Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories: Deck Building Guide

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|      < |  |/    \  / ___\ / __ |/  _ \ /     \ 
|    |  \|  |   |  \/ /_/  > /_/ (  <_> )  Y Y  \
|____|__ \__|___|  /\___  /\____ |\____/|__|_|  /
        \/       \//_____/      \/            \/ 
  ___ ___                        __                  
 /   |   \   ____ _____ ________/  |_  ______   __
/    ~    \_/ __ \\__  \\_  __ \   __\/  ___/  |__|
\    Y    /\  ___/ / __ \|  | \/|  |  \___ \    __
 \___|_  /  \___  >____  /__|   |__| /____  >  |__|
       \/       \/     \/                 \/   
              \______   \ ____     __
               |       _// __ \   |__|
               |    |   \  ___/    __
               |____|_  /\___  >  |__|
                      \/     \/   

_________  __            __                 _____ 
\_   ___ \|  |__ _____  |__| ____     _____/ ____\
/    \  \/|  |  \\__  \ |  |/    \   /  _ \   __\ 
\     \___|   Y  \/ __ \|  |   |  \ (  <_> )  |   
 \______  /___|  (____  /__|___|  /  \____/|__|   
        \/     \/     \/        \/                
   _____                               __               
  /     \   ____   _____   ___________|__| ____   ______
 /  \ /  \_/ __ \ /     \ /  _ \_  __ \  |/ __ \ /  ___/
/    Y    \  ___/|  Y Y  (  <_> )  | \/  \  ___/ \___ \ 
\____|__  /\___  >__|_|  /\____/|__|  |__|\___  >____  >
        \/     \/      \/                     \/     \/ 


By: Thestalos_07
Date: 12 July 2008
Version: 1.00

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(   CONTENTS   )
 \            /

I)        INTRO

(  I) INTRO  )

Good day all. Welcome to my guide to Re:COM deck building. This 
guide covers all the basics of standard deck building, along with 
some useful hints. Along the way, I shall be putting together my own 
decks for each section, just to give you an idea of how to do it. 
There are many ways to create a deck; you could stick with the deck 
you start off with, you could make one that abuses various sleights, 
or you could go the way of a true button-masher and make one of 
nothing but level 9 cards. However you do it, keep in mind that 
there is no “perfect deck”, and while some are definitely better 
than others, each deck should reflect YOUR playstyle and not someone 
elses. Just go with whatever works best for you, and you’ll be fine. 
Ok? Lets begin...but first, a bit of legal yadayadayada.


This guide is copyright 2008 by yours truly, Thestalos_07. You may 
print this off for personal uses, however I withhold the rights to 
sell it for a profit. If you wish to host the guide on your website, 
email me at the address listed below and chances are you will get 
permission. If you host it without permission, I will send you an 
email requesting that you take it down (along with a threat to sue 
if you don’t). Put simply, if you really want it, email me and THEN 
take it, if you put it up without permission and I find out and you 
take it down and THEN ask for permission, the answer will be no.

The current list of sites allowed to host this guide (and will have 
permission to host anything in the future):


Another set of permissions. cheatplanet and gamesradar now have
permission for all guides.

Small update to permissions. Congratulations GamersHell, you can
now host this guide.

First release of this guide. Contains a full list of sleights, 
basics to making your own deck, pointers on how to improve it etc.


And I think that just about covers it. Lets begin, for real this 


Unlike other Kingdom Hearts games (except the original COM), this 
game uses a deck system. What this means is that instead of just 
keyblade swinging, you use cards to attack. These cards are compiled 
into your deck, which you use in battle. You can have up to 3 decks, 
and each one is completely customizable. Aside from the standard 
attack cards, there are combinations you can create called 
“sleights”, but more on that later. Your decks should reflect your 
playstyle, and as there are so many different people in the world, 
there are many different playstyles. As such, there is no “perfect 
Its also important to remember that it is possible to break enemy 
cards, by “breaking” them. Breaking is done by either playing a card 
with a level of 0, or by playing a card or sleight with a higher 
level than that used by your enemy. As such, 0 cards are a must-have 
in every deck that doesn’t use high-level sleights.


For the most part, there are 2 kinds of decks which all the various 
archetypes fall under: Attack and Sleight.
Attack decks are simply a series of high-level cards used to create 
Sora’s standard 3-hit combo.
Sleight decks use just that: Sleights. But then the generic term of 
“sleight deck” fall into 4 sub-catagories: Attack, Magic, Summon and 
Friend, but more on that later.

Whatever type of deck you choose to build, just go with what works 
for you. And that concludes a short section.


Anybody who plays a TCG in a competitive state is aware of staples. 
A staple is basically a card(s) that is must have in a certain deck 
type. An example would be an Oppression Gadget deck in YuGiOh. The 
point of the deck is to prevent Special Summons, so the card Royal 
Oppression is used. Without that, the deck is pointless. Do you see 
what I mean? A staple is simply a card that makes a deck work 
better, more efficiently, more powerful. A staple is what makes a 
deck what it is.

For the most part, Re:COM staples are simply enemy cards. There 
isn’t a whole lot you can use to make a deck anything other than 
more powerful with a staple. The main staples are the boss cards, 
though some regular enemy cards can be useful. Here is a complete 
list of each one, how much CP they take, how long they last, where 
to get them and what they do:

SHADOW: ???? (25 CP, 2 reloads, Traverse Town)
Incrementor: Adds 1 to all card numbers
SOLDIER: ????? (15 CP, 3 reloads, Traverse Town)
Combo Plus: Do 1 more attack before each finishing move
POWER WILD: ??????? (30 CP, 1 reload, Olympus Coliseum)
Retrograde: Low cards now break high cards, rather than vice-versa; 
0's are unaffected
BOUNCY WILD: ????????? (10 CP, 5 reloads, Olympus Coliseum)
Draw: Attracts cards and EXP drops to Sora.
LARGE BODY: ?????? (40 CP, 1 reload, Wonderland)
Guard: Nullifies physical frontal attacks
FAT BANDIT: ?????????? (40 CP, 2 reloads, Agrabah)
Back Attack: Do more damage when hitting enemies from behind
SEA NEON: ????? (20 CP, 1 reload, Atlantica)
Random Values: Card numbers are randomized
BANDIT: ?????? (30 CP, 1 reload, Agrabah)
Combo Finish: All attacks become finishing moves
PIRATE: ????? (30 CP, 1 reload, Neverland)
All Zeroes: All cards become zeroes
RED NOCTURNE: ???????? (20 CP, 1 reload, Traverse Town)
Fire Boost: Increases fire damage
BLUE RHAPSODY: ???????? (20 CP, 1 reload, Traverse Town)
Blizzard Boost: Increases blizzard/ice damage
YELLOW OPERA: ??????? (20 CP, 1 reload, Agrabah)
Thunder Boost: Increases thunder damage
GREEN REQUIEM: ????????? (20 CP, 1 reload, Agrabah)
Cure Boost: Increases cure amount
WIZARD: ????? (30 CP, 1 reload, Hollow Bastion)
Magic Boost: Forfeits summon cards to power up magic cards
AIR SOLDIER: ??????? (30 CP, 3 reloads, Agrabah)
Reload Kinesis: Allows reloading to be done while moving
BARREL SPIDER: ???????? (30 CP, 3 reloads, Olympus Coliseum)
Quick Reload: Decreases reloading time
WIGHT KNIGHT: ?????? (15 CP, 3 reloads, Halloween Town)
Levitate: Increases jumping height
AIR PIRATE: ??????? (30 CP, 3 reloads, Neverland)
Item Bracer: Item cards cannot be broken
GARGOYLE: ????? (30 CP, 1 reload, Halloween Town)
Vanish: Makes you invisible and harder to hit
SEARCH GHOST: ??????? (35 CP, 1 reload, Atlantica)
Drain: Gain health with physical attacks but enemies drop fewer 
AQUA TANK: ?????? (30 CP, 1 reload, Atlantica)
Auto-Reload: Reloads automatically once all cards are used
SCREW DIVER: ????????? (15 CP, 1 reload, Atlantica)
Decrementor: Subtracts 1 from all card numbers
WYVERN: ????? (20 CP, 3 reloads, Hollow Bastion)
Reload Lock: Prevents the reload counter from increasing during 
DEFENDER: ??????? (30 CP, 1 reload, Hollow Bastion)
Protect: Decreases damage taken from physical attacks
WHITE MUSHROOM: ??????????? (40 CP, 3 reloads, White Room)
Hyper Healing: Restores HP every time a friend card is used
BLACK FUNGUS: ????????? (40 CP, Black Room)
Random Flush: Activates a random enemy card effect
CREEPER PLANT: ???????? (35 CP, 1 reload, Halloween Town)
Leaf Bracer: Healing cards cannot be broken
TORNADO STEP: ????????? (30 CP, 2 reloads, Monstro)
Reload Haste: Resets the reload counter to 1
CRESCENDO: ????? (30 CP, 1 reload, Destiny Islands)
Summon Boost: Forfeits magic cards to power up summon cards
NEOSHADOW: ?????? (30 CP, 1 reload, Castle Oblivion)
Bio: Causes enemy HP to decrease over time
DARK BALL: ?????? (N/A, 1 reload, N/A)
Duel Trigger: All cards trigger duels, regardless of values

GUARD ARMOR: ??????? (30 CP, 30 attacks)
Wide Attack: Increases the area hit by sword swings
HADES: ??? (40 CP, 30 attacks, resistant to fire, stunned by ice)
Berserk: Boosts the power of attack cards when in critical health
TRICKMASTER: ???????? (25 CP, 10 breaks from an enemy)
Value Break: When you get broken, the enemy's card value is 
permanently reduced by your value
JAFAR: ????? (65 CP, 20 attacks)
Attack Bracer: Attack cards cannot be broken (except with zeroes)
URSULA: ???? (50 CP, 5 hits)
Shell: Halves the damage taken from magical attacks
OOGIE BOOGIE: ??? (40 CP, 10 uses)
Regen: Heals you over time
PARASITE CAGE: ???????? (60 CP, 1 use)
Dispel: Breaks the opponent's enemy card
HOOK: ??? (35 CP, 3 times, resistant to thunder, stunned by fire)
Second Chance: Stay at 1 HP after being hit by a death blow
DRAGON MALEFICENT: ??????????? (70 CP, 30 attack)
Overdrive: Sacrifices reload speed to power up attack cards
DARK SIDE: ?????? (99 CP, 1 use)
Mimic: Copies the opponent's enemy card
RIKU: ?? (80 CP, 5 sleights, resistant to fire, blizzard, and 
Sleight Lock: Keep non-item cards available for reloading while 
doing sleights
CARD SOLDIER: ????? (55 CP, 30 attacks)
Attack Haste: Increases the swing speed of attack cards
ANSEM: ???? (40 CP, 10 sleights, resistant to fire, blizzard, and 
Sleightblind: Conceals your stocked cards from opponents
XEMNAS: ???? (65 CP, 3 reloads, resistant to all)
Quick Guard: Blocks all hits after the first from a combo attack
XIGBAR: ????? (80 CP, 2 reloads, resistant to all)
Shot Charge: Increases damage for ranged attacks, including both 
magic and sleights (e.g. Strike Raid)
XALDIN: ????? (65 CP, 3 hits taken, resistant to all)
Wind Guard: Damages nearby enemies with a wind shield
VEXEN: ????? (60 CP, 1 use, immune to ice, stunned by fire)
Auto-Life: Brings you back to life with critical health after dying
LEXAEUS: ????? (99 CP, 50 attacks, immune to ice, resistant to 
physical, weak against special)
Warp Break: Finishing moves have a chance of instantly killing an 
ZEXION: ????? (65 CP, 50 attacks, resistant to all)
Confuse Strike: Attacks have a chance of confusing enemies
SAIX: ???? (80 CP, 20 attacks, resistant to all)
Combo Boost: Do cumulative extra damage on each hit, but the damage 
is reset if you get card-broken
AXEL: ???? (75 CP, 10 hits taken, immune to fire, stunned by ice)
Quick Recovery: Can play cards even while stunned
DEMYX: ????? (80 CP, 2 reloads, resistant to thunder and special)
Water Boost: Increases damage from water attacks (Aqua Splash, 
Blizzard, etc.)
LUXORD: ????? (99 CP, 15 cards, resistant to thunder and special)
All Break: All cards played break all enemy cards
MARLUXIA: ?????? (99 CP, 3 sleights, resistant to all, weak 
against phys.)
Double Sleight: Perform each sleight twice in succession
LARXENE: ????? (65 CP, 15 cards played, immune to thunder, weak 
against spcl.)
Dash: Increases running speed
ROXAS: ???? (99 CP, 20 attacks)
Double Damage: Attacks do twice as much damage

As we can see from that list, there are cards to benefit pretty much 
every kind of deck. Xigbar increases most Magic decks, Roxas is 
great in most attack-based decks, Demyx makes Water decks a 
contender. There are also cards that are splashable anywhere; that 
is, they can be used in most decks effectively. Larxene and Card 
Soldier are good examples of these.

 /                         \
 \                         /

A pure attack deck is simply 3-hit combos, over and over and over. 
If its your first time playing the game, this is probably the deck 
that you should use for the first set of world cards, just until you 
get the hang of the battle system.
While attack decks are quite good, they WILL fail against any boss 
that uses sleights. Boss sleights will consistently have a level 
higher than whatever card you use, so unless like 10 cards in your 
deck are 0’s, or you use the Luxord card, its best to switch to 
another deck for these bosses. Feel free to switch back to the 
attack deck when you’re fighting anything else though.


At first glance, attack decks are the simplest decks to build: They 
consist mostly of level 9 cards. However there are many important 
factors to think about, namely: Damage and recovery. Damage is 
simply how much damage the card causes, and recovery (IIRC) is how 
long it takes to recover if you are broken. The deck in this example 
is a bit like this to start off with:
3x Lv9 Divine Rose
3x Lv9 Olympia
3x Lv9 Diamond Dust
3x Lv9 Metal Chocobo
3x Lv9 Fairy Harp
3x Lv9 Oathkeeper
3x Lv9 Monochrome
3x Lv9 Potion
3x Lv9 Cure

As we can see, this deck has reloading potions and healing cures, 
along with a bunch of combos. Now, we take into consideration the 
damage caused by these cards. The idea of this kind of deck is to 
deal as much damage as possible via combos, so weak cards are 
useless to us. So we go from that to:

3x Lv9 Olympia
3x Lv9 Diamond Dust
3x Lv9 Oathkeeper
3x Lv9 Monochrome
3x Lv9 Potion
3x Lv9 Cure

This deck is much shorter now, seeing as we have taken out the 
Divine Rose, Metal Chocobo, and Fairy Harp combos. Unfortunately, 
that takes us down to 4 short combos, so we need to find something 
to replace them. If we pull up a list of cards, we can see that 
there are some good replacements such as Ultima Weapon and Oblivion. 
So, with that in mind, we now have:

3x Lv9 Ultima Weapon
3x Lv9 Oblivion
3x Lv9 Crab Claw
3x Lv9 Star Seeker
3x Lv9 Olympia
3x Lv9 Diamond Dust
3x Lv9 Oathkeeper
3x Lv9 Monochrome
3x Lv9 Potion
3x Lv9 Cure

If we check this out, we will see that the lowest damage any of 
these does is B-rated, which is quite good. Not as good as A, but 
not to shabby at all. We still have our reloads and cures, and we 
can dish out 8 full combos before needing to use one of said 
Now we focus on the next area: Recovery. Most of these cards have a 
good recovery time, so the deck won’t change too much. If we bring 
out our list again, and go through, we can eliminate the softer 
spots. As such, the deck goes from what we see above to:

3x Lv9 Ultima Weapon
3x Lv9 Oblivion
3x Lv9 Crab Claw
3x Lv9 Star Seeker
3x Lv9 Olympia
3x Lv9 Diamond Dust
3x Lv9 Oathkeeper
3x Lv9 Hidden Dragon
3x Lv9 Potion
3x Lv9 Cure

The only change here is Monochrome. The damage was good, but the 
swing speed was a lowly C. So, we switched it out for the Hidden 
Dragon. Hidden Dragon does the same amount of damage, but the speed 
is A. So our deck has gone from this:
3x Lv9 Divine Rose
3x Lv9 Olympia
3x Lv9 Diamond Dust
3x Lv9 Metal Chocobo
3x Lv9 Fairy Harp
3x Lv9 Oathkeeper
3x Lv9 Monochrome
3x Lv9 Potion
3x Lv9 Cure

to this:

3x Lv9 Ultima Weapon
3x Lv9 Oblivion
3x Lv9 Crab Claw
3x Lv9 Star Seeker
3x Lv9 Olympia
3x Lv9 Diamond Dust
3x Lv9 Oathkeeper
3x Lv9 Hidden Dragon
3x Lv9 Potion
3x Lv9 Cure

With these changes, we can put out 1 more combo, and aside from 
that, the combos are much stronger as well.

Also keep in mind that the order of the cards is very important. All 
the cards deal a different amount of damage based on what number hit 
they were in the combo: 1,2 or 3, the finisher. All the cards I’ve 
included here are based on their finisher strength, so its up to you 
to properly utilise all the cards you have to make an ultimate 
Now, we most of the things out of the way here. We just need to add 
a few 0 cards, and a staple or 2. If you’ve read this guide from the 
start, you would remember me talking about 0 cards and its uses 
early on. If you didn’t, then here it is again: Breaking is done by 
either playing a card with a level of 0, or by playing a card or 
sleight with a higher level than that used by your enemy. As such, 0 
cards are a must-have in every deck that doesn’t use high-level 

Now, our staples. Being nothing but attacks, we are going to want 
powerups and anything else that’s useful. If we refer to the list 
above, these should stick out to us:
Card Soldier
Dragon Maleficent
Guard Armor
Search Ghost
Fat Bandit

For all practicality purposes, it would be stupid to include all 
these in our staple deck. So we must choose which would work best, 
and cut down this list to a MAXIMUM of 5.
Roxas is perhaps the best card we could use, as it doubles all 
damage done by this deck. Therefore it is a must, and takes up one 
of our 5 slots.
Saix is also useful, but its basically a more conditional version of 
Roxas. It’ll go on the “maybe pile”.
Axel is nice, but not necessary. He gets the no.
Same for Xemnas, Fat Bandit, and Bandit. That brings the list down 

Card Soldier
Dragon Maleficent
Guard Armor
Search Ghost


Guard Armor is also useful, as is Jafar. Increased range and less 
chance of break are very nice.
Search Ghost is basically a stall card. Very nice, but again, 
doesn’t benefit the deck so it’s a no. Soldier gives a 2-for-1 
benefit, so that’s in.
Now its basically down to Card Solder, Saix and Dragon Maleficent. 
Card Soldier increases the swing speed, though if the deck is 
properly made, they will all have at least B+ so that’s not 
necessary. Maleficent fits right in with the theme of dealing as 
much damage via combos as possible, so that gets the thumbs up. As 
for Saix, he has been surpassed and so gets a no-go. We now have:

Guard Armor

So now we have a finished deck. The final decklist is as follows:

3x Lv9 Ultima Weapon                  Staple Deck:
3x Lv9 Oblivion                       Roxas
3x Lv9 Crab Claw                      Soldier
3x Lv9 Star Seeker                    Maleficent
3x Lv9 Olympia                        Lexaeus
3x Lv9 Diamond Dust                   Guard Armor
3x Lv9 Oathkeeper
3x Lv9 Hidden Dragon
3x Lv9 Potion
3x Lv9 Cure
6x Lv0 Kingdom Key

There we go. High power combos, reloads and heals, 0 cards and our 
powerup staples. That’s one deck done! Onwards to the next section!

 /                         \
 \                         /

Ah, the humble sleight. A very powerful and extremely useful set of 
attacks. A sleight is a combination of 2-3 cards arranged in the 
correct order. Most sleights have various parameters, such as a 
total level of 20-23. If the sleight has a total of 24+ or 19-, then 
the sleight won’t execute. As such, sleights are best in a deck 
specifically designed to use them.

As mentioned earlier, there are 4 main types of sleight decks. They 


Attack decks use the first set of sleights, the one set on a red 
background. All these sleights are attack-based, and so benefit from 
most of the staples that benefit regular attack decks.

Magic decks are my favourite. They are set on a blue background, and 
for the most part are extremely powerful. A lot of them are ranged 
attacks, so don’t benefit from the staples that go with attack 
decks. Magic decks can again be broken down, into Fire, Blizzard, 
Thunder, Aero, Gravity and Stop decks, along with other types. 
Thunder has like 2 sleights, so isn’t viable. Still, if you want to 
try it, go ahead.

Summon decks......lets just say they have potential. Some summons 
are good, like Cloud and Mushu, but for the most part really take a 
lot of effort to put together nicely. They CAN work no doubt, but 
the time and energy you’ll be putting in to achieve that makes it 
not really worth it.

Friend decks are absolute pieces of ****. Don’t EVER try these. 
Basically you get 1 friend card every 20 seconds or so, so that’s 
like 2-3 sleights per minute, which are really not worth it and so 
should NEVER be used as a decktype. Seriously, don’t even bother 
trying one of these, it’s not worth it.


SLIDING DASH: ???????? (three same-type attack cards, total 
value 10-15)
Slide towards distant targets for a close-range attack
STUN IMPACT: ???????? (three same-type attack cards, total 
value 20-23)
Stun surrounding enemies with a single aura attack
STRIKE RAID: ???????? (three attack cards, total value 24-26)
Hurl the Keyblade forwards, stunning and damaging enemies
BLITZ: ????????? (three varied-type attack cards, total value 
Powerful two-hit combo using the Triangle button
ZANTETSUKEN: ?????? (three attack cards, total value 0 or 27)
Break a card and prevent it from being reloaded for the rest of the 
SONIC BLADE: ??????? (three varied-type attack cards, total 
value 20-23)
Rocket across the field, striking enemies with the Triangle button
ARS ARCANUM: ???????? (three attack cards, total value 1-6)
Rain a flurry of blows on the enemy with the Triangle button
RAGNAROK: ????? (three attack cards, total value 7-9)
Leap into the air and fire a stream of lasers
TRINITY LIMIT: ????????? (attack + Donald + Goofy)
Inflict heavy damage on all visible enemies

FIRA: ???? (Fire x2)
FIRAGA: ???? (Fire x3)
BLIZZARA: ???? (Blizzard x2)
BLIZZAGA: ???? (Blizzard x3)
THUNDARA: ???? (Thunder x2)
THUNDAGA: ???? (Thunder x3)
CURA: ???? (Cure x2)
CURAGA: ???? (Cure x3)
GRAVIRA: ???? (Gravity x2)
GRAVIGA: ???? (Gravity x3)
STOPRA: ???? (Stop x2)
STOPGA: ???? (Stop x3)
AERORA: ???? (Aero x2)
AEROGA: ???? (Aero x3)

WARPINATOR: ??????? (Stop + Gravity + Aero)
Instantly kill the closest enemy, but no EXP is gained
WARP: ???? (Stop + Aero x2)
Instantly kill all enemies in sight, but no EXP is gained
BLIZZARD RAID: ??????? (Blizzard + attack x2)
Hurl the Keyblade forwards, inflicting blizzard damage
SYNCHRO: ???? (Cure + Gravity + Aero)
Set surrounding enemies' HP to that of the target
FIRE RAID: ??????? (Fire + attack x2)
Hurl the Keyblade forwards, inflicting fire damage
AQUA SPLASH: ????????? (Blizzard + Fire + Aero)
Spray melted ice for a period of time, inflicting ice damage
TERROR: ??? (summon x2 + Jack or Simba + Mushu + item)
Strike fear into enemies so that they no longer approach
MIRACLE GIFT: ??????? (summon + magic + Jack or Bambi + Blizzard 
+ item)
Reload cards and reset counter while restoring HP to Sora and to all 
BIND: ???? (Gravity + Stop + magic)
Hold enemies in place, although they can still attack
SHOCK IMPACT: ????????? (Simba + attack x2)
Send enemies flying and trigger Stop
HOMING BLIZZARA: ????????? (Aero + Blizzard + magic)
Cast Blizzara that seeks out the targeted enemy
QUAKE: ???? (Gravity + Simba + magic)
Inflict damage on all ground enemies with a violent tremor
TELEPORT: ??? (magic x2 + Peter Pan or Stop + Aero + item)
Teleport behind the targeted enemy, stunning it
THUNDER RAID: ??????? (Thunder + attack x2)
Hurl the Keyblade forwards, inflicting thunder damage
CONFUSE: ???? (Genie + Tinker Bell + summon)
Confuse enemies so they attack less often
FIRAGA BURST: ???????? (Fire x2 + Gravity)
Shoot a fireball into the sky which rains blasts across the battle 
REFLECT RAID: ???????? (Cloud + attack x2)
Hurl the Keyblade forwards and make it ricochet to hit several 
MAGNET: ???????? (Gravity x2 + attack)
Gather enemies together and then hit them away
STOP BLADE: ???????? (Stop + attack x2)
Cast Stop, then run and slash an enemy, also causing damage over 
TORNADO: ???? (Aero + Gravity + summon)
Envelope enemies in a tornado, damaging and incapacitating them
FREEZE: ???? (Blizzard x2 + Stop)
Freeze enemies in blocks of ice - enemies take extra damage if the 
blocks are shattered
JUDGMENT: ??????? (Aero + attack x2)
Hurl the Keyblade forwards for a direct hit following by a spinning 
HOLY: ???? (Mega-Ether + Megalixir + item)
Inflict damage on targeted enemy and on all surrounding enemies
BLAZING STORM: ????????? (Aero + Fire x2)
Temporarily surround Sora with flaming tornadoes
MEGA FLARE: ????? (Mushu + Fire x2)
Incinerate all enemies in a wide area

PROUD ROAR: ?????? (Simba x2 or Simba x3)
SHOWTIME: ?????? (Genie x2 or Genie x3)
CROSS-SLASH: ??? (Cloud x2)
CROSS-SLASH+: ????? (Cloud + Stop + attack)
Cloud teleports to an enemy and does a triple attack
OMNISLASH: ?????? (Cloud x3)
Cloud flies around attacking enemies (use Triangle)
SPLASH: ?????? (Dumbo x2 or Dumbo x3)
TWINKLE: ????? (Tinker Bell x2 or + Tinker Bell x3)
PARADISE: ????? (Bambi x2 or Bambi x3)
IDYLL ROMP: ????????? (Bambi + attack x2)
Bambi confuses the enemy
FLARE BREATH: ?????? (Mushu x2 or Mushu x3)

MAGIC: ???? (Donald x2 or Donald x3)
BLAZING DONALD: ?????????? (Donald + Fire)
Donald shoots a fireball into the air that can be redirected into 
enemies with Triangle
GOOFY TORNADO: ????????? (Goofy x2 or Goofy x3)
GOOFY SMASH: ?????????? (Goofy + attack)
Aerial combo an enemy with Goofy using Triangle
WILD CRUSHER: ?????????? (Goofy + Donald + attack)
Rush at enemies, using Goofy as a battering ram
LUCKY BOUNTY: ????????? (Pluto x2 or Pluto x3)
SANDSTORM: ???????? (Aladdin x2 or Aladdin x3)
SURPRISE!: ????? (Jack x2 or Jack x3)
SPIRAL WAVE: ????????? (Ariel x2 or Ariel x3)
HUMMINGBIRD: ???????? (Peter Pan x2 or Peter Pan x3)
FEROCIOUS LUNGE: ???????? (Beast x2 or Beast x3)


Building a sleight deck is actually quite easy: Just choose what 
decktype you want, and find all sleights that use it. Then trim it 
to fit into your current CP, and go test it out. I will build a fire 
deck, and test it in the Destiny Islands opening area.

So, to start off, I find all the Fire sleights:
Fire Raid
Mega Flare
Blazing Storm
Firaga Burst

Now I fit it into my current CP (1100):

1x Firaga
1x Fire Raid
1x Mega Flare
2x Blazing Storm
2x Firaga Burst
3x Hi Potion + Mega Ether + Cure sleight

Now I test it.


Well I must say, this deck PWNS!!!! Damage is amazing, range is 
excellent, the whole deck is made of win! No doubt Fire is one of 
the better archetypes.

Now I will try a regular Attack Sleight deck. So, I find all the 
possible sleights:
Slide Dash
Stun Impact
Strike Raid
Sonic Blade
Ars Arcanum

Now I fit it to my CP of 1100:
2x Slide Dash
1x Strike Raid
2x Sonic Blade
2x Blitz
3x Hi Potion + Cure + Cure sleight

And now I test it.


Eh, not so bad. Could use some further refining, but on the whole it 
should meet your needs.

And that, good sirs/ma’ams, are the basic steps to building your 
very own sleight deck. Don’t forget to add your staples, but I can’t 
be bother to go through that stuff all over again. Refer to section 
VIII if you need clarification.

 /                               \
 \                               /

Now I know that I’m going to cop a LOT of backlash for this, but I 
really do believe that Raids are the ultimate archetype. Just leave 
out Blizzard and perhaps Fire Raid, and this deck can beat 
absolutely anything (with the exception of Castle Oblivion floor). 
Of all your raids, you have:
Fire/Blizzard/Thunder/Gravity/Reflect Raid

Judgment is exactly what it sounds like: An extremely powerful and 
versatile attack. What it does is it hits the target, then loops 
around and hits it again, and again, and again, all the while 
damaging absolutely EVERYTHING else it comes into contact with. And 
I include it as a raid because it has all the same properties, just 
doesn’t include the word “raid” in the name.

I recently went head to head with Marluxia using a deck of 3x 
Judgment, 3x Reflect Raid and 3x HiPotion+MegaEther+Cure sleights, 
and it absolutely pwned. Reflect Raid has got to be the strongest 
attack in the game when used right, and using Xigbar it managed to 
rip off roughly 3/4 of a bar per hit. On the FINAL VERSION of 
Marluxia no less. Yes, the raids are quite simply an extremely 
dominating set of sleights.

Though I will admit that Raids do have their weaknesses. They fly in 
a straight line, so if your target moves too much, the attack will 
miss. Its also very rare for them to hit anything above Sora’s head 
height, so flying enemies will be a ***** to take down. Still, 
Judgment just needs to connect once and its pretty much all over.

*puts up flame shield*


 /                      \
 \                      /

 - Go with whatever suits your playstyle.

 - Test out your deck thoroughly before saying its > all

 - The key to making a good deck is simply through levelling up.

 - If you’re stuck on a boss, don’t be afraid to change your deck  
   around. Different bosses require different strategies.

 - And finally, have fun with the game. There is no pressure
   whatsoever to have the ultimate deck, because you can’t even pit
   it against another deck.

 /                             \
 \                             /

Alright, so we’ve reached the end of this guide. I had a good time 
writing this, so if you have anything you want to say, send it to me 
at this address:
Feel free to send in your own tips to deck building, as right now 
this only shows my point of view. If you’re going to flame me for 
saying raids are the best archetype, I’ll flame you right back for 
saying they aren’t.

As for thanks, here they are:
My parents for getting me this awesome game
CJayC for starting GameFAQs
SBAllah for continuing it after Ceejus’ departure 
And any of my readers.

Till next time!