L.A. Noire: FAQ/Walkthrough

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L.A. Noire FAQ/Walkthrough (X360)
Version 0.5
By Matt "SpacePirate" Perez
Email: nintendomaster@comcast.net


The Rundown

1. Introduction
2. Sunset Blvd.: The World of "L.A. Noire"
   2A. Controls
   2B. Backstory
   2C. Notebook
   2D. Investigations
   2E. Interrogations
3. FAQs
4. Patrol Desk
   4A. "Upon Reflection"
   4B. "Armed and Dangerous"
   4C. "Warrants Outstanding"
   4D. "Buyer Beware"
5. Traffic Desk
   5A. "The Driver's Seat"
   5B. "A Marriage Made in Heaven"
   5C. "The Fallen Idol"
6. Homicide Desk
   6A. "The Red Lipstick Murder"
   6B. "The Golden Butterfly"
   6C. "The Silk Stocking Murder"
   6D. "The White Shoe Slaying"
   6E. "The Studio Secretary Murder"
   6F. "The Quarter Moon Murders"
7. Vice Desk
   7A. "The Black Caesar"
   7B. "The Set Up"
   7C. "The Naked City" (DLC)
   7D. "Manifest Destiny"
8. Arson Desk
   8A. "The Gas Man"
   8B. "A Walk in Elysian Fields"
   8C. "House of Sticks"
   8D. "A Polite Invitation"
   8E. "A Different Kind of War"
9. The Streets of L.A.
   9A. Street Crimes
   9B. Golden Film Reels
   9C. Landmark Locations
   9D. Hidden Vehicles
10. Newspaper Locations
11. Achievement List
12. The Standards
    12A. Contact Information
    12B. Version Updates
    12C. Credits
    12D. Copyright

                                1. Introduction

How's it going gamers, my name's Matt and welcome to my guide for Rockstar's
fantastic "L.A. Noire." I haven't attempted to write a guide in some time but
upon finishing this particular game, it felt like a no-brainer to write 
this walkthrough.

Only a special kind of game can get me to replay it and "L.A. Noire" is one of
those games. I can say without the imminent outlook of humility that we are 
looking at the future of gaming with Rockstar's venture into the noir genre.

With this original piece of storytelling, Rockstar took a risk with a 
staggeringly expensive and untested technology. Instead of creating a generic 
title that simply showed off the tech behind the game, they very ambitiously 
built a game whose most basic gameplay is dependant on the success of the
quality of this untapped technology. As Tommy Vercetti would say, these guys 
have some balls.

This is not "GTA with hats" as most of the action centers around investigating
and interrogating but like the American satirization of "Grand Theft Auto IV" 
and the tragic period piece of "Red Dead Redemption," "L.A. Noire" follows 
Rockstar's trend of bridging serious storytelling with the interactive media of
video games.

Enough of me gushing about this game though, let's get on with the guide. I 
tried to organize the walkthrough as best I can based on how the cases evolve.
At its present state, the guide is lacking but hopefully I set-up a structure
that will keep you coming back for the rest.

A quick note if you're still reading, this game wasn't meant to be played
mistake free. If you're hoping to enjoy the game, you might want to just tackle
it on your own first using my tips and tricks to help you through some of the 
more difficult stages. Then afterwards, looking for perfection. But "L.A. 
Noire" allows you to make mistakes and paves a unique path for your 
playthrough. If you are however super stumped or want to five star each case, 
then look no further.


                   2. Sunset Blvd.: The World of "L.A. Noire"

Sweet reference, huh?

"L.A. Noire" puts a unique twist on the open-world game. Well really, it's an
unconventional game all together. Though the action bits are well-done, it
comes second to the detective work that dominates the gameplay. Not every lead 
turns into a car chase or a shootout. More often than not, you're sniffing out 
clues and pressing suspects for information.

So there's a lot of new ground covered and for those a bit overwhelmed by it,
check out some of my tips in this section to prep yourself for some of the more
daunting situations in the game.

-=-=-                             2A. Controls                            -=-=-

*Taken from instructional manual

*On Foot*

Left Stick: Movement/Manipulate Clue
Right Stick: Rotate Camera
Y: Enter/Exit Vehicle/Hold to make Partner Drive
B: Leave Clues Analysis/Reload
A: Interact/Investigate Clue
X: Talk/Interrogate/Ask Partner for Help
Right Bumper: Enter/Exit Cover
Right Trigger: Run/Shoot (with weapon drawn)
Left Bumper: Discard Found Weapon
Left Trigger: Aim Weapon
D-Pad: Navigate Notebook Options
D-Pad Right: Call Partner
D-Pad Down: Zoom Out Mini Map
Start: Pause
Back Button: Bring up Notebook/Exit Notebook


Left Stick: Steering
Right Stick: Rotate Camera
Dpad Up: Change Camera
A: Respond to Dispatch Call
Right Bumper: Handbrake
Right Trigger: Accelerate
Right Stick Button: Look Behind
Left Trigger: Brake
Left Stick Button: Siren/Horn


A: Punch
X: Dodge (hold to block)
Y: Grapple Moves
Left Trigger: Lock onto Target
B: Finishing Move


A: Select Truth
X: Select Doubt
Y: Select Lie
Select: View Notebook
Left Bumper: Use Intuition Point

-=-=-                            2B. Backstory                            -=-=-

*Taken from instruction manual

In the years after World War II, while many struggled to rebuild their lives in
a devastating economy, Los Angeles embraced an era of unprecedented growth and 
prosperity, and Hollywood became a shining beacon of the American Dream to the 
rest of the world. yet beneath the glitz and glamour lay a darker reality: a 
burgeoning drug trade, a movie industry relentlessly preying on naive young 
girls, rampant corruption at every level of police and government, and 
thousands of demobilized troops trying to readjust to civilian life and leave 
the horrors of war behind them.

After years of fighting in the Pacific Theatre of World War II, one such young 
man, Marine Lieutenant Cole Phelps, was awarded one of the Navy's highest 
honors, the Silver Star, and was honorably discharged. Keen to continue serving
his county on home soil, Cole signed up with the L.A.P.D., a police force 
suffering a public relations crisis amid accusations of corruption and 
brutality. A young, decorated war hero could be just what the department needs
to turn the tide of public opinion. The power that be are watching...

-=-=-                            2C. Notebook                             -=-=-

Is it a cliché? Sure, but in the world of "L.A. Noire," your notebook is the
most important tool you've got (sort of). Clues and evidence you collect get
marked down and leads are built off the information stored in your notebook.

When you come upon new information, a prompt on the left side of the screen
will pop up to tell you what exactly was stored. Information ranges from
basic case information, people of interest (P.O.I.), locations, and clues and

The most important information stored in the notebook is the case evidence.
During interrogations, you might want to press the Back Button in order to 
check out evidence you could potentially pin on a suspect before choosing
"Truth," "Doubt" or "Lie."

When you get a location and address, that info goes into the "Locations"
section of your notebook and from that, you can set a destination marker on
your map. Usually when you enter your car and you've got a potential new 
location, the notebook will come up automatically for you to set the

People of interest will receive a brief description in the notebook. 

-=-=-                          2D. Investigations                         -=-=-

Throughout the game, you will come upon areas where clue need to be scrounged
and searched for. The most basic areas for this are crime scenes but apartments
and other locations are also explored during the game.

An investigation occurs when a distinct song begins to play and you are given
the freedom to roam around areas and pick up items and inspect them for clues.
If you approach something you can interact with, your controller will rumble 
and a two-note piano cue will sound. When you are finished with an item, you
may still pick the item up but the controller will not rumble

Areas are usually littered with useless items that do nothing but distract you
from the real clues. Often times, items like beer bottles and hair brushes can 
be picked up for no reason whatsoever. To save yourself time, look for the most
obvious clues first before sniffing through every inch of the area. 

Certain items need further investigating to attain the clues from them. If you
need to turn the item around in a certain way, a noise will play and a prompt
telling you to rotate the item with the control stick will appear in the upper
left hand side of the screen. Other times you must press "A" to physically
open or change the item around to get the clue. Either way, make sure you do so
before putting important items down. If you do so, your controller will
continue to rumble as you pass by the item.

When all of the important clues and evidence are found in the area, the music
will conclude and you can be on your way. By important, I mean the items that
give you information that is recorded in your notebook. You don't need to pick
up all the useless crap around the areas to end the music so save yourself the
energy and pass over the obvious trash.

If you can't seem to find every clue in the area, an Intuition point may be
spent to highlight all the clues on your mini map. You may want to save those
points for interviews though. You don't need to be stingy with the points since
you get them through leveling up from gaining XP but you're probably going to
have harder situations during interrogations than investigations. 

Also keep in mind that if an interactive newspaper is in the area, the 
investigation music will not end until this paper is found.

-=-=-                          2E. Interrogations                         -=-=-

Interrogations make up a large part, if not the bulk of "L.A. Noire." The
exciting nature of the gameplay stems from the interrogation sequences. Without
this technology, this aspect of the game would not be possible. 

After asking the interviewee a question, you need to read them like Daniel
Negreanu at the World Series of Poker. Team Bondi and Rockstar hired
professional actors of course, so if their character is lying, there will be
some sort of unconscious tic that reveals the truth behind the response. After
asking a question, keep an eye on how they respond to the meet of the
question. There are many unique ways to catch a character in their deception.

1. When they tell you that core info, watch their eyes. If they attempt to
   avoid eye contact, they might be full of it.

2. Nervous tics such as fidgeting, scratching and obvious signs of discomfort
   will give up the characters true feelings like LeBron James gave up trying
   to bring relevance to Cleveland sports.

3. Classic tell-tales such as a higher voice or shaking the head "no" while
   giving information should be called on immediately.

4. Sudden dramatic changes in mood after challenging a person should be noted.

5. Of course, sometimes your instincts and gut is what you should go on. Some
   people just seem stand-up, straight shooting people while others seem
   slippery and conniving. If you can read the person true intentions, than you
   should have no problem calling them out or believing there story.

6. Of course, if you have evidence that contradicts exactly what the person is
   telling you, then totally disregard everything I just told you and knock the
   person on their ass with the cold hard facts.

Interviews go as follows: you ask the person your question and you then take
what they said and either decide that it's the "Truth (A)," or you "Doubt (X)"
the validity of the words. Either one of these will advance the action of the
conversation in one of the two directions. If however, what they told you
contradicts a piece of evidence you've got locked away in your Notebook (Back
Button), then you may call the person out on a "Lie (Y)" where the person asks
for a specific piece of evidence which you then must present to them.

The most important thing to remember during all of this is that "Lie" is 
separate from "Truth" and "Doubt." If you believe your interviewee's answer and
have no reason to doubt it, then choose "Truth." But if you believe there is 
some deception in their words, then you have some deliberation to do. If you 
have evidence that contradicts what they've stated, choose "Lie." If not, 
choose "Doubt." Often times, you might want to choose "Lie" just to see what 
exactly you need to catch them in a deception. You can back out of an 
accusation and choose "Doubt" if you have no evidence. Just know that choosing 
"Lie" won't advance the interview until you also choose a piece of evidence.

Say you've done all of this and you're still stumped. Through ranking up during
the story, you will receive Intuition points. A single Intuition point can be
use to eliminate one of the three choices. If "Lie" is not eliminate, some
useless evidence will be crossed off to narrow the choices for you. A useful
stat emerges when you press the button ("LB") to use a point. It will tell you
the percentage of people who got the question right after using the point. If
the percentage is extremely high, than you can assume it's something simple
like "Truth." Don't worry too much on being stingy with points however, you can
store a maximum of five and you can attain them fairly quickly.

Quick note before moving on, ranking occurs when you attain a certain amount
of XP from completing investigations and interrogations, as well as completing
street crimes, finding hidden vehicles and discover new landmarks.

                                    3. FAQs

Send in questions (Check out the Contact Information section) and I'll post the
most common ones I see.

Q: How similar is "L.A. Noire" to previous Rockstar games such as "Grand Theft 
   Auto IV" and "Red Dead Redemption?"

A: Calling "Red Dead Redemption" a wild west version of GTA felt wrong so
   comparing "L.A. Noire" in that fashion is even more inaccurate. Though it's
   a free-roaming game, "L.A. Noire" is on a different spectrum from those 
   two games. GTA and RDR focus on action sequences while "L.A. Noire" is more 
   focused on old-fashioned detective work.

Q: Does "L.A. Noire" contain a large sandbox city to explore?

A: Yes and no. During your cases, the city is a backdrop that houses the clues
   and people that need to be discovered to progress the main storyline. Once 
   you make it to the Traffic Desk however, you are able to play The Streets of 
   L.A. which can be found in the "Cases" section of the main menu. Here, you 
   can explore the city, completing Street Crimes, finding Golden Reels and 
   searching for hidden vehicles and landmarks.

Q: How long is "L.A. Noire?"

A: If you disregard the side missions and the collectibles, then you can
   probably plow through the game in between 15 and 20 hours. If you take your
   time and attempt to 100% the game, then the time will increase a few hours.
   The cases are very replayable as you probably won't five star each case on
   your first go (unless you're reading this guide from the beginning).

Q: My system is crashing after playing "L.A. Noire." Why is this?

A: Beats the hell out of everybody. Check here for more information: 

                                4. Patrol Desk

The opening section of the game, these short missions show you the ropes to
"LA Noire." Shooting should come naturally to any Rockstar fan but most of the
action stems from investigations and interrogations, something very new to any
video gamer, I'm sure.

-=-=-                         4A. "Upon Reflection"                       -=-=-

After that hell of an intro, follow the ticker to your destination, a dark
alleyway where a shooting took place. The detectives on the scene order you to
do the leg work and find the weapon used during the shooting. 


1. Follow your partner down the alleyway towards the lighted stairwell. 

   -There will be boxes piled up, one in particular with a NEWSPAPER (1/13)
    lying on top. Press "A" to pick the paper up and watch the story behind the 
    headline. In case you don't know, you collect these papers throughout the 
    game to give backstory to one of the story arcs in the main storyline. 
    There are 13 scattered in investigation areas; this is your first.

2. Continue following Dunn to the back wall of the alley where a bloodstained
   door lies in front of you. Inspect it to get some insight on what might have

3. Make a left and you'll take notice to the window directly above you. The 
   reflection of the murder weapon will shine off this opened window.

4. Continue down to the lighted drainage pipe on the side of the building.
   Climb up it by simply walking towards it. Once on top, move down to the left
   and inspect the gun on the ground.

   -Turn the gun to the side to inspect the make and model of the pistol. Then
    further investigate the magnum by pressing "A" and opening up the cylinder
    to check the ammo. Once you've got your information, set the gun down and 
    make your way off the roof.


The investigation will end and you and your partner will discuss paying a visit
to a local gun shop. Get back to your vehicle and drive on down to the gun
store. Enter the building and talks with the owner will begin. Turns out your
hunch was right and the gun was sold by the merchant. He will take out a 
Smith and Wesson order log. You're looking for a model 27 with polished nickel
and a pearl grip. It's on the second page, halfway down belonging to a Errol
Schroeder. Place your finger on the entry and press "A." Get back in your car
and set the apartment as your destination.

When you enter the apartment building, check out the mailboxes to the right to
find out the perps apartment number. Walk up the stairs and approach the first
door on the right, apartment two. Your boy gets a little defensive when he
realizes the gun isn't in his dresser and he goes and knocks out Dunn. A fight
will then begin. To fist fight, hold "LT" and press "A" to punch. This is an
easy enough fight so knock Schroeder around a bit, counter him after dodging a
shot with "X" and grapple him to cause some serious damage with "Y." Eventually
Schroeder will end up on his back and an investigation of his apartment will

To your left is the dresser Schroeder was just looking through. Inspect it
to find a little notebook lying off to the side. Open it up and turn the pages
until you find Floyd Roses name listed on the paper. Phelps' mind begins to
race but Dunn tells him to drop it and call it in, ending this case.

-=-=-                       4B. "Armed and Dangerous"                     -=-=-

After the little intro, gun it to Westlake Savings and Loans a few blocks down.
A firefight will commence with you taking cover behind a truck. Target enemies
with "LT" and light them up with your shotty by pressing "RT." Take out the
guys out front, then press "RB" to remove yourself from cover and head down to
the buildings entrance. Press "RB" to get back in cover and tag enemies as you
see them from the door frame. This will end this quick mission.

-=-=-                       4C. "Warrants Outstanding"                    -=-=-

The mission starts off with Officer Dunn recognizing a street bum who jumped
parole. Get after him by running with "RT" down the alleyways. Jumping over
fences and between buildings occurs automatically while running. Keep an eye
on Bowers and if you lose sight of him, check his location on your radar.
Eventually you'll turn a corner and the perp while knock you down with a
clothesline. A fight will begin similar to the fight at the end of "Upon
Reflection." Finish him off however you seem fit and his ass will get carted 
back to the pen via the wagon.

-=-=-                          4D. "Buyer Beware"                         -=-=-

While patrolling your beat, you come across the aftermath of a murder. An
investigation begins as you were first on to the scene.


1. Take a look at the body at your feet.

   -Check the victims left coat pocket to find a layaway voucher for some
    jewelry. This is all your going to get from him so begin to sweep the crime 

2. Walk over to the trash can in front of you to find your murder weapon. Turn
   the gun to its side to find out the make and model of the gun.

3. At the edge of the sidewalk near the victim are .32 shell casings. Inspect
   them to finish up the investigation.


Follow Dunn to the witness in the red shirt to get a statement from him. He
tells of a girl running into the shoe store behind you. Walk in to meet Clovis
Galletta. She'll give you the victim's full name and you two will sit down for
a quick interview.

In case you're following this guide from the beginning, a short description of
interviews can be found in the "Interrogations" section of this guide. Your 
first interview is easy enough though, as you are told through screen prompts
what the correct answer to each question is.


DESCRIPTION: Shoe store clerk, eyewitness to murder of Everett Gage.

1. Eyewitness account

   -Lie, bring up the "layaway voucher" to hear the girl cry about pearl 
    earrings. You get the name of Edgar Kalou, the jewelry store owner who was 
    humiliated by the murder victim.

2. Possible murder suspect

   -Doubt, a motive is revealed through racial tensions between Gage and 

3. Details of shooting

   -Truth, you get a more detailed description of the murder.


The interview revealed everything you need to know. Had you failed to get
information out of her, you would have to take a trip to the gun store again.
Fortunately you don't have to so get in your car and book it to the suspects
shop, Hartfield's Jewelry Store. Enter the building and approach the man behind
the counter. The merchant says Kalou is lying down in the back but when he
busts out running out of the store, it's obvious this is your man. Make after
him until you both enter a park. Aim your pistol at his back until a meter
fills up. This will initiate a warning shot from your gun and stop Kalou in his

Kalou gets a one way trip to Central but it's not the end of your time
together. After conversing with the ever charismatic Captain Donelly, you 
will begin an interview with the murder suspect. You can't fail this interview
if you're thinking of giving it your best without my help.


DESCRIPTION: Jewelry store owner and murder suspect.

1. Argument with Gage

   -Lie, bring up "suspect positively identified" to loosen his tongue a bit 
    about a possible motive.

2. Possible religious motive

   -Doubt, Kalou goes on a racial rant, making the motive all too clear.


The suspect is charged and you are on your way up to the big times. No more
patrol desk for you, Officer Phelps.

                                5. Traffic Desk

Welcome to the big league, boyos. You are now a detective on the traffic desk
and you'll be working with Stefan Bekowsky through your time here. Cases will
now be thicker and be far more layered than the ones you went through on the
Patrol Desk. You will also be graded based on your performance.

Part of your grade is attributed from extra funds you cost the city including
car damage, injuries to citizens and basic damage to the city. This isn't
"Grand Theft Auto," watch where you're driving and unless you're in a car 
chase, keep your ass on the road and out of trouble spots. If you hate stopping
for pedestrians and traffic, keep your siren buzzing and the streets will be
fairly clear for you.

-=-=-                        5A. "The Driver's Seat"                      -=-=-

*5A. "The Driver's Seat"*

After getting acquainted with your partner, Stefan Bekowsky, as well as the 
department as a whole, exit the station and drive on down to the scene of the 
crime. After entering the parking lot, walk out on to the tracks and towards 
the car. You'll be greeted by an Officer Hart who will give you a quick run
down of the situation including the person who called it in, Nate Wilkey, the
blood splatters inside the vehicle and the cars owner, Adrian Black.


1. Walk up to the passenger side of the car to speak to the coroner, Malcolm
   Carruthers. You can then check the interior of the car to see just how much
   blood has been spilled.

2. Walk in front of the car and inspect the ground next to the telephone pole.

   -Have a look at the wallet on the ground first. To the left is an driver's
    license which will give you the address of Adrian Black. To the right is a
    photo of the happily married husband and wife.

   -Next, take a look at the glasses next to the wallet. You can check the 
    brand name of them by turning them slightly.

3. Go directly left past the tracks to find a bloodied lead pipe. Turn it to
   its side to read off the brand name, InstaHeat.

4. Walk back to the car and pop open its trunk.

   -Pick up the note on the left. You'll get a name from the odd live pig 


This will end the investigation so go talk to Wilkey whose standing right by 
the car.


DESCRIPTION: Reporting witness at crime scene

1. Purpose at scene

   -Truth, Wilkey's a straight shooter and simply saw the car while working.

2. Knowledge of Adrian Black

   -Truth, Nate has seen the car before though.

3. Contents of wallet

   -Doubt, Wilkey checked the wallet but it was empty of all money.

4. Bloodstained pipe found

   -Truth, the blood had been sitting for quite a while before it was 


You've got all you can here so get in your car and head down to the Black
Residence. Go to the door and knock for Mrs. Black. Follow Margaret inside and
you'll give the wife the grim details. After being told an Instaheat water
heater, and investigation of the house will begin.


1. Head straight into the dining room and inspect the NEWSPAPER (2/13) lying on
   the table. Watch the story behind the headline and place it back down.

2. Next to the paper are matches from a Cavanagh's Bar. Further inspect them
   with "A" and you'll get the location lead.

3. Now head into the kitchen which is adjoined to the dining room. Take a look
   at the table near the vacuum cleaner. 

   -Pick up the receipt to the right to find out the details of the InstaHeat 

   -Also check the brochure to the left and inspect it from top to bottom.

4. Go down the hall and into the first bedroom on the right. Check out the
   dresser at the foot of the bed.

   -To the right is a glasses case. Pop it open to confirm the brand name,

   -To the left is a photo of Adrian. Inspect it further to check the back of 
    the picture which has a little note from a Nicole.

5. Behind you is a closet so take a look at that. You'll find a used train
   ticket to Seattle as well as a missing suitcase.

6. You can go to the end of the hall to Margaret's bedroom and check her photo
   on the dresser upon entering, though I don't know if this counts as a end 
   case clue. Better to be safe than sorry I suppose.

7. From the kitchen door, go outside and take a look at the right side of the
   house where you'll find a half installed water heater.

   -Finish putting the InstaHeat water heater together by setting the pieces in
    place. It's like fitting a cube into square-shaped hole so you shouldn't 
    have a problem setting the pieces in place. Ultimately, you'll discover 
    that the missing piece is the same bloodied pipe from the crime scene.


This will end the investigation so go back inside and interview Mrs. Black and
hopefully shed some light on this case.


DESCRIPTION: Wife of missing person Adrian Black

1. Slaughterhouse receipt

   -Truth, the receipt is written out to Frank Morgan, a co-worker of Adrian.

2. Cavanagh's Bar matchbook

   -Truth, Adrian frequents the bar, until recently because of business trips
    to Seattle.

3. Location of Adrian Black

   -Truth, Adrian left for the bar particularly early last night.

4. Stenzel glasses case
   -Truth, not much here besides Mrs. Black nagging her husband not to be so

5. Photograph signed 'Nicole'

   -Lie, bring up "Concealed message" which Margaret knows about but still 
    worries of her husband's safety.

6. Alibi for Mrs Black

   -Truth, though no one can vouch for her, Margaret was home all night waiting
    for her husband to come home.


After the interview, walk over to the phone on the counter near the front door
to get the address for the bar. Once you've got it, exit the residence and set
Cavanagh's Bar as your destination. once you arrive, walk up to the bar and
talk to the bartender who will point out Frank Morgan to you. Walk to the back
of the establishment and take a seat with Morgan.


DESCRIPTION: Friend and coworker of missing person Adrian Black.

1. Link to abandoned vehicle

   -Lie, bring up "Receipt for live hog" to put this SOB in his place.

2. Location of Adrian Black

   -Doubt, push him a little harder and he'll give up his location; holed up in
    his apartment.


After getting the information, you'll be given the option of arresting him or
letting him go. Do what you wish (come on, this prick's an accessory to
conspiracy, book 'em, Danno). Afterwards, set Morgan's Apartment as your
destination and head over there. On your way, it's revealed that the blood is
not human, and is in fact swine blood. 

When you arrive, enter the building and take a look to the left for the 
mailboxes. Get Morgan's apartment number and head upstairs. Take a left and it 
will be your first door on the left. Knock on the door and give Black the scare
of his life. He'll make for the window so high tail it after him. Keep up with 
him across the rooftops until your partner cuts him off with the car. Arrest 
Black, get some accommodation from the Captain and enjoy your first five star 
case rating. All in a day's work.

-=-=-                   5B. "A Marriage Made in Heaven"                   -=-=-

Working with a hit-and-run felony so head on down to Ray's Cafe to check out
the scene of the crime. When you arrive, Officer Kaplan will brief you on the
situation, providing a name for the stiff as well as a witness at the side of 
the bar. 


1. Move on over to the body and begin your investigation of it.
   -Check Mr. Pattison's left coat pocket to find a life insurance receipt from
    California Fire and Life. You'll receive an address from this as well.

   -Now check his right coat pocket to find the victim's wallet. Check the
    license and move on.

2. After receiving Carruther's report on the body, move up the street towards
   the start of the trail of blood.

3. Move further back to the initial blood splatter from the impact.

4. Continue your climb up the street to the tire marks staining the street, 
   informing you that the driving did in fact brake before impact.

5. Before entering the bar, enter the alleyway to the right of the bar nearest
   the body. On the right side wall near the dumpster are two trash cans.
   Inspect the area to discover a bloody knife. Turn it to its side to get the

6. Enter Ray's and approach the bar. A newspaper will be lying on top in front
   of the bartender. Watch the story behind the headline and place the paper
   back down.


The music won't end but your investigation is complete. Walk on over to 
Shannon at the front of the Cafe and begin interviewing her.


DESCRIPTION: Eyewitness to hit and run incident

1. Eyewitness report

   -Truth, an argument was overheard in the bar below Perry's apartment.

2. Suspect vehicle description

   -Truth, Perry gives a detailed description of the car as well as the first
    three letters of its license plate.

3. Argument overheard

   -Doubt, it was obvious a wife and husband were arguing based on the intimate
    information being yelled out.


Once the interview concludes, enter the bar and talk to the bartender, Dudley


DESCRIPTION: Bartender at Ray's Cafe

1. Hit and run incident

   -Doubt, the drunken tussle was moved outside by the owner of the bar.

2. Association with victim

   -Truth, no one seems to have much sympathy for the poor fella.

3. Argument overheard in bar

   -Doubt, you'll get Dudley's statement on the relationship between the bar's
    owner, Leroy Sabo, and Mrs. Lester Pattinson.

4. Joint business venture

   -Doubt, Lynch reveals the secret to Sabo's drowning dump.


At the conclusion of the interview, walk towards the back of the bar and make a
phone call in order to run the vehicle's license plates. There's a match in
a William Shelton. Exit the bar and head over to your vehicle. Set the Pattison
Residence as your destination and drive on over there. Walk on up the steps on
knock on Pattison's door. You'll be greeted by the fairly calm Lorna Pattison.
Go on over to the couch and begin conversing with her. Mr. Sabo will also
grace you with his presence when Lorna is pressed.


DESCRIPTION: Wife of victim Lester Pattison

1. Hit and run incident

   -Doubt, Lorna has little sympathy for her gambling addicted husband.

2. Nature of argument

   -Doubt, clearly Lorna these two were fine lovebirds.

3. Partnership with Leroy Sabo

   -Lie, bring up the "Insurance letter" and see just how much the two
    benefited from the timely death of on Lester Pattison.


Exit the premises but before entering your vehicle, take a right and walk to 
the gamewell at the end of the block to get a message from Carruthers. Before
heading to the morgue, take a trip down to your hit-and-run suspects residence
right down the street. You wait until morning for your suspect to walk on out
to his red Lincoln. When he realizes he's busted, he'll jumped into his
Continental and break on down the road. Begin your pursuit of him.

Be wary of the citizens on the sidewalks. Make sure not to tag them but feel
free to blast any other object on the road. For the sharp turns Shelton will
make, use your handbrake with "RB" to keep your speed up. He'll take a left off
the main road but when he emerges back on to the streets, you'll be able to tag
him with a few shots from your vehicle. Aim for his front wheel and swing your
car's momentum right into it. When he makes a turn, try to T-bone him and his
car will be off the road in no time. When he does cease to move, get out of
your car and book the dork.

Once Shelton's on his way, set your destination for Central Morgue and drive on
down there. When you arrive, head on inside to talk to Carruthers. Turns out
Lester was dead before the car ever hit him. Now that bloody knife at the scene
of the crime makes more sense (an Achievement should unlock at this point). 
Time to bring Lorna in for the murder of her husband. Drive on back to her
house and confront her.

... hup, saw that coming from a mile away. Chase after Sabo through the alleys
and backstreets. You won't have the time to threaten Sabo with your gun. If you
try, he'll only shoot you, resetting the meter. So just continue following him 
until he takes a young woman hostage. Move the cursor to the right of the
lady's head before Sabo jitters over to that side. When does move his head to
your right, shoot it straight on to close this case.

-=-=-                        5C. "The Fallen Idol"                        -=-=-

I really dug this case during my initial playthrough. Great vibe and atmosphere
throughout, as well as taking advantage of the games setting. Enough about what
I think though, exit the station and head up over the hill to the crime scene. 
You will be greeted by Officer Gonzales who will give you the lowdown on the
case. Once you've got your basic information, go towards the right side of the
hill to a fenced off dirt path. Walk on down to the crash site where Carruthers
is waiting to talk to you.


1. Do as Carruthers says and check the items on the trunk of the car.

   -The first piece of evidence are torn off panties that were found in the
    younger woman's hand bag.

   -Check the purse to the left next. Inside, you'll find a letter from the
    mother of Jessica Hamilton begging the star-struck girl to come home to
    her family.

2. Next, walk on over to the passenger side of the vehicle where you'll see the
   interior damage done by the car's nose dive.

3. Go discuss the situation with Carruther's who will present you with a
   shrunken head movie prop. Turn it to its side to get the full clue from the
   item. Had the women died in the crash, this would've gone down as the murder
   weapon as it was lodged into the accelerate that propelled the vehicle off
   the cliff.


The scene has been swept so go back up the cliff and head over to the ambulance
where the driver, the smug June Ballard, sits awaiting an interview.


DESCRIPTION: B-movie actress and driver of crashed Chevy Styleline

1. Doping allegation

   -Doubt, Ballard's husband has connections apparently a score will be
    settled between them and the prime suspect, Mark Bishop.

2. Injured female passenger

   -Lie, bring up the torn "Underwear" to get some disturbing revelations about

3. Fake shrunken head

   -Doubt, once again, Mark Bishop shows up into the discussion, which leads to
    your final question.

4. Suspect 'Mark Bishop'

   -Doubt, you're now getting into the political realm of Hollywood.


After you finish up the interview, head back on down the hill and into vehicle,
driving back to Central to the Receiving Hospital wing. Take a left off the 
hill since going right ends in dead ends. When you arrive, talk to the nurse at
the front desk and enter Jessica's room which is right behind you. Begin talks
with the visibly harmed young girl.


DESCRIPTION: Passenger in crashed Chevy Styleline

1. Crash incident report

   -Lie, bring up her "Underwear" and she'll explain exactly what happened.

2. Contact with parents

   -Lie, bring up the "Letter from mother" which leads to a possible drugging
    before the crash.

3. Association with Bishop

   -Doubt, you'll learn further the tension between the two egos that are
    currently overseeing Jessica's life.

4. Evidence of criminal abuse

   -Truth, you're apparently looking for a building with a mermaid out front.


While exiting the hospital, you'll get a glance of June leaving with another
man. Bekowsky decides you two should tail her. In order to keep any and all
suspicion away from the tail, you need to keep a safe distance without losing
track of the car. If you happen to lose sight of the vehicle, press "B" to
zoom in on her location. Reckless driving will also give you away so make sure
you're watching the road. And whatever you do, don't accidentally press the 
Left Stick Button and sound your siren. If suspicion is growing from the 
driver, then the red blip on the mini map indicating the car will begin to 

With that in mind, stay on June until the vehicle stops in front of a diner.
Ballard will exit the vehicle in order to use the phone. Walk up to the edge of
the door and lean in to see if Ballard is watching. When her glance moves away
from the door, move in and sit at the table on the left with the paper lying on
top. The paper will keep you incognito while Ballard yells through the phone.
From her yelling, you'll get Mark Bishop's address. Hurry on down there to
meet with the goons June just sent to the apartment. Run up to the building
and get on the elevator. Bishop's apartment is to the left so bust open the
door and begin fist fights with the gangsters.

If you don't make it in time, you won't have the pleasure of roughing up
McAfee's goons but that's about the only difference. After sending the boys on
their merry way, the search of Bishop's apartment begins.


1. If you're starting in the living space where Mrs. Bishop is collecting
   herself, then turn around and take a look at the small counter near the open
   window shutters adjacent to the kitchen. Check out the photo of a Marlon 
   Hopgood posing with Mark in front of his prop store which holds a mermaid at
   its peak.

2. Next, pop into that kitchen and check out the counter below those window
   shutters. Take a look at the large replica of the "Intolerance" movie set.
   Fun fact, that movie was made by a super special racist.

3. To the left of the replica is a picture of the actual set.

4. To the immediate right of the kitchen entrance is a prop saddle presented to
   Mark from Silver Screen Props... and yes, I think by "Gay" they mean happy.

5. Now enter the bedroom next to the "Gay Cowboys" prop and go straight towards
   the window. On the ground is a check to Hopgood's ex-wife from Bishop for
   20,000 dollars.


Now walk on back to Gloria for an interview.


DESCRIPTION: Wife of Mark Bishop and assault victim

1. Domestic disturbance

   -Doubt, you'll get more context into the tensions between June and Mark.

2. Whereabouts of Bishop

   -Truth, Bishop's most likely on set.

3. Check for $20,000

   -Lie, bring up the "$20,000 check" to get some details on possible

4. Abuse of Jessica Hamilton

   -Doubt, you'll learn some disturbing truths about the seemingly normal 
    Bishop family.


After the interview, use the telephone on the small counter around the corner
to receive the address to the Silver Screen Props store. Head back down the
elevator and exit the building. Set Silver Screen as your destination and drive
on down to the prop store. 

And there's your mermaid. Enter the brick building and walk up to the counter
on the right to meet Marlon Hopgood. He'll mention a sound stage where castings
are held and then lead you to the said stage in the back building. The place is
shady enough so start checking for incriminating evidence.


1. Walk on to the sound stage and take a look at the back right corner of the
   room. There will be a metal shelf back here which you can inspect. A bottle
   of chloral hydrate lay open on the rack. Pick it up and turn it to get the

2. Now walk to the opposite wall where you'll find a seemingly innocent mirror
   on the wall. Inspect it to learn that it's one way and that there is a "peep
   den" behind it.

3. Leave the building and take a left towards the tables on the other end of 
   the back lot. You'll find two things on this bench, a half made shrunken
   head prop and another that looks identical to the one at the crime scene.
   Like that head, you'll have to turn it slightly to get the clue.

4. To the right adjoining table lies a NEWSPAPER (4/13) which you can grab and
   watch the story behind the headline.

5. Time to discover the pervert's sanctuary. Behind you and to the right of the
   dumpsters is a false wall. Check it out and you'll knock it down to discover
   another entrance into the sound stage building. Enter the camera room.

6. Check out the camera and the bathroom hole-in-the-wall to the right before
   anything else.

7. To the left of the camera is a wooden cabinet with various items lying on 
   top. Inspect the area and pick up the film canister next to the bottle of
   alcohol. If you turn it to the side, you will see the names "Mark Bishop"
   and "Jessica Hamilton" printed on it. Inspect it further with "A" to see
   that the canister for the screen tests were empty.

8. To the left of the cabinet is a metal shelf that you can take a look at.
   Pick up the film on the right and turn it to its side to inspect the label
   printed on it. You'll get Bishop's set address from this evidence.


The investigation should end so go back inside the sound stage and begin 
interviewing Hopgood.


DESCRIPTION: Owner and proprietor of Silver Screen Props

1. Association with Bishop

   -Lie, bring up the "Empty film canister" to catch Hopgood in a bad spot. 
    Good to see Phelps completely flip out on a suspect.

2. Whereabouts of Bishop

   -Truth, Hopgood mentions the Jungle Drum set and that it would be a solid
    hiding spot, if not a dangerous one.

3. Relationship with Ballard

   -Lie, bring the "Empty film canister" up again to hear the details of
    Hopgood and Ballard's blackmail attempts.

4. Evidence of blackmail

   -Lie, bring up the "$20,000 check" to finish this interview off.


And in comes Roy Earl, vice detective. You'll be seeing more of Earl, but for
now he's just here to protect Hopgood, his informant. While leaving the prop
shop, you'll be greeted by two of Mickey C's boys who are out looking for
Bishop themselves. Bekowski gives the two a tongue lashing and naturally, 
bullets start flying so hit the gas and high tail it down the street. Two cars
will then be pursuing you down the road. You can either lose these boys by 
making a few slick turns down some backstreets or by bashing into their cars
and forcing them off the road. Either way works and when you're finished, set
the 'Jungle Drums' Set as your destination.

Upon arriving, you and your partner will approach the set and spot Mark Bishop.
Unfortunately, he also spots you and makes a run for it. Chase after him, 
climbing up and down the stairs and towards the back end of the set. From there
you will climb a large staircase that will reach the upper sections of the set.
Keep on Bishop and jump over the chasms as well as outrunning the movie set's
failing structure. Climb up the ladder to the top of the set and keep running,
making sure you don't slow down as the wood boards at your feet take a plunge.

At some point, the boards will fall on him and you'll need to pull a quick left
on to a wooden platform so keep your eyes open for that. Keep on him and he'll
eventually hit a dead end where you take him into your custody. But of course,
McAfee's boys decide to show up at that very moment so you'll need to escort 
Bishop off the set and into a wagon. Begin by following him down the ladder and
into some cover. Take out the enemy in front of you (try for headshots since an
Achievements requires 30 of them to unlock) and follow Bishop down a layer. 
Take cover and look closely to what the tommy gun-packing gangsters are taking
cover at. Shoot the red barrels to send the boys flying and continue following
Bishop off the structure.

After the jump, take cover and tag the kid in front of you. You are now going 
to be assaulted by enemies from a long distance. Head over to the body of the
man you just shot and grab his rifle. Take cover behind the large statue you 
are presently standing near and take out the three goons from far away. Once
they're down, cautiously move up to the next set of cover pieces until enemies
emerge, one at your level and one above. Wait for the guy above to come out and
then blow the barrels of fuel he's standing right next to. Then take out the
other. Follow Bishop to the ladder and slide down to ground level where 
Bekowski is waiting for you.

Follow the two to a piece of cover. From there, look to an upper-right column
where a gangster stands by a whole mess of fuel barrels. Blast the barrels and
the rest of your enemies will be crushed by the column. Continue following
your partner, popping the two boys you meet along the wait to the car. Out 
front you'll get some help from the police. Finish off the rest of McAfee's
boys and you'll have this case in the bag with a five star rating. Enjoy the
ending, this will be your last case on the Traffic Desk. You now move up to the

                                6. Homicide Desk

New suit, new partner, new outlook. You're moving up the ranks fast and you're
enjoying the benefits of a job well done. You're so confident in your abilities
in fact that you're looking at each new case as the next big step in your
career. And why not, with the premier job at Central and a serial killer on the
loose, you're ready to crack the biggest case this town's ever seen before.

On the Homicide Desk, it's like and death so get ready for a daunting new
challenge before you. Let's get on with it with your first case.

-=-=-                    6A. "The Red Lipstick Murder"                    -=-=-

Captain Donelly is giving his prize boy a big case for his first assignment on
this particular beat. You'll be investigating a murder of a women that bears
all signs of the Werewolf, or as the Examiner calls him, The Black Dahlia.
Depart the station with your new partner and head up to "The Moors" crime 
scene. When you arrive, drive up the dirt road to your location. Greet L.A's
finest yellow journalists and then go up and get the skinny from Officer


1. Right as you walk on to the scene, you'll see a footprints scattered about
   where you are standing. Inspect them to learn the size of the shoe prints:

2. Go up to the mutilated body and talk to Carruthers before inspecting the

   -Take a look at the woman's face which has suffered massive blunt force

   -Move on to her left hand where the one of her finger has been badly cut, 
    possibly from the violent removal of a ring.

   -Inspect the torso of the female which contains the phrases "Fuck you B.D."
    and "Tex." Leave the body and you'll get some explanation on the writing.

3. Turn towards the woman's belongings behind and to the right of the body.
   Disregard to brush but have a look at the purse. Inside you'll find some
   lip stick. Inspect it further and you'll see that it could not be the one
   used on the body.

4. To the left of you will be a park bench and at the feet of it will be what
   appears to be a simple puzzle. The statue is of a globe so turn the dials to
   match up with one another until it clicks open. Turns out it's a table 
   lighter from The Bamba Club, complete with an address.


Your investigation is over so head back to your car and set The Bamba Club as
your destination. Enter the building and talk to the temp at the bar. He'll 
direct you to a McColl is sitting in the back of the establishment. Walk 
back their and begin talks with the man. Celine, her husband Jacob and McColl
apparently go "way back" so an interview with the man begins.


DESCRIPTION: Bamba Club owner and proprietor

1. Suspect seen with victim

   -Truth, Celine left with a man the night of the murder and it turns out 
    McColl was concerned enough to get the man's license plate which he hands
    over to you. This should also unlock the Achievement "Round Heels."

2. Ring stolen from victim

   -Doubt, the ring removed was not Celine's wedding ring but a large garnet 
    ring that was given to Celine from McColl from back in the day.

3. Knowledge of husband
   -Doubt, McColl attempted to get a hold of Jacob but he refused to come down
    since he was still steaming about his wife.


McColl will provide you with an address but you still need to call in the
license plate so head to the front desk of the club where a telephone is 
hanging on the wall nearby and ring up R&I before exiting. Set the Henry
Residence as your destination and head on over. Approach the household and
Galloway will get you inside the burglarized residence.


1. Upon entering, look to the left near the mantel and check the floor where a 
   NEWSPAPER (5/13) lies. Pick it up and view the story behind the headline.

2. Behind you is the living room and behind that is the dining room. Enter the
   dining room and go to the corner of the house where you'll find a large
   high heel on the ground. Check the size on the sole and you'll get the clue
   you're looking for.

3. To your right is the kitchen. Approach the window to get inspect the forced
   entry into the home.

4. Behind you is a refrigerator with a note attached to the door. Read the note
   to discover further evidence of marital issues as well as Jacob Henry's
   apartment address.

5. Exit the kitchen and walk down the hall until you discover the bedroom.
   To the left is a dresser and vanity mirror than you can inspect.

   -Have a look at the empty Tiffany & Co. ring box. You'll have to fully
    inspect it to get the full details on the item.

   -To the right of the box is a picture of Celine that you can take a look at.
    The garnet ring is distinct in this photo.


With the investigation done, leave the house from the back door and take a left
towards the next door neighbor's backyard. A car will pull into the driveway
and a woman will emerge from the car looking concerned at your presence. Talk 
to her and she'll dish to you about the couple's marital issues. You've got
enough negative info on the husband so you might as well finally meet the sap.
Get back in your car and set Jacob Henry's Apartment as your destination. When
you arrive, follow Galloway to the apartment. Your partner will storm in and
sit Jacob down with the gravity of his words and the fear of his gun. Of 
course, before an interview you've gotta sweep the apartment.


1. Walk into the kitchen and check the large cabinet jutting out from the wall.
   A notepad sits on top of this cabinet which you can inspect. This is 
   something new. Shade in the paper with the "A" button to reveal pressure 
   marks from the pencil. Shade the center enough so the message on the paper
   becomes clear.

2. To the left is a closed door which leads to Henry's bedroom. Let yourself in
   and approach the open suitcase on top of the bed. Inside are shoes which you
   can check the size of by turning them to the side.


The quick investigation will end so go and make yourself acquainted with Mr.


DESCRIPTION: Husband of murder victim Celine Henry

1. Movements of victim

   -Lie, bring up "Husband's alibi" which manages to bring a whole lot of guilt
    and regret into Jacob's world.

2. Last contact with victim

   -Truth, you guilt trip him for some time keeping details.

3. Motive for murder

   -Lie, bring up the "Death threat note" which turns out is a big


Galloway gets a little out of hand and Jacob begins throwing his hands. For
this fight, make sure you're countering often. You're not going to have much
luck button mashing so keep dodging and when you can catch him, do so.
Eventually you'll drop Jacob and put him in cuffs. Walk on over to the cabinet
in the kitchen where the note was located and call dispatch. Carruther's will
inform you on the cause of death and possible murder weapons to be on the
lookout for. R&I will also give you a registered owner for the license plate.

While Henry gets sent downtown, set your sights on Alonzo Mendez's Apartment
building. When you arrive, approach the building and take a look at the 
mailboxes to the left of the entrance to get the apartment number. Go inside
and make for the steps. Before going up, check the floor number apartment 16 is
located on (fourth) and head upstairs. The apartment is at the end of the hall
so walk over and kick that mother down to start investigating.


1. The apartment is as clean as can be until you walk down the hall and enter
   the bedroom on the left. First take a look at the shoe next to the suspects
   bed. Turn them over and see that they are size eights.

2. After that, take a look at the floor near the foot of the bed. You'll see
   a bloodied cardboard box with two items sitting on top.

   -First inspect the used lipstick. You'll have to twist it to get the full
    clue, including the brand name.

   -Next, pick up the bloody socket wrench and move it around until you feel a
    rumble. This is looking like your guy.


Though it seems suspicious, it doesn't help that Mendez books it shortly after
entering the apartment. Follow him out the window and down the roof of the
building. He'll eventually get to a ladder which he'll slide down and then jump
across to another building. Keep on him as he slides down a pole on to street
level and jumps into a car across the street. Galloway drives the car around so
jump in and begin pursuing Mendez. Watch out for the people on the sidewalks
and continue after him down the backstreets. He'll blast through a gate and
begin driving up the side of a hill. Be careful not to drive over the guard
railing and meet him back up on the street.

He's done with the fancy back road stunts so get alongside of him and let 
Galloway shoot out the crooks tires. Once one is out, crash into the side of
him until the vehicle is disabled and you can take Mendez into custody. Of
course the criminal is of Latino descent (peep the last name before calling me
a racist). Back at the apartment Donelly will congratulate you for a job well 
done and is optimistic of the headlines you'll make for the company.

-=-=-                      6B. "The Golden Butterfly"                     -=-=-

Drive down to the crime scene after the opening cinematic. It’s located in a 
"Lover’s Lane" next to a dirt lot behind a few houses. You’ll be met by Captain
Donelly who will show you off to the press before telling you to go talk to 
Carruthers near the scene of the crime. Walk on down towards the wooded area 
and talk to Officer Gonzales who will lead you to the body. Upon walking on to 
the scene, talk to the coroner who will run you through the details of the 
beaten and strangled woman before you.


1. Check the body in question.

   -Inspect the head and examine the neck of the female. A distinctive rope 
    mark will be present on the skin.

   -Check the women’s ring finger on her left hand. There will be a mark where 
    a wedding or engagement ring was violently removed.

   -Look at the victim’s right wrist where Carruther’s believes a wrist watch 
    was torn off. 

   -Take a look at the victim’s chest which will be bruised and marked with 
    shoe prints.

2. To the right of the body lies a woman’s purse.

   -Remove a name tag from the purse which reads Deldre Moller. From the name, 
    you will gain the identity of the husband who called in a missing person’s 

   -You can also inspect the money though you will get no clues from it.

3. Behind the body are foot prints in the muddy ground. This will give no clues
   but will finish up the inspection.


Head back to your car and pay a visit to the Moller Residence. Go up the porch 
and knock on the door. Your boy isn’t here but his daughter is: Michelle 
Moller. Before your rather heavy chat with Michelle, look around the apartment 
for some insight on the Moller family.


1. Walk into the hallway in front of you and take a right into a bedroom.

   -Have a look at the work boots in front of you as you enter the room. Check 
    the soles of one of the boots to learn Hugo’s shoe size.

2. Right next to you will be a dresser. 

   -Go over to the dresser and pick up the ring and watch cases. Both are 
    missing jewelry.

This will end the investigation so go talk to Michelle in the living room. 
After letting her know the bad news, an interview will begin.



DESCRIPTION: Daughter of murder victim Deldre Moller.

1. Missing watch and rings

   -Truth, she will confirm the jewelry worn on her mother’s person.

2. Last contact with victim

   -Doubt, Michelle will give you Hugo’s alibi. You will also get a new clue 
    about Belmont High.

3. State of parents’ marriage

   -Doubt, Michelle mentions some violence in the family and a golden butterfly 


At the conclusion of the interview, the father, Hugo Moller, will enter the 
house with some fire in his eyes. He calms down after hearing of his wife’s 
passing and sits down with an interview with you.


DESCRIPTION: Husband of murder victim Deldre Moller.

1. Footprints at crime scene

   -Lie, bring up his "Size eight work boots" and he’ll make an excuse for his 
    deception, mentioning his penis size.

2. Missing persons report

   -Doubt, Hugo gets a little defensive and explains why he and his wife got 
    into a fight last night.

3. Alibi for Hugo Moller

   -Lie, bring up "Husband’s alibi" and he’ll say he was out driving around to 

4. History of violence

   -Lie, bring up "Butterfly brooch" and he’ll try to make an excuse for his 


After the interrogation, you leave the property, allowing Hugo to turn himself 
in at the station later on. As you walk away from the house discussing the lack
of evidence to pin Hugo with, a neighbor waves you and your partner down.

Walk across the street and talk to the neighbor. She reinforces that the fight 
last night was fairly serious and mentions that she witnessed Hugo burning 
something in his incinerator in the backyard. In fact, he’s doing the exact 
same thing at that very moment. Chase down Hugo into the backstreets until you 
are prompted to tackle Hugo with the "A" button. Tap it repeatedly and you will
run faster and faster until you catch up with the suspect. You’ll cart him over
back to the incinerator where you are told to inspect it. Check the barrel and 
you’ll pick up a brown shoe which you can turn around to reveal a bloodstain 
next to the size "8" marking. Though he says he can explain the blood, you send
him away to the station in a wagon. 

After taking care of the daughter, walk on over to the gamewell to the right of
the house to get the address to Belmont High School. Galloway meanwhile will be
reporting to dispatch where you’ll get a message to meet the coroner down at 
Central. Set the address for the high school and head on down there. Upon 
arriving, you will notice a creeper peeping two young ladies in the parking 
lot. Once he’s made, he takes off down the side of the football field. Make 
after him and follow him through the streets. Eventually you will close in on 
him until you are able to tackle him to the ground.

Right afterwards, Galloway will get a message from dispatch about a vehicle in
the school’s parking lot registered to a Mrs. Hugo Moller. You will then get
the distinct pleasure of meeting Eli Rooney, a slimy child molester who was
seen near Moller's car last night during the school's dance. Upon emptying his
pockets, you'll find a golden butterfly jewel. This will warrant a one way trip
to Central for Rooney. An investigation of the car will began.


1. Go right to the trunk and pop it open.

   -Take a look at the bloody rope which will go down as one of the murder 

   -Check the bloody overalls which are green and are stitched with the letters
    "H" and "M."

   -Lastly, look at the bloody tire iron mixed in with the rest of the
    incriminating evidence.


At the conclusion of the investigation, walk over to the gamewell near your car
in order to set up interrogations with the two suspects. Afterwards, set the
morgue as your destination and drive on down there. When you arrive, walk
straight in and enter the open door to the right to speak with Carruthers. He
will inform you that the death was by strangulation with a rope and asks you
to inspect the samples he has laid out for you.


1. Have a look at the rope samples Carruthers has laid out on the table.

   -The last rope down is your match. Move it up to the picture to confirm it.
    Carruthers and Galloway will explain that sailors and ministers would be 
    the likely owners of ropes such as this.

2. Next to the samples are the shoe prints from the crime scene. Size eights,
   just like Moller's shoes.

3. To finish up the investigation, check out the body.


Leave the office and head on down to the station. Walk in and talk to the
officer at the front desk who will tell you whose in each room. Follow
Galloway down to the first interview room where Captain Donelly is there
waiting to give you a few encouraging words on your big decision looming on the
horizon. Head on into the room and begin your interrogation of Eli Rooney.


DESCRIPTION: Alleged child sex offender.

1. Place of employment

   -Doubt, he will tell you he's been working at Henesey Marine where he's
    required to wear green overalls.

2. Access to braided rope

   -Truth, the guy knows his ropes and prefers the braid.

3. Motive for Moller murder

   -Doubt, Rooney describes a man removing there overalls and dropping a golden
    butterfly before drifting off.

4. Footprints at crime scene

   -Doubt, turns out Rooney's wearing size eight shoes.


Leave the interrogation room and head on over to Hugo's room to begin his


DESCRIPTION: Husband of murder victim Deldre Moller

1. Disposal of evidence

   -Truth, seems like the blood on the shoe is from a rabbit, not the wife.

2. Access to braided rope

   -Doubt, Hugo knows his ropes and said if he had to, he would use a triple

3. Victim's vehicle recovered

   -Lie, bring up the "overalls" and he'll deny that they are his.

4. Access to tire iron

   -Lie, bring up the "bloody tire iron" to stump Hugo.


Though you could pin either of these guys up with the evidence you've got,
charge Eli Rooney with the murder of Deldre Moller. It's obvious Donelly wants
a good headline and it's a tough decision either way, so go with the child
molester and you'll wrap this case up with a five star rating.

-=-=-                    6C. "The Silk Stocking Murder"                    -=-=-

After the luncheon session with Donelly, get inside your vehicle and head
downtown to investigate the crime scene. Upon arriving, Officer Hart will lead
you through the back alleys to the woman's ravaged body.


1. Take a look at the corpse lying on the ground first.

   -Check the severe lacerations on the neck by turn the head the right. This
    woman was brutalized.

   -As always, check that left ring finger, which bears the same wound that's
    become common in these homicides.

   -Next, check the right hand which is grasping a half torn apart library 

   -Finally, check the victim's torso which has been mark up with the phrase
    "Kiss the blood. BD."

2. Step away from the body and hear the same lecture you've been fed many times
   by Galloway that this is once again a copycat killer. Same M.O. as well as
   signs of stomping by small shoes and a similar lipstick color. Behind the
   body and underneath the tree is a bloody stocking you can take a look at.
   Further evidence of a possible strangulation.

3. Off to your left and near the pavement is a noticeable trail of blood.
   -Inspect this initial trail and follow the bread crumbs over to the back 
    door of one of the buildings.

   -Check the ground here and you'll find a blue lady's hat which you can
    further inspect to read the words Antonia on the brim. Same as the first
    name of the library card you just found on the victim's body.

   -Put the hat down and follow Galloway as the two of you continue tracking
    the blood. He'll start pretending to do police work so continue onward
    through the gates in front of you and walk to the end wall of the building
    to your left. Blood will be smeared across the bricks and below the ominous
    sign is a trash can where a blue high heel is lying conveniently on top.
    Turn the heel slightly to catch a glimpse of the blood splattered across
    the toe of the shoe.

   -To your left, the trail continues. You'll be able to inspect the beginning
    droplets of this new direction which moves toward the parked police vehicle
    in front of you. Continue to follow down the alley from where you entered,
    moving along the buildings to your left until you come upon a key hanging
    from a water valve. Inspect it further by turning it away from you until
    you get the house key number.

   -To the left of this pipe and slightly further down the alleyway is a large
    stretch of the blood on the ground. Here you will find a note with a coded
    pattern inscription on it.

   -Resume walking along the buildings until you hit the end of the alley. On
    the building to your right, you will see a ladder with blood painting
    the pavement below it. Inspect the fire escape and make your way up to the
    roof of the building.

   -Ahead of you is a pigeon coop so enter and inspect the bed of hay on your
    right hand side. Lying on top is a letter for a Mrs. A. Maldonado. Open the
    envelope up which ends up being empty.

   -Move forward, exiting the coop and jumping to the roof on the right. The
    second pile of blood on this roof will house a new clue so pick it up and
    inspect it with "A." Simply an enameled and gold plated makeup case.

   -Walk towards the drainage pipe up ahead and to the right and inspect it 
    really quick before climbing up it. Straight ahead on this roof is the
    woman's wedding ring which has been hung up and waiting for you.

   -Jesus Christ this killer's got a lot of time on his hands. Move forward
    towards the next roof and pop on up there. To the left is the paint brush
    and bucket used to lead you all the way up here.

   -Finally, in the corner of the building ahead is the purse of the victim.
    Further inspect it and find the missing half of the woman's library card.
    You've got a full name, provided by the killer himself.


With the investigation through, set the Antonia's Residence as your destination
and head on down there. Welcome to Parsons Boarding House, Barbara Lapenti 
will be your host this afternoon. Follow the establishment owner inside and
into the living room where you'll discuss the state of which Antonia is 
currently in. Go inspect Antonia's room which is upstairs and to the left,
simply follow Galloway.


1. Clearly someone's been through here so begin the investigation by checking 
   out the broken window off the the right.
2. The object used to smash the window is in plain sight so go on through 
   to the balcony and have a look at the blunt object. Turn the iron picket
   sideways to get the full analysis on the ornery object.

3. Hop back inside the ravaged room and take a look at the opened suitcase 
   lying on top of the victim's bed. You'll find an envelope address to 
   Maldonado so pop it open to see its contents. Looks like divorce papers for
   Antonia's husband sent from her attorney. You'll get the address of the man
   from the letter.

4. At the end of the room is an opened dresser. Face down inside the drawer is 
   a wedding photograph you can inspect. The charm bracelet clearly worn in 
   this photo is absent from the crime scene.


With your investigation over, head back downstairs and begins your interview 
with Lapenti.


DESCRIPTION: Parsons Boarding House owner and proprietor

1. Possible suspects

   -Truth, the husband Angel is a definite suspect as he was getting served
    with papers from Antonia near the time of the murder.

2. Movements of victim

   -Doubt, damn Phelp's got them panties in a bunch. At least you got a solid
    location from it.

3. Evidence of break-in

   -Lie, bring up the "Broken window" and she'll make excuses for the lie, 
    hoping to maintain her reputation.

4. Breakdown of marriage

   -Lie, bring up the "Charm bracelet photograph" to get a new clue on the
    religious necklace.


Exit the boarding house and set the El Dorado Bar as your next location. Swing
on down there and upon arriving, enter the bar and begin a conversation with
the temp bartender, Diego Aguilar. Antonia was in last night complaining about
Angel and getting drunk enough to forget a letter at the bar. Aguilar will
present you with the letter so take a look at it further. Divorce papers for
the hubby, but Diego didn't need to pop the letter open to know what Antonia's
intentions were last night. When you place the letter down, an interview with
Diego will begin.


DESCRIPTION: El Dorado bartender

1. Missing jewelry

   -Doubt, Diego directed Antonia to the fruit market across the street for a 
    phone to use so that'll be the next place you investigate.

2. Movements of victim

   -Truth, no man swept the future Ms. Maldonado off her feet.


Exit the bar and making a U-turn to the Just Picked Fruit Market on the right. 
The place is actually closed at the moment so set the Maldonado Residence as
your next destination and drive down to the suspects home. When you arrive,
check the mailboxes to the right to get Maldonado's apartment number. Head
inside and down the hall until you hit the stair set to your left. Climb on up
to the third floor and Galloway will "surprise" your suspect. Unfortunately,
your boy's friend of to the side surprises your partner and tackles him down to
the ground, initiating a fight sequence where you take on the friend. Dodge the
kid's attacks and tag him with a head-body until he collapses on the floor. If
Galloway isn't finished with Angel, help the old timer out with some surprise

Once the two are down, Finbarr, er, Galloway will call for some backup to cart
the suspects to Central. Once they're secure, an investigation of the apartment
will commence.


1. Walk back into the suspects kitchen where you'll find laundry hanging up to
   the right of you near the refrigerator. One item in particular, the bloody
   shirt, can be inspected. Point out the blood stains on both the collar and 
   the left sleeve.

2. Behind you on the ground of the kitchen is a small wooden crate marked with
   Just Picked Fruit Market symbols. Pop the case open to reveal a box of
   crushed grapes. Seems like Just Picked may be a front to a much larger
   and much less legal distribution chain.


With the investigation commencement, walk on out of the apartment and begin
canvassing the neighbors for information. The first door to the right houses a
night worker who can attest to the martial issues between the Maldonado family.
Further down the hall, before the staircase is an apartment to the left but no
one is home so move on. The first door on the right past the staircase is
answered by a clearly disturbed father who belongs in "Majora's Mask." He's got
no real evidence so continue on down the end of the hall for the last door on
the left. Luckily, a gossip-churning busy body leaves here and will give you
some details on the night of the murder. According to this nosey old hag, Angel
never returned to his apartment after the heated fight with his wife.

With that taken care of, exit the apartment building and jump inside your car.
You'll get a call over dispatch requesting your presence at the station to
investigate a new piece of evidence found. Set Central as your destination and
scurry on down the street to meet Donelly. Your boy Fleisher will inform you
that the Captain and Pinker are awaiting you in the downstairs office. Follow
Galloway to this location which is straight down the hall and down a set of
stairs. Enter the office to discuss the discovery of two new letters from The
Black Dahlia. Slipped into the back seat of a cab, one note is written with the
headlines of The Examiner and The Times while the other is a typed poem.

Take a look at the headline letter first which includes the same message 
written on the body of Celine Henry two cases back. Set that down and take a
look at the poem on the other sheet of paper. Phelps, an aficionado of 
literature and the arts will recognize the piece as a Shelley, written over a
hundred years ago. Nice, you've got the same taste as a serial killer. After
a failed attempt to figure the Dahlia out, head on upstairs to Interview Room
2. Galloway will lead the way so just follow him in case you forget. Enter the
room and begin your interrogation of Angel.


DESCRIPTION: Estranged husband of victim Antonia Maldonado

1. Last contact with victim

   -Lie, bring up "Husband's alibi" to catch Angel in his deception. He gives
    you some valuable information on the car that took Antonia away.

2. Divorce proceedings

   -Lie, bring up the "Divorce papers" and Angel will admit he had been abusive
    the night he was presented papers. Also, Angel is wearing a size eight

3. Jewelry taken from body

   -Truth, Angel reinforces that her charm bracelet was always locked up in 
    some type of box.

4. Bloodstained shirt found

   -Doubt, the blood is from a particularly brutal fist fight between Angel and
    his brother. Your suspect doesn't know much about the El Dorado but he's
    familiar with the fruit market across the street, including a suspicious
    fellow who consistently checked out Antonia's body.


You're through with Angel so head back outside and pay another visit to the
Just Picked Fruit Market. Seems like the place is open so walk back to the
cashier station to chit chat with the employee. Clem Feeney is the name of the
Fruit Market employee and he's got information to give on the late Antonia


DESCRIPTIONS: Just Picked Fruit Market owner and proprietor

1. Distinctive necklace

   -Doubt, Feeney will own up to selling "the odd bottle on the side" to the
    after hours crowd.

2. Contact with victim

   -Doubt, there's definitely an off vibe coming from this guy who admits to
    making contact with Antonia last night.

3. Movements of victim

   -Truth, apparently the victim was picked up by the same brown Ford that
    met her outside of her apartment.


At the conclusion of the interview, an investigation of the fruit market will
begin immediately.


1. Right in front of you are inviting green double doors leading to the back of
   the market. You could search this whole outside area but I have a slight
   hunch that you're going to want to take a look inside that room. Kick open
   the door where you'll find the stolen set of the hit HBO drama "Boardwalk 
   Empire." Or just a plethora of bootlegged bottles. Check the stack of
   crates right in front of you before moving on.

2. Check to your left and approach the desk closest to the door. Lying on top 
   is an inconspicuous bloody scalpel that you can examine by turning it to its 

3. Place the scalpel and walk on over to the other desk which is illuminated by
   a green light. To the right of the desk is an open file cabinet that you can
   take a look at to find a jewelry box with a combinational lock on it. The
   dot patterned paper you found at the crime scene is your code which is 
   2-5-3. The box will open revealing a dismantled charm bracelet.

   -Check each segment of the bracelet to get the full piece of evidence
    written in your notebook. Back out of the inspection to finish this


Feeney catches you finding all of the cold hard evidence and makes a run for 
it. He'll jump in his pickup so follow him with your car. He'll blast through
a guard post into a parking lot so chase after him. Keep an eye out for
panicked pedestrians and parked cars and stay on your man. Exit the lot and
make a quick right and then a quick left. Keep an eye on your mini map because
at this point he'll be a handful of yards ahead of you. He won't make this easy
though and take a detour on the grass ahead of you. Stay on him as he zigs and
zags his way back on to the road. If your eye catches the ramp to the left of
Feeney's fleeing vehicle, take that over the guard railing and hum the 007
theme song to your self.

Feeney will seemingly be ready to just take the straight road like most of the
perps do up until this point in the game. However, he dips to the left and 
drives through the back parking lot of a burger joint before ramping it over 
into another parking lot. Exit the lot with a left turn and keep on your boy.
At this point, he succumbs to the straight path so gain speed on him and allow
Galloway to blast out one his tires from the side. Crash the car off the road
and apprehend Feeney, charging him with the murder of Antonia Maldonado. Damn
fine job if I do say so myself.

-=-=-                     6D. "The White Shoe Slaying"                    -=-=-

An interesting setting for this case which I very much enjoy. Walk out into the
dreary mess and head up to the crime scene at Signal Hill. Officer Brown greets
you at the scene while Carruthers and Pinker bring you up to speed on the
situation, including an estimation of the time of death, though the weather 
needs to be accounted for. Let's get started...


1. Check the battered corpse first, of course.

   -Have a look at the head and turn the face to the left in order to get a 
    clue about a dry cleaning service as opposed to the triple braid 
    strangulation marks.

2. That's the only clue you're getting from this body so back out of your
   inspection and take a left away from the body. On the ground you will see
   distinct boot prints but no drag marks.

3. Behind you are muddy tire tracks in the grass. Go over there and inspect the
   area for the clue.


This will wrap up your investigation so go on the only information you have and
approach the gamewell right by the crime scene. When you get over the phone, 
Gonzales pulls up with a potential witness to the murder, Catherine Barton.


DESCRIPTION: Witness and Signal Hill resident

1. Suspicious persons

   -Truth, if this case wasn't already strange enough, you may be on the
    lookout for a horribly disfigured hobo leader. Interesting...


Go back to the gamewell and get the address to Superior Laundry Services, as
well as hobo camps in the vicinity of Signal Hill. Walk on over to your car and
take a drive to Superior Laundry Services. When you arrive, follow Galloway
inside the establishment and approach the counter. The proprietor of the 
business will grab his ledger for you to take a look at. Your looking for the
ticket number "F1363" which will be a "1x Green Silk Dress." The entry is
located on the first page and belongs to a T. Taraldsen. Exit the building and
set the address as your destination.

The house is creepy enough so walk up to the porch and knock on the front door
to be greeted by the husband of the victim, Lars Taraldsen. The two were at a
party hosted by a Bobby Ross last night. An investigation of the house will 
begin shortly after breaking the bad news to Lars.


1. To left of the front door is a bedroom. Head inside and directly in front of
   you will be a dresser. Inspect the top of it.

   -First, check the matchbook from Baron's Bar which will give you another 
    lead to go off of.

   -Next, take a look at the overturned picture frame of the seemingly happy

2. Walk over to the kitchen on the living room side. Before entering, check out
   the table with a chess game prepared on top. You'll find another matchbook
   for Baron's Bar.

3. Walk through the kitchen into the back utilities room. To the left is a sink
   and a handbag resting on top. Take a look at the handbag for a clue.

   -Pull out the victim's drivers license to get yet another clue.

   -Next to the license is some lipstick so grab it and further inspect it by
    twisting it out.

4. Behind you is the door to the utilities room and a plaid jacket is hanging 
   on the door knob. Take a look at the soaking wet coat to get some evidence 
   of Lars' whereabouts last night.

5. At the end of the room, you'll find a pair of boots you can inspect. Turn 
   them over to get the size number: eights.

6. As you probably saw when approaching the house, the Taraldsen family has the
   privilege of owning their own boat so head outside and inspect the boat on 
   the right side of the house. At the front is a triple braid rope that seems
   to match the ligature marks on the neck of the victim.


With investigation over with, head back inside to interrogate Lars. First
however, make a phone call from the family's telephone in their living room to
take care of Bobby Ross. Now on to First Mate Lars.


DESCRIPTION: Husband of murder victim Theresa Taraldsen

1. Possible suspects

   -Lie, bring up the "Bow rope" to put some pressure on Lars.

2. Alibi for Lars Taraldsen

   -Doubt, angry at his wife, Lars allowed his drunk wife to leave Ross' party
    alone to get further wasted at her favorite drinking whole, Baron's Bar.

3. Victim's state of mind

   -Doubt, Mr. Taraldsen is starting to become a bit unhinged.

4. Last contact with victim

   -Lie, either bring up the "Wet jacket" or the "Muddy boots." Seems like Lars
    was getting a little flirty himself last night.


You're done with Lars so follow the string and head over to Baron's Bar. Head
inside the watering hole and approach the bar. The bartender will know why 
you're here based on news reports and is ready to answer some questions about


DESCRIPTION: Baron's Bar bartender

1. Last contact with victim

   -Truth, you'll get the number of the cab that picked up Theresa and her
    new friend.

2. Vagrant male suspect

   -Doubt, you get two suspects, one is a sailor and the other is currently 
    having a drink at the bar.

3. Yellow Cab 3591

   -Truth, you still only know she wanted to go out dancing.


When the interview ends, Cluff will point out Richard Bates to you, one of the
creeps all over Theresa late last night. After Galloway flashes the badge, 
Bates makes a run for it out the back of the establishment. Hurry on after him
through the parking lot and across the street. Nearly running into him, a car
will skid to a halt in the middle of the road. Commandeer the vehicle and drive
after the pickup Bates just popped into. Tail him through the backyard of a few
neighborhood houses, remaining wary of the various vulnerable people about.
He'll slide on back to the streets but only momentarily as he climbs up a hill
and back into some backyards. Keep on after him as Galloway pours on a couple
of shots. Bates will fly past a gas station pump and be back on the main road.
Try to get at least one solid shot into the pickup with your vehicle before the
suspect makes a dramatic left over a hill and on to a street below. At this
point enough damage should be dealt for you to spin him out and apprehend him.

Right there you will conduct the interview with Bates.


DESCRIPTION: Acquaintance of victim Theresa Taraldsen

1. Contact with victim

   -Doubt, Bates was trying to lay it in smooth with Theresa but his broken
    face must've complicated matters.

2. Account of movements

   -Doubt, the man with a brick face has been charged with sexual assault
    before. Oh, and he got tagged by the sailor outside the bar.


Bates will get a trip down to Central after the interview. Walk over to the
telephone booth to your right and call in the cab number. Enter your vehicle 
and wait a good five seconds before dispatch rings in with the location of your
Yellow Cab. Set the trace as your destination and get after the vehicle. When
you spot the cab, turn your sirens on and pull it over. A conversation will
begin between you and the driver. Once you've got your information, get back in
your car and set the station as you next destination. A certain sailor is
awaiting an interview. When you arrive, you'll be informed by Fleischer that 
your suspect's in Interview Room 2 so head over there and pop in for a little 
meet and greet.


DESCRIPTION: US Navy Able Seaman seen with victim on night of murder

1. Contact with victim

   -Doubt, you know this story so you just pressure it out of Jessop.

2. Incident with Bates

   -Doubt, can you really blame the guy for giving Richie a shiner?

3. Movements prior to murder

   -Doubt, by the end of the night, the kid realized he wasn't getting any from
    the hysterical older woman so they caught an All American 249 down to her
    place and that's the last he saw of her.

4. Cab ride with victim

   -Doubt, no "hand relief" for Jessop.


... and the hobo comes back into play. The disfigured hobo has been spotted and
you get his location from Officer Kelly. However, you still have the bus depot
lead to take care of so set that as your destination and head over. When you
arrive, head inside the Interstate Bus Depot lobby and you will then walk over
to the clerk. You get a name, Frank Zeferelli, but unfortunately for you, he's
out doing his rounds. You're handed a bus schedule so inspect it further for 
the full details. 

You now need to locate All American 74 which is running a circular route about 
the city. Bite the bullet and get back in your car. A red line will be present 
on your mini map so flip your siren on and speed down this puppy. The first time
I performed this drive I just went straight down and basically ran the entire 
length of the route but this time I went backwards and it seemed to go faster. 
Either way, you'll eventually catch up with the bus so pull it over and talk to
the Zeferelli. Turns out the noble sailor let the woman get off in front of a 
shady hobo camp.

It's all coming back to the far-fetched hobo hater's story back at the crime 
scene. Set the Hobo Camp as your destination and drive on over. When you enter
the camp, a distinguished hobo gathers his troops and sics them on your
fascist ass. While Galloway is spraying the homeless with lead, you'll begin a
fist fight with your number one suspect. Do as you've been doing, countering
with the head-body and finishing him with a solid uppercut a la "Mortal 
Kombat." The clearly battle fatigued hobo's name is Stuart Ackerman. Checking 
his little crawl space should be next on your agenda.


1. Walk straight in and towards the interactive newspaper lying on top of
   stacked up wooden crates. Watch the story behind the headline and move on.
   This is a damn good one by the way.

2. Move towards the bed and take a look at the shelf next to it. A bloodied
   triple braid is lying on top. Move it towards you to get the full clue.

3. Behind you is a table with a purse lying on top. Further inspect it by
   turning it towards you, then subsequently opening it up.

   -From the purse, you will a ticket stub from the Crystal Ballroom. Again,
    you'll need to turn it towards you to get the clue.


With the case nearly in the bag, run on over to your car and head down to the
station to interrogate Ackerman. Enter the police station and follow your
partner down to Interview Room 1. Ackerman carried a flamethrower during the
war, which explains the deformation of his face.


DESCRIPTION: Vagrant sighted in vicinity of Signal Hill

1. Motive for murder

   -Lie, bring up the "Bloodstained rope piece" to remind him what killing he's
    currently he's involved in.

2. Contact with victim

   -Doubt, Ackerman's mind is seemingly lost at this point in his life.

3. Alibi for Stuart Ackerman

   -Doubt, Ackerman has no alibi to back up his words.


It's a no-brainer; Stuart Ackerman is charged with the murder of Therese
Taraldsen. Get your accommodations from Donelly as well as your five star case 
rating from the game. Well done.

-=-=-                  6E. "The Studio Secretary Murder"                  -=-=-

Donelly informs you and Galloway that a rose gold wedding ring and matching 
engagement ring have recently been sold to a pawnbroker in town. With a clear
connection to the Deidre Moller and the case going before the Grand Jury in the
next week, any suspicious evidence such as this needs to be analyzed 
thoroughly. Your first order of business is to pay a visit to the pawnbroker
before heading over to the crime scene of another unfortunate woman. Head
outside and set your destination for the Pawnbroker.

Enter the store and approach the gated counter. Mr. Bremner will grab the 
pawned rings and present them to you on the counter. Take a look at the first
ring on the left which you can turn over in order to inspect the makers mark.
Now look at the ring on the right and inspect it the same way, looking at the
quality of the band. Bremner will provide the name of the seller, Percy B.
Shelley, as well as his address. The information is bogus: Shelley's the author
of the poem and in turn, the address must be false. Enough with the pawnbroker 
though, set course for the crime scene at a Railyard.

When you arrive at the railyard, Officer Walwick will escort you out to the 
scene of the crime. Once there, Officer Hart will brief you on the situation,
as well as the two people on scene with information on the murder. Head over to
Carruther's to get his take on the killing before sweeping the area.


1. First things first, take a look at the woman's body.

   -Take a look at the battered head and turn it to the side. Lipstick marks
    are scattered across her swollen and bruised face but the thing that sticks
    out the most apparently is her foul smell, leading to the assumption that
    you're dealing with a vagrant.

   -Check the right hand which is bearing the signs of a missing ring finger.
    This is all you're going to get from her person.

2. Behind the body is a blanket with the collected pieces of evidence lying on 

   -Take a look at the handbag on the right. It continues two items of
    interest. The first, the top half of a letter begging the woman to come
    back home and the other, an identification slip from The Keystone Film
    Company which closed down back in '41.

   -The second item to check out is the matchbook which can be examined to find
    a note about Mensch's Bar, a possible lead to the case.

   -The last item on the blanket is a receipt for various personal items over 
    at a local liquor store.


With the investigation over with, go and talk to Nelson Gaines who called in 
the body. While working in the morning, Gaines saw the second witness on top of
the lifeless body. Go over and talk to this "Jamison" who's being watched by an
officer. Interestingly enough, John here was kissing the corpse. I think
Galloway speaks for all of us when he tags him with a fist. When asked to empty
out his pockets, Jamison removes some lipstick which you can inspect further
with "A."


DESCRIPTION: Pacific Electric railyard employee, potential suspicious witness

1. Interference with evidence

   -Truth, John lifted the lipstick off the purse and left everything be.

2. Discovery of victim's body

   -Doubt, Jamison didn't report the body and is getting arrested for what he


Now that that little venture into the weird is out of the way, walk over to the
gamewell by your car to get the address to Levine's Liquor Store. Set the 
address for the liquor store and upon arriving, you'll meet the proprietor who
happened to be a good friend with Evelyn's ex-husband. He was even allowing her
to stay inside the shop. Follow Robbins into the back of the store to take a
look at Summers' living space.


1. Upon entering the vagrant's home, look to your right and inspect the picture
   sitting on top of the cardboard boxes.

2. To the left of the entrance, you'll find a few items on the floor.

   -In the center of the pile is an old name plate belonging to Summers.

   -To the right is a bowling pin which you can further inspect to read where
    the pin emerged from.

   -To the left is an award with "Keystone Films 1938" printed on the front.

3. Move towards the right of the bed and inspect the items on the floor here.

   -To the left is another picture of potential family and friends.

   -To the right is a book on "Aristotle Metaphysics" which feels out of the
    ordinary. Open the book to see who the book belonged to: Grosvenor 


This will finish up your investigation so go back to the main store area and 
talk to Robbins.


DESCRIPTION: Liquor store owner and friend of victim Evelyn Summers

1. Contact with victim

   -Truth, Evelyn came around to pick up some booze to make-up for a fight
    between her and a boy.

2. Relationship with victim

   -Truth, Robbins confirms she had been roughing it for quite sometime. The
    alcoholism didn't help matters either.

3. Knowledge of McCaffrey

   -Doubt, apparently Summers looked up to this McCaffrey.


Head on out of the store and follow-up on your other initial lead: Mensch's 
Bar. When you arrive, you'll spark up a conversation with the bartender who 
knows Evelyn well, but he sure doesn't have many happy memories of her. He
tells you to ask around the bar about her so approach the reader in the booth
right ahead of you. Turns out this is your boy, Grosvenor McCaffery. 


DESCRIPTION: Known associate of murder victim Evelyn Summers

1. Criminal history

   -Doubt, ah, a good old-fashioned commie. Where's McCarthy when you need him.

2. Relationship with victim

   -Lie, bring up the "Book" to catch him off guard. McCaffery mentions a 
    Tiernan as a logical suspect.


Once that's wrapped up, head on out the bar and get in your car. You'll get a
message from dispatch as soon as you enter. Donelly is requesting your presence
at the station so drive on over to Central to meet him. Follow Galloway down to
the basement where Donelly, Pinker and Carruthers are awaiting you. The 
evidence of the Black Dahlia continue to pile up and the integrity of each case
is falling apart. Captain wants you to continue on your investigation of the
Summers case but the possibility of one single killer throughout each case is
starting to threaten the department and its integrity.

Run upstairs and call in McCaffery's name to attain an address. We're not 
headed there just yet, however. Get in you vehicle and set your destination for
Rawling's Bowling Alley. At the lanes, you'll meet sweet old Florence Jenkins
who will tell you about the pin setter, James Tiernan, bringing a girl around 
sometimes during work. He's in the back working so head over to the door at the
side of the lanes. As soon is he catches of glimpse of you, Tiernan makes a
bee-line to his car. After you commandeer the sexy Bond car, get after Tirenan
through the alleyways.

He'll mainly stay on the street but he's driving fairly reckless at this point.
When you get a chance, ram into his car. Since he's driving with a souped-up
engine, it'll take a few whacks before he's out of commission. He'll eventually
plow through a park and head into a train tunnel. Dodge the train to the left
and grind the suspects car into the tunnel wall until his car is toast. Get out
of your car and apprehend Tiernan. While he gets sent on his way downtown, set
your next destination for McCaffery's Apartment and head over.

Approach the entrance and take a quick glance over at the mailboxes to get the
apartment number. Head inside and walk up the stairs to apartment 6. Kick down
the door and begin your investigation.


1. Once entering the apartment, take a left and approach the desk at the side
   wall. Here you will find the second half of the torn letter found at the
   scene of the crime.

2. Right behind you on the comforter are some incriminating pieces of evidence.
   A bloodied tire iron rests here and after further inspection of it, you see
   that it is from Rawling's Bowling Alley.


At that very moment, a friend of McCaffery's will enter the room demanding an
explanation for your presence. After some banter, you are told Grosvenor is on
top of the roof caring for carrier pigeons. Head back to the staircase and go
up on more level. Walk out to the hall and make a right where you'll see
another set of stairs on the right. Head up to the roof and confront McCaffery
who unsurprisingly books it. Keep on him and follow him down the fire escape to
the ground. He'll climb a set of stairs proceed to run through backyards and
dirt lots. You'll be fairly close to him so just keep your eye on him and 
continue pursuing. Eventually he'll come along a backstreet where he begins to
run out of steam. Take this opportunity to sprint and tackle the suspect.

Head down to Central to conduct the final two interviews of this case.
Head into Interview Room 1 to begin the interrogation of Tiernan.


DESCRIPTION: Rawling's Bowling Alley employee and friend of victim

1. Relationship with victim

   -Lie, bring up "Victim last seen" to reveal the nature of their

2. Victim's book found

   -Doubt, the kid's trying his damndest to blame it on McCaffery.

3. Alibi for James Tiernan

   -Lie, bring up the "Liquor purchase"

4. Access to murder weapon

   -Doubt, the evidence isn't looking good for Tiernan but with this statement,
    he might've just gotten the upper hand on McCaffery.


Leave the interrogation and head over to Interview Room 2 with another chat 
with McCaffery.


DESCRIPTION: Known associate of murder victim Evelyn Summers

1. Alibi for McCaffery

   -Lie, bring up the "Torn letter" to completely confuse McCaffery.

2. Access to tire iron

   -Lie, bring up "Tiernan's accusation" and he'll tell you that Tiernan in
    fact confided in McCaffery after murdering Summers.


This interview is over for the time being so walk out of the room and make a
phone call to dispatch. From this call you get McCaffery's criminal record 
which includes a near fatal assault of a woman. Head back on over to Tiernan's
room for one final question.


DESCRIPTION: Rawling's Bowling Alley employee and friend of victim

1. Events prior to murder

   -Lie, bring up "McCaffery's accusation" and he will basically confirm the
    story, sans for the words McCaffery put in Tiernan's mouth. James simply
    cannot remember what happened the night of the murder.


We're almost there. Go back to McCaffery's room with one final question as


DESCRIPTION: Known associate of murder victim Evelyn Summers

1. Military service

   -Lie, bring up "McCaffery's criminal record" and watch McCaffery have a
    complete mental breakdown


After McCaffery's slip up, charge the man with the murder of Evelyn Summers and
close the case with some real talk from Captain Donelly.

-=-=-                    6F. "The Quarter Moon Murders"                   -=-=-

This case begins in the station's Evidence Room. The Dahlia has once again left
you some troubling letters. Examine the first letter which contains a message
lifted from a previous crime scene. Next, move on to the little red notebook to
the left. It's a collection of poems from Percy B. Shelley which you can 
further inspect by opening it up. A particular poem has been bookmarked and 
underlined for you to read. Finally, pick up the typed Shelley excerpt lying on
the table. From the descriptions, Phelps realizes the killer may be using the
poems literally and this particular piece points to the Pershing Square
fountain. Get into your car and head over to the landmark to investigate any 
possible leads here. Stop your car outside the park and run down to the center 

Walk to the base of the fountain where you'll be able to job up to the top
level of the structure. Check the first piece of evidence on the right which is 
Elizabeth Short's social security card. Next, take a look at the note to the 
left. It's another Shelley poem from the Dahlia. Seems like your hunch was more 
than just that. 

This case is essentially a scavenger hunt between you and the serial killer.
Each poem refers to a particular landmark on your map. Check your full map and
look at the landmark Northeast from Central. It's the HALL OF RECORDS and the
poem is clearly referring to it's domed skylight. Set a marker on the landmark
and drive on over. When you arrive, enter the building and approach the front

You're going to need to get on top of the chandelier in this hall so follow 
Rusty upstairs to the access panel in the maintenance room on the top floor.
Climb up the ladder and cautiously approach the wiring. Gently move forward on 
the wire and keep yourself balanced like your grinding a rail in "Tony Hawk." If
you fall, you can pick yourself up but only three times so be extra careful. 
When you get to the chandelier, inspect the clues lying on top. The first item 
you should inspect is a watch which if you remember, is a remnant of the Deldre 
Moller case. Grab the next stanza to the left and read through it quickly 
before a minor complication occurs.

Turns out standing on top of expensive chandeliers high above the ground wasn't
the greatest idea you've ever had. Swing your momentum back and forth until you
can jump towards the staircase which occurs automatically like always. Once
that's over with, exit the building and bring your map back up. Search for the
L.A. PUBLIC LIBRARY which is directly Northwest of Pershing Square and set your
next marker on their. Drive on over there to discover the landmark is under 
some serious construction. Approach the drainage pipe up the stairs and to the
right to begin your descent up the structure. Once you're up, walk over to the
wooden platform to the left and lift yourself up another level.

From here, take a right and head towards the scaffolding. Pop on up and begin
climbing the ladder here. Continue on down towards a elevated 2x4 which you can
walk over carefully to the other side. To the left is another drainage pipe so
jump on up it to the next roof. Right in front of you is another ladder so 
climb on up that as well. Run around the building using the scaffolding and
jumping over the short chasms until you arrive at another ladder. Once up that,
you'll have to balance you're way from one scaffolding structure to the other
so take your time and get it over with. From here, you'll have to head down 
the scaffolding to a lower level and jump down to a lower roof before heading
up another ladder which leads to a fire escape. 

This will put you on top of the building so go around to the opposite side and 
inspect the items lying on the ground. The first item you'll find is a piece of
Antonia Maldonado's necklace. Grab the next poem and you'll end up back on the
street. Open up your map and place a marker at the WESTLAKE TAR PITS which is
in the far Southwest corner of the map. Head on back to your car and drive on
over there. When you arrive, approach the tar pit where you'll equipped
yourself with some new clothing. Head towards the lake and walk straight in
towards the first safe platform which you can identify by the four wooden poles
jutting out of the lake. 

First take a right towards the second platform and then walk straight towards 
the island for the next two platforms. Make a right to the next platform and 
then another right for the subsequent platform. Make two lefts for the next two
platforms and then a right to the farthest platform out. Follow the line 
straight down and to the left next. Make a left towards the dying dinosaur and
then a right parallel to the island. The final platform leads right on to the
dirt path of the island so head over there. Below the large tree in front of
you are two more clues to investigate. The first is the other open-toed shoe
of Theresa Teraldsen. Check out the next stanza to the Shelley poem and when
you're done, place it back down.

Galloway will come pick you up so when you're back on the other side, check 
your map again and locate the L.A. COUNTY ART MUSEUM which is directly North
of the Tar Pits. When you arrive, enter the garden and follow the signs to the
entrance of the maze here at the museum. A large, rotating structure is located
at the heart of this maze so that's where you're headed. Since there are no 
discernable landmarks, just follow my directions exactly as stated. Go left, 
right, left, right, right, right around the bend, left, left around the bend
and then a right. Now you're into the meat of the maze so go left, right,
right, right, left and follow this path down to the rotating structure. Lying
on the structure are your next two clues, Celine Henry's ring which needs to be
inspected and the next stanza. 

As night sets in and a rain begins to fall, set your next destination of this 
hunt for the INTOLERANCE SET which is directly West of Pershing Square.
Approach the set from 8th St. and jump the wooden fence where you'll be able to
enter the ravaged set. Head straight back into the set until you hit the back
wall where the large set of stairs is located. Run up them and then move 
straight through the lighted tunnel onto the large wooden platform. The 
structure will break apart and begin to swerve so shift your body away around
the platform in order to keep it at a balanced, centered level. Eventually,
you'll just have to jump for the next platform in front of you, so shift all
of your wight forward to allow the structure to fall towards your the platform.

Walk past the giant elephant and look towards the ladders on the left and take
one of them down to the King's Throne. Sitting on the throne are your final two
clues: Evelyn Summers' typewriter ring mentioned by Tiernan and the final 
stanza of the night. Right as you read the note, the set will begin to crumble
yet again. Sprint straight ahead and then make a quick right towards the next
set of platforms. From there, run straight down the line off the tumbling 
structure. Bring up your map and set the marker to CHRIST CROWN OF THORNS which
is directly Southwest of your current location. Drive down the street to the
abandoned church and approach the ominous double doors to your killer's home.

And there he is, The Black Dahlia killer, Garrett Mason who you met in an
earlier case while investigating a bar. The suspect lets off and shot and then
disappears. Run to the altar to see that he was standing on the grating of a 
sewer. Run over to the house off the right. Kick open the door and enter the 
bathroom off to the far left side of the house. Here you will find the second
entrance into the sewers. Before jumping down, inspect the bloody tire iron on
the ground as well as the bathtub. 

Afterwards, head down in the catacombs of the church. Be careful here, shots 
come out of nowhere since it's so dark down here and the Dahlia shoots from 
corner to corner. Make your way through the tunnels, tagging Garrett when 
you've got the chance. If you don't bag him by then, he will reach the end of 
the tunnels where a ladder will be waiting. Head up the ladder and finish off 
the job in the graveyard outside. Case closed though I'm sure you won't feel to
justified by the ending.

                             9. The Streets of L.A.

Once you hit the Traffic Desk, you'll be given the option of hitting the
streets of Los Angeles away from any case or storyline. In this section, you 
will find all the extra side missions and collectibles away from the main
storyline. Stay attentive and bang these out to show your dominance over the
streets of Los Angeles.

-=-=-                          9A. Street Crimes                          -=-=-

There are 40 total street crimes. They tend to be quick and involve more action
than investigation. You can tackle some of these during cases but you'll
probably want to focus on them during the free roam since the calls come in
much more frequently. When you get a call, press "A" and the location of the
crime will appear on your map. Head on over and initiate the story. Each desk
has a limited amount of street crimes so you can't just bang them all out when
you hit Traffic. By the way, this list is probably completely out of order.

*1. "Masked Gunman"*

You've got a John Wayne wannabe up on the roof so book it for the ladder up
there and send this little cowboy running for the hills. Once you hit the roof,
Smily Burnette will slide down off of it so keep an eye on him as you do the 
same. Run to the fence to the right and follow the shots from George Houston's 
pistol. Since he fired his gun, you can take 'ol Broncho Billy anytime during 
this chase. If you continue chasing this Fuzzy Knight, he'll eventually grab a
hostage. Simply place the reticule to one side and wait for Chill Wills to place
his head in the way of the bullet. Guess this particular cowboy won't be "Back 
in the Saddle" any time soon... okay I'm done.

*2. "Shoo-Shoo Bandits"*

Make a run up the stairs and take a left down the alley once they're cleared.
Head straight for the two suspects and take cover behind the large piece of
aluminum. The two bandits will enter the vehicle and your only option is to tag
them with headshots. Take out the driver to the left and finish your boy off on
the right. Case closed.

*3. "Hotel Bandits"*

Help the down on his luck hotel employee by pursuing the fleeing perps. They'll
reach a car and drive off. Commandeer a vehicle from the parking lot and get
after them. The cops have set-up a blockade at the end of the street so be
prepared for them to make a quick left turn. Stay on their tails until they
make a dramatic right turn into a parking garage. Follow them inside and pursue 
the suspects on foot. Head up to the top and kill the two criminals.

*4. "Death from Above"*

*5. "Pawnshop Holdup"*

Follow Bekowsky to the back of the shop and enter the shop. Pop the guy on the
left first and then take cover behind the file cabinet directly in front of the
door. Kill the next guy and make your way upstairs to the roof. Your final guy
will have taken a hostage up here so set your reticule to the left and headshot
the criminal when he pops his head over the cursor.

*6. "Cosmic Rays"*

So Joaquin Phoenix has seriously lost it and has completely integrated into 
his role from "Signs." Chase after the pantless psycho as he goes through some
streets, a parking lot and eventually up a drainage pipe on top of the roof. 
When you make your way up the roof, the rapper will jump straight into the
pavement. He hasn't really been too relevant recently anyway.

*7. "Gangfight"*

Goddamn violent Latinos (once again, check the last name). Take cover and blast
the various gang members away. When you take them all down, more will arrive so
take them out as well. 

*8. "Hung Out to Dry"*

Easy enough mission, tag the robbery suspects in the warehouse and if needed,
head up the stairs in order to finish the job.

*9. "Amateur Hour"*

Enter the hole in the wall of the bank and enter the darkened main lobby. One
of the suspects will be taking cover here so take him out and then head
upstairs. On the opposite end of where you're standing are the two other 
suspects you need to subdue. Once they're down, run back to the vault where
Bekowsky will be knocked out. Run out toward the escaping vehicle and you'll
watch the car swerve and crash, allowing you to apprehend the girl.

*10. "Army Surplus"*

Very simple case, just kill the cop killers. Bada bing bada boom.

*11. "Theatre Robbery"*

Looks like a member of Danny Devito's accapella singing gang from It's Always
Sunny in Philadelphia. Pursue the suspect as he veers off to the left into a
alleyway. He'll continue through a parking lot and continue on through some
more alleys. He'll eventually stop in a parking lot and climb on up a drainage
pipe. Run across the roof and along the awning until you come to the suspect.
Subdue him and be done with this mission.

*12. "Bank Job"*

Take out the two bandits out front before storming the bank. Stay covered and
take out the guys at the end of the room as well as the boys up top. Once they
are down, move further into the bank and take the elevator to the right. Right
when the doors open, you'll have to pop someone standing in front of you. Move
on to the room to the left with one cowboy inside. Next is the vault room which
you can stand outside to pick the first person off at. Next is a boy to the 
left behind a desk and a guy further inside to the right that's ready to get
put down.

*13. "Death Plunge"*

Simple enough case, follow Galloway up to the roof of the building until he 
runs out of steam. From there, the ladder to the jumper is in front of you so
make your way up. Phelps will help him down and that'll be it.

*14. "Unsuccessful Holdup"*

The gasman's gone mad and has driven some wannabe holdup artists into the
sewers. Take a left past the sign and into the shack. There will be a ladder
you can climb down into the tunnels. Once down there, your mission will be to
subdue the crooks so when you turn the first corner, light up the man standing
in front of you. Continue onward to another ladder but do not run out of the
room. A train will plow by but once that's past, continue pursuing the suspects
on the tracks. They'll both eventually stop and you can take them down with a 
few shots.

*15. "Would Be Robber"*

Step on it towards your robbery suspect in the yellow car. Follow him down the
road until he gets cut off by a police car. He'll skid into an alleyway on the
left a shoot off a ramp. Follow suit and continue pursuit on the road below.
He'll cut into a gas station but slam straight into the wall. He then takes
the gas station attendant hostage. Move your cursor to the left and in a second
or two, he'll throw his head right in the way of your bullet. The other suspect
climbed up on to the roof so head up there to subdue the criminal.

*16. "Vengeful Ex"*

I'm surprised gramps didn't break a hip when he pulled that trigger at the cop.
Chase down this senile old bastard through the marketplace. You're free to end
the coot's life at anytime. Watch out for pedestrians and follow him from cover
to cover until you've got him cornered for a shot. Just to throw my opinion out
there, I'm assuming he soiled himself at the conclusion of this mission. Just
let it be know.

*17. "Running Battle"*

After the suspect downs the cop, pursue him through the alleyway to the right.
Keep an eye on your mini map since he's going to get a bit of a head start on
you. Climb up the drainage pipe and follow who from one roof top to the next.
By the time you climb the ladder up to the next rooftop, the mission will be
to eliminate the target, so taken him down when he starts firing at you.

*18. "Misunderstanding"*

You witness the murder and robbery of an innocent man so chase after the
criminal. Keep after him through the backyards and keep an eye on your mini map
to know where he's at all times. Your partner will eventually bring the car
around and trap the murderer in a parking garage. Take the suspect down here.

*19. "Honey Boy"*

The old guy from "Billy Madison" is held up in his house with a shotgun because 
the devil woman that is his wife pissed him off. The psychopath takes down an
officer so approach the house and take the old boy out yourself.

*20. "Bowling Lane Robbery"*

Tag cue ball when he tries to harm you with a shotgun twenty feet away. Take 
cover at the entrance and take out the guy to your right. Then enter the 
bowling alley facing the left side desk and kill the sorry sap here. The
remaining suspect will flee so go down the bowling lane and exit out the side
door. The old timer grabs a good ol' boy as a hostage so wait until he sticks
his head out really far to the left side and blast him.

*21. "Canned Fish"*

Follow a report on suspicious activity, you enter a warehouse building a demand
the suspects stop boosting canned fish. You'll enter a fist fight so counter 
the suspect with a head-body and finish him off with "B." Once the two 
assailants are down, run forward a bit to watch your third man jump in a truck 
and drive off. You'll commandeer a vehicle and the hot pursuit is on. Both 
vehicles move fairly slow so keep on though you don't want to be right on his 
ass since he'll dip and dodge a few obstacles. Eventually, you two will arrive 
at an oil refinery where another cop will cut in front of the truck. Bash into 
the vehicle and send him flying off a hill. Apprehend the suspect (Frank 'effin
Morgan) and wrap this mission up.

*22. "Boxing Clever"*

Chase down the burglary suspect as he climbs on to a construction site. After a
bit of climbing, the suspect will hit a dead end and a fight will commence.
Dodge his shots and tag him with a few blows to take him down.

-=-=-                      9B. Golden Film Locations                      -=-=-

A big thank you goes out Feber20 (Gregory Amiot) on YouTube. When it comes to 
big collection quests such as this, I find text descriptions very difficult to 
follow so I turn to underappreciated videos like Feber20's to get me through
them. Since the street names in the game are difficult to read, you can get
more detailed descriptions here and some general visuals from the videos.
Definitely check out Feber20's channel.

Feber20's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/feber20

There are a total of 50 Golden Reels to find and they are all named after
famous film noirs. Very cool, indeed. When you come across a Golden Film Reel, 
your controller will rumble like you just found a clue so press "A" to pick it 
up and inspect it.

*Golden Film Reels 1-10*

Video Guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A9pbY7glN1g

The collection begins at the very top left part of the city, at the corner of
La Brea and Hollywood facing West which leads to a freight depot.

1. "The Big Sleep"
   Location: Corner of La Brea Ave. and Hollowood Blvd.
   Follow the train tracks to the West into the freight depot and run on over 
   to the large elevated water tank at the center. At the ground will be a 
   pallet and next to it is your first Golden Film Reel.

2. "The Letter"
   Location: Corner of Selma Ave. and Las Palmas Ave.
   Head East until you see a housing development with red cobblestone to the 
   South. Run over here and head up the first staircase you see off to the
   left. To the right on the ground in front of the apartment is the next reel.

3. "Brute Force"
   Location: Corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Schrader Blvd.
   Head South down the street and take the second right down this street.
   The street's a dead end and at this sidewalk will be the film reel.

4. "Nightmare Alley"
   Location: Corner of Ivar Ave. and Franklin Ave.
   Head North over a ramp into a restaurant parking lot. To the left you can 
   drive down to the back towards a few dumpsters. Jump over the railing and
   the film reel will be on the walkway.

5. "Where the Sidewalk Ends"
   Location: Corner of Sunset Blvd. and El Centro Ave.
   Head West on Sunset and you'll eventually see a theatre showing "The Big
   Sleep" off to the right. Go behind the ticket both and you'll find the next
   film reel.

6. "Gilda"
   Location: Corner of Cahuenoa Blvd. and De Longpre Ave.
   Head South and there will be a fork in the road. Right at that corner is a 
   small wall you can jump over and your film reel will be resting on the
   ground below.

7. "In a Lonely Place"
   Location: Corner of El Centro Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd.
   Head south on El Centro Ave. and on the right hand side of the road will be
   a miniature golf course. Head in and go to the eighth tee where you'll see
   you're seventh film reel.

8. "Odd Man Out"
   Location: Corner of St. Andrews and Sunset Blvd.
   Drive South down St. Andrews and make the first right which leads into a
   parking lot. Check out the back porch for the second house on the left and
   you'll find the film reel.

9. "The Night of the Hunter"
   Location: Right side end of Fountain Ave.
   Head South down this unnamed street and make the first right at the Hillside
   Motel sign. Park in front of the building and head directly North to the
   pool in the back. At the Northeast corner of the pool, you'll find the film
10. "The Spiral Staircase"
    Location: Corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Wilton Pl.
    Head East down Santa Monica and on your left you will see a gated park.
    The tree nearest the street is next to a birdbath and at the base of the
    structure is your next reel.
*Golden Film Reels 11-20*

Video Guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKgQ0NIqNYs

11. "The Woman in the Window"
    Location: Near the corner of Lemongrove and Wilton, facing West
    Head West down Lemongrove and make your first left. About halfway down the
    street, get out of your car and head left into the community. Find the 
    brick path and bench area and you'll also see a tree with a picnic table
    underneath it. Lying on top is the film reel.

12. "Sunset Boulevard"
    Location: West end of Melrose Ave.
    Drive East on Melrose and look to your left until you see a small mini mall
    which has a path centered by a tree. In front of the tree is a golden film

13. "The Narrow Margin"
    Location: Corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Ardmore Ave.
    Head West on Santa Monica and take a left on to this unmarked street.
    Before the first right, there will be a large driveway on the right that
    leads to a double door garage. Head behind the garage and through a path
    into a Zen garden with benches and a fountain. At the foot of the fountain
    is the next reel.

14. "White Heat"
    Location: Second corner street of the North end of Mariposa Ave.
    Head Southeast until you see a large green apartment building. Run around
    the back to find a set of stairs you can run up that lead to a film Reel
    lying in front of an apartment door.

15. "Crossfire"
    Location: Corner of Melrose Ave. and Heliotrope Dr.
    Head Southwest towards the gas station and run to the large building to its
    left to find the Golden Film Reel lying on the ground.

16. "M"
    Location: Corner of Middlebury St. and Vermont Ave.
    Head through the rentals to the West until you hit the second backstreet
    and head to the North end. Go into the backyard of the corner house on the
    left and you'll find a seesaw. The reel is at the base of the seesaw.

17. "Thieves' Highway"
    Location: Corner of Maplewood Ave. and Kingsley Dr.
    To the Southwest is a burger joint called Joe's. On the counter as you
    enter the building is the next reel.

18. "The Killers"
    Location: Corner of Mariposa Ave. and 1st St.
    Head East down 1st until you hit the next street. On the left is a half-
    finished house. Head inside it and to the left will be the next film reel.

19. "The Lady from Shanghai"
    Location: Corner of Council St. and 1st St.
    Head Northwest into the school yard and you'll eventually get into a
    baseball field. At the pitchers mound, you'll find the next film reel.

20. "The Third Man"
    Location: Eastmost end of Oakwood Ave.
    Head East into the park and follow the hill to the right. You'll arrive at
    a lookout with park benches. A tree centers the lookout and on the ground
    next to it lays a golden reel.

*Golden Film Reels 21-30*

Video Guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEaYeYiGih0

*Golden Film Reels 31-40*

Video Guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMSwzeZT-WI

*Golden Film Reels 41-50*

Video Guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2vTLpkz3JI

                            10. Newspaper Locations

During some of your investigations, you will come across newspapers which you
can pick up and inspect. When you inspect them, you will watch the story behind
the headlines. The arc that you watch through the papers will become relevant
later on in the game as it gives backstory to the main storyline at that point.

There are a total of 13 newspapers and they can only be found during cases so
keep your eyes out for these. During investigations, if there is an unfound
newspaper, the music will not end until it is found and watched through.

1. Shrink Says "The Mind is the Final Frontier"
   Patrol Desk, "Upon Reflection"
   When the investigation of the alleyway begins, follow your partner down to
   the lighted stairwell where you'll come upon a pile of boxes. Atop one of
   them is the paper you are searching for.

2. Alienist Fontaine, Provides Help for Troubled Vets
   Traffic Desk, "The Driver's Seat"
   When your investigation of the Black Residence begins, walk straight ahead
   into the dining room where the paper is lying on the left corner of the
   centered table.

3. Shrink to the Stars Promises Mental Breakthrough
   Traffic Desk, "A Marriage Made in Heaven"
   During your initial investigation of Ray's Cafe, enter the bar and approach
   the counter. A newspaper will be lying directly in front of the bartender.

4. Dope Floods Streets Cops Chase War Surplus Contraband
   Traffic Desk, "The Fallen Idol"
   When you begin investigating the Silver Screen Props sound stage, you'll
   have to go out to the back lot in between the two buildings. There, you will
   find tables used to create props. On the table closest to the main store
   you will find the paper lying on top.

5. Family Burnt to Death Cops Say House Fire Deaths are Suspicious
   Homicide Desk, "The Red Lipstick Murder"
   When the investigation of the Henry Residence begins, look to your left at
   the mantel against the wall. On the ground lies the newspaper you're looking

6. Missing Morphine Cops Say: Goons Fighting Dope War
   Homicide Desk, "The White Shoe Slaying"
   After you bum rush the Hobo Camp, you'll begin investigating Stuart 
   Ackerman's shack. It's right in front as you enter the living space, lying 
   on top of stacked up crates.

                              11. Achievement List

You'll get the majority of these Achievements from completing the game.
Certain Achievements will be mentioned in the game but others must be dealt
with on The Streets of L.A. Good luck!

*Normal Achievements*
Asphalt Jungle (15G)
Chase down and tackle a fleeing suspect on foot as an LAPD Detective.
Traffic Stop (15G)
Disable a suspect vehicle with help from your partner.
Not So Hasty (15G)
Stop a fleeing suspect with a warning shot as an LAPD Detective.
Shamus To The Stars (80G)
Complete all story cases with a five star rating.
The Brass (30G)
Achieve maximum rank.
The Plot Thickens (15G)
Find and solve an inspection puzzle.
Golden Boy (15G)
Clear a case finding every clue as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.
The Straight Dope (15G)
Use evidence to prove a lie as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.
One For The File (15G)
Find and inspect a clue as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.
The City Of The Angels (80G)
Reach 100% Game Complete.
The Up And Up (30G)
Complete a story case with a five star rating.
The Long Arm Of The Law (30G)
Complete all street crime cases.
A Cop On Every Corner (15G)
Complete a single street crime case.
Johnny On The Spot (30G)
Respond to 20 street crime cases.
Public Menace (30G)
Rack up $47,000 in penalties during a single story case.
The Moose (15G)
Follow Candy Edwards without using cover or incognito, except when starting or 
picking up the tail.
Star Map (15G)
Discover all landmark locations around the city.
The Third Degree (30G)
Correctly branch every question in every interview in a single story case.
The Hunch (30G)
Use four intuition points in a single interview session, correctly branching 
each question.
Auto Fanatic (30G)
Drive every vehicle in the city.
Hollywoodland (30G)
Find and inspect all gold film reels.
Auto Collector (15G)
Drive 40 different vehicles.
Keep A Lid On (15G)
Complete a brawl without losing your hat as an LAPD Detective or Investigator.
Auto Enthusiast (15G)
Drive 5 different vehicles.
Lead Foot (15G)
Keep the needle above 80mph for more than ten seconds while driving.
Miles On The Clock (15G)
Drive more than 194.7 miles.
Magpie (80G)
Find and inspect 95% of all clues.
The Shadow (15G)
Tail a suspect without being spotted, in a single case.
Roscoe And Friends (15G)
Kill at least one bad guy with every gun.
Wooden Overcoats (30G)
Bring down a total of 30 bad guys with head shots.
Dead Men Are Heavier (15G)
Shoot and kill a total of 100 bad guys.

*Secret Achievements*

Stab-Rite (15G)
At Ray's Cafe, find the bloodstained knife on your first sweep of the crime 
No Rest For The Wicked (15G)
Complete all cases on the Vice desk.
Moth To A Flame (70G)
Complete all cases on the Arson desk.
The Simple Art of Murder (15G)
Complete all cases on the Homicide desk.
Police Academy (15G)
Complete all cases on the Patrol desk.
Paved With Good Intentions (15G)
Complete all cases on the Traffic desk.
Huckster (15G)
At Elysian Fields, outwit Leland Monroe when discussing his developments or 
advertising campaign.
Round Heels (15G)
At the Bamba Club, get Dick McColl to give up the license plate of Celine 
Henry's male companion.
The Fighting Sixth (15G)
At the Bus Shooting, talk Felix Alvarro into giving up the Marines involved in 
the Coolridge heist.

*DLC: "A Slip of the Tongue"*

The Printer's Devil (20G)
Complete 'A Slip of the Tongue'.
Racing For Pinks (20G)
Find and inspect all of the Marquee-printed pink slips.
Femme Imbecile (20G)
Correctly branch every question in the interview with Jean Archer.
Chop Shop (20G)
During the Industrial Street raid, kill a goon by shooting the hanging engine 
Nowhere In A Hurry (20G)
Catch and arrest Cliff Harrison before he is stopped by uniformed backup.

*DLC: "The Naked City"*

Eight Million Stories (20G)
Complete 'The Naked City'.
A Good-Looking Corpse (20G)
Find and inspect all of the narcotics in Julia Randall's apartment.
Fakeloo (20G)
Tail Henry Arnett from Hollywood Station to the pawnbroker and travel agent 
without being spotted.
Chauffeur Service (20G)
Escort Heather Swanson to Arnett's apartment without damaging your vehicle.
Give My Regards (20G)
Shoot every letter down from the tower at the Broadway Hotel.

                               12. The Standards

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