LostMagic: FAQ/Walkthrough

              |                 Lost Magic(DS)                |
              |          FAQ/Walkthrough by strawhat          |
              |                 Version 0.6.8                 |
              |             Last Update: 6/21/07              |
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  ~Table of Contents
{1.0} Introduction
{2.0} Basics
   (2.1) Field Screen
   (2.2) Battling
{3.0} Walkthrough
   (3.1) Chapter 1
   (3.2) Chapter 2
   (3.3) Chapter 3
      [A.] Fire Sage
      [B.] Earth Sage
   (3.4) Chapter 4
   (3.5) Chapter 5
      [A.] Good Path*
      [B.] Evil Path*
{4.0} Side Quests**
{5.0} Items
{6.0} Spell List*
{7.0} Monster List
{8.0} FAQ
{9.0} Ending

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Version History:
0.6.8 6/21/07 - Started a new spell list section.
              - Completed parts of Chapter 5.

0.6  5/25/07 - Completed Monster List.
             - Finished Chapter 4.

0.5  5/22/07 - Finished the walkthrough up to the middle of Chapter 4.
             - Complete item list.
             - Incomplete Monster list.

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                             {1.0} Introduction

Lost Magic is one of the early RPGs released for the Nintendo DS. It is highly
underrated by some and it's not a terrible game. It makes great use of the
touch screen and it doesn't have that gimmicky mini-game feel that other games
sport. Although Lost Magic isn't really that popular, I still think that it
deserves a full, complete guide to help people. Hopefully, it might pick up
more steam one day and earn a sequel.

                                {2.0} Basics

Almost everything in this game is controlled by the touch screen.

                             (2.1) Field Screen

You'll see a map on the bottom screen. Tap the dots next to it to see the
locations. Double tap it to move to that location. Use the D-Pad to look
around the map. The blue icons on a location means that there's an event there
and that you should go. There's a chance of a random battle with monsters on
most locations.

Sometimes, there will be an event at a location. Press A, down, or just tap
the icon on the lower right corner to go through the text.

Press Start on the field screen to open up the menu. There, you can set up
your monsters, items, save, and other options. It's important to save
frequently, because just one battle lost means you must start over from your
previous save. When viewing your spellbook, keep in mind that it'll show all
the spells that you've accumulated throughout all your save files, but you
won't be able to use them until you actually get them.

                               (2.2) Battling

Battling is really simple. To look around the map, use the D-Pad. To actually
move on the map, tap the character that you want to move and tap a space on
the map. The character will begin moving towards that spot. To move a large
group, draw a circle on the touch screen to highlight all the characters. Tap
a space to move that group to that spot. Be sure no one gets left behind!
Characters are unfortunately not very smart and only go in straight lines.
They don't move at angles to avoid obstacles, so be sure check on that.

At the beginning of the game, you'll obtain monsters. Set them in the field
screen by pressing Start > Line Up. Select the monsters you'd like to use.
Each monster has a body size. Your maximum body size will increase as you
level up. You can use monsters whose body sizes are higher than your max body
size. For example, you can't use a monster with a body size of 4 and one with
a body size of 3 if your max body size is five since the total of 4 and 3 is
seven. When you select a monster, you'll see how many of them join you in
battle. You'll see something like x3 on the screen when you view their stats.

Each monster has their own type and abilities. Some shoot from a range and
some attack directly. Some develop more slowly than others. Monsters all have
their own stats and levels, just like you. When a monster loses all of their
health in battle, they'll disappear, but you won't lose the battle. They'll
come back after the battle, so don't worry about them. Remember that monsters
level up and gain stats, too.

Capturing Monsters:
At a certain point near the beginning of the game, you'll be given a rune
which can capture monsters with low HP levels. You will want to capture as
many monsters as you can in the game. Just attack a monster like normal, then
cast the dark rune when its HP is low. If the monster's HP is low enough and
your spell hits, it will be captures. You can decide whether or not to keep
the monster when the battle is over. You cannot capture other sages.

To attack someone, get in range by moving closer to them and hold L. Draw
the rune on the touch screen. The larger you draw the rune, the more damage
it will do. If you drew it correctly, then tap the area/character that you
want to use the spell on. Each attack has their own range. You can't use it
outside the lighted area. Don't forget, while you're casting, the game isn't
paused. Enemies are still moving towards you and attacking!

There are six different types of runes. They come in groups of two and are
effective against each other. For example, fire is strong against water and
water is strong against fire. The groups are fire - water, wind - earth, and
dark - light. However, if you use something like fire against fire, it's not
very effective. Know what type the enemy is!

Attacking with a monster is also simple. Just highlight them, then tap the
enemy you want your monsters to attack. Monsters will also attack anything
that gets in their way as they travel. This can be an advantage or
disadvantage. Be sure to know where your monsters are.

Winning A Battle:
The conditions will usually be said on the top screen, along with how much
time left you have to battle. If time runs out or your main character dies,
it's Game Over and you'll start over at your last location. Usually, you'll
have to defeat all enemies, a boss, or purify all mana crystals to win a
battle. Oh, and one more thing. If you select "Retire" in the pause menu
during a battle, you'll lose too. ;)

                              {3.0} Walkthrough

Watch the opening prologue. The game will ask you to touch the bottom screen
a few times, so do so.

                               (3.1) Chapter 1
                          " Father's Final Message "

[Home of the Forest Witch]
Okay, so after watching the scene you will jump right into a few tutorials.
First, you'll be taught how to move. Touch your character, then tap the chest
to move him there. Next, you'll be taught how to draw a spell. Hold L, let go,
say "Yes", then draw the fire rune that appears on the top screen by holding
L and drawing that /\ shape. Now, point it somewhere to unleash magic.

After that, you'll be thrown straight into your first battle. There will be
three monsters here. They can't attack you. Move straight to where they are,
then release some fire magic on them. You should be able to defeat all of them
in one shot. Do it fast and let's get this over with.

You'll then be given a water and light rune. Defeat three more monsters using
whatever you wish and finish the battle. You'll level up for your efforts.
Next, we'll have to run some chores for ol' grandma.

[Wet-Wood Forest]
Head left into the forest for a scene. You'll be forced into a battle. First,
clear out the Orkus and Cap on the lower edge of your starting point. A simple
blaze of fire should knock them out. Next, go across the bridge and deal with
everyone there. Stand near the bridge and use Fireball on everyone.

After this, you can either choose to go south into some more forest of west
to Windmill Plains. Going south will automatically be a battle, so go there
if you want extra practice or level up your characters. Go to the plains when
you're ready, then pass right by it to Tamta Village.

[Tamta Village]
Watch the scene, then fight. It's another easy battle. The monsters won't
really chase you, so just walk up to them and defeat them in one blow with a

Right after that, you'll meet a man named Leonard who teaches you how to catch
monsters. He'll give you the trap rune. Use it on the Orkus walking around.
After this, there'll be come more tutorials. Move the monster to the chest,
then select all of them by drawing a circle. After this, a few monsters will
appear. Have each of your Orkuses(Orki?) attack a Misty Mush. after this, a
few more Misty Mushes will appear. Just have the three Orkus's regroup and
attack one Misty Mush. Take care of the rest yourself. Don't trust your
monsters too much, since if they go their own separate ways they'll end up
dying. After the battle, you'll end up getting a Life Bracelet. Give it to
your group of Orkuses, then head to Windmill Plains.

[Windmill Plains]
Watch the scene and you'll temporarily have a Wind Rune. You'll now have to
fight a bunch of Orkuses. When the battle starts, grab the chest to the right.
Next, fight off the two enemy Orkus's. A single Fireball should incinerate
both of them. Next, move forward and attack the three, and finally the four.
If your monsters or the girl are in bad shape, just heal them a bit. Defeat
two or three enemies, then have your monsters finish off the last Orkus while
you move to the northeast corner to pick up the chest. Be sure to go only if
your party's healthy because you don't want to lose the battle now. Be sure
the girl doesn't die, or it's Game Over.

After the battle, go to Tamta Village to view a scene, then head towards the
Home of the Forest Witch. You might run into some easy random battles on the
way there. Watch the scene, then you'll be on your way to Silverpeak Gorge.

[Silverpeak Gorge]
In this battle, you must escape. First, when the Earth Rune is displayed on
the top screen, draw it and create a horizontal line in front of you. Make
sure it's positioned well as this wall will still be there when the battle
starts. After casting that, quickly move your group west. If the Death Fish
manage to get close to your first wall, draw another one before they turn the
corner. After you get to the fork in the road, they will no longer be a
factor. Don't fight the Death Fish because there's a magic circle to the north
that keeps spawning them. It'll really drain your resources.

Have Isaac move north on the fork to the ice blocks while the Orkus group move
West. Have them stop right before the road turns north where there are a
bunch of Undine. As Isaac, cast a Fireball to burn down the block of ice and
grab the Gale Shoes in the chest. Return south to where your Orkus are
standing. If one of the Undine approaches your group of monsters, have all
three attack it while Isaac's slowly moving there.

After the Isaac reunites with the monsters, proceed north and burn down
everything in your way. Remember that these monsters are weak to fire. If you
can, capture an Undine as well. All monsters can help right now since we're
rather limited.

Before heading on, set Undine if you can along with the Gale Shoes.

[Home of the Forest Witch]
Really easy battle. Attack right first. Blow some fire, then destroy the Orkus
to the left with some more fire. Watch the scene, then you'll end up on some

                               (3.2) Chapter 2
                       " Shadow Across a Broken World "

Head towards Wet-Wood Forest.

[Wet-Wood Forest]
There will be another tutorial scene. Move towards the Mana Crystal and wait
for it to purify. When the battle starts, have a group of monsters go right
while moving Isaac left. Have the monsters go up and defeat the monsters
around the Outer Zone. Have one of them step on the Outer Zone so no more
monsters appear, and have another one purify the Mana Crystal.

While your monsters are doing that Isaac should be moving left until he hits
a path near a chest. There's a monster guarding it. Use Fireball to kill it
quickly. Don't get too near or it'll move up and get the treasure. After
killing the monster, get the chest containing a Dragon Scale and have all
your monsters regroup(except for the one on the Outer Zone) where Isaac is.
Then proceed west together into another pit of monsters. Defeat all of
them(capture one if you can) and move on left past the bridge.

At this point, the path will turn up. Continue going north and defeat the
Purple Caps in this area. Purify another Mana Crystal, then turn West. Defeat
the other monsters here and you'll see the last two Mana Crystals. Have two
monsters go towards the Crystals while Isaac takes care of the mosnters with
the fireballs.

At this point, go east back to Tamta Village for a scene, then head towards
the Home of the Witch Forest for another scene. Finally, go west again to the
Wet-Wood Forest.

[Wet-Wood Forest]
To win this battle, you must defeat the Evil Mage. It's easy enough. First,
have two monsters purify the two Mana Crystals on the north and south of your
starting point while the others proceed directly East. Start plowing through
the Misty Mush. Have your group focus on one at a time while Isaac himself
does another on his own. After your the two Mana Crystals are purified, be
sure to have them regroup with your main group of monsters.

Continue moving East plowing through monsters. Have Isaac go along the
northern wall and grab the chest containing a Wind Shield on the north east
corner. Then, have Isaac head south to where the Evil Mage is. At this point,
your group of monsters should be just about finished destroying everything
else on the map. Have your group concentrate on the Evil Mage. Be sure not to
use any fire magic. Use water magic to defeat the evil mage. It should only
take a few hits since you have your monsters constantly raping the evil mage
as well. Heal yourself if necessary. Whatever you do, don't use fire to
attack the Evil Mage.

After the battle, go east to Silverpeak Gorge and you'll see two paths that
you can go to. I find the northern path much easier than the west.

Split Path:
[Silverpeake Gorge - West]
On this path, we'll have to defeat all the monsters. It's a little more
difficult than it sounds since there are 15 monsters, a lot of Death Fish,
and two Outer Zones that spawn more monsters. We're gonna need all the magic
that we can get, so first thing when the battle starts is to purify the Mana
Crystal to the west. Next, return and go north. If the Death Fish to the left
is nearby, shoot a few Wind Blades at him, then burn the ice block to the
north and beat down the other Death Fish there with fire. Be sure to capture
one of them! They're a pretty nice ally to have at this point in the game.

Continue east along the path until you are blocked off by ice. Burn the ice
to the north and bring your entire group with you. Defeat the Undine here and
have one monster stand on the Outer Zone. Now, split up your group. Have your
monsters run east to the two Undine near the Mana Crystal and have Isaac go
west to the other three Undine. When Isaac finished the monsters, burn the
ice to the west and purify the Mana Crystal. Your monsters should
automatically purify the Mana Crystal on its side of the battlefield after
defeating the mosnters. Regroup where Isaac is and bring everyone except the
monster on the Outer Zone south burning down some more ice.

This part is tricky. Go west. Create a wall to fend off the monsters to the
right of you. Defeat the monster near the Outer Zone, then place on monster on
it. Then, head back and defeat the other ones, capturing one if you can. The
Mana Crystal will be purified by the monster standing on the Outer Zone.

After this, get the chest on the lower left containing an Angel Coat. Burn the
ice blocking the path to the right and defeat the last of the monsters.


[Silverpeake Gorge - North]
On this path, we'll have to purify all the Mana Crystals. It's infinitely
easier than the other path. Start by standing still and purifying the Mana
Crystal right next to you. Then, cross each bridge one by one to the Mana
Crystals. Use Fireball on all the enemies, and create a wall to block out
anything that tries to come at you from the sides of the bridge. Keep in mind
that anything not water element will move much slower when not walking on the
bridge. Be sure to capture anything you can, especially Death Fish and Hydra.
This level is really easy. Just keep on the bridge and use your earth magic.
Don't forget to pick up the chest on the southern peninsula before purifying
the last two Mana Crystals.

No matter what route you take, there will be a scene with Leonard afterwards.
Proceed to the next destination, another point in Silverpeake Gorge.

[Silverpeake Gorge - Boss]
For this level, bring your Death Fish with you. As water elements, they can
absorb anything that the Mist Master throws at them. If you don't have Death
Fish...well, get them as they're pretty damn awesome monsters. It's much
harder with Undine or anything else. Hydra is a nice second option.

We have plenty of time on this level, so take your time. As a group, head
east until you're right above the chest. Grab it, then regroup and head north
on the snowy path to the first Mana Crystal. We're going to need to purify
all the Mana Crystals on this stage because we need our magic to recover as
fast as possible to defeat the boss. After defeating the three Death Fish
there, go west and purify the Mana Crystal there. From there, position your
three Death Fish around the near the Mist Master, but not so close that the
Hydra begin attacking them. Go back to your starting point at the lower left
corner. If you have more than Death Fish with you, be sure to take them.

Head north from the lower left corner. Burn down the ice blocks after
defeating the Death Fish and purify the Mana Crystal. Defeat the pesky Undine,
then continue north. Sometimes, people get stuck at this point when they are
by themselves because the Undine come back and attack you. Just try to time it
so that you purify the crystal as the Undine are moving down, that way you
don't have to worry about them and they won't see you.

After that, head north some more and purify the lone crystal there. Next, go
east and take care of the Hydra. Continue towards the Death Fish and let them
come to you. Take care of all of them with a few Fireballs, then sneak around
the Mist Master so you can purify the Mana Crystal on the other side. This is
probably the hardest part of the mission.

After that's purified, bring in your Death Fish closer to the Mist Master.
Move Isaac and any other monsters you might have towards the boss.
Burn up the Death Fish and stand on the Outer Zone. Start firing away
Fireballs till the Mist Master's well done and finish the battle. You'll get
a Life Bracelet Lv2 and the spells Storm, Tough Armor, Iron Lance, Ice Storm,
Rapid Ice, Wide Ice, Rain Frost, Bubble, Swamp Fog, and Frost Cloud for your

[Silverpeake Gorge - Duo Runes Tutorial]
Right after the boss battle, you'll learn how to use Duo Runes. Just draw two
runes right after each other to get a new spell. Just do every combination
here to add them to your spellbook, then finish off the monsters to the right
with fire combination skills. Don't forget you can create a new spell by
drawing the same one twice.

                               (3.3) Chapter 3
                             " Remnants of Hope "

[Home of the Forest Witch]
This is another tutorial battle where you learn to use Trap more efficiently.
Use Trap, then the element of the monster you're trying to capture to get them
more easily. For example, for the Fire Shogs here, draw the rune for Trap,
then Fireball. There are a lot of shogs here. None of them will attack you.
Just capture all of them to add to your unit list and gain experience. After
the "battle" is over, you'll also learn the Dark rune. After this, go to
Tamta Village. You might want to play around with your new spells a bit too.

[Tamta Village]
In order to succeed in this battle, none of the villagers must die. It's
pretty easy. There are a bunch of new wind-element monsters here such as
Silfeed and Galehound, so try to capture them if you can. Start the battle by
heading down south to the Galehounds. Use earth element attacks to defeat
them. Rapid Earth and Rock Lance work especially well(Ice Shot + Earth Wall
and Fireball + Earth Wall respectively. After they're done, grab the chest to
the south containing Level 2 Gale Shoes, then wait for the other monsters to
come to you. Start kicking their asses with some more Earth attacks. If your
monsters/villagers start to get into trouble, run back and heal them.

Two new roads have opened up. You can take the northeastern path or the
southwestern path. If you have any Wind Shields, be sure to equip your
monsters with them. Having some monsters that can purify Mana Crystals will
also greatly help.

Split path:
[Windmill Plains - SW]
Pretty easy. Start by purifying the Mana Crystal right above you while sending
your monsters down below to defeat the Green Shogs. If there are any purifyers
there, they'll purify the crystal, otherwise you have to do it yourself. After
that, start making your way across the bridge. Use Rain Rock(Storm + Earth
Wall) to take out the majority of the flying monsters here, then use Rock
Lance on everything else. Grab the chest to the south containing a Level 2
Dragon Scale before finishing the level.


[Windmill Plains - NE]
This is the harder level. First off, you'll definitely need a monster that can
purify Mana Crystals here. You start off a bit off the center of the map with
your monsters all on the lower side. Have them group together and head left
and north, purifying the Mana Crystal there and defeating the monsters. Head
around the perimeter to purify the Mana Crystal on the eastern wall. Keep a
weak monster on the Outer Zone, then make your way into the center of the
labyrinth. While the monsters are busy, move Isaac down and use Earth attacks
like Rock Lance to blast your way through. Stand on an Outer Zone when you
reach one and wait for the monsters to get to you, in which case you'll be
able to drop a weaker one on and you can go on and chase the other monsters.

This level isn't really that hard; it's just regrouping and chasing monsters.
In order to succeed easily though, you MUST have more than three monsters(six
or nine would be nice), a monster that can purify crystals, and a few Wind
Shields woudn't hurt. After everyone regroups, it should be cake. Only the
walls could stand in your way from there.

From here, go to Rundolf, the town to the north.

Watch the scene here. That's all. :) We can either go to the Fire Sage first
or the Earth Sage. I recommend the Fire Sage since we learned Storm, a deadass
spell. It really doesn't matter too much though.

                               [A.] Fire Sage

Start this route by going east into the new Wet-Wood Forest.

[Wet-Wood Forest]
Start by taking care of the three Mush monsters approaching you. Next, move
north and defeat the Orkus there. Purify the Mana Crystal, then head down and
right along the river. DO NOT go directly right because the Evil Mage's
attacks have a large range that can go through walls. When you approach the
third Mana Crystal, the Evil Mage should start moving towards you. Quickly
take out the Mush to the right, then focus on the mage. A few Rock Lances
should easily take him out(Fire 1 + Earth 1). You get a few new spells for
beating the Evil Mage. If you're having trouble with this, equip a few Wind

Split Path:
Which path you take here is up to you. Each one has their own challenges. If
you have a large max body size, bring many monsters and take the southern
route. Otherwise, take the northern.

[Blaze Lake - N]
Be sure to bring water element monsters with you. Start by moving north across
the bridge. Make sure that nobody walks on the lava or they will be severely
damaged. Defeat the monsters across the bridge and purify the crystal. As you
heal up around the crystal, isolate Isaac from your party and start aiming at
the Salamanders moving around the lava. Use the Fire 1 + Water 1 spell to
damage them. After they're gone(or if you miss; you'll have more chances later
as we circle their "pit"), move around to the upper left. Defeat some more
monsters there and purify another crystal.

Afterwards, start moving right. There will be another crystal surrounded by
monsters. Kill them and keep your eye out for stray Salamanders wandering
around the lava. Before moving to the next crystal on the right, send a
monster down to the chest below containing a LV 2 Demon Horn. After purifying
the crystal to the upper right, start plowing through the Salamanders below.
Get one of your monsters on the portal and just head back up and finish the


[Blaze Lake - S]
Start by having one monster purify the crystal to the right. Send the rest of
your party up to the right across the level. Have them defeat the monsters
there and purify the crystal. Send on monster to the left onto the portal and
regroup to the center. Ignore the center crystal for now since monsters will
come after it's purified. Instead, take the crystal to the upper left. Try to
capture a Phoenix if you can, then send another monster onto the portal. Do
the same thing to the lower left, then finally purify the crystal in the
center. Don't forget to grab the chest next to the lower left portal.

Continue forward after the battle.

[Blaze Lake]
Bring fire monsters with you. If you nabbed some Ruby Golems from the last
battle, they would come in handy. Start by moving straight up. Once you hit
the start of the bridge, send one of your monsters across the lava to the left
and one to the right. If they stay close to the lower wall on the lava, the
enemy monsters won't see them, giving you a free pass to the portals. Once
are blocked, the Salamanders from the north should start moving in on you.
Stand behind your remaining monsters and start casting Fire 1 + Water 1 on
the monsters. This spell should pierce right through all the monsters dealing
enough damage to go around. Once those guys are dead, purify the three
crystals, then proceed to the last three monsters to the north.

[Blaze Lake - Boss]
This battle really isn't that hard, it's just a rather slow process. First,
be sure to bring some fire monsters for defense. Purify the first crystal
that you see, then make your way left and purify the crystal over there too.
As you come back, you might want to snipe a few of the monsters in the lava
so you won't have to deal with them later. A few Rapid Ice attacks(water 1 +
water 1) should do. Head back to where you started, then go up. Again, snipe
a few monsters if you shall. Purify the northeaster crystal, then head to the
crystal to the west. After purifying that, follow the path east to the Fire
Sage. Be sure to get rid of the monsters along the way.

Once you get to the right side of the Fire Sage, send your monsters across the
lava to fight her. They should be able to tank most of her hits. Have Isaac
use Rapid Ice repeatedly. If she starts to move out of range, walk along the
path to get closer. Very few of her attacks should reach you. Once she's dead,
you'll get a new spell.

                               [B.] Earth Sage

[Thousand League Tower]
Watch the scene here. Select anything that you wish, then leave back to the
plains to the north. Watch another scene, then return here. Select "Listen to
what I have to say", "I want to kill the Diva of Twilight", "No", "The Creator
is dead", and "No...". This will allow you to continue. You'll then get to
another split path. Both paths are pretty easy, but the eastern route will get
you a nice LV 2 Iron Shield as well as much more experience.

Split Path:
[Goldsand Dunes - W]
This is pretty easy. First, you should make sure that you're carrying some
fast moving monsters with you. Gale Hound works especially well. Start by
purifying the crystal to the west, then sniping the monsters on the other side
of the gap to the north. Return to the starting area, the move north through
the sand. Your monsters will probably move faster than you do, but that's no
problem. If they can purify the crystals, have them do that while attacking
the enemies that come. After purifying the northeast crystal, move west and
purify the crystal there. Defeat the enemies around there, then move to the
final area towards the center of the map and defeat the Wyverns. Use wind
magic such as Fire 2 + Wind 1 to make quick work of these guys. Capture a
Wyvern too if you have the time.


[Goldsand Dunes - E]
Fast moving monsters are pretty handy here, since the main battle region in
the center of the map is mostly sand which will shift your position. Start the
battle by purifying the crystal to the left. Then, bring your monsters across
the narrow bridge on the left right next to the crystal. Focus on defeating
the monsters on this side of the map. While your monsters are fighting, have
Isaac(or another monster, if possible) purify the crystal to the upper left.
Afterwards, start moving your monsters towards the center of the map with
Isaac a bit futher behind. This should draw in all the Wyverns and Gnomes,
making it easy to damage all of them at once with Fire 2 + Wind 1. A few of
those spells and it's all over. Clean up the rest of the map to finish the

[Goldsand Dunes]
Start by going south and defeating the monsters there and purifying the two
crystals. Afterwards, snipe a few monsters through the wall using Fire 1 +
Wind 1, then head back to your starting point. Go right and defeat the
monsters around the center crystal. Once they're dead, split up your party.
Have half of your monsters go down south and defeat the enemies there, and
the other half go right to where the crystal above the wall is. Pincer the
enemies on the lower right by sending monsters there and sniping them with
Fire 1 + Wind 1. You should have plenty of health and magic from the crystal
you're casting nearby. This will net you an easy win.

[Goldsand Dunes - Boss]
Having earth monsters will be very useful as they can absorb the Earth Sage's
attacks rather well. Earth Hounds will work, as well as Brown Shogs. Start by
moving left to purify the crystal. Wrap around the path back right and dump
one of your monsters off on the portal. Be sure to pick up the chest
containing an Iron Shield LV 3. Once you're back near your starting point,
bring your party down to the lower right. Stay together since with a boss
that can heal his monsters as well as random ones appearing out of portals,
you'll never know how much strength you need. Purify the lower right crystal
and leave a monster on the portal, then do the same to the crystal/portal just
left of it divided by a wall.

You have plenty of time for this battle, so don't rush. Return back north and
purify the crystal to the center left portion of the map. Once that's done,
start proceeding towards the gap leading to the boss. Use your monsters as a
wall while you use Water 1 + Wind 1 and Fire 2 + Wind 1 against the boss.
Try to push him back so you can purify the three crystals, which should help
tremendously. This is one of the more difficult boss battles so far.

                               (3.4) Chapter 4
                          " Who Shall Punish Him? "

Watch the scenes after the start of the chapter and you'll end up in Wetwood
Forest. There are two places that you can go to now. One is Runedolf, where
you're supposed to go. The other one is Windmill Plains, which is marked.
This path is a sidequest, which shall be covered later. You can do it now if
you wish. Right now, this walkthrough will follow the main storyline.

Watch the scene, then fight the battle. Start by eliminating the two jellies
to the north. The civilian should run down. Follow him and defeat the two
monsters that close in from the bottom. After they're gone, head back up
north. Draw in the monster to the right by sending a monster there, then bring
it back over to the left wall where the crystal is. Defeat the monsters here
with a fire Fire 1 + Fire 1 attacks, or whichever one of your piercing moves
is strongest. Purify the crystal, then quickly move over to the right.
Monsters will probably be approaching your civilian. When your group gets
there, heal the civilian and defeat the monsters.

Once that's done, return to the center or the map and move up the path. Defeat
the monsters in the center. If there's a large swarm around your monsters,
use Fire 2 + any element, otherwise stick with Fire 1 or Fire 1 + any element
if there are a few enemies. While doing this, send Isaac(or a monster that
can purify, preferably) over to the right to purify the crystal. Move your
main group of monsters left when the path is clear to protect the civilian
from any further enemies as well as clear out the path to the center crystal
for Isaac/your monster. After this, you'll win.

Move forward to Balance Temple.

[Balance Temple]
Watch the scene here. You can't win this battle, so just walk forward and let
things happen. After that, watch another scene and you'll be back on the world
map. Since we can't go back to Balance Temple, head west to City of Ruins.

[City of Ruins]
You and your monsters will start out on the corners of the map. It's rather
difficult to save them. My Brown Shogs managed to survive. Go down the map
where you start and use Fire 1 + Light 1 to pierce right through the monsters,
dealing massive damage to all of them. Once you reach the lower wall, pierce
through the wall with the same spell and hope that you save a few of your
guys. From there, move right and purify the crystal, then around and up the
right wall. If you have any survivors, regroup here. At the upper right
corner of the inner square, there's another crystal for you to purify. Do so,
then go left. If there are any enemies left over, attack them through the
wall with the same spell as before. Dandy.

Purify the crystal to the left, then enter the gap through the middle. If
there's some time left, it might also be a good idea to practice some of your
newer spells. Don't forget to get the chest containing Gale Shoes Lv 3.

[City of Ruins]
Bring a few dark monsters with you for this battle. It's time to tussle with
the Evil Mage again. Start by moving your party downwards. Kill the Black
Shogs with a some light magic, then the Bats to the left. If you have a dark
or flying monster, set it over the portal. If not, don't worry about it. Walk
around the dark pool to avoid damage, then purify the crystal to the lower
left. Afterwards, start moving up. Set a monster on the portal to the upper
left, then go right. Be sure to nab the Wind Shield LV 3 in the chest.

Now it's time to approach the Evil Mage. Ignore the other monsters if you can,
or even better, draw them in close to the Evil Mage. Take all of them out with
Fire 2 + Light 1/2. The Evil Mage should fall within just one or two of these
attacks. Fire 1 + Light 1 will also serve your needs if you don't have too
much MP left. Try to be quick drawing up those light spells.

[City of Ruins]
Send a monster to stand on the portal that your start on and purify the
crystal. Start moving south and beat up the ghost. Send a flying monster like
a Bat or something to cover the portal in the center right portion of the map.
Afterwards, move south and follow the path from the southwest. Purify the
crystal in the swamp(is it a swamp? I don't know.) and move right. Purify the
other crystal and follow the path to the lower left corner. Purify the one
more crystal and dump another monster on the portal.

Head back out of the path and go for the upper right corner. Don't be
intimidated by all the monsters hanging around. Send one of your stronger
monsters to deal with any stray enemies as you cross to that corner. Use a
Fire 2 + Light 2 spell to OHKO all the enemies in one shot. If there are still
enemies left over, make absolute sure that you have someone step on the
portal. If not, all the enemies will come out at the same time.

[City of Ruins - Boss]
Be sure to bring loads of dark monsters with you to soak up some damage. This
battle really isn't that hard, but keep in mind that you only have five
minutes to win. Follow the path on the right and defeat the bats using any
combination of light attacks. Follow the path and take out a few more bats,
then purify the crystal to the left. The path should then broaden. Move
upwards towards the warp and defeat the onslaught of bats that appear with
Fire 2 + Light 1 or Light 2 to take them out at once. Leave someone on the
portal and purify the crystal.

After that, go purify the crystal on the right side of the map. Wait for the
monsters surrounding it to come attack you because if you step on the colored
floor, you'll be zapped by lightning. Quickly purify the crystal when you're
done and continue north. Enter the area where the boss is. Draw in the
monsters and get rid of everyone at the same time with Fire 2 + Light 2. If
there are any flying monsters in your party like a bat, you can choose to
station one on the warp above you.

Head to Runedolf to watch a scene, then enter the Balance Temple again.

[Balance Temple]
Bring three sets of monsters in this battle and make that they can hold their
own. Bring light monsters so tank some hits, and ones that can purify if
possible. The level is laid out so that the first two monsters slots are on
the left and right side of you and the third as part of your party. You can't
regroup on this level. Another strategy that you can use is to have flying
monsters on the sides, that way they can fly over the gap and have one large
group as usual.

All three parties will be attacked at the start. Take care of the monsters
in front of Isaac, then concentrate on helping your other monster parties.
Don't play around too much with your new spells. Just use Fire 2 + Dark 2 or
something similar to take out multiple enemies at once. Be sure NOT to fight
around the unpurified crystals! They'll keep regenerating health this way and
will never die. Drag them away from their crystals first before trying to
damage them.

After the monsters on the sides are dead, collect the chests on the left and
right and approach the top of the center path. Get close, then run to drag
the monsters away from the crystal before you attack. Finish them with the
same spells as before to win.

[Balance Temple]
Once again, you and your monsters start off in seperate rooms. To start off,
have your monsters attack one enemy around them and make Isaac run into the
small area between the two rooms to keep him safe. Make your monsters start
moving north until the intersection. Have them pause there after taking out
the enemies, then control Isaac. Get rid of anything that you can and move
north to regroup with your monsters.

Once you're together again, go purify the crystal to the lower left. Drop a
monster on the portal and head towards the crystal to the north. Use a Fire 2
+ Dark 2 to take out the enemies waiting for you, then proceed back to the
area where Isaac started from. Defeat the enemy and place a monster on the
portal there, then finally head for the upper right crystal for the final
two monsters.

Alternatively, if you're at a high level, you can just go head and have Isaac
go for the upper right crystal at the beginning of the game and have your
monsters go alone through the left side of the map. It's not recommended if
you suck at this game though.

[Balance Temple]
It would be easier if you brought along some strong flying monsters, but it's
not really necessary. This map is just one straight line up the path. Purify
the crystal that you start out at and start moving up. Have your flying
monsters attack the enemies in the air. If you don't have any, snipe them at
a distance using Fire 1 + any while your monsters beat up the guys on the next
platform. Just continue this until all the enemies are eliminated. If you can
reach the chest, be sure to do so.

[Balance Temple - Boss]
Bring many light monsters in this battle to absorb attacks. First, you should
know that you CANNOT take on all four Talos at once. They will maul you. It's
a slow process, but try to take them on one at a time. They will constantly
be getting healed. Dark 3 works great against them, or Dark 3 + any other
spell. Once Dark 3 takes effect, quickly shoot a few dark attacks at them,
then re-cast Dark 3.

After the Talos are gone, start moving up. Like before, we can't take on all
of the Light Hounds, especially near their crystals. Drag two or three at a
time from their positions and beat on them then. When they're dead, that
leaves the boss wide open for an attack. Send in your monsters as a wall from
his attacks, then go in for the kill. Like with Talos, use Dark 3, then
numerous dark spells. In addition, if you have any extra flying monsters,
send them to purify the crystals on the sides of the map. This battle's not
too hard, just be patient. You have 10 minutes to kill, no need to rush. It
will definitely take awhile.

[Balance Temple]
For this battle, all you must do is get to the end of the path. It's a bit
harder than it sounds. You only have three minutes, so start by moving your
units down the path. Get rid of the Talos by using Light 3 + Dark 1, assuming
you brough dark monsters. Use more dark spells such as Wind 2 + Dark 2 to
finish it off and continue towards the first crystal. Kill the shogs with Fire
2 + Dark 2 and move until the end of the path.

For this battle, you want to try to get into as few fights as possible, but
if something is following you, you must kill it. Nothing guarantees death like
being surrounded by a swarm of monsters. At the last platform, you'll be
greeted by three Talos. Drag them away from their crystal and beat at them
with Fire 2 + Dark 2. Once they're clear, make your way to the stairs to clear
the stage.

[Balance Temple]
Like before, we have three minutes to reach the stairs on the lower right
corner of the map. Capture the rare Orkus on the left side of the map if you
wish. Start by going south past the first crystal, then right. Fight the
monsters, then go straight down. Try to drag them away from their crystal if
you can, especially the Talos. This is pretty much more of the same from the
last battle. If you want to be real slick, you can just have a mob of monsters
attack the enemies, then have Isaac sneak past the fighting monsters and to
the staircase.

[Balance Temple]
There's no battle here, but a decision to be made. Unlike the other choices in
the game, this one will make a difference. If you choose to let go of the
wand, you will go along the good path. If you choose the keep the wand, you
will go down the evil path. Do what you wish, as this walkthrough will cover
both. Obviously, going down the good path will yield more rewards with the
ability to learn Triple Runes and get the final spells as well as the Boxdog/
Dogbox creature. The evil path is much harder than the light path and also

                               (3.4) Chapter 5

                                [A.] Good Path
                             " Diva's Swan Song "

Go to Runedolf to watch the scene, then you'll have to search in one of the
marked areas. Go to the Home of the Forest Witch. Watch the scene, then more
marked places. Choose whichever one you want to go to first, but I'll go by
the closest ones first.

[Wet-Wood Forest]
Another Evil Mage battle. Flying monsters are a must in this battle since the
land where the Evil Mage is is unaccessable by foot. Flying light monsters
such as Seraphim would be even better. Start by purifying the crystal across
the bridge to the right, then go left. Just keep following the path around to
the crystal on the upper left corner, then over to the crystal on the upper
right corner. As you approach it, Misty Mush should appear from the warps. Use
Fire 2 + Fire 1 to beat them and purify the crystal. Place five monsters on
the warps(you should have a couple left, assuming you brough three groups of
monsters) and head towards the Evil Mage. First, use Fire 1 + any element to
lure the monsters surrounding the Mage. You don't want to fight them near the
crystal. After they're dead, send your monsters towards the Evil Mage. If
you're not doing much damage, bring in your monsters from the five warps and
cast Light 2 + Fire 2, then send them towards the Evil Mage too. Don't worry
about the Mush that come afterwards. Use a couple of spells to defeat them
while your monsters beat up the Evil Mage, who, although uses Light magic,
can't heal himself.

Afterwards, head to the next nearest location: Silverpeake Gorge.

[Silverpeake Gorge]
We have to purify all the water crystals in this mission. Don't forget that
the water here slows down any non-water or non-flying monsters, including
Isaac. Start moving south and get rid of the three monsters there, then turn
around and move north. Burn down the ice blocking your path with simple Fire
1 spells and beat up the guys behind the wall. Purify the three crystals,
then head back south, then turn right. Purify the crystal to the lower right
first, then go for the one to the north. Fire 2 + Fire 2 should get rid of
the whole group guarding that crystal at once.

Split Path:
[Silverpeake Gorge - N]
It would be really helpful if you had three groups of monsters that could
purify crystals because when you start out, you're all seperated. Your
monsters start in front of crystals(the second group also in front of a chest,
be sure to get that too) so purify them, the regroup. Send each of your units
downwards and meet Isaac at the lower right corner, unless you really think
that they're strong enough to handle the enemies themselves. Once you've
regrouped, just head across the bridge and tear apart the enemies. Even just
a simple Fire 1 spell should be able to take care of most of the monsters


[Silverpeake Gorge - E]
First, get rid of the enemies coming your way. After they're gone, burn down
the ice blocking the crystal to the lower left and purify it. Head right, then
to the north wall. There are crystals to purify on both sides. Purify both of
them, then head over to the path on the upper right blocked by ice crystals.
Follow the path to the last crystal. Extremely easy battle.

[Silverpeake Gorge - Boss]
Do you remember the last time that we fought the Water Sage? This is pretty
much the exact same thing all over again. We're going to need some water
monsters, so if you find that yours are at low levels, go out and find some
higher level ones. Death Fang, Runedine, and Blue Shogs are nice choices.

Since you've done this before, you should already know the basic gyst of what
to do. Start by going right and purifying the crystal in the snow. Leave three
of your monsters there, then take the rest of the party back to where you
started. Don't purify the crystal in the water yet because this time around,
more monsters will appear from the portal near the Mist Master.

Back at the beginning of the level, start moving north along the western wall.
Defeat the Death Fang here with a few fire attacks and burn up the ice
blocking your path. From the northwest corner, turn right and head towards the
Mist Master. As you approach him, send the three units you left behind on the
first crystal towards him as well. Ignore the middle crystal. Destroy any
monsters in the way and start attacking the Mist Master. Your monsters, being
the same element as him, should serve as a nice sponge. If you can, send one
monster to purify the crystal to the east as well.

The Mist Master might start moving south towards his last remaining crystal.
As he does so, use three of your monsters to block the portals, then move
towards him. Use Rapid Wind(Water 1 + Wind 1) to push the Mist Master away
from his crystal so you can purify it, then burn him up with fire spells. If
you're having trouble defeating him before he heals himself, try using
Light 2 + Fire 2 to power up your mob of monsters.

You will get the Water 3 spell for your trouble.

From here, there are several paths that you can choose. If you haven't beaten
the Evil Mage yet in the Wet-Wood Forest right next to Silverpeake Gorge, be
sure to do so. I decided to go towards the Earth Sage after this since it's
closest. Really up to you, though.

                                   *  *  *

Split Path:
For this split path, I would go west. It's a lot easier and you can get some
of those new wind monsters. Then again, both paths are pretty easy.

[Windmill Plains - W]
This level is really easy. Just follow the path straight through and defeat
all the enemies. There...really isn't anything else to say. Capture the new
monsters and the puddles slow you down.


[Goldsand Dunes - S]
There are a couple of monsters on that lower platform that you start off on.
Take care of them first, then purify both crystals on the platform. After
that, head out via the bridge on the left. Purify another crystal on the upper
left, then head towards the center of the map. Nothing except the Mud Golem
on the upper right can deal damage close to you, so just go right up to them
and beat up anything that you don't capture.

[Goldsand Dunes]
Lucky us, we get to kill more monsters. Start by ignoring the golems on the
left and move up, then right around the corner to the crystal. Ignore the
monsters along the way since with the mass crystals on this map, they can
restore health fairly quickly. Beware of the spikes next to the crystal as
standing on it will hurt you.

After the crystal is purified, defeat the monsters on this side of the map and
send one of your guys on the portal on the upper right corner. From there,
purify the crystal to the left, then take out the rest of the monsters on the
right side of the map. When they are defeated, head towards the crystal on the
upper left corner. Purify it and defeat the monsters there. If they're giving
you a bit of trouble, try using Dark 2 + Earth 1/2 to lower their defenses.
After that, head towards the last crystal on the bottom. Place a monster on
the warp and you're basically done.

[Goldsand Dunes - Boss]
You'll notice that the map is different than the last time that we fought the
Earth Sage. You'll still want to bring along your best earth monsters to soak
up his attacks. Start the battle by moving right. You'll see three Earth
Hounds come down for an attack. Use Fire 2 + Wind 1/2 to quickly defeat them,
then continue forward. Send a monster to stand on the portal, then turn around
the corner to the right and purify the crystal there. Sometimes, Earth Sage
will create a wall right on top of the portal. Cheap, yes. Just ignore it for
now and come back to it later, as you will cross back here again. I know it's
a little difficult to defeat monsters right now since your magic is restoring
very slowly at the moment. If you can, sneak past the Stone Golems and purify
the crystal first. Cast Light 2 + Fire 2 to power up the units. Combines with
Dark 2 + Earth 1 on the golems, you should be able to take them out faster.

After that crystal is purified, head for the one on the lower right. Plant a
monster on the warp and purify the crystal. When heading up, use Fire 1 + Wind
2 to take care of the hound along the way. We don't want that one guy messing
with our monster on the warp panel.

Now, we have to purify the two crystals on the left side of the map. Make your
way across the center to the western crystal. Take out the two monsters here
like you did before. Power up with Light 2 + Fire 2 and lower their defenses
with Dark 2 + Earth 1. Afterwards, head for the crystal on the upper right.
If you have time, try to go around the center of the map since the Earth Sage
likes to create those convenient walls preventing you from going anywhere.
Once at the upper left corner plant a monster on the portal and purify the
crystal. Now we're all set to take on the Earth Sage.

Send the rest of your monsters as a mob towards the Earth Sage. The Earth Sage
will lock himself in a box next to his crystal as well as create spikes around
him so you can't get near. This is a problem, as it means that very few
attacks, especially from your monsters, will hit him. There have been a few
instances where I've been able to sneak around his walls just as they
disappeared, then push him out using Water 1 + Wind 1, allowing me to purify
the last crystal and make it much easier to beat him. What you can also do is
cast Water 3 + Dark 3 and wait until your HP is very low, then switch HP with
him. As soon as that spell is cast, quickly use another spell to finish him
off. Either way, it will be a lot easier with the other four crystals purified
so you can get mana flowing.

For winning this difficult battle, you'll get Earth 3!

                                [B.] Evil Path
                           " Requiem For the Wind "

You can't go south. Diva's blocking it, so just move east to the first

[Silverpeake Gorge]
Strong water monsters are a must for this battle. It plays out very similar to
the previous battle. Start by sending a group of monsters right. Purify the
crystal on the right side of the map while taking care of any monsters, then
purify the one just left of it.

                                 {5.0} Items

There are several items that you can pick up in chests during battle. These
items have different effects when you equip them to your monsters. Each item
has a level between one and six. The higher the level, the better the effect.
Each of these items increase a stat by a percentage, not a set number, so keep
that in mind when equipping your monsters.

| Item Name        | Effect                                               |
| Angel Coat       | Increases evasion.                                   |
| Demon Horn       | Increases attack power.                              |
| Dragon Scale     | Increases magic defense.                             |
| Gale Shoes       | Increases speed.                                     |
| Hunter Eye       | Improves accuracy of attacks.                        |
| Iron Shield      | Increases physical defense.                          |
| Life Bracelet    | Increases max HP.                                    |
| Wind Shield      | Increases attack speed, defends again wind attacks.  |

                               {6.0} Spell List

001 - Fireball
Consists of: Fire 1
Element: Fire
Effect: A fireball goes in a straight line towards the enemy.

002 - Ice Shot
Consists of: Water 1
Element: Water
Effect: Shot of ice goes in a straight line towards the enemy. Sometimes

003 - Wind Blades
Consists of: Wind 1
Element: Wind
Effect: Blade of wind goes in a straight line towards the enemy. Pushes the
        enemy back a few steps.

004 - Earth Wall
Consists of: Earth 1
Element: Earth
Effect: Creates a solid wall that prevents anyone from crossing it. Disappears
        after a little while.

005 - Heal Light
Consists of: Light 1
Element: Light
Effect: Restores some HP to one party member.

006 - Trap
Consists of: Dark 1
Element: Dark
Effect: Captures a monster with low HP. Very small range.

007 - Explosion
Consists of: Fire 2
Element: Fire
Effect: Creates an explosion that damages all enemies within range. Not the
        best range.

008 - Storm
Consists of: Water 2
Element: Water
Effect: Waters down enemies within a given center/radius.

009 - Wind Shards
Consists of: Wind 2
Element: Wind
Effect: Blades of wind cut anything within a given center/radius.

010 - Tough Armor
Consists of: Earth 2
Element: Earth
Effect: Increases the physical defense of one unit.

011 - Light Armor
Consists of: Light 2
Element: Light
Effect: Increases the magic defense of one unit.

012 - Curse
Consists of: Dark 2
Element: Dark
Effect: Reduces one unit's defense for all attacks.

                              {7.0} Monster List

Here's a list of monsters in alphabetical order. You should know that some
monsters are stronger versions of others, or of different elements.

| Name            | UP | # | Purify | Range   | Flying | Element   |
| Bat             | 2  | 3 | No     | Close   | Yes    | Dark      |
| Battle Orkus    | 3  | 3 | Yes    | Close   | No     | None      |
| Black Shog      | 3  | 3 | No     | Close   | No     | Dark      |
| Blue Shog       | 3  | 3 | No     | Close   | No     | Water     |
| Boxdog          | 3  | 2 | Yes    | Close   | No     | None      |
| Brown Shog      | 3  | 3 | No     | Close   | No     | Earth     |
| Cherubim        | 3  | 3 | Yes    | Far     | Yes    | Light     |
| Com-bat         | 3  | 3 | No     | Close   | Yes    | Dark      |
| Dagon           | 5  | 2 | No     | Close   | No     | Fire      |
| Dark Walker     | 5  | 2 | Yes    | Close   | No     | Dark      |
| Day Walker      | 5  | 2 | Yes    | Close   | No     | Light     |
| Death Fang      | 4  | 3 | Yes    | Close   | No     | Water     |
| Death Fish      | 4  | 3 | Yes    | Close   | No     | Water     |
| Divider         | 6  | 2 | No     | Close   | Yes    | None      |
| Dogbox          | 3  | 2 | Yes    | Close   | No     | None      |
| Earth Hound     | 4  | 3 | No     | Close   | No     | Earth     |
| Flare Dragon    | 5  | 1 | No     | Far     | No     | Fire      |
| Flare Hound     | 4  | 3 | No     | Close   | No     | Fire      |
| Ghost           | 2  | 3 | Yes    | Close   | Yes    | Dark      |
| Gigant          | 6  | 2 | No     | Close   | No     | Light     |
| Gnome           | 2  | 3 | Yes    | Far     | No     | Earth     |
| Green Shog      | 2  | 3 | No     | Close   | No     | Wind      |
| Hydra           | 5  | 3 | No     | Close   | No     | Water     |
| Hydro Dragon    | 5  | 1 | Yes    | Ground  | Yes    | Water     |
| Hydro Hound     | 4  | 3 | No     | Close   | No     | Water     |
| Jetvern         | 5  | 2 | No     | Close   | Yes    | None      |
| Killer Mush     | 3  | 3 | Yes    | Close   | No     | None      |
| Knight Orkus    | 3  | 1 | Yes    | Close   | No     | None      |
| Misty Mush      | 2  | 3 | Yes    | Close   | No     | None      |
| Multipul        | 6  | 2 | No     | Far     | Yes    | None      |
| Mush-Mushy      | 2  | 3 | Yes    | Close   | No     | Earth     |
| Orkus           | 2  | 3 | Yes    | Close   | No     | None      |
| Phoenix         | 5  | 3 | No     | Far     | Yes    | Fire      |
| Purple Cap      | 2  | 3 | Yes    | Far     | No     | None      |
| Red Cap         | 3  | 3 | Yes    | Far     | No     | None      |
| Red Shog        | 2  | 3 | No     | Close   | No     | Fire      |
| Ruby Golem      | 4  | 3 | Yes    | Close   | No     | Fire      |
| Rune Gnome      | 3  | 3 | Yes    | Far     | No     | Earth     |
| Runedine        | 3  | 3 | Yes    | Close   | No     | Water     |
| Runemander      | 3  | 3 | No     | Far     | No     | Fire      |
| Salamander      | 2  | 3 | No     | Far     | No     | Fire      |
| Scout Orkus     | 3  | 3 | Yes    | Close   | No     | None      |
| Seraphim        | 4  | 3 | Yes    | Far     | Yes    | Light     |
| Shadow Dragon   | 5  | 1 | Yes    | Far     | No     | Dark      |
| Shadow Hound    | 4  | 3 | No     | Close   | No     | Dark      |
| Shine Dragon    | 5  | 1 | Yes    | Far     | No     | Light     |
| Shine Hound     | 4  | 3 | No     | Close   | No     | Light     |
| Talos           | 5  | 2 | No     | Close   | No     | Light     |
| Undine          | 2  | 3 | Yes    | Close   | No     | Water     |
| Wraith          | 3  | 3 | Yes    | Close   | Yes    | Dark      |
| Wyvern          | 4  | 2 | No     | Close   | Yes    | None      |
| Yellow Shog     | 2  | 3 | No     | Far     | No     | Light     |

                                  {8.0} FAQ

Q: What's the difference between the good and evil paths?
A: Evil path is harder and shorter, the light path gives you trio runes, more
   spells, and the Boxdog/Dogbox monster.

Q: When can I choose the good and evil paths?
A: At the end of Chapter 4, give up the wand to get on the good path and keep
   it for the evil path.

Q: Do I get anything for beating the game?
A: You can start a New Game+ which keeps all your old monster levels.

                                 {9.0} Ending

Thanks for reading this FAQ. If you ever have any questions, feel free to
E-mail me, located at the top of this document. I'll probably reply, assuming
that it's not retarted and can't be found in my FAQ.

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