Gears of War 3: Collectable/Cog Tag Guide

       ´╗┐GAME: Gears of War 3
By: Kenneth Stubbs (OmegaMustard)

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I. Collectable Breakdown
A. Act I
A1. Troubled Past
A2. Anchored
A3. Abandon Ship
A4. Homecoming
A5. Helping Hand
A7. Hanging by a Thread
B. Act II
B1. Shipwreck
B2. Forced Entry
B3. Trench Run
B4. Hijack
B5. Airborne
C. Act III
C1. Unbreakable
C2. Rescue
C3. Ghost Town
C4. Brothers to the End
D. Act IV
D1. Ashes to Ashes
D2. Crater
D3. Hang em High
D4. Batten down the Hatches
D5. Bon Voyage
E. Act V
E1. Home Away from Home
E2. Blackout
E3. Shattered Paradise
E4. Threshold
E5. Ascension
II. Closing Statements/Contact

I. Collectable Breakdown
There are many different types of collectable in Gears of War 3.
Anything from newspaper clippings to money to cog tags making a
return.  Cog Tags like that in Gears of War 1 are near Gear logos
painted on an item or wall nearby.

Act I - 14 Collectables, 5 Cog Tags
Act II - 6 Collectables, 3 Cog Tags
Act III - 7 Collectables, 2 Cog Tags
Act IV - 6 Collectables, 2 Cog Tags
Act V - 9 Collectables, 3 Cog Tags
Total - 42 Collectables, 15 Cog Tags

A. Act I
A1. Troubled Past
Cog Tag - At the very start as soon as you gain control of Marcus.
          Go in the door to your right.

A2. Anchored
Twenty Dollar Bill - When you take control of Marcus on the ship.
                     Immediately turn around and check on the table.

Dom's Psych Report - On the desk in the Sickbay.  Look for the door
                     with sickbay written above it.

Requisition Form - On the table in front of the bulletin board in
                   Baird's room.  Look for Baird's name above the

Cog Tag - When you make your way onto the deck of the ship.  You will
          see a Gear Logo painted on a container.  Make your way
          behind the container and look up at the walkway for a dead
          body.  Shoot the body and it will drop the cog tag.

A3. Abandon Ship
Silverback Manual - Right before grabbing the Stalker robot, check the
                    table on the left.

A4. Homecoming
Journal - While going down the streets, you will see a poster that
          says "Best Breakfast in Town".  It will be on your left
          before reaching the stranded.  Enter the double doors
          to find this book.

Child's Diary - When you enter the playground area.  Look at the
                weird destroyed structure next to the swings.  Go
                under it to find this book.

Grocery List - When you get to the supermarket, this one will be at
               the beginning of a checkout counter.

Cog Tag - When you are in the Loader Mech robot, you will have to
          transport some food.  When you get to it, you will notice
          a Gear Logo sprayed on a wall leading to a room with this
          cog tag on the desk in the room.

A5. Helping Hand
Clipping, Times-Tribune - When you get into the stranded base.  You
                          will see a football dummy. Look for a light
                          blue container in this same room.  You will
                          see a gear painted on it.  Walk around the
                          container to find a brown container. Go to
                          the side of the contrainer to find this.

Cog Tag - When you make it to the outside dock area, go left and you
          will see a Gear Logo sprayed on the brick wall.  Make your
          way towards it and you will see a dock.  Go to the end of
          the dock to find a body and this Tag.

Cougars Season Program - When you are asked to pick which route you
                         wanna take.  Take the upper route, go into
                         the souvenir shop on the right and it will
                         be on the floor.

Cougars Player Handbook - When you pass under the South Gate, check
                          vending machine area to your right next to
                          the fence.  It will be on the floor next to
                          a blue vending machine.

Cole's Championship Ring - When you make your way onto the pitch of
                           the stadium.  You will see a building with
                           a UXO sign above it.  You will see a dead
                           girl's body with this one next to it.

A7. Hanging by a Thread
Toll Booth Tokens - You will come to a toll booth with a turret in it.
                    This one is beside the booth on the right side.

Bayonet - After you pass the toll booth area, while making your way
          to the bridge, you will see a brown container on the right.
          Smash the crate inside and pick this one up.

Cog Tag - Once you enter the locust outpost, you will see a van on
          your right.  Near it you will see a Gear Logo and a ladder
          leading down.  Go down the ladder and follow the path for
          this cog tag.

Sightseeing Book - When you start the battle with the huge monster,
                   turn around and go to the stairs on the left.
                   This book will be on the right side of those stairs.

B. Act II

B1. Shipwreck
Tomatoes: A Beginner's Guide - At the very start of the level, you
                               will see a brown container. Kick the
                               doors open and it will be inside on
                               the ground.

Octus Medal Diploma - You will come to a crashed helicopter next to
                      three containers.  This one is to the left of
                      the ship near a silver block.

Captain's Log - After getting out of the Siege Beast.  Continue down
                the path staying mainly to the rocks on your right.
                You will come across a Longshot.  Look up and shoot
                the wooden crate up above you and this book will fall

Cog Tag - When you come to the area where you must rescure your team
          mates.  You will see a Gears logo on a container.  The tag
          is behind that container.

B2. Forced Entry
Cog Tag - You will have to kill all 5 of the guards without them
          sounding the alarm. If they do happen to sound the alarm,
          reload the chapter. A Longshot will make this easier.
          Once all 5 are killed, a side door will open up for you to
          enter.  Go down the lower path to get the cog tag.

B3. Trench Run
Locust Hammer - When you get to the upward path leading to a raised
                gate.  You will see some crates on the right, look
                behind them.

B4. Hijack
Queen's Symbol - After you go through the raised gate, you will see
                 a strange tower when you turn to your right. Enter
                 to find this inside.

B5. Airborne
Manifest - As soon as you land in Anvil's Creek, you will get attacked
           on your way to the barge.  Go through the entrance where
           you saw the enemy come from.  You will come to a crashed
           truck on your left you will find this.

Cog Tag - You will come to some stairs next to a yellow container.
          Follow the path until you come to an opening of a house
          structure.  Go inside.

C. Act III

C1. Unbreakable
Anvil Gate Plaque - As soon as the chapter starts. Turn around and
                    grab the plaque on the wall.

Watercolor Painting - At the starting area, go up the staircase on
                      the right.  Follow the paths and look on the
                      right for a room with a large painting.  That
                      will be this one.

Sam's Father's Medals - When you are defending the front gate.
                        Continue down the walkway and you'll see a
                        small room on your right. The medals is in the
                        corner of the room on the floor.

C2. Rescue
Journal - Where you fight the Berserker the second time.  Look
          around the circular structure for it sitting on a crate.

Cog Tag - While the berserker is attacking, look around the left side
          of the area.

C3. Ghost Town
Panicked Note - After you disarm the bombs, you will end up inside
                a building.  Go down the damages stairs, immediately
                check the right side in the corner before going forward.

Cog Tag - When passing the Deli on your left, go inside to find this

Message - When you come to a set of ladders, climb up and look inside
          the room to your left.

C4. Brothers to the End
Air Raid Shelter Sign - When you enter the crypt below the church.
                        You will know it because you will see dead
                        bodies. Before you make your way to the 
                        objective, turn and look at a dead end path.
                        Grab the poster on the wall.

D. Act IV

D1. Ashes to Ashes
Cog Tag - While making your way through the town.  You will see a
          Gear logo near the top of a broke structure on the left.
          Go towards it and you'll find a ruined looking telephone
          booth with the tag in it.

D2. Crater
Journal - At the very start of the chapter, you will see a wooden
          door on your right.  Kick it open and go inside.

D3. Hang em High
Fuel Order - While on your way to the cable car.  You will come to
             an empty swimming pool.  Go through the wire fence and
             stick to the left and make you way to a metal shed.
             Go inside and make your way to the corner with the dead

Old Magazine - After getting off the cable car and escaping the attack.
               You will reach a room caught on fire with a desk in
               the middle. Check the pile of paper on the floor in
               front of the desk and the exit door.

D4. Batten down the Hatches
Tabloid - When you reach the wall with a 02 maked on it. Don't go up
          the ramp leading to it.  Instead head right toward a blue
          container with a white gear painted on it.  Go around the
          container to find this.

D5. Bon Voyage
Cog Tag - Choose to search for fuel.  While making your way through
          the ship hanger, you will see a Gear Logo on a container
          below on the right.  Go down to the lower level and you
          will find a tag near a blue container.

Bulletin - When you enter the maintenance bay.  You will go down
           some stairs and then you will be in the main room.  Go
           through the door on the left of the stairs.

Contractor Report - When escorting the sub out of the area.  You will
                    see a room with a 1 to the left of the door.
                    Go inside to find this.

E. Act V

E1. Home Away from Home
Pamphlet - When you go up the steps to the station platform. Make your
           way left to and you will see it on the ground.

Assault Plans - You must grab the Silverback to get this one.  Clear
                the beach and enter the cavern.  Use the Silverback
                to kick the iron barrier down on the left.

E2. Blackout
Cog Tag - You must use the Silverback. Get into it before going up
          the lift. When you get off the lift, go to the room with
          3's marked on both sides.  Once inside you will see the
          Gear Logo.  Kick down the barricade and go inside.

Schematics - When you come to the big office room. Go behind the desk
             and hit the switch there. This will slide a picture on
             the wall.  Go to the now unhidden collectable and pick 
             it up.

E3. Shattered Paradise
Money Stack - Once inside the main building. Make your way down the
              hallway and you will come to a door with some suitcases
              in front of it. Check the floor in front of the door 
              for a secret removable panel.

Diary - After you blow up the dam and enter the building. You will
        come to a room with a white angel statue. You will find this
        on a table next to one of the sofas.

Cog Tag - In the plaza area right after the white angel statue room.
          look in the right corner and you will see a Gear Logo. 
          Check around on the ground near it for a dead body and the

E4. Threshold
Memorial Announcement - At the start of the level, grab the head of
                        the statue to the right.

Announcement - When you reach the top floor in the elevator. Call the
               elevator again and grab the poster off the wall.

E5. Ascension
Brochure - When you get off the elevators.  You will be working
           your way through a huge circular room.  Go down a floor
           and look behind a pillar with a random sofa near it.

Cog Tag - At the start of the room that is dark.  Use your highlight
          feature to show some boxes near a Gear Logo. Destroy them
          and collect the cog tag behind them.

Fenix Research - In the room with the telescope. Right next to the

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