Metroid: Other M: FAQ/Walkthrough

-------------------------------- [METROID: OTHER M] ---------------------------
---------------------------------[by Ice Queen Zero]---------------------------
------------------------------------[Nintendo Wii]-----------------------------


Hello everyone, Ice Queen Zero/Azul Fria is back on the scene with another FAQ
for ya'll to digest. This may or may not be my last big name FAQ before I turn
15 on October 11th, 2010. I could easily come up with another big name FAQ if I
have time. As you can see, my next big guide is Metroid: Other M. This serves
as a deeper look into Samus's backstory as it explains her days in the Galactic
Federation and it also takes place between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion.


Metroid: Other M and its characters are trademarks of Nintendo and all of its 
copyrights belong to them.

This FAQ/Walkthrough is the sole copyright of Andrea "Azul Fria" Castillo aka
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permission nor can it be reproduced w/o proper consent.

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Shortly, after the events of Super Metroid where Samus's metroid child saved
her at the cost of its own life; followed by the defeat of Mother Brain and the
explosion of Zebes, Samus is still having a reocurring dream of the fateful day
the aformentioned events occured. She is awaken from her recent dream by the
quarantine officer. After her training, she is sent on to a bottle ship where
she meets up with two of her old comrades: Anthony and Adam. From here on, Adam
has Samus work under his orders as they investigate the bottle ship.


D-pad: The d-pad works in a 3-D type state...
Up - Out (away from the screen)
Left - Left
Right - Right
Down - In (towards the screen)
1 button - Fire. If locked-on, fire missile. Drop bomb in Morph Ball Mode
2 button - Jump (can be used when in Morph Ball mode)
A button - Morph Ball
B button - while in 1st person mode, hold to look around and lock on if needed.
point at screen with Wiimote - 1st person view
+ button - Map and Menus

Other Moves:

Charge Shot: Hold down 1 to charge a shot then release to fire.

Concentration: Hold the Wiimote up and press A to restore missiles. You can get
back some energy if you do it when low on health and the bar fills up.

Sense: Press the D-pad and the 1 button before you are hit by a projectile. In
1st person, shake the Wiimote to do the Sense

Lethal Strike: Press the D-pad towards downed enemies and press 1.

Overblast: You can jump on some enemies and blast em.

Shinespark - Run at full speed after getting the Speed Booster then press down
on the D-pad and Samus will flash, press jump to do a rocket-like jump.

Kick Climb - Much easier to do in this game, jump towards a wall then press the
D-pad in the opposite direction if you grab the wall first then press 2 to jump
to the other way.

Spring Ball - Although not explained in the game, this lets you jump while in
Morph Ball mode. You already have this move throughout the game.


Throughout the game, Adam will authorize access to more weapons in your arsenal
such as the use of bombs and missiles depending on the level of danger the team
is facing.


Normal Beam - your everyday weapon (available at start)

Charge Shot - A more powerful beam attack (available at start)

Diffusion Beam - Splits up when charged and fired to hit more than one enemy.

Ice Beam - Used to freeze enemies and other things to use as stepping stones.

Wave Beam - Can go through surfaces

Plasma Beam - Can pierce enemies for continual damage

Grapple Beam - Swing like Tarzan across pits and chasms. Can be used on some
enemies too.


Missile - Your main weapon to use when locked on to a target. Packs more punch
than the normal beam
Super Missile - Much more powerful missiles that is worth 5 missiles per use.

Seeker Missile - This is more of a Super Missile+ as it hits more enemies on
impact. They are given to you after defeating the Rhedogian in the fourth fight
with it.


Note: Bombs are used when in Morph Ball mode

Normal Bomb - Use a bomb to destroy weak surfaces and enemies. 

Power Bomb - This is does a lot of damage, so much that Adam does not authorize
it till later in the game.


Normal suit - Samus's everyday suit

Varia Suit - it was supposed to be called Barrier suit in the first Metroid but
the name stuck throughout the series. Protects Samus from heated areas and also
lessens damage.

Gravity Suit - Negates the effects of liquids and extreme gravity and further
reduces damage from enemy attacks.


Speed Booster - Run at full speed. Can steamroll over some enemies.

Space Jump - Spin Jump continuously in air

Screw Attack - Adds a buzzsaw effect to your spin jump


Missile Tank - Adds 1 extra missile to Samus's missile supply. 70 total.

Energy Tank - Adds 100 more Hit Points to Samus's energy. 5 total.

Energy Parts - Collect 4 of these to make one energy tanks. 16 total.

E-Recovery Tanks - Concentration adds 100 more HP when low on energy. 3 total.

Accel Charge - Samus's charge time is reduced in order to fire a charge shot.
6 total.


~Returning Enemies~

Reo: They spawn from Fly Pods in packs and fly towards Samus.

Geemer: Tries to run into Samus. Attacks in packs.

Skree: When Samus draws close to them, they swoop down and bury into the ground

Dessgeega and Sidehopper: They hop towards Samus. Dessgeega's have an added web
attack that can paralyze Samus.

Waver: If Samus is in range of attack, it will spiral at her to damage her.

Zero: The larval stage of Kihunters. If attacked, they'll cocoon and turn into

Kihunter: A brand of Space Pirates who resemble praying mantises with wings. If
Samus pounces on one, she can remove its wings.

Baristute: More powerful version of the Dessgeega.

Bull: When destroyed or if Samus is within attack range, it will explode and
let out a damaging cloud of gas.

Magdolite: Lava Monsters that appear in Sector 3. Unlike their counterparts in
Super Metroid, they have arms this time around and can throw rocks.

Mella: They resemble fireflies with fire actually protruding from them.

Sova: Pretty much a firey version of the Geemers. They were originally known as

Skultera: Underwater fish that ram into Samus if she gets too close.

Rinka: Rings that home in on Samus. Much like their counterparts in Metroid 1
and Super Metroid, they appear when you are nearing a battle with Mother Brain
or in this case, Melissa Bergman.

Zebesian: Space Pirate that originated from the planet Zebes before it was

Metroid: They are indistructible due to the removed vulnerability to the cold
but Adam will sacrifice his life by self-destructing part of the ship along
with them much to Samus's chagrin.

~New Enemies~

Heat Bull: Found in the Pyroshpere of Sector 3. It is a Bull with an affinity 
to fire. When Samus gets close, it will charge at her and explode when it hits

Asborean: A miniboss of sorts that attempts to charge into Samus and it will
occassionally send out Asborean Spawns to attack Samus. If Samus should use the
Lethal Strike on it, it will lose its armor. From here it must be killed or it
will perform a kamikaze move of grabbing Samus and self-destructing thus it'll
kill itself along with Samus if she is low on energy.

Asborean Spawn: Their own sole purpose is to collide with Samus. They are sent
out by Asboreans.

Sandfang: Desert worms that look for Samus then tries to attack her where she
stands. If Samus is too far when they directly attack her, they get stuck and
left open for lethal strike. They also spit sand balls at Samus.

Kyratian: These foes are tough since they fight similar to Samus when she uses
melee attacks. They also have an attack where they can charge up electricity
through their bodies. While in normal state, they can kick away missiles. The
best time to fight these guys is near water since they'll instantly die if they
fall into it.

Brug: Small bugs that get together to form Emperor Brug. They are harmless by

FG-1000: A mechanical device that is well protected by armor. It can only be
hurt when its charging up its energy attack. It also has a tendency to charge
into Samus. The first encounter with this enemy (you fight 3 of them) will give
you the Diffusion Beam.

FG II-Graham: Weaker versions of the FG-1000. They fire energy bolts at Samus
individually but they can group in twos and form a barrier between them.

Griptian: Not to be confused with the Arachnus from Metroid 2. They will attack
Samus by rolling into a ball at her, burrowing beneath the ground and spring up
on her, or slash at her. They can also jump on her and start slashing at her. A
charge shot will stun it when its in ball mode.

Mighty Griptian: A stronger version of the Griptain. They are brown with spikes
and wings.

Gigafraug: Found in the Cryosphere, they look similar to the Sheegoths from
Metroid Prime 1. It will chase after Samus to run her over. Much like the Motos
from Metroid 2, you can shoot it in the ass to cause damage. You can also shoot
Missiles at it head to break it then you can use Overblasts and Lethal Strikes
on it.

Fumbleye: They are invincible until much later in the game when Samus is given
authorization to her most powerful attacks. They try to grab Samus with their

Snomer: They are just like Geemers except they are found in the Cryosphere and
they have the ability to attack Samus directly with leaping rolling attacks.

Super Zebesian: They are Zebesians with the ability to fire Wave Beam shots at
Samus. They are red in color and have cannon in the place of an arm.

Desbrachian: They appear in the battle with MB. Madeline Bergman and Marines
from the Galactic Federation will assist Samus during the fight with them. They
have the ability to take a lot of damage even Plasma Beams and Super Missiles
barely damage them.

Dragotix: When first encountered, it is asleep. When it is active, it will try
to either eat Samus or spray fire on her.

Fly Pod: Seves only to distribute Reos, Mellas, and Himellas to attack Samus
depending on where they are located.

Ghalamanian: These chameleon-like creatures occassionaly turn invisible and
spit globs at Samus. It can sometimes grab Samus with its tail. If it is in its
invisible state, target it in 1st person view and fire a missile at it. You
fight one of them in an elevator shaft. Get to an opening or the elevator will
crush you along with it.

Cyborg Zebesian: Zebesians with cyber-armor. They are able to shoot missiles.

Cyclaw: They behave like Skree except they can grab onto Samus and explode on

Himella: They behave like Mellas except they can fire ice shards at Samus too.

Gripper: Similar to Venus Fly Traps, they wait for Samus to get close then try
to snap their jaws to eat her. Use a bomb to get free.

Poison Gripper: Weaker version of the Grippers.

Rage Hand: Appears during the fight with Phantoon. Tries to slam Samus into the

Joulion: Throws a ball of energy at Samus if she gets close. Like the Bulls,
if Samus kills one it will explode and damage Samus if she is too close. It can
also damage other Joulions during its explosion.

Whipvine: They usually just swat Samus off of a platform or grab her and flow
electricity through her before dumping her.

Emperor Brug: A single white brug which back is made to look like an eye. It
will call all the brugs to alliance to form a Brug Mass.


Brug Mass: A mass of brugs along with the Emperor Brug comes together to form 
it. It attacks by throwing its arm at Samus or the Marines. The marines use Ice
Guns to freeze a part of it while Samus targets the frozen part of the creature
with her missiles. It will resort to a pounce attack when its arms are gone.
When the base is destroyed, Samus can move in to destroy it.

Fune and Namihe: They were originally normal enemies in Super Metroids, in this
game they behave like Botwoon by poking their head out of holes in the walls
and ceiling to attack. They must be targeted while in first-person view to give
proper damage. They both attack by either shooting energy orbs or chewing Samus
up and spitting her out. When enough damage is done, they are vulnerable to a
Lethal Strike.

Groganch: Samus will encounter this boss twice in the game. It walks akwardly
around the room while shooting acid balls at Samus. Samus must aim her missiles
or first-person charge shots at the bulb on the creature to damage it. Groganch
will flip over a few times in the battle so the bulb will either be on top or
the bottom of it. When the bulb is destroyed, the Grogranch falls dead.

King Kihunter: After climbing up the spiral vine and falling through the hole
at the top, Samus encounters the King Kihunter and send Kihunters to protect it
from harm. When Samus frees the area of Kihunters, she can fire upon the King
Kihunter at will with missile until it sends more Kihunters. The cycle will
repeat until it dies.

Mystery Creature (it eventually becomes Ridley): After exiting the Exam Center,
this creature whom turns out to be the next form of the little bird creature
Samus met earlier. It pounces on Samus and pins her down as it tries to stab
Samus with its tail. The struggle continues until Anthony shoots it away and
forces it to retreat.

Goyagma:  Goyagma will throw lava rocks or swipe at Samus with its firey or 
non-firey arms depending on if the weak spot is exposed or not. It can be
frozen in some spot so Samus can damage it.

RB176 Ferrocrusher - This piece of machinery tries to run over Samus and MB. It
is being driven by a traitorous marine refered to as the deleter. It will fire
lasers on occasion. Samus can avoid both of its attacks by sensing.

Rhedogian: Wierd creature with tentacles and large claws on its face. It can
several kinds of attacks. It can launch missiles, slam Samus to the ground, or
shoot a charged massive beam at Samus. Lethal Strikes doesn't kill it in one
shot if early in battle.

Vorash - Samus first meets this creature upon entering Section 3 the first time
and it will try to eat Samus for an instant death on the first attack. Samus
must use the Sense move to avoid certain doom and avoid its subsequent strikes
to avoid being knocked into the lava. When the real fight starts, Samus must
attack its eyes and use grapple it onto a platform to attack its belly. Repeat
until the pod is completely swallowed (note that it bit a chunk of it during
the first encounter), then Samus must kill it when it is attacking.

Ridley - Samus's eternal nemesis makes a return. She first reunites with him
unknowingly as a cute white harmless birdy, they she meets up with him again as
the Mystery Creature that attacks her in the Biosphere. When it finally comes
time to face him, Samus is in disbelief that her suit temporarily malfunctions
and Ridley grabs her. Anthony saves her at what was initially thought to be the
cost of his life.

Nightmare - Samus fights him twice in the game. The first time, Nightmare has
an advantage with the ability to manipulate gravity to slow down Samus while
either shooting lasers or trying to ram into her. Samus must freeze his gravity
manipulator to win the first fight. The second fight is with Nightmare sans his
masks. He has an extra laser to fire.

Queen Metroid - She serves as the final boss in the main story. She sends out
metroids to attack Samus which must be killed before she starts to fight for
real. The Queen Metroid will grow crystals and be able to breath fire. It looks
like a downhill battle until someone slams on the breaks knocking Samus and the
Queen Metroid to the floor. Samus must shoot the belly as the QUeen Metroid is
getting up then grapple inside of her mouth and lay a Super Bomb to finish her

Phantoon - This is the very final boss of the game as you will fight him during
the post-game playthrough of the game. It will send out Rage Hands time to time
and also tries to attack Samus from the outside. His eyeball can attack Samus
as well but after enough damage, his eye falls to the ground ready to be hit by
a Lethal Strike.


Blue dots occassionally appear on the map. This tells you that an item is in
that location butits not always possible to get it by normal means.

You technically have all your powers from Super Metroid but access to them must
be authorized by Adam little by little over time.

Diffusion Beam is one of the few weapons that Samus can use without waiting for
authorization considering she never had it in Super Metroid. You get this beam
by defeating the two FG-1000s the first time.

Another weapon that doesn't need authorization is the Seeker Missiles which
also weren't one of your weapons in Super Metroid. Defeat Rhedogian in the 4th
fight to get it.

There are a total of 70 Missile Tanks, 5 Energy Tanks, 16 Tank Parts, and 6
Accel Charges to collect.

There are times when you will be stuck in 1st person view. You need to seek out
an area of interest (referred to as AOI in this guide) to proceed.



You are now watching the re-enactment of the final battle of Super Metroid. The
Mother Brain has just killed Samus's metroid child with a Hyper Beam. As pieces
of the Metroid drips all over Samus, she gets pissed and destroys Mother Brain
with a taste of her own medicine. Samus then wakes up from her nightmare of the
situation and hears the voice of the Quarantine Officer. He directs her to the
training room and she get reacquainted with her powers and some new ones.

The first attack you will learn is the Charge Beam (I'll refer to it as the
Charge Shot in the FAQ). Hold down the 1 button to gather up some energy then
release the button to fire it at the sphere. Do the same for two more spheres.

The next thing to use is the Morph Ball. Press the A button. While in Morph
Ball mode, press the 1 button to lay some bombs. Then press the A button to
deactivate the Morph Ball.

Stand in the middle of the room and Samus fall down a hole. Use the Kick Climb
to get back up by jumping towards the wall then press the opposite direction
and jump to the other wall.

You will now face some Geemers. Press the 1 button to attack them. You now will
learn the Sensemove. Press the D-pad just before getting hit to move out of the
way. Press the 1 button to unload a charge shot while doing the Sensemove.

You will learn the concentration move by holding the Wiimote upward and holding
the A button to replenish your missiles then point the Wiimote at the screen to
go into Search View and hold B to look around. See that Zebesian lurking around
on the ceiling? Lock on to it and press A to blast it with a Missile. After you
fight it a bit, jump on its head and fire. This is called the Overblast. Repeat
until it is dead.

Next move is the Power Bomb, go into Morph Ball mode and hold the 1 button to
fully charge it then let er' rip. That it for the test. Samus flies off into
space and a distress signal is received thus our story begins.

**********************************MAIN SECTOR**********************************

The AOI scene starts immediately as you search for the Galactic Federation logo
located on the slight upper right of the screen. Head to the right and enter
the door. Keep running right until you reach a dead end then go up until the
game takes over and Samus goes through the door, through some walls and does
her side roll move. She points her gun at the people she sees and they're ready
to fire. The main guy, Anthony Higgs stops them and he greets Samus. Anthony is
an old colleague from Samus's past. Adam Malkovich is there too. He is not too
pleased to see Samus. Anthony notes that the power is out and its too dangerous
to use explosives without too much damage so he cues Samus to use a missile to
open the door. At the AOI scene, point the Wiimote at the red dot in the center
and fire a missile at it. The Galactic Federation soldiers move on ahead. Samus
decides to do the same.

You are back in full control of Samus. She has decided not to use bombs or any
missiles unless Adam authorized her to do so. The only place you can go for now
is through the same door the soldiers went through. Up until you reunite with
them, any item you want to obtain is blocked by the lack of authorization to
use bombs. As you are on the way to meet them, Samus gets attacked by Reos and
gets knocked off the platfrom. Kill all the Reos first and ai the Wiimote at
the green dot on the cage and use a Charge Shot to lift it up. Roll under the
cage and zig zag your way back up the platforms back to where you got knocked
off. Kill the Geemers and jump up the steps and kill some more Reos. Once you
make it to the top enter the door. Kill the Skrees as you go right, then go up
and enter the door to kill more Reos. Ignore the door on the left, it leads to
nowhere. Run up the stairs and use the terminal to activate the door. Run to 
the broken shaft and kick climb your way to the top and enter the door. Get rid
of the Geemers and continue forward. Remember, you can't use your bombs yet so
you will have to wait until authorization to get the Energy Tank. Don't worry,
this path will play a role later on. Run up the stairs and go left into the
door. Kill the Geemers and work your way to the very top. Now go down (towards
the screen, otherwise I'll say "to the bottom" when I mean drop down) and go
up the door on the left hand side. Stand in the middle of the platform to save
your game and restore your energy.

This activates the door ahead, now run forward to the next door. There is no
enemies to worry about on the way. Samus meets up with the others. There is an
eye staring at the group. There is a dead scientist on the floor. There is some
green substance all over him. A Brug crawls from under his dead body. Lyle then
kicks away at shoots it dead. Samus is about to tell Adam the danger within the
ship and she'll follow his orders but a series of Brugs form together with the
King Brug to form the Brug Mass.

Boss Fight: Brug Mass

During the first part of the fight, nothing seems to faze it. Use the Sense to
avoid its swipes the use the first person view to lock onto the King Brug. This
is the white Brug within the Brug Mass that has an eye pattern on its back thus
its name. Samus dodges another swipe then Adam authorizes the use of the freeze
guns for his men and he authorizes the use of Missiles for Samus. Aim and shoot
a missile and the King Brug. Adam then tells everyone to freeze a part of the
Brug Mass and for Samus to use a Missile on the frozen spot. Do as he says. One
arm down. Shoot the King Brug with another Missile then let them freeze the
other arm and blow that one away. Now the Brug Mass is hoping around. Try to
aim for the King Brug to stun it. The tail is frozen. Use a missile on it to
make the King Brug pop out. One more missile will finish it off.


Adam asks for Samus's co-operation and that she follows his commands. She don't
move until he says so and she don't fire until he says so. You are then treated
to a flashback of Samus's past with the Galactic Federation. Back to reality,
Adam sends his men out to find survivors. He sends Lyle to Sector 1, Maurice to
Sector 2, Anthony to Sector 3, James to the Control Bridge, and K.G. to the
residential quarters. He then sends Samus to the System Management room. He now
authorizes the use of Bombs and will authorize the use of other weapons as he
sees fit. There is currently no plans to authorize the use of Power Bombs since
they are highly destructive. Once the system is restored, Adam says to report
back for the next orders.

You now have access to a map. Go back out the door you originally came from and
kill the Geemers. One Geemer even pops out of a hatch in the ground. Use the
Morph Ball to roll into the shaft and get the first Missile Tank in the game.
You'll have to bomb a broken cage to get to it. Roll back the other way and
spring ball out the shaft then head down and use the Restoration System. To sum
up the rest of what to do, go back to that where you had to roll up the ramp 
but couldn't get the Energy Tank because the bombs were not authorized at that
time. Use the bomb on the cage blocking the Energy Tank and get it. Keep on
rolling past it and use another bomb to get past another cage. Drop down and
you'll be in the System Management Room. Stand near the terminal and activate
it. Destroy the Fly Pods and the Reos that spring from it by hitting the Fly
Pods with three missiles each. Once they are destroyed, the door will be able
to open.

You are then told to go back to Adam's location via the map. Before you do, you
may notice a blue dot on the map. That means there is an item in that location.
You can get reach it by using a bomb in another spot you couldn't bomb before.
Continue to backtrack to just past the room with the elevator shaft and bomb
the grate on the left side of the screen and roll through it to the end. There
is another missile tank waiting for you here. Run down to get it then activate
the terminal to activate the door and run inside. Go through to the next door
and down the stairs. You'll probably recognize this room as where you had first
rendezvoused with Adam and his men. In this room is another spot you couldn't
bomb until now. Kick climb up the crates until you are at the top and bomb the
grate and roll inside for another missile tank. The next room contains another
missile tank you couldn't get the first time around. Jump down from the ledge
and bomb the floor panel and roll to the missile tank. Look out for the Geemers
who swarm in on you. Bomb them to kill them then get out of the shaft. Now you
can head back to Adam's location. Some Sidehoppers will pop onto the screen and
break the bridge. Use the Overblast to take them out faster. Once all three are
dead, run down and kick climb your way to a missile tank. Run up to the ladder
and use a charge shot on the symbol at above to break the barrier then kick
climb to the top. Use the terminal to restore the bridge and keep making your
way back to Adam. You can use the elevator now. At the top of the elevator, you
can use the terminal to raise the platforms. Now you can go into that yellow
tunnel you couldn't even get into before. Inside is a missile tank. Use the
Restoration System and finally onward to Adam. He directs you to go towards
Sector 1.

Run right then run up to the elevator and go inside. Enter the green door. No
enemies will attack you. Look up the vents and you'll see one is open. Destroy
the Fly Pod and get a running jump inside the vent and Kick Climb to the top.
Bomb the container and get the missile tank. Go on ahead to the elevator but
before you go in, go inside the tunnel on the upper left to get another missile
tank. As you go down the elevator, you'll probably notice the Energy Tank Parts
on one of the ledges. You can get it by climbing up the ledges starting from 
the right hand side. Beware of the Bulls. They release a toxin that hurts Samus
if she gets too close when they die so shoot them from afar. Drop back down and
enter the door. Beware of the bulls here too. Run ahead and kill more of the 
Sidehoppers to be able to proceed. There are six total. Once they are out of 
the way, proceed forward and you come to the main elevator that separates the 
sectors. Go into the Sector 1 elevator.

**********************************SECTOR 1*************************************

Step into the door and use the Restoration System to open the next door then
enter inside. 


Run right then up into the door. Run forward and use the missiles on the Fly
Pods and kill the Reos. Killing the Grippers here are optional. As you run up
the road, you see a door blocked by vines. Use a missile to clear them out and
run through two doors. Be on your toes because two Ghalmanians will attack out
of nowhere if you are not paying attention. Avoid their tail grabs or they will
slam you into the ground with them. When they turn invisible, use the first
person view to seek them out and shoot a missile at them when they are locked
on. It is possible to use the Overblast to attack them but its no immediate
kill on them and you must blast them quickly or they'll toss you off. Once you
do enough damage, you can finish them with Lethal Strikes. Run on through the
door and destroy two Fly Pods and the Reos that spawn from it and keep moving.
Cross the bridge and run up the spiral on the beanstalk. The Geemers are of no
threat. But the Grippers will try to chomp down on you. Clear them out as you
proceed. At the top, clear out the Geemers and Reos and the long Fly Pod. An
item circle will appear now on the radar. At this point, I assume you will need
the space jump or Shinespark to get it so lets move on. After you have defeated
the enemies in that area, use a missile to clear out the vines to reach the
door behind it. Enter inside to use the Restoration System.

After you run forward, you'll face some Wavers. Metroid fan will remember them
as early as the first Metroid. In this game, they seek out Samus and try to
spiral into her. Get past them and slide carefully down the slope while you try
not to crash into any thorns on your way to the bottom. Kill some enemies here
and move forward. A Griptian will attack you. Avoid its rolls at all times and
ready a charge shot to blast it out of its roll and attack it. It can also try
to burrow and unearth underneath you or it will try to swipe at you or pounce
on you. If it gets its claws stuck in the ground, it's Lethal Strike time. The
fight isn't over yet, once you take it out then two more show up. They might
catch you offguard when they do. Try to take them out one on one.

When all three are dead, the Geemers and Wavers return. You cannot go through
the door ahead, so go to the door on the right. You will notice Wavers behind a
long stretch of glass. There is a broken piece of glass you can roll into but
it's not at all necessary to go inside. All you'll do is make a blue item spot
appear on the map after killing the Wavers. Instead, just run to the open vent
that is by the door and hop n' roll inside. You will get a missile tank. Keep
rolling and you'll come out through the other side of the door. Head downstairs
and run to the back. Enter the door then run to the far door into the Breeding
Room. There is a door to the left which you'll enter. Samus walks in slowly and
notices a dead scientist which was killed by a different creature than the 1st
dead scientist. Exit the room and it'll lock. Go back upstairs into a room at
the top of the stairs that you'll notice had an empty vial the first time you
entered (if you went in first before going downstairs). There is now a Geemer
inside of it. Blast it with a missile and morph into the ball and jump into the
hole left behind and roll out of the tunnel to get back to other side of the
Super Missile door. Exit stage left and run towards the screen for another POI
scene. Move the screen to the left and point to some leaves that seem to be
moving. You get a cutscene of a white bird like creature trying to eat some
fruit. Hard to believe that is... (if you want to be spoiled, go over to the
Bestiary section ;p).

Adam unlocked the door, head towards it and Samus will stop and look back at
the white creature before going inside. Run forward and destroy a couple Fly
Pods and the Reos that spawn from it. There is an item nearby, to find it, hop
into a hole where some small bugs constantly hop out of it and roll to the end
of the tunnel to examine a terminal which changes the layout. Go back to the
spot you saw the item beep and get a missile tank at the top of two steps. Now
enter the door ahead. Kill the Geemers inside as you head for the door. They'll
keep spawning until you use a Charge Shot the green dot above the door. This'll
unleash some gas that will render the Geemers harmless and also unlock the door

There is another layout terminal in the area. Thanks the Reos popping out of
the waterfall, you now have a clue of where to go. Destroy the Fly Pod and go
into the waterfall. Roll through the tunnel (you'll do a spring ball jump when
you are halfway through). At the top, take note that the Dragotix is not going
to wake up when disturbed. Just head for the terminal to change the layout. Now
it wakes up. Three Sidehoppers will jump in. Take them out with Overblasts then
take out the Dragotix by aiming missiles at its bulb. Kick jump up the elevator
shaft and enter the door at the top. Destroy all the Geemers in this room. You
will see a broken grate on the floor. Roll into it for a Missile Tank. Roll out
and go through the door ahead. The next room contains a series of Wavers. Get
through them then slide down the slope but watch out for thorns. Enter the door
to use the Restoration System.

You are given new co-ordinates on the map to head towards. The door will not
open, but there is a door where you can use a missile to blow a hole into it.
Morph Ball and jump into the hole and run down the hall. Don't bother trying to
fight the Groganch since the glass won't let you hit it. At the same time, it
can't hit you either. Once you enter the new room, go inside the left door so
you can get Accel Charge then go back out and enter the door ahead. Kill the
Bulls then go into the next door. Kill the Geemers and go into the door on the
right and work your way upwards as you kill the Geemers. Get to the top and aim
a missile at the elevator junk to loosen it. A Ghalamanian crawls up the shaft.
Drop down into that gap on the right hand side and aim another missile at the
elevator junk to make it fall and kill the Ghalamanian instantly. Failure leads
to Samus getting crushed for an instant game over. Climb back up the shaft and
at the top where the elevator used to be is a slot where you can roll your way
to the right and get a Missile Tank. Head back and go into the next room. In
this area, you will notice a door which requires a Super Missile to open, there
are some holes that you can roll through on the opposite side of it. Either one
of the hole leads to a Missile Tank. Collect it then roll back out and enter
the next room. You are in an area where you can view the waterfall area. If you
look closely, you'll see an Energy Part you can't get just yet. There's a shaft
you can roll into by blowing away the cover first. Once inside, you'll drop a
long way. Roll to the right and keep on bombing the garbage blocks that are
obstructing your path. A Geemer will come down to try to hit you but roll away
and bomb it. Near the end, you'll see another garbage block, you can bomb it
now if you like. The path leads to a spot where you'll need a grapple beam but
you can't use it yet. That same Energy Part I mentioned earlier is the one that
is waiting for you when the Grapple Beam is accessible. There is also a Missile
Tank towards the end of the path. Spring Ball to it to collect it. Roll down
the pit and roll to the end of the tunnel to end up in...

~~Scrap Block~~

Kill all the Wavers in this room. While it doesn't look like it's necessary
since you can just exit straight ahead but you want these guys out of the way
so you can missile away all the rocks and roll through a hole on the left side.
It leads to a Missile Tank.. Collect it then roll back out. Ignore the Wavers
and run up the stairs and through the door. As you run ahead, Missile the vines
then continue forward. Those sneaky Grippers will try to eat you from the pits.
Get rid of them. As you approach a dead end, a Namihe bust through the wall.
Use the Sense to dodge it and continue ahead. Don't waste much time here for
the Grippers will try to sneak up on you by burrowing then spring up from below
you. Get past them and use a missile on the vines. At the end of the path, use
a Missile on the ceiling and continue forward. Blow up the rock and roll into
the pipe. It takes you into...

~~Subterranean Control Room~~

You will fight two Ghalmanians here. Defeat them like you've done so before and
exit stage right. Save your game here. As soon as you enter the next room, you
are in for a fight. You fight against three FG-1000s and they are a pain in the
ass to defeat. You can only damage them when they are getting ready to fire a
charge shot of their own. A one-on-one battle is cool but you are fighting two
at one time (destroy one and a third one comes in). There are two ways to go
about handling this situation. You can try to fire a Charge Shot while one is
firing and keep pelting it with small fire every chance you get or you can wait
and make sure the other FG-1000 is not trying to ram you. It takes about two or
three missiles to destroy them so save that strategy for when only one is left
to destroy. Your reward...

ITEM GET: Diffusion Beam

The wall will open and two Fly Pods with Reos will emerge. Time to test out the
Diffusion Beam. Fire a Charge Shot and it will hit multiple Reos. Once they are
destroyed, touch the terminal and it activates an area nearby. Go left and save
your game and then continue left. OH COME ON! We just got through busting our
asses with the FG-1000s now this...

Boss Fight: Fune and Namihe

Our buddies from Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion are back as bosses. They are
both the same creature except Namihe has eyes and Fune doesn't. They each poke
their heads out of holes and spit balls of electricity at you. Get a safe shot
at them and fire a missile at either one. Fune takes one missile to knock it
out of its hole while Namihe takes two. When either one is out, fire another
missile at its head and use a lethal strike on it to kill it. Rinse and repeat
for the other one. Victory unlocks the Morph Ball boosters.


Go back and save your game then roll through the hole you once came out of to
get here. Bomb the booster to send you up the chute. Once you're on the surface
a Dragotex will attack you but you can destroy it easily. Just do the whole lil
waterfall routine and up the elevator shaft and basically fight your way to the
Restoration System and save your game. The door ahead is now open. So that is
what that terminal activated back when the diffusion beam was acquired. Enter
the door and kill everything inside and an item spot will appear on the map but
you can't get it yet. Fire a missile a piece of rock and roll through the pipe
to activate the layout terminal. There is a spot you'll have to hop over on the
way there. Once the terminal is activated, hop down and it looks like there is
some blockage straight ahead but that is really a part of the original room
that wasn't affected. Bomb it and roll through the hole left behind. You will
fall into a new area. Use a missile on the webbing and kill the Reos. Watch for
those sneaky Grippers as you go. There are four webbings to destroy. Ah shit!
It's a Griptian. Destroy it and you can enter the door ahead.

~~Biological Experiment Floor~~

Run up the spiraling slope and jump when necessary. Avoid the Whipvines sparks
and avoid them altogther when their vine is not sticking out (unless you don't
mind being grabbed and thrown off the spiral). Kill the Poison Grippers here as
well. You can also use a missile on the Whipvines to make it safer for you. As
you approach the fourth whipvine, there is a Missile Tank in plain sight. Drop
down to get it. Once at the top, fall down the hole and you'll drop down a long
shaft. Another POI scene. Target the crawling Zeros in the area. A loud scream
will send the Zeros in a panic and some Key Hunters will come in. Make use of
your Diffusion Beam and destroy them all. Now use your missiles on the flowers
above as they shoot sparks at you. There are six total. Everytime you destroy
two, more Kihunters arrive so rinse and repeat until all six flower pods are

Boss Fight: King Kihunter

Destroy the Kihunters first then aim your missiles at the King Kihunter until
more Kihunters arrive. This is a simple rinse and repeat job until it is dead.


Samus meets up with her little bird buddy again as feeds on the dead body of a
Kihunter. Adam directs Samus to the Biosphere Test area to meet the others over
at the Exam Center. Enter the door. There is an Energy Part straight ahead. Use
Bombs on the Zeros to kill them. Go up the ramp  and bomb the cage at the top,
roll inside and the path leads to an Energy Part. Get it and roll back out. A
Sidehopper comes out of nowhere. Defeat it then go forward and save your game.

Proceed forward and kill the Reos and Zeros. Go inside the door ahead and hit
the terminal switch to retract the bridge, drop down and roll into a tunnel
that leads to a Missile Tank. Now work your way up and out of here and go right
and enter that door at the end. Go right and enter the water. Kill the Whipvine
and roll through the hole behind it for a missile tank and roll back out. Go
right and use a Charge beam on the switch to activate a carrier. Before you use
it, destroy the Whipvines on the ceiling or they will knock you off the carrier
and that will be a pain. Destroy more as you ride it. In the next room, stay
above the water and kill the Bulls. Use a charge shot on the switch to raise
the water. Jump to the right to land on a platform beneath the water and stay
towards the bottom as you take out some Skulteras. There is a tunnel on the
right wall which you can roll into and get a Missile Tank. Roll out and look up
in first person view. Use a Charge Shot on the switch to lower the water. Hop
across the islands and use another Charge Shot on the next switch and the water
rises and falls constantly. Wait for it to start falling and try to do a Kick
climb behind the wall with the switch. Enter the door ahead and you'll be in a
swampy area.

There is a terminal in this area, using the map as a reference, go to the tree
on the very left. Climb up the platforms and use the roll tunnels to make your
way across. Just watch out for the Geemers in the tunnels and don't fall down.
Hit the terminal swith and you will have a fight with a Groganch. Kill it by
shooting your missiles at its bulb. It may flip several times before it finally
gives it but in the meantime, avoid its smoke bombs and avoid being stepped on.
When it dies, it will go through a dramatic death scene and the bulb will go
out. Kick climb up the elevator shaft and enter the room to save your game. The
next room contains Zeros and Kihunters but when you kill them all, you'll see a
Missile Tank that you can't get yet. Also in the same room are cocoons that
will become Kihunters. Ok, lets move on to the next room. Look somewhere on the
ceiling in first person view for an item box. Shoot it to make an Missile Tank
fall down and you can collect it. Go into the elevator shaft and kill all of
the Geemers and climb your way up to the top. Use a Charge Shot on the switch
while in first person mode and it activates the Morph Ball booster. Use it to
break through the top. Run towards the screen as you destroy the Kihunters. You
will end up in a room where you must fight three Griptians. They will not try
to roll into you this time. Defeat them and if you head to the glass, you will
see an Energy Part you can't get yet.

Go through the door leading to the right. Kill the Reos and enter the door that
leads forward. Kill the Whipvines as you see them and go to the next room. As 
you progress, another Groganch comes to life. Maintain your distance n' destroy
it with your as many of your missiles as you can. Once it's dead, ride the lift
and shoot the Reos in the way. At the end of the ride, jump to the other side 
and roll through the scaffolding (jump when you see the first sign of a new 
scaffolding level), and bomb the Geemers. You will eventually obtain an Energy
Tank and make your way to the terminal to unlock the door. Enter the door and
use the Restoration System. Run up the stairs and go left into the door.

~~Biosphere Test Area~~

Just a cutscene of Samus running into the...

~~Exam Center~~

Go inside the elevator ahead and ride it up. There are no items to collect for
the rest of this trip in Sector 1 so follow the path and save your game. Exit
forward and go right. Blow up a piece of the wall below and roll right and go
inside the door ahead. Use the computer to unlock the door and roll back. Enter
that door and just take the norma; path as shown on the map until you reach a
door that is already open. Samus will walk inside and see James Pierce inside.
The other guys come in and Lyle seems to be late. Maurice tries to hack into
some computers while Samus and the others check out the rest of the Exam Center
so  run up the stairs and enter the door and save your game. Enter the door
ahead and just follow the map until the next cutscene. The door locks behind
you but you can examine the others and find a corpse that falls. Another POI
scene here, scan the chest and it will show a Galactic Federation symbol. It
seems that the Bottle Ship is used to house creatures for Biological weapons.
The person responsible is Madeline Bergman. Return to the room where you found
the Zebesian corpse but save along the way. When you get there, some saliva 
will fall from the ceiling. and lead to a POI scene. Look up at the ceiling and
scan the creatures. They will drop down, and Adam has you fight them while the
others evacuate. Avoid their shots and the Cyber Zebesians will fall easily to
charge shots. Some will use the doors as cover. Take them all out then head on
outside. Save your game on the way.

The men are fighting a mysterious purple creature. It spots Samus and ambushes
her. It takes a stab at her head but she avoids the stab. The rest of the gang
is being preocuppied by the other creatures.

Boss Fight: Mystery Creature

Use your missiles to stop the tail from striking you. Keep this up until...


Anthony knocks the creature off of Samus and scares it away. The Creature then
escape into some type of rift. Sadly, it turns out that Lyle is dead. Something
has killed hi, and left him as pile of rags. In the next POI scene, examine the
green blood. Samus discovers the shell of the White Birdie. It seems that it
molted into another creature. Adam directs you to Sector 3. Go inside the door
to the left and once inside, you'll drop into Sector 3.

**********************************SECTOR 3*************************************

Tune in next time. But to be fair I'll guide you to the next Restoration System
then call it a day.


Run right and kill the Skrees, Heat Bulls, and Mellas. Get ready to use your
Sense move because the Vorash will pop out of the lava and try to eat Samus. It
is an instant Game Over if it succeeds to use the Sense move to avoid it. Go
into the door at the end and kill the Heat Bulls. You can't get the Missile
Tank just yet but you can jump into the spot where there are fireflies and roll
down the path to the left and keep rolling until you get and Energy part. Roll
out and go into the door on the right and save your game.

A new door will be accessible. Run through the door and you will have no time
to sit around as the heated area does continual damage and your Varia Suit is
not authorized yet so you'll be making a break for it. If things couldn't get
any worse, the Vorash is back to antagonize you. You will have to use the Sense
Move to avoid being hit as you hop through the rocks in the lava. Once you make
it to safety, enter the door. There is a fly pod on fire. Igonore it and fight
the Zebesian by using Overblast. Eventually Adam will authorize the Ice Beam so
the fight can go much easier. Use it to defeat the Mellas and the Fly Pod that
spawns them. A circle appears. Use a bomb on the circles. The left one has a
Morph Ball Boost that leads you to an Accel Charge. Go back down and through
the door on the left. Kill the Sovas and Mellas along the way but beware of the
fire coming from the vents. The next room has more fire vents but you will also
deal with four Dessgeegas. You can kill them the same way as the Sidehoppers
but it is easier to freeze them then Overblast them. Be quick because they can
toss you off of them and damage you. Once they are all gone, scan the room in
first person mode, one of the vents is destroyable. Do so and roll inside when
the fire is not blowing and get a Missile Tank.

Roll out and go back the normal path. Clear out all enemies and Kick Climb up
the shaft. There is an item listed on the map but you need Super Missiles to
get it...SHIT! Go right then forward. Slide down the shaft and use a Charge
Shot in first person view to open the door high enough to roll through it. Kill
the Sova here and enter the next room to use the Restoration System. Go right
and don't bother fighting the Magdollites unless necessary. Soon you will jump
up a cliff just before the door, drop off the right of it and roll through a
hole to left to get an Energy Part and thus you have obtained a full Energy
Tank. Enter the door then run right then forward while killing the Sovas and
Mellas. Kill the Fly Pod here too. 

~~Floor Observation Room~~

When you enter the room, you'll face off against an Absborean and these guys 
are tough. You can only damage it when it is raising its claws and preparing to
strike. Use a Charge Shot on the belly. To kill it faster, Use a charge shot on
its head when its trying to run you over. use a Lethal Strike to rip it out of
its shell and destroy it from afar with a Charge Shot. Roll underneath the 
stairs to get a Missile Tank. There is another one in this room. Go to the room
on the left and jump into the vent and roll your way to the next Missile Tank 
and roll back out. Enter the door ahead and make a run for it to the other 
side. If you are low on health, step outside until you are in the red first 
then run back inside and use COncentration to restore yourself then run to the 
other side. You will have to shoot your way to avoid running into Sovas. Enter
the door to use the Restoration System.

Defeat the Zebesians in the next room. Use the terminal to make the lava sink
down then roll into the hole on the right first for an Energy Part. Now roll
through the left hole and take a long drop into heated territory.

~~Crater Interior~~

Keep running to the right and keep shooting as you go. Use the Sense Move so
you don't get struck by the Goyagma's tentacles. You will also have to do some
rolling and Kick Climbing to reach the top. Once you make it to the top, Adam
will authroize the Varia Suit. (Author's Note: Why didn't you do that shit in
the first place, Adam?)

Boss Fight: Goyagma

It will grab you at the start. Use a charge shot to break free. Try to aim four
charge shots at its chest. Don't let Goyagama hit you with its tentacles and do
not stand in the same spot where it slams a tentacle. The eruption can hurt you
if it touches you. The slam itself is more damaging if it lands on you. Once
you hit it with four charge shots, the chest will be frozen. Aim a Missile at
the frozen spot. Repeat the process once. Now its pattern will change. It will
light it's tenacles on fire and slam the ground. Keep running to avoid the fire
eruptions from the ground. When its tentacle is stuck on the ground, freeze it
with a charge shot and run up the arm and use an Overblast. The next pattern is
the same except it is preceeded by Goyagma taking a dip in the pool and then
throwing some fireballs your way. Use your Sense Move to avoid them. Perform
your Overblast when the opportunity strikes and get ready to finish it off. It
will use a random pattern but use the Overblast method. The ice will break pre-
maturely so when Samus goes for the kill, Goyagma tosses her up but Charge up
your shot and let er' rip. Goyagma is dead.


Head back down to the bottom of the volcano but defeat the Dessgeegas on the
way. There are plenty. It is optional but you can go back up via the Morph Ball
Booster to head to Restoration System to refuel but regardless, continue your
trek down to the bottom and enter the door. Kill the Sovas and keep going. Adam
will tell you to continue investigating Sector 3 if you try to use the elevator
so proceed right and kill the Sovas and Heat Bulls and go right again and kill
the Space Pirates. Kick Climb to the top and don't waste your time. Just enter 
the door ahead and kill the Sovas and Dessgeegas and enter the next room to use
the Restoration System and save. The next room has a lava pool. However, the
Grapple Beam is not authorized yet so double back and Adam tells you to go to
Sector 2. Fight your way back to the elevator. Ahh fuck, an Asborean. Kill it
as you did before. Now head to the elevator which takes you the Main Sector.
Now enter the elevator to Sector 2.

**********************************SECTOR 2*************************************

I'm all done for today but I'll be nice and say go to the door ahead on the
right and side and go through the frozen room and beyond that is the room to
use the Restoration System. I'll have Sector 2 finished on the next update.


These are listed in the order as I get them. I will also locate which Sector I
am in and it will all be the same sector unless noted. 


~Main Sector~

[] - After Adam's briefing to Samus and the others, exit through the only door
     that is functional and kill the Geemers in that room. One will pop out of
     a shaft during the fight. Once the fight is over, roll into that shaft and
     bomb the cage then roll forward to claim it. (1 of 70)

[] - As you keep backtracking towards the direction of Samus's ship (you aren't
     actually going there), just past the room with the broken elevator shaft
     is a room with a cage that you can bomb and roll into. Roll all the way to
     the end and after you come out, you can run to the item. (2 of 70)

[] - After you got missile tank #2, you'll end up in a room where you first met
     up with Adam and his men. Kick climb up the crates and at the top, bomb
     the grate and roll your way to the next missile tank (3 of 70)

[] - Remember when you the Reos knocked you down off the ledge near the start
     of the game? In that area was another spot where you had no access to your
     bombs. Go back to that area and bomb it. A missile tank is at the end of
     the tunnel. (4 or 70)

[] - After your first encounter with the Sidehoppers, run down and kick climb
     to the missile tank. (5 of 70)

[] - Just before returning to Adam, access the terminal on the top floor of the
     elevator and it will raise platforms. Drop down to the level where there
     was a tunnel previously inacessible and roll in for the missile tank that
     at the end of it. (6 of 70)

[] - On your way to Sector 1, you will notice a vent overhead. Look up through
     openings and one has a Fly Pod. Destroy it then run and jump into the vent
     and kick climb to the top. Bomb the container and get the missile tank
     (7 of 70)

[] - Go inside the left vent before you enter the elevator that leads a long 
     way down. (8 of 70)

~Sector 1~

[] - You just fought 3 Griptians in Sector 1, go into the door on the side and
     keep running until you see an opening in the vent above you and jump and
     roll inside. (9 of 70)

[] - You had just met up with the white birdie and went through the door that
     Adam had unlocked. Destroy 2 Fly Pods and the Reos that come out of them.
     Run forward and roll into a hole that small bugs are dropping out of. At
     the end is a terminal which changes the layout. Go back and jump up two
     rocky steps and the Missile Tank is at the top. (10 of 70)

[] - After the fight with the Dragotix, kick jump up the elevator shaft and
     kill the Geemers inside the room and roll into a hole on the left hand
     side to reach the Missile Tank. (11 of 70)

[] - Crush the Ghalamanian with the elevator and climb to the top and go to the
     right. Roll through the tunnel and get the Missile Tank. (12 of 20)

[] - From Missile Tank #12, go into the next room and across from the Super
     Missile Door, roll into one of the holes and it will lead to an item box
     that contains the next Missile Tank. Bomb the container and collect it.
     (13 of 70)

[] - While in the Waterfall Observation room, bomb the cover off a hatch and
     drop down into a shaft. Roll and bomb your way to the right and you will
     see it on the other side of a pit. Spring Ball to reach it. (14 of 70)

[] - In Scrap Block, get rid of the Wavers then destroy the junk in the room to
     reveal a hole for you to roll through and get the Missile Tank. (15 of 70)

[] - In the Biological Experiment Floor, go up the spiral but watch out for the
     Poison Grippers and Whipvines. You should see the Missile Tank in plain
     sight. Drop down to get it. (16 of 70).

[] - After you defeated King Kihunter and saved your game, go in the door ahead
     and retract the bridge. Drop down and there should be an area that you can
     roll inside and get you the Missile Tank. (17 of 70)

[] - The first time you enter the water in the game, you'll see a Whipvine in
     the water that stays out. Missile it to destroy it then roll into the hole
     behind it to get the Missile Tank in the end. (18 of 70).

[] - Raise the water and jump to the right into another part of the water and
     stay on the bottom. Roll through the hole on the right wall and there is a
     Missile Tank waiting for you (19 of 70).

[] - When you reach a room full of Kihunters, Zeros and Cocoons, head to the
     next room and look on the ceiling in first person view mode and shoot an
     item box to make the Missile Tank fall for you to get it. (20 of 70)

~Sector 3~

[] - During your first encounter with the Dessgeegas, kill them then scan the
     fire vents in first person mode, destroy the one that is locke on and roll
     inside to get the Missile Tank. (21 of 70)

[] - Defeat the Asborean in the Floor Observation Room and then roll underneath
     the stairs. (22 of 70)

[] - After Missile Tank #22, go into the next room and jump into the vent and
     roll to the Missile Tank from there. (23 of 70)


~Main Sector~

[] - You'll bump into this when you are on the way to rendezvous with Adam
     and his crew but you are not authorized to use bombs yet so you'll have
     to wait until you receive your first orders from Adam. Now roll up the
     vent and bomb the grating to get to it. Basically, you'll get this item
     en route to entering the System Management Room through the ventilation
     shaft. (1 of 5)

~Sector 1~

[] - After killing the second Groganch, you get to ride a lift. At the end of
     the ride, you'll roll through some scaffolding full of Geemers that leads
     to the Energy Tank. (2 of 5)


~Main Sector~

[] - After Missile Tank #8, you go down an elevator. You'll see it on the way
     down. Climb back up to get it but watch out for the Bulls. (1 of 16)

~Sector 1~

[] - King Kihunter is dead, go down the normal path and you should see it. Run
     up the ramp and bomb the vent opening and roll to it. (2 of 16)

~Sector 3~

[] - After escaping being eaten by the Vorash, go to the door on the right and
     kill the Heat Bulls first. Stand where the Fireflies are and roll to the
     left. Stay on the path to reach the Energy Part. (3 of 16)

[] - Ignore the Magdollites if necessary and once you get past the last one,
     hop up the cliff and drop down past it and roll in the hole at the bottom
     of it. (4 of 16)

[] - Use the terminal to lower the lava after defeating some Zebesians and roll
     into the hole on the right for the Energy Part. (5 of 16)


~Sector 1~

[] - After running down a hallway that gives you a glimpse of the Groganch, 
     enter the room and go into the left door. The Accel Charge is in one of
     the stalls. (1 of 6)

~Sector 3~

[] - Once you get the Ice Beam and kill the enemies inside, use a bomb on the 
     left circle which hides a Morph Ball Boost and it will lead you to the
     Accel Charge. (2 of 6)


The threat of Metroids and Space Pirates had seemingly disappered from galactic
society... Samus receives a distress call known as a "Baby's Cry" while flying
through space. Something stirs within her, and Samus sets out for the distress
call source, a decommisioned facility called the BOTTLE SHIP. When she arrives,
a Galactic Federation ship is already on the scene. 

Before long, Samus encounters a group of soldiers led by her former commander 
in the Galactic Forces, Adam Malkovich. Among the soldiers is her old friend,
Anthony. Although she's unable to ascertain Adam's motives on the BOTTLE SHIP,
she decides to stay.

With Samus's help, Adam's team defeats a gigantic creature. Adam uses the
incident as an opportunity to ask Samus for her aid if she'll be willing to
follow his orders. As the soldiers split up to search the area, Samus begins on
her assigned task: restoring power to the Main Sector.

Having restored power to the Main Sector, Samus receives Adam's next order:
investigating Sector 1. While investigating Sector 1, Samus discovers the body
of a lab worker inside a large speciman cage.As she continues her investigation
Samus encounters a small, unfamiliar creature.

After finding their nest, Samus survives attacks by the beelike creatures in
Sector 1 and destroys the nest.Samus is dumbfounded by the strange reappearance
of the small creature she saw earlier and shortly receives instructions from
Adam to head for the Exam Center.

After meeting with Anthony and the others at the Exam Center, Samus discovers a
Zebesian with cyborg characteristics. The team hears about the Federation's
biological weapon development program and the person in charge of it, Madeline
Bergman. Shortly thereafter, a violent, unidentified creature attacks.

Having been saved from certain death by a blast from Anthonys plasma gun, Samus
regroups with the soldiers, who found Lyle's corpse. Afterward, Samus finds the
cast-off of the small creature she had seen earlier. Samus receives a new order
from Adam to follow the wounded creature and investigate Sector 3.

After Samus sets out for Sector 3, the Exam Center explodes. Adam then informs
Samus there might be survivors in Sector 2. Samus sets out for Sector 2.


Nintendo for making this game
Team Ninja for working on the game
Metroid Wikia for enemy names
You for reading this FAQ
GameFAQs for hosting the FAQ


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