My Little Pony Pinkie Pie's Party: FAQ/Walkthrough

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Platform:  DS
Publisher: THQ
Released:  09/22/08


         M Y  L I T T L E  P O N Y  -  P I N K I E  P I E ' S  P A R T Y

                    W A L K T H R O U G H  A N D  F A Q
                     by threetimes and Psycho_Penguin
                     Version: 1.0 - 30th November 2008


We couldn't resist this title, what with all that perfect alliteration. (PPPP!)
And surprisingly, though very short, this game is as sweet and sugary as any
little girl (or boy) who loves pink ponies and lots of birthday presents, would
want. Ok, it's not at all challenging, and doesn't really need a FAQ, but it's
just sooooo cute. ^_^

(Truth is, I got this game for a joke, but it turned out to be fun...for half
an hour!)

[Psycho Penguin thinks this is the greatest game about a pink pony trying to
find her presents that her idiot friends scattered all over the place, making
you waste time trying to solve silly mini games, when you really just want to
party with some cake, EVER!]

Table of Contents
1. Controls
2. Gameplay Basics
3. Walkthrough
4. Mini Games
5. Gifts
6. Credits, Legal and Contact

1. C O N T R O L S

Move Pinkie Pie using the directional buttons. No, the stylus doesn't move your

Use the stylus to tap the top right pink heart and this will give show you
"Things to Do".

Use the stylus to talk to any of your pony friends.

There are lots of little things that you can tap, which don't have anything to
do with the mini-games, but they will react in various ways. For example, tap
on anything that sparkles, tap on a flower, a butterfly, a worm, a windmill.
Inside houses, you can tap on balloons and anything else that looks like it
might move!

2. G A M E P L A Y  B A S I C S

While this is not the most complex game ever created, we felt the need to
discuss the "basics" of the basic game! Basically.

The top screen shows a helpful map of all the houses, and Pinkie Pie appears on
this screen so you can know exactly where you are. It also shows the number of
presents and puzzle pieces that you have collected.

If you want to open your presents, return to Party Cake Place and walk to the
right. There is a sparkling present on the table that you can tap, and this
shows all the presents that you have collected. Tap one, and it will appear on
the bottom screen. Then use the stylus to unwrap the present. You must uncover
every bit of the wrapping paper. If the present doesn't seem to open, then you
will have missed a bit of the wrapping, so keep moving the stylus over the area
until the present opens.

There is a puzzle piece next to this table, and if you tap this, you can
complete the puzzle jigsaw. Find the corner pieces first! When you move a piece
to the correct spot, it will stay there and cannot be moved again.

3. W A L K T H R O U G H

This game is licensed by THQ, so you know who to blame. They used to make good
wrestling games for the Nintendo 64. Enjoy the cute intro song as I explain
this walkthrough. My goal is to lead you from mini game to mini game, in
addition to explaining the ones my fabulously awesome co-writer did not
explain, and I will also guide you to get all the puzzle pieces in the game.

There are 20 presents and 12 puzzles to get in all. Choose ADVENTURE and the
game is under way.

Cherilee says: Hi there, Sweetie Belle!! You look very sweet today. Are you
ready for Pinkie Pie's big birthday party? Party Cake Place looks so beautiful
already! Yes, yes, I have been looking all morning! I went over Ponyville and
hid 20 of Pinkie Pie's presents just like you asked. Oh dear!! Those presents
should have been hidden in Party Cake Place. We need help to find them before
the party starts. Here comes Pinkie Pie.. I know she can help us find all 20 of
the presents.

And yes, that's your objective. The good news is, there's a TOP SCREEN YAY,
which basically explains the next place to go, so it won't be too bad. Let's
get this potential pink pony pie's party popping!

Note, if you use the stylus and whack the sparkling present here, it shows you
the presents you have collected and ones you still need to get. I had no idea
about this the first time I played this gem!

Okay, you start off in the top part of the palace. Go south, and you'll get a
hint that you can use the stylus to secure presents. Sure enough, there's one
standing right there under the light, so touch it with the stylus! ONE PRESENT
DOWN, NINETEEN TO GO! Go left two screens, and you'll get another prompt. Oh
lookie, a puzzle piece on the floor! Pick it up with the stylus! ONE PUZZLE


Next, go into the house, and she'll tell you to go to the tree house for
another present. It's marked on your screen, but I'll take you there anyways.
Leave the house, go right three screens, and pick up another puzzle piece.
(2/12 DOWN!). Go south to the next screen now. There's a puzzle piece behind
the well, next to the blue pot thingie. (3/12 DOWN!). Now, go left to the next
screen. Here, you can get a present and a puzzle piece!


Now, leave the tree house, go right a screen, up one, and left three screens,
back into this house. This is the first mini game, a simple puzzle where you
have to locate the present after it moves under some umbrellas.(MINI GAME 3 -
RAINBOW DASH). You'll end up with the third present. Now, go left three
screens, down one, and left three screens. Get the present sparkling to the
left of the house, then go left another screen. Grab the puzzle piece. (5
DOWN!). Go left another screen, then go inside the house for another present
and puzzle piece. Talk to the pony for another mini game. This one is fun.
(MINI GAME 5 -SWEETIE-BELLE). My best strategy for this was moving one balloon
to the left and one to the right at all times. The other one just did whatever.
I didn't lose any balloons at all.


Now, you need to head to the house to the upper left. Leave this house, and go
right four screens, up one, and left three. Grab the puzzle piece (7 DOWN) on
this screen, then move to the next screen. There's a puzzle piece here, too,
next to the blue pony (8 DOWN!) Now, head inside the house. Talk to the pony,
and she'll tell you to go to the Kite Shop. So, now, let's head out and go two
screens to the right. Enter the Kite Shop now, and get the present!


Go right two screens, down one, and left two. Time to play another mini game
(MINI GAME 1 - STARSONG). Win this for another present. Now, talk to the pony
again and play another mini game. This one is simple, you just need to circle
the notes with the stylus as they appear. Go right three screens for a puzzle
piece, then left one screen, and talk to the pony. Now, play the mini game
(Turn the stylus in a wheel-like motion til you fil the bucket, walk left and
push A on top of the soil, and repeat twice) and get another present. There's
another mini game to play after this (MINI GAME 4 - CHEERIELEE) and get another


Go left four screens, talk to the pony in the house, and she'll tell you she
buried a present in the garden. So, go right four screens again, and get the
present next to the blue watering pot. Go left two screens, enter the house,
and talk to the pony again. She'll say she saw Sweetie Belle hide a present in
Party Cake Place. Go back to where you started the game now. Get the present,
then return to the screen you were at before.


Do the dancing mini game here, (MINI GAME 6 - STARSONG) and you'll get another
present! We're getting there now! Leave here, and go right. Enter the tree
house now. This racing mini game is simple. (MINI GAME 7 - SCOOTALOO). Just
hold down right and dodge the few obstacles! Another present is your reward!
Yay! Leave here, go right one screen, up one, and right one. Another puzzle
piece and present await! Go right another screen for another puzzle piece.
Enter the house for the final piece! :)


We sure are getting close now! Leave here, and go all the way to the left now.
The balloon blowing mini game (MINI GAME 8 - TOOLA ROOLA) is pretty challenging
at times. Just blow a little at a time, until the bar is red, then stop. Do
this for every balloon, then design a banner and cake. You get another present!
Leave this house, then go right four screens, down one, and left one. Enter the
tree house and do this mini game. Basically, you have to use the sponge and use
the stylus to wipe them down, then get the water and wipe all the soap off. Do
this for both and you earn another present!


Go to the house in the upper left hand corner again. Enter the house and do the
easy ass crayon mini game for another present! Only one more to go! AREN'T YOU
SO EXCITED! Go out, right four screens, down one, and left one to the treehouse
again. Do this final mini game involving butterfly catching, (MINI GAME 2 -
SCOOTALOO -  same name as the other one, as it's the same Pony who introduces
the game) and A BOOYAH!


Go back to the beginning starting point, solve the puzzle, open all your
presents, and enjoy the cute ending! :)

4.  M I N I  G A M E S

You will unlock eight mini games during the course of finding the presents.
Some of them are named according to the task, and others for the name of the
pony that introduces the game. They are all fun, except maybe the scooter
race...I kept getting stuck behind the obstacles. Anyhow, each one has a short
description from the game and then an explanation of how to get the best

When you complete the Adventure game, you can play these games again from the
main menu screen.

1.  S T A R S O N G
" I just love to make music. These wind chimes sound so beautiful"

You are shown five different coloured wind chimes on the lower screen. A series
of different coloured musical notes will appear on the top screen, and move
from right to left, past a rectangular box. When a note reaches the box, tap
the correct coloured chime. If you do it right, then you will see the note move
down the screen, as if to enter the chime. If you miss, then the note will just
carry on moving, until it disappears at the far left of the top screen.

You score out of 20, one point for each note. Yay!

2.  S C O O T A L O O
"My butterfly friends and I just love to play tag! Come join us!"

The lower screen shows a field with trees and flowers. Different coloured
butterflies are dotted around the screen. Some of them are a little difficult
to spot, as they are the same colour of the flowers. The colours are: yellow,
green, deep pink, purple. pale blue, pale yellow and orange. One butterfly
appears on the top screen, and you must use the stylus to draw a circle around
a matching butterfly on the bottom screen. After a few seconds, the top
butterfly will change colour. You need to keep an eye on the top screen for the
change. The stylus will make a red line, and the circle you draw doesn't have
to be a perfect one!

There is a timer counting down from 3 minutes, but you will probably complete
the game within a minute.

3.  R A I N B O W  D A S H
It's a fun game of hide 'n seek with my umbrellas. Let's play!"

In this game a present is hidden underneath one of three identical umbrellas.
They are then moved around, and your task is to keep an eye on the one with the
present underneath. When they stop moving, pick the correct umbrella to receive
the present! They move for around 10 seconds, and they move fairly slowly, so
this is easy enough to do.

4.  C H E E R I L E E
"Help me plant my garden and try not to feed those silly critters!

There are six holes in the ground and a bowl with seeds at the left of the
screen. Your task is do plant a seed in each hole, before the critters (brown
moles, I guess) eat the seeds. They randomly pop up in the holes, and if you
try to plant the seed when they are up, it gets eaten. You use the stylus to
drag a seed to the hole, and you can drag and wait, (keep the stylus pressed
onto the screen) until the hole is empty. Then drag the seed to the hole and a
flower will grow. Do all six to get another present!

There is no time limit to this game.

5.  S W E E T I E - B E L L E
" Let's take the hot air balloons for a ride and catch balloons."

This is a lovely little game. There are three hot air balloons on the bottom
screen. Ordinary balloons will appear on the top screen, and all you have to
do, is to position the three big balloons on the lower screen so they catch the
balloons. You use the stylus to drag the hot air balloon up or left or right.
Don't let them fall to the bottom of the screen, or they will disappear, and
you will lose the game

There is no time limit, and you must catch 30 balloons to win.

6.  S T A R S O N G
"I know I can teach you to dance. Let's give it a try!"

Blue boy pony teaches pink girl pony to dance, and then we dance together!.
Yep, this is one of those annoying dancing mini-games. You must watch the
arrows that appear on the bottom screen. The arrows will be highlighted, one by
one, with a yellow light. Then you must tap on the arrows to repeat the steps.
Watch carefully, to see the correct order of the dance steps.

    |^ |
 |< |  | >|
    |v |

Starsong will jiggle around in a mad blue pony dance on the top screen. When
you press the correct sequence, Pinkie Pony will dance on the screen, and then
Starsong joins in, if you got the steps right. There are six steps in all, and
they are shown with 2, then 3, then 4, then 5, and finally all six. That's it.

7.  S C O O T A L O O
I know we can go fast only new scooters. Let's race."

Press the right directional button to make the scooter move to the right. The
track is short but narrow, with a few obstacles that you must miss. You can see
usually see the first of these, near the start line. However they are
positioned at random along the path. Obstacles are balls, teapots, plant pots,
watering cans and balloons. Use the directional buttons up and down to avoid
these obstacles, and keep moving. You can see your progress on the top screen,
where there is a line with both scooters' current position.

8.  T O O L A  -  R O O L A
I love to decorate for parties. Can you help me?"

This final game involves using the microphone to blow up balloons. Select a
balloon by tapping one, and then blow into the microphone to raise the gauge to
the top. Blow too hard and the gauge will fill too quickly and the balloon with
burst. When the bar reaches the red then the balloon will inflate, and float up
to the top screen. When you have inflated 6 balloons, then you will see a new
screen. Here you select a banner (one out of four), and then drag various
decorations onto it. There is a bar at the top of the bottom screen where new
things will appear after you drag one, OR you can scroll the bar to left or
right, using the directional buttons. This will reveal all the decorations.
When you have finished, tap "Done".

The next screen shows a large three-layered birthday cake. Tap one of the four
colours at the top of the screen and then tap one layer at a time, to colour
it. Then drag the decorations from the sides and place them onto the cake. When
you have finished, tap "Done".

5. G I F T S

There are 20 gifts to find and unwrap. They appear in four rows. When you
complete the Adventure game, you can play with these presents from the
main menu screen, but you cannot unwrap them again!

1. How wonderful, A ball to bounce.
2. Let's make some music with my new bongo drums!
3. I just love to read that this an extra special book!
4. My own box filled with something extra special!
5. It's such a pretty jar of bubbles!
6. My own box filled with a super surprise!

7. It's so wonderful that I got these fun cards for my birthday.
8. Ohhh...such a pretty disco ball. I love the sparkles!
9. Oh, magic flowers! It's so wonderful!
10. I just love to fly kites!
11. Ohhh...magic daisies. I love them!

12. I just love my new hat! It has so many special things on it!
13. I can make such beautiful music with my music box. It's wonderful!
14. A pinwheel...let's see how fast it goes!
15. Oh, my friends are so wonderful. What a special picture!
16. I can make rainbows with my magic bag. Hooray!
17. I love seeing all the different pictures I can make with my new stickers!

18. Every pony needs a pretty tiara!
19. A neat top. How fast does it spin?
20. I can make such a noise with my new whistle!

6. C R E D I T S ,  L E G A L  A N D  C O N T A C T

Thanks to GameFAQs for accepting our stuff.
Thanks to Pinkie Pie for being pink and having a party!
Thanks to the top screen for being so damn cool! <3
Thanks to Saikyo Mog for telling me to get a DS, so I could play this game!

Legal Bit
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This FAQ is copyrighted by threetimes and and Psycho_Penguin on November 30th
2008/August 1st 2011.

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On 28th June 2011, Steve McFadden (Pyscho_Penguin) died in hospital. He was
only 27 and had been ill for some time. He was a dear friend and a wonderful
writer, always such fun and full of passion for the games he loved, which
included Pinkie Pie!. We wrote three FAQs together, Nostalgia, Rhapsody and
this game. The only tiny consolation is that his work lives on, which
is one reason why I've decided to allow another site to host this FAQ, in the
hope that more people can appreciate just how great a FAQ writer he was and
benefit from his dedication to gaming and to alliteration. R.I.P.