Nancy Drew: Shadow Ranch HD: FAQ/Walkthrough

       Version 1.2 9/10/12

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Nancy Drew Mobile Mysteries: Shadow Ranch
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Characters
003.  Walkthrough
  003a. Chapter 1: The Night Whistler
  003b. Chapter 2: Kidnapped!
  003c. Chapter 3: Wild Cat
  003d. Chapter 4: Bad Luck Doll
  003e. Chapter 5: The Red-Eyed Mask
  003f. Chapter 6: The Lost Mine
  003g. Chapter 7: A Message from Beyond
  003h. Chapter 8: The Phantom Horse Rides!
004.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called Nancy Drew Mobile 
Mysteries: Shadow Ranch. It is a game for the iOS, and it 
is based off of Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch, one of 
the most popular Nancy Drew books of all time.

I made a video walkthrough for this game, in addition to a 
text walkthrough. You can see it here:

To contact me about this guide, you can email me at


Nancy Drew: Our heroine! Nancy Drew is an amateur 
detective, who has a penchant for solving tough mysteries.

Bess Marvin: Nancy's best friend. Bess likes eating, 
spending time with boys and reluctantly helping Nancy solve 

George Fayne: Bess' cousin, who is also Nancy's good 
friend. George is taller than Bess, and she's more of a 
tomboy than Bess.

Uncle Ed Rawley: Owner of Shadow Ranch. He is related to 
Bess and George, and he welcomes Nancy with open arms.

Aunt Bet Rawley: Wife of Uncle Ed. She is related to Bess 
and George, and she welcomes Nancy with open arms.

Chief the Dog: The Rawley's pet dog.

Sam Nash: Owner of Black Creek Ranch, a rival ranch. He 
wants to buy Shadow Ranch off of Uncle Ed and Aunt Bet.

Tex: A surly cowboy in his 50's, who is in charge of the 

Mrs. Thurmond: The ranch cook, who is a friendly woman. As 
you would expect, she cooks good food.

Shorty: The assistant cook. He plays music for everyone at 
the campfire.

Dallas Crider: One of the guests staying at Shadow Ranch. 
He likes to hunt for scorpions.

Bonnie Crider: Dallas' wife, who is also staying at Shadow 

Jim Wallace: One of the guests staying at Shadow Ranch. He 
is married to Jamie Wallace.

Jamie Wallace: One of the guests staying at Shadow Ranch. 
She is not good at singing.

Suzanne LeMere: One of the guests staying at Shadow Ranch. 
She is from Alaska, and she is rather odd.

Chet: A cowboy who likes junk food almost as much as Bess 

Dave Gregory: A cowboy with dark eyes, who appears to be 
quite taken with Nancy.

Lester: One of the cowboys at Shadow Ranch.

Gil: One of the cowboys at Shadow Ranch.

Eunice: The rootin' tootin' cowgirl who works at Shadow 

Dirk Valentine: A bandit who lived at Shadow Ranch a long 
time ago. He hid a fabulous treasure in the area, but its 
location became lost when he died.

Frances Humber: The love of Dirk Valentine's life. She 
loved him just as much as he loved her.

Sheriff Humber: Father of Frances Humber. He had to choose 
between doing his duty as sheriff (by hanging Dirk 
Valentine) or doing his duty as a father (by letting Dirk 
go free). He did his duty as a sheriff, and his daughter 
never spoke to him again.

Black Creek Ranch Girls: Three unfriendly girls, who are at 
Black Creek Ranch. They compete against Nancy and her 
friends in a local scavenger hunt.

Todd Manning: An extremely rich software developer, who is 
also a nice person. He and his wife compete in the 
scavenger hunt.

Marlene Manning: Wife of Todd Manning. Like her husband, 
she is a down to Earth, friendly person.

Sheriff: He helps arrest some kidnappers that appear in 
Chapter Two. Of course, he couldn't have caught the 
criminals without Nancy's help.

C. J. Evans: A member of the Fish and Games Department, who 
comes to take care of the cougar in Chapter 3.

Andre Ferris: A man that the girls meet in a ghost town 
during Chapter 4. He is a visitor at Black Creek Ranch and 
a minor history buff.

Tobias Richter: The assayer at Dry Creek. He was killed for 
stealing gold from miners.

Miss Kell: Owner of Scintillating Creations, a shop in 
Chapter 5.

Miss Nenk: Owner of Southwestern Fine Art, a shop in 
Chapter 5.

Mr. Delgado: Owner of Delgado's Pottery, a shop in Chapter 

Mrs. Katsui: Owner of Katsui's Clothing, a shop in Chapter 

Mr. Mingles: A Pomeranian, with a bad habit of stealing 
things. He belongs to Mrs. Katsui. He also appeared in the 
second Nancy Drew Dossier game.

Mary Yazzi: Owner of a Navajo store, in Chapter 5. She has 
been robbed, and she asks Nancy for help in determining who 
the culprit is.

Crazy Cal: A local resident, who lived over a hundred years 
ago. He had an unknown source of gold, which was rumored to 
be a mine at Stony Peak.

Prospector Polly: She runs the Place Mining Pavilion, in 
Chapter 6. She tells the girls about the lost mine.

Lloyd Feldman: A man who lives on Stony Peak. He appears in 
Chapter 6, when he invites the girls over for a mushroom-
based meal.

Simon: Lloyd's sick javelina.


At the top of the pages, there are controls. The icon with 
the letter "A" controls the text size and font. The 
starburst icon controls the brightness of the screen. The 
abacus-like icon in the upper/left takes you back to the 
table of contents.

In this game, you will sometimes see text which is not 
black. If you tap on green text, you will hear a sound 
effect. If you tap on orange text, you will get a 
definition. If you tap on red text, you will get a 
collectible. There are seven collectibles in each chapter, 
and getting all seven unlocks a minigame.

003a-Chapter 1: The Night Whistler

The story begins with Nancy Drew arriving in Arizona. Her 
two best friends, Bess Marvin and George Fayne, pick her up 
at the airport. They start driving to Shadow Ranch.

In this part of the text, you can see "saguaro cactuses" 
written in red. Tap on it to get the cactus collectible.

Bess and George talk a bit about bad things happening on 
the ranch. George takes out the pieces of a letter, which 
Uncle Ed ripped to shreds last night. A sudden gust of wind 
blows the letter scraps away.

You can choose to look for the pieces or not. If you do, 
there's a hidden objects challenge, where you look over the 
screen and tap on the ten pieces of the letter. Solving 
this challenge lets you read the letter, which is from a 
fellow ranch owner Sam Nash. Sam wants to buy Shadow Ranch.

If you choose not to look for the pieces of the letter, the 
story continues with the girls driving to the ranch.

The girls arrive at Shadow Ranch shortly after that. Tap on 
the red "sunflowers" text for the sunflower collectible. 
The girls see Uncle Ed, and they also see a stagecoach 
headed right for him!

You can either yell at Uncle Ed to move or push him out of 
the way. He gets injured no matter which option you choose. 
If you push him out of the way, the injury is minor. If you 
yell at him, the injury is so serious he needs to go to the 
hospital. It's nicer to make sure Uncle Ed isn't badly 
hurt, so push him out of the way.

Uncle Ed shows off the ranch for a bit, when Tex shows up. 
Tex is a surly cowboy, and he is upset because Uncle Ed has 
not paid him (or the other cowboys) on time. Uncle Ed 
promises payment as soon as possible, but Tex is not 

The girls meet the dog on the ranch, and you can get a 
collectible by tapping the red "German Shepherd" text. 
After this, you get to decide whether Nancy should go to 
her room or the barn. If she goes to her room, she talks 
with Bess and George for a bit. If she goes to the barn, 
she inspects the runaway stagecoach. It looks like someone 
set the stagecoach loose on purpose!

Whichever option you chose, Nancy ends up finding a note in 
the trash. Most of it is burned, but Nancy can still see 
two words: zvyyre pnir. What does that mean?

It means "Miller Cave". As Nancy realizes, this is a code, 
where you move each letter forward in the alphabet, by 
thirteen letters. Nancy and her friends decide to examine 
this cave, before the cookout. They get horses from Tex.

Nancy gets to pick which horse she likes. Pick any of the 
horses to start a horse-racing minigame. Unscramble words 
at the bottom of the screen to make Nancy's horse move 
faster. Here are the various solutions:

Animal: Horse
Vehicle: Wagon
Animal: Snake
Food: Taco
Clothing: Skirt
Bird: Crow
Event: Dance
Found on a Shirt: Button
Contest for Cowboys: Rodeo
Food: Bacon
Something Scary: Ghost
Animal: Gopher
Too Much Sun: Sunburn
A Horse Wears One: Saddle

Nancy and her friends arrive at the cave. There are signs 
that an animal has been kept here recently, but there's 
nothing else of interest in the area. The girls go back to 
the ranch, just in time to hear the triangle which signals 

Nancy gets to meet everyone as dinner starts. You have the 
option to collect firewood or not. Decide to collect 
firewood, for a hidden objects puzzle in which you find 
pieces of firewood. As a reward, you get the tin star 
collectible. If you don't get firewood, you can't get the 

The cookout continues, and towards the end, you get the 
choice to roast marshmallows, make popcorn or eat 
chocolate. Choose either "roast marshmallows" or "eat 
chocolate" in order to collect the "chocolate" collectible.

The cookout draws to a close, and you have four different 
activities you can participate in. Once you finish an 
activity, you have the choice of doing one of the others. 
That way, you can do all four activities before the night 

If you look for scorpions with Dallas, you can get the 
"scorpion" collectible, which is right next to the picture 
of a scorpion.

If you sing songs with Shorty, you can sing as many songs 
as you want. The songs that you can sing are The Yellow 
Rose of Texas, Home on the Range, Streets of Laredo, Red 
River Valley and The Bandit's Treasure.

If you go see bats with Dave, you can get the "cottontail" 

If you stargaze with Uncle Ed, you are challenged to find 
the constellation with the north star. This is the second 
star pattern from the right, also known as the Little 

When you're done with the activities, call it a night. 
Everyone gets in the hay wagon, and as they ride back to 
the ranch, the horses start to get nervous. Shorty talks 
about Dirk Valentine.

Dirk Valentine was a bandit who lived in this area, and he 
fell in love with Frances Humber. Her father was the 
sheriff at the time, and Sheriff Humber captured Dirk. He 
executed Dirk for his crimes, causing Frances to run away 
and never contact him again.

Rumor has it that Dirk left behind a fabulous treasure, 
just for Frances, shortly before his death. Rumor also has 
it that his horse roams these parts, as a ghost.

Not long after this, something runs from the shadows and 
spooks the horses. Nancy has the option of either grabbing 
Dave (the cowboy at the reins) or grabbing the reins.

If you grab Dave, the hay wagon tips over. Everyone except 
Dave falls out. If you grab the reins, no one falls out of 
the wagon.

Nancy calls it a night after this minor scare, in which no 
one was injured. She goes to be, but she has a hard time 

In the middle of the night, Nancy hears something and wakes 
up. Everything seems fine, but the pumphouse lights flare 
on. Nancy goes outside, and the lights go off. She hears a 
crash, and a clammy hand grabs her wrist.


If you collected all the collectibles in this chapter (or 
if you collected any), you can play a collectible minigame. 
It's a simple game, where you create words, using the 
letters that you have. Here are solutions which work.

Saguaro (Cactus): oars, ours and gars
Sunflower: flour, flows, owner, flower
Chief the Dog: tide, thief, chief
Tin Star: star, rats, nits, tars, satin
Scorpion: pion, pins, pons, coins
Cottontail: tail, tint, coal
(Koko) Kringle: ring, rink, grin, girl

Solve all the minigames to unlock "The 10,000 Peso 
Solution", a mini-mystery. It's a short story, in which Tex 
tells a mystery, and Nancy solves it. See if you can solve 
it, too!

003b-Chapter 2: Kidnapped!

The cliffhanger ending of the last chapter proves to be a 
red herring, as the person who grabbed Nancy's hand is her 
friend, Bess. Bess and George came outside when they heard 
the spooky noises.

You can choose to investigate the pumphouse or not. Choose 
to go in, and you can unlock the prickly pear pop 
collectible. The soda is the only clue in the pumphouse, 
however, so Nancy and her friends return to their rooms.

If you choose not to go in, Nancy and her friends 
immediately return to their rooms. At this time, Nancy 
notices the basement door is open.

The next day, the girls wake up. Mrs. Thurmond asks them to 
look for eggs, for breakfast. If you agree to do so, you 
have a hidden objects challenge, in which you must find all 
ten bird nests onscreen. Many of them are in the trees.

Whether you look for eggs are not, you get two collectibles 
(Tumbleweed and tres leches cake). Nancy and her friends go 
to town, where they learn about an upcoming scavenger hunt. 
Three girls from a rival ranch are also competing.

You get to choose what Nancy and her friends should wear, 
as part of their Team Shadow Ranch uniforms. They can have 
matching hatbands, work shirts, belts or jeans. Pick 
whichever one you want.

The next day, the girls go to town. There are four teams 
for the scavenger hunt. One is Nancy's team. Another is the 
Black Creek Ranch team. Another are three men who drive a 
pickup truck which is in desperate need of repairs. The 
fourth team is made up of Todd Manning (the gazillionare 
software guy) and his wife Marlene. 

The scavenger hunt gets off to a good start. Nancy and her 
friends find many items. You have the option to look for 
arrowheads or not. If you find all the arrowheads, you can 
get the turquoise collectible. If you don't find the 
arrowheads, Nancy can't get the collectible.

The scavenger hunt continues, and Bess finds a chocolate 
flower, one of the items on their list. It is also a 
collectible for you to get. A horse shows up, and someone 
from the all-male group appears, claiming the horse is his. 
He takes the horse and rides off.

Nancy is immediately suspicious. Why? You can try to figure 
it out yourself, or you can ask the game for a hint.

Nancy is suspicious, because the man does NOT fit in those 
stirrups. The horse must belong to someone much shorter 
than the man. Nancy and her friends follow the man, and 
they learn that he (along with his friends) have kidnapped 
the Mannings!

You can choose to rescue the Mannings yourself, or to ride 
back into town. If you ride back into town, it leads to a 
game over sequence. Choose to rescue them.

Pick up the scrub oak collectible. Bess and George provide 
a good distraction, while Nancy rescues the Mannings. 
Shortly before Marlene can get on her horse, one of the 
kidnappers turns around.

You can choose to attack the kidnapper or run away. Running 
away leads to a game over sequence, so choose to attack 
him. Nancy, her friends, and the Mannings get away safely.

Sadly, the rival ranch's team wins the scavenger hunt, sort 
of by default because the other three teams were distracted 
by the kidnapping plot. Speaking of which, while Nancy and 
the Mannings ride with the sheriff, Nancy successfully 
identifies the team of three kidnappers. You have the 
opportunity to see what the clue to the mystery is, or to 
figure it out yourself.

Nancy recognized the all-male group, by their pickup truck, 
which makes a distinct high-pitched whine. The men are 
arrested, and as a reward, Nancy and her friends get 
bouquets of dahlias (a collectible), nachos and sopapillas.

They give an interview to the local newspaper, and it's not 
until much later that Nancy and her friends drive back to 
Shadow Ranch. The car gets a flat tire, and soon 
afterwards, a cougar appears. Uh oh!

That's the end of the chapter. You get the ability to go 
for a horse ride at this point, if you want to. It's the 
same challenge as before, where you spell out words to make 
your horse move more quickly.


If you collected all the collectibles in this chapter (or 
if you collected any), you can play a collectible minigame. 
It's a simple game, where you create words, using the 
letters that you have. Here are solutions which work.

Prickly Pear Pop: Poker, pokey, rocky, pricky
Tumbleweed: Blew, weed, teem, bleed
Tres Leches (Cake): Tres, rest, heel, rests
Turquoise: tres, rest, rust, quiet
Chocolate Flower: flow, cool, late, later, cheat
Scrub Oak: Oaks, burs, scrub
Dahlias: Dah, ahi, lis, las

Solve all the minigames to unlock "Sneezing Scout", a mini-
mystery. It's a short story, in which Nancy and her friends 
help some scouts by proving a rival scout group is 
cheating. See if you can catch the cheaters, too!

003c-Chapter 3: Wild Cat

The girls are saved from the cougar attack by Dave, who 
shows up at just the right time, with a gun. Nancy is 
slightly suspicious as to what Dave was doing in the area 
so late at night, but he pleads innocence.

The next day, Nancy and her friends decide to go out 
riding. Once again, Nancy gets to pick which horse she 

There are four things Nancy can do today:

1. Check out saguaros at Devil's Garden
2. See bones at the old water hole
3. Look for petroglyphs
4. Horse race

Horse racing is just for fun, and if you want to go horse 
racing, you have to do it first, before any of the other 

Going to check out saguaros leads to you getting the 
Western Kingbirds collectible.

Going to see bones leads to you getting the horn 

Looking for petroglyphs leads to you getting the 
petroglyphs collectible.

Once you visit one place, you get the option to visit one 
of the other two. At the second place you visit, you find 
the bear grass collectible and a cooler with a frozen deer 
leg. This indicates that someone in the area has been 
feeding the cougar.

Since you can only visit two of the places, and all three 
have collectibles, you will have to restart the chapter if 
you want to get all three collectibles.

Nancy and her friends head back to the ranch, and along the 
way, they find an old mine. There is quartz inside. Collect 
all the quartz to get the hedgehog cactus collectible.

Bess and George switch horses, because Bess is tired of her 
horse. Nancy sees some hawks, which leads to the Harris 
Hawks collectible. She also sees a shadowy figure who is on 
a nearby ridge, watching them. The girls attempt to follow 
him, when they are interrupted by a scream.

The screaming is from the cougar, and it's getting close. 
Once again, Dave shows up to save the girls from the 
cougar. They all return to the ranch.

The cougar is a danger, so Uncle Ed calls someone from the 
Fish and Game Department. His name is C. J. Evans. He asks 
the girls about the cougar screams, then gets ready to 

You have the opportunity here to talk to C. J. or Dave. C. 
J. talks about cougars and what he plans on doing. Dave 
talks a bit about the cougar, but he avoids answering when 
Nancy questions why he was out in the middle of nowhere in 
the middle of the night.

Later, the girls find a coded piece of paper, just like 
earlier. This one reads "Complications--price just 
doubled". Perhaps someone is being paid to set the cougar 
loose? That night at dinner, C. J. talks to everyone and 
asks what you should do if you see one. The answer is to 
make eye contact and look threatening.

Later that night, Nancy hears Mrs. Thurmond scream. She 
goes downstairs to see that there is a mouse infestation. 
Catch the mice in order to get the peach cobbler 

The next morning, everyone has a good breakfast, except for 
Bess. Nancy goes to see what the big holdup is, and it 
turns out that Bess is cornered by a rattlesnake. You can 
choose to help her, or go get help. Helping her leads to a 
game over sequence, so go get help by summoning C. J. and 
the other people who are at the breakfast area.

Nancy uses her detective skills at this point. The cougar, 
the mice and the rattlesnake were not accidents. They were 
sabotage, and the saboteur is C. J.

C. J. knew about things he shouldn't have known otherwise, 
like the bear grass and the fact Bess and George switched 
horses. That proves he was the person watching them, from 
atop the ridge. C. J. claims that Nancy is lying, but he 
still makes a break for this.

Bess and George get sentenced to mouse hunting duty. You 
can help them if you want. When Nancy, Bess and George 
return from mouse hunting, they see the phantom horse. It 
glows in the dark and comes right up to the girls. Nancy 
runs to the horse stable, deciding to chase after the ghost 


If you collected all the collectibles in this chapter (or 
if you collected any), you can play a collectible minigame. 
It's a simple game, where you create words, using the 
letters that you have. Here are solutions which work.

Kingbird: King, bird, bring
Cow Horn: Horn, corn, worn 
Petroglyph: Glyph, hyper, hoppy
Bear Grass: Bear, gear, bears, gears 
Hedgehog Cactus: Hogs, cats, hats, heads
Harris Hawks: Hawks, hairs, shaws 
Peach Cobbler: Peach, reach, beach

Solve all the minigames to unlock "A Prickly Situation ", a 
mini-mystery. It's a short story, in which Nancy solves the 
mystery of who has been stealing prickly pear soda from 
Mrs. Thurmond. See if you can solve it, too!

003d-Chapter 4: Bad Luck Doll

Nancy chases after the phantom horse, to no avail. The 
horse disappears suddenly, and Nancy is out in the middle 
of the desert. She can get back by following the stars, her 
horse, or she can stay in the desert and try to find 
shelter nearby. If you try to find shelter, it leads to a 
game over sequence. If you follow the stars or the horse, 
Nancy returns to the ranch.

Tex is mad, because Nancy took a horse without permission. 
He tells her to put away the horseshoes. You can either do 
this yourself, or ask Bess for help. If you do it by 
yourself, you get a hidden objects screen. If you ask Bess 
for help, you don't get a hidden objects screen.

Either way, Nancy comes across a whistle while putting away 
horseshoes. George suspects that Tex used this whistle to 
summon the phantom horse. After all, the whistle DID sound 
right before the horse appeared.

The next day, Nancy and her friends decide to go to a 
nearby ghost town. Chet and Dave will be their chaperones. 
Jim Wallace and the Criders will also go along on the trip.

There is the "Dry Creek" collectible here, which makes 
sense because that's the name of the town. There is also a 
"pinyon nuts" collectible.

There is a riderless horse in the town, but no rider to be 
seen. The people in the group talk, and they decide to 
split up.

You can visit the saloon, the sheriff's office or the 
general store first. It doesn't matter which order you 
visit the three locations in, because you'll visit all 
three of them in time.

When you go to the saloon, Nancy and her friends look at 
the sign and the piano. You have the chance to look for ten 
coins here. Solve the hidden objects challenge to get the 
Morgan Silver Dollar collectible.

When you go to the sheriff's office, Nancy finds an old 
music box. A man is in the next office. He overhears the 
girls talking about assayers, and he introduces himself as 
Andre Ferris. He is a guest at Black Creek Ranch.

When you visit the general store, Nancy discovers an old 
ledger. George starts to sneeze, and Jim Wallace appears. 
He gives Nancy a rusty tuning fork, which is the tuning 
fork collectible.

After you visit all three locations (saloon, general store 
and sheriff's office), the girls go to the cemetery. Bess 
gets cold feet, and she returns to the sheriff's office. 
Nancy and George go on alone.

You can choose which graves you want to see first: good 
guys or bad guys. Choose to see the good guys, because this 
leads to the tombstones collectible. Nancy and George come 
across a grave for Frances Humber, the girlfriend of Dirk 
Valentine. Dave Gregory appears and talks for a bit about 
her story.

After seeing the good guys (or if you choose to see the bad 
guys), Nancy and George go to Boot Hill, where the bad guys 
are buried. Andre Ferris appears. He talks for a bit about 
the people here, when Bess' scream is heard.

The girls run to the sheriff's, and Bess explains that she 
heard and saw someone scraping at the wall. Nancy breaks 
open the wall to find a doll from the nineteenth century. 
Why would someone seal up a doll inside a wall?

Bess decides to keep the doll. Bad luck follows her, as 
everyone returns to Shadow Ranch (even Andre Ferris, from 
Black Creek Ranch). Bess' complacent horse suddenly gets 
frightened and bucks her. She is forced to walk part of the 
way home, because of this, and she gets bad blisters.

Later, Nancy and her friends ask Aunt Bet if they can help 
out. She has three chores for them. They can collect eggs, 
set the table and get rid of crickets in the pumphouse.

No matter which option you pick, the girls meet Chet. He 
explains that a burr got stuck under the saddlepad of Bess' 
horse. That explains why it bucked Bess. Was it just bad 
luck or sabotage, though? After this, Jim Wallace is 
injured, too.

If you search for eggs, there is a hidden objects 
challenge, and you get a hematite collectible if you solve 

If you get rid of the crickets, there is a hidden objects 
challenge, and you get the red penknife collectible for 
solving it.

If you set the table, there is no hidden objects challenge 
or collectible.

Once Nancy and her friends do their chore, more bad luck 
happens. A terrible accident in the kitchen ruins dinner 
and nearly injures Mrs. Thurmond.

It is only later that night that Nancy and her friends get 
to show the doll to Aunt Bet. Bess suggests that the doll 
is somehow cursed, causing bad luck. When Nancy goes to get 
the doll from Bess and George's room, she hears someone 
inside. She also hears someone moan in pain, across the 

You can choose whether to go in the room or to see who's 
moaning across the hall.

In the room is Suzanne LeMere, who is looking at the doll. 
Across the hall is Bonnie Crider, who walked into a door. 
After Nancy talks with either of the women, the electricity 
goes out.

Everyone assembles in the great hall. On the way there, 
Nancy finds a list of things like "rig closet", "cut 
electricity" and "fray egg basket". It seems that the 
recent string of accidents were deliberate. Someone must be 
trying to convince Bess that the doll is bad luck, so Bess 
will get rid of the doll. But why?

Nancy figures out a plausible solution. Perhaps the assayer 
is the one who hid the doll. His grave in the graveyard 
indicated that he stole gold from miners, so perhaps he hid 
the gold in the doll.

Downstairs, there is a crash as Aunt Bet opens the rigged 
closet. When everyone is together in the same area, Nancy 
gets an opportunity to finger the culprit.

The culprit is Dallas Crider, along with his wife. He 
incriminated himself, by saying what was in the rigged 
closet. He was not there when Aunt Bet was hurt, so he 
should have been unable to know what hurt her. Plus, he is 
the only one who knows how to cut the electricity.

Nancy further explains that the ledger in the general store 
showed that assayer bought a sewing kit. This explains how 
he was able to hide gold inside the doll.

The Criders apologize for their sabotage, and they pay for 
the damage they caused. The next day, Nancy and her friends 
offer to take the doll to the Dry Creek Historical Society. 
While waiting for someone to appear, Bess decides to go 
into the shady saloon.

Big mistake. Tarantulas appear. One is on Bess' neck, and 
others are crawling towards Bess and George. Will our 
heroes survive, or will they be killed by spiders?
That's the end of the chapter. You get the ability to go 
for a horse ride at this point, if you want to. It's the 
same challenge as before, where you spell out words to make 
your horse move more quickly.


If you collected all the collectibles in this chapter (or 
if you collected any), you can play a collectible minigame. 
It's a simple game, where you create words, using the 
letters that you have. Here are solutions which work.

Dry Creek: Dry, cry, red
Pinyon Nuts: Nuts, nits, soup, noun, pint
Silver Dollar: Solve, salve, silver, dollar
Tuning Fork: Fork, noun, turk, trunk
Dusty Chambers: Dust, bust, slums, busts
Hematite: Meat, meet, heat
(Red) Penknife: Peen, pein, peek, keen

Solve all the minigames to unlock "Coronado's Sword", a 
mini-mystery. It's a short story, in which Eunice finds a 
sword which allegedly belonged to Coronado. Nancy proves 
the sword is fake, and can you figure out why she's right? 

003e-Chapter 5: The Red-Eyed Mask

The tarantulas are close to attacking. You can chose to 
move them out of the way, or to run away. Moving them out 
of the way leads to a hidden objects challenge. No matter 
which option you pick, Nancy and her friends escape safely.

Bess and Nancy go into town the next day. There is a 
"topiary bushes" collectible, as well many stores to visit. 
In Katsui's Clothing store, you can buy an outfit for Nancy 
to wear to the dance the next night. Nancy can't do 
anything in Scintillating Creations, Southwestern Fine Art 
or Delgado's Pottery.

Go to the Navajo Crafts store, which is run by Mary Yazzi, 
a friendly woman. She is in a bad state right now. You see, 
one of her valuable masks was stolen. Usually, she puts out 
copies of Navajo masks, but the one that was stolen was a 
real mask, put out by accident.

The thief is one of the other store owners.

You can talk to Mary Yazzi about the mask, the night of the 
theft, and the other storekeepers. When you ask her if she 
saw anything suspicious on the night of the theft, the 
conversation with Mary automatically ends, as Mary tells 
the story of how a ghostly creature awoke her.

Nancy suggests that Mary put out another authentic mask. 
That will lure the culprit back to the shop. Mr. Mingles 
the dog and some of the other storekeepers make an 
appearance here.

Nancy has the opportunity to look for ten buttons in the 
store. Solve this challenge, and you get the Tigers-eye 
brooch collectible as a reward.

You can now either go back to the ranch, or check out the 
stores here.

If you go to Scintillating Creations, you learn that Miss 
Kell has glow sticks, perfect for making glowing monsters. 
If you go to Southwestern Fine Art, you learn that Miss 
Nenk has a magazine about appraising Native American 

If you try to go to Navajo Crafts, Bess stops Nancy because 
that's the place you both exited from. If you go to 
Delgado's Pottery, you learn that Mr. Delgao is selling 
something for $50,000.

If you go to Katsui's Clothing, Bess causes a distraction, 
while Nancy goes to the computer. Nancy has to guess the 
correct password. The correct password is 123456, but there 
is no relevant information on Mrs. Katsui's computer.

Once you're done exploring the shops, go back to Shadow 
Ranch. Nancy, Bess and George make preparations to attend 
the local dance, with cowboys as their dance partners. They 
talk with Aunt Bet and Uncle Ed, when a scream interrupts 

The scream is from the kitchen, which has been infested 
with crickets. Find all ten crickets on the screen to get a 
buckhorn cholla collectible.

The next day, Nancy gets a carnation collectible from Dave, 
as the girls head to the dance. The dance is fun, but when 
Dave tries to kiss Nancy, she warns him about her 

After this, Nancy and Bess go to Mary Yazzi's, for the 
stakeout. The mask that Mary is using as bait is a red-eyed 
mask. She showed it to all the shopkeepers. Around this 
time, you get the sopapillas collectible.

You get the option of having Nancy and Bess stay awake, or 
having them stay awake in shifts. If you have them both 
stay awake, it leads to a game over. Have they trade 
sleeping shifts.

During Nancy's shift to watch, the thief comes in. It is a 
ghostly figure, wearing deer skins and a weird headdress. 
Bess wakes up and screams, getting the attention of 
everyone in the area.

The culprit absconds with the mask, and all the shopkeepers 
come to see what's happening. They offer their condolences, 
and Mr. Delgado incriminates himself by describing the 
Nancy is challenged to determine where Mr. Delgado hid the 
mask. The answer is under the topiary.

The mask is recovered, and as a reward, Nancy gets an 
abstract painting collectible. Bess is rewarded with an old 
framed photo, from the previous owners of Shadow Ranch.

One the ride back home, Nancy and Bess discover part of a 
treasure map hidden behind the old photo. This is the 
treasure map collectible, and it is addressed to an F. H. 
Frances Humber?

The chapter ends here, but Nancy gets the option of racing 
a bad guy. Do this, if you enjoy the racing minigame.


If you collected all the collectibles in this chapter (or 
if you collected any), you can play a collectible minigame. 
It's a simple game, where you create words, using the 
letters that you have. Here are solutions which work.

Topiary: Iota, riot, trio, tray, tapir
Tigers Eye (Brooch): Seer, tiger, siege
Buckhorn Cholla: Buck, horn, corn, luck
Carnation: Corn, ratio, nation
Sopapillas: Pill, sill, pall, sall
(Abstract) Painting: Pain, paint
Treasure Map: Tree, peer, mature

Solve all the minigames to unlock "The Phony Photographer", 
a mini-mystery. It's a short story, in which Nancy proves a 
man is lying about some bird photos he claims to have taken 

003f-Chapter 6: The Lost Mine

Bess scrutinizes the old map, but since it's only half a 
map, it isn't very helpful. The girls decide to go to 
Polly's Place Mining Pavilion, and they run into Mary Yazzi 
along the way.

Agree to help Mary find arrowheads, for another hidden 
objects challenge. Solving this gets you a "yellow rose" 

The girls continue to Prospector Polly's. They pay to go 
panning for gold, and they find some flecks which aren't 
worth very much. You are given the option to keep panning 
or to stop.

Keep on panning to get the garnet collectible. After that, 
you stop. Polly talks about Stony Peak, which is rumored to 
be the location of the lost mine belonging to Crazy Cal, 
who refused to say where he got the gold he used to buy 

The name of Crazy Cal's pack burro was Rainbow, and rumor 
is that it's the key to the mine. You can ask Polly how she 
knows this, or why she doesn't look for the mine herself. 
Either way, you learn that this is an old story she heard 
as a young girl, and she's been looking for the mine her 
whole life.

Polly explains that the windstorms mess up the trails in 
the area, which is why the mine was so easily lost. The 
girls discuss plans to search for Cal's Lost Mine, over 
bowls of homemade strawberry ice cream. The ice cream is a 

Nancy gets to pick her horse, as usual, when the girls head 
out. The girls are going to camp at the mountain overnight, 
and Tex has a pretty good idea of why they're going there. 
The girls ride a zigzag pattern, trying to find any marks 
that Crazy Cal may have made.

There's a picture. Which object marks the trail? Obviously, 
it's not the rock which can be easily blown over. It's the 
cactus on the right, which is the only one old enough. 
There's a symbol on it, and it vaguely looks like a 

The girls make their way up the mountain, finding similar 
marks along the way. They find a house made of rusted metal 
and scrapwood, belonging to a man named Lloyd Feldman. 
Lloyd introduces himself, and he shows them his pet 

Nancy identifies it as the animal which was living in 
Miller's Cave, in Chapter One. Later in that chapter, a 
javelina spooked the horses and upset the hay ride.

You can have brunch with him, or leave. If you have brunch, 
Nancy is sent to a hidden objects screen to find mushrooms.

No matter which option you pick, Lloyd figures that the 
girls are here to find the lost mine. This upsets him, and 
he says they won't come back. The girls then leave, and 
they discuss Lloyd for a while. They reach a stream, then 
decide to have lunch.

There is a horned lizard collectible, as Nancy gets up and 
walks away. She finds a mine, and a ponderosa pine tree 
with Cal's symbol on it. The tree is a collectible.

You can choose to look for fool's gold in the mine, in 
order to get a quartz collectible. You can also choose to 
avoid the mine. Either way, Nancy ends up finding a small 
pocket watch, containing a piece of paper which reads "Dear 
Frances, Green Bottle".

A few hours later, it starts to rain badly. The girls set 
up camp, and Nancy realizes with terror that they need to 
get to higher ground before they drown.

Do you stay on the horses, or swim? If you try to swim, it 
leads to a game over sequence. Stay on the horses, and 
Nancy and her friends find normal ground, away from the 

The rain eventually lets up, and the girls tend their 
horses. They decide to camp here for the night. Thanks to 
the rain, they see a rainbow the next night.

The next morning, Bess falls in a hole. Oh, Bess! George 
goes back to the ranch to get help, while Nancy gets some 
supplies and follows Bess into the hole. The hole is 
actually a narrow tunnel, which served as an air vent for a 

Crazy Cal's symbol is on the wall, and Nancy has a puzzle. 
Which of the two tunnels should she go through? The wrong 
one is probably booby-trapped.

The left tunnel is labeled "8", while the right tunnel is 
labeled "10". Underneath the rainbow symbol are some 

r = 1
w = 7
r + n + b = ?

Well..."r" is the first letter in the word "rainbow", while 
"w" is the seventh. Perhaps the numbers correspond to the 
letters in the word "rainbow"?

r = 1
a = 2
i = 3
n = 4
b = 5
o = 6
w = 7

Putting these clues together, Nancy realizes that r + n + b 
= 1 + 4 + 5 = 10. Take the right tunnel, which is "10".

Following the tunnel leads to another puzzle. w – 3 = 7 – 
3, which is four, or "n". Take the middle tunnel, which is 

The next time the path diverges, there are four possible 
tunnels. This time, colors are used to indicate paths. The 
equations here indicate that the numbers correspond to the 
order the colors appear in a rainbow.

r = 1 = red
a = 2 = orange
i = 3 = yellow
n = 4 = green
b = 5 = blue
o = 6 = indigo
w = 7 = violet

Five is blue, so go through the blue tunnel. The girls end 
up finding a gold vein, along with the skeleton of Crazy 
Cal. It looks like he died in a cave in.

At this point, Nancy finds the mine collectible.

Bess foolishly leans against the wall here, which starts a 
cave-in. The ground shakes, as Nancy and Bess run away. By 
this time, George has returned with Dave and Gil, who help 
the girls out of the area. Sadly, the cave-in has made the 
mine complete inaccessible now.

Dave and Gil were only ten minutes away, believe it or not, 
because Dave insisted on mending the Stony Peak fence line 
that day. Nancy isn't so sure it's a coincidence.

The group returns to Shadow Ranch. That night, Nancy wakes 
up late and decides to take a walk. She sees the broken 
fence and hears the mysterious whistle that she's heard 
before. She follows it to its source: someone inside the 
pump house.

The person in the pump house turns towards Nancy's 
direction, then shuts off the lights. Nancy goes into the 
pump house, which is empty. Nancy figures the person inside 
must have escaped through a hidden passageway. Nancy 
quickly finds it, and she finds the person inside: Dave 

The chapter ends here, and you have the opportunity to go 
horseback riding with Dave.


If you collected all the collectibles in this chapter (or 
if you collected any), you can play a collectible minigame. 
It's a simple game, where you create words, using the 
letters that you have. Here are solutions which work.

Yellow Rose: Rose, yell, lows, lose, owl
Garnet: Tarn, tern, earn
(Homemade Strawberry) Ice Cream: Mice, mace, mere
Horned Lizard: Horn, earn, lead, head
Ponderosa Pine: Pine, pone, pane, pines, panes, ponder
Quartz Gemstone: Stone, quote, marts
(Crazy Cal's) Lost Mine: Lost, mine, time, stone, mines

Solve all the minigames to unlock "Cactus Caper", a mini-
mystery. It's a short story, in which Nancy determines who 
collected some plants, in a dispute between a British and 
French bontanist. 

003g-Chapter 7: A Message from Beyond

Nancy confronts Dave, who tries to play innocent, then 
confesses. He is related to Frances Humber, as he said 
earlier. Dave has the last note that Dirk ever wrote to 
Frances, which reads "under the stairs".

In the previous chapter, Nancy found the other part of this 
message, which read "green bottle". Dave and Nancy find a 
green bottle under the stairs, but it's empty.

When Dave blows on the bottle, Chief the Dog appears. Dave 
accidentally breaks the bottle, and among the glass shards, 
Nancy finds a small box, which contains the second half of 
Dirk's treasure map.

Bess and George appear, since they heard the crash. Nancy 
insists that they come along on the treasure hunt, and Dave 
insists that it take place the following afternoon.

As Nancy and her friends head back upstairs, she sees 
Shorty, crying because of some crickets. You can help him 
out, or get some sleep. Helping Shorty leads to Nancy 
getting the stinging nettles collectible.

Nancy gets some sleep, but Bess wakes her up. By the time 
Nancy gets downstairs, Bess the Chatterbox has let everyone 
know about the treasure map. Sadly, neither half of the map 
contains a reference point, making it rather useless.

Tex believes the story of Dirk Valentine's treasure is made 
up by someone daydreaming romantic. Suzanne disagrees, and 
she states Dirk Valentine's last words: "My days may be 
numbered, but thy eternal summer shall not fade. Follow 
these words to the letter as you seek your fortune."

Suzanne figures that was a reference to Shakespeare's 18th 
sonnet. A copy of Shakespeare's works is in the den, but 
the page with the sonnet in question has been ripped out.

You can look for paper scraps here, or let Dave do it. Find 
the scraps yourself to get the delphiniums collectible.

The page contains Shakespeare's 18th Sonnet, as you would 
expect, but more importantly, there are numbers written in 
the margins. Dirk said to follow the words to the letter, 

What does the message mean? Well, there are twenty-five 
sets of numbers. If the first number refers to the line of 
a sonnet, and the second number refers to a letter on that 
line, then it is "Cliff house far room NW corner".

First, though, if you want collectibles, pick "ranch gates 
far down 10 feet" to get the jasper collectible. Select 
"under mines see below trough" to get the windmill.

The group heads to cliff house, and along the way, they see 
a turkey vulture, which is a bad omen and a collectible. 
They find the cliff house, which is a collectible, and it 
ends up being a maze.

Navigate the maze, by tapping on the arrows. A picture of 
the map is in the lower/left. The room you are currently in 
is highlighted in red; the room you're trying to reach has 
an "X" on it. You can skip the puzzle if you want.

The group makes their way to the farthest room, but a huge 
chasm blocks their progress. Using a nearby plan, they get 
across. Nancy finds a small pouch, with a necklace inside. 
The emerald on the necklace is a collectible.

Suzanne LeMere appears, claiming that she followed Nancy 
and her friends. She claims that she came to the ranch, and 
the whole time, she has been searching the treasure. Nancy 
and her friends are forced to make a deal: trade the 
necklace in exchange for safe passage.

Nancy has the opportunity to wrestle the necklace away from 
Suzanne. This leads to a bad ending, in which Suzanne gets 
the necklace. Instead, let her keep the necklace for now.

When the party leads the cliff, Suzanne is surprised to 
find that her horse has run away. Suzanne is forced to give 
up the necklace, in return for safe passage back to the 

They return to the ranch, where Aunt Bet is happy to have 
the necklace. She hopes that finding Frances' long-lost 
necklace will generate enough publicity to bring visitors 
back to the ranch.

There's one more thing to do, though: catch the phantom 
horse. It appears, around 4:00 the next morning.


If you collected all the collectibles in this chapter (or 
if you collected any), you can play a collectible minigame. 
It's a simple game, where you create words, using the 
letters that you have. Here are solutions which work.

Nettles: Nett, nets, tense, tents
Jasper: Rasp, asper
Delphiniums: Help, muni, lupin, mined
Windmill: Wind, mind, mill, will, dill
Turkey Vulture: Turk, turkey, lurker
Cliff House: Luff, cuff, cliff, house
Emerald: Mead, lead, read

Solve all the minigames to unlock "The Lying Letter", a 
mini-mystery. It's a short story, in which Nancy solves a 
mystery at a rodeo. 

003h-Chapter 8: The Phantom Horse Rides!

Nancy and Dave chase after the Phantom Horse. The horse 
loses them, when they reach some arroyo. Dave thinks it's 
too dark to try jumping it.

If you try jumping it, you have a game over sequence, so go 
around the arroyo. The delay makes it hard for Dave and 
Nancy to catch up to the horse, and they lose sight of the 
horse when the sun comes up.

They hear a nearby engine, and they find horse tracks which 
lead to a small corral. Dave thinks this is a distraction, 
and they continue forward. Nancy finds a cave, and she 
thinks the culprit is inside.

Dave and Nancy go into the cave, when Nancy's flashlight 
dies. The two of them see a yellow phantom, and many 
tarantulas are set loose. Dave lights some matches, and 
Nancy sees a duffel bag.

You can choose to clear the spiders out of the way, or not. 
Removing them leads to a hidden objects challenge. Either 
way, Nancy gets the duffel bag, and Dave and Nancy leave 
the cave. Inside the bag are gloves covered with glowing 

Nancy deduces that the powder is used to make the horse 
glow. Dave recognizes them as gloves from Shadow Ranch. 
Nancy and Dave talk on the way back to the ranch, and he 
mentions that Lester used to work for Sam Nash.

You have the opportunity to flirt with Dave, but this 
doesn't make much of a difference to the game's plot.

When they arrive back at the ranch, reporters are there. 
Nancy shows them the horse they found, along with the 
flowing powder. Aunt Bet reveals that the gloves belong to 
Uncle Ed, and the reporters begin to suspect that the 
entire thing is a hoax.

Nancy then gets to determine who the culprit is. It's 
Lester, who has been working for Sam Nash all along. She 
explains how he was keeping a javelina at Miller's Cave, 
and he got the javelina from C. J.

Inside Lester's saddlebag, Tex finds the whistle which 
summons the ghost horse. He blows it, to confirm that it is 
the right whistle. Lester makes a failed attempt at escape.

As a reward for winning the game, you can race against the 
ghost horse, and you can read a bit from "Castle Finster". 
To learn more about Nancy Drew and Castle Finster, play 
"Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse".


This FAQ is copyright of The Lost Gamer, 2012.  If you want 
to use any part of this FAQ, ask me first (instructions 
under general information).