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This is a guide to beating all the boss fights for:
Outland - Xbox 360 & Playstation 3

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[TOC!] Table of Contents

-=- Table of Contents                                       [TOC!]
-=- Introduction                                            [INT!]

-=- Boss 1: The Golem                                       [B-1]
-=- Boss 2: The High Priestess                              [B-2]
-=- Boss 3: Mother of Eyes                                  [B-3]
-=- Boss 4: The Winged Serpent                              [B-4]
-=- Final Boss: The Sisters                                 [B-5]

-=- Video Appendix                                          [VID!]
-=- Miscellaneous & Legal                                   [MIS!]

[INT!] Introduction

Outland is a 2-D sidescroller game released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.
This guide is applicable to both versions of the game, as there is no 
difference between them except for the obvious (controls, etc.). 

This is a guide devoted completely to all of the boss fights in the game. The 
boss fights in Outland can be very difficult to complete, simply because they 
are the type of boss battles that typically come in at least two phases (except
for the first boss fight with The Golem, who doesn't really vary the fight in 
any significant way). The last two boss fights of the game can be especially 
troublesome since there is a certain amount of health attrition involved. 

Thank you for checking this guide out and I hope that it helps you.

[B-1] Boss 1: The Golem                               

Outland's first boss is a giant stone golem (which appears to have dark spirit 
alignment). He stays on the right side of the screen, so don't worry about him 
walking toward you.

-=- Ground Slam Attack
The golem will frequently slam the ground with his right arm (his right arm 
looks like Megaman's arm to me). When he does that, a shockwave will ripple out
across the ground towards the left, and then will return back to his arm. It is
pretty slow moving, so it is easy to avoid by just jumping over it. Once the 
golem strikes the ground, he becomes momentarily stunned in place; you can use 
this opportunity to climb up on top of his arm and hit him in the head. 
However, you will need to do this quickly, because once the shockwave returns 
to his arm it will cause fire to rise up along his arm and hurt you.

-=- Tree Minions
You'll notice that there are some dark energy thingies hanging in the tree; 
these are enemies. Every so often the golem will hit the tree and knock the 
enemies to the ground, which awakens them. First they will arrive in groups of 
three, but later will come in larger groups. Overall, they aren't much of a 
threat since they are slow-moving and easy to kill. There is a chance you will 
receive a heart from them after killing them.

-=- The Spirit Energy Rain
Once his life is low enough, the golem will begin to call down spirit energy 
from the sky. Remember that you are already light aligned, so you can ignore 
the light rain and concentrate on avoiding the dark rain. The first wave of 
this attack sends a random pattern of rain; the second wave sends a more 
organized pattern of rain. Just pay attention to where the rain is falling and 
move your hero accordingly.

-=- The Golem Video Guide Link: 

[B-2] Boss 2: The High Priestess     

-=- Vulnerable Area
You can only damage the priestess when you hit her upper body, not her lower 

-=- Falling Rocks
The priestess summons falling rocks from the top, then each of the sides. Use 
the yellow platforms to protect yourself. The third time she summons rocks, you
will need to jump a few times behind the yellow platform to avoid the rocks.

-=- Spirit Alignment
Each time the priestess reappears, she changes her spirit alignment. Keep this 
in mind so you can do that same.

-=- Phase 2
Phase 2 of the fight involves complete destruction of the room. You will then 
begin falling with a bunch of yellow platforms to jump on. The priestess will 
teleport around the area and you have to properly position yourself on the 
platforms in order to hit her. Remember that you can do a three-hit combo in 
the air before you start to fall.

-=- Platform-Crushing Hands
The priestess will summon giant hands to periodically crush the platforms you 
are standing on. Don't bother paying attention to the spirit alignment of the 
hands, because it doesn't matter. Just make sure you jump to a new platform 
before the hands crush the platform. A good tactic is to make one of the hands 
crush a useless platform, then jump to a useful platform where you can continue
your attacks against the priestess.

-=- Giant Super Saiyan Hands
After the priestess gets to about 1/3 life, she will summon spirit hands to the
bottom of the screen. Get ready, cause those hands are about to cover much of 
the screen with spirit energy. Whatever color the hands happen to be when they 
first appear, make sure you quickly switch to that spirit alignment. You have 
an opportunity to hit the priestess when the hands fire at the edges of the 
screen rather than the middle.

-=- The High Priestess Video Guide Link: 

[B-3] Boss 3: Mother of Eyes                           

The Mother of Eyes is a really, really big spider.

-=- Beating the First Room
In order to move on from the first room with the Mother of Eyes, you'll need to
do a few tasks. First, use the vertical platforms to wall jump up to the upper 
level and break down both of the breakable walls. Breaking these first will 
make the next step much easier. Now hit the switch at the bottom left of the 
room. This activates two switches on both sides of the upper level (they have 
glowing light that radiates upward). You need to ground pound each of these 
switches on the upper level. They have a timer, so you can't take your time. 
While you are doing all of this, the Mother of Eyes is shooting web-shaped 
spirit energy at you. In order to avoid damage from this, you'll need to be 
dark aligned so that you can fit in between the light sections of the spirit 
web. After you hit both switches, you'll move on to the next stage of the 

-=- New Enemy: Small Spider
Small spiders will approach you, pause for a second, then leap at you. It's 
best to crouch when getting close to them, because not only is that the only 
way to hit them since they are so low on the ground, but it also prevents you 
from getting hit by their leap attack.

-=- Extra Health
While moving through the caverns to the next part of the fight, you'll come to 
a long drop with a ladder in the middle of it. To the right of the top of this 
ladder is a small area with a spider in it. After killing the spider, ground 
pound the floor. This reveals some small vases with two hearts for your life.

-=- Mother of Eyes Video Guide Link (Phase 1): 

-=- Layout & Room Functions
Phase 2 of the fight has you battling in a new room with two switches and a 
cannon in the middle. The switches control which direction the cannon faces 
(left, middle, right); hitting the cannon makes it fire energy aligned with the
current spirit alignment of your hero. The spider will appear in each of the 
three locations throughout the battle and you need to position the cannon 
accordingly to get a shot off.

-=- After Getting Shot, She Gets Mad
Every time you hit the Mother of Eyes with the cannon she will shoot a crazy 
amount of light and dark energy into the room (which you can easily avoid on 
the edges of the room) and then jumps into the middle of the room. She will do 
a systematic stomping pattern with her legs, which you have to avoid in order 
to reach the cannon and fire it (make sure it is in the middle position by the 
way). The first time you can just walk under her legs, but the second and third
time she speeds the pattern up; when that happens, you'll have to slide under 
her legs rather than run.

-=- There's More To Do?
After you hit her with the cannon again, she'll jump up to the top of the 
screen and start shooting lots of web-shaped energy bursts. The tops of the two
columns in the room begin to glow, indicating that you need to ground stomp 
them just like you did in the first room.

-=- Spawning The Babies
The Mother of Eyes will begin to drop spiders from the left and right side of 
the level. You may be tempted to try and shoot her at this point, but don't. 
There isn't enough time to get a proper shot off. Rather than do that, make 
sure the cannon is aimed at the middle position and wait her out. Kill the 
spiders she drops too. After dropping the spiders, she will reappear in the 
middle and begin shooting webs again. Activate the cannon as soon as you see 
her appear in the middle.

-=- Mother of Eyes Video Guide Link (Phase 2): 

[B-4] Boss 4: The Winged Serpent                  

-=- Phase 1 -=-
The first phase of this fight involves you running for your life as the serpent
destroys the level behind you. For anyone that's played enough 2-D platformers,
this kind of scenario should be old hat. There are two instances of this 
running phase, with a short break in between them. 

Get ready to do lots of spirit alignment changes, because you will be jumping 
on light and dark platforms as well as running through light and dark spirit 
traps. There are also some barriers that you will need to slide under (although
you can jump over the short barriers). There are also vases scattered about the
platforms, but don't bother with breaking them because they will only slow you 

In the second half of the running phase, the serpent will begin to destroy 
little parts of the level in front of you. This may catch you off guard, but 
isn't too bad because he doesn't far enough ahead of you that there is enough 
time to adjust. There are also plenty of launch pads in the second half, but 
you should be used to those by now. Near the end you will come up to a pair of 
spirit spikes; just switch your spirit alignment before you land on those 

The Winged Serpent Video Guide Link (Phase 1): 

-=- Phase 2 -=-
You are now on the serpent's back and spirit bombs are falling all around you. 
Hitting spirit bombs of the opposite alignment with your weapon will not hurt 
you (the opposite is not true). Light and dark glowing spots will appear on the
serpent's back, which you need to ground pound as the opposite alignment. After
the first set is destroyed, spirit energy will begin shooting down on the 
spots. This makes it more difficult to ground pound them, but just be patient 
and wait for an opportune moment to strike.

After you hit the spots enough times, the serpent's head will become vulnerable
to damage. Once you strike his head enough times, he will die. If at any point 
you start to run low on life, begin to stand in place and use upward swings to 
take out the bombs of opposite alignment to you. The bombs drop hearts every 
now and then, so this can be a good way to recover life.

The Winged Serpent Video Guide Link (Phase 2): 

[B-5] Final Boss: The Sisters                      

The battle area is made up of several floating platforms that circle around the
Sisters, who are in the direct middle of the area. Battle conditions change 
throughout each of the six phases of the fight.

-=- Phase 1 -=-
The first phase begins with the spraying out waves of light and dark spirit 
energy, which covers the entire screen. It alternates between light and dark, 
so it's fairly easy to predict since it's a relatively simple pattern. Coming 
out from the Sisters' location are several beams of spirit energy with weak 
points on the end of them. Strike each weak point three times to cause it to 
disappear. Be aware that the weak points do change spirit alignment. After all 
weak points have been destroyed, the next phase begins.

The Sisters video Guide Link (Phase 1): 

-=- Phase 2 -=-
The Sisters begin to create energy shields around them, which alternate between
light and dark alignment. In this phase you have to attack the Sisters 
directly. You'll need to hit both of them nine times. Make sure you attack them
when the appropriately aligned energy shield is up, and back away before the 
next energy shield appears. Remember that you can do a three-hit combo in the 
air before your character begins to fall.

The Sisters video Guide Link (Phase 2): 

-=- Phase 3 -=-
Phase 3 is similar to Phase 1, with a few crucial differences. For one thing, 
the spirit energy that the Sisters are using against you takes on a new and 
much more deadly pattern. It's a spiral that turns around the entire level, one
half is light while the other half is dark. Another new change is that the weak
point beams are now of varying lengths, some short and some long. Both of these
changes combine to make navigation around the area much more difficult. It's 
very easy to get distracted by one danger and then get caught completely off 
guard as another danger hits you. The first thing you'll have to get used to is
constantly changing your spirit alignment with the speed of the giant spiral 
pattern coming out of the Sisters. After doing that, you can concentrate more 
easily on jumping from platform to platform and taking out the weak points. The
long weak points are a bit tricky, but a safe bet is to take them out at the 
very top of the level.

The Sisters video Guide Link (Phase 3): 

-=- Phase 4 -=-
Phase 4 is similar to Phase 2 in the same manner that Phase 3 is similar to 
Phase 1. The new change to Phase 4 is that the shield protecting the Sisters is
now made up of a couple of spinning rings, one being light and the other being 
dark. This means you'll have to be a bit quicker on your feet than you had to 
in Phase 2, but overall it's not that much more difficult.

The Sisters video Guide Link (Phase 4): 

-=- Phase 5 -=-
Phase 5 is similar to Phase 3. The main difference between the two is that now 
the platforms and the weak points are spinning around the level at a faster 
speed. This means you'll have to time your jumps more precisely, but doesn't 
increase the difficulty that much. The other difference is that now the Sisters
are shooting a barrage of light and dark energy in all directions. This was 
actually much easier for me to deal with than was the giant spiral pattern, but
your mileage may vary. Another difference that seems to be unique to Phase 5 is
that the weak points now seem to drop hearts when you destroy them. Considering
that you have probably been hit at least a few times by now, this is very 

The Sisters video Guide Link (Phase 5): 

-=- Phase 6 -=-
Phase 6 is similar to (you guessed it) Phase 4. The major difference is the 
shield pattern the Sisters use to protect themselves. It's a set of two 
complete spirals, one dark and one light. The curves at the end of the spirals 
mean that there is very little space to get your hits in; if you are having 
trouble with getting hit, then limit your attacks to just three-hit air combos 
and then back away. Because there is constant danger of coming into contact 
with the opposite alignment, you'll need to also be ready to switch spirit 
alignment at any time. Strike each of the Sisters in the same manner as before,
and the battle will end!

The Sisters video Guide Link (Phase 6): 

[VID!] Video Appendix

-=- Boss 1: The Golem Video Guide Link: 

-=- Boss 2: The High Priestess Video Guide Link: 

-=- Boss 3: Mother of Eyes Video Guide Link (Part 1): 

  - Boss 3: Mother of Eyes Video Guide Link (Part 2): 

-=- Boss 4: The Winged Serpent Video Guide Link (Part 1): 

  - Boss 4: The Winged Serpent Video Guide Link (Part 2): 

-=- The Sisters video Guide Link (Phase 1): 

  - The Sisters video Guide Link (Phase 2): 

  - The Sisters video Guide Link (Phase 3): 

  - The Sisters video Guide Link (Phase 4): 

  - The Sisters video Guide Link (Phase 5): 

  - The Sisters video Guide Link (Phase 6): 

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