going down
   without a fight, reports indicate that forces loyal to his cause will be
   landing on our shores very shortly. We must show him who is boss, crush
   his men and bring him to heel!

This part is very easy. Immediately set your base to amber or red alert, so
that your minions will go pick up weapons at the Armory. Now, you will start
seeing groups of 6 men who look similar your to construction workers, except
in red jumpsuits and without any helmets sneaking around the island. These are
Caine's minions, and the only way to get him to join the meeting is to
slaughter every last one of them! Attack once your guards and workers are all
armed up, leading the charge with your henchmen. The intensity of the fight
will depend on the difficulty, but it isn't likely that they will give you
too much resistance at this point in the game. Once the first group is dead,
several more groups will appear in succession. After three or four groups of
minions have been defeated, the objective will be completed at last, and Bob
Caine will arrive at your base and make his way to your Conference Table.

Make sure your Evil Genius is seated with the crime bosses, and watch the
rather interesting meeting unfold ;) Objective II, Complete!

                Objective III: Better Living Through Chemistry

Build a laboratory and start a research program. You'll need a Research
Machine to analyze samples, a Databank to store relevant information and at
least one piece of research apparatus with which to perform the actual
experiments. A technology exhibition is currently under way in Japan - It
might be a good idea to attend.

Finally, time to earn the ability to research more advanced objects and traps
to fill your nefarious lair with ;) First, turn your attention to the World
Domination map. You should see a bright rotating Act of Infamy lit up in
Japan. Your current goal is to send your minions out to this AoI and steal the
Research Machine from under the noses of those fools attending the show. As
the risk is low for this mission, I suggest sending the minimum 2 techs, plus
4-5 guards, maybe a henchman or two, and as many valets as you can spare to
keep the heat down. This AoI carries a base heat of 20, and every valet you
send will reduce that number by 1, as well as keep the overall heat down
generated by your other minions. Wait about 5 minutes and voila, you are now
the proud owner of the blueprints for a Laboratory, Research Machine,
Databank, Fake Research Machine, and oddly enough, a Chalkboard (used in the
Training Room to train Scientists). Grats! But it ain't over yet...

 * The laboratory needs at least one piece of Experimental Apparatus, before
   you can start ordering experiments. Steal either the Centrifuge, Stress
   Impact Analyzer or Laser, and then research some new stuff.

 * The forces of justice are going to be a constant thorn in our side until
   they've retrieved the Research Machine. Build a fake, and trick them
   into stealing that.

Okay, so now it seems the 5 alliances are royally ****** that we've gone and
stolen the Research Machine from B3. On top of that, it is useless without one
of the three critical pieces of apparatus listed in the sub-objective. Let's
start with the easier of the two sub-objectives -- fooling the agents into
stealing the Fake Research Machine.

Now, before I explain, it is important to note there is also a semi-hidden,
optional Act of Infamy you can uncover in Europe titled "Fool the Press." It
takes a minimum of 2 valets to perform (but we've learned to never send the
minimums). According to the description, to aid in making sure the alliances
send plenty of retrieval specialists (thieves, burglars) to your island to try
to retrieve the fake machine, your minions will rewrite the headlines to make
sure the world knows who is responsible for the theft. Now though this may
make it more likely that a thief will come grab the fake, any agent can do
this as well, and if you use the strategy I provide you with it shouldn't be
necessary to bother with this.

First, zoom over to that Topside Shack that used to hold your old Strongroom.
Fill only the first 4 tiles with Laboratory, the part next to the door, and
place a Fake Research Machine blueprint in there to be constructed. Make sure
you don't bother adding a door, and then just sit back and wait for it to be
built. It shouldn't take too long for an agent to notice this blatantly
obvious ruse, run in and steal the fake machine thinking they're going to get
a nice shiny gold star from their bosses when they return with what they think
is the real thing. ;) Man, Dark Helmet was right wasn't he? ;D

One down, one to go. Next, you must uncover the locations of the three
pieces of research apparatus in the world map by sending minions out to plot.
This can take a while if you don't know where to look, but that's what I'm
here for after all, right? ;) Now then, here is the list of the objects and
their locations. All three require 2 Technicians and 2 Guards minimum:

Impact Stress Analyzer - Europe
Centrifuge - Australia
Laser - West Coast

And yes, you read that right when you checked out the West Coast. The name of
the mission is 'Frikken Laser' ^_^

Once both sub-objectives are complete, you'll be rewarded with a Heavy
Machine Gun Rack, to be added to your armory for the use of Mercenaries.
Congrats, Objective III is complete! Easy one wasn't it?

                     Objective IV: Masterplan Machination

You'll need a master plan before you can build a Doomsday Device and take
over the world.

 * Reach the Notoriety rank of "Insane"(200)

 * There are three embryonic ideas for Doomsday Devices, but each needs three
   pieces of vital information before it can be pursued any further. The
   information can be found in many ways. It could be hidden in a region on
   the World Domination Map, or captured as a reward for completing an Act of
   Infamy, or even held by an enemy agent invading your very base!

This and Objective V appear in your Objectives Screen at the same time, but
for the sake of ease in writing this FAQ I will explain them one at a time.

Reaching a Notoriety ranking of Insane (200) is simple enough. Just keep doing
various Acts of Infamy across the globe while working on your research. This
would be the perfect time to begin kidnapping the various advanced minions
strewn out across the globe, so get to it. You should at least have access to
Mercenaries, Spin Doctors, and Scientists before you get too much further
along. Work on raising your maximum minion level as well, you'll need all the
extra hands you can get, as raising your Notoriety level will soon draw the
attention of the deadly and highly annoying Super Agents to your so-called
'secret' lair.

Expect visits from at least Mariana Mamba before long, and Jet Chan should
show up sooner or later as well. Here's a post on the matter of Super Agents
from the board, which I feel explains a lot. I hope you don't mind Critas, but
I have edited the notoriety level required for Mariana to show up due to new
information that has come to light recently:

From: Critas | Posted: 10/10/2004 5:41:57 AM
Okay there's a HUGE lie in the documents and help files. They all say that
agents come after you based on your heat level. Well after I beat the game the
first time, I decided to play the game real slow and try to avoid heat. I was
careful to always let the heat for a region drop to almost nothing before
sending out more minions to perform missions. Then it hit me... The Super
Agents unlock on you based on your Notoriety level not your Heat level. You
unlock them at certain Notoriety levels and thats when they start hunting for
you. You could never attack S.M.A.S.H. for instance and Mariana Mamba will
still come after you by the time you hit 130 Notoriety. I'm playing a third
time, because I'd unlocked John Steele on Island One and he was totally
wrecking my base every 30 minutes. Taking it a lot more careful and saving
the non-loot missions for after I hit Island Two. Its a LOT easier. Also...
sending agents out to steal generates heat but not Notoriety. So build up a
ton of money by sending your agents out to high money areas and just sit
there. You can build up a huge wad of cash without attracting more than a few
pathetic agents. Also try to score all the loot items you can, a lot of them
lead to good research.

Good info =) Now many people have asked how to deal with Super Agents. The
main answer is that you cannot get rid of them permanently while still on
Island One. You can knock them out temporarily, send them to prison, and/or
torture them into either unconsciousness or forgetting what they've seen, and
have a social minion lead them out of your base again. That is usually the
best way to take care of them, so long as you don't attack them or let them
see any object that carries heat while they're outside they should leave after
a while. On Island Two they can become much more hostile and will tend to
attack any of your men on sight, so watch out there. Once you've reached
Island Two, optional objectives will become available which will allow you to
take care of Super Agents once and for all, but more on that later. One of
the best ways to take care of a Super Agent on your island is described under
Lord Kain's bio in the Henchmen section. If you are interested, scroll back
up and take a peek. Now, moving on to sub-objective 2!

Below the second sub-objective you will see symbols representing nine (9)
different pieces of Doomsday Data, each separated into 3 categories,
Biological, Mechanical and Electronic, which are further separated into 3
sets, Circle, Diamond, and Triangle. You begin with the Biological
Circle, Mechanical Triangle, and Electronic Diamond.

You can find three more pieces of data as Acts of Infamy on the World
Domination Map, in the following locations:

One can be found in Cuba
One can be found in North Africa
One can be found in Australia

The other three will be held by the swarms enemy agents who you may have
noticed are freshly arriving on your island. You can check whether an agent
has a piece of data on him by left clicking on the agent and looking under
their Agency Symbol and checking for a DD Icon below it. You'll need to
capture them or one of the other agents in their group, and send him to an
interrogation device to 'extract' the data from him. Do this for each of the
three different data symbols you'll find. In general, only one will be held
per alliance, so once you've taken one from the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. boys for
example, no more data will show up with any more of them. Try to get all
three quickly, some people have said that they have only managed to get 2
pieces this way, and while you can still allegedly proceed with 8 out of the 9
available pieces of doomsday data, it's best to get them all so all paths
will be open to you in the endgame. Once you've collected all 6 additional
pieces of data, and reached 200 Notoriety, this Objective can be considered
Complete! Woot. ^_^

                         Objective V: Loot and Pillage 

Raise enough assets in money and uber-loot to open doors in the corridors of
power, and to purchase a new island if the need should arise.

 * Steal 4 of the 6 pieces of uber-loot strewn across the globe. Each alliance
   has at least one item of uber-loot in one of it's regions.

Very straightforward here. Send minions to plot to uncover the Uber-Loot, then
send more minions to steal it away for your exclusive enjoyment. Uber-Loot
items have the largest and most powerful Spheres of Influence in the game,
other than that of your Evil Genius, and when strategically placed in
high-traffic areas of your base can significantly improve minion performance
and reduce almost to 0 the number of deserters among your ranks. As this is
a simple, straightforward task, I'll leave it to you and the skills you've
learned so far to know how to capture each item, so here is the list of
Uber-Loot items and their locations:

Miniaturized Eiffel Tower - Europe
Excalibur - Europe
Mummy's Sarcophagus - Middle East
Ark of the Covenant - Central Russia
Million Dollar Bill - USA East Coast
Samurai Armor - North China

Although the sub-objective will be complete once you've gathered your fourth
piece of Uber-Loot, I recommend getting the remaining 2 as well. You won't
be able to steal these items once you've moved to your second island, so get
them while you have the chance!

 * Now that you have possession of the most important artifacts in the world,
   some serious cash flow is needed to further cement your organization as a
   true world power. Generate at least $10000 per minute through world
   domination theft activity for 5 minutes, while still holding onto the
   required number of loot pieces.

This final sub-objective is simple, but time-consuming. Send enough military
minions to the four regions which carry a cash rating of 9 (Mid-West, Europe,
Southeast Asia, and Middle East) to generate at least $10,000 every 60
seconds. Your Henchmen will help out a great deal in doing this, especially
if you have Eli Barracuda or Lord Kane. Make sure you send enough social
minions out along with them to keep their overall heat levels down, likely
almost all of your social minions will be busy doing this, however make sure
you leave enough of every unit behind at your lair to be able to retrain more
if the need should arise. Once you have generated the target sum, sustain
that amount for 5 minutes straight. Watch out for Justice pieces showing up
during this time, which can be a royal pain if you aren't paying attention.
It's better to set your minions to hide and start the timer over than to lose
half of them trying to stubbornly power through the last few minutes. But they
/are/ expendable, so if that's how you want to do it then by all means go
ahead. Since when do Evil Geniuses care about their men anyways? ;) And there
you have it, Objective V Complete! :D

Once both Objective IV and V have been completed, you will be given the option
to move to the Second Island at any time, by going to the World Domination Map
and pressing the big green button labeled 'New Island'. Once you press this,
all of your minions will drop what they are doing and start packing up all of
your loot objects, carrying them along as everyone runs to the nearest Depot
to prepare for departure from this island. When everyone has arrived at the
Depot, you will need to finalize the procedure by selecting your Evil Genius
and right clicking on the Depot to signal him/her to go there and abandon
your old island home. Try to make sure hostile agents aren't waiting to kill
people trying to leave the island before you start all this, especially
because your Evil Genius and their hard-earned bodyguards will be extra
vulnerable at this point. Finally when you arrive you will get a warning
telling you that if you leave now, anything remaining on the island will be
left behind once you move to your new home. Gold of course being an exception
to this. If you are sure that every one of your minions and henchmen have
made it to the depot, and all your loot is safely stored in cargo crates
waiting to be shipped along with you, click on Yes. Say goodbye to Island One,
and watch the movie as you leave this place and head to your new Volcano Lair
Congratulations, this ends Island One! =D

    4  b  .     O  p  t  o  n  a  l     O  b  j  e  c  t  i  v  e  s     1

                    Optional Objective i: Cursed Collection

A sacred Native American totem pole was looted by colonial administrators
early in the 19th century. It was divided into four pieces, which were
dispersed to museums around the world. A tribal elder took umbrage at this
desecration, and placed a curse on each piece, a curse that can only be lifted
by reuniting the totem pole pieces. On their own, each piece has a negative
effect on nearby minions.

Collect all four pieces and place them near each other to create the completed
totem pole and enjoy its beneficial effects.

At some point during your time on this island, this objective will become
available to you under 'Optional Objectives'. The Cursed Totem Pole has very
bad side effects while the pieces are still separate, but once united this
is one of the best loot objects in the game, with a huge SoI which covers four
statistics. Their exact locations on the world map are as follows:

1. Polynesia
2. Central Russia
3. West Coast
4. Middle East

Once you have collected all four pieces, place them all in a square next to
each other, and they will assemble into the completed Totem Pole. This
powerful loot item restores Loyalty, Attention, Smarts, and Endurance in a
very large Sphere of Influence. Enjoy! =)

                        Optional Objective ii: Faking It

Intercepted messages indicate that a research station in Antarctica has
managed to develop a working cloning machine. This device could be very
useful, especially as the island has recently become the target of specialists
seeking to assassinate the Evil Genius...

Steal the machine, then make the Evil Genius interact with it to create a
clone. If this clone is assassinated by one of the specialists, you'll be
rewarded with a large drop in heat across the globe. You can create up to 5
clones, but if they die at the hands of anyone other than the specialists,
you'll suffer a small notoriety penalty.

This optional objective should become available around 160 notoriety, and as
the description says, a cloning machine Act of Infamy should appear in
Antarctica. The minimum requirements to complete this mission are 8 Workers,
3 Technicians, and 3 Guards. Send these plus at least an additional 2 guards,
and plenty of Social Minions to cover the heat. To keep your heat from going
too high, send just a few of them at a time, starting with the social minions.

Once you have the Cloning Chamber in your possession, you will be able to
create a clone by sending your Evil Genius to interact with it. Once inside,
a worker will come to enter the second chamber and be transformed into a clone
of your Evil Genius, except they don't talk and can't do anything your real
avatar can.

Now then, look around the island and you may notice a female dressed in black,
whose tool tip description is 'An Evil Genius hunting assassin'. Send your
freshly made clone out to meet her, but make sure no other hostile characters
are around before you do. When spotted, the assassin will proceed to attack
and kill your decoy, then escape the island to report your alleged
assassination to the world leaders. You will then enjoy a nice reduction in
heat from every alliance, so long as you don't have minions out on the map
at the time to prevent it from dropping below their minimum heat values.

               4  c  .     S  e  c  o  n  d     I  s  l  a  n  d

Under Construction

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