Left 4 Dead 2: Achievement Guide

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Version History                              *

Version 1 (11/22/09): Basic explanation of every
achievement and how to get them.

Version 1.5 (11/23/09): Added borders and some
tips provided by people on the L4D2 board.

Version 2.0 (11/27/09): New sections and divided
up the achievements by type. Added a video for glitching
expert achievements, even though I don't approve of it, 
as well as giving expert it's own section in general.
Tips will come soon!

Version 2.1 (12/3/09): Added alternate methods to 
a few achievements like Tank Burger and Meat Tenderizer.

Version 2.3 (12/18/09): Added a note about getting credit
for "Still Something to Prove" in the expert section and
made strategies for Dead Center and the first two chapters
of Swamp Fever.

Version 2.5 (12/24/09): More expert tips, and ASCII title
added. (Merry Christmas btw)

Table of Contents                             *

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1. Introduction
2. Campaign Achievements
  A. Price Chopper
  B. Midnight Rider
  C. Ragin' Cajun
  D. Weatherman
  E. Bridge Burner
  F. Still Something to Prove
  G. The Real Deal
  H. Confederacy of Crunches
  I. Head Honcho
  J. Club Dead
  K. Chain of Command
  L. Tank Burger
  M. Shock Jock
  N. The Quick And the Dead
  O. Armory of One
  P. Burning Sensation
  Q. Dismemberment Plan
  S. Septic Tank
  T. Crass Menagerie
  U. Dead in the Water
  V. Robbed Zombie
  W. Clowned
  X. Fried Piper
  Y. Level a Charge
  Z. Acid Reflex
  AB. A Ride Denied
  AC. Stache Whacker
  AD. Gong Show
  AE. Guardin' Gnome
  AF. Wing and a Prayer
  AG. Sob Story
  AH. Violence in Silence
  AI. Bridge Over Trebled Slaughter
3. Versus Achievements
  A. HeartWarmer
  B. Strength in Numbers
  C. Qualified Ride
  D. Back in the Saddle
  E. Rode Hard, Put Away Wet
  F. Great Expectorations
  G. A Spittle Help from my Friends
  H. Scattering Ram
  I. Meat Tenderizer
  J. Long Distance Carrier
4. Survival Achievement
  A. Beat the Rush
5. Scavenge Achievements
  A. Hunting Party
  B. Gas Guzzler
  C. Cache and Carry
  D. Scavenge Hunt
  E. Fuel Crisis
  F. Gas Shortage
6. Avatar Awards
 A. Med Kit
 B. Zombie Hand Shirt
 C. Depeche Mode Shirt
 D. Bull Shifters Shirt
 E. Left 4 Dead 2 Shirt
7. Expert Mode
 A. Dead Center
 B. Dark Carnival
 C. Swamp Fever
 D. Hard Rain
 E. The Parish
 F. Glitching
 G. Note about Credit
8. Credits and Contact Info

1. Introduction                               *

Left 4 Dead 2 is the much anticipated sequel to the orignal
L4D that was released in 2008 for the 360 and PC, it quickly 
became very popular somehow and this popularity pushed them
to make a sequel. This game follows four new survivors in the
deep south with a total of five (actually connected) campaigns
and a ton more weapons then the first game had, there is also 
a whole cast of new creative achievements for you to break your
back getting, and that is what this guide is for. I play L4D2 
on the 360 but the things said here should work on both systems.

This is the third guide I have made and I hope you enjoy it and
it is able to help you with any and all achievements dealing with
this brillaint game.

2. Campaign Achievements                      *

A. Price Chopper
 - Survive the Dead center campaign
 - Dead Center is the game's first level,  all you have to 
 do is make it to the rescue vehicle. It does not matter 
 what difficulty you are playing on as long as you DO 
 survive, this achievement will not unlock on Realism mode.

B. Midnight Rider
 - Survive the Dark Carnival Campaign
 - Dark Carnival is the game's second level, all you have
 to do is make it to the rescue vehicle. It does not matter
 what difficulty you are playing on as long as you DO 
 survive, this achievement will not unlock on Realism mode.

C. Ragin' Cajun
 - Survive the Swamp Fever campaign
 - Swamp Fever is the game's third level, all you have
 to do is make it to the rescue vehicle. It does not matter
 what difficulty you are playing on as long as you DO 
 survive, this achievement will not unlock on Realism mode.

D. Weatherman
 - Survive the Hard Rain campaign
 - Hard Rain is the game's fourth level,  all you have
 to do is make it to the rescue vehicle. It does not matter
 what difficulty you are playing on as long as you DO 
 survive, this achievement will not unlock on Realism mode.

E. Bridge Burner
 - Survive the Parish campaign
 - Parish is the game's fifth and final level, all you
 have to do is make it to the rescue vehicle. It does not
 matter what difficulty you are playing on as long as you
 DO survive, this achievement will not unlock on Realism

F. Still Something to Prove
 - Survive all campaigns on Expert
 - This is the hardest achievement in the game by far, 
 Expert is one heck of a test. All normal infected do
 10 to 20 damage per hit and the special infected damage is
 greatly increased. Also Tanks can incapacitate you in one 
 single hit and friendly fire may as well be an instant kill
 if you get shot by a strong weapon. You must SURVIVE a 
 campaign for it to count towards this achievement, if the
 rescue vehicle leaves you behind you will have to do it all
 over again. Sucks alot when this happens!
 Check the expert tips section for further help with this!

G. The Real Deal
 - Survive a campaign on Expert skill with Realism mode enabled
 - You can do this on any campaign, just play expert and turn on
 Realism. Realism is an extra mode for L4D2 where all outlines 
 over players are gone, making it hard to find each other at times,
 communication is key in this regard, also the outlines on items
 are gone making it harder to find med packs and other things. 
 Another gimmick of this mode is that witches instantkill on
 all difficulties and infected must be shot in the head or you won't
 do much damage. There are also NO revival closets, so only defibs
 and safe rooms can bring people back from the dead.

 I suggest doing this on Swamp Fever since there
 are no alarm crescendos and those are, in my opinion, the hardest
 parts of the game. Good luck!

H. Confederacy of Crunches
 - Finish a campaign using only melee weapons
 - This is easier then it sounds because melee weapons are 
 rather overpowered in this game, all you have to make sure of
 is to not pick up any guns and DO NOT SHOOT YOUR PISTOL IF YOU
 GET INCAPPED. I suggest doing it on Dead Center since it's the 
 shortest, your the only person who has to use melee weapons as
 well, other people can use guns. It is also advised to leave the
 chainsaw alone during this run because, while I think it does
 count as a melee weapon, you are left with a pistol when it
 runs out of gas and that will probably ruin your effort.
 Also you CAN use throwable items and get this!

I. Head Honcho
 - Decapitate 200 infected with a melee weapon
 - This one will come with time, just keep playing and keep using
 melees and it'll pop up eventually, the baseball bat has the
 best chance of knocking off heads from my experience but if
 you don't have that weapon use a blade.

J. Club Dead
 - Use every melee weapon and kill Common Infected
 - Not hard at all, just whenever you find a new melee
 weapon pick it up and kill something with it.

 The weapons you must use for this achievement are as follows:

 Cricket Bat
 Frying Pan
 The chainsaw and baseball bat do not count for this.

K. Chain of Command
 - Kill 100 Common Infected with the chainsaw
 - Just play the game and whenever you find a chainsaw go crazy, 
 since chainsaws require fuel this will probably take a few uses of
 different ones to get enough kills with it.

L. Tank Burger
 - Kill a tank with melee weapons
 - You'll pretty much have to have other people with you for this
 one, just get some friends and when a tank shows up everyone pull
 out a melee weapon and beat it up, on easy this takes no time and
 little effort at all.

*Alternate Strategy from BahamutBBob*

 Another way to get Tank Burger is to hit the tank in a finale that
 appears while you're going for the escape vehicle. AI will pretty
 much ignore the tank unless it goes for them, and the tank
 automatically dies during the escape cutscene.

*Solo Strategy by TiruasXBL*
 Played with 3 bots on easy (for the sake of speed), with full 
 captions! As soon as i saw "tank growl" i stopped what i was doing,
 used a pipebomb to clear the room and then switched to expert,
 TKed my bots (death no incap) then switch to easy, activate the tank,
 hit adrenaline & went back to the safe room! Shut the door,
 crouch against door, wait for big stupid ugly arm to appear,
 slash with katana, repeat till death.

M. Shock Jock
 - Revive 10 dead Survivors with the defibrillator
 - This will come with time, probably while your doing expert mode
 more then likely. As far as I know it doesn't count for the 
 achievement if you are reviving someone you killed yourself.

N. The Quick And the Dead
 - Revive 10 incapacitated Survivors while under the speed-boosting
 effects of adrenaline
 - Like shock jock, it will come with time. Just use adrenaline 
 before you pick up incapped folks and you'll get it.

*Boosting Strategy by TBirdyTom and WhoElseButLesly*
 Dead Carnival, Concert, Normal Difficulty - 2 player splitscreen
 co-op but online with one friend will work.

 First off, kill your CPUs! Shotguns best - blast em 'til they start
 healing then leave em til they heal. Once they've got rid of their
 pack just blast them both until they're almost dead, then kill them
 off together so they can't revive each other. Job 1 done.

 Job 2 - run straight out towards the arena and up the steps to the
 back where you have to turn the lights on, you don't need to bother
 turning them on. Get into a corner and kill all oncoming infected.
 Once cleared, head to the towers just down the steps and pick up a
 defibs (one on each) and an adrien each (either on the left tower
 looking from the top or on the stage).

 Once you've made sure no more zombies are spawning you get one of
 you to climb the right hand tower (still looking down from the top)
 and jump off it until you need to be revived whereupon your partner
 shoots up and heals you, if your quick, the revivee can run straight
 back up and jump off again and you can get two revives with one adrien.
 Once you jump off the third time you will die and then they defib you
 back to life and it's their turn to jump off the tower. Once you've
 used all the defibs and adriens up you should just Exit to Main Menu
 to make sure they count towards the achievement.


O. Armory of One
 - Deploy an ammo upgrade and have your team use it
 - This one is impossible to miss, just find ammo and put it on the 
 ground, simple as that, doesn't matter if it's fire ammo or frag.

P. Burning Sensation
 - Ignite 50 Common Infected with incendiary ammo
 - Just use as much fire ammo as you can and it'll come, unless you
 have bad aim, then it may take awhile. This item spawns randomly
 so I don't know where you can try to find some.

Q. Dismemberment Plan
 - Kill 15 Infected with a single grenade launcher blast
 - This is easiest to get in Survival Mode, simply grab bile and the
 grenade launcher and start the horde, then throw the bile and when
 all the infected gather together blast them. It will help if your
 playing with friends so the AI won't take your kills.

 I got it on Dark Carnival finale, the grenade launcher is in the
 center of the stage and the bile is on top of one of the speakers!

S. Septic Tank
 - Use a bile bomb on a Tank
 - Easy Peasy, especially on Dead center where Bile Bombs are common,
 just get one and throw it on the first tank you come across. 

T. Crass Menagerie
 - Kill one of each uncommon infected
 - Just play each campaign and you'll get it inevitably, the armored
 zombies from the Parish level don't count for this achievement 
 because they are not in the australian version of the game.

U. Dead in the Water
 - Kill 10 swampy Mudmen while they are in the water
 - If you play the Swamp Fever campaign once or twice this will
 be bound to happen. Mudmen are very common on the second chapter
 paticularly, just make sure you kill them while they stand in the

V. Robbed Zombie
 - Collect 10 vials of Boomer vomit from infected CEDA agents you
 have killed
 - Replay the first two chapters of Dead Center until you get this,
 that's where the hazmat suit zombies show and they randomly drop
 bile, if you find one that drops bile make sure to pick it up. I 
 love the name of this achievement, nice reference. :P

W. Clowned
 - Honk the noses of 10 clowns
 - Very fun one, just melee any and all clowns you come across in
 Dark carnival, in the face. You can do it multiple times on the
 same clown. 

X. Fried Piper
 - Using a Molotov, burn a Clown leading at least 10 Common Infected
 - Simple, just play Dark Carnival and throw a molotov whenever a clown
 and lots of infected are nearby, it's bound to happen. One good spot is
 in Dark carnival 4 in the endless crescendo.

Y. Level a Charge
 - Kill a Charger with a melee weapon while they are charging
 - A very tricky achievement, your timing simply has to be perfect. 
 Sidestep a charger as they come at you and then start swinging! 
 It helps if someone is shooting at it at the same time cause the
 charger takes two melee hits to kill most of the time.

 This achievement WILL unlock in versus mode, so feel free to boost
 it with a second controller or a friend if you are having major 
 trouble with it, just shoot the charger player until his health
 is in red and then charge and swing! 

Z. Acid Reflex
 - Kill a Spitter before she is able to spit
 - First achievement I ever got personally, just shoot every spitter on 
 site until it pops up. 

AB. A Ride Denied
 - Kill a Jockey within 2 seconds of it jumping on a Survivor
 - Another easy one, melee weapons help, just swing as soon as the 
 survivor is ridden. A good shotgun is alright to but melees will
 instantly kill it making for a quicker get rid of.

AC. Stache Whacker
 - Prove you are faster than Moustachio 
 - This achievement is kinda vague, it is referring to the Whack-a-Mole game
 in Dark Carnival 4 just before the barn. It's best with a melee weapon but a 
 gun can be used to, simply start the game and keep hitting the faces that pop 
 up, if the game ends restart it before the "Continue?" timer ends, you have
 to get a score of 42 for the game to break and the achievement to pop up. Be 
 ready to fight a horde as soon as the game breaks as well!

 Multiple people can play the game at the same time and get the achievement
 together. Also you can get this on the gate survival map as well as a faster
 and safer alternative, just know the timer and zombie attacks will start
 after you beat the game. Thanks to Rinsky for pointing this out.

AD. Gong Show
 - Prove you are stronger than Moustachio
 - This is another game in Dark Carnival 4, just before the bumper cars there
 is a 'Test your Strength' game, you MUST have adrenaline for it. Use your
 adrenaline then hit the red part with a melee weapon and it will break and
 the achievement is yours!

AE. Guardin' Gnome
 - Rescue Gnome Chompski from the Carnival
 - In Dark Carnival 2 there is a shooting gallery, start it and shoot 
 everything EXCEPT the peanut character, he subtracts points, while the 
 Moustachio figure gives 100 points. Get 750 points for Gnome chompski to 
 be yours, this is the same gnome from Half Life Episode 2, you must carry
 him through the ENTIRE campaign and be holding him on the chopper at the 
 end for the achievement to be given, everyone on your team will get the 
 achievement, even those who may be left behind. This isn't a very hard 
 achievement, just take turns carrying him with the other players on 
 your team and cover whoever has him and you'll be fine. Play on easy
 difficulty for the best results.

AF. Wing and a Prayer
 - Defend yourself at the crashed airliner without taking damage
 - The airliner it refers to is in Swamp Fever 2. There are two ways to get 
 this,  I got it in single player mode by crouching on the wing of the plane, 
 left side of the door, and used a pipe bomb and a gas can, the AI handled 
 everything else. The cheap way you can get this is staying in the safe room 
 while the other players fight, both ways work, it's up to you what you want 
 to do. Only you have to not take damage, other people don't matter. 

 Be careful that you don't go idle in the safe room while waiting though.

 Also for people who seem to think this achievement is glitched, it is 
 NOT, it will unlock as long as someone is on the wing of the plane, or
 if you do my safe room tactic. I stayed inside the plane trying for it
 and it wouldn't unlock, but when I fought on the wing it did. It's 
 picky but don't give up cause it will unlock once you do it right.

AG. Sob Story
 - Navigate the sugar mill and reach the safe room without killing any 
 - This is in Hard Rain 2! Not too difficult as long as you don't have any AI 
 controlled partners, if you are stuck for some reason using 3 AIs then good 
 luck, you'll need it, cause unless you get incredibly lucky this will never 
 happen. If you have one friend at least, then play with him and kill off the 
 two other AIs, it will be a bit of a stretch surviving with just two people 
 but it can be done. Note that it doesn't matter if you DISTURB the witches, 
 as long as you don't kill them. 

AH. Violence in Silence
 - Navigate the impound lot and reach the cemetary safe room without tripping
 any alarms
 - This is pretty simple, especially if you are playing with the AI and their
 perfect aim. Just use a melee weapon when you reach the impound lot in the
 Parish 3 and make sure you don't jump onto any of the orange cars. Make sure
 to not get smoked into a car too! Once you reach the safe room the 
 achievement will unlock. 

AI. Bridge Over Trebled Slaughter
 - Cross the bridge finale in less than three minutes.
 - This is one of the harder ones, and is near impossible unless you have
 a full team of human players. The best way is to run like hell as soon
 as the bridge drops and make sure you have as many adrenalines as possible, 
 but don't use them right away! Wait until the end when you will be most 
 likely mobbed, or somewhere in the middle, the immunity to infected slow 
 down is too valuable to use up right away. What is probably the hardest 
 part of this achievement is the tank that is always there halfway through, 
 make sure to avoid him cause he WILL cost you the achievement if you stay
 around to get hit/fight him. Make sure to use pipe bombs well as well.

 There is usually more adrenaline on the back of a few trucks so be sure
 to check that as you run, it's worth the few seconds wasted for it.

 Also note that the timer for this achievement starts the second you hear
 the BANG from the barricade falling, and ends when you get off the bridge
 and start heading for the chopper, not when you get on the chopper like
 alot of people think. You can take 20 minutes to get in the chopper if
 need be as long as you are past the bridge in under 3 minutes.

*Solo Strategy found by Dranaxscas and Pyrogoat*
 Start in single player and kill off TWO of the AIs, leave one, it 
 doesn't matter who, then start the finale and go through normally. 
 The one AI will act as Special Infected bait as you make it to the
 chopper, the tank is the only problem but is still doable. You can
 also throw molotovs at your feet if you get surrounded as an 
 adrenaline substitute! Shotguns work wonders in this strategy too.

3. Versus Achievements                        *

A. HeartWarmer
 - In a Versus Round, leave the saferoom to defibrillate a dead teammate
 - I got this one in the first versus game I ever played ironically, and
 I wasn't even boosting. Just play and if the chance to do this ever arises,
 don't pass it up. Of course you can also boost this with a second 
 controller, there are usually always defibs in Hard Rain 1 if you must
 get it that way, in the hospital van.

B. Strength in Numbers
 - Form a team and beat an enemy team in 4v4 versus or scavenge
 - Just get some friends and go to 'Team Game' in either mode and do
 your best to win, this cannot be boosted because it always connects 
 you to a random team.

C. Qualified Ride
 - As the Jockey, ride a Survivor for more than 12 seconds
 - This is bound to come along eventually, just try to find someone
 foolhardy enough to wander off by themselves while your the jockey and
 get to work.

D. Back in the Saddle
 - As the Jockey, ride the Survivors twice in a single life
 - This one is another that is bound to happen in time, just ride 
 someone until you incap them and then get on someone else. Also
 if you get melee'd off and don't get killed you can ride them 

E. Rode Hard, Put Away Wet
 - As the Jockey, ride a Survivor and steer them into a Spitter's acid
 - Easy, just requires teamwork. You'll probably do this on your own
 without even thinking about the achievement if you know how to use the 
 jockey, just call the spitter to lay down some acid while your riding

F. Great Expectorations
 - As the Spitter, hit every Survivor with a single acid patch
 - Just spray anywhere where all the survivors are together at once,
 usually in narrow corridors and such like the ledge in Dead Center 1
 work, that's where I got it.

G. A Spittle Help from my Friends
 - As the Spitter, spit on a Survivor being choked by a Smoker
 - Love this title almost as much as Robbed Zombie, haha. Like Rode Hard,
 this will come naturally, but can also be boosted like all the other versus

H. Scattering Ram
 - As the Charger, bowl through the entire enemy team in a single charge
 - Narrow hallways are great, like the halls in Parish 2 and Dead Center 3, 
 just keep trying if you end up having trouble. You can boost this with 
 friends easily like the rest.

I. Meat Tenderizer
 - As the Charger, grab a Survivor and smash them into the ground for a 
 solid 15 seconds
 - Any full health survivor who goes off on his/her own is a perfect 
 opportunity for this, take advantage.
 One note brought to my attention by dawson107, if you grab someone in
 scavenge mode just as time runs out you will keep pounding them as
 the score shows and will definitely get it.

J. Long Distance Carrier
 - As the Charger, grab a Survivor and carry them over 80 feet
 - This will probably take a few tries, it's best to charge directly in 
 front of a survivor and make sure your in an area with few obstacles so 
 the charger won't be stopped by anything, there are areas like this in 
 every level somewhere! I got it in the long highway of Dark Carnival
 2, next to the motel.

4. Survival Achievement                       *

AT. Beat the Rush
 - In a Survival round, get a medal only using melee weapons
 - With a good team this is cake, I got it on the bridge level of the Parish,
 and a friend of mine got it on the gate of Dark Carnival. If you have trouble
 just keep trying! You can use throwable items too!

 This is the only survival mode achievement. 

5. Scavenge Achievements                      *

AU. Hunting Party
 - Win a game of scavenge
 - Just keep playing until you win, it'll happen quick cause scavenge games 
 go fast, especially when set to 'single round'. 

AV. Gas Guzzler
 - Collect 100 gas cans in Scavenge
 - Impossible to NOT get if you just keep playing the mode, it will take 
 awhile though so be patient, each one must be placed in the generator
 by you to count.

AW. Cache and Carry
 - Collect 15 gas cans in a single Scavenge Round
 - This one is challenging, but don't give up hope, you can get it easy 
 through boosting or legitly with time and a good team. 

AX. Scavenge Hunt
 - Stop the enemy team from collecting any gas cans during a Scavenge round
 - With a good team (and preferably, playing against a bad team) this will
 be easy, just don't try to rush it. It will happen at some point no doubt.

AY. Fuel Crisis
 - Make a Survivor drop a gas can during overtime
 - Anytime overtime mode happens, you have a chance to get this. Overtime
 is triggered by someone holding a gas can as the timer reaches zero, to
 make them drop it either pounce them as a hunter, pull them as a smoker,
 charge them as a Charger, ride them as a jokey, or straight up incap them.

AZ. Gas Shortage
 - Cause 25 gas can drops as a Special Infected
 - Same thing as fuel crisis, only throughout the entire game. This is 
 cumulative like the collect 100 gas cans one too.

6. Avatar Awards                              *

A. Med Kit (Prop)
 - Unlock this by beating all five campaigns on any skill level
 - Easiest of the avatar awards, just beat the campaigns, don't have to 
 survive just go through and finish.

B. Zombie Hand Shirt
 - Unlock this by killing 10,000 infected
 - Surprisingly, this takes no time at all, at least it didn't me. Just 
 play the game enough and this will unlock. If you need to boost it for
 some reason, then the endless cresendo in Dark Carnival 4 is a good

C. Depeche Mode Shirt
 - Unlock this by rescuing Gnome Chompski
 - This is the shirt Rochelle wears, it's linked with the Guardin' Gnome

D. Bull Shifters Shirt
 - Unlock this by winning 10 games of Versus
 - Either boost the wins with friends or get them right, either way is fine.
 This is the shirt Ellis wears in the game.

E. Left 4 Dead 2 Shirt
 - Unlock this by winning 10 games of Scavenge
 - Same as the Bull Shifters Shirt, just with Scavenge

Note: Except for the med kit, these awards are given twice whenever they
 are unlocked, you get a male and a female version, just in case anyone
 wondered why it is shown as you having two on the awards page.

7. Expert Mode                                *

I felt that, since clearing expert is the hardest achievement in the game,
it should have it's own section. So here it is! This will contain tips for
clearing the mode on all levels and chapters, if you have tips to share
for this section email me and I will place them here with credit given
to you.

A. Dead Center
 -Chapter 1 is very easy, you shouldn't need much help with it, just
 be sure at least one person is using handguns in the first half so
 you can deal with boomers safely. Save any bile bombs or defibs you
 find the best you can.
 -Chapter 2 is harder and is quite long, use bile bombs wisely, it
 is sometimes best to throw one then just run like hell. If you get
 a tank don't be afraid to light him on fire with something then 
 hightail it back to the saferoom. When you get to the gun shop and
 have to get Cola, the safest way is probably to distract the horde
 with a bile bomb then run straight to the slot you put it in, make
 sure you jump over the fence via on top of the van instead of
 taking the long way, this saves precious time.
 -Chapter 3 is probably the hardest part, alot of special infected
 spawn in twos for some reason so don't be surprised if you see
 two chargers at once or two smokers. It may help if one person
 goes idle so you have an AI to spot these beasts quickly. Don't
 dawdle, go as fast as you can as safely as you can! When you
 get to the gauntlet crescendo, it will take lots of luck and
 maybe a pipe bomb or two.
 *Finale strategy provided by foxline*
 -On the finale have two go get gas and two stand on the car
 fighting off zombie waves and gathering gas at the side of the
 car.  The runners should grab a Molotov and a bile (assuming
 the run across them) if you come across pipe bombs toss them
 immediately this will give you more leeway for getting gas and
 give your friends down below time to reload and gather tanks.
 Once the running team has touched 8 to 9 can’s the first tank will
 appear.  The one with the Molotov should get his attention.  He
 will most likely spawn by the car team so have the team regroup
 momentarily to light the tank and give him a run around the second
 floor (the second floor is the best place to take him down cause he
 often gets confused at the stairs and scaffolding). Once he’s down
 get the last few tanks.  If you pick up the last tank of gas hang
 onto it don’t just toss it down this way you don’t have to fetch
 it(I know obvious but in the heat of battle we forget).  Now the
 exciting part have one team mate take adrenaline and speed fill
 the car. They will be able to do 4-6 at best.  Then another take
 adrenaline and switch spots and fill.  And your outta there easy
 as pie and only 1 tank if done this way.

B. Dark Carnival
 -Chapter four is most likely the hardest part of the entire game,
 so I will note about that and add the rest later. 

 *This strategy provided by Resho from the board.*
 -To start off, please kill any bots you have if you are playing
 alone or with just one other person, they will and can ruin
 everything. Second you need someone loyal enough to stay in the
 safe room, either a friend or yourself as a split screen "use
 some thing to hold down your right analog stick so you do not
 go idle and thus become a bot". Now for the remaining people,
 walk outside the safe room "please close the door behind you"
 and clear out some infected, but your main target location is
 to the right of the safe room and in the little space between
 the wall and the john on the left side. Have everyone cramp in
 there, and shoot any special infected you see.

 What you are waiting for is the "Incoming attack" so turn your
 flashlights off if that helps any, once you get the attack
 they should all be running towards the safe room door trying
 to kill whoever is in there, "this is why you kill the special
 infected because they can one hit common". Once every zombies
 from the attack is around the door, the people hiding in the
 corner sprint off towards the closed gates, worry not about
 common infected around the map because there should be only
 a few and ill explain now.

 The game likes to spawn the common infected once you reach a
 part of the stage instead of having the common infected already
 spawned once entering the level, "this can be seen through the
 eyes of the special infected in vrs mode". Because all the
 spawned zombies came out in one big bundle for you during
 the incoming attack and are now hitting an unbreakable door,
 the game can barely put out anymore zombies than it all ready
 has, it will also not put out a horde on top of a horde if one
 is already present. This is the trick to beating the stage.

 Once reaching the gates and activating it, there should be only
 1-5 common infected that rush out depending on how many you killed
 during the safe room attack. This is a lot more easier than the
 horde after horde after horde that it does normally. Once everyone
 has reached the safe room, throw the guy in the beginning safe
 room out to the zombies for being such a good sport XD.

 -The finale can easily be cleared using the glitch in the following
 video, just note that it's better and faster to move the forklift to
 the closer fence on the left of where the forklift originally is, 
 not the far one shown in the video. THIS GLITCH WORKS AND IS NOT 

C. Swamp Fever
 -In the first Chapter make sure to check EVERY house for supplies,
 this may take awhile but is very rewarding because you can usually
 find lots of fire ammo, pipe bombs, bile, and may even find a 
 chainsaw or grenade launcher. After doing that, get to the ferry.
 The best spot to be for this part in my experience is the second
 floor of the buidling nearby. Just have some people cover the windows
 and someone else cover the door. When the ferry gets close everyone
 run like hell to it!
 -The second chapter isn't too hard until the downed airliner, the 
 best spot to stand here is right outside the door. Run out, turn
 left, and run up the branch you see there to the very top. If everyone
 is up here nothing should be able to touch you!

D. Hard Rain

E. The Parish

F. Glitching
 -I don't approve of doing this, however I am obligated to show every
 possible way to get these acheivements since this is a guide, simply
 follow the instructions detailed in the following video to glitch
 the achievements for your friends and yourself.

G. Note about credit
 -An important thing to note is that if for whatever reason you have
 to stop playing before you finish an expert campaign, you CAN leave
 the game and come back later as long as you DO NOT turn off the system
 or go to the dashboard. For example, when I did Dead Ceneter expert I
 made it to the finale but then had to leave for awhile so I went to the
 menu. When I returned I went back to the finale in single player and
 finished it and I got credit towards "Still Something to Prove". 

 This can be very handy.

8. Credits and Contact Info                   *

This guide was made and is owned by Alex Clinton AKA FoxyAreku and should 
never be sold for profit by anyone, the only sites allowed to use this guide
are gamespot.com, neoseeker.com, supercheats.com, Gamershell,com, and
gamefaqs.com , no other site should have this guide without asking me first.

If you have any questions, concerns, or just want to say hi, my email is
foxyareku@live.com . 

Special thanks to Zementh for his help with this guide.

Happy Boosting!