Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox360 FAQ/Walkthrough

                                                 |   |
      _______  _______    ______   ___ ___    ___|   |
    .'       ||       '..'      '.|   '   '..'       |
    |   ..   ||   ||   ||___'|   ||   ||   ||   ||   |
    |   ||   ||       < .----'   ||   ||   ||   ||   |
    |   ||   ||   ..   ||   ..   ||   ||   ||   ||   |
    |   ''   ||   ||   ||   ''   ||   ||   ||   ''   |
    '.___    ||___||   |'._______||___||___|'._______|
     .---'   |     |   '----.
    |_______.' ___ '.___    |                           ___
            .-'   '----.|   '---.  .------. .-------..-'   '----.
            '_     ____||        ||        ||    ____|'_     ____|
              |   |.---.|   ||   ||   ||   ||   '----.  |   |.---.
              |   ||   ||   ||   ||    ____||    ____|  |   ||   |
              |   ||   ||   ||   ||   |.---.|   |       |   ||   |
              |        ||   ||   ||        ||   |       |        |
               '------' '---''---' '------' '---'        '------' 
      ______   ___  ___    ___        ______    _____  ______  ______
    .'      '.|   ||   |.-'   '----..'      '. |     ||      ||      |
    |___'|   ||   ||   |'_     ____||   ..   | |     ||_    _||_    _|
    .----'   ||   ||   |  |   |.---.|   ||   |  |   |   \   \  /   /
    |   ..   ||   ||   |  |   ||   ||   ||   |  |   |    \   \/   /
    |   ''   ||   ''   |  |   ''   ||   ''   | |     |    \      /
    '._______|'.______.'  '.______.''.______.' |_____|     \____/

            FAQ/Walkthrough and ASCII art by ElectroSpecter
                             Version 0.35
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| Introduction                                                                |

It's been a while since I've gotten the inclination to crunch out a guide, but
that feeling strikes again. It's possible that GTAIV will kill my drive to 
write a guide for a long time, but we'll see how things go.

This guide was originally going to be a joint project with video walkthroughs 
for tougher missions and locations of the Flying Rats and Unique Stunt Jumps, 
but I'm still unclear on Take Two's policy with uploading gameplay videos. If 
this issue happens to be resolved at any point, I will upload all the freakin' 
videos that I got ready as supplements to the guide.

As for the PayPal donation plug... It's just a simple request. If you like what
I've presented here, and are feeling generous, I welcome any donations. 

Also, please email me if you have any concerns with the guide, find any 
mistakes (spelling, grammatical, or otherwise), or have a great strategy that 
you feel works better / just as good / faster / more interesting than mine.

| Contents                                                                    |

- FAQs
- General Strategies
- Walkthrough

  1. The Cousins Bellic
  2. It's Your Call
  3. Three's a Crowd
  4. Brian: Encounter #1
  5. Bleed Out
  6. First Date
  7. Easy Fare
  8. Jamaican Heat
  9. Concrete Jungle
  10. Bull in a China Shop
  11. Hung Out to Dry
  12. Freeform Fun
  13. Brian: Encounter #2
  14. Clean Getaway
  15. Ivan the Not So Terrible
  16. Uncle Vlad
  17. Crime and Punishment
  18. Do You Have Protection?
  19. Brian: Encounter #3
  20. Shadow
  21. Badman

- 100% Checklist
- Vigilante and Most Wanted
- Drug Delivery Missions
- Random Characters
- Flying Rat Locations
- Unique Stunt Jump Locations                                                 
- Girlfriends / Friends    
- Phone Fun
- Weapon and Body Armor Locations
- Multiplayer                                                   
- XBox 360 Achievements                                                       
- Credits                                                                    
- Version History                                                            
- Legal                                                                      

| Walkthrough                                                                 |

The way I wrote this walkthrough was in a more linear fashion than the game 
actually requires you to play through. I decided to do it this way simply 
because this is what I would be looking for in a guide if I needed to find one 

That being said, you can actually just skip around to whatever mission you want 
to by reading the contents. There are a few missions I'll have written 
strategies for that will assume that you've done some things before the 
mission, but for the most part, you can use the walkthrough as a case-by-case 
mission reference as well.

Each mission description has three parts: The basics, an overview of the 
different stages of the mission, and a detailed walkthrough. Later in the 
guide, if it's ever possible to upload gameplay videos without fear of 
copyright issues, there will be YouTube links as well.

| 1. THE COUSINS BELLIC                                                [M001] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereq:  Start the game!
Starts:  East Hook, by the ship
Ends:    Hove Beach, Roman's Place
Rewards: Safe House (Roman's Place)
         Off The Boat - 5G (X360 Achievement)
Unlocks: It's Your Call


1. Follow the GPS to Roman's Place while learning about the game's controls 
   (and well endowed women). Just don't blow the car up or kill Roman!

This intro mission starts as soon as the opening cutscenes end. Your cousin 
Roman is a bit too much over the line to drive, and so Niko takes the wheel.
There are a lot of things going on at first (drunken chatter, the game's 
control tutorial), but you can take some time while you're not on the roads to 
practice driving. When you're ready, follow the yellow GPS line on the mini-map 
(in the bottom left corner) to reach Roman's Place.

When you get inside, you'll be introduced to the game's saving and auto-save 
features. Take a moment to peruse the menus and familiarize yourself with 
everything. When you exit the house, you'll also be taught about the game's 
"garage" system (similar to the garage system for saving cars in the previous 
GTA games, minus the actual garages) and how to heal by eating food from a 

And guess what? A lot of the game has already opened up to you, so go ahead and 
run around if you want. Roman can wait, and there's plenty to do around the 

If you're playing the XBox360 version of the game, you'll have gotten the "Off 
The Boat" Achievement (5G).

When you are ready though, head to the R icon on the map. You can either sweat 
it out on foot, or just nab a car and head over. Look around first if you 
decide to jack a car though, since there are sometimes police milling around. 
This will be good practice for later.

| 2. IT'S YOUR CALL                                                    [M002] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereq:  The Cousins Bellic
Starts:  Hove Beach, Cab Office
Ends:    Hove Beach, Cab Office
Rewards: Cell Phone
         Roman as a cell phone contact
Unlocks: Brian (Friend)
         Three's a Crowd


1. Drive Roman to the hardware store.

2. Roman gives you a cell phone and heads in. After a while, loan sharks pull 
   up and start to head into the building (don't attack or scare them!). Use
   your phone to call Roman before they get into the building.

3. They begin to chase you. Quickly follow the GPS back to the Cab office to 
   lose them.

The mission begins similar to the first one; you're in Roman's taxi driving him 
somewhere. This time, it's to a hardware store, but this mission has nothing to 
do with tools. Instead, Roman is gambling and trying to make up some lost 
money. So just head to the hardware store.

When you arrive, you can just park in the spot out front, but to make things 
easier later on, head PAST the parking spot, turn around, and park facing the 
other way (assuming you were following the GPS). Roman gives you his old cell 
phone before heading inside.

As you're waiting, use the right analog stick to look around. Roman will call 
you after a bit, and you can answer if you'd like. Soon after that, the 
Albanian loan sharks will pull up on the other side of the street (Niko will 
spot them, even if you don't, and drop an audio clue). At this point, press up 
on the d-pad to pull up the cell phone menu. Press A to enter the phone book 
and call Roman before the loan sharks enter the building (or else the mission 
will end). 

Roman books it out of the building and hops in the car. If you parked facing 
the other way like I mentioned, you can just drive straight and follow the 
yellow line. Otherwise, you can either drive past the loan sharks and double 
back to the GPS route, or spin the car around quickly. Either way it's not 
really that hard, although they will begin shooting at you if you get too close.

When you reach the cab office, the mission will end.

Roman will have a new mission for you, but not immediately. You can just run 
around the block a few times until the R appears though.

| 3. THREE'S A CROWD                                                   [M003] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereq:  It's Your Call
Starts:  Hove Beach, Cab Office
Ends:    Hove Beach, Russian Shop
Rewards: Michelle as a cell phone contact and potential girlfriend
         Some free clothes
Unlocks: First Date
         Bleed Out


1. Drive to the subway station to pick up Mallorie and Michelle (use your horn 
   to get their attention).

2. Drive to Michelle's apartment to drop them off.

3. Roman suggests buying some new clothes to better impress the ladies. Drive 
   there and buy at least one article of clothing (the first one will be free).

Another simple mission. Head over to the subway station to pick up Mallorie and 
her friend Michelle. Mallorie will more or less set you up with Michelle, and 
she gets added to your contacts list on your phone when you drive them back to 
Michelle's apartment. 

Niko now speaks to Roman on the cell phone, and Roman suggests getting some new 
clothes at a Russian Shop in Hove Beach. Head there now, and head inside. You 
can try on most of the clothes and accessories that you see here, and you'll 
need to buy at least one article of clothing to complete the mission. Find 
something you like, and purchase it. This first piece will be on the house, but 
any additional clothes you want will have to come out of your own funds. This 
ends the mission.

There's a tiny branch in missions now. You can call Michelle and ask her out on 
a date, or wait for her to call you. Either way, the phone call will end in a 
date for Niko, and an M/Heart icon will appear on the mini-map.

Before we do that, however, there's someone new we can meet. If you open up 
your map and look about a block east from the Platypus (the ship Niko shipped 
in on), you should see a blue "person" icon. Basically, he's right near Roman's 
Cab Office. This is Brian, and he appeared when we finished Mission 2. Head 
there now.

| 4. BRIAN: ENCOUNTER #1                                               [M004] |

Chain:   Brian
Prereq:  It's Your Call
Starts:  Hove Beach, Cab Office
Ends:    Hove Beach, Cab Office
Rewards: $100
Unlocks: Brian: Encounter #2

Approach Brian to trigger an exchange. You'll make a quick $100. It's a shame 
there aren't more rich young cokeheads around, eh?

Before you start the next mission, I suggest you arm yourself (a baseball bat 
will do fine), so let's go find one. First, head back to your safehouse and 
save if you want. When you exit the house, head straight across the street, 
into the alley, and straight into the alcove in the building in front of you. 
There should be a baseball bat sitting in the tall grass. 

To continue, head north towards Michelle's icon. When you get near her house, 
Roman will call you and ask for help. You can ignore him and go on your date 
with Michelle, but Roman will be sent to the hospital, and you'll have to pick 
him up and drive him home before attempting his mission. If you want to skip 
this step, snub Michelle for now and rush to Roman's aid.

| 5. BLEED OUT                                                         [M005] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereq:  Three's a Crowd
Starts:  Firefly Projects, Basketball Court
Ends:    Hove Beach, Cab Office
Rewards: $50
Unlocks: Easy Fare (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)


Conditional: If you are doing this mission after First Date, you'll have to 
drive Roman home from the hospital first.

1. Drive to the basketball court in the Firefly Projects.

2. Beat up Bledar and Kalem. Darden is here too and takes off in his car. Hop 
   in Roman's car and give chase.

3. Darden will jump out of his car at some point and proceed on foot. Chase him
   and finish him off.

4. Drive Roman back to the cab office.

When you reach the basketball court, head over towards the vicinity of Roman to 
trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, the game will give you a tutorial while Bledar 
attempts to fight. You can follow the tutorial if you'd like, but it's actually 
kind of dangerous to get low on health before the mission is over. If you 
picked up the bat, as I suggested, just beat Bledar a few times to drop him, 
and then focus your efforts on Kalem.

When they're down, Roman will spot Darden, who jets off when he's spotted. 
Follow Roman out of the court to his waiting cab and give chase. By the time 
you make it out of the court and Roman gets in the car, Darden will have had 
quite a head start. Follow him on the radar (use down on the d-pad to zoom out 
if you'd like), and you should catch up with him shortly. 

He'll speed up the moment you draw close to him, and it's very difficult to 
catch up to him. Concentrate on driving at a speed that isn't too fast, but 
don't lose sight of Darden. It is worse to drive too fast and hit tons of stuff 
than driving a bit slower.

There are a few scripted cars and trucks that will be in your way during the 
chase. Specifically, watch out for the garbage truck. When you see it, get 
ready to take a quick left turn to follow Darden. Soon after this, he will hop 
out of his car. Run after him up all the flights of stairs, where you will 
corner him in a room. 

Darden wields a knife, and so it's important that you either have a bit of 
health remaining or brought the baseball bat. The bat will make short work of 
him, and you can pick up the knife after if you want. If you don't have the 
bat, your best bet is to remain on the defensive, tap A to dodge his attack 
when he strikes, and tap one of the other melee buttons to disarm him.

After he's down, hop in Roman's car and head back to the cab depot to end the 

Now head to Michelle's icon for the next mission.

| 6. FIRST DATE                                                        [M006] |

Chain:   Michelle
Prereq:  Three's a Crowd
Starts:  Rotterdam Hill, Michelle's Apartment
Ends:    Rotterdam Hill, Michelle's Apartment
Rewards: Gobble Gobble - 10G (X360 Achievement) - 3 strikes in a row (Turkey)
Unlocks: Easy Fare (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)


1. Watch the tutorial on girlfriends and friends.

2. Watch the slightly awkward conversation between Niko and Michelle.

3. Drive to the carnival and take Michelle bowling.

4. Drive Michelle home.

Michelle will hop in the car with you after you go and get her. Depending on 
whether you're doing this mission before or after Bleed Out, you'll have a 
different conversation with Michelle on the drive over to the boardwalk.

When you get there, get out of the car, head up the steps in front of you to 
the actual boardwalk, and head left. You'll see the rather suggestive bowling 
alley sign off in the distance, so walk there with Michelle (or run, she 
doesn't mind). 

You'll get a free game when you're inside, so pick a lane to begin playing. Pay 
attention to the controls, since you can't just wave the controller around like 
a madman like on other consoles (even though Wii bowling is a lot of fun).

If you bowl three strikes in a row, you can earn the "Gobble Gobble" 
Achievement (10G), but it's definitely not necessary to do this now. Practice 
for now, and if you don't get the Achievement, you can always just try later. 
As of now, I don't have any really good tips, since I haven't gotten the 
Achievement myself.

Michelle will ask you to drive her home after, so do so.

| 7. EASY FARE                                                         [M007] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereqs: Bleed Out
         First Date
Starts:  Hove Beach, Cab Office
Ends:    Outlook, Pay 'n' Spray
Rewards: $100
Unlocks: Jamaican Heat

1. Pick up Jermaine. 

2. Drive him to his garage.

3. Outrun the cops. First drive away from them to escape the flashing circle on
   the radar. Then stay out of the circle and out of trouble until your stars 
   go away.

4. Drive to Gibson Street.

The mission starts out simple enough. Pick up Jermaine and drive him to his 
garage. He notices that the garage is open, which means that something isn't 
right. Indeed, the police arrive soon after, and you'll have to make a quick 

Immediately start driving away from the cops and try to find a nice open 
straightaway. Remember that driving carefully is probably better than being a 
speed demon but hitting a lot of stuff, especially if the cops run up and grab 
you out of the car while you're stopped. You can look on the mini-map for roads 
that are wider than others and head to those. Your best bet is to head more or 
less north, since it's difficult to escape the police circle by heading east or 

When you've escaped the circle, hold tight a moment while your wanted level 
fades. When the heat is gone, you'll be cued to drive Jermaine to the Pay 'n' 
Spray on Gibson Street. 

If you aren't familiar with Pay 'n' Sprays, you'll learn what they do here.

Head back to the cab office for another mission.

| 8. JAMAICAN HEAT                                                     [M008] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereqs: Easy Fare
Starts:  Hove Beach, Cab Office
Ends:    Beechwood City, Homebrew Cafe
Rewards: Pistol
         Little Jacob as a cell phone contact
Unlocks: Bull in a China Shop
         Concrete Jungle


1. Pick up Little Jacob.

2. Drive him to his meeting.

3. Protect Little Jacob during the exchange. Make sure to pick up the ammo 

4. Drive Little Jacob to the Homebrew Cafe.

Pick up Little Jacob and drive him to the meeting place (I'm not going to waste 
time or space with details about these easy beginning parts of the missions 
anymore, as the GPS will take care of that work for you). During the drive, 
Little Jacob will give you a pistol.

Head up the steps that Little Jacob indicates, and crouch in the marker for a 
good lookout position. During the exchange, three thugs will appear and open 
fire on Little Jacob. Use the pistol's auto aim feature to target and shoot 
them before they gun down Little Jacob. Make sure you remain crouched, as this 
will increase your accuracy.

Don't immediately jump down when you're done gunning down the first three guys, 
as someone will emerge onto a second story landing and start shooting. Gun him 
down, and hop down yourself. Take some time to pick up the various weapons that 
the thugs dropped, and head back to the car with Little Jacob in tow.

Drop him off at the Homebrew Cafe to end the mission.

No new missions make themselves apparent at the moment, so drive around until 
you get a phone call from an unknown caller. Answer it. It's Vlad, and he wants 
you to come visit him.

You should also get a call from Little Jacob. If you answer, he asks you to 
swing by, and an LJ icon will appear on the map.

Finally, if you call Roman, he will tell you that he has some Taxi missions for 
you to do. These are similar to previous taxi missions, wherein you drive the 
customer to their desired location and get money based on how fast and well you 
do it, but the difference is that the Taxi missions don't add to your final % 
score. Basically, you can do them for some extra cash when you need it.

Let's help out Little Jacob first.

| 9. CONCRETE JUNGLE                                                   [M009] |

Chain:   Little Jacob 
Prereq:  Jamaican Heat           
Starts:  Schottler, Little Jacob's Place
Ends:    Beechwood City, Homebrew Cafe                    
Rewards: $200                               
Unlocks: Shadow (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)                      


1. Pick up Little Jacob from his apartment, and drive him to a drug deal.

2. Run over the dealers that jet out the back of the building.

3. Drive to another drug deal, and ice the dealers there, while learning about
   the game's cover system.

4. Drive Little Jacob to the Homebrew Cafe.

It seems we're still not out of the tutorial missions yet! Yet more gameplay 
mechanic is introuced later in this mission.

For now, drive Little Jacob to his deal. He asks you to pull around back into 
the alley and park there. Do so, and he will almost immediately call you, 
confirming his suspicions about the sour deal. He says the guys are running out 
the back, and sure enough, three of them come high-tailing it out. Since you 
should be pointed at them, hit them with your car until they die. Otherwise, 
you'll be in for a firefight if you step out and start shooting.

When that's done, pick up Little Jacob, and drive him to a town house in 
Meadows Park. When you arrive, follow Little Jacob up to the front door. Use 
the onscreen tutorial to back up against the wall. Little Jacob will break open 
the door, and a firefight will immediately begin. Keep paying attention to the 
tutorial, and aim before coming out of cover to shoot. Taking cover like this 
gives you a good opportunity to land a head shot.

When the first dealer goes down, shimmy to the left (Niko's right) to the 
window, and use the same tactics to cap the shotgun toting dealer. Little 
Jacob has you follow him in the house after. 

Two more dealers are left. Run into the room to your left, stay to the right of 
Little Jacob, and use the cover button to stay behind the couch. From here, you 
should be able to kill off the last two dealers. When I played through this 
mission, one of the dealers was hiding behind a wall, but the walls in this 
place are so full of holes, I was able to head shot him anyway.

After all of these fun and games, pick up any extra ammo and cash, as well as 
the first aid kit, if you need it, and head back out to the car with Little 
Jacob. Drive him to the Homebrew Cafe, where the mission will end.

Head over to Vlad's bar for a new mission.

| 10. BULL IN A CHINA SHOP                                             [M010] |

Chain:   Vlad
Prereqs: Jamaican Heat
Starts:  Hove Beach, near Roman's Place
Ends:    Hove Beach, near Roman's Place
Rewards: $50
Unlocks: Hung Out to Dry


1. Either take a cab or walk or drive or whatever to the china shop.

2. Talk to the owner.

3. Find a brick.

4. Throw it through the window.

5. Get the money and return it to Vlad.

The game introduces you to the fact that you can hail cabs and use them to get 
to your destination. Do this if you wish, but either way, head to the china 

When you get there, the owner doesn't seem to intimidated, and the game prompts 
you to find something to throw through the window. The green dot on your mini-
map clues you in to where you can find a bunch of bricks. Head over there and 
grab one, and then run back to the china shop (red dot). Hurl the brick through 
the window (pay attention to the throwing controls too!) and you'll finally 
scare the owner. He pays up.

The mission ends when you return the money to Vlad. 

Drive around until you get a text message from Vlad. He has another mission for 

| 11. HUNG OUT TO DRY                                                  [M011] |

Chain:   Vlad
Prereqs: Bull in a China Shop
Starts:  Hove Beach, near Roman's Place
Ends:    Wherever you manage to corner the shop owner
Rewards: $100
Unlocks: Clean Getaway


1. Drive to the laundromat and speak with the owner.

2. Chase him out the back, and grab a car.

3. Ram him off the road and collect the money.

Grab a car and drive over to the laundromat. The owner is inside, and he jets 
as soon as you mention Vlad. Run out the back after him, and break into one of 
the vehicles (you'll have to wait through the breaking in animation after 
pressing Y to let Niko break into the car). Use the mini-map (or the menu map) 
to find where the owner went, and start chasing him.

When you reach him, follow him until you have a good chance to start ramming 
his car. If you can make him fishtail into a wall, all the better. This gives 
you a few free hits. When you've rammed him enough, a cutscene will play where 
we get a first look at Niko's more brutal side, and the mission will end. 

| 12. FREEFORM FUN                                                     [M012] |

If you've been following this guide, you probably haven't done too much on your 
own. Drive around for a bit, and if Roman hasn't called you to hang out by now, 
he should at this point. Any activities you do with him will change his 
attitude towards you for the worse or better, and can be tracked in the menu. 
Try taking him out drinking; it costs $50, but ensuing madness trying to walk 
and drive him home drunk is pretty fun.

Roman should call you sometime after, offering to let you use his Taxis for 
free anytime you call him. If you are playing on the XBox 360, you will get an 
Achievement for this: Driving Mr. Bellic (10G).

If you want to make back that $50, you could try some Taxi missions!

Also, if you've been ignoring Michelle, maybe it's time to take her on another 

You can start hunting for flying rats too. Check the section at the end for 
more details.

Hunt around for weapons and body armor. It can never hurt to be armed and 

Most of all, just explore and have fun, create havoc, visit different venues, 
games, events, strip clubs, whatever!

Now is also a good time to look for Brian again. Check out the map of the 
island. In the bottom left, look at the main (brighter white) streets. There's 
a main road that curves to the north and east. From the curve, head east until 
you see the blue "person" marker. In short, he's along the southernmost street 
in Hove Beach. This is Brian again.

| 13. BRIAN: ENCOUNTER #2                                              [M013] |

Chain:   Brian
Prereq:  Brian: Encounter #1
Starts:  Hove Beach, southwesternish corner, near hardware store
Ends:    Hove Beach, Brian's "Place"
Rewards: $200
Unlocks: Brian: Encounter #3


1. Pick up Brian.

2. Drive him to the deal.

3. Drive him "home".

Brain is tweaking out pretty bad when you approach him, but he offers you a 
chance to make a quick buck. Find a car (you probably have one) and pick him 
up. All you need to do for this mission is drive him to the Deal, and then 
bring him home. Afterwards, you'll get quite a nice reward.

| 14. CLEAN GETAWAY                                                    [M014] |

Chain:   Vlad
Prereq:  Hung Out to Dry
Starts:  Hove Beach, near Roman's Place
Ends:    Hove Beach, Vlad's Garage
Rewards: I wasn't paying attention, anyone wanna send me the $ reward for 
         this mission?
Unlocks: Ivan the Not So Terrible


1. Board the train and ride it to your destination.

2. Stun punch Jimmy and steal his Blista. You don't have to kill him, but you 

3. Drive the car to the car wash and clean it up.

4. Park the car in Vlad's garage.

From Vlad's car, head around the block towards the yellow dot on the 
mini-map. When you reach it, head up the steps to the train platform, which 
should arrive just as you do. Press Y to enter, and you're on your merry way. 

From where it drops you off, head over to Jimmy (a distance easy to travel on 
foot) to trigger an interaction. You have a few choices: you can stun punch 
him, grab the car without hurting him, or kill him (the only thing you change 
with this choice is the conversation with Vlad in a moment, as far as I know). 
Any way you do it, Jimmy shouldn't give you too much of a problem.

Niko calls Vlad and lets him in on the condition of the car. Niko must now 
take the car to the car wash. So just follow the new GPS line to the car wash, 
get it washed, and bring it back to Vlad's Garage. Simple mission really.

Before you head to the next mission, pick out a car that won't flip over
easily, and is fairly fast. If you can't find a sports car, try to find a 
Blista or something else that doesn't move too slow (try to avoid SUVs or 
other top heavy cars). When you're ready, park outside Vlad's bar for the 
next mission.

| 15. IVAN THE NOT SO TERRIBLE                                         [M015] |

Chain:   Vlad
Prereq:  Clean Getaway  
Starts:  Hove Beach, near Roman's Place
Ends:    Hove Beach, rooftops                         
Rewards: $200
Unlocks: Uncle Vlad


1. Head to the cab office where Ivan will take off.

2. Chase Ivan until he gets out of his car and runs off.

3. Chase him on foot up a bunch of buildings.

4. Make a decision: save Ivan, or send him to his death.

Head towards the cab office with the car you picked out. Before you even reach 
the destination, Ivan will jet off. Follow him at a decent speed, but focus 
mostly on avoiding crashing into any walls. A tricky spot is when you head 
through the traffic circle. You can head straight through like Ivan does, but 
don't hit the little posts, as they will stop you dead. He turns left right 
after the circle too, so don't blow through it TOO fast.

Soon after that, he'll come across a traffic jam and head out on foot. Jump out 
of your car too, and head to his dot. At this point, he should still be 
climbing the ladder, so you shouldn't have a problem finding the ladder 
yourself. Head up and chase him up some more ladders, and he will jump across a 
gap in buildings. You need to do this yourself by running and jumping at the 
right time (the timing for this isn't too hard). 

Do this a few more times until Ivan slips and clings to the edge. From here, 
you can make a choice. Press LB to lift Ivan up onto the edge, or X to kick him 
off. From what I understand, saving him has more benfits than killing him, 
though I don't know the details of either choice as of yet (send me an email if 
you have a nice little description of either choice!).

Also, the couple times I've played through this mission, I've fallen off the 
building and died, because I'm an idiot. Just be careful when the mission ends, 
and make your way down slowly.

Grab another halfway decent car, and head to Romans cab office for an important 
new mission.

| 16. UNCLE VLAD                                                       [M016] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereq:  Ivan the Not So Terrbile
Starts:  Hove Beach, cab office
Ends:    BOABO, under the Algonquin Bridge                         
Rewards: Fed The Fish - 5G (X360 Achievement)
Unlocks: Crime and Punishment


1. Drive Roman over to Vlad's bar, and head inside to talk to him.

2. Chas Vlad out of the bar, hop in your car, and give chase. 

3. Eventually he will crash. Get out and approach him on foot. After the 
   cutscene, follow the onscreen tutorial and execute Vlad.

Head over to Vlad's bar with Roman to trigger a cutscene. Vlad sets his two 
goons on you while he makes an escape. Don't even bother with the two guys, and 
head out either door (the back door will let you escape from the thugs easier, 
but Vlad gets more of a head start; the front door should lead you right to 
your car, but the thugs may give you trouble, especially if you need to wait 
for Roman to get in; it's your call).

The chase itself is easier and shorter than the one Ivan just gave you, so it 
won't be so much of a major issue in this mission. Vlad will crash his car 
eventually, so run out and approach him. After the cutscene, aim your pistol at 
Vlad, and the targeting reticle should turn red. Pull the trigger to perform an 
execution and start a pretty brutal cutscene.

If you're playing the XBox 360 version, you'll get an Achievement at this 
point: Fed The Fish (5G).

After this mission, the game suggests that you call Roman. Calling him will 
cause his icon to appear. Or you can just wait for him to call you.

| 17. CRIME AND PUNISHMENT                                             [M017] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereq:  Uncle Vlad              
Starts:  Hove Beach, street corner
Ends:    East Island City, near a parking garage
Rewards: $200
         Dimitri and Faustin as cell phone contacts
Unlocks: Do You Have Protection?


1. Steal a Police Car.

2. Pull over the three vans driving around southern Broker before they reach
   their destinations.

3. When you find the right van, steal it and drive it to the garage in East
   Island City.

When the mission begins, start running north up the road. There should be a 
police car coming straight down the road at you. Watch the cop get out and 
enter a house, a perfect time to nab the car and be on your merry way with the 
After a phone call to Faustin, blue blips will appear on the radar, denoting 
the locations of the vans. Open up the main map and look for the closest one. 
Either mentally plan a route to it, or use the GPS. By the time you reach where 
the van WAS, it shouldn't be too far from you, and you should be able to cover 
the rest of the distance with the mini-map. Anyway, when you catch up to the 
van, turn on the police car's sirens (press in the left stick) and stay close 
to the van. When it pulls over, park the police car, get out, and approach the 
window. Niko will interrogate the driver, and ask him to open up the back.

You'll need to do this to all three vans (I think) before actually finding the 
correct one with the TVs. When this happens, be ready to duck for cover, since 
the passenger of the van will jump out and start shooting you. Either that or 
immediately jump into the van, which is the next objective of the mission. 

Once you make a clean getaway, drive the van to the garage indicated in East 
Island City.

Roman will call you soon after, triggering the appearance of the next mission 

| 18. DO YOU HAVE PROTECTION?                                          [M018] |

Chain:   Faustin
Prereq:  Crime And Punishment    
Starts:  Beachgate, Faustin's Place
Ends:    Beachgate, Faustin's Place             
Rewards: Free Micro SMG
Unlocks: Shadow (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)
         Final Destination


1. Pick up Dimitri and drive him to the sex shop.

2. Intimidate the three "businessmen" in the back room with your pistol. The 
   game will walk you through how to do this.

3. Drive to the gun store where you will be able to buy a Micro SMG courtesy 
   of Mr. Faustin. 

4. Drive Dimitri back to Faustin's Place in Beachgate.

This is a fairly easy mission, another "tutorial" mission. Pick Dimitri up and 
head to the sex shop. Once there, you'll enter the back room, and are told to 
intimidate the shop employees. Target the first guy with the red arrow over 
him, and then target the guy next to him. When the game prompts you to do so,
shoot him in the leg (hold the LT halfway and aim with the right stick). 

After a few more scenes, you'll be told to head to a gun shop. Head there now, 
and Dimitri will let you buy a Micro SMG with Faustin's money. While you're 
here, you can buy some extra ammo and body armor, though the armor is 
expensive, and there are places around the city where you can find it for 

After this, bring Dimitri back to Faustin's and the mission will end.

If you've already completed Little Jacob's mission Concrete Jungle, he will 
text you now with a request to come visit him. Why don't we go see how old 
Brian is holding up first though?

You know that gun shop you were just at? Well, it's still marked on the map. 
Head there and head north out of the alley to the street corner. A blue person
icon should appear on the radar. This is Brian again, and this is the last time
we'll deal with him.

| 19. BRIAN: ENCOUNTER #3                                              [M019] |

Chain:   Brian  
Prereq:  Brian: Encounter #2     
Starts:  Downtown, north of the Weapons Shop in the alley
Ends:    Hove Beach, Brian's Place
Rewards: $500
Unlocks: --


1. Pick up Brian and drive him to a couple of dealers.

2. Scare off or kill the dealers attacking Brian. 

3. Drive Brian home.

Brian seems a bit... different. In fact, he's cleaned up his act and gotten 
engaged. As a part of his ongoing recovery, he wants to make amends with those 
he hurt, which includes paying back money he owes to some of his dealers. Get 
in a car with him, and drive to the destination.

The exchange doesn't unfold too well, and Brian is downed by a thug with a bat. 
Hop out of the car and open fire on the two thugs, who will run off (you can 
kill them if you'd like). After, hop back in the car, and drive Brian back 
home, where he'll generously hand you $500. A happy ending for everyone.

Let's go help out Little Jacob now. 

TIP (don't read this if you want to try the mission yourself beforehand; it's a 
nice touch): Turn off the ringer on your cell phone before you start the next 

| 20. SHADOW                                                           [M020] |

Chain:   Little Jacob
Prereqs: Concrete Jungle     
         Do You Have Protection?
Starts:  Schottler, Little Jacob's Place
Ends:    South Bohan, Apartment Complex
Rewards: $250
Unlocks: Little Jacob as a friend
         Drug Delivery missions
         Badman (random character) 

1. Find the dealer that Little Jacob and Badman mention.

2. Trail the dealer to his apartment.

3. Take out the dealers inside.

When the mission begins, you have a long haul to Bohan. When you reach the 
marker, park there and watch the deal unfold. The dealer is heading back to his
apartment to pick up more product. At this point, you must begin tailing him on
foot. Maintain a safe distance (about 100 feet) so that he doesn't spot you. If
your cell phone ringer is on, Roman will call you at this point, and spook the
dealer (if you answer the phone, you'll hear a funny exchange though). If you
turned off the phone before the mission, this won't happen. If you do spook 
him, you can still chase after him, but he and his fellow dealers will be 
alerted to your presence.

Keep following the dealter through an apartment building, over a fence, and 
finally into another building. Follow him up a few stories (the details during
during this ascent are astounding) until you reach his place. Open the door, 
and they will all go on the offensive. Use cover from the wall to take them all
out (not a terribly difficult task), and the mission will end. 

Niko will call Little Jacob afterwards and give him the good news. A little bit 
after this, Little Jacob will call you and let you know that he has work for 
you to do. These are the drug dealing missions, and are detailed in the 
appropriate section after the walkthrough.

Little Jacob will call a third time after a while, at which point you can 
engage in friend activities with him. It is reccomended that you hang out with 
him as much as possible to unlock his friend ability. When unlocked, you can 
call him to come see you anywhere with his stash of weapons. Which also happen 
to be cheaper than gun shop weapons.

If you've played darts with any of your friends yet, there should be a darts 
icon on the map to the north, in Steinway. Head here and proceed east down an 
alley where you should see Badman's blue person icon.

| 21. BADMAN                                                           [M021] |

Chain:   Badman      
Prereqs: Shadow              
Starts:  East Island City, east of where you can play darts in Steinway
Ends:    Willis, in an alley
Rewards: Missed this one too
Unlocks: --

1. Pick up badman and drive him to the hangout of the Russians.

2. Methodically kill them all.

When you reach Badman, he (basically) tells Niko that he wants to get rid of 
some Russians that have been pushing him around. Niko suggests that it happens 
now, so you're both on your merry way. 

When you reach the destination, park the car and approach the alley carefully. 
There are plenty of dumpsters and walls in the area, and so you should be able 
to use the game's cover feature to pick off all the Russians fairly easily. 
Just watch the mini-map closely, because they move around, and the alley DOES 
have a split in it.

When there's one left, he will make a run for it. If you have auto-targeting 
on, this shouldn't present a problem, as you can just run out from behind 
cover and gun him down.

This is the only Badman mission.

| 100% Checklist                                                              |


| Vigilante and Most Wanted                                                   |


The Vigilante Missions and the Most Wanted missions are two different things, 
although they are very similar. To access either mission, you will need to 
procure a police vehicle, park it, and press LB to bring up the police 
computer. From the main menu, you can:

- View Current Crimes (vigilante missions)

- Search Police Records

- View Most Wanted (most wanted missions)

- Call Police Backup

To easily get a police car, call 911 on your cell phone and have them send an 
officer over. The police will arrive very shortly and step out of the car to 
look around. This is your chance to nab the car and run while you still have a 
one star wanted level.

Before doing any of these mission, it's reccommended that you run around 
collecting weapons and body armor. Some of these missions can be TOUGH!

Vigilante Missions

Viewing the current crimes will show you three most recent crimes taking place. 
To begin the mission, select a crime that sounds interesting and press A. 
Crimes where the suspect is on foot are typically pretty easy (involving 
finding them and running them down). The harder ones are the stolen cars and 
gang activities, as you'll end up fighting more than one criminal, and possibly
trying to ram them off the road.

When the mission begins, you'll be given a time limit in which you must drive 
TO the crime scene. Once you have made it to the general area of the suspect 
(the crime scene) in the alotted time, you won't have to worry about a time 
limit. At this point, it's your job to kill the suspect(s) by any means. If you 
try to leave the police car before reaching the crime scene, you will have only 
a certain amount of time to reenter the police car or you will forfeit the 

Completing 20 of these missions will add to your % score and, if you're playing 
on the XBox 360, give you the "Cleaned Up The Mean Streets" Achievement (20G).

Most Wanted Missions

Most Wanted missions are similar to the vigilante missions, except you'll be 
dealing with numerous and tough criminals that AREN'T random, and there is also 
no time limit. For each island, there are 10 Most Wanted criminals.

|       NAME         |         CRIME         |
| MAXWELL CAUGHLIN   | Gang related violence |
| SCOTT GUZOWSKI     | Gang related violence |
| ANTONIO RIVETTE    | Racketeering          |
| RODRIGO STAVNES    | Racketeering          |
| FERNANDO TISDEL    | Human Trafficking     |
| TYLER PICKREL      | Human Trafficking     |
| PRESTON PECINOVSKI | Credit Card Fraud     |
| ALONSO GORALSKI    | Burglary              |
| BERT REKER         | Drug Trafficking      |
| FREDDY PAPARO      | Grand Theft Auto      |

  - Hangout: Hollowback St, South Bohan
  - This is an easy one. When you reach the target, he will be in a car with
    another gang member. You can try ramming the car to take it out, you can 
    get out and blow the car up with shotgun blasts, or you can try to shoot 
    the driver in the head with an SMG. They won't shoot back either. I 
    found that sideslamming him while in the car (thus making his car stop)
    makes it easy to shoot him in the head with an SMG. Remember to kill both
    of them to complete this mission.

  - Hangout: Steinway, Dukes
  - There are four guys here, hanging out in a park. You can start this one 
    off by driving into a couple of them, though this is risky, and some of 
    them have SMGs, which can demolish your car pretty quickly. Alternately, 
    you could approach from the east, heading down the big set of steps. 
    There's plenty of ledges and cover you can use to take out the four guys,
    and they are all fairly spread out.

  - Hangout: South Slopes, Broker
  - These three are hanging around the train station in South Slopes. you'll 
    have to head up the steps to find them, but this just means that you'll 
    have plenty of cover as you approach (press RB). This should give you a 
    good way to pop out from cover and kill them one by one. The first two are 
    on the second floor, and the third is on the top in between the tracks (he 
    may be hard to kill from the safety of the steps because of this). They are 
    all armed, but with nothing particularly dangerous.

  - Hangout: Steinway, Dukes
  - These four are runners, not fighters. And boy are they ever runners. You'll
    have your work cut out for you as they split in every direction when they 
    see you coming. You should be able to pick one off immediately, but you'll 
    have to go hunting for the other three. Not a particularly hard one.

  - Hangout: Crockett Ave, Hove Beach
  - Now things get a bit challenging. These four are in a car when you first 
    reach them, and immedaitely open fire on you with SMGs. There's a good 
    chance you'll be able to flip the car (I've done it twice with ease 
    anyway), which gives you ample time to hop out of your own car and open 
    fire on them. If you can't pull off this maneuver, you'll have to damage
    their car until they hotfoot it out, at which point you can run them down
    or shoot them.

  - Hangout: Meadows Park, Dukes
  - He's right by the big fountain, and he'll run when he sees you. He's 
    alone, so just run him down to complete this one.

  - Hangout: Northern Gardens, Bohan
  - When you reach the lot where these five hang out, approach from the east.
    This way, you can use the wall for cover, and pop out and attack at the
    break in the wall. Since they are all taking cover behind cars, a good
    strategy is to shoot the cars instead of them; shotguns, grenades, and 
    RPGs will all make quick work of the cars. Molotovs would also work well 
    here too, now that I think of it, as you can lob them over the wall. 
    One thing to watch out for is other people NOT part of the gang shooting 
    at you from the street and being a general pain in the ass. Also, if you 
    don't kill the targets fast enough, they will get into cars and split up.
    At this point, you have to either kill them FAST or they will escape, and
    you'll have to wait a while to do this mission again. A pretty tough one

  - Hangout: Francis International Airport
  - There are two targets, one in a slow moving car, and one toting a shotgun
    near the gate and guard house. I like to go for the guy in the car first, 
    just so he doesn't get away, though he does move slow, as I mentioned.
    You'll have to watch out for the shotgun guy though, he can take your 
    health down REALLY quick. You can use the wall as cover to help kill this
    guy (either in your car or out). I like to aim at him from around the 
    corner while in the car, and drive out and shoot him quickly.

  - Hangout: BOABO, Broker
  - There are 6 or 7 targets in this mission (I didn't really get a good
    count, anyone want to confirm the number?), but don't let that scare you.
    They all seem to only have pistols. Approach from the south and crack open
    the double swinging gates until you have a clear shot at one of the guys.
    Pick him off, open the gate up more, and pick off more guys. This strategy
    should work for most of them, but you may have to run up the stairs to the
    north to pick off the last couple of them (easy, since the stairs provide
    cover. I was able to finish this mission with just a pistol, so it isn't 
    really too difficult.

  - Hangout: Steinway, Dukes
  - When you reach the area, a car with four criminals will pull out slowly 
    into the road, shooting. Be ready with your own SMG and shoot at the 
    targets and the car quickly. This should damage the car enough so that any
    remaining thugs step out and duck behind the car, where a much safer 
    firefight can commence. You can stay in the car and pick them off if you'd
    like at this point. It's possible that this one will cause you some 
    problems as well, but if you've done all the other Most Wanted missions for
    this island, this will be the last one, and you can give yourself a pat on
    the back for finishing a third of the Most Wanted missions.

| Drug Delivery Missions                                                      |

To unlock the Drug Delivery Missions, you must have completed the Little Jacob
mission "Shadow". Afterwards, you will get a call from Little Jacob asking you
if you're interested in a job. Any time after this, you can call him and he'll
give you one of ten missions.

Each mission begins with you picking up Little Jacob's car, which has the 
package in it. From there, you will drive to any of the 10 locations and drop 
off the package. What happens after that is typically different, so read below 
for a description of each event.

As with all these optional missions, it's wise to be armed and protected, so 
take some time to find / buy some weapons and body armor.

- MEADOWS PARK (Near the church alley)
  - Reward: $250
  - This mission goes smoothly--up until you are ambushed moments after 
    dropping off the package. Four gang members will surround you (two on 
    either side) and immediately open fire. Your best bet is to run straight
    at two of them, killing them as fast as possible, and then ducking for 
    cover from the other two. From here, you can pick them off at your leisure.

  - Reward: $250
  - This is a timed mission, and you must make it to a tunnel in Schottler in 
    a fairly short amount of time. Don't drive too fast, so that you can take
    corners easier, but don't be too careful, as time is tight. When you reach
    the end of the GPS line, keep driving a bit until you can turn right (right
    after you pass under the highway) and turn right immediately into the 
    tunnel. This is where you'll meet your contact and drop off the package.

  - Reward: $250
  - Another ambush mission. When you drop off the package near the trash cans,
    four gang members will ambush you from every direction down the alley. 
    It's recommended that you park your car somewhere close so that you can 
    use it as cover as the mission begins. Get rid of whoever's in your way
    while running towards your car, and regroup from there. If there are other
    gang members in sight at this point, pick them off from the cover of your
    car. If not, methodically move through the alley, killing them.

  - Reward: $250
  - In this mission, the cops will pull up immediately after the deal, and 
    you'll instantly get a 2 star wanted level. Leave the buyers to fend for
    themselves and hop in your car. Little Jacob's crap car won't handle well 
    on the grass, and the cops will probably push you around, but you should
    still make it out to the street unscathed. From here, you'll need to lose
    your wanted level. Try to avoid the highway, as cops will be crawling on 
    it. Once you lose the cops, the mission ends.

  - Reward: $250
  - Another timed mission. This one doesn't seem as tight as the Schottler one,
    but you can still fairly easily run out of time. It's temping to go super 
    fast on the straightaways, but try to avoid this, as cornering will become
    tough. When you reach the buyer, the mission will end.

  - Reward: $250
  - This is a particularly dangerous mission. If you're not at full health, you
    may not fare too well. As soon as you deliver the package, turn around and
    run to the right of the parking booth, into the corner. Gang members will 
    drive down the alley in a car, and some will appear on the rooftops from 
    the east. If you made it into cover, good. You can pick off the gangsters
    much easier from here. If you can't get into that corner for whatever 
    reason, you can always hop in your car and drive out of the alley. Picking
    them off from the street will work too.

  - Reward: $250
  - Another wickedly dangerous mission. You are ambushed on all sides by gang
    members, and they will deplete your health very quickly. It's hard to use
    any particular point on the bridge as cover, since they will all just walk
    around and catch you from the back, so you may have to rely on your car. 
    Alternately, you can just run and gun, hoping they don't kill you first.

  - Reward: $250
  - A timed mission. There's not a lot of time to get the package to the 
    target, but then again, it's a very short drive. The only thing that will
    really give you trouble is the amount of traffic on the way. But who needs

  - Reward: $250
  - This mission is a pain in the ass if you don't know what you're doing. If 
    you simply follow the GPS route, you'll end up wondering where in the world
    the target is. Keep following the road around the curve until you can take 
    a right into the grass. The tunnel entrance is the big stone thing jutting 
    out of the ground. You'll have to drive around to the other side of it, and
    enter from here (probably easier to run in on foot from here).

  - Reward: $250
  - The cops are in on this one too. When you go to deliver the package, a 
    cruiser will pull up in the alley. Losing the heat in this mission didn't
    seem particularly hard to me (it's only a two star wanted level)

| Random Characters                                                           |


| Flying Rat Locations                                                        |


I've started to write up strategies on finding these little guys, but it would 
be worlds easier if I had some sort of map to reference. I'm assuming someone 
will eventually work on one for GameFAQs, so perhaps someone could get in touch
with me and collaborate? I don't have a scanner and/or the necessary Photoshop 
skills (MS Paint skills, rather) to make a nice looking one.

| Unique Stunt Jump Locations                                                 |


Again, if anyone wants to collaborate on some sort of map, that would be great.

| Girlfriends / Friends                                                       |


| Phone Fun                                                                   |


| Weapon and Body Armor Locations                                             |


| XBox 360 Achievements                                                       |


There are 50 Achievements in Grand Theft Auto IV. Many of them may prove 
difficult to get. That's why this section is here!

COMING SOON: Strategies for each achievement.

| 1. OFF THE BOAT                                                       |  5G |
|    Complete the first mission.                                        |     |
| 2. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY                                             | 10G |
|    In a darts game score 180 with 3 darts.                            |     |
| 3. POOL SHARK                                                         | 10G |
|    Beat a friend at pool.                                             |     |
| 4. KING OF QUB3D                                                      | 15G |
|    Beat the High Score in QUB3D.                                      |     |
| 5. FINISH HIM                                                         | 15G |
|    Complete 10 melee counters in 4 minutes.                           |     |
| 6. GENETICALLY SUPERIOR                                               | 25G |
|    Come first in 20 singleplayer street races.                        |     |
| 7. WHEELIE RIDER                                                      | 30G |
|    Do a wheelie lasting at least 500 feet on a motorbike.             |     |
| 8. GOBBLE GOBBLE                                                      | 10G |
|    Score 3 strikes in a row, a turkey, in 10-pin bowling.             |     |
| 9. DRIVING MR. BELLIC                                                 | 10G |
|    Unlock the special ability of taxi.                                |     |
| 10. ROLLED OVER                                                       | 30G |
|     Do 5 car rolls in a row from one crash.                           |     |
| 11. WALK FREE                                                         | 50G |
|     Lose a 4 star wanted rating by outrunning the cops.               |     |
| 12. COURIER SERVICE                                                   | 10G |
|     Complete all 10 package delivery jobs.                            |     |
| 13. RETAIL THERAPY                                                    | 10G |
|     Unlock the special ability of buying guns from a friend.          |     |
| 14. CHAIN REACTION                                                    | 20G |
|     You must blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds.                       |     |
| 15. ONE MAN ARMY                                                      | 40G |
|     Survive 5 minutes on 6 star wanted level.                         |     |
| 16. LOWEST POINT                                                      |  5G |
|     Complete mission "Roman's Sorrow".                                |     |
| 17. ORDER FULFILLED                                                   | 10G |
|     Complete all 10 Exotic Export Orders.                             |     |
| 18. MANHUNT                                                           | 15G |
|     Complete the most wanted side missions from the police computer.  |     |
| 19. CLEANED UP THE MEAN STREETS                                       | 20G |
|     Capture 20 criminals through the police computer.                 |     |
| 20. FED THE FISH                                                      |  5G |
|     Complete the mission "Uncle Vlad".                                |     |
| 21. IT'LL COST YA                                                     |  5G |
|     Complete a taxi ride without skipping from one island to another. |     |
| 22. SIGHTSEER                                                         |  5G |
|     Fly on all helicopter tours of Liberty City.                      |     |
| 23. WARM COFFEE                                                       |  5G |
|     Successfully date a girl to be invited into her house.            |     |
| 24. THAT'S HOW WE ROLL!                                               | 10G |
|     Unlock the special ability of helicopter.                         |     |
| 25. HALF MILLION                                                      | 55G |
|     Reach a balance of $500,000.                                      |     |
| 26. IMPOSSIBLE TRINITY                                                | 10G |
|     Complete mission "Museum Piece".                                  |     |
| 27. FULL EXPLORATION                                                  | 20G |
|     Unlock all the islands.                                           |     |
| 28. YOU GOT THE MESSAGE                                               | 20G |
|     Delivered all 30 cars ordered through text message.               |     |
| 29. DARE DEVIL                                                        | 30G |
|     Complete 100% of the unique stunt jumps.                          |     |
| 30. ASSASSIN'S GREED                                                  | 20G |
|     Complete all 9 assassin missions.                                 |     |
| 31. EDANGERED SPECIES                                                 | 50G |
|     Collect every hidden package in the game.                         |     |
| 32. UNDER THE RADAR                                                   |     |
|     Fly underneath the main bridges in the game that cross water with | 40G |
|     a helicopter.                                                     |     |
| 33. DIAL B FOR BOMB                                                   | 10G |
|     Unlock the special ability of phoning for a bomb to be placed.    |     |
| 34. GRACEFULLY TAKEN                                                  | 10G |
|     Complete mission "I'll Take Her".                                 |     |
| 35. LIBERTY CITY (5)                                                  |     |
|     After meeting all possible friends, the ones left alive all like  | 20G |
|     you above 90%.                                                    |     |
| 36. NO MORE STRANGERS                                                 |  5G |
|     Meet all random characters.                                       |     |
| 37. THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE                                              | 10G |
|     Complete mission "That Special Someone".                          |     |
| 38. YOU WON!                                                          | 60G |
|     Complete the final mission.                                       |     |
| 39. LIBERTY CITY MINUTE                                               | 30G |
|     Complete the story missions in less than 30 hours.                |     |
| 40. KEY TO THE CITY                                                   | 100 |
|     Achieve 100% in "Game progress" statistic.                        |  G  |
| 41. TEAMPLAYER                                                        |     |
|     Kill 5 players who are not in your team, in any ranked            | 10G |
|     multiplayer team game.                                            |     |
| 42. CUT YOUR TEETH                                                    |  5G |
|     Earn a personal rank promotion in multiplayer.                    |     |
| 43. JOIN THE MIDNIGHT CLUB                                            |     |
|     Win a ranked multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too   | 10G |
|     much and with damage enabled.                                     |     |
| 44. FLY THE CO-OP                                                     |     |
|     Beat our time in ranked versions of "Deal Breaker", "Hangman's    | 15G |
|     NOOSE" and "Bomb da Base II".                                     |     |
| 45. TAKING IT FOR THE TEAM                                            | 10G |
|     Be on the winning team in all ranked multiplayer team games.      |     |
| 46. TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN                                             | 10G |
|     Kill 20 players with a pistol in a ranked multiplayer deathmatch. |     |
| 47. TOP THE MIDNIGHT CLUB                                             | 20G |
|     Come first in 20 different ranked standard multiplayer races.     |     |
| 48. WANTED                                                            | 20G |
|     Achieve the highest personal rank in multiplayer.                 |     |
| 49. AUF WIEDERSEHEN PETROVIC                                          |     |
|     Win all ranked multiplayer variations, all races and "Cops 'n     | 30G |
|     Crooks", as both sides.                                           |     |
| 50. LET SLEEPING ROCKSTARS LIE                                        | 10G |
|     Kill a Rockstar developer in a ranked multiplayer match.          |     |

| Credits                                                                     |

- for information on the Achievements for this game, and 
  the forums there for information on the 100% requirements.

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Version 0.2 - (4-30-2008)

 - Guide framework more or less completed (for now)
 - Started the main walkthrough

Version 0.3 - (5-1-2008)

 - Added more mission walkthroughs

Version 0.35 - (5-3-2008)

 - Added more mission walkthroughs
 - Added more to the guide framework
 - Added to the Vigilante and Most Wanted section
 - Finished the Drug Delivery Missions section

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