God of War III: FAQ/Walkthrough

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| God of War III Guide        |
| Created by: Axel7174        |
| FAQ and Walkthrough         |
| Copyright 2010 Ryne Gardner |

Version History
Version 0.70 - 3/18/10 - 3/23/10
--Greetings all! Welcome to the first (incomplete) edition of my first guide
of 2010. After a long lay off, I've finally gotten back to doing a guide. What
better game to pick than this? The guide is partially complete up to the start
of The Caverns (second visit). More to come very soon.

Version 0.75 - 3/24/10
--I wasn't able to make much of an update, just added a tiny bit more. But I'm
working on it. Today is my Birthday though. I probably won't be able to update
(for Thursday) and I have a paper to write too, so an update might have to wait
until next week but I'll see what I can do. 

Version 1.00 - 3/26/10
--So I had a good birthday, thanks in part to my girlfriend. The day after,
that is, yesterday, I managed to find the time to both finish the walkthrough
and write my paper so kudos for me! So yes, the main walkthrough is finished.
I plan to probably edit some things here and there, possibly trim it a bit. I
also don't have any extras up just yet and I hope to get started on them this
weekend. Hope the guide is helpful though, guys!


  1|Introduction..................................................... [itro]
   |+ About This Guide
   |+ Using This Guide
  2|Basics........................................................... [bscs]
   |+ Controls....................................................... [bctr]
   |+ Orbs and Items................................................. [bcim]
   |+ Kratos' Arsenal and Movelist................................... [bmov]
   |+ Kratos' enemies................................................ [benm]
  3|Walkthrough...................................................... [gw00]
   |+Gaia, Mount Olympus, and Heart of Gaia.......................... [gw01]
   |+River Styx, Realm of Hades, and Judges of the Underworld........ [gw02]
   |+The Forge, Palace of Hades, and the Forge Pt. 2................. [gw03]
   |+The City of Olympia, Path of Eos, and The Chain of Balance...... [gw04]
   |+The Caverns and the Flame of Olympus............................ [gw05]
   |+Olympian Citadel, The Flame of Olympus, and The Forum........... [gw06]
   |+Poseidon's Chamber, The Upper Gardens, and Aphrodite's Chamber.. [gw07]
   |+Tartarus, Gates of Tisiphone, and The Pit of Tartarus........... [gw08]
   |+The Forge Pt. 3, The Upper Gardens, Daedalus' Workshop.......... [gw09]
   |+Hera's Garden and The Caverns................................... [gw10]
   |+The Labyrinth, Judges of the Underworld,
  4|Extras........................................................... [exra]
   |+ Special Chest Locations........................................ [exsc]
   |+ Godly Possession Locations..................................... [exgp]
   |+ Challenges..................................................... [excl]
   |+ Trophies....................................................... [exth]
  5|Miscellaneous.................................................... [misl]
   |+ Frequently Asked Questions..................................... [fak4u]
   |+ Credits/Special Thanks
   |+ Contact Info
   |+ Legal Hoopla

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 |  | |  | |  |  INTRODUCTION                                           [itro]
 |  | |  | |  | ===============================================================

[About This Guide]

Welcome, one and all. Assuming you're not lost, you must be here to get your
rage on with God of War III and are hoping for a little bit of help. Well if
you want some small tips or a lot more help than that, I hope you will find it
here. I'm aiming to help as much as I can. 

I can hardly believe that it's been two years now since I started making guides!
Wow, time flies. I debuted with my Devil May Cry 4 guide roughly around this
time in 2008, and now here we are. Well I'm far from the best guide creator,
but I try to do what I can. 

This God of War III guide marks my first guide of 2010. I had taken such a long
break, mostly because I needed to. I've been up to my eyeballs in schoolwork
for college and so on. When I'm not doing that, I'm pretty much hanging out
with my friends, spending time with my girlfriend (that's right, I'm taken,
sorry ladies!), or at home playing games. So guide writing has taken a slight
backseat but I'm hoping this will be the start of another good year for that.
Welcome to the table, God of War III. If you're a fan of the series, I don't
think you'll be disappointed with this entry. Hopefully you enjoy and hopefully
you find any help you might need with the game from this guide. Thanks!

[Using This Guide]

If you need to jump quickly around the guide, the Table of Contents (above) has
small codes at the end of each item called quickjumps. Use these in the ctrl+f
function of your web browser to jump around. You can also use it to search for
key words that may be relevant to what you're looking for. 

If you have questions or want to submit something to me, I implore you to read
the Frequently Asked Questions section first for questions, and the Contact
Info section for submissions as I have important rules for such things. 

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 |  | |  | |  | ===============================================================
 |  | |  | |  |  BASICS                                                 [bscs]
 |  | |  | |  | ===============================================================

Here you can get information about some very basic stuff in God of War III.
This includes controls, and other helpful information that will be useful for
newcomers to the series. 


|Button             |Action                     |
|Start              |Pause Menu                 |
|Select             |Options/Pause*             |
|Left Analog Stick  |Move Kratos                |
|Right Analog Stick |Evade                      |
|L1                 |Block/Parry                |
|L2                 |Use Item (L2 + X/Sq/Tr)    |
|R1                 |Interact/Grapple           |
|R2                 |Magic attack               |
|Triangle           |Heavy Attack               |
|Square             |Normal Attack              |
|Circle             |Grapple                    |
|X/Cross            |Jump                       |
|D-Pad Up           |Select Blades of Exile     |
|D-Pad Left         |Select Nemesis Whip        |
|D-Pad Right        |Select Claws of Hades      |
|D-Pad Down         |Select Nemean Cestus       |

*At the end of the game there will be certain sequences where you can't pause
with Start and instead need to use Select.

Orbs and Items

There are several different items that Kratos can find to help him along his
journey. If you're new to God of War it might be helpful to know what these are
and what to do with them. 

Red Orbs - Kratos' "blood money", quite literally actually. You will get Red
--------   orbs from slain enemies and from Red Orb Chests. The amount you get
           from enemies will depend on how you defeat them. Red Orbs are used
           to purchase upgrades for Kratos' weapons and abilities.

Green Orbs - Green Orbs restore Kratos' health. Some enemies drop them, but
----------   they are mostly recovered from Green Orb Chests. 

Blue Orbs - Blue Orbs restore Kratos' magic. A few enemies will drop them, but
---------   you'll find them most in Blue Orb Chests.

Gold Orbs - These restore some of Kratos' Rage of Sparta meter. They aren't
---------   found very often, coming only from a few enemies and not in chests.

Gorgon Eyes - Collect these to add to extend Kratos' life meter. You only need
-----------   to collect three to increase the life meter, unlike previous God
              of War games. 

Phoenix Feathers - Phoenix Feathers increase Kratos' magic meter. For every
----------------   three you collect, you'll extend the magic meter.

Minotaur Horns - New to God of War III, these increase the length of the Item
--------------   Meter which determines how much Kratos can use special items. 
                 Three Minotaur Horns will net you an upgrade to the meter.


Kratos' Arsenal and Movelist

As you progress through the game, conquering baddies, ripping each boss a new
one, and so on, you'll gather up new items for Kratos to wield and also, more
red orbs to spend on those items! 

***Note: this section does contain some slight spoilers!***


Blades of Athena - The powerful blades that Kratos received from Athena at the
----------------   conclusion to God of War. You'll use them briefly and they
                   are fully upgraded.

Blades of Exile - These are the blades you'll be using for the near entirety
---------------   of the game. They are Kratos' primary weapons and have his
                  most basic combos and attacks. While wielding these he can
                  use the Army of Sparta spell.

Claws of Hades - The grappling hook-like claws wielded by the lord of the
--------------   lord of the underworld himself. These give Kratos new combos
                 and the ability to summon brief souls of creatures to attack
                 his enemies.

Nemean Cestus - Large and heavy lion head-shaped gauntlets that pack a powerful
-------------   punch. Capable of sending powerful shockwaves through the

Nemesis Whip - Several small blades attached to whips, infused with the power
------------   of electricity. This thing is a combo machine! It lets Kratos
               attack enemies with its spinning blades for interesting new
               combos, as well as electrifying them. 


***Some God of War 2/3 spoilers below!***

Golden Fleece - Received from Jason's (of the Argonauts) corpse, the Golden
-------------   Fleece allows Kratos to deflect enemy projectiles and energy
                if his block is timed correctly. 

Icarus Wings - Ripped off from the back of Icarus himself, the wings allow
------------   Kratos to glide for a short period of time. 

New to God of War III

Apollo's Bow - Shoots fire arrows that deal small damage. If the button is held
------------   the flame is stronger and is capable of burning enemies and
               objects in the environment.

Head of Helios - The head of the Sun God. It allows Kratos to shed light to
--------------   dark areas and stun enemies with its light. It can unleash a
                 powerful Solar Flare to blind a wide number of enemies. 

Hermes Boots - These boots allow Kratos to move much faster but they can not be
------------   used liberally. They allow Kratos to run straight up or along
               only CERTAIN walls. A shame, really. In battle, the boots can
               let Kratos run head long into enemies, throwing them into the

[Movelist and Upgrades]

Here you can see the moves Kratos has at his disposal with some brief notes on
each. This will include how to use certain items and perform certain special
actions and abilities, etc. To be able to use certain moves, Kratos needs to
upgrade his weapons and items and you can see how many Red Orbs are needed for
each below. 


-|Level 1

--|Plume of Prometheus: (Square, Square, Triangle) Perhaps the most trusty and
reliable move Kratos has in his arsenal. Short and packs a punch. Can be
extended into a longer combo if you add more square hits. 

--|Olympic Fury (Square x6): A good but slightly less powerful combo. It ends
with a wide swipe of Kratos' blades that has decent range. 

--|Olympic Ascension (Hold Triangle): An attack that can be tacked on into any
combo. Hold Triangle at any time while attacking to launch an enemy up into the
air. Hold Triangle even longer to have Kratos follow them up to start an aerial

--Hyperion Ram (L1 + Circle): Also referred to as the Combat Grapple. Kratos
will use his blades to grab a nearby or distant enemy and pull himself toward
them to ram them. Good way to extend combos when enemies are distant. 

--Army of Sparta (R2): A spell that summons the spirits of the Spartan soldiers
to attack in a phalanx position, hitting all surrounding enemies. Great to use
when in a jam. Consumes magic. 

-|Level 2 - Red Orb cost: 4000

--|Increased Damage: Blades of Exile deal more damage to enemies

--|Cyclone of Chaos (L1 + Square): Kratos spins his blades around him in a
continuous circular motion. An excellent combo to use when surrounded. Great
at building combos and dealing quick damage. 

--|Cyclone of Chaos (Air): The same move as above except performed airborne

--|Argo's Ram (L1 Parry + Square): A parry move for the Golden Fleece. Time
your block correctly and hit Square to counterattack. 

-|Level 3 - Red Orb cost: 7000

--|Increased Damage: Blades of Exile deal more damage to enemies

--|Valor of Hercules (Triangle, Triangle, Square): Your new best friend after
the Plume of Prometheus. Kratos launches two heavy attacks, finishing with 
crossing his blades in a horizontal slash. 

--|Hyperion Fury (Hold Square): Add this at the end of a combo and Kratos will
lunge forward with a fast combo of jabs and then with a rising slash. 

--|Athena's Wrath (Evade, Triangle): After Evading, hit Triangle to use this
attack. Kratos strikes back quickly, stabbing his blades into the ground. It
will send a fireball along the ground to any enemies in front of him. 

--|Army of Sparta Level 2 (R2): More soldiers and slightly better range and
power than before. 

-|Level 4 - Red Orb Cost: 8000

--|Cyclone of Chaos Level 2 (L1 + Tap Square): The Cyclone of Chaos combo gets
more destructive. Tap Square after holding L1 to keep swinging. 

--|Tartarus Rage (L1 + Triangle): 

--|Tartarus Rage (Air): The above move except performed in the air.

-|Level 5 - Red Orb cost: 10000

--|Increased Damage: The Blades of Exile deal extra damage to enemies

--|Tartarus Rage Level 2 (L1 + Hold Triangle): 

--|Army of Sparta Level 3 (R2 + Tap Circle):


-|Level 1

--|Flame Burst (L2 + Square): Shoots a flaming arrow from the bow. Can be done
repeatedly for very small damage. Can also be done in the air.

--|Fiery Inferno (L2 + Hold Square): Shoots a much more powerful arrow that has
the power to burn objects and enemies. Enemies hit with the arrow can set fire
to surrounding enemies. 

-|Level 2 - Red Orb cost: 2500

--|Increased Damage: The Bow of Apollo can deal more damage


-|Level 1

--|Hades Agony (Square x5): A good combo that has Kratos swinging the claws in
wide range and powerful strikes. 

--|Hades Curse (Triangle x3): Kratos uses one claw to pull at the ground,
hitting enemies in front of him, then uses another claw, followed by using both
claws in a rising motion. 

--|Hades Ascension (Hold Triangle): Add this at the end of other combos to 
launch an enemy into the air. Hold Triangle longer to have Kratos jump up with

--|Soul Rip (L1 + Circle): Looks similar to the Combat Grapple at first. Kratos
uses the claws to rip an enemy's soul out. The soul takes the form of flying
skulls that will attack nearby enemies for small damage. Totally badass. 

--|Soul Summon (R2): Summons a soul of an enemy that appears as an apparition.
It will attack enemies with a predetermined attack. The souls available depend
on how high leveled the Claws of Hades are. Also, the souls need to be "aimed"
a bit, as they do not act really on their own but have a predetermined attack
---|Souls Available at Level 1: Cerberus Mongrel, Olympus Sentry, Olympus

-|Level 2 - Red Orb Cost: 3000

--|Increased Damage: Claws of Hades deal extra damage to enemies

--|Tormenting Lash (L1 + Square): A cool attack in which Kratos sends the
claws flying around his body. Similar range to Cyclone of Chaos, but perhaps
slightly less. 

--|Tormenting Lash (Air): The airborne version of the above move

-|Level 3 - Red Orb Cost: 5000

--|Increased Damage: Claws of Hades deal extra damage to enemies

--|Hades Bane (Evade + Triangle):

--|Soul Summon Level 2 (R2): You gain the souls of the Chimera, Gorgon, and
Olympus Fiend

-|Level 4 - Red Orb Cost: 6000

--|Increased Damage: Claws of Hades deal extra damage to enemies

--|Unending Sorrow (L1 + Triangle):

--|Unending Sorrow (Air):

-|Level 5 - Red Orb cost: 9000

--|Increased Damage: Claws of Hades deal extra damage to enemies

--|Soul Summon Level 3 (R2): You gain the souls of the Cyclops Berserker,
Siren Seductress, and Centaur General


-|Level 1

--|Solar Beam (L2): After selecting the head, holding L2 lets Kratos hold the
ghastly Head of Helios out and cast its light ahead of him. The light can be
aimed with the Right Analog Stick. Casting the light at secret objects reveals

--|Solar Flash (L2 + Triangle): Hits a targeted enemy with a small flash of
light. The light is strong enough to stop the enemy for a very brief moment and
hit them with a small amount of light that makes them more visible. 

--|Solar Flare (L2 + Hold Triangle): Unleashes a blinding flash of light that
stuns all surrounding enemies for a few seconds. Also lights up dark areas 

-|Level 2 - Red Orb Cost: 2500

--|Increased Damage - Head of Helios deals extra damage to enemies


-|Level 1

--|Hermes Dash (Evade in the air): 

--|Hermes Rush (L2 + X):

-|Level 2 - Red Orbs cost: 2500

--|Increased Damage: Boots of Hermes deal extra damage to enemies

--|Hermes Jest (L2 + Hold X): 


-|Level 1

--|Triumphant Labor (Square x3): 

--|Erymanthion Rage (Triangle x2):

--|Augean Stampede (Hold Square):

--|Augean Stampede (Air):

--|Brutal Ascension (Hold Triangle):

--|Ferocious Bite (L1 + Circle): 

--|Fercoius Bite (Air):

--|Nemean Roar (R2): 

-|Level 2 - Red Orbs cost: 3000

--|Vicious Maul (L1 + Square): 

--|Vicious Maul (Air): The same move... but performed in the air, duh!

-|Level 3 - Red Orbs Cost: 5000

--|Increased Damage: The Nemean Cestus deals extra damage to enemies

--|Savage Charge (Evade + Triangle):

--|Nemean Roar Level 2 (R2):

-|Level 4 - Red Orbs cost: 5000

--|Increased Damage: The Nemean Cestus deals extra damage to enemies

--|Crushing Strike (L1 + Triangle):

--|Crushing Strike (Air):

-|Level 5 - Red Orbs cost: 8000

--|Increased Damage: The Nemean Cestus deals extra damage to enemies

--|Nemean Roar Level 3 (R2):


-|Level 1

--|Furious Contempt (Square x5):

--|Harsh Penance (Triangle x2): 

--|Righteous Tirade (Hold Square):

--|Righteous Ascension (Hold Triangle):

--|Sugring Lash (L1 + Circle):

--|Surging Lash (L1 + Circle): Airborne version of the previous attack

--|Nemesis Rage (R2): Hits an enemy in front of Kratos with a surge of
electricity that deals decent damage over a short period of time. Consumes

-|Level 2 - Red Orbs Cost: 3000

--|Increased Damage: The Nemesis Whip deals extra damage to enemies

--|Severe Judgment (L1 + Square):

--|Severe Judgment (Air):

--|Increaseed Righteous Tirade Duration (Hold Square):

--|Increased Righteous Ascenion Duration (Hold Triangle):

-|Level 3 - Red Orbs cost: 5000

--|Increased Damage: The Nemesis Whip deals extra damage to enemies

--|Avenging Strike (Evade + Triangle):

--|Increaseed Righteous Tirade Duration (Hold Square):

--|Increased Righteous Ascenion Duration (Hold Triangle):

-|Level 4 - Red Orbs cost: 5000

--|Increased Damage: The Nemesis Whip deals extra damage to enemies

--|Deadly Reprisal (L1 + Triangle):

--|Deadly Reprisal (Air):

--|Increaseed Righteous Tirade Duration (Hold Square):

--|Increased Righteous Ascenion Duration (Hold Triangle):

-|Level 5 - Red Orbs cost: 8000

--|Increased Damage: The Nemesis Whip deals extra damage to enemies

--|Nemesis Rage Level 3 (R2):

--|Increaseed Righteous Tirade Duration (Hold Square):

--|Increased Righteous Ascenion Duration (Hold Triangle):

Kratos' Enemies


 ____ ____ ____ 
|    |    |    |
 |  | |  | |  | 
 |  | |  | |  | ===============================================================
 |  | |  | |  |  Walkthrough                                            [gw00]
 |  | |  | |  | ===============================================================

I have to warn you, there's a lot of rage contained below! Ha, just kidding.
In any case, welcome to what can accurately be called the meat of the guide.
Here I'll be providing detailed help for getting through the game. 

I will not spoil any cutscenes or events in the game at all. I will be saying
names of characters and so on, but only AFTER you should have met them, etc. For
that purpose, I can't call this guide "Spoiler Free" but you don't have to
worry about being spoiled on the story. I would not do that to you, my friend.

After the opening cutscene, you will see Kratos pull out those trusty blades.
It's go time, baby! 


The game will start off in a very tutorial-esque fashion, much like the first
two games have. Just to ease you back into the swing of things or to accomodate
newcomers. If you are new, just follow the tutorial tips you see on screen to
learn more. I'll occasionally repeat what they say but for the most part you
can trust the game to help teach you if you need it. 

Basically, if this is your first time, try out the different attacks with Kratos
and see how they work. Try out different combos of Square and Triangle and see
the power difference. Try to extend your combo as long as possible. Kratos has
good range with his blades, but you want to move him in a way that allows him
to face all surrounding enemies. Don't just face or move in one direction, as
enemies that are hit hard enough will be knocked back. Let the range of the
blades hit as many enemies as possible and rotate Kratos' position to hit more
in one combo. 

The first group of sentries are nothing to get worked up above. Just freely
explore the attacks available and you'll beat this without any sweat. After a
scene, you'll be able to move on, but more enemies show up so deal with them
first to practice more or just to get more Red Orbs. 

Proceed forward when you're readu to the overturned tree with the small sparkle
of light. Interact with R1 and tap Circle to lift it out of the way. You'll be
doing this method a lot to lift doors and such so I won't be repeating how to
do it. 

Up ahead, you'll see three more soldiers. Take them out easily, then move on.
Before you get to gorge your blade into even more enemies, a new beast appears!
Could it be? The first mini-boss!

This water horse... crab... thing is not tough, which isn't surprising
considering you've only be playing for what, three minutes now? It has a breath
attack that is hard to time or prepare for since it doesn't emote much when
it's about to use it. The creature will slow the movement of its head a little
and it will be sort of tilted, if that helps. That means the attack is coming.

Luckily, the attack does not hurt much at all. Let loose with some attacks on
its body which is in front of Kratos. Focus on ending most of your combos with
Triangle, as those deal the highest damage. Eventually, a short interjectory
cutscene will play and you'll resume fighting, only from a different angle.

Doing a ceiling climb, you can still attack (pay attention to the tutorial
messages). Let loose with more attacks on the creature and don't worry too much
about damage. You can hit X and use the Left Analog Stick to move quickly to
another spot to avoid its leg attacks but it won't be necessary on normal or
lower difficulty. 

The perspective will change again and now you'll be climbing up toward it. If
you have an SDTV you might possibly lose track of Kratos for a moment. Just hit
Square and you should see his attack. Climb up to the creature and attack some
more. Just focus on attacking constantly.

You'll be back on level ground again next. Run up to the creature and continue
your assault. Try to evade or block the claw attacks, especially one where it
rears back and attacks with all of its left side claws. Use Kratos' magic spell
too to help deal a good amount of damage, but remember its use is limited by
your magic meter. 

Deal enough damage and a circle (grapple) prompt appears above the creature's
heads. If you're new to God of War, this is your cue to hit Circle and you'll
initiate a QTE (Quick Time Event) minigame to finish it off. The buttons are
usually always pretty randomized so I can't really help much here. The buttons
will appear on sides of the screen relative to their layout on the PS3
controller (i.e. Square is on the left, Circle on the right, etc). 

Once it's finished, you'll get a quick scene. 

                                 Mount Olympus

Climb across the vines to Kratos' right using the Left Analog Stick. When you
reach a gap, look for Kratos to lean his body toward it. Hit X at these moments
to jump over the gap and continue climbing. Simply climb to the left, then up.
Pull yourself up onto the ledge from there by hitting X again.

Up ahead, you'll see your first Red Orb chest. Open it for some delicious
goodness. Approach the narrow ledge and you can guide Kratos along the side of
the mountain with the Left Analog Stick. An impressive scene will be going on
at the same time. 

On the other side, lash out at the enemies here. They're not much to worry
about. You might want to consider taking out the archers first if they annoy

Jump to the higher ledge and then climb the ladder on the wall which will give
way to climbable vines. Take this up to the next ledge where more enemies lay
in wait. 

Again, not much to worry about. Go with quick combos that deal a lot of damage
like the Plume of Prometheus (Square, Square, Triangle) and remember to attack
all opponents to keep your combo going. 

Once they're dead, you can replenish your health using the Green Orb Chest off
to the left. Next, jump up and climb onto the tall platform here. There is a
pedestal that has an inscription and an interesting view to look at if you care
to take a moment. 

Note the grapple hook that the game points you to. Step close enough to it to
see the R1 button prompt and hit it to grapple onto it. Hold R1 to swing. At
the end of your forward swing, jump and double jump to reach the next platform.

More enemies materialize and attack. Try to get the archers in the back first
if you want to possibly get a decent combo here as they can mess you up. 

Climb up the vines here and then lean to the left. Kratos can jump over to the
next ledge so hit X to do so. Continue to shimmy to the left as you get a cool
view of some action nearby. 

Contine to the left and then hit X to pull Kratos onto the ledge so he's
standing. When you've gone as far left as you can go, climb straight up the
wall. Once you're up there, move the Left Analog Stick down so Kratos will go
toward the camera. He should flip onto the adjacent wall and start climbing it.
Continue up to the next ledge. 

A scene will start up but you'll get control back soon. As you try to move 
across the bridge, it will be destroyed. The game tells you to use the Icarus
Glide by double tapping X and then holding X to glide using the Icarus Wings.
Before you do that though, drop into the gap. Don't worry, it's not bottomless.
Below, you should find another Red Orb Chest. Schwing! Climb back up and then
glide over. 

Feel free to restore lost magic or health using the Blue and Green Orb chests
ahead. If you don't need them, then you don't need to open them as there will
be no benefit. Keep in mind though that there will be times where if you don't
need a chest at the moment, you might be better off leaving it shut in case a
nearby battle leaves you hurting and you need to refill. 

Enter the building ahead and approach the door. Interact with it just as you
did with the overturned tree at the start. Enter the following room and a 
Centaur will appear. 

If you played the demo you might be familiar with these guys. They don't hit
terribly hard but they can take a little practice. Their attacks aren't hard
to time and therefore deflect, it just takes some practice. Focus on just
slashing away and using Plume of Prometheus and other attacks and then trying
to block when he's about to strike back. If you have some distance between you
and the Centaur, it will use the attack it opens up the fight with, where it
tries to stab Kratos with the spear. A Left Analog Stick prompt appears in
these moments with a half rotation. Basically, move or rotate the stick in
the indicated direction. That's the Left Analog Stick, not the right one. Do it
in time and you'll counter the attack. It might take practice though.

As the fight progresses, more undead soldiers will attack you while you deal
with the Centaur. Feel free to use the magic attack to disperse them. Don't
take your eyes off the Centaur and focus on him. Try to use attacks that will
hit him and the surrounding enemies. Try to weaken the Centaur to get the Grab
icon to appear and start the minigame. Try to finish him off this way rather
than just attacking him constantly. It will pay off later.

When the fighting is over, the game will give you a hint at what to do next.
First, go over to the lever with the sparkling light on it and interact to pull
it down. This moves a platform over to the right. Very quickly, run over there
and climb the ladder. Hit X to jump up faster and get on top of this ledge.
Board the platform from here and let it take you up and over. Double jump to
the ledge ahead of you. 

You'll see a Red Orb Chest and a save point. Make use of both. Proceed through
the next doorway. Up ahead will be a gate. Raise it as Gaia begs you to hurry.
Once raised, another beast will attack. Quickly tap Circle to ward off its
attack and hitch a ride. 

Leviathan Part II
The creature has some new attacks. It's mostly the same as before, the claws
and occasional breath attack. Some are easy to see coming, others are harder
to predict. Make use of the Evade manuever with the Right Stick. When you see
th creature rear back its head for a few seconds, back away immediately as it
strikes the ground hard in front of you. 

Focus on attacking its chest with Plume of Prometheus or the extended version
(5 or 6 square hits then triangle). Avoid its attacks and also make use of the
magic Kratos has when you're standing right next to its chest for more damage.

Eventually, the creature will weaken. Grapple it with Circle to initiate the
QTE. You'll get a few standard button prompts, followed by one where you must
tap Circle repeatedly. 

Continue your attack. Vary small combos with evades to avoid the incoming
attacks. You'll have regained a bit of health and magic after the first QTE
so use that to your advantage. Spam the magic spell a few times to really put
the hurting on it, because you'll get Blue Orbs back from it when it dies.

When the beast falls again, initiate another QTE by grappling it. This time you
will have to tap L1 and R1 simultaneously to rip open its chest. Once you
accomplish that, run back to the claw that was severed earlier (the camera will
show you). Interact with it with R1 to finish the beast off once and for all.

When you regain control, climb straight up Gaia and onto the above flat ground.
You'll automatically drop inside. 

Go forward, and press up against the wall near the opening. Guide Kratos
through the narrow passage into the next area. Climb the vine wall to the
ceiling and move across the ceiling to the adjacent wall. When you get to this
wall, hold R1 to slide down fast. 

Drop down when you can and then glide over the following gap. 

                                 Heart of Gaia

You can see the heart in front of you, guarded by some strange dark blue rocks.
The game shows you the wall on the right side. Inspect it and you can pull out
a part of the wall, but leave it be for now.

Instead, go to the left of the wall slab and you'll find vines. Climb this up
and to Kratos' right and up again. You'll be able to reach a platform up here.
Inspect the blinking object in the corner to get ZEUS' EAGLE

x-----Godly Possession 1/10: Zeus' Eagle-----x

This artifact is one of ten found in hidden locations throughout the game that
when collected, will unlock special bonuses for replays of the game on that
same difficulty. They carry over on the same difficulty but not between 
different difficulties. This artifact for example gives Kratos infinite Rage of
Sparta. The trick is that you can only use this and the other items after you
have beaten the game once on this difficulty. 

With that in hand, drop back down. Pull that piece of wall out now and drag it
to the other side. Rotate it with the right stick. You should only need to do
it once. Plug it into the left wall and then climb the vines to Kratos' left.
Climb up, to the right, up and lean over on the right wall. You can jump out
toward the glowing grapple hook. Immediately hit R1 when you get airborne and
swing to the far wall. Do a double jump to be sure you reach the vines and
climb up.

Go forward and you get a new combat tutorial, the Battering Ram technique. Grab
an enemy with Circle, then hit Square and Kratos will grab them and use their
body to plow through other foes. Very sweet and effective! Try it out on the
upcoming sentries. Finish the remainders off with a few quick, stylish combos,
then continue on.

At the corner, climb the vine wall and go over to Kratos' right. Jump when he
leans out and he'll just barely make it to the next platform. A grapple prompt
appears so let that take you up above to another vine wall. Climb up and engage
the enemies that try to attack you. Use Circle to grapple them for quick kills
if you want.

Climb up and then jump up when you can't go any further. Hit the quick Grapple
prompt to swing out of Gaia and up to her head. Continue to climb up further
and watch the scene that unfolds. 

Epic opening boss fight? Check.

______               _     _             
| ___ \             (_)   | |            
| |_/ /___  ___  ___ _  __| | ___  _ __  
|  __// _ \/ __|/ _ \ |/ _` |/ _ \| '_ \ 
| |  | (_) \__ \  __/ | (_| | (_) | | | |
\_|   \___/|___/\___|_|\__,_|\___/|_| |_|

This fight has three phases. First, your task as Kratos is to dislodge the
Leviathan claws from Gaia's head. You accomplish this by attacking them over
and over.

While you're trying to do this, Poseidon will show you what moves he has
arsenal. He can attack the area with the Leviathan tentacles in the background
but they are easy to avoid. The other more dangerous attack is when he summons
lightning to surge through the ground. You can see this coming as the light   
appears on the ground, or rather on top of Gaia's head. You only have a moment
to react however. Try to make your combos short and sweet. Plume of Prometheus
works fine so stick with that. Whenever you see the lightning coming, stop    
attacking and jump or roll out of the way immediately. If you get airborne,   
you should avoid it.                                                          
Continue attacking the claws and they will come loose one by one. Use Plume of
Prometheus or other quick combos as well as your magic spell. You'll get back a
few Blue Orbs soon so feel free to use that a couple times. It will help.
Once all the claws are gone, Gaia grabs Poseidon and a grappling point will
appear on Gaia's hand. Hit R1 to zoom over there and the second phase of the
fight begins. Pinned down, Poseidon's attacks change. He'll stab his trident
down and release a short electrical burst. Again, jump to avoid this but he only
stabs in two places and one of them will be past you when you get up close to
attack him. The second attack has him slamming his fist down. This hurts a
little and can't be blocked either. He'll also swipe you away with his arm and
this pushes you back a little.                                        
In this phase, just unleash attacks constantly. Don't worry too much about his
attacks since a lot of them will miss. If you want to avoid damage, dodge or
unleash Kratos' magic attack just before he hits you. This will save you and
also hurt Poseidon. Feel free to use longer combos now too. Eventually Poseidon
will stagger and a grab icon will appear. Climb the adjacent vines on Gaia's
finger and from there grab Poseidon to start the QTE. It will be two normal
button presses, followed by tapping Circle, and then another button press to
finish it off.                                                       
Back to the first phase, you gotta get the claws off again. Poseidon will still
attack with the claws of the Leviathans. His lightning attack changes though.
It will start on one side of Gaia's head and then move to the other making it
tougher to avoid. Lightning bolts also hit down so you can't avoid it simply by
jumping in the air this time. When the lightning appears, time it so that you
can run or roll out of the way to the opposite side so that when it moves to
where you were you'll already be out of its range. The lightning bolts can be
tough to dodge though. Just focus on attacking the claws and the fight will go
to its final phase.                                             
After what I can call one of the most badass and amazing cinematic shots in
games, Kratos will take Poseidon over to a platform. This will basically be one
last final QTE sequence. There are a few buttons and a tapping sequence. If you
mess up, no worries, you get to try again. At the end, hit L3 and R3 at the same
time, by pushing in the two sticks to finish him off. Ouch.       

With the fight's bloody conclusion, you'll be treated to a scene. 

After that, you'll regain control in...

                                   River Styx

The only way to go is forward. Swim through the water of the river and along
the way, some creatures will grab Kratos and begin sapping away his powers. Yep
it's that time again. Stripped of magic and a lot of health, you'll be able to
climb out of the river eventually. 

Slowly stagger forward and you'll get another scene. After that you earn the
Blades of Exile. 

                               Realm of Hades

Of all the places to end up... Well been there, done that, right? Kratos 
certainly has. In any case proceed along the path ahead and you'll come to a
large gap. Grapple and swing across but don't land on the tall platform ahead.
Drop down to the lower ledge below it. There are some shambling souls here that
can be killed. More importantly there are two RED ORB CHESTS nearby as well as
some pots you can bust open for more Red Orbs. 

Before climbing up, go around the other side of this platform and you'll find
a much more ostentatious looking chest. Pry this one open for a Gorgon Eye!
Three will extend your life bar. Only two more to go. 

Climb up the pillar and you'll encounter some enemies. You have to get used to
the fact that you no longer have many of the combat moves you had before.
Plume of Prometheus is still there though, always there to help you. The game
tells you about the Combat Grapple, which lets you pull yourself toward enemies
to deliver a powerful driving blow and also keep combos going easier. Try it

The bridge to the right leads to an area that can be used yet so take the other
bridge. Knock the souls out of your way and then you'll come to another split.
Go left first, grappling across the gap. Defeat the souls here and then open
the four RED ORB CHESTS. Schwing! Go back across the gap and go to the right
side of the path now. 

There are four pots to break open and a Green Orb chest if you need health.
Jump to the large platform ahead and listen to the haunting voice of the big
man himself. 

A fight begins and you get to learn how to use the Army of Sparta, Kratos' new
magic which is very badass I might add. Hit R2 to deploy a phalanx attack that
will hit surrounding enemies. Feel free to spam it as much as you want here
as your magic will replenish each time. Don't get used to it though, using it
after this time will cost some of your magic meter. 

Look for the chain off to the right and grab onto it by jumping. Make your way
across, hitting X to go faster. You'll encounter enemies but the game will 
tell you how to handle them. If they grab you, rock the Left Analog stick left
and right repeatedly to free yourself. 

On the following platform, there are many pots to break open and two chests,
one for Blue Orbs and one with Blue Orbs and Red Orbs mixed in. There's also
a note on the ground if you care to read it. Proceed down the next corridor
when you're done.

You'll drop down a gap. Immediately go toward the camera to find two RED ORB
CHESTS ripe for the picking. Go the other way now and interact with the door.

Inside this area, a Gorgon will attack. It will ensnare Kratos with its body,
but just jam on L1 and R1 to break free. Do this any time it tries to grab
you. Attack with Plume of Prometheus and avoid its attacks to weaken it for a
QTE. It will be two button presses, followed by the tapping of Circle. Be ready
to tap circle right after the second button because if you're too slow, the
Gorgon will slip free. 

One down and another one will appear, along with other enemies. Focus on the
Gorgon, using the Blades of Exile and the Army of Sparta spell. You can maybe
get a good combo going using both and finishing off the Gorgon without any

Once the room is clear, exit out the way opposite you came in from. 

Go down this path, breaking a few pots along the way. You'll come to a short
gap. Drop down inside it and walk toward the camera to find a hidden area with
two RED ORB CHESTS. Climb out and continue on your merry way.

Replenish your health and magic with the Green and Blue Orb Chests, then
continue on. The path immediately ahead is blocked by bramble. No good. Take a
left instead and enter the next area. 

Meet Peirithous. Not very important but he has an important item that he offers
to give to Kratos. How generous! All he asks is that Kratos free him. Oh, he'll
free you alright. 

You have a minor puzzle on your hands. First, climb the rubble around the
trapped Peirithous to the platform above him. You can jump onto this hanging
fire basket of sorts which will weigh it down (and freak out Peirithous). It's
actually a switch that raises a gate on the far wall. 

From this platform, jump and glide to the opening on the left wall. Kratos
should just grab on. Pull yourself up and go inside to find a pot of Bramble.
Push this out through the small gap and it will fall to the floor below. Now
push it toward the far wall. A small cerberus here will breathe fire on the
bramble if you let it. Push the bramble pot as close to it as possible and let
it light it up. This creates an Icarus Vent. 

Now return to Peirithous' side and climb onto that hanging switch again and
weigh it down. This opens that gate again. Quickly run back to the Icarus Vent
you made and as long as the bramble pot is leaning right up against the wall,
this should work. Jump into the hot air above the pot and hold X to activate
the Icarus Wings and Kratos should be taken up into the air. This should let
you get up to the platform above. Use the lever here to free the cerberus.

Jump down and fight the beast. It's not very hard to kill. You can use Army of
Sparta a bit liberally since there is a chest in this room that will give you
Green or Blue Orbs depending on when you open it. 

Once you weaken it, hit the grab button to start up a few prompts. Succeed and
you'll wrangle the beast under your control. Let the games begin! Use Square
and Triangle to use different attacks and decimate all the enemies in your path
as you slowly make your way toward Peirithous. Hit Triangle near him to set him
free. Sorry, man. 

Grab the item he had, the Bow of Apollo. Schwing! The bow gives you a nice
ranged attack. The damage is only significant if you hold down Square before
releasing. It has another very helpful usage and we'll get to that. First,
take out the enemies that have appeared. These include two archers on a high
ledge. Try shooting one with a charged shot from the Bow of Apollo (hold
Square) and if you get the right angle, you can hit one of the archers. Hitting
one with a charged shot should kill both. 

When the enemies are dispatched, you'll see the bramble on the wall in the
corner. Shoot this with a charged shot of the bow to burn it. Aha! Go back to
the bramble pot from earlier, and move it as far left as possible. Jump into
the Icarus Vent and let the air take you up a bit, then move to the opening
you just created. In here you'll find a RED ORB CHEST and another chest with a
PHOENIX FEATHER. The Phoenix Feathers raise your magic meter when you have

Exit now and return to the entrance, going back across the bridge. Return to
the fork where the bramble is. You can now get past this. Burn the bramble down
and continue. 

Up ahead are some souls, a note, and some chests with Blue and Green Orbs.
Between them is some seemingly inconspicuous patch of bramble. Burn this to
reveal another special chest, this one containing a MINOTAUR HORN. Three
Minotaur Horns extend the Item Meter which lets you use items like the Bow of
Apollo more. 

Go off to the left and jump up a small ledge. Crack open the pots on your
immediate left and right and then continue on. The next room has some Harpies
enter and attack you. They're not much of a threat but damn are they annoying!
Use the Combat Grapple and some arrows from your new bow to deal with them.
Feel free to kill off the souls that are in worship, though they won't give you

Jump and glide carefully across a gap to a low platform. Open the chest here
for some Green and Red Orbs. Begin to sidle along the wall here and jump the
gap. Continue moving and climbing up the walls. You'll have to drop down and
hang from a ledge to get by an obstacle. Keep going and the path should be
pretty easy to follow. 

When you near the top near a waterfall, instead of going right, have Kratos
pull himself up and go left. He should lean to the left. Jump across this gap
to reach a chest with a GORGON EYE. Go back now and to the right.

Once you're done climbing, jump and latch onto the vines on the ceiling above.
Make your way across the ceiling and you should be able to drop down by hitting
R1 if you're in the right position, safely landing on the platform below.

Jump and glide to the viney pillar ahead. Climb straight up and you'll get an
interesting view of the following area. 

                            JUDGES OF THE UNDERWORLD

Open the Green Orb Chest if you need health. Grab onto the grapple point and
swing, then jump and glide to the platform below. Take a look around here first
if you'd like. There isn't much to do though. There is some treasure to find

Go to the bottom of the circular stairs, where all the torches are and go off
to the left side of the screen. There should be a broken staircase here. Jump
this gap and continue toward the left. Here you should find two RED ORB CHESTS
and one special chest with another GORGON EYE. This should be your third and
extend your life bar! Schwing! 

Return to the main area now. Step on the plate in the center and read the
message with R1. It guides you to an altar in the foreground. Read this to
begin three trials you must pass to proceed.

Trial 1: The Condemned
This is very easy. Just kill all the people and the hands of Hades that will
try to convert them into souls. It will take a while but there's really nothing
dangerous about this trial. Just keep hacking away when the hands appear and
then the people. You can grab them with Circle and rip them apart with Triangle
to go faster. Return to the altar for the next one.

Trial 2: The Lost
Not too tricky. The goal is to defeat the enemies while preventing the souls
from walking up to the glowing fire ahead. If they do, they'll turn into 
Hades soldiers. The minotaur provides the biggest challenge. You'll want to
focus your attacks on the souls, but let the harder hitting parts of your 
combos hit the Minotaur too. The Minotaur gets extremely annoying with his high
health and his attacks. His attacks are hard to predict and parry without
enough practice. 

Letting the souls turn into enemies isn't the worst thing that can happen. They
can give you health when defeated and you can also use the Battering Ram move
to hit other enemies. A second Minotaur will show up. Use Army of Sparta but
try not to use it too much, as well as combos to finish it off. 

Trial 3: The Chosen
This is the first more challenging fight of the game. Start by focusing on
the Gorgon. The Harpies will get annoying but try to defeat the Gorgon first
and quickly. Try to keep saving your magic if you can. Defeat the Gorgon, then
focus on the Minotaurs and the Harpies. Use Combat Grapples to keep the 
Minotaurs off balance so they don't gang up on you. If you saved enough magic,
use Army of Sparta here a few times to help. 

Once the fighting is done, step on the plate again in the center. The judges
open a doorway for you off to the right. Head over there. Notice to the left
of the opening, there is a strange little area here with dust, some sort of
distorted space. It might be hard to notice without an HDTV but if you can
see it, keep this phenomenon in mind for later. Open the chests inside this
alcove, then step through the blue portal. 

You'll arrive at another portal. From here, go right (there's nothing to the
left) and you'll see a few pots you can bust open for Red Orbs. There is
another little area of distorted space but again, you can't do anything about
it yet. 

Head along the path and you'll come to an area with a tunnel nearby. Coming
down the tunnel are two Minotaurs, taking their sweet time I might add. There
are two oil pots in the tunnel. Take aim at them with the Bow of Apollo and
fire a charged shot to set them off like proximity bombs that will deal good
damage to the Minotaurs. Flick the Right Analog Stick to change your target
so you can hit both pots. Fire a few arrows at the Minotaurs to further weaken
them, then finish them off when they get close. 

Break open some pots here, then go down that tunnel they came from. Turn right
immediately when you clear the tunnel. There will be another portal here. Use
it to arrive at a closed off area with a special chest containing a MINOTAUR
HORN, as well as a note and a lever. Use the lever to make a quick shortcut.
Go back through the portal you just emerged from.

Proceed forward, toward some breakable pots. Ahead, double jump and glide over
the large gap to reach a platform with a RED ORB CHEST. Jump to the nearby
walkway platform next. Walk to the left for a cutscene. 

Break the two pots here after the scene, then jump onto the chain here and
make your way across. No enemies will attack, fortunately. On the other side,
drop down, then slide down the vines here. On the floor below, break open some
pots before entering the next corridor. 

Read the note if you wish, then break some more pots. Slide through the narrow
passage here and on the other end, break the pots in the foreground. In the
next area, some female soldiers will attack. They explode when defeated so
keep your distance and shoot the oil pots near them to help you. You can also
weaken them a bit, then finish them off with a special Grab move. Be sure to
break the pots off to the right of where you enter and the RED ORB CHEST on
the left. 

In the next room, you'll find a Green/Blue Orb Chest, as well as two sets of
pots in the foreground, and a note. Start by shooting the bramble in the back
with the Bow of Apollo to create a large Icarus Vent. When you're ready, jump
in and activate your wings to rise up.

On the second level, two more of those soldiers will attack. The Bow of Apollo
works well, as do grapples. Finish them, then activate the nearby lever.
Immediately turn around and jump to reach the platform which will quickly start
to rise up and away from you. 

On this level, pull out one of the bramble pots from the left. Three more of
the soldiers attack, so use this pot against them by shooting it. Finish
them off, then grab a new pot from the wall. Pull it to the right, where the
elevator stopped when you got here. Leave it there and then jump back down to
the previous level.

Use the lever again and board the elevator. While it's up here for a limited
time, pull the bramble pot onto it. Ride back down with the pot and two more
soldiers attack. Avoid shooting the pot and just shoot them instead. Kill them
then go back to the bramble pot. You may be unsure of what to do with it, but
just pull it toward the back wall. There is an opening here where you glided
up with the Icarus Wings. Push the bramble pot off this ledge.

This will make the vent even stronger. Jump back in and use the wings to
glide up even higher. You'll latch onto a platform and bring it down with you.
While attached to the bottom of this platform, move toward the camera to have
Kratos flip onto the adjacent side and climb on top of it. You should be level
with a door here in the wall. Open it up to find a secret area with many, many
hands of Hades. Destroy them with some combos to get Red Orbs. Open the RED
ORB CHEST in the back, as well as the special chest with the PHOENIX FEATHER.
You should also get the "Mr. Hand" Trophy here. 

Jump back into the vent and let the air take you all the way up to the top.
Enter the opening and take this winding hall to a new area. Restore your health
and magic reserves with the Green and Blue Orb Chests nearby, then ascend the
staircase. Go off to the right to find some pots and a RED ORB CHESt. Head to
the left now.

A new enemy will emerge in a pair of stone statues with hammers. They pack a
punch but their attacks can be parried with just a little practice and timing.
Try to time your blocks at the moment of impact to parry. Other than that,
unleash powerful combos on them (remember that combos ending in Triangle make
enemies stagger and deal the most damage). Army of Sparta will help too if you
need to use it. When they're weakened, grab them for a two button prompt QTE

Defeat the undead soldiers that emerge, as you wait for another statue enemy
to appear. One is much easier to take on than two, so have a blast. Once he's
dead, open the pots and then venture off to the left.

Go down the stairs and then jump into the opening and glide all the way forward
to reach the platform with the Green Orb Chest. Use it, then run down a short
passage to reach a new area. Drop down here and open some pots, then ascend
the stairs to the very large figure ahead of you.

                                   The Forge

Watch the cutscene. Hephaestus isn't much help, but that's ok. Explore the
right side to find a save point and some pots to break open. Activate the lever
here to open a gate at the bottom of the stairs.

Go over to the far left side of his workshop first to find a door with the
design of Hades on it. You can't open it but there are some pots and a special
chest containing a GORGON EYE. 

Go back down the stairs you took to reach Hephaestus and go through the newly
opened gate. Take this to an area with a rotating platform that can be moved
using the crank in the center. Rotate the platform by holding R1 and turning
the stick. Focus on Kratos and his position since the statues and pillars can
block your view a bit. Align the opening of this platform with the right side
of the area. Follow this path.

It leads to a dead end with a large pack of cerberus pups. There's a lot of
them so you can get a good combo, but they make it hard when they grab on and
bite Kratos. Use Army of Sparta since there's so many but don't waste it. If
you grab them, you can use that to get more Red Orbs, especially if you get a
good combo. Open the RED ORB CHEST tucked away to the right here and head back.

Operate the crank again to place the opening in line with the bramble in the
back. Shoot it to burn it and go through this opening.

There's an alternating Green/Blue Orb Chest ahead. Open it at the right time
to get what you need, be it health or magic. Break a few pots along this path
and you'll end up getting a cutscene eventually. 

You get the Blade of Olympus back. Schwing! Let the enemies here feel its fury
by activating Rage of Sparta with L3 + R3. Once it's over, finish off any that

Drop down to the ledge below. Pilfer these chests if you didn't before. Use
the grapple hooks to return to the near-entrance of Hades. Make your way to the
large platform where two guardian Cerebus dogs are waiting. 

This fight can be tough. You want to try to focus most of your attacks on one.
Since Kratos' blades can hit with a wide range, you will probably hit both of
them with some of your attacks anyway. Try to kill one off as fast as possible
though, since you can regain health. Each time you weaken one, you can use a
QTE to sever its heads. Its flame attack is easy to dodge, you have a quick
moment to evade. The headbutt attack is too fast to time properly. Avoid the
flame attacks and keep letting them have it with the Blades of Exile. 

Once one goes down, it gets a lot easier. Finish off the other one with ease,
then focus on the far wall. Burn down the bramble, then lift the door open and
enter. A few enemies will get in your way, but they're not too much to worry
about. Try to get a good combo on them. Open the chest in the corner to get
what you need more, health or magic, then enter the next door.

                                Palace of Hades

Before going any further, let's say we upgrade, shall we? If you haven't
already, that is. You should hopefully have somewhere in the neighborhood of
8500 to 9000 Red Orbs. Hopefully. You only have two things to upgrade at the
moment. The Blades of Exile are a no brainer, 4000 orbs for that. The Bow of
Apollo is 2500 orbs and it only has one upgrade so you might as well get that
too if you can afford it. Spend whatever is left on the Blades of Exile or
save them for later when you have more stuff. 

Start by going off to the right side of the room and slipping into the alcove
here. Destroy the scaffolding and the pots for Red Orbs, then use the Green
Orb Chest if you need to. Grab the wooden cart with the stones on it and
push it out into the main room.

Push it over to the left side of the room where there is a big wheel. Harpies
will attack you so deal with them first. Use your bow and blades to deal with
them. Turn your attention back to the wheel when done.

Interact with it to spin it and open a gate above. This "switch" is timed so
to keep it open, grab the cart with the stones and place it under the wheel.
With the wheel rigged to not move, you can move on.

Climb the tree in the center and then jump to the platform on the right. Go
through the opened gate to encounter some Minotaurs and dogs. Grab the dogs
to kick them at the Minotaurs (that's cruel, but effective!) and soften them
up. Army of Sparta will also help a lot because the Minotaurs are just really
annoying. Finish them off and then pry open the nearby Blue Orb chest. 

Go up the ramp on the right and head down the long corridor to reach a new
area. Operate the crank to raise up the casket of Persephone. If you'd like
some back story on that, play Chains of Olympus on the PlayStation Portable. 

Anywho, start by taking a look around. The far right corner has a RED ORB CHEST
and a chest with Red and Blue Orbs. The far left corner holds some pots and
a ladder. Climb the ladder to reach a pair of RED ORB CHESTS and some pots. To
the right of these chests is a special chest with a PHOENIX FEATHER. It should
be your third one, so score an upgrade to the magic meter. 

Return to the front of the room now. Your goal here is to get inside Hades'
chamber which is located conveniently enough inside the statue. Therefore,
Persephone's casket becomes your battering ram. Go up to the pedestal and hit
R1 to try it out. The arms of the Hades statue prevent you from doing anything,
but it will release two ladders on the sides of the room. That's a start.

A wave of enemies will crowd you. Start fending them off with your blades,
using the Bow of Apollo on the Harpies. When that's over, head over to the left
and climb that ladder. 

To solve this puzzle, you need to place the arms of the statue in the cuffs on
the walls and trap them there. We'll figure out how to do this. After you
climbed the ladder, ignore the wheel up here and look for the lever in the
corner. Operate this to ride an elevator down. Look for a gate you can open
here. Grab that cart you used to rig the wheel switch here and pull it out.
You don't need it here anymore with that shortcut you just opened.

A large group of Harpies get in your way. Slowly try to take them down with
the Bow or air attacks like air Cyclone of Chaos. They get annoying but will go
down eventually. Take the cart into the previous room and load it on the
elevator. Restore your health using the Green Orb Chest, then take the elevator
back up. 

Push the cart near the wheel, but don't use it yet. Drop back down to the main
room and use the crank in front of the statue. This will open the cuffs but 
only for a limited time so get moving! Climb back up the left ladder and turn
the wheel up here. The cuff will eventually close on the arm. This keeps it
there, but you need to open the cuffs again to get the other arm and this would
free the first arm. By pushing the stones underneath the wheel, you'll keep
this arm in place, so make sure you do that. 

With that accomplished, head back to the crank and operate it again. The cuffs
open. If you pushed the stones underneath the wheel, the first arm won't move.
Quickly head over to the right ladder and climb it. Find the wheel up here and
use it to move this arm into place. This will trap both arms and solve the
puzzle. Well, there is one last step.

Break open pots up here and open the Blue Orb Chest if necessary. Return to
the front of the room and approach the altar to have some fun with the casket
again (that sounds wrong...). Kratos shows his insensitive side by using it
to break open the statue and gain entrance to the next big boss fight!

 _   _           _          
| | | |         | |         
| |_| | __ _  __| | ___ ___ 
|  _  |/ _` |/ _` |/ _ | __|
| | | | (_| | (_| |  __|__ \
\_| |_/\__,_|\__,_|\___|___/

Now that's a big one! The lord of the Underworld won't pull any punches and he
shows that, opening the fight by digging his claws into you, literally! Jam on
L1 and R1 to avoid Hades ripping out your soul. Now the fight truly begins. 
Hades will use his weapons, the Claws of Hades to attack you and they have good
range. He'll start by slamming them into the ground every so often and that can
be a little tough to dodge while you're attacking him. He will also use a stomp
attack too though and he pauses before using it, giving you ample time to evade.
The Claw attacks can be dodged too without too much practice. You can try to
stay behind him to give you more room to avoid him while you attack.
Stick with the Plume of Prometheus as well as the Cyclone of Chaos to do good
damage to him. Keep evading his attacks and then coutner when you get an
opening. His stomp attack leaves him open for a few seconds. The Army of Sparta
will also do some damage if you're close. Deal enough damage and Hadeswill jump
to the back of the arena. He uses his claws to sweep the floor. Jump over these
attacks and get close to him. He'll still do the attack, so keep  airborne and
use the Cyclone of Chaos. When you have the chance, perform the Plume of
Prometheus on the ground. He'll use a few other attacks while you're right in
his face but just focus on attacking.      
Once weakened, grab onto Hades to start a QTE. Mash Circle to pry off a piece of
his flesh. Strangely enough, Hades will try and summon it back to him and also
summon the hands of Hades. Ignore them and attack the flesh picee so that it
doesn't return to him. It's a slippery devil so keep your attacks short and
don't let it get away from you. Succeed and you'll have made a good first step
in this fight. Only problem is... Hades grows even bigger!         
He introduces a new and very impressive attack. The ground will become covered
in darkness. A few moments later, a small patch of the ground will be freed, a
"safe zone" if you will. Run to this area and stand there to avoid the onslaught
of chains that will punish the arena. When he returns to fight, unleash some
more combos. He'll use his Claws to pluck at the ground and this attack is hard
to avoid unless you keep moving. Just keep hitting him to make him retreat to
the back again.                                                
He'll use a more linear attack with his Claws, so dodge to the sides as you get
closer to him. Use Cyclone of Chaos, Army of Sparta or even Rage of Sparta to
start hurting him again. Hades might pick you up and throw you away from him, so
just run back. Weaken him again to start another QTE and pry off another piece
of flesh. Stop this one from getting to him too. After that, he will use the
chain attack again so be ready to flee to the safe spot.         
You're almost there. Hades will use a new attack, making Claws spring up from
the ground where you are standing. If you keep moving, you'll avoid these 
easily. When it's over, he'll be open to attack for a few seconds so let him 
have it. Keep this up to weaken him again for another QTE.                    
The fight moves on to its final and most impressive phase, a good ol' tug-of-war
match! To win, you have to pull Hades into the River Styx. You won't be able to
just pull him in though. You have to hit him enough first. Meanwhile, he'll be
pulling on you the entire time and attacking you. Dodge his attacks with the
Right Analog Stick, it's not too hard. In between his attack bursts, get in some
hits of your own. Keep the Left Analog Stick pulled back so that he doesn't pull
you into the river. If you fall in, you can still hit Circle repeatedly to climb
out. Keep hitting him again and again and dodge until eventually he weakens. Hit
Circle to grab him and then tap Circle when prompted to finish him.
You gain the Claws of Hades! Schwing! A very cool looking weapon. Try it out on
the enemies that appear, but don't get too comfortable. Look who's back! Bigger
and uglier! Ew, you should keep your helmet on. In this form he is pretty easy.
He'll swipe platform with his arms, or slam it with his fist. Most of these
attacks don't cover much of the area, so you can dodge or even just avoid them
without doing much. When he leans his body back and charges up a breath attack,
go to the sides of the platform and grapple to the other side. Start attacking
again and just repeat this until he weakens. You'll get another QTE that ends
with you hitting L1 and R1 repeatedly. Check. Mate.     

With the Soul of Hades, you can now go into the River Styx without penalty.
Well that's certainly good. Wouldn't want to undo the hard work we've already
made in restoring Kratos' abilities. 

Take a swim and dive right in. Before going anywhere, dive straight down to
the bottom and you should find an item. The Helm of Hades.

x-----Godly Possession 2/10: Hades' Helm-----x

Swim forward and you can go through Hades' corpse which is both cool and
disgusting. On the other side, rise to the surface and jump out onto dry land.

Here you'll get a tutorial on the special ability of the Claws of Hades. You
can use them to summon apparitions of enemies to attack for you for a very
brief moment. The default one now is the Cerberus. Try them all out since you
have temporarily unlimited magic. To switch, hit Start and then Triangle to
bring up a list of souls. Select one and then you can summon it with R2. To
get new souls available, you need to spend Red Orbs to upgrade the Claws of

Once the enemies are dead, jump into the next stretch of water. Swim for a long
while through a tunnel. You'll eventually emerge in a large room with a gate
blocking your way. Jump out of the water to reach a lever above the gate which
of course, opens it. Swim through. Rise up to return to...

                                   The Forge

After a scene, you can move on. The cutscene showed you a gate in Hephaestus'
workshop but don't be confused. You can't reach it now, period. Instead, use
the save point if need be and then proceed down the stairs leading away from

This takes you back to a familiar area. Try to use the crank and some of the
statues will come to life (you were probably wondering why they didn't before).
Joining them will be some dogs. Use Cyclone of Chaos, but sparingly since it's
a long attack and leaves you open to the statues. Use Plume of Prometheus on
them and also Army of Sparta or your new Claws of Hades summoning if you wish.

Once they're all dead, turn the crank so that the opening is aligned with the
top exit. Head down the familiar path to where you recovered the Blade of
Olympus. Grapple your way across the gap again. You can see a newly opened
portal near the entrance. Head that way. Two groups of archers try to stop you
but they are a minor annoyance. Step through the portal. 

                              The City of Olympia

You'll be dropped right into the start of the sequence from the God of War III
demo. There will be a host of changes however, one of which is just around the
corner. Head that way now.

An old friend appears and needs a "hand". Instead of giving Gaia a hand, Kratos
would rather take one. Strike at the roots holding Gaia's hand together and
slice them off one by one until one remains. When given the chance, hit Circle
to pull out the Blade of Olympus, then hold L2 and R2 to finish the job. Lift
Gaia's severed hand out of the way after that. You'll get the "Handy Man"
Trophy for your effort. 

Approach the door here and hit R1. The doors will open if you can kill all the
enemies. They are heavier armored foes, and will not yield to grab moves until
weakened. When those opportunties arrive, don't waste them. Make use of the
Battering Ram attack. Also use Army of Sparta and the Claws of Hades if you
are so inclined. 

Head through the doors into another familiar area from the demo. Shoot the
Harpy with the Bow of Apollo to bring it close and use the Combat Grapple to
latch onto it and hitch a ride. Jump to the next platform when you get close
enough. Turn the corner and you'll see another Harpy. Don't use it yet though.
Drop down the pit to find a RED ORB CHEST. Climb back up and ride on the Harpy.
When you get close to another Harpy, it will have a blue targeting glow. Jump
to it to grab onto this one and take this one over to the next platform.

There's an easy to miss platform right here that holds some goodies. You should
see it ahead and a bit to the right after that second Harpy ride. To reach it,
wait for one of the Harpies to follow you onto the platform. Try to lure it
closer and then grapple it. Ride it toward the platform and then jump to reach
it. Here you can reward yourself with the plunder of a RED ORB CHEST and a

Near a save point you will find a Blue Orb chest and Green Orb Chest. Stock up
and save, then head into the next area. Glide over the gap and meet the enemies
here. Try to build a good combo by using Cyclone of Chaos and then Battering
Ram when it becomes available. 

A Centaur will appear soon after, along with more enemies. Focus on him and
hopefully you won't have too much trouble. Use Army of Sparta or summons from
the Claws of Hades to help yourself out if necessary. Try your hardest to
perform the QTE on the Centaur like you hopefully did the first one. 

Finish off any remaining foes, then proceed down the path on the left. A new
area should be blown open as you see Helios harrassing the fire titan like a
noisy fly. Try to operate the ballista here and a new frightening foe will
emerge from the shadows. 

The Chimera is a tough customer. If you've played the demo you have an 
advantage, hopefully. You want to basically abuse Plume of Prometheus on this
thing. It will swipe at you and attack with its tail but it might give you
ample time to attack, especially if you can corner it. After a while, you can
grab it and hit a one button prompt to chop off its tail. 

The Chimera stands on its hind legs and starts breathing fire in three bursts.
When it does this, just get out of its way and let it attack all three times
before going back in. Keep attacking and then dodging and eventually you can
do another QTE by tapping Circle to stab it repeatedly. 

Back on all fours, the beast will swipe at you and also unleash a wide fire
attack that moves out at you. Dodging it is not hard, it's just that you won't
be able to if you are constantly attacking. Keep up your assault on the beast
and eventually it should go down though. Perform the last QTE and finish it
off in epic fashion. Recharge using the nearby Green Orb Chest. Now, about
that other fight...

Operate the ballista and release it when Helios passes in front of you and goes
back toward the titan. You should hit him. If not, try again and alter your
timing. Uberpwned, Helios winds up far away. Return to the center area. 

Shoot the Harpy closest to you and bring it over. Use the Combat Grapple to
hitch a ride and make your way over. Jump from one Harpy to another and you'll
make it to the other side. Here, a few enemies are waiting but they prove to
be no threat. Cyclone of Chaos and Plume of Prometheus work fine. Use grab
moves when they're weakened, etc. Also, see if you can get better at your
parrying skills, timing your blocks when the enemies strike. 

There are a few pots and a Green Orb Chest here for you. There's also two gates
to raise. One has an oil/bramble pot behind it, the other is your exit. You
can free the pot and take it with you but it's not necessary at all. If you do,
push it through the other gate when you open it and toward the intersection in
the next hall. 

There's tons of pots to break here. Turn left at the intersection for more as
well as a RED ORB CHEST. Now go the other way. If you brought the explosive
pot, push it down the hall as a horde of enemies come at you. Push it so that
it's close enough to them and fire a quick charged arrow to set it off. It will
weaken the enemies, but again, it's really not necessary that you use it. Using
Battering Ram here will work wonders so use that. Finish the rest off and then

At the next intersection, break open some more pots and baskets containing
Red Orbs, then hang a left again for more and yet another RED ORB CHEST. Go to
the right next and out the door.

Cross the bridge, at the end of which you will find two chests for Green and
Blue Orbs to restore yourself. Start climbing up the wall, jumping up on the
right side to grab the ledge. Climb up and then start to sidle along the wall
here. A poor citizen climbs out by Kratos lends him a hand. Whoopsie. Keep
going and jump the gap to a new wall. Just climb straight up from here to find
your man.

Helios has certainly seen better days. Before Doctor Kratos can attend to his
medical needs, a group of heavily armored sentries protect him in a Phalanxing
position. Try to attack them and it won't work; their shields are just too
tough. What to do...? If only solutions just fell out of the sky!

Oh wait, apparently they do, in the form of a giant cyclops! How can this beast
help you? Well, you'll find out soon. It's the only thing you can attack now
anyway and if you don't, it'll turn you into a slab of meat. 

The Cyclops is an enemy you don't want to get too aggressive with. Mashing on
the attack buttons constantly will only get you hurt. Keep your combos short
and sweet (Plume of Prometheus) and then evade his attacks. The Cyclops has a
two hit combo comprised of a kick, then a club smash. If the kick hits you, you
can still evade the club so be sure to do that. Attack in between evades and
weaken it for a QTE.

Succeed and you'll gain control over the Cyclops. Awwwww yeah! Set your sights
on the phalanx group. Smash any enemies in your way and then break down Helios'
protection. Start swinging away the other clustered enemies. This ride won't
last very long so make the most of it. Eventually, you'll have to finish the
Cyclops off. Tap Circle repeatedly when that happens.

Mop up the enemies that remain and use the Green Orb Chest nearby to refill
any lost health. Approach Helios when you're ready for a quick scene. 

Helios decides to flash Kratos. Err, I mean, he blinds him. In this little
unique sequence, you'll control Kratos' right arm and hand with the Right
Analog Stick. You need to use his hand to block the light so that Kratos can
get closer. It's a little tricky at first, but try to get a feel for how his
arm moves when you use the stick. To be most successful, get Kratos' palm
centered in front of the light. Eventually he'll get closer and closer.

You get a QTE with Helious. You'll jam on Circle a few times, then hit L1 and
R1 repeatedly, followed by Circle again to finally rip that sucker's head off.

With the Head of Helios in hand, you now have a new nifty item. Switch to it
by holding L2 and hitting Triangle. That "equips" it. From there, you only
have to hold L2 to use it. To switch back to Apollo's Bow, you need to hit
L2 and Square. 

The far wall here is a special secret entrance. Use the Head of Helios and then
move the Right Analog Stick to aim the light to reveal the entrance. The Head
can also reveal other secrets that we'll get to later. Before heading in
though, let's take care of a few things first. 

First, search just to the right of Helios' beheaded body for an item. 

x-----Godly Possession 3/10: Helios' Shield-----x

Next, there is something on the right side of this platform. Go over to the
right, and walk a little bit toward the foreground. You should barely notice
another one of those strange distorted spaces I've been pointing out. You now
have the means to reveal what it is. Point the Head of Helios at it and it
reveals a special chest! This one has a MINOTAUR HORN. Scwhing! Keep your eye
out for these, or just let me tell you where they are. 

Now, one last thing before we move on... upgrading!

If you have the orbs for it, I'd recommend getting an upgrade to the Blades of
Exile and the Claws of Hades. The Claws of Hades upgrade can wait though, so
that's up to you, if you like using them. The Head of Helios upgrade is cheap
at 2500 orbs but it won't make as big of an impact as other upgrades. 

Anyways, open the doors and enter the cave. Hold the Head of Helios as you go,
to keep some light in this dark place. Two sentries will attack you. As the
game suggests, stun them by tapping Triangle when you're holding the head. You
can also try the Solar Flare by holding Triangle. When enemies have been hit
with the light, you'll be able to see them a lot easier and not need the head
until they're dead. 

Proceed ahead into a new open area.

                                  Path of Eos

As you exit the corridor and approach this more open room, hug the left wall.
Before you actually get out into the open, you should see a well hidden niche
on the left holding a special chest. Open it for a GORGON EYE. 

Ahead is a Green Orb Chest if you need it. There's also an altar near by if
you want to get a view. Keep moving, using the save point if needed. In the
next room are some pots and scaffolding for Red Orbs. Go down the next hall,
clutching the Head of Helios. You'll encounter two more enemies. Defeat them,
using the Head to help you. 

You'll be sealed off in the next area and some Harpies will attack you in the
darkness. Try using Solar Flare to stun them all and light things up. Start
picking them off with Combat Grapples, aerial attacks or the Bow of Apollo. 

Shine the Head of Helios on the far left wall to reveal a secret passage. Go
inside and you'll come to a gap and a chain to climb across. Don't jump on it
yet though. Instead push forward as if you were gonna just jump into the chasm
below the chain. Kratos should climb down the wall below. Slide down and you
will find a RED ORB CHEST and another chest with a PHOENIX FEATHER. Climb back

Cross the chain and deal with the baddies in your way. If they grab you, be
sure to rock the Left Analog stick back and forth to free yourself. Drop down
once you get to the far end. 

Open the Green Orb Chest, then climb the platforms. Defeat the lone enemy inside
the next passage. You'll come to a gap after that. Use the Solar Flare move to
get some steady light in here. Next, jump the gap and glide with the Icarus
Wings. Another enemy will attack on the other side, so just deal with him.

Proceed through to finally reach a lighted area and also a cutscene. After
this, find the Harpy and shoot it with an arrow to bring it over. Grapple onto
it and ride it back towards its original perch. Jump off at the last moment
to get onto the platform.

Run across this platform and you can see an adjacent rocky platform above. Don't
jump to this just yet though. Jump to the right across a gap that isn't
immediately apparent. On the other side are two RED ORB CHESTS. Jump back across
and continue. 

Up ahead, you'll come under attack from two Wraiths. Yes, they're back. These
God of War staple enemies are not quite as annoying anymore thanks to the
Combat Grapple. Wraiths attack with their blades, both close and long range.
They also have an annoying habit of burrowing through the ground to attack,
making them temporarily unhittable. No longer! Use the Combat Grapple when they
are in the ground to snatch them right out. It works better when they're not
right next to you. 

Wraiths take a lot of hits. Be sure to keep pulling them out of the ground and
then attacking. A good way to really put the hurting on them is to launch them
into the air with Olympic Ascension and then spam Cyclone of Chaos on them in
the air. Once one dies another will appear. Kill the last two and move on.

Up ahead, you'll come to a bridge area. To the right are two chests with Green
and Blue Orbs. Further right, are some pots and scaffolding to break for Red
Orbs. Pay close attention to the wall behind the scaffolding. If you get close,
the camera should shift to give you a better view. Cast the Head of Helios on
this wall and aim the light around to reveal a secret chest. Open this up for

Now go left, across the bridge. You'll be attacked by more Wraiths, as well
as Archers on the far bridge. I suggest trying to take out the archers first
by aiming at the nearby explosive pots with your bow. It might be tough though
to aim at them. Deal with the Wraiths as you did before and note that if you
knock them off the bridge, you won't get any Red Orbs. 

Once the barrier is down, walk to the left side. You'll find two chests with
Green and Blue Orbs. Here there is a very well hidden chest though that I found
amazingly, by accident. To the left of the two chests there are some wooden
beams and stuff. Well walk toward these, hugging the back wall. Kratos will
no longer be in view but there will be an R1 button prompt. Hold R1 to open
the chest here for a PHOENIX FEATHER.

The next area has a large chain and an Icarus Vent. Before spreading your wings,
take a look around. Off to the right are some pots and a RED ORB CHEST. Behind
the chain is a false wall you can reveal by using the Head of Helios. This one
also has a RED ORB CHEST. Use the save point and then deploy the Icarus Wings
to fly! 

                               The Chain of Balance

This flying sequence is fun, but perhaps a bit tricky the very first time. If
you don't like the flight controls, you can always play with them in the menu
until you're comfortable. You'll have to dodge pillars, platforms and other
debris as you zip quickly through this tunnel. There are many gaps though so
it shouldn't be too hard. Obviously, the more health you have, the better off
you will be. 

When you reach the top, get ready for an epic button prompt sequence. After
that, you'll land on a platform. The next platform threatens to crumble under
your feet so when you land on it, proceed quickly to the next one.

Get to the wall at the end and climb straight up. From here, keep your eyes
pointed above and watch for the flaming rocks falling from above. Jump to the
sides quickly with X and the Left Analog Stick to avoid getting hit. Proceed
to climb the wall over to the left and then hop across a few more platforms.
You'll have to look for a grapple hook to swing across to reach a new platform.
From there, climb the next wall.

Again watch out for the rocks. Climb this big wall up and then over to the
right. It'll take a little bit to get all the way over. Climb down and set
your feet on the next platform eventually. Before going any further, cast the
light of the Head of Helios on a nearby distorted space. It reveals a hidden
chest with a PHOENIX FEATHER. Continue on to find some more grapple points.
Hit R1 as necessary and you'll take to the sky again. 

This flight is a little tougher than the first. Luckily, if you played the demo
this is pretty much the exact tunnel from there so that might help perhaps. Look
for the gaps in the columns you want to slip between and other escape routes. 
When you get to the areas where the tunnel is blocked by platforms, watch 
carefully for debris to creat openings for you to go through. In the final
area, you need to dodge flaming rocks. This isn't too hard, but you need to
account for the fact that the rocks will bounce off the walls. Just get past
those and you're home free. 

                                  The Caverns

Take note of the gold dust on the right side of this large platform you land
on. Explore this area and use the Head of Helios to reveal the chest in the
dust. It has a MINOTAUR HORN.

Now turn your attention to the bramble in the back. Shoot it with the Bow of
Apollo to start a mechanism that will move you around a bit. When it's over,
use the grapple point above you. Swing from here and try to land on the small
platform to the right. You can hit another grapple point. Swing and jump to
the next one which will be behind Kratos. This last swing is a little trickier
but try to land on the large platform ahead of you.

Shoot the bramble here too and things start moving again. You won't be alone
anymore though. Some enemies come out of the woodwork and attack. They should
be easy to handle by now. Try to get a good combo going and use Battering Ram,
Cyclone of Chaos and so on. Don't forget about the Head of Helios either.

Eventually, two armed Minotaurs appear. They'll set their sights on the chain
holding this large cube up in the air and start hitting it. They're trying to
cut it off and if they succeed, it's game over. Stop this at all costs. Hit
them with Plume of Prometheus, Valor of Hercules or Combat Grapples. Keep them
off the chains at all costs. Army of Sparta will come in handy too. If you've
become better at parrying with the Golden Fleece that will help too when they
attack you. Parrying them and countering knocks them away which helps keep them

Once you've killed them, pay attention to the platform you're approaching. There
are archers perched on top. Try to slay them fast by aiming at them with your
own bow. There are some archers grouped in three on both sides and if you aim
at the center one with a charged arrow, the others will die too. Try to take
them out before two more Minotaurs appear. 

Again, the focus is to prevent either one from attacking the chain. Combat
Grapple helps pull them away if you're at a distance. Parrying, will again,
help a lot if you've gotten better at it. Use Army of Sparta if they get too
close and just lay it on with Plume and Valor of Hercules. 

After they fall, more sentries and a Cerberus appear. Attack the Cerberus and
weaken it to start the QTE. Suceed and you can ride it. As soon as that
happens, several Minotaurs appear. Use the Cerberus' flame attacks, especially
the Triangle attack when they are all bunched up together. This will slay the
Minotaurs fast and easy. Anyone order flame broiled beef? 

If any Minotaurs are left, finish them off yourself with combos and Army of
Sparta. After that, the cube platform comes to rest near another. On the 
adjacent one is a mysterious figure. Jump over the gap and approach for a scene.
Boy, there's someone who loves hearing himself talk. 

In any case, begin climbing the chain. It will be a long climb, luckily 
circumvented by some time lapses. Eventually, you'll reach the top and...

                            The Flame of Olympus

At the top, jump off the chain. Enter the large room ahead and then approach
the object in the center. A scene will start up. 

After that, take a look around. To the left is a locked door with two chests
beside it for Green and Blue Orbs. Use these if you wish. Search more toward
the back and look for an area with a chain much like where you came in from.
The back wall has frame-like sections like for paintings. If you shine the Head
of Helios on the left section, you will reveal a mini motherlode. Inside are
three RED ORB CHESTS and a special chest containing a GORGON EYE. Schwing! There
are also some cobalt blue rocks blocking you from something else. Hmm, we can't
do anything about it just yet but remember it for later.

Return to the entrance and pay attention to the left wall. It has more frames
and altars. Shine the Head of Helios on the frames to reveal paintings. After
that you can read the inscriptions on the altars. After you read a few of these,
a scene will start up. 

Follow Hermes out the door, using the save point if you'd like. Another scene
will start up when you get close enough.
And so begins what you could consider an extravagant game of cat and mouse. The
ever agile Hermes will flee down the side of the building and escape. Follow him
by jumping from the opening in the railing and gliding with the Icarus Wings. 

Approach the wall here and climb on. Proceed to slide down and you'll enter a
new area. 

                                Olympian Citadel

When you can't slide down any further, hold down on the Left Analog Stick and
hit X to jump down lower. Slide until you see a gap in the railing on your
right. Lean over and then jump. While in the air, hit the grapple point.

On the bridge, jump over the two gaps. The bridge will collapse after that and
you'll have to climb. This part can be a bit annoying because it requires you
to be fast. Hit any people ahead of you with Triangle or else you can't climb
any higher. Hit X to climb up faster and keep moving. Once you reach the top,
pull yourself up and give chase to Hermes again.

Follow him up the wall, climbing from ledge to ledge and then moving over. Climb
the ladder up and keep moving after him, going to the right. Pull yourself up
to get past the statue, then drop down again to get under the low overhang.
Drop down to a lower ledge and then from here, you'll need to jump a few gaps
but as with others in the climbing sections, they're all automatic so all you
need to do is lean Kratos and hit the X button. 

Eventually you come to another bridge. Follow Hermes along as he does his best
Flash impression. At some point you will encounter a few enemies. Slay them
with a few combos, then jump to the next platform with the grapple point on it.
Grab on as you and Hermes are taken to a new area. Up here, look for the nearby
lever and operate it. This sends Hermes safely to a bridge. Use the chain and
swing from it by grappling. Time your jump at the end of your forward swing
and quickly double jump and glide to make it over.

Give chase and the bridge will collapse--of course. Hit two grapple points to
make it across. Run forward a bit, then jump and swing again on the next grapple
point. Double jump and glide again. 

Here you'll find some people and a few enemies. Kill them if you wish, but find
Hermes eventually. Climb the ladder after he seals himself off from you. When
you can't climb any higher, jump across to the right. Climb up, then jump back
and pull yourself up from there. 

Chase Hermes to the catapult area. Operate the crank here to position it. Then
jump up and interact with it to launch it. Hit the one button QTE prompt to
hitch a very impressive ride. 

After the scene, you'll be in a room with all the debris. Approach the statue's
head in the back. Walk around the right side of the head and search the area
between the back of the head and the wall. You should find an item. 

x-----Godly Possession 4/10: Hermes' Coin-----x

Walk over to the left and note the trail of blood. Follow it out of this room.
A Green Orb Chest is waiting downstairs. Turn right and jump over the next gap.
Turn right again and enter the next room above. 

 _   _                              
| | | |                             
| |_| | ___ _ __ _ __ ___   ___ ___ 
|  _  |/ _ \ '__| '_ ` _ \ / _ | __|
| | | |  __/ |  | | | | | |  __|__ \
\_| |_/\___|_|  |_| |_| |_|\___|___/
Hermes be nimble, Heremes be quick. Hermes couldn't avoid Kratos' Spartan Kick.
Sorry about that. In any case, Hermes is indeed fast. He's hard to hit because
of it. He'll run around the room and fly past you to get in a few quick jabs.

Flailing endlessly will not produce much results. Try to aim precisely at
where he is going and hit him with the end attack of a Plume of Prometheus.
The hard hitting parts of your combo can stop him in his tracks. Also, Cyclone
of Chaos works well since it has the range to hit Hermes even if you can't
pinpoint him. 

Hermes will also sometimes jump and try to kick you. At these moments, time
will slow and you'll be given a chance to do a Left Analog Stick prompt. Move
it in the right direction to counter Hermes. 

Every time you hurt him enough, he'll give you Green Orbs. Considering Hermes
isn't much of a damage threat already, that makes this fight significantly
easy. Just keep attacking and weakening him until a short scene starts up.

If you could draw a thought bubble next to Kratos' head in this scene, it would
say "Nice boots. I think i'll take them." And so he does. Grab Hermes when
prompted and you'll start with a Left Analog Stick prompt. After that, you need
to move Kratos to slowly and dramatically walk toward the cowering Hermes. When
you get close, grab him again. Hold Circle to prepare your swing, then release
it to lop off his second leg. Behold, the boots of Hermes!

With the boots, you now have the ability to sprint toward your enemies, knocking
them into the air. Holding X at the end of this allows you to jump up with them
to start some nice aerial combos. 

Even cooler is the ability to walk up certain walls. Sadly these opportunities,
especially the horizontal wall run, do not appear as often as I would have
liked. When you see a wall with the gold footprints on it, you can use the
boots to run up or across. Try it out by running up the scaffolding, then
across the next few walls.

Eventually you'll come to some chests with orbs. Engage the enemies here too,
using the boots' abilities if you'd like. You can also perform an aerial evade
now with the boots, as the game will tell you. Head out into the next area.

Open the Green Orb Chest if you need health, and the RED ORB CHEST for some
more experience. Up the wooden walkway is another RED ORB CHEST. Turn right and
use the Boots of Hermes to run up the wall. Jump to the next platform and
run across this wall to the other side. 

After that wall run, look for an area in the bottom left corner of this platform
to shine your Head of Helios on. It should reveal a chest with a PHOENIX FEATHER

Move toward the wall and look for another wall to run up. At the top, move
toward the camera and there will be another spot on the right. From here, jump
out into the open and glide off to the right, toward the platform with the 
chest you see. Head off to the left from there to see some enemies harassing
more people.

After the soldiers, an armored Cyclops will appear to attack you. It attacks
by lunging or throwing its spiked ball at you. The timing for the latter can
be difficult since as it prepares the attack, you might evade immediately. This
will just get you hit though. When it prepares the attack, wait a moment, then
dodge. Hammer this beast with Plume of Prometheus to keep it off balance and
it will eventually weaken enough to begin the four button QTE sequence to finish
it off. 

Two more will appear along with a few sentries. Focus on the Cyclopses and use
your heavy attacks and Army of Sparta on them. Remember not to get too caught
up in attacking and be ready to evade a lot. Eventually they will fall. 

The camera points you to the center door but ignore it for now. You might have
noticed there was a barrier covering the left side of the area during the fight
so there must be something over there. Head down that way to find two chests.
One is a RED ORB CHEST, and the other has a MINOTAUR HORN. 

Return to that door and open it. 

                              The Flame of Olympus

Step inside and use the save point. Go off to the left and defeat the archers.
Plunder the chests ahead of you if you need health or magic. Keep going around,
killing more archers. You'll come to an open corridor. Ignore it and go past
to the left to find two RED ORB CHESTS.

Now go down that corridor and you'll meet the Siren. Another returning customer.
The Siren will hide in a sort of spirit form until you hit it with the light
from the Head of Helios. Start by doing that, then attacking normally. If you
are aggressive enough and hit with heavier attacks, the Sirens are easy to keep
down. You have two grab options, the second of which finishes them for good.

Defeat the next Siren and the other enemies, then continue down the hall. At the
end, open the RED ORB CHEST, then ascend the spiral staircase. 

In this next room, before doing anything else, look around. Take the experience
from the RED ORB CHEST on the left, and Green Orbs if necessary from the chest
on the right. 

There are two Icarus Vents on either side too. Use the one on the left to find
two platforms. One has a chest with a PHOENIX FEATHER, and the other has a RED
ORB CHEST. To reach the opposite side, just jump onto the long platform in
the center and take it across. The opposite side has a RED ORB CHEST toward
the foreground. 

Return to that center platform up top now. It has four devices that can be
shifted to rotate the panels below. The panels have pictures of a sword on them
and need to be aligned properly. 

To solve this puzzle you'll need to spin these devices to align the right
picture. So starting with the leftmost device here, do as follows:

o Turn the leftmost device once. 
o Turn the third device (second from the right) three times
o Turn the fourth device (rightmost) three times

Now step on the small stage below and approach the machine with the button
designs on it. Start this little minigame up and you'll have to hit the correct
buttons as they pass the center section. You'll want to hit the button depicted
just as it enters that center piece. This will become helpful for when the
"notes" come in sucession. 

It gets tricky though. Sometimes there will be two buttons you have to hit at
once. The first pair is Square and X, and the other is Triangle and Circle.
Don't be fooled like I was initially at the position of the buttons on screen.
The top to bottom positioning alsmost gives the illusion you need to hit 
Triangle and X but it's Square and X. Keep that in mind and practice it until
you get it right. 

Pass this musical challenge and you'll solve the puzzle. The center platform
becomes an elevator so use the new lever to operate it. 

When the elevator stops shielded enemies attack. Once again, you're
completely helpless against these shields. Wait it out until a Gorgon appears.
Attack her and get the QTE finisher to use the Gorgon's head and turn them
to stone. Quickly destroy them and then another round appears. Again, use the
Gorgon to your advantage. 

The elevator moves again after that is done with. The doors ahead of you open
and so head on through to the main chamber. A staircase has appeared, which
will take you to the new resting place of the Flame of Olympus and Pandora's

Approach the crank in front of it and try to move it to the left. Trying to
rotate the crank ends in failure however as it gets stuck. The mechanism relies
on the Chain of Balance, which is unfortunately held tightly in place by the
three Judges down in Hades. Oh well.

A new door opens though, so head over there. Slice your way through some
archers to go deeper into the corridor. There, two Wraiths are waiting. Deal
with them as you did the others. When they hide, pull them out of the ground,
and try to keep them in the air and combo them to death.

Descend the spiral staircase. When you reach the bottom look for the gold dust
in the center. Use the Head of Helios on this spot to reveal a chest with a
GORGON EYE inside.

Proceed down the next corridor and out into the open arena for a scene.

                                   The Forum

After the scene, prepare for yet another interesting looking boss fight.

 _   _                     _          
| | | |                   | |         
| |_| | ___ _ __ ___ _   _| | ___ ___ 
|  _  |/ _ \ '__/ __| | | | |/ _ | __|
| | | |  __/ | | (__| |_| | |  __|__ \
\_| |_/\___|_|  \___|\__,_|_|\___|___/

The fight will start off with a bunch of undead soldiers. Cyclone of Chaos
and Battering Ram will work very well, as will Army of Sparta, but don't use
that too much. You want to save your magic here for the real fight.

Once you've dealt with enough of them, Hercules steps down with his mighty
gauntlets, the Nemean Cestus. Look familiar, demo players? 

First, he'll order his soldiers to grab you, which is tough to avoid. Break
free and try to dodge Hercules' initial charge. From there, try to keep some
distance between you and him and lash out at him. You'll want to keep some of
the surrounding enemies from being a nuisance, so area attacks like Cyclone of
Chaos and Army of Sparta will help hit them as well as Hercules. For Hercules
himself though, you want to lay down pain with Plume of Prometheus and Valor
of Hercules (how ironic) and so on. Feel free to mix things up a bit, using
Claws of Hades to summon (I wouldn't get too crazy with that though), and the
Boots of Hermes to knock all the lower soldiers up into the air.

Hercules attacks with the gauntlets and they pack a mean punch. It's recommended
you have your finger ready on that Right Analog Stick to evade. He starts with
some regular punches and a two hit combo which later extends to three hits.
It always ends with a ground pound. When he starts to attack, just back away
and wait for it to end. Strike back with Plume or Valor to do some damage and
just repeat. If he hits you with a hard jab it can send you flying into one of
the spiked walls in the arena. You need to dislodge yourself by hitting L1 and
R1 simultaneously in two consecutive sequences or else your health will drain
out of you.

Hit Hercules after evading his attacks and he should prepare a running attack.
When he grabs you, mash Circle to reverse his momentum and you'll grab him
instead. Now your movement will be fixed but you need to control the direction
using the Left Analog Stick. Steer Hercules' body into one of the spike walls
to deal damage. 

You'll need to repeat the process again. This time, Hercules extends his combo.
It will have two ground pounds so don't get fooled and walk in after the first
one because he'll hit you. Be very patient and wait for the second ground pound,
then attack him. This isn't a bad time to deploy Rage of Sparta either. Pull out
all the stops. 

Avoid his attacks and damage him enough again to have him lunge at you. Mash
Circle again, reverse him and steer his body into one of the spiked walls. 
Hercules loses more armor and changes tactics yet again. This time he'll do a
two punch combo followed by a ground pound, or just a ground pound on its own.
Both are easy to avoid if you're not in a button mashing frenzy. Keep some
distance and just lash out at him carefully. It will take a while to weaken him
again so just keep at it.

Eventually, Hercules will bang the Cestus together for a loud, disrupting and
apparently blinding attack. He'll go off to boast in front of Hera, not taking
the chance, for whatever reason to attack Kratos. Run up to him and grab him.
Hit the QTE button prompt to steal one gauntlet, then a Left Analog Stick prompt
to take the other. 

In this stage of the fight, you will use the Cestus to pound on Hercules but
he is not defenseless. Vary between quick two or three jab combos and then
evading his attacks. Just stay in long enough to hit him a few times before he
punches back or grabs you. If he does, mash Circle to break free. He'll grab you
at one point and throw you to the back railing. After that, Herc will grab a
chunk of the wall and throw it at you. This isn't too hard to dodge though.

Besides standard punches, you can also expend some of your magic meter to hit
Hercules with a ground shockwave from the Cestus. Try it out. Just steer clear
of his attacks and lunges and strike back and you should have no problem
getting to the end.

Hercules will throw you back and Kratos will almost fall off the platform. Mash
Circle, followed by L1 and R1 to climb up. As Herc lifts the arena, Kratos runs
up and leaps into the air. Hit the three buttons as the appear on screen and
then mash Circle to give Hercules a facelift. If you're a bit squeemish, you
might not want to look, it's gruesome. 


With the conclusion to that fierce battle, you'll have earned the Nemean
Cestus. Probably the best weapon to use after your Blades of Exile. 

You'll end up in a sewer-like area. If you go over to Hercules' body, you can
look again upon his fate. Yikes. Anyway, if you dive underwater beneath his
body and swim to the bottom, you can find another item. 

x-----Godly Possession 5/10: Hercules' Shoulder Guard-----x

Before going any further, let's spend more of those hard earned Red Orbs. I
decided to go with an upgrade for the Blades of Exile and then the Head of
Helios. Go with what you want though. I could have upgraded the Boots of Hermes
or the newly acquired Nemean Cestus but I prefer to not upgrade something just
after getting. I like to get a feel for the weapon/item as it is in the 
beginning, then see how it progresses with upgrades, if that makes sense.

Head down the hall and turn right, then proceed up the slope to a room where
you'll get to practice with the Cestus. The Nemean Roar is a move I already
mentioned during the Hercules battle. Try it out some more here since your
magic is unlimited in this fight. 

Afterwards, go over to the rock in the back. It's called onyx and it can now be
broken with the Cestus. You've seen onyx rocks a few times, and now you have
the means to clear them. 

Throw the lever cleared by the onyx and it opens a gate back at the start. Some
soldiers with onyx shields show up. Haha, payback time boys! Use the Cestus
to break their shields, after which you can freely attack them with other
weapons if you so desire, but the Cestus works pretty damn well.

Go back down the slope to Hercules' defaced corpse and dive back into the water.
Enter the opened gate and swim through the tunnel.

                               Poseidon's Chamber

When you surface, you'll arrive in a totally new area. Jump out, but instead of
going forward, turn around and walk toward the foreground. Behind the tunnel
exit are two chests. One is a RED ORB CHEST and the other has a MINOTAUR HORN.

Proceed into the chamber. More shielded enemies will emerge, along with dogs, so
bust out the Cestus on them. The Nemean Roar works wonders on this large group
so use that once or twice. Finish off the rest after that. 

There's only one way to go from here so go to the top left corner and interact
with the lever here to open two gates. You get under the first one easily, but
the second closes before you can reach it. Turn right from here and you'll see
the Poseidon Princess. Approach her for a wonderful chat. After that, turn
left from there and you'll find a chamber with a lot of portals.

The only one you can reach is to the right, which you can get to by jumping over
there. Enter and you'll come out of the one in the center, onto a platform.
You want to reach the portal below you though. The platform is weighed down by
Kratos, but not enough. You should be able to see a ledge near you, up and to
the left on your screen. Jump and glide over here to reach a lever. Pull it and
a few things will change in the room.

Platforms extend and some dogs appear. Drop down to the platform below and
collect the reward from two RED ORB CHESTS. Cross back over to the center now
and you'll encounter the dogs. Don't fight them though. Instead, walk over to
the first portal you entered and lure the dogs over. Grab one and Kratos will
automatically kick them through. The first dog will appear where you were and
weigh down the platform. Get the picture?

Kick a few more of them through the portal (which feels cruel to even type) and
then when there are no more, step through it yourself. This should weigh down
the platform enough to enter the lower portal.

On the other side you'll find the Poseidon Princess again. After the scene, have
a look around. There is a RED ORB CHEST on the left side of the room. On the
right side, there is a sparkling object on the ground. It's another Godly
Possession. In the nook next to it is a chest containing a GORGON EYE.

x-----Godly Possession 6/10: Poseidon's Conch Shell-----x

Step back through the portal and you'll see the princess cornered by the hounds
you left behind. Take care of them but one will knock her over the edge. Try to
help her up immediately by hitting Circle near her. Wait too long and she'll
fall. After this, take care of the dogs. 

When all the dogs are gone, hit Circle near the princess again to get her moving
through the portal again. She'll exit the chamber but Kratos will be locked in
with the statue enemies. Try the Cestus or just use the Blades of Exile against

Go up the stairs and find some more of the shield enemies. Use the Cestus and
the Nemean Roar against them, then mop up the mess from there. Go back to the
princess and push her along again. Lift the gate up for her and return to the
first room.

A statue and two more shielded sentries appear. Nothing to worry about by now.
Use the Cestus and have fun. After that, go to the corner and operate the door
switch again. Kratos will automatically make the princess hold it. Though she
begs him not to leave, do so anyway. You'll notice the second gate almost close
but then stop. If you go back you can see what happened to the princess. Eww...

Anyways, beyond the second gate you get a cutscene. After that, search the right
side of this small room. You should see a spot you can use the Head of Helios on
to reveal a hidden chest. This one contains a PHOENIX FEATHER.

Now go left from there and down the hall. Run up the stairs to enter a new

                                The Upper Gardens

Go forward and operate the crank on this wierd electrical machine. It rotates
the sections of the bridge. Jump the gap and glide over to the other side.
Use the crank here to rotate this section again. You can now cross the next
gap too. 

The next machine doesn't live up to the expecations though. It doesn't work for
some odd reason. Maybe not surprising considering the condition of the bridges.
No choice but to go back. Return to the second machine and operate it again.
It will rotate and point toward the building. Head over in that direction.

Nothing to do except open the door and proceed into the next room.

                              Aphrodite's Chamber

You'll hear some... "interesting" sounds coming from within. Use the save point
if you wish, then head up the stairs. Your eyes and your mind might be focused
on one thing, but there are a few things to search for around here if you'd
like. Of course you can also do the searching... after...

On the left side of the chamber (don't get confused by the camera change), there
are a few pots to break. There's also two RED ORB CHESTS here. In the top left
corner, to the left of Aphrodite's bed, there is a curtain. If you jump over
toward this curtain, you'll reach a hidden platform. Here you will find another
Godly possession. 

x-----Godly Possession 7/10: Aphrodite's Garter-----x

Go the other way to get back. Be careful jumping as there's a giant pitfall
surrounding this platform. Yeah, makes a lot of sense, of course. 

Anyways, on the other side, you can find some more pots and a nook containing a
special chest. Inside is another MINOTAUR HORN. 

Once you're done, you can approach the bed and Aphrodite will ask you if you
will stay. Choose yes if you wish to do the sex minigame. It's worth it if for
nothing else than the Red Orbs you get. Regardless of whether you do or not,
Aphrodite will open up the curtain revealing a portal. When you're ready to
go, step through.

After the scene, Hephaestus will open the previously closed doors at the far
left side of his workshop. Head over there and go through, but the doors will
close. Damn, a trap... Oh well. Welcome to...


Take a look around if you'd like, otherwise start down the path to the right.
You'll encounter more of the souls like from Hades. There's also a special chest
off to the right with a PHOENIX FEATHER within.

Follow the path to a larger room now where you'll encounter a horde of enemies
led by a Centaur. The number of undead soldiers allows for a chance to get a 
pretty high combo. Use some stronger attacks, including any magic or Cestus
attacks to help you weaken the Centaur. Try to weaken it for the special QTE
move. If you have killed the other two Centaurs this way and do the same here,
you'll be rewarded with the "No Guts No Glory" Trophy. 

After that, climb out of here in the top right corner. It's kind of hard to
tell exactly where, but there's one rock on top of the rubble that serves as a
platform. From there, try to jump to the ledge above, but for some reason you
might not grab onto it. Just keep trying and you'll get it eventually. Take 
Green Orbs from the alternating Green/Blue chest since the chest right next to
it has Red and Blue Orbs. Head into the next chamber.

                             Gates of Tisiphone

Before even dealing with the obvious puzzle here, you got to take care of the
Chimera. You can use a few of the explosive pots to help you out if you'd like.
The Cestus helps a lot too though. Use the same tactics as you did before,
making liberal use of the Right Analog Stick to evade when it changes attacks.

When you begin to weaken it, a second Chimera shows up! Try to focus exclusively
on the first one you've already weakened, but start to incorporate some more
area attacks into your fighting as well. There are also the explosive pots to
help you out.

Once that's done, head off to the top left and top right corners. Interact with
the chains you find to change the wall configuration around a bit. There are
also two cubes sticking out that you push back inside to change more things
around so do that.

Climb up the left side by jumping as high as you can to reach the lowest part
of the cubes that are sticking out. Climb up to the top here and wait for a 
Harpy to come back. Pay attention to the right side now. You'll notice that one
block slides in and out over another one. You want to ride the Harpy so that you
will land on the block when the other one above is is inside the the wall. When
you do, wait for the other block to slide out again and then quickly jump on top
of it. Jump across the platforms from here back to the left side and find a
switch you can press inside.

Another Harpy appears as the wall changes around again. Ride this Harpy back
over to the right, again watching your timing so that you land on the platform
at the right time. Push this switch in too and then jump and glide you way over
to the center platform. Interact with the device here to finish this little

Once the doors open, proceed on through. There is a save point ahead. Almost
exactly across from it is a special chest with a PHOENIX FEATHER inside of it.

March onward to the cliff ahead. 

                                The Pit of Tartarus

Run straight ahead, out toward the cliff. A few enemies will greet you here,
but nothing to worry about. Take a look around at the altar if you wish, then
head off to the left.

A few more skeletal warriors will attack, so just combo them to death and
recharge using the nearby chests. Go down the adjacent slope now. Basically,
each time the path turns a corner, you'll encounter more enemies. Let them
have it, using whatever you wish. 

At the end you'll come to a large gap. Glide over it using the Icarus Wings.
As soon as you get across, look for a well hidden nook in the right-hand wall.
Inside is a chest with a MINOTAUR HORN. Keep moving straight ahead from here.

You'll come to a slightly different platform where you can interact with 
something on the ground. Doing so starts up a cutscene.

/  __ \                          
| /  \/_ __ ___  _ __   ___  ___ 
| |   | '__/ _ \| '_ \ / _ \/ __|
| \__/\ | | (_) | | | | (_) \__ \
 \____/_|  \___/|_| |_|\___/|___/

Holy epic sized boss battles, Batman! Cronos may have an advantage of size,
but Kratos has... well, tenacity. 

As soon as you gain control, Cronos will be attempting to crush you with his
fingers. Mash Circle to fend him off. As soon as you do, bust out the Head of
Helios. Hold L2 and Triangle to prepare a Solar Flare. Launch it and Cronos
will be helpless. 

As Kratos falls through the air, you'll be given one button prompt. Hit it to
successfully land on Cronos' right hand. Here some more skeletal warriors will
emerge and attack you. Use Cyclone of Chaos, Battering Ram, and the other moves
you've grown to love to fend them off.

After a while, Cronos moves his arm, changing your perspective. If any enemies
are left over, deal with them before climbing straight up. Jump a small gap
above, then look for a blemish (ew...) on Cronos' forearm. Smash it with some
attacks and the "ground" will become level again. 

As the enemies continue to throw themselves at you, Cronos will do one of two
things. He'll perform a small breath attack which is just a minor inconvenience,
or he will slap his fingers down. Your goal is to attack his finger nail, as
strange as that sounds. Whenever he puts his fingers down, attack the nail with
your heavier attacks to break it off. It will take a few times until you finally
get a grab prompt. Hit it and then rotate the Left Stick as indicated to pull
it off. 

After recovering, Cronos will slap his fingers across his arm. Shadows will
appear, showing you where you stand safely and not get hit. Stand in a safe
spot and wait. When he slaps his fingers down, jump onto the leftmost one and
you'll be able to climb it. Cronos will pull back and bring you in front of
him again. You know what that means. Whip out the Head of Helios again for
another Solar Flare. Say... blindness! Blindness! 

Another button prompt, if hit, will land you on a climbing section on Cronos'
body. A few enemies will be there so deal with them. If you want to gain a few
extra Red Orbs, be sure not to throw them. Jump a small gap to the left, then
climb up. Another large gap is here but for some reason, it can be tricky to
reach the other side sometimes. Once you get it though, cross over to the right,
then prepare to jump and hit the following grapple point. Swing and then jump
and glide to the platform ahead.

Two statues attack along with several skeleton warriors. Use heavy attacks from
your Blades of Exile, or the Cestus (the Nemean Roar again, works well). Slowly
bring the statues down to weakened states and finish them off. Magic works well
in this confined space but is not necessary to win this fight. Once all enemies
are down, you can interact with the center object.

Jamming on L1 and R1 reveals a fleshy compartment holding an onyx pillar. Hmm..
Start attacking to remove the flesh but eventually, a giant army of skeletons
descend on the platform. Use Cyclone of Chaos and some other quick attacks to
see if you can build a quick combo for some Red Orbs. Cronos will quickly come
and scoop all of you up though. 

When he opens his hand, the fight will still be on! You'll be in a climbing
position, so get used to moving that way and attack the enemies. Eventually
it will become a level perspective again, but Cronos will try and crush you.
When prompted, mash Circle to save your skin.

You'll be upside down next. Move off to the right and eventually Cronos will
clasp his fingers down, expelling you into the air. You need to hit several
grapple points and swing from one to the next. This will inevitably bring you
onto his other arm. Using his hand though, Cronos threatens to sweep you off.

Run forward, sort of toward the screen as Cronos brings his hand across behind
you. If he gets you, it's game over so keep moving. The first thing you'll
encounter are enemies. Ignore them! Just run past them and keep going. Jump over
the rocks and then you'll soon see a grapple point. Hit it immediately to

Up here you will find more skeletons. Just lash out at them with your blades or
whatever else. Eventually a new enemy will emerge. A... Zombie Cyclops? Whatever
it is, it's not much different from a normal one. Focus your heavier attacks
on it, using the Cestus if you're so inclined. Eventually you can use QTEs to
get control of it. 

Attacking the skeletons is tempting but try to focus on attacking Cronos'
shoulder, the fleshy area where the Cyclops came out of. Attack this a few
times to get his attention. From here, you'll get some more QTE prompts,
including the mashing of Circle to stab the Cyclops repeatedly. Eventually 
Cronos decides to take matters into his own hands, by taking Kratos into his
stomach. Down the hatch!

Once you have control, immediately plunge downward by holding R1. You'll come
to two different obstacles blocking your way so just quickly shift over so that
you can pass them. Some object of some sort will threaten to fall down on you
and reward you with a game over, so keep going down. Eventually you'll make it

What occurs next is just ripe for jokes. Cronos bit off more than he could chew,
Cronos needs some industrial size Pepto-Bismol. Cronos is about to get a really
bad case of indigestion, and on and on and on. 

When you see the button prompts hit them. There will be one to hit L3 + R3 at
the same time. After that, mash Circle and Kratos will free himself and deal a
deadly blow to Cronos. You now have the Omphalos Stone, which is what Hephaestus
asked for. 

Climb up Cronos' two fingers and then jump over to that platform again. Without
interruption, you can now attack the onyx pillar with the Nemean Cestus. As
soon as it breaks, get ready to hit two separate button prompts which culminate
into another impressive and somewhat gruesome attack. Attack the onyx pillar
yet again to break it. From here, walk across Cronos' face, up to his forehead.
Wait for the grab command to appear, then initiate it. Hold L2 and R2 to prep
the Blade of Olympus, then let go and let him have it!

                                   The Forge

Where you emerge, go forward and break the onyx stones with the Cestus. Drop
down into the pit to return to a familiar locale and get a scene. Hephaestus
will craft the weapon as promised, but as Kratos tries to take it... betrayal!

What happens next I won't really call a boss fight. You'll get two QTE prompts
though. The first is to tap Circle repeatedly to ward off the electricity. 
After that, mash on L1 and R1 again. You'll see the device at the top-right of
the platform. Attack this with your new toy to send an electrical charge into
it. Eventually this will bring an end to the fight. 

For your efforts, you keep the Nemesis Whip which is a nifty weapon. It has
some very flashy attacks. If you hold Square or Triangle in a combo, the blades
will spin in position, extending a combo. Takes a bit of time to master, but
it's an interesting weapon. 

It also has a puzzle benefit to it which we'll get to in just a moment. Before
leaving, head over to the far left area of Hephaestus' workshop, where you
entered Tartarus. Look around here for another item to pick up. 

x-----Godly Possession 8/10: Hephaestus' Ring-----x

Use the Boots of Hermes to run up the wall to reach the portal and return to
Aphrodite's Chamber. You can initiate the sex minigame again. It will yield a
decent amount of Red Orbs. 

After this, let's upgrade again. Again, choose whatever floats your boat. I
decided to go with an upgrade to the Boots of Hermes, the Nemean Cestus, and
the Claws of Hades. What was left over I split between the Nemesis Whip and
the Blades of Exile.

Use the save point if you'd like then open the door and return to...

                                The Upper Gardens

Here you'll get the obligatory tutorial on the Nemesis Whip's special magic
ability. The way this works is similar to God of War II's magic spell, Cronos
Rage. The electricy cast from the Nemesis Whip overwhelms enemies and it has
the ability to chain together between enemies. Feel free to spam it endlessly
here since the magic is unlimited for now. You'll get a great combo out of it.

Jump across the gap here between the bridges again. Use the crank on the device
here to spin it back to the left. Jump over this gap to return to the device
that wasn't working earlier. Now you can make it work. Hit it a few times with
the Nemesis Whip and it should move eventually. Jump to the next bridge and
then approach the door, opening the Green Orb Chest first if you need it.

                            Daedalus' Workshop

The first thing you'll probably notice is that this room plays host to a number
of chests, all of which you will want. There are also breakable pots around the
room for a few more Red Orbs, and plenty of things to interact with and read.

Start by approaching the ballista. Grab it from the side and turn the Right
Analog Stick to rotate it to the left. Pull on the back lever of the ballista
and let go to fire it. This casts a rope through several portals in the room.
Jump on and climb on the rope, going through each portal. Note that to actually
go through the portals, you might need to hit X as simple movement might not
let you through. 

Eventually, you'll come to a barred off platform with a RED ORB CHEST. Open it
up and then notice that the rope extends past the bars. To keep going, you'll
have to jump out into the open and glide with the Icarus Wings and quickly
steer Kratos back toward the rope. He should hopefully latch back on. Take the
rope to the left side of the room with two more chests to plunder. One is
another RED ORB CHEST, while the second contains a MINOTAUR HORN.

Drop down now and look for a lever on the right side of the room. Throw it to
raise the ballista higher. Fire it again and the rope will pass through but
be higher and eventually get stuck in an alcove where another special chest
is. Follow the rope again and it will lead you to the chest which has a GORGON

There's one last puzzle to solve here for rewards and it is a little bit
trickier. First, turn the ballista so it faces straight ahead again. Fire it
and it will lower a gate (and create an exit for you). Now, go to the right
and look for the golden footprints on the right wall. Run straight up these
with the Boots of Hermes to go through a portal above you. 

This portal takes you to a caged area with another lever. Throw this and it
will lower the two special chests that are hanging above by a chain. This is a
timed mechanism though so quickly leap back through the portal. Return to the
ballista and fire it immediately. If you lowered the gate, the bolt should go
through the portal at the far end and then hit the chain, lowering the two
chests for you. Schwing! Plunder them for another Godly Possession as well as a

x-----Godly Possession 9/10: Daedalus' Schematics-----x

With everything in hand, go down the ramp revealed by the opened gate. There is
a pole that you can slide down to a new room below. Drop down and then walk
toward the camera. Two chests await. One is a RED ORB CHEST, and the other has

Go up the ramp to find plenty of pots and vases to break open. Go up the next
ramp to reach a new area. Follow the next path to eventually wind up at a scene.
                                 Hera's Garden

After that, head off to the right. Now this maze can be a bit confusing and it
could be easy to get confused even reading this, but hopefully you can stay
with me. If I have the skill and patience to make a simple ASCII map, I'll try
and do that at some point.

At the right, you basically get a three way intersection: left, straight, right.
Go right where you should see a few enemies bouncing around. Use the Blades or
the Cestus to take them down, or try out the new Nemesis Whip some more. Defeat
them all, then open the two RED ORB CHESTS here for a wealth of experience.
Return to the fork and go straight for another lone RED ORB CHEST. Go left
after that and you'll find a dead end, or so it would appear. Use the Head of
Helios to reveal a hidden chest at the end. This chest will have a PHOENIX
FEATHER if you didn't get all of them yet. If you did, it will just have a bunch
of Red Orbs. 

Head to the left now, past the save point. You'll get a scene and automatically
acquire the last Godly Possession. 

x-----Godly Possession 10/10: Hera's Chalice-----x

Assuming you didn't miss any, you'll be rewarded with the "Priceless" Trophy
for this. Not bad. 

Turn the corner and you'll be presented with two paths: straight and right.
Go straight first and you will find an alternating Green/Blue Orb Chest as well
as a RED ORB CHEST at the end. Return to the intersection and go right this

Defeat the enemies here, using some area attacks to take advantage of the 
narrower space here. The Cestus as always, proves helpful. Go around the corner
to find a gate which you can't do anything with yet. Run past this and also a
weird staircase that is just a few steps and doesn't go anywhere. Head down to
a Green Orb Chest. Be sure you have full health before continuing. Proceed left
from here and enter the corridor. Prepare yourself.

Oh yes, they're back. My most hated enemies from the first two God of War games,
the Satyrs. If you hated them as much as I do you'll be happy to know they're
as annoying as ever this time around. There's a few key things to keep in mind
as you fight them. Whenever they jump on the walls, get ready to evade because
they will unleash an unblockable attack that is really annoying. Use the Cestus
just for the sake of dealing quicker damage. Vary combos with some grabs but
be careful since the other Satyr can possibly hit you during it. 

Obviously, use some magic, as much as you need to, to slay these fiends. Army
of Sparta and Nemean Roar work fine. The Nemesis Rage spell also does decent
damage. If you can weaken a Satyr enough you can grab it at any time and 
hopefully Kratos will perform a killing blow on it. 

Once you're done, go to the other end and lift up the door to reach a new area
of the garden. Start by going to the left and then turning left again. You
should find a RED ORB CHEST. Go back to the center, ignoring the large goblet
shaped object covered in vines. Go to the right to find a Blue Orb Chest. Face
this and go right again and around the corner to find two RED ORB CHESTS and a
special chest which is hidden by the gold dust. Bust out the Head of Helios to
uncover the chest with a GORGON EYE. Return to the Blue Orb Chest and go left
from it (up).

A gate will seal you in. Go forward and step on the round switch in the 
courtyard here. A short scene will show you what it does. When depressed, the
switch activates a stone which changes the enviornment based on perspective.
As you see, that dwarfed staircase you saw earlier, when viewed from the right
angle actually looks like a full staircase. If you go over there, you can
actually walk all the way up. The effect only lasts for a little while though.

Quickly interact with the gate in front of you (toward the bottom of the screen
in this new perspective). Jump over it and then turn to the left of the screen
and ascend the stairs. If the effect wears off, just go back and step on the
switch again.

Go along this walkway to a gate. Interact with it to raise it step through.
Slide down the ladder here and then walk toward the camera to find a RED ORB
CHEST. Go the other way now toward a large gap. Jump and glide over to an
opening on the left. Here you'll find a chest containing a MINOTAUR HORN. Now,
go back and cross the gap straight ahead. 

You'll find a pillar with a staircase on top. It's important so grab hold and
push it into the courtyard on your left. Leave it be for a moment and check out
the large goblet-like object. Jump inside and you'll discover it's a pressure
switch that, when weighed down, lowers a platform and also a gate below you.
When you get out though, they both revert back to their original positions.

To weigh this switch down permanently, grab that pillar again and rotate it
once clockwise. The higher steps of the staircase should be on the right. Now
push the pillar into the space between the goblet and the right wall where there
is a waterfall.

If done successfully, the switch should be pressed down by the water. The gate
lowers again so head over that way. When you get to the ramp, a scene starts.

You're back in the previous area. Go over to Hera's body and pick it up. You
can use this to weigh down the round switch which activates the Hyperion Gaze.
This will keep the effect on permanently so throw her body on top of it. This
makes the water flow down in an area above you. Before going there, look for
a grassy wall with bramble on it toward the top left. Shoot it with the Bow of
Apollo to burn it. 

Return to that pillar and grab it. Pull it over toward the left where the water
is flowing down. Without rotating it, push it into the space under the water
and it should flow the water onto the pressure switch. You only have one more
to do. 

Grab the pillar and push it down the ramp where you found Hera during the
scene. Push it all the way toward the bottom right where there is a space
between two platforms. Before pushing it in, rotate the pillar 180 degrees so
that the higher steps are on the left. When you put it in this space, the
effect of the Hyperion Gaze makes it so that the illusion of a continuous
staircase comes to life. 

Return to Hera's body, still weighing down the switch. Grab it and before the
effect runs out, bring it across your newly made illusion platform to an area
where you can reach the pressure switch. Interact to drop Hera's body inside.

All the platforms will be raised, letting you move on. However, you need
something new to weigh down the switch that activated the Hyperion Gaze. Go
find that trusty pillar again and pull it onto the switch. Now exit toward the
bottom, go left and ascend the stairs. Follow this path all the way up to get a
brief scene. After that, move to the end of the walkway.

Get the attention of the Harpy by using the Bow of Apollo. Ride it and several
other Harpies across this chasm. On the other side, replenish your meters by
opening the chests. Turn this crank at the bottom of the stairs to open the
door at the top. Before entering, be sure to investigate the area to the left
from the top of the stairs. A hidden chest revealed by the Head of Helios will
give you a GORGON EYE or Red Orbs. You can find a RED ORB CHEST across
from the save point.

You won't get very far into the next corridor before you encounter your newest
foe... scorpions? They're pretty weak and go down without much effort. So even
as more and more appear, you shouldn't fret. Break open a few pots, then kill
some more and continue on your merry way.

In the next room, you'll see an impossible-to-miss special chest that will hold
a PHOENIX FEATHER or Red Orbs if you got all the feathers. Straight ahead from
there is a large gear you can interact with to move the platform or rather, the
elevator, down.

Go straight into the cave ahead. Use the Head of Helios to keep some light.
There are pots to break and scorpions to decimate. Continue on into the next
area where more scorpions attack. From there, go left and you'll see light.
Head out into the open area and you'll return to...

                                  The Caverns

Grab some health from the chest if you need it, then jump and glide to the
platform ahead of you. After a scene, it's time to duke it out with some armored
cyclopses. You'll start with two, but more will appear. They shouldn't be too
tough to defeat though. You've probably noticed that heavy attacks like the
Plume of Prometheus cause them to stagger, which allows you to stay offensive.
Still, dodge when you need to and strike back, then finish them off with the

When the normal Cyclops appears, make that your immediate target. If the other
Cyclops become annoying, use Army of Sparta once or twice to help you out. 
Weaken the normal Cyclops and then ride it by using the QTE prompts. Several
more Cyclopses appear. Use this one to damage and hopefully kill a few of them.
Once it's useless, finish it off and then finish off any remaining enemies.

Before proceeding, be sure to grab the two special chests in the foreground
area of the platform. One will have a GORGON EYE and the other a MINOTAUR HORN.
Both will give Red Orbs if you've maxed out the respective meters. 

Jump to the platform in the back left. There is a chest to restore your health
with Green Orbs. Use the save point too if needed. It appears this nook is a 
dead end. Take a closer look however. Bust out the Head of Helios to reveal a
fake wall. 

The next chamber is large and just screams puzzle (it does to me at least). 
First, pry open the two RED ORB CHESTS tucked away on both the left and right
as you enter. After that, let's upgrade again. I meant to do it earlier but
forgot. I don't expect you to do it exactly when I do it anyway but I just make

I had roughly 22k Red Orbs which was a very nice amount. I got the last Blades
of Exile upgrade, then upgraded the Cestus, Claws of Hades, and the Nemesis
Whip. What was left over I put into the Nemesis Whip. 

Drop down into the chamber now. Take a look around first, as always. There are
some pots in a corner over toward the right. Right next to them is a nook that
is hard to see unless you get close enough. Inside is a special chest with 
either a PHOENIX FEATHER or Red Orbs. 

In the top left corner is a lever. Pulling it will cover a drain and raise the
water level. Using this, you can swim to the platform in the top left where you
will find a RED ORB CHEST. Next to it is a strange device you can't do anything
with... yet. Swim to the top right corner and climb the mesh grating here to
enter the next corridor. This takes you to a elevator. Throw the lever

This will take you to a dark cavern you with some precarious walkways. Do
yourself a favor and use the Head of Helios to light the way. Make your way over
to the left to find an alternating Green/Blue Orb chest. Go up from there
and light the area ahead. There's a gap to jump to reach a climbable wall so
be just a bit careful.

You'll find two Gorgons and a few other enemies. Try to counter their gaze with
the Golden Fleece and hit the button prompt to turn all surrounding enemies to

To the right, light the way first and see there is a gap to jump. Before running
up the wall, go to the right, using the Head of Helios to light your way and
carefully walk right and down. Turn right to a platform and climb up to two
RED ORB CHESTS and and a chest with a MINOTAUR HORN or more Red Orbs.

Return to the wall with the footprints and run up with the Boots of Hermes. 
Around the next corner more scorpions attack, but they are no match for the
Cyclone of Chaos, or what have you. Jump a fiery pit and break a few pots, then
head up the stairs.

Walk forward and find two chests with Green and Blue Orbs. Over to the right you
can find a RED ORB CHEST. Head to the left now, and carefully glide to the
hanging platform and from there to the large cube platform. 

Here, a horde of scoprions attack. Start flailing away at them until... the big
one shows up!

 _____                       _             
/  ___|                     (_)            
\ `--.  ___  ___  _ __ _ __  _  ___  _ __  
 `--. \/ __|/ _ \| '__| '_ \| |/ _ \| '_ \ 
/\__/ / (__| (_) | |  | |_) | | (_) | | | |
\____/ \___|\___/|_|  | .__/|_|\___/|_| |_|
                      | |                  

It starts off by trying to make Kratos a tasty snack. Mash L1 and R1 repeatedly
to break free. 

As you no doubt noticed, its legs are made of onyx. Use the Nemean Cestus and
nothing else this fight and aim for the legs. It can be tough to consistently
attack the legs when the boss moves. It will also be constantly swiping at you
with its claws, hitting you or trying to eat you again. There are also the
offspring scorpions. 

Try to focus on the legs and using quick but powerful combos. If the boss moves
around, just keep going to stay away from its claws. Focus on one side and break
the onyx on all of its legs. Also watch out for its tail which is a pain to
avoid and it hurts a lot.

After you hurt it enough, the boss will collapse. Make your way to his mouth
and start punching away with the Cestus. It won't take long before the grab icon
to appear. Start the minigame to have Kratos the dentist perform a little
surgery. After this, the boss will temporarily disappear.

Defeat the small scorpions that appear. If you need health, grab them to get
a few Green Orbs. From here on, the boss will show up again and stay on the
platform temporarily, then disappear again. Each time he disappears you can
recharge health from the mini scoprions. When he is on the platform, take care
of his other legs. 

Eventually you can attack his mouth again, beginning a new sequence after that.
Here you'll have to steer Kratos as he flies upward, dodging as many of the
chunks of ice he throws down at you. Get hit by too many and you'll have to
start over. At the end be prepared to hit a button prompt. Back on the platform,
rotate the Left Stick to finish the boss off. 

The boss freezes over. Shatter it with the Cestus, then shatter its tail to
reveal the Boreas Icestorm. Use this on the red device in the center of the
platform and watch what happens.

An air vent opens on the platform. Go over and deploy the Icarus Wings to fly
up to a new platform. Take this down and go past the second device, jumping on
the platform behind it. Go over to the left and shine the Head of Helios to find
a special chest. It will have Red Orbs if you've gotten everything.

Return to the device and use the Boreas Icestorm again and this lowers a grapple
point near where you got off the vent so head back there. You'll have to hit
a sequence of grapples and swings so time your jumps well. Eventually you can
land on another platform with another plate to use the Boreas Icestorm on.

This gets the current platform moving, but several enemies will join you. These
include shielded enemies, Minotaurs and Gorgons. Try to have the Gorgons do the
work for you by keeping them alive. Try to grab them and they instantly counter
with the stone gaze. If you raise the Golden Fleece against this you can hit
the button prompt and freeze the enemies.

More will show up so use the Cestus on them or have the Gorgon help you again.
After that, a new grapple point will eventually appear. Use this to swing out
of here and return to the point where you entered. 

Go past the save point again, down the corridor. You'll come back to the water
room. This time you have the Boreas Icestorm however and can activate the plate
in the top left. Activating it removes an obstacle in front of the wall here.
Use the Boots of Hermes to scale up the wall and take the following corridor
to some chests. Refill on your orbs here, then step forward to get a scene.

Before doing anything, head down to the right side of this cliff. You can find
two RED ORB CHESTS and one special chest which should have a GORGON EYE inside.
If you got them all (and you should probably have, especially if you've been
reading this guide!) it will have more Red Orbs.

Return to the area in front of Daedalus' cube. Jump up to reach the rope above
Kratos. Use it to pass through the cube and reach a hanging platform to drop
down onto. From here you'll be able to begin a grapple sequence. Some of them
just need to have R1 hit to reach the next one. Others you need to swing and
get the appropriate height for your jump so be patient. 

You eventually reach a platform where you can use the Boreas Icestorm to put all
the cubes in place. When you can move again, climb down the grating and then
jump to the opened platform on the right. Enter....

                                 The Labyrinth

As you enter, make a sharp left and investigate the corner here. Use the Head of
Helios to reveal a RED ORB CHEST. Now, go over to the Boreas plate and use the
Boreas Icestorm to change things around. 

A few statue enemies appear. They shouldn't be too tough by now, though these
two seem more durable, especially considering your Blades or Cestus should be
upgraded fairly well by now. They also take three button presses to kill in the
QTE so be ready for that. 

When a Cerberus shows up, aim for it and gain control of it. More statues and
many smaller dogs appear. Try to focus on getting as many of them in front of
you an unleashing the breath attack. The statues take a bit of punishment so
try to clear out the rest instead. Finish the statues off with the Cestus once
the Cerberus no longer wants to cooperate. 

Go up the stairs into the next room. On the left is a hidden chest you can again
reveal with the Head of Helios. It should hopefully have just Red Orbs inside
instead of anything else. 

Now go over to the plate on the right and use the Boreas Icestorm. This flips
the room around also. Your goal will be to get to the lever all the way up top.
First, there are two chests in the top right but they are semi guarded by a
furnace. What you want to do is stand very close to the furnace but not too
close. Once the fire disappers, run up to one chest and open it, then back away.
The fire will reappear very quickly so you have to shave off as much time as
possible. Once it goes away again, prop open the other chest. 

Head over to the left side and the idea will be the same. Stay near the flames
but not too close. When they go away, quickly jump as high as you can on the
mesh grating in the back and climb up. You'll switch to the ceiling of the above
moving block. Keep going toward the camera and hit X to move faster. Before the
fire below reignites, Kratos should escape to the adjacent side. 

Climb over to the right and wait for the two spiked blocks to crash together.
They'll slam into each other a few times then stay locked together for a very
brief moment. Be all the way over to the right when this happens and you should
see Kratos lean and take that opportunity to jump over to the right block. 

Climb up and just stay there. Wait for the highest block that has the lever on
it to stretch out and hit the far wall just above you. When it begins to retract
pull yourself up and then jump and climb onto the mesh on the back wall. Wait
for that block to shoot across again and when it does, drop onto it from above.
When it pulls back again, throw the lever to open the door below.

Drop down and hop into the newly opened door. Follow the walkway all the way to
a similar door that opens up automatically when you get there. Time for another
puzzle room.

This one reminds me a little bit of a puzzle from the fourth main temple of
Zelda: Majora's Mask. In any case, your goal here is to get the big weight you
see toward the top right up on the ledge where a round pressure switch is. You
can't lift it though, so you need to figure something else out. 

The Boreas plate here again makes the room flip around. The adjacent plate will
put it back. Doing so makes the weight move around, just due to simple gravity.
you need to use this to your advantage to get it in the right spot to get onto
the ledge. It may be confusing at first but flipping the room back and forth a
few times makes it more clear. To solve the puzzle do the following:

o Grab the weight and pull it toward the left side, just to the left of the
Boreas plate. 
o Activate the Boreas plate
o Pull the weight up toward the top of the screen and near the right wall
o Activate the Boreas Plate

This should get the weight on the platform with the pressure switch. Go up there
and push it on top to open the exit. Use the Boots of Hermes to get out of here.

The next room will be more of a combat challenge. Once you activate the plate
in the back it will create a timed mechanism in this room. Different sections
of the floor will raise up spikes and yes, they'll kill you instantly. Good for
you however, they'll also kill the enemies which can be taken advantage of 
quite easily. After some time passes, the entire floor will raise spikes and
you'll need to escape but we'll get to that in a quick minute.

This room gets extremely annoying because of the fact that you start all over
if you die on the second side. As a few general tips, focus on just being aware
of your surroundings and knowing where the spikes are gonna be. If you can
lure the Minotaurs toward them and then escape just in time, you can have an
easy time killing them. 

Another tip: use the Cestus and nothing else. Feel free to switch if you want
but if the Cestus has been upgraded at least once it is probably the best
choice. Make use of its magic as well as Army (and Rage) of Sparta. Be liberal
in using your magic but try to save most of it for the second side. 

Regardless of whether or not all the enemies are slain, eventually spikes will
threaten to rise all over the floor. A Harpy appears at this moment. Now, don't
make a mistake and grab onto it as soon as it appears. Wait a moment and listen
to the ticker get faster. When it gets a bit faster, grab the Harpy and you can
escape as the room flips over. If there are enemies still alive, they can make
this difficult by harrassing you. Try to get away from them and grab the Harpy
from a safe distance.

This side is much more annoying and difficult. Again, don't use anything other
than your magic and the Cestus. The Head of Helios may also be useful. Bash
on the enemies, including Sirens and start killing them one by one. Again, use
magic liberally. The spikes here cover entire halves of the room so be careful
and always have time to escape. Another thing to keep in mind is never ever ever
do the grab attacks on weakened Sirens. It's not worth it. If you grab a Siren
and then spikes appear below you, you're dead. Don't do it. You can save time
and save your ass by just bashing a weakened Siren with the Nemean Cestus. 

It's a really tough challenge but you can eventually overcome it. The Sirens
will probably be the only enemies remaining when the room flips again. You won't
be attacked by any more spikes so just finish them off. Be careful if you have
low health after all that though. Luckily if they kill you, you shouldn't have
to do the entire room over again.

I decided to upgrade again at this point. I upgraded the Claws of Hades, maxing
them out, and then two upgrades for the Nemesis Whip and one for the Cestus.
What was left over I poured into the Cestus. Do what you want, if you haven't
already been upgrading. 

Move through the opened door once you're done and restock using the chests. Save
your game also and approach the cage. It's locked by an onyx crystal so use
the Cestus. Lift the door and you'll get a scene.

After that, lift the opposite door to exit. There is a special chest hidden
to your immediate right so use the Head of Helios. By now, it should just be
Red Orbs. 

At the end of the path, grab Pandora to pick her up and then hit R1 to boost her
onto the ledge. Double jump to get up there yourself. Enter the next room. 

Gorgons and undead soldiers attack. The Gorgons should be easy prey to your
upgraded weapons so focus on them and when they're weak, intitiate the minigame
to kill them and turn other enemies to stone. 

Once the threat is over, use the Head of Helios to reveal a hidden RED ORB
CHEST on the left side of the room. Next, go over to the top right where Pandora
is and operate the crank here. It opens a door where she can slip through and
step on a pressure switch for Kratos. It reveals a Boreas plate so use that to
make the room flip.

Once you do though, some blades threaten to slice up poor Pandora. You need to
be pretty fast here. As soon as you have control, jump over to the left. Move
left, then jump up to the top mesh and jump over to the left, down and then left
again. Immediately slide down when you're over the platform and use the crank
to free Pandora. 

That part is really demanding as far as the time you're alloted goes. It really
requires you to move fast so hit X to cover more ground when you climb and don't
get stuck. 

On the left side of this platform, reveal a hidden RED ORB CHEST by using the
Head of Helios. Now, grab Pandora and lift her up to the opening in the gold
bars. She'll climb up and out of sight but the bars will open. Climb up after
her and you'll find her in trouble in the next room. 

First, open the special chest on the right side of the room for Red Orbs. Then,
go to the top left and pull this wall section out all the way. This reveals a
Hermes Boots section but also floods Pandora's cell. You'll have to move fast

Scale the wall with the Boots of Hermes and then jump onto Pandora's cell. Climb
the mesh wall back here and then move to the right side of the room. The panel
here should fall down and a large block should shoot outward. Climb back up and
have Kratos climb on the underside of the block. Hit X to move faster as you
climb to the front side of the block and eventually get to the top. Use the
Boreas Icestorm here. 

This flips the room upside down. Now, don't drop down. Keep moving and again
climb to the front side of the block and get on top. It will begin to retract,
so very quickly, jump to the wall. Climb over to the right. You should see a
large spiked block fall down. When it falls down, jump to the mesh wall on the
right and then climb straight up and over to get on top of Pandora's cell again.
Operate the crank here to lower the cell and reveal a Boreas plate. Use it
quickly and that will drain the water. 

Break open Pandora's cell and interact with her to get her up and moving again.
Follow her out the door to a few chests and a save point. You'll get a long
cutscene up ahead. 

After that, step onto the elevator and it will take you down into Daedalus'
cube. It'll start off with Sirens. Deal with them as you would, making sure they
don't stay up in the air (use Combat Grapple) and grabbing them when they are
weakened. Since they drop Blue Orbs if you kill them that way, feel free to use
some magic. 

Once one Siren dies, a few shielded foes appear. Switch to the Cestus if you
weren't already using it. A good Nemean Roar removes just about all of their
shields. Bash them around a bit and feel free to use whatever weapons you want.
Eventually, two Wraiths will appear. Remember to grab them with Combat Grapple
when they hide in the ground. 

They'll keep on coming, with more shielded enemies, Minotaurs, more Sirens and
more Wraiths. Incorporate the Head of Helios and Bow of Apollo into your attacks
just to mix it up a bit (and make progress toward respective Trophies). The
Cestus of course, being a big damage dealer is a prime choice, but nearly any
weapons with max or near max upgrades are. To keep things easier, make sure to
kill the Sirens with the grab QTEs and get magic back. You could expend some
of that magic to summon the Gorgon with the Claws of Hades if things get dicey.

Once the enemies eventually fall, reveal two chests, one on the left, one on
the right (if you didn't already) and open them for Red Orbs most likely.

Read the note on the ground if you'd like, then head over to the left and use
the crank. Step on the switch above and that will raise the platform and that
will take a moment.

Once you have control again, follow Pandora. Use the save point and then 
approach her for a scene. This will start a.. falling sequence, as opposed to a
flying one. Again the object is the same: avoid obstacles. This one can be
particularly tough though due to the sheer amount of stuff you have to avoid.
It can really get cramped here so find your opening fast. Some sections are much
easier than others and obviously, the more health you have, the better. 

Once you touch down, you'll be back in...

                            JUDGES OF THE UNDERWORLD

Your return is answered by a large Cerberus, the kind that can create mutant
offspring. I say mutant because these smaller dogs are ticking time bombs. This
makes the fight more difficult. The dogs will eventually come to rest if you
let them and explode. Enough times and this will be a real problem for your
health meter. 

Try to grab them whenever possible which can be tough with how they move around.
Grab them and Kratos can kick them at the big one which is where you want to
focus all of your attacks. 

Weaken it and you can grab it to chop off one head with a button prompt. After
that, a Satyr will join the party (oh great). Keep trying to kick the dogs
and when the Satyr draws near, block and parry its attacks and fire back.
Without any walls, it is much less of a threat since it can't do that
unblockable impale attack. 

Once you weaken the Cerberus again, remove another head. This time, two Satyrs
show up. I'd recommend switching to the Claws of Hades and summoning the Gorgon
to freeze them for easy kills. This allows you to focus primarily on the 
Cerberus. Switch between attacks of the Blades or Cestus with the dogs. You can
eventually finish the beast off.

The bars lower. Return to the pressure switch in the center and step on it.
You are shown the weakness in the chain: onyx. The chain won't stay in place
though so first, we have to do something about those judges. 

First, you now have the Head of Helios. Remember the gold dust areas in this
place? They can now be revealed for special chests with Red Orbs (or the
remaining items you still need to max out your meters). The top left area also
has its chest refilled. If you didn't throw the lever though, you'll have to
use the portals to make your way back here. 

Go to the top right area and before you enter that alcove, use the Head of
Helios to reveal a chest on the left. Enter the portal. 

Go left from where you arrive and you'll notice the block of onyx on the back
of the head of the judge. Attack this with the Cestus to break it. Now, when
you try to leave, dogs and Sirens appear. Kick the dogs at the Sirens, then
weaken them with your Blades or Cestus. 

Move around to the right, passing another hidden chest area that you can 
reveal. Keep going to reach the next judge. Break the onyx on his head and then
deal with the incoming shield enemies who put up absolutely no threat to your

Moving on, go down the corridor. At the end, there is gold dust to the immediate
left so use the Head of Helios to reveal a chest. If you go to the right, you
can also find the portal that will take you down below to the area with the
refilled chest, in case the bars were raised preventing you from reaching it

Proceed now and you'll find a Satyr and two shield guys. Use the Cestus and
give them a beating. With the Cestus, you can hopefully weaken the Satyr
quickly enough that if you grab it, you can just mash Circle to instantly
kill it. If Kratos just hits it in the head with its own weapon, it's not weak
enough yet. 

Crushing Strike with the Nemean Cestus (L1 + Triangle) is a very nice move to
use if you have upgraded enough. Just keep on the attack, even as a second
Satyr appears. You can always use whatever you want. The fight shouldn't be
too tough.

After that, climb down the vines on the right wall to reach the final judge.
Destroy the onyx and climb back up. Use the nearest portal to return to ground
level. Attack the onyx on the chains and destroy them to get a scene. 

Now you have to fly up again. This sequence is really short and easy. Just focus
on dodging the fiery rocks, since they will destroy other obstacles. It's really
short like I said and should be no problem. You'll get a scene afterwards.

Before going anywhere, expend your Red Orbs if you haven't fully upgraded
everything. I had more than enough to get my last two upgrades. If you did as
well, you can get the "Maxed Out!" Trophy. 

Use the grapple point to get onto the chain and start climbing that long and
arduous climb. You'll eventually and finally return to...

                              The Flame of Olympus

If necessary, there are more things to find up here so before you pounce on
the ultimate power waiting for you, there are some things to find. If you're
on the verge of maxing everything out then this will be helpful. 

Ignore the stairs and go to the back of the room, near where another chain
is. If you were reading before, you know there is a secret area here revealed
with the Head of Helios. It should be open so hop in and find all the chests
refilled. Use the Nemean Cestus to break down the onyx blocking two chests
you couldn't reach earlier. This will be roughly in the neighborhood of 3000
Red Orbs (if you got Red Orbs from the special chest). Hopefully this will
help if you're close to upgrading everything.

Go up the stairs and there are two more RED ORB CHESTS in the bottom left side
but they have very little to give. 

In any case, you know what you're here for. Go to the crank and start using it.
Without the chain holding it down, the protection covering Pandora's Box is
lifted. A scene starts up.

|___  /                
   / /   ___ _   _ ___ 
  / /   / _ \ | | / __|
./ /___|  __/ |_| \__ \
\_____/ \___|\__,_|___/
The moment you've been waiting for. The fight starts off with a 2D style battle
where you can only move forward (similar to a certain fight in God of War II)
and back. This part is very very easy though. Just swipe at Zeus and get in
quick combos.

His attacks consist of a three hit combo that ends with an electrical burst, and
a jumping attack where he'll throw lightning down at you from above. If you've
become at least somewhat proficient at parrying, you can take advantage of it
here. Zeus advertises his punches well, giving you decent time to parry and
that leaves him open to a few swipes of your blades. Zeus is also very
vulnerable when he jumps up into the air. Jump up to him and grab him in the
air to do a cool attack. Do this repeatedly and keep striking him to move on to
the next phase. 

Same deal but now he adds in a lightning attack that travels along the ground.
This can be blocked and parried too, although the counterattack doesn't hit 
Zeus very easily. Still, this makes his lightning attack ineffective for the
most part, making this part of the fight very simple. Keep attacking and try
to parry his jabs and strike back. Eventually he'll succumb and you can grab
him to initiate a three button prompt QTE. 

After a scene, you will have control again. Go over to the top right area where
the save point is. Use it, for the last time and head outside. Jump and glide
from the ledge to the area down below. After another quick scene, it's back
to business. 

In this phase, Zeus gets a bit tougher. He'll still have his punches but now
he has a few more attacks. He'll have a new downward punch that starts up a
small combo that will throw you into the air, at which point he'll hit you with
some energy. He'll also throw electrical energy at you individually. Both of
these attacks can be blocked and parried and parrying the energy blasts sends
them back at him. Zeus may also unleash an attack where he hits the ground from
the air and sends out a powerful but short range shockwave. His other attack
is where he'll run at you and hit you which can't be blocked but doesn't hurt
too much. Evade this attack when you see him charging it.

For the most part the fight really isn't too tough. Parry his attacks as much
as possible and evade the rest. Eventually, something will start happening and
a scene will inevitably take over. 

You'll emerge in a familiar place and a blood trail will take you down an also
familiar path. Make your way through and you'll arrive at...

                                 Heart of Gaia

It's empty and quiet for now. You'll notice the onyx rocks guarding Gaia's heart
which can now be destroyed with the Cestus. Use them to break the rocks and
reveal some bramble. Whip out your bow and burn that. 

Now, attack the heart with all you've got and you'll slowly gain Green Orbs to
restore your lost health. After you see Gaia in pain, continue attacking until
you-know-who shows up again.

 ______                 ______ _             _  ______       _   _   _      
|___  /                 |  ___(_)           | | | ___ \     | | | | | |     
   / /   ___ _   _ ___  | |_   _ _ __   __ _| | | |_/ / __ _| |_| |_| | ___ 
  / /   / _ \ | | / __| |  _| | | '_ \ / _` | | | ___ \/ _` | __| __| |/ _ \
./ /___|  __/ |_| \__ \ | |   | | | | | (_| | | | |_/ / (_| | |_| |_| |  __/
\_____/ \___|\__,_|___/ \_|   |_|_| |_|\__,_|_| \____/ \__,_|\__|\__|_|\___|
His attacks will not have changed. He will have one nasty new ace up his
sleeve however and that is to create copies of himself. He won't do that until
you hurt him enough though. For now, just attack him with your Blades, Cestus,
whatever you want. Note that his lunge attack can now be parried. 

After dealing enough damage, Zeus will go to the heart and recharge. Son of a...
At this point, he'll start making copies on the fly. Things get a bit trickier
here and you'll probably take some damage. Go to Army of Sparta and other magic
or other attacks. Some copies will vanish with enough force. 

What makes the fight more aggravating is that Zeus will continue to heal himself
given the chance. Make sure you know where the real Zeus is (the clones are sort
of like ghosts and are not "solid"). Pay close attention and note when he goes
into the corner or something and gets down on his knee. An electrical energy
will go around his body on the ground in a circle. This means he's about to go
charge Gaia's heart and heal himself. You can stop this by attacking him
relentlessly while he's doing this in the corner and stop him from running off.
If he makes it to the heart, get him out of there quickly. 

You'll really need to watch your health in this fight. The clones he makes are
a constant annoyance. Whenever you see the opportunity, try to attack Gaia's
heart and get some Green Orbs. Always keep your eye on the real Zeus and beware
when he is about to do the same. Area attacks like Army of Sparta, Nemean Roar
and others will help try to keep the clones in check. Now is a perfect time to
use Rage of Sparta as well. 

You can probably end up using Rage of Sparta more than once in this fight if
you use it early. The clones can sometimes drop orange orbs to restore that
meter. Don't let it go to waste!

At one point Zeus will create clones while in the air. Each clone will hit the
ground, unleashing a shockwave so be ready to evade. Beware that the real Zeus
will create an even bigger shockwave when he hits the ground last. 

Use your Blades, Army of Sparta, the Cestus and the Nemean Roar and anything you
have to keep Zeus hurting. Eventually, he will stagger and you can grab him.

The QTE will go as follows: Mash Circle, mash L1 + R1, then three button prompts
in a row. Mash L1 + R1 again, then Circle again. L1 + R1 yet again, followed by
a Left Analog Stick prompt where you have to rotate it clockwise once. L1 + R1
again, then three button prompts, followed by L1 + R1 once again. At that point
you can hold L2 and R2 and release when you're ready. Mash Circle and you're

Watch the scene that follows. 

When you have control again, approach the body and remove the Blade of Olympus.
Another short scene starts and when you awaken, all your possessions lay on
the ground and the figure will grab Kratos. Tap Circle but it will be in vain.

This next sequence will see you in a very dark realm. If you need to pause to
take a break or whatever, hit Select as Start will do nothing. Head forward,
it's the only way to go. You'll pass by an unlit candleabra and a lantern. Just
go past and find a bloodtrail. Follow it all the way to a scene from the past.

Go past the blood immediately in front of you and off to the right a bit. You'll
hear a familiar voice and a new path will open up. You should eventually see
the candleabra and another object in the distance. Arrive there for a short
scene and you'll gain a lantern with a blue flame. 

Continue forward. You'll inevitably return to the previous scene but now you
can interact with it and something will change. Follow the blue flame that

It'll take you to another new vision of the past. Run by it and try to keep
going but stop when the camera points you back to the vision. Return to it and

Follow the blue flame again to a cliff where you can interact. This will take
you to a sea of blood. Find your lantern and swim to it. Pick it up and then
explore this area. There's nowhere to go really so just swim around and listen
to the voices. Eventually the blue flame will appear again.

Follow it. You'll be swimming for a long time, hearing more and more haunting
voices. It'll be a long journey, but you'll inevitably end up at... Pandora's
Box. Open it. 

You'll return to the real world and with a new power. Hope. With blades in hand
in this first person view, attack ghostly Zeus with Square or Triangle. He can't
hurt you back, even if you let him attack. Just keep attacking and eventually
he will be vanquished. This starts up another QTE where you can mash Circle over
and over and over to beat on Zeus. Eventually the blood will cover up the
screen entirely. When it does, feel free to keep tapping Circle. Got some pent
up stress/rage? Let it out here. When you're done, stop hitting the button and
you'll get a scene. At the end there will be one last button prompt to do. This
is followed by another scene.

The scene is the last one of the game. Sit back and watch the end of the tale.

Congratulations! You've beaten God of War III!

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 |  | |  | |  |  Miscellaneous                                          [itro]
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Frequently Asked Questions     [fak4u]
1) How come there is no New Game+ this time around?
A) The game was made a bit more puzzle-y so you'd be starting with items that
let you get to certain areas much earlier, or so on. 

2) Do Godly Possessions carry over?
A) On the same difficulty yes. They do not carry over on runs on other

3) I heard Godly Possessions disable Trophies. Is that true?
A) Yes.

4) If I am trying to look for remaining Godly Possessions to get the Trophy,
is it ok if I use the ones I already have?
A) Absolutely not. They DISABLE Trophies.

5) Can I activate a Godly Possession, then turn it off when I'm about to earn
a potential Trophy?
A) I'm not 100% sure but, I'd say the answer is no. Activating them most likely
disables Trophies for the entire playthrough. You'd have to start a New Game to
earn Trophies again. I could be wrong though.

6) How am I supposed to get the "Maxed Out" Trophy when there is no New Game+
and using the Hermes Coin would disable Trophies? HOW?!
A) It's not THAT hard. Getting more practice with the game will help you get
better at combos to earn more orbs from enemies. Also, try to find as many
Red Orb Chests and special chests as possible. 


None yet!

Special Thanks

-Sony Santa Monica for making a great series as the God of War games

-All readers who have gotten helped from any of my guides and thanked me for it

Contact Info
If you have questions, please read the FAQ section just above. Also try using
ctrl+f to search for a keyword in your question. If you still have questions or
have comments, feel free to e-mail me. I will try to get back to you within a
day or two. A few guidelines below for e-mails, please read. 

First, I prefer e-mails that have clear and helpful subject titles. Things that
are straight to the point like "God of War guide" "GOW Help" or so on are very
appreciated. Subjects like "HELP!!!!!" and other ones in all caps like that,
I tend to ignore these for a while so avoid it, please. 

I will always consider submitted information and decide if it's good enough to
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something, let me know but please, please leave me with a screen name or an
alias you use. I do not use real names or e-mail addresses to credit people.
So please give me an alternate name to use for crediting you. If you don't I
will try to reply back to you. If you don't get back to me after that, I will
not be using your tip. That's just how it is. The more detailed and the more
comprehensive your tips or strategies are, the better. I do not credit for
small things like typo fixes or information corrections. 

E-mail: veritas7ax@gmail.com

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