Meteos: FAQ/Walkthrough

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By strawhat
Version 1.3
Last Update: 11/21/06

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Table of Contents
{1.0} Introduction

{2.0} Basics
     [2.1] Story
     [2.2] Types of Ignitions
     [2.3] Controls
     [2.4] Playing the Game

{3.0} Star Trip
     [3.1] Straight Route
     [3.2] Branch Route
     [3.3] Multi Route

{4.0} Simple

{5.0} Deluge

{6.0} Time War

{7.0} Options

{8.0} Extras

{9.0} Multiplayer

{10.0} Items

{11.0} Planets

{12.0} Fusions
     [12.1] Planets
     [12.2] Items
     [12.3] Sounds
     [12.4] Rare Metals

{13.0} Unlockables

{14.0} FAQ

{15.0} Conclusion


Version 1.3: Changed an answer in the FAQ section, added some additional info
             to several planets. Happy birthday Meteos FAQ!

Version 1.2: I forgot Brabbit in my planets list. Silly me.

Version 1.1: Added some sites that can host this document.

Version 1.0: Version release.

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|*****                       {1.0} Introduction                         *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

Meteos is probably the most innovative puzzle game to his the DS's shelves
thus far. It provides new features, modes, and enhances graphics while keeping
old tactics gameplay the same. All this combines creates a new puzzle game,
one that keep you hooked for a while, especially with multiplayer.

However good rating that this game is, you can't argue that there aren't many
FAQs for it. So here I am, creating another FAQ for someone in need with a
game I love. I hope that this FAQ helps and if it doesn't, give me a ring.
Not my telephone, E-mail me. It's at the bottom of this document.

Note that this FAQ will be written in the default, RIGHT HAND mode.

|*****                          {2.0} Basics                            *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

If you don't know how to play or don't have a manual guide, this sections
should be enough to guide you through. For most of you, you should already
know this information.

                                 [2.1] Story

This is a quick recap of the story by me.

There is a major crisis going on in the universe. Amonst all the stars, there
is a planet which is causing chaos. It's in the big shape of an eye called
Meteo. This planet releases shapes of different colors and sizes that continue
to stack up and build on other planets, eventually causing them to nova. The
lights in space are slowly blacking out.

Other planets began to fear that they will disappear too. But one day, out of
sheer coincidence, three of the same colored Meteos lined up as they rained
down. The Meteos rocketed back up into space. This was the planets' only hope.
Together, they began to start the defense called the Metamo Ark, made from
the same materials that rained down on their planets. They began to
counterattack on planet Meteo itself by sending Meteos on its surface. Thus,
the largest war in space started. The war to keep the universe alive.

                          [2.2] Types of Ignitions

This game is not hard to play. The goal is to send Meteos back into space and
destroying the other planets. To do this, use your stylus to line up the
Meteos into rows or columns of three to five. The Meteos will not rocket back
up if lined up diagonally. The Meteos will not rocket totally out of space
either. To make it go out of your atmosphere, you must make combos.

There are several combos you can do. The first is called a Step Jump. Here's
an example:

Step Jump                   The *s are other Meteos. The A means the three
---------                   Meteos that are the same. Once the stack to the
*****                       left falls, it will rocket straight back up
*****                       because the As line up to form three. This is
****A                       called a Step Jump.

                                                Midair Dock
Like before, the *s are other Meteos             ^
while the As are the same Meteos. A              |
midair dock is when you first release          *****
a group of Meteos into the air, then           ***** Stack 1
release another one underneath that.           *****
This will boost the stack a bit more              ^
and also increase the size of it.                 |

Secondary Ignition
------------------          There are two types of secondary ignitions.
*******                     One is when you create three in a row towards the
*******                     bottom of the rising stack like below. This will
***AAA*                     boost the entire stack up. The second type is when
*******                     you create three in a row towards the top of the
   ^                        stack. This will make only the top ignite. Try to
   |                        get more secondary ignitions towards the bottom.
                            Vertical or horizontal ignitions don't affect the
                            ignition UNLESS you're on some special planets.

Those are the three(four) types of ignitions. Remember that Meteos you ignite
will turn into incinerated Meteos. You will not collect them after the game
is over. Incinerated Meteos will turn back to normal after a set amount of
time. This time will shorten as the game wears on.

                               [2.3] Controls

Your stylus will be the main controller-type thing. Poke the menus to activate
them, and drag Meteos by moving the stylus up and down. It is superior to the
buttons in every way, but if you insist on using them, here's a chart:

| Button   | Effect                                |
| A        | Confirm, switch Meteos.               |
| B        | Cancel.                               |
| X and Y  | Switch target window.                 |
| L and R  | Speed up time.                        |
| Select   | Switch top screen viewing mode.       |
| Start    | Pause.                                |
| D-Pad    | Move cursor.                          |

                            [2.4] Playing the Game

When you are playing in any mode, you will always be using some kind of
planet. Some modes you can choose which planet you play in, others are random.
Each planet is different from another. For example, when you play in Vubble,
vertical ignitions will not work while horizontal ones will fly high. In
Hevendor, stack will immediately fly off the screen. On Luna=Luna, stacks will
stay in the air for a long time.

Remember, you CANNOT shift Meteos from left to right.

You can change the top screen to auto, planets, and P1-P4 depending on how
many other planets/players there are by pressing Select or the curser on the
right side of the touch screen. Auto will mostly stay on the planet screen but
sometimes shift to what other players are doing. P1-P4 will show what other
players are doing.

On the touch screen, look to the left. This will show the other planets, if
there are any. If there are two or more planets, Meteos you send will be
divided evenly between the planets. Target one planet by tapping it twice.
If you look carefully, there will also be a mini diagram of what other players
are doing. The yellow dots are items.

To the topright of the touch screen, you will see your home planet. The right
side will show how many Meteos you have waiting to launch. The bottom right is
the time speeder. Press it with the stylus or press L and R to speed up the
rate of Meteos falling.

Now there's the middle of the touch screen. This is where you actually see all
the Meteos stacking up on your planet. Put three together and rocket them
back into space. Also remember that sometimes, items might fall. Items can't
incinerate. You can tap that item with your stylus to activate it and let its
effect out on you, or you can avtivate it and rocket it back to an opposing
planet, causing havoc on them!

There are different ways to win in a game, depending on the mode.

|*****                         {3.0} Star Trip                          *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

Star Trip is like the actualy "Story Mode". There are three routes that you
can take and multiple endings. See if you can get to all of them!

                             [3.1] Straight Route

This is the simplest route that you can take. You start off playing on one of
the four basic planets that you being with(Geolyte, Oleana, Firim, and
Anasaze), then move on to six other random planets. The final planet you play
on will be Meteo.

There are actually two, not one, endings to this route. To get the first one,
simply complete the straight route. To see the secret one, finish the straight
route with a score of over 500,000. Try to make the whole screen ignite into
one stack. Keep it flying up with bottom-of-the-stack seconday boosts. This
will give you a much higher score. Clear the screen with this method will also
give you a nice point boost. If you need help doing this, try fusing a Super
Rocket and switching all the other items off. There are also point boosts
between planets, so don't be discouraged if you only have around 400,000
right before planet Meteo. Don't forget, it's easier to do this on some
planets than others, so your luck will also play a slight role.

                             [3.2] Branch Route

In the branch route, you can pick which path you want to take to make it to
the end. You will have a choice between two set planets each time you beat
one. There are seven different endings that you can get here. Each of the
planet Meteos you see at the end are a different ending.

Here's a list of the planets that you can take to planet Meteo:

                    16        29
                11       23
            7       17        29
        4       12       24
    2       8       18        29
1       5       13       25
    3       9       19        29
        6       14       26
            10      20        29
                15       27
                    21        29

1. Geolyte
2. Firim
3. Anasaze
4. Grannest
5. Freaze
6. Megadom
7. Boggob
8. Bavoom
9. Jeljel
10. Mekks
11. Brabbit
12. Forte
13. Dawndus
14. Layazero
15. Gravitas
16. Hotted
17. Gigagush
18. Cavious
19. Florias
20. Wiral
21. Luna=Luna
22. Starri
23. Yooj
24. Vubble
25. Hevendor
26. Thirnova
27. Globin
28. Sububion
29. Meteo

                              [3.3] Multi Route

In the multi route, you will have missions to beat. If you finish the
missions, you will have a choice of taking the upper route. The upper route
will be harder, but then you can go to True Meteo. Each place here also has
multiple planets.

Scroll down to find the system name that you are looking for, or match the
numbers on the map to the systems below.


                9    14         18

    2       7             15
1       5       10   13         16
    3       8

                11   12         17

Note: #18 on this map is True Meteo. There are many paths to get here, but
the easiest is this:

H20 Planetaries -> Molten Hellions -> Mechatropoloids -> Bubblies -> Hot &
Chillies -> Rare Cultures -> Heavendor Realm -> True Meteo

1. H20 Planetaries
Planets: Geolyte and Oleana
Mission: Win within 2:30

This is really, really easy. Even if you don't try, you will probably clear
this mission. Whether you are on Geolyte or Oleana, your stacks will stay up
for a long time allowing you to easily grab a high score and make a stack the
width of the screen. Just clear the screen once and both planets will be down
in no time.

2. Clorophylls
Planets: Boggob and Wuud
Mission: Launch 200 Meteos

Also another easy one. Just go through this one slowly. Don't launch giant
stacks and that'll probably kill the opposing planets. Don't aim at just one
planet either. Do easy three in a row launches and tiny stacks. This should
guarantee your opponents to live and you to get 200 Meteos. After 200 Meteos
are reached(you can see the number of Meteos launched in the upper lefthand
corner of the top screen), go all out with large stacks and kill the two

3. Molten Hellions
Planets: Firim and Hotted
Mission: Launch 100 Meteos

Easy, easy, easy. You'd probably launch 100 Meteos while trying to defeat the
other planets, but just incase you don't, send small stacks at the opponents.
Stacks of 3-10 shouldn't kill anyone. Take a look at the left part of the
screen to make sure that the opponents aren't dying before you reach 100
Meteos. If they are, just don't do anything for a bit so they'll have a chance
to recover.

4. Earth Lovers
Planets: Forte, Anasaze, and Cavious
Mission: Clear the screen

This isn't really that hard. Just remember that clearing the screen means that
you had a screen-width stack that you blasted out, NOT using a Smart Bomb.
If you're not really that skilled at Meteos, Super Rockets are your friend.
Fuse that, then turn off all other items. The moment a Super Rocket drops,
drag it to the bottom of the screen and activate it. From there, all you have
to do is be quick and use secondary ignitions. The atmosphere and gravity on
all of these planets are not especially strong.

5. Mechatropoloids
Planets: Megadom and Grannest
Mission: Clear the screen of Meteos

Like Earth Lovers, all you really need is the Super Rocket. Fuse that and turn
off all other items. Drag it to the bottom of the screen the moment a Super
Rocket drops, then activate it. All you have to do now is keep it in the air
with secondary ignitions. Not only will you clear the mission with this, but
you'll also get a ton of points.

6. Stray Planet
Planets: Jeljel
Mission: Battle for more than 1:00 and win

Don't use the speeder until a minute passes. Just sit around as the stack
slowly gets to the top, then blast away. I can't really give tips to this one,
just have some patience.

7. Dimensionals
Planets: Thirnova, Gravitas, Gigagush
Mission: Launch 50 burnt Meteos or more

Burnt Meteos = stacking time! Create a stack and the bottom of it will have
incinerated Meteos. Fire another one right below it for some more burnt
Meteos. This is really easy, especially on Gravitas where you'r REQUIRED to
send burnt Meteos just to make the stack fly. Don't forget that other planets
will be chucking burnt Meteos at you too. Just create stack underneath them.

8. Bubblies
Planets: Starri, Florias, and Vubble
Mission: Launch 30 H20 Meteos or more

This is easy on all planets. Try not to incinerate them. Match other Meteos
instead, such as fire or air. I know you're probably going to lose count of
how many H20 Meteos you launched while you are playing, so just send about
100-200 Meteos total. Try to go slowly; take a look at your opponents to the
left to make sure that you're not dying before you launch the required Meteos.

9. Clean Air Club
Planets; Bavoom, Brabbit, and Yooj
Mission: Launch a stack of 75 Meteos

This is a difficult planet. Yooj would be the best planet to do this one as
stacks stay in the air for a long, long time. The easiest way to do this would
be to have Super Rockets as the only item turned on. Drag a Super Rocket to
the bottom of the screen, then activate it. Make sure that you have A LOT of
Meteos on your screen or it won't work. As soon as the Super Rocket boosts
your Meteos, make a secondary ignition. If you're too slow, the Meteos sent up
by the Super Rockets and the ones sent by your secondary ignition will become
two separate piles. This is a difficult mission to accomplish; if you're
trying to get to True Meteo I recommend that you take a look at the path I
took at the beginning of this section.

10. Hot and Chillies
Planets: Freaze and Dawndus
Mission: Launch a stack of 50 Meteos

This is much easier than the Clean Air Club. It's still loads easier with
only Super Rockets turned on. Like many other planets, drag it to the bottom
when you have near your entire screen full and activate it. When it blasts
off, quickly do a secondary launch if you can. More often than not, just the
Super Rockets with a full screen should be able to launch fifty or more Meteos
off the screen.

11. Electric Nymphs
Planets: Wiral and Mekks
Mission: Launch 30 Meteos or more

Launching 30 Meteos is a piece of cake. Just make a screen-width stack(with
or without a Super Rocket, it's pretty easy) and use secondary ignitions to
blast it off. This planet doesn't really take you anywhere, though...

12. Twin Moons
Planets: Luna=Luna
Mission: Win within 1:30

This mission can be hard or easy. I don't know; I've played through this
planet several times and each time I either won in half a minute or won in
two minutes or so. Just try your hardest to get a screen-width stack of
Meteos. Clear the screen.

13. Illusionists
Planets: Layazero x3
Mission: None!

There is no mission here. Just take your time and win.

14. Rare Cultures
Planets: Globin, Lastar, and Suburbion
Mission: None

No mission here! Take a break, go slowly and guarantee a victory.

15. Hevendor Realm
Planets: Hevendor x3
Mission: Win within 2:00

I actually had a hard time with this. Try aiming at one planet at a time.
Speed up time and wait for a large stack to come down, then match three and
all of that will fire back at a planet effortlessly. You're really close to
True Meteo; if you want to go there, WIN THIS MISSION! Super Rockets is also
like an insta-kill here.

16/17/18. Meteo/True Meteo
Planets: Meteo(Meteo x3)
Mission: None

This is the final planet. If you're on True Meteo, watch out because all of
the Meteos are aiming right at you! Meteo has low gravity so the stacks stay
up for a long time. This can be trouble for you if you keep concentrating at
a stack to the side and not the rest. Try to get a screen-width stack because
that'll make it much, much easier, especially on True Meteo.

|*****                          {4.0} Simple                            *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

This mode is just one round of Meteos. You can set the difficulty here and
also the number of computer players and teams. You can also set your home
planet and the computers'(if there are any) home planet. No score is recorded
here, this is just a quick way to spend time playing Meteos and collecting
the ones that you need. If there are any computer opponents, you will win
when you defeat all of them. If there are no computer opponents, the game will
end when you nova.

Anything you do here will still be added to your stats, such as Meteos
incinerated and the Meteos you earned.

|*****                          {5.0} Deluge                            *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

In this mode, you continue to play until you nova. Try to get the highest
score! As the game wears on, the Meteos will rain down faster and faster. You
can choose to play on any planet that you have. Need some tips on how to get
high scores?

1. Juggle full screen stacks.

2. Clear the screen.

3. Use the speeder often at the beginning of the match!

4. There are no items.

5. If you're quite sure you're about to lose, just scribble a bit and hope for
   the best.

|*****                          {6.0} Time War                          *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

The Time Attack mode is actually made up of four different styles of play.

2:00 Time War
Just try to get the highest score in 2:00. This is played in Geolyte, which
has nice gravity for you to make large stacks and clear the screen. 2:00 is
a lot longer than it looks, so try not to rush it too much.

5:00 Time War
While harder than the 2:00 Time War, it's still not that difficult. Try to get
those large stacks early because as the last minute comes up on you, the
Meteos will begin to fall very quickly. You play on Layazero.

100 Meteos
Clear 100 Meteos as fast as you can. This is played on Firim and is pretty
easy since there are very few columns. Don't worry about full screen stacks,
just make threes as fast as you can. Any time under 12-13 seconds is good.

1000 Meteos
This is played on Hevendor. There is NO gravity here, so as soon as you make a
combo, the stack disappears. Speed up time with the L/R button and find groups
of 3 as fast as you can. It becomes really fast after a while, so the faster
you send the Meteos, the easier.

|*****                          {7.0} Options                           *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

The Options menu allows you to fix many things.

Planet Registry
This just lets you view all the planets that you have unlocked so far. You'll
have a quaint description of them and see what kind of Meteos they drop more

Item Switch
Once you've fused some items, you can turn their frequency from none to high
in this mode. You can also set which items you want turned on and off.

Left Handed or Right Handed
You can switch whether you are right handed or left handed. There's no
difference in either way; it's just that when you switch the game to left-
handed mode, the part of the touchscreen where it has the speeder and Meteos
waiting to launch will be on the left side and your targets will be on the

Erase Data
You can delete any kind of saved data here, whether it is your scores,
unlockables, or all data. Be careful though, because as with all other games,
once you delete the data you CANNOT get it back.

|*****                           {8.0} Extras                           *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

There isn't much in the Extras mode. You can view your stats and also listen
to all the sounds that you've fused.

Here's a quick note about the sound room. Most of the sound sets that you fuse
will have 82 sounds/music. On most cases, the first one will always be the
planet's default song. Track 001 will be the song that plays once your stack
of Meteos gets rather high. Track 002 is when you have Meteos touching the top
of your screen. 004 is when you win and 005 is when you lose. I'm not so sure
about the other sounds, but I'm quite sure that they all share some kind of

|*****                        {9.0} Multiplayer                         *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

As all of you probably know, Meteos has a multiplayer which can involve up to
three of your friends, whether they have Meteos or not. You can play
wirelessly and all that's required is that your friends all have a DS. You
can also see all the user profiles of other players with Meteos that you've
played against. You can only hold 10 of these.

Go to Wireless Mode. If your friends have Meteos, go to VS. Mode and select
"Create a Room." You are now the host of the room. You can select your home
planet here by tapping the icon to the left of your name. Remember, you can
only play on those planets that you have. Select computer opponents(if you
want, only if you have less than four players) and the difficulty. Have your
friends now go to Multiplayer on their DS's and select VS. Mode as well. Have
them go to "Join a Room." Make them select your name and tell them to ready
up. Start the game when all players are ready.

If your friends lack a Meteos game, go to Wireless Mode. Go to DS download
and create the room. Set the computer difficulty(when you have less than four
players) and have your friends go to DS Download when they turn on their DS.
Within half a minute, they should be able to find Meteos on their screen. Have
them select it. Remember that you can only choose between the default four
planets(Geolyte, Anasaze, Firim, and Oleana) and I THINK you can't use items.
Also, no stats will be saved and you won't receive any user profiles.

|*****                           {10.0} Items                           *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

Here is a list of all items in the game. You can turn the items' frequency and
disable them in the options menu. You don't start with any of these items;
you must collect Meteos and unlock them in the Fusion room.

| Item               | Effect                                                |
| Bomb               | Destroys a small group of Meteos around the bomb.     |
| Cross Bomb         | Destroys Meteos in the same row and column as the item|
| Driller Bomb       | Eliminate all the Meteos in one column underneath it. |
| Eraser             | Destroys Meteos the same as the one below this item.  |
| Fury Hammer        | Destroy random groups of Meteos.                      |
| Heavy Weight       | Destroys three columns of Meteos.                     |
| Light Weight       | Destroys one column of Meteos.                        |
| Rocket             | The two sides of the screen are boosted up.           |
| Row Bomb           | Destroys all Meteos in the same row as the item.      |
| Smart Bomb         | Destroy all Meteos.                                   |
| Smoke Screen       | Clouds vision with smoke.                             |
| Smoke Line         | Clouds vision with smoke.                             |
| Speeder Lock       | Disables use of the speeder for a moment.             |
| Super Rocket       | Boosts up a row of Meteos.                            |
| War Axe            | Destroys random parts of Meteos.                      |
| X Bomb             | Destroy Meteos in an X-shaped blast.                  |

|*****                         {11.0} Planets                           *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

Here's a listing of all the planets in the game. I'll try to provide as much
detail as I can.

**Highest element in the planet

Width: 9
Elements: Air, Fire, **Soil, Iron, and Zoo.
Notes: Anasaze is a nice place for beginners. Small, three-Meteo combos blast
       off quite high here. Stacks come down at a regular speed. Flicking
       lower Meteos at stacks also giver a rather high boost compared to other

Width: 10
Elements: Iron, **Air, Fire, H20, Soil
Notes: I don't like this planet so much...You have to be quick as the stacks
       that you send up fall rather quickly. The speeder also slows down the
       rate of the falling blocks.

Width: 9
Elements: Air, H20, Soil, **Herb, Zoo
Notes: Erm, to be honest, there's like, nothing special about this planet.
       Your stacks here will fall a bit faster than places like Geolyte and
       vertical boosts go rather high. Meteos that fall will make your stacks
       fall quickly.

Width: 9
Elements: **Air, Fire, H20, Soil, Zap
Notes: This is one of those low-gravity planets, similar to Luna=Luna. Stacks
       fall really slowly, use this to your advantage. Keep the stack high and
       send Meteos that fall directly back into space for some easy stacking.

Width: 11
Elements: Fire, **Soil, Iron, Zap, Herb
Notes: The stacks fall slowly here. Make midair combos and screen-width

Width: 8
Elements: Air, Fire, Soil, Herb, Zoo
Notes: The stacks go up slowly and fall slowly. Vertical boosts are better
       than horizontal boosts here.

Width: 7
Elements: Air, **Fire, Soil, Iron, Zap
Notes: The playing field is very narrow, so screen-width stacks aren't very
       hard to do, but they'll get you less points. If you're in trouble,
       don't hesitate on using vertical boosts because they have tremendous
       power on this planet. Just one vertical boost from the bottom of the
       screen is enough to thrust it out of the atmosphere.

Width: 10
Elements: Air, Fire, H20, Herb, Zoo
Notes: Horizontal boosts seem to be a bit stronger on this planet. The stacks
       fall at a medium speed, but are easily hampered by incoming Meteos.
       Create a screen-width stack to get high points on this planet.

Width: 9
Elements: Air, Fire, **Soil, Iron, Zoo
Notes: Vertical boosts are strong on this planet. Try to create a screen-width
       stack, then it'll fly off your screen with a vertical boost.

Width: 7
Elements: Air, **H20, Soil, Iron, Zap
Notes: There's a lot of gravity on this planet. And...that's all I can say.
       Whip out some large stacks and just keep boosting them up is all you
       can do.

Width: 9
Elements: Air, Fire, H20, Soil, Zoo
Notes: Geolyte is an excellent place for all players to play on, simply
       because the gravity isn't so strong that you can't get your stacks up,
       but not so weak that stacks stay up forever and it's very hard to get
       screen-width stacks. Very well balanced.

Width: 11
Elements: Air, Fire, Iron, Zap, Herb, **Zoo
Notes: Gigagush's gravity will pull down stacks quickly, but stacks will take
       a while to fly up. With those kinds of physics, making screen-width
       stacks are really easy. Stacks fly up an equal amount no matter where
       the boosts are made, so keep this in mind.

Width: 10
Elements: Air, Fire, H20, Herb, **Zoo
Notes: I don't know about you, but I tend to get tons of Meteos flying down on
       this planet. I don't play this planet much at all, but I remember that
       it's not really that hard to make large stacks. Just be very careful
       of those high stacks of Meteos; you'll nova quickly if they're not

Width: 9
Elements: Air, Fire, H20, **Iron, Zap
Notes: It takes time for the Meteos to go up and down.

Width: 10
Elements: Air, **Soil, Iron, Zap, Zoo
Notes: You MUST make combos in order for the Meteos to fly out of the
       atmosphere. It's sort of like a bad Hevendor. Make three in a row,
       then another one connecting to what would've been a stack. The stack
       will now rocket out. Do this at the bottom of large stacks to get some
       more points.

Width: 11
Elements: Air, Fire, H20, Soil, Iron, Zap
Notes: As soon as you make a combo, the Meteos will be out of here. Do this
       at the bottom of the larger stacks, and abuse the L and R buttons!
       You'll be able to send many Meteos away quickly and is good if you
       need pieces for the Fusion Room.

Width: 10
Elements: Air, Soil, Zap, Zoo, Fire
Notes: Primary boosts don't really do much. If you really want to get anywhere
       on this planet, you'll have to make combos. Just like with any other
       planet, full screen stacks will do just fine.

Width: 9
Elements: Air, Fire, H20, Iron, Zap
Notes: Vertical boosts are downright terrible on Jeljel. Use hoizontal boosts
       as often as you can. There's little gravity here and it takes time for
       stacks to rise and fall.

Width: 10
Elements: Fire, H20, Iron, Zap, Glow
Notes: Simple horizontal boosts here are stong. Combos are pretty weak though,
       as are vertical boosts. There's not much gravity. You have plenty of
       time to build a large stack, although you'll have a lot of burnt Meteos
       in the process.

Width: 8
Elements: Air, Fire, H20, Iron, **Zap
Notes: This planets a little strange. It's different from the standard
       Geolyte, but still seems rather standard. Just go for the large stacks
       as always.

Width: 9
Elements; Fire, Soil, Iron, Zap, Herb
Notes: Stacks rise and fall REALLY slowly on this planet. It may be hard, but
       of you can get a full screen stack, it'll stay up for a long time
       cheating you of death, as well as sending all Meteos that land on top
       of your stack that's above the atmosphere back to other planets! You
       can use this technique to easily score very high points.

Width: 9
Elements: Air, Soil, Iron, Zap, Herb
Notes: Stacks will lower very slowly on this planet.

Width: 7
Elements: Air, Fire, H20, **Iron, **Zap
Notes: Stacks won't rise very high, but that can be a good thing! Mekks
       doesn't really have that much gravity and can stay in the air for a

Width: 12
Elements: Fire, Zap, Herb, Zoo, Glow, Dark
Notes: You can find every element on this planet, including both the rare Time
       and Soul metals. There is a wide screen and the planets take a long
       time to drop, so making a large stack can be difficult especially with
       the high number of Meteos falling. Just try to make as many secondary
       ignitions as you can.

Width: 9
Elements: Air, Fire, **H20, Zap, Herb
Notes: Like what the manual guide says, the Meteos here rise and fall as if
       they were underwater. Vertical boosts are weak and stacks rise and
       fall slowly.

Width: 8
Elements: Air, **H20, Soil, Herb, **Zoo, **Glow
Notes: Huh, I can't find what makes this planet so different from standard
       Geolyte. Only thing I can see is that vertical boosts will launch your
       stacks very high.

Width: 9
Elements: Iron, Zap, Herb, Zoo, **Dark
Notes: The gravity is rather high here. Make sure to set up some combos for
       when your stack falls back onto the ground.

Width: 11 or 12, I think, don't quite remember
Elements: Fire, Iron, Zap, Zoo, **Glow
Notes: Stacks will be stopped in its tracks by falling Meteos. Even though
       this happens, keep using secondary ignitions to boost them back up out
       of the atmosphere.

Width: 8
Elements: Air, **H20, Iron, Zap, Glow
Notes: Vertical boosts don't do anything. Seriously. Only use them if that
       column is about to kill you. Always leave the columns together in
       groups of three, or you'll seriously be screwed once the Meteos start
       raining down really fast and your stacks don't want to come down.
       Horizontal boosts will go very high.

Width: 9
Elements: H20, **Iron, **Zap, Herb, **Dark
Notes: It's pretty hard to send rockets high in Wiral. I've heard that if you
       flick Meteos up to your stacks, it'll send up it rather high. Just get
       some combos anyway like in other planets and eventually, the stacks
       will leave your atmosphere.

Width: 10
Elements: Air, Fire, H20, Soil, **Herb
Notes: Your stacks will go down slowly here and will not go very high.

Width: 11
Elements: **Air, Fire, H20, Herb, Zoo
Notes: Another great planet for making large stacks. Like Luna=Luna, there
       isn't much gravity here and your stacks will stay in the air for long
       periods of time.

|*****                          {12.0} Fusions                          *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

In the fusions room, you will see a list of the Meteos that you have collected
from playing the main modes. With the Meteos you saved up, you can choose to
fuse new planets, items, sounds, and rare metals. Most of these things can
only be gotten by fusing Meteos, but some can be unlocked.

When you've completed everything in a "section" of the fusion room(planets,
sounds, etc.), the bottom screen will show a picture of a Geolyte citizen
waving a fan.

                                [12.1] Planets

| Name               | Required Elements                                     |
| Bavoom             | 1000 Air, 200 H20, 200 Zoo                            |
| Boggob             | 50 H20, 100 Air, 100 Zoo, 600 Herb, 1 Glow            |
| Brabbit            | 1800 Air, 150 Fire, 150 H20, 150 Soil, 150 Zap, 150   |
|                    | Herb, 150 Zoo, 1 Soul                                 |
| Cavious            | 2000 Soil, 1 Air, 1 H20, 1 Zoo, 1 Glow, 1 Dark, 2 Time|
| Dawndus            | 1200 Fire, 300 Air, 300 Soil, 700 Herb, 700 Zoo, 10   |
|                    | Glow                                                  |
| Florias            | 1 Soul                                                |
| Forte              | 2980 Soil, 1 Zoo, 8 Dark                              |
| Freaze             | 200 H20, 100 Air                                      |
| Gigagush           | 1500 Zoo, 300 Iron, 30 Dark, 30 H20 20 Air, 10 Fire,  |
|                    | 1 Soul                                                |
| Globin             | 3333 Zoo, 666 Dark, 3 Soul                            |
| Grannest           | 200 Iron, 200 Zap                                     |
| Gravitas           | 1221 Soil, 1441 Iron, 121 Zap, 161 Zoo, 1 Time        |
| Hevendor           | 777 Air, H20, Iron, Herb, Fire, Soil, Zap, and Zoo,   |
|                    | 77 Glow and Dark, 1 Soul                              |
| Hotted             | 4000 Fire, 800 Iron, 50 Dark, 2 Soul                  |
| Jeljel             | 666 Fire, 666 Soil, 666 Zoo, 3 Dark                   |
| Lastar             | 1500 Glow, 2 Time                                     |
| Layazero           | 256 Air, Fire, H20, Soil, Iron, Zap, Herb, and Zoo,   |
|                    | 64 Dark and Glow                                      |
| Luna=Luna          | 1500 Fire, Soil, and Iron, 100 Zap and Herb, 2 Soul   |
| Megadom            | 200 Air, 200 Fire, 100 H20, 100 Soil                  |
| Mekks              | 1024 Iron, 800 Zap                                    |
| Meteo              | 5000 Air, Fire, H20, and Soil, 3000 Iron and Zap, 2000|
|                    | Herb and Zoo, 1000 Glow and Dark, 5 Time and Soul     |
|                    | You must have seen all the endings from the branch    |
|                    | route before you can fuse Meteo.                      |
| Starrii            | 2500 Herb, 2500 Zoo, 500 Glow, 3 Time                 |
| Suburbion          | 1200 Dark, 78 Air, 77 Fire, 75 H20, 2 Soul            |
| Thirnova           | 2800 Zap, 1000 Fire, 400 Glow, 2 Time                 |
| Vubble             | 3000 H20, 2500 Air, 80 Glow, 1 Time                   |
| Wiral              | 2000 Zap, 500 Iron, 50 Glow, 1 Time                   |
| Wuud               | 3000 Herb, 800 H20, 1 Soul                            |
| Yooj               | 4000 Air, 1000 H20, 500 Fire, 100 Glow, 1 Time        |

                                 [12.2] Items

| Name               | Required Elements                                     |
| Cross Bomb         | 100 Fire, 300 Zap, 5 Dark                             |
| Driller Bomb       | 150 Air, 50 Fire                                      |
| Eraser             | 123 of all except 12 Glow, 12 Dark, 1 Soul            |
| Fury Hammer        | 500 Zap                                               |
| Heavy Weight       | 256 Soil, 512 Iron, 512 Herb                          |
| Row Bomb           | 111 Fire, 111 Soil, 111 H20                           |
| Smart Bomb         | 300 of all except 1 of Soul and Time                  |
| Smoke Line         | 800 Air, 1000 H20, 20 Glow, 1 Soul                    |
| Smoke Screen       | 200 Air, 200 H20                                      |
| Speeder Lock       | 1024 H20, 255 Soil, 350 Herb, 20 Dark, 1 Time         |
| Super ROcket       | 1111 Iron, 80 Air, 80 Fire                            |
| War Axe            | 500 Herb, 400 Zoo                                     |
| X Bomb             | 500 Fire, 500 Soil, 5 Glow, 1 Time                    |

                                [12.3] Sounds

| Name               | Required Elements                                     |
| Anasaze            | 200 Soil                                              |
| Bavoom             | 300 Air                                               |
| Boggob             | 100 Herb                                              |
| Brabbit            | 1000 Air                                              |
| Cavious            | 1000 Soil                                             |
| Dawndus            | 300 Zoo                                               |
| Firim              | 100 Fire                                              |
| Florias            | 1000 Herb                                             |
| Forte              | 300 Soil                                              |
| Freaze             | 500 H20                                               |
| Gigagush           | 1000 Iron                                             |
| Globin             | 1000 Zoo                                              |
| Grannest           | 100 Iron                                              |
| Gravitas           | 300 Zap                                               |
| Hevendor           | 100 Dark                                              |
| Hotted             | 1000 Fire                                             |
| Jeljel             | 300 Fire                                              |
| Lastar             | 1 Time                                                |
| Layazero           | 1000 Zap                                              |
| Luna=Luna          | 50 Dark                                               |
| Megadom            | 100 Zap                                               |
| Mekks              | 300 Iron                                              |
| Meteo              | 1 of everything                                       |
| Oleana             | 100 H20                                               |
| Starrii            | 1 Soul                                                |
| Suburbion          | 200 Dark                                              |
| Thirnova           | 200 Glow                                              |
| Vubble             | 1000 H20                                              |
| Wiral              | 100 Glow                                              |
| Wuud               | 300 Herb                                              |
| Yooj               | 100 Glow                                              |
| Opening            | 100 Air                                               |
| Menu               | 100 Air                                               |
| Fusion Room        | 300 Fire, 300 H20                                     |
| Star Trip          | 300 Soil, 300 Iron                                    |
| Results            | 300 Zap, 300 Herb                                     |
| Ending 1           | 1 Soul                                                |
| Ending 2           | 1 Time                                                |
| Ending 3           | 1 Time                                                |
| Credits            | 1 Soul and Time, 100 of everything else               |

                              [12.4] Rare Metals

| Name               | Required Elements                                     |
| Soul               | 500 Fire, H20, Zap, Zoo, 200 Glow                     |
| Time               | 500 Air, Soil, Iron, Herb, 200 Dark                   |

|*****                        {13.0} Unlockables                        *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

Remember that all of these unlockables can also be fused; it's just that it's
easier to unlock them. For the most part.

| Name               | Task Required                                         |
| Anasaze Music      | Beat the branch route in Star Trip once.              |
| Brabbit Music      | Launch a total of 10,000 Meteos.                      |
| Cavious Music      | Have a total play time of over 1 hour.                |
| Cross Bomb         | See the secret ending in the straight route.          |
| Eraser             | Get five other players' VS. profiles.                 |
| Florias            | Have a total play time of over 5 hours.               |
| Freaze Music       | See four endings in the branch route in Star Trip.    |
| Fury Hammer        | Clear Multi Route in Star Trip once.                  |
| Grannest           | Beat the straight route in Star Trip once.            |
| Jeljel             | Have another player's VS. profile.                    |
| Layazero           | Finish 1000 Meteo War in Time War in under 3:00.      |
| Able to fuse Meteo | See a total of 8 endings.                             |
| Smoke Screen       | Score 100,000 points in 5:00 Time War.                |
| Vubble             | See all endings in the branch route of Star Trip.     |

Note: There are two other things that unlock Meteos.
1. Finish 100 Meteo War in under 10 seconds will net you 100 Air, Fire, 
   H20 And Soil Meteos.

2. Play three VS. Matches against friends who have Meteos to get 100 Iron,
   Zap, Zoo, and Herb Meteos.

|*****                           {14.0} FAQ                             *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

Q: How do I get a high score quickly?
A: There's no fast way, but the quickest would be to clear the screen of
   Meteos by juggling a screen-width stack. I refer to this many times in the

Q: How do I get Soul and Time Meteos?
A: Each planet will give either a Soul Meteo or Time Meteo, but it is very
   rare. When one of these Meteos appear, they will burn one column of your
   Meteos and be flashing. Planet Meteo and the credits are the only
   planets(?) that can give both a Time and Soul Meteo.

Q: Do I get to keep the Meteos that I earn in the credits?
A: Most definitely. The easiest way would be to create a large stack(don't go
   for screen width unless you're very skilled; you lack time here) and use
   a vertical boost which is strong on that "planet." The harder the
   difficulty you beat the game at, the longer the credits will last.

Q: What does the home planet do in Star Trip?
A: Nothing much. It just changes the dancing sprite. You'll also never face
   that planet during Star Trip. Whichever your planet is on Star Trip will be
   replaced by Oleana.

Q: What's a quick way to earn Meteos?
A: Play at Hevendor.

|*****                        {15.0} Conclusion                         *****|
|~                                                                          ~|

I hope this FAQ helped you on your journey of Meteos. If you have any further
questions, E-mail me at


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