Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy: Walkthrough

       Version 1.4 10/22/09

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Nancy Drew: Warnings at Waverly Academy
A Walkthrough by Michael Gray
AKA The Lost Gamer (
Videogame humor:
Copyright 2009

Table of Contents:
001.  General information
002.  Video Guide
003.  Characters
004.  Walkthrough
005.  Quick Guide
006.  Credits

001-General Information

This is a walkthrough for the PC game called Nancy Drew: 
Warnings at Waverly Academy. It's game #21 in the Nancy Drew 

If you want to contact me, e-mail me at, but make the subject something
like "Nancy Drew Warnings at Waverly Academy" (or just leave
it blank) so I know it's not spam mail.

If you'd like to put this guide on your website, you should 
ask permission first.

002-Video Guide

Hey! Want to see how to beat the game instead of reading about 
it? Well, I've got a video walkthrough, and you can see it 

Sometimes, it's more helpful to see the puzzles solved than to 
read about them. Plus, you get to hear the comments I say 
while playing the game! 


Nancy Drew: Our heroine! She's a super-mystery solver, and 
been asked to find out who has been threatening the 
valedictorian candidates at Waverly Academy.

Becca Sawyer: Nancy goes by the name "Becca Sawyer" in this 
game, instead of using her real identity.
Bess Marvin: Nancy's good friend. You can call her in this 
game, but she never answers her phone because she's on 

Ned Nickerson: Nancy's boyfriend. You can call him during this 
game and talk to him about what's happening.

Corine Meyers: Nancy's roommate, who doesn't have many friends 
because she's oversensitive to other people's opinions about 

Mel Corbalis: A cello-playing girl who lives in the room next 
to Nancy's. She's a Waverly legacy, and several people dislike 
her because she's a goth.

Rachel Kim Hubbard: A very busy girl who asks Nancy to help 
her with a Waverly Website project. 

Leela Yadav: A girl who's at Waverly on an athletic 
scholarship. She likes to compete, and she challenges Nancy to 
games of air hockey and darts.

Izzy Romero: The student body president, who spends most of 
her time in the library. She doesn't like Mel, Corine or 

Madeline Moore: Author of a book about the four founders of 
Waverly Academy. This book can be found in the special 
collections cabinet.

Edgar Allen Poe: An American author who primarily wrote horror 
stories and mysteries. A book of his is missing from the 
school library.

Rita Hallowell: One of Waverly's founders. She hid something 
on the campus and created several puzzles to make it hard to 
find. She was a big fan of Edgar Allen Poe, so most of these 
puzzles are based off his writings in one way or another.

Paige Griffin: The girl who hands out demerits to everyone 
when they break school rules. She also gives credits when 
school rules are followed.

Danielle Hayes: Corine's former roommate. She left school 
after being locked in a closet overnight.

Megan Vargas: Mel's roommate. She left school after a bad case 
of food poisoning.


The game starts with Nancy taking you to her room. You can 
click on the "How to be a Detective" for a short explanation
of the game's control scheme--which is unnecessary if you've
played the other Nancy Drew games and can remember how to play.

You can click on the scrapbook to look at descriptions of the 
other games in the series. You can click on the case file to 
learn about the current case as well. Once you're ready to 
begin, click on the plane ticket inside the case file, then pick 
either junior or senior detective to start the game!

The puzzles in this game can be completed in pretty much any 
order (with a few exceptions). I group certain puzzles 
together to make my guide more organized, but you don't have 
to do the puzzles in the order they appear in this guide.

This guide also skips certain nonessential things that happen 
in the game, such as the subplot about Izzy stealing Leela's 

Welcome to Waverly

The game starts with a flashback from two weeks ago, when 
Danielle Hayes was given threatening notes and then locked in 
a closet. Danielle is claustrophobic, so she suffered a minor 
breakdown when this occurred.

So that means Nancy gets to stay in Danielle's room while 
trying to solve the mystery of who's going around and sending 
threatening notes to everyone.

Nancy's roommate, Corine, tells her about these things. The 
person who's sending the notes is calling herself "The Black 
Cat". Bad things happen once somebody gets two notes from The 
Black Cat...bad things like Danielle getting locked in the 
closet and Megan Vargas (who lives next door) being sent home 
with food poisoning.

Corine also tells Nancy about the demerits system (try not to 
get demerits!) and the valedictorian race. It seems that the 
Black Cat is only targeting valedictorian candidates.

When you're finished talking to Corine, you should check out 
Nancy's desk before leaving the room. There's a note from 
Rachel Hubbard. Rachel wants you to help her with a project.  
That'd be a nice thing to do, so why not do it?

Leave the room, and Nancy almost runs into Izzy, the student 
body president. Izzy makes a joke about Nancy's hair, and then 
sets up Nancy's cell phone on the local network and invites 
Nancy to chat with her in the library.

Let me give you a general map of Waverly Academy now:

Stairs – Corine – Mel – hallway – Rachel - stairs

You're by Corine's room. There are stairs leading downstairs. 
In the next room is Mel, the Goth girl who plays piano. Down 
the hallway, you can find a mini-hallway with Rachel's room, 
Izzy/Leela's room (neither of them are ever in this room) and 
Paige's room (which you can never enter). There's a set of 
stairs at the other end of the hall.

When you go down the stairs to Rachel's room, you end up in 
the rec room with Leela. The snack shop is also there. The 
entrance to the library, where Izzy spends her time, is a set 
of doors near the stairs by Corine's room.

When you go to Rachel's room, she gives you the task of taking 
pictures of everyone in the game. And that's a pretty good 
excuse to explore the game and figure out where everything and 
everyone is.

Meeting Everyone--Pictures for Rachel's Project

Go to Mel's room to get a picture of her. Mel's room is right 
next to Corine's, and you can hear the cello music when you 
get close to it. Mel is nice and simple. All you have to do is 
talk to her to get her picture.

Corine, Izzy and Leela are all nice and simple, too. Ask to 
take their pictures, and they'll let you do it. Izzy is in the 
library on the first floor, and Leela is in the rec room on 
the first floor.

It's harder to get Megan's picture, because Megan isn't at 
school anymore. Mel says that Leela has a picture of Megan, so 
after learning this information, go to Leela.

Leela challenges you to a game of air hockey. You have to win 
the game by hitting the puck into the net on her side of the 
board seven times, before she hits the puck into the net on 
your side of the board seven times. Good luck!

Leela will go up to her room and get the picture. The next 
time you talk her, she will challenge you to a game of Scram. 
That's a dart game, where numbers get blocked off the board. 
In the first round, you want to get the highest score 
possible, but you can't get any points from numbers that have 
been blocked. The chart in the upper/right shows you the 
information about the game. If a number is lit up, you can 
throw a dart in that area and get that number of points. If 
it's not lit up, throwing a dart in that area gains you no 

In the second round, you want to try to block numbers. Throw 
your darts in areas that haven't been blocked to block those 

The best general strategy is to always aim for the largest, 
non-blocked number on the list, whether you're scoring or 
blocking. If you're not good at the game, don't worry; she 
will give you the picture automatically if you lose several 
times in a row.

I think you need to get Megan's picture before you can return 
to Rachel's room and take a picture of her, but I could be 

Once you have all the pictures, you need to upload them. Go to 
the computer in the library, and...what, no Internet access?

Apparently, you need to ask the student body president (Izzy) 
for a password. Izzy doesn't want to give you the password 
when she can exploit you. She forces you to do her DNA project 
for her.

To solve the DNA project, put the pieces of the puzzle into 
place. Red always goes with blue, and yellow always goes with 
black. The middle rows look like this:


While the outside rows are always brown and white, 
alternating. Make sure that there are pink connector things 
connecting the various DNA pieces.

When that's done, Izzy gives you the password. Now you can go 
online. Plug Nancy's phone into the USB-box, then go on the 
computer. You'll want to read the student handbook under 
"about us" (or not). That tells you that you need to do Snack 
Shop duty once every day. The first time you do Snack Shop 
duty, you get a key. Cool!

Under "academics", click on the valedictorian race. You have 
six download boxes. Download a photo of each valedictorian to 
the computer. All right. Job done!

Rachel's project isn't over, however. Go back to her to her 
for another task.

Valedictorian Website

Rachel is happy you got the pictures on the website, but she 
wants to see them organized. Go back to the computer in the 
library and put the proper captions on all the pictures.

There are some clues that tell you which captions go with 
which pictures. You can also use information not stated in the 
puzzle to help. For example, knowing that Rachel is from 
Pittsburgh and likes math (she said this the first time she 
met you) is helpful.

Here are the solutions:

1. Mel from Greenwich likes art.
2. Rachel from Pittsburgh likes math.
3. Leela from Rhode Island likes biology.
4. Corine from Boston likes English.
5. Meg from Concord likes history.
6. Izzy from New York likes psychology.

Rachel will like those solutions, and give you the job of 
taking six more photos.

Waverly Icons--Photos for Rachel's Project

Three of the photos can be taken right off the bat. For the 
school archway photo, simply leave the school, go outside, 
turn around, and take a picture. While you're outside, take a 
picture of the oak tree (which is the big tree the squirrel 
hangs out in). In case you can't find the right tree, go right 
and up when leaving the building to get close to it. You can't 
take a picture of the whole tree. You can only take a picture 
of its base.

The school emblem in wood is located near the exit to the 
building, on the floor. Make sure to zoom in and pan down to 
get as close up of a picture as possible while still getting 
the entire emblem inside the picture.

The other three photos cannot be taken now. The picture of the 
first academic win trophy can be taken after solving the "Is 
Mel a Plagiarist?" puzzle. The US Map picture can be taken 
during the "US Map" puzzle. The picture of Rita Hallowell and 
Usher can be found near the end of the game, after solving the 
"Four Starbursts" puzzle.

Is Mel a Plagiarist?

Sometime after Nancy logs onto the computer system, a text 
message is sent out about how Mel was busted for plagiarism. 
Stealing someone else's essay? Not OUR Mel!

Ask Mel about it, and she denies it. She was framed, but by 

Mel gives you her essay. Go to the computer in the library, 
and under "academics", then "resources", you find Paper Trail. 
Enter in a database source number (one of the ones listed on 
the left-hand side of Mel's essay).

Now you have a puzzle. You need to form an IP address by 
choosing one number from each column, without repeating any 
numbers. It's a pretty good idea for a puzzle, and the 
solution is

Finding the ID gives you the date of the paper Mel copied off 
of. Wait a minute...that paper was written AFTER Mel wrote her 
paper! So, Mel couldn't have copied off of it! All the 
headmistress has to do is double-check the dates, and Mel will 
be found innocent! All right!

Go back to Mel and tell her the good news. In return, she 
gives you a piece of paper that tells you about the first 
academic win trophy Waverly won. That's a picture Rachel wants 
you to get!

The trophy is in the trophy case downstairs, near Leela. Open 
the display case, take out the trophy, zoom in on it, then 
take a picture of it. Rachel will like that!

Finding Rita Halloway's Journal

This puzzle can be done while meeting everyone, or after 
meeting everyone. The order you have to do things in this game 
is not set in stone.

Anyway, when you visit Mel's room, you can look at a cross-
stitch sampler in the corner of her room. It's old, and it 
used to belong to her mother. Nancy notes that the spelling of 
"more" is odd--when spelled with two o's, it looks like the 
last name Moore.

Go to the library and look up "Moore" on the library 
catalogue. There's a book by Madeline Moore in the special 
collections cabinet. When you try to get into the cabinet, 
Nancy notes that it's locked.

Corine is the assistant librarian, so she has the key. Corine 
doesn't want to give you the key when she can exploit you. She 
gives you her homework on orthographic views and insists that 
you complete it.

So, open the orthographic views paper and solve the puzzle by 
matching the pictures and perspectives. Top is the top view, 
front is bottom/left view, and side is bottom/right view. It's 
not too complicated, fortunately.

Once you're done, give the views to Corine to get the key. 
Then go to the library and open the special collections 
cabinet. Read the book by Moore and make sure to take a close 
look of the picture of the four founders.

Go outside the building now, through the bottom floor exit. 
The corner of the building is the corner depicted in the 
picture. But...the cornerstone looks different!

Zoom in on the cornerstone. It's a puzzle! Put all four pieces 
into place to solve it. You can rotate pieces by following the 
instructions under the "?" button in the upper part of the 

The trick to this puzzle is to make sure that the longest side 
of each piece runs along the edge of the square.

Once you solve the puzzle, a squirrel shows up and steals a 
starburst token. Pesky squirrel!

But what is the starburst token for? Take the book there to 
see that it's Rita Hallowell's journal! The journal has a few 
puzzles inside, and you need to solve all the puzzles and get 
all the starburst tokens to find Rita Hallowell's secret 

The four puzzles, which I'll list in separate sections, are 
the piano puzzle, the squirrel puzzle, the Victorian dining 
puzzle, and the US map puzzle. You need to do the Victorian 
dining puzzle before doing the US map puzzle. You should also 
do the Victorian dining puzzle before the squirrel puzzle, 
because of the Blackwood Society puzzle that happens after the 
squirrel puzzle.

Victorian Dining Puzzle

The display case near the library has a display on Victorian 
dining, and Rita Hallowell's journal contains references to 
dining etiquette.

Nancy's task is threefold. First, she wants to open up the 
display case. To do this, go to the snack shop area, head to 
the supply closet, turn on the light in the closet, then 
retrieve the key. This key opens up the display case.

Second, Nancy wants the menu from the display case. Leela 
checked it out, so ask Leela to return it. Leela doesn't want 
to give you the menu when she can exploit you. She forces you 
to play a game with her before giving you the menu. So, play a 
game with her.

Third, Nancy needs to figure out which silverware goes with 
the foods outlined on the menu Leela gave you. That requires 
research. Go to the library and search for "menu" or 
"Victorian dining" to find a book on the subject.

Ah, Rachel has the book you want. Ask her for it, and she asks 
for her math notebook that Mel borrowed. Talk to Mel to learn 
that the math notebook is in the library.

Go to the library. There's a lost-and-found drawer to the left 
of the main library desk. Zoom in on it. The drawer, which is 
labeled "MMDCXLI", is locked.

If you don't know Roman numerals, you can look them up in a 
book on the main library desk. In any case, MMDCXLI is 2,641, 
so insert that number into the lock to open it. Take the 
notebook that's inside and return it to Rachel.

Read the book Rachel gave you to learn about the various 
forks, spoons and knives. That seems...complicated. You need 
to select the ten pieces of silverware that go with the 
celebratory dinner.

You want to select the silverware in this order (1 is first, 2 
is second, and so on):

x 4 x x x  6 x x
x 2 9 8 10 x x 5
x x x x 7  3 1 x

Doing this correctly gets you an orangutan starburst token.

Piano Puzzle

Rita Hallowell's book contains some veiled references to 
pianos. Nancy will probably have to investigate pianos now.

One way to investigate pianos is to go to the piano room. See 
the lamps on the wall with pictures? The ones that are 
designed to look like piano keys? Turn them around, and you'll 
see a bunch of alphanumeric notations.

The other way to investigate is by going to the library and 
looking for music. It turns out that there's a book about 
musical notation, but it's not at the library. It was checked 
out by Mel Corbalis.

Go see Mel and ask her for the book. She'll give it to exchange for some milk and cookies from the snack 
shop. Go to the snack shop and fill a round of orders. One of 
these orders will be milk and cookies.

Go back to Mel and she gives you the book, which explains how 
the alphanumeric notation works for piano notes: the letters 
refer to keys, and the numbers refer to octaves. Middle C is 
C4, the C about that is C5, the C about that is C6 and so on.

You want to play the lower set of notes before the higher 
ones. Play D2 A2 B2 D3 F3 A2 C2 on the left side of the piano, 
then E6 A5 B5 C5 E5 B4 C5 G4 C4 on the right side of the 
piano. This gets you a black cat starburst token.

Squirrel Puzzle

After the squirrel steals a starburst token from you, you can 
get the starburst back by setting the alarm on Nancy's phone 
for the next day. In the middle of the night, the squirrel 
wakes up Nancy.

Nancy goes outside to chase after the squirrel. You have to 
click on the branches the squirrel jumps on, in the order the 
squirrel jumps on them. It's a rather tough puzzle.

At the top of the tree, there's a hole with the golden bug 
token inside. Nancy will then look down and see a group of 
mysterious chanting people in robes. How odd!

US Map Puzzle

Note: You must do the Victorian Dinner puzzle before you can 
complete this puzzle, because you need an item (the student ID 
card) that you get from solving the Victorian dinner puzzle. 

When Nancy wakes up one day (either the second or the third 
day), she'll accidentally knock her cell phone under her desk. 
Look under the desk to find the cell phone, a black cat note, 

Skip to 11:00 that night (after lights out) by using the alarm 
clock on Nancy's phone. Go downstairs. You may or may not have 
noticed the history classroom near the trophy case--it has a 
map of the United States in it.

Use the student ID card on the doors to the history classroom, 
and they open. Go inside, turn around, then examine the 
pillars near the door.

They have ravens on them. Rita Hallowell's journal talks about 
ravens, and mentions four body parts of ravens: the tail, 
bill, breast and primary feathers. Click on those four parts 
in that order, and...whoa, what?.

Great, Nancy just broke the United States map. Put all 49 
states back onto the map where they belong. If Nancy didn't 
find Oklahoma, you'll have to skip ahead to the next day 
before the puzzle can be completely solved.

Take a picture of the map when it's done, because that's on 
the list of things Rachel wants a picture of. Then turn around 
and grab the raven starburst token.

Nancy then sees Rachel sneaking around. Nancy follows her. 
Break into Rachel's room by using the student ID on the 
doorknob. Nancy manages to see Rachel entering a secret 

Open up the secret passage by solving a puzzle. The goal of 
the puzzle is to move the circle on all fourteen stars without 
touching any star twice.

You want to move the circle left, down/right, down/left, 
up/left, right, up/right, up/left, down/right, down/left, 
down/right, down/left, right, left.

Nancy will then learn Rachel's big secret.

The Blackwood Society

Note: You must do the Victorian Dinner puzzle before you can 
complete this subplot, because you need an item (the student 
ID card) that you get from solving the Victorian dinner 
puzzle. You must also do the squirrel puzzle before completing 
this subplot.

After you complete the squirrel puzzle, Nancy notices a crowd 
of chanting people below. How odd. Investigate by going to the 
base of the oak tree. Nancy will find a barrette there. This 
barrette must belong to one of the chanters.

The barrette belongs to Mel. When Nancy asks her about it, she 
confronts Mel about the cloak-and-dagger meeting and gets Mel 
to confess that she's a member of the Blackwood Society, a 
group that meets every now and then to wear cloaks and chant.


Nancy will then get a text about the lost Edgar Allen Poe 
book. It's in Izzy's room, so go to Izzy's room and use the 
student ID on the doorknob to break into the room.

The book is under Leela's sporting equipment. Make sure to 
pick it up and read it, as there's a puzzle contained in the 
list of stories in the book. You can return the book to the 
Special Collections Cabinet for credits later on, if you want.

Also in Izzy's room, you can find a picture of Izzy. Turn it 
over to see a key. The key opens the trunk at the foot of 
Izzy's bed. Open it up to find the blue cloak the leader of 
the Blackwood Society wears!

Go to Izzy and talk to her about it. Izzy will tell Nancy the 

Three is fine, but five is more.
Even nineteen defeats four.
Should just seven become lore,
At least two will find the door.

This will help Nancy solve a puzzle at the end of the game.

Four Starbursts

Once Nancy gets all four starburst tokens, she can solve the 
starburst token in the cellar.

The first time you do Snack Shop duties, Nancy gets a key. You 
may have noticed that this key opens the door to the cellar, 
which you can find by going outside and examining the side of 
the building.

Inside the cellar, near the stairs, you can find an odd series 
of planks with 17 holes in them. There are 17 stories listed 
in the Edgar Allen Poe book, and as you can guess, each hole 
corresponds to a story.

To solve the puzzle, Nancy must list the stories in 
chronological order. Once that list is compiled, the first 
hole goes with the first story, the second hole goes with the 
second story, and so on.

The Black Cat starburst goes with the story entitled "The 
Black Cat", the raven starburst with "The Raven", the gold bug 
starburst with "The Gold Bug" and the orangutan starburst with 
"The Murder at Rue Morgue".

The orangutan starburst goes at the top of the fifth plank 
from the left. The black cat starburst goes at the bottom of 
the third plank from the right, and the gold bug starburst 
goes right above that. The raven starburst goes on the second 
plank from the right.

Easter egg: On the plank with four starburst indentations, put 
the black cat on top, the gold bug below it, the orangutan 
below that and the raven at the bottom. You get the Graduation 
Cat Easter Egg!

When the puzzle is solved, Nancy gets some old blueprints and 
a photo of Rita Hallowell with her cat Usher. That's one of 
the pictures Rachel wanted! In fact, along with the US Map, 
that's the last picture Rachel needs!

End of Game

Once you have the picture of Rita Hallowell and her cat, 
upload it to the school website. There! Rachel's project is 
finally done!

Or not. Talk to Rachel to learn that she needs Corine's essay 
for the website, and then it will be finished.

Go to Corine and ask for the essay. She doesn't want to give 
it to you, when she can exploit you. Corine sends you to the 
snack shop for a snack first. So do snack shop duty, then 
return to Corine to get the flash drive.

Go to the computer in the library and stick the flash drive in 
the USB port. Download the essay on the proper page, then read 
it. The essays says Rita Hallowell was the nurse at the 
hospital where Edgar Allen Poe died, and she may or may not 
have his last (unpublished) works.

Rita Hallowell went to great lengths to hide something, so I'm 
guessing she DID get the last works of Edgar Allen Poe.

Return to Nancy's room, and on Corine's desk, you can find two 
notes she wrote. One of them has the word "CELLAR" on it.

Return to the cellar now. Someone has left blueprints near the 
furnace. Nancy puts them together with the old blueprints. 
Interesting...the levers have numbers attached to them on the 
blueprints. Remember the Blackwood Society chant?

Three is fine, but five is more.
Even nineteen defeats four.
Should just seven become lore,
At least two will find the door.

Pull levers 3, 5, 19, 4, 7 and 2. That leads to a hidden 
passageway leading to the Black Cat and the last works of 
Edgar Allen Poe. The Black Cat, being as sneaky and devious as 
she is, takes the book and leaves Nancy trapped in the room 
with a pendulum swinging downwards from the ceiling, just like 
in Poe's story "The Pit and the Pendulum"!

Nancy can get out of this tricky situation by solving the 
puzzle here. You want to click on the four circles in the 
proper order, and each time you click on a circle, pull the 
golden lever.

I'm not sure how you're supposed to solve this puzzle by any 
method other than guess-and-check. The order is this:

2 3
4 1

Solving the puzzle stops the pendulum and lets Nancy chase 
after the Black Cat and end the game!

005-Quick Guide

This section is a quick, less detailed guide on how to beat 
the game. It basically will tell you what you have to do, 
without being too specific. 

Read the Student Guide Online
  --Ask Izzy for the password
  --Finish Izzy's project for her

Find Rita Halloway's Journal
  --Notice the Moore cross-stitching in Mel's room
  --Look up Moore in the library catalogue
  --Ask Corine for the key for the library cabinet
  --Do Corine's orthographic problems for her
  --Go to the cornerstone in the picture and solve the puzzle

Take pictures of everyone for Rachel's project
  --Ask Mel for her picture 
  --Ask Corine for her picture
  --Ask Izzy for her picture
  --Ask Leela for her picture
  --Ask Rachel for her picture
  --Ask Leela for Megan's picture
  --Upload the pictures to the website

Valedictorian webpage
  --Put the pictures and information in the correct order

Find pictures for Waverly's icons
  --First academic win trophy
    --Mel is accused of plagiarism
    --Look it up on the website
    --Figure out the correct IP address
    --Tell Mel the information
    --Get a flyer about the academic win trophy
  --School Archway
    --Go outside and take a picture
  --School Emblem
    --It's on the floor of piano room
  --Oak Tree
    --It's outside
  --US Map
    --Part of the Four Golden Tokens puzzle
  --Rita Hallowell and Usher
    --Part of the Four Golden Tokens puzzle

The Four Golden Tokens
  --A Victorian Dinner
    --Check the display case
    --Ask Leela for the dinner menu
    --Look up menu in the library catalog
    --Ask Rachel for the book on Victorian dining
    --Ask Mel for Rachel's notebook
    --Find Rachel's notebook in the library's lost and found 
    --Match the utensils in the book with the dinner menu
    --Select all ten utensils in the display case, in order
    --At night, follow the squirrel up the tree
  --Piano Puzzle
    --Examine the piano key lampshades in the piano room
    --Look up piano in the library catalog
    --Ask Mel for the piano book
    --Do snack shop duty to get the book from Mel
    --Play the notes on the lampshades on the piano
  --Map of the United States
    --(You must do the Victorian Dinner before this)
    --(You must be on the third day to do this as well--Nancy 
finds a tile of Oklahoma after waking up on the third day and 
dropping her phone under her desk)
    --Skip to late at night
    --Break into the history classroom using the student ID
    --Press the four parts of the raven in the correct order
    --Fix the broken US map

The Blackwood Society
  --Chase after the squirrel in the tree
  --Notice the chanting people 
  --Go to the base of the tree and find a barrette
  --Give Mel the barrette
  --Get a text about the lost Poe book
  --Break into Izzy's room with the student ID
  --Turn over the framed photo of Izzy
  --Steal the key
  --Use it on Izzy's locked trunk
  --Ask Izzy what the Blackwood Society's chant is

Ending the Game
  --Get a key for doing snack shop duties
  --Go to the cellar
  --Put the four golden tokens into place, according to the 
Black Cat book found in Izzy's room
  --Get some old cellar plans
  --Take a picture of Rita Hallowell
  --Upload the photos for Rachel
  --Get Corine's essay for Rachel
  --Read Corine's essay to learn about Hallowell and Edgar 
Allen Poe
  --Nancy now knows what Hallowell's treasure is
  --Return to the basement
  --Solve the furnace puzzle
  --Confront the culprit
  --Solve the pendulum puzzle


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