Military Madness: Neo Nectaris: Walkthrough

       ´╗┐Military Madness: Neo Nectaris iPhone/iPod Touch Walkthrough
Matthew Emirzian
Revision: 3

Screenshots for the walkthrough can be found at this link:

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Each stage is rated in difficulty from 1 to 4 stars. 1 star being short and
easy with relatively little strategy, and 4 stars being relatively difficult
with some specific, complex, or adaptive strategies needed. The more stars a
stage has, the more explanation is required due to the complexity of the 

Neutral Factories (yellow in color) are named from A to E in either a north to
south direction or a west to east direction across the map. Take a look at the
map before beginning and familiarize yourself with the location of each factory
so you know what the guide is talking about when it refers to Factory A,
Factory B, etc.

Turns Taken is the number of turns it took me to complete each stage without
save/load abusing. Feel free to try to beat these numbers.

Mission Strategy and Standard Tactics:

1. Rush and claim as many factories as possible, while using ZOC to deny the
enemy factories. Even if an enemy captures a factory, you can still re-capture
it on the next turn and gain whatever is left in it, including the enemy
infantry inside. Blocking the hexes around factories will prevent the enemy
from deploying their units while you work to capture it for yourself. Whether
you win or lose the stage is usually determined by the first few turns of
factory conquest. There are very few stages where it is more efficient to
capture the enemy's Base instead of claiming factories.

2. Retreat your injured units into factories or repair with Teknik units, while
using ZOC to deny enemy retreat. Of course the best way to prevent enemy
retreat is to kill the unit.

3. Surround enemies for the battle support bonus, which allows you to take down
powerful enemies while suffering minimal losses. Remember that you need the
enemy unit pinned down in two parallel hexes to cut its defense and attack in
half. For example, an enemy surrounded on its N and S hexes, NW and SE hexes,
or its SW and NE hexes. Any unit can provide support, even airtriggers and
pelicans that don't have an attack, so use them for supporting whenever needed.
An effective strategy is to move a unit next to an enemy without attacking it
(press the Abort button), then attack it from the opposite side for the support
bonus. Air units are especially useful for getting around behind an enemy for
support attacks due to their high movement range.

4. All other standard tactical level strategies apply: Use terrain to your
advantage, attack targets with units they are weak against, distract the CPU
with bait units, keep vulnerable and necessary units out of enemy attack range,
hold enemies off in chokepoints, etc. Bait units include infantry and
transports like mules and charlies that no longer have any purpose, but also
anti-air units that no longer have any air units left to kill, like falcons,
hawkeyes, and seekers. These are strategies that are useful in almost any
tactical level game.

5. You do not ever have to save/reload abuse to complete the game. Don't make
yourself miserable save/reload abusing to get combat results or CPU behavior,
instead improve your strategy. I did not save/reload abuse at all to finish
this guide and this walkthrough doesn't rely on it or ask you to do it. There
are random elements to the CPU's behavior, but I have tried to point out how to
react to the most common random parts of a stage.

48 Stage Walkthrough:

Stage 01: SHEKEL
Difficulty: **
Turns Taken: 8
Position your infantry in front to absorb hits, then surround each enemy for
the support bonus. Get in position to attack the Lenet on enemy Base before
moving in to attack using support attacks.

Stage 02: RUPIAH
Difficulty: *
Turns Taken: 6
Keep your Kilroy on your Base. Surround the bridge hex with 3 of your units and
grind down the tanks as they approach.

Stage 03: DOLLAR
Difficulty: * 1/2
Turns Taken: 10
Move your infantry forward relentlessly, regardless of casualties. Try to move
onto defensive terrain whenever possible.

Stage 04: PESETA
Difficulty: **
Turns Taken: 11
Neutral Factories: A, B (west to east)
Deploy your Polar and Grizzly first. Head south along the road to capture
Factory A. Hold the enemy back near Factory B, and close off the north road
leading to your Base. Retreat your injured units into the factory to repair and
keep grinding down the tanks using support attacks. Be prepared for enemy tanks
coming from the south road as well.

Stage 05: FORINT
Difficulty: * 1/2
Turns Taken: 6
Neutral Factories: A, B (north to south)
Deploy your Polar, Grizzly, Falcon, Hawkeye, and Rabbit. Capture Factory B and
engage the enemy using standard tactics (see Mission Strategy). Lure the hunter
in with your Charlie on defensive terrain surrounded by support then kill it on
the next turn with your Hawkeye, Falcon, and Lynx. If an enemy infantry gets
near your factory, make sure to shoot it down with your Hadrian, Eagle, Rabbit,
etc. Once again retreat your units into factories if they're injured.

Stage 06: ESCUDO
Difficulty: ***
Turns Taken: 9
Neutral Factories: A, B, C (west to east)
Proceed east with all of your units. Move your Charlie to Factory A and your
Mule with Kilroy inside to Factory B. Capture Factory A and get your Kilroy
right next to Factory B on Turn 3. Make sure your Kilroy can't be attacked by
more than one Hunter by surrounding it with your ground units. On the next
turn, focus on killing the two Hunters using every anti-air unit you have, and
make sure they don't retreat to a factory. It's ok if you lose your Kilroy as
long as you keep the enemy off Factory B and your Charlie is still alive. Watch
out for the enemy Hawkeye and Atlas artillery while you move east.

Stage 07: AGOROT
Difficulty: ***
Turns Taken: 7
Neutral Factories: A, B, C (west to east)
Move your Charlie near Factory A southwest, out of enemy attack range but still
able to capture the factory on the next turn. Move your other infantry south
towards Factory C and protect them with your airtrigger and ground units.
Deploy your tanks and Airtrigger from Factory A (along the west hexes) then
send them south to attack the southmost Aegis and blockade the Charlie from
getting to Factory B. Deploy your Charlie from Factory A then allow the enemy
Kilroy to capture it, then recapture it for yourself to recruit the Kilroy.
Keep moving south with your group of gauntlets and other ground units, making
sure your gauntlets stay near an infantry to keep firing. Use your Airtriggers
as bait to keep your other units healthy or capture/blockade factory spots. If
you lose Factory B it's ok, you just have more enemies to kill and the map will
take longer.

Stage 08: DINARS
Difficulty: * 1/2
Turns Taken: 7
Neutral Factories: A, B (west to east)
Use your Pelicans and Kilroys as bait for the enemy air units while your
Falcons attack and take them out. Capture Factory A and deploy your Giants and
start attacking the other Giants or incoming Kilroys. Once the enemy air units
are down (besides the Pelicans), send your Pelican east for a Base capture.

Stage 09: SATANG
Difficulty: **
Turns Taken: 11
Neutral Factories: A, B, C, D (north to south)
Move your predeployed Charlie south to Factory B. Deploy your Grizzly, Polar,
and Charlie on the east facing hexes. Move your Airtrigger, loaded Mule, and
deployed ground units east to blockade and capture Factory A. The CPU will
capture Factory A before your infantry can reach it, so surround it with as
many units as possible so the CPU can only deploy two units before you can
capture it. After cleaning up that mess, move from Factories A and B to C -
surround the enemy Giants with your ample number of air units and destroy them.
Move your Eagle south to destroy the Mule headed for Factory D if needed.
Usually the CPU will be threatened and park its Mule on its Base instead of
moving out with it.

Stage 10: HALERS
Difficulty: ** 1/2
Turns Taken: 8
Neutral Factories: A, B, C (west to east)
Use your Atlas and Lenet to attack the Trigger. Move your Teknik to Factory C.
Load your Charlie into the Pelican and move to Factory B. From Factory C deploy
the Pelican and load a Time Bomb into it, then head towards enemy Base. Load
your Factory B Charlie back into the other Pelican and head towards enemy Base.
Defend Factory C from incoming enemies using your Atlas, Teknik, and Gauntlets.
Empty out Factory B without regard to survival, because the CPU will show up
and claim it eventually. Just make sure to kill the enemy Lenet hanging around
so you can capture the Base safely. Drop off the Time Bomb next to the trigger,
wait for it to explode, then move in with your Charlie to capture.

Stage 11: PAISAS
Difficulty: ** 1/2
Turns Taken: 8
Neutral Factories: A, B, C (west to east)
Move your loaded Mule, Panther, Rabbit, and Lynx towards Factory B. Retreat
your Charlie near Factory C westward. Deploy your initial factory units and
move them towards Factory B. Capture Factory B with your Panther and deploy the
Eagle, Grizzly, and Polar and drop your Charlie off near Factory B. Do not
bother trying to capture Factory A or C. The enemy Charlie will capture Factory
B on the next turn, so re-capture it with your Charlie then kill the deployed
enemy Panther. Move your Eagle north to kill the Charlie headed west for
Factory A. Once you've killed all enemy infantry, focus on eliminating the
remaining enemy forces using standard tactics.

Stage 12: GROSZY
Difficulty: **
Turns Taken: 8
Neutral Factories: A (only one factory)
The enemy hunters don't move unless there's something in their range, so you
can avoid fighting them all at once. Send your Falcons and Eagles to Factory A
and start killing the enemy Eagles. Remember to finish off injured enemies or
they will fly back to a factory for repairs. Use your infantry and airtriggers
as bait to absorb hits and fly your injured air units back to factories to be
repaired. Prevent the enemy from capturing Factory A and grab it for yourself.
By about turn 3 just about every enemy air unit should be dead. Once you have
the middle factory just push north and capture the enemy Base.

Stage 13: MARDUK
Difficulty: ***
Turns Taken: 9
Neutral Factories: A (only one factory)
Deploy your Charlie and Kilroy on the east facing hexes so they can reach
Factory A more quickly. Head east towards Factory A and start taking out enemy
tanks. You should be able to capture Factory A on turn 3 with your Charlie.
Deploy your Polar on the southeast hex so it takes the brunt of the artillery
damage. If the enemy captures Factory A just re-capture it with one of your
infantry so you get a free unit. Don't be afraid to retreat 5-6HP units back to
be repaired. Don't bother killing the triggers, just work around them. Once
there's only a few enemies left, move east and finish the map off.

Stage 14: ARBELA
Difficulty: *** 1/2
Turns Taken: 8
Neutral Factories: A, B (north to south)

This is one of the most random stages in the game in terms of CPU behavior.
Move your Charlie near Factory A one hex NW, but don't attack. Take out the
Lenet NW of your Charlie using your Gauntlet, Grizzly, and Bison. Attack the
Slagger with your Slagger to injure it. Keep your Charlie near your Base safe.
Try your best not to let any enemy retreat into a factory. That means not
attacking an enemy if you know you'll probably just injure it and allow it to
escape. There are a couple of random factors in this stage. The enemy Octopus
usually retreats, but rarely it will move forward aggressively, which can be a
lot of trouble. The enemy will capture Factory B and deploy its units.

Attack the enemy Eagle with your Falcon - this might barely dent it, or do a
ton of damage. Keep killing the enemy tanks around Factory A. Move your Charlie
near Factory A one hex NW onto the 30% defense hex, and move your Charlie near
your Base into an exposed spot as bait. Before the Kilroy captures Factory A,
camp the two deployment hexes by Factory A to the NW and SW of the Factory.
This will prevent the enemy from deploying anything while your Charlie moves in
to capture it. Move one of your tanks NW of Factory A on Turn 2 because enemies
may get in your way during Turn 3.

The CPU will probably kill one of your Charlies, but that's ok as long as
there's still one left. Just keep Factory As deployment spots camped while
killing the Eagle and Hunter. One more random factor is that the CPU may start
moving its Giant west, which can be a hassle to deal with. Try to capture
Factory A asap so you have the bomber to help deal with it. Once the Eagle and
Hunter are dead and you have Factory A there should only be a tank or two left
plus the Octopus, Hawkeye, Giant, Aegis, and Kilroy.

Stage 15: KHUSRO
Difficulty: ***
Turns Taken: 13
Neutral Factories: A, B, C, D (north to south)
The CPU will capture Factory A and B, while you need to capture Factory C and
D. The enemy Kilroy may head for Factory B or it may retreat to enemy Base. If
the Kilroy retreats then you can capture Factory B before the enemy Charlie
reaches it, making the stage much easier. This guide is written assuming the
Kilroy captures Factory B, since it's the more difficult situation.

Move your Charlie and Kilroy north while staying out of Hunter range. Kill the
Hunters as they come in with your Falcon and Seeker and don't let them retreat.
Kill the Octopus asap, even if it means putting a unit or two into Atlas attack
range. Once the Octopus is dead, fall back a bit so you have some room to work
on the tanks. One enemy will end up camping enemy Base, it's usually the Rabbit
since it has a high movement range. Load your Charlie into the Pelican at
Factory D and head for Factory A. Use your infantry, Falcon, and Pelican as
bait once their purpose has been served. Drop the time bomb next to the Giant
and keep it distracted with your Mule. The bomb will take out the Giant with
it, saving you a lot of hassle. Don't be afraid to retreat 1-5 HP units back to
your factory for repairs. After only the artillery remain, capture Factory B so
you have a place to retreat your units taking heavy damage, and use your
infantry as bait.

Stage 16: SAFFAH
Difficulty: *** 1/2
Turns Taken: 13
Neutral Factories: A, B, C, D (north to south)
The enemy will capture Factory A and B and you need to capture C and D. Move
your Teknic to Factory C (while staying out of Hunter range) and your Kilroy to
Factory D. Kill the first Hunter with your Seeker, Eagle, and Lynx. Drop your
Aegis off south of Factory C, otherwise just keep it in the Mule until you see
a good opportunity. From Factory C, deploy the Giant NE, Hawkeye SE, and
Pelican S. The 2 Hunters will hit the Pelican as bait and you can easily
dispatch them. Empty out Factory C and let the Charlie capture it so you can
recapture it and grab an extra Charlie.

Once the enemy air units are dead, use your Eagle and Hunter to start bombing
the artillery while you hold out against tanks coming towards Factory D using
your own artillery. Use your Falcon, Hawkeye, Mule, and infantry as bait once
their purpose has been served. Advance at your own pace and take out the Giant,
Biospyder, and various artillery.

Stage 17: MEDICI
Difficulty: **
Turns Taken: 11
Neutral Factories: A, B (north to south)
Blockade the Panther from reaching Factory A with your Eagle and Falcon, using
your Lynx as bait for the Seeker. Capture Factory B with your Teknik and move a
Pelican loaded with Teknik and Airtrigger up towards Factory A. Kill the Seeker
asap. Move your Seeker towards Factory A. Drop your Teknik off and protect it
with your air units. Use the Pelican and Hawkeye as bait for the Biohawk and
Hunter, then kill both of them. You might lose a unit or two in the process but
with Factory A reinforcements and your Seeker arriving from Factory B you'll
have the upper hand.

Stage 18: CORTES
Difficulty: ***
Turns Taken: 14
Neutral Factories: A (only one factory)
Deploy your two Airtriggers and Lynx and send your Teknik to Factory A. Set
yourself up in a defensive position around Factory A and your Base. Drop the
Trigger near your Aegis or on your Base. Grind down your opponents using
standard tactics - ducking into factories, using bait units, support attacks,
etc. Use the Airtriggers to blockade enemy movement, use your infantry,
Pelican, Mule, and Hawkeye as bait, and keep the enemy Panther from riding up
to your Base. Once the invasion force is taken care of, you still have to kill
the two hunters and panther, so hopefully you have some anti-air support left.
Repair in the factory then head east to engage them using standard tactics.

Stage 19: ARMADA
Difficulty: ***
Turns Taken: 13
Neutral Factories: A, B (west to east)
Move your Charlie to Factory A, staying on defensive terrain. Position the
Bison and Airtrigger next to the Charlie for support so it survives the Hunter
attack. Surround the Hunter on Turn 2 so your Charlie can reach Factory A. Move
your Eagles east to blockade Factory B and kill the incoming Kilroy and
Panther. At your northmost factory, your goal is to distract some enemies into
moving NW instead of SW towards Factory A, which divides and weakens the enemy
forces. Keep deploying and retreating units to distract the incoming Hunter and
two Slaggers. Once the Slaggers are in range of your northmost factory on Turn
3, hide everyone inside so the Slaggers have nothing to hit.

It's pretty safe to assume the enemy will lose at least one unit on turn 4 to
volcanoes as it tries to approach Factory A. Once you have your Factory A units
out and you've blockaded Factory B, start killing the Hunters and incoming
enemies using standard tactics - support attacks, repairs, etc. If you took a
lot of unit losses, try capturing Factory B and using the units in there to
help finish the map off.

Stage 20: MOZALT
Difficulty: **
Turns Taken: 12
Neutral Factories: A, B (west to east)
The enemy will capture Factory B while you grab A. Wait for the enemy to
approach you so you don't have to deal with the artillery fire. Use standard
bait, support, repair tactics. Drop your Atlas near the enemy Aegis to help
clear the way.

Stage 21: THEIRS
Difficulty: **
Turns Taken: 10
Neutral Factories: A, B, C, D, E (north to south)
You're at a big advantage here infantry-wise. Spread out and capture Factory A,
C, D, and E with your Panthers. Capture C first, then move one Panther to A,
one Panther past D to E, and your 3rd Panther to D. Destroy the trigger by
Factory D using your airtrigger and grizzly to clear the way. Most of the
combat will take place around Factory D, so move all of your units towards it.
Once you have your 4 factories, take out the enemy with overwhelming force.

Stage 22: FUHRER
Difficulty: ****
Turns Taken: 11
Neutral Factories: A, B, C, D (west to east)
The enemy will capture Factory D while you capture A, B, and C. Move your
Rabbit south to blockade Factory A and kill the Kilroy. Move your Panther just
out of Biospyder range (see screenshot 1) Start attacking the Biospyder with
your Grizzly and Polar, with your Airtrigger supporting from the south. Deploy
your Pelican to the S or SE and load your Teknic into the Pelican. Move your
Panther next to the Biotrigger on its way to Factory B. Move the rest of your
units southeast covering the Biospyder (see screenshot 1). The enemy Hunter
should attack your Airtrigger and the Biospyder will do whatever. The CPU will
randomly choose a unit to camp its Base with. It could be a loaded Pelican, a
Biounit, or anything. The CPU is also pretty random with how aggressive it is
with its Hadrian, and it will move its Panther and Pelicans to random locations
at random times - be ready to deal with it.

On turn 2, kill the Hunter and Biospyder and capture Factory B with your
Panther. From Factory B, deploy the Trigger SW, Atlas NW, and tanks in the
other two spots. Move your Lynx onto the north road to dissuade the enemy
Panther from 
possibly riding up into your Base. Drop your Teknic off as shown in screenshot
2. This will cause the enemy Seeker to attack the Teknic from a position where
the Teknic can move in and capture Factory C on Turn 3. Redeploy your Panther
and send it to Factory A. If an enemy is about to capture Factory C, try
killing it with your Atlas and tanks. Prepare for incoming enemies on Turn 3 by
placing bait units out in front in separated positions so the enemies don't
clump together too much which will make it harder to surround and kill them.

Turns 4-7 you will have to deal with a Hunter, 2 Biohawks, 2 Biohulks, a
Biospyder, Panther, Pelican, Kilroy, and Hadrian. Focus on killing the air
units and infantry while blockading the Biohulks with your strongest tanks or
infantry bait. The CPU will still be flying Pelicans around the map so keep
your Base safe. It's important to keep your air units alive because they are
needed to get around behind the enemy for support attacks. You will lose some
units but as long as your tactics are solid you can finish off everything and
still have a sizable force to finish off enemy HQ.

Stage 23: MONROE
Difficulty: *** 1/2
Turns Taken: 14
Neutral Factories: A, B, C, D (west to east)
The enemy will take Factory D while you can claim A, B, and C. Deploy a Falcon
and Teknic. Start moving your Teknic north towards Factory A. Load your Pelican
up and head for Factory B, then deploy the Charlie in B to head to Factory C.
Pick up your Teknic and drop it by Factory A, then pick up the Atlas and drop
it near Factory B or C. The enemy doesn't have much in the way of air units so
use your Falcons as support or bait. Most of the fighting will take place
around Factory B. Don't lose your tanks and keep surrounding and destroying
incoming enemies. Once you've fended off the bioenemies from Factory C, it
might be faster to go for a HQ capture with your air units if there are enemies
scattered around elsewhere that can't catch up.

Stage 24: ADVENT
Difficulty: *
Turns Taken: 5
Load your Charlie into the Pelican, deploy the Falcon, then fly east to the
Base for a quick capture. 

Stage 25: LEKEHS
Turns Taken: 9
Difficulty: ** 1/2
Place your tanks on the hills north of your Base and wear down your enemies
defensively. Use your Teknic to keep your tanks healthy. The Octopus will
probably start moving so kill off the tanks quickly so you don't take a lot of
ranged damage. After that just head to the Base and eliminate the remaining

Stage 26: HAIPUR
Turns Taken: 15
Difficulty: ** 1/2
Move your Charlie onto your Base and send everyone else east to blockade the
bridge. Attack from the 30% defensive terrain next to the bridge while your
other units provide support. If more than one enemy infantry heads to your
Base, send a unit back to help defend it.

Stage 27: RALLOD
Turns Taken: 18
Difficulty: ***
Start out playing defensively, using the 30% hexes for your tanks and 40% hexes
for your Charlie. Use support bonuses whenever possible. Once you've killed a
tank or two and the rabbit, start heading north along the road. The AI should
hopefully send one tank at a time while keeping its Octopus away. If the AI
plays aggressively and advances its Octopus to cover your Base area or if it
sends multiple tanks, or if you take unlucky amounts of damage, you're screwed.
Try to take only minimal damage before advancing on the Octopus. Once only the
Octopus, Atlas, and Lenet on enemy Base remain, advance on the Octopus. Use
your Charlie and Hadrian as bait while your tanks keep attacking. You'll
usually survive this map with only 2-3 badly damaged units alive.

Stage 28: ATESEP
Turns Taken: 9
Difficulty: **
Neutral Factories: A, B (north to south)
Send your Grizzly and one Charlie along the south road towards Factory B. Send
all other tanks, artillery, and the other Charlie north to Factory A. Use your
Atlas and Grizzly to destroy the M-77 Trigger.

At Factory A, the enemy may capture it, but as long as you kill the nearby
tank(s) you can then camp the factory deployment spots while your Charlie
catches up to recapture. At Factory B, use your Grizzly as a distraction while
your Charlie runs up the hills to capture. Once you have both factories, the
mission is over.

Stage 29: TNIROF
Turns Taken: 7
Difficulty: **
Neutral Factories: A, B (west to east)
Deploy all your Bisons. Send one Charlie to Factory B, while rushing all other
units to Factory A. The CPU will capture Factory A and probably deploy the
Hunter, but just keep forcing your way in. Try to get your anti-air units in
position to hit the Hunter. Camp the Factory A deployment spots and blockade
while your Charlie moves in for Factory A. Once you have both factories, the
mission is over.

Stage 30: ODUCSE
Turns Taken: 10
Difficulty: ** 1/2
Neutral Factories: A, B, C (west to east)
Move east to Factory A. Attack the Atlas with your Slagger. The CPU might send
units after your Slagger, or it might ignore it entirely. It's preferable that
the Giant moves west so that your Slagger can stay alive camping the enemy HQ,
because it will be able to kill quite a few tanks before it goes down. Either
way, Factory C will be captured and you'll have to deal with the Giant 

Grind down the enemy tanks using support attacks and capture factory B. If the
Giant has an enemy behind it, focus on killing that enemy behind the Giant
first, so you can surround the Giant with more units before trying to take it
down. Use the Bomber and Airtrigger to help with support attacks.

Stage 31: TOROGA
Turns Taken: 8
Difficulty: **
Neutral Factories: A, B, C (west to east)
Deploy your Bisons first - send them towards Factory C. Move your Charlies to
Factories A and C while splitting your tanks up east and west. Send 2-3 tanks
towards Factory C to kill the Slagger. Position your ranged units to kill the
Atlas once it's deployed from Factory B. Close in on Factory B with your tons
of units and finish the mission off using standard tactics.

Stage 32: SRANID
Turns Taken: 10
Difficulty: **
Neutral Factories: A, B (north to south)
The Hunter will attack your Trigger, so use that opportunity to surround it
with your Falcon and Rabbit for the kill. Allow 2 or more hexes to gang up on
the nearby Slagger for a kill so your Charlie can capture Factory A sooner.
Move your Falcon to block access to Factory B while your Charlie moves up to
capture it. If the CPU captures Factory B you'll still have tons of firepower
to clear out the tanks with.

Stage 33: GNATAS
Turns Taken: 9
Difficulty: ** 1/2
Neutral Factories: A, B, C, D (west to east)
Deploy a Pelican, Falcon, Seeker, Hawkeye, and Panther. Load your nearby
Charlie into the Pelican and send it to Factory B. Send your other Charlie
south to Factory A. Move your anti-air units south to engage the Hunters. Give
the hunters a bait unit so they move north towards your anti-airs. Move your
Panther east to Factory D. Once the Hunters are dead proceed to Factory C and
prevent the CPU from capturing it. Clear out the Factory C area, capture it,
then proceed onward to the enemy HQ with all 4 factories captured.

Stage 34: SRELAH
Turns Taken: 10
Difficulty: ** 1/2
Neutral Factories: A, B, C, D (west to east)
Load your Pelicans up and send them towards Factories A and B. Hold off the
Slagger and Charlie from Factory B with your Pelicans. If the Charlie gets
Factory B just recapture it while sitting on the deployment spots. Don't deploy
any Factory B units southeast into Atlas range. Ignore anything going on with
Factories C and D.

Once you've cleared out most of the tanks by Factory B, you have two strategies
you can try. If there's nothing by the enemy HQ, load up Charlies and and go
for a quick HQ capture. If there are enemies camping the enemy HQ, load up
tanks and drop them by the Atlases near enemy HQ, and go for a slower HQ
capture with tanks rolling in.

Stage 35: SASIAP
Turns Taken: 9
Difficulty: **
Neutral Factories: A, B, C (west to east)
Deploy your air units and Bison first and send them to blockade Factory C. Have
your Eagle attack the deployed Atlas while your Falcons and Bison plug the road
to Factory C. Move your lone Bison around the chasm to fend off the Charlie and
Slagger headed for Factory A. Don't advance the Factory A bison too far ahead
or you'll draw the attention of an enemy tank. Move your two Kilroys towards
Factory B and fight the incoming Slagger from defensive terrain.

Once the Hunter is down and your 2nd round of deployed units catches up to
Factory C (around turn 5), move your Eagle towards Factory A to help fend off
the infantry and tank. If your Kilroys die against the Slagger, send the Eagle
over to finish the task. Don't worry about capturing any factories, kill

Stage 36: YZSORG
Turns Taken: 11
Difficulty: ** 1/2
Neutral Factories: A (only one factory)

Deploy all you've got except the time bomb and merge into the centre area. Load
the Atlas into a Pelican and leave the other Pelican empty. Use your empty mule
as a ghetto anti-air in case you really need it. Send the empty Pelican west to
pick up the Charlie and drop it near Factory A when you see an opening. Your
first two targets are the Hunters - keep out of the attack range of one hunter,
while providing the empty pelican as bait for the other hunter so you don't
have to deal with both at once. As long as you surround the pelican with 4-5
units for support, it won't die from the hunter attack. Drop the Atlas near
Factory A and kill/blockade the enemy Charlies from capturing if necessary.
Don't worry if your Pelicans get blown up after the Charlie and Atlas are
dropped off.

Once you've got Factory A, you've pretty much won the mission. Move north up
the centre, bomb the artillery, surround and destroy the giants, and destroy
everything at enemy HQ.

Stage 37: KUDRAM
Turns Taken: 7
Difficulty: **
Neutral Factories: A
Start by destroying the enemy Atlas, Octopus, Hawkeye, and air units. Protect
your own ranged units with airtriggers, charlies, and the pelican. This is a
test of basic tactics of which unit is most effective against which. Once most
of the enemies are dead, go after the Biounits and capture Factory A. Your own
Biounits are similarly overpowered so feel free to stick them in front.

Stage 38: ALEBRA
Turns Taken: 12
Difficulty: *****
Neutral Factories: A, B (north to south)
The CPU will capture Factory A, while you need to capture Factory B. Move your
Charlie 2 south, 1 southeast, then cross the chasm to capture Factory A. Attack
the Lynx with your Bison then move it onto your HQ. Deploy your Hadrian then
retreat it when threatened by 3 or more tanks. From Factory B deploy two Polars
and the Rabbit. On the next turn (turn 4), empty out Factory B and allow the
enemy Kilroy to capture it, so you can recapture it and recruit the Kilroy to
your side.

You need to sacrifice your Bison on your HQ because the Charlie that captured
Factory A will start marching towards it if there's no unit guarding it.
However if you do have your Bison on your HQ, the Charlie won't advance towards
it even after your Bison dies, so it's a necessary sacrifice. The Charlie may
start moving forward again around turn 9 or 10, but by then you should be able
to push out and kill it.

Once you have both Kilroys on turn 5, you'll still have to kill 7 tanks, a
charlie, and an octopus. Keep repairing and redeploying, grinding down the
tanks. Feel free to redeploy your Hadrian if it can tank a hit or two without
dying, so your tanks have less to deal with. Once the Octopus has nothing to
attack, it will move even closer. Once it moves in closer, your two Kilroys
should be tanking its attacks, shuffling in and out of Factory B. The northwest
deployment hex by Factory B is extremely dangerous - try to avoid placing any
units there if there are lots of tanks around, because they will gang up with
superior terrain and blow up even a full health Polar.

Stage 39: ORSUHK
Turns Taken: 15
Difficulty: *** 1/2
Neutral Factories: A, B, C, D (north to south)
First deploy your Charlie, Polar, and Bison. The CPU will almost always capture
Factory A and B, while you need to capture Factory C and D. Don't count on
being able to capture Factory B. Send your Charlies to Factory C and D and your
Kilroy to Factory D. Take out the Trigger near Factory D so you can use the
deployment spot that is out of Aegis range. Stick to the defensive terrain
around Factory D and just try to stay alive over by Factory C. You'll likely be
too busy with the Trigger and tanks to kill the octopus quickly, so use your
infantry to absorb its attacks whenever possible by ducking in and out of
factories. Once the Trigger is down start ducking units into Factory D and
wearing down the enemy's superior numbers. Don't be afraid to sacrifice an
infantry to keep your tanks alive. Once you've killed the tanks you'll still
need a couple units left to take out the Aegis and Atlas, since you will likely
lose a few units trying to destroy them due to difficult terrain and
overlapping firing ranges. 

Stage 40: HAFFAS
Turns Taken: 15
Difficulty: ***
Neutral Factories: A, B, C, D (north to south)
Move your Charlie north to claim Factory B. Send your other units east to
quickly destroy the Bison then blockade the enemy Charlie headed for Factory C.
The CPU will capture Factory A eventually, but sometimes it delays for a bit.
At Factory B deploy the time bomb in the middle hex and your biounits to the
sides. Move your Charlie east towards Factory C. Leave your biounits and maybe
a tank by your Base to fend off capture attempts. Once you have the units from
both Factory B and C, you will have an overwhelming force to push north to
enemy Base with no need to bother with Factory D.

Stage 41: ICIDEM
Turns Taken: 8
Difficulty: *
Neutral Factories: A, B (north to south)
Deploy your Polar, Bison, and Charlie and head east to Factory A. Blockade the
enemy Charlie and capture Factory A, then proceed east to enemy Base with an
overwhelming force.

Stage 42: SETROC
Turns Taken: 12
Difficulty: **
Neutral Factories: A (only one factory)
Head to Factory A and capture it. Cross the bridge to enemy Base with all of
your units. Use your biohulk and eagles to take out air units while your tanks
provide support bonuses. Blockade the south route to the enemy Base if a lot of
enemies start moving north.

Stage 43: ADAMRA
Turns Taken: 9
Difficulty: **
Neutral Factories: A, B (west to east)
Deploy your Pelican and deploy your Polar into it. Move the Pelican northeast
and drop off the Polar, then load the Charlie into it. Move all of your ground
units towards enemy Base. Send your tanks over the rough terrain while
distracting the Hunter with your artillery. Once you clear out around the enemy
Base, drop your Charlie and go for a Base capture.

Stage 44: TLAZOM
Turns Taken: 8
Difficulty: *
Neutral Factories: A, B (west to east)
Send your Panther initially on the map towards Factory B, and send your
deployed Panther to Factory A. Capture both factories ahead of the enemy and
head for enemy Base.

Stage 45: SREIHT
Turns Taken: 8
Difficulty: ** 1/2
Neutral Factories: A, B, C, D, E (west to east)
Move your Charlie to Factory B. Most of the fighting will take place around
Factory C and D, so split your units up towards those two spots. Deploy your
Airtrigger, Eagle, Rabbit, and Biospyder first. Move your eagle and airtrigger
southeast to blockade the enemy from reaching Factory E. The wildcards are the
Biospyder and Biohawk, which may move to either Factory C or D - send your
Biospyder and Giant after them. Send your Charlie from factory B to the enemy
Base for a capture just in case the enemy captures Factory E. By turn 8 there
should just be the Biospyder left with your army marching to enemy Base, or if
the enemy captured Factory E, you can still go for a Base capture while keeping
the enemy busy.

Stage 46: RERHUF
Turns Taken: 7
Difficulty: *
Neutral Factories: A, B, C, D (west to east)
Start by capturing Factory A. Deploy your two Pelicans loaded with Charlies and
capture Factories B and C. Blockade Factory D with air unit(s) while closing in
on enemy Base with an overwhelming force.

Stage 47: EORNOM
Turns Taken: 9
Difficulty: ** 1/2
Neutral Factories: A, B, C, D (west to east)
Send your Charlie north to Factory A, send your Kilroy northeast to Factory B,
and send your Pelican w/ Charlie to Factory C to simultaneously block the enemy
Charlie and capture. The enemy will capture Factory D while you capture A, C,
then B. Deploy your air units from Factory A first and try to protect your
Kilroy headed for Factory B from incoming tanks. Move your Pelican back to your
initial factory to grab the Atlas. Close in on the enemy with overwhelming
force from your 3 factories.

Stage 48: TNEVDA
Turns Taken: 19
Difficulty: ****
Neutral Factories: A, B, C, D (west to east)
Load your Kilroy into your Pelican and deploy your Charlie on the northeast
hex. Move your Charlie to Factory A and your Pelican to Factory B. After
capturing Factory B, load your Pelican up again and capture Factory C. Gather
your ground units between Factory A and B. Make sure you have a bioenemy
surrounded by 4 or 5 units before bothering to attack it. Use your Charlies,
Kilroy, Hawkeyes, and Pelican as bait to absorb hits. Don't let your Rabbits
get destroyed - they have low armor but give a lot of support damage when
surrounding an enemy. Kill enemies quickly with 2-4 attacks - if you build up
their rank they will be nearly impossible to kill. Don't be afraid to back up a
bit and lure enemies onto weaker terrain and away from the Atlases.

To capture Factory D, throw your tanks from Factory C in the enemy's path then
move your Factory C Charlie in for the capture. Be careful though because
bioenemies will gang up on anything you deploy at Factory D until you've
thinned things out. Attack with your normal units whenever possible because you
can heal them, your biounits have limited HP. Around turn 15 all the bioenemies
except the Biohawk should be dead, so go ahead and capture the enemy Base or
kill everything. It helps if your Pelican is still alive to drop off a Charlie,
but it doesn't really matter.