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                           M A R I O  K A R T  W I I

                                 Nintendo Wii
                         FAQ/Walkthrough, Version 1.0
                           Last Updated - 11/04/2008
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Hello and welcome to the Mario Kart Wii FAQ/Walkthrough. This guide will give
you the complete low down about the latest Mario Kart offering for Nintendo's
latest console, the Wii. As well as in-depth walkthroughs, short cuts and
tips for each of the new and retro tracks, unlockables, a detailed look into
the various control styles and battle mode strategies await you.

This edition of Mario Kart does not feel anything new - sure it comes with
a new control method, bikes, a trick system, and so on, but the forgettable
tracks and 16 retro ones make it feel like a 'Greatest Hits' package more than
anything. That is not to say that if you like Mario Kart you should give this
a miss - it's a blast - but do not expect it to rock your world like Mario
Kart DS did.

See you online!

- Matt (Crazyreyn)

                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

1. Version History
2. Game Overview
  2.01. Mario Kart Wii - What's New?
  2.02. Control Schemes
  2.03. Drifting and Snaking Explained
  2.04. Driving Techniques and Tips
  2.05. Items
  2.06. Characters and Karts *COMING SOON*
3. Courses
  3.01. Mushroom Cup
  3.02. Flower Cup
  3.03. Star Cup
  3.04. Special Cup
  3.05. Shell Cup
  3.06. Banana Cup
  3.07. Leaf Cup
  3.08. Lightning Cup
4. Battle Mode
5. Online
6. Unlockables and Secrets
7. Conclusion and Special Thanks

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                              1. VERSION HISTORY

| Version 1.0 - 11/04/2008 |

The second version of the FAQ, everything is complete! The guide will be
updated very frequently the more I play it, but everything is here. Enjoy.
Additions -
 - Added Characters, Karts and Bikes lists
 - Added shortcuts to Wario's Gold Mine, Daisy Circuit
 - Added Online Mode details
 - Added Battle Mode details and stage strategies
 - Updated Unlockables and Secrets (unlockables list, staff ghosts, Mii

| Version 0.7 - 10/04/2008 |

The first version of the FAQ - course walkthroughs, item strategies and
control descriptions complete. Unlockables list practically complete.
Character, kart and bike lists incomplete. Battle Mode strategies and Online
sections incomplete.

                               2. GAME OVERVIEW

This section provides you with an overview to playing the game, with tips,
kart and character data and how to use the items more efficiently.

 2.01. Mario Kart Wii - What's New?

The sixth Mario Kart (excepting the Arcade versions) on a new console can only
mean a few new additions and changes have been bought into the fore. Here is
a quick list of what is what, and note here be SPOILERS!

- 32 tracks; 16 new, 16 old, including -

    Ghost Valley 2
    Mario Circuit 3

    Bowsers Castle
    DK's Jungle Parkway
    Mario Raceway
    Sherbet Land

    Bowser's Castle 3
    Shy Guy Beach

    DK Mountain
    Mario Circuit
    Peach Beach
    Waluigi Stadium

    Delfino Square
    Desert Hills
    Peach Gardens
    Yoshi Falls

- Motorbikes
- Tricks from jumps and ramps to gain speed boosts
- Four control schemes - Wii Wheel (included), Wiimote, Wiimote & Nunchuk,
  Classic Controller and GameCube Controller support
- Automatic and Manual drifting options
- New characters - Rosalina and Mii Racer notable highlights
- Mii inclusion (as a character and track side appearances)
- Three New Items - POW Block, Big Mushroom and Thundercloud
- Boo Ghost Item removed (!?)
- Fake Item Blocks no longer block shells (still draggable)
- Online
  - First console Mario Kart to support internet play
  - Up to 12 Players
  - Two players playing online on one console
  - Dedicated Wii Channel for Time Trials and Friend Lists (optional download)
  - Battle Mode now playable online
  - All tracks playable
  - Able to drag items

 2.02. Control Schemes

Thanks to the Swiss army offerings of the Wii, there are no fewer than four
possible control schemes available for you to use. Which one do you pick?
You can change at any time in the menu screens and it'll change automatically,
however you cannot change mid-race or tournament.

Wii Wheel
Turn - Steer
Flick Up - Trick / Wheelie (Bike Only)
2 Button - Accelerate
1 Button - Brake / Reverse
B Button - Drift (Manual), Item (Auto)
A Button - Reverse look
D-Pad Up - Throw Item
D-Pad Left / Right - Hold Item
D-Pad Down - Drop item
+ Button - Pause

- This is for casual play, pure and simple.
- The Wii Wheel works, and works really well - there is no doubt about that.
  At least on Automatic Drift. The steering feels subtle and natural, and
  the buttons seem to be in all the right places. It is worth starting the
  first few cups with it just to see how it plays, you'd be surprised.
- The D-Pad presents very specific options to do with items, which is great
  as you know exactly what you want to do with them, instead of accidentally
  throwing something instead of dragging it.
- The B button is a bit spongy, and the 2 button feels too low (for my big
  hands, anyway).
- Although you can play it with the Wheel pointing down slightly resting your
  arms, they will get tired after a while.
- On Automatic, you cannot drift boost nor jump, which hinders you very 
- On Manual, the steering feels restricted as you cannot drift when you just
  turn, and attempting to snake is rather difficult.

Wiimote and Nunchuk
Analog Stick          -  Steer / Throw Items Backward or Forward
A Button              -  Accelerate
B Button              -  Drift (Manual), Item (Auto)
Z Button              -  Use Item
C Button              -  Reverse Look
Flick Wiimote Up - Trick / Wheelie (Bike Only)
+ Button - Pause
- Not as good as the proper controllers, but better than the Wheel - however
  this is probably down to personal preference.
- Everything is available, especially drifting and snaking. There is nothing
  wrong here.
- I am a fan of the freedom of your hands being apart or where they want to be
  with this set up, instead of being constrained to holding a bit of plastic
  mold as per the others.

Classic Controller
Analog Stick       - Steer / Throw Items Backward or Forward
A Button           - Accelerate
B Button           - Brake / Reverse
X /ZR Button       - Reverse Look
L Button           - Use Item
R Button           - Drift (Manual), Item (Auto)
D-Pad Up           - Trick / Wheelie (Bike Only)
START/PAUSE Button - Pause

- Unknown, but can do what the others can do and again, is down to personal

GameCube Controller
Analog Stick       - Steer / Throw Items Backward or Forward
A Button           - Accelerate
B Button           - Brake / Reverse
X /Z Button        - Reverse Look
L Button           - Use Item
R Button           - Drift (Manual), Item (Auto)
D-Pad Up           - Trick / Wheelie (Bike Only)
START/PAUSE Button - Pause

- Arguably the best option - if you have it, try and use it.
- Analog control and steering feels much more responsive than the Wheel or
  Nunchuk variants.
- Feels like you are playing with a proper controller, simply because you are.
- No sound; Z Button kinda sucks.

 2.03. Drifting and Snaking Explained

Although I'd normally put this in the below section, but considering the
changes to how these are executed, it is worth separating them. You may have
heard Nintendo has changed how this all works, and you would say that is

Automatic and Manual Drift
Before racing you have to decide between Automatic and Manual drift.
AUTOMATIC is where drift occurs when you steer at a certain degree so you
don't have to, however you cannot drift boost as a result. MANUAL is where
steering is restricted (or shall we say normal) and you have to press a button
to begin drifting. For all intents and purposes, pick MANUAL if you are playing
with anything other than the Wheel so you can decide to drift. AUTOMATIC is
ideal for the Wheel as drifting is rather difficult to manage, and is more
fun to play.

So there you have it, AUTOMATIC equals no boost, MANUAL has it enabled if you
can perform it.

On AUTOMATIC, this occurs after turning at a certain threshold. Don't have to
worry about it.

On MANUAL, you have to hold down the R Button when going round corners. You can
drift by holding down the R button when going around corners. It allows you to
take sharper corners without loss of speed, so is good for many of the games
courses. To start it, turn and press R to set the direction, and you can also
adjust the direction of the drift slightly by using the d-pad as you go anyway.

On AUTOMATIC, this is disabled.

On MANUAL, after drifting and tapping to the sides, the sparks behind the
vehicle will turn blue. This takes around from one to two seconds to perform,
and letting go gives you a boost. If you hold on for longer, another few
seconds longer, the sparks will go red and you will get a longer boost. The
boost amounts also depend on the cart you are driving.

It should also be noted that on BIKES you can only blue drift.

IS SNAKING POSSIBLE? Well, kinda. Yes, it is, but it is harder. As getting
mini-turbos takes longer than before, you cannot really snake from left to
right. On wide tracks you can, but most of the time you cannot. However as I
am a proficient semi-snaker, I can perform semi-snaking in Mario Kart Wii -
I can take a corner, exit it and do another boost before going straight proper.
I'm sure depending on the correct kart and character combination you can snake,
but for all intents and purposes, snaking is reduced, but possible.

ERM, WHAT IS SNAKING? A very advanced technique, you perform mini-turbo over
and over again in a snake like fashion. So say you are on a straight, and you
are on the left; drift to the right, and boost ahead so you're on the right.
Now drift to the left and boost so you end up on the left. Keep repeating this
to create a snake like movement down the track, giving you a huge advantage if
done correctly.

SHOULD I BOTHER PRACTISING? Yes. There is great debate since Mario Kart DS
on whether snaking is 'cheating', but personally I disagree, and consider
snaking is not as effective this time, it is worth trying. It makes single
player easier, and if you even considering to get winning in the long term
online, it is what the professionals use. Use Time Trial as a place of

 2.04. Driving Techniques and Tips

Driving Techniques

Rocket Start
  This performs a boost as the race starts, very handy for getting the
  advantage straight away. To do it, at the opening count down (3, 2, 1, GO!)
  press and hold Accelerate as the hand is at it's highest on the SECOND count.
  If done right, you'll boost away. Takes a bit of practice but once you've
  got it it's an invaluable technique.

Throwing Items
  When you are using certain items, such as shells and bananas, you can throw
  them in front or behind you by pressing up and down respectively. You can
  launch green and red shells behind you and throw Bob-Ombs, Fake Item Boxes
  and Bananas ahead of you.

Dangling Items
  You can drag items behind you by holding the item button. This enables
  you to block attacks from behind, such as those pesky red shells, and to
  time your item drops more effectively. You can drag bananas, green shells,
  red shells and Bob-Ombs (note that Fake Item Boxes can be dragged, but do
  not block against shells).

  By following the car in front on a straight you can slipstream and increase
  you speed. As they are absorbing the wind they leave a tail of less resistant
  air in their wake, which allows you to move in a slightly faster manner. You
  can tell if you are doing this as blue lines will appear on your screen, and
  if done long enough you can get a boost which will allow you to over take.
  In Mario Kart Wii, slipstreaming is a really valuable technique as the boost
  is larger this time, and considering there are more players in each race
  now, the potential to use it is greater. Very handy if you need to overtake
  others. However, watch out in case they fire a shell or drop a banana.

  A new technique to Mario Kart Wii, flicking the Wiimote or tapping Up on the
  D-Pad with the controllers as you leave a ramp performs a trick, and gives
  you a boost upon landing. Very handy. Note that you need to press this
  _just_ as you take off, and that it can be performed whenever you lift
  from the ground, such as when you bump into course specific obstacles.

  The introduction of bikes brings about the introduction of wheelies.
  Flicking the Wiimote or pressing Up on the D-Pad raises the front tire,
  giving you a boost of speed for around four seconds until it automatically
  drops again. You can perform another straight after. Note two things however;
  you can not steer (or very slightly) when you are performing them, and you
  are highly venerable to being shunted when doing this. Only do it when you
  are on a straight and with little others around you.

Turning on the spot
  You can turn on the spot by holding accelerate and brake together (A and B)
  and turning left and right. This is very handy if you are driving the wrong

Recovering after falling off the track
  If you just fell off the track and are being lifted back on, you can recover
  quicker by pressing accelerate JUST as you touch the ground again to receive
  a boost. Takes some practice, but worth it even if you are an experienced
  racer; you never know when some heavier kart is gonna knock you off the

Driving and Item Tips and Tactics

Here are some additional item and driving tips that might come in handy. Feel
free to submit any of your own!

 Coming off the track or hitting a wall slows you down to a literal crawl...
  so watch your driving!
 If you are gonna cut out some of the track, subsidize the slowdown with a
  drifting mini-boost or better yet, a mushroom.
 Placing fake item boxes or bananas by real item boxes should block them from
  view of your opponents, meaning there's a chance they could drive in to them.
  Although the CPU might spot this against people in multiplayer and online
  it'll work better, it is also good if you want to 'replace' you current
  item with another by dropping it by the item box so you'll collect those
  in front.
 If you are in first place, then it's a good idea to drag an item behind you
  (or have a draggable item with you) in case you need to defend against
  shells and what not. It's a pain to have you lead wiped away by a cheap
  item at the last minute so try and get used to doing this.
 If you are neck and neck with an opponent and coming up to item boxes,
  drop back slightly so you are a position behind them and grab an item. As
  in first place you cannot pick up red shells, doing this method could bag
  you one so you can take them out and take a substantial lead. Although this
  is incredibly annoying and cheap its a sure fire winner especially if you are
  on the final lap.
 Again like the above, if you are in a very close race then drop back a few
  positions and grab an item box. As items are based on position and not
  proximity, you could get something like Thunder, a Star or Three Red Shells.
  And who wouldn't want that, eh?
 If you are going to use a red/blue shell then wait for them to get a slight
  lead, otherwise the red shell will just fly straight past them and the
  blue shell likewise and even worse take you out in the impending explosion
  (if they are in first anyway).
 If you have several (hopefully red) shells, then you can incapacitate a
  kart ahead. Fire one to spin them out, and then fire another as you go past
  them (where they've hardly had time to recover). By the time they have
  started going again proper, you'll have speeded ahead.
 Trick all the time. Every time you get off the ground, every time you hit
  a ramp, flick up the Wiimote or tap Up on the D-Pad to get a speed boost.
  It'll help you stomp that rubberband AI, and of course, those invisible
  people on the internets tubes.

 2.05. Items

Pick up an item box in a race and you'll get an item. But do you know how to
use it properly and to it's full advantages? There are three new weapons in
Mario Kart Wii - POW Blocks, Big Mushrooms and Storm Clouds. They are shown
at the end of the list, so scroll down and take a peak if you want to know
how to use these new additions to the already bustling arsenal.

Position Received - 1st-3rd
How to use - Press L to drop this banana skin on to the track. When a
             kart slips on to it they will slide out of control for a second
             or two. It will remain on the track until someone slips on it or
             until it is destroyed (by a shell or Bo-omb). Try and place
             bananas on parts of the track where most racers will go on to them
             such as thin ledges, the insides of tracks, in front of boosters
             and item boxes. You can also use them for defending by holding
             down L to dangle it behind you, so it's probably more handy in
             that respect.
Defending Against - If you see a banana on the track, common sense tells you
                    to avoid it (well at least I hope it does) so try and
                    drive around it if you can. You can also blast them away
                    with a Bob-Omb or a shell.

Triple Banana
Position Received - 1st-3rd
How to use - This is basically the same as a single banana (see above) but
             with three. However unlike triple shells they don't spin around
             you but instead just dangle behind rather pointlessly. Use them
             to strategically place on the track and defend with if needed.
Defending Against - Again like normal bananas, avoid driving over them. If
                    you see another player with them (it's visible) then avoid
                    hanging around behind them as chances are they'll drop
                    them straight on to your lap. The CPU tends to drop them
                    about three seconds after one another, so remember this
                    if you are playing the GP modes.

Green Shell
Position Received - 1st-3rd
How to use - Press L to fire this forward in a rather linear fashion to hit
             other karts and cause them to spin out of control. Rather handy,
             but it's quite hard to hit other karts with. Better still is that
             you can fire them behind you by holding down on the d-pad.
             If they are close enough then chances are they'll have
             little chance of getting out of the way. Green shells can bounce
             off walls a few times before behind destroyed, so if you in a 
             narrow tunnel or area firing one off and escaping could do a spot
             of damage. Like bananas, you can dangle these behind by holding
             down the L button which is ideal for defending against other
             shells. Also shells can destroy bananas on the track if you need
             them disposed of, as well as boxes and enemies on the track.
Defending Against - Avoid shells hitting you as you'll spin out of control.
                    You should be able to hear them, so check behind you to
                    see so you can dodge them. Rivals too can fire
                    shells behind them so if you are slipstreaming remember

Red Shell
Position Received - 2nd-8th
How to use - Press L to fire it ahead of you, where it will home in on the 
             nearest kart and cause them to spin out. Even if you are a few
             corners away it'll follow the track and take them out. Rather
             handy, eh? Some points though; don't fire when they are too close
             as it'll just whiz by them, and the shell can hit corners so
             fire it in a reasonably open area. It can also hit bananas and
             other shells and get destroyed, but if that occurs then you're
             unlucky. Like green shells, you can fire it backwards (L+Down)
             and dangle it behind you. It WILL NOT home in if you fire it
             backward, but rather go in a straight line like a green shell
             would. I advise that you keep a red shell handy at all times for
             defense and for regaining a position if you've just been taken.
Defending Against - If one is coming your way (you can hear it or see it on the
                    bottom) then simply dangle an item behind you and it
                    should counter it. However sometimes it can hit you from
                    the side (just after a corner for example) so try and get
                    on a straight before it hits you. If you don't have an
                    item, then just try and race on and hopefully it'll hit
                    a corner of the track, but otherwise you are gonna get hit
                    and in that situation, there isn't a lot you can do about

Triple Red / Green Shells
Position Received - 2nd-8th
How to use - These are three red or green shells that rotate around you. The
             shells themselves act like normal shells respectively, but the
             rotating aspect is very handy for several reasons. For one, it
             acts as an ever acting defense against other items. You can
             use it as a weapon by just ramming other karts and make them spin
             you (you'll lose a shell in the process mind) and it's great in
             case you drive into items like bananas as they are automatically
             taken care of. It's also great as having three shells is pretty
             sweet anyway. Remember just because you have three shells doesn't
             mean you have to waste them in one go. A good tip is when you take
             someone out with a shell from a reasonable distance, as you go
             by just before fire another to incapacitate them further. Very
             annoying for them, but great for you.
Defending Against - For general shell defense see the red and green shell
                    tips above. When you notice another kart having three,
                    avoid touching them for a start or you will naturally
                    spin out. Don't try and take all their shells out with
                    shells of your own as that's pretty pointless, you may
                    as well let them fire them off so their defense is down
                    for attacking.

Spiny Blue Shell
Position Received - 4th-8th
How to use - Fire it with the L button and it'll fly off to first place and
             explode there, causing an explosion that will take out those
             in the region too. Pretty sweet. If you have one and the first
             placed kart is quite close, hold off until they are further away
             as it'll take you out too. Oh, did I mention it'll also take out
             the items they are carrying as well?
Defending Against - If one if coming your way, there is little you can do but
                    bite the bullet. Dispose of your items just before as it'll
                    destroy them. If you hear it coming and there are
                    other karts behind you, then you could try and drop back
                    and catch them in the blast radius as well, and if you
                    are really luckly, the shell could get them instead. You
                    can also avoid getting hit by using a Star, but otherwise
                    as said most of the time you'll have to get
                    hit, so don't get too annoyed if this happens a fair

Fake Item
Position Received - 1st-3rd
How to use - Press L to drop a fake item on the track. When rival karts drive
             in to it they'll spin out. Essentially a banana with better
             camoflauge. Sadly, you can no longer use them to block shells
             (but can still dangle them. I advise that you pop this
             by real item boxes to confuse other players, as well as in
             front of boosters and on areas of the track that are thin / where
             most karts race over.
Defending Against - You can spot a fake item box via several ways. Firstly,
                    the ? is upside down and the box doesn't rotate. Other
                    players, especially the CPU will just place them anywhere
                    on the track, so if you see a box on its own away from
                    normal item box placements then chances are it'll be a fake

Position Received - 2nd-8th
How to use - Press L to boost your karts speed for a second or two. This is
             really handy for gaining a few places, and most of all for
             skipping sections of the track like corners or tacking advantage
             or certain shortcuts better. Just remember that you can't really
             stop once you've used the boost (say if suddenly realised you
             were going to go into a banana or off a cliff) so keep an eye out
             of where you are going to boost into.
Defending Against - Not a lot you can do here. Just avoid knocking into them
                    if you see them coming.

Triple Mushroom
Position Received - 2nd-8th
How to use - This is the same as a normal Mushroom, expect you have three.
             Predictable, eh? Remember to use them to cut corners of the 
             track and to take full advantages of shortcuts. I would say
             a very important point is to make them last; on certain tracks
             there is a great shortcut you can take but only when using a
             mushroom, so it makes far more sense to save a mushroom for this
             every lap than to use them on one.
Defending Against - Once again you can't really defend or stop other karts from
                    using mushrooms.

Gold Mushroom
Position Received - 6th-12th
How to use - Tap the L button while the Gold Mushroom is active to gain
             several boosts - so it's basically like an extended mushroom.
             It's based off time and not the amount of boosts you create, so
             once you've started using it use it to it's full advantage.
             Like normal mushrooms use them on corners and shortcuts, and not
             on thin ledges so you boost into a bottomless pit. Unless you
             want to.
Defending Against - Again, you can't really defend or stop other karts from
                    using gold mushrooms.

Position Received - 4rd-8th
How to use - Press L to drop it behind you, L+Up to throw it ahead and hold L
             to dangle it behind you. A Bob-Omb explodes when other karts are
             near by, or it'll detonate after about five seconds. When it does
             it creates a huge explosion worthy of taking out several karts
             at a time. Where you place it is up to you - if there are loads of
             karts ahead then throw it ahead, otherwise just drop it behind.
             Another handy side effect is that it'll destroy the items of those
             involved in the explosion.
Defending Against - If you see a bomb, drive around it as much as you can.
                    It detonates after it flashes red several times, but
                    drive around it anyway even if it isn't going to go off

Bullet Bill
Position Received - 6th-12th
How to use - Press L to become a Bullet Bill and fly along the track for about
             five to ten seconds on autopilot, taking out karts in the way. It
             also destroys their items, a great side effect.
Defending Against - If you hear or see a Bullet Bill coming
                    behind, drive out of the way as it seriously knocks you
                    to the side, possibly off the track. It'll also destroy
                    any items you are holding, so its worth diverting for a
                    few seconds to avoid getting hit.

Position Received - 3rd-8th
How to use - Press L to make Blooper spray ink on those in front of you. It
             will partially blind their vision for about 10-15 seconds, or
             until they go over a booster. Most CPU carts drive like crazy
             once they get hit by this, so it's very handy in the Grand Prix.
             Try not to use it when your opponents are due to go other
             boosters, so time it to it's most effective timing.
Defending Against - If you get hit, then you should be able to drive fairly
                    OK for a while but when it drops down a little and really
                    clouds you vision. Try and drive over any boosters
                    or use a mushroom if you can as that'll get rid of the ink
                    instantly. Also mini-boosts will help a *little* but not
                    much so if you don't mini-boost much anyway then continue
                    racing as normal.

Position Received - 6th-12th
How to use - Press L to make all other karts shrink in size, causing them to
             slow down. Unlike other Mario Kart games you can't run over
             the shrinked karts and make them flat, so just drive past them
             instead. Shrinked karts won't make big jumps, even boost ones,
             so if you can time it around them that's an advantage to you.
Defending Against - If you get shrunk, then avoid jumps, even boost ones, as
                    you won't make it. Instead just wait around before them
                    until you regain your size. Remember that you can still
                    perform mini-boosts when you're small which is a great
                    advantage in the GP modes, as CPU players won't do this
                    when shrunk. You can prevent being shrunk by using a
                    star or if you happen to fall off the track at
                    that time.

Position Received - 6th-12th
How to use - Press L to use the star, making you invincible, giving you
             extra speed and removing terrain slowdown. So when you have it,
             run in to other karts and through any obstacles in your way and
             take advantage of shortcuts and cutting corners as you won't
             slowdown. A star lasts about eight seconds.
Defending Against - If you see someone using a star then they'll be brightly
                    multi-coloured, and like when you see a bullet bill
                    getting hit by one will throw you to side and destroy your
                    item, so dive out of the way as best as you can. You
                    cannot use shells or other items against them in this
                    state, so just wait until it's over and let 'er rip.

Thundercloud (NEW!)

Position Received - 4rd-8th
How to use - Using this causes a thundercloud to appear above the next
             racer, giving them a countdown before they are struck, spin out
             and shrink. If they touch another racer, it passes on. You should
             note this if you pass them, as you do not want to get it back!
Defending Against - If this appears over you, run into another racer to try
                    and pass it on. You have around five to seven seconds to
                    do so. If you are around a bunch of others just drive into
                    them and hope for the best, or slow down so people come
                    past and hopefully brush you. If you have an item, use it
                    and hopefully that'll stop them so you can hit 'em.

POW Block (NEW!)

Position Received - 4rd-8th
How to use - All the vehicles ahead will get a warning that they will be
             spun out, dropping all their items. Extremely useful for covering
             a little ground, and further more losing their items.
Defending Against - There is little you can do when this appears - just
                    shed your items the best way you can, or ideally, get on
                    a rocket boost or use an invincibility item. If you are off
                    the ground (NOT JUMPING) such as from a ramp, then you
                    will avoid this item (thanks acelee).

Big Mushroom (NEW!)

Position Received - 4th-8th
How to use - Activate the item to grow big, meaning you go faster and can crush
             other racers. To use this at it's best, wait until the track
             opens up, or when there is a huddle of others ahead of you.
Defending Against - If you (somehow) spot this, get out of the way. Using
                    items against them do not work, so wait until they return
                    to normal and feel free to extract your revenge.

 2.06. Characters, Karts and Bikes

This section will give you the lowdown on all the characters in the game,
as well as the karts and bikes they have to offer, and how to unlock them.
If you want a more coherent list of unlockables, check the relevant section
toward the end of the guide.


There are three character classes - LIGHT, MEDIUM and HEAVY.

LIGHT - High Acceleration, High Off-Road, Low Top Speed.
MEDIUM - Medium Acceleration, Medium Top Speed, Medium Off-Road.
HEAVY - High Top Speed, Low Acceleration, Low Off-Road.

Whatever class you choose depends on your playing style, but I advise MEDIUM
to begin with, especially when using the Wheel. Also note two things -

- Characters within the weight class are the SAME as one another.
- The only differences between characters are the KARTS or BIKES that they
  choose within that class.

                   Baby Peach
                   Baby Luigi (8 Courses Timed)
                   Baby Daisy (50CC New all 1 Star)
                   Toadette (32 TT Courses)
                   Dry Bones (100CC Leaf Cup

                    Daisy (150CC Special Cup)
                    Birdo (16 Courses Timed)
                    Bowser Jr. (100CC Retro 1 Star)
                    Diddy Kong (50CC Lightning Cup)

                   Donkey Kong
                   Funky Kong (4 Courses Timed)
                   King Boo (50CC Star Cup)
                   Rosalina (100CC Shell Cup)
                   Dry Bowser (150CC all 1 Star)

ANY - Mii Racer (weight dependant) (100CC Special Cup)


A new addition to Mario Kart Wii, these steer and act like karts in pretty
much every way. They get the advantage of wheelies, by flicking up or press
Up on the D-Pad, giving you a speed boost. However as a result, when
drift boosting you can only do blue sparks, and not the subsequent red
sparks. You HAVE to race these in 100CC class, giving you a chance at trying
them out.

Vehicle Characteristics

All three class types have three vehicles to choose from the off, as well as
one to unlock. They share karts and no character has specific vehicles them
alone can use.

Speed - This dictates how fast the top speed is. The higher the Speed stat, the
        faster your kart can go overall. However usually high speed karts are
        dogged by low acceleration. For more experienced players.

Weight - This impacts on jumps and nudging other players. Heavy karts can
         smash through lighter karts, sometimes off the track, and they also
         fly less after jumps. This is usually tied in with low handling stats.

Acceleration - The higher the acceleration, the faster you can recover back to
               higher speeds have stopping or slowing down. Very handy for
               beginners, and generally great overall.

Handling - This higher the handling the easier it is the turn, very handy
           for this tight corners. Lighter karts usually have this stat.

Drift - A high drift stat usually means that drift mini-boosts are easier to
        attain, and that the effect of the boost is longer lasting.

Off-Road - The highest this is, the less of an effect grass, dirt and other
           non track surfaces slow your kart down. It will always slow down
           your kart, but can be minimised by using this stat.

Mini-Turbo - Ignore this if you are on Automatic, otherwise the higher the
             stat the longer and more powerful the mini-turbo will be. As you
             cannot Snake proper in this game this does not have much of an
             impact, but that is also course dependant.

Kart List

LIGHT KARTS - Standard Kart S
              Baby Booster
              Rally Romper (1 TT Course)
              Blue Falcon (150CC Mirror Lightning Cup)
              Cheep Charger (50CC all 1 Star)

MEDIUM KARTS - Standard Kart M
               Nostalgia 1
               Wild Wing
               Turbo Blooper (50CC Leaf Cup)
               Royal Racer (150CC Leaf Cup)

HEAVY KARTS - Standard Kart L
              Flame Flyer
              Piranha Prowler (50CC Special Cup)
              Dragonetti (150CC Lightning Cup)

Bike List

LIGHT BIKES - Standard Bike S
              Bullet Bike
              Nano Bike
              Quacker (150CC Star Cup)
              Torpedo (12 TT Courses)
              Magikruiser (8 TT Courses)

MEDIUM BIKES - Standard Bike M
               Mach Bike
               Bon Bon
               Rapide (100CC Lightning Cup)
               Dolphin Dasher (150CC Mirror Special Cup)
               Nitrocycle (100CC All 1 Star)

HEAVY BIKES - Standard Bike L
              Bowser Bike
              Wario Bike
              Twinkle Star (100CC Star Cup)
              Phantom (150CC Special Cup)
              Torpedo (12 TT Courses)

                                 3. COURSES

 3.01. Mushroom Cup

Luigi Circuit

Walkthrough - After the first easy right corner and a small straight, the
              track shifts left and then is followed by two long right turns
              after another, which you can drift across both and get a
              maximum boost from. After another straight and left turn is a
              wide right with booster pads; drift across these so when you
              exit before the start finish you have a boost ready. Pretty
              simple, the width of the track gives you a lot to play with here.
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - After the two rights half way round the track, veer off the
             following straight for a ramp and item boxes on the left.
           - Sometimes the Luigi statue head will be replaced by a Mii!

Moo Moo Meadows

Walkthrough - A long left with item boxes opens up to a meandering area of
              track; follow the middle as much as possible, and if you have
              any items that can boost you or void the off track slowdown,
              use it here. After is a ramp you can trick from, and a left
              leads to an open area with hills in the middle. Use the opening
              ramp to trick and avoid the first hill, make anyway round the
              others, and take the final driftable left to finish.
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - On the second lap cows invade the meandering area of the track,
             so watch out!
           - As mentioned, if you have mushrooms or a star save them for the
             meandering section and just zip straight across it.

Mushroom Gorge

Walkthrough - Tightly drift left then right across the bridge, and over the
              bouncy mushroom. Now you have a choice of left and right;
              left takes waaay too long and has nothing really special to
              add, while the right has bouncy mushrooms that cut out that
              corner entirely. You can probably fit in two drift boosts into
              the left corner into the cavern, where there is another two
              routes. Again, go right - it is shorter and you can still pick
              up an item box. Finally there is a wide left, with
              Goombas to avoid just on the inside of the track.
Shortcuts - Just as you start the lap, if you use a mushroom between the
            green and blue flowers on the left you'll land on a lower
            bouncy mushroom, then a higher one, and on the bridge, cutting
            out the opening section.
Other Tips - You can knock other characters away in midair when bouncing
             across mushrooms - providing that you are heavier, of course.

Toad's Factory

Walkthrough - Starting with a wide right, you are taken to a conveyor belt
              straight. The central belt is going in the forward direction
              so take it across, although dodge the crushers if they start
              to tremble. Drift right and stay in the middle to avoid falling
              from the edge of the moving platforms, and just go straight
              throw the crossing belts, avoiding the crates and aiming to
              get an item box as you go. Drift right into a left corner with
              two opposing belts; take the one going onward to give you more
              speed and off the ramp jump at the end to outside. After
              the bumps is the final muddy straight. There are boosts to the
              sides, then middle and a ramp. Certain laps have these out,
              otherwise go up the sides until they appear again. After the
              final ramp boost you are done.
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - Always take the belts that are going in your direction.
           - If you have mushrooms or a star, save it until the final
             muddy straight so you can just go straight through without
             worrying about the booster pads being open or not.
           - A Mii will sometimes appear above the horizontal belts halfway
             through the track.

 3.02. Flower Cup

Mario Circuit

Walkthrough - After a couple of easy right and driftable turns is
              a corner section with a Chain Chomp. How you take this section
              depends on his position; take the left corner proper and stick
              to the outside to avoid his bite if he is on the right area
              of grass, otherwise you can go across the grass and use the
              boost ramp. After the tunnel, drift left, grab a few item
              boxes and avoid the Goombas in the middle of the track until the
Shortcuts - At the Chain Chomp corner, if you have a mushroom boost 
            across the grass to the boost ramp to skip the corner out and
            shave off a few seconds.
Other Tips - None.

Coconut Mall

Walkthrough - As you enter the mall two escalators greet you - choose the
              one going up each time - and ignore the stairs down in the
              centre, go right close to the corner and jump off the top with
              a free boost. Head through the plaza, drift right round the
              corner to an open area. Slip right and use the boost to the
              end stairs and drift up them, where the path splits. Going up
              and left gets you some item boxes and a big jump for tricks,
              otherwise left is slightly quicker and can still get you an
              item box and a boost. Use the left ramp for a trick, right onto
              a straight with cars; don't ignore the boosts but only use
              them if you are sure you won't hit a car - where ever the car
              is drive on the very opposite.
Shortcuts - After the first escalators, stay on the same level and go
            right to the corner, where you can cut into a shop. The carpet
            slows you right down, so use an item, and it will take out above
            the plaza area and out after the second set of escalators.
Other Tips - Miis are shown on the posters and adverts throughout the course!
           - The cars that block you before the final corner are driven
             by Miis.

DK's Snowboard Cross

Walkthrough - Drift right and take the booster rocket to the top of the
              track. Drift left and use the booster ramp to get some speed
              and a trick. Go right and left to navigate the snow, and at the
              bumpy area, stay in the centre to use two trickable booster
              ramps one after another. Drift on the inside on the next right
              and left turns (don't fall!) to reach a snowy half pipe. This
              is kinda tough; use the boosters and go left up the side,
              then down across right to the opposite side and up and down again
              to the final corner (with the aim to miss the snow in between
              these sections). You do not have to go _off_ the track,
              although if you do make sure you perform a trick to get a boost.
              Drift tight to the start finish after the second jump.
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - The snowboarder statue head can randomly be one of your Miis!

Wario's Gold Mine

Walkthrough - Drift the right and left into the dip to use booster pads to 
              get up the hill. Turn left and just drift right round ignoring
              the quarter trick pipe and go onward into the cavern. Bats will
              fly out in a line in certain parts of the track, so spot their
              locations from a distance, drift right and use the booster ramp.
              This S bend is hard to drift on due to the mine cart track that
              travels across the insides of the track, but is possible as
              long as there are no carts in the way. After another tunnel
              is an easy right to the finish.
Shortcuts - After you come to the mine carts, they trail off to the left when
            the track goes straight on; follow them to drive off the track
            to a side tunnel, with boosters taking you to the final corner.
Other Tips - The mine carts toward the end of the track have item boxes
             trailing them, so cut across them as they travel to pick up a

 3.03. Star Cup

Daisy Circuit

Walkthrough - After a straight and some item boxes will come an essentially
              right bend that jaggles left and right. You can drift it
              easily, and if you hit a traffic cone then it'll just bounce
              away from you. Next up are two roundabouts - take the right
              each time and stick to the insides to cover less track. Drift
              right in the tunnel as it meanders out left, drift around the
              tight yet long right turn and finally the easy left to the
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - You can get on the inside of the final corner by going on the
             ramped section before it and drifting tight left to avoid
             falling from it. Worth practicing.
           - Traffic cones don't really slow you down that much, and bounce
             away from you with cool effect.
           - Miis spectate from certain parts of the course.
           - The roundabout statue randomally is replaced by a Mii.

Koopa Cape

Walkthrough - Semi-snake the first area and use the boost ramp to the wide
              corner. Stick left and trick from the ramp, then on the
              inside here to the next ramp and trick again. As you land
              drift left straight away onto the river. Go straight ahead
              and use the ramp to trick and boost across the corner, then
              go left and use the left ramp to trick again. Go right then 
              left and down into the tunnel. This is very linear, and half
              way through stick to the watery middle to get a boost across
              to the end. Do not touch the electrodes otherwise you'll shrink!
              Ramp boost out and take the final corner reasonably wide, as
              touching the watery inside will slide you off. 
Shortcuts - After you take a left sharp turn in the river area, there is a
            grassy area right that you can cut across. Use a mushroom or star
            to make the most of it.
Other Tips - Avoid the electrodes in the tunnel at all costs, as shrinking
             is not fun!
           - The Koopa on the wall after the first ramp is sometimes replaced
             by a Mii.

Maple Treeway

Walkthrough - A gentle S-bend section takes you to a rocket boost across the
              level. Drift right, out of the tunnel and left to an open
              area with two Wrigglers to avoid. They (mostly) stick to the
              outside, but try and gauge where they will go quickly and
              head across. What follows is a tight right and a thin path
              with booster pads on the left and right sides (take the left)
              and a hairpin turn. Due to the boosters before it, it is hard
              to take it tight so either drift as soon as you launch from
              them and cut as much out as possible, or take advantage of the
              trick quarter pipe. Bomb down the straight and a bridge to
              a ramp, and a soft left into a bouncing net. As you are bounced
              up you can do tricks for sneaky boosts. Head across the
              bumpy roots to the start finish.
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - There are piles of leaves throughout, which sometimes contain
             a mushroom. Drive into them on your way and try your luck!
           - The bouncy net at the end can be tricked from, if you time it

Grumble Volcano

Walkthrough - Off the ramp is a slight meandering section (which is effectively
              a straight) which takes you to a driftable right turn. Across
              the side moving platform into a cavern with a higher and lower
              section; take the (left) higher one and as you exit, go
              straight on over the platforms and up the right route for a
              booster ramp. Stay on the left for another booster ramp, and
              the path will split into two. Go left and round for a booster
              ramp and the finishing line.
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - There are ramps and booster jumps everywhere in this course -
             hold Up on every occasion to trick and make use of them!
           - The more laps you play, the more the stage falls apart. You can
             see the cracks before it happens, so stick to the main part of the
           - More flames are added in the second part of the course in
             the Grand Prix, so just be careful as you go.

 3.04. Special Cup

Dry Dry Ruins

Walkthrough - A long and wide right driftable turn takes you down to a bridge
              with broken off edges - stick to the middle and stick to the
              middle of the following S-bend. After is a straight before
              the tunnel with collapsed pillars either side for trick jumps.
              As you enter the temple, drive through the bats (if you hit
              them there is little penalty) and either use the quarter trick
              pipe to boost, or just drive across the small section of sand.
              After two right turns is an open area with a pit of sand in the
              centre; you can drive across this in the first lap, but you
              must go round it in the following ones. After another bat
              crossing are two booster ramps after another, a quick left
              and easy right will take you to the finish.
Shortcuts - In the final corner after the two ramps, if you have an item
            you can boost straight onward past it to the start finish line.
Other Tips - Sand fills parts of the course increasingly as laps go on,
             so stay to the main parts and watch as you drive.
           - Pillars collapsed outside can give you a jump for tricks; this 
             is especially handy in the middle S-bend which can be driven
             straight across of as a result.
           - The bats in the start and exit of the temple hardly slow you down
             if hit, so go bat **** crazy.

Moonview Highway

Walkthrough - Drift right and stay on the left as the track meanders out to
              an opening cliff, and drift along the left side onto the bridge.
              After the track shifts slightly afterward, there is a toll
              and the road expands to two lanes each side with boosters.
              Stick to the central two lanes, hopping between the boosters
              that populate them, then as the tunnel arrives use the right
              booster as you enter and cut across at the corner to the left
              side and exit to another toll booth and the start finish.
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - Everyone drives on the left, like in the UK / Australia, so
             stay on that side pretty much at all times.
           - Hitting the Bob-Omb cart causes it to explode and take out
             any other characters and items around you.
           - Miis operate the toll booths.

Bowser's Castle

Walkthrough - Trick from the opening booster jump into the wobbly hallway,
              which you can trick from as it bounces you up. Down the steps
              and drift left and right down the passage, avoiding the
              Thwomps. At the central section with the giant fireball spitting
              Bowser, you need to use your half pipe skills to get across the
              muddy central parts by tricking up and down left, across to the
              right and onward. The path splits into two, but they are both
              equally the same with a booster ramp. Take the following
              right corner wide to avoid the fire that spits in the
              grated inside area, which is followed by a few corners with
              Thwomps. On the set of three Thwomps, the outer two drop 
              together. Trick the booster ramp and drift left to the final
              straight, populated with spirts of fire - you can drive close to
              them, just not _over_ them.
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - You can perform tricks on the wobbly corridor as you lift from
             the ground.

Rainbow Road

Walkthrough - Head straight down and go right then left to hit the boosters,
              and off the ramp. Drift the left turn to more boosters, and
              another barrier-less left. Head straight up this wobbly section
              where you can do tricks as you lift off the ground, followed by
              a ramp. This mini figure of eight section is tough to drift
              and can be easily fallen off from, so take it easy, and is
              followed by some tight turns and a rainbow jump. Right drift
              into a rainbow passage to come out at an immediate split -
              the right is far easier but slightly longer, whereas the
              left and lower route is thin and has no barriers (do not take
              it if you are using the Wii Wheel!). The final left corner
              has boosters, especially on the very inside which will shave
              off some time.
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - You can trick at the wobbly section of track halfway through.

 3.05. Shell Cup

GCN Peach Beach

Walkthrough - Drift around the first corner, and you will come across a beach
              area. There is a tide here that changes every lap. The best
              advice is to either avoid the water totally and stay on the dry
              sand or go through the water, but only around the white edge
              where the water isn't that deep enough to slow you down. There
              are also Cataquacks here, which you must avoid otherwise they
              will flip you up into the air. Go through the rock formations
              after, where there is some more beach (with more Cataquacks to
              avoid), drift around the corner to the path and onward to the
              start/finish line.
Shortcuts - When you go to the beach area after the first corner, you can go
            left instead of onward. That way there is are item boxes and
            a ramp which does cut your time down. The tide before it differs
            according to the lap.
Other Tips - There is a side area to the left before the start finish
             line with item boxes, but serves no other purpose.
           - The random pipe that was on the first corner from the original
             has now been removed.

DS Yoshi Falls

Walkthrough - At first you are presented with two lanes; the left over a 
              bridge, the right over water. Go left to use the boosters, only
              using the right if you have an item to help you across, and
              stay left over the ramp to get a trick between the boosters.
              The final bend has boosters on the outside, but drift along it
              as well to get a bonus drift as well.
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - Stick to the inside of the turn - ie the water in most cases
             to cover less ground so get slightly further ahead. However only
             do so if you can boost or mushroom to get over easy enough.

SNES Ghost Valley 2

Walkthrough - Drift around the first wide U-Bend and drive left round the
              corner. Stick to the left to go around the barrier and go right,
              and then right left right quickly making sure you exit wide on
              the right to avoid the gaps in the track. Finish off by drifting
              the final corner to the checkpoint.
Shortcuts - After the first few corners there is a small straight and a corner
            that turns left then right around. There is a gap in the barrier
            here with a little bump, which you can trick across (just drift
            and turn heavily right to avoid going off the other side).
Other Tips - Hitting the edge blocks causes them to disappear.

N64 Mario Raceway

Course Distance - 567M
Walkthrough - Drift right twice and watch out for the two sharp lefts, other
              wise you'll fly out on to the grass. Following this is a U turn
              right which can be drifted if you are very early, otherwise
              slowdown and turn normally. After is a quick left and right to
              a straight, a tricky right right left to a straight through a
              pipe, leaving the final right turn and the checkpoint.
Shortcuts - Mushroom left straight after the U bend to cut out a small section
            of track and use a ramp with an item box.
          - On the straight soon after the U bend, you can turn right early
            before the actual turn and use a mushroom to cut out the two
            right turns to the left before the pipe tunnel.
Other Tips - Random trivia; Mario Kart 64 claims this track is 567M in length.

 3.06. Banana Cup

N64 Sherbet Land

Walkthrough - Turn right and drift left. Go onward and drive around the crack
              to avoid falling in to the drink. Go right, where there is 
              a rock ahead - go right to get some item boxes and a boost
              ramp. Head on to the tunnel, avoiding the penguins, and
              stick constantly to the left wall to avoid the penguins
              around the various columns. You may hit one on the second
              column, but you can evade to the left just about. As you exit,
              there are item boxes on the left side if you want them,
              otherwise go straight on to the corner, round then to the
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - Touching a penguin causes you to spin out.
           - You can jump the cracks at the corners if you time it right,
             but I wouldn't do it unless you are in time trial as it's tough
             to pull off.
           - The mother of the penguins is located on an island on the left
             of the checkpoint.
           - Random trivia; Mario Kart 64 claims this track is 756M in length.

GBA Shy Guy Beach

Walkthrough - Drive onward, drift left at the far island and past a vegetated
              area. Drive over the bump and round the islands, navigating round
              the crabs that litter them. Head over the small islands, sticking
              in the middle to avoid the cannon fire either side and drift
              round the corner. Now head down the left side of the vegetation
              and through the shallow waters straight to the checkpoint.
Shortcuts - After the first vegetated patch, there is an island off to the left
            that you can use to cut out the corner, providing you have a boost
            item that is.
          - You can cut left at the final vegetated area, even without an
            item, although you haven't got much room to play with there.
Other Tips - Stick to the light, shallow waters.
           - The pirate ship in the distance fires cannon balls on to the
             course, which explode with a wide radius. Stay away!

DS Delfino Square

Walkthrough - Head up the hill to the statue, where you have to go clockwise
              around it (drift close to the inside) to where you have to go
              down a street. Drift to the left and grab an Item Box, then a
              right down a backstreet to where the path splits in to two. One
              is a tame turn down the left, the other is steps that head
              straight on. The faster route is straight on. Either path
              takes you to a group of item boxes and out to a bridge. Head left
              to the side market, where you will see some boxes to the side.
              Just behind this is a small back street shortcut that is well
              worth taking without a mushroom or otherwise despite the mud
              being there. On the out, take a right and over a booster
              suspension bridge, drift round the short right, onward, then
              round the right angle to the check point.
Shortcuts - Before the stone bridge you can drive left toward the river and
            use a mushroom to fly across to the pier, and drive up, cutting
            out that entire corner. 
          - After the first stone bridge, there are a few boxes on the left.
            There is a small backstreet shortcut behind these that requires
            a sharp turn in to. Despite it being full of mud its much faster
            than the other route, mushroom or otherwise. It'll take you out
            to the booster bridge on the right after. By the way if you use
            a mushroom through this then take a sharp right or you'll end up
            in the drink!
          - You can use a mushroom through the grass after the suspension
Other Tips - Try placing bananas and other items after the suspension bridge,
             so they land straight in to them. Ha ha.

GCN Waluigi Stadium

Walkthrough - Most of the corners of this course can be drifted around, so do
              so. When going over the ramps through the rings of fire, aim for
              the middle to get the item box (and to avoid getting burnt).
              About halfway through the course (the long straight on the left
              side of the map) are rotating lines of fire, and pipes. The
              lines are easy enough to avoid, but always go to the right of
              the pipes as Piranha plants appear from them. The only other
              thing worth noting is that the S bend toward the end of the
              track can be shorted a little with a mushroom.
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - There are a lot of ramps you can trick from.

 3.07. Leaf Cup

DS Desert Hills

Walkthrough - Drift close to the inside of this long right bend, and the left
              and right turns after. Here you'll meet your first pokey which
              can he easily avoided. Over the hill is a straight with Pokeys
              and a few sets of Item Boxes. There is a long turn after this
              with a few sharp bends that should be drifted; there are item
              boxes on the outside of these turns, so if you don't mind
              sacrificing a few seconds of your time for these then go for it.
              After these is the check point straight. On the second and third
              laps fireballs with start to appear, on the second lap one to
              the right of the pyramid and in the twisty end section, and on
              the third just after the check point and at the twisty end
              section. To avoid them, go to where they have come from (you can
              tell by their firetrail that comes from behind them).
Shortcuts - After the first bend, there is a pyramid to your left. Use a
            mushroom down the dirt path to the left of this to shave a few
            seconds off your time.
          - On the last corner, you can use a mushroom just before to get over
            the large area of dirt on its right.
Other Tips - Due to the wide nature of the course you can easily snake and
             drift a-plenty throughout.

GBA Bowser Castle 3

Walkthrough - Drift round the first two let corners, and wide right to avoid
              the Thwomps. Over the grates, turn right, left and left again
              to the bumpy ramp area. Stick to the left and perform tricks
              constantly. Wide drift the left U-Bend, use the ramp between
              the Thwomps and right down the grate straight. Go right slightly
              and go straight down the middle of the jagged area, drift around
              left and head straight down the middle to the very end.
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - Certain areas of lava are now just red rocks that slow you down;
             if you have special items, use them to skip some of the corners.
           - At the bumpy ramp area, perform lots of tricks to gain time.

N64 DK's Jungle Parkway

Walkthrough - Turn right, onward a short distance then drift right up the
              spiral to the jump across the river. When you land correct
              yourself and continue. The next few corners are sharp - turn
              right, left, left, try and drift the right U bend by the river,
              left and down to the bridge. Make  sure you are central when you
              try and board the bridge or you'll knock yourself back. After
              the bridge is a cave, so turn right and round to the checkpoint.
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - Plant item boxes on the bridge before the cave, or better yet
             just before it, as your opponents will have a tough time getting
             past them.
           - If you have a mushroom, use it in the cave at the end to get up
             the bank.
           - Random trivia; Mario Kart 64 claims this track is 893M in length.

GCN Mario Circuit

Walkthrough - Drift round the first two corners (especially the sharp second
              corner) and stick to the right of the road after to avoid the 
              Chain Chomp that will appear from the left. After the tunnel,
              avoid the sides of the road due to the Piranha Plants, and drift
              around the hairpin and the corner going right afterward. At this
              bumpy area, avoid touching the Goombas or you will spin out. Go
              onward to the start/finish line.
Shortcuts - After the first two corners, the road goes right round the green
            area on the left (where the Chain Chomp is). Well you can cut
            across the green area with a mushroom (you may have to drive a
            little onto the grass then use it to get across all of it).
Other Tips - You can trick off the bumps on the second to land corner area.

 3.08. Lightning Cup

SNES Mario Circuit 3

Walkthrough - Drift right, drive around the two left corners and drift right
              on the exit to a tight right surrounded by pipes and a straight.
              This ends in a really tight hairpin so stick to the right and
              drift close to the corner and wide again (but make sure you don't
              hit the pipes as you exit the corner). You can drift the next
              wide bend around to the S-bend which has to be taken with care,
              finishing with the final driftable corner. Try and end up on the
              right side to make use of the booster.
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - There are a few oil slicks around, which can be leapt.

DS Peach Gardens

Walkthrough - Head onward onto the island and exit on the first left. Head
              onward and go clockwise round the flower bed, and up the ramp
              and clockwise around the square flower bed here and down to the
              hedge maze ahead. Here you must navigate through the blocks
              to the far end whilst dodging chain chomps. The other side has
              an incline, drift right round another flower bed to another
              decline to a hedge section. Here are just three cone shaped
              hedges to drive through; head round the first and then cut into
              the middle and to a winding track. There are moles that come
              out of the holes, so avoid these on to a path at the other end.
              There is one last right corner here which is easily driftable
              to the check point.
Shortcuts - Using mushrooms you can boost through the flowerbeds throughout
            the track.
          - The first square flowerbed you come across has a small path to
            the right of it, which shaves a second or two off your time.
          - For the winding section towards the end, mushrooms can cut out
            the corners.
Other Tips - Shells and other items can take out the moles that are on the
             dirt track at the end.
           - There are ramps either side of the winding end section, which are
             ideal if you have an item to use them.
           - The Chain Chomps in the maze have item boxes following them.

GCN DK Mountain

Walkthrough - The first uphill section can be driven straight up, so you don't
              have to follow the track properly. The mild corner after can be
              drifted, then you fly across the course to the mountain at the
              end when you enter through the giant barrel. At the rocky area
              afterward you don't have to follow the track, but using tricks
              at the ramps is advised. At the greenery area, boulders will
              appear but can be easily missed, with the remaining corners
              very sharp - either drift early or not at all. Continue to the 
              the bridge and the start/finish line.
Shortcut - At the first very sharp corner at the end of the track, you can
           cut right after over the gap to the final corner. However it is
           very tricky to do so, and requires either a well timed boost or
           the aid of an item.
         - The crack that takes up the right side toward the end of the
           green area is missing from this version.

N64 Bowser's Castle

Walkthrough - Probably the greatest MK course, ever? Drive into the castle
              and round the right, drive on then drift early and left. Drift
              right and stay on the right side of the carpet, ready to
              dodge the Thwomps that come from behind and to drift around
              right at the end. Turn right, dodge the moving Twomps and turn
              left - don't drift as you might fall on the bridge just after.
              Go down the steps and into the courtyard below, ready the drift
              round the tight U bend left. Turn right at the end but stay
              central so you don't fall off the bridge on the way round, up
              the spiral road on to the roof, straight on dropping down and
              sticking to the left, round the final right corner to the
Shortcuts - None.
Other Tips - If you have a mushroom, you can cut out the first right corner
             (over the grass when you enter the castle).
           - Random trivia; Mario Kart 64 claims this track is 777M in length.

                               4. BATTLE MODE

Now available to play with the computer, with friends and online, the Battle
Mode is back and better than ever! There are two modes -

Balloon Battle - Your staple Battle Mode, where balloons represent your
                 lives. Use items to take away other racer's balloons, and
                 don't hit any obstacles to take away your own!
Coin Runners - Replacing Shine Runners from previously, you or your team has
               to collect as many coins as possible before the time runs out.
               Items help you distract other racers, so watch out where they 
               are and snipe them before they get what is yours!

Wii Stages

Block Plaza - A very simple track with four platforms to the north, south, east
              and west that are connected to the ground via ramps and to
              one another via bridges. Item boxes populate between the 
              platforms on the ground and on top of them. Hide round corners
              or wait on top of platforms and drop down to surprise others!
Delfino Pier - A rather interesting stage that changes over time. At first
               you just have a wide red roof with a booster ramp at the peak
               and a path around the outside. Around a minute in a bridge
               will drop to the side to another roof, and gates will open
               on the path to inside that building with item boxes galore.
               Soon after the water level will also rise, constraining you to
               the roof, but lowers again shortly after. Watch the water
               levels and don't touch the dark water otherwise you'll die!
Funky Stadium - After bombing down a ramp and entering the stadium, there are
                high ramps all over the place to get item boxes, and to evade
                shells and other items. You can run up the sides (but not
                back to the opening ramps) if you need to hide.
Chain Chomp Roulette - You are projected onto a giant roulette wheel with a
                       chomp that rolls around. Use the central ramp and 
                       ones on the outside for item boxes, but there is
                       little strategy here - just drive around and go nuts!
Thwomp Desert - Another random stage, just a circle that goes into a quick sand
                pit with a Thwomp above it. Don't go in the middle. Now and
                again the Thowmp will drop and cause the stage to ripple.
                There are Thomps stuck in the sand that you can drive into
                and trick from, and watch out for the cacti at the edges that
                will pop a balloon or two!

Retro Stages

SNES Battle Course 4 - A very simple court where each corner is divided up
                       into linear segments, with a sand box in the middle.
                       I personally find that you can drift through a corner
                       segment, out to the centre, and back in again,
                       giving you a decent speed and collecting item boxes
                       as you go.
GBA Battle Course 3 - Another simple court, with a lot of space to work with
                      and little dividers. Again, drifting around a corner
                      segment at speed and picking off people with the items
                      collected is a nice tactic I adopt.
N64 Skyscraper - A ring with a centre area, with holes you can fall down
                 between them. There are no item boxes in the centre, so just
                 drive round the ring, collect a few items and head in and
                 take some names, back again etc. With some luck, others
                 might fall into the holes too.
GCN Cookie Land - A tiny circular stage with item boxes everywhere. This is
                  pretty hectic, I just drift around the very outside and
                  spam items whenever possible.
DS Twilight House - This is a large symmetrical area with eight rooms
                    in a square, a path outside. Like on the other 'simple'
                    courses, it is possible to drift everywhere. Item boxes
                    are some what sporadic - they are a few in some rooms and
                    none in others - but the blindness of walls everywhere
                    means you can pull off some really effective surprise

                                 5. ONLINE

Online is really easy, and moreover, very well done. Compared to Mario Kart DS
it does several times better -

  - First console Mario Kart to support internet play
  - Up to 12 Players
  - Two players playing online on one console
  - Dedicated Wii Channel for Time Trials and Friend Lists (optional download)
  - Battle Mode now playable online
  - All tracks playable
  - Able to drag items

Getting Started

Go to the Wii Menu and set up your internet settings, so you are ready to go.
Do not ask me how to do this or what troubleshooting errors you may have, as I
do not know. But once you get it up and running, on the menu there are two
options at the bottom - Nintendo WFC, and Mario Kart Channel.

Nintendo WFC

Three options - Worldwide, Continental and Friends. The first two you play
against those of a similar rank to you either around the world or on the
continent, and you have to have Friends on your list, online AND searching
for you to connect. A bit of a pain, but still.

From there, choose VS Race or Battle. Again, you are ranked against those
similar to you (see below for more details). Pick your character, drift
type and you'll be connected and shown who you are playing with via the map.
You are added to a race, but note that you may have to wait for it to finish
before starting (you can watch it while you wait). Pick a track (or select
random) and the computer will select a random selection, then race!

Once the race is over, you can continue with the same people, or quit and
select a new group. You do not have to commit yourself to a set of races
against the same number of people, just drop in and out. The system is really
good, with little lag.

You can also play with someone else split screen - they can either log in
if they have their own profile, or just use a Mii as a guest. They will not
get ranking points if they are a Guest.


You start at 5000 points, which changes according to what positions you end
in. Come within the top 6 and you increase, bottom 6 you decrease. Getting
the top two or bottom two changes the increment to around 100 either way,
which is pretty steep. The point of the ranking is that you are paired to
those of a similar ability, and just to gauge how good you are. You can
check your rank at any time by looking at the License Details at the top of
the screen.

Mario Kart Channel

This can either be browsed on the disc or downloaded onto the Wii Channel
front page. Either way the menus are the same. There are FRIENDS, GHOST
DATA, RANKINGS and COMPETITIONS. Register yourself in FRIENDS to get a 12
digit friend code, and add others. Once you have done so, you can see
what they are doing right now and what their Mii is. Cool. GHOST DATA
allows you to share and download data from friends. RANKINGS shows your
competition and Time Trial data against others either on the Continent or
Globally, showing a horizontal Mii graph, and giving you the opportunity to
download the highest score Ghost and those of your friends. Competitions is
explained below.

The bottom option allows you to firstly download the channel onto your Wii
so you can do all of the above without having to play the game. After that,
it either asks you to download the latest version from time to time, or invite
friends by sending them a message to their board.


The closest thing to DLC we will see, these are special downloadable
challenges like the Missions in Mario Kart DS, such as objectives and
specific time trials. Right now nothing is available, but as it does, this
will be updated.

                            6. UNLOCKABLES AND SECRETS

Unlockable Characters and Karts

General Unlockables -
- Completing the first two cups in each type will unlock the third; completing
  the third will unlock the forth.
- Getting trophies on all of 50CC and 100CC will unlock the ability to
  race with both Karts and Bikes.
- Getting all trophies in a class displays credits, and congratulations
  screen (with your Mii!) that you can post on your Wii Message Board.

Remember, you need to get a GOLD trophy to unlock whatever you need!

Mushroom Cup  - N/A
Flower Cup    - N/A
Star Cup      - King Boo (character)
Special Cup   - Piranha Prowler (L kart)
Shell Cup     - N/A
Banana Cup    - N/A
Leaf Cup      - Turbo Blooper (M kart)
Lightning Cup - Diddy Kong (character)

Mushroom Cup  - N/A
Flower Cup    - N/A
Star Cup      - Twinkle Star (L bike)
Special Cup   - Mii Outfit A (character)
Shell Cup     - Rosalina (character)
Banana Cup    - N/A
Leaf Cup      - Dry Bones (character)
Lightning Cup - Rapide (M bike)

Mushroom Cup  - N/A
Flower Cup    - N/A
Star Cup      - Quacker (S bike)
Special Cup   - Daisy (character)
Shell Cup     - N/A
Banana Cup    - N/A
Leaf Cup      - Royal Racer (M kart)
Lightning Cup - Dragonetti (L kart), 150CC Mirror Mode (mode)

Mushroom Cup  - N/A
Flower Cup    - N/A
Star Cup      - Dolphin Dasher (M bike)
Special Cup   - Phantom (L bike)
Shell Cup     - N/A
Banana Cup    - N/A
Leaf Cup      - Bubble Bike (S bike)
Lightning Cup - Blue Falcon (S kart)

1 Course Timed - Rally Romper (S kart)
4 Courses Timed - Funky Kong (character)
8 Courses Timed - Magikruiser (S bike), Baby Luigi (character)
12 Courses Timed - Torpedo (L bike)
16 Courses Timed - Birdo (character)
32 Courses Timed - Toadette (character)

STAR RANKS (see below)
50CC new at 1 Star or More - Baby Daisy (character)
50CC all at 1 Star or More - Cheep Charger (S kart)
100CC retro at 1 Star or More - Bowser Jr. (character)
100CC all at 1 Star or More - Nitrocycle (M bike)
150CC new at 1 Star or More - Dry Bowser (character)

Grand Prix Star Ranks

You will be ranked based on your performance within the Grand Prix, up to
three stars. You need to one star many of the cups in order to get all the
unlockables, so it is important to know how to get them. To three stars,
you have to win ALL four races and get 60 points, and get very good times
on all the laps. That is it, help yourself to items and what not. Just try
not to obviously fall off the track or hit into walls, as it will slow your
time down.

150CC Mirror Mode

Getting gold on the first three Grand Prix Modes (50CC, 100CC and 150CC) will
unlock this mode. Basically all the tracks are mirrored, but as you've played
each track by at least three times by now you should be able to tackle these
with relative ease.

Alternative Title and Ending Screens

Achieve a gold in every cup for the title and ending screens to change for
good. This includes the dreaded 150CC Mirror mode as well.

Staff Ghosts

Staff Ghosts are automatically unlocked and ready to race against in Time
Trial mode, beating them giving you character, bike and kart unlockables,
as well as giving you more mad karting skillz.

Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit - 01:29.670
Moo Moo Meadows - 01:37.856
Mushroom Gorge - 02:16.110
Toad's Factory - 02:22.480

Flower Cup
Mario Circuit - 01:44.777
Coconut Mall - 02:30.764
DK's Snowboard Cross - 02:34.693
Wario's Gold Mine - 02:19.583

Star Cup
Daisy Circuit - 0:56.822
Koopa Cape - 03:03.022
Maple Treeway - 02:58.633
Grumble Volcano - 02:28.237

Special Cup
Dry Dry Ruins - 02:30.949
Moonview Highway - 02:16.802
Bowser's Castle - 03:04.836
Rainbow Road - 03:05.895

Shell Cup
GCN Peach Beach - 01:34.233
DS Yoshi Falls - 01:16.461
SNES Ghost Valley 2 - 01:06.595
N64 Mario Raceway - 02:14.799

Banana Cup
N64 Sherbet Land - 02:48.651
GBA Shy Guy Beach - 01:45.568
DS Delfino Square - 02:41.807
GCN Waluigi Stadium - 02:32.882

Leaf Cup
DS Desert Hills - 02:10.233
GBA Bowser Castle 3 - 02:58.304
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway - 02:58.264
GCN Mario Circuit - 01:59.771

Lightning Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 3 - 01:38.880
DS Peach Gardens - 02:34.894
GCN DK Mountain - 02:57.744
N64 Bowser's Castle - 03:19.323

Mii Appearances

Miis appear on various courses throughout the game, either as spectators,
toll booth operators, or even replacing statues and pictures!

Mushroom Cup
Luigi Circuit - Trackside spectators
              - Replaces the Luigi logo at random
Moo Moo Meadows - None
Mushroom Gorge - None
Toad's Factory - Factory sign above horizontal belt strip

Flower Cup
Mario Circuit - None
Coconut Mall - Displayed on adverts and posters around stage
             - Drive the cars that block your way on last corner
DK's Snowboard Cross - Replace the snowboarding statue randomly
Wario's Gold Mine - None

Star Cup
Daisy Circuit - Trackside spectators
              - Roundabout statue replaced by a Mii randomly
Koopa Cape - Koopa replaced by Mii randomly after first ramp
Maple Treeway - None
Grumble Volcano - None

Special Cup
Dry Dry Ruins - None
Moonview Highway - Miis operate the toll booths
Bowser's Castle - None
Rainbow Road - None

Shell Cup
GCN Peach Beach - None
DS Yoshi Falls - None
SNES Ghost Valley 2 - None
N64 Mario Raceway - None

Banana Cup
N64 Sherbet Land - None
GBA Shy Guy Beach - None
DS Delfino Square - None
GCN Waluigi Stadium - None

Leaf Cup
DS Desert Hills - None
GBA Bowser Castle 3 - None
N64 DK's Jungle Parkway - None
GCN Mario Circuit - None

Lightning Cup
SNES Mario Circuit 3 - None
DS Peach Gardens - None
GCN DK Mountain - None
N64 Bowser's Castle - None

                        6. CONCLUSION AND SPECIAL THANKS

That's just about it, folks. I hope that this document has been of aid in
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