Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Walkthrough

       Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Walkthrough
By: Shadow Mario02
For: Nintendo Gamecube
Developed by: Intelligent Systems
Published by: Nintendo

Table of Contents
I.	Author's Notes
II.	The Story
III.	Basic Controls
IV.	Main Characters
V.	Partner's Moves
VI.	Walkthrough
1.	Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome
a.	Welcome to Rogueport
b.	Into Rogueport Sewers
c.	Off to Petal Meadows
2.	Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon
a.	Getting into Hooktail Castle
b.	Prison Break
c.	Dragon's Bane
d.	Final Ascent
e.	Interlude
f.	Intermission
3.	Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree
a.	Secret Entrance
b.	Gathering the Troops
c.	The Battle for the Great Tree
d.	Final Countdown
e.	Interlude
f.	Intermission
4.	Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory
a.	Do you Smell What the Rawk is Cookin'?
b.	Working your Way up the Ladder
c.	Major Leaguer
d.	Gonzales vs. Hawk
e.	Interlude
f.	Intermission
5.	Chapter 4: For Pigs The Bell Tolls
a. Dour Times
b.	The Dangerous Path to Creepy Steeple
c.	Mario's Mansion (Well, not really)
d.	First Encounter
e.	Identity Theft
f.	Ready For Round 2?
g.	Interlude
h.	Intermission
6: Chapter 5: The Key To Pirates
a.	Shipwrecked
b.	Try not to get Skewered, OK?
c.	The Fourth Time
d.	Save the Toads!
e.	Meet Cortez
f.	Intermission I
g.	Interlude
h.	Intermission II
7.	Chapter 6: 3 Days of Excess
a.	Day 1: Errand Boy
b.	Day 2: More Detective Work
c.	Delayed!
d.	What the Hell?
e.	Day 3: Train Battle
f.	An Easy Crystal Star
g.	Interlude
h.	Intermission
8.	Chapter 7: Mario Shoots The Moon
a.	The Great General Chase
b.	Mario on the Moon
c.	3 Card Keys, 2 Elevator Keys, and 1 Crane
d.	Showdown on the Moon
e.	Interlude
f.	Intermission
9.	Chapter 8: The Thousand-Year Door
a.	Trail of Shadow
b.	Big Brother
c.	Triple Threat
d.	Tired Yet?
e.	Saving The World (again)
10.	The Pit Of 100 Trials
VII.	Tattle Log
VIII.	Badges
IX.	Shine Sprites
X.	Star Pieces
XI.	Items
1.	Attack Items
2.	Defense Items
3.	Recovery Items
4.	Support Items
5.	Other Items
6.	Important Items
XII.	Super Luigi
1.	Super Luigi
2.	Super Luigi II
3.	Super Luigi III
4.	Super Luigi IV
5.	Super Luigi V
XIII.	Trouble Center
XIV.	Legal Stuff

I. Authors Notes
This walkthrough is also my first walkthrough, so any kind of help
would be appreciated. Anyway, thank you for choosing this guide.
Hopefully, this will reduce the amount of frustration it will take to
beat this game. If you find any errors with this guide, please e-mail
me at

II. The Story

"An awfully long time ago in a strange and far-off land, a big,
bustling town thrived. All of its residents loved very happy lives, and
it is said that the town was very prosperous. But one day, tragedy
befell this blessed place. A great cataclysm struck the town and its
people. Darkness filled the skies, and the earth roared and shook. It
was as if the very world had come to a violent end. And in but a single
night, the town sank into the depths of the earth. As the centuries
passed, the town's existence passed into fable. Yet in recent years,
word has spread of a thousand-year door hidden beneath the city of

That was the story of the thousand-year door. If you have enough
patience to watch the opening cut scene that comes before the title
screen; you'll see that Princess Peach and Toadsworth's boat stopped at
that very same town. She buys a treasure chest from a merchant that
contained a treasure map. Obviously not being the type of person who
goes on dangerous quest, she sends it (with the following letter) to...
well who do you think?

"Hello there, Mario!
I am now on holiday, traveling in the Mushroom Kingdom.

In my travels, I came into possession of a mystical map... a treasure
map, actually. It was inside a box I got from an old merchant in a town
called Rogueport.

But since it would be too difficult for me to try to go find treasure
all by myself... I thought you could help me hunt for it! You will, of
course, won't you?

I've included the map with this letter, so please bring it with you
when you come. I'll meet you at Rogueport. (That means you MUST come!)


Well, since you can't really refuse this, you'll have to be on your way
to Rogueport.

III. Basic Controls (incase your game didn't come with a manual)

A Button - Jump/Talk (when "..." appears)/Examine (when "!" appears)/Read
next message in dialogs

B Button - Use Hammer/Cancel Action/Return to Previous

X Button - Use partners

Y Button - Use abilities (when standing on the appropriate panel)

Z Button - Shows stats

R Button - Paper Mode (Hold)/Tube mode (with rotating the control

L Button - No Use

Control Stick - Move

Start/Pause Button - Start/Pause Menu

C-Stick - No Use

D-Pad - goes to the respective page on the start/pause menu
	Left - Party
	Down - Journal
	Right - Badges
	Up - Gear

IV. Main Characters

Mario - What? You don't know Mario? He's the main guy! You remember
Super Mario Bros., right? Saves Peach from Bowser almost every damn

Peach - She's the person always getting kidnapped by SOMEONE! Whether
it's Bowser, Booster, Cackletta, or any other villain.

Sir Grodus - He's the leader of the X-Nauts and is also Bowser's
replacement in this game.

Bowser - He's Mario's long time nemesis. Most, if not all, of us know
how he HATES being replaced. But, just because he's not the main bad
guy, doesn't mean he won't help us... Or does it?

Lord Crump - Grodus's right hand man (sort of). He's sort of the Dr.
Eggman of this game, which means you'll be seeing him a lot before this
is over.

Professor Frankly - This is Goombella archaeology professor. He gives
hints to where the next crystal star. Even though you won't need him
(you ARE, after all, using this guide), his conversations can be quite

Goombella - She's your first companion who wants to be an
archaeologist. Similar to Goombario from Paper Mario 1. If you press X.
She'll talk about the area or person your next to (when "..." comes up)

Koops - A Shyer version of Kooper from Paper Mario 1. Like before, you
can use his shell to retrieve items or press far away switches by
pressing X.

Madame Flurrie - A Former stage star and a cloud spirit who can control
the wind. You get her in chapter 2. Press X to have her blow (remember,
this is an E-rated game) things away

Yoshi - His name won't be Yoshi. You get to name him yourself, but I'll
refer to him as Yoshi to avoid confusion. My personal favorite as far
as attitude goes. Press X to hop on him to move more quickly. Because
of Mario's weight, he can't jump but he can float for a short amount of

Vivian - One of the three Shadow sirens you fight in Chapter 2 But, she
won't join till Chapter 4. Is similar to Bow (from the first game), as
in She'll pull you into the shadows by pressing X. Useful for hiding
from enemies.

Admiral Bobbery - Possibly the most powerful character in the game
(next to Mario). Like Bombette (from the first game), press X to throw
him. He'll explode after walking a few steps. My favorite as far as
strength goes.

Ms. Mowz - A Badge thief who seems to have an unhealthy infatuation
with Mario's mustache. Press X to have her see if any items are nearby.
Unlike the other characters, she's optional t get (and not very hard,
it just takes some time) She'll be available after Chapter 4.

V. Partner's Moves

Each of your partners have 4 moves each, 3 of which cost FP (It's the
same as MP). Your partners don't level up with you, so you'll have to
upgrade them by giving 3 Shine Sprites to Merlon. You can upgrade a
second time by giving Merlon the "Up arrow" (you'll still need 3 Shine
Sprites though)

Goombella: (She's the only partner who has 2 moves that don't cost FP)

Headbonk (0 FP) - Her basic attack. Press A right before you hit the
enemy to get a second shot in.

Tattle (0 FP) - Allows you to see the enemy's stats. Press A when the
small cursor lines up within the targeting reticule (It doesn't have to
be in the center)

Multibonk (3 FP) - The same as Headbonk, except you can keep hitting
the enemy as long as you can until you miss.

Rally Wink (4 FP) - Tap the A and B buttons as they are shown onscreen
to make Mario go an extra turn, regardless of whether he's already gone
or not.


Shell Toss (0 FP) - Hold the Control Stick left and release it when the
red circle in the center lights up to attack the nearest ground based

Power Shell (3 FP) - Hold the Control stick left until the red circle
at the end of the meter lights up to attack every enemy on the ground.

Shell Shield (4 FP) - Protects Mario from attacks until it breaks.
Press A when the "OK" meter is red.

Shell Slam (6 FP) - Flick the Control Stick left repeatedly until you
fill the meter. Attacks all enemies with a powerful shell strike that
ignores all ground-based enemy stats.

Madame Flurrie:

Body Slam (0 FP) - Attacks one enemy. Use the Control Stick to align
the cursor with the targeting reticule (once again, it doesn't have to
be in the center)

Gale Force (4 FP) - Press and hold the A button in time with the
onscreen indicator to literally blow your enemies away.

Lip Lock (3 FP) - This move drains HP from the enemy and adds it to
Flurrie's. Press and hold the A Button when the red circle is lit up.

Dodgy Fog (4 FP) - Tilt the control stick in time with the onscreen
prompts. This move makes Mario almost impossible to hit for the next
few turns.


Ground Pound (0 FP) - Mash the R Button as quickly as possible to fill
the gauge. Although it could do damage, every time Yoshi hits the
enemy, it does 1 HP of damage. Meaning if the enemy has a defense of 1
or more, this attack is useless.

Gulp (4 FP) - The trademark move of his species. Hold down the R button
until the circle at the end of the meter lights up. The only attack use
full against enemies with some defense

Mini-Egg (3 FP) - Yoshi throws eggs at enemies to shrink them, which
reduces their Attack Power. Press A when the circle lights up.

Stampede (6 FP) - Calls in herds of Yoshis to trample all ground-based
enemies. Alternate between pressing L and R buttons to fill the meter.
(Once again does 1 HP of damage at a time.


Shade Fist (0 FP) - A burning punch that can set any enemy on fire.
Press the random button that appears onscreen when she appears near the
enemy. While the enemy is burned, the flames will deal 1 HP of damage
regardless of Defense.

Veil (1 FP) - Lets Mario hide from the enemy's incoming attack.
However, you use a turn to reappear, meaning the enemy will attack
right after you reappear. Press the button sequence that appears

Fiery Jinx (6 FP) - The same as Shade Fist, except it attacks and burns
all enemies. Press the buttons in the order they appear onscreen.

Infatuate (4 FP) - Vivian blows a kiss to every enemy onscreen in an
attempt to confuse them for a few turns. Press A the instant a heart
appears over a foe.

Admiral Bobbery:

Bomb (0 FP) - Bobbery walks to the nearest grounded foe and explodes.
Hold down the A button and release when the circle at the end of the
meter lights up.

Bomb Squad (3 FP) - Press A when the cursor is aimed at your intended
target. Bobery throws 3 bombs at enemies that will explode at the end
of the next round (which is after the enemies attack a second time).

Hold Fast (4 FP) - Damages any enemy that damages Bobbery directly
(projectiles don't count). Press A when each of the three red circles
lights up.

Bob-ombast (9 FP) - Bobbery explodes with a massive blast with this
expensive move. His most powerful attack. Keep mashing the A button to
fill the meter.

Ms. Mowz:

Love Slap (0 FP) - This ignored your foe's defense. Repeatedly flick
the Control Stick left to right to fill the meter.

Kiss Thief (2 FP) - Not an easy move to do, but it allows her to steal
the enemy's badge or item. Hold down the A button until the gauge
passes the "OK" point, but before it reaches the end of the meter.

Tease (3 FP) - This move allows Ms. Mowz to disorient enemies and make
them dizzy. Alternate between holding and releasing the A button to
fill the meter gradually (don't let it overflow, though).

Smooch (10 FP) - The most expensive move in the game. Like it's Paper
Mario 1 counterpart, it gives Mario 10 HP. Alternate between tapping A
and B to fill the meter.

VI. Walkthrough

1.	Prologue: A Rogue's Welcome

Well, this is the start of Mario's adventure. Hopefully, nothing has
happened to Peach while he was traveling there.

a.	Welcome to Rogueport


Enemies: None

The Main town of the game. You'll be coming here a lot, especially
since a thousand-year old door lies underground.

Watch the intro (Along with Parrykarry's only appearance in the game).
Don't worry about Luigi, you'll see him later. Anyway, after looking at
the title (again), Mario will arrive at Rogueport. While you wander how
the boat went up in the air, flipped around, and left, I recommend
saving your game (Unless you WANT to go through that cut scene again if
you die). When your ready to continue, just follow the path and another
cut scene will start. You probably know by now you should help her. So,
go over to her and a battle will start.

Lord Crump
HP: 5
ATK: 1
DEF: 0
Attacks: Crump-a-bomb

Not much strategy here, just attack him. You can practice your action
commands here (press A before Mario lands on him for jump, and hold the
Control stick left until the circle at the end lights up for hammer.)
Also, you can defend against his attacks. Press A around the time he
hits you to defend against it, or B at the EXACT Time he hits you to
counterattack. Also if you press A while Mario is still in the air
after bouncing off his head, you'll do a stylish move. This isn't
important right now, but looks good. Also, Press A right when Mario
hits Crump with the hammer for a stylish move. (If you do it right and
press A again when he lands on the ground he'll do another stylish

After the battle, Crump will send literally hundreds of foot soldiers
to attack you. After the scene, just walk up the stairs and through the
archway, they won't notice you. Watch the scene (if you look in the
background, you'll see some Piantas in tuxedos beating down two Robbos.
Afterward, you can go to the inn to recover any lost HP and also save
outside. Next, go to the next screen on the right, watch the scene and
follow the bandit to the previous screen and go through the archway in
the back (the one with the graffiti on the back wall). Go into the
house on the right and talk to the bandit to get you coins back. Go
behind the bed on the left wall to get a Star piece (go to the "Star
pieces" section to know where all of the star pieces are). Back in the
main part of Rougueport, go behind the fence that leads to the screen
on the right and look behind the crates for another star piece. Now, go
to the left side of the screen for a short scene. Zess T. will never
find the lenses so move in any direction and she'll block the entrance
to Western Rogueport. Back at the bulletin board...

"Pickpocketing on the rise! Watch your wallet! And hey, pickpocketers...
try not to get caught!"

No need to worry about that. Anyway, go into the item shop (the place
with the fire flower sign) and talk to the toad by the door. He'll
order the contact lenses for you, so you'll have to wait. In the
meantime, you can buy some items if you want (I'd save space for two
more though). Every item you purchase gives you a shop point. You'll
get a free item after getting 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 70, 100, 150, 200,
250, and 300 points. Go to Eastern Rogueport (the screen to the right
of the main part) and walk up to the brick wall you see near the
entrance. The view will change and you can go to the back of the
houses. You can talk to the people here if you want. Go to the crate to
the north of Darkly (the guy with the yellow eyes), jump on top of it,
and go right to find a star piece. Ignore the Robbo guarding the gate,
there's nothing on the other side worth looking for anyway. Go into the
house near the Robbo and watch the scene. After that, go outside and to
where Professor Frankly is. I recommend you answer "Nope" if you're new
to the game. You'll get a tutorial on battling if you do. Either way,
go down the pipe (press down on the control stick when on top of a
pipe) when you regain control.

b.	Into Rogueport Sewers

Rogueprot Sewers:

Goomba - 2 HP, a ATK, 0 DEF
Paragoomba - 2 HP, 1 ATK, 0 DEF
Spiky Goomba - 2 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF
Spinia - 3 HP, 1 ATK, 0 DEF
Spania - 3 HP, 1 ATK, 0 DEF

Somewhere in the sewers lies the thousand-year door and whatever lies
behind it. It won't be easy opening it, though.

When you enter head right, watch the scene and you'll end up in a fight
with a goomba, paragoomba, and a spiky goomba. They're not that hard,
you just have to remember to hit the spiky goomba with your hammer.
After the battle, go up the stairs and ride the platform to the pipe,
go down it and fight your way to the other end of the screen. Get the
items along the way and go down the warp pipe. Defeat the two Spinias
and hit the switch at the right of the screen (There's a star piece
hidden behind the giant block). Go up the stairs and into the door.
Talk to the black box for a funny scene. Go back out and go down the
ledge nearest to the wall, grab the key and use it on the black box.
After getting "cursed" with the ability to turn into a paper airplane,
go back outside, and go on the airplane panel. Press Y to turn into a
paper airplane and go to the door on the other side. After a look at
the thousand-year door, go on top of the pedestal and watch the scene.
You'll find yourself back at Rogueport.


"`A glowing, mysterious light under the city'?!? Smells like treasure,

Go through the two tutorials if you wish and go back down the pipe
after stocking up on items.

c. Off To Petal Meadows

Rogueport Sewers:

You can go to through the door on your right to trade your star pieces
with Dazzle. There's also a star piece behind the nearby pedestal.
After that, go back to the previous screen and go right. Jump down and
fight the spiky goomba. Go back up and use the airplane panel to go to
the door on the other side. Hammer the tentacle to start a battle.


Goombella's Tattle: "That's a Blooper... and a really super-humongous
one, too! EWWWW! It's all slimy!!! I just can't STAND slimy, nasty,
icky things. G-R-O-S-S, gross! It attacks with tentacles and ink. Once
you damage both it's tentacles it'll fall down... And then it's attack
time! By the Way, the tentacles each have 3 HP. Now relax and house on
that slimy, nasty Blooper."

HP: 12 (Tentacle's HP: 3)
ATK: 1
DEF: 0
Attacks: Tentacle Trample
	   Ink Blast

First attack the tentacles. Afterwards, he'll fall like it said in
Goombella's tattle. Just keep attacking him and guarding against his
attacks until he's dead.

After taking care of him, jump across the platforms to the pipe. Be
careful, not to fall into the water, or you'll take some damage (It's
pretty funny to look at though, but this will happen every time you
fall in the water, so you don't have to do that right now.) Enter the
pipe to go to Chapter 1.

6.	Chapter 1: Castle and Dragon

Your objective is simple: Find your way to the top of Hooktail's
castle, defeat him, and grab the star piece. Ok, maybe it's not as
simple as it sounds. But hey, it's not like you have a choice, right?

a.	Getting into Hooktail's Castle

Petal Meadows:

"Petal Meadows is a place and serenity, where people can enjoy a quiet
life free of worry... Except for the dragon that occasionally swoops down
and devours random passerby." (Quote from NP Player's Guide)

This is the start of your adventure, But, First thing's first. Where in
the hell is the crystal star!?

Goomba - 2 HP, 1 ATK, 0 DEF
Paragoomba - 2 HP, 1 ATK, 0 DEF
Spiky Goomba - 2 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF

Start by saving your game on the nearby save block (hit the tree to the
left with your hammer to get a star piece). Go right and take your
first look at Hooktail. Continue right, gathering items and beating
enemies. Ignore the pipe (you'll come back later). Repeatedly hit the
blue object near the exit to get a Horsetail. On the next screen,
defeat the goomba, and check the dark green bushes to reveal a warp
pipe. Enter it and you'll appear on the background. Go right and hit
the switch. Before going back, keep going right to get another star
piece. Now, go back into the pipe and go across the new bridge to


The peaceful town of Petalburg doesn't get too many visitors. That's
all thanks to a certain dragon...

Enemies: None

Go right to the next screen. Talk to the gatekeeper and go to the pink
house on the left side of the screen. Talk to the old koopa inside. No
matter how you answer his questions, he'll give you permission to go
through the gate and call you "Murphy". As you go near the gate, you'll
receive an e-mail. Go to "Gear" on the Pause menu, go to "Important
things", and go to the "Mailbox SP". After reading your e-mail go to
the gate and talk to the gatekeeper again. Watch the scene and continue

Shhwonk Fortress:

This is an old stronghold that is said to contain a stone creature
(Maybe). But, no stone creature is any match against Mario... or is it?

Goomba - 2 HP, 1 ATK, 0 DEF
Fuzzy - 3 HP, 1 ATK, 0 DEF
Koopa Troopa - 4 HP, 1 ATK, 1 DEF
Paragoomba - 2 HP, 1 ATK, 0 DEF
Spiky Goomba - 2 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF

Search the nearby bushes to get a star piece. Defeat the paragoomba,
koopa troopa, and spiky goomba. MAKE SURE you get the POW Block from
the block before entering the fortress. You'll need it real soon. Once
inside, examine the nearby pedestal and initiate a battle with the two
Bald Clefts.


(2 Bald Clefts)
Bald Cleft:
Goombella's tattle: "That's a Bald Cleft. Basically, a rock monster
with a swarthy-looking face. Uh... This is kind of mean, but bald guys...
really just don't do it for me. Yeah. This guy is rock solid. Fire
doesn't even hurt it. It might be best to attack with, say...a POW

2 HP
Attacks: Rush

Like it says in the Tattle, just use a POW Block and they're done.

Continue on, defeating the koopa troopa and paragoomba. Examine the
bushes near the next fortress to get another POW Block. Once again,
you'll use it real soon. Inside, examine the pedestal and it's GO TIME!


(2 Bristles)
Goombella's Tattle: "That's a Bristle. ...Totally covered in spikes.
They're so prickly! AND they're impervious to fire! Even trying to get
close enough to whack it with a hammer is dangerous! Seriously, its
spikes will totally pop out! So, since you can't jump on it or use your
hammer... you'd better use an item!"

2 HP
Attacks: Counter (when you use your hammer)

Once again, use the POW block and move on.

Go trough the path, defeating any enemies that get in your way. You can
pick up a fire flower and also an inn coupon behind the stone fence.
Use the health block to replenish your health if it's low (it will cost
you the amount of coins shown on top of the block). Examine the statue
inside and you will do battle... IN THE 65th SUPER FUN QUIRK QUIZ! Here
are the answers to the questions (You only need to answer 5 of them

1.	What is hidden in this place?  - Stone Keys
2.	How much do one Mr. Softener and one Fire Flower cost at the shop in
Petalburg? Total! - 16 Coins
3.	What is the name of the mayor of Petalburg? - Kroop
4.	Where is the Crystal Star? - Hooktail Castle
5.	How can one get from Petal Meadows to Rogueport - Go through a pipe
6.	Which of the following creatures have hands? - Koopa Troopas
7.	What number question is this? - Question Seven

Go through the pipe. Afterward, go through either the left or right
tunnels, defeat the fuzzies and grab the item at the end (you'll have
to fight 4 fuzzies when you get the item). Afterward, go back to the
main room and go the other way and do the same thing. Go back to the
main room and watch the short scene. After that...


Gold Fuzzy:

Goombella's tattle: "That's a Gold Fuzzy. Whoa, those are super-rare!
I'' serious! Wow! Oh, but hey! Even though it's a Fuzzy, it won't suck
up your HP, which is nice. I have to wonder though... How does this thing
hide? Look at it! It's so gaudy!

HP: 10
ATK: 1
DEF: 0
Attacks: Bonk

Fuzzy Horde:

Goombella's tattle: It's a Fuzzy Horde! Look at 'em all! What a mob
scene! It's crazy! Fuzzies come at you all at once and attack in order.
Sys here not to freak out! It also says that if you use good timing to
defend, you won't take much damage. I'm thinking it might just be
faster to whip the ringleader, though, y'know?

HP: 20
ATK: 1 (for each fuzzy that attacks)
DEF: 0
Attacks: Multi-bonk

Just attack him until he calls in the Fuzzy Horde. Then, focus all of
you attacks on the Gold fuzzy. Once he's dead, they'll all run away.

Go all the way back to Petalburg.


Sleep at the inn (you can use your inn coupon to make it free), stock
up, save, and leave back to Petal Meadows.

Petal Meadows:

When you enter, Koops will come in and join your party. Watch the scene
and go back to the pipe we ignored earlier and go inside. Use Koops'
shell to grab the Happy Heart badge and fall off the pipe. Go back to
the first screen and put the Sun and Moon stones in the slots on the
rocks. When the switches come up, hold Koops' shell near one of the
switches (hold X) and go to the other one. Release the X button and hit
the other switch with your hammer. If done correctly, a warp pipe will
come up. GO inside and head forward to Hooktail's castle.

b.	Prison Break

Hooktail Castle:

"Many a brave adventurer has entered Hooktail Castle, only to end up as
a pile of bones. Now the land must pin its hopes on a slightlt
overweight plumber and a cowardly Koopa."


Dull Bones - 1 HP, 2 ATK, 1 DEF
Koopa Troopa - 4 HP, 2 ATK, 1 DEF
Paragoomba - 2 HP, 1 ATK, 0 DEF
Paratroopa - 4 HP, 2 ATK, 1 DEF
Spiky Goomba - 2 HP, 2 ATK, DEF

Well, this is it. This is Hooktail's castle. Somewhere at the top lies
Hooktail and the crystal star. Let's get this show on the road!

Start by going through the hallway and watching the short scene. Go to
where the bridge is broken and jump through. Jump to the right-most
platform and use Koops' shell to get the HP Plus badge. Then, go back
to the room with the save point. Save your game and use the spring to
get to the ledge above. If, for some reason, you lost some HP on your
way to this point, you can use the Heart Block to the left. Go out the
door to the right and use the airplane to fly to the entrance. Walk
through the hallway, defeating paratroopas and koopas (The dull bones
here shouldn't come to life). Get the Power bounce from the item block
and go through the door on the other side. Once there continue walking
and another scene will start. Tell Koops to read the letter and finish
watching the scene. Afterward, talk to the pile of red bones in front
of the door and another scene will start. Use your hammer to bash your
way through the hundreds of dull bones and touch the red bones to start
another battle.


(1 Red Bones & 4 Dull Bones)

Red Bones:

Goombella's Tattle: "That's a Red Bones! A little TOO red, I think. No
fashion sense, y'know? Unlike your average Dull Bones, even if you
pound it to 0 HP and it crumbles... It totally might revive! Like a
zombie! My advice is to get rid of all the Dull Bones, then attack the
Red Bones. Oh, and one more thing! Once its friends start to fall, it
may create some more!

HP: 5
ATK: 3
DEF: 1
Attacks: Bone Throw
	   Create (makes another Dull Bones)
Revive (reawakens after a few turns if not all enemies are

First, use Koops' Power Shell to defeat the Dull Bones. And then, use
your hammer to defeat the Red Bones.

When all the Dull Bones run off, go through the door. Two of the Dull
Bones in this room will come to life and attack. Grab the Shine Sprite
and go up the stairs at the end of this room. Fall off the ledge near
the locked door and hit the purple switch. Jump up the purple block
that falls down and jump across to the yellow block, Bash it with your
hammer and go back to the small yellow switch. Hit that and go to where
the yellow block was. Use Koops' shell to hit the switch. The stairs
will "flip" to the other side, so go up those and go across the ledge
until you see a key. Once again, use Koops' shell to grab it and use it
to unlock the door (make sure to hit the red switch again to return the
stairs to their right-full place). No sleeping dull bones here, so save
your game and go through the door on the other side. Nothing dangerous
here, only a paragoomba and a dull bones. Hold Koop's shell near the
red switch and stand near the far right cell. Let go and run through
when the cell opens. Then, Go though the hole. Well, look what we have
here. Talk to the black chest for another funny scene with the thing
inside. You know you have to help him even though you know what'll
happen. Go through the door and walk through the suspicious-looking
room. Grab the Key from the treasure chest and the trap will activate.
So, get you flat plumber ass out of there! But, you have plenty of time
to go through even if you run into a few dead ends on the way there.
Once you get through the death trap. Use the key to open the treasure
chest and be CURSED (again)!

d. Dragon's Bane

Go back through the hole on the left side of the room and use your new
power to slip through the walls (remember, hold the R button). Then,
slip through the left-most cell and grab the badge. When you equip this
badge, Mario's attacks will make a sound that starts with "cr" and end
with "icket" (of course I mean a cricket, which is Hooktail's
weakness). Now, go back to the room with the purple and yellow
switches. Hit the yellow switch again to lower the yellow block. Now,
hold Koops' shell near the yellow switch and make your way to the top
of it. Let go and you'll be carried to the narrow ledge above. Jump
across the gap to find a star piece (it might take several attempts).
Jump down and do the same with the purple switch (don't forget to lower
the yellow lift). When the purple lift stops, go into the next room and
grab the star piece. Go back to the room where you fought the Red Bones
(It has the Dull bones that Koops thought was his dad) and go into
paper mode to slip through the bars that aren't in a crisscross pattern
(second from the left). Grab the Castle Key and return to the save
point room with the giant green block. Hold Koops' shell near the green
switch and get on top of the giant green block. Let go and you'll be
transported up to the upper level. Unlock the door at the top of the
first flight of stairs and go inside. Use the Heart block to regain any
lost health and hit the blue switch. The gap will be filled and you can
cross it. Use Koops's shell (yet again) to hi the second switch. Jump
through the open window and go right till you get the star piece. Go
left pass the first open window and jump through the second. Go through
the door. Defeat the one Dull Bones and hold Koops shell (yet again) by
the green switch and go onto the green block. When you reach the
walkway, defeat the Dull Bones and paragoomba. Go into the door to the
left and watch the romantic (sort of) scene. If, for some reason, this
scene sickens you, just wait till get to chapter 2 lol (But this is
STILL an E-RATED GAME). After that, get all the items here (the one's
in the treasure chests and the shine sprite). Go back to the locked
door and unlock it.

d. Final Ascent

Walk through the hallway, killing the 2 dull bones and Koopa Troopa. Go
to the yellow switch and hit it. When the block falls down, do the same
as you did with every block and switch combo (hold Koop's shell by the
switch, go on top of the block, and let go). Carefully walk through the
narrow ledge and use your paper mode to slip through the bars. Before
flying off, go to the narrow ledge on the other side and walk to the
far right for a star piece. Return to the airplane panel and use it to
fly to the door on the far right wall. Go inside and go down the
stairs. Hit the yellow switch and have Koop's grab the key on the other
side of the gap (you can follow the block down to get the "Last Stand
P." badge, but you'll have to walk all the way back up). Either way, go
to the top of the stairs, unlock the door, and grab the shine sprite.
At this point you should have 3 Shine sprites. If not, backtrack with
the guide to get the others. Now, simply follow the path, dealing with
any enemies that try to stop you. Once at the top, save your game, use
the health block, and go inside the door (IMPORTANT: Equip the "ATTACK
FX R" Badge before entering). Watch the scene and now finally...

Boss Battle:


Goombella's Tattle: " That Hooktail! It'll stomp and munch on you, and
it has a more dgragonish attack: stinky, fiery breath! It's tricky,
especially when it's losing, and it'll try to fool you into being
merciful. Oh, yeah, and one more thing. It hates things that start with
"cr" and end with "icket". Supposedly, there's something related to
that somewhere in this castle. Did we find it?"

HP: 20
ATK: 5
DEF: 1
Attacks: Stomp
	   Flame Breath

Attack him with your hammer to weaken his attack and defense. Continue
to attack him until he stops talking after getting hit (the second time
Mario attacks directly). Then use your most powerful attacks on him
till his HP is gone. At this point he'll try to trick you into
forgiving him 3 times. Keep saying no and he'll eat members of the
audience to replenish 10 HP. Use jump to make him spit them out, while
you slay him for good!

Watch the scene and this chapter is over.

e. Interlude

After every chapter (except the last one) you'll get the chance to
control 2 other people.

Watch the scene with Peach (Honestly, who DIDN'T see this coming) and
afterward, go through the door to the left take a shower. Afterwards,
go to the previous room and go right through the now open door. Go
through the hallway, through the door and watch the weird scene.

Next, you'll take control of everyone's favorite Koopa King, Bowser.
You can press B to use your flame-breath, but it's not useful right
now. Go to the other end of the hall, talking to everyone in the room
for some humorous dialog. At the other end, watch the scene and answer
"yes" when prompted.

f. Intermission

This is the part that goes between chapters.


Make sure to slip through the hole in the fence next to the mayors
house to get the "Mega Rush P" badge. Now, be on your way to Rogueport
(BTW, you can unequip the "Attack FX R" badge now).

Petal Meadows:

Not long after you enter you'll get the message sent by Peach. Press A
to answer it. Go all the way back to Rogueport Sewers.

Rogueport Sewers:

Go back to the Thousand-year door. Slip through the fence and use the
spring to get to the ledge above. Fly your way to the other side and
use the spring to get to the ledge above that one. Grab the shine
sprite, fall down, and step on the pedestal. Afterward, you'll be back
in Rogueport.


After the scene, go outside. You can talk to Luigi to find out on the
quest he's been on. Afterwards, go to Merlon's house (the one with the
Shine Sprite sign) to upgrade one of your partners (I recommend Koops
first). Sleep in the inn to recover any HP. In other news...

"Hooktail of Petal Meadows defeated by brave hero! Must've been a tough

Talk to the gatekeeper in Eastern Rogueport and choose to fight him. He
shouldn't be hard, since you beat Hooktail already.



Goombella's Tattle: "That's Gus. He's super-annoying and tries to take
tolls from everyone. All in all, he's pretty tough. Oh, and I've told
you a million times...that pointy spear of his gurts if you stomp on it.
I wonder if this guy watches people pass 365 days a year. Talk about a

HP: 20
ATK: 3
DEF: 0
Attacks: Stab

Just be sure to use Koops and your hammer whenever you attack him.
He'll soon go down without much trouble.

After the battle he'll run off. Now, you can go to the trouble center
if you wish to, but first, go back to the item shop and buy the contact
lenses for Zess T. Give them to her and she'll go back into her house
and be able to cook some items for you. Now go to the fourth house in
Eastern Rogueport. This is the trouble center. The concept is simple
find out about someone's trouble, help the person, and they'll reward
you. But, if go on a trouble, you have to pay to cancel it. This guide
will tell you about how to be the #1 Problem-solver.


1.	Client: Garf (Rogueport)
Title: Need a key!
Reward: 20 coins

Go to the inn, and exit out the door at the top floor. Past the
badge shop (Buy something from them if you want), you'll find the
key. Garf is waiting past the trouble center in front of his house.
So give him the key. He'll pay and you'll be able to enter his
house. But, there's nothing in there worth looking for.

2.	Client: McGoomba (Rogueport)
Title: Safe delivery...
Reward: 20 coins

Go to the alley behind Rogueport and go right. Talk to the Goomba
and take the package to Goomfrey. He's pacing around near Frankly's
house. Give him the package and return to McGoomba. He'll give you
your reward.

3.	Arfur (Rogueport)
Title: Price Adjustment
Reward: 20 coins

Just go outside, talk to the Doogan and give him these prices:
Fire Flower: 10 coins
Sleepy Sheep: 8 coins
Tasty Tonic: 3 coins
You'll get your reward soon after.

4.	Client: Goomther (Rogueport)
Title: Find this guy!
Reward: 20 coins

Goomther is pacing around Rogueport plaza. Talk to him and go to the
bandit behind the secret gate next to Merlon's house. Then, go back
to Goomther and talk to him. Then go south to the docks and find the
bandit who's hiding. Chase him to the alley behind the plaza. Talk
to him and Goomther will give you your reward.

5.	Client: Mousmilian (Rogueport)
Title: Hit me, please!
Reward: Information

Talk to the mouse in the plaza and hit him with your hammer till he
regains his memory. Be careful though, if you hit him when he
remembers, he'll forget again. When he remembers, he'll tell you
that if you buy a sleepy sheep at Rogueport and sell it to the shop
in Petalburg, you'll get a 2 coin profit.

6.	Client: Bomberto (Rogueport)
Title: I'm hungry!
Reward: 11 coins

Talk to the second blue bob-omb at the docks. Give him a food item
(preferably a Mushroom) and he'll reward you with some coins.

7.	Client: Koopook (Hooktail Castle)
Title: Try to find me!
Reward: Special Card (Let's you unlock the plane game in the Pianta

Make your way to Hooktail Castle and work your way to the second
green block room. When you get up to the walk way, jump down near
the left door and talk to the koopa there. Get your reward and slip
through the bars to get a life shroom.

8.	Client: Mayor Kroop (Petalburg)
Title: Listen to me!
Reward: Turtley Leaf

Simply go back to Petalburg, go into the Mayor's house and listen to
his long conversation. Afterward, he'll giver you a Turtley leaf.

9.	Client: Plenn T. (Rogueport)
Title: Order me an item!
Reward: Ultra Shroom

You'll need some space in your inventory for this one. Talk to the
toad in the shop and he'll tell you to get him 5 courage shells from
the shop in Petalburg (if you managed to bring some courage shells,
give them to him). Talk to him again and store some items till you
have room for 5 more (or however many you need left). Go to the shop
in Petalburg and buy 5 courage shells. Go back to Rougeport and talk
to Plenn T.

After you're done preparing for the next trip return to the sewers.

Rogueport Sewers:

Go to the room before the thousand-year door. You'll see a small gray
creature run in a hole (like in the Prologue). Slip through the bars
and go up to it. After learning about the X-Nauts, go to where Punio
(the gray creature) went and talk to him. He'll open a secret
passageway for you. Go in it and go left. Grab the "Damage Dodge" badge
and go all the way to the right. Go into the pipe on the other side.

3.	Chapter 2: The Great Boggly Tree

a.	Secret Entrance

Boggly Woods:


Cleft - 2 HP, 2 ATK, 2 DEF
Dark Puff - 3 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF
Pale Piranha - 4 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF

"Boggly woods is like a photo negative of the Real World, so all of the
native trees, monsters, and vegetation are different shades of black
and white. It's quite lovely."

Yes, lovely it is. Boggly is one of the most beautiful settings in the
game. But, there's not that much to look at anyway.

Save your game to the right and continue. Watch the scene with the
Shadow Sirens and continue on your way. Defeat the Pale Piranha and
cleft. On the next screen, continue until Punio goes into the pipe.
Follow him to the great tree.

The Great Tree:

I didn't put the enemy section in because you can't get in yet.

Talk to Punio and you'll see that someone installed a door in front of
the tree. Follow him again and talk to him. Go to the very right of the
screen to get the "FP Plus" badge. Now, go back toward the pipe and
watch the scene.

Boggly Woods:

When your back in the main part of the screen, Punio will point towards
Madame Flurrie's house. Go in that direction. On the next screen,
defeat the cleft and dark puff. And go to the wall. Walk into the near
side (closest to the screen) of the hill and go up and then left when
you can't go up anymore. Follow the path till you reach a blue switch.
Hit it and get the star piece. Go back to the pipe at the beginning of
this screen and enter it. Before you fly off, use Koops' shell to get
the shine sprite to your left. Now, fly to the right till you're on top
of the wall. Continue on into the next screen. Beat the dark puff and
go on till Punio stops you (bash the third tree from the left to get a
star piece). There should be a thin hole nearby. Slip through, go left,
and grab the Volt Shroom. Go right, past the pipe and there'll be a
star piece hidden on the wall. Go into the pipe and follow the path
into the house. Inside, go up to the door and examine it for a scene.
Afterwards, leave the house for another scene. Now you have to go
ALLLLLLLLLLLLL the way back (OK, it's not THAT far off) to where the
Shadow sirens are. When you get to them, the fighting commences.

Boss Fight:

(Beldam, Marilyn, and Vivian)

Goomballa's Tattle: "That's Beldam. She's the oldest sister, the leader
of the Shadow Sirens. She can make her partners big and make us tiny,
and attacks with weird magic. The worst thing about her is that
sinister snicker. She sounds so totally evil! I mean, she's just the
sort of person you want to avoid like the plague, y'know?"

HP: 9
ATK: 1
DEF: 0
Attacks: Long Range Blizzard (Does 2 Damage)
Short Range Blizzard
Enlarge (makes her or here sisters bigger and raises ATK.)
Mini (makes Mario or his partner smaller, lowering they're


Goombella's Tattle: "That's Marilyn. She's a Shadow Siren, Beldam's
younger sister. She charges up her attacks occasionally. Says here
she's the toughest of the sisters, so it might be best to defeat her
first, huh?" Other than that, she doesn't have any particularly
outstanding characteristics."

HP: 12
ATK: 2
DEF: 0
Attack: Hand clap
Charge up (raises attack once or more for lightning attack)
Lightning attack


Goombella's Tattle: "That's Vivian. She's the youngest of the three
Shadow Sirens. She doesn't seem all that noteworthy. Uh... She is kind
cute I guess... She might even be cuter than I am... I guess... ...Uh... What am
I thinking?"

HP: 10
ATK: 1
DEF: 0
Attacks: Shade Fist
Fiery Jinx

First, attack everyone with Earth Tremor (and any other attack that
attacks all). The more damage, the better. When you run out of FP and
Star Power, attack Marilyn, since she is the strongest and can charge
up a nasty lightning attack. After she's done, finish off Beldam (if
she's still standing, cause she doesn't have a lot of HP to begin
with.) When the both of them are done, take care of Vivian. Shouldn't
be too hard if you attack hard and fast.

When they disappear, pick up Flurrie's necklace and go back to her
house (don't worry, you won't be going back to the beginning of the
stage for some strange reason, unless you count the Great Tree "The
beginning"). Go to her door and watch the scene (More "romance"?).
Flurrie will join you and now you can go back to the Great Tree (Oh,
and by the way, KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE GAME!). You'll probably receive
e-mail from the RDM service before you make it to the tree.

b. Gathering the troops

The Great Tree:

"The Punies' rivals, the Jabbies, have recently joined fordces with the
X-Nauts to take over the great tree. The Punies are in dire need of a
mustachioed general to turn the tide."

This is one big tree. It's easy to get lost here, if you don't have the
proper guide (Ahem). You'll be fine though. Fans of Pikmin will enjoy
this stage (maybe).

Mini-Yux (appears from Yux) - 1 HP, 0 ATK, 0 DEF
Pale Piranha - 4 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF
Pider - 5 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF
X-Naut - 4 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF
Yux - 3 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF

Go up the big root to the left of the door. When you can't go further,
go to the edge and use Flurrie's wind power to uncover the secret
entrance (which IS labeled that, contrary to what Punio said earlier).
Wacth the scene and press A near the door to enter. Go forward inside
and' you'll soon get attacked.


(2 X-Nauts)

Goombella's Tattle: "That's an X-Naut. Says here it's classified as an
`enemy combatant'. The description stinks... You think it means they're
just low-level foot soldiers? They drink these potions that make them
all big and burly and they attack! One's easy, but if there's two or
more, better watch out! Use special moves and items!"

HP: 4
ATK: 3
DEF: 0
Attacks: Butt-stomp
Potion drink (makes them bigger)
X-Naut-bomb (similar to the crump-a-bomb)

I know, "How come they're a mini-boss if they're already a regular
enemy. I don't know, ask Intelignet Systems. It's probably because it's
your first fight with an X-Naut (Apparently, Crump doesn't count). Just
attack them both (preferably the one than enlarges himself). It will be
over shortly.

After the scene, save your game and heal. The door at the end is
locked, so don't even bother. Be a REAL Plumber and use the pipe nearby
(the gray one). When you emerge, go to the other side and use the pipe
there. Defeat the X-Naut in this room and check the lower right-most
bush for a power punch. Use the pipe on the other side and defeat the
Yux when you emerge and use the other pipe to move on. After another
funny scene (can't get enough of those), you'll find the rest of the
punies. After another scene enter the door to the left. After another
encounter with Ms. Mowz you get another battle.


HP: 4
ATK: 3
DEF: 0
Attacks: Butt-stomp
Potion drink

Now this is just... whatever, just kill him (I mean, I can understand 2
X-Nauts as a mini-boss, but ONE? ONE X-NAUT AS A MINI-BOSS!?!?).

After the so-called "Mini-boss", you get the red key. Grab the ultra
shroom from the closed chest. Go back to the red cell and use the key
for another funny scene. After several hours of lecture (not
literally), you regain control. Return to the first screen by using the
series of pipes that got you here (shouldn't be too hard). After the
scene, 10 Punies will join your party (Now, where have I seen THIS
before). Anyway, save, and lead your 11 Pikmin, err... Punies up the pipe
to the second room. Place the Puni orb on the pedestal in the center of
the room. When the pipe emerges, take off the Puni orb and go down it.
Defeat the X-Nauts guarding the door and press the control panel to
unlock the door. Now, put the orb in the pedestal to the right and use
Flurrie to blow the Punies off the edge (Yes, all of them). Now, as
soon as you see them come up in bubbles, blow them to the other side.
Don't worry, if you miss, they'll land on your platform. Jump down and
grab the shine sprite and the thunder rage from the big bush to the
right. Use the pipe to go back up, grab the Puni orb, and hop to the
pedestal, to the other side. Go down the pipe and watch out for the
pider that drops from the ceiling when you're crosing the ledge.
Quickly change to Koop's and hit it with his shell before it scares the
Punies off the ledge. Don't worry if some of them fall off, you can get
them later. After defeating the pider, use flurrie to blow off the
large black vase to reveal an airplane panel use it to fly to the other
one, then fly to the shine sprite. Drop down, defeat the two pale
piranhas and get any Punie that fell down. Go back up using the pipe on
the left, regroup, and go back down the pipe. Now go to the other pipe
and go down THAT one. Don't follow the Jabbi yet, instead follow the
path (using Koops to defeat the piders) and throw his shell right under
the red block. A hidden block will appear, allowing you to jump on it
and hit the block. Jump down after the badge even if you didn't miss
it. Grab the punies from below (it's probably al of them) and use
flurrie to blow down the blue wall at the left of the room, next to the
save point. Go inside and stock up if you used any items. After that go
behind the stump at the back of the room and press A when you see "..."
to gain a Jabbie in your party. Now, examine the first big bush you see
when you leave the room. Use the pipe to go back up and go to the room
where the Jabbie went. As you walk forward, 10 Jabbies will come out of
the hive and attack. You'll have to let the Punies handle this so sit
back and watch (after you lead them all to battle, of course). If they
lose, try again. After they blow up the hive, go inside and take the
blue key. Now, head out the room, watch the scene, go through the next
room, go into the pipe leading up (you don't want to go in the room to
the top-right, trust me), go across the room, use that pipe, go across
the ledge and use the pipe going up (phew). Now, put the orb in the
pedestal, blow the punies off, blow them again when they're in bubbles,
grab the orb, go across the ledge, go in the pipe leading up, and then,
go into the other pipe leading up. Go into the pipe across the room,
and use the pipe on the other side of the ledge.  Finally, free the
punies and now you have a large army of 'em!

c.	The Battle for the Great Tree

Now, lead your 101 Punies and Jabbie back to the room I told you not to
go into earlier (Make sure it says 101/101 before you go in it). Now
you know why, because there's an army of 100 Jabbies in it. Lead your
army into battle. After they win, they'll destroy the last Jabbie hive.
Defeat the pale piranha and go down the warp pipe. Defeat another pale
piranha, grab the star piece from behind the pipe, and go into the next
room. Put the orb into the weird pedestal. After getting trapped, grab
he orb and use your paper mode to escape from the cage. Go down the
pipe to the right that appeared when you were trapped. Grab the star
piece from behind the pipe after the short scene. Hit the switch and
remember the order of the symbols on the columns (It might be sun,
moon, Punie, and star from left to right). Use the doors and pipes till
you get out of the room where the giant "Punies vs. Jabbies" battle
took place. Go across the ledge again and go into that room. Go into
the opposite door and drop down the ledge inside. Hit the switches till
they're like the ones in the other room (which probably was sun, moon,
punie, and star). Walk into the new room and grab the super boots.
After the tutorial, go outside the room and spin jump through the
wooden panel. Carefully jump to the left and use Koops to grab the
"Charge" badge. Then, carefully jump to the right, then up, then right
again, and grab the shine sprite. Now, retrace your steps to the caged
room and slip through again. Spin jump through the wooden panel (it's
near the center-left side of the cage. Use Flurrie to blow them down
the hole (it'll probably take a while). Grab the orb and jump down with
them. Go up the pipe and leave the room. Go up the pipe and put the orb
on the pedestal. Spin-jump through the panel and return to the room
where the punies are. Now, blow them all down the hole and go down the
hole and down the pipe. Go across the room (dealing with the X-Naut)
and go down the pipe. Watch out for the Yux, who'll probably fire at
you when you enter.  Go down the pipe. Don't bother trying to swim
across. Go down the pipe and jump across the panels. Go up the pipe and
stand on the blue switch. Hold Koop's to the left and step off. When
the blue switch surfaces release him and the water will drain to the
room below. Go down the pipe and use the lily pads near the shine
sprite to get it. Walk across the bridge of lily pads and platforms and
lead your army to the other side. Go down the warp pipe and you'll be
very close to the shine sprite.

d.	Final Countdown

Put the orb on the pedestal. If you have all of your Punies, the
platform will lower. Grab the Mushroom from the lower left bush, heal,
and save. As you wonder how Crump got all the way over here, put the
orb on the pedestal and watch the scene. After Crump snatches the star,
quickly follow him up the pipe. Quickly defeat the two X-Nauts and
unlock the door by pressing A next to the control panel. Go through the
series of pipes and hurry to the entrance of the tree. Watch the funny
scene (If you have more than 60 seconds left, you don't have to rush.

Boss Fight:

Magnus Von Grapple:

Goombella's Tattle "That's Magnus Von Grapple. It's a giant robot built
by the X-Nauts. Lord Crump drives it. Its most effective attack is one
that takes advantage of its size: a smothering stomp. IT can also shoot
out its fists, which do these super-gnarly rocket punches. Its fists
are super powerful, so it's best to knock them down fast. The thing
about this robot is I can't tell it looks cool, or really, REALLY

HP: 30 (X-Fists' HP: 2)
ATK: 2 (X-Fists' ATK: 4)
DEF: 1
Attacks: Magnus Von Punish (just a stomp attack)
X-Fist Launch
X-Fist Rocket Punch (occurs 1 round after they launch; has an
attack of 4)

Start off with Earth Tremor and then use your most powerful attacks
against him. Attack any X-Fist that he fires (could use Multibounce or
Flurries Gale Force). He regenerates them every few turns. Keep
attacking him until Magnus gives in.

Watch the scene and this chapter is over.

e. Interlude:

Watch the scene and go to TEC's room (you can take a shower again to
have Peach hum a different tune). Once inside, you'll take part in a
dancing mini-game. Just press the buttons as they appear on screen.

Watch the scene and you'll replay the first level as Super Mario Bros...
AS BOWSER (how ironic)! Anyway, just go through the level, grabbing
pieces of meat as you go (that would explain why Bowser's sometimes
giant in some games). Don't worry about dying, you have infinite lives
(that would also explain why he coming back every game). Afterwards,
watch as the "king of guys who talk to posters" makes a fool of

f. Intermission:

Boggly Woods:

Be on your way to Rogueport sewers. You'll receive mail from Peach on
the way there.

Rogueport Sewers:

Use the spin jump near the center of the room when you enter from the
pipe. A piece of the room should pop up. Spin jump near the edge of the
piece and a star piece will come out of it. Once you're in the room
before the thousand-year door room, use Flurrie to blow off the piece
of wall that sticks out. You'll get a Happy Heart P badge from inside
the chest. Now go to the black chest room and look for the star piece
from underground with the spin jump. Now go to the thousand-year door
room. There's also a hidden star piece in the front-center area of the
room (towards the screen). Use the Spin jump to uncover it. Now step on
the pedestal and watch the scenes that follow.


Start off by powering up your partners. By now, all of your current
ones should be powered up. In other news...

"X-Nauts terrorizing Boggly Woods have withdrawn! Just what was their

Now, there's a few hidden star pieces to be found here. One is in front
of the "centerpiece" of the plaza. There's another one in front of
Frankly's place and also near the stairs in the docks. Now, you can go
to the Trouble Center.

10.	Client: Puni Elder (Great Tree)
Title: Emergency shroom!
Reward: 60 Coins

Get a Life shroom (Either buy it, or use the one you got from
Koopook [assuming you still have it]). Now, go back to the great
tree and give her the shroom and get your coins.

11.	Client: Lahla (Rogueport)
Title: Play with me
Reward: 10 Piantas (for use in the Pianta Parlor)

Go to Western Rogueport. Go into the Pianta Parlor and talk to
the Boo behind the counter. Simple, right (You should use the
money to buy a cake mix and store it I the item shop for later)?

12.	Client: Pine T. Jr. (Rogueport Sewers)
Title: Help my daddy!
Reward: Silver Card (for use in Pianta Parlor)

Go back down to the sewers after resting at the inn. Go to the
thousand-year door room. Make sure to save your game. Go back
near the entrance and slip through the bars. Use the spring to
get up to the ledge above. Fly to the other side, slip through
and go through the door. Fight your way down to level 18 (getting
the sleepy stomp badge from the treasure chest at level 10). Once
there defeat the enemy and talk to the toad on the ground. He'll
wake up and follow you down the pipe. Go to level 20 and he'll
escape to the entrance. Open the treasure for a fire drive badge
and go up the pipe to the entrance. Talk to Pine T. to get your

Now that that's over with, go to the item shop in Western
Rogueport and store enough items for two more. Buy a Dried Shroom
and a dizzy dial. Use any answer for the first question and
answer yellow for the second one. When the boo unlocks the door,
go through it and go up the stairs and through the door. Watch
the scene and leave. Get the star piece behind the trashcan
outside the item shop, behind the big warp pipe, hidden infront
of the Pianta Parlor (use your spin jump), and between the
lamppost and the wall near the eastern entrance if you didn't
before. Frankie and Francesca are at the docks so go there and go
to the pier on the lower side. Talk to Francesca and watch the
scene (It doesn't really matter how you answer). Now, go back to
Don Pianta's place, (you don't have to do the whole password
thing again). Watch the scene and talk to Don Pianta again for
your blimp ticket. After preparing for your leave, go to the
northern exit in Western Rogueport. There's two more star pieces
in this area. One hidden underground at the west end. Talk to the
Cheep-Cheep (the fish) at the gate and say "Yes" to show him your
boarding pass. Get the other star piece behind the pipe and go
down it. Walk to the blimp and press A. You'll soon be on your
way to the next star piece.

4.	Chapter 3: Of Glitz and Glory:

(BTW, This is my favorite chapter in the whole game)

a.	Do You Smell What the Rawk is Cookin'?


"The Main Attracation in the floating city of Glitzville is the Glitz
Pit, a battle arena where the world's greatest fighters compete for
love and country. Or fame and personal fortune-whatever floats your

This is Glitzville. As you read, a lot of people come here to fight in
the Glitz Pit, but is there something more going on behind the scenes?

Enemies (all of the enemies on this list are fought in the glitz pit):

Bandit - 5 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF
Big Bandit - 8 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF
Bob-omb - 4 HP, 2 ATK, 1 DEF
Boomerang Bro - 7 HP, 2 ATK, 1 DEF
Bristle - 2 HP, 1 ATK, 4 DEF
Dark Craw - 20 HP, 6 ATK, 0 DEF
Dark Koopatrol - 25 HP, 5 ATK, 2 DEF
Dark Puff - 3 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF
Dull Bones - 1 HP, 2 ATK, 1 DEF
Fire Bro - 7 HP, 3 ATK, 1 DEF
Flower Fuzzy - 6 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF
Fuzzy - 3 HP, 1 ATK, 0 DEF
Goomba - 2 HP, 1 ATK, 0 DEF
Green Fuzzy - 5 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF
Green Magikoopa - 7 HP, 4 ATK, 0 DEF
Hammer Bro - 7 HP, 4 ATK, 1 DEF
Hyper Bald Cleft - 3 HP, 3 ATK, 2 DEF
K.P. Koopa - 4 HP, 2 ATK, 1 DEF
K.P. Paratroopa - 4 HP, 2 ATK, 1 DEF
Lakitu - 5 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF
Pale Piranha - 4 HP, 2 ATK,0 DEF
Pider - 5 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF
Pokey - 4 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF
R.S. Buzzy - 5 HP, 3 ATK, 5 DEF
Red Chomp - 6 HP, 5 ATK, 3 DEF
Red Magikoopa - 7 HP, 4 ATK, 0 DEF
Shady Koopa - 8 HP, 3 ATK, 1 DEF
Shady Paratroopa - 8 HP, 3 ATK, 1 DEF
Spiny - 3 HP, 3 ATK, 3 DEF
White Magikoopa - 7 HP, 4 ATK, 0 DEF

As soon as the scene ends, go south and uncover the hidden star piece.
There's a hidden block below the shine sprite to the right of the main
building, so hit the space where the shine spite's box's shadow is and
hop on the block and get it. Go behind the bush on the right side of
the stairs for another star piece. There's yet another star piece
behind the phone booth to the left side of Glitzville. Go into the
juice shop (right side) and get yet ANOTHER star piece behind the
counter. Outside the shop, go down until you see a big blue switch. You
can't hit it with your hammer so hop on top of the boxes next to it and
spin jump on the switch to reveal some stairs. At the top of the
stairs, use Koop's shell to get the star piece under the billboard.
Also, get the Power Plus P form inside the nearby treasure chest and
the Inn Coupon behind the "sign" of the juice bar (that red thing
hanging on the ground). When you're finally done getting all the items
here, go inside the big building in the front. Go through the double
doors on the ground or on the second floor and watch the champion kick
ass! After wards, talk to one of the security guys near the back doors
to go backstage.

b.	Working your way up the ladder

There's only one item to get backstage. Jump into the open crate next
to the double doors with the blue symbol. You'll get the Last Stand
badge. Go to Grubba's office, which is to the left (from your view) of
the locked door. Talk to the security guard and go inside. After the
scene, you'll be known as "The Great Gonzales"! Afterwards, walk up to
the GBA-like screen and pick "Reserve a Match". You must win your
fight, as well as do the stipulation that Grubba tells you in order to
move up the ranks. Talk to the security guard when he comes in to start
your match. During a pre-match interview, one of the goombas will
attack before your even ready.

Rank 19th: The Goomba Bros. (5 goombas)

They're just a bunch of goombas.  Guard against their sneak attack and
destroy them all (while doing whatever Grubba told you to do of

After meeting some of the fighters in the minor league, reserve the
next match (you should always heal if your HP and/or FP are low).

Rank 18th: The KP Koopas. (2 K.P. Koopas and one K.P. Paratroopa)

Be sure to follow the stipulation. These guys are just regular koopas
of a different color. Beat them down!

Go to the next match.

Rank 17th: The Pokey Triplets (3 Pokeys)

Just use your hammer to defeat them (unless Grubba told you not to, in
that case, use Koops, items, and/or Earth Tremor)

Next Match.

Rank 16th: The Dead Bones (3 Dull Bones)

Accomplish the stipulation and take care of these weaklings.

Next match.

Rank 15th: Spike Storm (2 Spinys and a Lakitu)

This time, go out to the lobby. Work your way through the crowd (you
can bash them with your hammer for a few laughs) and go outside. Watch
the scene and chase the egg until it hops on the roof of the stand. Go
to the top of the juice bar and use the spring to get up to the
airplane panel. Use it to fly to the egg. Talk to it and agree to have
it follow you (you won't regret it). Afterwards, go back to your locker
room and reserve the next match.

Rank 14th: The Hand-It-Overs (2 Bandits and 2 Big Bandits)

These guys can steal your coins AND items, so be ready to block they're
attacks. Attack them before they run off if they steal anything from
you. Other than that, there's nothing special about them.

Get ready for your next match.

Rank 13th: The Mind-Bogglers (1 Pale Piranha, 1 Pider, and 1 Dark Puff)

You fought all three of these guys before, so it should be easy.

Rank 12th: The Punk Rocks (3 Hyper Bald Clefts)

These guys have high defense, so use powerful attacks or items.

Rank 11th: The Bob-omb Squad (4 Bob-ombs)

Watch out for when their fuse is lit. Don't use jump and be sure to
guard against its attack if the fuse is lit.

Rank 10th: The Armored Harriers (2 Iron Clefts)


The Great Gonzales vs. The Iron Harriers (Round I)
Iron Cleft:

Goombella's Tattle: "That's an Iron Cleft. That guy is SCARY. Period!
What's WITH this book? It says no attack will work against Iron Clefts!
It says nothing in the world is as an Iron Cleft, so its Defense is
impenetrable. If that's true, the only way to beat one is to whack it
with the other one... Running away may not be a bad idea at this point."

HP: 6
ATK: 4
DEF: Unknown (almost invincible)
Attacks: Iron Rush

NOTHING you do will damage either of them at this point (not even Earth
Tremor or a Superguard). So, you have no choice but to take a deep
breath, and RUN AWAY!

After returning from your first loss, your egg will have already
hatched and a mini-Yoshi will be in its place (the color is random... I
think). After naming him and looking at the short tutorial, you'll be
ready for your revenge against those stinkwads!

Rank 10th: The Armored Harriers (2 Iron Clefts)


The Great Gonzales vs. The Armored Harriers (Round II)
Iron Cleft:

HP: 6
ATK: 4
DEF: Unknown (almost invincible)
Attacks: Iron Rush

Now that you have Yoshi, you can use his gulp to actually damage them.
Do it again to teach these two not to mess with the Great Gonzales.

b. Major Leaguer

Watch the series of scenes and you'll find yourself in the MUCH cleaner
major league locker room. After getting the weird e-mail from "X", heal
yourself by sleeping in the bed in the corner and reserve the next

Rank 9th: The Tiny Spinies (2 Spinies)

Their defense is very high, so use quake hammer to flip them over, or
use Piercing blow if you have it. Fire and explosions don't work on
them, so use Earth Tremor or any item that doesn't fit that

Rank 8th: The Poker Faces (2 Bristles)

Use some kind of long-range attack against them. Neither jump, nor
hammer will work.

You'll get another e-mail from X, telling you to go to the watering
hole. Go outside to the juice shop. Talk to the green guy inside and
he'll give you the super hammer. After the scene, X will give you
another e-mail telling you to smash the big block in the minor-league
locker room. Talk to the security guard in front of the minor league
room and he'll let you in. Smash the big block with your new super
hammer technique and go through. Climb to the top of the computer desk
and use Yoshi to float to the other side (press X to hop on him and
then hold a to "float"). Grab the dubious paper and leave. After
getting the paper taken from you, go back to the major league locker
room and get ready for your next match.

Rank 7th: The Shellshockers (2 Shady Koopas and 1 shady Paratroopa)

If you flip them on their backs, their attack gets raised, so be

After the scene, the Armored Harriers will come back for a rematch. It
is 1-1 anyway.


The Great Gonzales vs. The Armored Harriers (Round III)

Iron Clefts:

HP: 6
ATK: 4
DEF: Unknown (almost invincible)
Attacks: Iron Rush

Nothing different here. Just use Yoshi's Gulp twice and end this feud
once and for all!

After an anonymous e-mail (that isn't from X), rest in the bed to
refill you HP and FP and get ready for your next match.

Rank 6th: The Fuzz (1 Fuzzy, 1 Green Fuzzy, and 1 Flower Fuzzy)

The green fuzzy is more powerful and it multiplies. The flower fuzzy
drains your FP instead of HP. Just beat them before they start doing
any real damage.

After the battle, You'll find a cake in the locker room. Eat it and
you'll be completely healed.

Rank 5th: Hamma, Bamma, and Flare (1 Hammer Bro. 1 Boomerang Bro. And 1
Fire Bro.)

The Boomerang Bro is the most dangerous one, so take him out first (if
you can still use jump). Next would be the Hammer Bro, then, the Fire

After the fight, an old friend will come in and challenge you.

Boss Fight:


Goombella's Tattle: "That's Bowser! But what's he doing here?!? My mind
just blew a fuse! He's uglier than I expected. He's got a poisonous
bite, so watch out! It'll make your HP decrease gradually. Also, If he
ground-pounds you, you won't be able to use one of your commands! Just
focus your attention on beating him down, Mario!

HP: 30
ATK: 3
ATK: 1
Attacks: Poison Bite (can poison you)
Ground Pound (makes one of your commands un-useable)
Flame Breath

You KNEW you wouldn't go through this game without fighting Boewser at
least once. His Poison Bite can be dangerous, but his ground pound is
even more annoying. Make sure to guard against these attacks, as well
as his famous flame breath. Anyway, Use your most powerful attacks to
send Bowser down (once again).

Rank 4th: The Magikoopa Masters (1 Red, Green, and White Magikoopa)

The Red one can raise their attack power. The White one can heal the
others. The Green one can make them either electrified (which damages
YOU and not them, BTW) or Invisible. Use your hammer or items if one of
them is electrified. Once theirs one more left, it'll make several
copies of itself. You can't really tell the real from the fake so
you'll have to rely on luck this time.

After getting more mail from X. Go outside to the phone booth next to
the item shop to get the storage key. X will e-mail you again, telling
you to go to the storage room next to Grubba's office. Go back to the
backstage area, go towards the locked door, and watch the scene. Unlock
the locked door and go inside. Watch yet another scene with Ms. Mowz
and switch to Flurrie. Have her blow out the crates to reveal regular
blocks. The set on the right contains a Charge P badge. The ones on the
left contain the staircase switch X mentioned. Use your Super Jump to
uncover an underground star piece in the center of the room. Then, go
up the stairs and get the shine sprite. Hop on top of the crates to
your left and use Yoshi to glide to the crates to the left. Drop down
and use the super hammer techique to get rid of the big block. You can
use Yoshi again to glide to the "HP Plus P" Badge on the crates in the
corner. Now, drop down the hole and go right until you see some speech
bubbles appear. Go towards the hole and press A when the "!" appears.
Listen in on Grubba's conversation and use your paper mode to slip
though the vent to the left. Leave out the door and go back to your
locker room.

Rank 3rd: Craw-Daddy (1 Dark Craw)

This guy fights similar to Gus. Except, he can throw his spear now.
Don't use jump or something similar.

You'll get another hate mail. Just ignore it. When you prepare for your
next match, Jolene will give you another cake. DO NOT EAT IT! If you
do, your partner will not be able to fight with you in your next match.

Rank 2nd: Chomp Country (2 Red Chomps)

These two have high defense and attack, so use powerful attacks to
defeat them fast.

Rank 1st: The Koopinator (1 Dark Koopatrol)

This guy's tough. He can charge up his attack to do devastating damage,
so watch out. He also has a spike on his head, so jump isn't affective
unless you flip him over with Quake Hammer. If you can guard well, it
should be somewhat easy.

c. Gonzales vs. Hawk

After your match, X will send another message telling you to remove the
Gonzales posters. Use Flurrie to take all of them out until you find
the one that has the key (or you could just blow off the one to the
left of the double doors upstairs). X will then tell you to go to the
second floor of the storage room. Go there, and unlock the door. Once
inside, hop up the crates to the left and use Yoshi to float across to
the other set of crates. Destroy the big block to find out where some
of the fighters have gone. There's a star piece hidden behind the lower
right crates. Go back to your locker room and prepare for your
championship match. When you register, the security guard will take you
to the opposing minor league locker room. After a few scenes, you will
find out that you were tricked into going in there and are now trapped.
What to do now? Well, use Flurrie to blow down the Peach poster at the
lower right corner. You'll appear in the opposing major league locker
room. The door in there is locked too so go into the bathroom at the
lower right corner (which isn't locked) and flush yourself down the
toilet (it works the same as a pipe). You'll find yourself in your
regular major league locker room. Go out and go through the nearby
double doors. You'll fight Rawk Hawk after another scene.

Boss Fight:

The Great Gonzales vs. Rawk Hawk
Rawk Hawk:

Goombella's Tattle: "That's Rawk Hawk! He flips, flaps, and slaps!
...That's what the book says. He's really good at aerial maneuvers, but
other than that, he's pretty...meh. One thing you should know is that
Rawk Hawk NEVER fights above the board. Carelessness leads to
lifelessness, y'know!

HP: 40
ATK: 3
DEF: 1
Attacks: Rawk ball (Attacks both you and your partner)
Baseball Slide
Suicide Dive
Rafter Shake (random objects fall from refter when he hangs on

Rawk Hawk is not as hard as you might think him to be. His attacks are
powerful, but he won't be able to do much if you keep hitting him with
your strongest attacks. After he gets down to below 10 HP, he'll hang
on the rafters. Use Quake hammer or Flurrie's body slam to take him
down and finish him off to become the NEW champion!

You will be given the champ's belt and now are able to use the champ's
room. After the scene, sleep in the bed to heal yourself (and buy any
items if you used any), then hop onto the stack of presents and use
Yoshi to float to the top of the doorframe and then to the vent. Use
your super hammer move to open it. Go through the air duct and listen
to Grubba again. Afterward, open the other vent and go through. Get the
star pieces behind the plant on the lower left corner and in the upper
desk drawer (press A when "!" appears near the GBA SP). Go to the other
side of the desk and do the same. After finding out about Grubba's real
intention, he'll walk in and instantly run to the ring. Follow him
(save first, then use the double doors with the red sign on it) and
watch the scene.

Boss Fight:

Macho Grubba:

Goombella's Tattle: "That's Macho Grubba. He's Grubba all souped-up on
Crystal Star power. His attack pattern is simple: first he increases
the number of times he can attack... Then he powers himself up with all
sorts of crazy power-uppy moves. So, it's pretty important to pay close
attention to how he's powered himself up. The craziest thing about this
meathead is that he used to be that chubby Grubba. I guess the crystal
Stars really ARE powerful!

HP: 60
ATK: 4
DEF: 0
Attacks: Double Attack (makes him attacks twice for 3 turns)
Stat Boost (raises Attack, Defense, or Evasion for 1 turn)
Running Butt-Stomp
Enlarge (grows and raises attack)
Clothesline from Hell

Grubba will gain the ability to attack twice. He'll reuse this abilty
when it runs out. His first attack will be to raise one of his stats.
It will be Attack, Defense, or Evasion. Save some of your stronger
attacks for later. When he gets beat down to around half health, he
will grow. That's when you use the heavy artillery. This is also when
he starts using more dangerous attacks. Don't be surprised if you find
your party in danger. Use items if your health is low and finish this
fight as fast as possible.

Watch the scene and another chapter comes to a close.

D. Interlude:

Watch the scene and go to TEC's room when the doors open. After another
scene with the computer, go back outside and use the nearby elevator.
When the elevator doors open go right and go in the very first door.
Look in the lockers until you find a soldier's uniform. Go to the
changing room to the right and press A near the curtains. After putting
on a disguise, go right and enter the door at the end of the hallway.
Talk to Grodus inside and then you will find yourself in the locker
room. Change back into your regular clothes and go out the door.

After the scene, you can look in the bushes for some funny dialog, but
go inspect the bush at the end for an even funnier scene.

e.	Intermission

Now you can go back to Rogueport.


The news today...

"Rookie `The Great Gonzales' takes Glitz Pit by storm! An upset on the

Anyway, go back into the sewers first.

Rogueport Sewers:

Go back into the pipe to the right. Before going down the next pipe, go
into the door to the right. Destroy the big bock and go up the
platform. Get the shine sprite and jump on to the blue switches. Use
your super jump to activate them to get shortcuts to Petalburg and the
Great Tree. Go back and into the pipe you passed by earlier. Destroy
the big block to have an easier route to the thousand-year door. GO on
to the pedestal and watch the scenes. Now's a good time to upgrade your
character(s). After your done, all 4 of them should be leveled up.
Looks like they have an update on Glitzville.

"The Great Gonzales crowned champion of the Glitz Pit! But he turned
down the belt!"

Next, on to the trouble center:

13.	Client: Jolene (Glitz Pit)
Title: Help wanted!
Reward: 30 coins

Go back on the blimp to Glitzville and go to Jolene's office (it
used to be Grubba's office). After getting reinstated into the
Glitz Pit, talk to her again and she'll tell you to get all of
the battle trunks in the storeroom. It's quite a lot so it could
take a minute. After getting all 20 of them, go back to Jolene
and she'll tell you to give them to Goomfrey. Go back to
Rogueport. Goomfrey will be waiting near Frankly's house. Give
him all of the trunks. Now go back to Glitzville and talk to
Jolene for your reward.

14.	Client: Merlee (Rogueport Sewers)
       Title: Heartful Cake recipe...
       Reward: 30 Coins

Go back into the sewers and go into the right-most pipe (behind
the gate near the airplane panel). Go forward into the house.
Talk to Merlee (make sure you're next to her and not across from
her). Go to Petalburg and talk to Toce T. in her home closest to
the gate to Shhwonk Fortress. Go back to Rogueport and get the
Cake Mix you stored earlier (or buy one from the Pianta Parlor if
you didn't). Give the Cake Mix to Merlee and get your reward.

15.	Client: Bub-ulber (Petalburg)
Title: The food I want.
Reward: Dried Flowers

First off, go back to Glitzville and buy two hotdogs. Now, get
another cake mix from the Pianta Parlor back in Western
Rogueport. Now go back to the plaza and give Zess T. the cake mix
to have her make a Mousse Cake. Go back to Petalburg and talk to
the person standing in the flower garden on the West Side of
Petalburg. Give the items to her and she'll give you dried
flowers. These aren't very useful alone, so store them in your
nearest item shop for now.
Now, go to Western Rogueport and go skinny to slip through the metal
grate in the center. Use Yoshi to float to the ledge to the left. Grab
the Shine Sprite and go into the door and try to go down the pipe. You
will be rejected by it. Now, go out the door and go down the nearby
pipe. Go across the moving platforms to the star piece and go back. Use
Yoshi to float back to the ledge to your right. Quickly jump across the
two platforms and go to the next screen. Go behind the pillar for yet
another star piece. Go down into the shallow water and open the chest
for a Soft Stomp badge. Go right till you see a bunch of broken
pillars. Go behind them and keep looking till you find another star
piece. Go back to the previous screen and jump down. Defeat the Spanias
and get the star piece behind top right corner of the central platform.
Use the pipe going up to get back to Western Rogueport. Go back to
Frankly's house and talk to him. Go around the secret wall next to
Merlon's house and talk to Darkly (the guy with the yellow eyes).
You'll then be able to access Twilight Town. Stock up on items and go
back to the brown pipe that rejected you earlier. You'll go through
this time.

5.	Chapter 4: For Pigs the Bell Tolls

a.	Dour times

Twilight Town:

"The people of Twilight Town are plagued with a curse that turns them
into pigs. As tempting as it may be to enjoy the lifetime supply of
free pork, that's not quite befitting of a hero."

Enemies: None

As soon as you enter, you'll watch a scene. After knowing about the
town's curse, leave the mayor's house and go right to the next screen.
Hidden behind the barrels (look on the other side of the gate the
barrels are on) for a star piece. Talk to the gatekeeper and go back to
the mayor's house. Watch the short scene and go back in his house. Go
near the mayor (now a pig) to watch another scene. Check the bushes for
another star piece. Go behind the left-most house for another star
piece. Now, go back to the gatekeeper. The bell should ring on the way
there. If not, go into the item shop and talk to the girl. Inspect the
locked door and then leave. Then, it should ring. Now, open and go
through the gate.

Twilight Trail:

The hyper enemies in this part as well as the not-so-rare Amazy Dayzee
make this trail one of the most dangerous in the whole game. Always be
careful when traveling here or you could find yourself using a Life
Shroom, or worse...

Amazy Dayzee (sometimes appears in battle) - 20, HP, 20 ATK, 1 DEF
Crazee Dayzee - 7 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF
Hyper Cleft - 4 HP, 3 ATK, 3 DEF
Hyper Goomba - 8 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF
Hyper Paragoomba - 8 HP, 2 ATK, 0 DEF
Hyper Spiky Goomba - 8 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF

Go into the nearby shack and get the black key (you know what that
means...) Continue going down the path, beating the hyper goombas along
the way (Jump while standing on the coin block for a super shroom).
When you reach the fallen tree, use Koops to get the key behind it. Go
all the way back to Twilight Town.

Twilight Town:

Go into the item shop and open the locked door. As well as find some
items and a "Defense Plus" badge. You'll see another black chest. Give
him the key and get it over with. Leave after taking what you want and
rest at the inn if you took ANY damage. When you're ready, go back to
Twilight Trail.

b.	The Dangerous Path to Creepy Steeple

Go forward, defeating enemies as usual. When you get back to the fallen
tree, use your new tube mode (hold R and rotate the left control stick)
to turn into a tube. When you're past the tree, you'll probably see a
star piece to the back of it. Get it and continue to the pile of straw.
Use Flurrie to huff, puff, and blow it down. Grab the star piece behind
it and go into the pipe and go deeper into the forest. The Crazee
Dayzees (which are sometimes accompanied by Amazy Dayzees) can be
tricky. Defeat them as fast as possible (especially if there is a Hyper
Cleft with them) as their only attack is to put you to sleep (which
also damages you in the process). The attack is also hard to guard.
Anyway, defeat the Crazee Dayzee and slip between the two trees. Get
the earthquake in the item block and defeat the other Crayzee Dayzee.
Continue on the next screen, which also contains a Crayzee Dayzee,
until you see a tree that blocks your path. Use Flurrie to blow on the
tree until a hole appears. Go through and continue deeper towards the
creepy steeple. Continue until you see a darker spot on the ground.
Have Flurrie bow on it and some wooden planks will appear. Have Mario
spin jump through them and push the block in the background until it
stops. Go back and continue. Jump through the next hole and defeat the
Hyper cleft that you see, and jump while behind the right-most tree to
get a hidden shine sprite. Continue on and you will see the creepy

c. Mario's Mansion (Well, not really)

Creepy Steeple:

A spooky mansion that contains many ghosts. It is said that the
scrystal star as well as the person (or thing) responsible for the
curse of Twilight Town are both inside.

Boo - 7 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF
Buzzy Beetle - HP 5, 3 ATK, 4 DEF
Spike Top - 5 HP, 3 ATK, 4 DEF
Swooper - 6 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF

Use the health block and the save block before continuing on. There's a
small hole to the right of the locked gate. Use your tube mode to roll
under it. Open the gate form the other side and go left. There's a star
piece to the left of the gate. Now, go inside. You should see a small
hole near where you enter (near the background). Inside there'll be a
star piece behind the furniture, a cookbook (for use in a trouble later
on) a shine sprite, and the Ice Smash badge. Go back out and push the
star-shaped statue at the other side of the hallway. You'll fall in a
hole and end up in a small room. Have Flurrie blow down the different-
shaded wall and go through. Turn right until you get to a different
room with the Flower Saver badge. Go back and go into the door. As much
as you don't want to open the suspicious looking box, you'll have to.
So, do so and watch what happens. Answer 200 to the boo's question to
get an ultra shroom. Go back to the main hallway and talk to the boo
there. Answer no and several boos will surround you. They won't do
anything unless you stand still, so run left to the door that's towards
the screen. Defeat the two swoopers and hit the switch once. Go in the
nearby door and go up the stairs. Go along the upper hallway and use
Koops or Yoshi to grab the Steeple Key at the end of the hallway. Jump
down and now you have a decision to make. You can either fight an
optional boss (which is only as hard (if not easier) as the main boss
here. Plus, you get the Lucky Start badge if you win. The only bad
thing is that some of the boos will become regular enemies the next
time you enter the steeple. If not, then skip this next mini-boss
section (BTW, you can fight it later, but if you want to during this
chapter, then now's the best time to do so). If you want to fight the
Atomic Boo, then stand-still while in the hallway and charge up your
Super hammer attack. When there's a few ghosts on you, let go. Do this
two more times and the ghosts will get angry, VERY angry (Ok, maybe not
VERY angry, but still).


Atomic Boo

Goombella's Tattle: "That's an Atomic Boo. It's a giant Boo made up of
a ton of smaller Boos. This thing will try to smoosh us. It can also
split up and send hundreds of Boos at us. And, when we attack, we might
get so scared that we get confused or can't move. I sure wouldn't want
to see this thing standing behind me in the middle of the night...

HP: 40
DEF: 0
Attacks: Smash
Atomic Scare
Split Up

It will use smash on your most often. If you use Power Lift at the
beginning of battle and hit it with your strongest moves afterwards, it
won't be able to do any more dangerous attacks. When it cowers, it's
"charging up" for the atomic scare (sort of like a warning). Try to
damage it as much as you can at that time. When you win, you'll get the
Lucky Start badge.

Either way, go into the door in the background and go right until you
see another switch. Hit that twice and go in the nearby door. Go up the
stairs and go across the upper hallway again. Save and unlock the door.
Inside, use the health block and go up the stairs and use the spring.
At the top watch the scene and finally.

Boss Fight:


Goombella's Tattle: "...??? Wow, hoe totally bizarre... This thing isn't
here. There's a monster in here that looks like this thing... But it
doesn't have a name. It's apparently good at transforming itself and
other things. Maybe it used that power to tun the villagers into pigs!
This thing is a real jerk!

HP: 40
ATK: 4
DEF: 0
Attacks: Ghastly Head-butt
Copycat (changes into "Shadow" Mario for the rest of the
Jump (occurs after Copycat)
Hammer (occurs after Copycat)

OK, so he's not exactly "monster-like", but come on. He did what he
did, so he now has to pay for it. The had-butt is easily guarded so
that shouldn't be too much of a problem. When half of his health is
gone he'll change into a shadow version of Mario. He'll use your jump
and hammer attacks (which you probably aren't used to guarding
against). But, other than that, he's not that dangerous.

End of Chapter... or is it?

f.	Identity Theft

Yep, that's right. You actually beat the REAL Mario. This would explain
why Mario's stance was weird. And why he acted strangely after getting
"beaten". So, now you're alone in the Creepy Steeple. Well, First off,
GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE! We got an identity crisis going on here! But
be careful (especially on Twilight Trail) I don't recommend fighting
these monsters alone, so try to avoid them.

Twilight Trail:

Just do your best to avoid battle for now. When you get to the shack
the thief will comeback and have you try to guess his name. Even if I
told you right now what it is, it wouldn't matter (cause there's a
letter missing, "p"). Obviously, it's part of his name and you can't
use uppercase, so type in anything.

Boss Fight:

"Mario" (?????)

HP: 40
ATK: 1
DEF: Invincible

Just run. Don't bother attacking him, he's completely invincible right
now, so it's pointless to try.

Twilight Town:

You'll run right back into twilight town. Go to the West Side of town
and talk to Vivian and then inspect the far-left bush for the
Superbombbomb. Go back to her and give her the bomb and she'll join
you. You can use her Veil ability to listen in on the crow's
conversations. Just press X when "..." appears when near a group of
crows. If you're wondering where your friends are, they're at the
mayor's house with "Mario". They'll all ignore you (except the mayor.
He'll just tell you to leave). Hide in the shadows while near the crows
closest to the inn for some very important info. Be on your way to
Creepy Steeple.

Twilight Trail:

You already know what's going to happen.

Boss Battle:

"Mario" (?????)

HP: 40
ATK: 1
DEF: Invincible

Once again, just run off.

Now that you have someone in your party, going through the trail will
be much safer. But, you should still be careful. Use Vivian's Veil if a
hyper enemy charges up.

Creepy Steeple:

Instead of using the front door, jump down the nearby well. Get the
shine sprite and defeat the buzzy beetle. In the next room, you'll have
to defeat the seemingly endless supply of spike tops and buzzy beetles.
After you beat all of them, push the door-shaped barrier to the top of
the incline. When you can't push it any further use Vivian's Veil
ability to slip into the shadows. The door will slip past you and you
can continue on. Get the shine sprite, save, and turn into a tube to go
under the hole. Roll up the stairs and spin jump through the wooden
panel. Go left and search between the two right-most windows for a star
piece. Go left and roll into the next room. Get the items from the
chests and the two boxes. Hide while next to the bird to find out that
the bad guy's name is Doopliss. Leave the Steeple.

Twilight Path:

Go all the way back to Twilight Town until Doopliss ambushes you again.
Input that when prompted. He'll run off. Go back to Twilight Town and
stock up on items (and also sleep in the inn). When your ready, leave
toward Creepy Steeple one last time.

f. Ready for Round 2?

Creepy Steeple:

Once you're there, go through the front door. Go into the door in the
background. Go back to the red switch and hit it once. Go through the
nearby door and go up the stairs. Heal and save as you make your way
back to Doopliss's room. Once you're their, watch the scene.

Boss Fight:

(Doopliss with partner)

HP: 40
ATK: 4
DEF: 0
Attacks: Jump (partners use their primary attack)
Spin Jump

It doesn't really start off good this time. You have to fight alone for
he first few turns and Doopliss and your friend will attack you (starts
off with Goombella). Start the Battle with Power Lift and Focus your
attacks on Doopliss. Forget about your partner, If you beat him/her,
another partner will replace him/her (each one more dangerous than the
last). Continue to attack Doopliss with your most powerful attacks
until Vivian comes in to help you. Keep attacking until Doopliss falls.
Watch the scene and the chapter will really end.

g.	Interlude

Watch the short scene with the other 2 shadow sirens.

Watch another scene and answer TEC's questions as follows:

1)	What will happen if you collect seven Crystal Stars? - Thousand-Year
Door opens.

2) What is the goal of Grodus, leader of the X-Nauts? - To conquer the

3)	What is the legendary treasure that waits behind the Thousand-Year
Door? - A 1,000-year-old demon's soul.

4)	What does Sir Grodus wish to do with this ancient demon's soul? -
Bring the demon back to life.

5)	What is required to seal up the demon again? - Crystal Stars.

Watch the scene.

Watch the scene and you'll be in another side-scrolling stage. Just get
to the end and that's it.

h.	Intermission:

Twilight Town:

Watch the scene and go back in the pipe.

Rogueport Sewers:

Make your way to the east part of the sewers (you can roll under the
fallen pillars in the underground town to get to Dazzle). Go into the
pipe behind the gate, to the right of the pipe that goes to Eastern
Rogueport. Go to the next pipe, but go back right. Slip through the
bars that have an entranceway behind them. Go inside, and use Vivian to
pull you into the shadows before the spikes come back up get out when
they go back down and continue this until you get to the treasure
chest. It contains The "Spike Shield" badge (a very useful badge when
fighting enemies that have spikes on their head). Do the same thing to
go back to the entrance and continue on to the thousand-year door. Step
on the pedestal and watch the scenes.


"Toad Bros. Bazaar announces new shipment of best-seller `Super Luigi'!
Get your copy!"

Now's the time to upgrade partner, Vivian. Then, go to the trouble

16.	Client: ??? (Rogueport)
Title: Elusive Badge!
Reward: Attack FX B and a new partner

Go out the back door in the second floor of the inn. Talk to Ms.
Mowz on the roof of Zess T's house. She'll tell you to find a
badge for her back in Hooktail Castle. So, go there and go to
where you fought (and beat) Hooktail (there's an underground star
piece in the far-left cell in the room where you fought the red
bones). And use Flurrie while near the center (there should be an
Invisible Wall there), you'll get the Attack FX B badge. Bring it
to her and she'll give you the badge and join your party.

17.	Client: Mayor Dour (Twilight Town)
Title: Newsletter...
Reward: 30 coins

Talk to the mayor in Twilight Town and take the Routing Slip to
the Elder Puni in the Great Tree. Then go to Kroop in Petalburg.
Finally, go back to Dour and get your reward.

18.	Client: Zess T. (Rogueport)
Title: Seeking legendary book!
Reward: Honey Shroom

Go to Zess T. and give her the cookbook you found in Creepy
Steeple (if you didn't find it, it's in the small hole near the
entrance. You'll have to turn into a tube to go through it).
She'll be able to cook two items and gives you a honey shroom.

You can answer his questions anyway you want. Go to the shipNow, go to
the inn at the plaza and talk to the guy singing by the skull gem (all
the way to the right).  and talk to Flavio again. He'll tell you to
find Admiral Bobbery. Go to the East Side and switch to Yoshi. Float
across the river so you're south of the fence. Go on top of the roof
and uncover the underground star piece. Slip through the thin space
between the two crates to get a shine sprite. Go back on top of the
roof and continue to go left until you see a shine sprite in the
distance. Cross the roofs to get it. Go back to the chimney and use
your tube mode to roll through the small hole. Talk to the Bob-omb
inside and go into the door in the back. Grab another shine sprite and
leave. You should have more than enough by now to upgrade Ms. Mowz, so
do that, then return to the inn. Talk to Podley (the old green guy
behind the counter) and go back to the bob-omb that you talked to
earlier. He'll admit of being Admiral Bobbery, but still won't join
you. Go back to Podley and give the letter he gives you to Bobbery.
Now, he'll join you. Talk to Flavio on his ship and you'll set sail.

6.	Chapter 5: The Key to Pirates.

a.	Shipwrecked

Watch the scene and you'll find yourself in Keelhaul Key.

Keelhaul Key:

"Arrgh, matey! Thar be ghosts on Keelhaul Key that don't look too
kindly on some pudgy landlubber tryin' to get his hands on their
precious Booty."

In other words, Keelhaul Key, is a deserted Island cursed by the spirit
of Cortez.


Flower Fuzzy - 5 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF
Green Fuzzy - 5 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF
Putrid Piranha - 8 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF

There's an underground star piece in the northeastern part of the
screen. Go right to the next screen and watch the scene.


(3 Embers)

Goombella's Tattle: "That's an Ember. Sort of a pale-blue flame spirit.
Kind of spooky. Of course, since this thing is a flame, touching it
will hurt. Didn't Mama teach you that? Looks like it's susceptible to
ice or explosive attacks, so that's something. If you get hit by a
flame attack, you'll catch fire, so try to guard well."

HP: 8
ATK: 3
DEF: 0
Attacks: Burn
Super Flame (attacks you and partner)

Don't use any jump attacks on it or you'll get burned. Ice smash can
help, but any hammer or projectile attack (except fire) will hurt it.

Watch the scene and get the star piece in the shallow water. There's
another one behind the rock in the far-right part of the screen. When
you're ready, go to the next screen and kill the fuzzies (there's
another star piece in the first bush you see). On the next screen, kill
the enemies and hit the item block and jump on top of it. Jump again
and you'll reveal a con block. Keep jumping until no more coins come
out of it. Get the star piece behind the root near the end of the
screen. Jump up the stairs and jump across the gaps. Use Yoshi to float
to the empty coin block and then float to the ledge. Continue up until
you see another shine sprite. Have Yoshi float to the block under it
and grab the shine sprite. Continue on to the next screen. During the
scene, the suspicious-pirate will talk to "you" (the person in front of
the TV) and say not to tell Mario who he is (Gee, I wonder who THAT
could be). Instead of following him, go back to the bridge and cross it
(grab the shine sprite on the way). On the next screen, fight the two


(3 Embers)

HP: 8
ATK: 3
DEF: 0
Attacks: Burn
Super Flame (attacks both you and partner)

The same strategy applies here.

After the fight, hit the tree and watch the scene. Get the star piece
hidden behind a rock in the shallow water. You can get the Spite pouch
from the nearby bush. Afterwards, go to the previous screen and go on
the bride. Turn sideways while on the East End of it and you'll fall
through one of the slats. Get the Ice Power badge and go back up. At
the Left side, go down the stairs and use Yoshi to cross the gaps to
the pipe. Go in and hit the nearby tree. Get the coconut and take it
back to camp. Give the coconut to Flavio and he'll give you the
Chuckola Cola. Go back to Bobbery and give him it. He's not really
dead, so whack him with your hammer. He'll join your party. Go back to
the campsite and talk to Flavio. He'll temporarily "join" you. Go back
to where you have Bobbery the Chuckola Cola and go to the dead end.
After the scene, examine the skull rock. Now, talk to Flavio and ask
him to give you the red skull gem. Put it in the skull rock and then,
spin jump on the red stone 3 times. Next, bonk the blure stone with
your hammer 4 times. Toss Bobbery into the hole that appeared, and
you'll be able to enter.

b.	Try not to get skewered, OK?

Pirate's Grotto:

"As you delve deeper into pirate's grotto, you'll hear ghostly voices
telling you to turn back. Where's Luigi with his Poltergeist 3000 when
you need him?"

This is a pretty big dungeon (but not as big as some of the later
ones). But, it's not easy to get lost here.

Bill Blaster - 5 HP, 0 ATK (doesn't directly attack), 2 DEF
Bulky Bob-omb - 6 HP, 2 ATK, 1 DEF
Bullet Bill - 2 HP, 4 ATK, 1 DEF
Ember - 8 HP, 3 ATK, 0 DEF
Lava Bubble - 6 HP, 4 ATK, 0 DEF
Parabuzzy - 5 HP, 3 ATK, 4 DEF

Start off by saving your game and going through the tunnel. Jump down
the ledge till you see an exit. Defeat the lava bubble and going on top
of the wrecked ship. While standing on the northern edge of the ship,
jump up to receive a shine sprite. There's also a shine sprite on a
platfrom to the south of the path with spears. To get past the spike
trap, you can either use Vivian to hide from them, or use your paper
mode in between the spears (somewhat harder). On the next screen, you
can fight the bullet bills (although they don't give you any star
points, you just get 1 for winning the battle) or use Vivian again to
hide from them. Keep dodging or fighting the bullets until you reach
the blasters. Defeat them and continue. Use Yoshi to cross the gaps and
beat the bulky bob-omb. At the next screen, beat the ember and go up
the stairs. Fir Koops' shell when across from the shine sprite and a
coin block will appear near it. Go up, defeat the parabuzzy, and go on
the block and hit the shine sprite box with your hammer. Go down a
little and save. Jump across the river and toss Bobbery when right next
to the ledge. He'll walk to the switch and explode, activating it. The
door will open. Go through and defeat the bulk bob-omb waiting for you.
Uncover the underground star piece near the entrance and go to the
other side. Once inside, hop on the crate floating in water and hold
Koops' shell to the left. Hop on the platform being supported by chains
and let go. Hop to the right when you're high enough and get the key.
Do the same again, but hop on the crate that lowers and wait for it to
rise. Hop to the left to get a shine sprite. Go down into the open
barrel to get a star piece. Jump down and return to the save point and
unlock the door on the lower level. Defeat the enemies behind the door.
Get the underground star piece in the center before proceeding. On the
next screen, use Koops to get the Shine sprite to your right. Use your
tube mode to roll under the spears (you'll have to wait for the lowest
ones to recede into the wall). On the next screen, go to the end and
have Bobbery blow up the wooden barricade. Defeat the two bullet
blasters inside and continue.

c. The Fourth Time

Jump across the gap and go inside he shipwreck. Search behind the
wreckage for a P-Down, D-Up badge. Talk to the black chest and defeat
the ember that appears. Get the key and bring it to the chest to be
"cursed" for the last time. Now, leave and use the boat panel to sail
across to the panel to the right. Return to the Save point on the cliff
(not the one at the entrance) and go to the top. Go out the door to the
right and use the boat panel. Sail down the waterfall and go left to
the next screen. Keep going until you see another boat panel. Dock and
jump cross for the gate handle. Jump left and take the long way back to
the locked gate. Put the handle on the chain spool and the gate will
open. Go back to the top of the waterfall and use the boat panel to
sail past the gate. Sail east into the next screen. Dodge the waves and
make your way to the next screen.

d. Save the toads!

Keep going to the next panel and dock. Go into the pipe and make your
way to the other side. Jump up the ledges and go into the next pipe.
Use the airplane panel to travel to the next two pipes. Hit the switch
at the end of the ledge each pipe takes you to save them. Go back to
the far-right pipe and go to them. Go into the next screen and go
inside the ship (after saving and healing of course).

e. Meet Cortez

Go into the next door and watch the scene.

Boss Fight:


Goombella's Tattle: "That's Cortez! He's the dreaded pirate spirit who
haunts the island! His HP may seem low, by he's a spirit so even when
his HP hits 0, he'll come back. Plus, he has tons of different attacks.
He's as tough and scary as he looks. I'd say just keep damaging him,
and sooner or later he'll go down for good! Let's give this tormented
spirit some eternal rest!"

(stats are for each form)
HP: 20 (Weapons in the third form have 4 HP)
ATK: 4
DEF: 1 (Green gem/heart in second form has 0 DEF)
Attacks: (first form)
(Second Form)
Attack Boost
Bone Throw
(Third Form)
Soul Absorb (only uses it on audience)

First Form:

Try not to use your strongest attacks right now. He'll be more
dangerous later in battle. Heal your HP if necessary, but don't use all
of your mushrooms.

Second Form:

Use your strongest attacks when his rib cage opens (after your third
attack). Otherwise, attack normally (now would be a good time to use
some Flower points). Watch out, though, when he raises his attack.

Third Form:

Now, start it off with Art Attack or Earth Tremor (whatever's easier
for you and switch to Vivian. She should be upgraded, so use Feiry Jinx
when any of the weapons are present. When his HP is low he'll absorb
the souls of half the crowd to replenish all of his HP. Beat him down
again to finish him off.

Watch the scene and the chapter will end (sort of).

f.	Intermission I

After getting thrown out of the ship, go back to the save point (use
Yoshi to cross the last gap). Save, heal (if necessary) and go back to
the previous screen. Watch the scene and have Bobbery blow up the
cracked wall. After they all leave, follow them.

Keelhaul Key:

Go down until another scene occurs. Go back to Cortez (you can use the
hole up north) and watch yet another scene. Return to the front of the
ship for yet ANOTHER scene. Finally...

Boss Fight:

(Lord Crump and X-Nauts)
Lord Crump:

Goombella's Tattle: "That's Lord Cump. Not this guy again... Ugh. He just
attacks normally, so don't worry much about him... But... those X-Nauts
around him are a force to be reckoned with. They're going to attack us
with all kinds of weird moves, I can just FEEL it! If we take out their
leader, though, they won't have the focus to attack. Get Crump!

HP: 30
ATK: 3
DEF: 0
Attacks: Crump-a-bomb
Bathroom Break (uses it once)


Goombella's Tattle: "That's an X-Naut platoon. Crump commands them all.
Where'd they come from? They're gonna come at us with coordinated group
maneuvers, I'm sure. ...But they're pretty wimpy, so we should be able to
handle it, don'tcha think?

HP: 6 (10 HP for second set)
Attack: 5
DEF: 0
Attacks: Multi-Bomb
Dog Pile
X-Boulder (second set only)

Beat down Crump until his HP is gone. He'll take a bathroom break and
heal his entire HP. A second set of X-Nauts will join him. These guys
attack both members of your party, so finish off Crump as fast as you

g.	Interlude

Watch the scenes and go out of TEC's room into the elevator. Go left
until you see a door with a green light above it. From left to right,
put the potions in this order: red, blue, orange, and green. Next,
press the button on the far-left to turn the machine on. Whenever the
beaker stops at a potion (whichever one it is, cause it will go back
and forth), press the corresponding button. Finally, wait for exactly
30 seconds (it helps to have a stopwatch) and press the red button
below the beaker. If you do this correctly, it will make Peach
invisible (except for her dress). Leave the room and go into the door
at the right end of the hallway. Search the bookshelf in the upper
right corner of the room. Put the disk into the nearby computer and put
the disk back where you found it. Leave and return to the room where
you made yourself invisible (the one with the green light). Drink the
green potion and leave the room. Watch the scene and this part's over.

The only thing you have to do here is talk to Grodus, but you can talk
to everyone else in here if you want.

h.	Intermission II


Return to Rogueport Sewers.

Rogueport Sewers:

New Enemies:

Hammer Bro - 7 HP, 4 ATK, 1 DEF
Koopatrol - 6 HP, 4 ATK, 2 DEF
Magikoopa - 7 HP, 4 ATK, 0 DEF
Spunia - 12 HP, 7 ATK, 2 DEF

Bowser's henchmen have invaded the sewers! You'll find these enemies,
along with some of the old ones whenever you enter from now on. Make
your way back to the thousand-year door, beating the new enemies and
step on the pedestal. Watch the scene and you'll be able to do some
more sidequests.


Talk to Merlon outside and he'll tell you about finding something back
at Hooktail Castle. Go inside, and upgrade any partner that hasn't been
yet. There's also some more news...

"Castaways return from the cursed island of Keelhaul Key! With
treasure, maybe?"

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