Halo: Reach: FAQ/Walkthrough

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		RRR   RRR EEE      AAAAA   CCC      HHH   HHH

* Game:	        Halo: Reach               *
* Type:		Walkthrough/FAQ           *
* For:		Xbox 360                  *
* Author:	Brad Russell "TheGum"     *
* Email:	lunatic_252000@yahoo.com  *
* Web:		www.thechaosuniverse.com  *

Version 1.0 - Skulls, achievements, suit parts will be optional on my part.

Table Of Contents
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1. A Brief Foreword
2. Controls			( CON2222 )
3. Starter Tips			( TIPS333 )
4. The Toys			( TOY4444 )
5. The Guide			( FAQ5555 )

	Mission 1: Winter Contingency	( RCH01 )
	Mission 2: ONI: Sword Base	( RCH02 )
	Mission 3: Nightfall		( RCH03 )
	Mission 4: Tip of the Spear	( RCH04 )
	Mission 5: Long Night of Solace	( RCH05 )
	Mission 6: Exodus 		( RCH06 )
	Mission 7: New Alexandria	( RCH07 )
	Mission 8: The Package		( RCH08 )
	Mission 9: The Pillar of Autumn	( RCH09 )

6. Author Info / Copyright

* 1. A Brief Foreword                                                         *

The final Halo game by Bungie is the Halo game that showed signs of great 
progress coming to fruition. ODST was a step in the wrong direction, a slow,
awkwardly paced, dark game that never once felt important enough to finish.
Reach grabs you fast and revs up the pace in a hurry. 

Reach follows you, Noble Six, as you are part of the first line of defense 
for the events leading into the first game - you're like when a gentleman 
puts his coat in the puddle of water for a lady, except you are throwing 
your body in the water so Master Chief can teabag you and steal your girl.
The events are epic enough to care for, the story is paced correctly, and
the action keeps things interesting while amping up the difficulty as you

Here is hoping the next Halo games continue to grow off of what has been
accomplished with Reach. Halo has always been about top-of-the-line graphics
and the forerunner of space combat, so now we need more from this series 
moving forward.

* 2. Controls ( CON2222 )                                                     *

XBox 360

A - jump
B - switch grenades
X - use, reload, pick up gun
Y - switch guns
RB - melee
RT - fire weapon
LB - armor ability
LT - throw grenade
RS - look, zoom/scope (click)
LS - move, crouch (click)
D-PAD - left is night vision
BACK - multiplayer score
START - pause game

* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )                                                 *

#1. Very basic, but always reload when not under fire.

#2. Weapon priority is key. Here is mine: Sniper Rifle, DMR, Needle Rifle, 
Plasma Rifle, Assault Rifle, Needler, Spike Rifle. The big guns are tricky
in that they have limited ammo and you would tend to save them for something
important, but you may end up just not using it. All lesser guns have their
limited uses.

#3. You have a health bar that does not regen, so you have to find the 
little red packs and use them to restore health.

#4. Don't prioritize enemies. It may be tempting to kill elites before 
grunts, but en mass the grunts are just as dangerous. If there is one 
grunt floating around, maybe you can ignore one. But do take out enemies 
with big guns and sniper rifles.

#5. You can edit your Spartan from the main menu any time. 

#6. Movement, jumping, going in circles are all key tactics to avoiding

#7. Use your armor abilities. All allow you an escape route or some way to 
not be killed.

#8. Grenades are abundant, so use them. Best against groups, but shielded
enemies or elites/brutes behind cover is a good use too.

* 4. The Toys ( TOY4444 )                                                     *

The DMR being your go-to gun. Always grab a sniper rifle if you find one.

Frag Grenade - Basic grenade, bounces a long way.

Magnum - Basic handgun, better than I give it credit for. It's very effective
	if not up against a ton of enemies.

Assault Rifle - Better up close than at range.

DMR - A nice sniper rifle, just not as strong as the sniper rifle.

Shotgun - A close range gun only.

Sniper Rifle - Strongest gun you got, and if you learn how to use it up close
	then you're pro.

Grenade Launcher - The Terminator gun. The frag will ricochet at least once.

Rocket Launcher - Very strong, but you had better not miss.

Spartan Laser - See above. Mastering this is pretty pro too.

The Plasma Rifle is always good to pick up.

Plasma Grenade - Sticky grenade, doesn't throw too far.

Plasma Pistol - Pretty weak, but if you hold to charge up a blast you can
	instantly drain an enemy shield, which would be great if you could

Plasma Rifle - Better than the assault rifle, and eats up shields. Overheats
	if you squeeze the trigger too long.

Plasma Repeater - I didn't find it effective at all, even up close. You can
	hold X to vent the heat as it does lose it's RoF (rate of fire).

Spike Rifle - Dropped by brutes only. It's a decent gun, but there are better.

Needler - Accumulate needles on your target and they will explode; slightly
	homing, but very slow.

Needle Rifle - A good sniper rifle substitute, and the needles will explode
	if you get enough hits.

Concussion Rifle - I don't think I ever ran into this thing, so it's a mystery
	to me, but it appears to be an AoE (area of effect) gun.

Focus Rifle - Their sniper rifle.

Fuel Rod Gun - Their rocket launcher type.

Plasma Launcher - I think I saw one of these in action, and I believe they
	have a timed blast. 

Gravity Hammer - Insta-death, but slow.

Energy Sword - The best option for close range.

Armor Abilities
These are colorful items you usually find in pairs. They aren't essential to
fighting, but they do help.

Sprint - Your basic run, great for moving while under fire.

Jet Pack - Go airbourne or escape. Really the best power-up you can get.

Hologram - A great decoy that is probably one of the best used for multiplayer.

Cloak - You're hard to see, but not impossible to see, so it's up to you.

Drop Shield - Just a shield. Really only usuable when facing certain death.

Armor Lock - I think this is the thing that you use against incoming 
	vehicles, but other than that I would avoid it.

Evade (Covenant Only) - You'll see them use it when you try to snipe them.

UNSC Vehicles
You can flip over all vehicles. Wheels mean you need to extra careful not to
flip over.

Mongoose - A basic four-wheeler with one passenger. 

Warthog - One passenger and one turret gunner.

Scorpion - The best ground option. You drive and fire a huge cannon and there
	can be a turret gunner.

Falcon - A helicopter with a gun, plus two gunners.

Sabre - Used in space, this thing can dodge, flip, and can fire missiles.

Pelican - A dropship

Covenant Vehicles
These show signs of damage, and decrease performance with that damage.

Ghost - The best option for fighting ground troops, fast and fires plasma.

Revenant - Mobile artillery, but not a great option if you're trying to get 

Wraith - Heavy artillery with a gunner.

Banshee - Very weak, but takes to the skies.

Seraph - Their space fighter.

Phantom - Their dropship that has lots of firepower. You can kill all turrets.

Scarab - Not a big issue in this game.

Spirit - Indestructible troop transports.

* 5. The FAQ  ( FAQ5555 )                                                     *

Halo: Reach

You start by selecting your colors, for your armor and emblem. Only thing worth
mentioning is that you can toggle the main emblem pic to remove it's "shadow"
or whatever it's called. Basically, you can have a different main emblem, 
change the background image, and toggle the shadow of the emblem.

When you start your new campaign, unless you're some crazy hardcore gamer
that wouldn't need this guide to start, just go with normal.

Mission 1: Winter Contingency	( RCH01 )

You can choose to invert the look, which is up to you - you can change at 
any time. Once you touch down, just follow your team as you move from place
to place. You'll eventually cross a bridge, you'll go through a garden-like
area after a red dot blips your radar, and then you'll hit a pack of grunts
from the second-story window and another when you attempt to exit the 
building. The grunts don't die as easy as they used to, so a few more rounds
are in order. You'll pick up frags off a body heading down the steps, which
you can use on the group inside the building. And exiting the building, flank
to the left for cover.

*NOTE: Feel free to swap your pistol for any other gun; you can have any two

Once clear, the next covenant are down and up the hill. So just charge the 
boulder up ahead, and run to the cover of the bridge while firing and they
should scatter up the other slope. Again, flank left and your team will finish
them off. 

*NOTE: I think they moved a few buttons around, but you do have a melee 

Move up and cross the river, then lob a few frags at the hay bales to hit a 
few enemies. Yet again, flank them from the left as best you can; maybe throw
a melee or two. Hop down the nearby ledge and jump in the ride as you take two


You can skip the few couple of enemies without really concerning yourself. 
Once you cross the bridge, there will be a bad path to the immediate left, but
you want the left turn a bit further up. Don't drive down to the building, just
hop out and walk up the estate that is crawling with covenant. This time, flank
to the right as you can hop up and bring death from above. Should be a few 
elites inside the big building to clear out.

*NOTE: Driving in Halo is a bit tricky. You use the left stick for gas and
brake while the right stick is for direction. It'll always be goofy, so get
used to it.*

Once that area is clear, hop in your ride and drive through the garage and down
the path to the next bridge, which you can either hop out or drive over to the
second estate. Covenant here are a bit easier to clear out, as they don't hide

With this place clear, you're told a down team nearby is under fire, and you
can see the drop ship in the distance. So use either the old or new ride and
drive up the path to the third estate. It's empty, so hop out and move to the 
back where the team is under attack by grunts. Not hard to clear out, but 
then you are told to defend the LZ. The drop ship returns and drops off about
20 grunts and 2-3 elites. But first you want to pick up that DMR just inside
the garage door (where the checkpoint is) and with it you can zoom for 

Take point near or on the slope just to the right outside the garage and from
here just headshot as many grunts as you can, but the elites will take a few 
more than one round. Remember, damage will take you out of your zoom, so 
work fast, stay slim, and make every shot count for an easy evac.


You will be dropped in a hot LZ, and you could maybe try to lob a grenade 
behind the jackals before your team gets too close, or just after. Head inside
the building and feel free to grab more DMR ammo for the upcoming defense. 
This defense will have shielded jackals, so save your explosives for them and 
pick off everyone else with your bullets. And stay inside the doorway, no need
to leave its safety. You will have one light wave, a much harder second wave,
and by the third wave it's fubar and you just hide until the door closes.


Toggle night vision and move down the path to the body. In the next area your
vision is on, but your guns are reset, so grab a DMR to your right and start 
clearing the corridor. Frags on the shields, or just flank left. Remember,
the jackals only face one way, and your ally will help your flanking efforts
if you turn a shield around. Same story at the corner, only you may have to
wait for them to come out. The final fight is in a server room. Your asked to
play bait, so just run down the right hall and into the room with the 
popping servers. There is one elite with sword lurking, so eyes open and 
hopefully your friend will help you clear out. Then just push the button in
the last room to end level.

Mission 2: ONI: Sword Base	( RCH02 )

*NOTE: It should be mentioned that your LB function has thus far been for 
sprinting. That is an armor ability, and you can swap those for other

Just a few tangos when you are dropped off, but it rachets up very quickly when
you move up. So go right from the start and use this bridge for cover, but 
don't think you're safe from damage, you still need to stay moving or the 
explosives will get you. You'll start on the right side of the bridge and move
your way up the left side of the back of this yard area, of course mowing 
down about 30 covenant in the process. The final push is down a drive way 
that only has a few bug to burn out.

Head down to the target area and grab the highlighted targetting laser and a 
DMR. Down the slope you will use the laser on two enemy siege tanks, and of
course don't stand where those big blue plasma balls of death are falling.


*BREAKING NEWS: The AI still can't drive.*

Hop in the hog and drive down the path, blasting a ghost and goons at the 
river. Approaching the complex ahead, the idea is to do circles around the 
back building with the enemies and along the sides so your gunner can mow 
down everything including that deadly revenant vehicle. If you're good enough
or you have no choice you can just get on foot and blast everything, but 
no use when you have a free gunner and you just have to drive in circles.

Once the building is clear, hop out and feel free to grab a power up and ammo
before flipping the switch. Once you do, a dropship will dump a pack of grunts
and snipers at the other building. So again, you can hop on the hog and let 
your gunner do the work, or you can go on foot. Once clear, take the steps,
ammo if needed, and hit the button on the roof. 


Go ahead and take the new hog that is dropped off and proceed. Hang a right and
wind up the path until you are spilled onto what appears to be a huge 
battlefield, but you're just at a single station. The best thing is to either
use this hog until it's fried or just clear a bit of enemies and hop into the
hog here. The idea is to, again, just drive in circles as your passengers do
all the shooting.

*NOTE: Sprint is the best ability to have. The shield is decent, but too 

There will be plenty of heat already in this area, more will be dropped in, 
and two ghosts will appear, so even just chasing your tail in that little
pond of water seems to work. Of course you will need to hop out and push a 
button, but do that well after you've made a few rounds on the place and there
may only be a lone gunman on the roof. Hop out, shank him, and turn on the 


New hog, so hop in with your buddies, make sure you at least have Kat, and 
head back down the path you have been down (not the way you came). Make sure
to do your circles on the slope to clear the four revs and one ghost. Then push
the button to go back to base, without ride. 

Hit up the ammo on the right and clear the driveway back up. Should be just
three elites leading the several grunts. At the yard you'll notice a new path,
and down this path are two hunters along with a few tangos in the corner room.
Use the corridor as your base cover, as it has a shotgun rack which is very

Hunters are not indestructible, you just don't want to be wasting bullets on
their heavy shields. Aim for their heads, gun, feet, belly, and esepcially
the redish parts on their bodies. Flanking is best, but that's very hard to 
do alone, so just run around the room, maybe out of their limited range of 
fire, and keep pumping careful bullets into them. Use the shotgun only when
making goes around the room. Remember, you should have sprint which helps if
they go berserk on you up close; sway to the side if nothing else.

Clear out the corner room after the hunters are down to use the elevator. Just
a few down the first hallway, then you enter the thick of a major gunfight in
the foyer. There are two ways up, left or right. And both paths are equally
infested with covenant. It's best to move fast, take cover fast, and lob 
grenades whenever you feel like it. You should run into an elite or two,
one being yellow-ish. The yellow one should elude you all the way to the top,
so just follow him. Blast your way up and you'll eventually hit the dark roof-
top area.

Two shielded jackals to start, then elites, including stealthed ones, so have
the shotgun ready, and just pour rounds into that yellow one. Now your final
goal is to pick up the rocket launcher to the left and squeeze the trigger 
at the airship. Once it's down, the level is over.

Mission 3: Nightfall	( RCH03 )

*NOTE: Easy to kill shielded enemies by aiming at their guns. It's a small
margin of error, but it's your only shot.*

Head up to the right and snipe the elite, kill anyone nearby, swap out your 
pistol for a plasma rifle if you want, and then move along a narrow ledge to
snipe the grunts in a lower area. 

Move up with your ally to a raised area overlooking a compound. There are 
initial enemies in the area, including about 3 elites, then another group will
be dropshipped, and there will be jackals at the back. All you can do is snipe
anything that moves from this raised area, and when things are quiet move 
along the right side to the building and from the walkway finish off the rest
with help from your pal. 

Once clear, head behind the bigger building and through a doorway to the 
next area, and you want to quickly clear a path to the middle silo walkway so
you have 360 degree cover and movement. Priority #1 is the turret gunner, but
your friend may handle that for you. Then just pick off the grunts and few


Heading down the path may be one or two stragglers. At the end of this brief 
canyon you'll see a huge monster barreling in your direction. You can 
run back if you want, maybe even run back and hop onto the ledge on the right
side of the canyon if you like, but these beasts are not that hard to take 
down with headshots, and if you move fast enough you may even be able to 
run up to the open area and hop to the left on the rocks where they cannot
touch you. There are two, but not being killed by the charging one is the key.
Frag it, shoot, it will die with not much grief. And yes, there is another,
but again the rocks on the left as you enter this spot is an ideal perch.

Follow your friend until you see the compound under attack, and if you came up
the second path you can run up to the higher grounds for sniping. Lots of 
tangos all over, and with 5 allies it shouldn't take long to clear it. Don't
miss the jackals on the roof and move into the center of the complex for the

Temporarily grab the rocket launcher from the ammo cases and get ready for
the first dropship at the back. Don't try to shoot down the phantom, just dodge
its attacks and try to blast all the troops it drops with a shot or two.

Phantom #2 drops more enemies at another end of the compound, so swap out your
empty launcher and use the DMR for sniping the grunts, but watch for those 
pesky elites that like to appear in unexpected places. Phantom #3 drops jackals
and such at the point where you entered, so picking them off won't be too hard.

Then just follow your squad up the riverbed until you hit the dam. Feel free to
open fire on maybe the guys to the right, just be sure than when the heat is 
on you are taking care of the turrets in the central platform; keeping grunts
off of them. Clear the bridge and cross over.


There are three turrets to use, two facing the facility and one facing the
bridge. Use the ones looking to the structure to clear the incoming tangos and
detach each gun when you can't be still. Move into the buildings when the 
covenant are hiding and your team should follow. 

When the place is clear, there will be more dropped behind you, so watch those 
steps. And when the minions are clear, one more phantom will fly in. This is 
your queue to run to the platform for the bridge facing turret. Wait for the 
right side of the phantom to open and open fire on the 2 hunters before they
drop. Aim high on them and hopefully they miss you badly for a long streak or
you'll need to detach and go mobile. Keep your distance from them if you are
lugging around a turret, and just aim high.

When clear, follow your team past the open gate and up the path to the
jagged area. Lots of enemies all over that will be moving, so you just have to 
move fast and take out whatever you see. Used the raised areas and that's 
about all I can offer here. Flanking is optional, more like a last option if
low on ammo. And the second raised spot (if you've stuck to the middle) should
have some ammo for ya. Clear your way to the end and move up for a scene.

Mission 4: Tip of the Spear	( RCH04 )

You start this level behind the eight ball. Swap to your DMR and start picking
off grunts as they are distracted by their enemy above. Then focus on the 
elite before he causes too much trouble. Also, try to stay behind something
that will keep your safe from the turret in the background; about where you
start is a good spot to stay at, but you can move to the right if you want.
Then pull out your grenade launcher (Terminator style) and go blast the two
turrets. And a dropship should help you finish off the area.


Hop in the hog, as the driver of course, and move up the path to the AA gun
area. Much like the last time you had a hog, and even more so, drive around in
circles so your gunner can clear the place out with minimal effort by you. The
catch is that with a rocket gun you have to be extra cautious not to be behind
a nearby surface when he fires or else you will be caught in the blast radius.
Avoiding your own fire and the explosives of the covenant make this extra 
tricky, but if you drive slow and in front of most objects you should be okay.

As for ground directly beneath the AA gun, try to avoid that for a while as
the (I think they are called) Zealot there will be very tough to kill from a 
hog. So maybe make one sweep or in your hog to clear it out of secondary 
minions and then hop out to take out the zealot. One trick to your grenade
launcher is that by shooting at the ground and letting it bounce off will 
negate his attempts to evade it. It takes a lot to bring down one of these
guys, so don't give up. 

With the place clear, or mostly clear, enter the AA gun and find the little
box on the circular chamber. Shoot that box and then blast the energy inside
to turn the gun off.


Go back out and feel free to watch the show overhead. Get your team back into
the car and drive down the path. There is a phantom over the bridge, as well
as troops and a wraith guarding the bridge. Again and as always, drive in
circles as your gunner blasts everything. Cross over and ignore the goons on
the ground. Approach the mining facility and park your hog on the right side
of the bridge, not where it will slide down of course. Quickly hop into the
rocket gun and blast the covenant turret across the bridge.

Hop out and lead the troops over and up the steps. Reload if you must and watch
out for jackals around the left corner. Head up the steps for more jackals and
clear your way up the stairs to the top, picking up a nifty needle rifle if
you want.

There is a turret at the top, so snipe the gunner from a distance. Grab that 
turret and move to the next area and quickly take out the zealot you see across
the gap; you don't have to jump down, I just poured the turret into him from
the catwalk and got the achievement. Killing him fast will net you an 
achievement. Then just clear it all out. Move up, grab ammo if needed, and 
look down into the hole to pick off the grunts below.

Hop down and move to the end where two grunts will attempt to get on the 
ghosts, so stop them. Kat may or may not get in one now, but she will 
eventually. Just move up and take out the covenant along the path. LT for 


The second AA gun is much tougher to clear out. You have tons of jackals, 
two wraiths, and two hunters guarding it. For the first wraith down the right
side path, clear the jackals and try to get close to the tank without making
it boost to run you over, so the approach is key. If you get on properly you
can beat the thing to death or frag it. Same tip for the second wraith ahead.

Lastly are the hunters which are not hard to handle if you don't mind being
cheap about it. Use your ghosts to lure the hunters out and stay out of their
range and just pour plasma into them. It will take a long while, and being on
foot will speed it up, but out of their range and in a ghosts is the safest,
easiest, and cheesieast option you got. 

Once the hunters fall, go pop the cover and blast the energy core. Then go
to the marked point by the bridge and clear the few grunts as you wait for
air support to pick you up.


The turret is an artillery shell launcher, so one well placed shot is all you
need for troops. You get easy practice on the bridge up ahead with one mob,
then single turrets along the river. You then hit an enemy installment with two
turrets, elites, and a wraith, in that order of priority. 


Inside the shield bubble, you should grab the jet pack if nothing else to at 
least test it out. Use the DMR to clear the grunts and jackals all over. The
jackals have jet packs, so get them fast. Move up the left slope and another 
wave of jackals and grunts will appear. Careful of the turret bombarding the
rocks, and make your way to the right, where some snipers appear on a ledge.
Clear the area and hop up there to hopefully hit a checkpoint.

With your pal, jump on the buggy and let him be the turret. Drive around the 
circlular path at the bottom to clear out most of the trash. You'll notice 
there is a path under the spire that goes from end to end. You can try to 
drive in, but you are better off hopping out and just fragging the tunnel.

Hop into the boost shaft to reach the top of the spire. Some grunts on the
fringes, with one that is packing explosives and a sword-carrying elite. Just
toss grenades into the control room and clear out what lives. Push the button
to end the level.

Mission 5: Long Night of Solace		( RCH05 ) 

You start on a beachhead assault with covenant dropping in via pods. Just stay
moving and advance. Switching to your pistol is not a bad idea, it's decent at
long range surprisingly. At the facility you can jump up the rocks to the left
to flank the enemy and then run inside the doors as backup arrives on the 
beach - grab a DMR on the gun rack to the right before you enter.

One elite in the halls as you advance to the control room. Pick up some ammo 
if you want and just move on into the Sabre.


LB + LS is for barrel rolls or flips.
Y will switch your weapons between guns and homing missiles.
LS is throttle.
LT is boost.


When engaging enemies, aim in front of them, and your HUD puts a circle in
front to help you know where to aim. Chasing down enemies is not hard, it's
when they are on you. When you are in their sights you want to do the flips
or rolls and boost off. Your allies help take out enemies, so try to stay
among the space debris.

Enemies will have vapor trails behind them, that is how you know what to

The first wave of banshees is very easy, but the seraphs are much more 
difficult. Seraphs have shields that are only damaged by your gun, but once
those are out you can fire your missiles when you get a lock.

More banshees and seraphs will join the fray, and eventually phantoms are 
inbound. There are five of them, and they only take two missiles salvos to 
destroy. Just approach, do barrel rolls, and fire missiles at them quickly as
they are top priority. After those are down, just mop up the rest. Then you
just need to approach the docking point for scene.


Now you're going to assault a corvette. Less ships to dogfight with, and your
objective will be to hit the thrusters at the back of the ship - use missiles.
Then clear out more ships before approaching the top of the corvette.


May as well just drop down the plasma shield and to the bottom, which is a 
decently safe place to attack. And jumping enemies are oh so easy to pick off
before they land. Kill all the elites in here and then head for the hallway.
Chase the enemies into the docking bay.

From the entrance you can go left or right for ammo, but if you go up the 
ramps you're in danger of being flanked from behind. So just stay halfway up
the first ramp and attack from here. The grunts are armored, and the elites 
here are usually tucked away in corners. Clear it out, the gravity will turn
on, and then push the button to let your team in.


Move up and restock and wait for the doors to the left to open and start 
shelling the elites. Move up when clear and through the next door try to 
nuke the elite with a grenade and explosives before he tosses a grenade. Then
look left to see the unfortunate sight. 

Keep going you'll emerge at the control room. The enemies do not know you are
there, but they will once you fire. Sneak to the left and grab a needle rifle.
Look up to the left and hone in on the elite at a console. You're going to pour
needles into him and then hide as the enemies converge. There is a zealot, but
you need to worry about the cloaked elites and armored grunts first. Then 
focus on the zealot as you move up the left wall to the control at the back.

When you activate it, three enemies behind you, then make your way back to 
the bay. Take up a perch to the left if needed to clear out the grunts.
At the back of the ship is ammo, and try to use the DMR for the jackals on the
left. Then you have enemies on the right. Depending on how good you are with
a sniper rifle at close range, you may need to go up the right side ramp to 
smoke them out. Then get ready for three elites to blitz you up close, where
the rocket launcher will prove handy. And then you take a little fall.

Mission 6: Exodus ( RCH06 )

Jus move forward, taking in the sights as you see fit. Head through the jammed
door and you'll emerge to see a few buggers that scare easily. Through the
door they reteat to you learn that there are suicide grunts all over, three of
which will greet you in here, so execute fast. Down the hall are two more 
waiting around the corner, so let them come to you. There is armor lockup that
you may want to consider grabbing due to little warning on these suicide

Down the hall will be two more, and then more further into the next room. Clear
it and pick up the ammo. Moving on you'll see more suicides in the next room,
so kill one and hopefully the chain reaction takes them all out, just be
careful a flying grenade doesn't stick you. Move up, clear it out, grab the 
health on the wall, and emerge in the daylight.


UNSC forces will be fighting brutes, and just try to be somewhat careful when
the brutes are killing civilians - you can save them so long as you don't shoot
them. Clear the brutes all the way up the path, and with a new squad there will
be covenant out the door on the right. Kill them and move into the mall-like 

The courtyard is heavily infested from top to bottom, so clear one side and 
advance as you watch all sides. Jackals at the top could cause the most 
trouble. Call the elevator and then go out the side door to meet the incoming
brutes who are dropped off. Take them out, especially the one with the huge
hammer, and then return to the elevator where enemies will be advancing on your
squad. Kill all and use the elevator.


Move up the right walkway and pick up a jet pack in the alcove. Now we already
had a little training a few levels back, so this shouldn't be a harsh learning
curve. Leap frog your way to the west. Remember, your jets don't stop just
when you let go, so you can under shoot your jumps a bit.

Clear the grunts and jump up to the chaos in the construction area. Mucho 
brutes all over, including at least one melee brute. Clear your way to the left
wall and advance. Careful not to let your team get ahead of you, otherwise they
could be killed. They will move up, so you can take the stairs, and since your
bullfrogs like to take point in the middle, you can stay to the side and flank
the brutes.


Move up to nice looking building and jet pack your way to the top level, then
follow the path to the doorway and just keep going until you meet up with 
another team. Be sure to grab a DMR and whatever else before you head out into
the fight.

Snipe as many guys from afar as you can, move up to the columns before the 
steps and pick off more. Then start leap-frogging up the stairs, always mindful
of a surprise attack, like the one on the third story stairs where a melee
brute is waiting. Just move cautiously and clear a way to the top.

After the checkpoint you assault a new building, with another stash of ammo
before you head out. Jet up to the walkway above that will have some enemies,
and then go left along it to find a door that overlooks the covenant inside
a foyer. If you had that rocket launcher from earlier, use it now or forever
hold your peace. There are quite a few enemies tucked away in places here, and 
a few more out on the landing pad. Your goal is to clear the foyer, clear the 
pad, and then blast both turrets.


Jump on a falcon and you have a machine gun. The threats here are for the most
part cosmetic, so you can help or ignore if you want. But you do want to hit
up the troops near where you hover over some allies, because you'll soon join

Swap out guns and heal up. Drive the hog with passengers over to the structures
that are your objectives. Like we always do, drive in circles around the field
as your hired help does the work. There are two wraiths, but they are benign 
threats compared to the brutes running around. Your real goal is to activate
two towers, but you may as well use the hog to clear both spots out, rather 
than clear one yourself. 

With both on, you then need to hit the nearby facility for the missiles, but a
group of covenant are deployed for defense. This time, thread your hog along
the walls of the facility, then drive between the barriers that are supposed to
prevent you from driving up, and drive up. You'll have to get out as you reach
the tunnel because a big brute with an explosives gun will pop out of a door,
so lob a frag or two at him, bomb him out, and turn on the missiles to end the

Mission 7: New Alexandria	( RCH07 )

You're driving this falcon, not riding. Hop in the pilot's seat and learn 
how to fly. Pretty simple, LT is increases altitude, letting go drops it, RT
is to shoot, and RB will lock your altitude. Banshees inbound, and with locked
alt. all you need to do is fly in reverse circles and fire at them. Head NE to
the target building, hitting a turret on the a roof before, and then land,
softly in front of the door (chasing down that phantom is purely optional and
pointless, but fun).


A few grunts inside, and then you'll see there are plenty more that have 
shields on the lower levels. Well, they are getting their shield from this 
floating drone near the ceiling, so get a clean shot and bring it down first.
Then begin your descent, fighting the jackals in your way and the grunts below.
There are a few ammo caches at the ends of walkways, which can be accessed by
narrow paths, you don't have to go all the way to the end of a walkway to
get some ammo.

Fight your way to the bottom and clear out the grunts and brute guarding the
doorway. Head through, grab some ammo, and advance down the huge corridor.
Lots of brutes in the way, and the ones that get close are grenade happy, so
back-pedal as they advance on you. To the left is a gun, and there are more
guns scattered on the sides, mainly up the right side walkway, but the plasma
repeater some brutes carry is not a good option. 

At the end you'll see shielded brutes, so focus on the drone to take away the
shields. Clear out the brutes, careful of the friendlies in the area, and 
restock on munitions. Grab a jet pack before turning off the device, then 
make your way back. Leaping jackals in your way that aren't too much of a
threat. Head back to the winding entrance, kill the elite and snipers, grab
their guns, and you're clear to return to your falcon.


Now you are going SW, which there is a phantom, several pairs of banshees, and
a fortified rooftop in your way. Approaching the target, there will be plenty
of respawning banshees, so you just want to clear the target rooftop, mop up
a few banshees, land, turn off jammer, and get back in your bird.

The next jammer is lower down on the big building nearby, so just drop alt.
and clear the LZ. Don't worry about the meandering banshees and just get as
many covenant through the slits in the building as you can.


Hop out and head in, knowing that there are plenty of enemies in here that are
barely visible. So go either left or right and work from there. Clear your way
up and into the elevator. 

You emerge at an awful clean and eerie level. Move up and stick to the left 
side wall to find a DMR, then go down the to hit the jammer. It's a trap of
course, so stay on this lower part, turn around, and go out through an opening
below the maze of walkways above. Turn left and pick up the blue ability, 
the cloak, and make your way back to the elevator and turn on the cloak when
it's ready. Get in and head back down. And though very quiet, you are clear to
return to your falcon.


Kill banshees in your way to the next target, which is another falcon that you
need to escort. Shouldn't be any threats in your way as you two head for a
phantom. Blow it up, hit the incoming banshees, and that's that.

Now head back to the building where you picked up the other falcon and clear 
the orange-lit area as best you can and land. Head in through the lower door
that is a bit hard to see. No small troops, just four hunters inside with a
couple of your allies as fodder.

The idea isn't to kill all four hunters, you just want one staircase open so
you can run up - your cloak isn't too effective against them. Just focus fire
on one on the lower floor, then kill him counterpart up the steps on his side
of the room. If you killed the lower right side hunter, you can pick up a 
rocket launcher to kill the upper one fast. You may need to lure the other 
higher up one down, or just kill it, but so long as you have an open path to 
the jammer to press and run, that's all you need.

With button pressed, just run out and back to your ride.


Final step is to make your way to an HQ that is being pelted. There are six
turrets that need to be taken out, so go tunnel vision and just shoot them 
down. Once you do, the phantoms and banshees will evac. You then approach a 
landing pad to end mission.

Mission 8: The Package		( RCH08 )

Yep, old stomping grounds. This area is now flooded, but you can walk on water,
or ice I suppose. Move up and into the building for your own cover. Now your
team will go out to die, so there's little you can do. But from here you can
pick off the turret gunners, an enemy with a cannon to the right, and pick off
ghost driver so you can ride in it. Use the ghost to clear the enemies at the
other end.

Then move up to the scorpion ahead. Jump in and let your buddy get on the 
turret. You control the cannon, so test it on the enemy platform. More 
tangos around the corner, and just know that well-placed shots are better than
inaccurate fast ones, for the most part.

Head up the slope and you'll see AA guns online. Move up and hit the enemies,
then the ghosts, and some banshees that are hard to anticipate. Then just 
start pounding the turrets as they will explode from your cannon fire.

Once down, you get some air support so help them clear out the skies before 
moving on. Head down the path for some ghosts and a platform. The slope 
heading to your target is covered with vehicles and turrets. The turrets are
top priority, especially the one up on the cliffside, it's very deadly. Get
the other turret at the back and then climb up the hill to the gate.


Get out and run in. Elites meet you while the smaller minions are handling
nearby friendlies. The path to the lower level will open with more elites and
turrets down below, but you need to go left to wash up the enemies or your
team won't proceed, so get any covenant up here before going down low. Pop the
turret gunners, then take one with you.

Head up the path and use the turret to plow into the next room, which has 
many levels and lots of jackels crawling around. Just move slow, maybe use
that hologram power (sends a ghost of you as a decoy) and you can get to the 

Grab a DMR and move to the other end for the dark path. Toggle vision and 
move through the familiar grounds to emerge at the foyer. Just a few elites
roaming, with most cloaked to eyes sharp. Your hologram is a nice tool here
to draw them out, and especially clever on the zealot that appears on the ramp
in the right corner. Take him out, move into the room, maybe an enemy in here,
and open the door for a scene.


Move up and get ready to turn on four turrets in the area. The lab is to the
left, and all you really need to do is survive the duration, which is about
a good 4 minutes if not longer. The turrets recharge when they take too much
damage, and you can see all their health bars on your screen. So it's 
advantageous to help them mow down incoming, at least early on.

About when the ghosts show up is when you should fall back to the door and 
stay there. You got grenade launchers on the sides, a spartan laser (aim, hold,
fire), and even a rocket launcher here to help you defend. The latter waves
are mostly elites, with the final wave having enemies with those big cannons.
Just stay mobile, more around, and use your hologram. Don't worry about the 
ghosts or wraith, they are really just traps. When the phantom shows up is the
best time to use your spartan laser and rocket launcher, to attempt to blast it
away. Soon after the doc will be done and you can open the door to enter.

Mission 9: The Pillar of Autumn		( RCH09 )

Head down the path and at the ledge go right to wind down. Just do whatever to
open up your attack on the enemies. Lots of grunts, and a grenade on the 
jackals saves a lot of grief, but the elite is first priority. Cross over into
the shack for missiles and a DMR. Then get onto your friend's buggy, you're
riding bitch this time.


Don't worry about the enemies along the path, until you hit scarab city. No,
unlike the epic battles in Halo 3, you're not taking these bugs out. And you
can mostly ignore the enemies on the sides here too. Then just let your 
friend do the rest from here on out, including the jump.


At the gate, grab some ammo and the hologram. Stay at the gate, don't move in
as the wraith can pop you at any time once you move up. Use your hologram and 
DMR to pick off a lot of brutes and jackals, and don't forget the snipers
in the platform to the right. Once things are mostly clear to the left, pull
out your rockets and move to the right along the fence. Get a read on the 
wraith and fire three rockets at it to end that threat. Then move along this
right side cliff wall, use your hologram, waste up your rockets, and clear out
all the remaining trash. Two suicides and three snipers up ahead as you go up
the path.

Move up the path for a scene. Then continue onward. The path ahead is filled 
with bugs and skirmishers, some with nifty arm shields. Headshots on everything
is best, but if you got a needle rifle, that is pretty good too. You got two
groups, then you hit a weapon cache. Grab the laser and bring a needle rifle,
hologram is good also.


Approaching the big structure, just clear out what you can. You have allies 
in the area, so careful where you frag. Moving down, a zealot will appear, so
it's best to pop him with your laser. If you run out of needles, find a plasma
rifle or something good. Move up to the next part where a few ghosts and 
turrets await. Hijack a ghost and just go charging after the turrets. Just
be careful around elites as they can knock you off. 

With both turrets down, sweep around the front hitting all stragglers, then 
enter the building. A handful of elites and what appear to be two zealots 
inside. Hologram, grenades, and running in are good options, but going up
the stairs seems to  go poorly, so don't do that.

Stock up on ammo and move through to the other side, getting anymore ammo
in the break room and in the room with the windows. Go out the right side
and kill the grunts, then focus on the zealot and friends to the left. 
Chase him and all his buddies outside, where you will finish him off. 

Stock up, maybe even go back to refill, because up ahead are two hunters with
plenty of skirmishers at their sides. Any and all grenades need to go first
here, and somehow, maybe with a hologram, you need to get to the side the
hunters are on. From here you can use the containers as cover, and if your
pal can play decoy or maybe use his gun, that may help. You could waste a lot 
of ammo taking them out, so work fast and make it count.


Head into the building and move to the left to pick up a DMR in the debris. 
Aside from the many jackals, watch out for the melee elite or you'll die. 
Retreat to your pals when he shows up, and then use your hologram or sheer
force to mow over the jackals. Head up the steps and clear the rest, then be
ready for an elite with grunts out the door.


Moving to the landing pad area is one daunting task. First off, I advise you
either put on headphones, turn the volume down, or something because the 
cannon fire could get you sick. 

With that said, your only goal is to survive for an unspecified amount of
time. I know I was pinned down with little ammo and it seems like the brutes
just vanished or something. But anyway, you have ammo stored in the middle 
building and a DMR on the opposite end where a tree is.

You just need to watch your back, as brutes can be anywhere at any given time,
and the one melee brute could sneak up on you. There will be jackals on a side
spot that need to die too. Toward the end you will have pure wave of brutes 
dropped down, and all you can do is keep pouring lead in their directions. 
At least one brute stands out as having a wicked gun. But throughout you need
to kill anything that has a powerful, green burst weapon.

Eventually, a target will be inbound and all you have to do is mop up the rest
of the enemies and then wait on the pad. 


After the scene, your final task is in order. A few grunts and elites guard 
the doorway to enter the cannon building. These elites/zealots are extremely
tricky because you need to balance out hunting them down with keep your 
distance because they are just as deadly at close range as you are.

In the side rooms are stashes of guns, and the grenade launcher is great for
when one of them is hiding behind cover. Their aggressiveness may prevent you 
from moving up the stairs, but if can clear some of them out you should be 
able to walk up and finish off whatever is left. You have to be fast and
relentless here, no wimping out.


Make your way up to the gun and get in. Blast the phantoms and banshees as
they appear. You'll see the huge ship coming down, but you can't hit it until
they tell you so. Just keep clearing away the trash until you see the big
red circle around the red dot on the ship. Aim for the dot, not just the 
targeting circle. You have time for two shots at least, and it should take 
no more.

End. Scene. Game.

You can press A and then Y to skip the credits for another scene.

What the hell, "THIS IS SPARTA!!!" You'll figure out what to do - just don't 
leave the battlefield.

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