Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone GBC FAQ/Walkthrough

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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for the GBC
FAQ by TripleJump
Copyright (c) 2006 TripleJump
Created: July 16th, 2007
Last Updated: January 18th, 2008 
Contact: triplejumpfaqs[at]gmail[dot]com


1. Introduction
2. Characters
3. Walkthrough
4. Spells
5. Equipment/Items
6. Enemy List
7. Folio Magi
8. Folio Triplicus
9. Frequently Asked Questions
10. Credits/Closing


Dear Mr. Potter,

You have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

     Yours sincerely,
     Albus Dumbledore

Welcome to another one of my FAQs. This is just a small 2-day side project I am
doing in a break from most of my other files.

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Harry learns that he is a wizard,
and after 10 years of torture, labor and his hateful aunt and uncle, he leaves
and finds himself a celebrity in a world full of magic, trolls and ghosts. He
finds his arch enemy, and must defeat him for a second time, or the magic world
will be in darkness forever.

Only since this is a Video Game, YOU get to be Harry and do all of the
butt-kicking, world saving, flying action of the magical world of Harry Potter.
To be Harry, you must know how to control Harry. So read below.

Directional Pad - Move Harry in the Indicated Direction.
A - Talk/Examine/Advance through menu's
B - Go back from the menu's
Start - Bring up the Main Menu
Select - Tells you where you are

During a battle, you can use a spell, card, item or flee to battle. It's a turn
based battle and the fastest person goes first, then the other side.


Harry Potter - The Boy Who Lived

Harry is a brave, reckless fellow who has a knack for attracting trouble. He is
also a wizard, and our main character. He defeated the Dark Lord Voldemort, and
had become a celebrity in his world. But for protectional reasons, he was left
in the care of his horrid Uncle Dursley and Aunt Petunia. He finds out he is a
wizard and finds a way out of his sad life. He takes it and finds many wild
adventures, and a rematch with Voldemort.

Ronald Weasley - The Poor Friend

Ron is Harry's best friend. He comes from a very poor family and is often
ridiculed by Slytherin for this reason. He is jealous of Harry's fame and gets
used to being shunted to the side. He is willing to sacrifice himself for his

Hermione Granger - The Suck-Up Smartypants

Hermione is Harry's other close friend. She is a know-it-all, who prefers rules
over circumstances. She can be really touchy and rags on your nerves. She always
has time to help you and will do it for a friend.

Rubeus Hagrid - The Gentle Giant

Hagrid is a half-giant, and the gamekeeper at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and
Wizardry. He was Harry's very first friend and stuck up for him. He brought
Harry to the Dursley's and led him away. He is a gentle hearted man, but can be
very tough when provoked.

Voldemort - The Dark Lord

The Dark Lord Voldemort is the most feared wizard of all time. People refer to
him as "You Know Who" or "He Who Must Not Be Named", as they are frighted of his
awful power. Harry stopped him when he was just a boy and he has sworn revenge
ever since. He is trying to return to his normal body and will stop at nothing
until he does.

Albus Dumbledore - The Only One He Ever Feared

Albus Dumbledore is the most powerful wizard of the age. He seems to be a frail
old man, but when he is in combat mode, LOOK OUT! He does most of the narration
of this game, and is usually a calm man in the series.

Professor Quirrell - The Dark Lord's Stooge

Prof. Quirrell may seem like a nervous, stuttering loser. But in reality, he is
a powerful loser that is capable of normal speech. He is the Dark Lord's
servant, carrying his master on the back of his head.

Professor Snape - The Hook-nosed Greaseball

Prof. Snape seems evil. He hates Harry beyond any other student in the school
because of his father. Harry's father and his gang of idiots would bully Snape
in their youth. Now he is taking it out on Harry. Snape might seem evil because
of Book Six, but I think otherwise. Look it up on google. Snape is the head of
Slytherin House and is not afraid to favor his house.


Quest: Buy your Wand at Ollivander's

This quest is simple enough, just walk into the door above you. You get a
cutscene where you try some wands until you get the one you actually want, it
comes with Flipendo and Vermillious Uno.

You have received your wand, the most necessary equipment of any witch or
wizard! You can now cast the first of many spells you will learn.

Quest: Find Hagrid in Gringotts' Lobby

After you exit Ollivander's some strange child offers you a deck of Wizard Cards
and you get to choose which one you want.

Justus Pilliwickle

Wendelin the Weird
Carlotta Pinkstone
Flavius Belby
Chauncey Oldridge

Gulliver Pokeby

Cassandra Vablatsky
Uric the Oddball
Mirabella Plunkett
Thaddeus Thurkell

Gregory the Smarmy

Hesper Starkey
Roderick Plumpton
Andros the Invincible
Thaddeus Thurkell

Merwyn the Malicious
Gideon Crumb
Kirley Duke
Orsino Thruston
Merton Graves

Pick a deck that goes with your liking (see the Folio Triplicus section for
combinations you may want) and continue the game. Now head to the right and into
the Gringotts bank. Walk to the end and talk to Hagrid and Griphook. 

Quest: Find Hagrid in Vault

As you walk, you fall down and lose Hagrid and Griphook. You now have to run
around and battle the enemies as you make your way to the northwest side and
looking in the wall holes with A to get some Wizard Cards. The next side has the
Rat Boss. You may want to battle some various enemies you can find around you
because you need the experience. If you die, that's okay because you just show
up at a woman's house and she will heal you for free. Either way, get ready for
a tough battle.

Try to aim for the Giant Rat using your Vermillious spell because you will need
to use up as much as you can of your good spell on him. If you run out, use
Flipendo. You might also have some pumpkin pasties or other items that will heal
you from fighting. You can use these to make this battle easier. Defeating it
will get you the Hardened Boots and many other things. Equip the boots if you
so desire.

Head to the back behind this now to see Hagrid and Griphook again. You enter the
vault and receive 850 sickles and a School Supply List.

You are finally inside your family vault! It's hard to believe you never knew
about it before!

Now we can turn around and start walking our way out of this place. If you die
on the way out, that's okay because it warps us out faster. But that doesn't
mean you should try to die.

Quest: Buy School Supplies in Diagon Alley

[ ] 3 Robes
[ ] 1 Winter Cloak
[ ] 1 Pointed Hat
[ ] 1 Pair of Gloves
[ ] 1 Name Tag Pack
[ ] 1 Potion Kit Bag
[ ] 1 Set of First Year Books
[ ] 1 Cauldron
[ ] 1 Wand

We will start buying by going to the left of the infirmary (where we show up
when we die) and enter Madame Malkin's shop (which has robes on the outside).
Draco Malfoy is inside and talks to you, then leaves. Talk to Madam Malkin and
buy three work robes, 1 winter cloak, 1 pair of gloves, and 1 name tag pack. As
well as the hat. There are more things we can buy if we want.

Then we can move along to the different shops. Flourish and Blotts is to the
Left of Madam Malkin's and it has your books. Then you head around top. Eeylops
and Quality Quidditch supplies are offlimits to you, but the Apothecary has a
few potions and the Potion kit, and near there is the kid who tells you about
secrets, and you can examine the above barrel for a Wizard Card. As you are
outside Pottage's Cauldrons, a man asks if you want to trade for the rare Circe
wizard card. You don't have a Bezoar to trade yet, so enter the store and buy
a Collapsible cauldron. Five sickles are in the cauldron to the left of the

We can also buy the Copper Cauldron and spend some of our money on some sweets
at the store. When you are finished, speak with Hagrid. You trade the School
Supply list for Hedwig the Owl.

You have completed buying all the items on your schoo list! Now you can leave
for Hogwarts!

Quest: Get on the Hogwart's Express

There is a Best Blowing Gum in the center pillar that has the bulb on top, and a
famous Wizard Card on the far left one. Now you can cross the bridge and talk to
one of the two Weasley twins to start a cutscene. After, you can board the
Hogwarts Express.

Quest: Find a seat on the Hogwart's Express

Head to the left. You can talk to one of the Weasley twins to learn what the
Daily Prophet is, and further down to Neville to learn of his toad. Keep going
to the left until you get to the end with Ron. You will sit down and Hermione
comes and asks you about Neville's toad. She also teaches you Verdimillious Uno.
Next the trolley will come to your compartment and you can buy a load of sweets.
I'd get Chocolate Frogs because they give you the Wizard Cards.

Malfoy and his croonies will now show up. You get to do battle against Malfoy.
He is a wimp, and just keep casting a spell like Vermillious or Verdimillious.
After you have defeated him, you get a card combination that will not help you
in the slightest.

You have defeated the nasty snob, Draco, with spells! Serves him right for
talking about your new friends that way!

You can now wander around until the conductor tells you that you are arriving at
Hogwarts. You automatically disembark from the tran and you now have to cross
the lake.

Quest: Cross the lake at Hogwart's Landing

Go to the left of the dock and search the right side of the rock for a
Wiggenweld Potion. On the right side is a pillar that is on the ground and we
can search the left side to get a Famous Witch and Wizard Card. On the Bottom
of the rock on the right is a Card Combination.

Go down the dock now to enter a boat. You are now in a minigame where you have
to steer the boat around the easy obstacles until you arrive at Hogwarts. If
you run into a Dragonfly, you have to battle it.

Quest: Get through the Hogwarts Dungeons

Head up the path on the top and search the thing on the wall for a Wizard Card.
Head right now and there is another one on the bottom part. Continue up the
middle. Check the next symbol on the wall for a Card Combination. Hagrid will
have another scene. Then head up to see another wall symbol for a Wiggenweld
Potion, then go up the stairs. There are two more Wizard Cards hidden in the
area before you can go up the stairs in this section.

There is a big boss cloud. This one is a knight in armor. He can't always hit
you because he is slow, but he has a large defense. It will take a Second level
spell to really deal him some damage. If you run out, use Verdimillious to
finish him off. Move ahead to talk to Hagrid, and go left for a Wizard Card and
right for a Pepper Up Potion.

Quest: Get Sorted into a house

You get a short cutscene with Hagrid and McGonagall and then you can explore
the Entrance Hall.

You've Managed to Cross the lake and find your way through the dungeon. And now
you're finally here...in Hogwarts!

Go to the bottom left corner. There is a couple of gargoyles. Examine the bottom
one from the right to get a Wizard Card. Now head into the Entrance Hall which
is on the right between the hourglasses. You now get to watch a cutscene with
some people being sorted. Now you have to go to the southeast table and talk
to it to sit down with Hermione. Ron also joins your table.

You feel that it's a feather in your cap to have been sorted into Gryffindor.
You hear a rumor that a new card combination is available in the Wizard Card
Collectors' Club.

Quest: Find Gryffindor

Leave the Great Hall and go upstairs to the next floor. Ron deals with Peeves
for you. Now go to the left and down. There are 150 sickles in the weird stone.
There are a whole lot more random stuff you can get in the castle by searching
what you can see. One is a Gryffin statue that goes upstairs. Then you can find
your way up the stairs, and in one room the bottom door a set of stairs. Then
go left of the crystal ball to find the fat Lady. Now go downstairs and you will
see Nearly Headless Nick.

Quest: Find Gryffindor Password

Go down the stairs that are actually stairs (not a passage) and you will see
Nick next to a Sphinx. Examine the rear to get a Pepper Up Potion and talk to
Nick to get a request from him to get his tie. Go downstairs to the Entrance
Hall. Examine the top gargoyle on the left and you can get the tie. Go back up
to Nick and give it to him to learn that the Password is Caput Draconis. Go back
to the Fat Lady and you can go inside the common room.

You've found Gryffindor, your house in Hogwarts, where you'll live and study! To
make everyone feel at home, a new card combination is now available in the
Wizard Card Collectors' Club.

There is a Wizard Card in the drawers. Now go to the bottom to the stairs to
go to the dormitory. Examine your trunk for a Wizard Card and go into the bed
to sleep. There is also a Card Combination in Ron's bedside table.

Quest: Get to Potions Class

Go down the stairs to the Entrance Hall. If you go into the gargoyle door you
can get a card combination in the trunk with the sports gears. Now head straight
up from the entrance hall and go in the door we can clearly see. Then head to
the left.

Quest: Collect the Ingredients

Go to the top left door and talk to Snape. He gives you a task to collect some
ingredients. Two Beetle Eye's, a Snake Fang and a thing of Boomslang skin. Start
by heading back into the dungeon. Head up and examine the fruit painting for a
Wizard Card. Now go back and instead of going into Potions, go right into Prof.
Snape's office and examine the snake picture for the Boomslang Skin. Now see the
cupboard for a Wizard Card.

Head out into the grounds and go a screen south. Now head to the left and you
see a gate you can go through. Do this and you are at Hagrid's Hut. He tells you
he was spraying Beetles. Go out back and search the bushes for a Wizard Card and
a Beetle Eye. We still need 1 more beetle eye and some Snake Fangs. There is
another Beetle Eye in the bush adjacent to the house (on the left).

Now head up to the school, but before entering, go right. Fight some battles
near the Herbology Greenhouses because they will give you plenty of Snakes and
their Fangs. After you have one, go back up to the castle and talk to Snape. You
earn 5 points (6-1) and get a list for your classes.

You have collected the ingredients requested by Snape! Someone tells you there's
a new card combination available in the Wizard Card Collectors' Club.

Quest: Find your next class

Head up the stairs to the first floor and go in the first room on the left to
see McGonagall tell you about a rabbit. Uh oh! Go outside to see Dumbledore and
he tells you nothing important. Now head outside to the Castle Grounds.

Quest: Capture the Purple Rabbit

Turn to the left and you will see the Rabbit inbetween the castle and the
Herbology greenhouses. Pick it up with A and go back to Transfiguration. You
will now learn Incendio Uno!

You have saved Hogwarts from the threat of a flaming purple rabbit! The rumor of
a new card combination in the Wizard Card Collectors' Club sweeps through the
school like wildfire.

Quest: Find your next class

Before we do this, we are going to go and catch up with our Collector's Cards.
Go up the stairs and use the Griffin Passageway on the second floor. Head to
the left now and you will see a long hall. Go to the end and you are in the
Collector's Club now. Go up and examine the bucket for a card, then the tapestry
with words to get a Card, then the tapestry to the right of it for a Card
Combination. Now talk to the kid below to get the Combinations from the start.
Talk to Fred and George and buy a bunch of Chocolate Frogs so we can get some
more cards. Now you can leave and go back to the grounds and go outside to
Herbology. We know where it is now I presume because of the Snake Fangs.

Before entering the far right Greenhouse, enter the center. There is a wizard
card in the drawer of the desk, and there is a combination somewhere in the 
plants at the back. Now go in the proper area. There is a plant to the right
which if searched from the right side, gives you Dried Nettles. And on the left
is a plant which gives you a Wizard Card. Go up and talk to Ron to sit down. You
receive an Ingredient Encyclopedia and a Plant List.

Quest: Find 6 Herbs for Herbology Class

We already have the Dried Nettles, so exit the Greenhouse. Head south until you
see the  strange looking plant with the leaves. Examine it from the bottom to
receive the Asphodel Root. Head right to the huge dirt path. Now head to the
south and go until you are surrounded by four trees, each in a corner. Head in
between the trees and go right. There is a bush we can examine for the Dittany.

[Now if you die around here, note that in the room to the right of the Hospital
Wing (from INSIDE, not outside) has a Card Combination hidden).]

Now, go down the giant dirt path all the way to the gate at the bottom. Head
right as far as you can, then go up. The odd plant here has the Wormwood. Now,
head up so you can take the path going right. Follow it along to the Quidditch
Stadium, then head down. One plant has a Unicorn Horn, and if you go down
futher you see the Aconite plant. Collect it, we only have one more to go!

Head back into the center bottom area. Once more, head to the bottom of the
fence, but go left this time and through all the trees. Examine the plant here
for the Mandrake Roots! Now Return to Professor Sprout, she gives you two Potion
Formulae and tells you to go see Snape. Visit him in his office and you get a
the recipes.

Quest: Find your next class

We're going to Defence Against the Dark Arts as it is next on the class list.
Go to the third floor and try to enter the top left room. Peeces will stop you
and put a curse on you. Enter and talk to Professor Quirrell, he charges you
with getting rid of your curse.

Quest: Find a way to remove your curse

Cross the hall and go down the stairs you see, head right and go past filch.
There is a little spot with a bit of shelves that is in a cozy little section.
Read the book to learn Locomotor Wibbly. Now go to the bottom and talk to Madam
Pince to learn that the book you want is checked out. Leave the Library the way
you came, Peeves tells you that a Muggle is studying it. Muggle... study....
Muggle Studies! That's it! Go to the fifth floor and enter the top left room.

Examine the TV, you will be sucked inside it. Before entering the boss fight,
look at the picture for a Card Combination. Now battle the boss, this time it's
a troll. Cast Flipendo Duo on it (or Uno if you don't have it) until it's dead.

Quest: Return the stolen Curse Book to the Library

Use the book, it cures you of your ailment AND teaches you Mucus ad Nauseum! Go
back outside, while we're here, go to the Card Collector Club area and get the
new Card Combination. Also, spend some Sickles on Cards from the Weasleys.

Head back down into the Library and give the book to Madam Pince, she gives you
some House Points. Now go back and talk to Quirrell for 10 more points!


Name: Flipendo Uno
Magic: 0
This is your basic attack that should only really be used if you run out of

Name: Vermillious Uno
Magic: 2
This is your basic damaging attack that will actually draw on your magic.

Name: Verdimillious Uno
Magic: 3
This is not much different than Vermillious uno at this point in time and it
will improve in a while.

Name: Flipendo Duo
Magic: 4
This is just an upgraded version of Flipendo.

Name: Vermillious Duo
Magic: 8
An upgraded version of Vermillious

Name: Incendio Uno
Magic: 8
Good against creatures.

Name: Locomotor Wibbly
Magic: 10
Petrifies your enemies.



Name: Hardened Boots
Stamina: +7
Strength +5
Defense: +4
Agility: -5
Magic Str: --
Magic Def: --

Name: Dragonskin Gloves
Stamina: --
Strength +2
Defense: --
Agility: +2
Magic Str: +1
Magic Def: --

Name: Plain Work Robe
Stamina: --
Strength --
Defense: +1
Agility: +4
Magic Str: +1
Magic Def: +1

Name: Winter Cloak
Stamina: --
Strength --
Defense: +2
Agility:  +1
Magic Str: +2
Magic Def: +2

Name: Leather Belt
Stamina: +4
Strength --
Defense: +1
Agility: --
Magic Str: --
Magic Def: --

Name: Plain Boots
Stamina: +2
Strength +2
Defense: +1
Agility: -2
Magic Str: --
Magic Def: --

Name: Pointed Hat
Stamina: +1
Strength --
Defense: +2
Agility: --
Magic Str: +1
Magic Def: +3


Name: Harry's Wand
Effect: Allows you to take part in Combat

Name: Folio Triplicus
Effect: Stores the Magic Combinations

Name: Folio Magi
Effect: Stores the Wizard Cards

Name: Pumpkin Pasty
Effect: Restores some Stamina

Name: Chocolate Frog
Effect: Gives you a Wizard Card

Name: Liquorice Wand
Effect: Restores a Bit of Health

Name: Pepper Up Potion
Effect: Restores some Magic

Name: Best Blowing Gun
Effect: Restores some SP

Name: School Supply List
Effect: Tells you what you need to buy for school

Name: School Books
Effect: An item you need to buy to complete your school list.

Name: Potion Kit Bag
Effect: Needed to complete your supply list.

Name: Pack of Name Tags
Effect: Needed to complete your supply list.

Name: Collapsible Cauldron
Effect: Used for mixing potions.

Name: Copper Cauldron
Effect: Used for mixing potions.

Name: Wiggenweld Potion
Effect: Recovers a lot of Stamina Points.

Name: Antidote
Effect: Not sure what it does, I think it cures you from poison. It just says
"you feel a burst of energy".

Name: Hedwig the Owl
Effect: Your pet owl. 

Name: Class List
Effect: Tells you which class to go to in which order.

Name: Beetle Eyes
Effect: A Potion Ingredient

Name: Boomslang Skin
Effect: A potion ingredient

Name: Snake Fangs
Effect: A potion ingredient

Name: Cauldron Cake
Effect: Restores some SP

Name: Purple Rabbit
Effect: For Transfiguration class

Name: Dried Nettles
Effect: It's an ingredient for making potions.

Name: Ingredient Encyclopedia
Effect: It's an Encyclopedia with information on the ingredients.

Name: Herb List
Effect: A list of Herbs you need to find for Herbology.

Name: Asphodel
Effect: It's an ingredient for making potions.

Name: Monkshood
Effect: It's an ingredient for making potions.

Name: Dittany
Effect: It's an ingredient for making potions.

Name: Wormwood
Effect: It's an ingredient for making potions.

Name: Mandrake Root
Effect: It's an ingredient for making potions.

Name: Porcupine Quills
Effect: It's an ingredient for making potions.

Name: Silver Unicorn Horn:
Effect: It's an ingredient for making potions.

Name: Aconite
Effect: It's an ingredient for making potions.

Name: Curse Book
Effect: Cures you of your curse and teaches you Mucus Ad Nauseum

====================================Enemy List==================================

Name: Small Rat
HP: 20
Items: Pumpkin Pasty

Name: Bat
HP: 30
Items: Pepper Up Potion, Wiggenweld Potion

Name: Giant Rat
HP: 80
Items: Pumpkin Pasty, Hardened Boots

Name: Draco Malfoy
HP: 100
Items: None

Name: Green Dragonfly
HP: 15
Items: Cauldron Cake

Name: Giant Clam
HP: 20
Items: Pepper Up Potion

Name: Giant Squid
HP: 25
Items: Cauldron Cake

Name: Yellow Rat
HP: 20
Items: None

Name: Giant Yellow Rat
HP: 50
Items: None

Name: Armored Knight
HP: 50
Items: None

Name: Snake
HP: 30
Items: Snake Fang

Name: Giant Snail
HP: 80
Items: Licorice Wands

Name: Gnome
HP: 30

Name: Red Spider
HP: 30

Name: Giant Bee
HP: 40 (?)

Name: Toadstool
HP: 45
Items: Wizard Cards

Name: Troll
HP: 250

====================================Folio Magi==================================


1. Hesper Starkey
Description: Studied how moon phases affect potion-making.

2. Paracelsus
Description: Greatest of all medieval alchemists.



1. Merwyn the Malicious
Description: Credited with the invention of many unpleasant jinxes and hexes.

2. Morgan le Fay
Description: King Arthur's half sister. Dark sorceress and the enemy of Merlin.

3. Crispin Cronk
Description: Sent to Azkaban for keeping Sphinxes in his back garden.

4. Ethelred the EverReady
Description: Famous for taking offence at nothing and cursing innocent

5. Beatrix Bloxam
Description: Wrote Toadstool Tales, children's books now banned because they
caused vomiting.

6. Alberta Toothill
Description: Winner of the All-England Wizard Dueling Competition of 1430.

7. Xavier Rastrick
Description: Flamboyant wizard entertainer who vanished unexpectedly while

8. Yardley Platt
Description: Serial goblin killer

9. Dymphna Furmage
Description: Failed to pursuade the Ministry of Magic to have all Pixies
humanely destroyed.


2. Wendelin the Weird
Description: Liked burning at the stake so much she arranged to be lit up 47

4. Carlotta Pinkstone
Description: Campaigned to lift the statute of Secrecy and tell Muggles that
wizards exist.

7. Flavius Belby
Description: Only wizard ever to survive a Lethifold Attack


7. Cassandra Vablatsky
Description: Celebrated Seer and author of 'Unfogging the Future'.




2. Gunhilda of Gorsemoor
Description: One-eyed, hump-backed witch who found a cure for Dragon Pox.



5. Chauncey Oldridge
Description: First known victim of Dragon Pox

6. Mungo Bonham
Description: Founded Saint Mungo's Hospital for Magical Ailments and Injuries.

7. Wilfred Elphick
Description: First wizard to be gored by an African Erumpent.


5. Queen Maeve
Description: Legendary witch who trained young sorcerers in Ireland.

6. Helga Hufflepuff
Description: Co-founder of Hogwarts. Gave her name to one of the four Hogwarts

8. Hengist of Woodcroft
Description: Founded the village of Hogsmeade.

9. Daisy Dodderidge
Description: First Landlady of the Leaky Cauldron.

10. Albus Dumbledore
Description: Headmaster of Hogwarts. Friend to Nicolas Flamel - inventor of the
Philosopher's Stone.


1. Donaghan Tremlett
Description: Bass player with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters.

3. Gideon Crumb
Description: Plays bagpipes with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters.

4. Herman Wintringham
Description: Plays lute with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters.

5. Kirley Duke
Description: Plays lead guitar with the popular wizarding band The Weird

6. Myron Wagtail
Description: Lead singer of the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters.

7. Orsino Thruston
Description: Plays drums with the popular wizarding band The Weird Sisters.

8. Celestina Warbeck
Description: Popular Singing Sorceress

9. Heathcote Barbary
Description: Plays rhythm guitar with the popular wizarding band The Weird

10. Merton Graves
Description: Plays cello with the popular wizard band The Weird Sisters.



2. Andros the Invincible
Description: Alleged to have been the only known wizard to produce a patronus of
giant size.

3. Uric the Oddball
Description: Highly eccentric wizard famed for wearing a jellyfish for a hat.

4. Lord Stoddard Withers
Description: Breeder of flying Horses

6. Mirabella Plunkett
Description: Famous for falling in love with a merman and turning herself into a

8. Thaddeus Thurkell
Description: Famous for producing seven sons and turning them all into

====================================Folio Triplicus=============================

Name: Deflect
Cards: Wendelin the Weird, Carlotta Pinkstone, Flavius Belby
Effect: You receive less damage than you normally wood from an attack.

Name: Poison Immunity
Cards: Quong Po, Beaumont Marjoribanks, Chauncey Oldridge
Effect: For one battle, you will not take any damage.

Name: Sickle Seek
Cards: Glenda Chittock, Cassandra Vablatsky, Mopsus
Effect: You will get twice the sickles that you normally get at the end of a

Name: Summon Umbrella
Cards: Uric the Oddball, Mirabella Plunkett, Thaddeus Thurkell
Effect: A weak attack that will slightly damage an enemy.

Name: Snitch Streak
Cards: Chauncey Oldridge, Cyprian Youdle, Roderick Plumpton
Effect: The snitch flies around the enemy and reduces their accuracy.

Name: Conjure Snack
Cards: Hesper Starkey, Andros the Invincible, Thaddeus Thurkell
Effect: This will give you a piece of candy.

Name: Drone
Cards: Gideon Crumb, Kirley Duke, Orsino Thurston
Effect: Makes a noise that causes an enemy to flee. Experience and Sickles are
still received from it.

Name: Tempest
Cards: Merwyn the Malicious, Merton Graves, Lord Stoddard Withers
Effect: It will make an enemy flee and you still receive the experience and
sickles for it.

Name: Sluggish
Cards: Crispin Cronk, Ethelred the EverReady, Alberta Toothill
Effect: You decrease your own agility. This gives the enemies an advantage, do
not use it!

Name: Health Boost
Cards: Gregory the Smarmy, Sacharissa Tugwood, Mungo Bonham
Effect: This restores a portion of your SP.

Name: Nausea
Cards: Archibald Alderton, Elladora Ketteridge, Herpo the Foul
Effect: It takes a bit of your SP away from you.

Name: Rain of Bludgers
Cards: Bowman Wright, Devlin Whitehorn, Dunbar Oglethorpe
Effect: A bunch of Bludgers rain from the sky and strike the enemy.

Name: Exhaust
Cards: Honouria Nutcombe, Alberic Grunnion, Gunhilda Goosemoor
Effect: Your enemy will lose a large portion of their health.

Name: Distract
Cards: Musidora Barkwith, Myron Wagtail, Heathcote Barbary
Effect: It causes an enemy to lose a turn. Ironically, you spend a turn using
this so it's pretty pointless.

Name: Lullaby
Cards: Donaghan Tremlett, Herman Wintringham, Celestina Warbeck
Effect: It makes an enemy fall asleep. Good for some fights but it can be a
waste if used on the wrong enemy.

Name: Telegraph Punch
Cards: Perpetua Fancourt, Alberic Grunnion, Grogan Stump
Effect: This tells the enemy what you are going to attack with next and they get
a defense boost because of this.

Name: MP Gain
Cards: Gaspard Shingleton, Merlin, Circe
Effect: You get a permanent increase in MP. This is good because two cards are
rare and won't disappear. You can only use it once anyway.

Name: Item into Feather
Cards: Bridget Wenlock, Circe, Bertie Bott
Effect: You get an intem in your inventory turned into a feather. Which is bad
because you lose the item.

Name: Replenish Magic
Cards: Merlin, Burdock Muldoon, Artemisia Lufkin
Effects: Fully restores your MP.

Name: Heroic Strength
Cards: Yardley Platt, Oswald Beamish, Roderick Plumpton
Effects: They give you MASSIVE amounts of strength. You'll do a TON of damage.

Name: Encounter Track
Cards: Gulliver Pokeby, Newt Scamander, Adalbert Waffling
Effects: It makes more enemies appear. Use it if you need to get stronger.

==========================Frequently Asked Questions============================

Q. Why isn't Snape evil?
A. He just isn't. He loves Harry's mom. It's a theory, but it is a good one.

Q. I love you!
A. Thanks. I love my readers too!

Q. Can Harry Jump?
A. No, not in this game.

Q. I want ROMs and emulators!
A. Well then go talk to some illegal dealer, 'cause I'm not helping you.

Q. Who would read a walkthrough for this game at a time like this?
A. Nobody!

Q. Are you writing more works?
A. Yes! Several.

Q. Where can I contact you?
A. triplejumpfaqs[at]gmail[dot]com

Q. Why are you saying [at] and [dot]?
A. Because it looks cool and everyone else was doing it. Nah, thats smoking.
Which is bad. I do this as an anti spam method, using @ and . will cause me to
get those emails from some person pretending to be from Iraq, saying that their
husband died and they have 12 million US dollars for me, and if I want it, I
should email them back with my personal information (like my credit card number,
which I am too young for).

Q. Why did you make a huge response last time?
A. Because I want to.

Q. Why does it say "Philosopher's Stone"?
A. Because in the UK and Canada that is the name of the book, movie and game. It
is also the PROPER name.


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- You, for reading this.

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