Nancy Drew: The Deadly Secret of Olde World Park: FAQ/Walkthrough

       Version 1.2 4/24/12

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Nancy Drew: The Deadly Secret of Olde World Park
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Copyright 2012

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Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Walkthrough
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
  004a. Bess' Dress and Pass Card
  004b. Investigating Mr. Wolfe
  004c. Investigating Thaddeus Belmont
  004d. Back to Olde World Park
005.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the game called Nancy Drew: The 
Deadly Secret of Olde World Park, for the Nintendo DS. You 
can email me at if you have 
any comments or concerns about this guide, such as spelling 
mistakes you've noticed or if you want to duplicate this 
guide on your own website.

002-Video Walkthrough

I made a video walkthrough for this game, so if you would 
rather watch me solve various puzzles rather than read 
about them, you can see them all at:

The videos come complete with my live audio commentary.


Nancy Drew: Our heroine, Nancy Drew is a teenage detective 
who likes to solve mysteries. She has strawberry blonde 
hair and an upbeat attitude.

Bess Marvin: Nancy's best friend, who was picked to cut the 
ribbon at the opening ceremony of Olde World Park.

George Fayne: Bess' cousin, who is also Nancy's good 
friend. George is good with computers.

Ned Nickerson: Nancy's boyfriend, who drives her to various 
places in this game.

Deirdre Shannon: Nancy's sort-of rival. Deirdre is somewhat 
self-centered, and she doesn't like Nancy or Nancy's 

Thaddeus Belmont: The billionaire owner of Olde World Park, 
who has gone missing. He likes to set up charity funds to 
support his friends.

Miss Hancock: A woman who works at the country club 
connected to the park.

Clint: A friendly man who has been working for the park 
ever since they started building it.

Sandra Wolfe: A timid girl whose father is a famous 
novelist. She wants Nancy to clear her father's name.

Ari Mason: The person in charge of special effects at the 

Derek Wolfe: A gruff novelist who writes books about 
wolves. He was arrested for breaking into Olde World Park.

Stacy Keene: A reporter for the local River Heights news. 
She wants to interview Mr. Wolfe.

Peter Cujo: Derek Wolfe's publisher. He is somewhat upset 
that Mr. Wolfe has not yet turned in his latest manuscript.

Will Berger: A courier who was hired to deliver Mr. Wolfe's 
manuscript to the publishers.

Carson Drew: Nancy Drew's father, who is an attorney in 
River Heights. He worked on the case, when Thaddeus Belmont 
sued Mr. Wolfe.

Sergeant Emily Kim: A friendly police officer who likes 
Nancy and her dad. Emily helps with the investigation.

Marty Ferguson: The manager of the Luna Motel. He likes 
eating sandwiches, and he dislikes clients who leave the 
motel without paying.

Ernie Feldman: An old friend of Mr. Belmont, who is in a 
retirement center. He likes to eat cake.

Mrs. Beasley: The receptionist at the retirement center 
where Ernie Feldman lives.

Edwin Dove: An insurance man who worked with Mr. Belmont. 
He died in a car crash a year earlier.

Warren Beckford: The Dove Family butler.

Katherine Dove: Edwin Dove's daughter, who makes friends 
with Nancy. She likes blue flowers.

Victor Cross: An ex-con, who is staying at the Luna Motel. 
He likes his car, and he likes sets of four diamonds.


004a-Bess' Dress and Pass Card

The game begins with Nancy and George watching a news 
report. The Olde World Park, a theme park based off 
historical locations, is going to open soon in River 
Heights, despite the fact that the billionaire park owner, 
Thaddeus Belmont, has mysteriously gone missing.

There was a contest to decide who would cut the ribbon at 
the ribbon-cutting ceremony. Nancy's best friend, Bess 
Marvin, won the contest, with Deirdre Shannon, Nancy's 
sort-of rival, coming in second.

Bess then calls Nancy with bad news: her dress and pass 
card have gone missing. If Bess can't find them soon, she 
won't be able to cut the ribbon at the ceremony. Sounds 
like another mystery for Nancy Drew to solve!

Nancy's boyfriend Ned drops her off at a country club, 
which is connected to Olde World Park.

At this point, you gain control of Nancy. The bottom screen 
has two icons on it. Tap on the bag icon, and the screen 
shows Nancy's inventory, or in other words, it shows 
everything that Nancy is carrying right now. You can tap on 
an inventory item to learn more about it.

Tap on the exclamation mark icon, and the screen shows 
Nancy's journal. The journal has pictures of the various 
things Nancy is concerned about, and you can tap on a 
picture to learn more about it. For example, Nancy is 
worried about Bess' missing dress right now; as a result, 
the dress appears in the journal.

Press the D-pad buttons (up, down, left and right) to move 
Nancy around on the top screen. Things that are of interest 
will have little icons on them. For example, there is an 
exclamation mark above the woman here. Walk up to her, and 
the exclamation mark turns into an X-button. This means you 
can press the X-button to talk to her.

The woman is Miss Hancock, and she is too busy to talk 
right now. When you try talking to her about the dress, 
this starts a conversation minigame.

In this minigame, you want to make matches. The symbol you 
are looking for appears in the lower/left corner. You can 
tap on any of the balls on the screen to change its color, 
and if you have a ball which matches the one in the 
lower/left, you want to drag it into the highlighted 
circle, in the area on the left. Fill in all ten 
highlighted circles, before the timer on the left goes all 
the way down, and you win the challenge!

Win the minigame to talk to Miss Hancock. She says a gate 
is closed, and she can't do anything until it is opened.

There is a computer on the right part of the screen, and 
this computer controls the gate. Walk up to the computer 
and press X to start the password minigame.

In this game, the password gets shown to you, and then you 
have to repeat it. For example, if the leftmost dial shows 
a heart, your job is to spin the leftmost dial until it 
shows a heart. Then, press the button under the dial to 
input the heart as the proper solution. You have to do this 
one dial at a time, and once all five dials are correct, 
you win the minigame. Just turn the key at the bottom to 
move on.

Once you win the game, the gate is unlocked. Talk to Miss 
Hancock again, and now she is willing to talk. Ask her 
about the dress, and she says that it was stolen from Bess' 
locker, in the locker room.

The locker room is now closed, due to the robbery, but 
Nancy wants to get a look inside and see if she can't find 
any clues. Go to the area with the green icon to reach the 

In the hallway, there are four areas. The one at the bottom 
leads to the room you were just in. The door on the left 
leads to the locker room. The area on the top leads to the 
bar, and the door on the right leads to the changing rooms.

Go through the door on the right. Bess is here. Talk to her 
about everything. Bess says Deirdre Shannon might have 
stolen the dress, because she has the motive and 
opportunity. Bess says a girl from the special effects crew 
got spirit gum all over the floor earlier. But most 
importantly, when you talk to Bess about the lockers, she 
gives you the passcode for the locker room.

The passcode (triangle, triangle, sun, heart, diamond) is 
placed in Nancy's inventory. Leave the changing rooms, by 
going back into the hallway. Then, memorize the passcode 
and use it on the locker room door to get inside.

There's not much to do in the lockers besides examine the 
one locker here that belongs the Deirdre Shannon. Examine 
it to start a minigame, where green and red balls go along 
the edge of a key. Tap on a ball when it lines up with a 
circle of the same color. For example, when the red ball is 
on top of a red circle, you can tap it. Tap all six circles 
to solve the challenge.

Nancy finds Bess' dress inside the locker, but there is a 
lot of spirit gum on the handle. Does this mean Deirdre 
stole the dress, or does this mean that the dress was 
stolen by the assistant who spilled spirit gum?

A guard shows up, and you have a challenge. You want to get 
to the exit in the upper/left, without being seen by the 
guard. Nancy has a shadow meter on the right side of the 
screen. If you are in a shadow, the meter goes down. If the 
meter goes up all the way, Nancy is caught, and you have to 
start over.

Once you solve the challenge, a new character named Clint 
appears in the hallway. He is a friendly fellow, but you 
can't talk to him about much besides the spirit gum.

Go to the changing rooms and talk to Bess. Nancy gives the 
dress to Bess. When you ask Bess for more information about 
the woman who spilled spirit gum, Bess says that she has a 
famous father.

Leave the changing rooms, then go up from the hallway to 
reach the bar. Deirdre Shannon is here, but she doesn't 
want to talk to you. You'll have to play a conversation 
minigame to get her to start talking. You can play the same 
game from earlier, or a new minigame.

In the new minigame, you have to travel from the up/left 
spot to the bottom/right spot, by going down, left, right 
and up through the board. The path you have to take is 
randomly determined; figure out which path is correct 
before time runs out.

You will have to play two conversation minigames with 
Deirdre, although it's possible to simply play the same 
game twice. Deirdre says she looks better in the dress than 
Bess does, she says the production assistant's name is 
Sandra, and she doesn't know anything about spirit gum.

Go back to the changing rooms, where Bess is. Talk to her 
about the production assistant, and Bess remembers that 
Sandra is, in fact, her name. She was in here recently, but 
then she disappeared.

Go to the hallway and ask Clint about Sandra. He says that 
she probably used the hidden passageway inside the changing 
rooms. Go back to the changing rooms, and this time, go to 
the right side of the room. Examine the box here to find 
the hidden passageway.

Go through the passageway to meet Sandra. You will have to 
play a conversation minigame with her. This time, a new 
game has opened up, one where you have to rotate puzzle 
pieces in order to form a complete picture. You start off 
with only three pieces, so it's very simple.

Sandra admits she stole the dress and pass card from Bess' 
locker, then put the dress in Deirdre's locker, to frame 

All along, Sandra just wanted the pass. She wanted it to 
get into the park to look for her missing father, Derek 
Wolfe, the author who always writes about wolves. Nancy 
gets the pass from Sandra.

Go to the area with the green icon, in order to have Nancy 
enter Olde World Park. There's not much to do here besides 
talk to Ari Mason, the person in charge of special effects 

Ari is upset, because thanks to the disappearance of Mr. 
Belmont, he now has to work harder than ever. You can talk 
to him about his special effects team and the museum. He 
says that there are many valuable things in the museum, and 
a person was arrested for attempting to steal a painting 
last night.

Sandra said her father was in the park last night, before 
he disappeared. Maybe he is the person who got arrested? 
Walk into the new area to start the minigame where Nancy 
sneaks in the shadows. Avoid the guard, stick to the 
shadows, and make it all the way to the exit in the 

Once Nancy is finished breaking into jail, she finds the 
prisoner. Talk to him to learn that he is Derek Wolfe.

Derek says that the art theft charges are false; he was 
framed by the person he was supposed to meet. This person 
gave him a golden pass, so he could get into the closed 

To talk to him about wolves, you need to play a 
conversation minigame. A new game is available, in which 
you press left and right to make baskets switch. Try to 
make the falling balls land in the proper baskets in order 
to win.

Once you win, Derek says that he was attacked by a werewolf 
last night. He pretends to be a wolf fanatic for the sake 
of publicity, but after being attacked by a werewolf, he's 
not so sure he likes wolves anymore.

Go to the cabinet here to find Mr. Wolfe's possessions. 
Nancy takes his almost-empty wallet, along with the golden 

Leave the jail now, and return to Sandra. Talk to Sandra 
about her father. Sandra tells Nancy to go to her house and 
look for clues, which would explain why Derek Wolfe went to 
the park. Sandra mentions that there are wolves guarding 
the house, but there is no reason to worry.

For the record, I'm worried.

Go back to Bess and talk with her. Nancy gives Bess the 
park pass, so now Bess can go inside the park. That ends 
the mystery of Bess' missing dress and park pass.

004b-Investigating Mr. Wolfe 

Nancy has Ned take her all the way to the Wolfe House. 
She's hoping to break into the house and find the audio 
recorder belonging to Mr. Wolfe.

You have three things on the front porch that you can 
examine. The first is the potted plant which used to 
contain the key to the house. Someone has destroyed the 
plant and stolen the key. The second thing you can examine 
are some distinctive footprints, left by the key thief.

The third thing you can examine is the front door, which is 
locked. Nancy decides she should try to sneak around the 
back, through the wolf kennels.

Leave the porch by going to the green icon. Then, go to the 
door that leads to the back. In order to get through the 
door, you have to play the key minigame again, where green 
and red balls go along the edge of a key. Tap on a ball 
when it lines up with a circle of the same color. For 
example, when the red ball is on top of a red circle, you 
can tap it. Tap all six circles to solve the challenge.

Go to the back door, where you have to do the key minigame 
another time. This finally lets you inside the house.

Inside Mr. Wolfe's house, there are three things to 

1. The answering machine with three messages. Play them 
2. The phone. Try out all the speed dial numbers. One is 
Mr. Wolfe's publisher, who you can talk to for a bit. 
3. The fax machine. Print out both faxes and read them.

Mr. Wolfe apparently sent his latest manuscript to the 
publisher, but the publisher didn't receive it.

Once you fully examine all three things, Nancy's father 
will call her. Mr. Drew was one of the lawyers involved, 
when Thaddeus Belmont tried to sue Mr. Wolfe. That was 
around the time Mr. Belmont disappeared.

Mr. Drew suggests that Nancy go to the police station and 
meet with Sergeant Emily Kim, a friend of theirs. Nancy 
decides this is a good idea.

Once the phone call is over, leave by going through the 
door in the lower/left part of the upper screen. Then, take 
the path. Suddenly, Nancy sees the mysterious footprints 
from the front porch, and she realizes that someone has let 
the wolves loose.

This starts the sneaking around minigame again. Go through 
the screen in a counter-clockwise fashion, until you reach 
the exit in the lower/left.

Ned and Nancy drive to the police station to meet Sergeant 
Kim. Talk to her to start a conversation minigame. Pick 
your favorite conversation minigame, and once you win, the 
police officer tells you that Mr. Wolfe was angry at FCS 
Courier, for the mix-up with his manuscript.

You have to play a conversation minigame a second time, in 
order to learn that Sergeant Kim doesn't think Mr. Wolfe is 

Nancy and Ned then go to FCS Courier, to learn more about 
this manuscript mix-up. They sent Mr. Wolfe a fax, saying 
the delivery was made. However, Peter Cujo, the publisher, 
never received the delivery. What happened?

Talk to Will Berger, who is at the desk. He claims that he 
made the delivery, and he received the package from Mr. 
Wolfe directly. But when Nancy shows him a picture of Mr. 
Wolfe (from the back cover of Mr. Wolfe's book), Will 
Berger confirms that he is not the person who gave the 
package. In other words, somebody pretended to be Mr. 
Wolfe, and that person gave the wrong package to the 

Nancy heads over to the Luna Motel, where the imposter Mr. 
Wolfe gave the wrong package to the courier. The note in 
Mr. Wolfe's wallet said #322, so Nancy guesses that is the 
room Mr. Wolfe was in.

Talk to the motel manager here. He is mad, because Mr. 
Wolfe (or was it the imposter?) ran out of the motel, 
without paying.

You have to play a conversation minigame with the motel 
manager. The final conversation minigame should be unlocked 
by now. In this game, you move left/right/up/down across 
the board. Your goal is to make every tile on the board 
match; every time you go on a tile, it will change.

Once you win a minigame challenge, the manager refuses to 
let Nancy into Mr. Wolfe's room.

Go out to the pool area. This starts the sneaking around in 
the shadows minigame. Wander to magnifying glass in the 
upper part of the screen. Nancy finds a motel card there. 
Now, go to the exit in the upper/right, and Nancy uses the 
card to get to the second floor.

Mr. Wolfe's room is here on the second floor. Go to the 
door, and the key minigame starts again. Win the game to 
get inside the room.

You have four things to examine in this room.

1. The laptop, which has been destroyed.
2. Mr. Wolfe's checklist, which confirms that he took his 
audio recorder with him, when he went to the park to visit 
the anonymous person.
3. The motel safe, which is still locked.
4. The bathroom window. It looks like someone broke into 
the room through the window.

Nancy figures that the audio recorder is still in Mr. 
Wolfe's car, so she returns to the police station. Talk to 
the officer, and she agrees to look the other way as Nancy 
breaks into the car impound lot.
Go through the exit on the left to reach the car impound 
lot. This starts the sneaking around minigame, where you 
have to reach the car in the upper/left. When you reach the 
car, it starts the key unlocking minigame.

Nancy finds the voice recorder. There are three messages on 
it. Listen to all of them. They deal with the anonymous 
source, who happens to be the second contact on Mr. Wolfe's 
home phone. The source gave Mr. Wolfe information about 
Thaddeus Belmont, who is the topic of the Mr. Wolfe's 

Leave the car to trigger the sneaking around minigame 
again. Reach the exit in the lower/right to return to the 
main police station. Talk to the officer and win a 
conversation minigame, in order to learn that Mr. Wolfe has 
been moved to the psych ward of the local hospital.

Nancy goes to the hospital. Talk to the woman here, who is 
Stacy Keene, the reporter who wants to talk to Mr. Wolfe. 
Go through the exit here, then examine the drawer. Perform 
the key unlocking minigame again, in order to open the 

Inside the drawer is a file on Mr. Wolfe. There were traces 
of chloroform on him, after he was allegedly attacked by a 
werewolf. The file also says which room he is in, so Nancy 
can visit him.

Go through the door here, then perform the sneaking around 
challenge until you reach Mr. Wolfe's room on the left. 
Talk to him to learn that his manuscript was all about 
exposing the crimes of Mr. Belmont. The anonymous source is 
most likely Ernie Feldman, a friend of Belmont's. Mr. Wolfe 
gives Nancy the key to the room safe at the Luna Motel.

004c-Investigating Thaddeus Belmont

Now that Mr. Wolfe is safe in the hospital, Nancy is going 
to shift the focus of her investigation onto Thaddeus 
Belmont, the missing billionaire that Mr. Wolfe was writing 

Nancy goes to Angel's Rest, the retirement community that 
Ernie Feldman is living at. Talk to the woman at the front 
desk to learn his room is in the back.

Go to the stairs and Nancy automatically reaches Mr. 
Feldman's room. He refuses to talk until you get him some 
cake. He says the cake is in the kitchen.

Go to the ladder at the window and perform the sneaking 
around minigame, in order to reach the kitchen in the upper 
right. Pick up the piece of cake here, then exit the 
kitchen. Do the sneaking around minigame again, to get back 
to the ladder.

Talk to Mr. Feldman, now that you have his cake. He has an 
old picture of Thaddeus Belmont, from before Mr. Belmont 
became rich. Edwin Dove, who worked with Mr. Belmont in the 
insurance business, is in the picture.

Nancy decides she needs to meet with Mr. Dove, so after a 
brief food break with Ned, she goes to Dove's mansion. Talk 
to the butler here to learn that Mr. Dove died last year, 
and his daughter Katherine is now in charge of the estate.

Go to the next room, which is the study. There are four 
things in this room. One is a pot of blue flowers, which 
Katherine likes. Another is a movie poster, showcasing one 
of the "Cold as Steel" movies that Dove's company helped 
finance the special effects for. Another is a pile of 
technical manuals.

The final thing in this room is the bookcase. Examine it to 
find a hidden passageway to another room.

In the study, there are business cards for Mr. Dove's 
insurance company, as well as a phone with a strange device 
attached to it. Examine both of these things, then go to 
the safe. You have to do the key unlocking minigame in 
order to open the safe.

Inside the safe, Nancy finds information and suspicious 
checks, which indicate that Edwin Dove probably committed 
insurance fraud by setting the Belmont Farm on fire, then 
collecting the insurance money.

Katherine Dove appears. Talk to her about everything. 
Katherine says the authorities were investigating her 
father's company, right before he died. She confirms that 
her father and Thaddeus Belmont worked together to collect 
the insurance money on the non-accidental fire at the 
Belmont Farm, many years ago.

Katherine says this room was a private study, which used to 
be a bomb shelter. The odd device on the phone is a 
tracking device. They've been receiving threatening phone 
calls recently, so they purchased the tracker to determine 
who has been calling them. The tracker distorts the sound a 
bit, but it has done its job well; they now know that the 
person calling them is at the Luna Motel.

Once you finish all the conversations with Katherine Dove, 
someone throws a brick through one of the windows. Nancy 
decides to investigate. Leave this room, then return to the 
room with the butler. The butler says that he saw the 
culprit's car, which had a license plate that read 

Nancy contacts Sergeant Kim at the police station. She 
confirms that the car belongs to Victor Cross, a dangerous 
ex-con. He is staying at the Luna Motel. Since someone in 
the motel has been threatening the Dove family, it's a 
pretty good guess that Cross is the culprit.

Nancy stops off at the Luna Motel. Go to the car to examine 
it. Nancy determines that the car is in the spot for room 
226, right next door to Mr. Wolfe's room.

Go into the motel, then go to the pool. Avoid the guard, 
while going to the stairs. Nancy reaches the second floor 
area again, and she has Ned distract Victor Cross for a 

There are two rooms to examine here. Go to Victor Cross' 
room, which is on the right. In the corner is a camera, 
which proves that Cross was spying on Mr. Wolfe. There is 
also a computer, with a file named "Wolfe". Next to the 
computer is chloroform, a gun and a golden Olde World Park 

It's starting to look like Victor Cross is the person who 
attacked Wolfe at the park, in addition to being the one 
who threatened the Doves. I bet that he's the person who 
impersonated Mr. Wolfe, in order to steal the manuscript 
about Belmont's shady business deals.

Leave the room, then go into Mr. Wolfe's room. When Nancy 
met with Mr. Wolfe in the hospital, she got a card from 
him. Use this to open up the safe in the bathroom. This 
gives Nancy a flash drive.

Return to Cross' room and examine the computer. The key 
unlocking minigame starts again. Once you beat it, Nancy 
copies the Wolfe file onto the flash drive.

The maid suddenly appears, and Nancy has to hide. Go to the 
closet. Inside, Nancy finds an Anubis head. If you 
remember, near the start of the game, Mrs. Hancock 
mentioned that two costumes were stolen from the park. This 
is one of the two costumes. If Cross was wearing this 
costume when he attacked Mr. Wolfe at the park, it would 
explain why Wolfe thought a werewolf attacked him.

There is also a briefcase here. Unlock it, using a code of 
four blue diamonds. Inside is the missing manuscript.

Nancy gets a phone call from Ned, saying that Cross is 
returning to his room. That's not good! Go to the window 
and exit through it.

Nancy ends up on the ledge outside the building. Examine 
the footprints here, which belong to Victor Cross. They are 
the same footprints that were found outside Mr. Wolfe's 
house. Then, walk along the ledge and go through the window 
of Mr. Wolfe's room.

Ned and Nancy get in an argument, while he takes her to 
George's house. Talk to George, and she uses her skills 
with technology to read the files on the flash drive. One 
file is a letter which shows that Belmont hired Victor 
Cross to steal the manuscript from Derek Wolfe. Presumably, 
Belmont did this because he wanted to protect his image as 
an honest businessman.

The second file is a newspaper clipping, which talks about 
the death of Edwin Dove. The Dove Fortune should have been 
seized by the government, because he made his fortune by 
committing insurance fraud, but Dove's will had some kind 
of legacy clause which protected his fortune.

It sounds like Nancy needs a legal expert to explain more 
about the legacy clause. George takes Nancy to the Drew Law 
Offices. Go into the next room, then talk to Nancy's 
father, Carson Drew.

Carson confirms that Derek Wolfe's book was going to expose 
Belmont's crimes. Belmont sued Wolfe, in order to prevent 
the book from going public.

Carson talks more about the legacy clause. Due to this 
clause, all of Dove's money went to a charity. This charity 
was owned and operated by Thaddeus Belmont. Belmont spent 
most of this money while building Olde World Park. If the 
park fails, Belmont will get a large insurance check.

Nancy asks her father if the information she has now is 
enough to clear Mr. Wolfe's name. Carson says no. Nancy 
either needs more evidence or a confession.

Nancy decides to return to Olde World Park. Along the way, 
she meets with Ned, and the two of them reunite after their 

004d-Back to Olde World Park

Nancy returns to Olde World Park. Hopefully, she'll be able 
to find more evidence which proves Victor Cross' guilt, or 
she'll find something which reveals who the anonymous 
source is.

Go to the next room and talk to Clint, the janitor. He says 
that someone in an Anubis costume just ran through here. 
That person dropped a tracking device.

Nancy and Clint go into the main part of the park. Talk to 
the person here, to learn that she is Stacy Keene, the 
reporter. Today is press day, and there are reporters all 
over the park.

Stacy says the person dressed like Anubis went to the Rome 
section of the park. Suddenly, the tracking device comes to 
life, revealing five blips.

Go to the Roman part of the park, by following the green 
walking icons. This leads to a maze. In these mazes, you 
will find colored walls. To raise or lower the wall, step 
on a switch which is the same color as the wall.

For example, there is a green wall to the right. Go right, 
stepping on the green switch. This lowers the wall.

Go right to the next screen. In the lower/right, Nancy 
finds a bomb. This starts a bomb defusing minigame. You see 
sparks going along the wires. When the spark is over one of 
the four buttons (X, Y, A and B), press that button to get 
rid of the spark. Get rid of enough sparks to win the 

Nancy figures that this was a smoke bomb, not a real bomb. 
Somebody wanted to use smoke bombs to scare the press, 
while they were here for press day.

There are four blips left on the tracker, so there are 
probably four more smoke bombs. Nancy will follow and 
defuse those bombs, while Clint calls the police.

Go to the exit on the right side of this maze, making sure 
to lower the walls if they are in your way. Then, go on to 
the next maze.

In this maze, step on the switch, then exit through the 
lower/right place. Hit the red switch, then go to the bomb 
on the left part of the screen. Defuse it.

Go left a screen, then down. On this screen, you want to 
leave through the upper/right corner. Make sure to trigger 
the appropriate switches in order to do so; if the red 
switch is up, you won't be able to leave through that exit.

Once you go through the upper/right corner, step on the 
blue switch. Then go back left and leave through the 
bottom/right corner. Once again, make sure to trigger the 
proper switches, or else you won't be able to leave.

From there, it's a simple matter of going right and up a 
screen, to the third bomb. Defuse it.

The two remaining bombs are in Egypt. Go to the green icon 
to reach the Egyptian maze. Here, go right a screen. Then, 
walk through the maze (triggering the red switch along the 
way) to reach the lower/left exit.

You're now in an area with many switches. From your spot in 
the lower/right corner, go up twice, then left onto the 
blue switch. Then, go right, down, left and right. You're 
on the green switch. Trip either of the green switches, and 
you'll see that there is a pathway on the left side of the 
screen now.

Go down a screen, then left and up. Go to the bomb and 
defuse it. Then go down a screen and leave through the 
lower/right. The bomb here is in plain sight. Defuse it.

All right, all five bombs are defused! Clint appears with 
bad news: a sixth bomb has appeared. This one is inside the 
Dove Museum.

Step on the red switch here, then leave through the 
lower/right exit to reach the museum. It's locked, and 
Nancy has to do the key unlocking minigame to get inside.

The person with the Anubis disguise is inside the museum, 
along with a bomb. Talk to this person to learn that he is 
Ari Mason, the special effects person. He says that he set 
off the fake bombs, but he is not responsible for the bomb 
here. This is a REAL bomb.

Go to the bomb and defuse it. While Nancy defuses the bomb, 
Ari escapes. Nancy reveals that Clint is really Thaddeus 
Belmont in disguise, and Victor Cross appears with a gun. 
Things are tense for a moment, until the police show up and 
arrest Victor Cross.

Nancy talks with Thaddeus about Ari Mason. Ari has a 
fiancée who likes blue flowers. And who likes blue flowers? 
Katherine Dove.

Nancy goes to the Dove Mansion. Talk to the butler, then go 
to the next room and talk to Katherine. Nancy confronts 
Katherine, accusing her of being part of Ari's plan. The 
tracker device on Katherine's phone is pretty solid 
evidence against her.

Katherine opens the door to the hidden room, where Ari is. 
At least, she tries to do so. The door is stuck!

Examine the desk to see the door is stuck with spirit gum. 
Then, do the key unlocking challenge again, in order to get 
inside. Ari confesses that he and Katherine concocted the 
plan to make Olde World Park fail, so they could get their 
hands on her inheritance money (which Belmont used to help 
fund the park).

Nancy believes that Ari and Katherine are covering for 
someone: the anonymous source who tried to ruin Belmont. Go 
to the left part of the screen and examine the corner to 
learn that the anonymous source is the butler. He is really 
Edwin Dove in disguise. Dove faked his own death!

Nancy explains the entire plot, and Dove is arrested. After 
that, the ending scenes play, in which Derek Wolfe decides 
to stop writing his book about Belmont, in favor of writing 
an autobiography and spending time with his daughter. Bess 
gets to cut the ribbon at the opening of Olde World Park, 
and Nancy and Ned spend an evening watching kung-fu movies 
together. It looks like the villains have been caught, and 
everyone else gets to live happily ever after!


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