Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device: FAQ/Walkthrough

       Version 1.2 12/3/12

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Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
005.  Amateur Sleuth Task List
006.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called Nancy Drew: The 
Deadly Device. It is the 27th game in the Nancy Drew 
series; in this game, Nancy goes to an electrical lab in 
Colorado and solves a murder mystery.

If you want to contact me, e-mail If you want to reproduce 
this guide in some fashion, you should contact me before 
doing so.

002-Video Walkthrough

Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading 
about it? Well, I've got a video walkthrough, and you can 
see it at...

The video comes complete with my commentary.


Nancy Drew: Our heroine! Nancy Drew is a super mystery-
solver, and she's here to solve the murder of Niko Jovic.

Niko Jovic: The victim, who was working on a big scientific 
discovery. He did not tend towards making friends.

Victor Lossett: The owner of the lab. He has hired Nancy to 
work undercover and solve the mystery.

Ryan Kilpatrick: The main suspect, due to the fact that she 
wrote threats to Niko. She works during the daytime, in her 
own little area. She likes gummy bears. 

Mason Quinto: He works in the office, during the daytime. 
Mason doesn't like other people, and he is very orderly. He 
does not like it when someone messes with his things.

Ellie York: She works in the office, during the nighttime. 
Ellie is a Southern girl, who tries to be level-headed at 
all times. She dislikes Mason.

Gray Cortright: He is the security guard. He works in the 
security office at night. Gray does not like to talk.

Deirdre Shannon: Deirdre is a girl from Nancy's hometown. 
She doesn't like Nancy very much. She has to help Nancy 
with this case, in order to help pass her criminology 

Joe and Frank Hardy: The Hardy Boys are great detectives in 
their own right. Nancy can call them and get their input on 
the current case.

Rachel: Ellie's cousin, who is mentioned a few times in 
this game. There is a picture of her in Ellie's workspace.


The game begins with a scene of Niko Jovic's murder. After 
this, Nancy gets a phone call from Victor Lossett, the 
lab's owner. He has hired Nancy to investigate, and he 
believes she should start with the main suspect: Ryan 

Nancy starts off in Niko's office. Go forward to the desk. 
One of the drawers on the left side of the desk is locked. 
Open it with the password Victor gave you: 171943. This 
code is inside the "observations" tab of the journal, in 
case you forget it.

Open the drawer to get the case file. Read it to learn 
about the various employees at the lab. Ellie and Gray work 
at night, while Ryan and Mason work during the day. The 
video of Niko's murder is video LBTY510258, and the 
security logs say that there was an irregularity on the 
night of the murder.

You can't leave Niko's office, until you read the case 
file. You can explore Niko's office here if you want, but 
there's not much to do at the moment.

Meeting Everyone

Leave Niko's office when you want. You're on the first 
floor of the building.

First Floor:

       Niko's      Security
       Office      Office
        |            |
  Alarm-|            |--Lab
        |            |
Lounge--|            |
         \          /
          \        /

It's daytime, so only Niko's office, the elevator, and the 
lounge are working. I recommend starting your investigation 
on the second floor.

Second Floor:

    Office      Ryan's
    Area        Workshop
     |             |
     |             |--Binary Chart
     |             |
     |             |
      \           /
       \         /

Go to the office area to meet Mason, one of the employees. 
He is a rather grumpy person, and he disliked Niko because 
he thought Niko was stealing his work. There's also a book 
on electricity which you can pick up, from the small 
sitting table in the office area.

Go to Ryan's workshop to meet Ryan, the prime suspect. She 
accidentally comes close to hurting Nancy, when Nancy first 
walks in through the door.

You can explore Ryan's office a bit, if you want. She's got 
a motorcycle and various machine parts. At this point in 
the game, the most important thing you have to do is look 
inside her cabinet to get a blank lab keycard and a colored 
answer sheet. 

Once you're done with everything, I recommend going to the 
lounge on the first floor. The first time you enter the 
lounge, there is a power outage. Nancy will stumble forward 
in the dark, to reach the bedroom area. Here, you can take 
the alarm clock off the desk and use it to switch between 
daytime and nighttime.

Switch the time of day. Nancy will wake up at night, when 
an emergency alarm turns on. Leave the lounge to run into 
Gray. He takes her to part of the lab, where there are 
power switches.

The two bottom switches in the right-hand column are being 
held down by some kind of plastic. Take this off; Nancy 
will add it to her evidence bag. After this, Nancy has the 
puzzle of turning off the power switches.

Amateur Sleuth:


Just press all four switches in the diagonal.

Master Sleuth:

x1xx      xx1x
xxx2  or  4xxx
4xxx      xxx2
xx3x      x3xx

Press all four switches indicated above. Each switch turns 
off four lights, turning off all of them.

Once you finish, Gray gives Nancy the brush-off. Nice 

Now that it's night, Ellie and Gray are working. Go to the 
security office and talk to Gray. He is not a positive 
fellow, nor does he enjoy talking much.

Go upstairs and talk to Ellie, who is more friendly. She 
gives Nancy a demonstration of the Tesla lab. Nancy stays 
safely inside the Faraday cage, while the electricity is 
turned on.

Snoop at Mason's

Once you're done talking to Ellie, try to sneak into 
Mason's area. Ellie will agree to let Nancy snoop in 
Mason's area, provided that Nancy beat Mason's high score 
on Aggregation.

Return to the lounge. Near the doors is an arcade game 
called Aggregation. In this game, you want to make chains 
of three colors, in order to clear the board. You can shoot 
pieces onto the board, from one of four directions.

The "next" square shows which piece is up next. So, for 
example, if you shoot a piece from the right side, the 
"next" piece will then appear on the right side. You can 
use this feature to plan moves in advance.

You get points every time you make a match, and every time 
you beat a level. Keep playing until the game tells you 
that you are the new high score. In Master Sleuth mode, you 
have to play for longer than you do in Amateur Sleuth mode.

Return upstairs and tell Ellie the good news. She will let 
you snoop in Mason's area for the remainder of the game 
now. If you got a high score on Aggregation before talking 
to Ellie, she will still let you snoop.

In Mason's area, you can play around with his well-
organized desk and read a book on biometrics. You can see 
that his keycode number is 153472125, and you can examine 
his white board.

The white board has a lot of scribblings on it, and you'll 
notice some letters are orange. They go in the orange 
spaces in the lower/left, where it looks like Mason has 
been playing hangman. The solution is "Tesla's hometown".

According to the Tesla book in the locker (near Nancy's bed 
in the lounge), the hometown is Smiljan. Use "Smiljan" as 
the password for Mason's computer to log on.

In this computer, you can check the log and play a minigame 
called "Component Craze", in which you match pictures. More 
importantly, you can use Component Designer, a 3D block 
program, and you can check the trash.

Inside the trash can is a file which says Ryan's keycard 
number is 203587112, and that there is a video of Ryan, 
called HLLW510257. Let's investigate those things!

Security Room Puzzles

Go downstairs. There is an alarm near Niko's office. You 
can purposely trip this alarm to get rid of Gray for 
certain amount of time. Press the alarm, then go into his 
security office. Head to the computer and turn on the 
machine at the bottom.

This is Zap-up, a minigame that was featured in another 
Nancy Drew game. The goal is to light up the entire board, 
by clicking on the blue circles.

Amateur Sleuth:

There are multiple solutions on amateur sleuth mode. Here 
is one.

1. Click the middle blue piece, in the second-from-top row.
2. Click the blue piece in the middle of the board.
3. There are three blue pieces in the second-from-bottom 
row. Click the middle of the three.
4. Click the middle blue piece in the bottom row. 
5. Click any blue piece in the bottom row.

Master Sleuth:

1. Click the blue piece in the middle of the board.
2. Click the blue piece in the second-from-top row.
3. Click the blue piece in the second-from-top row.
4. Click the blue piece in the second-from-top row, on the 
5. Click the upper/right blue piece.

Finishing Zap-Up turns on Gray's computer. Look at the top 
screen for a puzzle. It's a binary puzzle, and if you 
haven't seen the binary chart on the upper floor, you can't 
solve the puzzle.

The goal of the puzzle is to be able to spell out all 
sixteen numbers, working clockwise on the circle. For 
example, 15 is four blue dots in a row, so you need four 
blue dots in a row on the board.

There are two solutions I've found which work. You can 
start from any location on the circle.

1. Four red, four blue, two red, one blue, one red, two 
blue, one red and one blue.

2. Four red, four blue, one red, one blue, two red, one 
blue, one red, and two blue.

Solving the binary puzzle gives you access to the computer, 
which has three things.

First is the log files, which keep track of who has been in 
the lab, as well as when. Flip all the way to the end of 
the log. As the police report indicated, a special number 
(185116518) was logged on, shortly before the murder. This 
number does not appear anywhere else in the logs.

Second, the computer has security footage. The police file 
says the murder is contained on video LBTY510258. Watch 
that video. It shows Niko going into the lab alone, then 
being killed. Nancy suspects the video has been tampered 
with; the killer edited out the part where he or she left 
and exited the lab.

Watch video HLLW510257, which was mentioned in the trash 
can of Mason's computer. It shows Ryan breaking into the 
laboratory, instead of using her keycard. Perhaps Niko's 
killer did the same thing, in order to avoid being caught 
on the logs.

The third program on Gray's computer is for creating 
keycards. Nancy wants to make a keycard that will get her 
into the lab, so she obviously wants to use this program. 
It is locked by a password.

In this room, you'll notice there are many letter stickers. 
For example, some are on the trash can, some are on the 
walls, and some are on the desk drawer.

Each letter sticker is connected to a certain time (12:00, 
1:00, 2:00, and so on), thanks to the hour hand sticking 
out of each sticker. This tells you the order that the 
letters are supposed to go in.

When you look at all the stickers, including the sticker 
which somehow found its way onto a remote control in Ryan's 
area, you figure out that the password is vfrwodqgguhz. 
Type that in, and you can use the keycard program.

In order to solve this puzzle, you must have found a blank 
keycard and a colored piece of paper in a cabinet, in 
Ryan's area. Put the keycard in the keycard machine on 
Gray's desk, then start the keycard program.

The goal of this puzzle is to put tiles on the board, in 
order to match the colored piece of paper. Make sure the 
tiles overlap each other in the correct way. Right-click to 
rotate a tile and click on a tile to pick it up.

In amateur sleuth mode, it is recommended to start with the 
lower/left corner, then work counter-clockwise. In master 
sleuth mode, it is recommended to start with the 
upper/right corner, then work clockwise. You only turn one 
piece on its side (the small green rectangle) in amateur 
sleuth mode; in master sleuth mode, you have to turn many 
pieces on their sides.

When you're done, click send. This will write the keycard. 
Provided that you did everything correctly, you can now use 
the card to get inside the lab! If you made a mistake, try 
again! Keep trying until you solve the keycard puzzle.

The Lab

The area outside of the lab starts to hum, when you do 
three things:

1. Read the entire log-in book on Gray's computer. 
2. Watch the security video of Ryan.
3. Talk to Mason about Ryan's motive

Nancy says she should inform Ellie about the humming. Go 
upstairs to Ellie and tell her about it. Ellie will leave 
the area, and now Nancy can snoop in Ellie's workspace.

On the left side of the desk is a book which contains 
Ellie's keycard number, as well as a clue for a later 
puzzle. In a drawer on the left, there is a key for the 
lab, a memory card for the audio player in Niko's area, and 
a page of clues.

On the right side of Ellie's area is a box of spare 
capacitors, which Nancy can take. You can read the letter 
from Ellie's cousin Rachel, which is pinned up on the 

You can also look at Ellie's computer, but it doesn't have 
much on it, besides for some code.

The lab is made up of a few areas. To the left of the 
entrance door, you'll find the 3D printing machine, which 
is connected to Mason's computer. If you design something 
on Mason's computer, you can print it out here.

Right of the entrance door is a small area to work with 
chemicals. To the right of it is a cabinet filled with 

Against the wall is the photolithography lab, which a 
person can use to make circuit boards and copies of 
fingerprints. You'll have to make a chemical solution in 
the chemical area, before you can use the photolithography 

Left of the photolithography lab is a musical Tesla coil. 
Examine it to see that it's broken.

In the center of the lab are some tables. On the tables, 
you can pick up a beaker and a book of solutions. One the 
right side of the tables is an oscillator, which you can 
use to oscillate various objects.

On the other side of the lab, there is a door to the Tesla 
coil room, where Niko died. Go inside. You can examine the 
Faraday cage and the coil. Open up the drawer on the coil 
to learn that a piece is missing, meaning it won't work.

Once you've finished examining the lab, there are three 
major plotlines you can follow. They can be completed in 
any order, and you can complete them simultaneously. This 
guide will cover each one in a separate section.

1. Fix the musical Tesla coil 
2. Fix the big Tesla coil
3. Listen to Niko's audio diaries

The Musical Tesla Coil

Switch to daytime, then go upstairs and talk to Ryan about 
the small Tesla coil. You can't do this, unless Nancy has 
looked at the coil and noticed it's broken. Ryan will say 
that the circuit board is shot.

Go downstairs to the photolithography lab. The circuit 
board puzzle is on the computer. For this puzzle, you want 
to turn around the various wires and circuits, so all the 
lights are turned on. In amateur sleuth mode, you have 
three different groups of wires; in master sleuth mode, you 
only have two.

Once Nancy is done, she prints out a copy of the circuit 
board. Pick it up from the printer. Now you just have to 
etch this design on a wafer.

There's a book on the photolithography machine, which 
describes the process. It says you need a design, a wafer 
and some etching solution. Open up the cupboard full of 
wafers here, using the key from Ellie's area. Grab a 
silicon wafer from the stack of wafers.

Nancy will have to make etching solution. Go back to the 
main part of the lab. On the table in the center of the 
lab, you can pick up a notebook which describes various 
solutions. One of them is the etching solution; it needs 
hydrofluoric acid.

HF acid is the cabinet, left of the musical Tesla coil. 
It's locked with a colored keypad. This is a puzzle, in 
which you want to turn all the squares to blue. Pressing 
certain squares affects others.

My strategy is to get only the bottom/left square to be 
red. Then I press the squares in this order, starting with 
the single square that is red:


You can easily rotate that in any direction, depending on 
which corner square is red. Anyway, solve the puzzle, and 
you can pick up some HF acid. Hooray! Go to the chemistry 
set in the corner, and Nancy puts it down.

Amateur Sleuth: Etching Solution is 3 HF, 1 HNO3 and 4 H20. 
Pour out H2O into the 4 cylinder, then pour HF into the 3 
cylinder. Pour both cylinder into the white beaker.

Take HNO3, then pour it into the 4 cylinder. Now, pour the 
4 cylinder into the 3 cylinder. Put the 4 cylinder (which 
now has 1 HNO3) into the white beaker. Put the beaker into 
a brown bottle in the upper/left.

Master Sleuth: Etching Solution is 2 HF, 2 HNO3 and 1 H20.

Pour HF into the 3 cylinder, then pour 3 into 4. Repeat the 
process: pour HF into the 3 cylinder, then pour 3 into 4. 
This leaves 2 HF in the 3 cylinder. Pour that into the 
white beaker, and pour the remaining HF into the disposal 

Pour HNO3 into the 3 cylinder, then pour 3 into 4. Repeat 
the process: pour HNO3 into the 3 cylinder, then pour 3 
into 4. This leaves 2 HNO3 in the 3 cylinder. Pour that 
into the white beaker, and pour the remaining HNO3 into the 
disposal chute.

Take H2O, then pour it into the 4 cylinder. Now, pour the 4 
cylinder into the 3 cylinder. Put the 4 cylinder (which now 
has 1 H2O) into the white beaker. Put the beaker into a 
brown bottle in the upper/left.

When you've made etching solution, return to the 
photolithography lab. The book in here says where to put 
everything. Put the etching solution into the top/left part 
of the machine, then put the circuit board picture in the 
tray below the TV. Put the water on the tray in the middle 
of the machine, then press the red start button.

It takes twelve hours to finish this work, so go to Nancy's 
room and use the alarm clock to skip ahead. Return to the 
photolithography lab and pick up the circuit. Use it on the 
musical Tesla coil to fix the machine.

The Large Tesla Coil Lab

There are two things you need to do, in order to get the 
Tesla coil up and running. You need to replace a missing 
part and replace the capacitors board.

Switch to daytime and talk to Ryan. Ask her about the 
missing part for the Tesla coil. She destroyed the piece, 
as it resulted in Niko's death. She had the plans for the 
previous piece, which worked perfectly fine.

Switch to nighttime, then go to Mason's area. You want to 
recreate the missing piece, using the designs. All four 
designs are of the same object, taken from different 

Amateur Sleuth:





Master Sleuth:





When you're done, press "Print Design". Nancy will say 
something if you have the correct design.

Go to the lab and check the 3D printer, next to the 
entrance door. Tell the machine to print. It's going to 
take twelve hours to finish, so use the alarm clock in the 
lounge to skip ahead a half day. Then pick up the finished 
device in the 3D printer. If you made a mistake, Nancy 
throws away the device.

Go to the Tesla coil lab, and put the device into the base 
of the Tesla coil machine. Just above this, you find the 
capacitors puzzle. The capacitors come from the right side 
of Ellie's desk, and the instructions come from the book in 
Mason and Ellie's area.

You want to place capacitors on the board, so there are no 
repeating colors in each row or column. In master sleuth 
mode, you have the added difficulty of not having repeating 
colors in diagonals.

Here is a solution that works on both modes:

Column 1 has the purple one piece, followed by the six 
piece with red on top.
Column 2 has the three piece with blue on top, followed by 
the four piece with red on top.
Column 3 has the five piece with green on top, followed by 
the two piece with red on top.
Column 4 has the seven piece, with red on the top.
Column 5 has the two piece with orange on top, followed by 
the five piece with red on top.
Column 6 has the four piece with yellow on top, followed by 
the three piece with red on top.
Column 7 has the six piece with blue on top, followed by 
the red one piece.

Nancy comments when you do it correctly.

Now that you have the Tesla coil up and running, let's test 
it! Go up the stairs into the lab. The door is locked, but 
the clues in Ellie's desk drawer say what to do. Read the 
clues to determine what color the shapes are, as well as 
what order to press them in.

Amateur Sleuth:

You have yellow square, red diamond, green circle, blue 
star, and purple diamond. Press them in this order: blue, 
purple, red, green and yellow.

Master Sleuth:

You have purple square, green diamond, blue circle, red 
star and yellow triangle. Press them in this order: purple, 
red, yellow, blue, green. 

Once you open the door, go inside. Ellie's notes are here, 
and they say what to do. Sit in the chair, and set the 
lever to full power. Press the lightning rod button, then 
flip the switches from left to right.

Gray will catch Nancy in the control booth and yell at her. 
Victor will do likewise.

Niko's Audio Diaries

There is a memory card for Niko's audio diaries, inside 
Ellie's desk drawer. Once you have it, you can ask Ryan how 
to use it.

Ryan says the media card works with Niko's personal player, 
in his office. She will set it up for you, in exchange for 
some Koko Mallos. Ryan gives Nancy the necessary plate for 
the candy machine.

Go downstairs, to Niko's office. Use the plate on the candy 
machine. This is a simple memory puzzle, where you need to 
repeat the pattern. Press the yellow button to start.

In amateur sleuth mode, the sequence is blue, orange, 
orange, blue, orange, blue, blue. In master sleuth mode, 
the sequence is purple, blue, green, green, blue, purple, 
green, blue, purple.

You can play the memory game as much as you want to, in 
order to get all of the candy.

Grab the Koko Mallos and go upstairs to Ryan. Tell her you 
have the candy, and she sets up the audio player. Go back 
downstairs to Niko's office, and use the card on the audio 
player (in the upper/left corner of Niko's desk).

There are four files on the card. Listen to them all. The 
first one is the most important file; it talks about Ryan 
sending threats in the lounge.

Go to the lounge. See the brown sofas by the TV? They're 
near the door that leads to the bedroom. There are papers 
sticking out of them. Pick up the papers to see they are 
Ryan's threats to Niko.

Go upstairs to Ryan and ask her about the threats. Ryan 
will say they were intended to be warnings, not threats. 
Ryan will get upset and leave the lab.

The way to get Ryan back is through Deirdre Shannon. She 
was a character in the game "Nancy Drew: Alibi in Ashes". 
She also appears in several Nancy Drew books.

The second time Nancy uses her alarm clock, Deirdre will 
call her up and be nasty. The third time Nancy uses her 
alarm clock, Deirdre will call her up and be nice, because 
Deirdre needs Nancy's help in passing her criminology 

If you haven't already done so, ask Deirdre why Ryan wasn't 
charged with murder. Deirdre will agree to check the 
criminal database.

Once Nancy confronts Ryan about the threats, Deirdre gets 
information about Ryan. Either wait for Deirdre to call, or 
call her yourself. Deirdre reports that Ryan is completely 
innocent; there are photos to prove her innocence.

Nancy's task list will say to call Victor with this new 
information. Call Victor, and tell him about Ryan's 
innocence. He becomes upset when he hears this.

A while later, Ryan will send Nancy an apologetic text 
message. Go to Ryan's area and talk to her. Ryan agrees to 
help Nancy with the murder investigation.

On the way out of Ryan's area, Nancy will get knocked 
unconscious. She wakes up in the photolithography lab, 
which is running out of air. If you want, you can use the 
intercom by the door to talk to Ellie, but she's trapped in 
the control booth, so she can't help Nancy right now.

Turn towards the air duct, which is opposite of the large 
photolithography machine. Go up into it. The ducts are hot, 
so you'll want to go through them before the meter in the 
upper/right depletes.

The ducts are actually a maze, which is different on 
amateur sleuth and master sleuth modes. There are colored 
tiles on certain walls, which you can use to keep track of 
where you've been. The letters on the tiles spell out 
"Sonny Joon was here".

When you reach the exit to the maze, Nancy hears Gray and 
Mason arguing over something. Gray takes something of 
Mason's, and Mason then runs away.

Go upstairs to Ellie's area. After Nancy leaves the ducts, 
she can find new things in Ellie's area. Specifically, she 
can find a list of book titles on the right side of Ellie's 

Go to the area past Mason and Ellie's. There is a 
mysterious keycard on the ground, and Ellie's phone is on 
the table. Pick up the cell phone, which is locked. The 
post-it note in Ellie's book tells you how to unlock it: 
make each group of three add up to a certain number.

In amateur sleuth mode, the number you want to get is 15. 
Put the five in the middle, then make all the pairs equal 
ten. For example, you want 9 and 1 on the same line, 
because 9 and 1 equal 10. The other pairs are 2 and 8, 3 
and 7, and 6 and 4.

In master sleuth mode, you need all the diagonals and all 
six sides to add up to 21. Make the numbers look like this:

8 10 3 5 13
12   7    2
1 9 11 4  6

The cell phone contains text messages between Ellie and 
Mason. They are secretly working together, trying to sell 
technology to big time investors in Palo Alto and Chicago.

The list of book titles on Ellie's desk correspond to books 
in the lounge. Each one is a clue, rather than a direct 
title. You're supposed to decode the clues, using Mason's 
white board, the book by the 3D printer, the book on 
Ellie's desk, the periodic table of the elements and the 
book inside the locker by Nancy's bed. 

Condemned Elephant's Name: Topsy
V = IR: Ohm's Law
Tesla's Good Friend: Mark Twain
Element #74: Tungsten
Incorrect radio patent holder: Marconi
1893 Columbian Expo Site: Chicago
Sagramor's Fellow Knight: Lancelot

Those clues match up with the following books on the 
bookcase in the lounge:

1. Topsy the Performer
2. Ohm's Law in Circuit
3. The Complete Works of Mark Twain
4. The Tungsten Divide
5. Marconi's Trans-Atlantic Quest
6. Illuminate Chicago
7. Guinevere and Lancelot

Pull those seven books in that order. A hidden compartment 
is revealed, getting Nancy another audio diary and Niko's 
notebook. You can listen to the audio diary if you want to, 
but it's not necessary in order to beat the game.

Open Niko's notebook and flip to the next page. There is a 
coded message on the bottom. This is a binary puzzle! Go 
back to the binary poster (on the second floor) and look at 

You want to scratch out the red dots. For example, nine is 
blue red red blue. So with the four squares after nine, 
scratch out the two middle spaces. Fourteen is blue, blue, 
blue, red; the squares after fourteen should have the last 
one scratched out.

Go back and forth between the binary poster and the 
notebook, scratching out the appropriate boxes to get this 

E--V ERY- F-I- -F--
-TH- --LE TT-- ER-A
--B- ---O V-EP LA--

Message: "Every fifth letter above, play on the coil".

This must refer to the musical Tesla coil. Circle every 
fifth letter on the top of the page, which is 

Go to the musical Tesla coil. If you've fixed it already, 
play the notes on the Tesla coil. There is a diagram on 
Mason's white board, in case you don't know which keys 
correspond to which letters.

Playing the proper notes gets you a message from Niko, 
which mentions illuminating a black light under the glow. 
Go to Ryan's area and pick up the black light, which is 
inside the open tool drawer to the left. Go to the large 
Tesla coil lab. If you've fixed the large Tesla coil, set 
it on low power to have it glow.

Go downstairs. Use the black light on the area the 
lightning rod pops out of, which is left of the main coil. 
Nancy spies a hidden message: "Enter the hex".
You can now go through the hexagonal hatch on the floor to 
discover Niko's personal study. Open it up and...wait, 
Nancy can't get it. It's locked with a biometric 
fingerprint scanner, coded to Niko's fingerprints. Oh no!

Gray's Shredder

Once Nancy escapes from the air ducts, she can go to Gray's 
area and hear him shred something. Talk to him about it, 
and about many other things. As usual, Gray doesn't have 
much to say.

Go to the alarm by Niko's office and pull it to get Gray to 
leave the security area. Go there, and check out the 
shredder by the corner. Nancy can pick up the shredded 
paper, as well as the knob for the kill switch of the Tesla 

You can also use the card reader to figure out the number 
of the mysterious card, found in Ellie and Mason's work 
area. It's 185116518, the mystery number which appears only 
once in the logs, shortly before the murder.

Go to the lounge with the pieces of shredded paper. There's 
a table on the left. Use the paper on it, and Nancy has a 
jigsaw puzzle. Put the pieces of paper back together. The 
bottom/left part of the page has a red diagram on it, while 
the right part of the page has nothing but handwritten 
notes. In the middle is a picture of a machine.

Once you solve the puzzle, grab some tape here and use it 
on the paper. Nancy picks it up and reads that something 
was put into safe keeping. Below this note is the red 

Return to Gray's area. Distract him with the alarm, if 
necessary. In a corner of the room is a coat rack. What you 
want to do is spin the three hooks, as indicated by drawing 
on the paper. The left hook does two and a half full 
rotations, the right hook does three fourths of a rotation, 
and the middle hook does a full and a quarter rotation.

To get this, click the left hook ten times, the middle hook 
five times, and the right hook three times. This unlocks 
the panel above the hooks. Look inside to find some emails 
between Gray and Niko, a security video number, and Gray's 
diploma in physics.

Go to Gray's computer and fire up the program that shows 
security videos. Watch the video you just found the code 
for, LBTY6510259. It shows Gray leaving the lab, shortly 
before Niko's death.

The video comes complete with a code on the third screen. 
That's odd. Skip ahead to daytime, then talk to Ryan about 
it. Ryan watches the video with Nancy, and she tries to 
analyze the code. It shows that someone edited the video. 
It also shows that the video is flagged; a certain person 
(the real killer) is contacted whenever the video is 

Ryan gets up and leaves. Try to do the same, and a security 
alert will sound. Go into the Tesla coil lab, to see Mason. 
Nancy tries to talk with him, but a second alarm is 

This is the same alarm that gets sounded, the first time 
Nancy uses her alarm clock. That's the alarm which 
indicates the grid is about to go critical, unless all the 
power switches are turned off. Nancy automatically goes 

The amateur sleuth solution is to press these five switches 
in any order:


The master sleuth solution is to press these five switches 
in any order:


Turning off all the switches saves Mason's life, as well as 
the life of everyone else in the lab.

Victor shows up after this. He fires Nancy, due to her 
incompetence. She hasn't found the real crook after many 
days, she's gotten into some life-threatening situations, 
and she deliberately disobeyed Victor's orders to stay out 
of the lab.

Due to a snow-in, however, Nancy cannot actually leave the 
lab. So she'll be staying in this area for a while longer.

Optional Robot Cat Puzzle

You can build the robot cat if you want! The day after you 
first meet Ryan, she will discover the robot cat in her 
workshop. Nancy can talk to Ryan about it and offer to 
build the cat.

To build the cat, you must get the parts!

The head is on Ryan's worktable. Take it during one of the 
times she is not there, such as when she fixes Niko's audio 
player, when she is mad at Nancy, or (coming up shortly) 
when she distracts Victor.

The tail is by the lamp, near the alarm clock in Nancy's 
bed area.

The body is in the lab, against the wall with all the 
electrical switches.

The four legs are under Mason's printer, on the table in 
the lounge, in the photolithography lab, and by the 
trashcan near Gray's shredder. You can't get the leg near 
the shredder, until you hear Gray shred something.

When you have all the parts, go to Ryan's workshop and put 
them together on the worktable. Tada! You have a robot cat!

Getting Niko's Fingerprint

Nancy needs a fingerprint, to get inside Niko's personal 
study in the Tesla coil lab. The book on biometrics in 
Mason's area explains that a gelatin mold of a finger could 
work in fooling a scanner.

To make a gelatin mold, the first thing you'll need is some 
gelatin. Go to Ryan and ask her for some gummy bears. She 
agrees to let Nancy have some, in exchange for Victor's 
candy. Go downstairs and ask Victor for candy. Then, go 
upstairs and give the candy to Ryan for gummy bears.

The other thing Nancy needs is a fingerprint to make a mold 
out of. She'll have to make an etching of a fingerprint, in 
order to do this. Ask Ryan for a keycard into the lab, then 
ask her to distract Victor.

Go downstairs, to Niko's office. Victor left a key on the 
desk. Pick up the key and use it to open the locked 
cabinet. The device on the right has a fingerprint on it. 
Go to the lounge and take some tape, then return here and 
use the tape on the fingerprint.

Take the fingerprint tape to the lab. You remember how to 
use the photolithography lab, right? First, make some 
etching solution.

Amateur Sleuth: Etching Solution is 3 HF, 1 HNO3 and 4 H20. 
Pour out H2O into the 4 cylinder, then pour HF into the 3 
cylinder. Pour both cylinder into the white beaker.

Take HNO3, then pour it into the 4 cylinder. Now, pour the 
4 cylinder into the 3 cylinder. Put the 4 cylinder (which 
now has 1 HNO3) into the white beaker. Put the beaker into 
a brown bottle in the upper/left.

Master Sleuth: Etching Solution is 2 HF, 2 HNO3 and 1 H20.

Pour HF into the 3 cylinder, then pour 3 into 4. Repeat the 
process: pour HF into the 3 cylinder, then pour 3 into 4. 
This leaves 2 HF in the 3 cylinder. Pour that into the 
white beaker, and pour the remaining HF into the disposal 

Pour HNO3 into the 3 cylinder, then pour 3 into 4. Repeat 
the process: pour HNO3 into the 3 cylinder, then pour 3 
into 4. This leaves 2 HNO3 in the 3 cylinder. Pour that 
into the white beaker, and pour the remaining HNO3 into the 
disposal chute.

Take H2O, then pour it into the 4 cylinder. Now, pour the 4 
cylinder into the 3 cylinder. Put the 4 cylinder (which now 
has 1 H2O) into the white beaker. Put the beaker into a 
brown bottle in the upper/left.

When you've made etching solution, return to the 
photolithography lab. The book in here says where to put 
everything. Put the etching solution into the top/left part 
of the machine. Put the fingerprint tape in the tray below 
the TV. Take a silicon wafer from the cabinet and put it in 
the tray in the middle of the machine, then press the red 
start button.

It takes twelve hours for the machine to work, so skip 
ahead a half day. Return and pick up the fingerprint 

Nancy should be almost ready to make the fake fingerprint. 
She needs the fingerprint etching, the gelatin from Ryan, 
and two other things. These are the beaker (from the main 
table in the lab) and the knob (near the card reader in 
Gray's area).

When you have all four items, go to the food area of the 
lounge. This area has a hotpad. Use the knob on the hotpad, 
and put the beaker on top of it. Put the gummy bears in the 
beaker, then turn the knob to melt them. Use the melted 
gelatin on the fingerprint etching.

Tada! One fake fingerprint! Go to Niko's hidden area and 
use the fingerprint on the door to get inside.

Niko's Hidden Area

Go forward to Niko's computer. It's turned off at the 
moment (and the power box is locked). Darn.

There are two magnets near the computer, as well as two 
magnets by the workbench on the right. There's a magnet on 
the bookshelf, by one of Nikola Tesla's journals.

Look at the exit doorway. On the wall to your right, you 
can find the final two magnets (there are seven in total), 
as well as Niko's final audio diaries. Hooray! 

Nancy wants to listen to the audio diaries, but Victor is 
still in Niko's office. Go upstairs to Ryan and ask her to 
distract Victor again.

The second time you ask Ryan to distract Victor (or 
thereabouts), the elevator will break. Nancy has to look at 
the buttons and open the control panel. This starts a gear 
puzzle, in which you want to put all the gears on the 

In amateur sleuth mode, the two largest gears go in the 
bottom/left and upper/left. A middle gear goes on the left, 
and one goes on the upper/right. The remaining middle gear 
goes in the bottom/left open spot, and the three small 
gears go in the remaining spots.

In master sleuth mode, one large gear goes in the 
upper/left corner. Another goes on the gear under the open 
box in the upper/left. A middle gear goes in the 
upper/right, with another middle gear left of it. A middle 
gear goes in the lower/right, with another middle gear 
directly up/left of it.

Two middle gears go in the spots down/right of the large 
gears. Small gears go in the four remaining spots.

When the elevator is fixed, continue with what you were 
doing. Go to Niko's office and listen to the audio diaries. 
The first entry talks about pigeons 13, 6 and 5. The fourth 
entry talks about Wardenclyffe being destroyed by 37.

The pigeon is here in Niko's office. Remember Niko's 
journal, in which you spelled out numbers in binary? You 
want to do the same thing here. Put the magnets from Niko's 
study in the base of the pigeon, to spell out the four 
numbers Niko mentioned.

13: XX_X
6:  _XX_
5:  _X_X

The pigeon will project the message "1902 Patent" on the 
wall. According to the book in the locker by Nancy's bed, 
that would be Patent #1,119,732.

Go back to Niko's private study. Once you listen to the 
third audio diary, Nancy can pick up the model of 
Wardenclyffe, from the table on the right. Double-check the 
paper near the computer, which assigns numbers to 
oscillator taps.

Go to the main lab. Open up the oscillator (in the middle 
of the room) and put Wardenclyffe inside. Shut the door, 
and start turning on the oscillator taps. As Niko's audio 
diary indicated, you want to try for frequency 37. You can 
get that, by adding up the numbers of taps 13, 11, 9 and 4. 
That would be these taps:


Turning on those taps all at once will break Wardenclyffe. 
Inside Wardenclyffe is a key.

Return to Niko's study. Use the key on the power box to 
Niko's computer. It opens, and you get to power it up with 
the zap-up game, just like you did earlier with Gray's 

In amateur sleuth mode, press the blue button in the 
second-from bottom row. Press the blue button in the 
second-from-bottom row. Then, press the left blue button in 
the second-from-bottom row. Press the right blue button in 
the second-from-top row, and press the blue button in the 
upper/right corner.

In master sleuth mode, press the blue button on the 
rightmost column. Press the blue button in the middle of 
the screen, in the third column. Press the bottom/left blue 
button, the only remaining blue button and the only 
remaining blue button.

When you turn on the computer, it asks for a password. The 
password is the 1902 patent number, or 1119732. Type that 
in, so you can watch a video on the monitor.

It's the unedited video of Niko's murder, and it shows who 
the real killer is. Take out the USB drive containing the 
video and leave the area.

Oh no! Niko's security destroys all unprotected 
electronics! Nancy needs to figure out how to get the video 
out safely.

Go upstairs and ask Ryan for help. She suggests making a 
Faraday cage. The book in Nancy's inventory talks about 
Faraday cages.

Grab a spare USB drive from Ryan's area, then go 
downstairs. In the photolithography lab, get some aluminum 
foil from the wafer cabinet. Now go to the lounge table and 
put the cardboard box on top of it.

Use the aluminum foil on the box, then use a paper clip on 
it. Use a binder clip on the paper clip, and you've got a 
Faraday cage!

This is the end of the game, so if you want to talk to 
someone like Mason, Gray or Ellie, you should do so now.

Go to Niko's hidden study. Put the rocket-shaped USB drive 
into the monitor, and press the transfer button next to the 
drive. The video is transferred. Take out the drive, and 
Nancy puts it in the Faraday cage.

Leave the area. It works! The cage worked! Now Nancy just 
needs to take this video to the police!

Head out of the lab, and you'll notice an unconscious 
person. When Nancy opens the main doors of the lab, the 
killer is standing there, waiting for her.

The killer locks Nancy inside the Faraday cage in the Tesla 
coil lab, then the killer turns the coil on full power. 
Eventually, the cage will fail and Nancy will die.

Examine the lightning rod box on the right wall. Open it up 
to see a circuit board. Use Ryan's components on the board. 
Nancy picks up the circuit board schematic here.

This is a puzzle. You want to follow the schematics. There 
are detailed instructions in the book in Nancy's inventory, 
but reading circuit board schematics is kind of difficult, 
as they are not a one to one match.

Amateur Sleuth

Put the three integrated circuits (the big gray ones) in 
the three spots for them. It's easy to see this, because 
they have six connections coming out of them, while the 
other parts have two (normally). The only other part with 
more than two connections is the three-connection 
transistor, which goes into the spot directly below the 
middle big circuit.

It's also easy to locate where the blue-and-black 
capacitors go, because they're the smallest, so they go in 
the small gaps.

Below the right circuit, you have two spots. The left one 
is a black diode, while the right one is a white resistor. 
Above this circuit is a black-and-blue capacitor.

Below the middle circuit is the transistor (as stated 
above) and two white resistors. Directly left of the middle 
circuit is a black diode.

In the leftmost column, you have the red piece on top, the 
black-and-blue capacitor in the middle, and the white 
resistor on the bottom. Connecting to the red piece is a 
white resistor.

Above the leftmost big circuit, you have three spaces. The 
left one is for a black diode, the top one is for a white 
resistor, and the small spot is a black-and-blue capacitor.

There are two remaining spaces on the board. The lower one 
has a black diode and the upper one has a black-and-blue 

Master Sleuth

There are three spaces for the large integrated circuits. 
One is on the bottom, one on top, and one on the right. 
Don't accidentally put one in the spot on the left; that 
spot needs to have three white resistors in it.

In the lower/left corner, there are three spots in a row. 
From left to right, they should be the red inductor, a gray 
fuse, and a black-and-blue capacitor.

Directly above the lower big circuit, you have a gray fuse, 
with a black-and-blue capacitor above it. Right of this 
circuit, almost touching its corner, is a three-connection 
transistor. Down/right of the transistor is a small black-
and-blue capacitor.

Directly below the rightmost big circuit, you have two 
spots. The left one is a black diode, and the right one is 
a white resistor. Below them is a three-connection 
transistor. Directly above the rightmost big circuit is a 
gray fuse. It connects to the big circuit, through a black-
and-blue capacitor.

There are several blank spaces on the board now. The 
topmost space has a white resistor, whereas the top two are 
black diodes.

The remaining spots on the right are black-and-blue 
capacitors. The one on the bottom is a black diode, while 
the final spot is a transistor.

When the puzzle is solved, Nancy uses the lightning rod to 
divert electricity away from her and the Faraday cage. The 
culprit foolishly steps outside the control booth, and ends 
up being injured.

That's the end of the game. You get to see what happens to 
the culprit and the various other characters. 
Congratulations, Nancy!

005-Amateur Sleuth Task List

There is a task list in both amateur sleuth and master 
sleuth modes. The task list in amateur sleuth mode is more 
detailed. If you don't know what to do next, you can always 
try to do something which is on the task list!

1. Read Case File
2. Investigate Ryan
3. Meet Everyone at the Lab
4. View the Security Video Mentioned in the Case File
5. Explore Niko's Office
6. Investigate the Log-In Irregularity from the Night of 
the Murder
7. Explore the Halls
8. Explore the Lounge
9. Power Off the Electrical Grid
10. Snoop in Ellie's Workspace
11. Get a High Score in the Aggregation Arcade Game
12. Snoop in Mason's Workplace
13. Snoop in the Security Booth
14. Find Something to Open the Locked Lab
15. Explore the Tech Workshop
16. Use the Key Card to Get Past a Locked Door
17. Find the Password for Mason's Computer
18. Figure Out What the Video File Referenced on Mason's 
Computer Shows
19. Power on Gray's Computer
20. Figure Out the Password for Gray's Computer
21. Figure Out the Password to Activate the Keycard Program
22. Inquire After the Loud Humming Near the Lab
23. Find a Way to listen to the Audio Card
24. Get Koko Mallos for Ryan
25. Investigate Ryan's Threats Against Niko
26. Explore the Lab
27. Repair the Small Tesla Coil in the Lab
28. Explore the Tesla Coil Lab
29. Explore the Photolithography Lab
30. Unlock the Supply Closet in the Photolithography Lab
31. Find the Missing Bottle of Hydrofluoric Acid
32. Repair the Tesla Coil
33. Replace the Capacitors in the Tesla Coil
34. Unlock the Control Booth Door
35. Unlock the Supply Cabinet
36. Make a New Circuit Board for the Small Tesla Coil
37. Manufacture the Missing Part for the Tesla Coil
38. Follow up with Victor about New Evidence on Ryan
39. Track Down Some New Leads
40. Escape from the Photo Lab
41. Find Out Why Mason Was in the Lab After Hours
42. Find Out What Gray Was Shredding
43. Figure Out the Meaning of the List of Book Titles from 
Ellie's Desk
44. See What's Inside Niko's Notebook
45. Find Out Who the Owner of the Key Card from Mason and 
Ellie's Office Is
46. Break into Ellie's Cellphone
47. From the Shredded Page, Find Out What's Been Placed in 
"Safe Keeping"
48. View the Video Referenced in Gray's Lock Box
49. Figure Out What the Extra Data Showing on the Video 
with Gray Means
50. Track Down the Source of the Alarm
51. Save Mason!
52. Find a Way Back into the Lab
53. Play Niko's Song on the Small Tesla Coil
54. Illuminate a Black Light Under the Glow
55. Find a Way Past the Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
56. Get Victor's Candy for Ryan
57. Stop the Elevator from Crashing!
58. Make a Fake Fingerprint
59. Explore Niko's Study
60. Listen to the Audio Diaries from Niko's Study
61. Discover the Pigeon's Secret
62. Figure Out the Importance of Frequency 37
63. Turn on Niko's Video System and See What's On It
64. Find the Password for Niko's Video System
65. Get the USB with the Video Showing Niko's Murderer Out 
of the Lab
66. Find a Way to Safely Get the Video Out of Niko's Study 
and to the Police
67. Avoid Electrocution!