Metroid: Other M: FAQ/Walkthrough

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Name of game:   Metroid Other M / [NTSC-U/C]
Type of guide:  Complete Walkthrough / FAQ
Platform:       Wii
Version:        Samus, released on 3rd September 2010
Authors:        Damir Kolar (Split Infinity) 
Copyrighted to: (c) Damir Kolar (Split Infinity) - All rights reserved
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01.)                         LATEST UPDATES - G0100

- Version Samus (3rd September 2010)
# This thing is just getting started!

02.)                       LEGAL INFORMATION - G0200

This document is copyrighted to me, Damir Kolar (Split Infinity). It is
intended for *PRIVATE* use only. It cannot be used in ANY form of printed or
electronic media involved in a commercial business, in part or in whole, in any
way, shape, or form. It cannot be given away freely, as bonus or prize, it
can't be given away with the game and so on. It cannot be used for profitable
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This document is protected by copyright law and international treaties.
Unauthorized reproduction and distribution of this document, or any portion
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                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

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01.) Latest Updates       | G0100  | Read what was added in last update.
02.) Legal Information    | G0200  | Copyright protection and legal info.
03.) Introduction         | G0300  | A bit about myself and this guide.
04.) Video References     | G0400  | Video walkthru.
05.) Walkthrough          | G0500  | Guide from start to finish.
??.) Past Revisions       | G??00  | History of this guide resides here...
??.) Credits              | G??00  | All who contributed... Thank you.
??.) Contact Info         | G??00  | Find out how to reach us.

03.)                          INTRODUCTION - G0300

Hello! This is my first Metroid project ever, and a debut FAQ for Wii platform.
I hope you'll like this guide, as I'll try to make your journey through the
game to be the least painful.

Here's explanation of some things:

- Spoiler issue - I'm the players of the game, just like you (who is reading
  this guide) are. First time I've played through the game was completely by
  myself - therefore nothing was spoiled for us. All the story elements that
  were supposed to surprise me had such effect. Hence why I will not include
  any spoilers (except names of places and NPCs you must address to continue
  the storyline).

- I will be using abbreviations a lot. Old habits die hard.

04.)                        VIDEO REFERENCES - G0400

For those who require help in getting thru the game further than what the
walkthru covers, here's something you could definitely use. I've made a video
playthru of the entire game from start to finish. It's available here:

05.)                          WALKTHROUGH - G0500

Oh yeah, do send me official names for enemies. I'm not Metroid die-hard fan,
so I'm not all too familiar with regular joe-schmoes.

CHAPTER 01 ========================================================= CHAPTER 01
WLK01                             GAME BASICS
CHAPTER 01 ========================================================= CHAPTER 01

Enjoy the introduction scene. After Samus dons Power Suit, it's time to get
accustomed to controls.

Hold Wii remote sideways - your left thumb will be controlling Dpad and A
button, while your right tumb will be controlling buttons 1 and 2.

Dpad is used to move Samus around.
A is used for Morph Ball mode.
B is used for looking around when in 1st person view mode.
1 is used for shooting Power Beam.
2 is used for jumping.

CHARGE BEAM - Press and hold 1 until fully charged and then release to shoot a
charged beam at the glowing ball. Repeat the exercise on two glowing balls.

MORPH BALL - With the Wii remote held sideways, press A. This will cause Samus
to morph into a ball.

NORMAL BOMB - Press 1 while in Morph Ball mode to release a bomb. You can lay
up to three bombs at once (or five at once if you morph ball at the moment when
Samus' beam is fully charged).

DEACTIVATE MORPH BALL - Press A while in Morph Ball mode to return to normal,
standing position.

Now you need to get inside the glowing square in the room. Doing so will cause
you to fall into a pit.

KICK CLIMB - Press and hold Dpad toward a wall and press 2 with good timing to
consecutively kick your way up. Make sure not to change direction with Dpad.

ATTACK - Press 1 to fire your beam at crab-like enemies. Keep killing them to
move onto next part of the training.

SENSEMOVE - At the right moment, press Dpad just before being hit. Use
Sensemove while pressing 1 to quickly reach full charge. Dodge Space Pirate's
beam a couple of times and you're done.

CONCENTRATION - Hold Wii remote vertically and press and hold A to replenish
your missiles. You start the game with 10 missiles.

SEARCH VIEW - Point Wii remote at the screen and press and hold B to look
around. Space Pirate is found on the ceiling in far right corner. When you do

LOCK ON - Press and hold B and point at your target to lock on.

NORMAL MISSILE - Press A and release immediately while locked on.

Space Pirate will fall down from ceiling and engage in combat. Use the basics
you've learned and shoot the baddie with couple of charged beams. Once
sufficiently weakened, jump on its head. Once the enemy is grounded, you can

LETHAL STRIKE - Press Dpad toward a downed enemy while pressing 1. Once fully
charged, you'll launch a strong attack. Whoa...

POWER BOMB - Press A to change into morph ball, then press and hold 1 and
release when fully charged.

PRO-TIP - It is possible to sensemove while in 1PV. As you're about to get hit,
shake Wiimote and Samus will jump out of harms way.

CHAPTER 02 ========================================================= CHAPTER 02
WLK02                      MAIN SECTOR GUIDE, PART 1
CHAPTER 02 ========================================================= CHAPTER 02

W(est) means go right.
E(ast) means go left.
N(orth) means go into background.
S(outh) means go into foreground (that is, move Samus towards the screen)

Okie dokie, we're at the Bottle Ship, which I'll call BS for short. When the
scenes are finished, you can't move. Wut? I call that PIXEL HUNT. Point Wii
remote at the screen and search around for something interesting in order to
proceed. The point of interest is on the ship in front of you - look for the
emblem on its nose. To examine stuff while in this mode, press and hold B on
things of interest.

Afterwards go E into next area (man, I really hate it that areas don't have
names like they did in Prime series), or go W to return to your ship if you
want to save the game.

Screen will shake momentarily, then go N. It appears you're not alone on BS,
there's six other people who appear to have business here.

PIXEL HUNT - Point Wii remote at the door, hold B to lock on, and press A to
shoot a missile to open the path ahead.

For some incredibly stupid reason, Samus decides she wants to tag along with
Adam's orders and decides not to use any of cool upgrades she collected on
Zebes. They must be authorized first.

Go N into next area, then E into next area. Some annoying fly will ambush you
on the bridge and make Samus drop down from the ledge, where fly's buddies are
having a party. Make a mincemeat out of them with your trusty Power Beam.

After you dissipate all enemies, your minimap will beep a couple of times and a
blue dot will appear inside it (I'll call this ITEM BEEP). This means that the
room you're in contains some kind of power-up - those are:
70x Missile Tank
16x Energy Part (4 energy parts award one Energy Tank)
6x Accel Charge
5x Energy Tank
3x E-Recovery Tank

Once uncovered in this way, the power ups you have not yet collected will
remain marked on your map (which you can open with +). You cannot collect this
particular power up yet, cos you need to get Normal Bombs auth'd.

K, so how do we get out of here? Look towards the right for a grating with some
type of switch on it. Go to 1PV and shoot the switch repeatedly until it
charges or deliver a charge beam into it to get the grating up a bit. Go morph
ball, roll under the grating and jump up. Continue going up, getting rid of two
crabs and several flies, until you reach the door leading E into next room.

This is a dark corridor, so be careful as you advance as there are a couple of
bats plastered on ceiling that will get a drop on you when you get close. When
you get past them, turn N into next area.

Three flies will emerge from W door and attack you, so promptly delete them,
then take the door they attacked from. Hm, a loo, but nothing of interest here,
so return to previous room. Go up the stairs, and examine the terminal to open
N door. In order to operate the terminals, all you need to do is stand close to

In next room go N and step into broken elevator shaft. Kick climb your way up
and go N to next room. Doors will lock behind you - defeat four crabs for ITEM
BEEP and go N to next room. Advance N across the bridge, kicking off four
crabs, then take W exit to next room.

A large elevator area, with six crabs presiding here. Get rid of them for ITEM
BEEP, and then work your way up the ledges to top of the room. At the top take
N exit.

You have found game's first NAVIGATION BOOTH. These allow you to replenish your
health, restore missile ammo (like you need to) and open path forward. Just
stand on the platform and your game will be saved.

Exit N into long corridor, and keep going until a scene kicks in.


Listen for boss emitting a sound that resembles beeping, as this telegraphs
boss using tentacle smash up to four times in your general direction (sometimes
it'll go after you allies). Use sensemove to avoid being hit (you can just tap
directions on Dpad). Its weak point is obviously the eye, but how can you hit

Once boss stops the current slapping business, go 1PV and lock on boss' eye
with B for a scene. Your allies will now use freeze guns...


Aaand you get to shoot missiles at last. Remember, 10 missiles is your starting
count - to use a missile, you need to press A while locked on.

You can shoot the eye in two ways - either you wait for boss to bury its
tentacles into the ground and start to grovel for few seconds and then missile
the eye, or you deliver missile justice between the slight pause boss offers
before next slap attack.

Either way, once a missile is shot in its eye, Adam will order his team to
concentrate fire in single location, while you attack the frozen spot with a
missile. Aim at the frozen tentacle and missile it to shatter it for good. Boss
will now attack by sweeping the remaining tentacle around it on the floor. Did
you get the drill by now? Missile its eye, then wait for other tentacle to get
frozen, then missile it.

Now boss will attempt to jump on you, which is still easily avoided by
sensemove. Shooting another missile into its eye will allow your allies to
freeze it again, letting you get a third shot in. Now a big beetle will jump
out of the remains and start scurrying around. Missile its ass too and boss is


You need to go to System Management room in order to restore power to the area.
A yellow diamond shape will now appear on your map, marking your next
destination. Okies, looks like we need to exit S.

As you go down the corridor, five crabs will attack. Dismiss them for ITEM
BEEP. One of the crabs jumped out of a vent, so go to that spot and morph ball
into the vent. Roll S, use normal bomb at broken grating and then collect
MISSILE TANK (01/70) to increase your missile ammo by 1 unit.

Go S to navigation booth and save your progress if you want. There's a lot of
NAV-Bs scattered thru BS, so don't worry about not being able to save often.
BTW, when your minimap in upper right has red flashing strips at the edges, it
means there are still some enemies left in the area.

Go S again into large elevator area and jump to the bottom - smash the crabs if
you want, and exit E. Cross the bridge (kill crabs) and exit S. Along with four
crabs there are two bats spacing around, so erase them all.

Now the door you need to take is locked, so we need a detour... along the left
side of the corridor is a broken down pipe, so morph ball into it and roll up.
Seems you can't go on? Use normal bomb to blast the grating, grab ENERGY TANK
(1/5) and blast another grating away.


Drop down and examine the terminal, which fails to power up. Instead you're
attacked by a swarm of flies, and they keep coming from two hives at the walls.
Eventually they stop spawning for a while, so this is your cue to go 1PV and
shoot three missiles at each hive to destroy it. Once they're history, examine
the terminal again and power is restored (this will cause some of earlier areas
to get populated by baddies).

Take W exit, and go two rooms S. Don't take the stairs down, instead go along
left wall and look for a vent blowing out air. Missile it, and morph ball thru
the tunnel until you're back at the first area of BS. Collect MISSILE TANK
(02/70) on the catwalk and check the terminal at far end to unlock E door. Go E
twice to end up in a room where you met Adam and his team. While at top of
stairs, enter 1PV and look S to spot two ledges. Get up there and use a bomb to
open the grating, then morph ball thru the tunnel to grab MISSILE TANK (03/70).

Return thru the tunnel, and go N, then E. Jump off the bridge and scan the
floow for a tile that can be bombed. Morph ball into the hall, roll N and
collect MISSILE TANK (04/70), then carefully avoid four crabs with some bombs.

Make way to destination marker... when you get to the room with retractable
bridge, Samus will fall down and have a party with three hoppers. Avoid their
stomps and attempt to jump on their heads to perform OVERBLAST (jump on enemy
to climb on it and press 1 when fully charged). Killing all three will cause
ITEM BEEP. Go S and use kick climb to bounce up to MISSILE TANK (05/70). Jump
down and go N, then kick climb up the shaft... Damn, an obstacle! Use 1PV and
lock on to the plating in the ceiling, then missile it. Now you can jump out
and use the terminal to extend the bridge.

Continue to destination marker... in the big elevator room the elevator itself
is now operational. Take it to the top and examine terminal on the right - this
will raise the ledges at sides of the room. On left side look for a vent with
yellow outline - roll into it to collect MISSILE TANK (06/70).

Proceed to NAV-B 01, save your game and go N twice to get a briefing from Adam
about you being destined to clear Sector 1. Oh joy... exit E.

In corner of the room is a door that needs a Power Bomb to open. You won't be
able to open these until faaar later in the game. Use the elevator to go up...
I wanted to kick Adam's ass by taking W door, though poor fool locked himself
in... exit N.

Proceed down the corridor and stop on third squared shape on the floor. Look up
to find a fly hive - missile it three times and then kick jump up the shaft to
find an item box with MISSILE TANK (07/10). Exit N.

Begind the elevator are two vents - morph ball into left one, bomb the grating
and then bomb item box for MISSILE TANK (08/10). Board the elevator to go down,
and snipe with little eye an item as you go... Before leaving the room, go to
right side of the room to get necessary footing for climbing up using the
ledges. Watch out for puffers as you go and blow the up with beam shots. At the
top of the ledges you can nab ENERGY PART (01/16). Exit N.

Kill three puffers and then five hoppers (hoppers can also be disposed by
charged beams, though Overblasts kill them the quickest), then exit N.


Weeee, roll into Sector 1 elevator.

CHAPTER 03 ========================================================= CHAPTER 03
WLK03                       SECTOR ONE GUIDE, PART 1
CHAPTER 03 ========================================================= CHAPTER 03

Exit E to NAV-B 02, save your game and exit E.


Exit N to a huge plant-covered room. In the distance you'll see two fly hives
and a flytrap in front of each hive. Flytraps will keep eating the flies being
spawned, so take your sweet time and missile the hives from the distance, then
clean up any remaining flies and make sure to dismantle flytraps as well. N
exit is blocked by some vines - make the exit appear by using a missile on the
vines, then exit N twice.


Press direction on Dpad to avoid initial attack, otherwise wave bye to 25 HP.
If chameleon turns invisible, it'll be spitting out some goo that travels in an
arc, and when visible, it'll attempt to grab you with its tail, or it'll appear
behing you and try to impale you with the tongue. It can also try to ram you.

When chameleon is invisible, you'll need to lock on to it and missile it to
force it to appear. As chameleon is losing health, you'll see a brief image of
it whenever it goes invisible allowing you to gauge its approximate location.

As chalemeon is just about ready to go, you can perform a LETHAL STRIKE (hold
Dpad towards the downed enemy while holding 1, and when fully charged, let go
of 1 to deliver a finishing strike). Exit N when both are gone.

Missile the fly hive at N end of the corridor, then advance a bit, destroy the
flies that appeared behind you and missile another hive to clear the corridor.
Exit N.

Hm, a giant beanstalk? Approach it and dismantle all foes on lower level (this
includes crossing the small catwalk towards N exit), then climb the path around
beanstalk... careful though as there are several flytraps poised along the way.
Keep pressing Dpad towards flytraps and you'll sensemove as they attempt to
grab you. At the top take the catwalk, cleaning up crabs, flies and another
damn hive. This'll make ITEM BEEP, wee, but we can't get the item yet. Shoot
the door with missile to remove the vines, then exit N (but in relation to +
map you actually exit W).

Note: Damn, the game takes a turn for the worse with directions. Ah, Samus
it... I'll just be using directions as they come up when you look at gameplay

Save at NAV-B 03, exit N. Proceed thru the corridor when suddenly little nuts
come to life and start flying around, trying to divebomb you. Smack them away
with beam shots, and exit N.

Uproot two flytraps ahead and then slide down the slope. Try to augment your
descent past spiked vines and jump over the third. At the bottom eradicate all
crabs and flying nuts as you go N... AAAAARGH...


AA has a couple of attacks - rolling into you, lunging at you, striking at you
from the ground, punching you, or jumping onto you. It is most vulnerable when
it lunges at you, as it goes several moments of weakness with its claws being
stuck, and at this time you can deliver LETHAL STRIKE. After you smash first
AA, two more emerge for you to deal with.

N door is locked, you can't go S, so exit E. A Super Missile blast door bars
your progress E, so let's look for another way. There's some shattered glass
thru which you can fit as morph ball - smack flying nuts away for ITEM BEEP.
There's an item in ceiling's vent... Roll back out in the corridor and look
near top of the screen for entries into vents - the right one is open, so jump
up in order for Samus to grab on, then press jump button again to have Samus
morph ball into the vent. Collect MISSILE TANK (09/70) and keep rolling until
you fall down on other side of Super Missile door.

Exit N into what appears to be an observation room. Nothing of interest here
yet, so exit S, then go downstairs and exit E. Take the far N door.


Walk thru it for a scene, then exit S. The door locks behind you permanently,
exit W, go upstairs and exit N into observation room. Something's changed here
- a test subject has appeared in center of the room in some tube. Missile it
for a way out of here. Enter morph ball and jump into the hole where the tube
used to be. Hold down to roll out of the vents, and exit W.

Here N door is still locked, so attempt to go S...

PIXEL HUNT - Point Wii remote at the screen and tilt your view a bit left. Look
near the ground and watch for the moving leaves of a plant in front of what
appears to be a big red fruit. Haha, you think that thing is cute?

Adam will now unlock N door, which you promptly take. Aw, heck, why lock the
door behind me then? Go thru the forest, swatting flies and smashing two hives
for ITEM BEEP. No way out? As you backtrack, you'll see small creatures with
red light falling out of a hole. Morph ball into it and you'll end up on a
ledge with semi-visible terminal. Examine it and the layout of the area will
change, revealing N exit. Um, the item? Backtrack even more and you'll find a
couple of stone steps - jump up them to nab MISSILE TANK (10/70).

Exit N into a corridor full of crabs that keep coming after their brethren are
slain. Above N exit is a charge switch - pump it full of beam shots or use
single charged beam to activate it. The room will fill with some gas,
incapacitating your foes and unlocking N exit.

Now you're in an area with a waterfall. Behind the waterfall is fly hive to
destroy, then snipe some flies in the distance. Enter the waterfall and roll
into the hole you'll find here. While in morph ball, you can use 2 to jump.
Near the exit you'll be blocked by a rock, so bomb it.

Now walk around the room, past the sleeping beauty, and on other side operate
the terminal. Sleeping beauty will wake up, and three hoppers will appear close
to you. Overblast them, then take care of the dinosaur (three missiles should
do it in) for ITEM BEEP. Changing the room's layout revealed an elevator shaft
in NE corner, so kick jump it.

Exit N, clear nine crabs from the corridor for ITEM BEEP, and roll into open
vent along left side for MISSILE TANK (11/70). Exit N, smosh about twelve
flying nuts and slide down the slope, jumping over spiked vines when necessary.
Exit N into much needed NAV-B 04.

Aim at the crack in W wall and missile it, then morph ball thru it. Walk thru
long corridor, ignoring two freaks outside (they can be killed later in the
game, but serve no significant purpose I could find), and exit N.

Take W door into ladies room, and examine of the stalls for ACCEL CHARGE (1/6),
exit E into previous room and exit N. Kill three puffers in the corridor and
exit N, kill five crabs and take E door into elevator shaft. As you're jumping
up the ledges, clean away prowling crabs. Also take note of two ledges you can
stand on at right side of the shaft. Go as far high up as you can on left side
of the shaft. Now get ready...

Once you can't go any higher, enter 1PV and missile the sparking junk holding
the elevator in place. Elevator will lower a bit, but be stopped by another
junk piece, and a chameleon will appear all the way down below. Quickly descend
to the higher of two ledges on the right, enter 1PV and missile the junk piece
that stopped the elevator.

Elevator now falls, squishing the chameleon. Work your way up and jump left to
get out of elevator shaft. Snipe away five crabs for ITEM BEEP. Hm... get back
to elevator shaft and go 1PV. Near the top ledge you'll see a tunnel - morph
ball into it to get MISSILE TANK (12/70). Finally, exit N.

A Super Missile blast door... blast. But wait, something else is here. There
are little opening in all corners of the room. Morph balling into either one of
right side leads to item box with MISSILE TANK (13/70). Exit N into what
appears to be a control room for that waterfall scenery down below.

At NE corner of control room is a vent that can be missiled to produce an exit.
Roll into it, fall down, and keep rolling right. Bomb the three blocks, then
careful... bomb two blocks and immediately deploy more bombs to disintegrate a
crab. Keep moving right and as you go down the second slope, slow down! Jump
over the hole ahead to collect MISSILE TANK (14/70), then score the hole in


Roll right into room full of flying nuts, and shoot them all. You can also
destroy all strange rocks by messaging them with a missile. In upper left
corner near the floor is a tunnel which leads to a bombable grating, awarding
you with MISSILE TANK (15/70). Roll back out, go upstairs and exit N.

Go thru the tunnel, shoot the vines with missiles, roll thru the hole. Now
avoid the deeper parts of the ground or a flytrap will eat you up. As you steer
past second pit, a worm will break thru N wall and come screeching in your
direction. Mash Dpad to avoid getting damaged.

Ahead is flytrap roomful... meh. Altogether there are six killable flytraps,
three of them are already moving, and other three spring to life as you get
closer (sensemove to avoid being eaten). Finally missile the vines to the E and
get a move for a dead end? Missile a part of the ceiling to collapse it, then
missile a rock blocking access to a pipe you can roll thru towards E.



If chameleon turns invisible, it'll be spitting out some goo that travels in an
arc, and when visible, it'll attempt to grab you with its tail, or it'll appear
behing you and try to impale you with the tongue. It can also try to ram you.

When chameleon is invisible, you'll need to lock on to it and missile it to
force it to appear. As chameleon is losing health, you'll see a brief image of
it whenever it goes invisible allowing you to gauge its approximate location.

As chalemeon is just about ready to go, you can perform a lethal strike. Exit E
into NAV-B 05, save your game and exit E.


The metal menaces can only be damaged when they try to shoot you with diffusion
beam. First you need to deal with two droids. They'll attempt to ram youa
couple of times before switching to shooting mode. Deliver charged beams up
their rears or missile them for insta-kill. When one droid goes kaputt, another
one appears. Smash all three and last one will drop DIFFUSION BEAM upgrade.

Once collected, N wall will move away, revealing two fly hives. Destroy the
flies with charged beam (now a cinch since shots scatter after hitting initial
target) and missile both hives to kingdom come. Examine the terminal to unlock
N door in NAV-B 04. Exit W into NAV-B 05, save your game and exit W.


Duo of worms will make five holes, three in the ceiling and two on N wall. When
a worm appears in any of the holes, it'll charge up an electric ball and send
it towards you after couple of seconds. If you can missile it during the time
the worm is charging the shot, the worm will fall out from the hole.

If that happens, the worm will try lunging at you and attempt to devour you.
Deliver a charged shot to it to make it rise up, exposing its belly which is a
weak point. Before it crashes back down, shoot another charged shot at its
exposed belly, and finish it off with lethal strike once weakened. When first
work becomes bait, the remaining one will make two more holes on S wall, making
it harder for you to locate it. It may also need two missile shots to get it to
fall out.

When killed, exit W into morph ball tunnel. Bomb slot is now active, so fall
into it, deploy a bomb and get shot away. You'll end up in the waterfall room,
with a dinosaur charging at you. Avoid it, and take it away with three

Make your way to NAV-B 04, save your game and take N exit. Go morph ball and
check near left side of the room to find a pipe. Enter it, bomb the debris to
clear it away, and morph ball jump into next part of the pipe. When you get out
on a balcony overlooking the corridor, examine the terminal to change the
room's layout into forest-like. Killing all enemies will also produce ITEM

A single portion of metal wall can be seen on N end of the corridor. If you
examine it from close up, you'll also spot a crack in it. Enter morph ball,
morph ball jump and deploy a bomb to destroy the crack. Roll into the hole and
you'll end up somewhere underground.

Carefully advance down the tunnel... missile the weblike barrier, kill two
flies, then a flytrap, missile the weblike barrier, kill two flies, then a
flytrap, missile the weblike barrier, kill two flies, and missile final weblike
barrier which holds armored armadillo. Kick its butt, and exit N.


There's nothing of interest at the bottom, so start climbing the circular path.
Plant which shoots energy balls can only be damaged while open - avoid its
shot, then missile it. There are also walking flytraps that crawl towards you,
but they are quickly disposed of. Plants with a tentacle is also easily
destroyed with missile. Shortly after second, but before third tentacle plant,
drop on a ledge below for MISSILE TANK (16/70). When you get to the top, jump
into the hole and get ready.

PIXEL HUNT - Point Wii remote at the screen and look to the right. Examine the
larvas crawling around...


A crapload of bees will attack you. Use sensemove in combo with charged shots
to take out the bees. Watch out for those without wings - if one grabs hold of
you, it'll self-destruct for huge damage. Once enough bees have been slain,
some flowers at the ceiling will open and start shooting you with energy balls.
Avoid the barrage and once they stop for a while, missile as many as you can.

When you destroy two flowers (or you dawdle around for too long), another bee
wave will arrive - after killing them, flowers open up again, but this time
with no breather between shots. When only one remains, you have to deal with
both the bees and evading flower's shots. Eventually the bee wave will
temporarily subside, allowing you to shoot the final flower.

The hive at the ceiling will now collapse, revealing queen bee along with her
subjects. Destroy the followers, then missile the queen a couple of times
before new ones appear. About six missiles will finish her off.

After the scene you're supposed to go to the Exam center. Larvas you'll now
encounter can be killed by bombs, and they mutate into bees if not killed fast
enough. There's also a hopper to be killed. Disposing of all foes triggers ITEM
BEEP, but you already saw the item when you entered the area. Just before the
side path meets with main corridor, there's a vent you can roll thru to get to
ENERGY PART (02/16). Now exit N into NAV-B 06 and save your game, then exit N.

Shoot the flies in the distance and then bomb remaining larvae. Take a right at
3-way-cross and exit N.

Jump into the water and work your way E, shooting fish as you go. Missile the
tentacle plant, and then morph ball into the tunnel it was blocking to collect
MISSILE TANK (17/70). Roll back out and continue towards E, shooting more fish.
At the end shoot charged beam to the wall switch to activate a lift platform
above the water surface. As you go back W, stop every so often and look up to
find some more tentacle plants on the ceiling. When you're fairly close to one,
it'll open up and flail its tentacle around, meaning you can missile it. Shoot
all three on the ceiling for ITEM BEEP. Climb out of the water and hang onto
lift platform to carry you back all the way to E exit.

This room is divided into two 'ponds', left and right one. Jump into the water
of left pond and mutilate all fish below surface, then climb back out and shoot
two puffers. Jump across the little islands and shoot charged beam into the
switch on N wall. This will cause the water level to rise, allowing you to jump
further E. Get below water in right pond and shoot all the fish, then walk
towards SE end to find a hole. Morph ball into it to collect MISSILE TANK
(18/70). Get out of the hole and look up - on lower side of one of the islands
there's a charge switch, so shoot it with charged beam to lower the water
level. Climb out of the water and jump over to E-most island (shoot all puffers
buzzing around). Look up for a charge switch which needs to be shot with
charged beam as well. This will now cause water level to alternate between
rising and lowering. While still standing on E-most island, wait for water
level to rise. When it does so, jump right towards the side of the cliff and
then kick jump your way up. Exit N.

Now you're in large area with lots of trees, and rain keeps pouring down. Shoot
a couple of walking flytraps that are closing in on your position, then go all
the way W as far as you can. Along the left side of the room are two trees - N
one has some platforms for you to use, which eventually lead to a pipe you can
morph ball into. Roll thru two pipes (careful, second one is littered with two
crabs), then jump across to third pipe, fall down two ledges to fourth pipe,
jump up to fifth pipe (three crabs inside). At the end of plumbing work you'll
land on a ledge where a terminal can be examined to change room's layout and
wake up another boss.


The weak spot is orange bulb, which can be either on its belly or its back - in
this case it is on its belly. The sicko will be launching two types of purple
projectiles. One homes in on your position, and the other is simply shot in an
arc. The easiest way to dispose of boss is to go 1PV from fair distance and
missile the weak spot. If your missiles run out, just use concentration and
you'll be raring to go.

If homing purple projectile gets past your missiles too close for comfort,
shake Wiimote to perform sensemove. After about four missile hits the boss will
screech and move the weak spot on its back. Missile it some more and it'll
revert back to its belly. At this point the boss is close to defeat, so couple
more missile hits will permanently put it on ice.

A lift door opens and N exit unlocks as well. Kick wall up the shaft and exit N
into NAV-B 07. Save your game and exit N.

Kill hatched bees, larvas and whatever else you find in the room, then drop
down the ledge to some crates, and exit N.

Look toward the ceiling and missile the crate up there. When it pops, it'll
reveal MISSILE TANK (19/70).

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