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Table of Contents
2.Introduction to Skulls
1.Skull Names and Effects
3.Campaign Skull Locations
1.Osiris (1 Skull)
2.Blue Team (1 Skull)
3.Glassed (1 Skull)
4.Unconfirmed (1 Skull)
5.Evacuation (1 Skull)
6.Reunion (2 Skulls)
7.Swords of Sanghelios (1 Skull)
8.Enemy Lines (1 Skull)
9.Battle of Sunaion (1 Skull)
10.Genesis (1 Skull)
11.The Breaking (1 Skull)
12.Guardians (1 Skull)
1.Contact Me
2.About Me
3.Special Thanks
4.Version History

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Introduction to Skulls

Skulls are a form of hidden collectible placed in hard to reach locations throughout the Halo 5: Guardians campaign. As with their previous appearances in the series (Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition) each of the campaign Skulls that is found can be picked up to unlock a gameplay modifier that can mess with and spice up ye olde traditional Halo 5: Guardians gameplay.

Here's some general information about the Skulls:
•There are 13 Skulls in total hidden throughout the 15 campaign levels.
•Unlike Halo 2 and Halo 3, with the exception of the Skull on 'Mission 03: Glassed' the Skulls in Halo 5: Guardians can be found on any difficulty. The Skull on 'Mission 03: Glassed' requires you to play on Legendary difficulty.
•In some cases there may be more than 1 Skull hidden in a level.
•Skulls can be picked up in single or co-operative modes and when picked up, all players will receive the Achievement (if applicable).
•Each Skull you pick up will alter the game experience in its own unique way. Some will make it more challenging, others will cause enemies to behave differently and some alter game play physics. It's up to you to try each one out and decide which ones you like to play with!
•Unlike the Skulls present in Halo 2, the skulls will not activate on pickup. To activate the Skulls you need to go into the skull section of the main campaign menu and select from the unlocked modifiers.

Skull Names and Effects

Here you'll find a table of all of the Skulls in Halo 5: Guardians. I've listed the names, their effects and in which level you will find them. You can use that information to determine which level you need to play to unlock a specific effect. You'll find a guide below for finding each Skull broken down by levels.

Note: I've put hyperlinks to the levels next to the Skull effects in the table below for your convenience.

Anywho, here is a list of all the skull modifiers included in the game and their effects on gameplay:

Skulls and Effects    
Name Effect Level 
Black Eye After taking damage, your shields will not recharge. You can only recharge your shields by performing melee attacks on enemies. Blue Team 
Blind Your entire HUD, motion sensor, reticules, weapon and arms will be removed from the screen completely. Unconfirmed 
Catch Enemies will throw and carry more grenades than usual. Enemy Lines 
Cowbell Acceleration of objects effected by explosions is increased. This is particularly useful for increasing the height of grenade jumps. Battle of Sunaion 
Famine Weapons dropped by enemies or picked up from the environment will have half the ammo that they would usually have. The Breaking 
Fog Your motion sensor is disabled. Reunion  
Grunt Birthday Party Performing a head shot on a Grunt will cause it to explode in a shower of confetti whilst cheers can be heard in the background. Reunion 
Makes the game more difficult by messing with death and checkpoints. You cannot be revived or revive squad mates.

In single player, if you die at any time you will have to restart the level.

In co-operative mode, the death of one player will cause all players to reset to the previously obtained checkpoint.
IWHBYD Enemies and allies get additional humorous dialogue. Osiris 
Mythic Enemies have increased health. Swords of Sanghelios 
Thunderstorm All enemies will be the next rank up from usual. Normal Elites will be upgraded to Captain Elites for example. Evacuation 
Tilt Enemy resistances and weaknesses are increased. Genesis 
Tough Luck Enemies dodge/avoid weapon and grenade attacks much easier. Guardians 

Campaign Skull Locations

Below I have listed the Campaign Skulls in order of appearance. As such, the guide is arranged by campaign levels and then specific sub-chapters within campaign levels. I have listed the location of the Skulls, how to find them and a brief rundown of their effects.

Without further ado, let's begin.

Osiris (1 Skull)

Skull 1: IWHBYD

Mission Subchapter: Fireteam Osiris

Fight your way through the Covenant and Promethean forces at the beginning of the level until you reach the second doorway (it's the one heavily defended by the Prometheans). Once you have cleared out this area, step back and look towards the door.

There is an icy ledge above and to the left of the door that we can jump up to. To do so, hop on the shield closest to the wall and from here leap up to the ledge itself. Follow the ledge all the way to the left to find the Skull at the edge of the platform next to the cliff.

Fight to the first heavily defended door (left). Use the closest shield to the icy ledge to the left to jump up to the ledge. At the end of said ledge, you'll find the Skull (right).

Blue Team (1 Skull)

Skull 1: Black Eye

Mission Subchapter: That Fair and Warlike Form

Play through the mission until you reach the room with the large cylindrical structure in the centre with the hanging circular walkway above it. Our goal here is to activate a terminal in the room at the far end.

Make your way up to the hanging circular walkway in the centre of the room and look down the sloped ramp towards the adjoining balcony. You'll see a large grey pipe mounted on the wall here. Use the structure behind the weapon rack opposite the ramp to climb up onto the pipe.

Follow the pipe all the way to the right and you'll be able to jump across to a ledge high up above the objective area. From here, you'll also be able to locate a hole in the wall that we can jump into. In the room inside, use a ground pound attack on the weak section of floor.

In the room below you'll find a Hydra Launcher and hidden in a corner atop a barrel, the Black Eye Skull.

Find the large grey pipe on the left hand side of the room (left) and climb on top of it. At the end, jump through the hole in the wall and break the floor to find a secret area with the Skull (right).

Glassed (1 Skull)

Skull 1: Iron

Mission Subchapter: Strangers in a Distant Land

Note: This Skull is unusual in that unlike every other Skull in the game, it can only be acquired whilst playing on Legendary difficulty. It also needs to be spawned and can appear in one of three different locations.

Play through the mission until you retrieve the Scorpion tank. Make your way up the nearby hill. On the way to the Meridian Station gate, if you keep an eye to the sky and off the path to the left, you'll see a cargo ship fly by that is being chased by a Phaeton (Promethean attack ship). On Legendary difficulty, you can shoot the Phaeton down (you'll hear cheers if successful) to have the level's hidden Iron Skull spawn. If you miss, simply restart the checkpoint to try again!

With the Scorpion, move up towards Meridian Station (left). Keep an eye out for the cargo ship and shoot the Phaeton chasing it (right).

Once you have destroyed the Phaeton, the Skull will spawn in one of three locations:
•Between a pair of orange barrels on the fence behind us and beside the large structure we passed a few moments ago.
•On the rooftop of the building housing the Scorpion. It is by an orange barrel between some shipping crates.
•In the open area in front of the building with the Scorpion. Inside the furthest of the two rocky archways from the building.

The Skull can appear along the fence by the nearby structure (left), within a stone archway in the previous area or on the rooftop of the Scorpion building between some storage crates (right).

Unconfirmed (1 Skull)

Skull 1: Blind

Mission Subchapter: Unconfirmed Reports

Play through the mission until you have examined Blue Team's Prowler, gone through the next door and then fought off the Promethean snipers, Soldiers and Crawlers in the ensuing area. Once this area is clear, the entrance to the mining tunnel at the top of the hill will open and you'll need to proceed inside to continue with the mission.

As soon as you enter the door, we'll be in a narrow mining corridor. We'll want to hop up onto the raised section immediately to the left. From here, look to the roof in the centre of the passageway to spot a hanging platform above that we can jump up to. Once you are up, you should be able to make out a small tunnel nearby, crouch walk over to look inside and you'll have found the Blind Skull.

As soon as you enter the mining tunnel hop up on the ledge to the left and look for a hanging platform (left). Jump up here to find a small tunnel housing the Skull (right).

Evacuation (1 Skull)

Skull 1: Thunderstorm

This Skull is perhaps the trickiest one to find because you'll need to perform a couple of steps at the beginning of the level in order to make it appear at the end. Essentially we'll need to find and shoot five orange traffic cones within 2 minutes in the initial open areas before reaching the base of the space elevator. Once all five have been dealt with, the Skull will spawn right at the end of the level.

Note: it's probably a good idea to have a few runs at this so that you know where they are. As soon as the timer exceeds 2 minutes, the cones will vanish and you'll need to restart the mission to try again.

The cones can be found in the following locations:
1.In the area where we needed to defend the gate in the ‘Glassed' mission, this is found on the ground by the catwalk on the left side (with the gate at our backs).
2.Just before entering the door to the bridge, look on the ground by the building with the catwalks on the right.
3.This cone is on the bridge, and can be found behind a burnt out car just after passing the burning hole on the right side.
4.After leaving the bridge, head through the first stone archway and look to the right of the large mining vehicle. This cone is sitting on the concrete base of the orange mining cylinder closest to the vehicle.
5.The final cone can be found by the destroyed mining vehicle near the slope leading up to the outpost outside the space elevator.

Traffic Cone 2 is to the right of the bridge entrance (left). The Third Traffic Cone is behind a burnt car on the bridge (right).

The fourth traffic cone is on the concrete base of the orange cylinder platform (left). The final traffic cone can be found by the downed mining vehicle (right).

Once you have found and destroyed all five traffic cones, proceed through the level as per normal.

We'll then need to reach the top of the scaffolding at the end of the level and get to the place where you are then required to race for the Pelican in the distance. The Thunderstorm Skull will appear in the middle of the pathway that we run along. Grab it as you go!

Climb to the top of the scaffolding (left). Run towards the Pelican at the end of the level and the Skull should appear on the path (right).

Reunion (2 Skulls)

Skull 1: Grunt Birthday Party

Mission Subchapter: War Was In The Gates

This one is very close to the beginning of the level. Make your way a short distance into the mission until you find yourself on a ridge overlooking a group of Covenant inspecting a Phantom crash site. Rather than jumping down, follow the ridge to the right to find a tunnel.

Follow this tunnel all the way to the end to find a platform overlooking a cliff. There is a Grunt here singing away to himself whilst sitting on the edge. Sneak up behind him and a ‘Punt' button prompt will appear. Hit the required button to boot him off the cliff. He'll leave the Skull behind for you to nab.

Note: You must use the ‘Punt' command on the Grunt. Killing it an any other way will see him fall off the cliff with the Skull in hand.

From the ridge overlooking the crash site (left), find a tunnel leading to the right. At the end, you'll find a Grunt to punt for the Skull (right).

Skull 2: Fog

Mission Subchapter: The Mantle of Responsibility

After completing the run through the Laser Turret intensive indoor section (either by foot or by Phaeton), you'll find yourself back outside.

At the base of the hill ahead is a large Forerunner structure and if we approach this, the mission will end. As this is the case, before we head on over you'll want to look over to the right for the entrance to an open area that we can explore. Find the Forerunner Structure here that looks like a platform sitting on the edge of a cliff. You'll find the Skull here.

Before continuing to the large Forerunner structure, look for a passage to the right (left). Find the platform hanging over the cliff here to find the Skull (right).

Swords of Sanghelios (1 Skull)

Skull 1: Mythic

Mission Subchapter: Hornet's Nest

After fighting your way up from the river to a large, heavily defended ruin at the top of the hill, you'll head inside to continue. As you move through this building, the subtitle ‘Hornet's Nest' will pop up.

Upon exiting the far side of the building, look immediately to the left to find a pair of stone pillars forming an arch with a crumbling stone platform positioned on top. The Skull is located on that platform.

To reach it, look to the right to see a series of pillars. Use the collapsed pillar to climb to the top of the furthest pillar from the platform. Hop across to the pair of joined pillars next and from the closest point, jump and use your boost, hover or ground pound (or a combination) to reach the platform with the Skull.

Note: This is no easy task and will take a few tries. I was able to do it by working up a sprint, following it with a jump and pulling out my iron sights to hover before using the ground pound ability to target the top of the platform.

Upon exiting the ruin, look for the pillars to the right (left). Climb these and use them to reach the platform with the Skull (right).

Enemy Lines (1 Skull)

Skull 1: Catch

Mission Subchapter:  Joint Operations

This Skull appears right near the end of the level and is actually inside of the Kraken. Once we have boarded the Kraken, make your way through it, using the downwards sloping paths as you would to reach the core.

We want to find the Banshee hangar bays. There are a pair of these and the Skull is in one of the hangar rooms. From a Banshee location, look for the green tunnel that leads down to the core. Above the tunnel entrance is a small platform we can fly up to with a Banshee. The Skull is on one of these platforms.

In the hangar bays within the Kraken, look for the ledges above the green tunnels (left). Fly up with the banshee to find the Skull (right).

Battle of Sunaion (1 Skull)

Skull 1: Cowbell

Mission Subchapter: Guardian

The Cowbell Skull can be found at the very end of the level. When you reach the area where you are approaching the Guardian and there is a large Promethean force (and eventually the Warden). Fight your way down to the platform closest to the Guardian.

Locate the twisted metal pylon sticking up in the centre of this platform. Head around behind this and look down over the edge of the platform towards the ocean below. At one point there is a metal girder sticking out. Drop down to this.

Crouch walk into a small hidden platform below to find the Cowbell Skull.

On the platform closest to the Guardian (left), look over the ledge for a girder we can drop down to. This will allow us access to a hidden platform with the Skull (right).

Genesis (1 Skull)

Skull 1: Tilt

Mission Subchapter:  Call Me Cupid

Make your way through the level until you fight the Warden with his Laser Turret pals. Following the fight, explore the right hand side of the area to find a path leading all the way around a hill here with a Forerunner structure at the top.

The Skull itself is on the very top section of the hill in the centre of the loop-around path. If you work your way up the side of the path closest to the bridge we entered from, you can find a section of climbable rocks and platforms on the path's left hand side that will lead you to the top.

After defeating the Warden, look for a path to the right of the bridge (left). Climb the hill on the path's left side to find the Skull on top, overlooking where we fought the Warden earlier (right).

The Breaking (1 Skull)

Skull 1: Famine

Mission Subchapter: Getting the Band Back Together

Play through the mission until the first time you see the Warden appear and de-spawn (this is right after getting past the doorway guarded by a pair of Laser Turrets).

There are a pair of blue energy shields directly opposite the entry location. In a small U-shaped hallway behind the pair of blue energy shields, you'll find a support jutting out from the wall in the center. The Skull is on the ground on the lip of the raised section of ground surrounding the support… I guess they forgot to hide this one!

When you reach the platform with the pair of blue energy shields (left), enter the U-shaped corridor behind them to find the Skull inside (right).

Guardians (1 Skull)

Skull 1: Tough Luck

Mission Subchapter: Leave No Spartan Behind

During the portion of the mission where you are in a fairly large, open area, you'll want to use your suit's Artemis function to locate Gamma Core. If we look around the area, you'll be able to spot a crashed pelican on a ledge above. The Skull is located to the left hand side of the Pelican.

To reach this area, from the Gamma Core we need to locate the position at which the large, central Forerunner structure meets the icy cliff nearby. From here you should be able to climb up and navigate the narrow ledges on the cliff, jumping when required until you reach the platform next to the Pelican. The Skull is situated at the bottom of a pile of rocks.

At Gamma Core, you'll see a crashed Pelican. Use the ledges where the Forerunner structure meets the icy cliff (left). Jump across the platforms and you'll find the Skull at the base of a pile of snowy rocks/rubble (right).


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