Final Fantasy IV: The After Years: Band Guide

       FFIV: TAY Bands Guide V4.0+ (WW)
by DD9(skraPyroC) & Vamper62 (nosnaHkirE)

All Chapters!

Table of Contents

0. Version History
i. Welcome!
ii. What is a Band?
iii. How do I learn new bands?
iv. Bands
IV-1. Main Story: "Return of the Moon" -------------------------|
IV-1.1 Cecil's Tale: "The Last of the Red Wings" ---| June 1st,
IV-1.2 Kain's Tale: "Return of the Dragoon" --------|   2009
IV-2. Rydia's Story: "The Eidolons Shackled" -------------------|
IV-3. Yang's Tale: "The Master of Fabul" -------------------------------|
IV-4. Palom's Tale: "The Mage's Voyage" ----------------| July 6th, 2009
IV-5. Edge's Tale: "The Pulse of Bab-il" (See Note) --------------------|
IV-6. Porom's Tale: "The Vanished Lunar Whale" ----------------------|
IV-7. Edward's Tale: "Star-Crossed Damcyan" -------| August 3rd, 2009 
IV-8. Lunarian's Tale: "The Blue Planet That Was" -------------------|
IV-9. The Crystals: "The Gathering" -------------------------------|
IV-9.5*. The Crystals: "Cecil's Emptiness"---|  September 7th, 2009
IV-9.99. The Crystals: "The Lunar Depths and The Root of All Evil"-|
v. Credits
vi. Copyright

*. In The Crystals: The Planet Eater, Cecil cannot learn or use Any Bands
until he conquers his doppelganger in Lunar Subterrane B13.

0. Version History
V1.0 6/7/09 - Created Guide. 
Still need help with MP amounts for some bands, 
as well as some band actions and other new characters and bands.

V1.1 6/7/09 - Checked my game to find MP usages for uncertain bands;
Added a few things.

V1.11 6/8/09 - Deleted unnecessary items, such as later story placeholders.
Found out what Machine Break, and CalcaBrina's Limb Dance does, as well as
MP usage for both.

V1.2 6/14/09 - Deleted Character/Actions Abbreviations Sections. Corrected all
MP usage and attack combos for all bands. PLEASE TAKE IT THIS TIME, I'M BEGGIN'
YA!!! This should be THE Final version of these parts of the story. 
The others will be added as they come out.

V1.9 6/18/09 - Corrected minor errors In Cecil/Cid's Machine Break and 
Luca/Calca/Brina's GO! CALCABRINA! Bands. Also did some paragraph formatting.
Hopefully, this will be the last time I have to mess with this 
until next month!

V1.91 6/22/09 - Fixed Divine Heal and corrected a few typoes.

V1.92 6/25/09 - Looks like Cid needs a Hammer/Axe to learn Rocket Launcher.

V1.93 6/29/09 - Corrected Mystery Rocket Launcher person's name, DarkLundar.
Firionel sent me a band strength guide, translated. Added it to guide.

V1.99 7/06/09 - Found names of the main story's sections on FFIV:TA (JP)'s 
website. Did the best I could to translate the names (Used GoogleTranslator).

V2.0 7/07/09 - Finally completed all three chapters *correctly*! Don't fail
Edge's side-stories if you know what's good for you! Found FFIV:TAY Wiki.
Filled in Blank Spots/American Names as best as I could.

V2.02 7/09/09 - Somehow the "GO! CALCABRINA!" mistake got 
copied back into the guide. Also corrected a few things 
w/ "A Little Black Magic" band for Palom's Tale.
Replaced Japanese Main Story Titles with American names.

V2.05 7/15/09 - Some jerkwad hacked my DD9 Yahoo! Account. Got it back,
but made two newbies to be safe. Also made updates to 5-Star Crimson
Palm & Ultimate Art: Advent of Phoenix (Yang, Edge). Teamed up w/
Vamper62 to make a better guide for you on PlayHaven!

v2.06 7/26/09 - Got a message on the board about Holy Blade. Corrected it.

v2.9 7/28/09 - Found Divine Heal's Moon Effects! Created Formula for
Moon Phase changes. Added both to Guide!

v2.99 7/30/09 - Gave more descriptive details for a lot of bands.
Found & Corrected an error in Gekkou/Izayoi Phantom LightFlies.
This should be the last update until the new chapters release next week!

V3.0 8/03/09 - Apparently, this FF-Wiki is gonna be my Band Buddy. Thanks!
Added bands for new tales. Edited Paragraphs for Fleisch-Reading-Ease.

V3.1 8/6/09 - Made a correction to Gale Twin Break and other bands.

V3.11 8/11/09 - Changed Line Letter-Count Format.

V3.2 8/13/09 - Corrected a critical error in Edward's Story.

V4.0 9/7/09 - Added Parts 9, 9.5, and 9.99 (The Crystals).

V4.01 9/30/09 - Filled in all bands as best as I can for now.
I'm probably gonna get a lot of letters about it.
Help out if you find an error. You will be credited!

V4.2 10/11/09 - Corrected many mistakes, credited a lot of people.
Thanks, everyone! I would say this is the FINAL EDITION, but if I
Know Better, you'll see an update soon enough.

V4.3 10/21/09 - Checked the boards for corrections. Made Corrections to
a few bands here and there. Credited the correctors. Added Best Moon Phase
for each band to maximize damage/heal output.

v4.5 12/19/09 - This is way overdue, but I corrected the "Advanced Blade" band.
Sorry it took so long. Thanks to those that found it! You're in the credits!

i. Welcome!

Welcome to my Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Band Guide!
My name is Cory Parks. Thanks for choosing my guide.
For those who don't know what a band is, you're in the right place!
If you want to contact me, my e-mail is 
Or you can reach me on 
Enter my name as a People Search. or search for:
(1/4note)skraPyroC(1/4note) <3's ^(+/)BrandyMur(+/)v.
I live in Texas.

This is a joint project with Erik Hanson (Vamper62). His e-mail
is His guide is on PlayHaven (Bands).

All release dates are US-only. 
US releases are available at noon Eastern Standard Time.
Europe's are the following Fridays:
June 5th, July 10th, August 7th, and September 11th respectively.
Theirs are available at midnight Greenwich Mean Time.

ii. What is a Band?
For those of you who played the original FFIV, this is an improvement on an old
cpncept (Palom & Porom's TwinCast).
To increase replay value, S-E has allowed the use of "Bands", or 
combination attacks. Most of these hit all enemies, but some only hit 
one or a few enemies. I'll let you know which is which. 
All bands use MP, usually between 7-40.
Learning the band is free, though. All characters in a band use the MP
associated with said band, so don't overdo it, unless you have plenty of
MP-restoring items or Osmose.

iii. How do I learn new Bands?

First of all, characters participating in bands must have a common bond
(Friendship, Marriage, etc). Now, in order to learn a band;

1. On a character's turn, press right when commands pop up.

2. Select "Bands".

3. Select "Search for Bands".

4. A finger will pop up; 
The active character's band action is selected automatically. 

4a. Select the other character(s) who will participate in
this band, 

4b. Then their action (Attack, Magic, etcetera).

4c. Repeat until all characters' actions have been selected.

4d. then Press X on Classic Controller (or A on Wiimote).

5. All band characters' ATB (orange) gauges will fill up if
they're not ready, Then all their Battle (green) gauges.

6a. If the selected actions don't make a band, it fails
and nothing happens.
6b. If the actions make a band, they will perform it for no MP
(first time only).

7. From then on, the band will be listed for all characters
who participated in said band (under "Bands", of course).

iv. Bands (in order learned by story)

NOTE: Like all attacks, bands also depend on the moon's phases.
Unless stated below, stats are not affected (white = 100%).
^ = +25% = Green; v = -25% = Red.

Q: Differences between Stat Green, Stat White, or Stat Red?
A: Green's up, White's normal, Red is down (Up/Down 25%).
Let's use Physical Attacks for an example:
Waning(Wn) vs. New(Nw) vs. Full(Fu) Moon.

100%(Nw) - 25%(Fu) = 75% (Fu)
75% + 50(Nw+Wn-[-Fu]) = 125% (Wn)
Fu/Wn = 66.66...% or 2/3.

Full (Fu): Atk -25%, B Mgc +25%
Waning (Wn): Atk +25%, Special Atk -25%
New (Nw): W Mgc -25%, Special Atk +25%
Waxing (Wx): W Mgc +25%, B Mgc -25%

Band Name - Characters/Actions, who it strikes, MP needed, What it does,
Strength (What determines its effectiveness),
Other Stuff(Elemental/Ailments/Buffs if applicable), Multiplier.
(Weapons needed to use this band)
Best Moon Phase to maximize damage.

IV-1.0 Main Story: "Return of the Moon" (06/01/09) 800 pts, 5 blocks

1. Vibra Edge - Biggs/Wedge Atk. All Enemies, 7 MP. 
Attacks enemies in an X Formation.
(Gained automatically through tutorial - Adamant Cave).
Strength: Both(Attack) ~×0.8.
Best Moon: Waning

2. Cross Slash - Event before Mist Cave, One enemy, 7 MP. 
Hooded Man/Ceodore Attack, HM slashes back side as Ceo does front.
Strength: Both(Attack?) ×~1.5.
(Swords/Spears equipped)
Becomes unusable after defeating (Final Boss).
Best Moon: Waning

IV-1.1 Cecil: "The Last of the Red Wings"

3. Holy Blade - Cecil Atk, Rosa W Mgc. One enemy, 20 MP. 
Rosa casts Holy on Cecil's Blade, Cecil Purifies one Soul.
Strength: Cecil(Attack) x~2.0.
Must be Re-learned in the Crystals.
Best moon: Waxing/Waning

4. Machine Break - Cecil Atk, Cid Analyze. One enemy, 7 MP. 
Cid imbues Cecil's sword with lightning. Cecil shocks one foe
with a swift thrust!
Strong vs. Machines (if there were any).
Strength: Cecil(Attack) x~2.0.
Must be Re-learned in The Crystals.
Best Moon: Waning

IV-1.2 - Kain: "Return of the Dragoon"

5. Rocket Launcher - Cid Analyze, Ceodore Atk. One enemy, 12 MP. 
Cid enchants Ceo's blade with fire, and Ceo launches it as a rocket. 
Strength: Both(Attack) x~1.25.
Cid(Hammer/Axe), Ceodore(Sword/Spear).
Best Moon: Waning

6. Divine Heal - Ceodore W Mgc, Rosa Blessing. All Allies, 28 MP. 
Curaga/ja heal(+buff), depending on moon. Back Row OK.
Full Moon = Curaga + Shell
Waning Moon = Curaga + Protect
New Moon = Curaga + Esunaga
(limited to W Mgc ailments, exc. Slow)
Waxing Moon = Curaja

Strength: Both(W Mgc/Blessing) x~2.0.
Best Moon: Depends on what you need.

7. X Chaser - Cid Analyze, Rosa Aim. One enemy, 12 MP.
Cid finds 5 weakpoints, Rosa Aims and Strikes them! 
Critical hit! Can cause Instant Death. Back Row OK (Rosa). 
Strength: Rosa(Aim) x~1.5-2.0.
Best Moon: New

8. Cross Slash Prime - Ceodore/Kain Atk. One enemy, 20 MP.
Kain/Ceo Attack simultaneously, Both Cross Slash x3.
Back Row OK (Ceodore). Strength: Both(Attack) x~1.75.
Best Moon: Waning

9. Aiming T(h)rust - Cid Analyze, Kain Atk. One enemy, 12 MP. 
Cid analyzes as Kain jump-attacks, striking the locked-on target full-force!
Strength: Kain(Attack) x~1.5.
Best Moon: New

10. Saint Dive - Kain Jmp, Rosa W Mgc. All enemies, 30 MP. 
Rosa casts Holy on Kain's Lance, Kain Jump atks, unleashing the light to 
smite all foes on the field; Back Row OK (Rosa).
Strength: Kain/Rosa(Jump*W Mgc) x~1.25.
Best Moon: Waxing

IV-2. Rydia: "The Eidolons Shackled" (06/01/09) 300 pts, 5 blocks

1. Lightning Brain Buster - Luca Atk, Rydia B Mgc. One enemy, 7 MP. 
Rydia casts Thundara on Luca, who divebombs enemy with enchanted weapon.
Back Row OK.
Strength: Luca(Attack) x~2.0.
Best Moon: New

2. Calca and Brina - Brina Dance, Calca Jive. One/All Enemies/Allies, 10 MP.
Back Row OK. 
Calca/Brina form into one doll and strike! 
Strength: Calca or Brina (Varies on outcome) 

Many random things can happen... 18% Others, Self-Destruct 10%.
Self-Destruct - Sacrifice C/B to inflict massive damage on all enemies.
Both(Current HP) x=1.0.
Ice-Kick - umm... yeah. All enemies. Calca(Jive) x~1.5. 
Fire-Punch - ditto, all enemies. Calca(Jive) x~1.5.
Thunder-Beam - ...come on, man; all enemies. Calca(Jive) x~1.5.
Recover - Party recovers HP. Calca(Dance) x~2.0.
Limb Dance - Physical Atk on one enemy. Both(Attack) x~1.25.
Best Moon: New

3. Go! CalcaBrina! - Brina - Dance, Calca - Jive, Luca - Analyze. 
All Enemies, 10 MP. 
Calca/Brina form into one doll with Luca on head.
Limbs strike first (Physical), then Head (Fire), then Body (Thunder).
Strength: Luca/Calca(Attack/Jive) x~2.0.
Best Moon: New

IV-3. Yang: "The Master of Fabul" (7/06/09) 300 points, 5 blocks

1. 5-Star Crimson Palm - Yang Atk, Ursula Tenketsu. One Enemy, 9 MP.
Yang Kick x5, Ursula X-Kick. Causes Slow. Strength: Both(Atk/Tenketsu) x~1.5.
Obtainable during Adamantoise Battle, or afterwards.
Best Moon: Waning/New

2. Twin Wing Frenzy - Event After Adamantoise. One Enemy, 6 MP.
Father and Daughter kick rapidly at one foe, lifting it up;
The poor bad guy lands on its head.
Strength: Both?(Kick?) x~2.5.
Best Moon: Waning

IV-4 Palom: "The Mage's Voyage" (7/06/09) 300 points, 6 blocks

1. A Little Black Magic - Palom Bluff, Leonora B Mgc. All Enemies, 10 MP.
Palom trains with Leonora (Fir-, Blizz-, Thund- spells). Higher Magics
are less likely to be cast than lower ones. Back Row OK,
Strength: Leonora(B Mgc) x~0.5-4.0.
Best Moon: Full

Fire?/Blizzard?/Thunder? - 50%. x~0.5.
Fire/Blizzard/Thunder - 30%. x~1.25.
Fira/Blizzara/Thundara - 15%. x~2.75.
Firaga/Blizzaga/Thundaga - 5%. x~4.0.

2. Particle Bomb - Event Before Fight With Mysterious Girl. One Enemy, 20 MP.
Palom casts Blizzara, Leonora casts Fira, which combines to make Firaga! 
Back Row OK, Strength: Both?(B Mgc?) X~1.75.
Best Moon: Full

IV-5 Edge: "The Pulse of Bab-il" (7/06/09) 300 points, 6 blocks

Note: If the pupils fail their missions, they WILL NOT - 
I REPEAT, WILL NOT!!! join Edge in the Tower of Bab-Il, and will be

1. Wild Moon - Edge/Tsukinowa Atk. All Enemies, 12 MP.
They Disappear, Burn and Pummel one foe! 
Strength: Both(Atk) x~1.25.
Best Moon: Waning

2. Frozen Moon Dance - Edge Atk, Izayoi Ninjutsu. One Enemy, 8 MP.
Iza's Icicles converge on enemy, Edge shatters through!
Back Row OK, Strength: Both(Atk*Ninjutsu) x~1.25.
Best Moon: New

3. Gale Rush - Zangetsu/Tsukinowa Ninjutsu. All Allies, 12 MP.
Casts Hastega on the party. Back Row OK, Strength: N/A(Ninjustu) x=0.0.
Best Moon: Any

4. Gale Twin Break - Edge Ninjutsu, Zangetsu Human Kite. All Enemies, 14 MP.
Both jump opposite sides of Kite, Edge Flame/Dropkick, Zan Shock/DropKick.
Enemies that are attacked physically take full damage, 
others take elemental only.
Back Row OK, Strength: Both(Human Kite*Ninjutsu) x~1.5.
Best Moon: New

5. Phantom Lightflies - Gekkou Ninjutsu, Izayoi Illusions. All Allies, 9 MP.
Heal Party HP, based on Gek/Iza's lost HP, heals W Mgc status ailments. 
Back Row OK (Iza Only).
Strength: Gek&Iza(Max-Current HP divided by # in party) x=0.2/0.25/0.33.
Best Moon: Any

6. Blazing Moon Ring - Edge Ninjutsu, Gekkou Shuriken. One Enemy, 7 MP.
Burning Shuriken DiveBomb (Gek). Strength: Gek(Shuriken) x~1.30.
Best Moon: New

7. Wheel of Elements - Gekkou/Izayoi/Zangetsu/Tsukinowa Ninjutsu. 
All Enemies, 15 MP. Gek Flame, Iza Icicle, Zan Shock, Tsu Mirage Gale.
Strength: All(Ninjutsu) x~1.5. 
Best Moon: New

8. Ultimate Art: Advent of Phoenix - Edge Smash & Grab, Gekkou Shuriken, 
Izayoi Illusions, Zangetsu Human Kite, Tsukinowa Steal. All Enemies, 20 MP.
Damage increases based on Max Party HP - Current Party HP.
(Background turns Red, characters step forward with speech...)
Zangetsu: "Endless night, lit by fiery wings..."
Izayoi: "Bound by the darting, dancing sword..."
Gekkou: "Let it slice the encompassing dark..."
Tsukinowa: "And sound the tolling bell of tomorrow!"
Edge: "Now! We call forth Eblan's ancient technique..."
All: "Advent of Phoenix!"

Ninji form into a Phoenix and fly upwards, 
Rocket to stage left w/ Mini Phoenices.
Separate into posing Ninji, smoke billowing as they do.
Strength: Party(Max-Current HP) x=1.0.
Best Moon: Any

IV-6 Porom: "The Vanished Lunar Whale" (8/03/09) 300 points, 4 blocks

1. Twincast - All Enemies, 20 MP. 
Either Flarette, or Meteorite will be cast. 
Flarette 40%, Meteorite 60%.
Back Row OK. Strength: Palom?(B Mgc?). x~3.0-4.0.
Already learned at start-up (Story Event).
Best Moon: Full

2. ThunderStorm - Rydia/Palom B Mgc. "All" (1 or 2) enemies, 25 MP.
Thunder crackles as lightning flashes the sky. Palom/Rydia each
bring down one icicle lightning-rod on one or two enemies, who are then
struck down by the fury of the perfect storm. 
Back Row OK, Strength: Both(B Mgc). x~2.25.
NOTE: This Must Be Re-learned in the Crystals.
Best moon: Full

IV-7 Edward: "Star-Crossed Damcyan" (8/03/09) 300 points, 6 blocks

1. Feast of the Land - Edward Bardsong, Harley Gil Toss. All Allies, 20 MP. 
Edward performs a song on his harp, as Harley "pays for the show";
No gil is actually lost or gained. Heals all Allies/W Mgc ailments,
depending on Intelligence (Life's Anthem) and Harley's Level. 
HP-gain based on number of living party members. Back Row OK.
Strength: Both({[Ed's Int. * Harley's Lvl] - gil}/# in party) x~1.0.
Best Moon: New

IV-8 Lunarians: " The Blue Planet That Was" (8/03/09) 300 points, 5 blocks

1. Double Black Magic - All Enemies, 30 MP.
Golbez and FuSoYa cast a full-power spell simultaneously!
See You in the Afterlife, bad guys!

One of these four will happen... what they do is pretty obvious.
Double Firaga (5/16 chance) - Both cast Firaga. x~3.0.
Double Blizzaga (5/16 chance) - Both cast Blizzaga. x~3.0.
Double Thundaga (5/16 chance) - Both cast Thundaga. x~3.0.
Double Meteor (1/16 chance) - Both cast Meteor. x~4.5.

Back Row OK, Strength: Both?(B Mgc?), x~3.0-4.5.
Gained right before fight w/*NO SPOILERS* (Final Boss Fight).
Best Moon: Full

IV-9 The Crystals: "The Gathering" 9/07/09 800 points, 17 blocks
NOTE: If any of Edge's Disciples died during their missions, or you failed
to save the dolls, they WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR USE!

1. Inferno - Rydia/Edge Event
40 MP, All enemies, Fire Damage. Back Row OK.
Rydia casts Firaga, Edge casts Blaze, fire surrounds all foes!
Strength: All(B Mgc*Ninjutsu), x~3.0.
Best Moon: Full or New

2. Broken Heart - Rydia Atk(Bow), Edge Atk, 25 MP, All Enemies. Back Row OK.
Edge jumps in front of foes, as Rydia fires an arrow into his heart.
Edge springs up, unharmed.
Strength: Rydia(Attack), x~2.0.
Rydia must have Bow&Arrows to use this band.
Best Moon: Waning

3. Flare Tornado - Rydia B Mgc, Edge Ninjutsu, Luca Big Throw, 15 MP,
All enemies. Back Row OK. Fire Damage.
Rydia casts Firaga while Edge casts Blaze on Luca's Axe,
which (the spells) is hurled at all foes, searing their skin as 
they are wrapped in FlareNadoes.
Strength: All(B Mgc*Ninjutsu*Big Throw), x~1.5.
Best Moon: New

4. Thunder Wave - Ceodore Atk, Rydia B Mgc. 20 MP, All Enemies, 
Lightning damage. Back Row OK (Rydia).
Rydia enchants Ceodore's "attack modifier" with Thundaga, who then throws 
the spell at all foes through his weapon!
Strength: All(B Mgc*Attack). x~1.75.
Best Moon: Waning

IV-9.5 The Crystals: " Cecil's Emptiness"
*NOTE: Cecil cannot LEARN or USE Any bands (aside from Story Events)
until he conquers his inner darkness again.
(Lunar Subterrane 13)

Also, the story events are learned by resting at save points.
So, save often, or you'll miss it!

5. Twin Rush - Ceodore/Ursula Event, 12 MP, All foes.
Similar to Cross Slash & Twin Wing Frenzy.
The 'twins' get on both sides, strike multiple times, and
Cross Strike!
Strength: Both(Attack), x~1.25.
Best Moon: Waning

6*. Vibra Plus - Ceodore/Cecil Atk, 35 MP, All Foes.
Like Vibra Slash, but much more painful.
Strength: Both(Attack) x~1.75.
Best Moon: Waning

7*. Iron Flash - Cecil Atk, Rydia Summon, 40 MP, All Foes, 
Back Row OK (Rydia).
Rydia summons Odin, who grants his power upon Cecil. 
Cecil strikes all enemies in a rapid-paced triangular pattern.
Strength: Cecil(Attack) x~2.0.
Best Moon: Waning

8*. Double Pressure - Cecil W Mgc, Golbez Pressure,
20 MP, All Foes. Back Row OK.
Slows the flow of time for all foes.
Strength: Does it matter?, x=0.0.
Best Moon: Any

9*. Ultima Spark - Cecil W Mgc, Golbez B Mgc. 50 MP, All foes. Back Row OK.
All enemies are struck down by ONE AWESOME THUNDERBOLT. The closer the enemy
is to "the eye", the more damage they receive.
Strength: Both(B Mgc*W Mgc) x~3.5-4.5.
Best Moon: Full

10*. Sky Grinder - Cecil Atk, Kain Jmp. 45MP, One foe.
Cecil lifts & throws one enemy into the air, where Kain harpoons it
back to earth. Insult to Injury, imo.
Strength: Both(Atk*Jmp) x~2.45.
Best Moon: New

11. Mirage Dive - Edge Atk, Kain Jmp. 32MP, One foe. Edge Mirages himself.
Edge disappears as Kain Jumps on one unsuspecting foe. Edge's clones
gang up on the enemy, rending it apart. 
Strength: Both(Attack*Jump) x~1.5
Best Moon: New

12. Holy Burst - Rydia B Mgc, Rosa W Mgc, 55MP, All Enemies.
Rydia and Rosa cast Flare and Holy, which converge on all foes,
creating a new magic called MegaHolyFlare!
Strength: Both(W Mgc*B Mgc) x~1.25.
Best Moon: Full

13. Holy Ray - Rosa/Porom W Mgc, 50 MP, All Enemies.
Both cast Holy at once, which rains down on evil with Divine Light.
Strength: Both(W Mgc) x~1.25.
Best Moon: Waxing

14. Oboro Strike - Edge/Yang Event, 25 MP, One Enemy.
The two fade away, then 2Edge/2Yang/Edge/...
and finally BOTH strike at once!
Strength: Both(Attack?) x~1.75
Best Moon: Waning

15. Double Tomahawk - Luca/Cid Atk, 10 MP, One enemy.
Cid gets on one kneee, and catapults Luca. 
Both throw their axes like tomahawks.
Cid then mumbles about a backache "...".
Strength: Both(Attack) x~1.4.
Best Moon: Waning

16. Twincast (2) - Palom/Porom Event, 40 MP, All Foes.
Similar to the one automatically acquired in Porom's Tale.
Except NOW, 25% Elementaga spells, 20% MegaFlare, 5% Meteora.
Strength: Palom?(Black Magic?) x~1.5-4.0.
Best Moon: Full

17*. Holy Cross - Cecil/Ceodore Atk, Rosa W Mgc, 35MP, all enemies.
Rosa casts holy on Ceodore's/Cecil's weapons, and the light flows
fluidly from Father-And-Son to smite their greatest enemies.
Strength: All(W Mgc*Atk), x~2.55.
Best Moon: Waning

18*. Trinity Crusade - Kain Jmp, Cecil Atk, Rosa W Mgc.
20 MP, One Enemy. Back Row OK (Rosa & Kain only).
Rosa casts Holy on one enemy while Cecil and Kain tear it into
pieces! BREAK LIMIT!
Strength: All(Attack*Jump*W Mgc) x~5.0.
Best Moon: Waning

19*. Effect Form - Cecil/Kain W Mgc, Rosa Blessing, 20MP, Kain/Cecil/Rosa.
Curaja, Haste, Protect, and Shell are cast on the band members.
Strength: All(W Mgc*Blessing), x=0.0.
Best moon: Any

20. Delta Evolution - Ceodore/Ursula/Luca Event. 15 MP, One enemy.
Slash, Tenketsu, and Big Throw for a critical hit!
Strength: All(Atk*Tktsu*BgThrw?), x~2.3.
Best Moon: Waning

21. Ice Crush - Palom/Luca/Leonora Event. 35 MP, One Enemy. Ice damage.
Palom and Leonora chat while Luca draws her axe out, then
Palom and Leonora enchant Luca's Axe with Blizzara/aga, who slices
through all in her way.
Strength: All(BgThrw*B Mgc?) x~2.1.
May Hurt Palom, so be careful with this one.
Best Moon: Full

22. Wild Whip - Rydia/Izayoi/Harley Atk(whip), 4MP, One Enemy.
The ladies gang up and ruthlessly whip one naughty enemy.
(Lustful Lali-Ho!, page 137-138!) Bad Boys get punished.
Strength: All(Attack) x~1.25.
Best Moon: Waning

23. Palom in the Sky - Plm Bluff/Lu Big Throw/Leo B Mgc/Prm W Mgc.
30Mp, All Enemies. Back Row OK.
Luca throws Palom up high, where he lands amidst the enemy.
Palom bounces around like a pinball while Leonora Thundagas
her teacher. Porom Curagas Palom, healing him.
Damage based on number of hits/foe with Thundaga.
Strength: Prm/Leo'/Luca([BgThrw*B Mgc] + W Mgc(on Palom) x~2.75.
Best Moon: New or Full

24. Final Calcabrina - Cid/Luca/Calca/Brina Event, 30Mp, All Foes.
Cid and Luca *hammer* on the dolls, Forming two CalcaBrinas.
The dolls rocket through all foes many times, then Both CB's
throw FireArms, IceHeads, and ThunderChests at all foes.
Strength: Calca?(Jive?) x=0.0.
Cid and Luca MUST have Hammers EQUIPPED to use this band -
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
Best Moon: New

25. Call Me Queen - Rydia/Izayoi/Harley/Leonora Atk(whip).
11 MP, One Enemy, Back Row OK.
Rydia/Izayoi/Harley lash out at one foe nonstop until Leonora
steps forth:
"...To the pigsty with you!"
and turns the foe into a pig with the Queen's Whip.
Strength: All(Attack) x~1.75.
Leonora MUST have QUEEN'S WHIP EQUIPPED to use this band!
Best Moon: Waning

26*. Sword and Fist - Cecil/Ceodore/Yang/Ursula Atk. 30 MP, One foe.
The four strike at once in an X-pattern.
Strength: All(Attack), x~2.6.
Best Moon: Waning

27*. Final Fantasy - Cecil Atk/Rosa W Mgc/Kain Jmp/Rydia B Mgc/Edge Throw.
75 MP, ALL FOES and ALLIES! Back Row OK (Rosa/Rydia/Kain, or Edge).
Edge throws hurricane balls at foes while Cecil strikes, Kain slams down on,
Rydia casts Flaraga, and Rosa casts Curajan/Esuna 
on all lifeforms, respectively. INCREDIBLE BAND! BREAK LIMIT!!!
Damage is based on total Current Party HP.
Party's HP is restored.
Strength: All(Atk*W Mgc*B Mgc*Jmp*Thrw), x~(Party HP).
Best Moon: New.

IV-9.99 The Crystals: "The Lunar Depths and The Root of All Evil"
By this point, Cecil will 
have completed his journey 
to make peace with himself.
Now comes the fun part!

28. Spiral Blow - Kain/Golbez Event, 22 MP, One Foe.
Golbez puts on the Pressure, paralyzing all enemies where they stand.
Kain then bounces on each enemy randomly 8 times.
Damaged is based on each hit on each individual foe.
Strength: Kain(Jump?), x~3.75.
Best Moon: New

29. Sylph's Protection - Yang Attack, Rydia Summon. 17 MP, Targets Yang.
Rydia Summons Sylph, while Yang bathes in their embrace.
Yang is healed, Hasted, Protected, and Shelled.
Strength: Rydia(Summon: Sylph[foes' drained HP * # of foes]), x~0.5. 
Best Moon: Any

30. Mirage Song - Rydia Summon, Edward Sing. 35 MP, All Allies.
Back Row OK.
Rydia summons her Mother's Dragon, and
Blinkara is cast on the party. Edward sings the song "I Disappear".
Strength: N/A, x = 0.0.
Best Moon: New

31. Sword Dance - Cecil Attack, Edward Sing. 13 MP, One foe.
Back Row OK (Edward).
Edward sings "Another Bites the Dust" while Cecil crushes one foe.
Strength: Cecil(Attack) x~ 1.5.
Best Moon: New

32. Fist Dance - Yang Attack, Edward Sing. 15MP, One Foe.
Back Row OK (Edward).
Edward sings "Kung-Fu Fighting" as Yang pummels one enemy.
Strength: Yang(Attack) x~1.5.
Best Moon: New

33. Twin Drive - Yang/Cecil Attack. 15MP, One Enemy.
Cecil/Yang strike one foe simultaneously.
Strength: Both(Attack), x~2.25.
Best Moon: Waning

34. Double Jump - Kain/Ceodore Event. 35 MP, One Enemy.
Ceodore awakens his potential, and with a surge of power
propels one enemy into the sky.
Kain lands on it full force, and Ceodore doesn't help to ease 
the poor bad-guy's pain with a jump of his own as Kain lands.
Strength: All([Attack*2]*Jump?), x~1.75. BREAK LIMIT!!!
Best Moon: New

35. Healing Wind - Tsukinowa Ninjutsu, Porom W Mgc. 
40MP, All Allies. Back Row OK.
Rosa casts Curajan, Tsukinowa casts Restore Weed.
Heals a lot of HP and W Mgc ailments (except Slow).
Strength: Both(W Mgc*Ninjutsu) x~1.0.
Best Moon: Waxing

36. Sprite Bred - Porom B, Leonora W Mgc. 40 MP, One Enemy.
Back Row OK, Holy Damage.
Both cast Holy, which fuses into one concentrated Holyaga.
Strength: All(W Mgc) x~1.5.
Best Moon: Waxing

37. Explosive Kick - Yang Kick, Gekkou Shuriken. 14MP, One enemy.
Flame Damage, obviously.
Gekkou casts Blaze, which Yangs kicks into one foe's heart.
The foe is scorched in the heat.
Strength: All(Kick*Ninjutsu) x~1.25.
Best Moon: New

38. Frost Wave - Leonora B Mgc, Izayoi Ninjutsu. 25MP, all Enemies.
Izayoi casts Wave, which is then frozen by Leonora's Blizzara.
The Frost Wave then crashes down and shatters on all baddies.
Enemies are chilled to the core!
Strength: All(B Mgc*Ninjutsu) x~1.25.
Best Moon: New

39. Mecha-Kite - Luca Analyze, Zangetsu Human Kite. 15 MP, All Foes.
Back Row OK.
Luca reinforces Zan's Kite, making it stronger.
Zangetsu flies it Up, Right, Left, and then lands on one foe.
Damage is based on each hit on each individual foe.
Strength: Zan(Human Kite) x~1.75. 
Best Moon: New

40. Pure White Magic - Rosa/Porom/Leonora W Mgc, 99MP, All Allies.
All beneficial white magics are cast on all party members.
Haste, Protect, Shell, Esuna, Curajan, Blink, etc.
Strength: All(White Magic) x= 0.0.
Best Moon: Waxing

41. Break Breaker - Cecil Atk/Palom B Mgc/Porom W Mgc. 35MP, All foes.
Cecil's blade is enchanted with Break, which strikes and petrifies
all stone-able enemies on the battlefield.
Strength: Cecil or Palom(Attack or Break) x~1.5-2.0.
Best Moon: Waning

42. Tri-Disaster - Rydia/Palom/Leonora B Mgc. 20 MP, All Enemies.
All -aga elemental spells are cast in succession, 
massively damaging enemies. BREAK LIMIT!!!
Strength: All(Black Magic) x~4.50.
Best Moon: Full

43. Rapid Fire - Tsu/Ceo Atk, Palom B Mgc. 20 MP, All Foes.
Fire Damage. Back Row OK (Tsukinowa and Palom)
Ceodore and Tsukinowa attack while Palom casts Comet on each enemy.
Strength: All(Atk*B Mgc*Ninjutsu) x~2.0.
Best Moon: New or Waning

44. Mystic Waltz - Edward BrdSng/Calca Jv/Brina Dnc.
12MP, Random Targets (All); Back Row OK.
Just like Calca and Brina, except Edward plays the Quarto Puppets
Theme, while two CalcaBrinas dance and cause random effects on foes
or allies. 
(Note: Allies cannot be harmed; Enemies won't be healed)

So far, I've found:
Reiko-Viera - Curaga/Esunaga on all allies.
Soooo-Wheee! - Turns foes into Pigs.
FrogSong - Turns enemies into Toads.
... A little help, anyone?

Strength: All(Bardsong*Dance or Jive) x~1.5.
Best Moon: New

45. Advanced Blade - Golbez B Mgc, Ceodore/Cecil Atk. 40 MP, One Foe.
The Three Lunarians unleash their special abilities, overwhelming
one unlucky enemy. BREAK LIMIT!!!
Strength: All(Attack) x~1.5-?.
Best Moon: Waning

46. King's Quad - Cecil/Edge/Yang Atk, Edward Sing. 30 MP, all foes.
Back Row OK (Edward only).
Edward sings "Everybody Wants to Rule the World", whilst enemies 
bow down to the might of the Four World Leaders of Earth.
Strength: Cecil/Yang/Edge(Attack) x~4.3.
Best Moon: Waning

47. Petal WhirlWind - Urs Kick/Prm W Mgc/Leo B Mgc/Lu Analyze.
50 MP, One Foe; Back Row OK (Leonora/Porom/Luca).
Luca locks on one target and Throws, Ursula kicks the weak point,
then Porom casts Holy while Leonora casts Flare.
BREAK LIMIT!!! Strength: All(Atk*B Mgc*W Mgc) x~4.53.
Best Moon: Waning

48. Infinity - Palom/Rydia B Mgc, Porom/Leonora/Rosa W Mgc,
60 MP, All Enemies; Back Row OK.
Enemies are completely spellbound by the incantations of five
powerful mages. Then they are ultimately annihilated.
The Party is healed. BREAK LIMIT!
Strength: All(W Mgc*B Mgc) x~4.75.
Best Moon: Full

49. MakeShift Cannon - Urs' Tktsu/Ceo' Atk/Lu Big Throw/Plm B Mgc/Prm W Mgc.
58 MP, All foes. Back Row OK (Luca, Palom, Porom).
Luca tinkers on a project, while Ursula readies a Tenketsu.
Both Urs and Ceo' are launched in a cannon powered by Flare and Holy.
Strength: All(Atk*W Mgc*B Mgc) x~5.5.
Best Moon: New

50. Vibra Prime - Cecil/Ceodore/Cid/Kain Atk, Rosa Aim, 40 MP, All Foes.
The enemies are murdered in a star-formation. DEATH TO EVIL once and for all.
BREAK LIMIT!!! Back Row OK (Rosa).
Strength: All(Atk*Aim), x~5.0.
Best Moon: Waning

v. Credits

Square-Enix and Matrix, Corp. for making this awesome game!
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Me for writing.
Anyone else who can help me in future updates.
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pirionoak for noticing the typo in "Sky Gr(i)nder".

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Also, everyone on 'Kudos, dark_deity9' topic for their help with 
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