Monster Tale: FAQ/Walkthrough

                                 Monster Tale
                             Platform: Nintendo DS
                             Current Version: 0.15
                            Started: March 20, 2011
                         Last Updated: March 26, 2011
                             Author: Jack_Vambrace
                               Table of Contents
  1 - Introduction          (INTRO)
  2 - Gameplay Basics       (BASIC)
    2.1 - Characters        (BASIC1)
    2.2 - Controls          (BASIC2)
    2.3 - Screen Layout     (BASIC3)
  3 - Walkthrough           (WKTHR)
    3.1 - Ancient Ruins     (WKTHR1)
    3.2 - Meadeland         (WKTHR2)  
    3.2.1 - The Caverns     (WKTHR2.1)
    3.2.2 - The Dungeon     (WKTHR2.2)
    3.2.3 - The Scratch Pit (WKTHR2.3)
    3.2.4 - To Deanuford    (WKTHR2.4)
    3.3 - Deanuford         (WKTHR3)
  4 - Band Upgrades         (BANDS)
  5 - Evolution             (EVLTN)
    5.1 Forms               (EVLTN1)
    5.2 Skills              (EVLTN2)
    5.3 Traits              (EVLTN3)
  6 - Shop Guide            (SHOPS)
    6.1 Ellie               (SHOPS1)
    6.2 Chomp               (SHOPS2)
  7 - Enemies               (ENEMY)
  8 - Credits/Legal         (CREDITS)
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                          1. Introduction (INTRO)                          
Monster Tale is a Nintendo DS game developed by DreamRift, and released by
Majesco Games. It was released March 16, 2011 in the U.S. Despite not receiving
a large amount of press (many people didn't even hear about it until it was
already out), Monster Tale appears to be a very well received game. It plays
similar to the Metroidvania style games, meaning that you have several 2D
platforming style stages, and you explore them while gaining new abilities
that allow you to access different areas. It also has bits and pieces from
other games such as Pokemon and Megaman, resulting in a game that is unique,
yet familiar. Contradictory, I know, but it's the best way I can think to
explain it. Anyway, you're probably here looking for help instead of the
musings of a rabid fanboy, so lets dive right in now.

                         2. Gameplay Basics (BASIC)                          

- 2.1 Characters (BASIC1) -

Ellie is the blue haired heroine of Monster Tale. She is woken up late one
night by a loud noise, and decides to go see what it was. After venturing into
the forest, she finds a bracelet in a clearing. The bracelet begins glowing,
and the next thing she knows she is regaining consciousness in a strange
place, very different from where she was.

Chomp is floating animal with red and white markings. After she comes to,
Ellie finds his egg in the Ancient Ruins. He hatches and begins following
Ellie around, helping her navigate through the ruins.

Purple haired, horned salesmen of The Caverns. Jinx tells Ellie more about
the band and the legends associated with it, then offers to sell items to her.

Pink wearing queen of the Monster World. Rules all of Monster Land, and isn't
fond of Ellie.

Brown haired headphone wearing king of Meadeland. Sent along with his monster,
Krubble, to stop Ellie in the Scratch Pit.

Gigantic orange cyclops monster that serves Meade. Smashes things up and
breathes fire.

- 2.2 Controls (BASIC2) -

D-Pad - Used to move Ellie around and navigate menus. Simple enough.

A - Fires the Band Blaster. Selects things in menus.

B - Press to jump. Moves you backwards in menus

X - Switches Chomp between the top and bottom screens.

Y - Swing Ellie's bag for melee attacks.

L - Activate Chomp's ability.

R - Activate Chomp's ability.

Start - Pauses the game, and displays the map screen on the bottom screen.

Select - Displays the Character Information Screen.

- 2.3 Screen Layout (BASIC3) -
This section will detail the different screen layouts you will
encounter in Monster Tale.

                      Normal Screen
This is the screen you'll see when actually playing the

                       Top Screen
|[{}] <3<3<3<3  (1)                          (2)  $00000|
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                       o   (3)                         |
|                      |-|                              |
|                   ___/ \__                            |
|                   |      |                            |
|===================|      |============================|
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                        (6)            __ __           |
|                                      |     | (7)      |
|                                       -----           |
|                                        //             |
|                                                       |
                       Bottom Screen
1 - Life Meter
    This is Ellie's Life Meter, represented by blue hearts. You start
    with four hearts, and enemy attacks can take away half a heart.
    If you run out of hearts, it's game over, and you are put back where
    your last save was, so be careful if low on life.

2 - Money
    This counter tells you how much money you've collected. Enemies will
    drop coins when killed, and you use money to buy upgrades.

3 - Ellie
    She's the heroine!

4 - Pet Meter
    This meter represents Chomp's health. It drains slowly while he is on the
    top screen, and refills much faster when he is on the bottom screen.
    The meter also drains if Chomp is attacked, or if you use skills with
    him. It won't drain completely if you just keep Chomp on the top screen,
    but it will get empty enough that you can't use any skills. If any
    enemy attack empties the meter, Chomp will be dazed. While dazed, Chomp
    is forced into the Pet Sanctuary, and cannot be brought out until the
    Pet Meter refills.

5 - Super Meter
    After getting the Super Band Blaster ability, You will see the Super Meter.
    The Super Band Blaster has increased range over the regular blaster, but
    has limited energy stores. Each shot drains a bit from the Super Meter.
    Once it is empty, it will recharge enough for a single shot, but not enough
    for rapid fire. Refilled by picking up energy items, and using melee
6 - Pet Sanctuary
    The bottom screen is called the Pet Sanctuary. Item's you collect will be
    placed here until Chomp uses them. In addition, You'll find the Pet Meter
    and Shot Meter at the top of the screen. Tap the screen if there are
    multiple items or objects on the bottom screen to cycle through them.

7 - Chomp
    He's the sidekick! Chomp can switch between the top screen and the bottom
    screen by pressing X. While on the top screen, you can use any skills you
    have set to L and R. He will also interact with certain objects such as
    gears, and will attack nearby enemies. 

               Character Information Screen
The Character Information Screen is accessed by pressing
the Select button while in Normal or Map Screen. This
screen show you various statistics related to the game,
and allows you to review Ellie and Chomp's abilities.

                       Top Screen
|                                                       |
|     ---------------------------------------------     |
|     |   Time (1)                  (2) Money     |     |
|     |    00:00                        00000     |     |
|     |                                           |     |
|     |  Chomp Level  (3)        (4) Game Clear   |     |
|     |     Lv 01                      0.4%       |     |
|     |                                           |     |
|     ---------------------------------------------     |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                         (5)                           |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|         Chomp  (6)                (7) Ellie           |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                         Evo  (8)                      |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|--|  (9)                                      (10)  |--|
|--|                                                 |--|
                       Bottom Screen

1 - Time
    Indicates how long you've been playing in minutes and hours.

2 - Money
    Shows how much money you've collected

3 - Chomp Level
    Indicates what level Chomp is at.

4 - Game Clear
    Indicates how much of the game you've cleared as a percentage.

5 - Explanatory Menu
    Gives details about your menu selection on the bottom screen.

6 - Chomp Menu
    Allows you to change which skills and traits Chomp has equipped.
7 - Ellie Menu
    Allows you to view all the abilities that Ellie has collected

8 - Evo Menu
    Allows you to transform Chomp into different forms.

9 - Back Button
    Takes you back to the Normal Screen.

10 - Map Button
     Takes you to the Map Screen.

                      Chomp Screen
This is the screen you'll see when you select Chomp
from the Character Information Screen.

                       Top Screen
|                                                       |
|   __ __                      STA              502     |
|  |     |   (1)               ATK      (4)      80     |
|   -----                      DEF              250     |
|    //                        SPD              150     |
|  Foundling  (2)              INT              300     |
|   Fire                                                |
| + L     - W  (3)                     (5)              |
|                              EXP           13/100     |
|                             [==                  ]    |
|                                              LV01     |
|                        (6)                            |
|<-L                    Chomp    (7)                 ->R|
|                       Skills   (8)                    |
|      Command                                          |
| (9)     L      ____________________________           |
| (10)    R      ____________________________           |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                         (11)                          |
|                        Traits                         |
| --|    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]    |-- |
| --| (12)                                     (13) |-- |
                       Bottom Screen
1 - Chomp
    Graphical representation of Chomp's current form.

2 - Form Name
    The name of Chomp's current form.

3 - Elemental Affinity
    Indicates Chomp's elemental affinity, and how it relates to other

4 - Statistics
    Shows each of Chomp's various stats. I'll add in some more information
    on them after a bit more research, but I assume they work more or less
    as they do in other games.

5 - Experience Bar
    Shows how much experience Chomp has both in bar form and in numerical
    form. Chomp gains experience by using items and beating enemies. when
    he gains enough experience he levels up, and starts the process anew.

6 - Explanatory Menu
    Gives details about your selection on the bottom screen.

7 - Menu Indicator
    Tells you which menu you are in. In this case, you are in the Chomp menu.

8 - Skills Area
    Shows you which skills you have equipped to the L and R button.

9 - L Skill
    Shows which skill you have equipped to the L button. You can switch
    skills by pressing the A button, selecting a new skill from the list,
    and pressing A again.

10 - R Skill
     Same as above, only for the R button.

11 - Traits
     Shows what traits you have equipped to Chomp. Traits provide passive
     bonuses. That is, they don't have to activated, because they are
     always active. This includes things like stat boosts.

12 - Back Button
     Takes you back to the Character Information Screen.

13 - Map Button
     Takes you to the Map Screen.

                      Ellie Screen
This is the screen you'll see when you select Ellie
from the Character Information Screen.

                       Top Screen
|                                     (2)      (3)      |
|   __ __                            01:02    00000     |
|  |     |   (1)                                        |
|  |-----|                            Kid Crowns (4)    |
|   |  /|                                               |
|                        Command  (5)                   |
|                            A                          |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                           (6)                         |
|<-L                    Ellie    (7)                 ->R|
|                                                       |
|                 Ellie's Abilities  (8)                |
|  Band Blaster                                         |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
| --|                                               |-- |
| --| (9)                                      (10) |-- |
                       Bottom Screen
1 - Ellie
    Graphical representation of Ellie.

2 - Time
    Shows how long you've been playing in hours and minutes.

3 - Money
    Shows how much money you have.

4 - Kid Crowns
    Will update as soon as I find out what they are. I assume you get
    one as a trophy from boss fights.

5 - Command Area
    Shows the command for the selected ability. You do what it says here
    to make the ability work.

6 - Explanatory Menu
    Gives a description of the selected ability.

7 - Menu Indicator
    Tells you what menu you are in. In this case, it'll say Ellie.

8 - Abilities Menu
    Shows a listing of Ellie's abilities. You can select one to see the
    command to use it, and a description.

9 - Back Button
    Returns you to the Character Information Screen.

10 - Map Button
     Takes you to the Map Screen.

                       Evo Screen
This screen shows you the various forms that Chomp can

                       Top Screen
|                                                       |
|   __ __                      STA              502     |
|  |     |   (1)               ATK      (4)      80     |
|   -----                      DEF              250     |
|    //                        SPD              150     |
|  Foundling  (2)              INT              300     |
|   Fire                                                |
| + L     - W  (3)                     (5)              |
|                              EXP           13/100     |
|                             [==                  ]    |
|                                              LV01     |
|                        (6)                            |
|<-L                     Evo     (7)                 ->R|
|                  <  Foundling  >  (8)                 |
|                         ^                             |
|                        [X]--[ ]                       |
|                         |        (9)                  |
|                        [ ]                            |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
| --|                                               |-- |
| --| (10)                                     (11) |-- |
                       Bottom Screen
1 - Chomp
    Graphical representation of Chomp's current form.

2 - Form Name
    The name of Chomp's current form.

3 - Elemental Affinity
    Indicates Chomp's elemental affinity, and how it relates to other

4 - Statistics
    Shows each of Chomp's various stats. 
5 - Experience Bar
    Shows how much experience Chomp has.
6 - Explanatory Menu
    Gives details about your selection on the bottom screen.
7 - Menu Indicator
    Tells you what menu you are in. In this case, it says Evo.
8 - Form Name
    Name of the form you have highlighted. Will say LOCKED for forms you
    can't access yet.
9 - Form Grid
    A series of linked nodes forming a grid. Contains all the various forms
    that Chomp can use.
10 - Back Button
     Returns you to the Character Information Screen.
11 - Map Button
     Takes you to the Map Screen.

                       Map Screen
This is the screen that is displayed when you press
start. Also doubles as the pause screen.

                       Top Screen
|                          (1)                          |
|                    -----Pause-----                    |
|                    |    Resume   |                    |
|                    | Quit Game   |                    |
|                    ---------------                    |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                       o   (2)                         |
|                      |-|                              |
|                   ___/ \__                            |
|                   |      |                            |
|===================|      |============================|
|                 (3) Ancient Ruins                     |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                         (4)                           |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
|                                                       |
                       Bottom Screen
1 - Pause Menu
    Gives you the option of Resuming or Quitting the game. Resume allows
    you to continue playing, while quitting takes you back to the title
    screen. _BE AWARE_ that quitting does _NOT_ save your game. If you
    quit, you are sent back to the title to reload your last save file.

2 - Ellie
    You can still see the playing field while looking at the map.

3 - Area Name
    Tells you which area you are in.

4 - Map
    Shows you a map of the current area. Looks similar to the maps found in
    the old 2D metroid games, and the more recent 2D Castlevania games.

Alright then, that raps up the menus, and hopefully tells you enough
to start playing. Now on the the walkthrough proper.

                           3. Walkthrough (WKTHR)

- 3.1 Ancient Ruins (WKTHR1) -

Watch the opening cutscene, or press start to skip if you prefer. In short,
the monster world has a legend that says a hero will appear from another world
and save their own. You play as Ellie who as described in the character
section found a bracelet in the woods and is now transported to a new world.

Ellie wakes up under an arch, unsure of where she is. After a little dialogue,
you take control of her. Feel free to try out walking around and jumping, and
when you feel comfortable, head left. At the end of the path way, you'll find
an elaborate glowing device. Looks kinda like a bowing angel, maybe? These are
Rune Statues, and you receive upgrades from them. Anyway, Ellie will say that
the statue is reacting to her new bracelet, and step on it.

  Ability Acquired: Band Blaster!

Sweet, now you can use the Mega Buster, I mean Band Blaster. Press A to fire
shots from your band. Ellie remarks on feeling different now, and you regain
control. Head right.

At the right end of the pathway you find a locked door and a flashing switch
that you can't reach. Shoot it with Band Blaster and continue through the

In the next room, head right. Not far into the room you will encounter your
first enemy. We'll call these guys star monsters, cause as near as I can tell
there aren't any official names listed anywhere. Anyway, just peg the star
monster with you blaster and continue to the next room to the right.

Here, you need to head up. You'll find a shaft with several platforms to the
right, just jump on them to continue. It's explained a few rooms after, but
if you need to get back down, press down to duck, and press the B while
still ducking to drop through platforms like these. A few platforms in,
you will come across a gear with a swirly pattern on it and a ledge that is
too high for you to jump to. Ignore it for now, we will come back to that in
just a moment. Continue up and you will find a path leading to the left. Take

You should now be on a screen with several spike pits. Head left, jumping over
the spike pits as you go. Don't worry about messing up here too much, as each
fall will only take half a heart away. By far, the most merciful spikes I've
ever encountered in a game. You will come to a section that has a green
ceiling and several tiny platforms. You need to jump across these platforms
to continue. At least they aren't phasing in and out this time. After jumping
the platforms, you will find a sign that explains how to drop through
platforms. Once again, hold down to crouch, then press B to drop down. Head

In this room you find an egg. Look around, and then exit to the right when
you are done. As you go to leave, the egg begins shaking! The egg hatches
revealing a red and white creature with blue eyes that can fly. Neat. After
introductions are out of the way, Ellie tells the creature to stay put and
wait for it's mother. Head right again.

In the next room, Samus notices that the baby metroid is following her. I mean
Ellie notices that the baby creature is following her. She decides to bring it
along, thinking it might be dangerous to leave him behind. Ellie calls him
Chomp, because he appears hungry. Head right onto the next screen, and begin
heading back down.

  Companion Acquired: Chomp!

When you get back to the funny looking gear, you receive a tutorial about

Basically there are objects that Chomp can interact with, such as the
gear on this screen. He can also attack enemies while on screen. The Pet Meter
which shows up now serves as sort of a combination health/energy meter for
Chomp. When he is attacked, it goes down. It also goes down very slowly while
he is on the top screen, and when you use skills with L and R. To counter
this, you have the Pet Sanctuary.

If you noticed, when you picked up Chomp the bottom screen changed. This is
the Pet Sanctuary. When Chomp's health begins running down, press X to send
him to the sanctuary. While in the sanctuary, Chomp regains health and can
use items that Ellie has picked up. Items have various effects depending on
what they are. Some simply boost stats, others will function as weapons.

  Tutorial Complete: Action Commence!
Anyway, since Chomp smacked the gear you now have a foothold to climb onto.
Do so and head right.

In this room, you'll find more star monsters, including some that can jump
out from statues. They still fall easily enough, so blast 'em or let Chomp
have at them for some experience. Continue heading right and you will enter
a tutorial on items. Same information as above, they go to the sanctuary
and are used when Chomp is in there. Some items take longer than others to use.
Walk over the cookie and let Chomp eat it. He'll gain some experience and
stamina, and that will conclude the tutorial. Head right.

  Tutorial Complete: Hunger Conquered!

Here, you encounter a new enemy which we will dub the wall crawler. These
yellow-eyed, purple-leafed plants move up and down the wall, firing shots
at regular intervals. Like the star monster, the wall crawlers are fragile.
Anything you hit them with should kill them. Head down, fighting of or avoiding
the wall crawlers and star monsters until you reach the bottom. The path splits
left and right here. If you go left, you will find wall with a small hole in
it and a star monster on the other side. Nothing you can do here yet, so lets
go right.

Here you find the first save point of the game. walk up to the giant green
book and press up to save and recover your health. Continue right.

Here you get a tutorial on the map screen. Press start to pause the game and
view the map. this will show you a map of the local area with Ellie's location
marked with an icon of her head, your objective marked as a flashing red ring,
save points marked in bright blue, areas you haven't been to marked in grey,
and areas you have been to marked in different colors depending on which area
you are in. Ancient Ruins rooms you have been to appear lavender. Head right.

  Tutorial Complete: Navigation Noted!
Continue right, blasting or dodging monsters as you go, until you reach a
wall similar to the one back at the fork in the road. You need to kill the
nearby star monster to make it open, so blast him and continue right. Kill
the star monsters in the next room and head right.

When you get to this room, the door closes behind you and you are instructed
to find and use three pet items in the room. Head to the right and fight off
the star monsters and wall crawlers until you find an alcove with a soccer ball
in it. Take it and let Chomp use it by putting him in the sanctuary. Chomp
gains some experience and speed, and tosses the ball to the upper screen. The
soccer ball bounces back and forth on the screen for several seconds, damaging
enemies while it does so. Continue up from the alcove, and you will find a book
to the right. Chomp gains some experience and intelligence. Books tend to be
worth a few more points than other things, but don't provide any offensive or
defensive bonuses beyond the improved stats. Head left and you should find a
catapult. Chomp will gain a large amount of experience from this, and should
level up. When Chomp levels up, his stats increase, his experience bar empties,
and the experience to reach the next level rises a bit. Head down, and go back
through the door to the left.

  Tutorial Complete: Points Gained!
Back in the open room, head left and prepare for your first boss fight.

Boss Fight 001 - Twin Headed Dragon
Ah, what fun. The first boss and it's already a room filler. Not to worry,
it's not so tough. So far as attacks go, all it will do is try and bite Ellie
with one of its heads. The dragon's eyes will glow yellow before it lunges,
so you have plenty of warning. The bite tracks where you are until it actually
lunges, so just step out of the way or jump before it hits you. After the
initial lunge the head won't damage you, so don't fret about landing on it
and taking damage.

Now onto actually hurting this thing. One of the heads will open it's mouth,
exposing a green core. Bring Chomp out of the sanctuary, and let him smack
the exposed core a few times. He works on his own, so all you need to do is
have him out and focus on keeping Ellie out of harm's way. After a few hits,
the dragon will drop one head to the lower screen and expose its core. Drop
Chomp back into the sanctuary, and he will smack down the core, gaining health
back in the process. The dragon will expose the core on whichever screen Chomp
isn't on. Just follow the core with Chomp, and the dragon will go down with
very little effort.

  Boss Defeated: Dragon Squished!
After the boss fight, Chomp will level up again. This time he also learns a
skill: Torpedo. The ensuing tutorial explains skills. They cost energy from
the pet meter, and allow Chomp to aid Ellie on the top screen. The torpedo
skill send Chomp rocketing straight forward, allowing you to hit enemies from
further away on command now. Skills are assigned to the L and R buttons,
allowing you to prepare two different skill at one time.

  Tutorial Complete: Battleship Sunk!
Head left. You will need to use torpedo to hit the enemy on the other side of
the wall this time, since you are on the right side. Torpedo him and be on your
way back to the fork with the first low wall we found. If you've lost your way,
head left to the save room, save if you wish, leave the save room heading left,
leave the next room heading left, and now we are back to the wall we couldn't

Torpedo the star monster, and head left. You meet another new enemy, the
Smiling Flyer. Kinda like star monsters, except they fly. Shoot them with
you blaster or Chomp, and continue to the next room.

Go down, blasting enemies and collecting coins as you go, and head right once
you reach the bottom.

In this room, shoot the smiling flyer and star monster, the jump over the
platforms. Go down the next set of platforms, then head left once you get to
the bottom. Jump the spikes and go to the next room.

You will be in a room with several star monster statues. When you get to the
center of them, they will come to life and attack you. Nothing to worry about,
just blast them away. When they are gone, you are given a green scroll, and
can move on. Take the scroll, and Chomp will level up again. This time he
will gain a new trait. As the tutorial explains, traits can enhance Chomp's
stats when equipped. Do as the tutorial says, and equip Chomp's new trait to
give him a small boost in speed. Once you are done, exit the room to the left.

  Tutorial Complete: Silent Wind of Doom *WHOOOOOSH*!

In this room, jump up on the platforms, and keep going left. You will see
three star monsters very close together, and two in an unreachable area above
you just after them. Blast the three, then drop down and grab the green scroll.
Chomp will level up again and learn Vertical Spike. This transforms Chomp
into a giant spike that extends up and down the length of the screen just in
front of Ellie. Use Vertical Spike to get the remaining star monsters, and
head left.

Here you will find another Rune Statue like the one that gave you Band
Blaster. This one will give you Melee Strike. Melee Strike allows you to swing
Ellie's bag at the enemies, giving you even more options during battle. If you
duck and attack, Ellie will roll forward and do a more powerful strike that
knocks enemies back. You can also use it to break through some stone walls that
you encounter, like the ones to your right now. 

  Ability Acquired: Backhand!

Head back to the right, using
melee strike to break the brown blocks on the way, and enter the room to the
right. Ellie will say something about the band calling her to a new place, and
you will see the objective marker on your map move. Keep heading right, using
vertical spike to clear the three star monsters an go into the next room.
This should be the room with the four star monster statues. Try out melee
strike on them, then head right.

Now you are back in the room with the spike pits. Go right past the pits, and
take the exit to the right. you should be in a room that goes up and has a
giant purple door with a golden lock on it. Ignore the door and head up. Exit
to the right, past the spike pit. In the next room, Continue heading right.
You will see blue arrows at the right exit. Take that exit and congratulate
yourself for finishing the first level of Monster Tale! Sit back and watch
the cutscene, then prepare for stage 2: The Caverns

  Level Complete: Yay Survival!

- 3.2 Meadeland (WKTHR2) -
- 3.2.1 The Caverns (WKTHR2.1) -

Several rooms here will have doors blocked by stacked brown blocks. Remember
that they can be broken by melee attacks, so no need to worry about them.

Head right through the first room, shooting star monsters all the way through.
Next room has smiling flyers and a gear that Chomp will need to hit. continue
right. You'll come to a save point, which you should use. Break the blocks on
the door and continue right.

Now you will be at fork. We can't do anything with the rooms to the top right,
middle left, or bottom right at the moment, so hop down a couple of platforms,
and take the middle right path.

You will now be in a room that is blocked by a grey block extending against the
ceiling in the center. There is a gear block on the bottom screen, so send
Chomp there to hit it and continue right.

This room marks the first appearance of a new enemy in the caverns: the Yellow
Gator. They are stronger than the other enemies you've seen in the game thus
far, the first non-boss that can take more than one hit. Shoot him or torpedo
him, and exit to the right. 

This room has another Rune Statue, so step up and claim your prize: the
Super Band Blaster! This upgrade extends the range of your band blaster to
cover most of the screen, enabling you to hit enemies and switches from
farther away. Unfortunately, this upgrade also introduces a new limitation:
the super meter. The super meter appears as a segmented blue bar underneath
the pet meter on the bottom screen. Each time you fire the super band blaster,
you lose a small amount of energy from the bar. You have enough energy for
48 shots before you run out, at which point the bar will regenerate enough
for you to fire single shots a second or so apart. You can regain energy by
striking enemies with melee attacks, or collecting energy items which appear
as glowing blue balls laying about or dropped by enemies. When you find the
shop, you can upgrade the efficiency of the blaster, giving you more shots
with the same amount of energy. When you are ready, exit left.

  Tutorial Complete: Kill range extended!
Head back left until you get to the room with several exits again. It's the
one that exits to the save point at the top left. Once you get there, take
the top right path that we passed up on before.

Head right through the room until you come to a door with a switch above it.
This switch needs to be shot with the blaster, but if you try to get it
before you get the super blaster, you won't be able to reach it. Since we
have the blaster now, shoot it and continue through the newly opened door.

Notice as you go in that the door has the same unlocking mechanism on each
side. You will need to jump back up and shoot the switch when you come back
through later. Head right, and you will encounter another new enemy: the
Lizard Turret. These yellow and purple reptiles will stand back and fire shots
at you from afar. They fall easily to the blaster, so simply duck or jump as
need be, and fire away. Continue right.

Around this time, Chomp may level up some more. When he reaches level 7, you
will master the Torpedo skill, and a tutorial will play explaining the
difference between learning a skill and mastering it. Learning a skill means
that you can use it in the form that learned it. Mastering it means you can
use it in other forms that don't have it. Mastered skills are marked with a
star in the skill list.

  Tutorial Complete: A Master Is You!
Anyway, back to the game. You will be in a vertical room with wall crawlers
and star monsters. Head down to the bottom to find a lizard turret and a fork
that heads left and right. The left exit takes you to a save point, so rest up
while you have the chance, then head back and take the right exit.

In this room, head left past the enemies until you reach a wall with a small
gap in the bottom. take the path above it and exit to the right. The next room
will have a Rune Statue, this time containing the Roll ability. Roll allows
Ellie to move through small gaps, such as the ones on either side of the room.
Hold down and press B just like you do to drop through platforms and she will
roll across the floor. If you press and hold the direction you are facing at
the end of a roll and jump, you can do a long jump that gives you a little bit
more horizontal reach. Let's give it a try, roll through the gap to the right.

  Tutorial Complete: Capcom is gonna sue somebody!
Take a few steps into the room, and you will meet Jinx, the local shopkeep.
Listen for a bit of plot exposition about kid kings and invaders from other
worlds, and Jinx will tell you to go see the king. He then offers to sell you
some things, so walk up to him and press up to shop. In the shop screen, you
can choose to buy things for either Ellie or Chomp. You can buy items for
Chomp to use, just like the ones you find after beating enemies. You can buy
several upgrades for Ellie such as health bonuses and damage upgrades. Unless
you have been grinding for money, you most likely don't have more than 200
to spend, so I suggest getting the Blaster Efficiency 1 upgrade, upping the
number of shots you get from a full super meter from 48 to 64. Also note that
the shop will appear as an orange/yellow room on the map screen.

  Shop Discovered: Yay Capitalism!

If you go right, you will encounter a large pillar with arrow on it. There
isn't anything we can do with it right now, so let's head back to the left.
When you get back to the Rune Statue, roll under the wall to the left and
continue left until you reach the save point. Save if you need to exit the
save room.

In the room outside of the save point, head up and exit left. Continue left
and shoot the switch to open the door in this room, then exit left. Continue
left through the next room and you will be back at the large branching room.
Save if you want, and take the lower left path. Head to the left end of the
room and you will find a wall that you can roll under. Roll under it and
enter the next stage: The Dungeon.

- 3.2.2 The Dungeon (WKTHR2.2) -

Welcome to the Dungeon. Surprisingly happy or maybe disturbing depending on
how much you think about it, you find a heart container laying in front of you
when you first enter. Take it and enjoy that extra little bit of health. When
you are ready, head down. This room has four total exits, three to the right
and one to the left. The top right is where we just came in from, the middle
right is a save point, the bottom right takes you to the Scratch Pit, and the
left takes you towards the next upgrade. You can't do anything in the Scratch
Pit yet, so save and head towards the upgrade. Also take note of yet another
new enemy, the Bull Bug. They shoot vertical shots at you if you are above or
below them, and will bull rush you (complete with horns) if you are on the
same level as them or if they can't hit you where they stand. A little more
resilient, but not too bad unless they corner you. Use the blaster or Vertical
Spike and head on.

Head left, roll under the wall, jump through the platform, and exit left. This
will bring you to another Rune Statue, this one containing the Melee String
ability. This allows you to do a five hit melee attack combo. Very nice, and
useful to boot. Just press the button again after each hit to to another. The
last hit can knock enemies back, and will also push the moveable arrow blocks
such as the one in the previous room back. Try it out for a bit, then exit


*cough* Anyway... This room will have a large block with arrows on it that
will block your way out. Try out melee string on it and be on your way. When
you come back to the branching room head back up towards the Caverns, saving
if you need to.

Head right towards the branching area, and you will see a cutscene. After the
cutscene, you will be in the large vertical room that branches off. If you
look at the map, you will see the objective marker just to the right of the
shop (remember that the shops are shown as yellow rooms on the map) so take
the top right exit and head there. Once back at the shop, head right into a
room with another large block with arrows. Nothing special here, just use
Melee String and exit through the newly opened path.

The goal marker moves to the room next to the last exit in the branching room
that we haven't taken yet. The room you are currently in has several Star
Monsters and Yellow Gators. The exit at the upper right is difficult to reach,
but possible. Make your way to the large white block in the middle of the
room. get as close as you can to the platform on the left of it without being
on top of it and roll. Just before you fall off, push left and jump, and you
should do a longer jump that will barely get you to the other side. Inside,
you find a pink gem worth 100 coins. Pretty nice. When you are done, go back
to the room with the block, and exit to the lower left. This will lead us back
into the Dungeon.

This time you are on the right side of the Dungeon. The room you start in has
Star Monsters and Yellow Gators, so blast them and head left. The next room
has two exits on each side. You just came through the top right, the bottom
right leads to a save point, the top left leads to a shop, and the bottom
left heads further into the Dungeon. Rest, shop, and exit to the bottom left
when ready.

This room has two gears on the bottom screen linked to gears on the top screen.
Just have chomp whack both of them and exit left. The next room contains
several platforms, Yellow Gators, and Bull Bugs. Use the blaster and Chomp
to take out each enemy one at a time, and they won't pose any danger. When
you are done, take the platforms to the left and exit.

Like the earlier room, this room has four exits. You came in the bottom right,
you can't reach the top right, the bottom left is a dead end for now, and the
top left takes you to a Rune Statue. Stand on it and claim the Launcher Attack.
Hold up and press Y to have Ellie swing upwards. Hold up after the attack and
she will jump also, allowing you to follow enemies into the air or take their
recently vacated platform. the Launcher Attack also allows you to break the
blocks with switches on the bottom and arrows pointing up, like the ones in
this room and the next. Smash through the blocks to the left, and exit.

  Ability Acquired: Seriously guys, Capcom is gonna sue.
- 3.2.3 The Scratch Pit -

Now you should be at the exit in the large branching room in the Caverns that
you couldn't get through before. Break the blocks, and take the lower left
exit. Watch the cutscene, blast some enemies, and exit left to the Dungeon.
Once in the dungeon, drop down and take the bottom left exit, saving if you
need to, then drop down and go through the big mouth on the bottom left.

Now you are in the Scratch Pit. Head right past some Gators and Bull Bugs to
the next room. In this room, you should see some blocks you can break with
the Launcher Attack. The rest of the room is filled with bugs and gators.
Just be patient and you should be okay. Vertical spike works well on the
gators, and the blaster works well on the bugs. There is a shop through the
upper right exit, and the path through the Scratch Pit continues through the
lower right exit. I recommend buying either a Health Extension or a Blaster
Damage Boost if you can afford them. When you are done, take the lower right

Take care of the enemies in this room, jump up a few platforms, and roll left
to the next room. In the next room, there are several enemies, and exits to
the upper right and lower right. You can't get into the upper right room
because of the blocks in front of the switch, so take the lower right exit.

In this room, there are two giant spikes blocking your way, and two gears
on the bottom screen. You will have to tell Chomp to hit one, then the other,
because they don't lock into place like the other ones you have encountered.
Touch the screen and Chomp will switch targets between the two. Don't worry
if you accidentally hit Ellie, the spikes hurt bur aren't fatal. Continue

There are two Bug Bulls in this room that will charge you as soon as you
enter. I used Torpedo and the blaster to kill them, but you should be able
to jump them if need be. Continue right.

This room has several Star Monsters lining the platforms. Use the Launcher 
Attack or Vertical Spike to clear them out. At the section with an exit to
the left and right, there is a save point to the right. Use it, because a
boss fight is coming up soon. You can't reach the left side exit here, so
go up and take the top right exit.

The next room has several monsters. Lay heavy on the blaster or Torpedo and
continue. You will find some stairs with hearts and blaster energy. Take the
items and go right.

Boss Fight 002 - Meade and Krubble

Meade is the King of Meadeland. He likes to rock. Krubble is that giant orange
thing with horns behind him. Together they serve as the boss of the Scratch
Pit, and Meadeland as a whole. Watch the cutscene, and prepare for a decent
fight this time around.

Meade rides on top of Krubble, so you need to focus on Krubble to make any
headway. Krubble will walk back and forth across the room, attacking
periodically. I'll step through the attacks, and give strategies for each.

1. Meade will blast his stereo, and green waves will come out.
Krubble will lay three eggs, and bat them towards Ellie. They roll along
the ground with the first stopping in front of Krubble, and the other two
about two body spaces to the left of the previous egg. If you are quick, you
may be able to blast them away before they get stopped if you start shooting
from the far left side of the screen. Once he is done swatting the eggs,
Krubble will jump. The shockwave sends the eggs up into the air, out of
Ellie's reach. Use Vertical Spike to smash them once they are in the air.
If you don't smash the eggs, they will hatch into baby Krubbles. The
babies will hover in midair and shoot energy rings at you. Use Vertical
Spike to finish them off. If you can destroy the eggs quickly, Krubble will
stay still for a bit, so lay into him hard then.

2. Meade will blast his stereo, and blue waves will come out.
Krubble gut checks the ceiling, dislodging several stage lights. The lights
will appear at the top of the screen before falling, giving you a small heads
up as to where to move to. The lights send fire pillars on each side when
they fall, which you can't jump over. Try to move out of the way, but expect
to take a few hits from this one. Luckily, they only take half a heart, so
you have between 8 and 12 hits you can take here, and the invincibility
frames after each hit are very forgiving. 

3. Meade will blast his stereo, and purple waves will come out.
Krubble flies off screen and comes back down slowly on one side. While
falling, he will breath green flames at you. Just stay out of the way and
you will be okay for this part. Once he lands, Krubble will walk forward
while still breathing fire. Hole up on the opposite side of the screen, duck
and shoot/torpedo him while he walks. If he gets close enough, use the melee
attack while ducking to cause some decent damage, and build up the super
meter in the process. If you are as far left as you can get and you are
ducking, he shouldn't be able to hit you. If he is hitting you, try rolling
against the side of the screen and turning around while still ducking.

Meade will randomly use one of these attacks every so often, but as pointed
out above, the color of the sound waves will tell you which attack he is
using. Now on to causing damage.

Whenever Krubble is laying eggs, you can destroy them. If you destroy the eggs
quickly enough Krubble will stand still for a few seconds after jumping. Use
the opportunity to recharge your blaster with Melee String and lay into him
with either Vertical Spike of Torpedo.

When Krubble smashes the ceiling to release the lights, attack as your
position will allow. If you end up close, Melee String. If you end up far
away, blast him. I recommend sending Chomp to the Sanctuary for this attack,
as he gets burned pretty bad during the chaos of this one.

When Krubble is breathing fire, hand back and unload on him. Use the blaster
and don't stop until you run out of ammo. If you feel confident, use Torpedo
until Krubble is close enough to hit Chomp with his fire breath, then send
Chomp to the Sanctuary. When Krubble gets close to you, switch to melee
attacks, as the ducking strikes do a lot more damage than the blaster or
combo attacks.

Any other time, blast and Torpedo him into oblivion. Keep up the heat, and
eventually he will fall.


Watch the cutscene, and take Meade's Key. Ellie will exit to the left and
the room will seal up. Chomp will acquire the Ballista form, unlocking the
teenager evo tree for you to work on. He will also gain two more trait slots,
allowing you to equip four traits instead of two. Try it out if you wish,
and go save.

- 3.2.4 - To Deanuford (WKTHR2.4) -
Begin making your way back through the Scratch Pit, heading back the way you
came. From the savepoint, drop down and take the bottom left exit, pass the
two small rooms, take the top right exit in the larger room, take the bottom
left exit in the next room, take the middle left exit in the next room, and
take the left exit in the next room. This should put you back in The Dungeon.

Once in the Dungeon, Go up and exit the room left, then go straight up and
take the top right exit. This should put you back in the Caverns.

Once in The Caverns, head right to the large branching room. Go up and take
the top left exit to the save point. Save if you want, then head left. Go
two rooms to the left, exiting back into the Ancient Ruins.

Your map will come up and the marker will move to a new spot, revealing a new
set of arrows on the map. Exit the room left, and drop down to the bottom of
the next room. You should be in front of the giant purple door. Ellie will
use Meade's key on it, unlocking another portion of the Ruins. Head right.

Here you will be told about elemental attributes. Some enemies have an element
associated with them that will affect how Chomp's attacks work against them,
and how well he can defend against their attacks. Enemies can be either fire,
earth, or water, and Chomp's various forms will also have one of these
elements. Fire monsters are typically red, water monsters are typically blue,
and earth monsters are typically green. When Chomp attacks an enemy or is
hit by an enemy attack, both their elements will be shown on the upper left
corner of the top screen, indicating how the attack worked.

Fire beats earth, but is weak to water.
Water beats fire, but is weak to earth.
Earth beats water, but is weak to fire.

You will see several monsters that now have different colors and elemental
affinities from this point on, so be careful bringing Chomp out if you don't
have the appropriate form prepared. The room has four exit, two to the left,
and two to the right. The top left take you to the previous room, the middle
left takes you to a savepoint, the top right is unreachable now, and the
bottom right heads further in. Save, then take the bottom right exit.

This room has an exit on the right blocked by blue blocks you can't break yet,
so head down. The path right takes you to a shop, the path left head further
in. Stock up, then go left.

There are several spikes controlled by gears in this room, so have Chomp whack
them and continue left. The next room will contain a large wooden door with
a green keyhole on it. Ignore the keyhole and go left. The next room takes
you into the Beach, which is in Deanuford.

- 3.3 Deanuford (WKTHR3) -

Next update, we will continue throught Deanuford. I'll try to get it posted
a bit quicker next time, also.

                          4. Band Upgrades (BANDS)
This section will detail all of the Band Upgrades you can get, what they do,
and where they can be found.

001 - Band Blaster
Location: Ancient Ruins, Directly to the left of where you start the game.
What It Does: This upgrade allows you to fire shots from your arm cannon, er
              band. Press A and Ellie will fire a single shot. Repeatedly
              press A for rapid fire shots. Each shot clears between one
              third and half the screen and does acceptable damage.
              You can also use the blaster to hit switches mounted on
002 - Melee Strike
Location: Ancient Ruins, Lower Left. Requires Torpedo and Vertical Spike to
What It Does: This upgrade give Ellie a short range melee attack with her bag.
              This allows you to attack enemies up close, and break brown
              stone walls that block your way. Press Y to swing. If you attack
              while ducking, Ellie will roll forward slightly and execute a
              much more powerful strike. It's slower to come out, but still
              useful on occasion.
003 - Super Band Blaster
Location: The Caverns, just past the lower screen gear block.
What It Does: It's basically the long beam from the first Metroid game.
              Upgrades the Band Blaster so that the shots will now clear the
              entire screen. Unfortunately, you now have an ammo bar,
              represented by the blue Super Meter on the lower screen.
              When you first get the upgrade, you have enough energy for 48
              shots. When the meter is empty, it will slowly recharge enough
              for one shot, allowing you to still hit switches and things, but
              not enough for rapid fire. Upgrades can be purchased that will
              improve the efficiency of the blaster, giving you more shots
              from the same amount of energy.
004 - Roll
Location: The Caverns, past the door that requires the Super Band Blaster to
What It Does: Allows Ellie to roll across the ground by holding down and
              pressing B. Use this to get through small opening on the floor.
              If you hold the D-pad in the direction you are facing and jump
              at the end of a roll, you can do a long jump that gives you a
              little more range horizontally.

005 - Melee String
Location: The Dungeon, after getting Roll. Enter from the entrance in the
          Caverns that requires roll, go down, then left.
What It Does: Allows Ellie to perform a 5 hit combo melee attack. Simply
              press y repeatedly and she will continue swinging. The last
              swing will knock enemies back, and will push the large sliding
              blocks with arrows out of the way. Also of note, you can string
              together attacks potentially increase the payout of defeated
              enemies. When an enemy is killed, they get knocked off screen.
              If you are quick, you can continue to hit the falling enemy,
              and if you hit them enough, they will drop extra money. You
              can combo with some of Chomp's attacks also, but this is easier
              once they have actually started to fall off screen.
006 - Launcher Attack
Location: The Dungeon, during the second visit after claiming Melee String
          Head back towards the bottom right exit of the large room in the
What It Does: Hold up and press Y to make Ellie attack upwards. This hit
              enemies above and in front of you, and can break the blocks
              with switches on the bottom and arrows pointing up. If you hold
              the up button after the attack, Ellie will jump upwards to
              follow the enemy into the air. Great fun for combos, this one.
                             5. Evolution (EVLTN)
This section gives information about Chomp's different forms. Chomp has several
different forms he can take, each with different properties and attributes.
You only have access to the foundling form when you first meet him, but you
will unlock several different forms based on what items you give him.

The Evo screen is set up on a grid, with each new form linking to a previous
form. For example, you start with the Foundling form, and you can unlock two
forms from it: Acrobat and Repeller. The Acrobat and Repeller each have forms
that can be unlocked from them. Each form that can be unlocked will be shown
as a lock symbol on the grid, and when selected will tell you what element
the new form will be, what type of behavior to expect (blocks stuff, shoots
stuff) and what things it likes. You can only unlock a form by using the form
that is connected to it on the grid. You increase the unlock gauge by using
items on Chomp in the Sanctuary. If you use items that the form you are trying
to unlock like, the unlock gauge will fill faster. Be careful, each form
maxes out at level 30, and it appears that if you reach level 30 without
unlocking a form, that form cannot be unlocked.

Chomp has five base statistics that differ based upon which form he is using.
Stamina: Abbreviated STA. Reduces energy consumption.
Attack: Abbreviated ATK. Affects the power of Chomp's physical attacks.
Defense: Abbreviated DEF. Reduces the damage that Chomp takes from attacks.
Speed: Abbreviated SPD. Represents Chomp's movement speed on screen.
Intelligence: Abbreviated INT. I'm not sure, but I believe this affects how
                               much experience Chomp receives. It appears to
                               work out right now, the forms gaining
                               experience in order of their intelligence,
                               but I still think I need more data to confirm.
Each form will learn skills and traits as they level up. Skills represent
attacks and abilities that you can activate at will, and are mapped to the
L and R buttons. You can map one skill to each, giving you two different
skills to use during battle.

Chomp will also learn different traits while leveling up. These allow you to
boost Chomp's stats up, making him more powerful. They are divided into two
categories, Stat traits and Elemental traits. Stat traits upgrade your base
stats like attack and defense, while elemental traits affect your performance
with elemental attacks.

Each skill and trait can only be used by the form it is learned in, until you
master it. Skills are mastered by leveling up Chomp's forms. Once a skill or
trait is mastered, it can be equipped by every form that you can use. Skills
still retain the element of the form that learned them however, so be wary
of that when choosing your attack skills.

- 5.1 Forms (EVLTN1) -
Each form will be listed here. The sections will be separated into adolescent
and teenager forms, as they each have their own evo tree. Each entry will
give a number (which may change in future versions), what it evolves from,
what element the form is, what the form prefers to fill the unlock gauge on

01 - Foundling
Evolves From: Nothing, you start with this.
Element: Fire
Preferred Item: N/A
Description: Red and White with blue eyes.
Base Stats: STA - 500
            ATK - 80
            DEF - 250
            SPD - 150
            INT - 300
Skills and Traits: LVL 03 - Torpedo Learned
                   LVL 04 - Speed up 1 Learned
                   LVL 05 - Vertical Spike Learned
                   LVL 07 - Torpedo Mastered
                   LVL 10 - Speed up 1 Mastered
                   LVL 11 - Vertical Spike Mastered
                   LVL 16 - Stamina Up 2 Learned
                   LVL 21 - Speed Up 2 Learned
                   LVL 26 - Stamina Up 2 Mastered
                   LVL 30 - Speed Up 2 Mastered
02 - Acrobat
Evolves From: 01 - Foundling
Element: Fire
Preferred Item: Sweets
Description: Foundling form with crab claw hands
Base Stats: STA - 260
            ATK - 120
            DEF - 200
            SPD - 450
            INT - 250
Skills and Traits: LVL 02 - Stamina Up 1 Learned
03 - Repeller
Evolves From: 01 - Foundling
Element: Fire
Preferred Item: Toys
Description: Foundling with bat wings
Base Stats: STA - 400
            ATK - 10
            DEF - 506
            SPD - 175
            INT - 189
Skills and Traits: LVL 03 - Shield Learned
                   LVL 04 - Defense Up 1 Learned

04 - Ballista
Evolves From: Acquired during story progression
Element: Fire
Preferred Item: N/A
Description: Much more serious and fierce looking version of the foundling
Base Stats: STA - 436
            ATK - 223
            DEF - 376
            SPD - 75
            INT - 320
Skills and Traits: LVL 03 - Resistance of Midnight Learned
                   LVL 05 - Fire Attack Affinity 2 Learned
                   LVL 10 - Resistance of Midnight Mastered
                   LVL 15 - Fire Attack Affinity 2 Mastered
- 5.2 Skills (EVLTN2) -

001 - Torpedo
Learned: Foundling LVL 3
Mastered: Foundling LVL 7
Element: Fire
Description: Chomp rockets forward from Ellie's position, clearing about
             half the screen.
002 - Vertical Spike
Learned: Foundling LVL 5
Mastered: Foundling LVL 11
Element: Fire
Description: Chomp turns into a giant spike that extends upwards and
             downwards. Great for reaching enemies above or below, and does
             more damage than Torpedo, but has very little horizontal range.
003 - Shield
Learned: Repeller LVL 3
Element: Fire
Description: Chomp generates a shield in front of Ellie to protect her.
             Enemies will be pushed back by it, and shots will be reflected
             back at the enemy.
004 - Resistance of Midnight
Learned: Ballista LVL 3
Mastered: Ballista LVL 10
Element: Fire
Description: Chomp fires three projectiles in the direction that Ellie is
             facing. The center shot goes straight, while the top and bottom
             shots move at about a 60 degree angle.

- 5.3 Traits (EVLTN3) -

001 - Stamina Up 1
Learned: Acrobat LVL 2
Description: Increases Stamina by 30

002 - Stamina Up 2
Learned: Foundling LVL 16
Mastered: Foundling LVL 26
Description: Increases Stamina by 50

003 - Speed Up 1
Learned: Foundling LVL 4
Mastered: Foundling LVL 10
Description: Increases Speed by 30

004 - Speed Up 2
Learned: Foundling LVL 21
Mastered: Foundling LVL 30
Description: Increases Speed by 50

005 - Fire Affinity 2
Learned: Ballista LVL 5
Mastered: Ballista LVL 15
Description: Increases damage done when using fire type attacks

                             6. Shopping (SHOPS)
This section lists the various items you can buy and gives details associated
with them.

- 6.1 Ellie (SHOPS1) -

Health Extension 1
Cost: 420
Effect: Increases your maximum health, giving you an extra heart.

Health Extension 2
Cost: 2200
Effect: Increases your maximum health, giving you an extra heart.

Melee Damage 1
Cost: 340
Effect: Increases the damage dealt by melee attacks.

Melee Damage 2
Cost: 1440
Effect: Increases the damage dealt by melee attacks further.

Blaster Damage 1
Cost: 375
Effect: Increases the damage dealt by blaster attacks.

Blaster Efficiency 1
Cost: 100
Effect: Decreases the cost of each shot by the blaster. With no upgrades you
        can fire 48 shots from a full meter. After this upgrade, you can fire
        64 shots from a full meter.

Energy Gain 1
Cost: 450
Effect: Increases the amount of energy gained from melee attacks.

Energy Gain 2
Cost: 1600
Effect: Increases the amount of energy gained from melee attacks further.

Treasure Hunting 1
Cost: 250
Effect: Increases the drop rate of items from defeated enemies.

Treasure Hunting 2
Cost: 960
Effect: Increases the drop rate of items from defeated enemies further.

- 6.2 Chomp (SHOPS2) -

Cost: 11
Category: Sweets

Cost: 32
Category: Fruits and Vegetable

Cost: 34
Category: Meat

Cost: 16
Category: Reading

Cost: 22
Category: Reading

Cost: 38
Category: Exercise

Soccer Ball
Cost: 33
Category: Exercise

Toy Car
Cost: 90
Category: Toys

Cost: 42
Category: Toys

Cost: 45
Category: Pet Care
                             7. Enemies (ENEMY)
This Section will list and detail each enemy encountered in the game.
Please note, enemies only give experience if Chomp attacks the enemy,
and that the values may be off by a few points from the values listed
here. I'm still researching how the experience system works, and it's
taking me a bit.

001 - Star Monster
Location: Ancient Ruins, The Caverns, The Scratch Pit
Description: The first enemy you encounter in the game. Small, yellow, and
             vaguely star shaped, they serve mostly as target practice.
             The closest they get to dangerous is that some can disguise
             themselves as statues and surprise you. Still not very bad.
             Not really anything special to these, just hit 'em with
             something and they drop like flies.
             Worth 1 coin and 3 experience at 477 INT.
             Drops Cookies.
002 - Wall Crawlers
Location: Ancient Ruins, The Caverns, The Dungeon
Description: Purple flowers with yellow eyes. They crawl up and down walls,
             shooting at you when they get the chance. Very weak, but more
             dangerous than the star monsters. Hit them with whatever you
             please and they should go down.
             Worth 2 coins and 6 experience at 477 INT.
             Drops Cookies.
             Drops Books.
             Drops Catapults.
003 - Twin Headed Dragon (Boss)
Location: Ancient Ruins
Description: A giant two headed dragon that attacks you in the ruins.

004 - Smiling Flyer
Location: Ancient Ruins, The Caverns.
Description: Small winged enemies that smile at the screen as they go by.
             Not really difficult, just hit them and be on your way.
             Worth 1 coin and 6 experience at 477 INT.
             Drops Books.
             Drops Cookie.
005 - Yellow Gator
Location: The Caverns, The Scratch Pit
Description: Yellow Alligator/Crocodile (not sure what the difference is)
             monster wearing green, and swinging a mace. These are a little
             more powerful than the other enemies you have encountered thus
             far, but still not much of a threat. Shoot them if you have
             the energy, melee them once you get the combo upgrade, or use
             Torpedo. They take about four shots to do in with the blaster,
             5 shots to kill with melee attacks, and may dodge backwards to
             evade your strikes.
             Worth 6 coins and 12 experience at 477 INT.
             Drops Turkey.
             Drops Catapult.
006 - Lizard Turret
Location: The Caverns, The Dungeon, The Scratch Pit
Description: Yellow and purple colored lizards that stand in place and fire
             shots at you. They can be annoying if you have no energy for the
             blaster, but other than that they aren't too bad. Looks like they
             take extra damage from the blaster, so fire away when they show
             up. If you are on level ground with it, you can duck the shots
             from the standing ones and jump the shots of the squatting ones.
             Worth 6 coins and 10 experience at 486 INT.

007 - Bull Bug
Location: The Dungeon, The Scratch Pit
Description: Purple Insects with pointy antenna. They will fire shots straight
             up or down at you if you are above or below them, or they will
             charge at you if you are on the same level as them. They take
             about six blaster shots to kill, and several melee hits to kill.
             Use the blaster until you have the melee combo attack, then
             switch them up as need be or use Chomp to kill them
             Worth 9 coins and 18 experience @ 477.
             Drops Soap.
008 - Meade and Krubble (boss)
Location: The Scratch Pit
Description: Meade is the king of Meadeland, and one of the five Kid Kings
             wrecking up Monster Land. Krubble is the Giant orange monster
             that serves him. Defeat them, and you can go to Deanuford.
009 - Smiling Flyer (fire)
Location: Ancient Ruins
Description: Same as the other flyers you have seen so far, except they have
             fire elemental attacks. Not really any worse, just be careful
             using a water form around them.
             Worth 2 coins and 9 experience at 486 INT.
             Drops Soccer Ball.
010 - Star Monster (fire)
Location: Ancient Ruins
Description: Star monster with fire properties. Nothing more than cannon
             fodder at this point really.
             Worth 2 coins and 6 experience at 486 INT.
011 - Wall Crawler (earth)
Location: Ancient Ruins
Description: Wall crawler, except green. Same as before, just worth a few more
             Worth 6 coins and 10 experience at 486 INT.
                       8 Credits/Legal Section (CREDITS)
Thanks to DreamRift for developing this game and injecting all that awesome
into it.

Thanks to Majesco for publishing the game.

Thanks to the developers of Notepad++ for giving me a sweet writing
environment that offers just enough above plain notepad to be useful.

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