Fight Night Round 4: FAQ/Walkthrough

Title: Fight Night Round 4
Date: June 26, 2009
System: Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Author: Adenosine
E-mail: (Remove NOSPAM@ to contact me).
Version: 1.00

V 1.00 - June 26, 2009

Table of Contents:

Part 1
- Introduction
- Basic Boxing Terminologies
- Tutorial
- Main Menu

Part 2
- Basic Boxing Combinations
- More Boxing Combinations
- Fighting As An Infighter
- Fighting As An Outboxer

Part 3
- Boxer Creation 
- Preparing The Pictures
- Uploading The Pictures
- Downloading The Photo and Generating The 3D Head
- Tweaking The 3D Head to Make It Look Better

Part 4
- Legacy Mode
- Amateur Tournament
- Professional Career
- Training
- First Pro Step
- The Road To Greatness

Part 5
- Game Freezing

Part 6
- Copyright Information

                               Part 1


Greetings to all boxing and gaming fans! They used to say the sport of 
boxing is dying, but with the sudden action happening in the lower weight
divisions, interest has been going up again! Fight Night Round 4 has been
brought to the mainstream as a game that revolutionizes its genre, but
I believe that it will also help the sport of boxing in general by letting
casual gamers feel what it is like to be a boxer, to know the current
blood that keeps boxing alive today, and let them throw and feel punches
with realistic results on the other boxer.

Fight Night Round 4 will hopefully stir the imagination of the casual 
gamer with its easy to use controls but very challenging artificial 
intelligence! Remember the past! Play as one of the boxers like Ali or
Tyson who has shaped the world of boxing! Play as Pacquiao who is the
current Pound For Pound boxer who fought his way up from the Flyweight
Division to the Welterweight Division! Play as yourself and create your
own boxing history!

Please note that I wrote this guide using the Xbox 360 version, but as
with all game ports, the main mechanics of the game should also work for the
Playstation 3.

Basic Boxing Terminologies:

Since Fight Night Round 4 is also reaching out to the gamers who aren't
really boxing fans, there will naturally be some words in boxing that
people who aren't normally fans wouldn't understand. Let us learn a 
few boxing terminologies to enhance our boxing experience.

1. 10 Point Must System - this is used to score each round of boxing. The
winner of the round will get 10 points, while the loser of the round will
only get 9. If the loser gets dominated in the round, then the judge might
give the loser 8 points instead of just 9. Each knockdown that the loser
experiences deducts one point from him, so in a round where the winner
knocks down his opponent, instead of a 10-9 score, it will be a 10-8. If
the loser gets knocked down twice, it will be a 10-7 score. If the loser
gets knocked down three times, it will be a 10-6 score. The lowest score
the loser can get is 6 points.

2. Below The Belt - an imaginary line between the belly button and the
top of the hips that is not allowed to be hit. A boxer who is caught
hitting there will be warned by the referee. If he repeats, the referee
will deduct a point from the offending boxer.

3. Body Punches - punches directed to the body. This causes the boxer on
the receiving end to tire faster and have trouble breathing.

4. Chin - the ability of a boxer to stay standing even after receiving 
heavy damage.

5. Clinch - the act of holding the other boxer to stop him from attacking.
This is usually done by boxers who have been damaged severely and are
about to get knocked down (or out!).

6. Combination - a series of punches.

7. Count - a referee usually starts a count up to 10 once a boxer has 
been knocked down. If the boxer doesn't get up by the count of 10, then
a knockout is declared. Sometimes, referees will stop in mid-count if 
he observes that the downed boxer does not have the ability to even move
anymore. The referee will sometimes not even start counting if the boxer
has already received too much damage and he thinks the boxer really needs
serious medical help.

8. Counterpunch - a punch thrown after avoiding or successfully blocking
the opponent's punch. Counterpunches are normally more devastating because
the other boxer will receive it without being able to put up his defense

9. Cross - also known as a straight, this is a punch thrown with a boxer's
dominant hand. For boxers who use the orthodox stance (left foot forward),
their cross is a right straight. For those using the southpaw stance 
(right foot forward), their cross is a straight left.

10. Feint - a fake punch that is used strategically to make the other 
boxer react a certain way so that they could be caught with another punch.

11. Foul - headbutts, elbows, knees, punching the back of the head, low
blows, and anything else that the referee deems inappropriate in a 
boxing match is called a foul. Fouls lead to point deductions for the
offending boxer.

12. Glass Jaw - a boxer who gets knocked out often. In other words, a 
boxer who has a weak "chin".

13. Go The Distance - a fight that goes through all the scheduled rounds.

14. Haymaker - a wide swinging punch. Since the punch is usually seen
before it is thrown, it can be avoided easily. If you get caught with it,
then it will damage you severely.

15. Hook - a short sideways punch delivered with the elbow bent, forming
a hook.

16. Infighting - fighting at very close range.

17. Jab - a punch thrown to measure distance between you and your opponent.
It is thrown with the leading hand. Not only is it useful for measuring
distance, but it is also used for setting up combinations and to pressure
the other boxer.

18. Knockdown - a knockdown (or knock down) happens when the boxer gets
hit with a legal punch and he touches any part of the floor except for his
feet. It doesn't matter of it's just the tip of the glove that touched
the floor or not, the referee will still begin counting.

19. Knockout - a knockout (or knock out) happens when the boxer gets
knocked down, but can't get up by the count of 10.

20. Mandatory 8 Count - when a boxer gets knocked down, the referee will
begin counting. The referee will count up to 8 and then decide if the
knocked down boxer still has the ability to continue fighting or not.

21. Orthodox Stance - a stance where the left foot is forward.

22. Outside Fighter - an outside fighter (or outboxer) is someone who 
doesn't engage in infighting majority of the time, but opts to fight
using his reach advantage or his ability to move around the ring

23. Pound For Pound - the best boxer regardless of weight. Although there
are varying factors in determining the Pound For Pound boxer, what usually
is considered are a boxer's fight records, knockout wins, and the level of
opponents that the boxer has defeated. It is usual to see boxers with
seemingly impressive records such as 65 wins - 2 losses - 0 draws, but 
aren't considered an "elite" boxer because the level of opposition they
have beaten are considered weak.

24. Power Punch - power punches are anything thrown that really gives out
damage to the other boxer. A jab is normally not considered a power punch.

25. Straight - the same as a cross.

26. Technical Knockout - a technical knockout (TKO) happens when the
referee decides that the other boxer can't continue fighting anymore 
because he can't defend himself anymore or he isn't even throwing punches.
A referee declares a TKO to save the boxer from receiving much more
serious damage which could be life threatening.

27. Uppercut - usually thrown starting from a low position going upwards
to hit the opponent's jaw.

28. Weight In - also known as "weigh in", this is an event which happens
before a fight to check if both fighters are within their weight
divisions weight range.


Whether you are new to Fight Night series or boxing games in general or
a veteran, it is recommended that you complete this tutorial which shows
up at the very beginning of the game upon initial loading of disc. This
will familiarize you on how to throw punches, how to block, how to move
around, and how to counterpunch. 

Main Menu:

Fight Now - exhibition mode of the game. You can only have fights between
boxers who are at the same weight division as you or at most two divisions

Legacy Mode - career mode of the game. You can create a new boxer or
simply use one of the great boxers included in the game. You can also use
a boxer you created in the "Create Boxer" mode.

Create Boxer - this lets you create a boxer using the pre-made heads and
bodies, live vision, or a photo that you have uploaded to easportsworld.
You can also download boxers that other people have created from here. The
Boxer Gallery also lets you edit the looks and stats of a created boxer,
but you can only edit accessories for the pre-existing boxers.

Xbox Live - the multiplayer section of the game. This lets you fight other
people playing Fight Night Round 4 if you have Xbox Live Gold.

My Corner - this lets you try out the different training games that you 
will encounter in Legacy Mode. There are also training videos that you can
watch. The My Media section is where your "Highlight Reels" get saved, 
which are the instant replays that you edit and save while fighting. You
can upload any highlight reel that you have to easportsworld via the
game console. The Settings section lets you adjust the game difficulty,
the aggressiveness and defensiveness of the computer boxers, and many

                               Part 2

Basic Boxing Combinations:

In the sport of boxing, you cannot depend on only one punch to finish
off your opponent. Sometimes, your opponent will have a very tough chin
that you won't be able to even damage him with your best punch! This is
where combinations come in. By throwing a series of punches, you 
are putting pressure on the enemy and even if he defends, you will be
able to get in a hit or two if you're fast enough.

As in with real life, throwing combinations require stamina, hand speed,
and good reaction time as to what the other boxer is doing. Basic boxing
combinations are good to use for boxers with low stamina. Remember, the
lower your stamina gets, the slower you throw punches and the weaker
they become! The main idea of basic boxing combinations is to be able to
throw punches that actually do damage, and not to throw high volume of
punches that do tiny damage.

The best way to practice these combinations is to choose one and then
practice it for an entire match. It's recommended to lower the difficulty
of the computer so that you won't get countered all the time and you will
be able to get a feel on the motions required to perform these combinations.

When a punch is supposed to be thrown to the body, it will have a (To Body)
written next to it, unless it's a Left/Right Body Uppercut/Hook. Punches
are normally thrown to the head unless stated.

Please note that certain stances will have weaknesses or strengths, so 
try out each stance and find one you're most comfortable with. If your
character is a southpaw (right foot forward), simply reverse the direction
of the combo.

1. Jab-Jab 

2. Jab-Jab-Jab 

3. Jab-Cross-Left Hook

4. Jab-Cross-Jab 

5. Jab(To Body)-Cross(To Body)

6. Jab-Left Hook

7. Jab-Left Hook-Right Hook

8. Jab-Left Body Uppercut

9. Jab-Left Body Hook

10. Jab-Right Body Uppercut

11. Jab-Right Body Hook

12. Jab(To Body)-Cross

13. Jab(To Body)-Right Uppercut

14. Jab(To Body)-Left Hook

15. Jab(To Body)-Right Hook

More Boxing Combinations:

There are really so many possible combinations in boxing, it is only 
limited by your stamina and how your opponent reacts. The following is
just a list of some of the combinations that can be used if you have a
lot of stamina. Don't use these if you are still beginning in Legacy Mode
since these will eat up your stamina very quickly.

1. Jab-Left Hook-Left Uppercut-Cross

2. Jab-Jab-Cross-Left Hook-Right Hook

3. Jab-Jab-Left Hook-Left Uppercut-Cross

4. Jab-Left Hook-Right Hook-Left Uppercut-Cross-Left Hook

5. Jab-Cross-Jab-Left Body Uppercut-Right Hook-Left Hook-Right Hook

Fighting As An Infighter:


- Get close to the opponent as fast as possible.
- Your main weapons are hooks and uppercuts when close to the enemy.
- Use "bob and weave" to get close to outboxers.
- Keep your guard up when getting close to outboxers.
- Trap outboxers near the ropes or in the corner.
- Aim for the body to make outboxers slow.

Fighting as an infighter is usually dangerous, but if done right, it will
devastate your opponent quickly! Infighters usually have the advantage
if they are shorter in height than their opponent, and have shorter reach.
This is because once an infighter gets very close to an opponent who is
taller and has longer reach, the infighter can let out punches quickly,
mostly hooks and uppercuts due to their short arms. Meanwhile, the taller
enemy with the longer reach will be almost powerless because the length 
of their arms won't allow them to punch properly with power and accuracy.

Another thing you want to do as an infighter is to keep hitting the
opponent's body. This will kill the opponent's stamina. The lower the 
stamina of the opponent, the easier it is for you to slip punches through
their guard. Once you notice that their stamina is almost down, try to 
punch through their guard and it will break fast, letting you to hit them
with hooks and uppercuts.

Don't forget to lean and dodge to avoid their punches, and then hit them 
with more hooks and uppercuts. Also try to pay attention when your opponent
is trying to duck. If your opponent's head is close to the ground, throw
an uppercut right away! If you hit his head with an uppercut while he's
trying to duck, the impact will be too much and there is a great chance
for a knockdown.

What you have to avoid as an infighter is being kept away from the enemy.
Your opponent will usually throw jabs or straights at you to keep you back.
They might even resort to pushing you away! To prevent this, keep your
guard high as you rush to get close to them. You might take a few hits
this way, but your guard will most likely protect you and the damage won't
be too much.

You can also try to use the "bob and weave" move while you're trying to
get close to your opponent. If you bob and weave, there's a good chance that
their punches directed at your head will miss. You might even get the chance
to hit them with a hook or uppercut when you get close and they miss!

Finally, as an infighter, you have the advantage if you trap the opponent
near the ropes or in the corner. This will prevent them from leaving and
you will be able to blast them with hooks and uppercuts and kill their
stamina by hitting their body.

What happens if you're an infighter and you're also fighting an infighter
who happens to have the same height and arm length (or shorter) than you?
Then the situation becomes a fight about who can avoid and block punches
better and counter effectively. Mostly, just like you, your opponent will
be using mainly hooks and uppercuts when you're near each other. Try to
make them miss by ducking, but be sure to watch out for their uppercut
as well! Try to also conserve your stamina because to win a fight against
an infighter, you will also have to throw punches faster than him.

Try to also aim for the opponent's body so that their stamina will go low
and their punches will come out slower. Once this happens, you will be able
to counter them more effectively, and since you will be throwing punches
faster, you can pressure him more by throwing combinations up close and
breaking his guard.

Fighting As An Outboxer:


- Keep a safe distance from the infighter.
- Jabs and crosses are your primary weapons.
- Hit the body from time to time to make the opponent slower.
- Stay away from the ropes and the corner so that you don't get trapped.
- Never throw hooks and uppercuts when you're far, you might get countered.
- Protect your body, low stamina means you'll become slower.

As an outboxer, your advantages will be the ability to move around the ring
quickly and keeping a safe distance between you and your opponent. 

Infighters who get close to you are your worst nightmare. What you have to
do is to throw jabs and crosses at them to prevent them from getting close
to you. Also, since they will be moving forward towards you, if you hit
them with jabs and crosses, the impact will be greater. Of course, they 
won't be coming forward without guarding their head!

If you encounter an infighter who constantly guards their head while moving
forward, then you have to aim for their body. Try to keep their stamina
low to make them slow and their guards easier to break. Don't forget to 
keep moving around the ring!

Once you have lowered their stamina, they will be punching hopefully much
slower, and it should be easier to counterpunch them. Now is the time to
"bait" them into throwing hooks and uppercuts. Try to get just a little 
close to them, but not too close that it will become an infight. Let them
make the mistake of throwing that hook or uppercut, and once they do, 
counterpunch them using a cross, a hook, or an uppercut of your own!

Just observe the opponent's stamina and hit their body if you notice that
their punching speed is becoming fast again. Always keep their stamina
low and make them move slow. Continue throwing jabs and crosses from a 
safe distance when you see the opportunity. Bait them from a middle distance
and counterpunch them. They will eventually get rocked so much and that will
be your chance to attack them with combinations to the head and body.

Don't rush into knocking them out. If you rush, there is a tendency that
you will get caught by one of their hooks or uppercuts and it will be you
who will suddenly be in major trouble. Being an outboxer is all about 
having patience, moving around the ring, and annoying the other guy with 
punches. Sooner or later, it will take fewer and fewer punches from you 
to rock them. That is the effect of accumulated damage. Although jabs and
crosses might not have the same stopping power of hooks and uppercuts, if
you hit them too much, they will be easier to hurt more and more. 

Remember, even with Tyson, take his stamina out and his power disappears!

So what do you do if you are fighting a fellow outboxer? The battle will
then become more strategic and it will become more of a test of patience.
It will become a battle where the winner is decided upon by who captures
counterpunching opportunities more and is able to move around the ring

Your most potent weapon during a fight with another outboxer is your jab
and cross. Keep a safe distance and throw some jabs. The problem here
is, they will have almost the same reach like yours or even longer, so 
they will do the same to you! This is where your countering abilities are
put to the test.

Try to time your blocks so that it will turn into a counterpunching chance
for you, and then hit them with a cross or a hook to the head. It is also
important that you know at which distance each of your specific punches
will be able to land.

Keep moving around the ring, and be sure you don't get trapped near the
ropes or in the corner. If you find yourself trapped, try to get away
as fast as you can. Push them away if you have to, the important thing is
you are not near the ropes or in the corner.

As always, speed is going to be a major advantage in a battle against
another outboxer. Try to hit the opponent's body to lower their stamina
and make them slower. Once their punches are slow, it should be easier
to counterpunch them.

Don't throw hooks and uppercuts when you are away from the outboxer. You
will most likely miss and they will counterpunch you. Wait for them to 
commit the mistake of throwing hooks and uppercuts themselves and then
counter them with a cross, hook, or uppercut to the head. You can also
counter them to the body to make them a lot slower if you have to.

Just be patient while playing as an outboxer. In most cases of defeat, it
begins when you start going for the knockout and throwing punches all 
over the place, then you get countered yourself.

                               Part 3

Boxer Creation:

Creating boxers is one of the more amusing parts of the game. The ability
to recreate yourself, your friends, enemies, celebrities, and other 
boxers expands the enjoyment of Fight Night Round 4. You can even upload
your own created boxers and download what others have created! 

There are three ways to create a boxer. The first one involves choosing 
from a template of heads and bodies. You cannot adjust any sliders to 
tweak the features of the face here, only fighting styles, general 
information, and accessories.

The second one involves using Xbox Live Vision. Since I don't have that,
I can't write about it.

The last one involves downloading a photo that you have uploaded to (as of this writing, that is their website). The game
will use the photo to generate a head for you that hopefully resembles
the person in the photo. This is what we will be discussing in the next
few sections because this is the easiest  way of recreating a face
for use in Fight Night Round 4.

Preparing The Pictures:

Before the game can generate a 3D model of someone, it needs pictures as
reference! Here's what you'll need:

1. Front View Picture - a front view picture of a person's head. Things to
consider include lighting, shadow, beard, accessories. The person should
not be wearing glasses, nose rings, or anything else on his face. There
should also be no dark shadows on the face because this will mess up the
texture on the face later on. Facial hair may affect the texture as well, 
so it is best if the picture of the person has no facial hair since you can
add that later in the game. It would be best if you can take the picture
with a simple background, such as plain white or plain black.

  The picture should also be looking straight towards the camera. There
should also be no facial expressions. Just a blank, souless stare is
perfect for this situation. Don't worry, you can make your boxer smile or
frown later using the main game's adjustable features.

2. Side View Picture - just like the front view picture, except it is taken
from the side. Try to make is have no angles as much as possible and no
shadows, too. (Side View Picture is optional but greatly helps.)

3. Xbox Silver/Gold Account - you will need an Xbox Silver or Gold account.
The important thing here is that you know what is the e-mail that you used
when you signed up with the silver or gold account.

4. Easportsworld Account - as of this writing, their website is . Sign up for an account and use the same
e-mail address that your Xbox Silver/Gold is currently using. The reason
for this is that there can be problems that involve pictures not being
found if the e-mail in your Xbox Silver/Gold is different from the one
you used to sign up with the easportsworld account.

5. Camera - try to take a picture of the person that you want to recreate
in Fight Night Round 4 with the highest resolution possible, and save it
in JPG format.

6. Photoshop/Paint Program - this is optional, but you can use Photoshop or
any other painting software to remove unwanted marks on your pictures or
even adjust the lighting and remove shadows if you have to. It also helps
if you can remove the background in the picture or make the background
entirely white or black. The only important part is the person.

7. 3D Modelling Software - this is optional, as most people don't have this
but sometimes it helps. If there are 3D models of certain people that you
like, simply load them up in your choice of 3D modelling software and take
a picture of the front and side views. This is useful if you have access
to 3D models from other games and the like and you want to turn those 
characters into boxers in Fight Night Round 4. I recommend the program
called Poser because it can generate random high resolution 3D models of
human beings. 

Uploading The Pictures:

Here are the steps on how to upload the pictures. Please take note that
these are based on how it works currently. It might change in the future.

1. Create an account and use the same e-mail you used
when signing up for your Xbox Live Silver/Gold account.

2. Sign in to your account. You will notice that you 
will be transported to your main page that shows information about your

3. Look somewhere to the right and find something called "Add Widgets" and
click it.

4. It will show you a page with a list of features that you can add to your
account's main page. Go ahead and read their descriptions to learn more.

5. Find the feature called "PHOTO GAME FACE" and click "ADD".

6. Find the feature called "FIGHT NIGHT 4 SHARE A BOXER" and click "ADD".

7. Go back to your main page by clicking your account name on the top of
the page.

8. You will notice on your main page that it now has a section called

* Before we continue, it would be nice to describe what the Photo Game Face
feature looks like first. Currently, the Photo Game Face feature on your
account's main page is a small square window. It can hold up to 8 sets
of pictures (each set includes 1 front view and an optional 1 side view).
The arrows that point left or right lets you choose a slot where you can
upload pictures. If you upload a picture in a slot, the picture will appear
at the center instead of a blank.

Below the area where the picture (or blank) appears is a button called
"Upload New Photo Face". If that slot has a picture already occupying it,
then it will have the "Delete" and "View" buttons instead.

9. Make sure your front view and side view pictures are in JPG format. Put
them somewhere in your computer that you can easily browse to, like the

10. On your account's page, find the "Photo Game Face" feature and click
"Upload New Photo Face". A window will appear and it even has a tutorial.

* If you are not seeing anything, it would be best to update your Java, 
Flash, and browsers. Personally I use Firefox.

11. Click "Next" and you will be shown a Tutorial page.

12. Click "Next" again and you will be on the upload page.

13. It will ask you for a front view picture. Click "Browse" and find
the front view picture that you have. Make sure it's in JPG format.

14. After it is done uploading, it will ask you if you want to upload
a side view picture or continue straight away to editing. Upload the
sideview picture if you want or click "Edit" if you don't have one.

15. When you're done uploading, you will be at the Edit page. There will
be two sliders called "ZOOM" and "ROTATE" which will make your picture
do just those. There are also choices to flip the picture or return it to
its original form.

16. If you have a perfectly straight picture of the face, there shouldn't
be a need to rotate. If not, then try to rotate yoru picture so that it
will be straight.

17. Look at the area that has no gray color. That is the area you are 
supposed to fill with the face. Try to zoom your face in so that it will 
fill in more of the space. It doesn't have to be perfect (and perfection
is almost impossible), but as much as possible, try to make the edge of
the face touch the edge of the area being filled. If you do this, some parts
of the face won't be included inside the area, but that is fine. The
important thing is the area includes the eyebrows, eyes, cheeks, nose, 
mouth, and a part of the face's chin.

18. Look on the left part of the window and you'll notice that below the
front view picture is the side view one that you uploaded. Click it because
you will have to adjust it, too. If you don't have a sideview picture, 
simply click "Next".

19. You will be asked to save it. Do so and the edited pictures will be

20. When it's done, you will see the window tell you, just click "OK".

The steps look long, but that's just because I typed a lot of stuff in
detail. If you do them yourself, you'll realize you can upload and edit
pictures in less than 5 minutes! Nothing to worry about! Now let's head
on to the next part of creating a 3D head for our boxer.

Downloading The Photo and Generating The 3D Head:

Now it is time to download the photo that we just uploaded to easportsworld
into our console! 

1. From the main menu, choose Create Boxer.

2. Choose Create New Boxer.

3. Choose Download Photo. It will tell you that you are connecting to your
easportsworld account. This is why it's important that your Xbox Silver/Gold
e-mail is the same as your easportsworld account e-mail.

4. You will then be shown the pictures that you have uploaded. Go select
the picture and download it.

5. After downloading, you will be shown the "Set Front Markers" page. The
idea is to point the cursor on the picture you're working on to where the
example picture is showing you. The first one is "Left Eye" so you point
it to the left eye and press the Right Button (RB) to set the marker there.

* Setting Front Markers Controls

1. Left Stick - moves cursor around.

2. Right Button (RB) - sets a marker then goes to the next.

3. Right Trigger (RT) - zooms in on the picture for better accuracy.

4. Left Button (LB) - cancels a marker and goes back to the previous one.

6. When you're done with the front markers, press A and it will ask you
if you want to add a Side Photo. Choose the first one called "Add Side
Photo - Use Previously Downloaded Photo" and you'll have to do the same
thing for the side view markers.

7. When you're done with the side view markers, keep advancing and it will
tell you that it is now generating the 3D model head of the picture! Good

8. You might notice that when generating the head, it might get stuck at a
certain percentage for about 5 to 10 minutes. Don't worry, this happens 
often. There was a time when I had to wait about 20 minutes just to let the
generation process move from 98% to 100%. It is best that you do something
else while you wait for this to finish.

9. When it's done, you will see a not so impressive 3D representation of the
person that you wanted to make a boxer out of! Don't worry, this is normal.
This just means it's time for some tweaking. Press A to continue.

At this point, you will be brought to the "Boxer Info" page. Before we 
continue adjusting the face of the person, I recommend that we save the
model first. Press Start and choose "Apply Changes And Continue". It will
tell you that not all of the points have been used. This is fine, just 
choose "Yes".

Tweaking The 3D Head to Make It Look Better:

This part really depends on your artistic abilities. Anyway, after you
saved the boxer that we generated earlier, you will be brought back to 
the "Create Boxer" menu. Choose "Boxer Gallery".

You will see pictures of a lot of boxers. Press left and you'll find your
custom made boxer. Select him (he's probably called "First Last" hehe), 
and choose "Edit".

This will bring you back to the Boxer Info page. Go ahead and type in
a name for him. The last name actually has a database of names that the
announcer will say while you are fighting. If the last name of the person
is not in the list (or if you can't find anything that you like), simply
choose "Enter Custom Text" which is located on the top of the name list
and you can enter the last name for the boxer yourself.

Press RT and you will go to the "Appearance" page. Pressing LB or RB will
cause the boxer to spin around so you can look at him better. The first
choices you will be able to change are pretty basic. Go ahead and check
out the different body types, skin tone, hair, and more for your boxer.
When you're done, it will be time to do some serious facial tweaking.

Still in the "Appearance" page, go to the bottom of the list and you'll 
find "ADVANCED SLIDERS". Choose that. Please take note that "ADVANCED 
SLIDERS" are not available if you just chose a head and body template. This
only works if you downloaded a photo and generated a boxer, just like 
what we did.

In the Advanced Sliders section, you will really have to try it out 
yourself since it is all up to your eyes if you think the boxer already 
looks like his real life counterpart or not. Don't worry about making
"mistakes", you can always undo them. Just have fun and experiment! Don't
forget to customize the stance of your boxer, his best punch, and 
other things like his robes and other accessories.

When you're happy with your boxer, just press Start and save.

                               Part 4

Legacy Mode:

Legacy Mode is the other major part of the game. Here, you will be able
to recreate a boxing legend's career to your liking, or you can use your
created boxer and pave your own history in the sport! 

From the main menu, choose Legacy Mode. You will be presented three
choices. Choose "Start New Legacy".

The screen will ask you if you want to create a new boxer or use an
existing one. You can play as any of the boxing greats if you choose an
existing boxer, as well as play the boxer we created earlier! Just
choose "Choose An Existing Boxer".

You will be presented the Boxer Gallery once again. Press left to see
your created boxer and choose him. Feel free to choose any other boxer
that you like and you will be starting your boxing life in the Amateur
Tournament. Once you have decided on a boxer, choose "Start Legacy Mode".

You will be asked to "Import Boxers", in other words, this lets you remove
or add boxers that will be fighting in and out of your weight division. If
you have created other boxers, you can add them here so that they will be
part of your boxing life directly or indirectly.

Just browse the names or press X to sort the list by name or division. Find
the boxer that you want to add or remove and press Y to add or remove him
from the list. When you're done adding or removing, press A to advance. 
Click "Import".

You will then see the "Set Rankings". Pressing RT or LT will let you view
the other weight divisions. You can "swap" the rankings of existing boxers.
Just choose a boxer you want to place somewhere by pressing Y, then find
the rank where you want to place him and press Y again. When you're
happy, press A to advance and then choose Continue.

You will be asked to type in a name for your legacy file. Go type one up
and press Start when you're done. The introduction to Legacy Mode will 
play. You can watch or skip it.

You will now be entered in the Amateur Tournament. It's better to 
familiarize yourself with the menus first because there's a lot of them and
it might confuse you later on if you need to find something.

Press Start and you will see some choices:

1. My Legacy Progress - this shows various statistics about your boxer.

2. My Fight History - this shows a list of all the fights you've had.

3. Message Center - this shows messages from your trainer. As your career
progresses, you will receive lots of information here such as awards you
are being nominated for, boxers challenging you, and more.

4. My Corner - this has choices like Edit Boxer, My Media, Settings, Legacy
Mode Intro Video, and Save Legacy. Unfortunately, you cannot make cosmetic
or stylistic fighting changes to your boxer in Legacy Mode. You can only
edit his accessories and entrance.

5. Exit Legacy Mode

Once you are pretty comfortable with where to find things, it is time
to start your Amateur Tournament! Press B to go back to the Amateur
Tournament screen from the menus that you just visited and press A to
begin your first fight.

Amateur Tournament:

Upon pressing A, you will see some choices in the Amateur Tournament screen.
You can choose to Fight, Simulate Using ESPN Fight Cast, Simulate Up To And
Including This Match, or Cancel. It is better to choose to Fight for 
yourself because relying on simulations might cause you to lose.

Choose fight and other battles aside from the one you are participating
in will be simulated. Yours is about to begin, get ready!

Your first battle is very easy, it's time to get used to the controls.
Remember the "Basic Boxing Combinations" section? Go check that out in
this FAQ and try them out on your opponent. You'll notice that your stamina
has a tendency to still go low fast. This is because you just started, and
the basic combinations won't drain your stamina too fast.

The entire Amateur Tournament is very easy, just remember the basics and
the strategies we discussed earlier and 99.99% you'll win this tournament.

Upon winning, you will earn some new costumes and some additional stats
added to you. You will now begin your pro career. 

Professional Career:

After the Amateur Tournament, you'll be shown the Legacy Central. It looks
cluttered, but still informative. The Legacy Rating shows what kind of
level your boxer currently has. You are now a Prospect. The more popularity
you gain, the faster your Legacy Rating goes up.

Press A and you will now have to schedule your fight. See those days with
the two people boxing? Those are days when you can fight. For now, let's
choose the first day that has two people fighting icon. Let's call that 
icon the "Fight Day" icon for simplicity.

Choose it and you'll be asked whether to "Simulate" or "Schedule Next 
Fight." Choose Schedule Next Fight.

You will be presented the "Schedule A Fight" screen. Read it and you'll 
find out on the right side how many rounds the fight will last and how
many training sessions you can have for the fight. Depending on the fight
date that you choose, you can have up to 3 training sessions, at the cost
of a few months of inactivity. For now, we have 1 training session.

Currently, you are the lowest ranked boxer in the division. It is better
to beat up weaklings first as you train your boxer because later on, there
will come a point when the opponents are altogether in a different league.
To have a fighting chance, you'll need a well trained boxer, and this is
why we will be spending some time beating up low ranking boxers and 

Go ahead and choose that Rank 49 guy. The screen will ask you for a date.
Just choose the one already selected and then choose to "Book Fight".

On the "Fight Calendar" screen, you'll notice that there is a yellow box
with a guy punching a heavy bag. There are also green boxes, and if you 
look on the upper right corner, an envelope is flashing! Press on the
Right Stick (R3) and you'll automatically access the Message Center again.
Go ahead and read what your trainer has to tell you. Press B to go back
to the Fight Calendar.

Back on the Fight Calendar screen, try to move around and you'll notice that
you can change your Training Day. Go ahead and choose a green box or just
go back to the original training day and press A. Not all green boxes can
be selected though, especially if they're too close to the fight date.

Choose "Start Training" and other fights will be simulated up to your
training day.

You are now at the "Training" screen. On the left side you will see a list
of training games that you can participate in to earn additional stats. On
the right side are your boxer's current stats. Each training has its own
strengths and weaknesses. Every created boxer has different beginning
stats. Now is the time to review how training games work.


There are six training games that your boxer can participate in. Go ahead
and check which stats each training game boosts or decreases. Yes that's
right, they can decrease certain attributes of your boxer, so you have
to be careful of what you choose.

Also, take note that when you choose a training game, you have the option
to Auto-train it. If you choose to auto-train, you will get half of the 
total maximum points possible to be gained from it.

There are advantages and disadvantages to auto-training and training 
manually. Auto-training only earns you half of the total maximum points 
you can earn, and that includes on training games that are very easy. 
Training manually can be bad if you don't know what you're doing, as you'll
only get 1 point to positive attribute stats if you fail really bad.

1. Open Sparring - open sparring is your typical boxing sparring. The object
of the game is to hit and not get hit. You earn additional points for 
knocking down and countering your sparmate. This is pretty easy. I suggest
that you MANUALLY TRAIN this. Good for practice, good for points!

2. Stay On Your Feet - the point of this training game is not to get 
knocked down. This is similar to Open Sparring, except that you have low
health and stamina and your opponent is bent on knocking you down. You can
score points by hitting him and knocking him down if you can, but just
beware that if you get knocked down yourself, your score will fall 
big time! I suggest that you try this out first in the training section
of "My Corner" so that you'll get used to dealing with situations where
you are about to get knocked out. After that, MANUALLY TRAIN this.

3. Heavy Bag Combos - another easy training game. All you have to do is
follow the combinations shown on the bottom of the screen successfully.
The more combinations and less mistakes you make, the more points you can

4. Heavy Bag Push - the object of the game is to hit the indicated part
of the heavy bag to push it down the track to score points. I just figured
out an easy way to do this. The only punches you need to throw are your
Jabs and Crosses. Just keep alternating Jab-Cross-Jab-Cross but be sure you
are hitting the red part. You'll need to press LT to make your jabs and
crosses hit low. MANUALLY TRAIN this.

5. Double End Bag - another easy game. All you have to do is position your
boxer on the zone that is on the floor and hit the bag using a Left Body
Hook-Right Body Hook-Left Body Hook combo. That 3 hit combo will get you
the most points as long as you're quick to reposition yourself to the
right zones.

6. Maize Bag - a hard game. You will have to move your head from side to 
side quickly and then hit the air with a body blow, while not being hit by
a moving bag. High chance of failing, AUTO-TRAIN if you can't get it.

There is a way to beat Maize Bag. The method I use to get champion bonus
is by holding LT and pressing the edge of the left side of the Left Stick
all the way to the right. This will cause the boxer to duck. While holding
this ducking position, just move the Left Stick up and down slightly to 
make the boxer move his head from side to side. You'll notice this is a 
lot quicker and you won't get hit by the bag at all because you're ducking.

The next part of beating Maize Bag is by timing WHEN you punch. Yes, you
will see that on the top of the screen is a countdown to how many side to
side head movements you are supposed to do. Don't rush, this is the worst
mistake anybody can make. When you reach the count of 1, do one last 
head movement to the opposite direction to successfully complete all the
leans. You will see the word "PUNCH!" on the screen. Remember to hold your

The time you punch is important so that you won't be hit by the maize bag
from behind or from the front. Wait until the bag is directly on top of
your head, and then release a punch. I normally use a Left Body Hook because
this lets the boxer remain in the ducking position, so even if you make
a mistake in the release of the punch timing, you won't get hit by the 
bag that suddenly passes over your head.

This is probably the hardest of all training games. I suggest that you 
spend about 30 minutes to an hour trying to perfect the Maize Bag training.
Again, I'll repeat in steps how to beat Maize Bag with champion bonus.

1. Hold LT and puch the left edge of the left stick all the way going to the
right. This will cause the boxer to duck. This will also make it easier 
for your thumb to control the stick and not "slip up".

2. Move the left stick slightly alternating between up and down, just enough
to register the head movement on the screen.

3. Don't rush. Once you see that you only need one more head movement, do
it successfully and hold that position, you are going to release a punch

4. Wait for the maize bag to be directly on top of your head. Release a
Left Body Hook.

5. Repeat until the training has ended.

Honestly, that Maize Bag training is also physically taxing, at least for
my left thumb.

First Pro Step:

We'll now be taking our First Pro Step. From the Training screen, choose
Open Sparring and choose "Play Training" to manually do it. Press A again
to start the training.

After successfully doing the training (I'm sure you aced it), you will
be back at the Fight Calendar screen. There will be a message from your
trainer. Go read it if you want or just press A to continue to the fight.
Choose "Fight" and you'll begin your battle with your very first opponent.

There's no need to worry about Rank 49 guy, he's very easy. Just stick to
the basics of movement, punching, and retaining stamina and you should
do great against him.

After you beat him, you'll earn some points in your popularity and P4P
ranking. For now, what we need to do is to build up the stats of our boxer
so that we won't have a hard time later on. We will have to satisfy 
ourselves with low ranking boxers for now. 

Keep choosing the lowest ranking boxer that is possible to fight. For 
training, we have to do a rotation in this manner:

1. Open Sparring - Manual(we just did this on our first fight.)
2. Stay On Your Feet - Manual
3. Heavy Bag Combos - Manual
4. Heavy Bag Push - Manual
5. Double End Bag - Manual
6. Maize Bag - Auto-train but Manual when you get used to it.

You'll notice that after every fight, you will have blue boxes in the
calendar. Those are your recovery days and you can't train or fight during
those periods.

Simply book another fight and make sure it has at least one training session
to boost our stats, and continue beating the lowest ranking boxers until
we have built up ourselves sufficiently.

From time to time you might receive a challenge from another boxer. Just
decline them for now because if you win, your popularity and ranking will
get boosted too much and you'll be forced to fight boxers who have stats
way better than yours! This is why we are concentrating on low rankers 
first, to build our stats that can keep up with the better boxers at the
higher ranks.

Just think of it like this: Popularity isn't everything, you need to have
the skills and stats to deal with the real elite.

The Road To Greatness:

After about 9 fights of beating the low rankers, your Legacy Rating will
become "Club Fighter". Continue fighting the lowest ranked boxers since
you need to maximize your training without becoming too popular and being
forced to fight the better guys.

When you have competed in around 25 total fights, you will have an Overall
Rating of around 79 or near that. This should be enough for you to be able
to cope with the next level of challenges.

When you are ready with your 79 Overall Rating or you have 25 total fights,
go ahead and accept the first challenge that you receive. Make sure you 
choose a date that has at least 1 training session. Your greatly trained
stats will make this challenge easier than if you fought without having
gone through all the training that you did.

After you have beaten your first challenge, it is time to fight people who
are higher ranked than you are. Choose someone who is at least 1 rank
higher than you and at most, 3 ranks higher. This will let you continue
your training without having to face too much of a serious competition
because your stats will always be near or better than theirs.

You will probably be Rank 20 now. You will also notice that you will be
meeting familiar boxers from now on. This means that the challenge has
increased! This is the time when the real battles begin! Expect tougher
opposition. These guys aren't simple people who are fighting for a 
pay day. You are now among warriors who are aiming to be the best of
the best, the greatest of all time!

Just continue training and fighting people within 3 ranks higher than you
because this is a good way to improve your stats while maintaining a good
winning record. Always stick to the basics and never rush without a plan!

Remember that what happens during you fights also affect how people view
you, which are reflected on the End of the Year Awards. Winnings the
awards is one way to become famous and to boost your Pound For Pound
rating. Challenge for belts, defend belts, or even move to different
weight divisions! It's your call!

This is your road, now lead it to your kingdom!

                               Part 5

Game Freezing:

As of today's date, there are many reports in the EA forums (currently
located at ) about the
game freezing at certain locations. Some people even reported that they
got the RED RING OF DEATH when Fight Night Round 4 froze.

Some people can't even get the game to get past the loading screen. A few
ways to make the game work were discovered, but they're just temporary

If you are using the Xbox 360, it is recommended to:

1. Disconnect ethernet cable from Xbox 360.
2. Disable Media Streaming.
3. Delete Local Custom Soundtracks.
4. Reformat the Hard Disk Drive of Xbox 360 (as a last resort).

Other people don't experience freezing during the loading screen, but 
experience it in Legacy Mode instead, just like me. The freezing in
Legacy Mode usually happens when you are saving or loading a file. It 
happens pretty randomly, but only during the saving or loading procedure.
So far, there is no fix for this. If you want to continue in Legacy Mode,
just restart your Xbox 360 and hope that loading your legacy file won't
end up in another frozen state.

Hopefully, these problems will be fixed by a patch soon.

       Part 6

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