Lollipop Chainsaw: FAQ/Walkthrough

       ´╗┐Lollipop Chainsaw FAQ/Walkthrough by ExtremePhobia
Version 1.0, Last Updated 2012-06-16
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    Version - 1.0
    Date - 6/16/2012

    Guide is complete beginning to end.
    Need to get the rest of the lollipops and other achievements

Action	Xbox 360	PS3
Aim Chainsaw Blaster	LT	L2
Fire Chainsaw Blaster	RT	R2
Target	LB	L1
Chainsaw Dash	RB	R1
Use Nick Ticket	L3	L3
Center Camera	R3	R3
Move	Left Analog	Left Analog
Look	Right Analog	Right Analog
Use Lollipop	D-Pad	D-Pad
Low Attack	(double tap) A	(double tap) X
Dodge	B	O
Pom-Poms	X	Square
Chainsaw	Y	Triangle

    I apologize if I mixed up the PS3 controls. If you have a PS3, please let me know if there are mistakes. Thanks.


Alright, as soon as you start you will have a chance for an achievement.
Achievement: I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!

To get this achievement, don't even bother moving. Just take your right analog stick (or whatever you have controlling your camera) and just push it straight down. The camera will move until you can see just under Juliet's skirt. She will likely try to cover herself up. You need to hold that for a moment until the achievement pops. It may take as much as 5-10 seconds.

    Achievement: I Swear! I Did It By Mistake!

After you've gotten your first achievement, run up to the gate ahead and hit the chainsaw attack button at the gate to start cutting. Push the LS down until the gate has been cut, then use the Pom-Pom button to bust the door open.

Just beyond the gate will be two groups of groggy zombies. Go up to them and try to wipe out the groups with one attack each. Doing so will activate the sparkle hunter. Really, this just means that when you kill three or more zombies at the same time or in very rapid succession (like the end of one swing to the beginning of another) then you will get a colorful screen and bonus coins. You'll receive a platinum coin for each zombie after the second that you kill (IE. 1 plat for 3 kills, 2 plats for 4 kills etc.) and the amount of gold coins is the number of zombies killed squared and then times a multiplier based on the zombies killed.

Kill those two groups and any stragglers around. Try to use your pom-poms to make the other zombies groggy and then use them again to herd them together. Once you get a group of three or more together and groggy, swing your chainsaw for another sparkle hunt.

Make your way into the nearby parking lot and around the corner. You'll come to a man screaming for help with a giant SOS sign above his head. This means that he is a savable student. Kill all the zombies (6) before his purple life bar is depleted by the zombies to save him. If you manage to save every student in the game (on a difficulty setting) then you'll get an achievement and the good ending. This group shouldn't be too bad. They should come at you as two groups of three and have very little interest in the student.

Kill them and move onto the nearby bus. Use a pop if your health is low because there is a lollipop to the right of the chopper. Picking one up does not automatically heal you. You need to use it from your inventory to heal. This is the ONLY method of healing (aside from dying) and if your inventory is full when you pick up the pop, it's wasted points. For those of you concerned about points, using a pop doesn't cost you any points at all. There is no harm to using the pops but if you have to use a continue, you do lose points. Don't be afraid to use them.

Climb through the bus, grabbing the pop on the way, and go out the front. Once you are out, hang left like you're headed back to the parking lot to find some more gold medals. Grab those and then go along the side of the building in front of you. Soon, a bus will crash into the nearby wall and some crawling zombies will come out to attack you from the building. Use the Low Attack button (A or X depending on console) to swing at them or hit the dodge button and low attack to execute a powerful drop attack on them. Once they are dead, go over to the bus and hop over it.

On the other side of the bus will be a van with a woman on top. You'll have to rescue her from some zombies. There will be a decent amount of them here but they can't reach the woman so feel free to back off for space if you need it. If you'd like, you can try and make them groggy and go for a sparkle hunt but if it still isn't working right, don't worry too much. It's a little tough to get the hang of the pom-poms. Before going anywhere, check behind the bus in the corner to find a Golden Lollipop on Normal. Now you can hop on the nearby bus.

This bus will crash too and you'll come to a courtyard with a flagpole. On the flagpole will be another student to save. Again, they can't reach the student so take your time and space. If you need to generate space, hit the dodge button followed by the pom-pom attack to push them back. This is great for generating space and if you can line some up, it can make a few groggy zombies at once but it pushes them to the edge of the area (usually) which might be too far for you to get close and finish them before they come to. Watch the right side for a group of zombies dancing near a car. Kill them all and the student will drop down from the flag pole.

Now that he's on the ground, you'll actually have to defend him. You'll be attacked by a small group of zombies as he approaches the gate. Kill the specified number of zombies (in the lower left corner) to continue on. On the other side of the gate, you'll be prompted to use your special meter. This will boost your damage to an insane amount. At the moment, this will allow you to kill any zombie in a single hit. Try to make liberal use of this any time you find yourself in a large group of zombies. It makes it very easy to go on Sparkle Spree.

You should make short work of the zombies. Clean up any stragglers and you'll be nearly run over by a van. Be ready to hit the dodge button when prompted. After that, another group of zombies will attack. You'll have to protect the student until he climbs up on the bus. Kill the zombies and save the student.

You'll watch a cutscene and answer the phone. You can't ever actually answer the phone. When it looks like you have a call, it's just informing you that you have a new voice mail. You can check it by going through Juliet's Stash in the pause menu. You should get every phone message just by completing the game. At the end, any missing messages are unlocked.

    Achievement: Life Guard

Once you regain control, you'll be near a terminal called Chop2Shop. Check it out and it will let you buy all sorts of goodies including items that increase your maximum health or strength, lollipops that restore health, special moves, collectibles and new outfits for Juliet. Right now, your options will be pretty limited. Pick up a special move (Chainsaw Stab is best) and the Magic Beans if you can afford them. Leave the shop and head through the doors.

You'll enter a narrow alley with seven zombies though two of them you can't see yet. Kill those as they come to you and make sure to kill one of them with the Chainsaw stab for an achievement! Now turn the corner to find the last two. Kill them. When you play through this level the next time, you'll find a named zombie in this alley. Unfortunately, you HAVE to do a second playthrough of this level to get Mikaela. Hop up on the wooden boxes in front of you and then take a sharp right. Go behind the fence to find a Golden Pop. Grab the medals and the pop, then continue along the brown boxes. Jump off.

    Achievement: Zombie Hunter Apprentice

Run up the alley and out onto the street. You'll be attacked by a bunch of greasers on a long street. You have some good potential for lots of Sparkle if you are careful. Try and capitalize if you can. After you clear the first group, a second and more aggressive group will appear. Kill them too. Make use of the long street if you need to. After they are dead, make your way up the street to the end. There is a Golden Lollipop on this side of the barrier on the right IF YOU ARE PLAYING HARD. Half the Golden pops only appear on hard and half only appear on normal (requiring two playthroughs to get them all). Slide under the barrier.

You'll find the pilots from the chopper shooting at some zombies. You'll also find your first named zombie, George. He doesn't have any special abilities but he is tougher and faster than a normal zombie.

When these three zombies are dead, you'll have to fight the Hazmat trio. They are pretty tough and will never be made groggy. Use lots of dodging and swing the chainsaw like crazy. Be careful of Jerry because that propane tank hurts and he'll throw it at you causing it to explode. Leapfrogging can be pretty helpful because it can interrupt their attacks AND put you behind them for a good attack. Dodge and swing twice (use your judgement), then dodge again. Once these guys are dead, go through the gate and towards the bench in the distance.
Score Card

You are graded on six different stats. Zombie Medals are the gold medals you get from killing zombies while the platinum medals are (gasp) the platinum medals you got, usually from sparkle hunting. Sparkle Hunting is how many zombies you killed Sparkle Hunting. Completion time gives you more points the faster you finish the level and continues is how many continues you used to finish the level. The next stat is the only one that will lose you points. The final stat is only there briefly. This is the number of points you got during the level for killing zombies. You get 500 per kill and it's doubled for Sparkle Hunts. Then all of these stats are added together giving you a new final score.

As a general rule of thumb, it's more important to make the most of the zombies you kill but Sparkle Hunting frequently. Every zombie you kill (before medals collected) is worth 500 points. Every zombie you kill in Sparkle Hunt is worth 1300 points (500 per kill * 2 for Sparkle and +300 points more in the "Sparkle Hunt" category of your score card). That means that you're getting almost three times as many points as you were before. Now you need to add in the platinum medals that you get for those. For every sparkle hunt, the number of platinum medals is (Number of Zombies - 2). Each one of those is worth 400 points more. Since you have to get at least 1 for every Sparkle Hunt, you're looking at a minimum of 1450 points per Sparkle Zombie kill (+20 points because you have to get at least 1 gold medal) and that score can be higher still if you get more than three zombies in the Sparkle.

It's always easier if you see the numbers for yourself. Subtract your time bonus and then add even a 50% bonus to your score (.5 is far less than 1.3 but you have to account for other Sparkles you already got, etc. I think .5 is a very low side and good for illustrative purposes). I highly recommend that you go for better kills if you want a high score.
Chapter 1

You'll start in a classroom being attacked by a group of five zombies. It's kind of hard to bunch up the zombies because the room is so wide. It makes for good practice controlling he crowd though. Kill them and a sixth zombie will come through the back door. Kill him (simple) and head into the hall. You'll see an explosion and then be directed into the next classroom.

In here, you'll meet a teacher zombie who is particularly tough. Like the Hazmat team, they are a little different than regular zombies. However, before we get to that, you'll have to clear out a couple groups of students first. Kill the four in the room (try and get one nice big Sparkle out of them). When they are dead, eight more will enter from the door by the front. Again, try and bunch them up and go for a Sparkle Hunt. The room is wide and can make that difficult but it also gives you room to move around.

With the small zombies out of the way the Teacher will run away. Go into the next hallway and follow it until you come to a section with a bunch of students having a rough day. There's only one student to save here, the boy at the far end of the hall. Despite wanting to fight your way down, just run straight over and kill any enemies nearby. He's sort of a lightning rod so take advantage of it and get some Sparkle Hunting going on. Just make sure you collect the Golden Lollipop behind him (on normal). When he is safe, head into the nearby room with the boy in it. Save him from the zombies but make sure you wait for your reward before you leave because if you move too quickly, you may not receive it.

With two students safe, move into the other room and you'll fight six zombies and Fitzgibbon. He isn't as hard as he might seem at first. Don't attack him from the front, he'll block with the podium/desk. Get behind him and hit him until he winds up to strike (he'll change colors a little). Just before he strikes, dodge behind him and continue the attack. Eventually, he will drop the desk and you can just wail on him. After you kill him, a zombie will blow a hole in the wall. Hop through it.

When you land, make your way to the cops until you are cut off. Then turn around and cut your way to the wiggling blue thing beyond. You'll be able to attach Nick's head to the body and then use it to move debris. You'll have to hit the buttons that appear on the screen as they appear to get him to move. If you fail too many times, you'll "die".

Once the wall is destroyed, you'll find another Chop2Shop and a Nick Ticket. The Nick Ticket will allow you to use Nick in combat. You'll only have one option right now but you'll get another which drastically increases your chances of winning. When you use it, a bar will appear at the top of the screen and you have to stop it on the ability you want. It can be quite useful if you're losing a battle but it's also easy to misuse it since it's on the L3 button and you might hit it by accident during combat. Shop if you'd like and then head down the hall.

Down a long hallway will be a student and some zombies. There are seven to kill and many, many lockers. You can use Nick if you'd like. Kill all the zombies and break all the lockers. After you save him, he'll disappear and you'll be left with a bunch of zombies. There are seven more. Kill them and make the most of it. The next time the door opens, be ready to make your way up the hall quickly. You'll be shot at and it's best if you keep hammering the dodge button as you make it up the hall. You'll have to get close and kill Ryu, the cop with the flaming baton. Once close, he's really not a big deal except that he can block your attack and you'll have to hammer the chainsaw button to win the deadlock that occurs. Once Ryu is dead, make your way through the shutter in front of you.

Once you cut it open, a student will run through and then two zombies. Kill the two zombies by hitting them once and running away. Check inside the room behind the shutter for medals and a lollipop. Head back to the hole in the wall that leads up a level. When you climb up, a bus will come at you. Run to the left side of the hall and saw at the column to knock it into the path of the bus. Now that it's safe, make your way up the hall to save the student hanging above you. Kill the zombies and then a zombie will blow a hole in the wall above you. Kill the next wave of zombies and climb the bus to get to it.

On the top floor, you'll make your way down the hall and then a couple of students will shut you out of the room. Go into the room on the right side of the hall and once inside, you'll be attacked by flaming zombies. You can't let them touch the students in this room or they will explode. A pole will drop down from the ceiling and if you use it, you can kill all 12 with ease. Jump on the pole and just start hammering on the chainsaw button. If you don't manage to kill them all, just clean up whatever is left.

Go out into the hall and open a hole in the shutter to your right. Make your way into the next classroom to find a student about to be blown up. You need to push the TNT zombies away from him so he doesn't die. It's important you focus on this before anything else. Once those TNT zombies are dead, you can deal with any stragglers. Once you've saved him, head to the next shutter. Cut that open and head through. When you are prompted to jump into the hole, you'll have to jump across the zombies heads. Just get ready to hit buttons when prompted to. It should all be one button for this first zombie walk section. Walk across them and then collect your medals. Now follow the hallway until you get to a wooden door. Cut through the door.

First you'll go through a trophy room with a Golden Lollipop on normal. The Lollipop is on the far side of the room from where you enter behind a trophy case. Collect it and go through the double doors. This will begin the basketball game. You'll have to kill zombies with your chainsaw which will send their heads flying into the hoop. After a little bit, a defender zombie will show up and swat balls away from the hoop. Make sure you kill him when he appears because he'll stop almost everything. After you get to about 70 points or so, cheerleading zombies will show up. Where you used regular chainsaw attacks on the players, use low cuts on the cheerleaders until you score points with them too. As soon as your score surpasses that of the zombies, the game will stop and the door will open.

When you enter the next room and try to cross it, a zombie will roll in strapped with C4. You need to go through the door that he came in through to escape in time. Get into the next hall and you can go shopping. In the hallway after the shop, you'll be attacked by 10 zombies in a rather small space. Use the tight confines to get a Sparkle Hunt or two. Kill them all and then go into the next room. There's a lot of desks and smoke in this room but lots of space too. Use the space to your advantage and get some space between you and the zombies so you can line up some Sparkle Hunts.

After killing them all, a blue zombie body will appear for Nick. Do the mini-game to open the door. Two Zombie Cops will come through and one of them is named Stephanie. Try to keep them close together and then get right up on top of them so they don't shoot you. Kill them both with aggressive attacks and then go through the door they came from. Make sure you get the lollipop in this room before you leave.

The next hallway will form a sort of arena. Inside, you will be trapped by two shutters and zombies will pour in a little at a time. You'll start with some on the floor and in lockers. The area is tight so try and get some groggy zombies going. When you kill off this bunch, you'll be attacked by more zombies. The fire zombies will run towards the bomb zombies and everything will explode. Just hit one of the bomb zombies to start the fireworks early and run away. One last group of zombies will appear. The greasers come back and some of them have guitars which can stop your chainsaw in a deadlock. The shutter will open and you'll just have to kill the one zombie who kept opening it.

Once he's dead, go through the next shutter and shop if you'd like. Go up the stairs to your left. When you regain control of Juliet, you'll be in a fight with 14 zombies. There's a Golden Lollipop in one of the corners of this room. If you can use your special, this is a good time to use it. Use it and get lots of Sparkles. After the regular zombies are dead, inspect the cake and then they'll start throwing flaming zombies at you, one at a time. You'll have to kill them before they reach the TNT or everything will explode. At certain points, you might have to juggle them rather than kill them outright.

Eventually, a bunch of exploding zombies will roll in and you'll have to roll out the front door. After another cutscene, you'll be in a boss fight with Zed. First you'll have to get close to him. Make your way along the path. When Zed starts throwing letters at you, try and dodge your way forward. When the path turns left, you'll come across a few weak zombies. Kill them and continue on. When you are shown a car hanging from a crane, get ready to hit the chainsaw button.

Once you get past the car, you'll have to dodge more words and then cut through a red car. You'll end up in a small area with six zombies. It's probably easier to see if you go to the far side of them. From there, the camera angle is better. Make use of the small space for medal collecting. Kill them all and then open the fence to continue on.

Go through the fence and slide down the pole. Make your way along and through the next barrier. After that, you'll have to dodge a bunch of cars and poles. Slide down another beam and then cut the one that tries to fall on you. Carve the car that falls towards you. When you jump off the edge of a school bus onto the stage, you're ready for the real battle.

The first round will see Zed running circles around you and then either making a lunge towards you or and overhead swing. Either way, just keep dodging to the side until he swings, then close in for some serious damage. After this happens a few times, you'll be told to "Finish" him. Go up to him and swing your chainsaw at him. You'll then be prompted to push a direction and repeatedly tap the chainsaw button. Do as prompted to start the next phase.

A bunch of small speakers will fall from the sky and Zed will be on one of them. Swipe at them to destroy them. Zed will shoot energy balls at you so be sure to dodge. Once he shoots them at you, close in on him and hit the speaker he's on. If you wait too long, he'll drop more speakers and move to another one. You need to destroy a couple speakers and then get to him before he does this so he doesn't drop any more speakers. When you finally destroy all of the speakers, a giant speaker will drop out of the sky. He'll stand on top of it. Go up to the speaker and cut across it horizontally. While you do, he'll attack you from the top. Make sure you dodge his attacks and then resume cutting. Keep going until you cut all the way through, then kick it over. He'll fall off and he'll get another "Finish"

Now Zed will move around or hover in place. When he is still, he's charging his energy balls again. Wait for him to shoot them, dodge and then close in on him. Momentarily, the balls will come back at you and you'll be prompted to dodge. Do so to cause damage to him. Hit him with those energy balls 15 times for an achievement! When he's running around, be careful because he's going to do a physical attack very quickly. Just keep dodging until he swings. Once you have the achievement, wait for him to attack one way or the other and then attack him. Soon, you'll get your last "Finish". Oblige to finish the fight.

    Achievements: Watch Out for the Balls.
    Achievements: Zed is Dead, Baby. Zed's Dead.

Chapter 3

You'll start this chapter by learning the Chainsaw Dash. Hit the appropriate button and you'll rush forward. If you hit one of the lit up jumps, you'll be launched into the air and if you pick up the gas cans, it prolongs your dash. Go over a couple of jumps and you'll come to a group of four enemies. You can start the fight by running towards them and hitting the attack button. Hit the for massive damage.

The football players will lean over and then dash at you. Simply dodge to avoid. They can take a good beating but they are pretty susceptible to your pom-poms so hit them with that. There are only four but see if you can get some Sparkles. Once they are dead, another ramp will open up. Hit this ramp with a dash and then try to hit the zombies on the other side. You can stop and fight or you can just keep going through the school bus. When you launch out of the other side of the bus, true to hang left so you can hit the school bus on the left. Slide through and collect the goodies inside. When you finally come to a stop, you'll be fighting some more enemies that are on fire. Without explosives, they aren't much to worry about. Kill them and you'll be able to take another ramp to a central courtyard.

You'll have to fight three football players here and one of them is named Alexander. Use the barrels around here, especially the blue ones which will freeze them, to help you out. If you freeze them, they should be a cake walk. Kill them and then baseball players will show up. If you still have a blue barrel left, freeze these guys too and you'll be done with this fight in no time.

Before heading forward, run away from the red school bus and you'll find a Gold Lollipop Grab that, cross the bus and when you land, grab the medals on the other side before entering the building.

Just inside the building will be medals to your left and right and a shop directly ahead. Hit the shop if you'd like and then turn right. Buzz through the broken column to continue. At the end of the hall, take a left and you'll find a man being attacked by a group of three firefighters. The Firefighters are tough, can deadlock you with their axes, and can breathe fire. Thankfully, they are slow so just keep dodging and attacking. Watch for their fire attack and you should be fine. In fact, if you feel up to it, they are worth 36 gold medals if you can get Sparkles on them.

Cut through the shutters, climb the stairs and at the top, head left. Go around the corner and the shutter will shut behind you. Two football players will appear. Once you kill them, two more will appear in the classroom to your right. Unfortunately, this means no sparkles but they should be quick work. Go through the classroom and cut through the green shutter on your left.

Once you get through it, turn left and cut through the desks to find a regular lollipop. Go the other direction, climb the stairs and cut through the column at the top. Turn the corner to the left and you'll get locked in again. This time, you'll be attacked by crawling baseball players. They are kind of a pain because they have good reach. Try to hit them and then get out. It might be safer to use a dodge and low attack combo on them all. Once they are dead, pop Nick's head on the zombie body. He'll get you through the shutter. Climb the stairs and follow the arrows.

You'll be attacked by a group of five firefighters on the right. Unfortunately, five seems to be the magic number. You can never get quit close enough to all of them at the same time to prevent them from breathing fire so you'll probably fall into a rhythm of dodge fire, attack. You likely won't be able to get Sparkle Hunting unless you've put a good few hours into the game. Once they are dead, head over to the broken window and jump out.

Shop if you like. Grab the oil can and run off the ramp. Catch the next ramp slightly to the left and then stop. In the left most corner will be a Golden Lollipop on Normal. Grab that, cut through the basketball players and then launch yourself off of the ramp to the next building. Grab the oil cans and keep going. After the next ramp, hang to the left side so you can hit the small ramp on the side to pick up some extra medals. Keep going until you land on a basketball court.

At least this time, you start at 40 points. Though you only have two minutes this time. You'll also have to contend with the strong basketball players this time. They play defense and instead of just deflecting shots, they send them straight back at you. They will also attack you if you get close and can take a good amount of damage. What you need to do is kick them out of bounds and get a few kills. Or you could do what I did and use your special gauge to make quick work of them.

After you win the game, go up the stairs behind the hoop and follow the catwalk. Hit the ramps and keep to the right side to pick up some extra medals. On the next stretch, hang left to pick up a large star. Keep dashing until you crash into a gym. Watch out for the baseball player because he's tougher and will throw balls at you. The basketball players are likely a one hit kill so you'll probably kill them accidentally while fighting the baseball players. More zombies will drop down through the roof so keep your eyes peeled. When you are on the last few zombies, a large woman named Danielle will drop through the ceiling. She's sturdy and has some hard hitting attacks. She can dash and her slap attack will knock you down. Just keep cutting and dodging. Usually three swings and a dodge works pretty well.

Open the door and stick to the wall. Just behind the door you opened will be a Golden Lollipop on Normal. Grab that and the regular lollipop. Now go over the ramp. There will be four zombie cheerleaders on the roof with three students I highly recommend you go for the group of two first because if not, by the time you get to them, they will have killed that student. Hit them until you knock off their legs. Once they are like that, they'll just follow you. Knock off their legs and then move to the next group until you'd done that to all four of them. Now you can just kill them at your leasure.

A Vaulting Box will be opened up. Head over to it and hit the dodge button to spring and then you will have to hit various buttons to do tricks in the air. You'll land on a upper level and be able to climb the stairs to the roof. At the top will be another shop. Grab the nearby gas can, answer the phone, and then dash to the next roof. When you land, three football players will appear. Kill them all and you will get access to a zombie body for Nick. Use the body to clear the next ramp and then use that to get to the next roof.

You'll be able to get an achievement on this next rooftop. Lightning will strike on the roof and if it hits you (or you walk into it) 10 times, you will get an achievement. Just make sure to keep an eye on your health.

    Achievement: Gunn Struck

Once you've got the achievement, go over the next few ramps until you come across a group of four firefighters, one of which is named Paul. They aren't really anything special. Just watch out for the lightning. When they are all dead, a ramp will open up. Take the ramp and continue on your way, following the arrows as you go. Eventually, you'll go off a ramp to grab your gift and land in a baseball stadium.

There's an achievement for getting 30 headshots but they don't count if you don't get to the next checkpoint so for now we're going to skip the achievement. Leave the Auto Aim on and just keep shooting zombies until a zombie body appears. Put Nick on and then cover him as he runs the bases. With Aim Assist on, it shouldn't be a problem. Once he's made it around three times, you'll win. Don't over think it and keep your ammo topped off with the ammo drop just in front of you.

You'll start the fight with Vikke attacking on foot. When he misses an attack, you can close in to attack. After a little while, he'll start blocking all your close range attacks, requiring you to shoot instead. If you don't take him down in time, he'll go up to his drums and you'll have to fight him there. You'll have to shoot him up there while dodging projectile attacks. There will be ammo along the sides of the ship if you run out.

This fight will start with him in two parts. The legs can be killed easily (they respawn) but don't kill them yet because we need them for an achievement. Basically just dodge until the top half goes up to the drums and the bottom half will then try to kick you overboard. When he does, climb back up to get this achievement. The battle will progress much the same as before so fight him the same. The only significant difference is that when he's at his drums, his attacks will involve lightning beams that you have to dodge.

    Achievement: Cheerleader Overboard!

This part is where it gets strange. You'll have to fight just his head. Keep popping it in the head and hitting it if it gets close. This part isn't particularly hard but he's not easy to target. He'll alternate between spinning around on the deck and hovering around while shooting lightning out of his mouth. Congrats on another win!

    Achievement: Viking Metal Rules

Chapter 3

You'll wake up on a farm and have to make your way up a path. You'll come across some farmer zombies and near them are some shots for you blaster. You should be able to get a Sparkle on them. Kill them, take the shots and then cut through the tree up ahead. You'll also find a rock in the way. The rock needs to be shot. You'll bump into a few more zombies here but nothing too major. Further up ahead, you'll find your sister and you'll have to shoot some zombies off her bus from the porch. Ammo will spawn up here if you run out so just keep shooting. You should definitely have auto-aim on because it's hard to see the zombies on the yellow bus.

You'll just down and a group of zombies will spawn. This is as good a time as any to switch the aim over to manual and go for the headshots. You have plenty of room to aim. Kill these ten with headshots or you can go for Sparkles. Just beside the porch on either side will be lollipops and ammo if you need it. When you clear this area, a zombie body will appear for Nick. Use him to move on.

You'll get a tip that zombies with dynamite explode and can cause chain reactions. What they don't tell you is that they mean this happens when you shoot them. If you shoot a zombie that has dynamite on, they will instantly explode. Kill the guys around here and check the surrounding area for gold medals. When all the small zombies are dead, a zombie named Mark will appear. His big thing is throwing dead bodies at you. The easiest way to kill him is to simply attack him. When he gets ready to throw (starts glowing), leapfrog over him to cancel it. Continue to do this and he will die. A body will appear for Nick so hop on and get rid of the house.

On the other side of the house will be a porch with ammo on it. Below will be zombies that will cross a field and then climb up to you. Kill the ten below with the blaster and then hop down. You'll be attacked by 10 more coming over the fence to the left. The fence will slow them down a lot, giving you plenty of time to go for headshots if you like. After you kill them all, a tractor will crash into the fence. Blow it up to get through. On the other side of the fence will be a lollipop under some wooden scaffolding and a shop just to your left.

When you're done shopping, turn left and go up the stairs to the left. Use the grain bags to get over the fence. You'll find Rosalinds bus again. Then the bus will be attacked by more zombies. Kill the few on the ground and a few will appear flying in the air. Shoot them out of the air while dodging both their charge attacks and their chicken toss attacks. When they are all gone, the bus will disappear again.

Follow after the bus, grab the lollipop on the right and then kill the cows here if you want. Keep hitting them until they die or they'll charge you. They drop some medals and a good amount of stars. Continue up the path and through the fence. Just through the fence will be a large rock on the left. If you go just past it and up to the little ledge above, you'll find a Golden Lollipop on Normal.

Come up behind the bus and follow it. Zombies will try to roll rocks down on top of it and you'll have to shoot them before they do. After a few rocks, a tree will fall down in front of you. Cut through and follow the path to the bus up above. You'll climb up onto the bus and you'll have to shoot more rocks that are being pushed at you. Take the ride with the bus and watch out for both the rocks and the flying zombies.

After all that protecting, the bus will throw you off. Try to follow it and you'll come to a cow farm with nothing of interest except a giant mushroom and some ammo. Grab the ammo and cut the shroom in half. You'll wake up in an Arena with a giant called Chat. Shoot him at range. When he gets close, keep dodging his aggressive pecking attacks until he is stuck. Then keep hitting him until you get a "Finish" on him. After he's dead, get on the bus and leave.

You'll wake up once again in a different place. This time, you'll be behind the wheel of a giant harvester and you'll have to kill 100 zombies. There's also an achievement for clearing all the crops from the field before you kill all the zombies. So just make a grid or go in smaller circles towards the middle so you make sure you hit all of the crops. Miss a zombie, clear it all out and then kill him.

    Achievement: Legendary Harvester

When you wake up again, you'll have a tractor bearing down on you. Shoot the zombies off of it and then shoot it. Jump over it and you'll have to save a student from some zombies. It's only a group of four zombies so they shouldn't be too much of a problem. After he is saved, a few more will appear coming out of a small alley. Rush up on them and hit them as they bottleneck at the corner. Should make for some nice points.

Go past them and use the grain to jump over the fence. Kill the four flying zombies and grab the ammo on either side of the area. After you've killed them, saw through the fence and go shopping if you'd like. Move into the next field and kill the two fat zombies in the field. Go around them and into the small alley between the houses. Behind them is a trampoline. Hop on and then you'll do a zombie walk a few times. Eventually, you'll land on a higher level, possibly collecting a Golden Lollipop. Come down and use Nick's head to control the body and move on.

You'll be on a balcony and shooting down on zombies. They will have bombs and be trying to rush the bus up a hill. The bus will actually back up if enemies get too close so it's not too bad. Just keep shooting and ammo will appear as you need it. Once this is clear, you'll just onto the bus. From here, you'll need to shoot three tractors off the side that are trying to drop a giant rock on your head. Unfortunately, they are only active one at a time and if you shoot an inactive tractor, it has no effect making this much slower than it needs to be.

Go through the next area and slice open the mushroom. You'll have to fight three giant chickens this time. I used my special gauge and they all fell in one swing though it's definitely possible to do it the old fashioned way. When they are all dead, their heads will erupt out of the broken bus at the back. They will take turns trying to peck you to pieces. Keep dodging the green bubbles they shoot at you and when the peck, keep dodging until they get stuck. Once they are stuck, cut them up to finish them off.

You'll wake up on another harvester. This time, you'll need to kill 300 zombies in a field. You have to be careful because there are scarecrows on explosive barrels that form a sort of track. Just keep doing loops on this track and you'll get there eventually. Just be very careful around the barrels.

Fall asleep and wake up again somewhere else! Wake up and chase after the bus. Grab the lollipop on the right side under the scaffolding. There's also a shop here. In the next area, you'll get into a fight with a group of 14 zombies, all with weapons. The secret is that there is a pole a little further up the path. Just lead them up to the pole and hop on to clear the area. Cut through the fence and cross the bridge. On the other side will be some medals and a lollipop. Grab those and then jump off the bridge to the lower area.

You'll have to cross through the water to get further on here. This is kind of difficult because of how little space you have. There's also quite a few flying zombies too but they all hover around barrels so shoot those and you'll probably take care of that easily. On the far bank will be another lollipop and a shop. Past the shop will be three big farmers. You can try for a Sparkle but I'd just shoot them. Two shots each and it'll be a lot easier than fighting them. Round the corner to the right for more zombies. Kill them all and then check behind the structures to the right for a Golden Lollipop on normal.

Go through to the next area that's littered with barrels. You'll fight three waves of enemies here. The first is 8, the second is 16, and the last is 32. Save up your special gauge for the last wave. Kill the first few however you'd like and feel free to use the barrels. When the last wave comes around, get into the middle of the zombie pack and activate your special gauge. Your goal is to get 7 zombies in a single Sparkle Hunt which will give you an achievement. You've got good odds and if it doesn't work, just restart the checkpoint before you end the fight and try again. Clean up any stragglers and go through the nearby gate.

    Achievement: Sparkle Hunting Master

You'll fight a mini-boss here. He'll throw more bodies so just fight him the same as before. Cut through the Branch and go over the bridge. Shop if you'd like and then go up the hill.

First of all, Mariska is going to shoot bubbles at you and you need to shoot back. If you avoid getting hit by the bubbles for the entire fight, you get an achievement so be diligent. You'll need to shoot her bubble until you knock her out. There's plenty of ammo around the ring. Once you knock her out, you've only got a short time to get to her and Finish her.

Now, whenever you shoot one of her, that one disappears and takes a place as a harvester that moves around the ring until you shoot it or as one of the giant pecking chicken heads. Keep shooting her, the chicken heads, and the harvesters. It only takes one shot each to stop whichever attack. When you've done enough damage, you'll have to Finish her again.

This last round there are a lot of her. They'll spin around in a ring in the center. I would aim for the left or right side because I think it'll go through and hit multiple versions of her. There will be butterflies on the outside of the ring that will light you. When lit up, just keep dodging around until the light falls off. Avoid the giant hand and chicken attacks. When the fireworks come, just keep dodging until it stops. Eventually, there will be less and less of her. Knock her out and finish her one last time.

    Achievement: Dirty Hippy

Chapter 4

There are three enemies in this room but they are all occupied. Move up the right side of the room and along the wall, you'll find a Golden Lollipop on normal. Grab that and then start attacking the zombies. Most of the zombies aren't anything special but you need to watch for the zombies with the backpacks because they'll throw Molotov Cocktails at you. Kill the first group of three and 6 more will appear. Thankfully only one of them will have a backpack but you will have to protect a student. Kill them, going for Sparkle Hunts if you can. Take him out first and you should be fine. Hop in the elevator when it arrives.

You'll automatically end up in a Pac-Man like game. Cut through the words to begin. There will be some rather large heads trying to eat you. They won't be too aggressive if they don't see you. Your goal is to make it around the board and collect the eight key pieces. Collecting the stars wouldn't be bad either because those will fill your special gauge and allow you to use your gauge to fight the heads if they find you. Once you have all of the keys, head up the back and slice through the Exit sign.

You'll be back in a normal room by a shopping terminal. Shop if you'd like, then make your way through the "S" shaped room. There will be six zombies total and two of them will have a backpack. It might be best to kill them first and then maybe go for a Sparkle Hunt on the rest. Once you've killed them all, stick Nick's head on the cheerleader body to launch to the upper level. On the top level, walk around the outside and grab the medals. Drop down and fight the two zombies here. They are quite easy to kill since they are alone and distracted. This will save two students. Get the rest of the medals and drop to the lower floor. Get into the nearby game.

You'll have to climb to the top of the building by taking the elevators. Pink doors will take you places (to other pink doors) and elevators will lift you up and down. Go all the way right, take the elevator up one floor. Go through the pink door and then up the next elevator. The lights will go out on the next floor. Kill the zombies and head right to the elevator. This elevator will go down and all you to access a door while you are still on the elevator. Go through the door and then get on the elevator to the left.

On this level, you'll have to walk across the zombies to the far side. Go up the elevator one level . Head far left to the blocks of Nick's head. This will make a body appear on the floor above. Take the door on this level to the level above to attach Nick's head. Now take Nick's body to open that wall. Follow him down with Juliet and then take the elevator up to the top. Go across and take the elevator up a level. You'll get Nomed and have to saw through to get free. Take the elevator on the left side to get out.

You'll find yourself in a sort of disco room. Try not to use the pole immediately because they take too long getting on stage so you don't have as good of a chance at killing them all. Kill this first wave slowly. A second wave will appear and now would be a good time to try and get some Sparkle Hunting done. Use the round edges to climb zombies together. After this group, one last wave will appear and one of the zombies will have a boom box. You want to kill him first because he makes the other zombies stronger. Once he's dead, get some Sparkle and then move to the next arcade game.

This arcade game is pong. You'll have to fight off a couple of simple waves of zombies while dodging the white ball that bounces back and forth. After a few waves, the pong ball will slip by and hit the barrier behind the other paddle. Go behind that wall and take a sharp left to find a lollipop. Now leave.

There's a shop on the roof if you want to shop. If you go around the side of the elevator you just came out of, you'll find a Nick Ticket. Soon, greasers will start dropping out of the sky. Accompanying them will be backpack zombies. I would take out the backpacks first but watch out for the greaser zombies to block your attack. They'll come out in groups of three for the most part so it's not going to be too easy getting Sparkles. Once 10 are dead, a Boom Box zombie named Wesley will appear. Kill him quickly and then clean up the zombies that appear. They will basically be the same group you just fought. When they are dead, the chopper will nearly crash into you. You'll have to shoot it out of the sky. Collect the medals and use the arcade game on the roof to leave.

This game sees you trying to ascend a tower without getting knocked off. You CAN shoot but there's an achievement for NOT shooting. Go all the way up, slide left and go up again. There will be three open windows going right. Slide to the end and wait for the zombie to attack. Wait for it to pass and then go right, up two, and then left. From here, slide all the way up and left to avoid the large falling object.

Another zombie will be dropping bombs down the middle lane. Go up and wait for one to pass, then slide left. Watch out for the blue UFO that will stop where you are and try to drop something on you. Make sure to watch out for windows opening because if you are on one when they open, it will knock you off. Move up the right side and then dodge left as soon as you can to avoid the two falling bombs. Wait for them to pass, the move up and dodge left again. When you get there, immediately move to the left as another zombie drops bombs right down the middle. Move around him and you'll come to a couple of black UFOs sliding back and forth. You want to go up and to the left. You can't make it past both UFOs at the same time. Stay on the left most lane to get past the two UFOs and wait for the giant car to slide past you.

Once the giant car has passed, slide all the way right and go up to the spot where the zombie is. Wait for another car to drop and slide left. Go up a little and watch for the next UFO. Move up the second lane over from the left until the UFO drops the cow. Then slide left. Up ahead, you can see a little triangle that's going to drop as you move up. You want to move right, up and then right again to get around the open windows as it falls. You want to slide as far to the right here as you can to avoid the larger two lane object but watch out for the bombs that are dropping down this column.

Make your way beyond that two lane object. You'll have to move up only three lanes now and they will all be dropping bombs so you'll just have to dodge side to side as you move up. Thankfully, it's spaced out so it's not too bad. Just make sure not to go too fast because you'll get hit by the black UFOs. Get to the last two which are going to force you up the middle. At the end, you'll find a bunch of rows of windows that open and close. You'll have to time when you leave. Don't try to rush across because you won't make it. Stay just below the windows, wait for the row directly in front of you to open. As soon as it closes, start going up and you should have no problem making it to the end before they reopen. Just keep climbing to the top to get out.

    Achievement: No Fear of Heights.

Back on the roof, you'll find a shop and a springboard. Shop if you want, then use the springboard to launch yourself up to a lollipop, grab it and any medals you earned. Hop down and collect the medals here and then wander around the outside until you can get into the dome in the middle.

Josey will start on his little saucer and you'll have to shoot him. He'll hover around, try to ram you occasionally and then shoot little lasers at you. These lasers will start on one side and the move to the other so just jump over them and keep shooting. When you run low on ammo, a bunch of holographic stairs will appear around the outside of the room. Climb them to get ammo and then from the top, shoot at Josey. Just watch out for the bombs that he drops and keep moving every so often. If you ever knock the saucer onto the ground, you can attempt to chainsaw him but it's easier to just shoot him because he's only down for a very short period and once he's back up, he's going to ram you. As soon as him health hits zero, the "Finish" will automatically initiate.

The next part of the fight will be on the outside of a UFO. Josey will be inside of a red energy shield in the middle which will send energy to the pylons around the outside of the ship. You need to destroy those pylons. Hit them while they are blue and watch the energy as it moves around the ship towards you so you know when to get away from it. After you destroy a pylon or two, a couple of gold floating heads will appear. If they are near the pylon when it becomes energized, they'll become energized too. When they do, they'll charge you. Destroy all the pylons but don't immediately go up to finish him just yet. There's an achievement for finishing him in the last 10 seconds. Wait until the timer is close and then saw through for the achievement.

    Achievement: Critical UFO finish
    Achievement: Disco's Dead

Chapter 5

Hop off of the truck and clean up the greasers below. There's a couple of blue barrels on the ground below. Feel free to use them to get some Sparkle Hunting done. When the truck crashes into the other cars, shoot it to clear a path. If you need ammo, there's an ammo spawn up by the 18 wheeler you started the level on. There's a shop just beyond that point if you'd like to shop. Go up the street and turn right.

You'll be in an alley with a dozen zombies and a teacher zombie. The teacher will be carrying a podium and you'll have to get around behind him to kill him. They are pretty close together so go Sparkle Hunting. When the Hazmat team drops down, kill them too. They shouldn't be any tougher than the last time you fought them and if you want, you can just shoot them to kill them. Cut through the fence at the end, grab the ammo in the next alley and then hop over the car nearby to get into the garage.

Directly in front of you is a truck with an explosive barrel. Blow it up and underneath will be a Golden Lollipop on normal. Go a little further ahead to find another lollipop. Grab that and then continue through the garage until you hit a dead end. You'll be attacked by a variety of zombies (greasers, bombs, and a farmer) and when they are killed, others will replace them. You need to survive until the timer runs out. Just keep dancing around and killing if you can manage it. Once you are free, you'll be outside and flying zombies will attack. Kill them as they come out but watch for the three bomb zombies that will appear. Just hit them and run so they explode. When you've killed all the zombies, a helicopter will try and fall on you. Shoot it down.

Inside of the next garage, you'll have to rescue a student. Saw through the fence and then you'll have to keep the exploding zombies away from him. If you can do that, you shouldn't have a problem killing the rest before they kill him. Eventually, he'll walk through the hole in the fence making a nice choke point. Just be sure to follow him quickly as he goes outside because more exploding zombies will explode at his destination. Go back inside and to where he was. You'll find a Golden Lollipop on normal hiding behind a car and a bunch of ammo opposite that. Follow the row of medals to the exit.

Five zombies will come out of the next building. You should be able to make short work of them. When they are dead, more greaser zombies will appear. Kill them too and head into the nearby garage. Inside, you'll see a bunch of crawling zombies on the ground to the left. Go in and start dropping on them to kill them all. Grab the lollipop here and then head over to the fence.

Go up the stairs and grab the ammo, then jump over the fallen column. Start dodging along this path because there are cops in the next area that will shoot at you. Dodge up to the three cops and you'll get into a good fight with them. Just kill them all like previous cop zombies. When they are dead, watch out for the zombie who comes through the nearby door. He'll be covered in explosives. Kill him and go up the stairs.

In this area, move around for a little bit until all the zombies arrive, then activate your special meter. You're going to have a few small zombies and plenty of bigger zombies appearing. Just run around and kill as many zombies as you can while you're all powered up. This should net you some serious gold medals and if you can get some Sparkle Hunting going on at the same time, you're going to be rich. If you run out before the timer does, just dance around until then. Now just kill the various zombies that appear. It's going to be a similar variety, including bomb zombies so be careful. Use the blue barrels in the area if you can. After you've killed them all, jump over the barrier with the lollipop on it.

Collect the next lollipop and drop down into the yard. You'll be attacked by more greaser types. When you've killed them, you'll be attacked by flying and bomb zombies. Kill those and a farmer and other minor zombies will come in on a bus. Kill these in the same way as the others. It might be easier in this space to clear the smaller zombies so you can dodge around the big guy without fear. In this group will be some football players so watch out for their charge.

Climb on the bus and go out the back. You'll come to another shopping terminal. Move along and you'll enter a building under construction. Rosalind will come with a crane and wrecking ball. There is an achievement for not getting hit by the wrecking ball so be diligent about your dodging. Kill the enemies in this area and feel free to use special if you'd like. Rosalind will open a wall for you. Jump across the zombie heads here and then when you land, kill any flying zombies around. When the area is clear, Rosalind will lower a ramp for you.

Dash up the ramp. At the top will be ammo on either side, Rosalind's crane and a bunch of zombies both on the crane and flying around. You have to also not get hit by the wrecking ball here to get the achievement. Getting hit in either instance will not get you the achievement. Shoot the zombies off the outside of the crane and the flying zombies. When the crane moves closer to you, just move out of range and keep firing. Grab the ammo and head through the hole in the wall.

    Achievement: Little Sisters are the Worst!

There will be a shopping terminal here. Shop if you'd like, then get on the lift. You'll have to kill zombies to keep them from breaking the lift. If you use your Homing Attack on them, it can push them right off the edge but I don't think you get all of the medals when you do this so it's at your discretion. You can have up to 1000 Kg on the lift and if you are aggressive, you should never come close. Plenty of zombies will drop onto the lift so see if you can get some Sparkle Hunting going on. After a little while, a couple of cables will snap. Keep fighting and finally the whole lift will collapse.

When you first land, there will be a few flying zombies to kill. Move along the catwalk and down to the lower level. Kill the three construction zombies on the lower level. You can just shoot them if you like. There will also be a couple of cop zombies around the next corner. Try and lead some zombies into the previous room to kill so you don't have to deal with the cops shooting at you. It seems like these two in particular are programmed ONLY to shoot. You may even want to try and shoot these two from around a corner if you can. Kill the 13 zombies and round the next corner. To the right will be a lollipop and medals while to your left there will be a little cart to ride. Hop on.

At the bottom, you'll come to some kind of zombie party. There are three Boom Box zombies on the upper level. Try and Shoot the two on the right and then shoot the barrel on the bottom floor to drop the one on the left. Run down, kill him and then clean up the assorted zombies here. Cut through the shutters to get to the next area. Unfortunately, you'll come to a room with even more shooting cop zombies. I would try and use the pillars or walls as cover and shoot these zombies if you can. Take out the four cops and go through the hole in the next wall. You'll find a couple of construction zombies. Kill them both and head down the nearby ramp. Two bomb zombies will come slowly up the ramp so shoot them if you can to deal with them quickly.

You'll come to a room with a hole in the ground that zombies keep jumping out of and a structure you need to drop to cover the hole. DO NOT attack the zombies that come out, just avoid them. If you kill them yourself, it will cause the zombies to stagger rather than come out in groups. This is bad because if you don't kill them, you dodge for a moment and then they blow up together, leaving you a good deal of time to cut the supports. If you stagger them, it'll be much harder to find time to cut. Once you've dropped the structure, you may now kill the stragglers. Grab the ammo and lollipop from the room and continue.

This next room is filled with red barrels and a student!. The FIRST thing you want to is shoot the barrel directly in front of you. This will kill some zombies and get rid of the barrel. If you dont do this, the student will almost certainly die. There will still be bomb zombies around so keep on top of them and feel free to blow up barrels after the student has passed them. When the room is empty and the student is ready, hit the blue barrel by the exit to put out the flame.

You'll have to protect the student in this next room too. A small group of zombies will attack but the student will be safe as soon as he gets to the pole and swings down. Finish killing the zombies here and slide down yourself. Go through the cathedral and the giant doors. There will be 30 zombies in this next room so feel free to use your special meter. There are some normal zombies, a couple of construction zombies and even a firefighter zombie so try to take them out if you can take them out first so you don't have to when the special is over. After the cutscene, grab the items scattered around the room before jumping into the hole.

The Fight starts out with Lewis riding around on a bike. Feel free to keep shooting him here. You'll likely run out of ammo before you kill him but that's ok. Whenever he stops, run up and hit him a few times to do some damage. When he's nearly dead, he'll go outside the arena and then charge at you. When he does, counter his attack by hitting the chainsaw button. He will fall off of his bike. DO NOT finish him. There's an achievement for countering his attack ten times. If you don't finish him, he'll get on his bike again and allow you to counter him again. He'll repeat this until you finish him, meaning you can just keep doing this until you get 10 counters and the achievement. After you do, Finish him.

    Achievement: Elephant Tamer

His bike will convert into an elephant mech. He will charge around and try to hit you. He also has a machine gun that he'll try to hit you with as he backs up. Dodge his electric physical attack with the saw and then get close to deal some damage. If he looks like he's clapping, get ready to dodge as he's going to charge you and get stuck in a pillar. When he's stuck, hit him. Eventually, you can finish him again.

The next round is very similar to this one but he'll add a jump attack where he goes into the air and comes down with a shockwave. You only have to clear a portion of his health this time.

This next round, he turns into a little elephant tank. He's pretty fast and has a spinning attack that is hard to dodge if you are attacking him. He always executes this attack after you've hit him a few times. Then he'll try and ram you. Move to avoid that attack. If he stops in front of you, he's going to swing his arm in a hammering motion. Once you've dealt enough damage, finish him off. Then you'll have to repeat that process to chop off the other arm.

Now he'll just try and ram you but he'll be electrified so it'll do more damage and stun you. Otherwise, treat him the same as you did last round.

This last round, he will be upright and his vehicle will move around while shooting rockets at you. Keep dodging his dash and rockets, then close in for the kill.

    Achievement: Rock 'n Roll Isn't Here Anymore


Killabilly will start throwing cars at you. Hit the cars with the chainsaw as they pass. When a car passes, you'll be prompted to hit it. If you hit every car that you are prompted to hit in both this section and the next, you will get an achievement. For right now, hit the four cars and then dash across the gap. When you get stopped by a group of zombies, you'll find two named zombies David and Marie during a second playthrough on hard. Continue through them towards Killabilly.

When you get to the next gap, hit three more cars to create another ramp. When you've successfully done that, you will have to dash across and then keep grabbing the gas cans to move along. If you see a ramp to your right, try to hit it so that you land on a school bus for a Golden Lollipop on normal. A building will start to fall and you'll have to get past it before it lands on you. Keep your eyes to the left for an arrow. You want to go onto that side street. When you get there, the achievement should unlock for the cars you hit earlier.

    Achievement: Aced Auto-shop Class

There will be a group of zombies on this street. Kill them all using the barrels and then go shopping if you'd like. Head into the next street and Killabilly will start shooting laser beams out of his eyes. Make our way up the street using debris for cover. In a couple of instances, you may need to wait for him to destroy a piece of debris before you can get through. Keep pushing up until you get behind an overturned truck and zombies appear. There will be 10 zombies and as long as you stay close to the truck, you'll be safe from the lasers. Just take these out like any other zombies. Eventually, the truck will explode and you'll have to dodge the laser (no prompt). Dodge and start dashing towards Killabilly again.

The first stage of the fight is actually pretty simple. You can move left and right by pushing left and right (she'll use the chainsaw to control him). You want to shoot him in the eyes. When he opens his mouth, he'll shoot a red zombie at you that you can't kill. Your only option is to dodge it. Dodge and then keep shooting. If you push too far right, he'll try and flick you for which you'll be prompted to dodge. If you run out of ammo, flying zombies will appear and fly up close to you. Each one killed will give you an additional 12 shots. Keep shooting his eyes.

You'll find yourself on the ground now and have to fight regular zombies as you fight him. It's important that you don't kill him too quickly. You want to cut off his fingers when he puts his hands down. Eventually, they will grow back. You want to cut off 20 of them for an achievement. Watch out when he opens his hands palm up or his tongue rolls out quickly because he's going to throw a car or two full of zombies at you. You'll also have to watch out for exploding trucks that drive around and other flying vehicles.

    Achievement: Fingered

Kill the zombies he throws at you so that he'll come closer to the ground. Whenever you can, get close in to his arms and start hacking at them. It might seem like this fight is taking an unusually long time but that's just how this fight goes. There's not a whole lot you can do about that.

Once inside, cut your way through the structures in front of you. After you get past them, you'll have to dodge and cut a few more things as prompted. Doing so will end the game. If you have saved all of the students, you'll get the good ending. If not, you'll get the bad ending.
Zombie Album

The numbers on the left match with those in the game's catalog but the name will be the actual name that appears in game, rather than the one shown in the album since the name in the album isn't really useful in any way. Locations with stars (*) have to be obtained on a second playthrough of the level. Question marks are zombies I haven't found yet and I'll fill them in when I find them. All others should be obtained simply through the story.
#	Zombie Name	Zombie Location
1	George	Prologue - Chopper Crash Site
2	Mikaela	Prologue - alley**
3	Jerry	Prologue - Chopper Crash Site
4	???	???
5	Ryu	Stage 1 - Long Hallway
6	Stephanie	Stage 1 - Smokey Classroom
7	???	???
8	Fitzgibbon	Stage 1 - Upper hallway classroom
9	ZED	Stage 1 - Boss
10	Paul	Stage 2 - Lightning Rooftop
11	Alexander	Stage 2 - Front courtyard
12	Danielle	Stage 2 - Gym
13	???	???
14	???	???
15	???	???
16	VIKKE	Stage 2 - Boss
17	Mark	Stage 3 - Farm
18	Chat	Stage 3 - Mushroom World
19	Mariska	Stage 3 - Boss
20	???	???
21	???	???
22	Wesley	Stage 4 - Roof
23	???	???
24	JOSEY	Stage 4 - Boss
25	???	???
26	???	???
27	???	???
28	???	???
29	???	???
30	Lewis LEGEND	Stage 5 - Boss
31	KILLABILLY	Stage 6 - Boss
32	???	???
33	???	???
34	???	???
35	???	???

This is a work in progress so I apologize for any errors and I will definitely fix them ASAP but I just wanted to get out what I had.
#	Location
1	Stage 1 - behind bus
2	Stage 1 - above alley
3	Stage 1 - past flagpole/gate on the right*
4	Stage 1 - Just before chopper crash site on right*
5	Stage 2
6	Stage 2
7	Stage 2
8	Stage 2
9	Stage 2 - Hard?
10	Stage 2 - Hard?
11	Stage 2 - Hard?
12	Stage 3
13	Stage 3
14	Stage 3
15	stage 3 - Hard?
16	stage 3 - Hard?
17	stage 3 - Hard?
18	stage 4
19	stage 4
20	stage 4
21	stage 4
22	stage 4 - Hard?
23	stage 4 - Hard?
24	stage 4 - Hard?
25	stage 5
26	stage 5
27	stage 5
28	stage 5 - Hard?
29	stage 5 - Hard?
30	stage 5 - Hard?
31	stage 5 - Hard?
32	stage 5 - Hard?
33	stage 5 - Hard?
34	stage 5 - Hard?
35	stage 5 - Hard?
36	stage 5 - Hard
37	stage 5 - Hard
38	stage 6
39	stage 6 - Hard?
40	stage 6 - Hard?

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