Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox360 FAQ/Walkthrough

                                                 |   |
      _______  _______    ______   ___ ___    ___|   |
    .'       ||       '..'      '.|   '   '..'       |
    |   ..   ||   ||   ||___'|   ||   ||   ||   ||   |
    |   ||   ||       < .----'   ||   ||   ||   ||   |
    |   ||   ||   ..   ||   ..   ||   ||   ||   ||   |
    |   ''   ||   ||   ||   ''   ||   ||   ||   ''   |
    '.___    ||___||   |'._______||___||___|'._______|
     .---'   |     |   '----.
    |_______.' ___ '.___    |                            ___
            .-'   '----.|   '---.  .------. .--------..-'   '----.
            '_     ____||        ||        ||    ____|'_     ____|
              |   |.---.|   ||   ||   ||   ||   '----.  |   |.---.
              |   ||   ||   ||   ||    ____||    ____|  |   ||   |
              |   ||   ||   ||   ||   |.---.|   |       |   ||   |
              |        ||   ||   ||        ||   |       |        |
               '------' '---''---' '------' '---'        '------' 
      ______   ___  ___    ___        ______    _____  ______  ______
    .'      '.|   ||   |.-'   '----..'      '. |     ||      ||      |
    |___'|   ||   ||   |'_     ____||   ..   | |     ||_    _||_    _|
    .----'   ||   ||   |  |   |.---.|   ||   |  |   |   \   \  /   /
    |   ..   ||   ||   |  |   ||   ||   ||   |  |   |    \   \/   /
    |   ''   ||   ''   |  |   ''   ||   ''   | |     |    \      /
    '._______|'.______.'  '.______.''.______.' |_____|     \____/

            FAQ/Walkthrough and ASCII art by ElectroSpecter
                             Version 0.88



|                             - Introduction -                                |

It's been a while since I've gotten the inclination to crunch out a guide, but 
that feeling strikes again. It's possible that GTAIV will kill my drive to 
write a guide for a long time, but we'll see how things go.

This guide was originally going to be a joint project with video walkthroughs 
for tougher missions and locations of the Flying Rats and Unique Stunt Jumps, 
but I'm still unclear on Take Two's policy with uploading gameplay videos. If 
this issue happens to be resolved at any point, I will upload all the freakin' 
videos that I got ready as supplements to the guide.

Also, please email me if you have any concerns with the guide, find any 
mistakes (spelling, grammatical, or otherwise), or have a great strategy that 
you feel works better / just as good / faster / more interesting than mine.

|                                - Contents -                                 |

           - FAQs                            ....... [FQQS] [  0%]
           - General Strategies and Gameplay ....... [GSGP] [ 50%]
           - Walkthrough                     ....... [WKTH] [ 80%] 
           - 100% Checklist                  ....... [100L] [ 80%]
           - Vigilante and Most Wanted       ....... [VMWD] [ 75%]
           - Drug Delivery Missions          ....... [DDMS] [100%]
           - Exotic Exports                  ....... [EXEX] [100%]
           - Street Races                    ....... [STRC] [ 66%]
           - Car Theft Missions              ....... [CRTH] [  0%]
           - Random Characters               ....... [RNDC] [  0%]
           - Flying Rat Locations            ....... [FRLC] [ 14%]
           - Unique Stunt Jump Locations     ....... [USJL] [  0%]    
           - Girlfriends / Friends           ....... [GFFS] [  0%]
           - Phone Fun                       ....... [PHFN] [  0%]
           - Internet Interests              ....... [ININ] [ 40%]
           - Weapons and Other Pickups       ....... [WPSP] [  0%]
           - Multiplayer                     ....... [MLTI] [  0%]  
           - XBox 360 Achievements           ....... [360A] [ 45%]  
           - Credits                         ....... [CRDS] [N/A%]        
           - Version History                 ....... [VERH] [N/A%]   
           - Legal                           ....... [LEGL] [N/A%]

.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |                 FAQs [FQQS]                |                |
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Ask me questions! Frequently! I will answer them here!

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|               |   General Strategies and Gameplay [GSGP]   |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'


- On foot, Niko can walk, run, swim, and climb ledges and ladders.

- Niko can drive pretty much anything on wheels.

  - You can steal cars by pressing Y.
  - If you are jacking a car with a driver in it, you can usually get them to
    stop by standing in front of them. But often times you will be hit, which 
    isn't too fun. After they are stopped, press Y to pull them out (or scare
    them out if you have a gun equipped), and hop in. Some drivers will fight
    back and attempt to pull you from their car. If you drive away fast enough,
    they won't get this chance. They might even cling to the side as you speed
    down the road!
  - Parked cars tend to be locked, and Niko will break the window and unlock
    the door. After he's in, he hotwires the car, a process that can be sped up
    by pulling RT repeatedly.

- You can hail taxis, and they will take you to any destination, including any
  waypoints you have set.

  - If there is already a passenger in the Taxi, you can approach the door 
    nearest them and pull them out to get in.
  - You can either wait out the ride, or skip it (for a tiny extra fee).

- There are many train stops throughout the city. Trains are a good fast way of
  getting around.

- If you need to get around in the water, boats are a good choice.

- Helicopters become available to you later on in the game, a good choice for 
  getting around safely and quickly, and also pretty fun.


- The in game GPS is used to get from point A to point B. During missions, a 
  GPS route will appear automatically. If you need a GPS to an arbitrary 
  destination, you can set one yourself in the menu screen on the map, and 
  the GPS will now help you.


- No matter what vehicle you're in, driving fast into something solid will do
  more harm than good. Typically, you will be able to tell when a vehicle is
  getting damaged when parts fly off, there are massive dents, and smoke is 
  coming out of the engine.

- When driving in cars, your tires can catch on fire and be burned off, and 
  they can also be shot out. When this happens, steering becomes much more 

- Massive damage and disfiguration on one side of the car can disrupt the air
  flow over the car, causing it to drift when you drive.

- Flipping a car no longer causes it to light on fire and explode, but once 
  the car is flipped, you'll have a hard time getting it back upright again.

- If your car IS on fire though, that means it will explode, so get out 
  immediately. You can jump out of a moving car with Y.

- If you hit something solid and immovable, Niko will fly out of the windshield
  and smash into anything in his way, causing him to lose a lot of health.

- Cars won't always explode. Sometimes the engine will just stop working, and
  Niko will attempt to start the car over and over. Normally, this means that
  you'll need to find a new car, but you can actually call 911 from your car,
  hang up, and the car will work. I'm not sure if this is a glitch or a secret.
  It's worth knowing though.


- Health is displayed as a green bar around the mini-map.

- Health can be restored by the following means:

  - Restaurants
  - Street vendors (cheap and convenient)
  - Soda machines (also nice)
  - Sleeping at your safehouse
  - First Aid Kits (scattered around the city; see the Weapons and Other 
    Pickups section)
  - Calling 911 and dialing 2 for the Paramedics will cause an ambulance to
    drive to your location, where the paramedics will heal you for a fee, 
    unless you scare them off
  - Entering an ambulance (refer to the previous tip for finding an ambulance)
  - Paying a hooker for her services; get a suitable car (i.e. no police 
    vehicles), pull up beside a hooker, honk your horn, have her get in, drive
    to someplace private, and pay her for her services; you will probably have
    to search at night as well

- Losing all your health will cause Niko to become wounded, and the screen will
  fade as he's taken to the hospital. You lose a percent of your cash when this
  happens, so dying when you have a lot of money isn't too reccommended. Niko 
  will end up at the nearest hospital. 


- When you get Body Armor, a blue bar will fill the other half of your 

- You can find Body Armor lying around the city (see the Weapons and Other 
  Pickups section)

- Body Armor can be purchased from Gun Shops.






.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |             Walkthrough [WKTH]             |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'

The way I wrote this walkthrough was in a more linear fashion than the game 
actually requires you to play through. I decided to do it this way simply 
because this is what I would be looking for in a guide if I needed to find one 

That being said, you can actually just skip around to whatever mission you want
to by reading the contents. There are a few missions I'll have written 
strategies for that will assume that you've done some things before the 
mission, but for the most part, you can use the walkthrough as a case-by-case 
mission reference as well.

Each mission description has three parts: The basics, an overview of the 
different stages of the mission, and a detailed walkthrough. Later in the
guide, if it's ever possible to upload gameplay videos without fear of 
copyright issues, there will be YouTube links as well.

| 1. THE COUSINS BELLIC                                                [M001] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereq:  Start the game!
Starts:  East Hook, by the ship
Ends:    Hove Beach, Roman's Place
Rewards: Safe House (Roman's Place)
         Off The Boat - 5G (X360 Achievement)
Unlocks: It's Your Call


1. Follow the GPS to Roman's Place while learning about the game's controls 
   (and well endowed women). Just don't blow the car up or kill Roman!

This intro mission starts as soon as the opening cutscenes end. Your cousin 
Roman is a bit too much over the line to drive, and so Niko takes the wheel.
There are a lot of things going on at first (drunken chatter, the game's 
control tutorial), but you can take some time while you're not on the roads to 
practice driving. When you're ready, follow the yellow GPS line on the mini-map
(in the bottom left corner) to reach Roman's Place.

When you get inside, you'll be introduced to the game's saving and auto-save 
features. Take a moment to peruse the menus and familiarize yourself with 
everything. When you exit the house, you'll also be taught about the game's 
"garage" system (similar to the garage system for saving cars in the previous 
GTA games, minus the actual garages) and how to heal by eating food from a 

And guess what? A lot of the game has already opened up to you, so go ahead and
run around if you want. Roman can wait, and there's plenty to do around the 

If you're playing the XBox360 version of the game, you'll have gotten the "Off
The Boat" Achievement (5G).

When you are ready though, head to the R icon on the map. You can either sweat
it out on foot, or just nab a car and head over. Look around first if you 
decide to jack a car though, since there are sometimes police milling around. 
This will be good practice for later.

| 2. IT'S YOUR CALL                                                    [M002] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereq:  The Cousins Bellic
Starts:  Hove Beach, Cab Office
Ends:    Hove Beach, Cab Office
Rewards: Cell Phone
         Roman as a cell phone contact
Unlocks: Brian (Random Character)
         Three's a Crowd


1. Drive Roman to the hardware store.

2. Roman gives you a cell phone and heads in. After a while, loan sharks pull 
   up and start to head into the building (don't attack or scare them!). Use
   your phone to call Roman before they get into the building.

3. They begin to chase you. Quickly follow the GPS back to the Cab office to 
   lose them.

The mission begins similar to the first one; you're in Roman's taxi driving him
somewhere. This time, it's to a hardware store, but this mission has nothing to
do with tools. Instead, Roman is gambling and trying to make up some lost 
money. So just head to the hardware store.

When you arrive, you can just park in the spot out front, but to make things 
easier later on, head PAST the parking spot, turn around, and park facing the 
other way (assuming you were following the GPS). Roman gives you his old cell 
phone before heading inside.

As you're waiting, use the right analog stick to look around. Roman will call 
you after a bit, and you can answer if you'd like. Soon after that, the 
Albanian loan sharks will pull up on the other side of the street (Niko will 
spot them, even if you don't, and drop an audio clue). At this point, press up 
on the d-pad to pull up the cell phone menu. Press A to enter the phone book 
and call Roman before the loan sharks enter the building (or else the mission 
will end). 

Roman books it out of the building and hops in the car. If you parked facing 
the other way like I mentioned, you can just drive straight and follow the 
yellow line. Otherwise, you can either drive past the loan sharks and double 
back to the GPS route, or spin the car around quickly. Either way it's not 
really that hard, although they will begin shooting at you if you get too close.

When you reach the cab office, the mission will end.

Roman will have a new mission for you, but not immediately. You can just run 
around the block a few times until the R appears though.

| 3. THREE'S A CROWD                                                   [M003] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereq:  It's Your Call
Starts:  Hove Beach, Cab Office
Ends:    Hove Beach, Russian Shop
Rewards: Michelle as a cell phone contact and potential girlfriend
         Some free clothes
Unlocks: First Date
         Bleed Out


1. Drive to the subway station to pick up Mallorie and Michelle (use your horn
   to get their attention).

2. Drive to Michelle's apartment to drop them off.

3. Roman suggests buying some new clothes to better impress the ladies. Drive 
   there and buy at least one article of clothing (the first one will be free).

Another simple mission. Head over to the subway station to pick up Mallorie and
her friend Michelle. Mallorie will more or less set you up with Michelle, and 
she gets added to your contacts list on your phone when you drive them back to 
Michelle's apartment. 

Niko now speaks to Roman on the cell phone, and Roman suggests getting some new
clothes at a Russian Shop in Hove Beach. Head there now, and head inside. You 
can try on most of the clothes and accessories that you see here, and you'll 
need to buy at least one article of clothing to complete the mission. Find 
something you like, and purchase it. This first piece will be on the house, but 
any additional clothes you want will have to come out of your own funds. This 
ends the mission.

There's a tiny branch in missions now. You can call Michelle and ask her out on
a date, or wait for her to call you. Either way, the phone call will end in a 
date for Niko, and an M/Heart icon will appear on the mini-map.

Before we do that, however, there's someone new we can meet. If you open up 
your map and look about a block east from the Platypus (the ship Niko shipped 
in on), you should see a blue "person" icon. Basically, he's right near Roman's
Cab Office. This is Brian, and he appeared when we finished Mission 2. Head 
there now.

| 4. BRIAN: ENCOUNTER #1                                               [M004] |

Chain:   Brian
Prereq:  It's Your Call
Starts:  Hove Beach, Cab Office
Ends:    Hove Beach, Cab Office
Rewards: $100
Unlocks: Brian: Encounter #2

Approach Brian to trigger an exchange. You'll make a quick $100. It's a shame
there aren't more rich young cokeheads around, eh?

Before you start the next mission, I suggest you arm yourself (a baseball bat
will do fine), so let's go find one. First, head back to your safehouse and 
save if you want. When you exit the house, head straight across the street, 
into the alley, and straight into the alcove in the building in front of you.
There should be a baseball bat sitting in the tall grass. 

To continue, head north towards Michelle's icon. When you get near her house,
Roman will call you and ask for help. You can ignore him and go on your date
with Michelle, but Roman will be sent to the hospital, and you'll have to pick
him up and drive him home before attempting his mission. If you want to skip
this step, snub Michelle for now and rush to Roman's aid.

| 5. BLEED OUT                                                         [M005] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereq:  Three's a Crowd
Starts:  Firefly Projects, Basketball Court
Ends:    Hove Beach, Cab Office
Rewards: $50
Unlocks: Easy Fare (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)


Conditional: If you are doing this mission after First Date, you'll have to 
drive Roman home from the hospital first.

1. Drive to the basketball court in the Firefly Projects.

2. Beat up Bledar and Kalem. Darden is here too and takes off in his car. Hop 
   in Roman's car and give chase.

3. Darden will jump out of his car at some point and proceed on foot. Chase him
   and finish him off.

4. Drive Roman back to the cab office.

When you reach the basketball court, head over towards the vicinity of Roman to
trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, the game will give you a tutorial while Bledar 
attempts to fight. You can follow the tutorial if you'd like, but it's actually
kind of dangerous to get low on health before the mission is over. If you 
picked up the bat, as I suggested, just beat Bledar a few times to drop him, 
and then focus your efforts on Kalem.

When they're down, Roman will spot Darden, who jets off when he's spotted. 
Follow Roman out of the court to his waiting cab and give chase. By the time 
you make it out of the court and Roman gets in the car, Darden will have had 
quite a head start. Follow him on the radar (use down on the d-pad to zoom out 
if you'd like), and you should catch up with him shortly. 

He'll speed up the moment you draw close to him, and it's very difficult to 
catch up to him. Concentrate on driving at a speed that isn't too fast, but 
don't lose sight of Darden. It is worse to drive too fast and hit tons of stuff
than driving a bit slower.

There are a few scripted cars and trucks that will be in your way during the 
chase. Specifically, watch out for the garbage truck. When you see it, get 
ready to take a quick left turn to follow Darden. Soon after this, he will hop 
out of his car. Run after him up all the flights of stairs, where you will 
corner him in a room. 

Darden wields a knife, and so it's important that you either have a bit of 
health remaining or brought the baseball bat. The bat will make short work of 
him, and you can pick up the knife after if you want. If you don't have the 
bat, your best bet is to remain on the defensive, tap A to dodge his attack 
when he strikes, and tap one of the other melee buttons to disarm him. If you
manage to wrest the knife from him, the fight gets a lot easier.

There's an easter egg you can get here. Being very offensive will back Darden
up to the windows. If you manage to hit him while he's close to one, you'll
get an extra cutscene and comment from Niko!

After he's down, hop in Roman's car and head back to the cab depot to end the 

Now head to Michelle's icon for the next mission.

| 6. FIRST DATE                                                        [M006] |

Chain:   Michelle
Prereq:  Three's a Crowd
Starts:  Rotterdam Hill, Michelle's Apartment
Ends:    Rotterdam Hill, Michelle's Apartment
Rewards: Gobble Gobble - 10G (X360 Achievement) - 3 strikes in a row (Turkey)
Unlocks: Easy Fare (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)


1. Watch the tutorial on girlfriends and friends.

2. Watch the slightly awkward conversation between Niko and Michelle.

3. Drive to the carnival and take Michelle bowling.

4. Drive Michelle home.

Michelle will hop in the car with you after you go and get her. Depending on
whether you're doing this mission before or after Bleed Out, you'll have a 
different conversation with Michelle on the drive over to the boardwalk.

When you get there, get out of the car, head up the steps in front of you to 
the actual boardwalk, and head left. You'll see the rather suggestive bowling
alley sign off in the distance, so walk there with Michelle (or run, she 
doesn't mind). 

You'll get a free game when you're inside, so pick a lane to begin playing. Pay
attention to the controls, since you can't just wave the controller around like
a madman like on other consoles (even though Wii bowling is a lot of fun).

If you bowl three strikes in a row, you can earn the "Gobble Gobble" 
Achievement (10G), but it's definitely not necessary to do this now. Practice 
for now, and if you don't get the Achievement, you can always just try later. 
As of now, I don't have any really good tips, since I haven't gotten the 
Achievement myself.

Michelle will ask you to drive her home after, so do so.

| 7. EASY FARE                                                         [M007] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereqs: Bleed Out
         First Date
Starts:  Hove Beach, Cab Office
Ends:    Outlook, Pay 'n' Spray
Rewards: $100
Unlocks: Jamaican Heat

1. Pick up Jermaine. 

2. Drive him to his garage.

3. Outrun the cops. First drive away from them to escape the flashing circle on
   the radar. Then stay out of the circle and out of trouble until your stars 
   go away.

4. Drive to Gibson Street.

The mission starts out simple enough. Pick up Jermaine and drive him to his 
garage. He notices that the garage is open, which means that something isn't 
right. Indeed, the police arrive soon after, and you'll have to make a quick 

Immediately start driving away from the cops and try to find a nice open 
straightaway. Remember that driving carefully is probably better than being a 
speed demon but hitting a lot of stuff, especially if the cops run up and grab 
you out of the car while you're stopped. You can look on the mini-map for roads
that are wider than others and head to those. Your best bet is to head more or 
less north, since it's difficult to escape the police circle by heading east or

When you've escaped the circle, hold tight a moment while your wanted level 
fades. When the heat is gone, you'll be cued to drive Jermaine to the Pay 'n' 
Spray on Gibson Street. 

If you aren't familiar with Pay 'n' Sprays, you'll learn what they do here.

Head back to the cab office for another mission.

| 8. JAMAICAN HEAT                                                     [M008] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereqs: Easy Fare
Starts:  Hove Beach, Cab Office
Ends:    Beechwood City, Homebrew Cafe
Rewards: Pistol
         Little Jacob as a cell phone contact
Unlocks: Bull in a China Shop
         Concrete Jungle


1. Pick up Little Jacob.

2. Drive him to his meeting.

3. Protect Little Jacob during the exchange. Make sure to pick up the ammo 

4. Drive Little Jacob to the Homebrew Cafe.

Pick up Little Jacob and drive him to the meeting place (I'm not going to waste
time or space with details about these easy beginning parts of the missions 
anymore, as the GPS will take care of that work for you). During the drive, 
Little Jacob will give you a pistol.

Head up the steps that Little Jacob indicates, and crouch in the marker for a
good lookout position. During the exchange, three thugs will appear and open 
fire on Little Jacob. Use the pistol's auto aim feature to target and shoot 
them before they gun down Little Jacob. Make sure you remain crouched, as this
will increase your accuracy.

Don't immediately jump down when you're done gunning down the first three guys,
as someone will emerge onto a second story landing and start shooting. Gun him
down, and hop down yourself. Take some time to pick up the various weapons that
the thugs dropped, and head back to the car with Little Jacob in tow.

Drop him off at the Homebrew Cafe to end the mission.

No new missions make themselves apparent at the moment, so drive around until 
you get a phone call from an unknown caller. Answer it. It's Vlad, and he wants
you to come visit him.

You should also get a call from Little Jacob. If you answer, he asks you to 
swing by, and an LJ icon will appear on the map.

Finally, if you call Roman, he will tell you that he has some Taxi missions for
you to do. These are similar to previous taxi missions, wherein you drive the 
customer to their desired location and get money based on how fast and well you
do it, but the difference is that the Taxi missions don't add to your final % 
score. Basically, you can do them for some extra cash when you need it.

Let's help out Little Jacob first.

| 9. CONCRETE JUNGLE                                                   [M009] |

Chain:   Little Jacob 
Prereq:  Jamaican Heat           
Starts:  Schottler, Little Jacob's Place
Ends:    Beechwood City, Homebrew Cafe                    
Rewards: $200                               
Unlocks: Shadow (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)                      


1. Pick up Little Jacob from his apartment, and drive him to a drug deal.

2. Run over the dealers that jet out the back of the building.

3. Drive to another drug deal, and ice the dealers there, while learning about
   the game's cover system.

4. Drive Little Jacob to the Homebrew Cafe.

It seems we're still not out of the tutorial missions yet! Yet more gameplay 
mechanic is introuced later in this mission.

For now, drive Little Jacob to his deal. He asks you to pull around back into 
the alley and park there. Do so, and he will almost immediately call you, 
confirming his suspicions about the sour deal. He says the guys are running out
the back, and sure enough, three of them come high-tailing it out. Since you 
should be pointed at them, hit them with your car until they die. Otherwise, 
you'll be in for a firefight if you step out and start shooting.

When that's done, pick up Little Jacob, and drive him to a town house in 
Meadows Park. When you arrive, follow Little Jacob up to the front door. Use 
the onscreen tutorial to back up against the wall. Little Jacob will break open
the door, and a firefight will immediately begin. Keep paying attention to the 
tutorial, and aim before coming out of cover to shoot. Taking cover like this 
gives you a good opportunity to land a head shot.

When the first dealer goes down, shimmy to the left (Niko's right) to the 
window, and use the same tactics to cap the shotgun toting dealer. Little 
Jacob has you follow him in the house after. 

Two more dealers are left. Run into the room to your left, stay to the right of
Little Jacob, and use the cover button to stay behind the couch. From here, you
should be able to kill off the last two dealers. One of them may be hiding 
behind the wall. The walls in this house break apart when you shoot them, so 
don't be afraid to auto target him and unload on him anyway.

After all of these fun and games, pick up any extra ammo and cash, as well as 
the first aid kit, if you need it, and head back out to the car with Little 
Jacob. Drive him to the Homebrew Cafe, where the mission will end.

Head over to Vlad's bar for a new mission.

| 10. BULL IN A CHINA SHOP                                             [M010] |

Chain:   Vlad
Prereqs: Jamaican Heat
Starts:  Hove Beach, near Roman's Place
Ends:    Hove Beach, near Roman's Place
Rewards: $50
Unlocks: Hung Out to Dry


1. Either take a cab or walk or drive or whatever to the china shop.

2. Talk to the owner.

3. Find a brick.

4. Throw it through the window.

5. Get the money and return it to Vlad.

The game introduces you to the fact that you can hail cabs and use them to get 
to your destination. Do this if you wish, but either way, head to the china 

When you get there, the owner doesn't seem to intimidated, and the game prompts
you to find something to throw through the window. The green dot on your mini-
map clues you in to where you can find a bunch of bricks. Head over there and 
grab one, and then run back to the china shop (red dot). Hurl the brick through
the window (pay attention to the throwing controls too!) and you'll finally 
scare the owner. He pays up.

The mission ends when you return the money to Vlad. 

Drive around until you get a text message from Vlad. He has another mission for

| 11. HUNG OUT TO DRY                                                  [M011] |

Chain:   Vlad
Prereqs: Bull in a China Shop
Starts:  Hove Beach, near Roman's Place
Ends:    Wherever you manage to corner the shop owner
Rewards: $100
Unlocks: Clean Getaway


1. Drive to the laundromat and speak with the owner.

2. Chase him out the back, and grab a car.

3. Ram him off the road and collect the money.

Grab a car and drive over to the laundromat. The owner is inside, and he jets 
as soon as you mention Vlad. Run out the back after him, and break into one of
the vehicles (you'll have to wait through the breaking in animation after 
pressing Y to let Niko break into the car). Use the mini-map (or the menu map) 
to find where the owner went, and start chasing him.

When you reach him, follow him until you have a good chance to start ramming 
his car. If you can make him fishtail into a wall, all the better. This gives
you a few free hits. When you've rammed him enough, a cutscene will play where
we get a first look at Niko's more brutal side, and the mission will end. 

| 12. FREEFORM FUN                                                     [M012] |

If you've been following this guide, you probably haven't done too much on your
own. Drive around for a bit, and if Roman hasn't called you to hang out by now,
he should at this point. Any activities you do with him will change his 
attitude towards you for the worse or better, and can be tracked in the menu. 
Try taking him out drinking; it costs $50, but ensuing madness trying to walk 
and drive him home drunk is pretty fun.

Roman should call you sometime after, offering to let you use his Taxis for 
free anytime you call him. If you are playing on the XBox 360, you will get an
Achievement for this: Driving Mr. Bellic (10G).

If you want to make back that $50, you could try some Taxi missions!

Also, if you've been ignoring Michelle, maybe it's time to take her on another

You can start hunting for flying rats too. Check the section at the end for 
more details.

Hunt around for weapons and body armor. It can never hurt to be armed and 

Most of all, just explore and have fun, create havoc, visit different venues,
games, events, strip clubs, whatever!

Now is also a good time to look for Brian again. Check out the map of the 
island. In the bottom left, look at the main (brighter white) streets. There's
a main road that curves to the north and east. From the curve, head east until
you see the blue "person" marker. In short, he's along the southernmost street
in Hove Beach. This is Brian again.

| 13. BRIAN: ENCOUNTER #2                                              [M013] |

Chain:   Brian
Prereq:  Brian: Encounter #1
Starts:  Hove Beach, southwesternish corner, near hardware store
Ends:    Hove Beach, Brian's "Place"
Rewards: $200
Unlocks: Brian: Encounter #3


1. Pick up Brian.

2. Drive him to the deal.

3. Drive him "home".

Brain is tweaking out pretty bad when you approach him, but he offers you a 
chance to make a quick buck. Find a car (you probably have one) and pick him 
up. All you need to do for this mission is drive him to the Deal, and then 
bring him home. Afterwards, you'll get quite a nice reward.

| 14. CLEAN GETAWAY                                                    [M014] |

Chain:   Vlad
Prereq:  Hung Out to Dry
Starts:  Hove Beach, near Roman's Place
Ends:    Hove Beach, Vlad's Garage
Rewards: $200
Unlocks: Ivan the Not So Terrible


1. Board the train and ride it to your destination.

2. Stun punch Jimmy and steal his Blista. You don't have to kill him, but you

3. Drive the car to the car wash and clean it up.

4. Park the car in Vlad's garage.

From Vlad's car, head around the block towards the yellow dot on the mini-map. 
When you reach it, head up the steps to the train platform, which should arrive
just as you do. Press Y to enter, and you're on your merry way. 

From where it drops you off, head over to Jimmy (a distance easy to travel on 
foot) to trigger an interaction. You have a few choices: you can stun punch 
him, grab the car without hurting him, or kill him (the only thing you change 
with this choice is the conversation with Vlad in a moment, as far as I know).
Any way you do it, Jimmy shouldn't give you too much of a problem.

Niko calls Vlad and lets him in on the condition of the car. Niko must now take
the car to the car wash. So just follow the new GPS line to the car wash, get
it washed, and bring it back to Vlad's Garage. Simple mission really.

Before you head to the next mission, pick out a car that won't flip over 
easily, and is fairly fast. If you can't find a sports car, try to find a 
Blista or something else that doesn't move too slow (try to avoid SUVs or other
top heavy cars). When you're ready, park outside Vlad's bar for the next 

| 15. IVAN THE NOT SO TERRIBLE                                         [M015] |

Chain:   Vlad
Prereq:  Clean Getaway  
Starts:  Hove Beach, near Roman's Place
Ends:    Hove Beach, rooftops                         
Rewards: $200
Unlocks: Uncle Vlad


1. Head to the cab office where Ivan will take off.

2. Chase Ivan until he gets out of his car and runs off.

3. Chase him on foot up a bunch of buildings.

4. Make a decision: save Ivan, or send him to his death.

Head towards the cab office with the car you picked out. Before you even reach
the destination, Ivan will jet off. Follow him at a decent speed, but focus 
mostly on avoiding crashing into any walls. A tricky spot is when you head 
through the traffic circle. You can head straight through like Ivan does, but
don't hit the little posts, as they will stop you dead. He turns left right 
after the circle too, so don't blow through it TOO fast.

Soon after that, he'll come across a traffic jam and head out on foot. Jump out
of your car too, and head to his dot. At this point, he should still be
climbing the ladder, so you shouldn't have a problem finding the ladder
yourself. Head up and chase him up some more ladders, and he will jump across a
gap in buildings. You need to do this yourself by running and jumping at the
right time (the timing for this isn't too hard). 

Do this a few more times until Ivan slips and clings to the edge. From here, 
you can make a choice. Press LB to lift Ivan up onto the edge, or X to kick him
off. From what I understand, saving him has more benfits than killing him, 
though I don't know the details of either choice as of yet (send me an email if
you have a nice little description of either choice!).

Also, the couple times I've played through this mission, I've fallen off the 
building and died, because I'm an idiot. Just be careful when the mission ends,
and make your way down slowly.

Grab another halfway decent car, and head to Romans cab office for an important
new mission.

| 16. UNCLE VLAD                                                       [M016] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereq:  Ivan the Not So Terrbile
Starts:  Hove Beach, cab office
Ends:    BOABO, under the Algonquin Bridge                         
Rewards: Fed The Fish - 5G (X360 Achievement)
Unlocks: Crime and Punishment


1. Drive Roman over to Vlad's bar, and head inside to talk to him.

2. Chas Vlad out of the bar, hop in your car, and give chase. 

3. Eventually he will crash. Get out and approach him on foot. After the 
   cutscene, follow the onscreen tutorial and execute Vlad.

Head over to Vlad's bar with Roman to trigger a cutscene. Vlad sets his two 
goons on you while he makes an escape. Don't even bother with the two guys, and
head out either door (the back door will let you escape from the thugs easier,
but Vlad gets more of a head start; the front door should lead you right to
your car, but the thugs may give you trouble, especially if you need to wait
for Roman to get in; it's your call).

The chase itself is easier and shorter than the one Ivan just gave you, so it 
won't be so much of a major issue in this mission. Vlad will crash his car 
eventually, so run out and approach him. After the cutscene, aim your pistol at
Vlad, and the targeting reticle should turn red. Pull the trigger to perform an
execution and start a pretty brutal cutscene.

If you're playing the XBox 360 version, you'll get an Achievement at this 
point: Fed The Fish (5G).

After this mission, the game suggests that you call Roman. Calling him will 
cause his icon to appear. Or you can just wait for him to call you.

| 17. CRIME AND PUNISHMENT                                             [M017] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereq:  Uncle Vlad              
Starts:  Hove Beach, street corner
Ends:    East Island City, near a parking garage
Rewards: $200
         Dimitri and Faustin as cell phone contacts
Unlocks: Do You Have Protection?


1. Steal a Police Car.

2. Pull over the three vans driving around southern Broker before they reach
   their destinations.

3. When you find the right van, steal it and drive it to the garage in East
   Island City.

When the mission begins, start running north up the road. There should be a 
police car coming straight down the road at you. Watch the cop get out and 
enter a house, a perfect time to nab the car and be on your merry way with the
After a phone call to Faustin, blue blips will appear on the radar, denoting 
the locations of the vans. Open up the main map and look for the closest one. 
Either mentally plan a route to it, or use the GPS. By the time you reach where
the van WAS, it shouldn't be too far from you, and you should be able to cover 
the rest of the distance with the mini-map. Anyway, when you catch up to the 
van, turn on the police car's sirens (press in the left stick) and stay close
to the van. When it pulls over, park the police car, get out, and approach the
window. Niko will interrogate the driver, and ask him to open up the back.

You'll need to do this to all three vans (I think) before actually finding the
correct one with the TVs. When this happens, be ready to duck for cover, since
the passenger of the van will jump out and start shooting you. Either that or 
immediately jump into the van, which is the next objective of the mission. 

Once you make a clean getaway, drive the van to the garage indicated in East 
Island City.

Roman will call you soon after, triggering the appearance of the next mission

| 18. DO YOU HAVE PROTECTION?                                          [M018] |

Chain:   Faustin
Prereq:  Crime And Punishment    
Starts:  Beachgate, Faustin's Place
Ends:    Beachgate, Faustin's Place             
Rewards: Free Micro SMG
Unlocks: Shadow (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)
         Final Destination


1. Pick up Dimitri and drive him to the sex shop.

2. Intimidate the three "businessmen" in the back room with your pistol. The
   game will walk you through how to do this.

3. Drive to the gun store where you will be able to buy a Micro SMG courtesy
   of Mr. Faustin. 

4. Drive Dimitri back to Faustin's Place in Beachgate.

This is a fairly easy mission, another "tutorial" mission. Pick Dimitri up and
head to the sex shop. Once there, you'll enter the back room, and are told to 
intimidate the shop employees. Target the first guy with the red arrow over 
him, and then target the guy next to him. When the game prompts you to do so,
shoot him in the leg (hold the LT halfway and aim with the right stick). 

After a few more scenes, you'll be told to head to a gun shop. Head there now,
and Dimitri will let you buy a Micro SMG with Faustin's money. While you're 
here, you can buy some extra ammo and body armor, though the armor is 
expensive, and there are places around the city where you can find it for free.

After this, bring Dimitri back to Faustin's and the mission will end.

If you've already completed Little Jacob's mission Concrete Jungle, he will
text you now with a request to come visit him. Why don't we go see how old 
Brian is holding up first though?

You know that gun shop you were just at? Well, it's still marked on the map. 
Head there and head north out of the alley to the street corner. A blue person
icon should appear on the radar. This is Brian again, and this is the last time
we'll deal with him.

| 19. BRIAN: ENCOUNTER #3                                              [M019] |

Chain:   Brian  
Prereq:  Brian: Encounter #2     
Starts:  Downtown, north of the Weapons Shop in the alley
Ends:    Hove Beach, Brian's Place
Rewards: $500
Unlocks: --


1. Pick up Brian and drive him to a couple of dealers.

2. Scare off or kill the dealers attacking Brian. 

3. Drive Brian home.

Brian seems a bit... different. In fact, he's cleaned up his act and gotten 
engaged. As a part of his ongoing recovery, he wants to make amends with those
he hurt, which includes paying back money he owes to some of his dealers. Get 
in a car with him, and drive to the destination.

The exchange doesn't unfold too well, and Brian is downed by a thug with a bat.
Hop out of the car and open fire on the two thugs, who will run off (you can 
kill them if you'd like). After, hop back in the car, and drive Brian back 
home, where he'll generously hand you $500. A happy ending for everyone.

Let's go help out Little Jacob now. 

TIP (don't read this if you want to try the mission yourself beforehand; it's a
nice touch): Turn off the ringer on your cell phone before you start the next 

| 20. SHADOW                                                           [M020] |

Chain:   Little Jacob
Prereqs: Concrete Jungle     
         Do You Have Protection?
Starts:  Schottler, Little Jacob's Place
Ends:    South Bohan, Apartment Complex
Rewards: $250
Unlocks: Little Jacob as a friend
         Drug Delivery missions
         Badman (Random Character) 

1. Find the dealer that Little Jacob and Badman mention.

2. Trail the dealer to his apartment.

3. Take out the dealers inside.

When the mission begins, you have a long haul to Bohan. When you reach the 
marker, park there and watch the deal unfold. The dealer is heading back to his
apartment to pick up more product. At this point, you must begin tailing him on
foot. Maintain a safe distance (about 100 feet) so that he doesn't spot you. If
your cell phone ringer is on, Roman will call you at this point, and spook the
dealer (if you answer the phone, you'll hear a funny exchange though). If you
turned off the phone before the mission, this won't happen. If you do spook 
him, you can still chase after him, but he and his fellow dealers will be 
alerted to your presence.

Keep following the dealter through an apartment building, over a fence, and 
finally into another building. Follow him up a few stories (the details during
during this ascent are astounding) until you reach his place. Open the door, 
and they will all go on the offensive. Use cover from the wall to take them all
out (not a terribly difficult task), and the mission will end. 

Niko will call Little Jacob afterwards and give him the good news. A little bit
after this, Little Jacob will call you and let you know that he has work for 
you to do. These are the drug dealing missions, and are detailed in the 
appropriate section after the walkthrough.

Little Jacob will call a third time after a while, at which point you can 
engage in friend activities with him. It is reccomended that you hang out with
him as much as possible to unlock his friend ability. When unlocked, you can 
call him to come see you anywhere with his stash of weapons. Which also happen
to be cheaper than gun shop weapons.

If you've played darts with any of your friends yet, there should be a darts 
icon on the map to the north, in Steinway. Head here and proceed east down an
alley where you should see Badman's blue person icon.

| 21. BADMAN                                                           [M021] |

Chain:   Badman      
Prereqs: Shadow              
Starts:  East Island City, east of where you can play darts in Steinway
Ends:    Willis, in an alley
Rewards: $500
Unlocks: --

1. Pick up badman and drive him to the hangout of the Russians.

2. Methodically kill them all.

When you reach Badman, he (basically) tells Niko that he wants to get rid of 
some Russians that have been pushing him around. Niko suggests that it happens
now, so you're both on your merry way. 

When you reach the destination, park the car and approach the alley carefully.
There are plenty of dumpsters and walls in the area, and so you should be able
to use the game's cover feature to pick off all the Russians fairly easily. 
Just watch the mini-map closely, because they move around, and the alley DOES
have a split in it.

When there's one left, he will make a run for it. If you have auto-targeting 
on, this shouldn't present a problem, as you can just run out from behind cover
and gun him down.

Some tidbits from Alyson Young:

"There is also around $500 worth of cash drops from the russians, although all
their loot disappears after the ending cutscene so it's best to grab the loot
as you go.  When there is only one Russian left, he runs away which is a good
time to grab the drops.  Oh, and be careful not to let Badman step in front of
you, because if you shoot him in the back, he dies and you fail. ;P"

This is the only Badman mission.

Before heading to the Perestroika in Hove Beach, it might be nice to pick up
some Body Armor. There's a nasty little surprise in the next mission, and it
never hurts to have protection. You can either do that now, or on the way to
your destination during the mission. There are some free ones lying around, and
you can always just buy some. (Sorry, I'll have the maps for the Body Armor and
Weapons up soon, I swear).

| 22. FINAL DESTINATION                                                [M022] |

Chain:   Faustin     
Prereqs: Do You Have Protection?
Starts:  Hove Beach, Perestroika                                        
Ends:    Varies             
Rewards: $500 
Unlocks: No Love Lost
         Logging On


1. Travel to the train station in South Bohan and find Lenny.

2. Chase him and kill him.

Locating Lenny is the easy part of the mission. He's at a train station in 
South Bohan, and he doesn't move around. The only thing you'll have to look out
for is the tolls. You can either slow down to pay them, or bust right through
and attempt to escape your wanted level.

When you reach the train station, you'll see that Lenny is above you. Pull out
some sort of weapon before heading up the stairs. When you do go up, a cutscene
will play where Lenny runs off, and his friend opens up on you with an SMG 
(this is why I suggested Body Armor). Immediately kill him, and focus then on
Lenny. If you're quick, he shouldn't have gotten far. You can even run down the
steps on the opposite side and kill him then and there.

If you aren't fast enough, however, you're in for a car chase. It gets tough at
this point, especially if you don't have a car handy, so don't let this 
scenario unfold.

Niko will call Dimitri after, and it's learned that he's just made a major
booboo. Roman will also text Niko at this point, asking him to come to the Cab
Depot. We will head there now. If Lenny's Banshee is still in good condition, 
grab that! It's a nice ride.

| 23. LOGGING ON                                                       [M023] |

Chain:   Roman       
Prereqs: Final Destination      
Starts:  Hove Beach, Cab Depot                                          
Ends:    Outlook, Tw@ internet cafe                   
Rewards: Brucie as a cell phone contact     
Unlocks: Rigged to Blow (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)
         Exotic Export Missions            


1. Drive to Tw@.

2. Log onto a computer, sign up for an email account, etc.

3. Leave.

This is a bit of a breather mission. Roman will introduce you to Brucie, who
will become an important character. He then tells you to go to the internet 
cafe and sign up for an email account.

When you get there, talk to the assistant who sets you up on a computer.
Follow the instructions to set up an email account. When you are done, you can
browse the internet if you'd like. See the Internet Interests section for more
details, if you'd like.

Afterwards, Niko will call Roman and let him know he's online, which ends the
mission. Moments later, Roman will call Niko, letting him know that Brucie has
some "business propositions" for him, and that he should check his emails.
Indeed, if you go and check them, you'll have some emails from Brucie. You can
start the Exotic Export missions for him now (for more information, check the
Exotic Export section after the walkthrough).

Before starting the next mission for Fausin, you'll want at least full health,
if not full body armor as well.

| 24. NO LOVE LOST                                                     [M024] |

Chain:   Faustin     
Prereqs: Final Destination      
Starts:  Beachgate, Faustin's Place                                     
Ends:    Meadows Park                                             
Rewards: $600                                   
Unlocks: Rigged to Blow (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)           


1. Check on Faustin's Daughter, Anna.

2. Chase her boyfriend all over town until the biker gang shows up.

3. Kill the entire bike gang... Carefully!

Another routine drive to a destination begins this mission. When you arrive, 
you'll meet Anna and her boyfriend. Her boyfriend will then jet off, promising
pain on Niko. You are given a PCJ 600 for this chase.

I don't think you can actually kill the boyfriend immediately. Instead, focus
on driving well and following the biker close until you are around the richer
looking neighborhood. The rest of the biker gang will hook up with him at this
point, and you are charged with the task of taking them all out. It's tempting
to start shooting immediately, but do so with caution. Shooting a biker off his
bike usually doesn't kill him, so slow down when you knock one off, and make 
sure you finish him off.

Speed isn't an issue at this point, as the bikers will only travel a bit more
into Meadows Park. Most of them have pistols, so this mission isn't
particularly dangerous, but you must be careful. Use rolls to better dodge
gunfire (X and a direction when aiming). Use trees for cover. Strategically
take out all the bikers. You should face the boyfriend last. Be careful, as
he weilds a shotgun! Try to take him out from a distance.

Alternately, if you have any, try Molotoving any clusters of bikers!

| 25. RIGGED TO BLOW                                                   [M025] |

Chain:   Faustin     
Prereqs: No Love Lost     
         Logging On
Starts:  Beachgate, Faustin's Place                                     
Ends:    Around South Bohan                                  
Rewards: $700                                   
Unlocks: The Master and the Molotov
         Search and Delete   


1. Drive to the truck and get in.

2. CAREFULLY drive the truck all the way to the garage in South Bohan.

3. Trigger the bomb and get the hell out of there.

The first part of the mission is routine, as always. Drive to the truck parked
Downtown and get in. Niko will call Faustin, who delivers some exciting news:
the truck is packed with explosives! Niko must carefully drive it to the garage
in South Bohan (can I call it SoBo?).

It's not a particularly long drive, but the truck moves slow. This is probably
a good thing, however; if the truck takes too much damage, a blinking light 
will appear on the tail end. This is basically a health gauge for the 
explosives. The more damage you take, the faster it blinks. Needless to say,
you don't want to take too much damage, or you'll be on the fast track to the

Anyway, take it easy (there's no time limit) and you should reach the 
destination without much trouble. Also, you'll definitely want to pay the toll.
Not doing so would cause way too many complications for a mission of this type.
Enjoy the call from Roman too.

When you reach the garage, you still have some work to do. Pull the truck in
slowly (you can still trigger the bomb!) and park on the marker. Use LB to 
trigger the bomb, and Niko will automatically run from the explosion.

The game tells you to jet after the explosion, but there's no harm in sticking
around to hear what the owner of the business has to say (he's sitting in front
of the wreck on his cell phone). Afterwards, just run down the street to 
complete the mission (you can get a two star wanted level if you stick around
too long; this will disappear as soon as you get far enough away from the 
garage though).

After a phone call to Faustin, Roman will call and let you know that Brucie has
some extra work. Dimitri will also text you, saying, "We need to talk." Which
is never good news.

| 26. SEARCH AND DELETE                                                [M026] |

Chain:   Brucie      
Prereqs: Rigged to Blow
Starts:  East Hook, Brucie's Garage                                     
Ends:    Varies                                              
Rewards: $3,500                                  
Unlocks: Easy As Can Be


1. Grab a Police Car (call 911 if you can't find one).

2. Jack it and lose your wanted level, if you get one.

3. Call Brucie and get the target's information from him, and put it into the
   police computer.

4. Head to Rivas' house and approach him.

5. Hop in a car and chase and kill him.

Brucie has a business proposition for you, and he says he pays well. He means 
it too, you'll start making a lot more money from here on out.

The first order of business is to grab a Police Car. If you see one in front of
you when you leave the garage, you can fire some shots into the air to get 
their attention, at which point you give the cops a wide berth and grab the 
car. Alternately, you can call 911 and grab the car that way, which is safer
since the doors to the cruiser will be unlocked, and you won't have the one
star wanted level from firing into the air.

Either way, escape your one-star wanted level with relative ease, and Niko will
give Brucie a call. The guy's name is Lyle Rivas, and you can access the police
computer with LB. Choose to search the police records, and then to search by
name. Type in Lyle Rivas and hit enter. When his mug shot appears, press A to 
set a waypoint on his house.

You might as well keep the police car, since they are decently fast (unless you
somehow trashed it during the escape from the wanted level). Head over there 
now, and leave your car in a good position out front.

Lyle will jump out the window when Niko gives away his arrival, so run back out
to your car and hop in. If you still have the police car, try putting the 
sirens on (press the left analog stick in) so that cars get out of your way
during the following chase. This also helps if you head through any tolls with
your sirens on; you won't get in trouble.

A few times during the chase, Lyle will bump into trucks carrying logs and 
barrels, causing them to roll off in your way. Whenever you see a truck 
carrying cargo like this, assume that Lyle will bump into it, and be ready to 
dodge anything that falls off. The hardest part about these obstacles though
is the truck itself. After being bumped, the trucks will swerve out of control,
and it's difficult to anticipate where they will swerve to.

When you reach South Bohan, Lyle will finally slow down and get out of the car.
At this point, it should be an easy kill.

Brucie will text you soon after, telling you to come to his house in BOABO.

| 27. EASY AS CAN BE                                                   [M027] |

Chain:   Brucie      
Prereqs: Search and Delete
Starts:  BOABO, Brucie's Place                                          
Ends:    East Hook, Brucie's Garage  
Rewards: $3,500                                        
Unlocks: Out Of the Closet... (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)


1. Drive to the target car at Yorktown Ave. and grab it.

2. Kill the thugs that appear, or outrun them to the garage. It's probably
   safest to kill them.

A short but dangerous mission. Brucie wants you to pick up Lyle's car, telling
you that there shouldn't be any problems doing so.

Drive to the marker on the map, where the game will tell you to get in the car
in the alley on the other side of the road. When you get in, three cars will 
pull up, each with two of Lyle's friends. From here, you have a few choices.
You can try to shoot them all from the car, you can get out of the car and 
shoot them, or you can just try to run.

The thugs are fast and relentless though, and if you do try to run, they will
make your life a pain as they follow you expertly and shoot at you.

A good way of dealing with them, I've found, is to immediately get out of your
car and run for cover. The first thugs appear behind you, so hop out and run to
the nearest corner, where they can't shoot you. Kill them from here, and focus
next on the car parked at the end of the alley that runs east. They will 
probably still just be sitting there, so start shooting at the car to get their
attention. Duck for cover, and when they get really close, pop out and try to
shoot the passenger (the one shooting). The driver should then hop out and 
stand there stupidly, waiting to be shot. Repeat the process for the third car
at the north end of the alley.

Afterwards, grab your car and head back to Brucie's garage. And I told you
Brucie pays well, didn't I?

Before starting the next mission, find some place to restore your health. Your
safehouse is right by the next mission marker, so you might as well go there.
Don't worry about body armor, it's supplied during the mission.

| 28. THE MASTER AND THE MOLOTOV                                       [M028] |

Chain:   Dimitri     
Prereqs: Rigged to Blow   
Starts:  Firefly Island, Park Bench                                     
Ends:    Hove Beach, Perestroika     
Rewards: --                                            
Unlocks: Russian Revolution       


1. Head to the Perestroika and pick up some Body Armor left by Dimitri.

2. Head inside and begin a firefight with Faustin and his cronies.

3. Chase Faustin out the back and down the alley, killing henchmen as you go.

4. Chase Faustin up the fire escapes to the roof, and execute him.

After you pull up in front of the Perestroika, you'll see Faustin enter with a
couple of other guys. You'll get a text from Dimitri as well, telling you that
he left some body armor around the side of the building (marked by a blue dot).
Grab that, pull out your weapon of choice, and head inside.

After the cutscene, pop the two guys in front of you, and turn around. There 
are two more cronies, one next to Faustin, and one behind the bar. Use rolls to
dodge the gunfire better as you get a better position. When the next two guys
fall, Faustin will jet out the back. He won't get far, so instead of running 
after him, walk calmly towards the back door. You'll be glad you did, as more
thugs will come out firing. So be ready. When you reach the door, be ready to 
shoot even more of them to the right. When they're gone, head up the steps and
through the doors to the alley.

In the alley, there should be three henchmen remaining, so be ready to turn to
the right and shoot them. Keep following the alley in this direction, and 
you'll see the fire escape that Faustin used to get to the roof. When you 
approach him, he'll drop his weapon and start ranting. Listen to the 
conversation if you want, and then execute him.

After the deed is done, Niko will call Dimitri to let him know it's over. After
a while, the game lets you know that you can call Dimitri to see how things 
went with Petrovic. Do so, and Dimitri asks you to meet him in a warehouse in
Downtown Broker... alone.

| 29. RUSSIAN REVOLUTION                                               [M029] |

Chain:   Dimitri     
Prereqs: The Master and the Molotov
Starts:  Varies
Ends:    Beechwood City, Homebrew Cafe 
Rewards: -- 
Unlocks: Roman's Sorrow 


1. Call Dimitri to begin the mission.

2. Take a call from Little Jacob.

3. Meet Dimitri in the warehouse. 

4. Kill most of the henchmen in the warehouse.

5. Steal a cop car with Little Jacob and lose your wanted level.

The mission actually will begin when you call Dimitri. After that phone call,
Little Jacob will call you and tell you to be careful. He's worried enough, in
fact, to come along with you as backup. Drive the rest of the way to the 
warehouse to meet Little Jacob and trigger a cutscene.

After that, you'll find yourself in the middle of a giant firefight. Little 
Jacob will be beside you helping, and you'll have to take out most of the 
cronies strewn around the warehouse. Read the tutorial tips for information on
how to blind fire and such.

When you kill the first wave of dudes, Jacob will tell you to move forward. 
Grab the body armor behind the second row of metal things (the ones you can
use for cover) and begin shooting again. At this point, you'll have to make 
sure to kill any guys that are shooting from above; these guys can shoot Little
Jacob from their vantage point, and he'll let you know too if he's getting 
shot. Focus on killing these guys first, as you'll fail the mission if Jacob

When you've killed almost all of the henchmen, Dimitri and Bulgarin will run 
away, and cops will arrive at the doors to the warehouse as you get a two star
wanted level. Before you do anything, pick off any remaining gunmen, and check
the room to the right for a first aid kit on the wall. Also, it's ok to run
around and collect any cash or weapons.

When you're ready, head to the doors and run to either a police car or a parked
car. Hop in and get ready to drive as soon as Jacob hops in with you.

Now you'll be fighting the police in an attempt to escape a two star wanted 
level. You'll have to do some decent maneuvering to escape the police circle.
Remember, speed isn't the key here. Zigzag your way out of the circle, avoiding
streets with police cars. This way, the circle won't follow you. After you're
out of the circle, lay low somewhere, and you should have successfully shaken
the heat!

After all the mania has died down, take Little Jacob back to the Homebrew Cafe
to end the mission.

| 30. ROMAN'S SORROW                                                   [M030] |

Chain:   Roman       
Prereqs: Russian Revolution        
Starts:  Varies
Ends:    South Bohan, new safehouse    
Rewards: Lowest Point - 5G (X360 Achievement)
Unlocks: Escuela of the Streets
         Out of the Closet... (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)


1. Call Roman to start the mission.

2. Head to Roman in an alley in East Island City.

3. Drive to Roman's Place.

4. Drive to Roman's Cab Depot.

5. Drive to Mallorie's cousin's house in Bohan.

This mission is another "breather" type mission. Just drive around to the 
various points until the mission ends. You'll get the "Lowest Point" 
Achievement (5G) if you're playing on the XBox 360.

Don't you just love doing missions for Brucie? I do. So let's do one now!

| 31. OUT OF THE CLOSET                                                [M031] |

Chain:   Brucie      
Prereqs: Easy As Can Be 
         Roman's Sorrow
Starts:  BOABO, Brucie's Place
Ends:    Varies, most likely Hove Beach, 69th Street Diner
Rewards: $6750                                
Unlocks: Internet Dating
         No. 1


1. Head to the internet cafe. Go to and set up a date with
   French Tom.

2. Wait a bit, and check your email again. Respond positively to French Tom's

3. Wait until the scheduled time and meet French Tom at the 69th Street Diner.

4. Have a conversation with French Tom, and eventually kill him.

When you arrive at the internet cafe, grab a computer and go to the website (also check your emails if you haven't been; you should have
some new ones from family).

Once on the site, take a moment to check Niko's profile (SweetBellic!) for some
laughs. After, find French Tom and check his profile (you'll discover that 
Niko's profile isn't entirely a joke). Click date at the bottom and log off the
computer. The mission "ends" here, but it's not really over. You'll have to 
wait for a response from Tom to continue, so just go do whatever until you get
the email back (surf the web, hunt flying rats or unique stunt jumps, stock up
on weapons, etc.). If you don't feel like waiting, hop a cab to your new 
safehouse, take a nap, and hop a cab back. You should get a text from Roman
soon after telling you to check your email.

When you check the email, respond positively to French Tom to continue with the
mission. At this point, you'll have to wait again until the scheduled time to 
meet French Tom (check your phone for the date time).

Around the time of the date, a heart will appear on the map. Head here (the 
timing doesn't have to be spot on, you have a couple of in-game hours to make
it), and head in.

During the following conversation, you can press LB any time to stand up and
shoot French Tom. You can listen to the whole conversation if you want, but
this may give French Tom a head start out the door when he realizes what's 
going on. Anyway, he's not too hard to kill. Pistol works.

Brucie calls and lets Niko know that his profile is still up on love-meet, and
that he should use it to find some dates. You can actually start doing this
now if you'd like! Information pertaining to these new girlfriends will appear
in a later version of this guide in the Girlfriends / Friends section. Brucie 
has another mission for us too!

| 32. NO. 1                                                            [M032] |

Chain:   Brucie      
Prereqs: Out of the Closet   
Starts:  East Hook, Brucie's garage
Ends:    BOABO, Brucie's Place
Rewards: The racecar, if you want it
Unlocks: Street races
         Brucie as a friend


1. Drive to Willis to pick up Steve's racecar.

2. Drive to the race's start.

3. Win the race without destroying your car or killing the other drivers.

4. Bring Brucie back to his apartment.

Another routine mission beginning. Head to Steve's racecar, marked on the map
by a blue blip (you can take a taxi if you want). From there, grab the car and
head to the race's start, a few blocks down.

The race itself is the hard part of the mission. The trick here is to be
aggressive, but not overly fast at first. Do as much as you can to get in front
of the other drivers, and once you have, it's a good time to focus on speed 
(and careful cornering of course). If you leave the other drivers in front of
you for too long, they get sloppy when you enter high traffic areas, and will
cause you many problems as they crash and send themselves and other drivers all
over the road.

Again, once you are ahead of them, focus on pure speed on the straighaways and
careful cornering (I found that lightly using the regular brakes works well in
this car rather than the handbrake), and make sure you pay attention to where
the checkpoints crop up too.

Another note: don't try to kill the other drivers, and try to avoid flipping 
your car at all costs.

After the race, Brucie asks you to take him home. Niko lets him know that he's
uncomfortable being Brucie's business partner, but that he's still interested
in hanging out, so we won't be doing any mission for Brucie anymore.

After a bit, you'll get a text message from Brucie letting you know that there
are more street races available. There are three for each island, so you can 
compete in three of them now. See the Street Races section after the 
walkthrough for more information on these races.

If you wait even longer, Brucie will call and ask Niko to come and give him a
ride. Once you've completed the ride, Brucie will now be available to call for
friend activities. 

By now you're probably curious as to who exactly the M is on the map, so we 
should try that mission out now.

| 33. ESCUELA OF THE STREETS                                           [M033] |

Chain:   Manny       
Prereqs: Roman's Sorrow      
Starts:  South Bohan, Community Center
Ends:    South Bohan, Drug Dealer warehouse
Rewards: $1000
Unlocks: Mel (random character)
         Street Sweeper


1. Get in a car and drive to the dealer's place with Manny.

2. Slowly follow the dealer across Bohan. Keep your distance or you'll fail the

3. Park a safe distance behind him and enter the warehouse.

4. Kill everyone inside.

Grab a car with Manny and head for the yellow marker on the radar. When you 
reach it, park behind the dealer and wait until he takes off. At this point, 
you must slowly follow him at a safe distance. Niko will let you know the 
proper distance (two car lengths) through the use of one of a couple statements
he has for this part of the mission.

Other than getting too close, you can also spook the dealer by honking your 
horn or getting a wanted level. This means that when you stop at a stop light
because the dealer has, you could even accidentally overdo it on the brakes, 
head into reverse for a split second and barely tap a police car, causing you
to fail the mission (if you can't tell, this has happened to me, and it pissed
me off). Best stick to your handbrake primarily.

I'm making a big deal about the next part of the mission, because I failed it
this way too: Manny will tell you to park behind the dealer when he stops at 
his warehouse, but you should wait a tiny bit for the yellow marker to appear,
and park there. I immediately sped up and parked right behind the dealer, which
made me fail the mission.

Anyway, now that you've made it this far, you need to head inside the warehouse
and take care of all the dealers. Manny will not be there to help you. To get 
inside, head to the southern wall of the warehouse, where you'll find an alley
with stairs leading to the roof of the next building over. Head up there, and 
walk across the planks to the warehouse roof. You should see an open skylight.

From your excellent position, take out as many dealers as you can, and then 
drop in (you should be able to take out three or so). Drop down next to the
stone pillar and take cover with RB. There should be about 7 or so left, so
methodically take them out, and move up past the boxes when you need to kill
the last few. Grab the extra weapons and ammo after the fight, grab a soda from
the machine if you need it, and exit the warehouse (you'll have to shoot out 
the door).

We could continue with missions for Manny, but here's something you may not
notice: a new random character has appeared in southern Broker! If you head 
north up the street from where your first safehouse was (north of the clothing
store), you should see a blue character icon.

| 34. MEL                                                              [M034] |

Chain:   Mel         
Prereqs: Escuela of the Streets
Starts:  Hove Beach, north of the Russian Shop
Ends:    Hove Beach, north of the Russian Shop
Rewards: $500  
Unlocks: --


1. Pick up Mel in a car and drive him to some loan sharks that he owes money 

2. Kill the loan sharks.

3. Drive Mel back home. 

This is a straightforward mission, but you may want to pick up some body armor
before hand. Still, you shouldn't really need it if you play smart. Pick up Mel
in a car, and drive him to the alley where he's to meet the loan sharks.

The loan sharks want more than money, however. When you can control Niko again,
hop behind one of the cars and use the cover button. From here, take out the 
three loan sharks (standing in the open and shooting them may not be a great

Afterwards, pick Mel up and drive him back home.

| 35. STREET SWEEPER                                                   [M035] |

Chain:   Manny       
Prereqs: Escuela of the Streets
Starts:  South Bohan, Community Center
Ends:    Varies
Rewards: $1100 
Unlocks: Luck of the Irish


1. Drive to the dealer's hangout and kill the ones there on foot.

2. Chase the other two in the car and kill them.

This mission is a pain in the butt for several reasons. Your first real problem
is that all of the dealers have SMGs and plenty of cover. Your second problem
is that, when you arrive, two of the five dealers will drive off. Third, you
have a pretty good chance of attracting police attention (usually around two
stars, but sometimes none).

To make this mission easier, drive to the hangout and get out of the car from
a distance. Start by picking off one of the dealers that's on foot, and 
approach cautiously from there, killing two more (ignore the car that drives
off, it wanders aimlessly, and you probably won't "lose" it). When they're 
gone, hop in your car and chase after the remaining two dealers. You can either
try to shoot and kill them while they are in the car, shoot the car until it
lights on fire and they run out, or try to tip it over with your own car. I 
find that tipping it over is probably the best way if you want to save some

Alternately, you can drive up to the garage fast and block in the getaway car
before it has a chance to leave. This also gives you a good shot at the driver,
but the other three dealers will make your life a pain while you sit out here
in the open. And if you try to drive around the pillars to shoot them, they 
will always stay on the opposite side of the pillar. Infuriating, to say the

Afterwards, Mallorie calls you and lets you in on a new Bohan contact.

| 36. LUCK OF THE IRISH                                                [M036] |

Chain:   Elizabeta   
Prereqs: Street Sweeper        
Starts:  South Bohan, western apartments
Ends:    South Bohan, building roof
Rewards: $1500
Unlocks: Blow Your Cover


1. Drive to the target building. 

2. Climb to the roof and grab the sniper rifle.

3. Protect Packie during the deal. Kill two waves of bad guys to pass the 

This is a short and safe mission where you must protect Packie during a deal.
It's easy because you'll be sniping from a rooftop, where the enemy can't see 

Head over to the apartment building at the beginning of the mission. Head 
inside, and climb the stairs to the roof. When you emerge back outside, grab
the rifle and head for the indicated vantage point. At this point, Packie will
show up, and the other guys will show up for the deal. Nothing will happen for
a bit, so pay attention to the instructions on how to use it (nothing really
new other than the zoom).

Suddenly, gunfire will break out, and you'll notice a bunch of targets down the
alley. If you are very careful with your bullets, you can end this mission with
whatever ammo you have left over. Don't take too much time though, or Packie 
can get into grappling wars with the other thugs. If this happens, quickly 
locate Packie and shoot the guy he's grappling with. After you kill the first
wave of dudes, be ready to take out a second wave. The mission will end when 
they are all dead, and you'll get more work from Elizabeta.

| 37. BLOW YOUR COVER                                                  [M037] |

Chain:   Elizabeta   
Prereqs: Luck of the Irish     
Starts:  South Bohan, western apartments
Ends:    Northwood, Playboy's Place                     
Rewards: $2000      
Unlocks: The Puerto Rican Connection
         Deconstruction for Beginners               


1. Drive Playboy to the apartment where the deal is going down.

2. Take out the N.O.O.S.E. members as you head up to the roof. 

3. Kill even more of them as you fight your way back down the opposite 

4. Drive Playboy back to his house.

After another standard drive-to-your-destination, you'll be at the apartment 
where the deal is taking place. But it turns out to be no deal at all! You'll
have to deal with N.O.O.S.E. personnel as you battle your way to the roof (as
Playboy suggests). 

From your cover, you should easily be able to kill the first two guys in the 
room you were just in. It should be noted that the N.O.O.S.E. members all 
have body armor--if you want to conserve ammo, aim for the head. 

There are two more guys waiting for you in the next room, and you won't really
be able to shoot them from decent cover. Instead, try rolling through the door
and re-aiming to target one of them, shoot them in the head, and roll back 
through the door. Repeat for the second one (or just run up and shoot him...
for N.O.O.S.E. officers, they aren't too aggressive).

As you head upstairs, you'll fight more and more of them, but you should have
some fairly decent cover for these ones. Just be careful of one that rolls out
at the top of one of the stairs. 

When you reach the roof, you are immediately given a first aid kit, right in 
front of you. Don't let that distract you from the couple of N.O.O.S.E. members
up here on the roof! Kill them and keep following Playboy. You'll run across
some body armor and the last of the officers on the roof. Kill them, and head
into the other building. There are two more enemy personnel left on a couple
different floors, so be careful when heading down.

When you reach the ground floor, you'll need to find a vehicle to escape in.
When you do, you'll need to lose your wanted level (of course). You should have
practice losing a two star by now, so use the familiar street zig zag to avoid
newly spawning cops and escape the circle.

After that ordeal is over, you'll have to drive Playboy home. If you look at 
the map, that's on Algonquin! Finally making some major progress, eh? 
(Incidentally, that's a good milestone for me, writing this guide :p ).

You'll engage in a few phone interactions soon after. Elizabeta says she has
more deals to make (though Manny will be our next mission contact), Roman says
he's put his insurance money into a new Cab Depot (meaning you can use his 
friend ability again, to call for a cab whenever), and Playboy will text you,
letting you know he has work for you (shows up as an X).

| 38. THE PUERTO RICAN CONNECTION                                      [M038] |

Chain:   Manny       
Prereqs: Blow Your Cover       
Starts:  South Bohan, Community Center
Ends:    South Slopes train station
Rewards: $1500
Unlocks: Call and Collect
         Ilyena Faustin (random character)
         Sara (random character)
         Hossan (random character)
         Pathos (random character)
         The Snow Storm               


1. Drive to the Algonquin Bridge.

2. Follow the train from here, and don't lose it!

3. Take out the three targets that get off.

Drive to the marker on the map, near the Algonquin Bridge. You'll see a train 
driving onto the island, and you'll need to follow it until the targets get 
off. Following the train is a simple matter, and you can usually stay right
under the tracks, or close to it (I ignored the tip about using B to zoom in
on the train; it seems cool, but doesn't really work in practice). 

The only tough part is after the train makes it around the southern loop and
starts heading north again. You'll have to pay attention to where you're 
driving now, as you can't stay directly under the tracks for a bit. When you
reach the playground, make sure you stick to the street and don't cut through.
When you reach James Street, don't continue straight, or you'll enter a dead 
end alley. Take a right and head up to Ringo Street, and take a left to get
back on track.

Soon after this, the train will stop, and you should stop too. You should see
stairs up to the platform on either side of you, so run up. The three targets
will be up here milling around, and are panicy and easy to gun down. The 
mission will be over when you kill the last one.

You'll get a text message after from an unknown contact soon thereafter. It 
appears as a ? icon on your map. Elizabeta will also call you eventually, 
asking for your help in understanding Jacob (another mission, in other words).

We've also unlocked a bunch of new random characters, and I'll get to most of
them when I get into detail with missions concerning the second island. There 
is one random character in south Broker, however. We'll go see her now. Head
towards the big pier at the southern end of the island. She's on the boardwalk
east of where the pier begins.

| 39. ILYENA FAUSTIN                                                   [M039] |

Chain:   Ilyena Faustin
Prereqs: The Puerto Rican Connection
Starts:  Hove Beach, near the big southern pier
Ends:    Most likely Schottler, where you find him
Rewards: --
Unlocks: --                       


1. Find Anna's new boyfriend and beat him up.

After an awkward reunion with Ilyena, Niko agrees to help her out by scaring
off Anna's new sleazy boyfriend. Drive to his location in Schottler, where 
you'll see him hanging around and smoking a butt.

When you get out, Niko will talk to him and he'll run away. Chase after him,
and he'll eventually stop running and start fighting. This mission is a pain
because cops will be able to see your violence and, may start shooting at
you. In an attempt to avoid this scenario, try hitting him while he's running
down the alley.

After you do enough damage to him, a cutscene will play where Niko will tell
him to stay away from Anna--and he agrees. With that, the mission will end.

Before starting the next, somewhat challenging, mission, you may want to pick
up a few rounds of sniper ammo if you're running low. If you are friendly 
enough with Little Jacob, you can call him and buy the ammo for cheap. You 
shouldn't need more than 10 extra bullets.

| 40. SNOW STORM                                                       [M040] |

Chain:   Elizabeta
Prereqs: The Puerto Rican Connection
Starts:  South Bohan, western apartments 
Ends:    Chase Point, alley
Rewards: $2,500
Unlocks: Have a Heart
         Wrong is Right (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)             


1. Head to the abandoned hospital.

2. Battle your way inside and grab the coke.

3. Battle your way out through the N.O.O.S.E. forces.

4. Lose your wanted level.

5. Meet Little Jacob.

As usual, head to the start point by either driving there yourself, or grabbing
a taxi. Hide out by the brick wall that you arrive near, and zoom in on the car
in the distance using your sniper rifle. Kill the guys by the car (once you 
fire the first shot, you'll have to wait for the other guy to pop up again), 
and proceed towards the building. 

As you approach, you should see a guy in a window. If you have any ammo left, 
snipe him from a distance. If not, carefully pick him off with a well-aimed 
shot from another weapon. From here, you can proceed into the building 
normally, or you can run around the perimeter and use the ladder in the back.
If you do choose to use the ladder, you'll arrive near the room with the coke,
and you can skip the next bit of strategy. If you're intent on doing it the 
normal way, read on.

Head to the left once you kill the guy in the window, and you should come 
across a window on the ground level. Shoot as many guys as you can from here,
and then jump through. Proceeding to the back of the hospital is difficult, so
proceed cautiously from room to room every time you are sure you you've killed
all possible guys. Always look up too, as there will be people shooting down at
you from the second floor.

Explore side rooms as well, as you can find goodies like First Aid Kits and an
Assault Rifle. When you reach the last room, you'll have to kill the two guys
you saw in the cutscene, and then you can grab the coke, as well as the Body 
Armor lying nearby.

Suddenly, the building will be infested with N.O.O.S.E. members, and you'll 
have a wanted level. You're going to have to shoot your way out, but it 
shouldn't really affect your wanted level too bad (I didn't go higher than 
three stars). The most dangerous part will be shooting your way down the long
hallway. Just be careful during this part, and use side rooms as respite when
you can.

After the long hallway, pick up the First Aid Kit. When you finally leave the
building, you may be dreading an escape from a three star wanted level. 
Normally, this would prove difficult, but many have mentioned use of the boat
that sits in the water by the dock to the right of where you exit the building.
There's a hole in the fence you can run through, and you can jump into the 
water from there. The boat should be nearby.

At this point, you'll need to escape the wanted circle. If you just drive in
circles around Broker, for example, it may not seem like you're making any
progress. However, you will eventually lose the helicopter. Now you'll have
to worry about new police boats spawning near the edge of the circle. Try to
avoid these new spawns, and you will eventually escape the circle and lose the
wanted level (may take a while, but is a really safe method).

After, Little Jacob calls and asks you to meet him in an alley in Chase Point.
Head there now (take a taxi if you are weary from the pursuit).

| 41. HAVE A HEART                                                     [M041] |

Chain:   Elizabeta
Prereqs: Snow Storm
Starts:  South Bohan, western apartments 
Ends:    East Island City, alley
Rewards: $3,000
Unlocks: Harboring a Grudge (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)
         Hostile Negotiation (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)


1. Drive Elizabeta's goodies to the alley in EIC.

The final mission we'll help Elizabeta with is fairly easy. The only thing to
look out for is bumping into things with her car, as the trunk will pop open,
revealing the items inside. When this happens, it's wise to get out of the car
and close the trunk with LB. If you drive past the police with the trunk open,
this mission becomes a lot harder, so avoid this at all costs. Also watch out
for attracting police attention in obvious ways.

We should help out some of the random characters on the second island now. Are
you feeling it?! I AM!! You may remember Niko's acquaintance Hossan, from the
boat in the opening cutscene. He's hanging around on the second island now. To
find him, scan your menu map for the Meat Quarter. Look for him in the bottom
right corner of the Meat Quarter, just after it turns to Suffolk.

| 42. HOSSAN                                                           [M042] |

Chain:   Hossan 
Prereqs: The Puerto Rican Connection
Starts:  Suffolk, corner of Frankfort + Garnet
Ends:    Suffolk, alley    
Rewards: $500
Unlocks: --             


1. Drive to the guy Hossan tells you about.

2. Chase him down and kill him.

Hossan will ask you to take a walk with him down the street. It doesn't last
two seconds before it's decided that you actually need a car, so grab one for
this mission. Drive to Castle Drive to talk to the target. He's being a 
butthead, and a car chase ensues. 

Depending on what vehicle you're in, this chase should play out differently.
A fast car will allow you to keep up with him, and should allow you to shoot
him until you either kill him or damage his car enough so he gets out. If 
you're in a slow bulky car (the way I like to do this mission), follow him 
best you can until he gets caught up in traffic. At this point, plow into him
to damage him. If you're lucky, this will also trap him, allowing you to cause
more damage. If you are exceptionally lucky, you will flip him over entirely,
which will cause him to run. 

Either way, he won't be a problem when he's on foot. After, drive Hossan back
to the alley near where you first met him.

If you drive a block east from where you met Hossan, you should see another
blue random character marker (I am told this only works at night, so you may
just want to do other missions in the meantime, or you could wait using your
safe house). This is Sara, another... interesting character.

| 43. SARA: ENCOUNTER #1                                               [M043] |

Chain:   Sara
Prereqs: The Puerto Rican Connection
Starts:  Suffolk
Ends:    Varsity Heights, Sara's Place
Rewards: --
Unlocks: Sara: Encounter #2             


1. Drive Sara home.

2. Scare her husband.

It seems the only thing Sara actually is sure about is that she needs a ride
home. Grab a car and drive her to Varsity Heights, where her husband is leaving
the house. A few choice words later, the husband is understandably angry and 
comes after you. Simply aim a gun at him to send him packing, and end the 

One more random character, then we'll start doing a few normal mission. Pathos
is located in front of Thespian Theaters at Star Junction (the game's version
of Times Square, easily spottable on the map if you look for the X of roads
near the middle of the island).

| 44. PATHOS: ENCOUNTER #1                                             [M044] |

Chain:   Pathos
Prereqs: The Puerto Rican Connection
Starts:  Star Junction, Thespian Theaters
Ends:    Star Junction, Thespian Theaters
Rewards: --
Unlocks: Pathos: Encounter 2


1. Kill Pathos' hecklers.

Pathos is on the street, trying to sell his freelance rap. He's being heckled,
however, so there's only one logical solution: kill the hecklers. Run across to
the alley when the mission begins and shoot the hecklers in the head. Pathos 
will be grateful.

Grab some body armor from somewhere, heal up, and head north to Playboy X's 
house. It's time to help him out.

| 45. DECONSTRUCTION FOR BEGINNERS                                     [M045] |

Chain:   Playboy X
Prereqs: Blow Your Cover
Starts:  Northwood, Playboy X's Place
Ends:    Castle Garden, contsruction site
Rewards: $6,500
Unlocks: Photo Shoot
         Ruff Rider


1. Drive to Playboy's car that contains the weapons that he's supplied for you.

2. Use the window washer platform to reach the roof of the nearby building.

3. Snipe the three lookouts. Two are on cranes, and one is lower, on a roof.

4. Head towards the construction site and take cover. Take out each union 
   leader and the clumps of enemies around each. Playboy will let you know when
   it's safe to move on to the next. You'll also learn how to throw grenades 
   from cover.

When the mission begins, drive to the car indicated on the radar to pick up the
weaponry that Playboy has left for you. There are three enemies you will need 
to snipe before entering the construction site. Playboy suggests that you use
the window washing platform to reach the roof of the nearby building. Use the
onscreen instructions to learn how to operate it.

From the vantage point up here, you should have no trouble sniping the three
lookouts. Two of them are on cranes, and the third is lower on a rooftop. 
You'll have to pan your view down pretty far to spot him.

After that's taken care of, return to the ground (using the window washer 
platform, of course). Hop the fence and proceed towards the construction site.
You will inevitably be noticed, and enemies will start shooting at you. Notice
that they won't appear on the radar. Run back at this point, and hide behind 
the modular home. From this cover, you'll be able to take out the first group
of enemies. They may be hard to see, but you can rely on auto-aim to find them
for you. You'll know when they're all dead when Playboy contacts you on the 
radio thingy and tells you to proceed. 

As you head forward, there's plenty of cover available from the cement 
foundations. You'll have to clear off the big ramp next. Proceed the same way
you did with the first wave of enemies, until they are all dead. When you run
up this ramp, a cutscene will play where Niko dives for cover and equips the
grenades. The game will give you a tutorial about how to throw them from cover.
It's a cool concept, but at this particular point in the mission, not very 
useful. I just ended up shooting the enemies and committing the grenade 
controls to memory. 

Clear the enemies again and proceed towards the next ramp. Before heading up it
though, manually crouch so that you have cover from the girders to your left.
Auto target one of the many guys, pop up from your crouch and kill him, and 
go back into a crouch. It's not as good as cover, but you'll have to wing it
from the ramp, and it's fairly safe anyway. Anyway, do this for the next four 
or five dudes.

The next part of the mission is dangerous, as more enemy reinforcements are air
lifted in. Find the nearest point of cover as soon as you see this happening, 
and carefully take out the guys from there. This is actually a good time to use
the grenade tips, since there will be a lot of clustered enemies.

The game mentions that the final union leader is trying to escape via the 
helicopter. I took all the time in the world killing the opposition, and he 
never escaped, so I don't know if this is a false alarm. Can anyone confirm?

Anyway, once the fourth and final union leader goes down, the mission will end.

| 46. PHOTO SHOOT                                                      [M046] |

Chain:   Playboy X
Prereqs: Deconstruction for Beginners
Starts:  Northwood, Playboy's place
Ends:    Northwood, basketball court (most likely)
Rewards: $6,750
Unlocks: Wrong is Right (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)
         Jeff (random character)


1. Head to the Basketball court.

2. Without entering the court, stand by the entrance in the fence and take a
   picture of the three dudes standing around talking. Send the picture to
   Playboy, and he'll tell you which one to kill

3. Run across to the other side of the street, and shoot the target in the 
   head with a sniper rifle.

4. If he gets away, chase him down and kill him.

The basketball court mentioned is just around the corner. Head to the opening
of the fence, but don't go in! From here, you can take the picture without them
noticing you (the group of kids talking). Playboy will call you back and tell
you which dude to kill after you send him the picture. 

From here, just run across to the other side of the street, pull out your
trusty sniper rifle, and shoot him in the head. If you miss, or spook them, 
you'll have to chase him down. The mission will end when he's dead. 

After this mission, you'll probably be getting a call from Mallorie about
Roman's whereabouts.

| 47. HOSTILE NEGOTIATION                                              [M047] |

Chain:   Roman
Prereqs: Have a Heart
         Photo Shoot
Starts:  Varies
Ends:    South Bohan, Safehouse
Rewards: --
Unlocks: Algonquin Safehouse


1. Head to the warehouse.

2. Kill all the Russians, floor by floor, while keeping your health and body
   armor up to par.

3. Engage in a standoff with the kidnapper. You have three chances and a 
   certain amount of time to shoot and kill him before Roman is toast.

4. Exit the warehouse with Roman.

5. Drive back to the Bohan safehouse.

Once you accept the call from Mallorie, the mission will begin. She tells you 
that Roman has been kidnapped, and even gives you specific directions (how she
knows so much is a mystery). Head to the warehouse indicated on the map. On the
way, you should get a text from Dimitri. Take a look at it.

Once you reach the destination, make sure to grab the assault rifle before 
stepping into the marker. After the cutscene, Niko will be in a great cover
position, and you are free to start shooting. You should be able to get a clean
head shot on the closest guy to you. Clearing out the bottom floor should be a
piece of cake. Follow the wall all the way left while killing, and you'll reach
a First Aid Kit. You won't need it yet (hopefully), so run out behind the first
pillar you can, and take cover.

Enemies fill the second floor now, and there's a lot of them. Chances are, even
with your cover, some will still be able to shoot you from the catwalks. Take 
it easy, and listen for gunshots to find where they're shooting from (since 
they won't show up on the radar). After you take out the guys that can shoot 
you, pick off the remaining guys. Take the First Aid Kit now if you need it.

When you head up the stairs to the second floor, you'll most likely be shot at
again, so make sure you grabbed that First Aid Kit. Immediately head for the
wall nearest you when you reach the top of the stairs and use the cover button.
Take out the remaining guys on this floor, and rake through their corpses for 
their ammo. Look out for the Body Armor too, which will come in handy.

Head up to the third floor now, and race to cover behind the first pillar. 
There will be a few enemies that will be tough to hit, but you can remedy that
by shooting the gas canisters near the railing (the tall cylindrical ones). 
This will either kill or stun the enemies, causing them to reel, and let you 
shoot them with ease. There is a First Aid Kit on the wall after the first row
of pillars. 

Soon after, Roman will start to scream for you. At this point, duck behind the
nearest pillar, as a few guys on a catwalk will open fire on you, and kill you
in seconds. After killing them, head to the stairs to the fourth floor, but 
don't rush up them just yet! Once you're halfway up the steps, look to the 
left, and you'll see some guys sitting on the roof. Shoot them a couple times
to make them fall off, and then head up the steps. 

Duck for cover behind the vent, and shoot the guy in the doorway to the left,
way across in the corner. Then focus on the ones in front of you. Switch to a
weapon with a decent accuracy (a pistol or SMG will work fine), and head across
to the room where you shot the guy in the doorway. When you are far enough into
the room, the kidnapper will pop up with a gun to Roman's head.

At this point, you must quickly kill the kidnapper. You have three shots before
the kidnapper will shoot Roman, and you must try quickly. The game sort of sets
you up so that you're in line with the kidnappers head, so after aiming, 
there's no need to aim laterally, just to the left until the dot is on the 
kidnapper's head (it would be nice if someone could confirm this, as I'm not 
too sure if the game is always this nice about it).

Afterwards, you must follow Roman out of the warehouse (don't worry, there's a
shortcut you take out the back). Get in the truck that Roman specifies, and 
drive him back to the Bohan safehouse. 

You should get a call from Roman sometime after, letting you know that a new
safehouse is open in Algonquin.

After all that hullabaloo, let's take it easy and see how Sara's up to. To find
Sara, head to Fishmarket South. She is located in front of Pier 45, just south
of the Broker Bridge.

| 48. SARA: ENCOUNTER #2                                               [M048] |

Chain:   Sara 
Prereq:  Sara: Encounter #1
Starts:  Fishmarket South, Pier 45
Ends:    Fishmarket South, Pier 45
Rewards: $1000 (technically, $500)
Unlocks: --


1. Head to Middle Park East to pick up Sara's package.

2. Press LB to spend $500 on the package (ergh).

3. Bring it back to Sara, and make your money back and then some.

This meeting with Sara plays out a bit differently than the first. She doesn't
quite remember Niko, but ropes him into helping her out anyway. First head to
Perseus in Middle Park East. Here, you'll need to press LB to buy the package
from the store proprieter (incidentally, you can also buy some new clothes 
here, if you'd like). 

Afterwards, head back to Sara, who will pay you $1000. Not too bad.

I've also heard that you can attack the clerk and collect the package, though
I have yet to test this, and am not sure if it changes the reward you get.

Pathos is in need of our help too, so head back to where you first found him at
Star Junction, and you should eventually find his blue friend marker a ways 
north of where the roads actually cross.

| 49. PATHOS: ENCOUNTER #2                                             [M049] |

Chain:   Pathos
Prereq:  Pathos: Encounter #1
Starts:  Star Junction, a bit north
Ends:    Easton, hospital
Rewards: --
Unlocks: --


1. Gun down more of Pathos' hecklers.

2. Grab a car and drive him to the hospital.

This time, Pathos has even worse luck, as his hecklers decide to shoot him.
They will be easy to gun down, seeing as they both have pistols, and take cover
behind a dinky little bus stop. 

Afterwards, simply grab any vehicle and drive Pathos to the hospital just a few
blocks over.

Another random character, Jeff, is waiting for us. To find him, look for the
northeastern corner of Middle Park. If you hop over the block to the northeast
of this corner, you'll find Jeff leaning on a wall with a flag painted on it.
(Basically, you should be able to check the street corners northeast of Middle
Park, and find him).

| 50. JEFF: ENCOUNTER #1                                               [M050] |

Chain:   Jeff
Prereq:  Photo Shoot
Starts:  East Holland, street corner
Ends:    Lancaster, Superstar Cafe
Rewards: $1,000
Unlocks: Jeff: Encounter #2


1. Follow Jeff's wife and the guy she's with to the Superstar Cafe.

2. Take a picture of the two and send it to Jeff.

Jeff is a suspicious guy, and thinks that his wife is cheating on him. He asks
Niko to follow her when she leaves the building she's in and take a picture of
her and whoever she's with.

When the mission starts, enter the car in front of you and follow the two. 
There's no specific distance you need to keep while following them, though 
hitting the car is a different story (you'll fail). Soon enough, they will pull
over at the Superstar Cafe. Park behind them, get out, enter the cafe, and head
upstairs. From the stairs, you should be able to take a decent shot with the 
camera phone. Send it to Jeff, and you'll get your reward.

I know you're ever so curious about the mystery contacts, so we'll go help one
of them out now. Head to the ? at the very south of the map.

| 51. CALL AND COLLECT                                                 [M051] |

Chain:   Francis McReary
Prereq:  The Puerto Rican Connection
Starts:  Castle Gardens, southern pier
Ends:    Northwood, alley outside of the Flaming Fez
Rewards: $1,000
Unlocks: Final Interview
         Harboring a Grudge (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)


1. Proceed to the park.

2. Use your cell phone to call the number (843-555-0124) that Francis gives 

3. Try to spot the person that you call by watching out for who picks up their
   cell phone. Keep calling and searching until you find the caller.

4. Approach the caller to confirm that it is indeed them, and then kill them.

5. Pick up the storage device, and return it to Francis.

After a somewhat tense exchange between Niko and Francis, head to the indicated
marker on the map. When you reach the park, Francis will call and then text you
the number (843-555-0124). Call it, and start walking down the steps. Many 
people will be using their cell phones, and it may be hard to find the caller 
at first.

If the conversation ends, a good tactic is to get as many people in your field
of vision as you can. When you call again, you should see someone pick up their
phone, just as you call. If you get close to them, their voice will double 
through the cell phone, and as a normal speaking voice as well. If you've 
gotten this close, the caller will run at this point, where you can easily 
shoot him. (If you are having trouble, look for the guy in the hoodie). Pick up
the storage device when he's dead.

Afterwards, you'll have to lose a two-star wanted level before you're allowed 
to return the storage device to Francis. Ignore the GPS route to him, as there
are a bunch of one-way streets, and it takes you a while to get there using
legal routes.

Francis will text you after the mission is over, asking you to come visit the 
police station.

You'll also get a call from Packie, who asks you to visit him. Niko is getting
quite popular, no?

| 52. FINAL INTERVIEW                                                  [M052] |

Chain:   Francis McReary
Prereq:  Call and Collect
Starts:  Westminster, Police Station  
Ends:    Westminster, Police Station alley
Rewards: $1,000
Unlocks: Holland Nights


1. Head to an internet cafe and send Niko's false resume to Tom Goldberg.

2. Head to Perseus to buy a suit and shoes for the interview.

3. At some point, accept the call from the Lawyers and schedule an interview.

4. Kill time, and head to the interview at the appointed time.

5. Get buzzed in by the secretary and have her lead you to the interview.

6. During the interview, stand up at any time and aim your gun at Tom to scare
   him. Pick up the files from the desk.

7a. Shoot and kill him.

8a. Shoot your way out of the firm.

9a. Lose your wanted level.

- OR - 

7b. Knife and kill Tom.

10. Head back to the police station and give Francis the files.

One more awkward interaction with Francis later, and you're charged with 
getting a job interview with a lawyer that has some dirt on Francis. You're to
steal some files during the interview. Before that, however, we must actually
set up the interview, and get Niko a suit.

First head to an internet cafe (there's a Tw@ far to the north, marked on your
map). Log on to a computer and click on Tom Goldberg's ad that appears on the 
home page. (Alternately, you should have an email from Francis. You can click
on the link he provides in it).

Click on the Careers tab and then click on the Submit Resume button. Check out
Niko's resume, and then click Submit Resume again. Get off the computer and 
exit the cafe. The mission will sort of go on hold (much like the French Tom
mission) and you'll have to wait again for a call back about the interview.

To kill some time, head to Perseus to the south (there should be a clothes 
icon somewhat east of Middle Park). Sometime around your arrival, you should
get a call from the Lawyers, who will ask you to come in at noon the next day.

Anyway, head inside and purchase a suit and shoes (not sure if you need the 
shoes... anyone wanna let me know? you might as well go all the way though!).
UPDATE: Latts, via email says "You do need to buy shoes in Persues.If you leave
after you've purchased a suit, but not shoes, it will tell you that you must
buy a pair of shoes."

Take some time and check out your new safehouse if you haven't already, or just
run around doing other missions until your interview. You may notice also that
you have a computer in your new safehouse, in case you don't want to head to an
internet cafe.

Your interview is at noon, but you have a bit of leeway as to when you actually
reach the interview. You can typically start heading there at noon and still 
make it.

When it's finally time, head to the interview. The receptionist will buzz you
in and lead you to Tom's office. Any time during the interview, stand up and 
aim a gun at Goldberg. He'll give up the files without a fight. You must then
kill him, which will definitely cause some attention. All of the guards in the
building will come running, and will open fire. Luckily, if you die, you can 
start out at the second half of this mission.

You'll have to escape a different way you entered the firm, but there is a 
First Aid Kit on the way. Be smart with your cover, and carefully kill your way
out. You'll then have to lose a two-star wanted level.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Again, Latts comes through with information: "After one has
killed Tom,there is another alternate way of exiting the building. It is if
fact possible to jump out one (ther may be more,I don't know) of the windows in
Tom's office.I would reccomend first getting rid of the guars that are shooting
at you from the hallway though.This way provides less gunfire and a quicker way
of finishing the mission since you only have to deal with the police after 

Alternately, you could just knife Tom and not alert anyone, skipping the fight
out and the police chase after :]

Finally, head back to the police station in Westminster. Francis will be 
waiting in the alley. Congratulations, you just lost money doing this mission!
Remember that expensive-ass suit and pair of shoes we bought? Ah well.

| 53. HOLLAND NIGHTS                                                   [M053] |

Chain:   Francis McReary
Prereq:  Final Interview
Starts:  Westminster, Police Station  
Ends:    Varies
Rewards: $5,000
Unlocks: Lure


1. Head to the projects in East Holland.

2. Approach Clarence on the second floor.

3. Chase him up to the roof while killing his gang members.

4. Choose whether to kill Clarence or not (if you don't kill him, he will be
   available as a random character later on).

5. Lose your wanted level. Be careful when leaving the building, as the cops
   will decimate you if you make a run for it.

The first part of the mission has you going to East Holland, to the projects
there. You're to take out a drug dealer holed up in an apartment. When you 
reach the projects, Niko will call Francis. He tells you to play it cool as 
long as possible, and head up to the second floor, where you'll meet Clarence.

Indeed, as long as you put away your weapons and don't cause trouble, you can
walk right up to the second floor, near Clarence. Sooner or later, however, you
will be attacked, and will have to fight back accordingly. 

The gang members aren't really all that tough, and you should be able to chase
Clarence up to the roof without much difficulty. Once you're there, you are 
given the choice to either kill Clarence or let him live. If you choose to kill
him, you can execute him with the pistol, or just shoot him. To let him live,
simply walk away. The benefit of letting him live is that you will unlock him
as a random character later on, if that piques your interest. You'll just have
to end up killing him then, though, so it's up to you. It doesn't affect your
end game score either.

Either way, you'll have to deal with a two-star wanted level. This is most 
likely the hardest part of the mission. Some of the cops may have shotguns, and
it's not very wise at all to jump off the apartment complex (as in, don't do it
at all), so you may get shot a bunch of times by the shotgun toters if you head
straight down the steps. If you have plenty of health and/or body armor, by all
means, run down all the steps and straight to a car. If not, you'll have to 
actually kill cops to make it out, increasing your wanted level and making the
ensuing chase more annoying. 

Once you lose your wanted level, the mission ends, and you get a decent sum of
money. Francis has another mission for us (notice that it's to the far south,
in a park now).

| 54. LURE                                                             [M054] |

Chain:   Francis McReary
Prereq:  Holland Nights
Starts:  Castle Gardens, park
Ends:    East Holland
Rewards: $5,000
Unlocks: Blood Brothers (1 of 3 mission prerequisites)


1. Head to the car that Francis has stored sniper ammo in.

2. Drive it to the dealer's house in East Holland.

3. Head up to the roof of the building across the street.

4a. Zoom in on the dealer's phone and call that number.

- OR -

4b. Shoot the TV to make him get up and check it out.

- OR -

4c. Shoot the satellite dish.

5. Shoot the dealer.

6. Return to the sidewalk.

Francis' missions are turning out to be very much the same, no? Head to the
target indicated on the map. You're going to be sniping in this one. There is
ammo for your rifle in the car here (which is, incidentally, a nice car). Use
the car to drive to the dealer's apartement off Denver Ave.

When you reach the destination, Niko will call Francis, who tells Niko to head
up to the top of the building on the west side of the street for a better shot
(use the stairs inside the building, as there's no fire escape to climb). Head
into the marker, and Niko will automatically look through the window. Look for
clues during the cutscene for any way to lure the dealer to the window.

The answer is to call him by reading the number displayed on his phone. You can
read the number if you use the sniper rifle to zoom in on the phone, and if you
have an HD TV. If you don't have an HD TV, you can't read the damn number, and
if it's not obvious, I don't own a friggin HD TV, and I'm a little ticked 
because it just looked like a grey smudge to me. Stupid. But I digress. The 
number, for the high definitionally challenged of us, is 545-555-0122.

I guess I can't get too mad though, as there are other ways to lure him to the
window. Alyson Young writes: "It's a rooftop sniper job, but this time you get
to kill a television first to lure the target to the window.  Mission over when
you reach the sidewalk.  Easiest 5k ever."

Also try shooting the satellite dish. :]

Anyway, either way, you'll have a clear shot at the target. As mentioned, the
mission will end when you reach the sidewalk.

Around now, you should be receiving a phone call from Jeff (if not, just come
back to the next section later, when you do get a call from him). Answer his
call to begin the mission.

| 55. JEFF: ENCOUNTER #2                                               [M055] |

Chain:   Jeff
Prereq:  Jeff: Encounter #1
         Also, seems like you have to wait a while after the first encounter
Starts:  Varies
Ends:    Northwood, north end of the island
Rewards: $5,000
Unlocks: Jeff: Encounter #3


1. Meet Jeff in the car park.

2. Drive Jeff's car to the marker in Northwood while avoiding police attention.

3. Get up some speed and launch the car off the ramp into the water. Jump out 
   of the car while it's moving.

Jeff asks you to meet him in the car park off the corner of Silicon Street, so
head there now. When you reach the destination, head down the ramp to find 
Jeff, and to find the real reason he wants to meet you. Jeff is one unsavory

Anyway, you'll be driving Jeff's car and Jeff's cargo. The game suggests that
you take the car up to Walnut Way and dump it in the water. This is actually
how you need to dispose of it (you will fail the mission if anything else 

One of the first things you'll probably notice is that Jeff's cargo is pretty
visible through the back window. This means that cops will be able to see it if
you pass them, and they'll instantly be on your tail. You can follow the yellow
route, but you don't have to stick to it by any means. Focus first on avoiding
cops and second on driving to the destination. You may get lucky and not meet
any cops at all on your drive (it isn't too far).

When you reach the marker, stop in it for a second to get your bearings. The 
camera will tend towards a ramp that leads into the water. Get a good speed
going in the car (back up if you need to), and jump out of the car before you
hit the ramp (or you can do it after and land in the water with the car; as 
long as the car goes into the water, you'll pass the mission).

We've been ignoring Dwayne for quite a while now, so let's pay him a visit.

| 56. RUFF RIDER                                                       [M056] |

Chain:   Dwayne
Prereq:  Deconstruction for Beginners
Starts:  Northwood, apartment towers
Ends:    The Triangle, Cluckin' Bell
Rewards: $6,000
Unlocks: Undressed to Kill


1. Head to the arcade in Chinatown.

2. Approach Cherise and Jayvon.

3. Choose to kill Cherise or let her live (details below).

4. Hop on the bike (or in a car) and chase Jayvon, who is pretty fast.

5. Kill Jayvon and collect the money pouch.

6. Return it to Dwayne at the Cluckin' Bell at The Triangle.

Niko, uncharacteristically nice for once (well, almost), decides to help Dwayne
out. Our first stop is the arcade in Chinatown. Here, Niko will accost the 
couple, who are embracing on the corner. Jayvon will ditch Cherise and run away
on his own. 

You now have a choice to kill Cherise or let her live. Jayvon is fast, so your
best bet is to just let her live and hop in a car or the nearby motorcycle. If
you do want to kill her, do it fast, and don't bother standing around listening
to her. (Letting her live, as usual, unlocks her as a random character later 
on, but doesn't affect your end game percentage).

Anyway, Jayvon is fast, so giving chase as quickly as possible is key. The 
nearby NRG 900 is fast, and it's fun, but it can spell your undoing if you 
aren't careful with it (crashing while on a motorcycle not only takes up way 
too much time, but take a large amount of health away). Take a car if you're
not feeling very confident about your motorcycle skills. 

Eventually, over the course of what is likely to be a long chase, you'll be in
range to shoot him. One bullet should be enough to knock him off (curiously
enough, when I shot him the first time I did this mission, some variable 
overflow caused him to shoot up off the motorcycle into the air, and it took 
him about half a minute to come back down again; pretty funny stuff).

Afterwards, you must grab Dwayne's money pouch. Niko will call Dwayne and ask
him to meet him at the Cluckin' Bell at The Triangle. It must be quite a lot of
money, too, as your cut is $6,000.

The next mission completely sucks by the way. Pick up some body armor.

| 57. UNDRESSED TO KILL                                                [M057] |

Chain:   Dwayne
Prereq:  Ruff Rider
Starts:  Northwood, apartment towers
Ends:    Varies
Rewards: $6,250
Unlocks: The Holland Play


1. Head to the strip club.

2. Listen in on conversations to learn the whereabouts of the three strip club

3. Kill all three. Try knifing Jose first, then go for Jesus. Kill the guy in
   the doorway quickly, then kill Jesus. Run out the back before getting shot
   too much, and then chase down and kill Javier. 

4. Reflect on how much this mission blows.

Niko offers to help Dwayne out again (for a price, of course). Your destination
is the Triangle Club in Northern Gardens, Bohan. Niko says he'll "clear out the
squatters" there. When you enter, you're to take out the three strip club 

The game doesn't tell you who the managers are. In fact, you'll need to find 
out for yourself by listening in on some conversations. Whenever you learn a 
piece of information that would lead you to know the whereabouts of a manager, 
they will appear on the radar as a red dot. 

It's not too hard to find out which ones are the managers if you explore 
thoroughly, but here are the locations anyway: Jose is in the back room (the 
room to your left just as you enter the strip club proper, it has a sign over 
it that says "PRIVATE STAFF ONLY!"). Javier is in the strip club itself, 
arguing with a stripper. Jesus is in one of the private booths in the back
"test driving" a new stripper. 

Once you've located all of them, head back to the back room for Jose. The 
reason you should go for Jose first is because you can quickly switch to your
knife after you enter the room and stab him from behind (if you let him talk 
for too long, he'll pull a gun on you). The club should still be unaware of you
at this point. Pick up the shotgun resting on the wall, put away your weapon, 
and head back out into the club.

The next part is kinda tough. You'll probably want to kill Jesus first. Shoot
the guy standing in front of the door with whatever weapon you first equip (if
you take your time choosing, he'll start shooting you), and then shoot Jesus.

By the way, everything about this mission sucks.

As soon as you kill Jesus, the rest of the strip club will erupt into madness.
Do not, under any circumstance, try to go back in. Run out the back door as 
fast as you can, and grab a car. You'll need to chase down Javier, who will 
be attempting to run. If you don't do this fast enough, he'll get away and 
you'll fail the mission.

Did I mention this mission sucks?

Anyway, just shoot him or the truck he's in until he's dead. 

You might be curious now about one of the more important missions, involving
the mystery contact in The Triangle. Can you tell I love jerking you around 
like this? I'm just saving the better ones for later. I could skip it for now.
But I won't. =]

| 59. WRONG IS RIGHT                                                   [M059] |

Chain:   U.L.P.C.
Prereq:  Snow Storm 
         Photo Shoot
Starts:  The Triangle, inconspicuous building
Ends:    Varies
Rewards: $6,500
Unlocks: Portrait of a Killer


1. Head to Oleg's house in Hove Beach.

2. Check his computer and read his emails to learn of his potential 

3. Grab a decently fast car and head to the jewelry store down the road.

4. Chase Oleg, and eventually kill him. 

To begin, head all the way back to Hove Beach. Oleg isn't home, so Niko just
barges in. Niko calls the U. L. Paper contact, who tells Niko to check the 
laptop for emails revealing information. 

Niko will find out that Oleg should be at a jewelry store down the street. 
Grab a halfway decent car (nothing slow or bulky) and head there now. When you
reach the meeting, Oleg will see you and jet off, his suspicions correct. Oleg
is quite a good driver, and what ensues is a merry chase throughout the city.
I would go so far to say that this chase is tougher than Brucie's street races.

Basically, you'll have to focus equally on speed and precise cornering. Oleg
likes to zip down narrow streets at the last second. Don't bother shooting him
yet though. At one point, he'll drive down an alley, which will get blocked off
by giant metal pipes. You'll have to back out of the alley quickly and proceed
down the road (you can actually anticipate where he will be driving to at this
point, to make up for some lost time). 

When he starts slowing down soon after, start firing on him. You should be able
to pop his tires now, if you'd like, which is a viable strategy. Either shoot 
him through the window, or damage his car enough so he gets out, making for an
easy kill.

You'll probably get a call from Playboy X at this point, asking you to come 
back and help him. But this new mission chain is too interesting, so I'll stick
with it for now. Also, it's highly reccommended that you bring some sniper ammo
with you for the next mission. At least twenty bullets are fine, but you can 
get away with using less if you're careful.

| 60. PORTRAIT OF A KILLER                                             [M060] |

Chain:   U.L.P.C.
Prereq:  Wrong is Right
Starts:  The Triangle, inconspicuous building
Ends:    East Island City, Import/Export yard
Rewards: $6,750
Unlocks: Dust Off


1. Recieve a picture on your cell phone from the U. L. Paper contact of the man
   you are to kill.

2. Procure a police car and access the computer.

3. Use a photo search on the computer using the photo you were sent to find out
   the suspect's name and location. Press A to add him to the radar.

4. Head to the Import/Export yard in E.I.C. 

5. Kill all the gang members and Adam himself. Sniping from across the street
   while ducking behind the low wall works wonders.

When the mission starts, run around in circles or whatever you want to do until
your contact sends you the photo of the man you're to kill (takes about 20 
seconds). After, grab a police car (might as well just dial 911). You'll 
probably have to lose a one star wanted level, but that's a piece of cake.

After that, stop and access the police computer. Choose to search through the
criminal profiles, and choose to search by photo. The computer will connect to 
your phone, and the picture will appear. Press A to select it. The computer 
will match the photo with Adam Dimayev, who hangs out at the Kamayshev 
Import/Export yard. Press A to add his marker on the radar.

When you reach the destination, you are charged with killing Dimayev and all 
his guards patrolling the area. If you have some sniper ammo, this mission is
cake. If you stand on the opposite side of the street and crouch behind the low
wall, you should be able to take out 8 or 9 guards easily! To top it off, their
fire will not only miss you, but give away their positions. 

When you have cleared a large chunk of the guards, switch to a better close 
range weapon (an SMG, perhaps), and head up the ramp to the structure. There
shouldn't really be anyone giving you trouble, so meander about, collecting any
dropped weapons and ammo. When you are ready, head up the ladder. 

Before you climb up over the lip, you'll notice that there will probably be a 
guy in front of you, behind a crate. You can run towards the crate and take
cover on the side closest you, and you shouldn't really get shot. From here,
you can sneak around the corner and kill him.

Alternately, you could go up the hill on the street, if you want to avoid
using the ladder. 

There are probably a couple more guys in the near distance, though they 
shouldn't pose a threat, especially with so much cover. Just be patient until
they pop their head out, at which point you can cap them. 

Adam will be the last one standing, on the roof a grey building. You can try
tossing grenades or molotovs up to kill him without confrontation, but he 
moves around a lot, and can be tricky to hit. If you choose to do it this way,
you'll probably have to lob from the street. 

Alternately, you can climb the containers on the side to reach the roof, but
you will be vulnerable to Adam's gunshots while you're climbing.

Might as well keep going on with this chain, eh? It pays well, at least.

| 61. DUST OFF                                                         [M061] |

Chain:   U.L.P.C.
Prereq:  Portrait of a Killer
Starts:  The Triangle, inconspicuous building
Ends:    Francis International Airport
Rewards: $7,000
Unlocks: Paper Trail


1. Grab a car and enter the target at Civilization Plaza.

2. Follow the helicopter to its destination. It makes a U shaped path around
   the southern part of the island, ending up on a dock halfway up the west 
   side of the island. Follow the main highways all the way, and you'll be

3. Park a ways away and wait for the helicopter to land. Once it does, head
   towards it, taking out all the guards as you go.

4. After they are eliminated, hop in and get acquainted with the helicopter

5. Fly it to Francis International Airport, and land there.

Head over to the target in Civilization Plaza. Before entering it, take the 
call from your contact, and grab a car. Then enter it.

You'll have to follow the helicopter to its destination... it's tough, and you
CAN hold B to focus the camera on the chopper, but I find it easier to just 
follow the highway at first and periodically check on the helicopter by opening
up the menu map. The helicopter basically follow main roads, so you shouldn't
really lose it. It makes a big U shape over the island, and will start to land
out on a pier about halfway up the west coast of the island.

At this point, let the chopper land and park your car well before crossing the
bridge to the "island" the helicopter is on. Take out an assault rifle or SMG
and start shooting the guards on the bridge. As you cross the bridge, take out
the guys in the distance behind the chopper (easier with an assault rifle). It
is wise to take them all out, since lifting off in the helicopter takes some
time, during which you can be shot and killed.

Now steal the helicopter and head east towards the airport. The city unfolds
beautifully, especially if it's at night. Just try to avoid the buildings. Take
the call from Roman too, for some laughs. Oh, and the wanted level is almost
incidental; you should have no trouble escaping it while in the helicopter.

Pay attention to the landing instructions for the helicopter; they are fairly
important. Also, don't HOLD LT to land, but tap it so that you don't slam into
the ground. The game isn't particularly clear on this point. If you ARE 
descending too fast, use RT to even out. 

Once the helicopter is delivered, the mission is over, and you'll collect your
hefty pay. Oh, and you're stranded, and will have to run out of the airport.
Have fun. =]

Your contact will tell you that he'll call back later, when the chopper is 
ready. In the meantime, we might as well see what Playboy wants.

| 62. THE HOLLAND PLAY                                                 [M062] |

Chain:   Playboy X
Prereq:  Undressed to Kill
Starts:  Northwood, Playboy X's place


Ends:    Northwood, Dwayne's place
Rewards: $25,000
Unlocks: Cherise (random character)


Ends:    North Holland, alley
Rewards: --
Unlocks: Playboy X's house as a safehouse
         Dwayne as a friend
         GTAIII costume in the aforementioned safehouse
         Cherise (random character)


1. Visit Playboy.

2. Wait for calls from Dwayne, and then Playboy to continue the mission.

3. Make your decision on who to kill, and then head to that person's house.

4a. Run up to Dwayne's apartment, get rid of the bat weilder, then kill Dwayne.

- OR -

4b. Head to Playboy's apartment, and start by clearing his living room of 

5b. Follow Playboy across the roof and down to the street.

6b. Shoot the gunner driving by in the Patriot and chase Playboy into an alley,
    where you can shoot him.

Playboy has a very serious chat with Niko when you arrive. He wants Dwayne 
dead. Niko doesn't have the heart, but sways a little at the mention of a lot
of money. After the cutscene, the mission will be put on hold for a bit. You 
might actually get that call from U. L. Paper before you get the calls from 
Dwayne and Playboy that will progress this mission, so you might just want to
come back to this one after a few missions.

Anyway, you'll eventually get a call from Dwayne, with a mirror request; kill
Playboy. Afterwards, you'll have to wait for a call again, this time from 
Playboy. You gotta appreciate the way they masked the missions in this game, 
but it sure makes it a lot harder to write a walkthrough. XD

Anyway, before you answer the call from Playboy the second time, you might want
to save, as you are about to face a big decision (that is, you can hang up your
phone before answering the call, head to a safehouse and save, and then answer
when he calls back). 

When the mission finally starts up again, you'll have two choices on the map.
One for Dwayne, and one for Playboy X. It's your choice, so read from the 
following two strategies to determine which path better suits your liking.

KILLING DWAYNE: If you want the cash, you'll have to kill Dwayne. It's as easy
as heading up to his apartment and (after taking out the thug) shooting him. He
won't fight back. You can perform a cinematic execution with the pistol. But 
this doesn't seem like the right decision. Even Playboy doesn't have respect 
for you (though you'll get your money).

KILLING PLAYBOY: This is probably the better of the two choices, for most (if
not every) reason. After the cutscene, Niko will duck for cover and a firefight
will unfold. Playboy's friends don't appear on the radar, so take some time 
clearing out the first room. When that's done, head out to the balcony, where
Playboy will make a running leap off the balcony onto the adjacent rooftop. Do
the same, and head in the door up here and start following Playboy down the 

When you reach ground level, follow Playboy outside. More of Playboy's friends
will start shooting at you from a Patriot, but it's easy to auto target the
gunman and kill him. Run after Playboy, who has fetched up in an alley, trying
to open a door. He attempts to shoot you as you get close to him, but he's out
of ammo, and now helpless. Switch to a pistol for a cinematic execution, or 
just gun him down (or grenade him if you're feeling sadistic). 

During the following conversation with Dwayne, you'll learn that Playboy's 
house is now yours. You can also now participate in friend activities with
Dwayne, though this doesn't count towards your final score. If you head back to
the new apartment to check it out, you'll notice you can change your clothes
into the classic ones from GTAIII. Sweet. 

| 63. PAPER TRAIL                                                      [M063] |

Chain:   U.L.P.C.
Prereq:  Dust Off
         Also must wait a while
Starts:  Varies
Ends:    Fishmarket South, Helitour pad
Rewards: $7,500
Unlocks: Entourage (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)

When the mission begins, head to the salvage yard in Northwood. The chopper is
waiting for you there, as is Little Jacob. After the cutscene, take off in the
chopper and get excited as Jacob tells you about the rocket launcher he's been
supplied with. Start heading south towards the enemy helicopter.

At some point, you'll be told to keep up with the enemy chopper so that it 
doesn't get away. This is fairly easy, as you can just fly above most of the 
buildings, eliminating the need to maneuver as well as the other helicopter.
When the enemy finally is away from the city and over the water, drop altitude
(if you've gone too high) and fly to the right of the chopper so that Jacob has
a clear shot. 

After a few attempts, Jacob will down the enemy helicopter. Enjoy the 
fireworks, and then head back to a helipad to let Jacob out, who doesn't really
feel that great.

Once you successfully land, the mission ends. If you haven't gotten the call 
from Dwayne or Playboy yet for the previous mission, you probably will now (If
you only get the call from Dwayne at this point, just do the next mission).

| 64. HARBORING A GRUDGE                                               [M064] |

Chain:   Packie McReary
Prereq:  Call and Collect
         Have a Heart
Starts:  Meadows Park
Ends:    Booth Tunnel, Ray's lockup
Rewards: $7,500
Unlocks: Waste Not Want Knots


1. Drive to the docks in Fishmarket South.

2. Follow Packie's lead and climb up the shipping containers and wood piles to
   reach the roof of the warehouse, for a better vantage point.

3. Drop down to the ground using the lower part of the roof to your right. 

4. Kill all the Triad gang members around the area. Make sure to look to the
   right and kill anyone you see, including on the boat, and make sure you kill
   everyone in the warehouse and the warehouse office (First Aid Kit in the 

5. Get in the truck and wait for Packie to climb in with you.

6. Begin to drive to the lockup in Booth Tunnel.

7. When you are followed, watch the onscreen instructions on how to drop 
   grenades out the window of a moving vehicle. Cook up a grenade (hold down 
   the button, but only for a few seconds) and drop it to blow up any pursuing

8. Park the truck in the garage.

When you arrive, Packie lets you know that you have some business to attend to
at the docks in Fishmarket South. Apparently, a boat with contents unknown is 
coming in, though the contents are supposedly valuable. Packie is hoping things
will just unfold as you go. So head there now.

When you arrive, Packie decides to climb to the roof of a warehouse to scope 
out the situation. Follow him around to the other side of the warehouse, and
follow his lead by climbing up the crates, and then shimmying across the beam.
Press Y to drop off at the end to the wood pile, and then jump up the rest of
the way to the roof using the vent. 

From here, Niko and Packie will be able to tell what exactly is being imported.
Packie tells Niko to jump down and grab the truck (don't use the yellow cargo
crates to get down, you'll be shot at before you can duck into cover; instead,
jump down using the low roof to the right). Before you do, start to pick off
the guys on the ground below. You should be able to find decent cover from 
where you get off the roof. In fact, if you're behind the yellow shipping
container and they haven't seen you yet, try tossing grenades--you'll get rid
of a bunch of them. 

In addition to all of the guys you should see from behind the container, 
remember to check: 

- The right end of the container

- The back of the warehouse, behind the truck

- In the warehouse office (where there is also a First Aid Kit)

- The boat

If you run out after killing only the guys in your immediate view, you will
surely be shot. 

Anyway, after the standard fare of firefight, hop in the truck. Wait here for
Packie to get in. Follow the tiny GPS route out of the shipping yard, and then
head to the lockup in Booth Tunnel. 

On the way, you'll attract some attention from the Triads. Niko finds a box of
grenades in the truck, and you are given onscreen instructions on how to drop
them from the moving truck. Cook a grenade for a few seconds by holding down
the button, and then drop it. It should hit the car behind you, getting rid of

Around now, you should be arriving at the garage. Park the truck inside, and
you'll meet Ray Boccino, and the mission will end. 

| 65. WASTE NOT WANT KNOTS                                             [M065] |

Chain:   Packie McReary
Prereq:  Harboring a Grudge
Starts:  Meadows Park
Ends:    Steinway, dock
Rewards: $8,000
Unlocks: Three Leaf Clover
         A Long Way to Fall
         Kate as a girlfriend


1. Grab a four door car and pick up Packie and his cronies.

2. Drive to the waste depot on Colony Island.

3. Follow Packie over the two fences, and engage in the ensuing firefight. The
   gang will do a lot of the work for you, and you don't have to worry about 
   them dying. There's a First Aid Kit by the doors to the warehouse.

4. Enter the warehouse and let your gang do more of the work. Clear it out and
   head up to the office to grab the money.

5. Start clearing out the new wave of enemies from the catwalk. Jump down off
   the low part of the catwalk and shoot your way out the doors.

6. Swim to the boat and wait for Packie to get in.

7. Boat him to safety.

YOU ARE ROBBING THE MAFIA! Did you hear me? Well, it doesn't matter. When the
mission begins, grab a four door car (a taxi will do in a pinch). You must 
drive to the waste depot on Colony Island. On the way, you'll get a bit of 
background on Francis, maybe (depending on the conversation the game chooses).

When you reach the destination, Packie explains that the money should be inside
an office in the warehouse, and there should be a getaway boat out back. After
your team hops the two fences, a firefight begins, so duck for cover until you
can get your bearings. You can let your team do a lot of the work here, so 
don't feel as though you need to cover them too much. Rely on auto aim to find
the targets. 

After you've taken care of them, it's time to enter the building (you'll get an
audio cue from Packie). There's a First Aid Kit on the ground behind one of the
empty shipping containers, near the doors you are to enter. Walk slowly through
the doors, but turn around and run out as soon as new enemies start firing at
you. Let your team go in first, and then follow, shooting anyone else in sight.

With most of the enemies distracted by your team, it should be easy to mop the
rest up and head upstairs to the office. Grab the money, and more enemies will
pour in, presumably from a different Mafia family. From your vantage point in 
the office, you should be able to take a few of them out. 

You are surrounded at this point (as the Mafia members make blatantly clear by
yelling it), so carefully work your way to the other side of the warehouse (the
side opposite the one you entered, just move in the direction of Packie). 
Packie's two cronies will stay behind to help you out as well. Your best option
is to run out the office door, where you should see Packie on the bottom level
run out the left set of doors. Quickly kill the one or two guys that are on the
floor already, jump off the railing directly in front of you onto the beam, and
from there down to the first floor. Book it to the doors that Packie left 
through (and around the corner, so you aren't shot at).

At this point, Packie calls you over and tells you to follow him, so do so. The
getaway boat is sitting out in the water, so you'll have to swim out to it. 
Once you reach it, wait there for Packie. When he gets in, you'll have to drive
him to safety. The mission will end when you reach the dock.

After a bit, Packie will call, suggesting that you ask out his sister, Kate. 
From now on, you have the option of beginning a first date with her by calling
the number that he supplies.

And after that call, you'll get a call from Ray Boccino, who asks you to meet
him in Little Italy, adding him as a contact.

This is also the perfect time to tell you where the final Jeff encounter is, 
because I have a reference point, and that makes it easier for me. To find Jeff
one last time, look for his blue person icon just north of Ray's new icon.

| 66. JEFF: ENCOUNTER #3                                               [M066] |

Chain:   Jeff           
Prereq:  Jeff: Encounter #2 
Starts:  Little Italy street corner
Ends:    Little Italy
Rewards: Any dropped cash
Unlocks: --

After the cutscene, pick up any cash in the road. Stick around to eavesdrop on
a great conversation. You can also take the guy's car, which is nice, but 
you'll ruin the joke in the mini-scene that unfolds.

As for the next mission, you should have gotten a text from Packie. He says to
get a nice suit and shoes, which you should have from the Final Interview 
mission (heck, you might even still be wearing it; I was).

| 67. THREE LEAF CLOVER                                                [M067] |

Chain:   Packie McReary
Prereq:  Waste Not Want Knots
Starts:  Meadows Park
Ends:    Meadows Park              
Rewards: $250,000
         Full Exploration - 20G (X360 Achievement)
Unlocks: Alderney Island
         Actions Speak Louder Than Words
         Packie as a friend


1. Grab another four door car.

2. Head to the Bank of Liberty, over on Algonquin in Chinatown.

3. After the cutscene, run down into the vault and grab the money.

4. Shoot your way through wave after wave of cops, following the McReary 
   brothers in between waves. Stay in between the brothers as they move from
   point to point, and always go for the red targets on the radar. Use grenades
   to greater effect.

5. Duck down into the subway. Proceed onward, killing more waves of officers.
   Make sure to grab the First Aid Kit on the pillar when it's clear to do so.

6. Run down the subway tracks, avoiding police gunfire and subway trains. 

7. When you reach the service exit, first look for a First Aid Kit in the 
   shadows to the right, and then head up into the street. 

8. Grab another four door car, and have Packie and Derrick get in.

9. Either lose your wanted level by fleeing or using a Pay 'n' Spray.

10. Either way, head back to the McReary home.

You'll finally get to meet the rest of the McReary family at the beginning of
this mission. Packie, Michael from last mission, and one of Packie's brothers,
Derrick, will be with you for this mission. That means you'll need to get 
another four door sedan to start it off.

When you have one, drive to the Liberty Bank in Chinatown, on Algonquin. On the
drive, Packie will explain how the bank heist is going to go down. Don't worry
if you don't understand it all at first--the game will walk you through the 
mission, as usual (and of course, you're reading the guide). 

You really don't have to do squat during the actual heist--it unfolds during 
the cutscene. When you control Niko again, you'll have to run down and grab the
money. You may also notice that you have a five-star wanted level. Hm. 

Well, ignoring that for now, head down into the vault and grab the money. Niko
will come back out with as much as he can carry, and the gang decides to split.
The following cutscene may have you pretty terrified. But things will be all 
right. Just take my hand and trust me. =]

At first you may be scratching your head, but all you need to do in the 
beginning of this part is hide behind the wall in between the two doors, and
shoot any cops you see (including any annoying ones that run right in to the
bank). Soon, Packie and Derrick will make a run for it, out the doors and to
the right. You should be able to follow them without taking much damage at all.

Now you must clear out the end of the alley. Thankfully, the cops appear as red
blips on the radar, making it easier to methodically eliminate them. When 
you've cleared the end of the alley, move up with Packie and Derrick. They will
cover the area to the right, and you are to focus on the area to the left (as
the red blips on the radar indicate). 

Stay in between the brothers as they run down the street. They are pretty good
at getting rid of the police. Very soon, N.O.O.S.E. will drive up the street
towards you; follow Packie into the alley he ducks into on the right. At this
point, it may be a good idea to pull out any grenades you have. Throwing one 
from around the corner into the police car is an excellent idea. 

Keep repeating the process of killing (and grenading) cops, and proceeding 
forward. Watch out for cops on fire escapes. A particularly dangerous part of
the mission occurs when Packie and Derrick decide to run for it, down an alley.
Do your best to stay between the two, to lessen your chance of getting shot. 
After another cutscene, duck down into the subway and follow the brothers.

You may have to shoot some cops on the way, but you should be able to catch up
with them fairly quickly. When you do, you'll have to face another wave of red
blip cops. There's plenty of cover here, so don't worry too much. You should 
also notice a First Aid Kit on a pillar, just beyond the gates that you would
normally pay to get through. It's tempting to go for it, but a wave of more
officers will run up the stairs. This is fine if you manage to grab the health
and duck behind the pillar in time, but you may want to hang back and take out
this next wave of attackers before grabbing the health.

You'll face a couple waves of officers that will set up on the platform 
opposite you, across the tracks. After taking them out, Packie suggests that
you all run down the subway tracks. Follow the brothers yet again. You'll have
to deter another assault by the police (turn around and fire), and then dodge a
subway car that comes hurtling towards you on the right hand tracks. Soon, 
you'll reach a service exit. Before climbing the stairs to the street level, 
check the little hallway to the right, where you'll see a First Aid Kit sitting
on the wall in the darkness.

By the time you emerge back into the daylight, you'll only have three stars. 
Now, you must procure another four door car and hot foot it to Packie's house.
There should be an SUV nearby that you can use. Before heading back to the
house, it's probably wise to lose your wanted level one way or the other. It's
somewhat easy to lose the cops normally if you're in the right area, but you 
can always just pick a Pay 'n' Spray and drive there. 

If you choose to head to the house via the GPS route without getting rid of
your wanted level, you'll have to bust through a pretty heavy barricade before
heading through the bridge, and after getting off it. 

Anyway, the mission will end when you reach the house. You'll get an insane 
amount of cash (and probably start to regret killing Dwayne, if you chose that
path), and the final island will now be open for exploration. If you are 
playing the XBox 360 version, you get the "Full Exploration" achievement (20G). 

Packie mentions that Gerry, his brother, will probably be in touch. And indeed
he will. You'll get a call from him soon after, and an icon for him will appear
on the map. Afterwards, you'll get a call from Packie, telling you to give 
Derrick a visit. And his icon appears on the map too.

Finally, you'll get a call from Packie asking if you want to go see a show with
him. Accept, and he'll officially become your friend, and you can do the usual
fare of friend activities with him.

| 67. A LONG WAY TO FALL                                               [M067] |

Chain:   Ray Boccino      
Prereq:  Waste Not Want Knots
Starts:  Little Italy, Drussila's restaurant
Ends:    North Holland, projects
Rewards: $8,500
Unlocks: Taking In the Trash


1. Head to the projects in North Holland.

2. Seek out and approach Alonzo with the help of the text message from Ray.

3. Intimidate him to learn the whereabouts of Teddy.

4. Head into the apartment tower and take the elevator up to the 20th floor.

5. Fight your way up the stairwells, taking the time to duck into side rooms
   to look for the plentiful First Aid Kits in this mission.

6. Head into Teddy's apartment, kill the goons here, and search for Teddy. 
   When you've searched the house, he'll hit Niko in the face with a door and
   make a run for it.

7. Chase him up to the roof and shoot him to end the mission.

After a straightforward business deal, Niko is sent to the projects in North
Holland, after a guy named Teddy. When you step out of the restaurant, you'll
get a text and a photo from Ray with information about a man that may help you
find Teddy... if you persuade him first. 

When you reach the projects, you're told to seek out Alonzo with the help of 
the text message you were sent (pretty easy, he's wearing the 72 sports shirt).
When you get close to him, Niko will ask him where Teddy is. He's not 
answering, so it's time to intimidate him. He'll fess up when you aim the gun
at him.

Alonzo runs off, and you're free to run inside and use the elevator to reach
the 20th floor. A cutscene will show Alonzo warning Teddy of your approach.
When you reach the 20th floor, you'll be in a square shaped hallway, facing off
against Teddy's cronies. That means they can attack you from both sides. It's 
best to be offensive, and it's best to pick a side and move in that direction
killing the enemies. 

When you reach the other side of the floor, kill any enemies in the stairwell
and head in. Proceed up the steps with your weapon aimed always up and ahead
of where you're walking to, to get the jump on any enemies. After going up just
one flight of steps, you'll be detoured into the next floor's hallway. Shoot
any enemies that are in sight, and run across from the stairwell to the open 
doorway that leads to the short hall. There's a First Aid Kit in here! 

You'll be able to resume your trek up the steps if you head around to the 
opposite side of the floor, where there's a door to the other side of the 
blockade. There's also another First Aid Kit, which you probably won't need
after picking that first one up.

The next floor is Teddy's apartment. You'll see the yellow arrow. Carefully 
walk through his door with your gun drawn. Don't walk too far in, as there are
three of his goons waiting in the living room. Take them out and proceed 
through the apartment. There's a First Aid Kit in the kitchen. When you head
back out of the kitchen, Teddy will smack Niko in the face with a door. At 
least you know where he is now. Chase him out of the apartment and up to the
roof. On the way, watch out for more goons! Play it safe and pay attention.

When you emerge onto the roof, there should be one more guy to kill. Then you
will corner Teddy. One shot from any weapon will do the trick.

If you didn't kill Cherise in Ruff Rider, we can go pay her a visit now at the
Cluckin' Bell in Northwood. If you did kill her, just skip the next segment 
(don't worry about missing this mission if you're going for 100%; it doesn't
add to your total). The Cluckin' Bell is a block north of Modo.

| 68. CHERISE                                                          [M068] |

Chain:   Cherise           
Prereq:  The Holland Play
         She'll also only appear if you didn't kill her in Ruff Rider 
Starts:  Northwood, Cluckin' Bell
Ends:    Northwood
Rewards: --
Unlocks: --


1. Grab a vehicle and pick up Cherise.

2. Drive to Frankfort Ave. to meet Cherise's new boyfriend.

3. Kill him and go back to talk to Cherise. 

It seems Cherise has a new boyfriend, though he's a bit abusive. Niko decides 
to correct the situation, so grab a vehicle. Pick up Cherise and head to 
Frankfort Ave, just down the street in Northwood. 

When you reach the destination, you'll see her boyfriend, hanging around. 
Approach him, and a cutscene will play. He'll open fire on you after the 
cutscene, so just take him out as quickly as possible. When you return to
Cherise, she'll be disgusted and run off, and the mission will be over.

| 69. TAKING IN THE TRASH                                              [M069] |

Chain:   Ray Boccino       
Prereq:  A Long Way to Fall
Starts:  Little Italy, Drussila's restaurant
Ends:    Fishmarket South, waste management plant
Rewards: $9,000
Unlocks: Meltdown


1. Run around to the Trashmaster in the alley.

2. Drive it to the first pickup. Press A to open the back of the truck so that
   Tuna and Johnny can load the diamonds in.

3. Do the same for the next pickup.

4. Drive to Fishmarket South when enemies show up. Use the momentum and mass of
   the Trashmaster to plow through any cars in your way, but take corners 
   slowly so you don't wipe out.

5. Pull into the marker at the waste management plant.

When this mission begins, go around the corner to the alley to pick up the 
Trashmaster. Niko gets a special uniform, and is told that the first pickup is
in Chinatown. The truck is slow, but don't worry and take your time--the pickup
is just nearby.

When you reach the marker, Tuna and Johnny will grab the bags. Wait for them to
grab them and put them in the truck. You'll have to press A to open up the 
back of the truck. 

The next pickup takes a bit longer to get to, but the conversations should keep
you entertained until you get there. Remember to press A to open the back of 
the truck again. 

At this point, you'll get a bit of attention from an unknown party, in the form
of a car full of enemies shooting at the truck. Start driving to Fishmarket
South, to where the waste management plant is located. Plow through any cars in
your way, and slow down before you take the corners. Don't worry about trying 
to "outrun" the car in your bulky truck. Ignore the pessimistic remarks of your
team until you are almost at the destination, at which point, you'll lose your
pursuers, and you can pull in to the marker to end the mission.

| 70. MELTDOWN                                                         [M070] |

Chain:   Ray Boccino       
Prereq:  Taking in the Trash
Starts:  Little Italy, Drussila's restaurant
Ends:    Middle Park, bridge
Rewards: $9,500
Unlocks: Museum Piece


1. Head to Castle Garden City.

2. Hop in the car after the cutscene and chase after Luca and his men.

3. When they wipe out in Middle Park, get out of your car and proceed forward
   cautiously, keeping an eye on the red blips. Kill any of the gang members
   when you come to them.

4. Once all three are dead, head into the bathrooms to find Luca. Start 
   shooting the bathroom stall doors to find him. When you do, shoot him and
   take his diamonds.

5. Meet Ray on the bridge in Middle Park to end the mission.

It seems something went wrong last mission. We're going to pay Luca a visit to
see what went wrong. Your destination is in Castle Garden City, just down the

When you arrive, Niko will find Luca and the others already in a car. When Niko
talks to them, they drive off, and Niko is left standing next to a nice car. 
Grab it and give chase. You'll notice that the game tells you to keep Luca 
alive, so that you can get the diamonds back. 

You should be able to keep up with him fairly easily with the nice car you've
procured. Keep chasing him until you reach middle park. He'll spectacularly 
wipe out, and the gang will escape into the park. 

At this point, three red blips appear on the radar. Get out of your car, and
proceed forward. When you are close enough to any one of them, take cover and
open fire when safe. They aren't too hard to kill. When they are all dead, you
learn that Luca is in the restroom. Head in, and his blip will disappear from
the radar. You must now shoot the bathroom doors to open them. Look for the
occupied ones (the ones that have a little red bar on the handle) to save some

When you reach the correct stall, you'll find Luca helpless on the toilet. If
you'd like, you can perform a cinematic execution on him!

Niko will call Ray after, and tell him to meet him on the bridge in Middle Park
if he wants the diamonds back. Head to the bridge now and step into the marker.
Ray will show up and take the diamonds, and drop off your payment.

| 71. MUSEUM PIECE                                                     [M071] |

Chain:   Ray Boccino       
Prereq:  Meltdown
Starts:  Little Italy, Drussila's restaurant
Ends:    Varies
Rewards: $9,500 
         Impossibly Trinity - 10G (X360 Achievement)
Unlocks: No Way on the Subway


1. Drive to the Libertonian in Middle Park and approach Johnny.

2. After the cutscene, proceed forward killing any enemies ahead and to the 
   left of you (and possibly behind you), using the marble blocks for cover.
   There's a First Aid Kit on the wall after the first stretch.

3. To the right of the health are the stairs down. From the top of the steps,
   gun down as many enemies in the room below as possible. There's Body Armor
   on the desk when you reach the bottom. 

4. Proceed to the opposite side of this big room when you've cleared the 
   enemies, and fight your way outside through a few rooms. There's another 
   First Aid Kit in the last room. 

5. Grab a car and escape the pursuing cars, which is very easy.

Hm, the interactions between Ray and Niko are getting more tense, aren't they?
You're to meet Johnny at the side entrance to the Libertonian, in Middle Park.
Arrive and approach Johhny to trigger the exchange within the musuem.

Another deal gone sour. When the carnage ends, you'll control Niko again, who
has taken cover (dual purpose art!). You're to escape the museum. When you 
first start shooting, make sure you look down the path to your left, as there
may be enemies there as well. 

When you have killed all the enemies you are able, proceed forward to the next
marble block. From here, make sure to aim left again to take out any enemies on
the opposite balcony. Proceed forward in this manner, carefully hopping from 
block to block, and killing all enemies within your range (try shooting the 
bones in the middle of the room!).

When you reach the end of the first hallway, you'll see a First Aid Kit on the
wall where the hall turns left. Make sure there's no one around the corner that
could shoot you, and go ahead and grab it. Instead of proceeding around this
upper balcony, head into the hallway you passed while grabbing the health and
gun down anyone here. When you reach the stairs to the lower level, wait a bit
and try to gun down anyone that runs up the stairs (and anyone on the balcony).

It will be tricky, but head down the steps a few at a time with your assault
rifle drawn. After every few steps or so, sweep the room below with your aim to
try to find any enemies. You can stay out of range while killing them this way.
When you make it to the bottom of the steps, take cover behind one of the 
pillars, and take out the rest of the enemies in the room. Also check the 
balconies for any remaining enemies. 

When you think you're safe, head out from behind the pillar and collect the
Body Armor from behind the desk (it's been a while since the game was nice
enough to give us one of these, eh?). If the room is clear, you should be able
to run to the exit doors on the far side of the room without trouble. You can 
still play it safe if you want to.

When you reach those doors, aim your gun to the left as you enter. There will
be a guy standing here, waiting for you to come through. There's a couple guys
in the next room with the crates, and another guy standing on the stairs 
leading down from this room. Stay in relative cover while killing these three,
and proceed onward.

The next room will have a First Aid Kit on the far wall. Be careful when 
running to it, if you need it, as you may get shot from the right. You'll now
get a message that tells you to lose Issac's crew, and any enemies remaining
will appear as red blips on the radar. Grab one of the Mafia cars and start 
heading in any direction. 

At this point, two enemy cars will open fire on you. They will decimate your
health pretty fast, even if you have full Body Armor on top of full health, so
just keep driving. It's not particularly hard to lose them anyway (much easier
than losing even a one star wanted level).

Once you've lost them, the mission will end and you'll get your pay. If you're
playing the XBox 360 version, you'll get the "Impossible Trinity" achievement

| 72. NO WAY ON THE SUBWAY                                             [M072] |

Chain:   Ray Boccino       
Prereq:  Museum Piece
Starts:  Little Italy, Drussila's restaurant
Ends:    Downtown Broker
Rewards: $9,500
Unlocks: Weekend at Florian's
         Late Checkout


1. Head to East Holland.

2. Approach the bikers, and get on the bike and give chase when they flee.

3. Follow them around the sharp turns until they enter the subway. Don't bother
   shooting at them, and enjoy the ride as you follow them.

4. Avoiding subway trains should be fairly easy. Keep an eye on the bikers for
   visual clues on when to avoid them, and also where to turn at the giant 
   track intersection.

5. After the first biker wipes out, get ready to follow the second one off the
   tracks onto the walkway. Either go slow or fast to clear the stone wall at
   the end of the walkway. 

6. Follow the remaining biker up onto the road until he wipes out, and gun him

When the mission begins, head all the way north to East Holland, where the Lost
biker gang is supposedly hanging out. Niko comes across two of them, and they
sort of challenge Niko. Hop on the bike in front of Niko after the cutscene to
begin the chase. 

They take a lot of sudden turns, but the chase doesn't last too long before the
bikers enter the subway. Don't bother shooting them either, as this is one of 
those scripted chases. While you're on the subway, you'll of course have to 
watch out for subway cars. None of them are really travelling too fast, even 
the ones coming your way. Pay more attention to the bikers, as you can follow
their movements to avoid the cars, and you'll also need to pay attention when 
you reach the first intersection, so you don't lose them as they cut across 
the tracks.

Soon after, you'll come out under a bridge that connects Algonquin to Broker.
Enjoy the ride, and soon one of the bikers will wipe out in a big way when two
trains pass close by each other (be ready to squeeze between the two). Continue
following the second biker. When you reach the stopped trains, he'll jet off to
the left onto the walkway. Follow suit.

You'll have to be careful at the end of this walkway. If you're going fast or
slow, you'll be fine, and will go either under or over the stone wall. Going at
a medium clip will spell disaster, and you'll smack right into it. After you've
dealt with that hurdle, the remaining biker heads up a dirt hill back onto the
road. Soon after, he'll clip a truck and fall off his bike. This gives you the
easy opportunity to gun him down while he's struggling, ending the mission.

Ray's next mission will begin when he calls you and lets you know that he's 
found someone that can help you find Florian. Nice!

| 73. WEEKEND AT FLORIAN'S                                             [M073] |

Chain:   Ray Boccino       
Prereq:  No Way on the Subway
Starts:  Varies
Ends:    Middle Park West
Rewards: --
Unlocks: Hating the Haters


1. Head to Roman's apartment and pick him up.

2. Drive to The Triangle to find Talbot. Pick him up too (make sure you have a
   four door car).

3. Drive slowly and follow Talbot's directions, as messed up as they may be.

4. Enter Florian's apartment and speak with him.

Niko will begin the mission by calling Roman and telling him that he's coming
to pick him up. Head to the apartment, grab a car, and pick up Roman. Head over
to The Triangle to meet Talbot. Talbot doesn't need much persuading before he 
decides to show Niko where Florian lives. Grab a four door car (if the one you
drove here in isn't already).

The next part of the mission is interesting. You'll have to listen to Talbot's
directions to get to Florian's house. If you go too fast, he won't be able to
give you directions. When you come to an intersection, he'll let you know which
direction to head, provided you are going slow enough.

Start heading northwest, listening to Talbot for the specifics. He might lead 
you on a weird route over to Alderney, but you'll eventually make it if you
keep following his directions. A marker will appear when you find the place. 
Head inside and watch things unfold.

After the mission is over, you'll get a call from Bernie, a new mission 
contact. For now, we'll focus on finishing up with Ray though.

| 73. LATE CHECKOUT                                                    [M073] |

Chain:   Ray Boccino       
Prereq:  No Way on the Subway 
Starts:  Little Italy, Drussila's restaurant
Ends:    Star Junction, Majestic Hotel
Rewards: $11,000
Unlocks: Truck Hustle


1. Head to the Majestic Hotel in Star Junction.

2. Head up into the hotel using the elevators to your right.

3. Take cover in the room to the right when you step out of the elevator, and
   proceed forward killing all the enemies in the hall. Continue to the next

4. Enter the apartment and begin to clear the area of enemies and the diamond
   dealers. Make sure to check the bedroom halfway up the steps for one of the

5. Head to the roof and kill the last of the enemies. After, use the window
   washing platform to return to ground level.

Ray is having a bad day, and it's up to Niko to set things straight. Head now 
to the Majestic Hotel in Star Junction. When you enter, you'll be told to find
a way to find and kill the diamond dealers. Use the elevators to your right to
head up into the hotel.

When you emerge, someone will tell you that you're not welcome on this floor.
Take a right into the small square section and take out your gun. From here, 
you should be able to take out the first guy with ease without getting shot 
from anyone else. Stick to the wall and pop around the corner to take out the
remaining guys in the hallway.

Fight your way to the end of the hallway, and to the stairwell. Head up the 
steps to the next floor, and walk through the door. Aim your gun at the door in
front of you immediately, as an enemy will come charging through. 

At the double doors, you should be able to shoot them open from a distance. 
After doing so, hide behind the wall and clear the next room out. When the 
coast is clear, head towards the kitchen, take out the guys within, and look 
for the First Aid Kit. Then head up the steps just outside the kitchen.

After the first set of steps, stop and wait by the door. A girl will come 
running out, and there's just one guy in the room--one of the targets--so head
inside and kill him. Continue up the steps cautiously afterwards. Bullets can't
penetrate the glass on the roof, so take out the remaining few enemies here
without too much worry.

At this point, you'll receive a two star wanted level and be told to escape the
hotel. Pick up the Body Armor on the roof first. Instead of heading back inside
the hotel, head down the steps to the east. There will be three more enemies 
here, so take them out. Search the roof after to find a window washer platform,
which you can ride down to the ground. The mission will end when you reach the
ground, but you'll still have your wanted level. If you have auto save enabled,
you can just choose load from the menu to lose your wanted level. 

After this mission, you'll be done dealing with Ray, but Phil (whom you met
earlier) will text you and his icon will appear on the map.

The McReary brothers are probably wondering what we've been up to, so we should
pay Gerry a visit now.

| 74. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS                                  [M074] |

Chain:   Gerry McReary     
Prereq:  Three Leaf Clover    
Starts:  Meadows Park     
Ends:    Varies
Rewards: $9,000
Unlocks: I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle
         Ivan (random character; only if you didn't kill him earlier)
         Marnie (random character)
         Eddie (random character)


1. Pick up the bomb in Cerveza Heights.

2. Head to the Ancelotti car in Little Italy and plant the bomb on the back of
   it using LB.

3. Grab a car and park it across the street.

4. When the meeting is over, tail the car all the way north to its destination.

5. Park in the safe spot indicated on the radar and detonate the bomb by 
   calling Gerry (select the Detonate option).

6. Kill the remaining Ancelottis in the wreckage, and prefferably stay close to
   your car to make a quick getaway during the ensuing two star police chase.

Excellent, another mission involving a bomb! Not nearly enough of these, if I
do say so. The bomb in question is a few blocks to the southwest in Cerveza 
Heights, down an alley. Niko will call Gerry when he picks it up, and lets Niko
in on the fine details of the plan. For now, head to the car to plant the bomb
(in Little Italy over on Algonquin). 

When you reach the car, head around to the back of it and press LB to plant the
bomb. Grab a car (unless you already have one) and park in the marker across 
the street. The meeting will end soon, and you must now follow the Ancelottis
without them knowing that you're tailing them. Recall the mission a while back
where you learned that two car lengths is enough distance to keep from being
spotted, and stick to at least that, if not more. Don't worry about the tailing
being sluggish either--these mob types don't obey many traffic rules.

Despite the fact you won't be idling at stoplights, the whole ordeal will take
a little while, considering your destination is at the very north tip of 
Algonquin. When you've successfully trailed the car all the way back, head to
the safe point indicated on the radar. Call Gerry (and choose the detonate 
option) to watch the carnage unfold.

Unfortunately, it doesn't kill everybody, so hop out of the car and head across
the street to finish off the remaining Ancelottis. Better yet, stick by your 
car and use a sniper or assault rifle. After you've killed them all, police 
will come tearing down either side of the road after you receive a two star
wanted level. The mission will end when you lose it.

Niko calls Gerry in the aftermath, who mentions there's a part two to the plan.
Some new random characters are now available though, one on this island, so 
let's get that out of the way now. To find this new random character, check 
your map. On the south end of Algonquin, there's a couple blocks that make a
diagonal rectangle (as opposed to all the other ones, which are straight north-
south). Head to the right hand street of this block, and you should see the
blue person icon when you're halfway down the street.

| 75. MARNIE: ENCOUNTER #1                                             [M075] |

Chain:   Marnie      
Prereq:  Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Starts:  City Hall, small park area
Ends:    Alderny City, alley
Rewards: -$500(!)
Unlocks: Marnie: Encounter #2


1. Drive Marnie to get her fix.

Niko agrees to help out Marnie (for some reason), and to do that, we must head
to Alderney island to drop her off. There's nothing really else to say about 
the actual mission. When you drop her off, Niko leaves her with $500.

While we're here on this island, we can do a couple other Random Character 
interactions. From where you drop Marnie off, drive south towards the highway,
but take the left before the highway begins and splits into two lanes. Take an
immediate right, and follow this road until you can take another right. You 
should come across Ivan at this point.

If you killed Ivan earlier, just skip the next section.

| 76. IVAN                                                             [M076] |

Chain:   Ivan        
Prereq:  Actions Speak Louder Than Words
         You didn't kill Ivan in Ivan the not so terrible
Starts:  Acter, near the restuarant & deli
Ends:    Acter, alley
Rewards: $1,000
Unlocks: --


1. Get a car and drive Ivan a few blocks over to collect his money.

2. Kill the gangsters in the alley (make sure to kill the ones on the roof and
   fire escape).

3. Return to talk to Ivan.

Ivan wants to show you how his new business works, and invites you to take a
walk with him (which immediately turns into, "get a vehicle and drive me 
there"). Do so, and the exchange, as always, goes bad,

When the gunfight begins, aim up to cap the gangster on the roof, and then aim
for the two visible ones in the alley. Move out of cover, kill the far one at
the end of the alley, and then turn left to kill the one on the fire escape 
with the shotgun. Make sure to pick up the clumps of weapons and money dropped.

Walk back and talk with Ivan when you're done. The pay isn't too bad for this 
short mission, and you got some ammo too.

The next random charater, Eddie, will only appear at night (try midnight for
best results). To find him, look for the northern Pay 'N' Spray on Alderney.
Follow the main highway to the west, and it will start curving to the south
right over a street. Eddie is in an alley off the east side of this street.

| 77. EDDIE: ENCOUNTER #1                                              [M077] |

Chain:   Eddie        
Prereq:  Actions Speak Louder Than Words
         He only appears well into the night
Starts:  Alderney City, alley
Ends:    Westminster, 60 Diner
Rewards: --
Unlocks: Eddie: Encounter #2


1. Drive Eddie to the docks in Alderney City.

2. Drive Eddie to the 60 Diner in Westminster.

Eddie. Um.

Well, he wants a ride, so grab a car and take him to the docks. After he's done
with his business there, he asks to be taken to Westminster. And there's no 
reward... didn't he say he'd pay us?


Chain:   Gerry McReary
Prereq:  Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Starts:  Meadows Park
Ends:    Varies
Rewards: $9,250
Unlocks: Blood Brothers (1 of 3 mission prerequisites)


1. Get on the PCJ 600 and head to the target.

2. Chase him until he slows down, at which point it will be easy to kill him.

After a great mission introduction, you're to get on the PCJ 600 parked nearby.
Have fun on the way there, but don't go too crazy, as it's easy to crash and
lose a ton of health.

When you reach the target, he takes off on a motorcycle of his own. Follow him
for a while, focusing on taking the turns well and keeping up. After a long 
chase, he'll start to slow down around Alderney, and you'll easily be able to
gun him down.

Let's hit up Derrick next.

| 79. SMACKDOWN                                                        [M079] |

Chain:   Derrick McReary
Prereq:  Three Leaf Clover
Starts:  Acter, park entrance
Ends:    Varies
Rewards: $6,500
Unlocks: Babysitting
         Alderney Safehouse
         Car Theft Missions (for Stevie)


1. Procure a police car and access the police computer (there should be one to
   the left as the mission begins).

2. Search for Bucky Sligo in the police database and add his location to the 

3. Keep the police car and head north to the Burger Shot. Park in the marker
   when you arrive.

4. Bucky will spook when he sees you and head back to his house. Follow him a
   ways until he gets out and heads inside. Fight your way inside the house,
   killing his five henchmen, and finally Bucky himself.

5. Lose any wanted level you may have accrued.

Derrick has been having problems with a man named Bucky Sligo. It's up to Niko,
of course, to straighten things out. When you leave the park, head left to find
a cop car (you'll have to call 911 if it's not sitting there). Once you have 
it, access the police computer and put Bucky Sligo's name into the criminal 
database. His hangout: the Burger Shot in Alderney. Press A to add his marker 
to the map.

Stay in the cop car (you'll see why in a second when Niko calls Derrick), and
head north to the Burger Shot. When you park in the marker, Bucky will drive by
and spook when he sees the cruiser, as planned. Begin the chase. Bucky starts
off by driving through the backyards of a bunch of houses, crashing through
fences. He does a lot of this actually, during the chase, though he never 
really picks up any speed.

When he reaches his house, he'll hop out and run inside. You'll probably want
to slam the car into reverse once he pulls in to his driveway, as several 
enemies will open fire on you. From a distance, pick off anyone you can, and
proceed towards the house. There should be two enemies on the porch, and three
in the living room (it's actually fairly safe to just barge in through the door
and shoot the three guys really quickly; it's recommended if you've already 
accrued a wanted level, which is possible).

Bucky himself will be on the second floor of the house, waiting at the top of
the steps with a shotgun. Make sure there aren't any enemies or cops 
interfering, and run to the base of the steps and shoot him. Afterwards, you'll
have to get rid of any wanted level you may have. 

The mission ends when you lose the heat. Soon after, you'll get a text from Ray
letting you know that he's gotten you an apartment in Alderney (which means we
have a new safehouse in the area). You'll also get a call from Brucie, letting
you know that his friend Stevie has some work for Niko. The car theft missions
are now officially open, and you should proceed to the respective section after
the walkthrough for information on these missions, should you be interested.

| 80. BABYSITTING                                                      [M080] |

Chain:   Derrick McReary
Prereq:  Smackdown        
Starts:  Alderney City, small dock
Ends:    Industrial, Bohan
Rewards: $7,000
Unlocks: Tunnel of Death


1. Hop in the boat that Derrick arrives with.

2. Head out to meet Kim.

3. Begin to escort Kim. When the enemies show up, ignore Derrick and stay
   behind the enemies so that it's easier to blow them up by shooting the 
   motors on the backs of the boats.

4. When the chopper appears, press Y to stand on the deck of the boat, and 
   launch rockets at the chopper until you hit it.

5. Escort Kim the rest of the way.

This mission begins quite suddenly. Derrick pulls up in a boat and asks you to
take the helm. Derrick explains what's happening along the way. When you reach
Kim's boat, you'll have to start following it as it heads in.

Soon into the escort, three enemy boats will appear. Derrick tells you to get
in between the attackers and Kim, but that's pretty tough if you're too far 
away. Instead, try blowing up the boats by shooting at the engines. Two or 
three boats will appear in addition to the first three at some point. Do your
best to take them out as quickly as possible.

Something to look out for: the first time I played this mission, I tried my
hardest to get in between Kim and the attackers. When I finally succeeded,
Derrick got shot in the head or something and fell out of the boat, making me
fail the mission. I'm not sure if this is a normal occurance, but it may be 
best to keep your distance.

Anyway, do your best to blow up the enemy boats. Don't worry about blowing them
all up, but do keep their numbers thin. Not too long into the chase, a 
helicopter will arrive. Luckily, Derrick thought to bring a rocket launcher(?!)
with which you can shoot it down with. Stand on the deck of the boat by 
pressing Y, and then aim and let fly with rockets until you hit the chopper (be
careful, you are only given six!).

Once the opposition has been eliminated, get back at the helm of the boat and 
escort Kim to safety. 

| 81. TUNNEL OF DEATH                                                  [M081] |

Chain:   Derrick McReary
Prereq:  Babysitting      
Starts:  Acter, park entrance
Ends:    Leftwood, cliffs
Rewards: $7,500
Unlocks: Blood Brothers (1 of 3 mission prerequisites)


1. Head to the truck parked in an alley in Alderney City.

2. Drive it to the destination in Booth Tunnel and park it across the two 

3. During the gunfight that unfolds, use a grenade on the left police car to
   take out most of the officers.

4. When they're gone, grab the van. You'll have to escape a three star wanted
   level to continue with the mission. I've listed some tips on escaping the
   cops below in the detailed mission writeup.

5. Drop the van off in a quiet location.

6. Get the new car and drive Aiden to the cliffs in Leftwood.

7. Execute him.

Derrick isn't faring too well, is he? We'll do one last favor for him, in hopes
it will set things straight... Packie will call you soon after your meeting 
with Derrick, letting you know he's set you up with a truck and a rocket 
launcher. Get to the truck one way or the other, which is parked in an alley in
Alderney City.

When you enter the truck, Packie will let you know over the phone that Aiden is
in the process of being moved. So head over to the Booth Tunnel! The markers 
will be about halfway down the tunnel. Park so that your truck is in both 
markers to progress with the mission. 

The escort is confused by the truck blocking the entire tunnel (understanably),
so they send out a guy to investigate. Niko is ready on the other side of the
truck with his gun out. Shoot the guys in your immediate range, and then focus
on the ones that have taken cover behind the cars. It may not seem safe to use
a grenade in such tight quarters with this many vehicles, but I had no problem
tossing a nade at the closest cop car, which took out the rest of the enemies
and caused no real problems.

Hop in the van after. You'll have to deal with escaping a three star wanted 
level at this point. The good news is that the van you are in can take and dish
a lot of punishment. The cops chasing you will have a tough time trying to ram
you off the road. The bad news is that you aren't very fast in this vehicle. 
That means you'll need to break down the police chase into two parts. 

First, focus on losing the cop cars that are immediately behind you. Since you
will never be able to outrun them, continuously take turns in hopes that the
pursuing cops will tip over or snag on something. 

Once there's no heat directly behind you, keep up a decent pace as you zig zag
through streets, avoiding new cops that spawn. You should be able to leave the
circle quickly in this manner, provided you've lost the immediate threat.

If these two steps do not work perfectly at first, keep trying them until they
do. There's not much else that can be done!

When that ordeal is over with, you'll have to drive the van to a safe, quiet
location. Follow the GPS route to a scrapyard in Port Tudor. This is a good
place to leave the van, but we haven't dealt with Aiden yet. Grab the car next
to the van, and proceed to the next destination, the cliffs in Leftwood.

At the cliffs, getting rid of Aiden is as simple as shooting him anywhere once
with the pistol.

After the mission, you'll get a text from--of all people--Francis, asking you
to meet up with him again. What about Bernie though? Let's pay him a visit. But
even before we do that, we can finish up business with Marnie. She's standing
a block north of Bernie's icon.

| 82. MARNIE: ENCOUNTER #2                                             [M082] |

Chain:   Marnie      
Prereq:  Marnie: Encounter #1           
Starts:  Varsity Heights, street corner
Ends:    Easton, Grand Easton Terminal
Rewards: -$500
Unlocks: --


1. Drive Marnie to the train station.

Marnie needs another ride, but this time it's a step in the right direction.
Just bring her to the train station to finish this mission.

Oh, and that reminds me. We can finish things up with Eddie too (provided it's
the middle of the night). To reach him, head north from the Tw@ in Alderney, 
and take the first left (not the alley, but main road). His blue person icon 
should appear at the end of this road.

| 83. EDDIE: ENCOUNTER #2                                              [M083] |

Chain:   Eddie      
Prereq:  Eddie: Encounter #1           
Starts:  Berchem, alley 
Ends:    Berchem, alley
Rewards: Any money dropped
Unlocks: --


1. Kill Eddie.

After the cutscene, pull out a weapon and kill Eddie. He's not that dangerous.
Or you can pull out a knife if you'd prefer, and duke it out that way. Pick up
his money afterwards, and breathe a sigh of relief; you won't have to deal with
this psycho anymore.

Ok, for real this time, we'll head back to Bernie and help him out.

| 84. HATING THE HATERS                                                [M084] |

Chain:   Bernie Crane
Prereq:  Weekend at Florian's
Starts:  Middle Park West, Bernie's Place
Ends:    The Exchange, Perseus
Rewards: $6,000
Unlocks: Union Drive


1. Head to Middle Park.

2. Jog behind Bernie, keeping your distance. Jogging slow by holding X as 
   opposed to tapping it to sprint will help.

3. Follow the hater when he strikes, up the steps to the right, and on to one
   of the Faggios.

4. Chase him through the park for a while until you find Bernie agian. Stop and
   let him on.

5. Continue chasing the hater down the street until he gets off the bike. Kill
   him any way you'd like.

6. Drive Bernie to the Perseus in The Exchange. 

Bernie thinks there's someone out to kill him, and he might be right. Niko 
decides to go with Bernie to check things out. First head to Middle Park. You
could walk there if you'd like (it fits the conversation at least XD).

To warn you: this mission is a bit ridiculous, but fun. To begin, you must jog
behind Bernie while keeping your distance, so the hater will think Bernie is 
alone. Hold X instead of tapping it to jog slowly, and keep two car distances
from Bernie--er, wait a sec... well, two car distances will work fine for this
mission, even if that tip is a bit unorthodox.

When Bernie heads into the tunnel under the bridge, the hater will be waiting
for him. After Niko scares him off, follow him up the steps to the right, and
grab one of the Faggios (you might want to stun punch one of the Faggio owners
so that they don't get mad and knock you off the second you get on their 

What follows is a silly chase through Middle Park. The chase is far from high
speed, but you'll have your work cut out for you. Why? Well, for one, there's
a lot of people. It IS a park. You can plow through the people if you want, but
doing so may attract police attention and send you veering off course. Then 
again, it will be very difficult to avoid some of them, so do what you must.

Anyway, keep up with the hater (you can't damage him yet) as he takes his 
winding route through the park. You'll eventually drive past Bernie again, who
has recovered, and you should quickly pick him up at this point. Afterwards, 
drive out of the park and follow the hater down the road. If you have police
attention, it's most likely only one star, and you'll probably lose it without
trying during the rest of the chase. If it's higher than that, good luck. ;]

The last section of the chase doesn't last too long before the hater gets off
the Faggio in the middle of an intersection. At this point, just shoot him (or
you can run him over to death, which takes forever with the tiny Faggio, but is
satisfying). Afterwards, Bernie freaks out and asks you to take him to Perseus
in The Exchange, which is way the heck south. You can switch to a car or taxi
at this point though.

| 85. UNION DRIVE                                                      [M085] |

Chain:   Bernie Crane
Prereq:  Hating the Haters
Starts:  Middle Park West, Bernie's Place
Ends:    Middle Park West, Bernie's Place
Rewards: $6,250
Unlocks: Buoys Ahoy


1. Grab a fast car, like a Turismo (you should find one on this street).

2. Drive to the meeting in Northwood.

3. Chase the messengers over the course of a very high speed chase (a nice
   contrast from last missions chase, eh?) while watching out for flipped cars
   and traffic jams... and keeping the speed up.

4. Run over the messengers when they flee on foot (as opposed to shooting, 
   which is more likely to attract police attention).

5. Drive Bernie back to his place in Middle Park West.

When the mission begins, you'll have to grab a car. There should be some nice
cars around, possibly parked on the street (there was a Turismo very parked 
very close when I did this mission). You'll want to grab something fast.

Afterwards, pick up Bernie. The meeting in question is a ways to the north, in
Northwood. When you get there, it turns out that the blackmailers are working
for Dimitri! Niko decides on the best course of action: violence. You may have
noticed that the blackmailers have a nice car... This will of course make the
ensuing chase difficult.

Be prepared for the most insane chase you've seen so far. You'll have to 
maintain some pretty fast speeds to keep up with the messengers. Be prepared to
dodge more flipped cars than you've probably seen in the game thus far. All in
all, it's a pretty grueling run to keep after them, but at least there aren't 
too many sharp corners to take. At busy intersections, take a bit of care to 
avoid any traffic snarls. Braking for a split second is a much better idea than
crashing for ten seconds. 

Anyway, it's a tough chase, but it will eventually end. When the two messengers
get out of their car, try to run them over. Shooting a gun is more apt to draw
police attention, which you don't want at this point (especially if your car is
beaten up). To make things worse, you'll have to get back into the car that you
were originally driving in, since Bernie doesn't get out. 

If you've gotten a two star wanted level and you need to get back into a beat
up car with Bernie... well, you'll have to improvise at this point. If things
are going according to plan though, head back to Bernie's place to complete the

Eventually, you'll get a text from Bernie, inviting you to the next mission
(you may have to wait a few game hours though). You'll also hear from Dimitri

| 86. BUOYS AHOY                                                       [M086] |

Chain:   Bernie Crane
Prereq:  Union Drive      
Starts:  Fishmarket South, Pier 45
Ends:    Steinway, docks
Rewards: $6,500
Unlocks: Bryce's Infernus


1. Head out in search of those KILLER RAYS, DUDE.

2. When the action picks up, follow the enemy boat. Participate in the jumps,
   slaloms, and narrow squeezes if you'd like, or play it safe and avoid the

3. When the enemy boat reaches land, park your boat nearby and proceed up into
   the graveyard. Take out the enemies furthest from the road first to avoid
   police attention as much as possible.

4. Return to Bernie when they are dead.

Yes, the object of this mission is to have fun. At least for now. First head
out towards the marker to where the best tanning spot is. The fun trip out
suddenly turns into a violent excursion as Dimitri's men boat by and send a
"message." Begin following them.

While you don't have to exactly follow the enemy boat by any means, tracing its
exact path can be pretty fun. It's a bit dangerous though, and many of the 
piers, slaloms, and jumps may overturn your boat. If you want to play it safe,
you can boat off to the side of these obstacles while still keeping close to
the enemy. Remember to use RB for sharp turns.

After a moderate chase, the enemy boat will pull up to a dock and the men will
fan out over a hill. Dock your own boat (or just drive it up onto the land) and
pull out your favorite weapon. Proceed to kill Dimitri's men, but start with 
the ones closest to you (and farthest from the street) to best avoid police
interference. Since it's a giant graveyard, there are plenty of places to take

After, head back to talk to Bernie. The next Bernie mission (well, mini-
mission) begins a bit later on when you receive a call from him. 

| 87. BRYCE'S INFERNUS                                                 [M087] |

Chain:   Bernie Crane
Prereq:  Buoys Ahoy       
Starts:  Middle Park West, alley behind Bernie's place
Ends:    Middle Park West, same
Rewards: An Infernus!
Unlocks: --

This mission ends just as soon as it begins. All you need to do is get in the
car, and what you do from there is your own decision (though keeping it in 
front of one of your safehouses is probably a good idea).

| 88. TRUCK HUSTLE                                                     [M088] |

Chain:   Phil Bell      
Prereq:  Late Checkout
Starts:  Normandy, warehouse
Ends:    Westdyke, old mansion
Rewards: $11,000
Unlocks: Pegorino's Pride
         Catch the Wave
         Assassin Missions


1. Head north to the marker in the alley.

2. Take out the Triad gang that shows up. The wall you're initially behind 
   should serve you well the entire fight.

3. Head towards the target truck. When it starts to drive away, run around to
   the back of it so Niko can cling on.

4. Tap A repeatedly to climb to the roof of the truck, and then proceed forward
   to the front of the truck. Make sure to pay attention to the controls the 
   game gives you.

5. When you are in control of the truck, drive it to the old mansion in 

Here's a particularly interesting mission! To begin, head north to the marker
in the alley. When the Triads pull up, just start shooting. You'll have to kill
quite a bit of them, but the wall Niko is behind provides excellent cover. When
all bazillion of them are dead, pick up the large amount of ammo left behind as
you make your way towards the truck. 

Ah, there's still a guy inside! Forget about picking up any extra ammo at this
point and run for the back of the truck, where Niko will automatically grab on.
From here, tap A repeatedly to climb to the roof of the truck. You'll have to
advance to the front of the truck, but the guy driving is pretty crazy. For 
best results, crawl forward when the truck isn't turning, and hold back on the
control stick when the truck is turning to hang on tight. If you start 
slipping, you can roll right back on to the truck by pressing left or right. If
you slip too far, you'll have to tap A to climb back on.

Once you reach the front, Niko will proceed automatically and kick the driver 
out. Niko then gives Phil a ring, who tells you to bring the truck over to the
old mansion in Westdyke. 

Phil will call you a few times after this mission. This will unlock the 
Assassin Missions (which are detailed after the walkthrough) and a new contact,
Jimmy Pegorino.

| 89. BLOOD BROTHERS                                                   [M089] |

Chain:   Francis McReary
Prereq:  Lure
         I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle
         Tunnel of Death
Starts:  Castle Garden City
Ends:    Varies


Rewards: $10,000
         Ability to call Frankie once to get rid of a wanted level.


Rewards: --

Unlocks: Undertaker
         Clarence (random character)


1. Head to the window washing platform and ride it to the roof.

2. Decide on a target and kill him.

This is another mission that puts a tough decision right in your lap, so save
before attempting it. This decision seems much tougher than the Playboy/Dwayne

Either way, head towards the window washing platform marked on the radar. 
You'll be on the phone with the two brothers before you reach it. When you get
there, climb up the wood piles onto the scaffolding to reach the platform, and
then ride it to the roof. 

Try to decide before you enter the marker. Once the meeting begins, you will
have a limited amount of time to zoom in and kill your target.

If you didn't kill Clarence in the mission Holland Nights, it's time to do so
now. Head two blocks north of the northeast corner of Middle Park, and you 
should see his blue person icon.

| 90. CLARENCE                                                         [M090] |

Chain:   Clarence       
Prereq:  Blood Brothers
         Don't kill Clarence in the mission Holland Nights
Starts:  East Holland
Ends:    East Holland 
Rewards: Nuttin' (closure, maybe)
Unlocks: --


1. Kill Clarence.

Clarence should be easy to take down. So do it! Grenades are a fun way to pass
this mission.

Sometime after completing this mission, you should get a call from Packie, and
then from Kate. After getting these two calls, the mission Undertaker will 

| 91. UNDERTAKER                                                       [M091] |

Chain:   Packie McReary 
Prereq:  Blood Brothers
Starts:  Varies
Ends:    Colony Island, cemetary
Rewards: --
Unlocks: I'll Take Her


1. Dress in your suit and dress shoes.

2. Head to the church to attend the funeral.

3. Defeat the Albanian thugs that keep arriving, either by just shooting them,
   or blowing up their cars with grenades and RPGs. When they file out of the
   alley, you should duck behind a car and shoot them all as they appear.

4. Get in the Hearse and begin driving towards the next destination.

5. When the back door of the Hearse gets shot off, drive carefully, but 
   maintain a decent speed. Avoid hard collisions, as losing the coffin means 
   you fail the mission. The pursuers will stop after a short while.

6. Drive the rest of the way to the cemetary.

When the mission begins, you will be prompted to dress in your suit and shoes
(which you should have by now). Afterwards, the marker for the funeral will
appear. Go there now to attend.

The funeral is disrupted by a gang of Albanian hoods. You should be royally 
pissed by now, so take them out with a vengeance. Grenades or RPGs will be very
satisfying and effective, seeing as they keep driving up in cars. You should be
fine sitting on the steps, where you initially begin, at least up through the
car assault.

When Packie yells that they're coming through the alley, run up and take cover
behind one of the cars. The remaining thugs will run in a single file line 
towards you. You can take them out before they even think about starting to 
shoot you. XD

After that final wave, the people in the church run to their various cars to 
escape. It's time you do the same. The only difference is that Niko is driving
the Hearse, and bringing the coffin to the graveyard. Along the way, more 
enemies will pursue, shooting the door off the back of the Hearse. The chase
will not last long, so don't freak out. Focus mainly on driving safe, secondly
on keeping a decent speed. The thugs will back off after a short while. If you
happen to lose the coffin, by hitting something too hard for example, you'll
fail the mission.

When you're in the clear, drive the rest of the way to to cemetary to finish up
the mission. You'll get a call from Gerry after, telling you to visit him at 
the prison, opening more mission for him.

We'll do some Jimmy Pegorino missions for now, so keep your suit on, and head 
to his house in Westdyke.

| 92. PEGORINO'S PRIDE                                                 [M092] |

Chain:   Jimmy Pegorino 
Prereq:  Truck Hustle
Starts:  Westdyke, Jimmy's place
Ends:    Westdyke, Jimmy's place
Rewards: $10,500
Unlocks: Payback


1. Get in the car and wait for Pegorino to get in too.

2. Head to the old refinery in Acter Industrial Park.

3. Head into the target building, and up the steps to the vantage point.

4. Keep an eye on the meeting. When things go inevitably rough, take out all
   the newly marked targets. Nothing too difficult.

5. Head down the steps after, but stop at the doorway that exits the building,
   to get some good shots on the enemies waiting for you. Use either your 
   assault or sniper rifle.

6. Head towards Pegorino while killing more and more enemies. Stop for cover
   every few yards to see if you can kill any new enemies.

7. Run through the door to the room Pegorino is waiting in. After, begin
   chasing the car that's fleeing with the tribute.

8. After a short chase, the car will crash. Park a ways back from the car and
   shoot the enemies either from the car or from cover. Afterwards, search the
   bodies for the package, and search the top of the steps for a First Aid Kit.

9. Drive Pegorino back home.

Niko is running security detail in this mission. Get in the car and wait for
Pegorino (don't drive away like I did!). Head to the old refinery in Acter
Industrial Park, and enjoy the conversation on the way.

Security detail, of course, means that Niko is sniping from a high point, so
head to the high window of the indicated building (you'll have to enter the
door on the southeastern side of the building). There's some shotgun ammo 
waiting for you by the base of the steps as well.

When you reach the vantage point, pull out your rifle to keep watch over the
meeting. Can you guess what's about to happen? Once your targets appear as red
dots, it's time to take them out. It's not too hard to kill all five or six
mafia guys that show up.

After that, the game tells you to protect Pegorino, who is limping around by
the cars. Run down all the steps again, but stop when you reach the doorway to
outside; there are a lot more unmarked enemies hanging out in the unfinished
construction. Switch to an assault rifle at this point and take out as many of
them as you can find, while proceeding towards Pegorino. You won't be able to
take out all of the enemies in the area at once, so stop every time you reach
cover to see if you can shoot any more of them. 

Once you hit a certain point, you'll learn that you must reach Pegorino before
he dies. There are a lot of dangerous enemies between you and him, 
unfortunately, so you'll still have to proceed somewhat slowly. Once you reach
the doorway that Pegorino is just beyond, the mission will proceed 
automatically until Niko and Pegorino get into a car.

The following chase doesn't last very long. Follow them out of the site and 
down the road a ways until they crash up some steps. Stop a distance aways and
try to pick them off either from your car, or from cover. Once they are all 
down, search the corpses for the tribute package that was offered earlier. If
you need it, there's a First Aid Kit on high ground just up the steps. 
Afterwards, get back into the car. 

Jimmy's next mission will be available soon, when he texts you asking you to 

| 93. PAYBACK                                                          [M093] |

Chain:   Jimmy Pegorino 
Prereq:  Pegorino's Pride
Starts:  Westdyke, Jimmy's place
Ends:    Varies
Rewards: Any money picked up (make sure you remember!)
Unlocks: Flatline (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)
         Entourage (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)


1. Head to the diner in Acter. Park in the marker while facing north for a 
   slight advantage.

2. Chase the enemy car a short ways until they arrive at the meeting. There is
   a ramp you'll have to hit at a decent speed at one point of the chase to 
   clear a wall, but other than that there isn't much to worry about.

3. Take cover (I suggest the wall to the east of the dealership) and take out
   the Pavanos. One well thrown grenade can set off a chain reaction that kills
   them all!

4. Pick up any money dropped by the enemies. You aren't getting paid otherwise!

5. Lose any wanted level you have accrued. There's a Pay 'N' Spray down the 
   road if you need it.

Jimmy wants Niko to disrupt a couple of Pavanos making their rounds in Acter. 
Head first to the diner there. If you'd like to make the following chase 
easier, park in the marker the opposite way you normally would if you followed
the GPS route (face northish). 

During the chase, you'll only have to follow the target car. Don't bother 
wasting any ammo. Towards the end of the chase, make sure to go fast off the
ramp to clear the wall. If you don't make it, you won't really lose the car,
since you're right at the end of the chase anyway, and they've parked just down
the road. So you can try again if you miss the jump.

When you approach the meeting, targets will appear on the radar. As usual, back
up and take cover behind something, perhaps the wall to the east of the car 
lot. If you have any grenades or rockets, now's a perfect time to toss some 
into the lot. One well thrown grenade can wipe out all of them!

After all the enemies are dead, DEFINITELY comb through the wreckage and dead
bodies for the cash, since you aren't getting paid for this mission. Each money
wad dropped is worth $3,000! Just make sure all the cars are done blowing up
before you enter the lot. 

Unfortunately, you'll probably get a (low) wanted level for this. And you've 
exhausted a good supply of cars. Still, it shouldn't be easy to lose, and 
there's even a Pay 'N' Spray just down the road.

BREAKING NEWS! Sorry for freaking out, but I just figured this out, and it
makes the cash pickup part a little easier. The cash will remain in the car
lot, even if you go to the Pay 'N' Spray to lose the heat. I don't know if the
money fades, whether due to proximity from it or time elapsed, but I was able
to go to the Pay 'N' Spray and return for the cash. This is helpful since it
will be less stressful to hunt for the money when there's no cops around.

After this mission, U.L. Paper will call. He hasn't called for a while, but he
has some good news. The Gambetti family is expecting Niko. They are powerful
enough to help Niko find what he wants.

| 94. CATCH THE WAVE                                                   [M094] |

Chain:   Phil Bell      
Prereq:  Truck Hustle    
Starts:  Tudor, Honkers
Ends:    North Holland, docks
Rewards: $7,500
Unlocks: Trespass
         Flatline (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)


1. Head to Leftwood to pick up the truck.

2. Drive to Charge Island to begin the exchange.

3. When the Russians open fire, back up and get out of the truck. Blast the 
   first few Russians from behind the fence, and then proceed forward with your
   assault rifle drawn. You should be able to kill most of the Russians in the
   hangar. Don't miss the First Aid Kit on the left side of the room.

4. Kill anyone left in the building and outside on the docks. Pick up the Body
   Armor to the left, and then get into the speedboat. 

5. Begin to follow Phil. When the two enemy boats appear, slow down so that you
   can either shoot the attackers themselves as they boat past, or shoot the 
   engines of the boats to blow them up.

6. Follow Ray the rest of the way to the drop off point.

Phil gets a call regarding an emergency at the docks, and asks Niko to help him
out, even though we don't know what we're getting into. To start, you must head
to Leftwood, where a truck is waiting. Phil will explain everything on the 
drive over.

Get in the truck and get ready for more driving to Charge Island. When you 
reach the destination, the game will tell you that the element of surprise is
crucial. Unfortunately, the Russians are suspicious and things get hairy fast.
So much for the surprise. Back the truck up and get out when you're behind the
fence. This should net you some fairly good cover when dealing with the first
group of enemies.

The Russians aren't really all that dangerous. You should be able to stand 
outside the hangar doors with an assault rifle and take out most or all of them
from a safe distance. Make sure to aim for the ones in the catwalks too. 
There's a First Aid kit on the left side of the room as well. When you reach 
the other side of the hanger, take out any remaining enemies (the ones on the
dock), and head towards the boats with Phil. As a nice little gift, there's 
Body Armor near the boats (right before you head down onto the dock itself).

Bell proceeds towards the drop off point, but you aren't getting away easy. Two
more boats of Russians give chase. They start out behind you and Phil though, 
so slow down a bit to let them get in front of you. You should either be able
to kill the gunner on the boat as they pass, or shoot the engine of the boat 
after they pass. These are the only two enemy boats you'll have to deal with.

| 95. FLATLINE                                                         [M095] |

Chain:   Jimmy Pegorino
Prereq:  Payback         
         Catch the Wave
Starts:  Westdyke, Jimmy's place
Ends:    Varies                    
Rewards: $13,000       
Unlocks: Pest Control (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)


1. Head to the hospital, and put any weapons away.

2. Head inside and head right to the E.R. reception desk. Follow the passing
   doctor into the locker room to the right.

3. Use LB to put on the scrubs.

4. Head down the hall and enter Anthony's room. Press LB to remove his life

5. Immediately run back down the hallway and out the front doors. Hop in your

6. Lose your wanted level. There's a Pay 'N' Spray nearby.

Uh oh. Looks like we ran into a bit of a problem in an earlier mission. We need
to whack Anthony (even though he's pretty far gone anyway). Head to the 
Hospital just down the road. Put away any weapons you have out before entering.

When you do enter, look for the sign to the E.R. (to the right). If you head to
the reception desk, a doctor will eventually walk by into the room to the 
right. Follow him in and put on the scrubs that are hanging up in the locker.
Press LB to put them on. 

Head down the hall after, and approach Anthony's room (the cops will direct 
you). Listen to Anthony babble if you want, or just press LB to unplug his life
support. As soon as you do, run out of the room and towards the building exit.
The cops will almost immediately find that you've killed him, and you'll get a
two star wanted level (meaning that the cops in the building will open fire on

Hopefully, you still have a car outside, so get in that to lose your wanted 
level. There's a Pay 'N' Spray just down the road if you want to skip all the

| 96. TRESPASS                                                         [M096] |

Chain:   Phil Bell     
Prereq:  Catch the Wave  
Starts:  Normandy, Phil's office
Ends:    Tudor, old Sprunk factory roof                    
Rewards: $10,500       
Unlocks: To Live and Die in Alderney


1. Drive to the old Sprunk factory in Tudor.

2. Choose to either enter the factory through the front doors or the tunnel.
   The only difference is that it makes fighting the first two guards easier.

3. Proceed up the floors, killing enemies as you go. Don't miss the Body Armor
   on the second floor. On the fourth floor, with all the pillars, make sure to
   diligently check behind each one for enemies.

4. Jump out the broken window on the fourth floor.

5. Duck for cover behind an AC unit and shoot everyone you can, including any
   guys up on the high roof to your left.

6. Head across the bridges and up the ladders, taking out the rest of the 

7. Shoot down Charlie's helecopter either with a rocket aimed at the base of 
   the rotors (for dramatic effect) or just pepper it with assault rifle spray
   until it goes down.

Phil seems in a rush for something, so head quickly to whatever is at the old
Sprunk factory in Tudor. The target is Chubby Charlie. Phil lets you know that
there are two ways of getting into the factory. One is through the front doors,
and one is up the tunnel (the back way).

FRONT DOORS: Two guards will immediately run in from the right when you open 
the door (the door is near the parked trucks by the way).

TUNNEL: The tunnel itself is right is just west of the building. Head through
the tunnel to surprise these first two guys.

Regardless of which path you took, you'll end up in more or less the same 
place. As you head up the first flight of steps, watch out for the enemy in
front of you, and the one behind you once you get up onto the steps high
enough. There are two or three more enemies left on this floor. Use the couch
for cover. After they are gone, search the area for the Body Armor, but be 
careful of thugs shooting you from the third floor. You should be able to 
target and kill most of them before heading up the ramp.

When you do, you'll get the message that Chubbie Charlie is getting away, and
you'll have to chase him now. The fourth floor is full of even more thugs, and
they are good at hiding behind the many pillars. Auto targeting may sometimes
not work in this room, so make sure to check behind the pillars yourself before

Proceed through the rooms of this floor, and jump out the broken window when
all the enemies have been dealt with. When you land, use one of the AC vents 
for cover. In addition to the obvious enemies across the rooftops in front of
you, make sure you aim up and to the left to the higher roof, where there may 
be a thug that has you in plain sight. Take him out before focusing on the 
other enemies. 

Just before crossing the bridge, look up and to the left to the same roof to
check for another enemy that may be shooting at you. This will make it easier
when you head back across the second bridge towards the ladder. Climb it to 
the next roof. When you hit the top of the ladder, aim up a little bit towards
the Sprunk can sign, and you should see another roof dude. Climb the final 
ladder to trigger a cutscene.

This is the final part of the cutscene. You must shoot down Charlie's chopper
before it flies away. This is very easy if you have some extra rockets; just 
aim for the base of the rotors. If not, pepper the thing with your assault 
rifle until it goes down. 

| 97. TO LIVE AND DIE IN ALDERNEY                                      [M097] |

Chain:   Phil Bell     
Prereq:  Trespass        
Starts:  Normandy, Phil's office
Ends:    Westdyke, Phil's place
Rewards: $12,000
Unlocks: Pest Control (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)


1. Head to the old mansion in Westdyke.

2. Chase after Phil while dodging the gamut of obstacles the game throws at 
   you. Though it's tough, you usually have a decent chance of catching back up
   with Phil if you screw up a bit.

3. Follow Phil into the alley after he calls you. 

4. Take out the two cops at the end of the alley and start running towards the
   opposite end.

5. When another cruiser pulls up, dive for cover and stay there until you've 
   killed the three cruisers worth of cops and the N.O.O.S.E. truck full of the
   tougher officers.

6. Head across the street towards the van.

7. Shoot down the helicopter.

8. Pick up the heroin that Frankie drops.

9. Lose your wanted level.

10. Head back to Phil's place.

Remember the mansion we dropped the "wedding present" off at a few missions
back? We're headed there again to pick it back up. Unfortunately, the feds have
been keeping an eye on the stuff, and they immediately pull up when the garage
doors are open to the two cars you're to take.

Phil gets in one car, and Niko and Frankie into the other. Your job is to keep
Phil from getting busted by the cops. This isn't the hard part of the mission,
however. You'll have the most trouble keeping up with Phil, since Phil takes a
fairly crazy route. You'll also have to deal with traffic, the police ramming
into you, and idiotic forlift drivers when you enter the warehouse area.

The strategies for all these obstacles is the same. Try to navigate them 
successfully, but keep a cool head if you hit something. Back up and gun it 
towards Phil again. You should be able to catch back up, provided you don't 
linger too long in any one area. Don't bother shooting the cops yourself
either. Let Frankie take care of this detail.

Eventually, Phil will call you and tell you that you're getting out of the cars
as soon as possible. Follow him for a bit longer until he pulls into an alley.
The team will grab the stuff from the trunks, and then attempt to get to a van
that Phil has ready.

First, kill the two cops at the end of the alley. This will raise your wanted 
level, but it's inevitable. Start running towards the other end of the alley,
and another cruiser will pull up. Dive for cover, and take these guys out too.
A second and third cruiser will also pull up, and then a N.O.O.S.E. van. Be
careful with these guys, as they are bedecked in Body Armor. Try for head shots
to shorten this battle.

When all of them are finally gone, follow Phil and Frankie down the remainder
of the alley, and across the road to the van. At this point, a chopper will 
show up. Shoot it out of the sky with any good weapon (assault rifle or 
rockets). Frankie will fall soon after, so pick up the heroin he drops and head
for the van. For once, shooting down the helicopter will actually LOWER your
wanted level. Which is a good thing, because you now have to lose it.

There's a Pay 'N' Spray close by, but it should be fairly easy to lose two 
stars. The choice is yours, and yours alone. Good luck. (That's an obscure 
reference by the way, you might pick it up =] ).

You should get a text from Ray now regarding another mission for Pegorino.

| 98. PEST CONTROL                                                     [M098] |

Chain:   Jimmy Pegorino
Prereq:  Flatline
         To Live and Die in Alderney
Starts:  Westdyke, Jimmy's place
Ends:    Varies
Rewards: $14,500
Unlocks: That Special Someone (1 of 2 mission prerequisites)


1. Drive away from Jimmy's house until he calls you and asks you to find Ray.

2. Head to Ray's location.

3. Follow him and his men at a safe distance until they pull into the gas 

4. Wait until they get out of their cars and unload your weapon on to a gas
   pump. Take out any survivors starting with any that get away in the car, and
   then return to kill the stragglers.

This is another one of those wonderful "wait for a phone call" missions. 
Fortunately (mostly for me, the guide writer), Pegorino will call back much 
sooner than later (within a minute) letting you know that he's made a decision.
Lets head over to East Holland to see if we can find Ray.

When you arrive, Ray is indeed here, but just leaving. Listen closely to what
Pegorino has to say about Ray and his men stopping for gas. Though it hasn't 
really come up in the guide yet, you CAN shoot gas pumps to create rather large
explosions. I'll let you do the math.

Follow Ray and his men at a safe distance. Very soon, they will pull into the 
gas station. At this point, wait until the cars empty, and unload onto one of
the gas pumps. The resulting explosion should take out at least one car. You're
lucky to get them both. If not, tear down the road towards the other car to 
stop them, and then return to the gas station to mop up the remnants of Ray's

| 99. ENTOURAGE                                                        [M099] |

Chain:   Gambetti Family
Prereq:  Paper Trail
Starts:  Schottler, hospital
Ends:    City Hall, Civic Citadel
Rewards: $12,000
Unlocks: Dining Out


1. Head to Grand Easton Terminal and pick up Bobby.

2. Follow the convoy until the Russians attack.

3. From the alley, pick off as many Russians as possible. Shooting some of them
   will trigger more waves to come, so you may have to venture out into the 
   streets to pick them off. When you do this, be careful of rooftop gunners
   and be ready to duck back in the alley when new red blips appear on the 
   radar. There's a First Aid Kit in your alley. Repeat this for three waves.

4. Get into a car and start heading towards Civic Citadel.

5. When the four enemy cars show up, lose them by making all four leave your
   mini map at the same time. This can be done by driving fast one way, making
   a quick uturn, turning down the next road you see, and speeding off in that

6. Head to the Civic Citadel.

Our mission contact is in the hospital? Yep. He's quite old. Anyway, head to
Grand Easton Terminal to begin the mission proper.

Once you're there, get into the car, and pick up Bobby. The convoy ride goes
smoothly--up to a point. Niko and Bobby just barely make it out of the car 
before it's blown to smithereens. They end up in an alley.

This part is a bit tough. You'll have to take out the Russians out in the 
streets and on the roofs, but they'll keep coming back in waves. You may have
to run out into the street to hunt down a few of the hiding ones as well. Just
make sure you're ready to run back into the alley at any time, since killing 
any one of the enemies may trigger another wave of Russians. There's a First
Aid Kit in the alley for you too, but try to save it for when you really need
it. After the third wave has arrived, head out and kill the rest of them.

Bobby will run out of the alley at this point and tell you to bring him to the
Civic Citadel. Fortunately, it's just down the road. Unfortuately, four enemy
cars will choose to come from every direction after you when you turn the 
corner. You'll have to lose them, and to do that, you must maneuver away from
all of them. Keep driving straight as soon as the cars appear to lose all but
one of them. Once you've gone a ways down the road, slam on your brakes, make
a quick uturn, and head the opposite direction. Turn down the first street you
see, and this should shake them hard enough that you can continue driving and
easily lose them (they will go away when all four are off your mini map).

| 100. DINING OUT                                                      [M100] |

Chain:   Gambetti Family
Prereq:  Entourage
Starts:  Schottler, hospital
Ends:    Varies
Rewards: $13,250
Unlocks: Liquidize the Assets


1. Head across the city to Mr. Fuk's Rice Box.

2. Head inside and shoot the receptionist to begin the gunfight.

3. In the large room to the right, use the wall with the red door for cover.
   Shoot as many people as you can and head up the steps. Kill everyone on this
   floor too.

4. Head into the manager's office and intimidate him by aiming a gun at him to
   learn where Kim went. Pick up the Body Armor from the desk.

5. Kill the new arrivals when you step back out into the restaurant. Head 
   towards the kitchen and take out the men that come out of there too.

6. In the kitchen, pick up the First Aid Kit, and then run out to the fire

7. Jump off the fire escape landing and hop onto the motorcycle.

8. Chase after Kim, but stay far enough away so that his gunman can't really 
   hit you. Shoot his car until it blows up.

Our target in this mission is none other than Kim, the guy we helped earlier 
that was trying to smuggle the fake money into the country. And we're stopping
his business that we so helpfully set into motion.

The restaurant is way across the city, so you might wanna take a cab. When you
reach the restaurant, head inside. The receptionist isn't too friendly, so 
shoot him (seriously, do it; if you don't, he'll just end up coming up behind
you later and shooting you in the back). Proceed to the right into the large
room. Pick the wall by the red door for cover. 

On the upper balcony, there will be several enemies hiding behind the pillars.
There may even be one behind the pillar that you can see through the right hand
set of steps. You can kill this guy with manual targeting, eliminating a 
potential threat. Make sure there aren't any enemies behind the screens to 
either side of the steps before you head up. 

As you head up the steps, keep aiming around the upper area to try to get the
jump on some of the guys, as there are inevitably some left. Try to find cover
once you reach the top of the steps (though there isn't much) until they are 
all defeated.

Step through the manager's door and Niko will ask where Kim is. The manager 
plays stupid, but doesn't last too long when you aim a gun at him. Grab the 
Body Armor from his desk and head back out. Kim is escaping through the

There will be more enemies when you leave the office, so be ready to run for
any available cover. When you approach the kitchen doors, they will burst open
and more men will come out. Gun them down and run into the kitchen. Kim will
escape out the fire exit. Grab the First Aid Kit and run out after him.

Jump down off the fire escape landing (you should have enough health for this
tiny leap after grabbing that kit) and hop onto the motorcycle. Follow his car
now, but stay far enough behind so that his gunman can't really hit you that
well. Shoot at his car until it explodes.

.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |          100% Checklist [100L]             |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'


The percentages for this checklist were derived from a list compiled by 
Xenctuary. Many thanks.

The Main Story Missions, Random Characters, and Friend sections aren't complete
yet, as I want to get more specific and thorough, but this should do for now.


  [ ] Complete them all                 ..... 60.00%


  [ ] 20 Vigilante Missions             .....  2.50%
  [ ] 30 Most Wanted Missions           .....  2.50%
  [ ] 10 Package Delivery Missions      .....  2.00%
  [ ] 10 Exotic Export Missions         .....  2.00%
  [ ] 9 Street Race Missions            .....  2.00%
  [ ] 30 Car Thefts (Stevie)            .....  2.00%
  [ ] 9 Assassination Missions          .....  2.00%


  [ ] Meet and complete their missions  .....  5.00%


  [ ] Little Jacob                      .....  1.66%
      [ ] Darts
      [ ] Drinking
      [ ] Eating
      [ ] Pool
      [ ] Show
      [ ] Strip Club
  [ ] Little Jacob's special ability    .....  1.66%

  [ ] Brucie                            .....  1.66%
      [ ] Boating
      [ ] Bowling
      [ ] Drinking
      [ ] Eating
      [ ] Heli Ride 
      [ ] Show
      [ ] Strip Club
  [ ] Brucie's special ability          .....  1.66%

  [ ] Packie                            .....  1.66%
      [ ] Bowling
      [ ] Darts
      [ ] Drinking
      [ ] Pool 
      [ ] Show 
      [ ] Strip Club
  [ ] Packie's special ability          .....  1.66%


  [ ] 200 Flying Rats                   .....  2.50%
  [ ] 50 Unique Stunt Jumps             .....  2.50%


  [ ] Win a full game of bowling        .....  1.25%
  [ ] Win a game of darts               .....  1.25%  
  [ ] Win a game of pool                .....  1.25%
  [ ] Beat the high score in QUB3D      .....  1.25%

.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |       Vigilante and Most Wanted [VMWD]     |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'


The Vigilante Missions and the Most Wanted missions are two different things,
although they are very similar. To access either mission, you will need to 
procure a police vehicle, park it, and press LB to bring up the police 
computer. From the main menu, you can:

- View Current Crimes (vigilante missions)

- Search Police Records

- View Most Wanted (most wanted missions)

- Call Police Backup

To easily get a police car, call 911 on your cell phone and have them send an 
officer over. The police will arrive very shortly and step out of the car to 
look around. This is your chance to nab the car and run while you still have a 
one star wanted level.

Before doing any of these mission, it's reccommended that you run around 
collecting weapons and body armor. Some of these missions can be TOUGH!

Vigilante Missions

Viewing the current crimes will show you three most recent crimes taking place. 
To begin the mission, select a crime that sounds interesting and press A. 
Crimes where the suspect is on foot are typically pretty easy (involving 
finding them and running them down). The harder ones are the stolen cars and 
gang activities, as you'll end up fighting more than one criminal, and possibly
trying to ram them off the road.

When the mission begins, you'll be given a time limit in which you must drive 
TO the crime scene. Once you have made it to the general area of the suspect 
(the crime scene) in the alotted time, you won't have to worry about a time 
limit. At this point, it's your job to kill the suspect(s) by any means. If you 
try to leave the police car before reaching the crime scene, you will have only 
a certain amount of time to reenter the police car or you will forfeit the 

Completing 20 of these missions will add to your % score and, if you're playing 
on the XBox 360, give you the "Cleaned Up The Mean Streets" Achievement (20G).

Most Wanted Missions

Most Wanted missions are similar to the vigilante missions, except you'll be 
dealing with numerous and tough criminals that AREN'T random, and there is also 
no time limit. For each island, there are 10 Most Wanted criminals.

|       NAME         |         CRIME         |
| MAXWELL CAUGHLIN   | Gang related violence |
| SCOTT GUZOWSKI     | Gang related violence |
| ANTONIO RIVETTE    | Racketeering          |
| RODRIGO STAVNES    | Racketeering          |
| FERNANDO TISDEL    | Human Trafficking     |
| TYLER PICKREL      | Human Trafficking     |
| PRESTON PECINOVSKI | Credit Card Fraud     |
| ALONSO GORALSKI    | Burglary              |
| BERT REKER         | Drug Trafficking      |
| FREDDY PAPARO      | Grand Theft Auto      |

  - Hangout: Hollowback St, South Bohan
  - This is an easy one. When you reach the target, he will be in a car with
    another gang member. You can try ramming the car to take it out, you can 
    get out and blow the car up with shotgun blasts, or you can try to shoot 
    the driver in the head with an SMG. They won't shoot back either. I 
    found that sideslamming him while in the car (thus making his car stop)
    makes it easy to shoot him in the head with an SMG. Remember to kill both
    of them to complete this mission.

  - Hangout: Steinway, Dukes
  - There are four guys here, hanging out in a park. You can start this one 
    off by driving into a couple of them, though this is risky, and some of 
    them have SMGs, which can demolish your car pretty quickly. Alternately, 
    you could approach from the east, heading down the big set of steps. 
    There's plenty of ledges and cover you can use to take out the four guys,
    and they are all fairly spread out.

  - Hangout: South Slopes, Broker
  - These three are hanging around the train station in South Slopes. you'll 
    have to head up the steps to find them, but this just means that you'll 
    have plenty of cover as you approach (press RB). This should give you a 
    good way to pop out from cover and kill them one by one. The first two are 
    on the second floor, and the third is on the top in between the tracks (he 
    may be hard to kill from the safety of the steps because of this). They are 
    all armed, but with nothing particularly dangerous.

  - Hangout: Steinway, Dukes
  - These four are runners, not fighters. And boy are they ever runners. You'll
    have your work cut out for you as they split in every direction when they 
    see you coming. You should be able to pick one off immediately, but you'll 
    have to go hunting for the other three. Not a particularly hard one.

  - Hangout: Crockett Ave, Hove Beach
  - Now things get a bit challenging. These four are in a car when you first 
    reach them, and immedaitely open fire on you with SMGs. There's a good 
    chance you'll be able to flip the car (I've done it twice with ease 
    anyway), which gives you ample time to hop out of your own car and open 
    fire on them. If you can't pull off this maneuver, you'll have to damage
    their car until they hotfoot it out, at which point you can run them down
    or shoot them.

  - Hangout: Meadows Park, Dukes
  - He's right by the big fountain, and he'll run when he sees you. He's 
    alone, so just run him down to complete this one.

  - Hangout: Northern Gardens, Bohan
  - When you reach the lot where these five hang out, approach from the east.
    This way, you can use the wall for cover, and pop out and attack at the
    break in the wall. Since they are all taking cover behind cars, a good
    strategy is to shoot the cars instead of them; shotguns, grenades, and 
    RPGs will all make quick work of the cars. Molotovs would also work well 
    here too, now that I think of it, as you can lob them over the wall. 
    One thing to watch out for is other people NOT part of the gang shooting 
    at you from the street and being a general pain in the ass. Also, if you 
    don't kill the targets fast enough, they will get into cars and split up.
    At this point, you have to either kill them FAST or they will escape, and
    you'll have to wait a while to do this mission again. A pretty tough one

  - Hangout: Francis International Airport
  - There are two targets, one in a slow moving car, and one toting a shotgun
    near the gate and guard house. I like to go for the guy in the car first, 
    just so he doesn't get away, though he does move slow, as I mentioned.
    You'll have to watch out for the shotgun guy though, he can take your 
    health down REALLY quick. You can use the wall as cover to help kill this
    guy (either in your car or out). I like to aim at him from around the 
    corner while in the car, and drive out and shoot him quickly.

  - Hangout: BOABO, Broker
  - There are 6 or 7 targets in this mission (I didn't really get a good
    count, anyone want to confirm the number?), but don't let that scare you.
    They all seem to only have pistols. Approach from the south and crack open
    the double swinging gates until you have a clear shot at one of the guys.
    Pick him off, open the gate up more, and pick off more guys. This strategy
    should work for most of them, but you may have to run up the stairs to the
    north to pick off the last couple of them (easy, since the stairs provide
    cover. I was able to finish this mission with just a pistol, so it isn't 
    really too difficult.

  - Hangout: Steinway, Dukes
  - When you reach the area, a car with four criminals will pull out slowly 
    into the road, shooting. Be ready with your own SMG and shoot at the 
    targets and the car quickly. This should damage the car enough so that any
    remaining thugs step out and duck behind the car, where a much safer 
    firefight can commence. You can stay in the car and pick them off if you'd
    like at this point. It's possible that this one will cause you some 
    problems as well, but if you've done all the other Most Wanted missions for
    this island, this will be the last one, and you can give yourself a pat on
    the back for finishing a third of the Most Wanted missions.

|       NAME         |         CRIME         |
| SHON KIKUCHI       | Gang related violence |
| JIMMY KAND         | Gang related violence |
| SIMON NASHLY       | Racketeering          |
| TOMMY FRANCOVIC    | Racketeering          |
| BARRY LAMORA       | Human Trafficking     |
| LINO FRIDDELL      | Hit and Run           |
| JUAN HAIMO         | Burglary              |
| DARREN COVEY       | Arms Dealing          |
| LEO BRODDELL       | Drug Trafficking      |
| CHRISTOV MAHONVIC  | Grand Theft Auto      |

  - Hangout: North Holland, Algonquin
  - Shon drives a fast sports car, and will jet as soon as you enter the area.
    Chase him and try to shoot out his tires. He tends to get snagged up on 
    corners, so don't worry about him getting away. After you cause enough
    damage to the car, it should light on fire and he'll run out in flames.
    Either kill him at this point, or let the flames do the work for you :]

  - Hangout: Northwood, Algonquin
  - Jimmy is holed up in some projects at the north end of the island. Head 
    inside (run around the perimeter until you find the door) and head up to
    the second floor. When you reach him, get ready for... well, he doesn't do
    much of anything. The only way he'll run is if you physically step on him,
    so do it the easy way and shoot him in the face while he's lying on the 
    ground in whatever drug-induced stupor he's in.

  - Hangout: Fishmarket South, Algonquin
  - Simon and his men are scattered about the Pier 45 restaurant in Fishmarket
    South. Approach cautiously, as you can be shot at if you're at a distance,
    since there are enemies on the balconies. Once you get close enough, 
    however, it becomes difficult for them to shoot you. Proceed through the
    three levels of the structure killing off the enemies. There are a bunch of
    soda machines scattered throughout, so health shouldn't be a concern.

  - Hangout: Castle Garden City, Algonquin
  - Tommy will be on a bike when you reach him, and will tear out of the short
    road he's located on. If you can, bump into him to send him careening into 
    the trees on one side of the road, where you should easily be able to shoot
    him off the bike, and take care of things from there. If not, you'll need 
    to chase him and gun him down the old fashioned way. Not particularly 

  - Hangout: Colony Island Apartments
  - Barry and his two buddies will run when they see you coming, and so you'll
    have to swing around off the road into the parking lot of the apartments. 
    Be careful at this point, since they have some strong weapons, including
    a shotgun. They all sort of run around Colony Island, so you may have some
    running cut out for you. Try to use any wall you can as cover, and pick 
    them off that way. If you're confident, just run at any of them when you 
    see them and shoot--they will hopefully go down. 

  - Hangout: Middle Park, Algonquin
  - There are three targets you must kill, and at first, they will run (you'll
    have to pay some attention, as they will duck down an alley fairly 
    quickly). If you can, drive down the alley and run them over to end this
    mission. If not, they'll hop in a car and attempt to flee. If this happens,
    you'll have to do the usual drive and gun to kill them, although at this 
    point, they will start shooting back. Best to end this one as early as
    possible, in the alley.

  - Hangout: Star Junction, Algonquin
  - This mission is particularly annoying. You must kill three targets, all of
    which are on motorcyles. "But Specter," you ask, "isn't it easy to kill 
    guys on motorcycles?" Normally, yes. But in this particular case, if you 
    knock one of the guys off but don't kill him, you must spend time trying to
    finish him off, while the other two guys will escape. If you choose instead
    to chase the other two guys, the one you leave behind will escape. Either 
    way you will fail the mission and have to wait a while to do it again. 
    You'll really just have to be fast and accurate about your killings, at
    least for the first two guys. 

    Perhaps you could try letting all three of them get ahead of you. That way,
    when you shoot one, he will fall off in front of you, and you will be able 
    to hit and (hopefully) kill him without losing any of your momentum towards
    the other two. Once you've killed two, the last guy should be cake.

  - Hangout: Purgatory, Algonquin
  - This is a fairly dangerous mission. To reach the car park in Purgatory,
    where the gang is located, use the ramp to the north of the targets, and
    take the left fork which leads to the second level of the garage. The 
    reason I said that this is a dangerous mission is because using the pillars
    for cover is almost pointless; indeed, any or all of them will just run to
    your side of the pillar and start shooting you. You can try fighting them
    this way (doable with at least full health), or you can ready a molotov or
    a grenade, since they approach in a group. Alternately, you could try 
    sniping them from across the car park, but you'd have to be quick and 
    accurate before they decided to run over and shoot you. If you happen to
    have an RPG, I suppose you could just fire it into their cluster of cars
    and call it a day.

  - Hangout: East Holland, Algonquin
  - Several targets are scattered throughout several floors of this apartment
    complex. The easiest way to complete this mission is to just aim up and 
    around the corner constantly. That way, you'll auto target any potential
    threats as early as possible, and get the jump on the enemies. Just come
    prepared with full health, as you'll most likely get shot a few times. The
    key here is patience. Most of them have shotguns. Don't let them shoot you!

  - Hangout: Fishmarket South, Algonquin
  - Another particularly dangerous mission with lots of targets. You'll be 
    fighting in a warehouse this time. There are a few things you can do to 
    make this mission a bit easier. Stand outside the door, and none of them
    will spot you, yet. From here, try sniping the guys that patrol the second
    story catwalk. Once you've killed as many of those guys as possible, toss a
    grenade at the truck in the middle of the room to take out a large portion
    of the enemy. From here, you'll have to carefully kill the rest. They all 
    have pretty decent weapons, so play it safe, and comb through when you're
    done for some good ammo.

.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |         Drug Delivery Missions [DDMS]      |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'

To unlock the Drug Delivery Missions, you must have completed the Little Jacob
mission "Shadow". Afterwards, you will get a call from Little Jacob asking you
if you're interested in a job. Any time after this, you can call him and he'll
give you one of ten missions.

Each mission begins with you picking up Little Jacob's car, which has the 
package in it. From there, you will drive to any of the 10 locations and drop 
off the package. What happens after that is typically different, so read below
for a description of each event.

As with all these optional missions, it's wise to be armed and protected, so 
take some time to find / buy some weapons and body armor.

- MEADOWS PARK (Near the church alley)
  - Reward: $250
  - This mission goes smoothly--up until you are ambushed moments after 
    dropping off the package. Four gang members will surround you (two on 
    either side) and immediately open fire. Your best bet is to run straight
    at two of them, killing them as fast as possible, and then ducking for 
    cover from the other two. From here, you can pick them off at your leisure.

  - Reward: $250
  - This is a timed mission, and you must make it to a tunnel in Schottler in 
    a fairly short amount of time. Don't drive too fast, so that you can take
    corners easier, but don't be too careful, as time is tight. When you reach
    the end of the GPS line, keep driving a bit until you can turn right (right
    after you pass under the highway) and turn right immediately into the 
    tunnel. This is where you'll meet your contact and drop off the package.

   - Reward: $250
   - Another ambush mission. When you drop off the package near the trash cans,
     four gang members will ambush you from every direction down the alley. 
     It's recommended that you park your car somewhere close so that you can 
     use it as cover as the mission begins. Get rid of whoever's in your way
     while running towards your car, and regroup from there. If there are other
     gang members in sight at this point, pick them off from the cover of your
     car. If not, methodically move through the alley, killing them.

   - Reward: $250
   - In this mission, the cops will pull up immediately after the deal, and 
     you'll instantly get a 2 star wanted level. Leave the buyers to fend for
     themselves and hop in your car. Little Jacob's crap car won't handle well 
     on the grass, and the cops will probably push you around, but you should
     still make it out to the street unscathed. From here, you'll need to lose
     your wanted level. Try to avoid the highway, as cops will be crawling on 
     it. Once you lose the cops, the mission ends.

  - Reward: $250
  - Another timed mission. This one doesn't seem as tight as the Schottler one,
    but you can still fairly easily run out of time. It's temping to go super 
    fast on the straightaways, but try to avoid this, as cornering will become
    tough. When you reach the buyer, the mission will end.

  - Reward: $250
  - This is a particularly dangerous mission. If you're not at full health, you
    may not fare too well. As soon as you deliver the package, turn around and
    run to the right of the parking booth, into the corner. Gang members will 
    drive down the alley in a car, and some will appear on the rooftops from 
    the east. If you made it into cover, good. You can pick off the gangsters
    much easier from here. If you can't get into that corner for whatever 
    reason, you can always hop in your car and drive out of the alley. Picking
    them off from the street will work too.

  - Reward: $250
  - Another wickedly dangerous mission. You are ambushed on all sides by gang
    members, and they will deplete your health very quickly. It's hard to use
    any particular point on the bridge as cover, since they will all just walk
    around and catch you from the back, so you may have to rely on your car. 
    Alternately, you can just run and gun, hoping they don't kill you first.

  - Reward: $250
  - A timed mission. There's not a lot of time to get the package to the 
    target, but then again, it's a very short drive. The only thing that will
    really give you trouble is the amount of traffic on the way. But who needs

  - Reward: $250
  - This mission is a pain in the ass if you don't know what you're doing. If 
    you simply follow the GPS route, you'll end up wondering where in the world
    the target is. Keep following the road around the curve until you can take 
    a right into the grass. The tunnel entrance is the big stone thing jutting 
    out of the ground. You'll have to drive around to the other side of it, and
    enter from here (probably easier to run in on foot from here).

  - Reward: $250
  - The cops are in on this one too. When you go to deliver the package, a 
    cruiser will pull up in the alley. Losing the heat in this mission didn't
    seem particularly hard to me (it's only a two star wanted level)

.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |            Exotic Exports [EXEX]           |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'

After completing the mission Logging On for Roman, you'll meet Brucie and 
subsequently unlock the Exotic Export Missions. To access these missions, head
for a computer and access your email. Brucie will have sent you an email with
an attachment that details what car he wants.

Open the attachment to check out the car, and reply to the email to begin the

There are ten different scenarios for each car you need to steal, and they are
selected at random, much like the Drug Delivery Missions. After you procure 
each car, you need to take it to Brucie's lockup.

These missions are usually very simple, for the most part. There's a few that
require running from a two star wanted level, which is as tough as it gets, 

Brucie will give you a certain amount of money for each car you bring him (the
cars and the scenarios are randomly paired, I believe). You can earn around 
$1200 for each vehicle (some more, some less). Damaging the car in any way 
drops the value. 

If you end up trashing the vehicle too much, you'll get a message saying that
the vehicle is undeliverable. You can always try again though.

If anyone wants to send me a list of the maximum value you can get for each 
vehicle, that would be lovely.

  - Outlook Park is across the street from the Tw@ cafe, so you won't be going
    far for this mission. When you reach the other side of the park (just cut
    through), you'll find that the vehicle has been pulled over, and the driver
    is being searched. Nab the car, and gun it down the road, as you'll get a 
    two star wanted level instantly. If you're stuck with a crappy car for this
    mission, it may be a little difficult to escape from the wanted circle, but
    remember that careful planning and evasion is better than pure speed when
    escaping the circle. Get a bunch of the police cars to follow you until you
    pass any street. Pull a uturn immediately, and turn down the street you 
    passed. The police should lose you, giving you enough time to escape the
    circle before they find you again. Just watch out for more police 

  - A pretty easy grab. There will be a guy sitting in the car, talking to a 
    hooker when you arrive, but you can just yank him out and drive off. He
    will probably open fire and get in a different car and chase you, but he's
    more of a nuisance than a worry.

  - There are three gang members hanging around the vehicle. You can easily 
    waste all three before grabbing it.

  - A break in and hotwire mission (unless it doesn't have a top, or it's a
    bike). Regardless, you'll get a two star wanted level for this one. Refer
    to the tips in the Outlook Park mission above on how to shake the wanted

  - You'll have to actually catch up to this vehicle, as it's being driven 
    around. The guy inside won't put up a fight, and you can pretty much just
    pull up ahead of him, stop in front of him, or push him off the road to
    stop him. When he stops, just grab the vehicle and drive it back.

  - Some sort of weird hostage situation going on here, involving the vehicle.
    Blaze in with whatever car you're in and hit the cluster of people. This
    should kill / distract them long enough for you to just grab the vehicle 
    and jet back to Brucie's.

  - Another simple on. The two guys around the vehicle won't even really do
    anything when you grab it.

  - This mission is identical to the Meadows Park mission. I was able to scare
    the driver right out of the vehicle by shooting at her, at which point I
    just grabbed it and drove it back. You may have to kill the driver though.

  - Three thugs with bats and pistols hang out near this car. Either kill them
    and grab the vehicle, or just drive off with it initially.

  - When you arrive at the parking garage, the driver will be leaving. If this
    mission happens to be a bike, you can just shoot the driver once and grab
    it, but you may need to chase the driver down if he's in a car. Either way,
    it's not a tough mission.

After completing all these missions, you will receive a boost to your % score
and the "Order Fulfilled" Achievement (10G) if you're playing on XBox. 

.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |             Street Races [STRC]            |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'


The Street Race missions open when you complete No. 1 for Brucie. After that, 
you can call him and ask him if there's any races going on. There are three 
races on each island, and you will unlock them as the game progresses.

Some general tips for these races:

- It should go without saying, but look for a car that's fast and has good 
  handling. Pickings will be slim at first, but when you make it to the second
  island, it's fairly simple to find a car dealership with nice cars, and jack
  a good one.

- Motorcycles work well too, if you can handle them. You are less likely to 
  crash if you know what you're doing, but if you DO crash, it could cost you
  the race, depending on how far Niko is thrown.

- As stated in the mission description for No. 1, focus first and foremost on
  getting in first place. This means you should sacrifice pure speed for 
  caution and better cornering. The other drivers are sloppy and tend to crash,
  which is good if you're being careful and are ready to avoid them when this
  happens. After you get in front of the pack, you can focus more on speed,
  especially on straight roads. They tend to have a hard time catching up to 
  you at this point.

- Regular cars can work in a pinch (e.g. you're too lazy to get one), and can
  add a bit of a challenge if you race with a crap heap of a car.

- I find the regular brakes are better to rely on than the handbrake, or even
  both at the same time. Even though handbraking was a sure path to success in
  previous GTA games, it doesn't seem to work as well in this one. Do whatever
  works for you though.


  - Reward: $500
  - This is a fairly average race all around. Moderate traffic, a fair mixture
    of tight corners and straightaways, and average competitors. The main 
    challenge in this race is paying attention to the big arrows on the 
    checkpoints, so you can plan ahead for sharp turns (especially when you
    enter the richer neighborhood).

- Starts: WILLIS
  - Reward: $500
  - The first third or so of this track has a lot of sharp turns you'll need 
    to take, so take it easy and start out slow. When you reach the airport, 
    you can really let loose for a while and gun it, even after getting on the
    highway. Once you pass through a few of the checkpoints on the highway 
    though, be on the lookout for the checkpoint that points to the offramp. At
    this point, tap the brakes a few times so that you can make the turn to the
    street below. This shouldn't be a particularly hard race with so many 
    chances to pass the competition.

  - Reward: $500
  - This race is much less about speed and more about having a car that handles
    well. You'll also have to have some good checkpoint watching skills, as 
    you'll run through a few intersections that the checkpoint arrows barely
    help with (you'll have to use the mini-map or intuition when at some of the
    four-ways). Fortunately, the other racers seem to have pretty terrible 
    cars, so you should have this one in the bag.


  - Reward: $500 
  - The competition is sucky. The straightaways are almost all useless for 
    picking up speed, since there's so many turns. There are five laps, and 
    traffic is nothing to laugh at. All this in mind, you'll want to take this
    race slow and steady. One of the bigger dangers is that the race lasts five
    laps. You'll actually have to be very careful about not damaging your car 
    too much, moreso than other races. Nothing about this race would be more 
    frustrating than blowing up on the fifth lap. As for the traffic, you'll
    usually find that cars will cluster up right inside a checkpoint. Don't 
    fret, as you can drive around the cluster of cars and still collect the
    checkpoint. Finally, if one of the better competition gets in front of you,
    don't try to outrace them. Keep it safe, and they will inevitably wipe out
    on one of this race's several corners.

  - Reward: $500
  - The competition is sloppy in this race--they tend to snag up in the tunnel.
    After you get through the tunnel yourself, prepare to make a u-turn. 
    Compared to the Star Junction race, this one is a lot shorter. In addition 
    to watching the arrows on the checkpoints, make sure to watch the mini map.
    The checkpoints are sort of scattered confusingly, and you'll really need 
    to keep an eye on which streets to turn down, not just general direction of
    the next checkpoint. This is another candidate for an endurance type race.
    There are tons of narrow roadways, and plenty to smash your car into, so 
    don't go too crazy.

  - Reward: $500
  - The competition here is fairly decent. There are lots of straightaways with
    chances to pull ahead, so bring a fast car. The biggest obstacle here is 
    paying attention to the winding routes over the bridges. You'll find 
    yourself suddenly having to take exit ramps, right after passing through
    checkpoints. Specifically, once you get onto the second bridge, be prepared
    to take another ramp the moment you get on.

.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |         Car Theft Missions [CRTH]          |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'


.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |          Random Characters [RNDC]          |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'


.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |         Flying Rat Locations [FRLC]        |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'


I've started to write up strategies on finding these little guys, but it would 
be worlds easier if I had some sort of nicer map to reference. I'm assuming 
someone will eventually work on one for GameFAQs, so perhaps someone could get 
in touch with me and collaborate? I don't have a scanner and/or the necessary 
Photoshop skills (MS Paint skills, rather) to make a nice looking one.

In the meantime, I have awesomely skilled maps that I made using the map that
came with the game, a digital camera, and MSPaint. Links to each will be 
provided in the respective sections below.

Before seeking out these little ones, take a moment to turn off auto-aim. It's
next to impossible to shoot them when there's pedestrians walking around. And
shoot them you must, by the way. You can't stab, punch, or run them over. You 
can use molotovs though. A pistol works fine, and one bullet does the trick.

Also, shooting in certain areas can cause you to attract a wanted level, so be
prepared to attract some attention from time to time. That's why it's important
to save every once in a while while hunting.

If you're having trouble finding a particular flying rat, but think you're in 
the right area, turn the volume of your TV up loud; you should hear it cooing.
If that doesn't work, try searching for the flying rat at night--they glow red.

Finally, if you don't want to be distracted by story related issues when 
hunting the birds, turn sleep mode ON on your cell phone.

Broker and Dukes

These flying rats are listed in a more or less south-to-north fashion, for your

This is the absolutely lovely map I have temporarily until either I finish a 
nicer one, or someone else does. Use it with fervor:

Also provided are detailed pictures for each flying rat. It is reccommended 
that you highlight the URL from right to left, due to the stupid way windows
chooses to highlight text (I don't know what it's like on a Mac though).

|    |                                                                        |
|    | HOVE BEACH - West side of the island, just below the Broker Bridge,    |
|    | there's a tiny pier. The flying rat is situated here on one of the     |
|  1 | posts.                                                                 |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |       |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |                                                                        |
|    | FIREFLY ISLAND - Where Iroquois Ave. meets Crockett Ave., you should   |
|    | see a gazebo to the south. In front of the gazebo are arched wooden    |
|  2 | things overhead. Follow these to the right until they end. There's a   |
|    | flying rat sitting on the post.                                        |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |       |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |                                                                        |
|    | FIREFLY ISLAND - From where you got the last flying rat, you should    |
|    | see the ferris wheel at the carnival. Head on into the carnival and    |
|    | towards the wheel. If you approach it from either side, you will see   |
|    | an opening where you can walk in underneath the cars. As you walk in,  |
|  3 | look up and you should see a flying rat sitting on one of the steel    |
|    | beams. You may want to hunt for this one at night, as the glow will    |
|    | make it easier to see.                                                 |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |       |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |                                                                        |
|    | FIREFLY ISLAND - At the very southern end of Broker is a very long     |
|    | pier. Head here, go underneath, and run almost the entire way to the   |
|  4 | shore. The bird should be sitting here in the shadows.                 |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |       |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |                                                                        |
|    | FIREFLY ISLAND - Follow Crockett Ave. until you reach the roller       |
|    | coaster (on your right). Search for the hill of the coaster's track    |
|    | (above the writing), and look to the highest point of this hill. You   |
|  5 | barely be able to spot the bird (well, depending on how big your TV    |
|    | is; it might be clear as day if you're lucky enough to own a nice      |
|    | set). Picking it off, even with a pistol, is easy.                     |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |       |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |                                                                        |
|    | BEACHGATE - This flying rat is on the back porch of a large house at   |
|  6 | the end of Ketchum St.                                                 |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |       |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |                                                                        |
|    | HOVE BEACH - From the street here, enter the alley and make a right.   |
|    | You'll need to stop almost immediately and turn right again at the     |
|  7 | recess in the wall with a door. The flying rat is above the door.      |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |       |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |                                                                        |
|    | FIREFLY PROJECTS - There's an apartment complex here, and the flying   |
|  8 | rat is on the fence corner to the southeast of the building.           |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |       |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |                                                                        |
|    | FIREFLY PROJECTS - On the Broker-Dukes expressway, sitting on the      |
|  9 | median.                                                                |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |       |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |                                                                        |
|    | FIREFLY PROJECTS - This is located UNDER the highway. Don't approach   |
|    | from the south, as it's easier to locate the flying rat from Ringo St. |
| 10 | It is sitting near the broken section of the brick wall on the south   |
|    | side of the street.                                                    |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |      |
|    |                                                                        |
|    |                  | This one is sitting on the Perestroika Marquee, and |
|    |                  | you'll have to do a bit of work to reach it. Head   |
|    |                  | into the alleys behind the theater and look for the |
| 11 |    HOVE BEACH    | fire escape. When you reach the rooftops, head      |
|    |                  | back towards the marquee. You should be able to     |
|    |                  | drop down onto it, and from here shoot the flying   |
|    |                  | rat. Or you could probably just lob a molotov up    |
|    |                  | from the street.                                    |
|    |                  | This is another tough one. You should see a thin    |
|    |                  | structure that passes over Delaware Ave attached to |
|    |                  | two big stone pillars on either side of the street. |
|    |                  | The flying rat is atop the western one. The easiest |
| 12 |    EAST HOOK     | way I've found to reach this one is to find the bus |
|    |                  | stop on the north side of Cisco Street, jump up on  |
|    |                  | top, jump to the stone structure from there, and    |
|    |                  | head west, jumping up the structure when you need   |
|    |                  | to.                                                 |
|    |                  | This pigeon is on an air conditioner, about halfway |
| 13 |    EAST HOOK     | up the side of the building, on the west side. You  |
|    |                  | may want to search for it at night, for the glow.   |
|    |                  | This flying rat is situated on the railing of the   |
| 14 |   OUTLOOK PARK   | gazebo in Outlook Park. The gazebo can be found by  |
|    |                  | looking for the circular path in the park.          |
|    |                  | Head south in between the buildings from Mohegan    |
|    |                  | Ave. There should be a building with skylights in   |
| 15 |   SOUTH SLOPES   | front and to the right of you. Climb to the top of  |
|    |                  | this structure by using the dumpster to the left of |
|    |                  | it, walk over the peaked roof of the garage, and    |
|    |                  | you'll see the flying rat on another roof ahead.    |
| 16 |   SOUTH SLOPES   | On the southern side of the Jerk N Gizzada, sitting |
|    |                  | on a wall.                                          |
| 17 |     DOWNTOWN     | On top of a bus stop on the western side of the     |
|    |                  | street. Shoot from the nearby dumpsters.            |
|    |                  | Head into the dead end alley here. When you reach   |
| 18 |      BOABO       | the circular part of the alley, look up to the      |
|    |                  | first floor of the fire escape and you'll see the   |
|    |                  | flying rat on the railing.                          |
|    |                  | There's a tunnel here that runs under the           |
| 19 |    SCHOTTLER     | Algonquin-Dukes Expressway. Stand in the middle of  |
|    |                  | the tunnel, look south, and look up. You should see |
|    |                  | the flying rat on a ledge to the leftish.           |
| 20 |    SCHOTTLER     | Sitting on the railing of a building's stoop.       |
|    |                  | Head to the point idicated on my map and look up at |
| 21 |  BEECHWOOD CITY  | the fire escape on the building on the east side of |
|    |                  | the street. You should see the flying rat here.     |
|    |                  | South of the Burger Shot where the road ends and    |
| 22 |  BEECHWOOD CITY  | the construction guys are toiling away, you should  |
|    |                  | see the flying rat sitting on a stone slab.         |
| 23 |      BOABO       | Behind the Diner in the middle of the expressway    |
|    |                  | wall on a support type column.                      |
|    |                  | There's a basketball court in the middle of this    |
| 24 |  CERVEZA HEIGHTS | alley. The flying rat is sitting on a basketball    |
|    |                  | hoop backboard.                                     |
|    |                  | Head up to the train platform using the NORTHERN    |
|    |                  | set of steps. When you reach the first floor, take  |
| 25 |  CERVEZA HEIGHTS | a right as if you're going up the next set of       |
|    |                  | stairs, but look instead to the roof of the stairs  |
|    |                  | you just came up. The bird should be here.          |
|    |                  | I don't know if I'm an idiot or what, but this one  |
|    |                  | seemed particularly hard to get, at least on foot.  |
|    |                  | From the map marker that I've provided, head south  |
|    |                  | to the ramp that leads up to the train platform.    |
|    |                  | When you reach the platform, head left until you    |
|    |                  | see a bench that pokes out from underneath the      |
|    |                  | awning. Jump up onto this bench from the side, so   |
| 26 |   MEADOW HILLS   | you're standing on the back of the bench. Without   |
|    |                  | moving, jump again, and you should grab onto the    |
|    |                  | awning. From here you can walk across the roofs to  |
|    |                  | the other side of the street with some difficulty.  |
|    |                  | The bird is near one of the doors on the roof. This |
|    |                  | might have originally been helicopter only, so you  |
|    |                  | might want to come back if you can't figure out how |
|    |                  | to get up on foot.                                  |
|    |                  | You should see a car wash in this area. From the    |
|    |                  | north wall of the car wash, head north, hop the low |
|    |                  | wall, and stand in the middle of the "road" you're  |
| 27 |      WILLIS      | in now. Turn so you're facing west, and you should  |
|    |                  | see that you're under the train tracks. There are   |
|    |                  | support beams right in front of you, and the bird   |
|    |                  | is resting just to the left of the right-hand       |
|    |                  | support beam, on a girder.                          |
| 28 |   FRANCIS INTL.  | This little guy is sitting on a post near the booth |
|    |     AIRPORT      | that the cars drive through.                        |
|    |                  | If you look up at the main building here, you       |
|    |                  | should see two circular holes in the wall, sort of  |
|    |                  | a modern design feature on the building. This bird  |
| 29 |   FRANCIS INTL.  | is in the southern circle, but you won't be able to |
|    |     AIRPORT      | see it from the ground. You could throw a molotov   |
|    |                  | up there to kill it, which is probably the easiest  |
|    |                  | way, but I got up there using a motorcycle, at very |
|    |                  | slow speeds, just driving up the curve in the wall. |
|    |                  | You'll have to be up on the train tracks to reach   |
|    |                  | this pigeon. The tracks can be accessed right in    |
|    |                  | front of the main building of the airport, so head  |
|    |                  | up there. Jump onto the tracks and start heading    |
| 30 |   FRANCIS INTL.  | north, towards the dot on the map. You'll pass the  |
|    |     AIRPORT      | dot and get progressively closer to a building.     |
|    |                  | When you reach the part of the building that is     |
|    |                  | closest to the tracks, jump the railing to land on  |
|    |                  | it. Now backtrack and you should see two black      |
|    |                  | generators. The bird is in between them.            |
| 31 |   FRANCIS INTL.  | Theres a small concrete platform in the grassy area |
|    |     AIRPORT      | here, and the bird is on the railing.               |
|    |                  | You should see a building with a green awning out   |
| 32 |      WILLIS      | front. The pigeon is on the stone archway above the |
|    |                  | door.                                               |
|    |                  | The circular structure here is some sort of circus  |
| 33 |   MEADOWS PARK   | tent. You can actually enter the doors in the       |
|    |                  | southwest segment of it, and there the bird should  |
|    |                  | be.                                                 |
| 34 |   MEADOWS PARK   | Near the fountain in front of the duck sculpture on |
|    |                  | a root.                                             |
|    |                  | You can get up to the roof of this building using   |
| 35 |   MEADOWS PARK   | the fire escapes on the west side of the block. The |
|    |                  | bird is on a chimney, in plain sight.               |
|    |                  | While you can't see this bird from the ground, you  |
|    |                  | can still kill it with molotovs. You should see     |
|    |                  | that the building on this corner has some open      |
| 36 | EAST ISLAND CITY | windows on the top level. From the middle of the    |
|    |                  | street, aim through the middle window and lob the   |
|    |                  | molotov straight through (hold RT for a while for   |
|    |                  | maximum power). You should get the message that you |
|    |                  | killed the bird.                                    |

That's it for now. I'll be updating every other day or so, so keep checking 

.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |      Unique Stunt Jump Locations [USJL]    |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'


Again, if anyone wants to collaborate on some sort of map, that would be great.

.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |        Girlfriends / Friends [GFFS]        |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'


.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |              Phone Fun [PHFN]              |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'


.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |         Internet Interests [ININ]          |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'


After completing Roman's Mission Logging On early in the game, you'll gain 
access to the internet. 

Here is a list of the websites available in the game (thanks to The Duff Man 
for his Secrets FAQ):*


Most of the websites from that list are just funny webpages there for 
enjoyment. However, a few of them actually can be used to trigger events and

  - Visiting this website will cause you to instantly get a four star wanted
    level (the website is a sting, you may have heard about it on the in-game

  - Basically THE cheat website in the game. There are maps of all the Flying
    Rats, Unique Stunt Jumps, First Aid Kits, Body Armor, Random Encounters,
    Car Theft Locations, Window Cleaning Platforms, Friend Activities, and
    phone codes for spawning cars, weapons, and stuff.

.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |      Weapons and Other Pickups [WPSP]      |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'


.---------------|                                            |----------------.
|               |        XBox 360 Achievements [360A]        |                |
'---------------|                                            |----------------'


There are 50 Achievements in Grand Theft Auto IV. Many of them may prove 
difficult to get. That's why this section is here!

| 1. OFF THE BOAT                                                       |  5G |
|    Complete the first mission.                                        |     |
| 2. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY                                             | 10G |
|    In a darts game score 180 with 3 darts.                            |     |
| 3. POOL SHARK                                                         | 10G |
|    Beat a friend at pool.                                             |     |
| 4. KING OF QUB3D                                                      | 15G |
|    Beat the High Score in QUB3D.                                      |     |
| 5. FINISH HIM                                                         | 15G |
|    Complete 10 melee counters in 4 minutes.                           |     |
| 6. GENETICALLY SUPERIOR                                               | 25G |
|    Come first in 20 singleplayer street races.                        |     |
| 7. WHEELIE RIDER                                                      | 30G |
|    Do a wheelie lasting at least 500 feet on a motorbike.             |     |
| 8. GOBBLE GOBBLE                                                      | 10G |
|    Score 3 strikes in a row, a turkey, in 10-pin bowling.             |     |
| 9. DRIVING MR. BELLIC                                                 | 10G |
|    Unlock the special ability of taxi.                                |     |
| 10. ROLLED OVER                                                       | 30G |
|     Do 5 car rolls in a row from one crash.                           |     |
| 11. WALK FREE                                                         | 50G |
|     Lose a 4 star wanted rating by outrunning the cops.               |     |
| 12. COURIER SERVICE                                                   | 10G |
|     Complete all 10 package delivery jobs.                            |     |
| 13. RETAIL THERAPY                                                    | 10G |
|     Unlock the special ability of buying guns from a friend.          |     |
| 14. CHAIN REACTION                                                    | 20G |
|     You must blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds.                       |     |
| 15. ONE MAN ARMY                                                      | 40G |
|     Survive 5 minutes on 6 star wanted level.                         |     |
| 16. LOWEST POINT                                                      |  5G |
|     Complete mission "Roman's Sorrow".                                |     |
| 17. ORDER FULFILLED                                                   | 10G |
|     Complete all 10 Exotic Export Orders.                             |     |
| 18. MANHUNT                                                           | 15G |
|     Complete the most wanted side missions from the police computer.  |     |
| 19. CLEANED UP THE MEAN STREETS                                       | 20G |
|     Capture 20 criminals through the police computer.                 |     |
| 20. FED THE FISH                                                      |  5G |
|     Complete the mission "Uncle Vlad".                                |     |
| 21. IT'LL COST YA                                                     |  5G |
|     Complete a taxi ride without skipping from one island to another. |     |
| 22. SIGHTSEER                                                         |  5G |
|     Fly on all helicopter tours of Liberty City.                      |     |
| 23. WARM COFFEE                                                       |  5G |
|     Successfully date a girl to be invited into her house.            |     |
| 24. THAT'S HOW WE ROLL!                                               | 10G |
|     Unlock the special ability of helicopter.                         |     |
| 25. HALF MILLION                                                      | 55G |
|     Reach a balance of $500,000.                                      |     |
| 26. IMPOSSIBLE TRINITY                                                | 10G |
|     Complete mission "Museum Piece".                                  |     |
| 27. FULL EXPLORATION                                                  | 20G |
|     Unlock all the islands.                                           |     |
| 28. YOU GOT THE MESSAGE                                               | 20G |
|     Delivered all 30 cars ordered through text message.               |     |
| 29. DARE DEVIL                                                        | 30G |
|     Complete 100% of the unique stunt jumps.                          |     |
| 30. ASSASSIN'S GREED                                                  | 20G |
|     Complete all 9 assassin missions.                                 |     |
| 31. EDANGERED SPECIES                                                 | 50G |
|     Collect every hidden package in the game.                         |     |
| 32. UNDER THE RADAR                                                   |     |
|     Fly underneath the main bridges in the game that cross water with | 40G |
|     a helicopter.                                                     |     |
| 33. DIAL B FOR BOMB                                                   | 10G |
|     Unlock the special ability of phoning for a bomb to be placed.    |     |
| 34. GRACEFULLY TAKEN                                                  | 10G |
|     Complete mission "I'll Take Her".                                 |     |
| 35. LIBERTY CITY (5)                                                  |     |
|     After meeting all possible friends, the ones left alive all like  | 20G |
|     you above 90%.                                                    |     |
| 36. NO MORE STRANGERS                                                 |  5G |
|     Meet all random characters.                                       |     |
| 37. THAT SPECIAL SOMEONE                                              | 10G |
|     Complete mission "That Special Someone".                          |     |
| 38. YOU WON!                                                          | 60G |
|     Complete the final mission.                                       |     |
| 39. LIBERTY CITY MINUTE                                               | 30G |
|     Complete the story missions in less than 30 hours.                |     |
| 40. KEY TO THE CITY                                                   | 100 |
|     Achieve 100% in "Game progress" statistic.                        |  G  |
| 41. TEAMPLAYER                                                        |     |
|     Kill 5 players who are not in your team, in any ranked            | 10G |
|     multiplayer team game.                                            |     |
| 42. CUT YOUR TEETH                                                    |  5G |
|     Earn a personal rank promotion in multiplayer.                    |     |
| 43. JOIN THE MIDNIGHT CLUB                                            |     |
|     Win a ranked multiplayer race without damaging your vehicle too   | 10G |
|     much and with damage enabled.                                     |     |
| 44. FLY THE CO-OP                                                     |     |
|     Beat our time in ranked versions of "Deal Breaker", "Hangman's    | 15G |
|     NOOSE" and "Bomb da Base II".                                     |     |
| 45. TAKING IT FOR THE TEAM                                            | 10G |
|     Be on the winning team in all ranked multiplayer team games.      |     |
| 46. TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN                                             | 10G |
|     Kill 20 players with a pistol in a ranked multiplayer deathmatch. |     |
| 47. TOP THE MIDNIGHT CLUB                                             | 20G |
|     Come first in 20 different ranked standard multiplayer races.     |     |
| 48. WANTED                                                            | 20G |
|     Achieve the highest personal rank in multiplayer.                 |     |
| 49. AUF WIEDERSEHEN PETROVIC                                          |     |
|     Win all ranked multiplayer variations, all races and "Cops 'n     | 30G |
|     Crooks", as both sides.                                           |     |
| 50. LET SLEEPING ROCKSTARS LIE                                        | 10G |
|     Kill a Rockstar developer in a ranked multiplayer match.          |     |


1. Off The Boat

   - Complete the first mission. Need I say more?

2. One Hundred And Eighty
   - Head to a game of darts (easiest way to find one is to call Roman and ask
     him to play a game with you). The inner thin ring triples your score, so
     aim for the part of this ring that passes through the 20. Each of your 
     three darts will count for 60 points, giving you 180 and the achievement.
     Note that this will not work if it drops your score below 0, so try to 
     do it right at the beginning of the dart game.

3. Pool Shark

   - Call up a friend and have them come with you to a pool hall. As long as 
     you sort of know what you're doing, this should be an easy one. I played
     Little Jacob for my first game, and he didn't do too well. I suck at 
     pool, and I still beat him and got the achievement. Make sure you pay 
     attention to what ball you need to hit though (it will say in faded text).

4. King Of QUB3D

   - The QUB3D games can be found in a variety of places. The one I used was in
     the strip club (if you don't know where it is, call a friend and invite 
     them to one; the strip club icon will appear on your map after that). The
     game itself is like Tetris, but much more annoying. Make sure you watch 
     the tutorial and figure out how to play, or else you may wonder why you
     are sucking so bad. It took me two tries to do this, so I don't think it's
     TOO hard. If anyone has any ACTUAL strategies for this, let me know and
     I'll slap it in here and credit you.

5. Finish Him

   - A melee counter is when you tap A as an enemy goes to strike you (which
     causes Niko to dodge), and then immediately hitting Y to counter. Find
     some place where there's a bunch of people milling around (usually any 
     sidewalk will do) and start pissing people off. When you are in a fight, 
     wait until they attack you, press A to dodge, and hit Y after to counter.
     You'll need to do this 10 times in 4 minutes (which is a very generous
     amount of time). You can only do 2 counters to any given pedestrian before
     they fall over, so keep angering people to create more fistfights. Don't
     worry if you die either; just find some more people when you are released
     from the hospital and start swinging--the timer hasn't reset.

6. Genetically Superior

   - Strategies coming soon.

7. Wheelie Rider

   - I got this achievement very easily using a Faggio, which I found in the 
     Francis International Airport. I don't know if they usually appear there,
     but I've heard a few people mention they picked up Faggios there. The 
     reason you should use a Faggio for this is because you almost never fall
     off backwards from doing a wheelie. To actually perform it, find a long
     straightaway, come to a stop, and then hold back on the analog stick while
     accelerating. This should cause you to do a wheelie. Keep holding RT and 
     back on the analog stick, and you should get the achievement.

8. Gobble Gobble

   - This is a pretty tough achievement, seeing as the bowling controls are
     pretty difficult in the game. The only strategy I've seen people post is
     as follows: Take two steps to the left during the positioning phase, and
     carefully pull the analog stick straight back and straight forward. After
     two games of bowling, I was able to get this trick to work for me. I 
     think patience is the most important thing when going for this one.

9. Driving Mr. Bellic

   - This will unlock when Roman calls to let you know that he can send taxis
     to you in the city when you call him (this happens naturally during the 
     story playthrough).

10. Rolled Over

    - I've had a bunch of people tell me "GO 2 FRANCIS INTL AIROPOT WITH FAST
      help, so PLEASE stop telling me this (there are so many ramps, and all
      the ones I tried don't work... until I saw this video).

11. Walk Free

    - The easiest way I've found to do this is to grab a fast car and head for
      the Francis International Airport. Before you get there, start hitting
      people (preferrably cops) until you have three stars. When you have a 
      good number of cruisers chasing you, head over to either the northern or
      southern end of the airstrip. At this point, you should be bumped up to
      four stars, if you haven't been already. Since tons of police cars will
      already be following you, you should be able to zip right along the 
      runway (I stuck close to the coast) and reach the other side of the 
      airstrip without many new cops showing up. At this point, just hide for 
      a moment until you shake the heat, and the achievement should unlock.

      I've read other strategies on this, and most of them don't work that 
      well. Let me know how this one works for you!

12. Courier Service
    - See the Drug Delivery Missions section for details on this achievement.

13. Retail Therapy

    - Engage in activities with Little Jacob until his special ability is 
      unlocked, and consequently, this achievement.

14. Chain Reaction
    - From Ryusui via XBox Live: "Hey, read your GTA 4 FAQ. Got a tip. For the
      Chain Reaction Achievement, go to Westdyke Auto in Alderney; it's on the
      west end of Percell Rd, up on the north end. There's already 8 bikes in
      there. Get a car, push them together and drive one more inside."

15. One Man Army

    - Special Thanks goes to a video on XBox Live by Denny Atkin and Ryan Treit
      that showed me how to do this one (even though the other two achievement
      strategies they show don't really work, and this one was flawed). First
      head to the Algonquin bridge (the more or less central bridge that leads
      to the second island), and stay below it. You should see some steps that
      lead up to a platform in the middle. Drive a car down this way until you
      receive 6 stars. 

      At this point, you should be nearing a tunnel. A lot of sources I've read 
      (and the aforementioned video too) say that staying in the tunnel is 
      safe, but I can confirm several times over that it's not, and the cops  
      will just run in and shoot you. And I've gotten shot from all directions 
      too (it's a four way tunnel). Instead, stop your car BEFORE this tunnel, 
      and hop up onto the train tracks. Head into this tunnel, which is worlds 
      safer. From here, if the cops DO chase you, they will only be coming from
      one direction, and you can easily pick them off as they come or head 
      deeper into the tunnel.

    - Don Ferrelli sent in this tip, which may prove quite useful: 
      "I found the easiest way to get the One Man Army Achievement was to steal
      a helitours helicopter and fly across a locked island. It gave me 6 stars
      and it was quite easy to fly fast enough to avoid being shot by anyone in
      the ensuing 5 minute flight. I also managed to use this time to fly under
      all the 13 bridges which is a great way to rack up 80 points in one go."

17. Order Fulfilled

    - See the Exotic Exports section for details on this achievement.

21. It'll Cost Ya

    - Well, I'm assuming that this achievement's description is just 
      grammatically skewed, since I've taken plenty of taxi rides around 
      an island, without skipping to another island. I'm guessing they meant,
      "Complete a taxi ride, without skipping, from one island to another." Or
      perhaps, "Complete a taxi ride from one island to another without 
      skipping the ride." Come on guys. Sheesh.

      Anyway, this can be completed even near the beginning of the game. Just
      hop on a cab in Dukes and set a destination in Bohan, and have the cabbie
      drive there (or vice versa).

25. Half Million

    - This should be easily achieved during the normal course of the game, even
      under sub-optimal conditions. I died 37 times during my first playthrough
      (and dying is a big drain on funds, especially later), killed Playboy, 
      and still reached the $500,000 mark after completing Entourage. Granted,
      I never really bought any weapons or clothes either. If you are near the
      end of the game, but don't have the money, you can choose the mission 
      path during the final missions to earn the large payoff. Once you get the
      achievement, you can even just reset and try the other path through the
      final mission.

|                                   Credits                                   |

- for information on the Achievements for this game, and 
  the forums there for information on the 100% requirements.

- Denny Atkin and Ryan Treit's achievement video from XBox Live for tips on 
  some of the achievements (well, sort of; I modified their tips, since they
  sort of don't work; sorry guys).

- The Duff Man's Secrets FAQ on GameFAQs for information on the game's 

- Xenctuary for the 100% Checklist

- Alyson Young for info on various things

- Don Ferrelli for some achievement tips

- Ryusui for an achievement tip

- Latts for walkthrough information

|                               Version History                               |

Version 0.2 - (4-30-2008)

 - Guide framework more or less completed (for now)
 - Started the main walkthrough

Version 0.3 - (5-1-2008)

 - Added more mission walkthroughs

Version 0.35 - (5-3-2008)

 - Added more mission walkthroughs
 - Added more to the guide framework
 - Added to the Vigilante and Most Wanted section
 - Finished the Drug Delivery Missions section

Version 0.36 - (5-6-2008)

 - Added some Achievement strategies
 - Started adding some Flying Rat Locations
 - Worked on framework; I'm actually starting to like it now

Version 0.37 - (5-8-2008)

- Finished the Exotic Exports section
- Added some to the Internet Interests section
- Worked on the General Strategies and Gameplay section
- Added to the 100% Checklist
- Added some to the walkthrough

Version 0.38 - (5-15-2008)

- Started adding detailed pictures to the Flying Rat locations
- Added to the walkthrough
- Added the Street Races section

Version 0.48 - (5-29-2008)

- Added to the Walkthrough
- Added to the Street Races section

Version 0.60 - (6-4-2008)

- Big updates to the walkthrough
- Added to the Most Wanted section

Version 0.63 - (6-5-2008)

- Walkthrough update

Version 0.80 - (6-8-2008)

- Walkthrough update

Version 0.83 - (6-10-2008)

- Walkthrough update... getting there... ergh.

Version 0.88 - (6-11-2008)

- Walkthrough update, of course
- Added another Achievement strategy

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