New Super Mario Bros. U: FAQ/Walkthrough

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        Acorn Plains
        Layer-Cake Desert
        Frosted Glacier
        Sparkling Waters
        Soda Jungle
        Rock Candy Mines
        Meringue Clouds
        Peach's Castle
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Game: New Super Mario Bros. U

System(s): Wii U

Author: Andrea Castillo aka Ice Queen Zero/Azul Fria

Hi everybody, Ice Queen Zero back again for another wonderful guide to bring to the masses. The Nintendo Wii U has just been released today and I have already got started with making a guide for it. If you thought that Super Mario Bros. Could not get any more innovative, you are dead wrong. There is a lot of new mechanisms that make their debut in this game but you'll have to read on to find out.

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Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, and the Toads are having a tea party until Bowser and his Koopaling fly in with their airships and attack the castle. In a twist, Princess Peach is not kidnapped. Instead, Bowser holds her hostage in her own castle and takes it over.


D-pad Left/Right: Move left or right, enter side pipes.

D-pad Up: Enter doors, climb vines, enter upper pipes during a jump.

D-pad Down: Enter pipes, crouch, ground pound during jump.

Button 1 = Throw projectiles

Button 2 = Jump, hold to Glide or hover with Yoshi

Plus button = Pause

Shake Wiimote = Glide Jump

You can use the WiiU pad to create the platforms on the TV screen by tapping on the pad.

Wii U-pad

D-pad Left/Right: Move left or right, enter side pipes.

D-pad Up: Enter doors, climb vines, enter upper pipes during a jump.

D-pad Down: Enter pipes, crouch, ground pound during jump.

Button Y/X = Throw projectiles, hold to run or carry item.

Button B/A = Jump, hold to Glide or hover with Yoshi.

Plus button = Pause, menu (map)

Button L = Map view (map)

Button ZR = Glide Jump/baby Yoshi use.
Acorn Plains

Acorn Plains-1: Acorn Plains Way

Get the coins and kill the Goomba if needed. You will meet a Waddlewings for the first time. This one carries a Super Acorn. Jump on the Waddlewings to obtain the Flying Squirrel Suit. It acts like an upgrade to the Raccoon Suit and the Propeller Suit together. Use it to get Star Coin #1. Once you get it, duck into the next pipe you see to enter a secret tunnel containing Star Coin #2. As you go right, there is a platform that moves up and down. At the end there is a sign with an arrow pointing up-right. Don't go up there yet. Let the ground lower then jump on the platform down there and go into the hidden passage for some coins then go back and go on top. By now, you may have seen that there was more past the pipe in the hidden passage. When you use the ground pound on the bricks where coins are, you'll fall into another hidden passage. This leads to more coins and you can get out and get the continue flag.

Slide down the slope to kill some Goombas. Watch out for them Piranha Plants and a Waddlewings as you touch the red ring and gather all the coins. If you are small or big Mario, you will get the Super Acorn when you gather all the red coins in time. Otherwise, you earn a bonus 1-up mushroom. You will see a wave of coins that will teach you how to do a glide jump. Press ZR on the WiiU pad or shake the Wiimote to do it. Enter the upward pipe and glide down through the coins while avoiding the Waddlewings and get Star Coin #3. Exit the area and proceed to the exit pole from there.

Acorn Plains-2: Tilted Tunnel

Go right and get the powerup if you need it. If you are Super Mario, you will get a Fire Flower. Go inside the pipe and you will be in an underground section where the pipes are slanted with the Piranha Plants coming out of them. Use the fireballs to defeat them as you go. Take the lower road to get some coins then take the high road to proceed on. The crystal platforms seem to block your path but step on the lower purple one and the platforms will shift. As you travel, you will see a moving platform that leads to an upper path. You can slide down the huge slope to knock out all the Goombas if you prefer but you should slow down to collect the coins falling from the ceiling. At the end of the slope, jump along the line of coins to get Star Coin #1. It's really pointless to do a ground stomp to gather the coins on the lower path but doing so will make some coins appear on the upper path. You can gather the Continue Flag here either way if you decide you want the upper set of coins.

Carefully make your way to a twin set of straight pipes. The left one is a bonus area that contain a POW block, and three Buzzy Beetles that are fireproof. There are also several offscreen coins that will fall down if you smash the POW block. Eliminate the Buzzy Beetles if they are a threat. The ? block has a Fire Flower power up if you are Super Mario. Once you are out, don't kill the Red Koopa Troopa. You will need it's shell to hit the upper-right brick below to make a vine rise. This leads to a secret area in the sky. Here you can jump into the pipe and it will tilt to the right and fire you along wave of new coins and you'll get Star Coin #2 in the process. Step on the pink crystal platform and it will tilt to the right. Slide down the slope to kill all the enemies. When you get to a blue crystal with a sign with a "down" arrow. This will make it sink and allow go into the pipe on the left. Slide to the coin then slide on back and exit out the pipe you came out of. You got a few more pipe to get past before you reach the exit pipe at the end. Now you can exit the level.

There is a secret exit that leads to Acorn Plains-A: Blooper's Secret Lair. To reach it, there is a spot where you reach the red ring. Use the peak of the crystal platform to get over the wall, and gather up several coins then jump again to reach the secret exit.

Acorn Plains-Fortress: Crushing Cogs Tower

Let the cog on the right give you a boost to the higher platform then head up. Wait for the block on the upper right to rise up and get Star Coin #1 by doing some walljumps. Drop back down and go left. Get the Ice Flower and freeze the Dry Bones. Once frozen, you can lift up the ice block containing the Dry Bones and you can kill it by throwing it or smashing it against anything solid overhead. Work your way upward as you get past spinning cogs and Dry Bones. Star Coin #2 is in the upper left. Get on the cog in that same area and touch the red ring. You can get the red coins by staying on the cog as you pick them off one by one as it spins. Get to the top of the area and gather the flag to mark the continue point. Carefully get through the cogs and gather rotating coins. Where you see a part of the wall sticking out at the top of one cog on the right, you can jump through the wall there and get Star Coin #3 and duck into the pipe below. This will shoot you upwards and near some Dry Bones. Freeze or avoid them and get to the top of the level and enter the door.

You can freeze Boom Boom for a split second to slow him down then stop him. He will lay down for a few seconds while he recovers from the stomping then charge at you again. He will go down after you stomp him three times.

Acorn Plains-3: Yoshi Hill

You can slide down the set of rolling hills. The thing you have to worry about early on in this level are the Monty Moles who pop out the walls that may catch you by surprise. Just before Star Coin #1, hit the brick in the middle and you will meet an old friend. Say hello to Yoshi. He only comes in green this game. Now you can go around eating Monty Moles and Berries. If you fill the Berry Meter to the max, you will get a powerup or a 1-up if you already have a special suit. In the meantime, you will see two bricks embedded into the ground. Ground Pound through them to get in a hidden area and enter the red pipe. There are several Piranha Plants here. Bounce off of them with Yoshi to get Star Coin #2 or you can also jump off of Yoshi in mid-jump to get it. Exit the area and stay on your toes as there is a platform where several Monty Moles pop out of the wall below. Get past them and touch the continue flag.

Continue to move right and eat everything with Yoshi. When you see the platform rise and fall, there is a spot with coins hanging over a pit. Drop down the pit and there is a red pipe. Go down and hop over the gap to get Star Coin #3. The coins guide your path. Go up the other pipe and you'll come across some Venus Fire Traps that spit fireballs. If you still have Yoshi, you can capture one and spit out a fireball of your own and roast enemies. Kill the Goombas as you run through the rolling hills and use the Flutter jump along the coins to get an easy 1-up on the pole. Sadly, Yoshi stays behind after you finish the level.

Acorn Plains-4: Mushroom Heights

It's a good idea to enter this level with a Flying Squirrel suit. Go into your inventory and equip the Super Acorn if you have it. An alternate method is to gather the magenta Baby Yoshi you see on the map and bring him into the level. His balloon capabilities will help you fly temporarily. You will also meet a new enemy called the Goombrat which are acorn version of Goombas. What Goombas are to Green Koopa Troopas, Goombrats behave like the red ones. They turn back when they reach the edge. All you have to do is stay on the high road as much as possible then touch the continue flag. You probably already saw and gotten Star Coin #1 on the way here.

Another good feature of the Raccoon Suit is that you can cling to some bricks from the side. Use the Baby Yoshi or Raccoon suit to get Star Coin #2 by gliding to it then glide jumping. If you are using the Wiimote, you can use the WiiU pad to create platforms to give you a safe trip to the coin. Get past the Piranha Plants and get into the pipe that is under a set of rising/sinking Mushroom platforms. Avoid or kill the Goombrats and touch the green ring to get the leaf rings. Get all five of them for a 1-up or powerup. If you have Fire Mario, hit a Super Piranha Plant with three fireballs to kill it. Otherwise, if you got the Flying Squirrel suit or baby Yoshi, carefully float under the blue platform as it rises and tilts away from the side you are on and collect Star Coin #3. Carefully make your way to the exit.

Acorn Plains-5: Rise of the Piranha Plants

Fire Mario will be the best choice in this level. Get the Fire Flower at the start in the ? block above then kill all the Super Piranha Plants you see. If you got a Mushroom instead, you can use the Koopa Shell to kill the Super Piranha Plant after it and there will be a Fire Flower in the next ? block. Once you rid of the Super Piranha Plant I spoke of earlier, you can take the low road to a hidden aread and get coins. You can burn your way to Star Coin #1 freely. Avoid the hammer that one of the Hammer Bro tosses at you and pop it from underneath then touch the continue flag.

You see some slanted platforms but the enemies you face are no match for you. When you see a Super Piranha Plant hanging upsidedown outside a pipe, kill it and wait for the platform to rise high enough to get into the pipe. Kill three more Super Piranha Plants to get Star Coin #2 then exit out through the yellow pipe. Star Coin #3 is noticably in a spot where a Hammer Bro chucks hammers. Bop it from below then get the coin. The path to the exit is enemy free.

Acorn Plains-Castle: Lemmy's Swingback Castle

With the Flying Squirrel suit, this level is super easy. Just remember to stay as high as possible and you can get Star Coin #1. Keep staying high and you will pass the continue flag. Float down to Star Coin #2 then glidejump up to safety. Continue staying on higher ground but avoid the Podobos. Go down the green pipe in the middle of the lava when you see it. Carefully avoid the Podobo and get on the swinging platform then nab Star Coin #3 and carefully get back on top. The lava is an instant killer no matter what suit you got on including Invincibility. Enter the yellow pipe and enter the door immediately afterwards and run up the stairs for a fight with Lemmy Koopa.

Lemmy Koopa with his favorite ball is the first boss you will fight. He takes three stomps to defeat. He starts off by throwing bombs. Wait for him to throw the bomb then stomp him. He will retreat into his shell and try to bowl you over. Jump over the shell until Larry pops out and tries again. Stomp him again and do the same thing as before. The third stomp is not as easy. Lemmy Koopa launches giant bombs. The first one is delayed explosion but he will throw another one almost immediately that almost explodes shortly. Stomp on him quick and he is outta here.

Acorn Plains-A: Blooper's Secret Lair.

Note: Completion of this level leads to an early trip to Soda Jungle.

Go down the pipe at the start and you will be underwater. Fire Mario is recommended for this level as you can kill the Bloopers to make things easier rather than trying to avoid them. Gather as many coins as you can as they are encased in bubbles. There are several pipes that blow currents and they are too strong to swim against. To get Star Coin #1, swim past the leaf then swim to the top and then you can swim level with the leaf and collect the coin. To proceed, wait for the pipes to switch positions so you can get by them. To get Star Coin #2, notice that you can't get it from above? Swim under the red pipe without sinking to the bottom and get the coin. The pipes will shift again. Get the red ring and get the red coins then collect the item and go up the upper pipe. Swim upward and go into the green pipe on the left that has no current blowing out of it. Get Star Coin #3 and get the coins. Swim to the top and proceed to the exit.

Note: Completion of this level leads to an early trip to Soda Jungle.
Layer-Cake Desert

Layer-Cake Desert-1: Stone-Eye Zone

Layer-Cake Desert-2: Perilous Pokey Cave

Layer-Cake Desert-3: Fire Snake Cavern

Layer-Cake Desert-Fortress: Stoneslide Tower

''Layer-Cake Desert-4: Spikes Spouting Sand

Layer Cake Desert-5: Dry Desert Mushrooms

Layer-Cake Desert-6: Blooming Lakitus

Layer-Cake Desert-Castle: Mortons Compactor Castle

Layer-Cake Desert-A: Piranha Plants on Ice

Note: Completion of this level leads to an early trip to Soda Jungle.
Frosted Glacier

Frosted Glacier-1: Spinning Star Sky

Frosted Glacier-2: Cooligan Fields

Frosted Glacier-Fortress: Freezing Rain Tower

Frosted Glacier-3: Prickly Goombas

Frosted Glacier-4: Scaling the Mountainside

Frosted Glacier-5: Icicle Caverns

Frosted Glacier-Ghost House: Swinging Ghost House

Frosted Glacier-Castle: Wendys Shifting Castle

''Frosted Glacier-A: Fliprus Lake

Note: Completion of this level leads to an early trip to Rock Candy Mines.
Sparkling Waters

Sparkling Waters-1: Waterspout Beach

Sparkling Waters-2: Tropical Refresher

Sparkling Waters-Fortress: Giant Skewer Tower

Sparkling Waters-Ghost House: Haunted Shipwreck

Sparkling Waters-3: Above the Cheep Cheep Sea

Sparkling Waters-4: Urchin Shoals

Sparkling Waters-5: Dragoneel's Undersea Grotto

Sparkling Waters-Castle: Larry's Torpedo Castle

Sparkling Waters-A: Skyward Stalk

Note: Completion of this level leads to an early trip to Rock Candy Mines.
Soda Jungle

Soda Jungle-Airship: The Mighty Cannonship

Soda Jungle-1: Jungle of the Giants

Soda Jungle-2: Bridge Over Poisoned Water

Soda Jungle-3: Bramball Woods

Soda Jungle-Fortress: Snake Block Tower

Soda Jungle-Ghost House: Which-Way Labyrinth

Soda Jungle-4: Painted Swampland

Soda Jungle-5: Deepsea Ruins

Soda Jungle-6: Seesaw Bridge

Soda Jungle-7: Wiggler Stampede

Soda Jungle-Castle: Iggys Volcanic Castle

Soda Jungle-A: Flight of the Para-Beetles

Note: Completion of this level leads to an early trip to Meringue Clouds.
Rock Candy Mines

Rock Candy Mines-1: Fuzzy Hilltop

Rock Candy Mines-2: Porcupuffer Falls

Rock Candy Mines-Tower: Grinding-Stone Tower

Rock Candy Mines-3: Waddlewing's Nest

Rock Candy Mines-4: Light Blocks, Dark Tower

Rock Candy Mines-5: Walking Piranha Plants!

Rock Candy Mines-6: Thrilling Spine Coaster

Rock Candy Mines-Tower: Screwtop Tower

Rock Candy Mines-7: Shifting Floor Cave

Rock Candy Mines-Castle: Roy's Conveyor Castle
Meringue Clouds

Meringue Clouds-1: Land of Flying Blocks

Meringue Clouds-2: Seesaw Shrooms

Meringue Clouds-3: Switchback Hill

Meringue Clouds-Tower: Slide Lift Tower

Meringue Clouds-Ghost House: Spinning Spirit House

Meringue Clouds-4: Bouncy Cloud Boomerangs

Meringue Clouds-5: A Quick Dip in the Sky

Meringue Clouds-6: Snaking above Mist Valley

Meringue Clouds-Castle: Ludwig's Clockwork Tower

Meringue Clouds-Airship: Boarding the Airship
Peach's Castle

Peach's Castle-1: Meteor Moat

Peach's Castle-2: Magma River Cruise

Peach's Castle-3: Rising Tides of Lava

Peach's Castle-4: Firefall Cliffs

Peach's Castle-Castle: Red Hot Elevator Ride

Peach's Castle-Castle: The Final Battle

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