Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones Cheats

       Secret Characters
After completing the game normally, play Ex. Map in Extra mode and fulfill the following requirements to unlock the characters

    * Caellach: Complete the 3F Tower.
    * Fado: Complete the Ruins.
    * Glen: Complete the Round 5 Ruins.
    * Hayden: Complete the Round 5 Ruins.
    * Ismaire: Complete the Tower.
    * Lyon: Complete the Ruins three times.
    * Orson: Complete the 6F Tower.
    * Riev: Complete the 7F Tower.
    * Selena: Complete the Tower three times.
    * Valter: Complete the Round 7 Ruins. 

Secret Characters
Fulfill the following requirements to get the characters to join your party.

    * Garcia: Chapter 2 -- Have Ross talk to him.
    * Ross: Chapter 2 -- Have Eirika talk to him.
    * Colm: Chapter 3 -- Have Neimi talk to him on Turn 2.
    * Lute: Chapter 4 -- Visit lower-left house.
    * Joshua: Chapter 5 -- Have Natasha talk to him.
    * Amelia: Chapter 9 -- Have Eirika or Franz talk to her on Turn 5.
    * Gerrick: Chapter 10 -- Have Innes talk to him.
    * Innes: Chapter 10 -- Have Tana or Eirika talk to him.
    * Marisa: Chapter 10 -- Have Gerik talk to her.
    * Tethys: Chapter 10 -- Have Gerik talk to her.
    * L'Archel: Chapter 11 -- Have Eirika talk to her.
    * Dozla: Chapter 11 -- Have L'Arachel talk to him.
    * Ewan: Chapter 12 -- Visit the small house on Turn 5.
    * Comrag: Chapter 13 -- Have Eirika talk to him.
    * Rennac: Chapter 14 -- Have Eirika or L'Arachel talk to him. 
Secret Shop Pass
In Ephraim's mission where you are to capture Grado Keep, you can find a rogue with a secret pass. You can steal the secret shop pass with a thief or talk to the rogue with your Lord to buy the secret pass for 10,000 gold. In the area below the treasure cheats to the upper-left is a secret shop to which the secret pass will give you access.

View Support Conversations
Once you beating the game, choose extras at the main menu. You can now view all of the support conversations that you got throughout the game.

Unlockable Mode

    * Map Mode: Beat the Game.
    * Support Conversation Veiwer: Beat the Game.