Pokemon Black Version: FAQ/Walkthrough

       Pokemon Black Version FAQ/Walkthrough by Drayano
Version 1.00, Last Updated 2010-11-01
Table of Contents

   1. FAQ Info
   2. Version History
   3. Introduction
   4. Additions and Changes
         1. Seasons
         2. Experience System
         3. Other Additions / Changes
   5. Version Differences
   6. General Tips
   7. Walkthrough
         1. A Trainer's Beginnings for the Tri Badge
         2. Second Steps for the Basic Badge
         3. A Forest Excursion for the Beetle Badge
         4. Desert Sands and the Bolt Badge
         5. Beating Temperature for the Quake Badge
         6. Shock and Horror for the Jet Badge
         7. Traversing the Past and Present
         8. Resuming the Path for the Icicle Badge
         9. A Plasmatic Intervention
        10. Legendary Tales and the Legend Badge
        11. The Final Chapter
        12. Remains of the West
        13. Eastern Isshu, Volume I
        14. Eastern Isshu, Volume II
        15. Eastern Isshu, Volume III
        16. The Real Final Chapter
   8. Under Construction
   9. Credits

FAQ Info

    Pokémon Black and White Walkthrough
    Version Number: 1.00
    Last Updated: 1 / 11 / 10
    Written by Andrew "Drayano" Brooks

I would prefer for this walkthrough to stay at GameFAQs and its partners only (with some possible exceptions) on account of the fact that I never pay attention to any other sites that host guides. There's also problems when versions aren't updated which creates conflicting e-mails; it's just a lot easier to maintain something when I have but a small number of sites to manage the walkthrough with.

The entirety of this document is copyright Andrew Brooks, 2010.
Version History

Version 1.00 ~ 01/11/10

    * The second released version of this walkthrough. The entirety of the main walkthrough (right from Kanoko Town to the Champion battle) is complete, although there is more content that still needs to be written.

Version 0.50 ~ 10/10/10

    * The first released version of this walkthrough.


With the arrival of Black and White, the Pokemon games have officially entered their 'fifth generation', a well known technical term for the series of games that hold the fifthly revealed set of Pokemon. The games including their Japanese releases have been around since 1996, totalling a grand total of 14 years as of 2010. While not as old as some of Nintendo's other franchises such as Mario or Zelda, Pokemon is without a doubt one of the most important franchises Nintendo has control over, being the game franchise with the second best sales (Mario coming top.) Of course, credence shouldn't be lent to Nintendo, for the actual makers of the Pokemon games are Game Freak; my currently invisible hat is off to them for yet another amazing entry in the series.

The history of the series up to now; Pokemon started with the release of Pokemon Red and Green in Japan back in 1996, where they instantly became high end sellers. Later that same year followed the release of Pokemon Blue in Japan, where it was known as a third release, containing some small changes that the originals never had such as wild Jynx in Seafoam Islands and Ditto in Rock Tunnel, as well as upgrades to sound, graphics and script.

Skip forward two years to 1998 and we see the release of Pokemon Red and Blue in America, and later that year Austraila; they were in fact the Red and Green from Japan, but updated with the aesthetic effects from Blue. Just like in Japan, the games took off immediately, becoming incredibly high sellers on Nintendo's Game Boy system. 1998 also saw the release of Pokemon Yellow in Japan, with extra features that made it a true 'third version.' Yellow was heavily anime based, making your starter Pikachu, redesigning some characters to look like their anime counterparts, and having new sprites, many of which reflected anime poses. 1999 saw Yellow released in the United States, as well as the release of Red and Blue in European regions, where again they took off like wildfire. 2000 saw Yellow released in Australia and Europe, and thus with legendary spin-offs such as Pokemon Snap and the Stadium series, the games which would be later known as the first generation or Generation I came to an end. These were the games that introduced Kanto and the first original 151 Pokemon, and these are the games that many somewhat blinded by nostalgia people will claim to be the best, although some genuine fans will also claim the same thing. Are they truly the best in the series? It's entirely subjective, though honestly I don't think so.

Soon after that came Gold and Silver, released in 1999 in Japan and 2000-2001 in all other regions. Gold and Silver were in many ways a direct sequel to Red and Blue, although they had the new features a new generation would bring, such as the addition of 100 new Pokemon and a new region called the Johto region. These Generation II games are also fondly remembered in people's hearts, although the game did kind of... fall in some places, such as a somewhat bad level curve and a half assed Kanto after the credits which was a bit on the barren side. That aside, however, G/S were great and memorable games. They, and their later introduced third version Crystal, were very closely linked to Red and Blue.

As such, it came as no surprise when Generation III's Ruby and Sapphire severed all connectivity links to the first two generations, meaning Pokemon from any of those games could not be brought up to the third generation; every player had to start from scratch. Ruby and Sapphire are often regarded now as the worst games in the series; I'm quite unsure on how true it is, although they do appear somewhat disadvantaged in the face of more recent games. Generation III did however bring some interesting changes such as the introduction of abilities on Pokémon, a completely new stat system and another 135 Pokemon.

Generation III also began the remake trend, with Fire Red and Leaf Green released across the world in 2004. These two were remakes of the original Red and Blue, keeping very close to them while making additions and minor changes in an effort to make the games better than before. Some changes were a bit... odd (Giovanni's main being changed from a Rhydon to a Rhyhorn, anyone?) but some additions were good, and to expand the game a range of new areas called the Sevii Islands were introduced. FR/LG were important mainly for the ability to gain non Hoenn Dex Pokemon, for R/S had only included 202 Pokemon; the remaining 184 were nowhere to be seen (aside from Colosseum, which had been released on the Gamecube in 2003.) FR/LG are honestly my least favourite Pokemon games of the lot; I find them a bit boring. That doesn't matter though, does it?

Later in 2004-05 came Pokemon Emerald, which truly defined what a "third version" was. The amount of new features Emerald brought to the two games was immense, having Pokemon animations (although these were around in Crystal, where they were a lot better truth be told), revamped gyms, revamped trainer rosters (including the gym leaders and Elite Four), a somewhat changed storyline, extra additions to the Safari Zone, and most importantly, the Battle Frontier, a seven-piece battling facility that increased the playtime by hours, although the place was notorious for its heavily luck based torment. Of course, that wasn't all; the list goes on and on. Emerald was a huge step up from R/S, and is quite well regarded as one of the best games in the series.

Moving ahead a year or two, the console shifted again, this time to the Nintendo DS, where Generation IV was stationed. The first two games to appear were Diamond and Pearl, bringing another 106 Pokemon with them as well as some very interesting changes such as the physical/special split, although the deeper game mechanics stayed the same as R/S, with which it was compatible. Diamond and Pearl were some of my favourites at the time of release, although looking back now... they were pretty bad. The actual gameplay alone was good, but things such as the speed of the battles... I don't even want to comment. It was just horrible and practically half the speed of the games on the GBA.

Thankfully, two years later Pokemon Platinum the third version of Diamond and Pearl arrived, and made the Generation IV games into what they deserved to be. Amidst improving all of the aesthetics such as graphics, speed (most importantly a MUCH faster battle speed and surfing speed) Platinum added a hell of a lot of new features, including another Battle Frontier, redesigned rosters, Gym Leader rematches, etc. Basically a lot of stuff Emerald added, although Platinum also had unique additions in the form of the Distortion World and new forms or "formes", as the series calls them for three different Pokemon. Platinum also introduced some now staples to the series, including VS bars and animations for important trainers in the game. The level curve was also vastly improved and the storyline changed somewhat; Platinum is, in my opinion, one of the best Pokemon games the franchise has ever seen.

A year later and the much anticipated Gold and Silver remakes arrived on the Nintendo DS, titled Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Fans had been predicting G/S remakes since FR/LG were released and the theory eventually came true. Heart Gold and Soul Silver feature many of the improvements from Platinum such as the battle speed, graphic style etc although it also adds some new features of its own, such as particular sounds when moving on the field such as being near flowing water and different sound effects for different paths. The remakes also gave Kanto a much needed boost, making it far less barren than it was in GSC by making the cities more colourful and lively, as well as restoring the previously lost Viridian Forest, Seafoam Islands and Cerulean Cave. HG/SS also brought forward gym leader rematches of their own; all in all, I think they were vast improvements on the original GSC, with perhaps one or two tiny exceptions.

With that huge pile of writing done, we finally arrive at 2010, where Generation V has begun on the DS with the release of Black & White. Paired versions are usually not so good as their third counterparts, but Black and White alone are incredible games; bringing forth the new Isshu region - which may sound small by route names but is in fact incredibly large and a totally new 156 Pokemon, Black and White gave the series a 'restart' in the form of only the new Pokemon being available prior to receiving the National Dex; all ties to previous Pokemon were completely cut off. Isshu was also based highly off certain parts of North America primarily New York giving both the region and the Pokemon interesting designs. The graphics also changed quite drastically, featuring Pokemon actually moving in battles (by going through a specific animation sequence on a loop) and very dynamic camera views in battles. It's also fast, even more so than the likes of Platinum and HG/SS. Honestly, it's hard to describe, but Black and White are absolutely incredible games; the 40/40 award they got from the Famitsu review is somewhat evidence of that; I say somewhat due to their 40/40 of Nintendogs, but whatever. The new Pokemon, the region, the storyline, the aesthetics... they are all brilliant. Generation V is looking to be the best yet, and if B/W are this good, then just what will happen in the obviously coming third version? They did of course remove some things that should have been in B/W that will obviously be in the third version such as leader rematches, but what else might they add? Then there are also the possible and very likely Ruby and Sapphire remakes for the future... this generation is looking to be very, very good.

That's basically it in a rather expanded nutshell; I've probably written a bit too much, but there are still plenty of features some of the games brought that I missed out. tl;dr version, the series has run for a while and in my opinion is getting better with each successive generation.
Additions and Changes

As Black and White are the beginning of a new generation Generation V it is only natural that there are some new changes to the games that haven't been seen in the series previously.

The most obvious and biggest change to the game itself is the presence of seasons; the game will now switch between spring, summer, autumn and winter. The season the game is in depends entirely on what month it is and nothing else; it isn't a set time limit, just the month. As such, it is entirely possible to change the season simply by changing the DS clock to any of the three months of the season you want.

Seasons present a small amount of changes around Isshu. Most notably, the colours of the areas will change a bit depending on the season; for example, summer will have areas appear more vibrant, winter will have areas appear icier etc. There will also be weather effects on some parts, such as apparent snow on some routes, but it's not enough to cause Hail in battles.

The season will also change some of the paths you can take slightly; there are some parts of the areas you can only access in winter for example, when snow piles up enough to allow you to cross certain parts. This is needed if you want to obtain every item ball in the game; this is most notable in the areas around Sekka City.

Wild Pokemon will also change depending on the season, but it's more of a shifting around than a complete change. With some exceptions, you can catch all Pokemon in any season, although these exceptions lie only with post Elite Four Pokemon; you can at least catch the base form of anything in Isshu in any season.

The seasons correspond to the following months:
Season	Months
Spring	January, May, September
Summer	February, June, October
Autumn	March, July, November
Winter	April, August, December
Experience System

Another notable new change is the revamped experience system; if a Pokemon beats an opponent that is of a higher level than it, the experience gained is increased. If a Pokemon beats an opponent that is of a lower level than it, the experience gained is lowered. The amount is raised or lowered respectively depending on the distance between levels (ie a Level 48 Pokemon defeating a Level 58 Pokemon will earn more experience than a Level 51 Pokemon defeating a Level 58 Pokemon, then a Level 38 Pokemon will learn even more etc. The reverse applies for defeating weaker enemies.)

In addition, Pokemon are now able to have a base EXP (a hidden value that is used in the EXP formula for how much you receive when you beat a particular Pokemon) of over 255; while no pre Generation V Pokemon have had this value changed, there are several Generation V Pokemon with base EXP values exceeding 255. The most notable is Tabunne, a "rare" Pokemon that has an absolutely gigantic 390 base EXP. Defeating one will give you a ton of experience. In comparison, the Chansey line and Arceus gave the most EXP prior to Generation V, with a base EXP of 255.

As such, this system makes it much easier to raise lower levelled Pokemon, especially utilizing the Elite Four very late in the game as they reach very high levels.

A table to summarize:
YP/OP	Lower Level	Same Level	Higher Level
Lower Level	-	-	Increased EXP
Same Level	-	Unchanged EXP	-
Higher Level	Reduced EXP	-	-

    * YP = Your Pokemon, going down and OP = Opponent Pokemon, going across

Other Additions / Changes

    * There are another new 156 Pokemon, making for a grand total of 649.
    * A new region called Isshu has been introduced.
    * New items and attacks have been introduced.
    * Pokemon sprites now move in battle or on the status screen.
    * Battles contain much more dynamic camera views.
    * Battle speed has been improved since the fourth generation games.
    * TMs are now reusable, just like HMs; they no longer break after one use.
    * Some TMs and HMs have been changed; there are now only six HMs, namely Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Waterfall and Dive.
    * The absolute required use of HMs has been shrunk drastically; you'll have to use their field effects much, much less.

    * You will now see 'rare patches' within the field; you may see grass shaking, a dark shadow in the water, a cloud of dust in a cave or a dark shadow on a bridge. Some of these contain items, but all of them can contain Pokemon. They are generally Pokemon that you cannot normally find in the area, so if one appears it would be a good idea to check it. (Note you can either surf into or fish in the dark water spots.)

    * There are two types of grass on some routes; normal, thin grass and tall, thick grass. The latter contains stronger Pokemon levelwise, as well as sometimes a different variety of Pokemon and the chance for double wild battles. Double wild battles act much the same as in DPPt; you cannot catch a Pokemon until one of the two has fainted.

    * Some old attacks and abilities have been changed; for example, Tackle has gone up from 35 power and 95 accuracy to 50 power and 100 accuracy, making it a much better move for the early parts of the game.

    * Two new types of battles have been introduced, "triple battles" and "rotation battles." Both involve sending out three Pokemon, but triple battles have all three Pokemon attacking at once, whereas rotation battles have three Pokemon on the field that can be freely rotated each turn; it's basically a 1 vs 1 battle, but with a large twist. Triple battles are also different in that unlike double battles, not everything can attack everything else; the position of the Pokemon (ie left, centre, right) DOES matter.

    * Wi-Fi has been edited a fair bit from DPPtHGSS, and in some cases is a lot more restricted... However, Black and White do feature an option that allow you to do random fights, much like in Pokemon Battle Revolution. They are timed fights (lasting an hour at most) and are performed in stadium mode (ie see all six of your opponent's Pokemon, and then pick three for a 3 vs 3 battle.) Notable downgrades include it being impossible to do Level 100 fights and always seeing your opponent's team in a battle, though.

    * More stuff that I'm too lazy to list. Basically everything you'd expect from a new generation. There are some steps back from HGSS though, such as no more Pokemon following you and no auto run.

Version Differences

In comparison with previous paired versions, Black and White actually have quite a few differences from each other. There are the usual, such as version exclusives and different legendary mascots (which has been the case since G/S) but Black and White also bring some extra differences to the table.

The most notorious of these are to do with a certain location in Isshu; depending on whether you are playing Black or White, you will either see Black City, OR White Forest. Neither of these areas can be accessed until after you defeat the Elite Four for the first time, but at any rate these two areas are very different from each other. Both are located on the upper mid-east of Isshu, to the right of Raimon City, where the fourth gym is found.

Black players will get to see Black City, a dark and large city with a huge focus on battling. The city is very technological, and talking to any NPC around the city (outside the buildings) will land you in a fight with them. They battle with fully evolved forms of older Pokémon from Generations I to IV, which are added to your PokeDex so they become searchable on the GTS. These trainers will fight you once each day, making them good for experience. Black City also has a building selling items, with some notoriously high prices; however, some of the items that can be sold in the shops include the elemental stones, so even with the sky high prices it can be worth it. Just don't buy Poké Balls or Nuggets in there. Yes, they sell Nuggets. No, you cannot make a profit from them.

White players on the other hand get White Forest, which is a forest that has a ton of grass in it amidst some very tall trees. The grass in White Forest contains level 5 Pokemon, but these Pokemon are basic forms of those from the older generations that cannot be found elsewhere in Isshu; in fact, they are the basic forms of the very same Pokemon the trainers in Black City use, and vice versa for Black City's trainers having the fully evolved forms of these wild Pokemon. White Forest also contains valuable items, and each day between 0 to 3 of them are generated, and can be located using the Itemfinder. White Forest also contains the ever important elemental stones for free, so it is somewhat advantageous. Black City has one big advantage though; you can buy Heart Scales, whereas in White you have to steal from Luvdisc. Black users may not necessarily get to buy Heart Scales though, if they get unlucky.

The important thing to note is that at any one time you will get a selection of somewhere between 10-12 (I'm not sure on the exact number, and it could well be less than 10) Pokemon out of a possible 32 that you can either find wild or fight against, depending on the version. The items you find in the forest and the items you can buy in the city are also decided in a similar way. The only way to change which Pokemon are being used is to access the High Link feature in some way that I am currently unsure of, but it appears that you do need another player or at least another DS with a copy of Black or White in order to change the Pokemon in the places. If you're unable to access High Link, you're pretty much stuck with what you start with, unfortunately.

That aside, there are also some more minor differences, which are as follows:

    * Black appears more technological, whereas White is more natural. Aside from Black City / White Forest, this is seen most strongly in Souryuu City, where the design changes entirely depending on the version.
    * In addition, the gym leader you battle in Souryuu City also changes depending on which version you're playing. You battle the same roster regardless, however.
    * As seen on the game box, Black's mascot is Reshiram, whereas White's mascot is Zekrom. You will be able to catch the legendary that is on the game box. Which Pokemon appears at the title screen also depends on which game version you're playing, and matches the Pokemon on the box art.
    * Some colour schemes will change depending on the version, too; for example, you'll see more black backgrounds in Black, whereas White has more white backgrounds.
    * Whether you'll see more triple battles or rotation battles depends on the version; Black only has rotation battles with one exception aside from Wi-Fi, whereas White has only triple battles with one exception aside from Wi-Fi.
    * Small story details will change somewhat to reflect on the opposite mascot depending on which version you're playing. However, the general story is exactly the same.

The version exclusives are as follows; with Isshu Pokemon on the left and older Pokemon on the right:
Black	White		Black	White
Monmen	Churine		Weedle	Caterpie
Erufuun	Doredia		Kakuna	Metapod
Gothimu	Yamiran		Beedrill	Butterfree
Gochimiru	Daburan		Paras	Shroomish
Gochiruzeru	Rankurusu		Parasect	Breloom
Vulchai	Washibon		Murkrow	Misdreavus
Vuljina	Wargle		Honchkrow	Mismagius
Tornelos	Voltolos		Houndour	Poochyena
Reshiram	Zekrom		Houndoom	Mightyena
			Plusle	Minun
			Volbeat	Illumise

    * NOTE: It is possible to trade a Monmen for a Churine in Black and vice-versa for White within Shippou City, so it is still very possible to obtain and use the counterpart. It comes at Level 15.
    * The list above does not include any Pokemon that are found in White Forest.

Aside from that, they're pretty much the same. Choose whichever you like best.
General Tips

In order to make your Black and White game more enjoyable, here are some useful tips that will get you through the game either easier, or with more fun:

    * If at any time you need experience, seek out Tabunne. Tabunne can only be found in shaking grass, but within that they are very common, and with their 390 base EXP they will give out a ton of EXP even if there is a slight level difference (ie <=10 levels). The easiest way to find shaking grass is to run or bike just outside some NORMAL grass (not tall grass that has double wild battles) and wait for a patch to shake, and then run into the shaking patch to hopefully find a Tabunne, though you may encounter some other rarities such as Emonga or rare fully evolved Pokemon. Note that if you run into a wild encounter before you reach the shaking grass, the shaking will disappear, so you may want to use a Repel to get to the patch; the Repel itself will not stop you encountering a Pokemon once you step into a shaking patch or any other rare Pokemon spot.

    * Try to make your team varied; the more variety you have, the more fun the game often ends up being. I would highly recommend using six Pokemon this time around, as you get enough EXP to do it and having six tends to be a lot more fun than say... just one. I would recommend you use at least three or four for the best time, unless you really want to just speed through it.

    * Try and have as much move variety as well; the more you can take advantage of the type chart, the better. Give each Pokemon variety; the more opponents they can hit the better. For example, don't give a Rankurusu a moveset like Psycho Shock, Psychic, Future Sight and Dizzy Punch; take advantage of its stats and wide movepool, and give it something like Psychic, Thunder, Shadow Ball and Recover.

    * On that note, play as best as you can to your Pokemon's stats. For example, use physical moves on Hihidaruma to benefit from its 140 base attack, but use special moves on Shandera to benefit from its 145 base special attack. Some Pokemon will have equal or near to base stats in both attacking stats, in which case mixed is fine. Play to your Pokemon's strengths whenever you can, however.

    * Always keep some Poké Balls and preferably some Repel too. Poké Balls are good in case you end up encountering a shiny, which has a small 1/8192 chance of appearing; though unlikely, there have been cases where a player lands in a fight with a shiny Pokemon and they have no Poke Balls, hence they are forced to kill it. The Repel is for when you're in caves and such; the encounter rates in Black and White can become overwhelming, so Repel or its variations can be very useful. In terms of economics, Super Repel gives you the best value for money vs steps.

    * Try not to get too overlevelled! If your levels are too high, then the game will just be too easy and get boring. Pokemon games are easy anyway, but you don't want to make it too easy.

    * If at all possible, try to have at least one status move on your team such as Thunder Wave or Sleep Powder. Catching some tougher wild Pokemon will become much easier with a status effect in tow.

    * When you receive the Lucky Egg about midway through the game, shift it around your Pokemon in order to get the best yield of experience. The more battles you can use it with, the better. Your levels will practically skyrocket once you get the item.

    * Do not be afraid to utilize the option to change the DS calendar; it is incredibly useful for swapping seasons or speeding up daily events if need be. For daily events, try setting time to 23:59 and letting the day roll over naturally.

    * If at all possible, you'll probably want your natures to not reduce the stats you want to use; having speed boosting natures can also help. Don't put too much emphasis on it though; you don't NEED good natures, but they can help things along a bit.


The walkthrough itself is split into nine main sections, then a few more covering the post Elite Four stuff. The first eight are labelled with the badge name, then the rest I've just made up with my crappy sense of creativity. Ctrl+Fing a place name will generally get you there but if not just navigate to the badge using the table of contents and try your luck there.
A Trainer's Beginnings for the Tri Badge

This section contains Kanoko Town, Route 1, Karakusa Town, Route 2, Sanyou City, Abandoned Lot of Dreams and Sanyou Gym.
Kanoko Town

Thus our adventure begins. You will be asked to select a language; katakana is the top one, kanji is the bottom. Pick one, then as usual the professor of the region this time Professor Araragi introduces us to the region, telling us about the relationship between humans and Pokémon... etcetera etcetera. Pick your character's gender and name, then after a bit more dialogue you will be transported into the world of Isshu.

The game starts rather cinematically compared to previous titles; Araragi will enter the house and drop off a parcel, and then leave in the space of a second. I have no idea how she does it, but whatever.

The scene will cut to your room, where you and Cheren one of your two rivals will be. After some rather critical dialogue, Belle will show up. She'll walk over to the parcel, wanting to open it up. The three of you will be in a line when you gain control; you can now move around and access the menu, before you even pick your starter. Simply press X to enter the menu if you wish.

It's worth going into the options and changing it to your liking, if only to change the text speed to fast. I don't know about you, but I cannot stand a slow text speed. Of course if you prefer slow then that's fine. Anyway, the options are as follows:

    * Text Speed: Slow, Medium or Fast
    * Battle Scene: On or Off
    * Battle Style: Shift or Set
    * Sound: Stereo or Mono
    * Display Text: Katakana or Kanji
    * IR Report: ...I'm not sure about this one...

Set what you need to, then I would suggest saving. After that, it's time to pick your starter! As usual, we have a choice between Fire, Water or Grass.

    Pokabu ~ Fire
    Evolution: Pokabu --> Level 17 --> Chaoboo --> Level 36 --> Enbuoh

    * Pokabu is the Fire-type starter of Isshu, being based around a pig as one look at it will probably tell you. Pokabu follows a similar trend to the previous two Fire-type starting Pokemon in that once it evolves it gains a Fighting-type in addition to its Fire. Unoriginal? You bet, but there's not a whole lot we can do about it now. Pokabu and his evolutions are definitely the strongest of the three starters, with Enbuoh having a pretty large 123 base attack, but they are also the slowest of the three. Their defenses are also relatively bad, although there is a redeeming factor in that the line has some very large HP stats, with Enbuoh surpassing even Swampert.

    * The line also gets some interesting moves such as Head Smash and Nitro Charge, although there is a rather significant lack of Fighting-type moves in their level up Arm Thrust is the only one you will naturally get, and Brick Break is quite late in the game. Pokabu can be good; it is very good early in the game. I find it a bit boring, but that's just me. I'm not too fond of the design on the final form... :x It's definitely the best for the earlier gyms at any rate, having an advantage over both the second and third.

    Mijumaru ~ Water
    Evolution: Mijumaru --> Level 17 --> Futachimaru --> Level 36 --> Daikenki

    * Mijumaru is the Water-type starter of Isshu, with many characteristics of a sea otter, although its final form is quite different in design. At any rate, this starter nicknamed "Wotter" by many fans, and I might mention it's a nickname I like to use myself is actually quite unique as far as things go typewise; sure, it's just pure Water the whole way through the line, but there is a severe lack of Water-type Pokemon in Isshu; prior to getting Surf there's about three other Water lines you can get, then another three lines once you get Surf. It may sound like plenty, but when you consider the availability and just how crap some of them are you will see why having a Water-type for your starter can be so good. Stats wise, Daikenki turns out to be sort of a mix; it does have strong offense albeit not quite as strong as Enbuoh in its specialized stat but is also faster than Enbuoh, but much slower than Jalorda. It's strong enough to use though, definitely.

    * This line also has some very nice moves; the line being Water-types can learn moves such as Surf and Ice Beam, but are also compatible with the TM for Grass Knot. Daikenki is also capable of learning Megahorn, which can prove very useful later on. This starter in general will grow quite steadily and it can quickly become a core member of your team.

    Tsutarja ~ Grass
    Evolution: Tsutarja --> Level 17 --> Janovy --> Level 36 --> Jalorda

    * Tsutarja, aptly nicknamed "Smugleaf" by the community due to its rather smug pose, is my personal favourite starter in terms of design; it's based on a snake, which is seen more easily if you think of Tsutarja without arms and legs. It gets more snakelike with each form, and by the time it is a fully evolved Jalorda it is obvious. Tsutarja being a pure Grass-type is basically just begging for a movepool problem and unfortunately that plea was accepted. There are quite a few other Grass-types in the region as well, though none so smug as our Smugleaf here. In terms of stats, this line excels in Speed above all else; they're not quite as fast as Treecko's line, but come damn close. Taking Jalorda into account, their defenses are also very good, being 75/95/95 HP/Def/SDef, but Jalorda's offenses fall flat being 75 for both attack and special attack. Compared to Enbuoh's 123 attack and Daikenki's 108 special attack, it is by far the weakest of the three.

    * There's also the problem that it learns like nothing; it gets Grass moves, the use of Return and Frustration and... that's it. The thing is basically built to be a subseeder, which isn't so useful in-game. It's definitely useful for getting some quick kills in, but you're basically going to be stuck with Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm and a rather weak Return. As much as I like it, I have to admit it really doesn't have a lot of movepool going for it. If you think you need a good Grass attack then by all means pick Tsutarja, but if you want a starter with good type coverage then go for one of the other two.

Despite me calling it boring, I'm going to use Pokabu as I write this walkthrough, only because as I'm writing this walkthrough it's my third playthrough and I have yet to use Pokabu. I honestly think Mijumaru is probably the best starter though, but that's beside the point.

After picking your starter, the three of you will talk and then Belle will challenge you to a battle, with cut-ins and all.

    * Rival Belle
    * Rewards: $500

Pokemon	Level	Type
Pokabu/Mijumaru/Tsujarja	Lv. 5	Fire/Water/Grass

    * Belle will have the starter that is weak to yours; i.e. if you have Pokabu, she'll have Tsutarja. If you have Mijumaru, she'll have Pokabu. If you have Tsujarja, she'll have Mijumaru. Anyway, this is the first battle so there's honestly like no strategy to it. Just keep using Tackle until you win. Throw in your support move if you want but you honestly don't need it.

After the battle ends, dust clouds will appear and your room will be completely messed up, with footprints on the walls and floor and tons of objects knocked over, although miraculously the Wii is completely untouched. That poor plant on the right side of the room, though.

Belle will apologize for the mess and after some berating from Belle, Cheren will heal both of your Pokemon. Belle then suggests Cheren fights you too, and he agrees, thus landing you in a second rival fight.

    * Rival Cheren
    * Rewards: $500

Pokemon	Level	Type
Pokabu/Mijumaru/Tsujarja	Lv. 5	Fire/Water/Grass

    * Cheren will have the starter that is strong against yours; i.e. if you have Pokabu, he'll have Mijumaru. If you have Mijumaru, he'll have Tsutarja. If you have Tsujarja, he'll have Pokabu. Exactly like the first, just use your basic move alone and you will win, throwing in a support move if you think it's necessary. Defeating Cheren will be enough to push your starter to Level 6, too.

Following the battle, Belle and Cheren will leave the room, allowing you to access the menu if you wish. You can now check the nature of your starter, as well as save again if you want. Feel free to reset if the nature of your starter is really bad, but unless it's something really punishing don't bother.

Go downstairs to see both of your friends apologizing to your mother, who doesn't really seem to mind. After they leave, your mother will talk to you directly, telling you to go see Araragi. Before you can go, however, she'll both heal your Pokemon and give you the LIVE CASTER, a key item that lets you "video chat with up to four people at once". We'll see some in-game use of it; a fair bit at the beginning, but a lot more sporadic as the game goes on. It's basically like a phone between you, Cheren, Belle and Araragi. (For the record, the Live Caster will be blue if you're a male character and pink if you're a female character.)

Exiting the house, you'll see Belle walk south and a bunch of either Mamepato or Koromori fly off, depending on whether it is day or night. Regardless, follow Belle and enter the bottom left house. You'll witness an argument between her and her dad, who refuses to let Belle go off on a journey, but she ignores him and goes anyway. Follow her out and to Araragi's lab in the top left.

Talk to Cheren to go inside; Araragi will talk to you and let you nickname your starter if you want and then give you the most standard item in the game, the PokeDex. As usual, it lets you see and record Pokemon etc. The PokeDex amounts you'll see when talking to Araragi and on the main menu will refer to how many you have seen, for the record.

Exit the lab once you're able to be surprised attacked by your mum. She'll give you a town map for Isshu, which might be helpful if you get lost anywhere. Cheren and Belle will run off to the right; follow them and you'll walk down Route 1 "together."
Route 1
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Yorterrie	Normal	Grass	50%	Level 16
Minezumi	Normal	Grass	50%	Level 20
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	100%	N/A
Farfetch'd	Normal	Swarm	40%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Fish	95%	N/A
Feebas	Water	Fish	5%	Trade with Clean Scale
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	35%	N/A
Feebas	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Trade with Clean Scale
Milotic	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A

    * NOTE: Pokemon that I have listed in italics cannot be caught until after you get the National Dex, so don't get excited. All you'll be finding are the first three for the moment.

A small ways up and you'll meet Araragi who will be positioned by some grass; with all eyes on her, she will show you how to catch a Pokemon; a Level 2 Minezumi will appear and she'll send out her Level 7 Chillarmy to weaken it. The usual lesson: weaken a Pokemon and then throw a Poke Ball at it. I have no idea why they show this tutorial each and every time but eh.

Araragi will give you some POKE BALLS of your own five to be exact and then head north. More dialogue and then Cheren and Belle will continue north, leaving you behind. So much for "together". At any rate, this means you're finally allowed to move.

Going into the grass will likely land you with a Yorterrie or Minezumi. Yorterrie is almost like the Starly of the region; it is surprisingly strong and will stay strong for a while, although unlike Staraptor the final form of Yorterrie (Murando) isn't quite so useful... It's a good Pokemon up to the midgame point though. It can be a bit boring after that unfortunately. It is however worth noting that Yorterrie has Pickup, which no other Isshu Pokemon holds. Pickup will give you random items every once in a while.

Minezumi is sort of like the Bidoof, although it has a very different movepool in the form of moves such as Hypnosis. We'll be seeing it a fair bit, and it's probably not likely to be much use. You can always catch one for a Cut slave though.

You'll probably only come across Tabunne if you force the grass to shake by walking or running on the outside of it, but if you find one feel free to knock it out for a delicious amount of EXP. You can always catch it as well, but they're in pretty much any shaking grass the region over, so don't fret if you knock one out. It's easy to find one, despite how 'rare' it is.

Talking to the dark haired girl in the upper grass will get you a POTION,, an item that restores 20 HP to a Pokemon. It'll go straight into the medicine part of your bag, ready to be used if necessary. Continuing north, we'll see Cheren and Belle; talk to Belle and yes to advance. You'll get a call on the Live Caster, showing all four of you; you never speak of course, but the other three will provide the dialogue. The two of them will then head north; follow them.
Karakusa Town

Araragi is standing outside the Pokemon Center; go talk to her and she'll lead you inside and show you around. Heal your Pokemon (you're forced to) and let her show you around some more, then you'll be able to exit. I'd recommend saving first, though.

Going outside, you'll see some people moving towards a crowd to the left. Follow them to enter the crowd yourself with Cheren and then you get to see a speech from the evil team of Black and White, Team Plasma. Get used to this 'creepy' music you'll be hearing it a LOT throughout the game.

Once he leaves with his group of grunts, the crowd will dissipate, leaving you, Cheren and one other person behind. This person will come to you and introduce himself as "N", then challenge you to a fight.

    * PKMN Trainer N
    * Rewards: $700

Pokemon	Level	Type
Choroneko	Lv. 7	Dark

    * As you might be able to tell from the music, N is a special character and we'll be fighting him a few times throughout the game. This first fight with him has him with only one Pokemon. Choroneko is a Dark-type Pokemon, and based on its cat appearance you might be able to guess it is fast. Don't let that put you off; just beat it down with whatever attacks you have. It should go down pretty quickly. It's not that powerful regardless. Defeating it will give you somewhere around the realm of 118 EXP, which will be enough to push you up another level unless you trained a boatload in Route 1.

N will leave after the fight, then after some more talking Cheren will too and we've finally got the run of the place at last. I would start by healing your starter; just go back in the Pokemon Center and do so. Belle will have somehow snuck out of there without being seen by you; I do love how every NPC in Pokemon is capable of teleportation!

Outside the Pokemon Center, go to the top left house in the city, go upstairs and talk to the guy to receive a POKE BALL. Exit that house and then go to the one in the top right; you'll be able to oversee Route 2 as you go there.

In this house you'll see two people by musical instruments; talk to both and say yes to each to add two extra instruments to the song, giving it some extra layers. It's not required by any means, but it sounds really good with those extra instruments.

That's all Karakusa Town offers, so head left out of the town.
Route 2

Trainer Pokemon: Minezumi L7 | Choroneko L7 | Yorterrie L7
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Yorterrie	Normal	Grass	40%	Level 16
Minezumi	Normal	Grass	40%	Level 20
Choroneko	Dark	Grass	20%	Level 20
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	100%	N/A
Wynaut	Psychic	Swarm	40%	N/A

The gatehouses in this game are quite elaborate; a TV screen, a receptionist and some special music. We'll be seeing quite a lot of them as the game goes on.

Exit out left into the route itself, and then keep going to get a call on your Live Caster. Your mum will say something and then appear as soon as you turn the Live Caster off. I don't have a clue why she phoned you, but at any rate she will give you the RUNNING SHOES, which will allow you to run by pressing B while moving. The double speed is much welcomed, though I do wish you could just run from the start.

Once she leaves, you'll have free reign over the route. Note how extra instruments come in whenever you begin walking or running; it's pretty neat. Below you is a bloody huge boulder; this is a strength boulder; they've practically quadrupled in size since Generation IV. Head into the grass and pick up the item ball to receive a POTION. Note that the wilds here can be strangely strong; while Choroneko will only appear between about 4 or 5, Minezumi and Yorterrie can appear as high as Level 7. If either the wild Pokemon or the trainers beat you up too much, head back to Karakusa and heal. It's worth noting that low health on your starters can be benefical, though if their health drops below 33% their ability will activate, which will power up moves that match their primary type.

Past the grass you'll find your first normal trainer of the game, who as usual is a Youngster. I think the only game where it wasn't a youngster was in RBY, where it was a Bug Catcher instead (or possibly a Lass if you were playing Yellow.) Go figure. There are three trainers on this route, all with a Level 7 version of one of the three main Wild Pokemon. They shouldn't be terribly hard.

After the first youngster, there's a dark haired guy right below you who will show you how to jump a ledge if you say yes to his question. Continuing east, you'll find a Lass, who will fight you with a Choroneko. Follow the path a bit more to find the last trainer on the route, another Youngster with a Yorterrie.

Go east and around after that to find the two items we saw from Karakusa Town before; they are a POTION and a POKE BALL. That's all we can do in Route 2 for now; try to exit north and Belle will appear! She'll end up challenging you to a fight. Brace yourself, because there are a LOT of rival fights in the early parts of the game.

    * Rival Belle
    * Rewards: $700

Pokemon	Level	Type
Yorterrie	Lv. 6	Normal
Pokabu/Mijumaru/Tsujarja	Lv. 7	Fire/Water/Grass

    * Belle hasn't grown much stronger, although she now has a new Pokemon in Yorterrie, which can actually hit decently hard with Tackle. It'll go down easily enough and then Belle will once again send out the starter that yours is strong against. By now you should have the first elemental move of your starter (Ember / Water Gun / Vine Whip) so just use that to beat it. Belle does have a Potion however and she will use it if either of her Pokemon descends into low health. It's unlikely to be much of a problem, though.

Belle will let you leave after that; head north into Sanyou City.
Sanyou City
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Basurao	Water	Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Fish	30%	N/A
Goldeen	Water	Fish	70%	Level 33
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Goldeen	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Level 33
Seaking	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	10%	N/A

Almost as soon as you enter, there will be a path to the left; take it to pick up an X SPEED at the end. Return back and enter the first house on the right; talk to the guy by the table on the right to get a GREAT BALL. Exit and ignore the house right above it; go and heal yourself in the Pokemon Center. There is a building directly to the right of the Pokemon Center; this is the gym, but as you can see it is currently blocked. There's something we'll have to do first.

Exit the Pokemon Center and go to the far right of the city and then down to find a guy hiding in this small "alley." He'll give you a DUSK BALL. Head to the far south west of the city by the hedges to pick up a GREAT BALL, too. Strangely enough there are Pikachu hedges here, despite Pikachu not being in Isshu at all. Odd, huh? You can also get a FRAGRANT MUSHROOM if you go to the very top left square (that is currently accessible) and face the tree and examine it.

There's still more we can do in Sanyou City, but there's somewhere else we should visit first. Head out the city to the top right. I would recommend having only five or less Pokemon in your team while we go there, though.
Abandoned Lot of Dreams

Trainer Pokemon: Choroneko L8, Choroneko L8 | Minezumi L7, Minezumi L7, Yorterrie L7

There's not a whole lot we can do here just yet, but there is one very important thing that we are able to do. You'll have to fight your way through two trainers; they have 2-3 Pokemon, but they're easy enough.

You'll see a woman; you should probably save before you talk to her, but when you're ready, talk to her and say yes to receive a Pokemon! This Pokemon will be either Yanappu, Boappu or Hiyappu. They are collectively the elemental monkeys and you will get the monkey that is weak to your starter. A table to illustrate;
Your Starter	Monkey Received	Monkey's Type
Pokabu	Yanappu	Grass
Mijumaru	Boappu	Fire
Tsutarja	Hiyappu	Water

In terms of stats, they're a little subpar. Their offense will be pretty bad until about Level 22, although the Fire monkey gets screwed by having weaker attacks then the other two. All three are also elemental stone evolutions, although thankfully we don't actually have to wait too long for those. Use it if you want, but be ready to struggle to deal damage in some parts. It's worth noting that all of their level-up moves are physical, too. They'll also learn no more techniques once they evolve.

Go up and pick up the X Defend, then return to Sanyou City.
Sanyou City ~ Part 2

With monkey in tow, we can now finish up. Go into the building left of the Pokemon Center; this is the Trainers' School. Talk to the brown haired guy at the top right and answer his quiz correctly (the first option, then the third) to receive a FULL HEAL from him. You've probably noticed Cheren at the top; it's worth putting your monkey in the lead if you want it to gain any EXP. Talk to him and say yes twice to fight.

    * Rival Cheren
    * Rewards: $800

Pokemon	Level	Type
Pokabu/Mijumaru/Tsujarja	Lv. 8	Fire/Water/Grass
Choroneko	Lv. 8	Dark

    * Strangely enough, Cheren will actually send out his starter first, hence why I suggested the monkey (it'll have a type advantage.) It's a pretty basic fight, although it's worth noting his starter has an Oran Berry attached. Choroneko is exactly the same as every other one you've faced up to this point; knock it out and move on.

Cheren will give you an ORAN BERRY after the fight, and then turn back to the board. Heal up if need be; we're now able to take on the gym! You'll notice the person outside the gym has changed; this is Dent, one of the Gym Leaders of Sanyou City. Yes, leaders. You'll see what I mean soon enough.

Talk to him and he'll go inside, giving you access to the gym.
Sanyou Gym

Trainer Pokemon: Yorterrie L11 | Minezumi L10, Choroneko L10

Strangely enough, the gym resembles a restaurant. Take a step forward and the support guy will give you a FRESH WATER, an item that restores 50 HP which is very useful at this point. Anyway, the puzzle for this gym is a simple little quiz; look at the curtain and step on the design that resembles the element that the type on the curtain is weak against. For example, on this first one touch the Water circle on the right. Fire is weak to water, so the curtain will open. You'll get no penalty if you hit the wrong answer, for the record.

Continue into the next room to get challenged by a Waiter; he'll send out a Yorterrie. Normal gym? Not quite. After the fight, hit the grass switch on the left to open the water curtain, then continue forward to be battled by a waitress, so will have both a Minezumi and a Choroneko. Normal gym? Dark gym? Who the hell knows.

Step on the fire switch in the middle to open the last curtain, then continue forward to find Dent again. Talk to him and it will turn out there is not one, but three gym leaders! Each represents a different type, which you can probably tell by their design; the red haired one (Pod) is Fire, the blue haired one (Corn) is Water and Dent is Grass. The leader you battle will depend on your starter; you'll battle the leader that represents the type your starter is weak to.

I'd go back and heal first unless you really don't need to. Once you've done that, go back, save if necessary, and then challenge the leader.

    * Rewards: $1680, TM83 Cheer Up, Tri Badge
    * My Team: Pokabu Lv. 13, Yanappu Lv. 10

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks	Owned By
Yorterrie	Lv. 12	Normal	Pickup (?)	Cheer Up, Bite	All
Boappu	Lv. 14	Fire	Gluttony	Cheer Up, Incinerate	Pod
Hiyappu	Lv. 14	Water	Gluttony	Cheer Up, Water Gun	Corn
Yanappu	Lv. 14	Grass	Gluttony	Cheer Up, Vine Whip	Dent

    * Yeah, I'm not kidding about those movesets. They suck, really badly. At any rate, don't be alarmed; you'll only be fighting two Pokemon. You'll fight Yorterrie first no matter what leader you're facing, then the monkey belonging to that leader second.

    * At any rate, Yorterrie is crap. It can still hurt I suppose, but it doesn't even have Tackle or Take Down or anything. The only thing you really need to watch out for is Cheer Up, which will raise its Attack and Special Attack by one stage each and every time it is used. Bite will be able to hurt quite severely after a few attack raises, so try to take this dog out as fast as you can.

    * Then we get to the monkey. As you can see, it also has Cheer Up, then the basic elemental move of that type it gets. The poor fire monkey doesn't even get Ember... These monkeys are pretty fast, but otherwise not really a problem. If you want a particularly easy time, just use your own monkey against it. They won't be able to hit you for more than not very effective damage, while you can load the super effective damage onto them. You may be a tad under levelled compared to the leader's Pokemon, but it honestly won't be a problem. The best thing about the monkey is the music change; you now get a different song whenever the leader sends out their final Pokemon. It gives it a really nice effect, I think.

    * As a final note, the leader also has one Potion to use.

Winning will get you the TRI BADGE, and as you will see the badges have a rather special animation this time around. Dent will begin talking again and explain that the badge will make all Pokemon up to Level 20 listen to you, then give you the Cheer Up TM, which is TM83. Remember, TMs now have infinite use, so don't hesitate to teach Cheer Up to whatever you can!

Go ahead and exit the gym.
Sanyou City ~ Part 3

As soon as you get outside, a woman will see you and bring you to her house. Rape? Not quite, she instead brings you to her room and gives you HM01, Cut. HMs still work the same as ever; whatever you teach them to is permanently stuck with it, or at least until you can get them to the move deleter (which is a bit before the sixth badge in this game.) Not to mention there's only one time we're actually forced to use Cut.

It's time we officially enter the second chapter. Head back to the Abandoned Lot of Dreams again.
Second Steps for the Basic Badge

This section contains the Abandoned Lot of Dreams ~ Part 2, Sanyou City ~ Part 4, Route 3, Groundwater Cave, Route 3 ~ Part 2, Shippou City and Shippou Gym.
Abandoned Lot of Dreams ~ Part 2

Trainer Pokemon: Minezumi L10 | Choroneko L10
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Minezumi	Normal	Grass	40%	Level 20
Choroneko	Dark	Grass	40%	Level 20
Munna	Psychic	Grass	20%	Moon Stone
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	95%	N/A
Musharna	Psychic	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A

Now that we have Cut, we can explore this place a bit more properly. Cut the tree down and attempt to step forward to have Belle come and talk to you. Thankfully, she won't fight you this time. Follow her in and go forward to hear the cry of a Munna; head north and you'll see one standing there. It'll run away a bit, then be cornered by Team Plasma grunts! It's up to you to save this Munna, so you have to beat the two one after another. Don't get me wrong though, it is easy, as Plasma grunts usually are.

Once you beat them, the guy who was doing the speech before appears and causes them to flee. What I assume is the Munna's mother comes out to check on it; this is a Musharna, the evolution of Munna. Makomo (the woman who gave you Cut) will appear to watch the two leave and drop an item ball behind. She gets excited about the item and takes it; we'll go talk to her soon enough.

We may as well get the rest of the items now; you can go to the left to find a POKE BALL first, then to the right by going around the northern wall by the grass. Go directly south and pick up the PARLYZ HEAL by the "window", then go up the stairs and follow the left path around for a POTION. Return to where the stairs were and this time go right, picking up a REPEL. That's all we have to do in here for now; unless you want to catch a Munna or something, head back to Sanyou City.

If you're curious about Munna, it's a horrendously slow Psychic-type that has a bit of bulk. Its level up moves can leave a bit to be desired, however; it doesn't get Psychic until Level 37 and as its a stone evolution, it will learn no more moves when it evolves into a Musharna via a Moon Stone. You get a Moon Stone in due time, but if you want a good moveset you are pretty much forced to wait, especially since most of the good TMs are horridly late in the game. It's certainly usable, but be prepared to make some sacrifices.
Sanyou City ~ Part 4

Go into the house where Makomo/the female scientist was before and talk to her to receive the C-GEAR, an important item that will take the position on the bottom screen. Honestly, I have barely used it, but I imagine it's useful for something. You do need it for the High Link things at least, but I am near clueless on those.

Regardless, having the C-Gear enables Wi-Fi, and her assistant will also give you a PAL PAD which functions the same as always, containing your friend code and being the place to enter the friend codes of other people. For the record, clicking the Wi-Fi part of the C-Gear and then the middle option will allow you to get to the Dream World, but there's more you need to do that I'm not really sure about.

That's all there is to do in Sanyou, so it's time to continue our journey. Head out the city to the top left.
Route 3

Trainer Pokemon: Yorterrie L10, Munna L10 | Hiyappu L10 | Boappu L10 | Yanappu L10 | Choroneko L10 + Choroneko L10 | Minezumi L9, Yorterri L9, Mamepato L9
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Mamepato	Normal/Flying	Grass	40%	Level 21
Minezumi	Normal	Grass	20%	Level 20
Shimama	Electric	Grass	20%	Level 27
Yorterrie	Normal	Grass	10%	Level 16
Choroneko	Dark	Grass	10%	Level 20
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	100%	N/A
Illumise	Bug	Swarm (Black)	40%	N/A
Volbeat	Bug	Swarm (White)	40%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Fish	30%	N/A
Goldeen	Water	Fish	70%	Level 33
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Goldeen	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Level 33
Seaking	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	10%	N/A

Route 3 has a couple of attractions and is a pretty long route. Most importantly, it is the home of the Daycare Centre, which is the house on the right if you go up the steps. As always, you can leave up to two Pokemon there, and if the two Pokemon are compatible an egg may be produced.

Regardless, go up the steps and head left; there's about four trainers to fight here. The first is a teacher with a Yorterrie and a Munna, then the three kids with helmets each have one of the three monkeys. You can even walk on the slide here. Note that if you go into the left house with the red roof and talk to the woman directly in front of you when you enter, she will heal your Pokemon.

Once the upper part of the route is done, continue left for the first double battle of the game; it works exactly the same as in fourth gen. A bit further left and you'll see some grass, but before you can enter it, Cheren appears! It may not have been that long since we last fought him, but he'll fight you all the same.

    * Rival Cheren
    * Rewards: $1200

Pokemon	Level	Type
Pokabu/Mijumaru/Tsujarja	Lv. 14	Fire/Water/Grass
Choroneko	Lv. 12	Dark

    * Cheren's team hasn't changed at all since the last fight, although his levels are now a lot higher. His starter also still has an Oran Berry. Aside from that, there isn't a whole lot to say really. Just pile on the offense as usual.

After defeating Cheren, two Plasma grunts will run past you and then Belle and a child will appear. Belle reports that her Pokemon has apparently been stolen. Seems she got a Munna herself, and Plasma made off with it. Of course, it's up to you to save it.

Grab the SUPER POTION in the grass, then continue left. You'll see Cheren waiting by the entrance to a cave; ignore him for the moment and continue right through the grass to fight a trainer; she'll give you an ORAN BERRY when you win. Grab the REPEL in the alcove here, then cycle back around to the cave and talk to Cheren. Say yes and he'll enter.
Groundwater Cave

Trainer Pokemon: Minezumi L12 | Minezumi L12 + Minezumi L12
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Koromori	Psychic/Flying	Cave Floor	50%	Happiness
Dangoro	Rock	Cave Floor	50%	Level 25
Mogurew	Ground	Dust Cloud	100%	Level 31
Basurao	Water	Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Fish	30%	N/A
Poliwag	Water	Fish	65%	Level 25
Poliwhirl	Water	Fish	5%	Water Stone
Poliwhirl	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	65%	Water Stone
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Poliwrath	Water/Fighting	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A

    Dust clouds are a bit different than their shaking grass and dark water counterparts; as well as possibly finding either Mogurew or Doryuuzu depending on which cave you're in, there's also a pretty high chance they'll give you an item of some sort. You will usually get jewel items that will boost the power of a particular type of move one time, but these spots may also yield any of the nine evolution stones, as well as an Oval Stone, so it's worth checking out these clouds whenever they appear.

Walk forward and you'll have to take on two waves of plasma grunts. The first is a single battle; directly after that is a double battle where you are paired with Cheren; he'll send out his starter as a lead. You're given two more Minezumi to take out; do so and the Plasma grunts will leave the cave, but we were unfortunately too late to save Belle's captured Pokemon.

Cheren will leave the cave, giving you exploration freedom. You can cycle around to get a TM46, THIEF which is the same as usual; 40 BP, 100 accuracy and steals the opponent's item if possible. There's also a hidden FULL HEAL if you check the bottom spot on the right hand side of the elevated part of the cave.

The wild Pokemon here are interesting; Koromori is the new bat, but is nowhere near as prominent as Zubat has always been, so you won't see it all that much especially as there aren't all that many caves in the game. It's decent and has an interesting typing, but isn't especially strong even after it evolves.

Dangoro will be a pain to kill due to its Sturdy ability, which now stops any move knocking it out in one hit. As a Pokemon on your side, it's decent to begin with, and once it gets Rock Blast it can become really powerful. It'll eventually evolve into Gantoru, and then into Gigaiath, both of which have very powerful attack and defense stats for their positions in the evolution line. The downside? Aside from their absolutely horrid speed, you need to trade Gantoru to evolve. Unless you have a friend or someone who can help you with trade evolutions, I would pass on this Pokemon.

Mogurew is a bit harder to find compared to the others and it may take a fair few dust clouds to actually get a wild encounter with it, but it can prove to be a really good Pokemon. It may be a tiny bit mediocre to begin with but as soon as it gets Dig (Level 19) it will prove to be a very strong force, and it only keeps getting better from there. Its evolution Doryuuzu has incredible stats and an interesting Ground/Steel typing. If you can find a good one, it is very much worth using.

At any rate, go back out to Route 3 when you're ready.
Route 3 ~ Part 2

Trainer Pokemon: Shimama L13 | Koromori L13 | Minezumi L12, Choroneko L12 | Mamepato L12, Dangoro L12
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Mamepato	Normal/Flying	Tall Grass	40%	Level 21
Minezumi	Normal	Tall Grass	20%	Level 20
Shimama	Electric	Tall Grass	20%	Level 27
Yorterrie	Normal	Tall Grass	10%	Level 16
Choroneko	Dark	Tall Grass	10%	Level 20

Return to where Belle and the child talked to you and you'll see them again; attempt to go through them or back in the direction of Sanyou and they'll both talk to you, with the kid giving you three HEAL BALLS. Once they leave, we can continue down the route. Remember, you can always heal in the nursery if needed.

Head south after that to fight a guy with a Shimama, then pick up the ANTIDOTE. You'll see Cheren in some differently coloured grass; head down towards him and he'll come out and tell you about the grass.

    Tall grass is different to normal grass in three different ways.

    * The Pokemon found in the grass usually differ from those found in the regular grass, ie you'll probably find more evolved forms in the taller grass. The level range is also higher than the regular grass.

    * You will sometimes encounter wild double battles; that is to say, 2-on-2 fights with wild Pokemon. These work the same as Generation IV in the sense that you can only catch one of the two Pokemon and you can only start throwing Poke Balls once one of the two has been taken down.

    * Tall grass doesn't shake; you won't find a Tabunne or any other rare Pokemon in this thicker grass.

It's probably time I said about the new Pokemon in this route. First is Mamepato, who is the basic bird of this game much like Pidgey, Hoothoot, Taillow or Starly, although unlike them you can only obtain one after one badge, strangely enough. Mamepato and its evolutions are decent, but they are no Starly line; they'll be decidedly average. They also have a problem in that most of their level up moves focus around special moves, even though they are physically based Pokemon. They're good if you want a flying-type, but use at your own risk.

Shimama is the other new one, and is the first Electric Pokemon you will have encountered in the game. It's pretty decent at the early stages, learning Shock Wave at 11 and Spark at 25, as well as Nitro Charge at 18. However, there is a problem; while it is good for most of the game, near the end of the game, even evolved into a Zebraika, it will have some offensive problems. Its strength lies physically, but at only 100 base attack and the strongest physical Electric move is only 90 power. It's certainly a competent Pokemon for most of the game however, so don't let me put you off it entirely.

Anyway, continue through the route, having a go in the long grass if you wish. When you get to some more normal grass, go through it and pick up the GREAT BALL and then back onto the bridge and fight the trainer here. Across the bridge there's another trainer and an AWAKENING you can pick up. Fight the trainer, then go through the gatehouse to the left.
Shippou City

At last, we've arrived at the town of the second gym. Cheren will be waiting for you; he'll walk you along a bit, then give you a CHESTO BERRY. Heal up, then get ready to explore the city a bit.

The far left house with the blue door contains a blue haired girl who will ask you a question about the starters. Picking the first option will get you a MIRACLE SEED, the second will give you MYSTIC WATER and the third will give you CHARCOAL. You can unfortunately only get one of these three from the girl, although the others will be in the field somewhere in the future. Choose whichever one is most appropriate; Miracle Seed boosts the power of Grass-type moves by 20% and likewise for Charcoal with Fire moves and Mystic Water with Water moves.

The house directly to the right strangely enough contains a shopkeeper, who will sell you all of the items in the X series (ie X Attack, Dire Hit) for their usual prices. Could be useful, I suppose.

The green doored house furthest on the right contains a trade; the girl on the top floor wants either a Monmen or a Churine. Black players will have to give her a Monmen, while White players will have to give her a Churine. The Pokemon you get in exchange is the one from the opposite version, which saves you having to find someone with the opposite version to get the other Grass-type; it comes at Level 15 regardless of version.

That's all there is in the city generally, although you can listen to an accordion in the music if you stand on or near the platform in the top left with the accordion guy. Attempt to enter the museum in the center of the city, and N will come out! If we want to do the gym, we'll have to beat him first.

    * PKMN Trainer N
    * Rewards: $1300

Pokemon	Level	Type
Mamepato	Lv. 13	Normal/Flying
Otamaro	Lv. 13	Water
Dokkora	Lv. 13	Fighting

    * N's team has changed entirely to encompass Pokemon from the areas surrounding Shippou City. Mamepato won't be new, but the other two will be unless you decided to go exploring in the route to the left. Otamaro is quite possibly one of the strangest looking Pokemon this generation, but it's just a basic Water-type all the same. Dokkora is the basic version of a powerful Fighting-type, and is Fighting-type itself. It'll go down pretty quickly, but might take more than one hit. Might.

N will leave after the battle, allowing you free movement again. Heal up if need be, then enter the museum. A scientist will show you around a bit. Once he lets you move, head up into the next room. This is the gym!
Shippou Gym

Trainer Pokemon: Minezumi L17 | Haderia L17 | Yorterrie L15, Yorterrie L15, Yorterrie L15

You'll get another Fresh Water from the guy as you enter. Head forward to be challenged by a school kid, who will stick a Minezumi on you. Normal-type gym? This time, it actually is, so be prepared with Fighting moves if you have any. Otherwise, you'll be matching blow for blow. Throw as much offense in as you can.

Now, this gym is just plain weird. Seeing as I can't read Japanese I'm not actually sure what you're meant to do here, but it's something about reading books and answering questions..? Whatever, we don't need to know what the dialogue says.

Start by getting on the stool to the left near where you start and press yes to read it. You'll get some red text, which I believe signifies some new knowledge. Next, check the bookcase directly behind the one you just checked and press yes for another bout of red text. Go to the bookcase directly behind that one too, and talk to the scientist on the stepladder. Answer yes to her question and she'll fight you. Watch out for this dog; it's surprisingly powerful, especially with its Take Down. The woman may also use an X Defend on it!

Once you beat her, she'll move off the stool. Check the now accessible book for more red text, then check the south-eastern bookcase near the entrance for more red text. Finally, talk to the schoolgirl on the middle-eastern bookcase and answer yes to her question to get her to fight you.

Beat her and check the book to flick a switch and cause the whole bookcase to move, revealing a secret staircase. Go back and heal now; the gym leader here is tough, and you are very likely to be under levelled compared to her strongest Pokemon. If required, use the bit left of Shippou City (Yagaruma Forest ~ Outside) in order to train. There are also three Fighting-types you can catch in that area; any one of them will make the gym battle a lot easier to handle.

When you're ready, descend the staircase and talk to the leader to battle!

    * Rewards: $2400, TM67 Retaliation, Basic Badge
    * My Team: Munna Lv.18, Mogurew Lv. 17, Chaoboo Lv. 18

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Haderia	Lv. 18	Normal	Intimidate	Take Down, Bite, Retaliation, Leer
Miruhog	Lv. 20	Normal	Illuminate	Leer, Crunch, Retaliation, Hypnosis

    * Aloe also only has two Pokemon, but I am not kidding when I say she is a lot tougher than the first gym leader was. Her opening Pokemon is Haderia, the evolution of Yorterrie. To put it in perspective, it has 80 base attack, which at this stage of the game is pretty powerful. Combine that with a STAB Take Down and it's going to hurt anything not named Dangoro. Doesn't help it has decent defenses and Intimidate, either. Do whatever you can to take it down ASAP; the less it can use Take Down and its other moves on you, the better.

    * Aloe's main is Miruhog, the evolution of Minezumi. This is where Aloe's signature move comes into play. Retaliation which has also been translated as Get Even and Vengeance is normally a 70 power, 100 accuracy move, with 5 PP. That in itself is going to deal a large blow to your Pokemon, but if that team had lost a Pokemon either on that turn or the turn before, Retaliation's power doubles from an intimidating 70 to a staggering 140. Factor in the STAB bonus and anything Miruhog hits with the boosted Retaliation is probably not going to survive, unless its name is Dangoro. Thankfully it returns to 70 base after that, but watch out!

    * That's not factoring in the other things Miruhog can do; Leer can lower your defense like always, but it also has the powerful Crunch move an 80 power Dark move and worst of all, Hypnosis. Do you think your prize Pokemon will win? Possibly not, because this thing might use Hypnosis with its already decent speed and incapacitate your Pokemon, then totally wipe the floor with you. The Awakenings and Chesto Berries we've had up to this point can be useful, but hopefully you just won't get pegged with Hypnosis in the first place. Unfortunately, 60% accuracy isn't all that low in AI terms. As with Haderia, take it down as soon as possible, but watch out for that first turn Retaliation! Most types will work, but Fighting is by far the best. Status effects can also help too; if you have a Munna like me, make good use of Yawn or Hypnosis! X items can also come in useful, as can stat lowers such as accuracy reducers!

    * Aloe also has one Super Potion to use.

Defeating Aloe will give you the Basic Badge, allowing Pokemon up to Level 30 to always listen to you. You'll also get a copy of TM67 containing Aloe's signature move; as usual, TMs are completely reusable so make good use of this TM as it is likely a fair few of your Pokemon will be able to learn it, and it's a good move for this stage in the game.

Of course, it's not long before trouble strikes, and it appears Team Plasma has struck again! Aloe quickly rushes out; follow her to the museum room. You'll find Aloe, the scientist and a team of six Plasma grunts there; some dialogue later and they'll steal the skull off the fossil's head and vanish. Aloe runs after them, and you should too. So begins the third stage of the journey!
A Forest Excursion for the Beetle Badge

This section contains Shippou City ~ Part 2, Yagaruma Forest ~ Outside, Yagaruma Forest ~ Inside, Sky Arrow Bridge, Hiun City and Hiun Gym.
Shippou City ~ Part 2

You'll find Aloe outside. You're soon joined by another person, who Aloe will introduce as Arti. He's the gym leader of Hiun City, who we'll be facing at the end of this chapter. Belle will also come along, as will Cheren. The two gym leaders will run off, and you'll receive the ITEMFINDER from Belle, allowing you to locate hidden items. Both Belle and Cheren will go into the museum, leaving us to do the bigger task.

Bring out the itemfinder right away, and it'll tell you a hidden item is west. It'll direct you onto the raised platform; examine the spot directly top left of the bottom bush to find a hidden ULTRA BALL. Also, if you go onto the part of the train track in Shippou City to the bottom left and examine the spot two spaces from the wall on the upper side of the train track, you can find a hidden REVIVE. Also, if you go to the top left of the city and slide in the gap between the hedge and the wall here as you're exiting to Yagaruma Forest, follow it along and examine the flowers at the end for a hidden SUPER POTION. Exit this path and go left to enter the forest's radius proper.
Yagaruma Forest ~ Outside

Trainer Pokemon: Munna L15 | Monmen L13, Churine L13 | Dangoro L14 | Otamaro L13, Otamaro L13, Otamaro L13 | Fushide L14, Yorterrie L14 | Dokkora L16 | Dokkora L16
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Otamaro	Water	Grass	40%	Level 25
Mamepato	Normal/Flying	Grass	30%	Level 21
Dokkora	Fighting	Grass	20%	Level 25
Dageki	Fighting	Grass (Black)	10%	N/A
Nageki	Fighting	Grass (White)	10%	N/A
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	95%	N/A
Dageki	Fighting	Shaking Grass (White)	5%	N/A
Nageki	Fighting	Shaking Grass (Black)	5%	N/A
Otamaro	Water	Tall Grass	40%	Level 25
Mamepato	Normal/Flying	Tall Grass	30%	Level 21
Dokkora	Fighting	Tall Grass	20%	Level 25
Dageki	Fighting	Tall Grass (Black)	10%	N/A
Nageki	Fighting	Tall Grass (White)	10%	N/A

If there's one thing you can get in this area, it is a bunch of Fighting-types. Well, three to be exact.

Otamaro is one of the few Water Pokemon you will see early on in the game. It and its evolutions aren't too bad, specializing equally in both attack and special attack, although their stats are a bit low, and their movepool is odd; none of the line learn Waterfall, Ice Beam or Blizzard, although the final form does get Grass Knot and Focus Blast. They'll work decently though. Also, Otamaro's two evolutions are both Water/Ground typing.

Dokkora is basically the Machop of Isshu; it's a three stage pure Fighting line that requires a trade to get from the middle form to the final form. The same goes for Dokkora as with Dangoro; don't use it if you don't have someone to trade with. Otherwise, it's decent. I think.

Dageki and Nageki are the Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan of this game. Dageki learns more towards attacking while Nageki has more bulk. Dageki in particular is amazing, for it has a 125 base attack stat which is incredibly high at this stage in the game, and pretty much all the way through. I'd say Dageki is the better one, although Nageki is a very absorbent wall, having 120 HP and a respectable 100 attack. Nageki is much, much slower though.

As for the route, talk to the first woman you see to get TM94, ROCK SMASH. Rock Smash has no field effect this time, so it's just a basic 40 power Fighting move that can lower defense. Might come in useful all the same.

You'll meet Arti on the route, and he'll move into the actual forest. We'll sort that out in a minute. Talk to the girl by the sign if you wish (she doesn't seem to do anything) and then talk to the Nurse just south. She'll fight you with a Level 15 Munna, which should be easy at this point. After the battle, she'll heal you, and you can come back and talk to her to heal at any point in the future.

Go slightly down and slip into the wall and follow it around to pick up an ETHER. Exit again and continue south through the grass to find two trainers. A bit to the right of the second is a GREAT BALL you can pick up. Continue down south and the itemfinder will start reacting; we'll have to take a detour to get the item it's showing us, though. Battle the youngster here, then slip into the tall grass and go north. Check the puddle in the top right of this enclosed part for a TINYMUSHROOM. Also go to the south of the tall grass to pick up a SUPER POTION. There is also a hidden ANTIDOTE in the huge puddle; use the itemfinder to locate it.

Pick up another visible ANTIDOTE to the north, then continue right to fight another youngster. Up the steps you'll find a bunch of grass and two trainers. The itemfinder will also begin reacting. Battle the trainers for their EXP, then check the flower right above the puddle on the right to get an ETHER.

Notice the big rock in all of these small rocks? This rock is actually quite special; bring any Fighting-type Pokemon in your party and talk to the rock and you'll be asked a question. Say yes, and you'll get a free STAR PIECE. You can do this once every day.

Finally, go down the steps to the left, pick up the NET BALL, then head back to the nurse, heal, and enter the forest.
Yagaruma Forest ~ Inside

Trainer Pokemon: Kurumiru L16 + Kurumiru L16 | Meguroco L16 | Choroneko L16 | Haderia L18 | Fushide L16, Dokkora L16 | Yanappu L18 | Hiyappu L18 | Minezumi L16 | Boappu L18 | Minezumi L14, Meguroco L14, Minezumi L14 | Mamepato L16, Choroneko L16 | Koromori L15, Koromori L15, Koromori L15 | Munna L17
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Monmen	Grass	Grass (Black)	35%	Sun Stone
Churine	Grass	Grass (White)	35%	Sun Stone
Kurumiru	Bug/Grass	Grass	35%	Level 20
Mamepato	Normal/Flying	Grass	15%	Level 21
Fushide	Bug/Poison	Grass	15%	Level 22
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	65%	N/A
Boappu	Fire	Shaking Grass	10%	Fire Stone
Hiyappu	Water	Shaking Grass	10%	Water Stone
Yanappu	Grass	Shaking Grass	10%	Leaf Stone
Erufuun	Grass	Shaking Grass (Black)	5%	N/A
Doredia	Grass	Shaking Grass (White)	5%	N/A
Monmen	Grass	Tall Grass (Black)	35%	Sun Stone
Churine	Grass	Tall Grass (White)	35%	Sun Stone
Kurumayu	Bug/Grass	Tall Grass	35%	Happiness
Hatooboo	Normal/Flying	Tall Grass	15%	Level 32
Hoiiga	Bug/Poison	Tall Grass	15%	Level 30
Basurao	Water	Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Fish	30%	N/A
Goldeen	Water	Fish	70%	Level 33
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Goldeen	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Level 33
Seaking	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	10%	N/A

Lots of different Pokemon to get in here, with notable additions being the two basic insects of the game and an exclusive Grass-type. You can also catch the other two monkeys as well as multiples of the one you got in here, but constant Tabunne will probably make you rip your hair out even with the EXP. You're also able to get the evolutions of the two exclusive Grass-types, but I wouldn't recommend you use them so much as they miss most of their moves.

Both of them are decent, although Monmen lies far more towards support while Churine lies towards offense. Both are mostly stuck to Grass attacks only, although once Monmen evolves into Erufuun it can use Flying-type attacks such as Gale. They also both have some very good abilities. Monmen truly shines when you factor in its ability; it's called Mischevious Heart, and makes all moves that have 0 BP (ie Leech Seed, Cotton Spore, Substitute, Sleep Powder) have a priority of +1, meaning Monmen almost always moves first when it isn't attacking. While not so good for ingame where you need offense, in competitive play it is an absolutely incredible ability to have. Churine's strength lies in Own Tempo; while Own Tempo is an okay ability in itself, the real bargain comes with its evolution, Doredia. Doredia learns Petal Dance at Level 46, which is now 120 BP but always confuses after it finishes. However, with Own Tempo it won't get confused, so you basically have a 120 BP, 100 accuracy move at your disposal with no penalty aside from being unable to switch for a few turns. In-game, that is excellent. Both have a second ability but it's not quite as noteworthy. For the record, the Sun Stone isn't that far away, so these two are definitely usable.

The two bugs are actually very good compared to the ones in older generations; they evolve a lot later but can actually hold their own for most, if not all the game. Kurumiru's final evolution, Hahakomori, is Bug/Grass, and has some decent attack upon which it can use Leaf Blade and X-Scissor, giving it some decent coverage. The happiness evolution is a bit annoying, but it's a good Pokemon nonetheless. Fushide on the other hand evolves by level, and its final evolution Pendoraa is actually quite decent, with 90 attack and 112 speed, as well as the ability to learn the incredible Megahorn move through the move relearner. In comparison, Hahakomori has 103 attack and 92 speed. If they appeal to you, give them a try.

Returning to the forest itself, you'll meet Arti again, who will head north. Don't follow him, and instead go left. You'll fight some twins. Clean their clocks, as they say, then continue south and fight the Plasma grunt. This grunt has a Meguroco, a Ground/Dark crocodile that is quite a good Pokemon. You'll be able to obtain your own soon enough.

Continue left to fight another Plasma grunt, then work your way into that southern alcove through the grass and pick up the BIG ROOT, which will increase the potency of draining attacks. Go back onto the path and fight the Pokemon Ranger. You'll receive a CHESTO BERRY as a reward. You might notice a large rock with a green top; this is a Moss Rock, signifying that levelling up an Eevee in the forest will cause it to evolve into a Leafeon.

Continue left, pick up the SUPER POTION, then go straight down in a straight line. Examine the square two squares away from the tree to get a TINYMUSHROOM. Head back up and left and fight another trainer. Go further north, pick up what I think was an ANTIDOTE in the hollow trunk and then try to go through the trunk tunnel only to be attacked by a ranger with a monkey. You'll get a CHESTO BERRY for winning. Keep following the path and you'll probably end up fighting another ranger with a different monkey. For the record, you'll going to see these monkey series a lot.

After accepting the PECHA BERRY, continue south and examine the inside of the hollow tree trunk for another TINYMUSHROOM. Take the log bridge up to fight a Plasma grunt, then go further north and follow the path more. There's a PARLYZ HEAL to pick up in a tree trunk. Going further east and attempting to enter the log will have you fight the third ranger with the last remaining monkey. Get a PECHA BERRY off of him, then go south. Follow this path around to get the excellent TM86, GRASS KNOT. It may not be too useful at this point in the game; the power increases with weight, and most opponents won't be terribly heavy at this point. All the same, it makes good coverage, and there are a lot of Pokemon that learn it, including all three Isshu starters.

Go back to the log you got stopped at and continue north to fight the last Plasma grunt. Defeating him will get the skull back, and then one of the Plasma sages will come and talk to the grunt. Aloe and Arti arrive at the scene shortly, then the Plasma grunts disappear. Aloe takes the skull back off you, then gives you a MOON STONE as a reward, meaning Munna users can now evolve it into a Musharna if they so choose.

Continue right and pick up the MIRACLE SEED before you jump off the ledge. We'll now be back on the road; head down and fight the three trainers for more EXP. That's everything in the forest at last (that we can do for now) so head back up and out through the top. There is more in here but we need Surf, which isn't until later in the game.

You may have noticed there's a gap in the fence on the right side with tall grass, but at the moment a man is blocking us from entering the grass. You should be able to enter soon enough.
Sky Arrow Bridge

Ready for some extreme 3D action? Go into the gatehouse to the right and talk to the hiker right above you to get the QUICK CLAW, which is one of the most valuable items in the game if you are using any slow Pokemon. Equip it to them and they might just get a chance to move first every now and then.

Head out north to get onto the main bridge. As you walk across it you are going to see some very interesting views; we'll be seeing a fair bit of 3D for the next bit. There's nothing important on the bridge itself, but it's cool nonetheless, and I personally love the music.

Go through the gatehouse at the end to reach our next destination.
Hiun City

Trainer Pokemon: Yanappu L21 | Boappu L21 | Hiyappu L21 | Haderia L19 | Dokkora L19 | Dangoro L19 | Basurao L17, Basurao L17, Basurao L17 | Churine L18, Monmen L18 | Koromori L20 | Munna L20 | Kurumiru L20 | Boappu L19, Hiyappu L19, Yanappu L19 | Yabakuron L20, Chillarmy L20 | Meguroco L17, Meguroco L17

At last we're here at the big 3D city; if you've seen any trailer for Black and White then you've probably seen this place before. As far as Pokemon cities go, it is absolutely massive, with several streets, a town square (though it's more of a circle) and plenty of buildings to visit. Of course, that means there are also plenty of items to collect! I love the music in this place too.

As soon as you enter, go south onto one of the ports. You can talk to the scientist along the south wall here to get either a LEAF STONE, a WATER STONE or a FIRE STONE. The guy himself actually lists the three monkeys, and you'll get the stone of the corresponding monkey. The top option gives you a Leaf Stone, the middle gives you a Fire Stone and the bottom gives you a Water Stone.

Head back up and left and you'll come to the Pokemon Center pretty quickly. Some girl will be at the counter who wants you to try the GTS and whatnot; feel free to completely ignore her and heal your Pokemon. Exit the center afterwards.

Start by going into the street to the right of the Pokemon Center. The first building on the right is the Game Freak building. The first floor contains two children, but more will be revealed if you're able to activate the Zorua event. Going up in the elevator to Floor 22 will take you to the employees' lounge. There isn't actually anything you can do in here... yet, but it's an interesting place nonetheless. Kind of.

Exit that building. The rushing people on the street make it really city like, doesn't it? The building above on the left contains a woman who will happily give one of your Pokemon a massage each day, raising their happiness level. This'll prove useful if you're using a Koromori or a Kurumiru/mayu! You're also able to go up the elevator in here; do so and talk to the hiker on the southern end of the room to get TM44, REST.

Head up north to reach the city square, complete with trees, park benches and a fountain. There are vending machines on the upper wall which will give you Fresh Water, Soda Pop or Lemonade, the latter of which heals 80 HP for a cheaper price than a Super Potion; it is a very good bargain. I'd recommend buying some. Also, talk to the dancer in front of the fountain. Answer yes and you'll end up in a fight with him; defeat his surprisingly high levelled Yanappu (though thankfully one level short of a Seed Bomb) and he'll tell you some more stuff. Answer yes and he'll let you go. We have another two dancers around Hiun to locate, which we'll get to shortly. Go down and take the second street from the right next.

In this street you are able to buy HIUN ICE, but only if it's a Tuesday and the season is Spring, Summer or Autumn. Hiun Ice is basically the Isshu region's Lava Cookie and has exactly the same effect as a Full Heal; it's not that important. There's also an art gallery on the right side; in here you will find a clown who requests to see a specific type of Pokemon. Show him the correct type and he'll give you a choice of berries to pick from; pick any and he'll give it to you. The berries tend to be basic ie Cheri, Chesto, Pecha.

Head down south back into the main part of Hiun, then head left and go down into the dock here. You'll find another dancer here; defeat his Boappu and he'll move to the place where the first dancer was. Head back up and this time go into the street.

...Although it's more like an alley. Head north and a guy in a suit will stop you all of a sudden, give you TM70, FLASH and walk away. I have absolutely no idea why this event occurs, but whatever. We'll have uses for Flash later in the game. Go into the bar on the right and talk to the bartender to receive a LEMONADE. Exit and talk to the dancer to fight him. Defeat his Hiyappu and he'll go to the same place as the other two dancers, putting all three in the same place.

Going north you'll end up back at the town square, where the three dancers are. Talk to the centre one to get the AMULET COIN, which will double the money you receive if the Pokemon holding it partakes in the battle at any time. You don't really need it in this game since you get a ton of money, but use it if you like.

This time, go north. The first building on the right is... rather... strange. Talk to the guy blocking the lift to get him to move, then go to 47F. You are now at an international party! Or at least something like that, but try talking to the different NPCs; a bunch of them use different languages to the home region. You'll see Japanese, English, German and some others. Talk to the girl near the bottom to get TM45, ATTRACT.

The building directly across also has quite a few people. Most notably, the Name Rater is in here; he's the bald old man closest to the entrance. If you ever want to nickname or re-nickname your Pokemon, go see him. Also, this hiker appears to have a Pikachu. Again, Pikachu is not in Isshu. Where the hell did he get it? Guess the guy went travelling.

The upper floor of this building also has NPCs. The scientist on the right controls the transfer machine, which you will probably need in order to activate the Zorua and Zoroark events. You need a certain two words to unlock the machine, and I have no idea what they are. You should be able to find the answer on a fansite or something though.

Exit this building, then go to the one to the top right. Talk to the scientist in here to get the EVOLUTION STONE, a very powerful item. Equip it to any Pokemon that hasn't fully evolved (ie no final stages or Pokemon that doesn't evolve) and it will boost both their defense and special defense by 1.5 in battle, giving them extreme bulkiness. Around this stage of the game you're bound to have unevolved Pokemon, so make good use of it. The stone can make unevolved Pokemon much more viable, and for some like Porygon2 and Chansey it is a gift from heaven. There's also a guy on the upper floor in here who will tell you about the eight badges of Isshu and their effects.

That covers that street; though if you want to catch a Meguroco, Darumakka or Zuruggu you may want to take a quick trip north into Route 4, the desert route of the game. It has some interesting Pokemon you may want to use in your team.

Head back down and this time take the far left street. This street is pretty relaxed; there's an empty building on the left and the gym on the right. Attempt to enter the gym and Cheren will pop out, talk to you a bit and walk off. Arti will also come out and leave, so we cannot do the gym for the moment.

Go south from here. The port furthest left contains one interesting thing; there is a boat that is ready to go, but to use it you need a Liberty Ticket, which can be downloaded from Wi-Fi on occasion. The boat will allow you to get the legendary Victini, a Fire/Psychic Pokemon with 100 base stats across the board. More info is available in other sections.

To the right when you come out of that street is a building which appears to be a very statistical based office. The people in here do... uhh... something, which I think is related to battle speeches or whatnot. Anyway, if you try to leave the building the woman gets somewhat indignant then gives you a quiz that seems to go on forever and I have no idea what it does. I got a SODA POP for answering all the questions, so maybe you will too. It's probably not worth it though; you might be better off just avoiding this particular building altogether.

A bit over to the right is another building with a green door; this is an interesting building called the Battle Company. If you enter, the janitor will speak to you and tell you about the place, then go up the lift. Basically, the Battle Company contains two floors of trainers you can battle in any order. There's also some very good items in here, so it's worth a look.

On 47F you'll have a fair few trainers to fight, and you can also get three QUICK BALLS and three TIMER BALLS from the office guy to the right by the barrier. You can also get a SCOPE LENS from the scientist on the right, an excellent item that boosts the critical rate of the Pokemon holding it. There's also a REVIVE in the bottom left corner.

55F gives you more trainers to contend with, as well as a HYPER POTION to pick up from the ground. You'll even have what I assume is the company's boss to contend with (he has a different battle sprite) although he just uses the monkeys. Defeating the janitor will reward you with the EXP. SHARE, a highly precious item which will allow you to split the EXP points between two Pokemon. When you consider the new EXP system, this can be a very valuable item.

That finishes all the sidequest stuff. Whew, that was a hell of a lot to do. Go heal up at the Pokemon Center and then check out the port to the left of it; you'll find Arti, Belle and Iris, a character you hadn't met until now. You'll talk about Team Plasma a bit, then a grunt will arrive all of a sudden and run off. Arti gives chase; exit the dock and go left all the way to see Arti again. He'll look around then run up the far left street. Follow him to see that previously empty building now swarming with Plasma grunts out the front. Go approach them and say yes to fight. Arti will take on two of them, while you deal with the remaining one. After winning the three of them will run inside. Belle and Iris will arrive; Arti runs in and Iris drags both her and Belle inside. Follow them in to see a large group made up of three grunts and three Plasma sages, including the guy who made the speech before back in Karakusa Town. The Plasma grunts will release Belle's Munna, who is reunited with her at last. It looks pretty happy to be back, huh? A faded screen later and they're all gone. Iris will give you a YACHE BERRY as a reward, then push Belle out the room. Arti will also return to his gym, allowing us to get the Beetle Badge. Pick up the SMOKE BALL that was left behind, then exit back out into Hiun. (There's nothing upstairs.)

Go and heal if you need to, then enter the gym. As a reminder, it's the bottom building on the far left street of the city.

(About time this sub-section is over. Damn this was a big one.)
Hiun Gym

Trainer Pokemon: Kurumiru L20, Fushide L20 | Kurumiru L20, Ishizumai L20 | Kurumiru L21 | Fushide L20, Kurumiru L20

You'll probably notice there is an awful lot of sticky honey in the gym; this time, we're contending with a Bug-type gym. From this gym onwards it'll be a bit more obvious what the gyms actually are no more restaurants or museums. If you have a Darumakka, Chaoboo or Boappu/Baokkiee, expect a very easy time in this gym.

Talk to the gym guy to get yet another FRESH WATER, then head up. It may look like an impenetrable wall of honey, but it isn't! Just push through it in the centre; it'll stretch and you'll eventually just pop through to the other side. Hit the switch to make some parts of the gates light up, then take the path right and talk to the clown to fight him and his two bugs. Hopefully you have some Antidote, as Poison Point could well be a pain here.

Hit the switch to the right here and the other part of the closest gate will light up, taking the barrier down and allowing us to get through. Push against the honey, then hit the switch only for a clown to magically appear in front of you. Defeat his two Pokemon, which includes the Bug/Rock Ishizumai Fire attacks won't be super effective on this thing! Neither will Fighting, thanks to the resistance Bug has against it.

Hit the switch to the right, and then the one on the left. This will cause the gate on the right to slide down. Again, push through the honey and hit the switch. A part of the final gate will light up one down, one to go. Exit that small room and then go straight left and hit the switch here. The gate to the far left will light up and descend; follow this newly opened path around, tripping the first switch to battle a clown if you wish, and hit the switch to make the gate to the right descend. Go to this newly opened room and fight the last trainer in here, then hit the switch to get the last gate to go down. Yeah, there's not a whole lot of variety with the trainers in here.

Go through the newly opened gate and up the stairs to find Arti. Make sure you're prepared, then challenge him to a fight.

    * Rewards: $2760, TM76 Bug Opposition, Beetle Badge
    * My Team: Chaoboo Lv. 23, Mogurew Lv. 24, Munna Lv. 24

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Hoiiga	Lv. 21	Bug/Poison	Swarm	Poison Tail, Screech, Bug Opposition, Pursuit
Ishizumai	Lv. 21	Bug/Rock	Shell Armor	Knock Down, Bug Opposition, Sand-Attack, Faint Attack
Hahakomori	Lv. 23	Bug/Grass	Swarm	Razor Leaf, String Shot, Bug Opposition, Protect

    * Thus we come to the third leader. Arti leads with his Hoiiga, who is the cocoon evolution of Fushide. However, don't underestimate it it's not a cocoon in the sense of Metapod or Kakuna! It can still very much attack and its Poison Tail attack can do some damage, although the most annoying aspect about it is its chance to poison, which can happen annoyingly often. Screech could cause problems, but the rest isn't much to worry about. I'll mention it now; Arti's signature move is called Bug Opposition, and it is a horrible, horrible move. Sure, it always lowers the opponent's Special Attack when it hits, but its a special move with 30 base power. That's right, 30. So it does like nothing, even if it hits super effectively. It's nothing to worry about, even from his main. Going back to Hoiiga, it has a good defense, but its other stats are pretty subpar. It should go down pretty quickly, though quicker to special moves than physical moves. Remember its weaknesses Fire, Flying, Rock and Psychic to speed up the process.

    * Arti's second Pokemon is an Ishizumai that we saw earlier in the gym. As I said, its Bug/Rock typing eliminates both the Fire and the Fighting weaknesses a Bug and Rock type would normally have respectively, but it does add a few extra weaknesses, giving this Pokemon weaknesses to Water, Rock and Steel. If you're using a Chaoboo, Rollout could work quite well, and if it carries on it'll bulldoze Hahakomori too. Ishizumai isn't much of a problem at all.

    * You'll probably be fighting Hahakomori with the last Pokemon music, and it can be fitting, depending on the circumstances. Basically, if you have a Fire or Flying move in your team that you can get out, then it'll be dead in an instant due to the quadruple weaknesses. Bug/Grass is a horrible typing, leaving it weak to Fire, Flying, Ice, Rock, Bug and Poison. Yeah, not so good. Hell, you can even beat it with a Janovy, seeing as it'll just use Bug Opposition which does like nothing. It may take a while if you have the wrong Pokemon for the job, but it's not that hard a Pokemon to take down at all. Of course, you might get unlucky and have it critical hit your best Pokemon for the job like it did with me >>; Razor Leaf does hit criticals a lot, so watch out. It'll also generally only use Bug Opposition if it's more powerful than Razor Leaf against any particular Pokemon.

    * An extra note; Chaoboo users with some luck can get an easy win by using a Defense Curl + Rollout strategy. You won't actually hear the last Pokemon music if this goes off successfully; you have to be able to select a move for the leader to come out and talk and the music to change!

After the fight, Arti will reward you with the Beetle Badge and a TM for Bug Opposition and if I were you, I'd just let it rot in your bag.

Exit the gym and you'll get a call on your Live Caster; Belle will inform you that she'll meet you soon. Go heal at the Pokemon Center and then head north out of Hiun City.

Belle will meet you in the gatehouse, and after some dialogue she'll challenge you to a fight.

    * Rival Belle
    * Rewards: $2000

Pokemon	Level	Type
Haderia	Lv. 18	Normal
Yanappu/Boappu/Hiyappu	Lv. 18	Fire/Water/Grass
Munna	Lv. 18	Psychic
Chaoboo/Futachimaru/Janovy	Lv. 20	(Fire/Fighting)/Water/Grass

    * It's been a while since we've battled Belle, hasn't it? Her team now has four Pokemon; the dog and her starter both return, albeit evolved, but she has added two new Pokemon to her roster, one of which is the Munna we rescued not that long ago. The second is one of the three elemental monkeys; Belle will have the one that is weak to her starter, hence the one that is strong against your starter. Of course, they're not a problem anyway.

    * Belle has two Super Potions to use, for the record.

Belle will leave after she has been beaten. I would suggest healing again, because there's another battle coming right up! At any rate, that finishes the third chapter at last. It's been a very adventurous one, huh?
Desert Sands and the Bolt Badge

This section includes Route 4, Resort Desert ~ Entrance, Resort Desert, Raimon City, Route 16, Illusion Forest and Raimon Gym.
Route 4

Trainer Pokemon: Basurao L18, Basurao L18 | Basurao L16, Basurao L16, Basurao L16 | Otamaro L18, Otamaro L18 | Dangoro L17, Dangoro L17, Dokkora L17 | Dokkora L19 | Darumakka L19 | Monmen L19 | Churine L18 | Shimama L19 | Dangoro L18, Dokkora L18 | Dokkora L19 | Mamepato L19
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Meguroco	Ground/Dark	Sand	40%	Level 29
Darumakka	Fire	Sand	40%	Level 35
Zuruggu	Dark/Fighting	Sand	20%	Level 39
Hippopotas	Ground	Sand	40%	Level 34
Pururiru	Water/Ghost	Surf	100%	Level 40
Mamanbou	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	95%	N/A
Burungeru	Water/Ghost	Dark Water ~ Surf	5%	N/A
Krabby	Water	Fish	65%	Level 28
Clamperl	Water	Fish	30%	Trade w/Deepseatooth/scale
Luvdisc	Water	Fish	5%	N/A
Relicanth	Water/Rock	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	N/A
Luvdisc	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Kingler	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A
Huntail	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish (Black)	5%	N/A
Gorebyss	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish (White)	5%	N/A

Go straight ahead and you will see Cheren; a bit of dialogue and then you'll be launched into a fight with him.

    * Rival Cheren
    * Rewards: $2200

Pokemon	Level	Type
Mamepato	Lv. 20	Normal/Flying
Yanappu/Boappu/Hiyappu	Lv. 20	Fire/Water/Grass
Lepardas	Lv.20	Dark
Chaoboo/Futachimaru/Janovy	Lv. 22	(Fire/Fighting)/Water/Grass

    * This battle is a bit weird as it is fought in sandstorm weather; sandstorm weather causes all non Rock, Steel and Ground-type Pokemon to take 1/16 HP damage each turn. In addition, all Rock Pokemon gain a x1.5 boost to their special defense stat.

    * Cheren, like Belle, also now has two new Pokemon, with two new additions. The first is a Mamepato, which we have seen a dozen times now; knock it out like any other one. The second is a monkey Cheren will have the remaining monkey, which results in him having the monkey that is the same type as your starter. Hence, if you chose Pokabu, he'll have Yanappu, if you chose Mijumaru he'll have Boappu and if you chose Tsutarja he'll have Hiyappu. His starter and Choroneko have also evolved, but otherwise it's all the same.

    * Also, his starter has a Sitrus Berry attached, which will heal 25% of its health when it falls into low HP.

Defeating Cheren will make him leave - though not before a live caster call - allowing us to explore this route in more detail. The desert is large and composed of two main parts. We'll handle the smaller part to begin with (Route 4) then take a quick detour for convenience and then do the rest of the desert.

In addition, the Wild Pokemon in the desert are totally new. Meguroco in particular can be an incredibly good Pokemon; if you want to use one, I would recommend you try to catch one that has Overconfidence as its ability; Overconfidence causes a Pokemon's attack stat to rise if it knocks out an opponent, which can help an incredible amount in trainer battles. It can be a bit slow at first, but once it learns Dig and Crunch (or you give it the Dig TM we'll get shortly) it can be an incredible force, and once it evolves it is almost unstoppable. It reaches its final evolution at 40, which in this game is pretty good. It's a Pokemon I'd highly recommend.

As for Darumakka, it is also a very good Pokemon. While it doesn't evolve into Hihidaruma until 35, with its 90 base attack and Hustle it is more than enough to match opponents blow for blow. It begins with Fire Fang, which is decently powerful, then gets Fire Punch and Thrash in the 20s, which can really solidify it as a member of your team. It only keeps getting better as it grows and eventually evolves, as Hihidaruma has an incredible base 140 attack! Add that to Hihidaruma's ability - Encourage - which causes any moves with a secondary effect to have their secondary effect removed but get a 1.3 power boost - such as Flare Blitz (which has a 10% burn chance now) or Rock Slide - and you will have one hell of a power machine. To put it into perspective, Flare Blitz - which Darumakka learns at 33 - is 120 x 1.3 x 1.5 = 234 power! Adding a Charcoal or Flame Plate equip would boost it even further to 280. That off such a high attack base is insane. It can really pay off, although try not to get one with a -Atk nature. One more thing; as it is designated as a Dream World ability, you cannot catch a Darumakka, evolve it and expect to get the Daruma Mode ability. I'd say Encourage is better anyway though.

Lastly, we have Zuruggu. The amount I can say for this thing is limited as I have never actually touched it, but judging from the times I've fought it and its evolution (Zuruzukin) it has a good movepool, decent offense and pretty good defenses, although they are pretty slow. What is worth noting is their ability to get the move Hi Jump Kick, which now has an insane 130 power, not taking STAB into account. Even with its relatively subpar attack stat compared to some monsters in Generation V, it'll be doing a boatload. It also gets Crunch to support its other STAB, and surprisingly enough Head Smash too. It also gets Shed Skin and Overconfidence, both of which are good abilities. The only real downside is that Zuruggu evolves quite late considering it's a one stage evolution (though it's a lot better than some particular ones...) but otherwise it's worth a shot if you need a Fighting-type, Dark-type or both.

Returning to the route; pick up the X ACCUARCY to the left in the sand, then go up. In this house there is a woman who will heal you when you talk to her; make a trip to her whenever you're running low on health. Over to the left, you'll see a bunch of traffic cones and some steps; go down them and fight the two fishermen down here. They both use Basurao exclusively. You can also examine the tile two steps right and two steps down of the bottom fisherman to locate a PEARL. Go back up the steps and head north. Rather than going straight ahead by the lady, take a path right and into a small enclosed part. The centre square one space from the top contains a hidden ULTRA BALL. Pick up the GREAT BALL on the opposite side and then fight the lady. Go up a bit, take the path right and pick up the HYPER POTION in the sand, then go back around and fight the builder, whose two Sturdy Dangoro are probably going to annoy you. I hate that ability so much >_>;

Afterwards, take the path around and get on the platform in front of the two houses and check the centre spot two squares away from the left wall for a hidden BURN HEAL. You can also check the small space to the right of the houses and examine the last tile before the rock for a hidden ETHER. Go back down and fight the last worker, then go up the other stairs and pick up the TM41, TORMENT.

Head back to the main road now, healing if necessary, and head north. The builder by the barricades who was previously blocking you (if you happened to check this route out before we got the Beetle Badge) will now let you pass, so let us do so. You can find a BURN HEAL to the right, and a guy with a Darumakka right next to it.

From here, move to the far left wall and pick up the ETHER, then fight the female trainer you should see walking up and down slightly to the right. After demolishing her Monmen, fight another of the same type of trainer to the top right. Beat her Churine, then pick up the SUPER POTION and fight the guy above. Check a corner to the top right for a hidden HYPER POTION (as always, use the itemfinder to locate stuff if needed) then head straight left onto a road. There's a constantly turning builder here; fight his Dangoro and Dokkora off, then continue left. There's one last builder to fight. He also has a Dokkora; rather similar to the Machop of old, eh? There's a house to the left; go inside and talk to the guy on the right to get the ever valuable TM28, DIG which may take two turns but in-game it is valuable, especially for the 80 base power the move has. If you have a Meguroco that doesn't know it yet, it's a move I'd recommend.

That covers everything for now; to the north is the Resort Desert, which we'll visit soon enough. Head back to the part with several backpack wearing trainers and head north. Beat the guy with a Mamepato and continue north.

In the gatehouse you'll find Cheren and Araragi; you'll talk a bit, then Araragi will give you ten ULTRA BALLS! She's quite a generous professor, I must say. Once they leave, head out the gatehouse to the north.

RAIMON CITY: We're not properly covering this place just yet, so this is just a very short stop. Go forward and you'll see a guy being attacked by Plasma grunts. Defeat the Lv. 18 Miruhog and Lv. 18 Yabakuron you'll end up fighting and the grunts will run off. The guy will give you what is quite possibly the best item in the game, the BICYCLE, as thanks, meaning our movement speed is that much better. Belle will also show up, talk to you for a second then leave. I'd recommend setting the bicycle to Y (you can set multiple items to Y now, for the record). You will use the bike a lot, I promise. Anyway, next up on the list to tackle is the Resort Desert. Go back into Route 4, head left when you can and go north past where we got Dig. You'll enter the beginnings of the Resort Desert that way.

    * You are perfectly able to catch Pokemon from Route 5, Route 16 or the tall grass in Yagaruma Forest now. Note that if you try to go to Route 5 Belle will pull you away to the Pokemon Musical, but after doing something with a Pokemon of your choice you can just run off and go into Route 5. You can also find a TM22, SOLARBEAM and a HYPER POTION in the long grass parts of the forest now if you so wish, as well as a hidden RARE CANDY if you so choose. I'll be covering that part properly later on when we get Surf, but if you want to go there now be my guest.

Resort Desert ~ Entrance
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Meguroco	Ground/Dark	Sand	40%	Level 29
Darumakka	Fire	Sand	30%	Level 35
Marakacchi	Grass	Sand	10%	N/A
Zuruggu	Dark/Fighting	Sand	10%	Level 39
Ishizumai	Bug/Rock	Sand	10%	Level 34

The entrance to the Resort Desert reveals two new Pokemon. Ishizumai you will have already seen before back in the Hiun Gym, but they're available to capture now. I can't really leap bounds of praise onto it since I have little clue about it, although its movepool and stats seem decent enough. The same goes for Marakacchi, your friendly neighbourhood cactus - I have like no clue about what it can do or how good it is. Notably it is NOT immune to sandstorm, but does get Water Absorb as a possible ability. Of course, it was resistant to Water anyway, but the health is always good. Its stats are a bit subpar though, with only special attack breaking 100...

Anyway, just head up, left and up into the gatehouse. There are no items at all! Head out the top end into the main Resort Desert.
Resort Desert

Trainer Pokemon: Yuniran L23 | Hatooboo L23 | Yuniran L23, Koromori L23 | Koaruhie L24 | Darumakka L23, Shimama L23 | Miruhog L23 | Gothimu L24 | Desumasu L22, Munna L22 | Marakacchi L23
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Meguroco	Ground/Dark	Sand	40%	Level 29
Darumakka	Fire	Sand	30%	Level 35
Marakacchi	Grass	Sand	10%	N/A
Shinpora	Psychic/Flying	Sand	10%	N/A
Ishizumai	Bug/Rock	Sand	10%	Level 34

The same wild Pokemon appear again, except Zuruggu is replaced by a Pokemon called Shinpora. Shinpora is very... odd looking, but statswise it's fast and decently strong and has a great movepool, encompassing Air Slash, Shadow Ball, Psychic and Ice Beam as examples. It's certainly usable, and if crazy psycho birds are your thing it may be worth a try.

Anyway, this desert is huge, so we have a lot of ground to cover. Start by fighting the doctor right in front of you; he has a Yuniran - the base form of Rankurusu - who has quite a strong special attack stat, so watch out! It also has the Magic Guard ability, which will stop any residual damage (ie Leech Seed, Sandstorm) from being dealt. After the fight, this doctor will act as a healer, much like that nurse did back in Yagaruma Forest. Talk to him and heal if at all necessary.

Fight the backpacker a bit northwest, who has an evolved pigeon that will probably Detect constantly. Move down and then head left while hugging the southern wall. The itemfinder will react at one point; keep heading left until you see a moving Psychic. Take his Pokemon down and then examine the center spot in this alcove for a RARE CANDY.

Continue hugging the wall and move left to get a FIRE STONE, then head up, continuously going against the wall. You'll find a ranger. Beat her to get a RAWST BERRY, then take the path up a bit further and examine the top left spot in the alcove for a hidden STARDUST. Go back down a bit and take the path left, fighting another ranger. You'll get another RAWST BERRY. Head straight down afterwards and left to get TM39, ROCK TOMB, which might be useful for some Pokemon.

Return back to the 'corridor' with the two rangers and head straight right. You should see a backpacker shortly; he doesn't fight you though. Go north from him and collect the STARDUST in the pit, then go straight right to find BLACK GLASSES in another pit, which' will boost Dark moves by 20%. Fight the backpacker a bit right here, then go north (note the doctor is almost right below the woman you just battled.) You'll see a guy in black in a pit; talk to him for a SOFT SAND, which will boost Ground moves by 20%. Moving left, there's a FRESH WATER in a pit and a Psychic to fight. She uses a Gothimu, the first form of Gochiruzeru. If you go straight left there's another psychic, who will use Desumasu, the pre-evolution of the sarcophagus, Desukan. It's a Ghost Pokemon, for the record. Back up a bit, head up and grab the SUPER POTION and fight the backpacker by here, who has the cactus.

Bring the itemfinder out if you hadn't already, then head northwest. A couple spaces right from the towerlike building, you can find a hidden ETHER. You can also go to the very northwest to get a HEART SCALE. There's also a hidden HYPER POTION in one of the spots to the very top right.

Go to about the center of the top half of the desert and you'll come to a staircase with five statues of some sort around it. Go down the staircase.

Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Meguroco	Ground/Dark	Sand Floor	50%	Level 29
Desumasu	Ghost	Sand Floor	50%	Level 34

    * Encounter list is identical for 1F and B1F.
    * Trainer Pokemon: Shinpora L24 | Koromori L23, Munna L23

As with Raimon City, we're not going to explore this place fully yet - in fact, we aren't able to for a while. However, you can catch two Pokemon here, including the new Desumasu which we saw a trainer use previously. Desumasu and its evolution, Desukan, have a niche in their high defense and ability named Mummy. Mummy itself does nothing, but if physical contact is made with a Pokemon then their ability is also replaced with Mummy. The effect is temporary, wearing off if the affected Pokemon switches out, but it's a fun ability all the same. They also have decent special attack, though they're not especially powerful.

Also, the music in this place is awesome. Walk forward and attack the psychic and his crazy psycho bird. There's also another Psychic just across the sand pit; just go around it for now.

Now, an important note about these sand pits. If you want to cross them, you must walk. NOT run, NOT bike. Walk. Also, don't touch the centre of the pit, as that will also send you down a floor. Practice by walking on the sand pit to the far left. You won't be able to descend the staircase here as a guy will block you, but you can talk to the backpacker here to get a fossil! You can either select the top option for a LID FOSSIL which can be revived into the Water/Rock Purotooga, or the second option for a WING FOSSIL, which can be revived into the Rock/Flying Aaken. Both of them are good Pokemon, although Aaken in particular is incredibly powerful once it gets the move Acrobat at Level 28; it has a 112 base attack anyway, and when the user isn't holding an item Acrobat's power is 110. Factor STAB in and you have a 112 attack (140 when it evolves !) bird with a 165 power move. The only drawback to Aaken and its evolution is its ability - Faint Hearted - which causes its attack to drop by a certain amount when its HP drops below 50%. Acrobat will OHKO most anything though, so you don't really need to worry about it. Both of them get great level up movepools; Purotooga and its evolution get the Shell Break move, which is an incredible move that raises Attack, Special Attack and Speed at the cost of its defenses. Also, as an extra note, both fossils are physically based. I'd say Aaken and its evolution Archeos are the better of the two, but Water-types are pretty rare. Honestly, it's your pick.

Once you get a fossil, you can revive it by taking it to the museum in Shippou City and talking to the receptionist on the right while you have less than six Pokemon in your party. You will get the fossil back instantly. It comes at Level 25, making it good for this point in the game. Both of them also come with some decent starting moves. The turtle (Purotooga) also gets Solid Rock or Sturdy, both of which are great abilities. It's slow as all hell, though. Also, both evolve at Level 37.

Go down the sand pit above you somehow (running/bike/walking to the center) to drop to B1F. From where you land, move one step in any direction and check the spot you just landed on for a hidden ELIXIR. There's also a REVIVE to the right. Head up the stairs, jump off the ledge and go down to exit the castle.

    * NOTE: If you want to get a good nature on your fossil, the easiest way is to hand the fossil off to the receptionist while six Pokemon are in your party. When she comes back she'll refuse to give it to you; deposit a Pokemon in the PC, then save in front of her and get your fossil. It'll change nature each reset. This is faster than what would happen if you have five or less in your party when you give it to her.

RESORT DESERT: That's absolutely everything we can do in the desert for the moment. Unless you want to revive the fossil, make your way back to Raimon City in the north.
Raimon City

Now we're here properly, and like Hiun it's pretty big. Nowhere near the same size, but there's plenty of items to collect.

Start by trying to enter the big building just to your left as you enter. This is the Battle Subway - the Battle Tower equivalent of this game - and as you attempt to enter a girl will come out and give you the VS. RECORDER, which will let you save recordings of Wi-Fi and Subway battles. There's nothing in the Subway itself to get, although there is a place called Kanawa Town that you can access by taking the brown coloured line.

The Pokemon Center is located a bit left; heal there if necessary. For the record, there are a few TMs on sale in the secondary mart here. To the left of the Pokemon Center is a place known as the Battle Testing Facility, but it's useless until after you receive the National Dex. It allows you to test your teams against a series of five trainers (either single or double battle) and progress whether you win or lose.

Behind those two are two buildings. Go in the left one and talk to the blue haired guy for HM04, STRENGTH. You can also talk to an old woman upstairs in the same house for a SOOTHE BELL. (You may need a relatively unhappy Pokemon for her to give it to you, but I'm not sure about that.) The Soothe Bell will be useful for Koromori or Kurumayu users.

The house next door has a blue haired guy who will give you a SUN STONE, which you will need if you're using either Monmen or Churine.

The street behind has three big stadiums. Two of these are for sporting events, which you can find battles in. The one on the furthest right is for the Pokemon Musical, the replacement for contests in Black and White.

Start by going for the far left building. At this point in time you'll probably only be able to fight one trainer. However, the special thing about these stadiums is that as you progress through the game, both the level and amount of trainers will increase. You'll be able to battle each day, and after the League the levels can get as high as 68. It makes for good training, to be sure.

The stadium in the middle is exactly the same. It'll be a different sporting event, but the rematches and everything are identical. Basically, you'll have a hell of a lot of people to train with once you beat the League and some moving up to it, too. If you want to abuse the system, set your DS clock to 23:59, wait for it to roll over, beat them all, then rinse and repeat until you're satisfied. You'll probably only be able to fight one trainer in this one, too. For the record, the sport that is actually taking place will change depending on the time of day.

The building on the far right houses the Pokemon Musical. As much as I detest the place, we have to do an event in it to progress. Talk to Belle who will be waiting at the entrance and she'll bring you inside. Some guy will talk to you and give you a GOODS CASE, then ask you to pick a Pokemon. Pick any, and you'll be given a tutorial on how to dress it up. Feel free to press OK when you can without doing anything and get the hell out of this place. Or at least I would say that, but first talk to the woman in the top right for TM49, ECHO VOICE. I apologize to anyone who wants to try the musicals, but I am absolutely clueless about them. You're on your own for the moment, although I think you can get some pretty good items for doing it.

When you exit, you'll see a scene with Belle and her father, where he finally accepts her journey. You'll also get to see Raimon's leader, Kamitsure. Nice music, isn't it? That's all there is for the main part of Raimon, but there's still a little bit we haven't explored yet. On the right side of the city by the bottom there's a rather colourful arch; go through it to end up in another part of the city.

Go forward and you'll come across N! N asks if you are looking for Team Plasma, then takes you to the ferris wheel, saying you can get a better view from it. It's on the ferris wheel that N confesses that HE is the leader of Team Plasma, whereas Geechisu is just a frontman to try and convince people to follow N's beliefs of separating humans and Pokemon. Afterwards, he quickly challenges you, with an interesting new cut-in.

    * Team Plasma N
    * Rewards: $2200

Pokemon	Level	Type
Meguroco	22	Ground/Dark
Darumakka	22	Fire
Zuruggu	22	Dark/Fighting
Shinpora	22	Psychic/Flying

    * N's Pokemon have changed again, this time to reflect the desert surroundings. It's a pretty easy fight all the same, but it is quite cool how his Pokemon change every time. You'll notice the same thing happen again the next time we fight him.

N will talk to you rather close up after the fight, then leave. If you check the bottom right corner here, you can find a hidden SUPER REPEL, and there's also an X ATTACK on the ground to the left.

While we could take on the gym now, there's some more stuff we can do to prepare. Head out Raimon City to the top right. In the gatehouse, talk to the guy with the hat to receive the MACHO BRACE. Go right out the gatehouse afterwards.

For the record, a bit later in the game you will occasionally get a trainer waiting outside the ferris wheel. If you beat them you can have a go on the wheel with them. It's EXP, I suppose. Might be a daily occurrence.
Route 16

Trainer Pokemon: Haderia L24 | Koaruhie L22, Lepardas L22 | Zuruggu L23 | Hoiiga L22, Hoiiga L22 | Kurumayu L23 | Mogurew L23
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Gothimu	Psychic	Grass and Tall Grass (Black)	30%	Level 32
Yuniran	Psychic	Grass and Tall Grass (White)	30%	Level 32
Chillarmy	Normal	Grass and Tall Grass	30%	N/A
Yabakuron	Poison	Grass and Tall Grass	20%	Level 36
Lepardas	Dark	Grass and Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	85%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%	N/A
Chillaccino	Normal	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Pineco	Bug	Swarm	40%	Level 31

The main reason for us moving onto Route 16 is a couple of trainers and some new Wild Pokemon. The most notable thing here is either Gothimu or Yuniran, depending on whether you're playing Black or White. Gothimu is the first form of Gochiruzeru - otherwise known as gothtower, lolitower etcetera - who is an interesting Pokemon, albeit not all that good statwise. It's a little slow but has a very wide movepool off of an alright 95 special attack. It has good defenses at any rate with 70/95/110, so it'll survive a few hits. You may want to keep Fake Tears on it though, since its Special Attack IS low compared to some other heavy hitters.

Yuniran on the other hand is incredibly slow - as are its evolutions, Daburan and Rankurusu - and has a smaller movepool than the Gothimu line, although that does change severely once it evolves into a Rankurusu. Yuniran's big point is that it has 105 special attack, meaning it is already beating out Gochiruzeru for pure power! Unfortunately, the TMs that is actually learns aren't for a while later in the game, so you're stuck with psychic attacks and Hidden Power, assuming you caught it at a level less than 25, until it evolves into Rankurusu. However, it is a very good poke, which reaches a resepectable 110 HP in its final form and a great 125 Special Attack. Just let me emphasize that all three Pokemon in this line are slow! Equipping the Quick Claw may not be a bad idea.

At any rate, both have a 490 base stat total and evolve at 32 and 41 into their next forms. Rankurusu is better than Gochiruzeru, but due to version exclusivity it's not like you have a choice in the matter unless you trade. They're both good Pokemon though; I'd recommend them if possible.

There's also Chillarmy and Yabakuron, but I know little about either of them so there's not much I can comment on. Chillarmy evolves into Chillaccino with the help of a Shiny Stone (which we'll get in a little while, although you can catch a Wild one here. It's rare, though) and has a hell of a lot of multi hit moves when it evolves. It's actually pretty decent evolved. As for Yabakuron, its evolution looks hideous, but I suppose they're alright. They don't seem particularly special to me, but eh.

I'd fight the trainers on the main path first. The right hand side is blocked by some workers, and we won't be able to go that way for quite a while. Once you take care of the four main road trainers, push the Strength boulder in to allow you access. Permanent access, that is. Makes a nice change from the older gens. There's a trainer in here you can fight, and a TM66, PAYBACK to pick up, which might help any Dark Pokemon you have such as Zuruggu. Go out the double grass part and into the part with the main grass and fight the last trainer here. If you have Cut handy, cut the tree and pick up the RARE CANDY at the end of this short path. Go back, then continue following the normal grass path and you'll find an entrance to somewhere else.
Illusion Forest
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Monmen	Grass	Grass (Black)	35%	Sun Stone
Churine	Grass	Grass (White)	35%	Sun Stone
Kurumayu	Bug/Grass	Grass	35%	Level 20
Mamepato	Normal/Flying	Grass	15%	Level 21
Fushide	Bug/Poison	Grass	15%	Level 22
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	45%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%
Boappu	Fire	Shaking Grass	10%	Fire Stone
Hiyappu	Water	Shaking Grass	10%	Water Stone
Yanappu	Grass	Shaking Grass	10%	Leaf Stone
Erufuun	Grass	Shaking Grass (Black)	5%	N/A
Doredia	Grass	Shaking Grass (White)	5%	N/A
Hahakomori	Bug/Grass	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Kenhorou	Normal/Flying	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Monmen	Grass	Tall Grass (Black)	35%	Sun Stone
Churine	Grass	Tall Grass (White)	35%	Sun Stone
Kurumayu	Bug/Grass	Tall Grass	35%	Happiness
Hatooboo	Normal/Flying	Tall Grass	15%	Level 32
Fushide	Bug/Poison	Tall Grass	15%	Level 30
Basurao	Water	Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Fish	30%	N/A
Goldeen	Water	Fish	70%	Level 33
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Goldeen	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Level 33
Seaking	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	10%	N/A

Welcome to the Illusion Forest, a rather strange place. You might notice the encounter list is almost exactly the same as Yagaruma Forest, although there are some additions, most notably the presence of Hahakomori and Kenhorou. Catching a Hahakomori here will certainly save you time with the happiness, and any Kenhorou you manage to find will be pretty underlevelled considering they aren't meant to exist until Level 32. Just bare in mind that they are pretty rare.

You can find a BIG MUSHROOM in the tree trunk directly ahead. At the top of the area you will find a backpacker who mentions some stuff about the woman inside the caravan. You can certainly try to talk to this woman, but you'll simply get a "..." out of her. It may seem like a dead end, but this is in fact where the Zoroark event takes place. Bring a crown beast (Shiny Raikou, Entei or Suicune from a specific event) here and everything will change.

That's actually all we can do in here for now, as all the other items are up the waterfall. It's time we took on Raimon Gym; head back to Raimon City and heal if necessary. The gym is found in the same area as we battled N and rode the ferris wheel; it's the flashy purple building to the left of the ferris wheel.
Raimon Gym

Trainer Pokemon: Emonga L24, Emonga L24 | Shimama L25 | Shimama L24, Shimama L24 | Emonga L25

Talk to the gym guy to get a FRESH WATER as usual. Now, if you haven't been able to tell by the look of the gym, the design of the leader or the city's name, this time we're fighting an Electric gym. As such, having any Ground attacks at the ready would help. Or at least it should, but due to a slight problem which you'll see momentarily they won't.

Start by going directly forward. The puzzle of this gym involves these carts; they'll move around the magnetic tracks and you have to board and depart from them whenever they reach a station. It's a pretty easy puzzle as long as you know what you're doing.

Jump into the first cart and it'll take you somewhere else. Follow the path around to fight a trainer. She'll send out an... Emonga. Who is part Flying. So much for Ground moves, huh? As it is, both the trainers and the leader only use Emonga and one other Electric-type, so Ground attacks are only going to be useful 50% of the time. You can at least strike Emonga with a Rock or Ice attack to hit it super effectively, though. Also, be warned. Emonga has the Static ability, which is supposed to have a 30% chance of paralyzing an opponent upon contact but often ends up being so much more. Be careful if you don't want to use a ton of healing items.

Hit the switch above her and the magnetic track will change. Board the cart again now and it'll take you a different direction. Go and fight the trainer here. He'll use the other Pokemon this gym uses, a Shimama. It's a pity, really. There are four non-legendary Electric lines in Isshu - the Shimama line, the Bachuru (electric spider) line, the Shibishirasu (eel) line and Emonga - yet they only use two. It's weird.

After beating the zebra, hit the switch to activate a track right ahead. Jump in the cart... or at least attempt to, but a trainer will hop out and fight you instead. Smash his zebras and then board the cart when it comes. This one will take you on a roller coaster ride! Get out when you can, hit the switch to the right and try to board the next cart, but again a trainer will pop out and fight. Swat her flying squirrel down then get in the cart, get taken on another roller coaster ride and pop out very near Kamitsure, the leader. Save if needed, then go up to her and fight.

    * Rewards: $3240, TM72 Volt Change, Bolt Badge
    * My Team: Chaoboo Lv. 27, Purotooga Lv. 26, Mogurew Lv. 28, Doredia Lv. 27, Munna Lv. 28

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Emonga	Lv. 25	Electric/Flying	Static	Pursuit, Quick Attack, Volt Change, Aerial Ace
Emonga	Lv. 25	Electric/Flying	Static	Pursuit, Quick Attack, Volt Change, Aerial Ace
Zebraika	Lv. 27	Electric	Lightningrod	Quick Attack, Spark, Volt Change, Nitro Charge

    * While Kamitsure has three Pokemon, you might notice that two of them are identical. Doesn't give us any less to take down, but it's less to worry about at least; if you can handle one, you can handle both.

    * Kamitsure's signature move is Volt Change, and anyone who has played the Gen IV games (especially HG/SS) is probably familiar with the move U-Turn. U-Turn is a 70 power, 100 accuracy move that allows the user to switch out after the attack connects; Volt Change is exactly the same, except it is Electric-type (whereas U-Turn is Bug). In HG/SS, Bugsy mained the move, but only his Scyther had it. This time, all three of Kamitsure's Pokemon have it, so you can expect a lot of Pokemon switching, especially if you can't outspeed these rather fast three Pokemon.

    * As I said before, Emonga is weak to Ice and Rock, so any of those will do good against them (particularly if you have a Chaoboo with Rollout, just like with Arti, although Emonga's high speed and Aerial Ace can be a problem...) They can catch you on the switch, attack with priority, never miss or switch, but they aren't all that strong on the whole. Just watch out for Static.

    * Kamitsure's main on the other hand is an entirely different kettle of... zebra. It's pretty strong, with 100 attack base, and very fast. It can make itself even faster with Nitro Charge, a 50 power Fire move that always raises speed. It's also able to switch out just like the rest, or hit you with a pretty powerful Spark attack. It'll also pick off low HP Pokemon with Quick Attack, which will probably do more damage than it will coming from her Emonga. If you can peg it with a Ground move, this Zebra should fall pretty quickly, but otherwise just beat on it. It's not strong enough to OHKO everything and as far as things go it's pretty frail, so it shouldn't be too long before it falls. Also, though you're not likely to, do NOT hit it with an Electric attack. Lightningrod will activate and boost its special attack. While it has no special moves anyway, Lightningrod does make it totally immune to any and all Electric moves, so it'll be a waste of a turn.

    * For the record, it's worth noting that a Ground-type will still perform incredibly well even if it can't actually hit Emonga with a Ground move, due to its type giving it immunity to Volt Change and other electrical moves, although unfortunately there is no immunity to Static. It's good all the same. A Mogurew with Rock Tomb will do great; super effective damage, the Emonga can barely do anything to it and Rock Tomb isn't contact, so Static isn't a problem. Rock Slide is even better if you happen to be 29 or higher, but it isn't needed.

    * Also, Kamitsure has two Hyper Potions she can use.

Defeating Kamitsure will get you the Bolt Badge as well as TM72, VOLT CHANGE. It may not be the best move in-game due to it being a forced switch if you don't KO the Pokemon and therefore splitting the EXP, but it's a good move all the same. It really comes out in competitive battling, though. I think.

Hit the switch, then take the cart. It'll take you back to the exit. Go heal at Raimon's center and head out to Route 5 through the top left gatehouse when you're ready.
Beating Temperature for the Quake Badge

This section contains Route 5, Hodomoe Drawbridge, Hodomoe City, Freezing Container and Hodomoe Gym.
Route 5

Trainer Pokemon: Haderia L26 + Haderia L26 | Munna L23 | Gamagaru L23 | Darumakka L22, Darumakka L22 | Shinpora L23 | Shimama L22, Shimama L22 | Hoiiga L22, Hoiiga L22 | Boappu L21, Hiyappu L21, Yanappu L21
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Gothimu	Psychic	Grass and Tall Grass (Black)	30%	Level 32
Yuniran	Psychic	Grass and Tall Grass (White)	30%	Level 32
Chillarmy	Normal	Grass and Tall Grass	30%	N/A
Yabakuron	Poison	Grass and Tall Grass	20%	Level 36
Lepardas	Dark	Grass and Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	85%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%	N/A
Chillaccino	Normal	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Smeargle	Normal	Swarm	40%	N/A

Same wild Pokemon here as in Route 16, with the exception of the swarm Pokemon. Now, it's been a while since a rival battle, hasn't it? Of course, Cheren shows up almost immediately to fix that.

    * Rival Cheren
    * Rewards: $2600

Pokemon	Level	Type
Lepardas	Lv.24	Dark
Yanappu/Boappu/Hiyappu	Lv. 24	Fire/Water/Grass
Hatooboo	Lv. 24	Normal/Flying
Chaoboo/Futachimaru/Janovy	Lv. 26	(Fire/Fighting)/Water/Grass

    * This is our fifth battle with Cheren, and his team hasn't changed at all from last time with the exception of the levels (although his Mamepato has now evolved). Beat him down exactly the same as always. It's easy enough. His starter has a Sitrus Berry, as always.

After defeating him, Kamitsure will somehow appear from the left and bring you over. You'll meet a fiery red-haired guy named Adeku, whose hair is rather similar to that of Goku from Dragonball Z. I do wish I hadn't stopped watching halfway through the Buu saga as a kid :/ Anyway, Adeku will set you and Cheren up in a double battle against two kids. You're healed first, but it's an easy fight anyway. Cheren may not be too much use though, since Take Down from these dogs will do a number as usual. They also both have a Sitrus Berry.

After the fight, Kamitsure and Cheren will go to the left of the route. Before we follow them, go back right and then up into the grass. There's a backpacker here as well as a GREAT BALL. There's also one to the far left next to a REVIVE. There's also a ZINC on the other side of the tall grass.

Jump off the ledge and fight the remaining trainers, then head left afterwards. The guitarist will give you an ELECTRIC GUITAR accessory for defeating him, too. There's also a HYPER POTION to pick up if you go to the far right of the route and slide below the fence and follow the path.

Note that the woman in the caravan is a chef who wants ingredients, and is willing to part with quite a lot of money for some of them. The items she wants, and the amount you can get for them are as follows:
Item Name	Selling Price
Big Mushroom	$5,000
Fragrant Mushroom	$25,000
Hiun Ice	$2000
Leftovers*	$200
Lucky Egg*	$200
Old Gateau	$4000
Rare Candy*	$10000
Shoal Salt	$7000
TinyMushroom	$500

    * Unless you're insane, don't sell the starred items; they're too useful to part with. The only possible exception is the Rare Candy, but I still wouldn't recommend it.

On the left side of the route, Kamitsure will get the drawbridge down for you in a pretty nice cutscene, allowing us to cross to the next city. Go ahead and cross the drawbridge.
Hodomoe Drawbridge
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Koaruhie	Water/Flying	Bridge Spots	100%	Level 35

Only one Wild Pokemon on this bridge, and nothing else, though I quite like the music, as minimalistic as it is. There are three people on the bridge who just talk, but there is one notable thing; sometimes when you're crossing the bridge you will hear the sound of flapping wings. After that you should be able to find a dark spot somewhere on the bridge. The flapping wing sound will continue and get louder the closer you are to this spot. If you step in this spot, one of two things will happen. You'll either pick up a feather of some sort, which can increase the EV of a particular stat by one (there's seven feathers, the last one being useless aside from being sold for money.) The other thing is that a Wild Koaruhie - the duck - may appear. It's a decent Water-type and can learn both Surf and Fly, which solves the majority of HM woes in the game. Strangely enough it doesn't evolve until 35, but it's decent all the same. Might be worth picking up if you need a Water or Flying.

Keep going until you reach the exit on the left.
Hodomoe City

Trainer Pokemon: Basurao L27 + Waruvile L27 + Zebraika L27
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Pururiru	Water/Ghost	Surf	100%	Level 40
Mamanbou	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	95%	N/A
Burungeru	Water/Ghost	Surf	5%	N/A
Krabby	Water	Fish	65%	Level 28
Chinchou	Water/Electric	Fish	30%	Level 27
Luvdisc	Water	Fish	5%	N/A
Chinchou	Water/Electric	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Level 27
Luvdisc	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Kingler	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A
Lanturn	Water/Electric	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A

If you go left you'll see Cheren talking to the gym leader of Hodomoe, Yakon. He'll tell you that Team Plasma have taken residence up in the Frozen Warehouse, which is where we'll be visiting next. He'll ask you for help, then leave.

From where we are, the house closest to you has nothing important in it. The one to the left has a guy who will teach Grass Oath, Fire Oath or Water Oath to your starters. It's a 50 power, 100% acc special move, which probably won't be too useful at this point in the game. Interestingly it can make 'combination attacks' with the others, but since you're unlikely to have the other two starters for the other Oath moves it's pretty pointless.

Go behind those two houses and check the far right one. An old man inside will give you a SHELL BELL, which will regenerate some of your HP each time you attack and hit. The kid in here is willing to make a trade; if you can give him a Chillarmy, he'll give you a Level 25 Basurao with a Sitrus Berry. I think the Basurao is the form that is opposite to what you usually find on your version, but you can find the opposite stripe Basurao easily enough anyway. You can fight this kid later on after the league and he'll have trained the Pokemon you traded him though, which is pretty cool.

The street behind that has the Pokemon Center; heal up and then we can continue our excursion. The house to the left has a girl who wants to see a certain move; if you have a Pokemon with that move in your party then she'll give you a HEART SCALE. You can do this each day, with a different move being picked each time.

Afterwards, head into the big building just below (you can enter from the back). This is the Hodomoe Market, and has some interesting stuff. There's a hidden HEART SCALE located in the bottom right tile from the blonde woman near the bottom of a room. You can also talk to the guy in black on the right; if there's a Pokemon in your party that is at Level 30 or over, he'll give you the EXPERT BELT, an item that boosts the power of super effective moves by 1.2. It's good on something with a lot of type coverage.

You're also able to buy MooMoo Milk from the top left stall, either in packs of one or twelve. MooMoo Milk heals 100 HP, making it a cheap and effective item. You can also buy herb medicine from the bottom right stall; as always, it's cheap but bitter and will reduce your Pokemon's happiness. On the note about money, any of those feathers you picked up from the bridge will sell for $1500 each, so it may be worth a sale if you're low on money at all, although that is pretty unlikely.

You may notice an item ball on the left side of the market; go out the market and to the left side of the building, then enter where you would assume an entrance is (in the center of this wall, so about midway up.) You can get a BIG PEARL by doing so.

Talk to the guy riding the bike by this wall. If you say yes twice, you'll enter your first 3-on-3 battle! Black players will get a Rotation Battle, while White players will get a Triple Battle.

    Rotation battles are an interesting type of 3-on-3 battle. While they do have three Pokemon out at once, they aren't actually 3-on-3. Rather, one Pokemon fights another singular Pokemon from the opposing team at any one time, and you are able to 'rotate' using buttons in the same menu as you pick a move to swap the Pokemon that is at the front. The opponent will rotate his clockwise almost every turn, which can help with prediction. Note that rotation does not use up a move! Rotation and the attack will go off in the same turn, so for maximum effectiveness you need to predict what Pokemon will appear next and use a move accordingly. Rotation battles are pretty fun.

    Triple battles on the other hand are literally 3 vs 3; all three Pokemon and all three of your opponents Pokemon will be able to attack in the same turn. It works very similarly to a double battle, but the main catch is that not every Pokemon can attack every other Pokemon. A Pokemon in the centre can attack any of the three opponents, while one on the left can only attack the opposing left or centre Pokemon and the one on the right can only attack the opposing right or centre Pokemon. The only exception to this is the move Acrobat, which can hit any opponent from any distance. Also, the battlefield size doesn't change for these (it does for triple battles), so the sprites barely fit on the field. Poor things. ;_;

Once you beat what can be a surprisingly tough fight, we're done with Hodomoe. Heal up if you got badly injured, then head down south. For the record, Black players will get mostly rotation battles, whereas White players will generally get triple battles. There is only one exception in either game.
Freezing Container

Trainer Pokemon: Hoiiga L24, Kaburumo L24 | Bachuru L24, Ishizumai L24 | Yanappu L24, Dokkora L24 | Boappu L24, Dokkora L24 | Hiyappu L24, Dokkora L24 | Dotekkotsu L24 | Vanipeti L24, Dokkora L24 | Dokkora L23, Dokkora L23, Vanipeti L23 | Miruhog L23, Zuruggu L23 | Lepardas L24 | Yabakuron L24 | Meguroco L23, Miruhog L23
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Haderia	Normal	Grass + Tall Grass	35%	Level 32
Vanipeti	Ice	Grass + Tall Grass	30%	Level 35
Chillarmy	Normal	Grass + Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Dokkora	Fighting	Grass + Tall Grass	15%	Level 25
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	90%	N/A
Murando	Normal	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Chillaccino	Normal	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A

    * These Pokemon are only outside.

The outside of the Freezing Container has some interesting Pokemon. Well, I say some, but in reality there's only one here that is important. Vanipeti is the somewhat well known ice cream Pokemon, and the earliest AND best Ice-type you will find in the game. Its evolutions are a bit high (35, then 47) but you'll find no better Ice-type; we'll see two more later but one dies to any physical move and the other just sucks. If you want an Ice-type, Vanipeti is a very good choice. It gets Ice Beam by level too. The only annoying thing with the line is that their movepool is very, very limited; Ice attacks and Flash Cannon are basically all they can use. All the same, it's a good line.

Start by going right. Fight the youngster and then head right and fight the other youngster. Both of them will use Pokemon that you probably haven't seen before; Bachuru in particular is anotable one. It's the first form of the electric spider and it is damn cute, as well as being the current smallest Pokemon in existence. The fan art with it in is beautiful ;-;

Continue over to the right and bust out the itemfinder to get a HYPER POTION, then return left and go down the gap between the buildings and talk to the worker to get a RUGGED HELMET. This is an interesting item; if a Pokemon is holding it and contact is made, it deals 1/8 HP damage to the user. This is especially powerful paired with the Rough Skin or Iron Thorns ability. It's a useful item, for sure.

Go back left and then down when you can. Check the bin here for a PP UP, then get into the grass and head right. Pick up the ETHER and continue further right. You'll find a worker to battle in this clearing with tall grass. After beating him, bust out the itemfinder again and use it to locate a DIVE BALL' a bit to the bottom-right of the worker. You should also pick up the PROTEIN'' in the tall grass.

That takes care of all the items; head to the far bottom left now. Cheren will arrive and talk to you a bit, then wait. First, go through the grass to the left here and pick up the HEART SCALE. Return back and enter the building.

Inside, you will see why it's called the Frozen Warehouse. Start by going up and moving as far left as you can before sliding on the ice; slide up, then right then down to get TM55, BOILING WATER. Boiling Water is an excellent new move; it is 80 power, 100 accuracy and has an incredible 30% chance of burning. Any Water-types you have will appreciate this move. Only Water Pokemon can learn Boiling Water with two exceptions - Mew, who learns all TMs, and surprisingly enough Enbuoh, the final evolution of Pokabu. Pokabu and Choabuu cannot learn it though.

Slide up, left, up, right and fight the worker, then slide right and go up the steps. Fight another worker then move right onto the ice (doesn't matter from where). Slide up, left and down to reach the next part. Continue, go up the steps and fight another worker; this one has Dokkora's evolution. Keep going, down the stairs and fight another worker. They really like their Dokkora, don't they? Pick up the ICE HEAL then go up right over the ice. Fight yet another worker, then pick up the HYPER POTION to the right. Continue following the path and you will see one container with the lid open; go towards it and Cheren will appear. Answer his question and then head inside to find a sage and eight Plasma grunts! They'll come towards you. Cheren will take four, and it's up to us to fight the other four.

Just talk to the four ones on the right side to battle them. After all four are defeated, Yakon and some workers will come in and arrest the grunts and sage. Once you get free movement again, pick up the NEVERMELTICE, then go out of this container. Go around and up the steps just north, and move down. Slide down the ice on the left side, then go right and step off. Pick up the NET BALL, then go down the steps and out the warehouse.

That leaves us ready to do Hodomoe Gym. Heal up at the center, then head in. The gym is found in the top right of the city.

Although, when you arrive there, you'll find Geechisu and a ton of Plasma grunts in front of the gym, facing Yakon and his captured Plasma members. Yakon will hand them over, then all of the Plasma grunts will disappear. Yakon will go back into the gym, and Cheren leaves to the left. Now, let's do the gym!
Hodomoe Gym

Trainer Pokemon: Gamagaru L28, Mogurew L28 | Meguroco L28, Mogurew L28 | Waruvile L29 | Meguroco L27, Gamagaru L27, Meguroco L27 | Mogurew L29

As always, talk to the advice guy for a FRESH WATER. Go up and examine the green arrow to the right on the lift; it'll go down, taking you with it. The idea of this gym - which is Ground type - is to navigate the gym using the platforms in order to reach leader.

From where you are, move right and battle the trainer, then hit the green arrow to go down. Move up one platform and hit the red/pink arrow to move up and fight the trainer here. Move back down again, then go onto the support and take it around. You'll have to fight another worker; do so, then hit the green arrow to descend further.

Take the platform directly to the right and hit the up arrow, then fight the trainer. Take the same platform back down afterwards, then move to the one at the back and take it up. Again, use the support and move right. After fighting the woman, take the lift right below her down. You'll go incredibly far down, open a door, then continue down again. Yeah, Yakon is really far underground.

Move forward, save, and talk to him when you're ready to fight.

    * Rewards: $3720, Quake Badge
    * My Team: Purotooga Lv. 30, Doredia Lv. 31, Munna Lv. 30, Doryuuzu Lv. 31, Chaoboo Lv. 30

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Waruvile	Lv. 29	Ground	Overconfidence	Swagger, Torment, Crunch, Level Ground
Gamagaru	Lv. 29	Water/Ground	Swift Swim	Aqua Ring, BubbleBeam, Muddy Water, Level Ground
Doryuuzu	Lv. 31	Ground/Steel	Sand Throw?	Claw Sharpen, Slash, Rock Slide, Level Ground

    * The fifth leader, as with all the others, also has three Pokemon, this time of quite an interesting variety considering they are all dual typed Pokemon. Yakon also has a signature move in Level Ground. It's a relatively weak move of 60 power, 100 accuracy, but it has the bonus effect of always lowering the opponent's speed; it's basically a Ground Icy Wind, but more powerful and physical.

    * His first Pokemon is Meguroco's mid evolution, Waruvile, and it is capable of using a powerful move in Crunch, as well as the annoying Swagger or Torment. Granted, it's not that hard to take down, and any Water or Grass move should knock it out instantly. Then there's Fighting, Bug and Ice as possible options, too. Ground/Dark actually has quite a few weaknesses, doesn't it?

    * Gamagaru is a bit annoying as it only has one weakness, Grass, although that is a quadruple weakness. If you don't have a Grass move somewhere (even Grass Knot would work) then you'll just have to settle for neutral damage. It's not likely to hurt anyway. Its most powerful move is Muddy Water, but it doesn't have an especially strong Special Attack so it should be fine. If you have a Grass move, use it, but otherwise just hit it with whatever you have that is neutral. Just don't be fooled by its appearance - it may look and be a Water-type, but Electric moves do NOT work on this thing.

    * Finally, we have Yakon's main, Doryuuzu. Now Doryuuzu as a Pokemon in general is amazing. 135 attack, 110 HP, 88 speed and a good typing for resistances. It could have been very dangerous, but it shouldn't be too bad in this particular case. The main thing to worry about is Claw Sharpen; if it gets a few of those in then you're going to have one hell of a time beating it without losing several Pokemon. It may well knock out one anyway, but you should be able to wrestle it down. Doryuuzu's weaknesses include Water, Ground and Fighting; any one of those should do the trick just fine. Just don't use anything weak to Ground unless it's fast enough to beat Doryuuzu before getting hit - Level Ground off of that attack WILL hurt.

    * Yakon also has two Hyper Potions to use.

Beating him earns you the Quake Badge, and it would also earn you the Level Ground TM but Yakon apparently forgot it or something, so he'll give it to us later. That's all for the gym then. Hit the up arrow on the lift to move far up, then go to the lift right below it and hit the up arrow to return to the entrance.
Shock and Horror for the Jet Badge

This section contains Route 6, Electric Rock Cave, Fukiyose City, Route 7, Tower of Heavens and Fukiyose Gym.

HODOMOE CITY: After you exit the gym, go and heal as we have another fight coming right up. Once you're ready, attempt to leave the city from the top left and Belle will make an appearance. This time, she'll fight you.

    * Rival Belle
    * Rewards: $2800

Pokemon	Level	Type
Haderia	Lv. 26	Normal
Yanappu/Boappu/Hiyappu	Lv. 26	Fire/Water/Grass
Musharna	Lv. 26	Psychic
Chaoboo/Futachimaru/Janovy	Lv. 28	(Fire/Fighting)/Water/Grass

    * Stronger levels now, although much lower than the gym leader we just fought. She opens up with Haderia like usual, who may cause some problems with its Intimidate ability. That's likely to be the only real hard part of the battle (although Belle does have some Hyper Potions to use too.)

    * Of note is the fact that Belle's Munna has evolved into Musharna, who has refined defenses (mostly in the form of extra HP) and a stronger special attack. It shouldn't be too bad, but it probably won't go down as easy as Belle's other Pokemon.

Defeating Belle will get you a very valuable award in HM02, FLY. Teach it to any Flying-type (or a few others, strangely enough) and you'll be able to move instantly to any town in the Isshu region, making exploration that much faster. Nothing especially to use it for now, but it'll come in useful later.
Route 6

Trainer Pokemon: Shikijika L27 | Emonga L27, Shikijika L27 | Otamaro L24 (x4) | Shikijika L27 | Shikijika L27 | Vanipeti L26, Pururiru L26 | Chillarmy L27, Emonga L27 |
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Shikijika	Normal/Grass	Grass, Tall Grass	35%	Level 34
Kaburumo	Bug	Grass, Tall Grass	25%	Trade with Chobomaki
Hatooboo	Normal/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass (NOT WINTER)	15%	Level 32
Vanipeti	Ice	Grass, Tall Grass (WINTER)	15%	Level 35
Tamagetake	Grass/Poison	Grass, Tall Grass	15%	Level 39
Kurumayu	Bug/Grass	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	Happiness
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	70%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	20%/25%	N/A
Kenhorou	Normal/Flying	Shaking Grass (NOT WINTER)	5%	N/A
Hahakomori	Bug/Grass	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Plusle	Electric	Swarm (Black)	40%	N/A
Minun	Electric	Swarm (White)	40%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Surf, Dark Water ~ Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Fish, Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Poliwag	Water	Fish	65%	Level 25
Poliwhirl	Water	Fish	5%	Water Stone or King's Rock + Trade
Poliwhirl	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	65%	Water Stone or King's Rock + Trade
Politoed	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A

Route 6 is a pretty interesting route; long, colourful and full of some new Pokemon. I'm not too familiar with the three new ones here, but Shikijika is decent; its appearance actually changes depending on the season, but there's little effect aside from that. It evolves at Level 34 into a very competent Pokemon with its own signature move, Wood Horn. It's certainly usable, and might fill in a Grass-type slot if one is available. It does also get the pretty powerful Jump Kick (100 power) to use for coverage.

Kaburumo almost looks like a pre-evolution of Heracross, but it becomes nothing of the sort when it evolves. The annoying thing with this Pokemon is that you have to trade with a specific Pokemon in order to get it evolve; in this case, a Chobomaki, a Bug-type which we won't see for quite a while yet. In the evolution process Kaburumo basically steals Chobomaki's shell, turns it into armour and there's your evolution. It's knight based with an incredible 135 attack and good 105 defenses, but has an absolute pittance for speed at 20. Usable? Yes. Though it's a bit of a pain.

Tamagetake is crap. Typing is alright, but low stats combined with a painfully high evolution level for those stats is urgh. The evolution isn't even that much of an improvement; it gets extra attack and special attack and more HP, but it just isn't worth it for the effort it takes. This is one Pokemon I would highly recommend you leave alone, outside of maybe catching one for your PokeDex. Also, these tend to have Effect Spore, so even Wild ones can be bloody annoying.

Route 6 starts off with a bunch of grass, and I will mention those of you playing in winter may see hail on this route, both on the field and in battle as a weather effect. Taking the route forward will have you run into a scientist, who will send out a season changing deer of his own. You can expect to see a fair few of them as we conquer this route.

Continue and take the path up (down just takes you back to the beginning of the route) and you'll find a Pokemon Ranger. Beat her for a CHERI BERRY, then talk to the Parasol Lady on the bridge to fight her too. Continuing left there is another researcher. There's quite a large river in this route, isn't there? Pity there's naught we can do with it for the moment.

Enter the building just above him. The guy on the left wants to see all four Shikijika forms, which will either take ages or a little bit of time travelling by setting the DS calendar to different months. Showing him all four will yield a LEAF STONE, which I don't think anything but Yanappu uses anyway.

Going back outside, there's a HYPER POTION to the left of the building and an ELIXIR tucked away in between the grass below. Once that's done, continue following the path and fight the researcher, who will throw out yet another deer.

Further left we'll find more grass. Fight the parasol lady, then we'll get to these items. The one up north will hop if you touch it, and then result in a Wild fight with a Tamagetake. Yup, these are the new Voltorb Pokemon.

A bit further to the left is a LEAF STONE, this time of no charge. The ball on the bottom left is also a not-so-friendly mushroom. These Tamagetake happen to be of a lower level than their wild grass counterparts, for the record.

The ranger just above will also fight you, sending out a Chillarmy. Beat it and his Emonga and get a CHERI BERRY, then continue up north. There's a hiker standing on this route for some reason or another, but he does nothing but talk.

Go into the house on the right and talk to the little girl for a SHINY STONE, which is incredibly important if you are raising a Chillarmy of your own. You can also talk to the mother to be healed, which will be very useful. Remember you can come back to her anytime, as with all healers.

Going back outside, there is some tall grass to visit if you wish. As always, the levels are higher in there. No items to get in there though. The itemfinder does react but it's for something across the river, I believe. That basically covers all we can do for now in Route 6. Head up on the grass and the location banner will officially change, but we're not inside the cave... yet.

Head up and you'll find the cave covered by a yellow web. Examine it and Yakon will show up. He'll send out his Waruvile who will use an attack to eliminate the web. Yakon will then give you the promised TM78, LEVEL GROUND, a 60 power move with 100 accuracy that always lowers the opponent's speed.
Electric Rock Cave

Trainer Pokemon: Gear L29 | Aaken L31 | Gantoru L26, Dotekkotsu L26 | Gear L29 | Kurumayu L29 | Meguroco L26, Zuruggu L26, Miruhog L26 | Zuruggu L28 | Yabakuron L27, Lepardas L27 | Yabakuron L26, Yabakuron L26, Yabakuron L26 | Miruhog L27, Meguroco L27 | Lepardas L28 | Meguroco L27, Miruhog L27 | Mogurew L30, Zekraika L30 | Gothimu L29, Koaruhie L29, Doredia L29 | Gear L29 | Erufuun L30, Purotooga L30
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Bachuru	Bug/Electric	Cave Floor	39%	Level 36
Gear	Steel	Cave Floor	29%	Level 38
Tesshido	Grass/Steel	Cave Floor	20%	Level 40
Gantoru	Rock	Cave Floor	10%	Trade
Shibishirasu	Electric	Cave Floor	2%	Level 39
Mogurew	Ground	Dust Cloud	100%	Level 31

    * This list applies for 1F and B1F.

We finally reach another cave after a long while, and the Pokemon selection in here is quite different. Most commonly one will see Bachuru, which is just the cutest thing ever. It's the smallest Pokemon to date and has a unique typing. It's a little average to begin with, but once it evolves into Denchura at Level 36 it is great. The real advantage both ingame and competitively comes from the duo's Compoundeyes ability; its 30% boost pushes Thunder's normal 70% accuracy all the way up to 91%, making it far more viable than before. In addition the line also has access to moves such as Signal Beam, Bug Buzz and Energy Ball, making them pretty dman good. Their stats are a bit left to be desired competitively, but ingame 97 special attack combined with Thunder and a good 108 speed is beautiful. This is a Pokemon I would highly recommend if you have the room.

Gear, on the other hand, is a bit strange. The whole line looks very similar, with more gear 'parts' being added with each evolution step. However, the problem comes in that Gear doesn't evolve into its final form - Gigigear - until a very high Level 49, and its first evolution at Level 38 is already quite high. There's also a problem in that it can't really use its moves and stats properly; by far the line learns Electric-type moves the most, which gain no STAB whatsoever with the line's pure Steel typing. The line's best move probably comes in Gear Saucer for damage; it's physical, and has 50 base but hits twice in a row, for a net base damage of 100 * 1.5 = 150 with STAB included. It also gets some pretty interesting support moves, including Body Purge and the unique Gear Change. They're usable, certainly, and they're a rather interesting line at that. Just don't except much variety in movepool, because there really is none. They don't even get Wild Bolt, which would have worked great :/

Tesshido also has a unique combination in Grass/Steel and is most primarily a defensive Pokemon, although it has some attacking strength also. It alone learns no physical Grass-type moves but thankfully it gets Power Whip as soon as it evolves. It and its evolution also have absolutely pathetic speed (base 10 and 20 respectively) but this actually works very advantageously in combination with the Gyro Ball move, which rises in power the bigger the speed difference is, and Tesshido and its evolution, Nattorei, are probably going to be a hell of a lot slower than any other Pokemon they fight. They also have an interesting ability in Iron Thorns; it works exactly like Rough Skin in that any contact with Tesshido/Nattorei will reduce the attacker's HP by 1/8 of its total value. Of course, you can attach a Rugged Helmet to them, and that means any contact with them takes off a massive twenty-five percent HP from the attacker. Definitely possible to use if you so wish.

The last new one is Shibishirasu. Shibishirasu itself is completely useless; it has pretty subpar stats and access to only four moves - no TMs, no egg moves, nothing. However, this is the 'cocoon' like stage, where it has a very limited movepool compared to its other forms. Getting this small thing up to Level 39 will cause it to evolve into a Shibibiiru, which takes on the proper form of the electric eel and is now able to actually learn moves by levelling up as well as a large assortment of TMs. One Thunderstone will evolve it into the final stage of the line, Shibirudon, who has good attack, special attack and decent defenses, although he's a little slow (base 50.) His movepool is great though. The line's real niche comes from their ability. Being pure Electric Pokemon and having the Levitate ability means that in normal circumstances, they have no weaknesses. You'll have to avoid being tricked Iron Balls, facing against a Mold Breaker Pokemon etcetera but normally it won't be possible to strike Shibirudon or its pre-evolutions super effectively, making those decent defenses pretty good. The real challenge comes in levelling Shibishirasu; if you can do that, then can you can reap the rewards of its evolutions. If you want to get one you may want to wait until we get to the bottom floor, as they're more common there.

There's also wild Gantoru in here - the evolution of Dangoro - and we will see tons of them from here on out. Prepare to rage at their Sturdy ability. You can also grab a Mogurew in here again, and it'll be relatively close to evolving (~25) when you catch it, so it may be decent if you want another addition.

Enough Pokemon reviewing; back to the cave at hand. Going forward will cause two white haired, black clothed figures to appear around you, then take you forward to N. N will talk to you for a minute, then leave. Continue forward and all of a sudden Belle and Araragi will appear; Araragi is conducting research with Belle as her protector from the Wild Pokemon. Some dialogue and Araragi will give you THE most useful item in the game - possibly just behind the bicycle - a ''LUCKY EGG'!! The Lucky Egg is an item that boosts the gained experience of any Pokemon holding it by 1.5, making training and high level evolutions that much easier. The EXP system still exists of course, but the egg will take even better advantage of it. Swap it between your currently active/lead Pokemon for the biggest yield of EXP.

Now, the puzzle of this cave is to hit the smaller floating electric rocks into the large rocks that are crackling with electricity. Hit this rock from the right hand side to send it into the big electrical rock, granting you passage. Also, for the record, the encounter rate in this cave can be bloody annoying, so you may want to use some Repels if it drives you crazy.

Continuing north there will be another rock in your way; hit it from the left to get it to budge. Pick up the PARLYZ HEAL, then take the right steps up and fight the scientist here. Afterwards, go down, hit the top rock out of the way by pushing it to the right and pick up the REVIVE. Go back around and take the upper steps, then move around the ledge and pick up the HEAL BALL. Jump off the ledge and fight the Ace Trainer on the right - note that his Aaken has Acrobat, which WILL hurt if it connects! After the fight, you can find a hidden ELIXIR in the center part of this small alcove to the right. Go back to the rocks and hit the top one to the left and the bottom one down to clear a path.

Keep going and Belle and Araragi will catch up with you, telling you some more information. Take the steps up first and fight the hiker, then go down and attempt to cross the bridge and three of these black cloaked figures will appear, which I believe are known as the Dark Trinity. They'll scuttle you across the bridge for some reason or another, then leave. Pick up the HYPER POTION they leave you right next to, then hit the small rock south and take the path. Fight the researcher and her Gear, then hit the bottommost little rock to the left to get it out of the way and pick up the now accessible IRON. Go back and descend the stairs.

The music gets deeper as you descend the floors, which is pretty cool. Take the path around and you'll come across two guys; talk to either of them to get two NUGGETS. Take the path left rather than up. You'll walk in a straight line under three small electric rocks; continue on this same line and examine the spot one space away from the wall for a hidden PARLYZ HEAL then go up the stairs on the left.

You'll be back on 1F, but in a different part behind a ledge. Go down first and check the spot directly under the small floating electric rock for a HP UP, then go back and go down the stairs again. You're welcome to jump over the ledge if you want; it's simply a shortcut back to the entrance, but we'll be seeing an in cave healer soon anyway.

Go back to the two Nugget guys and this time go up, then take the branching path right. You'll find a doctor, beat him to activate him as a healer, who will prove useful as we get through the rest of this cave. There's also a hidden REVIVE in the wall to the left; use the itemfinder to locate it. The top left of this 'square' also has a TIMER BALL to pick up.

You might notice some Plasma grunts - N wasn't here randomly after all, it seems. Head up that way and begin fighting them. Head back to the doctor whenever you need to heal. After the initial wave of five (and I bet you thought the four in the Freezer Container was a lot!) take the stairs down and follow the path further. Whack the rock out of the way and then the other one up. Do not be fooled by the rock on the left; you are able to move around it by going down and around. Do so and pick up the THUNDERSTONE in the bottom left, which you will need if you want to use Shibishirasu. Now, take the path up and fight some more plasma grunts, then take the steps to the left down to the basement floor.

Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Bachuru	Bug/Electric	Cave Floor	36%	Level 36
Gear	Steel	Cave Floor	26%	Level 38
Tesshido	Grass/Steel	Cave Floor	20%	Level 40
Gantoru	Rock	Cave Floor	10%	Trade
Shibishirasu	Electric	Cave Floor	8%	Level 39
Mogurew	Ground	Dust Cloud	100%	Level 31

A bit of a change in encounter rates here - Shibishirasu is now four times as common. I'm still adding the trainers' Pokemon to the list at the top, however.

A little bit forward you'll find a female Ace Trainer; fight her and then knock the rock below her to the right. Go further down and you'll find a second Ace Trainer, who has a Doredia with Butterfly Dance - watch out! Afterwards, go left down the steps and get the HYPER POTION, then check the wall two spaces away from the steps for a STAR PIECE. Go straight down, right and up to pick up the tucked away RARE CANDY. Return to the position of the second Ace Trainer and take the right path up. You can find a BRIGHTPOWDER at the end of this path, an item that boosts the evasion of the Pokemon holding it (though not like an actual stat increase.) There is also a hidden PARLYZ HEAL if you go straight down from here and check the bottom left tile in the bottom right corner. That's all on this floor alone; head back up the steps at the top.

This time, take the steps to the right, back up to the first floor. Follow the path and when you reach a crossroads, go left. Fight the scientist's Gear off then go left and hit the rock out of the way to create a shortcut if needed. Go into the spot that the floating rock previously was and check the wall above you for a hidden MAX POTION, then go back to the crossroads and head down instead. This time there's an Ace Trainer to deal with, who has both the evolution of Monmen (expect +1 priority on non damaging moves like Leech Seed! Although it is incredibly fast anyway) and the other fossil, Purotooga. Descend the steps and pick up the MAGNET lying here, which will boost the power of Electric-type moves by 20%.

Lastly, head right. We'll catch up with N, who as usual will challenge you to a fight.

    * Team Plasma N
    * Rewards: $2800

Pokemon	Level	Type
Gantoru	28	Rock
Bachuru	28	Bug/Electric
Tesshido	28	Grass/Steel
Gear	28	Steel

    * As usual, N's Pokemon have changed to represent the surrounding area. You're bound to have seen this four as you've travelled through the cave so it's unlikely you'll have many problems with this fight, honestly. The only particularly annoying thing is probably going to be Gantoru's Sturdy, which will give it a chance to Mud-Slap and drop your accuracy or something.

After all the dialogue is over and done with, we can exit the cave. Exit through the gaping white hole to the top right.
Fukiyose City

We've arrived at the sixth gym town, although it's going to be a while before we can get our sixth badge. Start by going in the Pokemon Center and healing. The guy in green to the right will tell you what Hidden Power type any of your Pokemon have if you talk to him. It's worth noting that you can also buy the four weather TMs from this shop, mainly TM07 Hail, TM11 Sunny Day, TM18 Rain Dance and TM37 Sandstorm. They cost a rather large $50000 each. Reusability tends to push up the prices a bit.

The house to the right of the Pokemon Center contains four people. The two closer to the door are useless, but the upper two are interesting. The old man on the right is the move deleter, who is able to make your Pokemon forget any move, INCLUDING HM moves. Hence, if you want to get rid of Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Waterfall or Dive on any Pokemon, this is the place to go.

The girl on the left is the move relearner, who is able to reteach your Pokemon any move for the price of a Heart Scale. A Pokemon can only learn moves that it can know in it's current form - ie if a pre-evolution learns a move that the evolution cannot by level, and you try to use the move relearner n the evolved Pokemon, you will not be able to learn that move.

The move relearner can teach moves all the way for Level 1, and is the only way to unlock some moves on certain Pokemon. In fact, two of the three starters get a very good move this way. Those of you who picked Mijumaru can take your Daikenki there to learn Megahorn, an incredibly powerful Bug move which can be useful even off of Daikenki's lesser attack stat. People who picked Pokabu can take their Enbuoh (like me, ohohoho) to learn Hammer Arm, a 100 power Fighting move that does reduce the Speed of the user after use, but is very powerful, especially for this stage of the game. Tsutarja users unfortunately get nothing; Jalorda has no special Level 1 move. Heart Scales can be a bit annoying to come across, but they'll be easier to get later in the game. Don't forget you can get them daily from the woman in Hodomoe City, too!

If you try to head further in the city, you'll end up meeting with Araragi's father and the gym leader of Fukiyose, Fuuro. Araragi's father will give you... something (an upgrade to your PokeDex, perhaps?) then Fuuro will come forward and be introduced to you. Fuuro will talk to you afterwards and mention Route 7, then leave the city to the top right. Yeah, no leader, no gym. We'll have to chase after her, which we'll do soon enough.

The house has nothing in it. Over to the left is a giant airstrip, and from this alone you may be able to tell what type the Fukiyose Gym is. There's a TM58, FREE FALL you can pick up by a plane on the bottom right; it's a rather strange move that picks the opponent up and drops them on the next turn. I'm not too sure how it works but it may be worth a try..?

If you go to the very bottom there are some muddy patches; check the centre of the middle one on the right for a hidden REPEL. There's also a hidden MAX ETHER you can get on the bottom right one by checking one particular tile from the bottom, and a PARLYZ HEAL hidden between the two mud patches on the top left.

Moving off the airstrip, we can enter the building that the flight attendant is standing next to. Talk to the teacher/brown haired-woman with the coat in here just near the entrance to get a SHARP BEAK, which will increase the power of Flying-type moves.

That's all we can grab in this town for now. Head out the city through the top right exit when you're ready to move on.
Route 7

Trainer Pokemon: Ishizumai L30, Yanakkiee L30 | Gamagaru L29, Pendoraa L29, Chobomaki L29 | Baokkiee L31 | Lepardas L32 + Kokoromori L32 + Miruhog L32 | Chillarmy L31 | Kurumayu L30, Hiyakkiee L30, Hatooboo L30 | Yuniran L31, Kibago L31 | Emonga L30, Shinpora L30 | Shibishirasu L29, Koaruhie L29, Hatooboo L29 | Gantoru L34, Dotekkotsu L34
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Hatooboo	Normal/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass (NOT WINTER)	30%	Level 32
Kumasyun	Ice	Grass, Tall Grass (WINTER)	30%	Level 37
Shikijika	Normal/Grass	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	Level 34
Miruhog	Normal	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Zebraika	Electric	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Tamagetake	Grass/Poison	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	Level 39
Sentret	Normal	Swarm	40%	Level 15
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	85%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%/15%	N/A
Kenhorou	Normal/Flying	Shaking Grass (NOT WINTER)	5%	N/A

Bunch of evolutions here, as well as one new Pokemon in Kumasyun if you're playing in winter. It's the first stage of the two stage polar bear line, and is unfortunately pretty subpar, especially compared to Vanipeti and its evolutions. Non-winter players need not fret, as you'll be able to catch Kumasyun a little later on. Winter players will also have Hail here.

You'll see this wooden 'bridges' a lot on this route. You can walk or run on them (not bike) to get across over the grass, but you have to keep moving. You can stop for about a second but you'll fall off, and you're also able to hop off anytime if you press in a direction that isnt the bridge, which you'll have to be careful about.

There's two youngsters in the grass; it's worth fighting them first before we explore the rest. You may also find Zebraika or Miruhog wild; these are probably worth knocking out as they give quite a bit of EXP, especially with the Lucky Egg. One of the youngsters owns a Yanakkiee, the evolution of Yanappu, whose Seed Bomb attack may hurt if it connects. The other youngster has a Pendoraa, the fully evolved form of Fushide/Hoiiga. It's pretty fast, and decently strong. There's an ULTRA BALL to pick up in a non-grassy gap, too.

Go back south out of the grass afterwards and take the left path around the grass this time. Talk to the girl here to get TM57, CHARGE BEAM, and continue to fight a backpacker, this time with the evolution of the fire monkey, Boappu. I can't help but love its expression.

Sallying forth you'll find a house; the hiker in this house will trade you an Emonga in exchange for a Gantoru, the likes of which we saw back in Electric Rock Cave. It's helpful if you can't be bothered to find an Emonga in shaking grass, but useless otherwise.

Feel free to head right over the grass and fight the Ace Trainer on the other side. This is a triple battle! Rotation in Black, regular triple in White. This can be a pretty tough one, so be careful! Rock Slide is a very useful move in normal triples, seeing as it hits all three Pokemon at once (if the user is in the centre, that is). Of course, its power does get split somewhat, but it's good all the same. Up north you'll find a backpacker with a Chillarmy. Smash it to pieces and attack the Pokemon Ranger to get an ASPEAR BERRY. That ranger has a Hiyakkiee, the evolution of the water monkey, Hiyappu. It's exactly the same as the other two statwise.

Grab the PP UP in the grass to the left, then head further north and fight another ranger, who has Kibago, one of the few Dragon-type Pokemon of Isshu (although it isn't a pseudo legend, it comes relatively close with a 540 base stat total and one hell of an attack stat when it's fully evolved ). You'll be able to get one later in the game - not too much later, actually. This ranger will also give you an ASPEAR BERRY.

Right above is our next destination, but we're not done with the route yet. First, go right through the grass from above the ranger with the Kibago to find a MAX ETHER, then go back through the grass, go down a bit and cross through the grass, or otherwise use the bridge to get over it.

Enter the house here and talk to the girl over on the right by the TV to get healed. Cross up the stairs and you'll be treated to a Live Caster call with your mum. Once that's done with, you'll notice a grass patch north and a grass patch south. The southern one is the tall grass, where you'll find doubles etcetera. We'll start with the bottom - go on top of the bridge and follow it around until you catch the clown and fight him. Jump off the bridge to the right to pick up the fabulous TM81, X-SCISSOR, a Bug move with 80 power and 100 accuracy. It'll serve you well for the rest of the game, and is especially good for Pokemon such as Doryuuzu or pretty much any Bug-type that isn't special reliant.

Head through the grass and back up to the ledge. Now, take the other bridge and fight the clown on this one. That's all for Route 6, but if you head up north you can find the entrance to Mt. Neji, a place which we can't access just yet. You'll be able to fight the hiker at the top of the stairs, but the actual cave is blocked. There's also a hidden ULTRA BALL in the puddle.

Head back over to the left side of Route 6 now where the Kibago ranger was. The tower right above him is our next destination; enter it.
Tower of Heavens

The Tower of Heavens is incredibly similar to the Pokemon Tower of RBY; it's a home for departed souls, filled with tons of graveyards and quite a few trainers (although it is just normal trainers, not a bunch of possessed channelers or anything.) The first floor has nothing particularly special, but take the spiral stairs up to the second floor (complete with camera view change) and the real tower will begin.

Tower of Heavens 2F
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Hitomoshi	Ghost/Fire	Building Flr	100%	Level 41

    * Trainer Pokemon: Riguree L30, Yuniran L30, Shinpora L30 | Shikijika L30, Gothimu L30 | Emonga L30, Haderia L30 | Kurumayu L31

The second floor contains one wild Pokemon, Hitomoshi. ...I love this thing so much. Hitomoshi's final evolution, Shandera, is my favourite fifth generation Pokemon. Not that that alone really tells you how good it is. Hitomoshi has a pretty unique typing in Ghost/Fire, although it does have a fair few weaknesses from it including Ground, Dark, Water, Rock and Ghost. However, the real capabilities come from the line's very good Special Attack stat. Hitomoshi itself is nothing amazing, but once it evolves at 41 it gets a whole lot better. It's evolution, Lamplar, sports 95 special attack and 55 speed (which is a large improvement over Hitomoshi's 20). It can hold its own decently, but when it evolves into Shandera, it has an absolutely monstrous 145 special attack which paired with Fire Blast, for example, will kill or severely damage pretty much anything. The line also gets the help of Shadow Ball, Energy Ball/Solarbeam and Psychic as attacks, and a Dusk Stone isn't that far away. 80 base speed isn't all that bad either. Great, great Pokemon. They may also come with Flame Body, which'll be useful for hatching eggs (halves the steps needed if the Flame Body Pokemon is in the party).

As for the tower itself, go through the gap between the graves to fight the first trainer. She is a Psychic who uses Riguree, a Pokemon we will see wild momentarily, among others. Moving right will have you fight a Lass. Defeat her, move up and take a right to pick up the HYPER POTION, then move left to fight a PokeFan. Seriously, why are these happy trainers in a tower of the dead? I don't get it :x That PokeFan has a Hyper Potion for the record. Go up and take a left to find another trainer. Beat her and claim the now accessible TM61, WILL-O-WISP as yours. Move back and head up the stairs to the second floor.

Tower of Heavens 3F
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Hitomoshi	Ghost/Fire	Building Flr	85%	Level 41
Riguree	Psychic	Building Flr	15%	Level 42

    * Trainer Pokemon: Musharna L32 | Hitomoshi L31, Kokoromori L31 | Desumasu L31, Gobitto L31 | Daburan L32 | Gothimu L31, Mamanbou L31

Riguree is now wild, albeit rare (it gets more common on later floors.) As far as things go, it's pretty subpar, with it and its evolution only really specializing in Special Attack (its evolution, Oobemu, having 125 base.) They're also both pretty slow, and Level 42 is a little high. Use if you wish, but it's not something I'd recommend greatly.

Move down through the gap and fight another Psychic, then move straight left and fight another one. Move between the nearby gap afterwards to fight yet another Psychic, who happens to own Gobitto, a Ground/Ghost Pokemon.

Move to the right and fight... another psychic, then pick up the SPELL TAG. Further down you'll find a nurse; defeat her baby goth and fake Luvdisc evolution (which has a hell of a lot of HP, I might add) and she'll heal you whenever you need it. Go up the stairs afterwards.

Tower of Heavens 4F
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Hitomoshi	Ghost/Fire	Building Flr	70%	Level 41
Riguree	Psychic	Building Flr	30%	Level 42

    * Trainer Pokemon: Murando L33 | Kokoromori L32, Gochimiru L32

I have to say, the music in this tower has a very similar feel to a certain Chrono Trigger song. "Memories of Green", if anyone knows it?

You'll find an Ace Trainer on the right. He has Murando, the final evolution of Yorterrie who looks a little like Entei. It's not actually that strong of a power jump compared to Haderia's powerful Take Down earlier in the game, and it'll give plenty of EXP if you knock it out. Pick up the REVIVE then continue on and fight the female Ace Trainer. Move forward; you'll probably have to go back and around through the other grave gap if she's blocking your way. Pick up the TM65, SHADOW CLAW on the left here and then continue, going up the stairs.

Tower of Heavens 5F
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Hitomoshi	Ghost/Fire	Building Flr	50%	Level 41
Riguree	Psychic	Building Flr	50%	Level 42

We've arrived at the roof, although surprisingly enough you can still find Wild Pokemon (although I think only on the lower part). You'll see Fuuro; go up on the platform and she'll talk to you. Ring the bell by going up to it and examining it, then Fuuro will leave.

Now we have to get back to Fukiyose. If you have a Pokemon with Fly you can just use that to get back, but otherwise you'll have to descend the tower and go back through Route 7 again. My condolences if you have to do so.

FUKIYOSE CITY: Now that Fuuro is back in her gym, we can challenge her for the Jet Badge. Heal up in the Pokemon Center, then head into the gym. It's at the top left of the city, on the airstrip.
Fukiyose Gym

Trainer Pokemon: Hatooboo L32, Hatooboo L32 | Koaruhie L32, Koromori L32 | Koaruhie L32, Shinpora L32 | Kenhorou L33 | Kokoromori L33 |

Talk to the guy to get a FRESH WATER as usual, then head up. You'll see a cannon; push up against it and it'll fire you across the gym. Beautiful.

Go straight left to get into that cannon and onto a higher platform. Descend the stairs and enter the cannon again from this side to get shot over the fence near a trainer. Battle his Flying Pokemon, then go up the stairs and down to find and battle a second trainer. Enter the cannon afterwards to get shot across the room. You'll find a pilot straight ahead to fight. Take him down and then enter the cannon FROM THE BOTTOM to progress. Enter the next cannon, go left, fight the pilot and enter the cannon again.

It'll shoot you over the barrier. Go up the steps for another trainer, then enter the cannon to get shot in a wide arc through a green hoop. Do the same with the next cannon through a purple hoop, then again through no hoop... and you get thrown into the wall. Ouch.

Use this last cannon to get through a red hoop and right next to Fuuro. Save if necessary (although this battle is pretty easy, honestly) then challenge her.

    * Rewards: $4200, TM62 Acrobat, Jet Badge
    * My Team: Abagoura Lv. 38, Doredia Lv. 37, Musharna Lv. 40, Doryuuzu Lv. 40, Enbuoh Lv. 38

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Kokoromori	Lv. 33	Psychic/Flying	Unaware?	Amnesia, Heart Stamp, Acrobat, Assurance
Kenhorou	Lv. 33	Normal/Flying	Pigeon Heart?	Quick Attack, Razor Wind, Air Slash, Leer
Swanna	Lv. 35	Water/Flying	Keen Eye?	Aqua Ring, Aerial Ace, Air Slash, Bubblebeam

    * Yeah, proper Lucky Egg use can really push up your levels. Fuuro is a Flying-type leader with three Pokemon as usual. Her signature move is Acrobat, which we've seen in the past - it's a 55 BP move that is doubled to 110 BP when the user isn't holding an item. It so happens that only her Kokoromori has Acrobat, as the other two cannot learn the move! However, Kokoromori also has no item equipped, so it will hit with the full 165 BP (incl. STAB) when it uses it, which is probably the most dangerous move on her entire team.

    * Kokoromori is the evolved form of Koromori and shares the Psychic/Flying typing, giving it weaknesses to Dark, Ghost, Electric, Ice and Rock. Yeah, quite a few. It shouldn't be too hard to take down; it doesn't even use its strongest attack stat (which is a rather pathetic 77 special attack), instead preferring to use the weaker 57 attack. Bleh. Kill it and move on.

    * Kenhorou is the final evolution of Mamepato and this one is female, so it'll have a different design to the Kenhorou we saw earlier in the gym; mainly, it'll be missing the extra facial design. Again, the wrong stat is used, with Kenhorou's 105 attack being ignored outside of Quick Attack in favour of its pitiful 65 special attack. Just smash it with Electric, Ice or Rock or pretty much anything and move on.

    * Fuuro's main is Swanna, a new Water/Flying Pokemon who has no stats over 100 base. 98 speed and 87 in both attacking stats is decent, but with the rather weak moves it possesses it won't be doing much. Any Electric move will completely fry it, and Rock moves will also do a fair number. It's pretty frail, and is a rather strange choice for a main Pokemon in the first place, I reckon. Just knock it out. This whole team is crap, and the only reason you should be having any difficulty is if you're unlucky or are doing a mono challenge with a type that is weak to Flying. Though even then... I can only hope her rematch in the third version is a lot better.

Defeating Fuuro will get you the Jet Badge, as well as TM62, ACROBAT. Enter the cannon she's in front of from the back to get shot to the beginning of the gym, and exit.
Traversing the Past and Present

We're very much nearing the point now where we can look through the earlier routes for items and such that we were not able to get previously, so I'm devoting a special section to it in between our badge travels.

This section contains Mt. Neji ~ Entrance, Item Collection, Fukiyose Cave, Groundwater Cave ~ Part 2, Route 1 ~ Part 2, Route 17, and Route 18.

FUKIYOSE CITY: Outside the gym, you'll find N, who will talk to you for a minute then leave. If you go down the left side of the airstrip, you'll find a TM40, AERIAL ACE right at the bottom. Two kids will come by when you pick it up, tell you something or other and leave. I'm pretty sure it only appears after you get the Jet Badge. It's a decent Flying move regardless.

Heal up any damage you took from the gym, then we can get moving. Remember where we fought the hiker with the Level 34 Pokemon before we took on the tower? If not, go near the Tower of Heavens and make a right turning when you get to it, passing either under or on top the wooden bridge, then head north and you should reach it.
Mt. Neji ~ Entrance

Attempt to go up the stairs and Cheren appears! It's been a while since we've fought him, so of course, he'll challenge you.

    * Rival Cheren
    * Rewards: $3500

Pokemon	Level	Type
Kenhorou	Lv. 33	Normal/Flying
Yanakkiee/Baokkieeee/Hiyakkiee	Lv. 33	Fire/Water/Grass
Lepardas	Lv. 33	Dark
Chaoboo/Futachimaru/Janovy	Lv. 35	(Fire/Fighting)/Water/Grass

    * Still only four Pokemon, although they're now all in their final forms, with the exception of his starter who is one level off evolving. The recommended strategy is really no different to the usual; beat down on him until he loses, and hope you don't get unlucky. I was trying to set my Doredia up on him, and after three Butterfly Dances his Kenhorou got a critical Air Slash and killed my poor flower ;-;.

Once you beat him, Adeku will make an appearance, and jump down an incredible height. I think he mentions about Team Plasma being in the cave, and then gives you HM03, SURF! See why I said we'd be able to explore things soon? Start by flying to your hometown, Kanoko Town.
Item Collection

KANOKO TOWN: Talk to your mum to heal if necessary, and go see Araragi in her lab. By now you should have seen somewhere around the realm of 85 Pokemon, give or take a few if you've been battling every trainer along the way. She'll reward you with some TMs for your effort, including TM54, FALSE SWIPE and TM17, PROTECT. There's one more TM you can get off of her - TM10, HIDDEN POWER, but you need to have seen 100 Pokemon, so you'll probably have to wait a little bit for that one. Next, fly to Karakusa Town, right above Route 1 and Kanoko Town. There is stuff in Route 1 but it's far too much to cover without its own section.

KARAKUSA TOWN: Head out through the left gatehouse into Route 2.

ROUTE 2: There's a Strength boulder right ahead. Push it down into the gap and pick up the RARE CANDY. Next, fly to Sanyou City, the town of the first gym.

SANYOU CITY: Go left and Surf across the first pond you come to. You might well come across a Basurao as you're surfing; it's a bit like Qwilfish in statistical aspects. Pretty fast with decent attack, but it doesn't evolve or anything. I suppose it can be useful, but it's not amazing by any means. Anyway, you can find a hidden ZINC on the other side by checking one of the spots in between the pond and the bush on the right.

Surf back across and move over to the pond on the top left, and Surf across so you can talk to the guy by here. You'll get a BIG PEARL by talking to him. Next, head into Route 3, which is literally right next to you.

ROUTE 3: We do have more to do in Groundwater Cave, but we'll come to that a little later. Follow the route towards Shippou City and get onto the bridge surrounded by water, then start Surfing. Directly across there is a small island with a FULL HEAL. You can also find a whole new part of the route to the left of this pond; there's a MAX ETHER to pick up, as well as a hidden RARE CANDY on the upper part if you examine the patch of darker grass (not wild grass) on the far right. There's also a HP UP to pick up, and a trainer to fight with the three evolved elemental monkeys at Level 32. Defeating him will get you a LUM BERRY, a good berry that will heal any status effect should the holder be afflicted with one. You can use it like any other healing item too.

Next, go into Shippou City and then head over left into Yagaruma Forest.

YAGARUMA FOREST: Go inside and take the road up. Hug the right wall and you'll come to a gap. This is where the old man was previously blocking us when we were dealing with Team Plasma, but he left a long time ago, giving us free rein in this part of the forest.

Go down into the long grass and move right past it. Take the steps up to begin with and follow this path around and through the tree trunk. Pick up the HYPER POTION on the left, tucked into the tree trunk. That's all in the northern part, although if you go further north you will see a line of four small boulders blocking the entrance to a deeper part of the forest. There's a legendary in here, but we can't get him just yet.

Go back to where you took the steps up, go down them and this time take the steps down. Follow this path and take the steps right when you see them; go down this path and find a TM22, SOLARBEAM at the end, a 120 power, 100 acc Grass-type move that takes two turns to fire (except in sunlight).

Go back up these steps and this time take the left path. Go around and you'll descend next to some water. First, use the itemfinder to check one of the spots on this piece of land for a RARE CANDY, then start Surfing on the water. Follow the water left and you'll reach some land; go up these steps and you'll find a SILVERPOWDER that we couldn't get before located near the Grass Knot TM. That's all that's in the forest. Next, Fly to Hodomoe City.

HODOMOE CITY: If you go directly right of the Pokemon Center you'll descend to some land that is close to water. Surf straight right on it and you'll see an island. Get on it and pick up the WATER STONE by this moving lighthouse. For the record, surfing on this water is probably one of the best places to get a Pururiru (Water/Ghost) if you want to use one, as they come decently high levelled here. They're pretty good Pokemon, albeit not amazingly strong offensively. Head out to Route 6 next.

ROUTE 6: Get onto the bridge and use Surf to pick up the TM84, POISON JAB located on the small island by here. Get back on the water, Surf onto the bridge just above, then take the path right and up. Once you get onto the next wooden bridge, Surf up until you reach a small island on the right. Pick up the SILK SCARF. You might see a cave entrance here, and it's a place we'll be visiting very shortly. Surf back left, and go left until you get to yet another bridge. Start Surfing up and go straight up, landing on the long grass. Move around the rocks here by moving two tiles right and Surf straight across. Move either one step left or right and check the spot you preferably landed in for a hidden TINYMUSHROOM. Examine the space three steps left of that one for a BIG MUSHROOM. Get back on the water, and Surf straight across to a small island. There's another hidden TINYMUSHROOM here, too.

Now, we are right next to Fukiyose Cave, and we have done every random extra route part that needed Surf, so we may as well do this now. Head on inside. If you need to heal for whatever reason, take a quick trip back to the healer on Route 6 in the house, then go back to the cave and enter it.
Fukiyose Cave

Trainer Pokemon: Mogurew L33, Dotekkotsu L33 | Gantoru L34
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Gantoru	Rock	Cave Floor	50%	Trade
Koromori	Psychic/Flying	Cave Floor	30%	Happiness
Kibago	Dragon	Cave Floor	20%	Level 38
Mogurew	Ground	Dust Clouds	100%	Level 31

    * This list applies for all floors of Fukiyose Cave.

...Dark, isn't it? Hopefully you got the Flash TM all the way back in Hiun City - if not; you have to move through the alley left of the Pokemon Center. If you have it, I'd recommend teaching it to either a slave of some sort, or over a TM move one of your current party has. The beauty of reusable TMs is that you can temporarily teach Flash, replace it with the previous move as soon as you finish, and do the cycle again as necessary. Neat.

You may also notice a certain dragon in the encounter list - yes, Kibago is in here. Kibago and its evolutions are all pure dragons with some very good Attack and decent Speed. Kibago's final form, Ononokusu, has 97 speed and a staggering 147 attack, not to mention the line get Dragon Dance by level - it can completely rip apart ingame, although I would highly recommend you get one with Mold Breaker rather than Rivalry, as Rivalry will screw you over more often than not! You can tell if it has Mold Breaker by whether a bar with the ability appears at the beginning of the fight or not. The line is good and have some nice physical moves like Dragon Claw, Earthquake and Rock Slide, so it's definitely worth training one if you want. Kibago won't reach its final form until Level 48, but it and its evolution should be able to hold their own. Also, once Ononokusu gets Outrage (at Level 66), pretty much anything will fall to it. It can be an incredible Pokemon used properly.

But where is my mind? Use Flash if you have it, to greatly increase your vision range. Straight down there is a Strength boulder; push it as far right as you can, then as far down as you can and it'll slide into place. Check the rock just left of the boulder for an ELIXIR, then continue down. There is a Hiker to fight. Once his days are over, continue right and push the Strength boulder into place. Continue going up and you'll find another Hiker. Once he falls, take a right turning and pick up the MAX REPEL here, and head back. Check the rock tucked in this top left corner by the Hiker for a hidden HYPER POTION, then go down and go left where we haven't gone left before. Go up and around the steps to pick up the HYPER POTION, then go down the steps and push the boulder into place; this creates a shortcut in case you need to exit. Finally, go back up the steps, go straight down and you'll find the way up to the next floor. Ascend the staircase here.

FUKIYOSE CAVE, 2F: Go down the steps and go straight down; examine the rock to get an ULTRA BALL. Push the Strength boulder here into place and check the rock over to the bottom right for a HYPER POTION. Ascend the steps and take the path right. Descend the steps, then go straight down and left up the steps. Follow this path and at the end you'll find a HARD STONE to pick up, which will increase the power of Rock moves.

Go back and then up, and push the Strength boulder into place. Take the path up to begin with, and go as far north as you are able, going up some steps. Take this route left and you'll get a valuable TM80, ROCK SLIDE, which is a good Rock move for any Pokemon that has a half decent attack stat.

Go back and when you go down the steps, slip into this small 'corridor' to the left and follow it through. Pick up the IRON on the other end, then take the upper path left and you'll come to a dead end. Examine one spot before the wall for a PP UP, then go all the way back to where you pushed the Strength boulder before, and this time take that path left. Push the Strength boulder here into place, and then ascend the big stairs up to the third floor.

FUKIYOSE CAVE, 3F: No darkness here, thank the lord. This also appears to have a special name as 'Room of Conduct', which does make sense considering what is in here. Start by going down the steps to the left and picking up the REVIVE here, then go back and go right. Ignore the steps for now and take the path all the way up to get a DUSK STONE, which is incredibly important if you are using a Hitomoshi or its evolution, Lamplar, to involve it into a Shandera. Also, check the rock to the right here for an ULTRA BALL.

Now, go to where the steps are and attempt to go up them. Talk to him and press yes and he'll tell you the legends of the musketeer trio - made up of Cobalon, Terrakion and Virizion - and how one of them is in this very cave!

Once he's finished his storytelling, he'll let you pass. Keep going for now, taking the path, going down the steps and going left to pick up a RARE CANDY. You'll now be able to see the legend - Cobalon - on the top left of the screen! Check the rock behind the Rare Candy too for a CARBOS. Go back and now take the path down, push the Strength boulders out of the way, then head left. Take the path up and you'll be right next to Cobalon! Damn early for a legend, don't you think? His catch rate is only 3, so he'll be a very tough capture, and it may well be impossible at this point of the game, so if you're not able to catch him yet don't worry and try another time. However, if you think you're prepared... SAVE, and have a go!

    * Level: 42
    * Type: Steel / Fighting
    * Ability: Justice Heart
    * Moves: Helping Hand / Retaliation / Iron Head / Sacred Sword
    * Base Stats: 91 HP / 90 Attack / 129 Defense / 90 Special Attack / 72 Special Defense / 108 Speed

    * Cobalon - who is #144 in the Isshu Dex and #638 in the National Dex - is the first of the musketeer trio - or quartet, rather - that you will encounter. For the record, you will only actually encounter three of them normally. The fourth is a Pokemon called Keldeo that you can only get through an event.

    * Cobalon itself has some interesting moves and a type that it shares with only Lucario. Sacred Sword can be a little dangerous; it's a 90 base, 100 accuracy Fighting-move (physical) that has the special ability to completely ignore stat changes; any defense boosts your Pokemon may have will be completely negated. Iron Head also gives it a powerful STAB move that is capable of flinching should Kobarudon move before you, which is actually quite likely.

    * There are three things I recommend for the easiest capture of a legendary. First, weaken it as much as possible - as far as 1 HP if possible, though the only guaranteed way to do that is to use the False Swipe TM Araragi gave you earlier.

    * Second, if your team allows it, inflict it with a status, preferably paralyze, sleep or freeze so that it doesn't take residual damage. Freeze and Sleep give the higher capture bonus compared to Paralyze, Burn and Poison, who one of those two is preferred. Of course, there's no guaranteed way to freeze a Pokemon, so sleep is your best bet. Both of them do wear off after a few turns, so be sure to keep a Pokemon on hand that can continuously afflict the status effect. If you can't be bothered, just paralyze it.

    * Thirdly, use the most effective Poke Ball for the job not including the Master Ball, which we don't have yet. In this case, that would probably be a Dusk Ball, which gets a quadruple bonus at night or in dark places such as Fukiyose Cave (by dark places, I mean places that have a dark background in battle, not caves that need Flash.) Quick Balls also have quadruple effectiveness in the first few turns, and Timer Balls will too any time after 40 turns. Otherwise, Ultra Balls should do the trick.

    * If you find yourself getting beat up, just reset and try again rather than using up a ton of healing items. Also, if you accidentally kill it, you can either reset or just continue going; it SHOULD regenerate after you see the credits, but I'm not 100% sure. Catching it shouldn't be too hard though - they seem to have made it a bit easier in Black and White.

    * By the way, FOR GOD'S SAKE DO NOT USE ANY DARK-TYPE MOVES ON IT. Cobalon's ability will activate and give it an attack boost, which will make it hurt all the more. Be very careful if you use any!

The old man will talk to you some more after you catch or kill it. That's all for Fukiyose Cave; use Dig or an Escape Rope if possible. Otherwise, you'll have to make your way out manually.

Now that we've done Cobalon, we can go grab one of the other ones as well. Head back to Yagaruma Forest.

YAGARUMA FOREST: Go back to the part with the long grass and take the steps up again. Keep going north and you'll find that the rocks blocking that other entrance have now disappeared! Enter it and you'll see the third of the trio, Birjion, waiting for you. Save and challenge it if you dare.

    * Level: 42
    * Type: Grass / Fighting
    * Ability: Justice Heart
    * Moves: Helping Hand / Retaliation / Giga Drain / Sacred Sword
    * Base Stats: 91 HP / 90 Attack / 72 Defense / 90 Special Attack / 129 Special Defense / 108 Speed

    * Virizion - who is #146 in the Isshu Dex and #640 in the National Dex - is the second of the musketeer trio that you can encounter, although the third in number. It's very similar to Cobalon statwise except that their defense and special defense has been flipped. It also gets Giga Drain rather than Iron Head, which is a tiny bit weaker.

    * Again, you should be careful not to use Dark moves, as Virizion also has the Justice Heart ability, which can be painful paired with the Sacred Sword move. It also mostly has a unique type, sharing it only with Breloom.

    * I have the same suggestions here too - weaken it as far as possible, inflict it with a non hurting status and throw good balls at it; Dusk Balls should work decently here too, although I'm not entirely sure if this area always counts as dark or not - you may be better off using Ultra Balls, just to play it safe. Again, if you kill it, either reset or come back after the credits roll to see it revived.

That's all the legendaries we can catch for now, since the third of the trio is in a place that is a fair distance away from where we are in the game currently. We can still do plenty more exploration, though! Head over to Route 3, and go into the Groundwater Cave.
Groundwater Cave ~ Part 2

Now that we have Surf, we can explore this place a little more thoroughly. Get on the water and go to the left of the room to pick up an ELIXIR. Get back on the water and Surf right; there's a small alcove you can access from the water on the main island. Check the top left spot on it for a PP UP, then Surf back left onto the long strip of land where the Elixir was. Follow it around this time, pick up the ESCAPE ROPE and descend the stairs to the right.

GROUNDWATER CAVE, B1F: Now I would usually put a wild encounter list, but it's exactly the same as the first floor, right down to the levels, so there's little point.

Dark again, so use Flash if you have it. Go down the steps and take the path down and right. Your itemfinder will react; use it to locate a hidden MAX POTION in the larger clearing to the right. That's all that is accessible in this small area; go back around and this time go up. First, use Surf to take the water to the right. You'll end up at that patch of land we couldn't get to by the Max Potion; pick up the TM47, ANKLE SWEEP here, then either Surf back or jump off the ledge and take the path in between the waters up.

On this path you'll find three trainers who will move across the screen, although they seem to stop sometimes for some reason. The first is a Black Belt who uses a Lv. 34 Zuruggu, a Lv. 34 Nageki and a Lv. 34 Dageki. The second is a Battle Girl who uses a Lv. 35 Dotekkotsu and a Lv. 35 Dageki. The third is also a Battle Girl, who uses a Lv. 35 Dotekkotsu and a Lv. 35 Nageki.

Once they're taken care of, continue up north and take the path left. Check the left small rock here for a HYPER POTION, then continue on this path and pick up the DIVE BALL. Go back and take the right path this time, but go down as soon as you can. At the end of this path you can get a REVIVE near the center, but it's kind of hard to describe the exact location. Go back and this time take the steps down and pick up the MYSTIC WATER, which will boost Water moves by 20%. Head back up and around this path to reach some water; Surf on it and across to the other side. Check the indented wall here for a hidden MAX ELIXIR, then go left and up the steps here. Pick up the incredible TM52, FOCUS BLAST! This is a 120 power, 70 accuracy Fighting move that compliments many Pokemon especially well, Rankurusu and the three elemental monkeys' evolved forms. That's all there is in Groundwater Cave. Now we have some new routes to travel. Make your way to Karakusa Town. You can Dig and Escape Rope, or take the water right below you around and end up right next to the staircase we took to get to the basement; take it back up and make your way out the cave.

KARAKUSA TOWN: Heal up if necessary, then deposit one or more of your Pokemon in the PC to make sure you have at least one free slot. Make sure you have Surf on you, though. Afterwards, head down into Route 1.

Route 1 ~ Part 2 Trainer Pokemon: Kokoromori L35, Baokkieeee L35 | Pururiru L34, Pururiru L34 | Chillaccino L35, Zebraika L35
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Yorterrie	Normal	Grass	50%	Level 16
Minezumi	Normal	Grass	50%	Level 20
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	100%	N/A
Farfetch'd	Normal	Swarm	40%	N/A
Haderia	Normal	Tall Grass	39%	Level 32
Miruhog	Normal	Tall Grass	36%	N/A
Zuruggu	Dark/Fighting	Tall Grass	25%	Level 39
Basurao	Water	Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Fish	95%	N/A
Feebas	Water	Fish	5%	Trade with Clean Scale
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	35%	N/A
Feebas	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Trade with Clean Scale
Milotic	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A

There's a whole part of Route 1 that I chose not to mention earlier; what is shown above is the entire encounter list of the route.

If you go to about midway through the route, you'll see a part where the route dips down with steps. Go down here and Surf on the water. Follow it and you'll come to some land, with a whole new part of Route 1 that you haven't seen yet! From where you land, go left and pass through the trees to find a MAX ETHER, then go right and up the steps to fight a ranger. Defeat her for a PERSIM BERRY reward, then head over to the left. The only grass on this route is tall grass with double battles, allowing for the much higher levels. Not much variety in the Pokemon though, although the Zuruggu you can catch here are pretty close to their evolution level.

You'll find a fisherman by the edge. Defeat his fine specimens of Water Pokemon - which allow you to see the difference between the two genders of Pururiru - then head directly south. Once you get past the fence, go right and fight another ranger. He'll give you another PERSIM BERRY. Finally, go down and pick up a PEARL. You can also find a BIG MUSHROOM if you examine a particular tree; use the itemfinder to locate it.

That finishes up Route 1 - now we have the game's only sea routes to do! Head into the gate on the left and out the other side.
Route 17

Trainer Pokemon: Basurao L34, Basurao L34 | Mamanbou L35 | Basurao L32 (x4)
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Pururiru	Water/Ghost	Surf	100%	Level 40
Mamanbou	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	95%	N/A
Burungeru	Water/Ghost	Dark Water ~ Surf	5%	N/A
Finneon	Water	Fish	65%	Level 31
Horsea	Water	Fish	35%	Level 32
Seadra	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Trade with Dragon Scale
Qwilfish	Water/Poison	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Lumineon	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A
Kingdra	Water/Dragon	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A

Some pretty interesting Pokemon on this route altogether, but of course you need the rod to get a lot of them and we won't have it for a while. I will take the time to mention that Mamanbou has little to no offense and probably won't serve you that well as a team member, whereas Pururiru/Burungeru will do pretty decently, having a pretty decent type as far as defending goes. Their Cursed Body ability can also work quite well to your advantage. For the record, Burungeru has a severe change of appearance depending on gender; males have a moustache like the Pringles mascot, whereas females look like fat bloated queens with lipstick. The choice is yours.

Get on the water with Surf. You'll notice currents, and we will have to manipulate these to get everything on this route. Hop onto the shallow water straight away and you'll find a fisherman on it. Beat his succulent Basurao then go across to the other shallow water and pick up the TM06, TOXIC, a great move for wearing down foes steadily. Get back on the water and begin following the route. You will without a doubt run into a swimmer. Break her heart and continue on, taking the middle current. You'll bounce over a fair few rocks, then be freed. Return and fight the swimmer you just passed who is lying between some of the rocks. Go over to the shallow land to the right afterwards and pick up the DEEPSEATOOTH, an important item for any Clamperl. Jump on the current surrounding the island and you'll end up back at the choice of three. This time, pick the bottom current and move forward onto the land.
Route 18

Trainer Pokemon: Gantoru L34, Iwaparesu L34 | Emonga L35 | Erufuun L35 | Basurao L35, Hihidaruma L36, Yanakkiee L35 |
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Zuruggu	Dark/Fighting	Grass, Tall Grass	40%	Level 39
Ishizumai	Bug/Rock	Grass	30%	Level 34
Iwaparesu	Bug/Rock	Tall Grass	30%	N/A
Miruhog	Normal	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Dageki	Fighting	Grass, Tall Grass (Black)	10%	N/A
Nageki	Fighting	Grass, Tall Grass (White)	10%	N/A
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	95%	N/A
Dageki	Fighting	Shaking Grass (White)	5%	N/A
Nageki	Fighting	Shaking Grass (Black)	5%	N/A
Exeggcute	Grass/Psychic	Swarm	40%	N/A
Pururiru	Water/Ghost	Surf	100%	Level 40
Mamanbou	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	95%	N/A
Burungeru	Water/Ghost	Dark Water ~ Surf	5%	N/A
Finneon	Water	Fish	64%	Level 31
Horsea	Water	Fish	35%	Level 32
Chinchou	Water	Fish	1%	Level 27
Seadra	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Trade with Dragon Scale
Qwilfish	Water/Poison	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Lumineon	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A
Kingdra	Water/Dragon	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A

That's a pretty big wild list. Start by ascending all the steps to the upper part of the island. Fight the Hiker up here, then continue following the path. You'll reach a house. Go inside, because there's something very special in here. First, you can talk to the blue haired girl to heal. Second, if you talk to the ranger in here and have five or less Pokemon in your party, you can receive an egg! This egg contains the very rare Meraruba, a Fire/Bug Pokemon that cannot be found anywhere in the wild. Meraruba eventually evolves into an incredible Pokemon called Ulgamoth, who shares the Fire/Bug typing and has stats of 135 special attack, 100 speed and 105 special defense, not to mention access to the amazing Butterfly Dance, which raises special attack, special defense and speed in the same turn! The catch? Meraruba doesn't evolve until a staggering Level 59, the highest one stage evolution in the entire game. You'll have to be very patient to use this Pokemon and it probably won't evolve until some time AFTER the league, but it can really pay off I suppose. Meraruba can sort of hold its own with its 80 base attack, but it doesn't really do all that good; sticking the Evolution Stone on it to raise its defenses may not be a bad idea. You'll have to hatch it first, too. It takes just over 10,000 steps to do so, but you can cut that in half by having a Hitomoshi with Flame Body in your party.

Exit the house and fight the backpacker, then go down across the bridge and push the boulder into place. There's a MAX ELIXIR to pick up on the bottom right. Head back across the bridge and take the steps on the left down, then go down and right and push the boulder into place. Follow through here and fight the backpacker and his Erufuun, then pick up the DRAGON SCALE in the top left, important for any Horsea or Seadra. You can also find a CALCIUM on the rock just below it.

Go back left and this time head up, then down the grass on the left. At the very end you will find HM05, WATERFALL, which will allow us to do a little more exploration. Though I literally mean little, as there is like one place that has a Waterfall that we can access at present... Anyway, head back up out of the grass and keep going north. Go up the stairs and you'll fight another trainer, who can actually be a bit tough. Once he's defeated, press on and descend the staircase. You'll be by the sea again; use Surf to get back on the water and go right, using the bottom current. It'll take you to an area called the P2 Lab.
P2 Laboratory

Trainer Pokemon: Dasutodasu L35
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Haderia	Normal	Grass	36%	Level 32
Miruhog	Normal	Grass	36%	N/A
Zuruggu	Dark/Fighting	Grass	14%	Level 39
Gear	Steel	Grass	14%	Level 38
Finneon	Water	Fish	65%	Level 31
Horsea	Water	Fish	35%	Level 32
Seadra	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Trade with Dragon Scale
Qwilfish	Water/Poison	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Lumineon	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A
Kingdra	Water/Dragon	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A

Strangely enough Gear makes an appearance here, but otherwise nothing is new. If you enter the lab you can find a DUBIOUS DISC, which you will need to evolve a Porygon2. Outside, if you go south you will find a scientist to fight who has the rather abhorrent looking evolution of Yabakuron. Once you win, pick up the very valuable TM24, THUNDERBOLT! Thunderbolt is arguably the best standard Electric move in the game, with 95 power and 100 accuracy, as well as 15 PP. A great many Pokemon can learn it, but it's good for Electric Pokemon in particular. Those of you using Pokemon such as Gochiruzeru or Shibirudon will find this TM useful. There's nothing else here. Get back on the water and slip under the current in front of you.

ROUTE 17: Your itemfinder should react; examine the rock that is right in between two large rock slabs to find a hidden HEART SCALE. Now, Surf down and left AVOIDING THE CURRENTS. You'll come across a swimmer. Defeat his Lv. 34 Pururiru and Lv. 34 Hiyakkiee, then continue left. Your itemfinder will go off again; if you move to the upper part of the rock slab so you can face the upper wall and move one space right from the last accessible spot and face down, you can examine the wall for another HEART SCALE. Afterwards, return to where the swimmer was and go down, then left. You must be very careful not to touch the currents here, or you'll be sent back pretty far. Go further left and fight another swimmer with a Koaruhie Lv. 34 and Pururiru Lv. 34. Afterwards, pass under the current here. Again, your itemfinder will react; check the right side of the big grey rock just above you for a third HEART SCALE. Continue going left.

ROUTE 18: Land on the beach here. There's a hidden PEARL to find with your itemfinder very close to the edge of the coast, as well as a BIG PEARL very close by. There's a battle girl running around just to the left; defeat her Zuruggu Lv. 35 and Dotekkotsu Lv. 35, then head up. You'll find the tall grass containg the Pokemon shown in the wild list before, which includes Ishizumai's evolution's Iwaparesu. Pick up the TM19, TELEKINESIS by here. There's also a fourth HEART SCALE just lying there if you go to the bottom right of this part of the island; it's separate to the rest, so you'll have to Surf between them. That's all we have to do in this part of Isshu, but damn that was a lot of stuff.

We've got one more place to cover. Head for the Illusion Forest, right of Raimon City.

ILLUSION FOREST: Surf on the water and use Waterfall to take yourself up. Pick up the RARE CANDY on the right side, then Surf across to the other side and bust out the itemfinder. To the very top right there is a PROTEIN hidden in a white flower.

That's all for the Surf coverage. I'd recommend taking all of the mushrooms to the chef on Route 5 to sell them for extra money than you would get normally. Keep ahold of all of the gems like Nuggets, Pearls and Big Pearls for the moment, as we'll get some good selling prices for them soon enough. In particular, the Fragrant Mushroom you picked up in Sanyou City will sell for an incredible amount when taken to that chef. Annoyingly she'll only buy one item at a time though, even if you have multiples of the same one. :/

Once you're ready to continue, head back to Mt. Neji where we fought Cheren. Go up the stairs and enter the cave.
Resuming the Path for the Icicle Badge

This section contains Mt. Neji, Sekka City, Route 8, Sekka Wetlands and Sekka Gym.
Mt. Neji

Trainer Pokemon: Koromori L33, Gantoru L33, Dotekkotsu L33 | Baniricchi L35, Gochimiru L35, Daburan L35 | Nageki L36 | Gantoru L34, Doryuuzu L34 | Kokoromori L35 | Gantoru L33, Gantoru L33, Gantoru L33 | Doryuuzu L35 | Daburan L34, Musharna L34 | Koromori L34, Gantoru L34 | Dageki L36 | Dotekkotsu L34, Gantoru L34 | Waruvile L35, Gamagaru L35, Gigear L35
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Gantoru	Rock	Cave Floor	49%	Trade
Dotekkotsu	Fighting	Cave Floor	30%	Trade
Koromori	Psychic/Flying	Cave Floor	10%	Trade
Kumasyun	Ice	Cave Floor	10%	Level 37
Furijio	Ice	Cave Floor	1%	N/A
Mogurew	Ground	Dust Clouds	100%	Level 31

    * This list applies for all floors in Mt. Neji in Spring and Autumn.

Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Gantoru	Rock	Cave Floor	45%	Trade
Dotekkotsu	Fighting	Cave Floor	30%	Trade
Koromori	Psychic/Flying	Cave Floor	20%	Trade
Kumasyun	Ice	Cave Floor	4%	Level 37
Furijio	Ice	Cave Floor	1%	N/A
Mogurew	Ground	Dust Clouds	100%	Level 31

    * This list applies for all floors in Mt. Neji in Summer.

Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Kumasyun	Ice	Cave Floor	45%	Level 37
Gantoru	Rock	Cave Floor	30%	Trade
Dotekkotsu	Fighting	Cave Floor	10%	Trade
Koromori	Psychic/Flying	Cave Floor	10%	Trade
Furijio	Ice	Cave Floor	5%	N/A
Mogurew	Ground	Dust Cloud	100%	Level 31

    * This list applies for all floors in Mt. Neji in Winter.

This part of Isshu has a lot of variation in the Wild Pokemon depending on the season, and even some changes in the layout of the areas. A new Pokemon here is Furijio, which is a strange Pokemon altogether. It's based on a snowflake, though also has some resemblances to a mirror. It has an incredible special defense and pretty good special attack and speed, but has somewhat low HP and abysmal defense. It's definitely usable though its special movepool is a bit to be desired. Just keep it the hell away from physical attacks.

For the record, there are outside areas to this place - which has also been translated as Ridge - and the Wild Pokemon shown above are only in the inside areas. I suppose it's obvious, but worth stating just in case. Going forward you'll find Cheren and strangely enough, Yakon. Some discussion will go on and then Yakon will go, leaving you and Cheren to deal with the Plasma threat. Cheren goes to the right. Follow his lead and head that way.

Outside, you'll notice hail falling if you're in winter; again, Hail will show up in winter battles. There's also snow everywhere, filling up the entire mountain, meaning you can get down to the bottom right away! You can see how winter affects these areas already! I'm going to write the guide as though it's one of the other three seasons, but winter players should be able to follow the guide regardless. However, there are some parts that are ONLY accessible in winter; I'll devote a section to this at the end. Unfortunately you cannot go the normal way to the exit room in winter either, so I'll have to split things up a bit when we get to that point.

Take the upper path to get an item (might be a Calcium?) then go down and take the path the whole way to find a FULL HEAL. Enter the cave by here and take it around; you'll find a Hiker to fight. A little above him you can find a hidden HYPER POTION in the center part of the wall. You'll come to a break in the path after him; go up and out the cave to fight an Ace Trainer by here who owns Vanipeti's evolution. Re-enter the cave afterwards and this time take the path to the right. Follow the path and you'll find another crazily turning Battle Girl. Swat her Nageki down then head up and out of this part of the cave.

Directly below you is a worker; beat his two Pokemon and then take the wooden path north. You'll find another entrance into the cave. Check the second reddish rock you come across for a STARDUST, then check the third one to find a disguised trainer. A bit further right is a neatly tucked MOON STONE, which will probably be more useful after the League since Munna is the only Isshu Pokemon that uses it. Go back and head down the steps and through the door here.

Continue down and you'll find another worker amongst the numerous reddish rocks here, who will be incredibly abusive with Sturdy. The rock closest to the right wall holds a hidden STARDUST. Otherwise, continue left and out of this part of the cave.

Take the path up first and grab the MAX POTION, then take the path the whole way around and get an ETHER. Enter the cave by here. If you go in a straight line left and check the spot one before the wall, there's a hidden ELIXIR. You can find a NUGGET by going up the right path where it splits, as well as a hidden REVIVE by checking the rock directly behind it. Head to the top left of the room and a disguised worker will attack. After defeating him, pick up the PP UP and then head right and out of the cave.

Right below you is a doctor; defeat him and he'll heal you as per usual. Now, this is where the path changes. The Trainer Pokemon up there will contain those from both winter and the other three seasons, so don't fret if there's some Pokemon you don't see.


    * Follow the path from the doctor and enter the first door you come to; the second one leads absolutely nowhere. Inside, take the path straight up. There's a Hiker to fight. Go up and into the next room; take the steps down and fight the Black Belt, then go up the left steps and collect the ULTRA BALL, then return and go down. The third reddish rock has a hidden PROTEIN on it. There's also a worker disguised as a rock just below.

    * Go outside now through the door on the bottom wall and you'll be at the bottom of the quarry. Take the door that is sort of in front of you, basically the one on the lower wall. Inside you'll find a worker facing the wall; if you come back here once you get the National Dex, he'll give you a non-Isshu fossil once a day, which can then be revived in the Shippou Museum. Following the path on, you'll get to a somewhat different looking room with a giant icy looking rock. This is, as you might have guessed, the ice rock, whose radiation will cause Eevee to evolve into Glaceon. Simply level an Eevee up in this room and it'll evolve into Glaceon automatically.

    * There's also a useful item in this room to get; if you follow the path around to the top right you can get TM91, FLASH CANNON, which will be pretty useful if you happen to be using Vanipeti or its evolutions. That's the only thing in here, though. Exit both this room and the corridor to get outside, then head into the door to the top right. You'll find Cheren and a Plasma grunt just above (the route going up has nothing at all). More communication will occur, then the Plasma grunts will vanish. Cheren will stay where he is, but we won't. Go right and out into Sekka City.


    * Due to the snow filling up the quarry, the path drastically changes. Take out the itemfinder and use it. It'll guide you to the upper wall of the quarry, where you'll be able to find a hidden STARDUST in the wall. There's also a hidden IRON on the wooden path to the right.

    * Ignore the door by here for the moment, and use the snow to get around to about the bottom right of the outside area. The itemfinder will react again; use it to guide you to a hidden RARE CANDY. Enter the room just below it to find a METAL COAT, which both boosts the power of Steel-type moves and will allow the evolution of Scyther and Onix when traded with the item equipped.

    * Exit and go to the bottommost room, located in pretty much the very dipped exact centre. Inside this small tunnel you'll see a worker - he does nothing yet, but come back after getting the National Dex and he'll give you a non-Isshu fossil a day, which can be revived at the Shippou Museum. Keep following this path and you'll end up in a room with a large icy rock. This is the ice rock of Isshu, and bringing an Eevee to this room and levelling it up will cause it to evolve into a Glaceon. There's also a TM91, FLASH CANNON to pick up in the top right of the room, which can be useful for a fair few Pokemon such as the Vanipeti line.

    * Once you're back outside, head to the upper wall and as high up as you can, where we found the first hidden Stardust and the Iron. This time, enter the door to the top right. Follow this path around into another room. You'll come to a split, but the left path goes nowhere; take the right one. Follow this path around and down and you'll find an Ace Trainer to fight. Take care of his rather interesting lineup, then take the steps left and pick up the TM90, SUBSTITUTE here. Now go right and jump over the ledge. The door just below you exits back out to the outside, but we don't want to go that way. Rather, take the upper route and you'll end up in the final room of this place. Take the path around as usual and you'll see Cheren and a Plasma grunt. Approach them and some dialogue will occur, with another Plasma grunt appearing in the middle. They won't fight you this time, instead disappearing amidst a fading black screen. Cheren will stay where he is, but we have business to do. Head right out the cave into Sekka City.

Sekka City
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Gamagaru	Water/Ground	Puddle	40%	Level 36
Chobomaki	Bug	Puddle	40%	Trade with Kaburumo
Maggyo	Ground/Electric	Puddle	20%	N/A
Maggyo	Ground/Electric	Surf	100%	N/A
Maggyo	Ground/Electric	Dark Water ~ Surf	95%	N/A
Gamageroge	Water/Ground	Dark Water ~ Surf	5%	N/A
Barboach	Water/Ground	Fish	70%	Level 30
Maggyo	Electric/Ground	Fish	30%	N/A
Barboach	Water/Ground	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Level 30
Maggyo	Electric/Ground	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Whiscash	Water/Ground	Dark Water ~ Fish	10%	N/A

    * Pokemon found in puddles can only be found in spring, summer and autumn.

Finally that season trap is over; Sekka City and a few more areas are also affected by the season, but nowhere near as drastically. Yes, you're reading that location list right. Sekka City has a giant puddle that has Wild Pokemon in it, two of which will be new to you. Chobomaki is a pain to evolve, but its evolution, Agirudaa, is one of the fastest Pokemon in the game at 145 base speed, and has a capable 100 special attack supporting it as well. Maggyo, on the other hand... I dare not speak of it. It's one of those Pokemon that has a cool and unique typing, but just plain sucks. Plus it looks so... you know. Strange. It has an alright Special Attack stat, so it is usable. Just don't expect it to do a whole lot.

Sekka City does change a bit depending on the season. Mainly, if it's Winter snow piles up in certain places on the map, allowing you to get more items. However, the puddles also completely freeze over, stopping you from getting Gamagaru or Chobomaki, though Maggyo is still readily available through other methods.

As soon as you get into Sekka City, Araragi's father will appear and comment on your lead Pokemon. He'll say some stuff then head north; we'll see more of him later. I'd start by heading into the Pokemon Center. As well as healing your Pokemon, there's some other things to do in here. Talk to the old lady on the left to get TM31, BRICK BREAK, an averagely powered but very competent Fighting-type move. The gentleman on the right is avid about stones and stonelike objects; he'll buy certain items off you for high prices just like the chef in Route 5. He offers the following:
Item Name	Selling Price
Big Pearl	$7,500
Comet Piece	$25,000
Damp Rock*	$1,000
Dawn Stone*	$2,000
Dusk Stone*	$2,000
Fire Stone*	$2,000
Heat Rock*	$1,000
Huge Gold Orb	$25,000
Icy Rock*	$1,000
Moon Stone*	$2,000
Nugget	$10,000
Pearl	$1,400
Round Pearl	$60,000
Purnice Stone*	$1,000
Shiny Stone*	$2,000
Shoal Shell	$7,000
Smooth Rock*	$1,000
Star Piece	$9,800
Stardust	$2,000
Thunderstone*	$2,000
Water Stone*	$2,000

    * Don't sell the starred items. You'll regret it.

I'd recommend selling any Nuggets you've picked up over the journey to him. I have to wonder where the hell this guy gets all the money though. In addition to that you can also by TM38, Fire Blast, TM14, Blizzard and TM25, Thunder, all three of which can be very useful for varying your Pokemon's movepools. Thunder in particular is useful for Pokemon such as Denchura or Rankurusu. They are a staggering $70,000 each though.

Outside the city, there's a few things for us to get too. If you go to the house on the top left a bit below the gym, there's two people in here. The old man will relinquish an EXP. SHARE if you show him a Pokemon that has grown a fair few levels (I dunno the exact amount, but my Enbuoh who had grown from 5 to 44 did the trick. Maybe about ~30?) The girl in here will check if any of your Pokemon have maxed out their effort values, and will tell you if they have. I don't think there's any effort ribbon in this one though, since Pokemon don't have any ribbons in B/W as far as I can see.

From the Pokemon Center you can go very far to the right; doing so will get you onto a seemingly empty platform, but there are actually two hidden items on here. There's an ULTRA BALL and a TIMER BALL to pick up.

You can also enter the top right house on the left hand side of the city and the family inside will freak out or something. I don't have a clue what it's about but you can get a healing item of some sort out of it, I suppose..?

Now, due to the freezing of the lake and the piling snow, the items you can get vary between the seasons and you'll have to be in both Winter and one of the other seasons to get all of the items.

Winter players will be able to go a bit northwest of the Pokemon Center and into the part underneath the house where the EXP Share was. Snow has piled up here, allowing you to cross and get a RARE CANDY. There's also a hidden MAX POTION in the furthest end of the dip here.

The bottom end of the city is also normally impenetrable, but in Winter snow will allow you to cross. You can find a hidden TINYMUSHROOM in the trees here (to clarify, the bottom right parts of the city, below the now frozen puddles). There's another TINYMUSHROOM' a little to the right, as well as a BIG MUSHROOM hidden very close by in the snow. Enter the house here and talk to the girl in the top left to get a RAGECANDYBAR'', which will heal your Pokemon's HP by 20. It's more of a reference than anything, though it does have a use much later on, so I would recommend saving and not using it.

The other seasons have the addition of one MAX REVIVE that is hidden in the puddle that is impossible to get during winter as you slide right over it.
Route 8

Trainer Pokemon: Kimashun L34, Marakacchi L34, Gamagaru L34 | Pururiru L34, Koaruhie L34 | Basurao L34, Basurao L34 | Mamanbou L35 | Chillaccino L36
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Gamagaru	Water/Ground	Puddle	40%	Level 36
Chobomaki	Bug	Puddle	40%	Trade with Kaburumo
Maggyo	Ground/Electric	Puddle	20%	N/A
Maggyo	Ground/Electric	Surf	100%	N/A
Maggyo	Ground/Electric	Dark Water ~ Surf	95%	N/A
Gamageroge	Water/Ground	Dark Water ~ Surf	5%	N/A
Barboach	Water/Ground	Fish	70%	Level 30
Maggyo	Electric/Ground	Fish	30%	N/A
Barboach	Water/Ground	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Level 30
Maggyo	Electric/Ground	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Whiscash	Water/Ground	Dark Water ~ Fish	10%	N/A

    * Pokemon found in puddles can only be found in spring, summer and autumn.

The wild list is exactly the same, but there are a few items we can pick up. There's a hidden item nearly straight away; if you go into the square gap between the puddles to the top left, there's a MAX ELIXIR to collect in one of the non decorated tiles (note that you cannot get this item in Winter as you are unable to get to it due to slippery frozen puddles). Make your way to the top left now; there's a trainer to fight and a PECHA BERRY to receive, as well as a POISON BARB in the top left.

To the right of that ranger is a puddle, and you can work your way to an item ball in the top right, containing TM36, SLUDGE BOMB. Good power and accuracy (90/100) but poison generally sucks as an attacking type, having only one type it's super effective against, mainly grass. Use it if you want, but it's not the best thing in the world.

Either surf down the water or go around to the under part of this puddle, then go right and fight the parasol lady here, then take the bottom route. Talk to the parasol lady here to get TM42, FAÇADE, a Normal move that doubles in power whenever the user is afflicted with a status. You can fight the fisherman and the parasol lady by here.

There's another parasol lady behind the sign here who will give you one of a HEAT ROCK, DAMP ROCK, SMOOTH ROCK or ICY ROCK. Which one she gives you on that particular day depends on the time you talk to her, which is as follows:
Rock	Time
Damp Rock	05:00 - 09:59
Heat Rock	10:00 - 16:59
Smooth Rock	17:00 - 19:59
Icy Rock	20:00 - 04:59

You'll see some plasma grunts blocking a building; this is the entrance to the way to Souryuu City, the town of the eighth gym, but we can't go there yet. Go back across the puddle to the path split and this take we'll take the upper path.

Pick up the FULL HEAL hiding slightly behind the trees then move towards the top right. There's a female ranger to fight, whose defeat will earn you a second PECHA BERRY. You can also get a hidden FULL RESTORE in that tiny non-puddle alcove to the top left of the ranger; check the top left spot for it.

Over to the far right you can get an ULTRA BALL, as well. Enter the deeper forest by here.
Sekka Wetlands

Trainer Pokemon: Pururiru L34, Pururiru L34 | Baniricchi L35, Onondo L35 | Basurao L34, Maggyo L34 | Emonga L34, Mamanbou L34, Marakacchi L34
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Gamagaru	Water/Ground	Puddle	40%	Level 36
Chobomaki	Bug	Puddle	40%	Trade with Kaburumo
Maggyo	Ground/Electric	Puddle	20%	N/A
Maggyo	Ground/Electric	Surf	100%	N/A
Maggyo	Ground/Electric	Dark Water ~ Surf	95%	N/A
Gamageroge	Water/Ground	Dark Water ~ Surf	5%	N/A
Barboach	Water/Ground	Fish	70%	Level 30
Maggyo	Electric/Ground	Fish	30%	N/A
Barboach	Water/Ground	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Level 30
Maggyo	Electric/Ground	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Whiscash	Water/Ground	Dark Water ~ Fish	10%	N/A

    * Pokemon found in puddles can only be found in spring, summer and autumn.

Once again, exactly the same Wild Pokemon. Now, if you have your itemfinder out, you'll see it goes all over the place when you move about. We'll go left first; if you go somewhere near the top left you'll see a Strength boulder. Push it into place and then go down the left side of the puddle; there is an ULTRA BALL to pick up, and you can head south from there and pick up a CARBOS between the wooden stumps. There's a hidden MAX ETHER in this puddle that you probably won't be able to get if it's Winter; it's about two blocks diagonally right of the top right most stump. Fight the lady afterwards, then return to where the strength boulder was (the hilly part.)

From here, head north. Cross over the puddle and keep going north; a darker piece of grass in a corner against the wall holds a hidden REVIVE (and my explanation is terrible; use the itemfinder!) Head right across the puddle to the right now and pick up the MAX POTION. Now, go to the puddle underneath and take it across to reach another area of the forest. Take the path down first and use the itemfinder to locate a BIG MUSHROOM in the centre tile right next to the ledge, then go back and fight the ranger, who happens to have the evolution of Kibago in his team. Defeating him will earn you a SITRUS BERRY. Afterwards you can head to the top right to get a MAX ELIXIR. Now, return to the entrance of this place.

This time, head right. To the bottom right is a fisherman. Sacrifice his two Pokemon to the great goddess of experience, then head up. You should see a patch of grassland between a row of trees; pick up the MAX REVIVE in here, then exit this grassland and go up the left side. The patch of grassland on this side has a NUGGET hidden in the bottom right tile. Move over to the far right wall now and fight the ranger, who will give you a SITRUS BERRY for winning. That's all, but quite a lot of items for a small area like this. Head back to Sekka City.

SEKKA CITY: Heal up, because it's gym time! The gym is in the top left of the city.
Sekka Gym

Trainer Pokemon: Kumasyun L35, Kumasyun L35, Furijio L35 | Furijio L37 | Kumasyun L37 | Kumasyun L36, Baniricchi L36 | Baniricchi L36, Baniricchi L36 | Baniricchi L36, Kumasyun L36

We have us an Ice-type gym this time around, with quite an interesting puzzle compared to previous Ice gyms. As usual it is a sliding puzzle but there is actually not all that much emphasis on the sliding, as we'll see shortly.

You can get a FRESH WATER of the guy as usual. Slide right up and you'll hit the curved barrier; these barriers will actually cause you to spin in a wide arc and hit places that you normally wouldn't be able to slide to. Convenient, eh? From here, slide right to a platform. Fight the trainer by here and then hit the orange switch. The switches in this gym will change the direction of the barriers, and you're basically told where to go by the ice tiles that have an arrow of sorts coming from them. So, head straight ahead from the switch to hit the barrier and be sent to the top right.

One Battle Girl later, go right and slide on the ice to do a massive jump to the next platform! Fight the guy here and then slide right (any tile from the right hand side will do), up, right and up. Fight miss battle girl here, then (how many times have I said then in this guide!?) slide down (from where you are now) and slide right to reach a platform. Move around to the other side and slide to hit the barrier and get spun, then slide up to connect with the switch and rotate the barrier.

From the switch, slide up, left and slide down from the pointed tile. You'll connect with the barrier and be sent to the top left. Ascend the stairs and slide on the ice to reach the final section.

Beat the girl here, then slide left from the left hand side. You'll get onto a pointed tile; slide up to get spun around, then go right, up and right to hit the barrier again and get sent in a different direction. Slide up, and take this enclosed path up and slide to another platform. Fight the guy here, then hit the switch to change the barrier.

Slide up onto the pointed tile and then down. From where you end up, slide left, down and left and it'll take you to the tile at the top. Slide up onto the walkable platform and go up the stairs to find the leader!

    * Rewards: $4680, TM79 Ice Breath, Icicle Badge
    * My Team: Enbuoh Lv. 46, Musharna Lv. 46, Doryuuzu Lv. 44, Doredia Lv. 46, Abagoura Lv. 44

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Baniricchi	Lv. 37	Ice	Ice Body	Ice Breath, Acid Armor, Astonish, Mirror Shot
Furijio	Lv. 37	Ice	Levitate	Aurora Beam, Reflect, Ice Breath, Rapid Spin
Tsunbear	Lv. 39	Ice	Snow Cloak	Swagger, Icicle Drop, Slash, Brine

    * Yeah, I'm pretty overlevelled. Don't worry if your team is nowhere near mine in levels, you don't even need to be that high. Anyway, Hachiku is an Ice-type specialist who has the three non-legendary Ice lines of Isshu, all of which happen to be pure Ice. Not a whole lot of variety here, huh?

    * Hachiku's signature move is a technique called Ice Breath. It is an Ice-type special move with 40 power and 100 accuracy. Sound weak? Of course it does, but this move is special in that every time it hits it is a critical hit. Ice Breath shares this effect with the Fighting-type Mountain Storm, which you may know of if you've been raising a Nageki (it's the only one that learns that move). Now, this could be a problem, but it's still only 80 base with the critical (120 with STAB.) That should hurt, but Hachiku's Pokemon are so weak that it really won't do a lot. Furijio might be able to do some damage with it, but it's not likely to be much of a problem otherwise.

    * Ice-types have a weakness to Fire, Rock, Fighting and Steel moves. As far as things go they are one of the worst defensive types in the game. Moves such as Fire Blast, Focus Blast, Rock Slide or Flash Cannon will make quick work of this team, so if you have any Pokemon with those type of moves you could get a fair bit of EXP in this battle. The only thing I will suggest is that you should try to hit Furijio with physical moves if possible, since it'll collapse easily to those but will withstand special attacks a fair bit. The other two really aren't a problem; Tsunbear is slow and while it has the 85 power, 90 accuracy Icicle Drop, it probably isn't going to be anything to worry about unless its Swagger takes you for an unlucky ride. For the record, it is quite likely he'll bring out Furijio last, despite Tsunbear being his main. I would say be on your guard, but there isn't really anything to guard against...

Defeating Hachiku will get you the Icicle Badge and TM79, ICE BREATH. Descend the stairs and go to the left; you'll find a slide that'll take you right back to the beginning. Exit the gym.
A Plasmatic Intervention

This section contains Dragon Spiral Tower and Ancient Castle.

SEKKA CITY: When you get outside the gym, you'll find Belle and Cheren. They'll talk to you for a minute, then Hachiku will also come out. The Dark Trinity suddenly appear, then vanish. Hachiku and Cheren run off to Dragon Spiral Tower in the north of Sekka City; we'll be following them shortly.

Heal up from the gym if necessary, then go up north.
Dragon Spiral Tower
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Hatooboo	Normal/Flying	Grass	30%	Level 32
Shikijika	Normal/Grass	Grass	30%	Level 34
Kojofu	Fighting	Grass	30%	Level 50
Crimgan	Dragon	Grass	10%	N/A
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	85%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%	N/A
Kenhorou	Normal/Flying	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A

    * This list applies to the entrance of Dragon Spiral Tower in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Vanipeti	Ice	Grass	30%	Level 35
Shikijika	Normal/Grass	Grass	30%	Level 34
Kojofu	Fighting	Grass, Tall Grass	30%	Level 50
Kumasyun	Ice	Grass	10%	N/A
Baniricchi	Ice	Tall Grass	30%	Level 47
Mebukijika	Normal/Grass	Tall Grass	30%	N/A
Tsunbear	Ice	Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	90%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%	N/A

    * This list applies to the entrance of Dragon Spiral Tower in Winter.

There's a fair bit of seasonal change here, too. There's two new Pokemon here. One is Kojofu, a competent Fighting type who evolves into the excellent Kojondo... at Level 50. It's unfortunately a pretty late evolution, but it's worth it. If you need a Fighting-type, go for it. It's worth noting that Kojofu and Kojondo are the only two Pokemon who can normally get the Regeneration ability, which restores 1/3 of the Pokemon's HP whenever it switches out. Combine that with U-Turn - a move that they learn by level-up - and you've got one hell of a combo.

Crimgan is another Dragon Pokemon who is a little on the average side; he's slow, but pretty powerful at 120 attack base. He has a decently large movepool, as well as access to the excellent Rough Skin and Encourage abilities. Encourage in particular will really pick up the power with moves such as Rock Slide. He unfortunately learns no Dragon-type moves that have a bonus effect, though.

If you're playing in Spring, Summer or Autumn, there's not a whole lot here. You can access the lower grass, but the upper tall grass is completely out of bounds. If you head forward, you'll see Araragi's father. Approach him and Belle will also appear; plenty of dialogue later you'll receive an OLD GATEAU, an item that works exactly like a Full Heal. That's all, so head inside the deeper part.

On the other hand, if you're playing in Winter there will be a pile of snow in Sekka City that'll let you access the upper part of this small area; you'll be able to both have a go in the tall grass and grab the NUGGET waiting up here. Otherwise, it's the same, so head deeper inside.

Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Hatooboo	Normal/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass	30%	Level 32
Shikijika	Normal/Grass	Grass	30%	Level 34
Mebukijika	Normal/Grass	Tall Grass	30%	N/A
Kojofu	Fighting	Grass, Tall Grass	30%	Level 50
Crimgan	Dragon	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	85%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%	N/A
Kenhorou	Normal/Flying	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Surf, Dark Water ~ Surf	100%	N/A
Dratini	Dragon	Fish	65%	Level 30
Basurao	Water	Fish	30%	N/A
Dragonair'	Dragon	Fish	5%	Level 55
Dratini	Dragon	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Level 30
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Dragonair	Dragon	Dark Water ~ Fish	9%	Level 55
Dragonite	Dragon/Flying	Dark Water ~ Fish	1%	N/A

    * This list applies to the entrance of Dragon Spiral Tower in Spring, Summer and Autumn.

Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Vanipeti	Ice	Grass	30%	Level 35
Shikijika	Normal/Grass	Grass	30%	Level 34
Kojofu	Fighting	Grass, Tall Grass	30%	Level 50
Kumasyun	Ice	Grass	10%	N/A
Baniricchi	Ice	Tall Grass	30%	Level 47
Mebukijika	Normal/Grass	Tall Grass	30%	N/A
Tsunbear	Ice	Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	90%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Surf, Dark Water ~ Surf	100%	N/A
Dratini	Dragon	Fish	65%	Level 30
Basurao	Water	Fish	30%	N/A
Dragonair'	Dragon	Fish	5%	Level 55
Dratini	Dragon	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Level 30
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Dragonair	Dragon	Dark Water ~ Fish	9%	Level 55
Dragonite	Dragon/Flying	Dark Water ~ Fish	1%	N/A

    * This list applies to the entrance of Dragon Spiral Tower in Winter.

Trainer Pokemon: Baniricchi L36, Denchura L36 | Kumasyun L35, Hahakurimo L35, Hihidaruma L35

Yes, you're reading that right. You can actually catch Wild Dragonite here, although they are incredibly rare. Come back here once you get the Super Rod if you dare have a go.

If you happened to come up here before we got the Icicle Badge, you would have seen the tower shut and nothing accessible but a small patch of water. However, with Plasma's intervention that has all changed. First, get onto the bridge and Surf off to the right, where the pillars have been knocked down to give you access. If you use the itemfinder, you can guide yourself to one of the tower walls which can be checked for a hidden HEART SCALE. There's also an island on the right with two trainers you can fight and a TM63, EMBARGO to pick up.

Head inside the tower afterwards.

Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Gobitto	Ground/Ghost	Building Floor	50%	Level 43
Crimgan	Dragon	Building Floor	30%	N/A
Kojofu	Fighting	Building Floor	20%	Level 50

This first, watery room has a couple Wild Pokemon for you to find, including a new one, Gobitto. Gobitto is a Pokemon that you will have seen used by a trainer back in the Tower of Heavens, assuming you fought every trainer there. It's a Ground/Ghost - a unique typing - that specializes in attack, with some decent defenses and average speed. The evolution level is good, but the strangest thing is that Gobitto's evolution - Goruugu - can learn Fly, despite having no wings or any apparent flight method to speak of! Secret superhero, perhaps?

There's nothing of interest in here otherwise, though. Head through the top door, though not without some complimentary shaking.

Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Gobitto	Ground/Ghost	Building Floor	100%	Level 43

Just a bunch of robots that are Wild in here, which is good if you want one. Cheren will call to you from up the stairs, then continue on. We need to follow him. Go up the left side and go straight past the strength boulder; you can pass under the broken pillars. There's a HYPER POTION hidden under the pillar on the right. Now, see the pillar to the right here, that has collapsed onto the floor but is connected with the large arch we just went under? If you don't have Strength, then this is your lucky day, as you can actually walk onto this broken pillar and walk across to the platform we saw Cheren on. Either do so, or move the Strength boulder into place and go up the stairs. Pick up the STARDUST on the flat pillar at the bottom of this platform, then go left and into the next room.

DRAGON SPIRAL TOWER ~ 3F: No more Wild Pokemon now. Make your way up the stairs and you'll reach a puzzle rather like the one from Tin/Bell Tower in the Johto games. Take the first one down, then use the bottom one to go left. Continue on this route, but when you get near the stairs ignore it and continue going up. Follow this path and you'll be able to reach a SHINY STONE. Take the hop on this platform down, the next one down, then go right. Take this one down too, take the bottom row again, then this time when you get near the steps break away and go up them. Enter the door at the top.

DRAGON SPIRAL TOWER ~ 4F: Plasma grunts everywhere! Cheren and Hachiku will keep some of them busy, but it's up to us to get rid of the others. Move down and a Plasma grunt will see and challenge you. Defeat his Lv. 34 Miruhog, then go further down and fight the second grunt, who will send a Lv. 34 Lepardas after you. Once that's taken care of, ascend the stairs and fight the third grunt. Demolish his Lv. 34 Zuruggu, then continue forward. There's a fourth grunt to fight with two Lv. 33 Lepardas. Go up the stairs for a fifth one with a Lv. 32 Miruhog, Lv. 32 Zuruggu and a Lv. 32 Waruvile. Following that, descend the steps to the right for a DRAGON FANG, then ascend both sets of stairs to get to the next floor..

DRAGON SPIRAL TOWER ~ 5F: Well, this room is certainly fitting of the word spiral. Go right, cross the platform when you come to it, then continue right. Cross the next platform down, then grab the STARDUST lying here. Go back and take the platform up back to the ring we were on before, then go straight left ignoring the platform that was just above us. On the other end, go up the platform and pick up the STAR PIECE, then jump over the ledge and get to the next platform. Cross this one, then go right, jumping over the ledge and taking the platform down to an outer ring. Follow this ring left, take the platform down then go all the way right to pick up a REVIVE. Finally, return and go down the platform to the outermost ring, then head up the steps to the left.

DRAGON SPIRAL TOWER ~ 6F: Move upwards and you'll hear more shaking, as well as the cry of a very fearsome sounding Pokemon. Time is of the essence! Take this path around, picking up the MAX ELIXIR that's on the upper part. You'll run into a Plasma sage and four Plasma grunts, all aimed at you. Oh dear.

The Plasma grunts will swarm you and you'll have to take all four of them down one after another. Seeing as they're grunts it isn't that hard though. The first grunt has a Lv. 33 Miruhog and a Lv. 33 Waruvile. The second has a Lv. 34 Waruvile. The third has a Lv. 33 Yabakuron and a Lv. 33 Lepardas, and the final one has Lv. 34 Miruhog.

Once they're all beaten, they'll move away, allowing you to pass. Go to the bottom and ascend the stairs.

DRAGON SPIRAL TOWER ~ 7F: Oh dear, a music change. Head up and you'll find N and the opposite legendary of the game! Black players will see a cutscene with Zekrom, while White players will see a cutscene with Reshiram. N will talk to you for a moment, then fly away with his chosen legend.

Cheren and Hachiku come and watch as he departs, then the three of you leave the tower. Outside, the three of you along with Araragi's father and Belle discuss what to do next; Adeku will also come along and with that we'll know to go to the Ancient Castle next. Hachiku and Araragi's father will head back inside the tower. Cheren and Adeku will depart for the castle, and Belle stays there as a reminder just in case.

If you went to the Resort Desert earlier the game, you may have entered the Ancient Castle; it was a sand filled building that contained plenty of Wild Meguroco and Desumasu. We have to head back there now. To get there, get to Raimon City, then head down into Route 4. When you can take a left, do so. Take this path and then head north and keep going and you'll end up in the Resort Desert. At the top end to the right there is a stair surrounded by some weird blue statues; this is where you need to go.
Ancient Castle

Trainer Pokemon: Miruhog L34, Waruvile L34, Waruvile L34 | Zuruggu L35, Miruhog L35 | Dasutodasu L36 | Waruvile L36 | Lepardas L34, Yabakuron L34, Yabakuron L34 | Miruhog L35, Zuruggu L35 | Yabakuron L35, Lepardas L35
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Meguroco	Ground/Dark	Sand Floor	50%	Level 29
Desumasu	Ghost	Sand Floor	50%	Level 34

    * Encounter list is identical for 1F and B1F.

As you approach the stairs, Cheren will approach and talk to you for a moment. Head inside afterwards.

Now we can truly explore this place. As a reminder, you need to walk on the sand pits to cross them. Running or biking will cause the sand to drag you in and throw you down to the next floor. I'm assuming you visited earlier, but if you didn't you can get a fossil from the backpacker woman on the left of the first floor, as well as two items (one of which is hidden) if you sink down either of the sand pits on the first floor.

Begin by going over to the left sand pit on this first floor and walking over it so that you can reach the stairs. You'll now be able to pass the guy that was blocking us earlier. Go down the stairs and you'll run straight into a Plasma sage. After talking to him, head right and fight the Plasma grunt. Sink through the sand pit afterwards; either run/bike on it or just walk into the centre. I believe the latter is faster.

Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Waruvile	Ground/Dark	Sand Floor	50%	Level 40
Desukan	Ghost	Sand Floor	50%	N/A

    * Encounter list is identical for B2F to B4F.

You'll be able to find evolved wild versions of the Pokemon above now. Desukan in particular has quite a freaky sprite.

Pick up the MAX POTION right below you, then head up and fight the Plasma grunt. Walk over the pit (if you accidentally sink just take the stairs up in the room you appear in) then go down and fight the grunt here. Cross the pit by walking and pick up the useful TM30, SHADOW BALL, then sink down the pit we just crossed.

Go straight down and sink into the pit here. The spot you land on has a hidden item; move one space in any direction and examine it for a hidden SUPER POTION, then go up and pick up the SUN STONE on the ground. Follow this path around up the stairs, then take the stairs that end up directly in front of you up, and you'll end up in the room that had the TM30. Sink down the same pit as before.

This time, go straight left and fight the grunt, then walk south across the pit and pick up the MAX REVIVE. Afterwards, take the pit across west (the north route holds nothing.) After the grunt, cross the pit west to pick up the PP UP, then fall down the sand pit.

You'll end up next to two Plasma grunts. Beat both of them, then fall down the pit.

You'll end up at the very bottom of the castle, as will Cheren. You'll find Adeku and Geechisu talking. After Geechisu practically says a monologue, he'll charge through you and exit. Adeku and Cheren will also leave, and take you with them. For the record, there are Wild Pokemon on that last floor but nothing else... yet. We'll go back there a long time from now.

Outside, you'll get a Live Caster call from Araragi. Afterwards, Adeku will Fly away, and Cheren will stay put. Go figure.

Next up, we need to visit Shippou City.

SHIPPOU CITY: Go to the museum and you'll see a relatively large crowd outside, composed of Adeku, Araragi, her father and Belle, and soon enough Aloe too. Aloe will entrust you with a very valuable item, either the DARK STONE or the LIGHT STONE depending on your version. This key item will come into play much later on, but it's an important storyline object.

Now we're able to continue the storyline. To keep going, head to Route 8. You may want to go see Araragi first though; by now you should have seen over 100 Pokemon, so you can get the TM10, HIDDEN POWER that we were unable to earlier on.
Legendary Tales and the Legend Badge

This section contains Cylinder Bridge, Route 9, Souryuu City and Souryuu Gym.

ROUTE 8: A short section? You bet. We've been told to go to Souryuu City to find out more about the legends of Reshiram and Zekrom and it so happens Souryuu is also the location of your last badge, so it works perfectly.

Head to Route 8 (by the seventh gym town) and go to that big grey building we saw before. The Plasma grunts - now that we've cleared the Ancient Castle - will be there no more, but attempt to enter and Belle will show up! She'll challenge you to a fight; the first rival battle we've had in a while, in fact.

    * Rival Belle
    * Rewards: $4000

Pokemon	Level	Type
Murando	Lv. 38	Normal
Yanappu/Boappu/Hiyappu	Lv. 38	Fire/Water/Grass
Musharna	Lv. 38	Psychic
Enbuoh/Daikenki/Jalorda	Lv. 40	(Fire/Fighting)/Water/Grass

    * Considering the length of time it's been it makes sense, but Belle's levels are much higher than they were before, and all of her Pokemon are now fully evolved. What does that mean? More experience!

    * Things aren't really much different; we're just playing with higher levels and higher stats now. Normal type matching will do the trick just fine, although it is fun to see the rival starters in their final forms. We'll get to see Cheren's too eventually, but it's a little while yet.

    * As always, Belle also has some healing items in store, which she'll use if her Pokemon's HP gets low.

After winning, she'll give you a FULL RESTORE, then leave, allowing us to continue. Let's press on. Enter the building here.

This is a rather big gatehouse compared to the normal one, huh? Go out the other end.
Cylinder Bridge

We've got us another 3D bridge to cross. So start crossing! If you talk to the battle girl near the other end (if you can actually catch her amongst that crazy movement, that is) she'll give you a TM43, NITRO CHARGE, which is a move you will have seen before if you've trained either a Pokabu or a Shimama. It's a 50 power, 100% accuracy physical Fire move that is guaranteed to raise the user's speed if it connects.

At the other end, we'll see... Geechisu!? The Dark Trinity will also appear and rush you towards him. Once he finishes his usual pacing and talking, he'll go, letting us finish the bridge. Head forward and into the gatehouse, and pass through to the other side.
Route 9

Trainer Pokemon: Waruvile L36, Zuruggu L36 | Waruvile L36, Dasutodasu L36 | Zuruggu L37 + Zuruggu L37 | Komatana L37 | Zuruggu L37 | Lepardas L36 | Murando L36 | Chillarmy L36, Lamplar L36
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Gochimiru	Psychic	Grass, Tall Grass (Black)	30%	Level 41
Daburan	Psychic	Grass, Tall Grass (White)	30%	Level 41
Chillarmy	Normal	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	Shiny Stone
Dasutodasu	Poison	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Komatana	Dark/Steel	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	Level 52
Lepardas	Dark	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	80%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%	N/A
Chillaccino	Normal	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Gochiruzeru	Psychic	Shaking Grass (Black)	5%	N/A
Rankurusu	Psychic	Shaking Grass (White)	5%	N/A
Houndour	Dark/Fire	Swarm (Black)	40%	Level 24
Poochyena	Dark	Swarm (White)	40%	Level 20

As soon as you enter this route, a guy in a cap will see you and give you a TM56, FLING, ironically by flinging it towards you. It's not that useful of a move, but I guess it helps our collection.

There's a new Pokemon here - Komatana. It and its evolution Kirikizan specialize primarily in Attack, backed up by a good defense and decent speed. Their type combination is pretty unique, although it gives it weaknesses to Steel's three usual weaknesses - Fire, Fighting (quadruple!) and Ground. However the dual type does negate the Bug weakness that Dark-types have. It's usable, but it's a high evolution level, so be prepared to be patient.

You can also catch the midforms of Gochiruzeru and Rankurusu here, and surprisingly their final forms too, if you get lucky enough.

Straight ahead is a biker; fight him, then the guy right above, then the double fight to the right. That'll get us off to a good start; ignore the big building for now and fight the biker to the right. There's one last trainer in the top right of the route.

Now that that's been taken of, let's wrap up the rest of the route. There's a hidden LEMONADE located a little outside the big building. Head into the building afterwards.

This is the department store. Yeah, they put it in a route rather than Hiun City or something. A bit weird, but oh well. If you go into the room on the bottom right front wall of the store, you can get a PP UP. There's a few trainers in the main building, too. If you go up the steps right next to the PP Up room, there's a rich boy who will fight you. There is also a lady and a waiter on the top floor who will fight you. If you talk to the worker on the top floor, you can get a THUNDERSTONE.

The store's selection isn't really all that impressive. The most notable thing is the TM shop on the mid right by the rich boy; it sells TM15, HYPER BEAM and TM68, GIGA IMPACT for a hefty $90,000 each, but they can be good moves in-game if you need a powerful high power move.

Go back out the store, then to the bottom right corner; there's a gap in the fence allowing you to get to the grass. If you follow this grass through (note that you can slide in between some of the trees) you can find a HP UP, as well as a hidden MAX ETHER in one of the top left squares (you can slip past between the tree and the fence). There's also a FULL RESTORE if you go through the tall grass.

You'll probably notice there's a cave here with a guy blocking the entrance. This is the Training Cave, and we won't be able to access it until we've seen the credits. We'll come back later for it.

That's all for Route 9. Head into the east gatehouse and out the other end.
Souryuu City

Trainer Pokemon: Baokkiee L39 + Hiyakkiee L39 + Yanakkiee L39 | Kojofu L39 + Riguree L39 + Komatana L39 |

Souryuu City is a pretty unique place; depending on whether you're playing Black or White, it'll look different. Black players will see a more technological city, whereas White will see a more nature based one with trees and hedges. I prefer the White one myself, but it doesn't matter. They have different music too, but the actual gameplay is near identical. At least, I think. I'm writing this guide while playing White, so I apologize to Black players if some of the information is incorrect.

Move forward and you'll find Adeku, who will take you forward to a crowd. Once again Plasma are doing a speech in town. These are getting a bit annoying now. Urgh.

Anyway, once Plasma and the crowd leaves, you and Adeku will talk to Iris (who you might remember from way back in Hiun City) and Shaga, the old man standing next to her. They'll tell you the legends of Reshiram and Zekrom, how they were once one dragon broken apart by differences, or something. I still don't read Japanese D:

Now, one of them will head off, and the other will lead you. Which character does which depends entirely on your version. Follow whichever character and you'll be taken to Shaga's house. After the conversation ends, one of the two will leave. Black players will see Shaga leave, and White players will see Iris leave - the person that leaves is the Gym Leader of Souryuu City! The remaining person will stay in the house, functioning as a Draco Meteor tutor. Any Dragon-type Pokemon can learn the move - it's a special Dragon move with 140 power and 90% accuracy that sharply drops Special Attack after use. It's not useful on every Dragon-type, but it's a very strong move all the same, and can be taught infinitely.

If you go upstairs in this house, you can talk to the American football player for a PUMICE STONE - this stone, when equipped to a Pokemon, halves the Pokemon's weight. This can be useful for reducing things such as the damage given by Grass Knot, for example. You can also talk to the blonde woman in here to receive a BULL'S EYE, an item that causes the holder's immunities to be nullified. Yeah, not very useful, but might be better paired with a move such as Trick or Switcheroo.

Exit Shaga's house now. Head straight down the path and enter the Pokemon Center to the right. Heal up the damages from Route 9, then exit.

Outside, you can find a hidden MAX REPEL a bit below the vending machine. There's also a hidden ULTRA BALL located in one of the upper parts of the city; use the itemfinder to locate it.

In the top right most house (the one closest to the gatehouse with the sign outside it) you can do a couple fights. On the bottom floor is an Ace Trainer who will triple battle you with the three evolved elemental monkeys at Level 39, with the usual triple method your game follows. Upstairs there is one more trainer; a female Ace Trainer who also triple battles you with the normal method with three Pokemon. Both of them will rebattle you once a day.

The house directly to the left has a blonde girl on the bottom floor who will give you a DESTINY KNOT, which is for all intents and purposes a pretty useless item.

To the left of that is the gym, which we'll visit soon enough. Take the street down and enter the tower like house on the left. If you talk to the gentleman in here he'll give you a PRESENT BOX accessory.

Go back to the Pokemon Center and take the street to the right of it up, and visit the first building you come to on the left. Now the guy in green on the top floor wants to see a Pokemon of some kind, but I don't know what. I have a feeling this is to do with the RECHARGEABLE BATTERY. Any information on this would be appreciated. I've heard he apparently asks to see a Pokemon with Charge, but I showed him a Shimama with Charge and nothing happened :/

Anyway, that's it for the city. Head into the gym at the top left.
Souryuu Gym

Trainer Pokemon: Onondo L41 | Monozu L41 | Onondo L40, Onondo L40 | Onondo L41 | Crimgan L42 | Monozu L39, Onondo L39, Crimgan L39 | Monozu L40, Crimgan L40 | Onondo L40, Onondo L41

The final gym of Isshu has us take on Dragon Pokemon in a rather strange puzzle; we have to make stone dragons change directions and extend in order to open a path to the leader. Sounds fun, no?

As always, get a FRESH WATER (the last one ;_;) then go straight forward. You'll run into an Ace Trainer; defeat his dragon and take the winding path right. You'll eventually come to a point where you can go right; do so and jump over the raised bit. Go up and fight another Ace Trainer - who has the Dark/Dragon Monozu - then jump off the platform to the left. You'll hit the switch with enough pressure that the dragon's head will twist.

Take this new path up and around. You'll find another Ace Trainer to fight. After him, jump off the platform to hit the other switch and center the dragon head, opening a new route. Follow this route, beat an Ace Trainer, then keep going and jump off when you can to move the dragon. You've probably noticed you can see Shaga/Iris sometimes when the camera moves.

Don't take this dragon up now as it goes nowhere; instead jump over the southern raised bit and follow this curvy path. You'll have to beat another trainer. Afterwards, take the path left and around and jump off when you can to move the dragon head.

Now we can use this head for a path; follow the newly created path and you'll eventually reach another Ace Trainer. Take the long path around afterward and jump on the switch; it'll cause the dragon to go down rather than up, but that works fine. Go up now and follow this path, and you'll wind back to the Ace Trainer. Take the same path as we just did again and jump on the switch to make the dragon move. Take the dragon head path up and around, fight another Ace Trainer and then jump to get both of the dragon hands up, centring the dragon.

Take the new path. It's quite wavy; go right when you can and you'll come up to a strong female trainer. After beating her, continue north on this path and go left and jump off when you can. This will cause the dragon by here to centre, leading you right to the gym leader. Take it up and you'll be in front of Shaga/Iris. The teleporter behind them will take you back to the beginning, but I would recommend just using healing items as in this gym the puzzle DOES reset if you leave!

    * Rewards: $5160, TM82 Dragon Tail, Legend Badge
    * My Team: Washibon Lv. 41, Doredia Lv. 49, Enbuoh Lv. 48, Abagoura Lv. 48, Doryuuzu Lv. 49, Musharna Lv. 49

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Onondo	Lv. 41	Dragon	Rivalry	Dragon Tail, Dragon Dance, Assurance, Dragon Rage
Crimgan	Lv. 41	Dragon	Encourage	Night Slash, Revenge, Dragon Tail, Little by Little
Ononokusu	Lv. 43	Dragon	Mold Breaker	Dragon Tail, Dragon Dance, Slash, Assurance

    * I took a quick trip to Route 10 and added a Washibon to my team. Isn't it just the cutest? The rest of my levels are a bit high though. :x This also happens to be the last time you'll hear the main Gym Leader music in the game, since Black and White have no Gym Leader rematches. ;__;

    * Shaga and Iris specializes in Dragon-types, hence they have three Pokemon of that distinction. Strangely enough they don't have anything from the Monozu line, so there's two of one line (Onondo and Ononokusu) with Crimgan in the middle. For the record, the team is exactly the same no matter who you're facing; the only things that change by version are aesthetics.

    * These two have a special move called Dragon Tail. It's 60 power and 100% accuracy with two special effects. First, it always goes last. No exceptions, or at least a very small amount of exceptions. The second thing is that if it connects, the Pokemon it hits is sent back into its Poke Ball and the trainer is forced to send another one out at random. It's basically a Roar or Whirlwind that actually does damage. It shouldn't be too much to worry about, but be careful anyway, especially since all three of their Pokemon have the move.

    * As a reminder, Dragons have only two weaknesses - Ice and Dragon. If you have a Baniricchi or Baibanira with Ice Beam, you will be able to absolutely sweep this gym. An Onondo or Ononokusu of your own could also do a good job, and a Crimgan would also have a decent job, but you have to watch out with your own Dragons since they are also weak to the attacks being thrown at you by the Gym Leader. Blizzard will also do well, if you have it on anything.

    * Onondo and Crimgan aren't anything particularly special. Onondo does have Dragon Dance which raises attack and speed - you're best of not letting it use that too much. Crimgan has a pretty varied movepool, but is practically guaranteed to go last. Both of them should go down without too much trouble.

    * Ononokusu on the other hand is a bit different. At Level 43 it shouldn't actually exist, but it is the main Pokemon of Shaga and Iris. As you may recall if you were reading back in Fukiyose Cave, this thing has a gigantic 147 base attack, paired with 97 base speed. Thankfully its defenses aren't anything too special so you should be able to knock it out, but due it with all due speed - it has Dragon Dance, and having that attack powered up any more is really going to hurt. Having it sped up won't help either, although that might get partially negated if it chooses to use Dragon Tail. Your Pokemon will probably outmatch it in level, but be careful all the same!

    * They also have two Hyper Potions to use.

Defeating them will get you TM82, DRAGON TAIL and the long awaited Legend Badge, meaning we now have all eight badges of the Isshu League! All that awaits us are the trainers at the Pokemon League.

Head into the teleporter behind Shaga/Iris and exit the gym. Araragi will meet you outside and lead you towards the gate that leads to Route 10. After talking to you, she'll give you the very special MASTER BALL, an item that is best saved for a very particular legendary.

That leaves us with the rest of the game to do. Make sure you heal up after the gym, then head out north.
The Final Chapter

This section contains Route 10, Route 7 - Revisited, Victory Road and Pokemon League.
Route 10

Trainer Pokemon: Zuruzukin L39, Kojofu L39 | Onondo L39, Shibibiiru L39, Agirudaa L39 | Marakacchi L39, Furijio L40, Mamanbou L39 | Dageki L40 | Dotekkotsu L38, Gantoru L38 | Mebukijika L40, Burungeru L40 | Tsunbear L39, Gamageroge L39, Shubarugo L40
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Haderia	Normal	Grass, Tall Grass	30%	Level 32
Vulchai	Dark/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass (Black)	30%	Level 54
Washibon	Normal/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass (White)	30%	Level 54
Buffalon	Normal	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Tamagetake	Grass/Poison	Grass	10%	Level 39
Morobareru	Grass/Poison	Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Dageki	Fighting	Grass, Tall Grass (Black)	10%	N/A
Nageki	Fighting	Grass, Tall Grass (White)	10%	N/A
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	80%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%	N/A
Murando	Normal	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Dageki	Fighting	Shaking Grass (White)	5%	N/A
Nageki	Fighting	Shaking Grass (Black)	5%	N/A
Tyrogue	Fighting	Swarm	40%	Level 20

The music in this route is absolutely beautiful. I only wish the route were longer, but as far as things go it's pretty short.

There's a fair few new Wild Pokemon here, despite it being so late in the game. We have the version exclusive birds, Vulchai and Washibon, and their evolution level is not a typo. They do indeed not evolve until Level 54, so if you want to use one of them, you better be patient! Vulchai, and its somewhat hilariously named evolution Vuljina, are a female only species found in Pokemon Black. They focus more on defense, hence their attacking stats are a bit subpar... to put it in perspective, Vuljina's attack and special attack are 65 and 55 base respectively. You probably won't be doing much damage, so I'd give them a miss. Their abilities are also pretty useless at this stage.

Washibon and its evolution Wargle, on the other hand, are a male only species with a pretty standard Normal/Flying typing but stats better suited to the in-game. Wargle gets 123 base attack and 80 base speed, which is just fine, as well as the use of the Encourage ability which can be paired with moves such as Rock Slide and Crush Claw. They're certainly the better of the two, though still hard to raise due to being an unevolved form so late in the game. If you need a Flying-type still though, then this thing can come in useful.

Buffalon is a buffalo with an afro. That aside, it's a pretty powerful Pokemon with good defenses and again, average speed, with some useful abilities in Reckless and Herbivore. Buffalon also gets the powerful Afro Break, an exclusive Normal-type move that is 120 power and 100 accuracy, which can produce incredible hits off of its attack strength and STAB. The drawback is that it does produce recoil, but this also means it's affected and powered up by Reckless, so it's a double-edged sword. Buffalon also gets Megahorn, Earthquake, Wild Bolt and Stone Edge as possible choices, so it is pretty good. Use it if you wish.

Returning to the route at hand, head forward and fight the battle girl, who allows us to finally see Zuruggu's evolution. Very gangsta like, isn't it? You might notice there are three Poke Balls in the grass. The far left one is a friendly neighbourhood Tamagetake at Level 30. Remember it has Effect Spore! The middle is also a Level 30 Tamagetake, while the one on the right is an actual item - namely, a FULL HEAL.

Head up the steps then immediately take the path above you. There's a hidden MAX POTION about three spaces away from the wall. Return and go up the next steps to the right to find an Ace Trainer, who will use the midform of the electric eel and the evolution of Chobomaki. Quite interesting Pokemon, eh? Just ahead is a veteran trainer with another three Pokemon, though none of them new.

I'd make sure you're ready for a tougher battle before you cross the bridge, because when you reach the other end Cheren and Belle will show up. Cheren will challenge you to what is the final rival battle in the main game!

    * Rival Cheren
    * Rewards: $4500

Pokemon	Level	Type
Kenhorou	Lv. 43	Normal/Flying
Yanappu/Boappu/Hiyappu	Lv. 43	Fire/Water/Grass
Lepardas	Lv. 43	Dark
Enbuoh/Daikenki/Jalorda	Lv. 45	(Fire/Fighting)/Water/Grass

    * Cheren still only has four Pokemon, but they're higher levelled than ever before; in fact, these are the highest levels we've seen yet. As far as things go, it's pretty much the same, although Cheren also now has his fully evolved starter, at a pretty high level of 45. As always, type matching will produce the best possible results! Also, his Lepardas has a Sitrus Berry. Yeah, not his starter. I have no idea why, unless it has some other item?

After the battle, Cheren will heal your Pokemon and Belle will give you a MAX REVIVE. Cheren blitzes away, and Belle soon follows. I don't have a clue what's being said, but it's all rather sad. Perhaps the music, but I can't wait to know what the hell is going on with the dialogue.

Anyway, there's some tall grass right next to you; start taking that path. The first Poke Ball you come to is your not so friendly neighbourhood Morobareru; it's the evolution of Tamagetake, and has increased HP and defenses from its pre-evolution, but retains Effect Spore. Exercise caution as necessary.

The second is also a Morobareru, at Level 40 just like the other one. You should also be careful of the Toxic attack that they have! The third Poke Ball is a HYPER POTION while the fourth is a DAWN STONE.

Take on the fighter here, who owns a pretty powerful Dageki. Following the path, there's also a hiker on the bridge to fight. After beating him, talk to the guy in the corner here for a DUSK STONE. Follow the path a bit more for a TM05, ROAR, then jump off the ledge and continue right, back onto and past the bridge.

There's a female Ace Trainer here with an evolved deer and an evolved female jellyfish. Both of them can be pretty strong. After the fight ends, jump over the ledge and collect the FULL RESTORE, then go back around and fight the veteran trainer. He also uses some interesting Pokemon, including the final evolution of Otamaro and the evolution of Kaburumo. That ends our sad journey of the main route, but we're far from done yet - we've got Victory Road to do!

It's time. Enter the building above. Approach the gate and the guy will check if you have the Tri Badge. You do, so the gate will open. Now, each room you go through will have the design of the previous badge. For example, this room we're in now has a river, plants and torches - representative of the first gym's types of Water, Grass and Fire.

Simply push against each gate to get it to open. The next room represents the Basic Badge's Normal-type, and does it by having a pretty normal area, including grass. The Pokemon in the grass are the same as those in the normal Route 10, for the record. Also, note the music - there's an extra beat added for each room you go through!

The fourth room takes its design from the Beetle Badge, hence the giant stone insect that you cross over. The room after that is representative of the Bolt Badge, which is full of electric generators. The music will notably have a lot more substance to it now.

Next we open the Quake Badge door, with the room being very earth looking. Hard to describe but you know full well what I mean. Then we open the Jet Badge door, and the Flying design sends us walking over a huge pit! You can walk anywhere on the windy part, too. It's pretty cool.

Next comes the Icicle Badge door, which adds a simple sliding puzzle to the mix. Just slide up, right, up, left and up from where you enter to get to the other side and push against the door, unlocking the Legend Badge door. Walk through it to see stone dragons and a gate. The music is now complete. Walk through the gate, and we're here. Victory Road!

However, before we take Victory Road on (note that if you enter it becomes a Fly location) there is a new legendary available. We were told about strange weather patterns as we entered Route 10. Go to Route 7 to check it out.
Route 7 - Revisited

As soon as you enter this route, the screen will get darker and a flash of lightning will occur, then an absolute torrent of rain will pour down from the heavens. There's a certain legendary taking residence around here that we need to vacate. No, it's not Kyogre.

Make your way to the house with the healer near Mt. Neji. As you cross by it, an old woman will come out and invite you into the house until the rainstorm passes.

When you go back out, you'll hear a strange cry. Your character will move to the right, then a strange Pokemon will float over next to you! The rain begins anew, then the Pokemon will suddenly flee and the rain dissipates. What just happened..?

The Pokemon we just saw was one of the three Pokemon belonging to the legendary trio based upon three Japanese gods. Though they aren't anything to do with them, the three of them are collectively referred to as "the genies." If you hear that term, then the three Pokemon belonging to that trio are being talked about - specifically, they are called Tornelos, Voltolos and Landlos.

    * Level: 40
    * Type: Flying (Tornelos) / Electric/Flying (Voltolos)
    * Ability: Mischevious Heart
    * Moves: Revenge / Air Cutter / Extrasensory / Agility (Tornelos)

Revenge / Shock Wave / Heal Block / Agility (Voltolos)

    * Base Stats: 79 HP / 115 Attack / 70 Defense / 125 Special Attack / 80 Special Defense / 111 Speed

    * There's a slight trick with this legendary - which one you get depends on your version! Those of you playing Pokemon Black will have just seen the green and purple Tornelos, the first pure Flying Pokemon and legendary based on the Japanese wind god, Fuujin. On the other hand, White players will have seen the blue and purplish Voltolos, the second Electric/Flying legendary based on the Raijin, the Japanese god of thunder and lightning.

    * Regardless of version, this legendary will be your roamer of the game. Most Pokemon players will know what I mean by that, but for those who are playing a Pokemon game for the first time, a roamer is a legend that actually moves around the region's routes. Once they're released into the wild, the roamer will settle in a random route, then will generally shift to an adjacent route every time your player character moves into a new area. The use of Fly, Teleport etcetera tends to reset their position to another random place in the region.

    * In this particular game you'll have to chase the legendary around Isshu. It can show up on any of the primary sixteen routes (I don't think it can show up on 17 or 18, but I don't know for sure). The annoying thing is that you cannot keep track of this legend like you could with the others in previous gens with the PokeDex, PokeTch or PokeGear - you'll have to be in the same route as them to know when they're in the route. You can walk between a town and a route to refresh the area constantly and hope the legendary arrives there. You'll know when Tornelos or Voltolos are in the area by the weather; if they are around then the weather will change to the same rainstorm as we just saw in Route 7. If you get the weather, go into the normal grass (I don't think the tall/doubles grass will work) and if you're lucky you'll encounter it. If you don't encounter it after a few Wild Pokemon then it'll leave, but you can keep going in and out to have a chance of it appearing again.

    * Should you encounter the legendary, it will run away from the battle the first chance it gets ie as soon as it can move on the first turn - though it is worth noting that if it tries to run, it will ALWAYS move last. There are a couple ways to lock it in place - you have the option of using a trapping move such as Mean Look, Block etc or you can place it in battle with a Pokemon that has the Shadow Tag ability. Arena Trap unfortunately won't work as both Tornelos and Voltolos have the Flying-type giving them immunity to the ability. Don't think you can stop them by sleeping or freezing them, as somehow they will still run! Just remember, if you use Mean Look or Block, you will have to ensure you either keep the same Pokemon in the battle the whole time OR you use Baton Pass to switch to another Pokemon while keeping the trapping move in play. Catching roamers can be tough, but try and try again and you'll get it.

    * Alternatively, just throw the Master Ball as soon as you encounter it. Tornelos/Voltolos are by far the best legend to use the Master Ball on due to their movement! I implore you to use it on them rather than any of the stationary legendaries. It is particularly useful that in Black and White you have only one roamer, so there's unlikely to be any real need to keep the Master Ball unless you want to keep it as a collector's item. That is the key difference - every other legendary is stationary, but this one will flee as soon as it can!

    * It's important to note that these roamers are a bit strange in that YOU CAN ONLY FIND THEM DURING THE MORNING OR EVENING! It's impossible to find it during any other hours; it just won't show up on the map. What time is evening depends on the season; it's 5PM - 7PM for Spring and Autumn, 7PM - 9PM for Summer and 4PM - 7PM for Winter. Morning also changes; Spring and Autumn have it at 5AM - 10AM, Summer has it at 4AM - 9AM and Winter has it at 7AM - 11AM. I will restate that you can only find it between those times. Don't bother looking otherwise. Evenings will see this legendary in the northern parts of Isshu, which I think incorporates anything past either Fukiyose City or Sazanami Town (the place on the eastern upper point of Isshu) but don't quote me on that! Mornings will see them in the rest of the routes, or the southern routes instead.

    * Annoyingly, there are no two routes connected in this game apart from 17 and 18 which may not even work, so you'll have an annoying time actually cornering the legend. I'd recommend you go between a town and a route that has no gatehouse though, to speed things up. Strangely enough, however, it isn't actually that hard to end up with it on the same route as you. You might need a little luck, but it shouldn't take too long. It helps that Isshu has a small amount of routes compared to the other four regions, as well as a fairly linear shape.

    * Note that if you exit and re-enter Route 7 as soon as you release the legendary, you might well find it again right away as long as it is evening.

Victory Road

Trainer Pokemon: Erufuun L45, Zebraika L45 | Murando L45, Pendoraa L45 | Oobemu L44, Doredia L45, Kuitaran L44 | Yanakkiee L44, Baokkiee L44, Hiyakkiee L44 | Zuruzukin L43, Kojofu L43, Roopushin L43 | Gochimiru L43, Hahakomori L43 | Gigear L44, Hihidaruma L44, Gamageroge L44 | Gigaiath L45, Shibirudon L45
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Kuitaran	Fire	Rocky Grass	45%	Level 32
Vulchai	Dark/Flying	Rocky Grass (Black)	35%	Level 54
Washibon	Normal/Flying	Rocky Grass (White)	35%	Level 54
Kojofu	Fighting	Rocky Grass	10%	Level 50
Onondo	Dragon	Rocky Grass	10%	Level 48

    * This list applies to the outside parts of Victory Road (ie whenever you're not in the cave; so at any level of the outside, this applies).

Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Aianto	Bug/Steel	Cave Floor	40%	N/A
Gantoru	Rock	Cave Floor	20%	Trade
Monozu	Dark/Dragon	Cave Floor	20%	Level 50
Koromori	Psychic/Flying	Cave Floor	10%	Happiness
Kojofu	Fighting	Cave Floor	10%	Level 50
Doryuuzu	Ground/Steel	Dust Cloud	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Fish	30%	N/A
Poliwag	Water	Fish	65%	Level 25
Poliwhirl	Water	Fish	5%	Water Stone
Poliwhirl	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	65%
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Poliwrath	Water/Fighting	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A

    * This list applies to the inside cave on the first floor and third floor only.

Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Aianto	Bug/Steel	Cave Floor	40%	N/A
Gantoru	Rock	Cave Floor	30%	Trade
Koromori	Psychic/Flying	Cave Floor	20%	Happiness
Kojofu	Fighting	Cave Floor	10%	Level 50
Doryuuzu	Ground/Steel	Dust Cloud	100%	N/A

    * This list applies to the inside cave on every floor but the first and third.

There's a fair few different encounter lists here, as Isshu's Victory Road is very unique. Instead of being just a regular cave like the first four generations, Isshu's Victory Road is composed of both an inside cave and an outside, and to get through we need to wind our way through the tunnels and even slide down walls to get to where we need to go.

As for the new Pokemon here; Kuitaran is a Fire-type Pokemon, and it is horrible. It has a decent Special Attack and Attack but isn't so good anywhere else; it's not entirely useless but is heavily outclassed by both Enbuoh and Shandera. It's probably just as good as Boappu, although it is a bit slow with 65 base speed. Its special movepool kind of sucks, too. It gets Fire moves, Focus Blast and Solarbeam. That's it, really. I'd probably give this a pass. They do give some pretty good EXP though.

Aianto on the other hand is excellent. It's a Bug/Steel Pokemon meaning it only has one weakness to Fire and has great stats - 109 base in attack, 112 in defense and 109 in speed. Catching it in Victory Road also tends to have it with a moveset of Bug Bite, Crunch, Iron Head and Dig. Pair it with the X-Scissor TM we got ages ago and you can use it right off the bat! It can make a brilliant late addition if your team isn't full yet, and will come in decently useful at the Elite Four too.

Monozu is a Pokemon we saw in Souryuu Gym. It is Dark/Dragon, and the first form of the pseudo legendary of the Isshu region, Sazandora. By pseudo legendary, I mean a Pokemon with 600 base stat total. Sazandora specialises in Special Attack above all else, but carries decent Speed and Attack stats as well. It also has an impeccable special movepool, although both Monozu and Jiheddo (Monozu's evolution) are more physically based, so you'll probably have to change your strategy whenever they evolve into Sazandora. Now, this all sounds good - the catch? The first is that Sazandora's best Dark STAB, Dark Pulse, is an egg move, so you probably won't be getting it. The second and much more worrying problem is to do with evolution level. See that level in the evolution method up there? Yeah, Level 50 is for Monozu to evolve into its second form, Jiheddo. Jiheddo won't evolve into Sazandora until a completely staggering Level SIXTY-FOUR, the highest evolution level that the series has ever seen. Now, I'm not saying it's impossible to use, but you are going to have to be seriously patient, as it won't be reaching 64 for a fair while unless you're soloing with it or something. Use it if you dare.

That aside, we have a champion's road to conquer. Head into the cave directly in front of you. There's another note - any Wild Pokemon you encounter in Victory Road will have the rare Pokemon music instead of the normal one - makes for quiet a nice effect, doesn't it? Head forward and get on the water; Surf to the other end and pick up the MAX REVIVE, then Surf back and go up the steps.

The second floor holds an Ace Trainer, who has both an Erufuun and a Zebraika. Note the levels; aren't they deliciously high? It's going to keep getting tougher from here on out. Sure, it's not as high as say, Platinum, but as far as this game's level curve goes it creeps pretty close to your Pokemon.

Once she's beaten, exit out the bottom. Walk right to see a cutscene between two trainers; one will show you how you can slide down the walls by walking against them, although the other is too scared to do it. Poor kid.

Follow his example by sliding down the southern wall. Head right. Note that these differently coloured parts with small patches of grass are where you can find the outside Pokemon shown in the first list above. Go into the cave you come across while going this way. You can also go the other way and jump over the ledge back to the beginning, but what's the point in that? You can always Fly there if you need to at any point, for the record.

Take the path in here around and Surf up over the upper patch of water, and pick up the RARE CANDY. Surf back over afterwards and take the stairs to the left up.

There's an ULTRA BALL on the elevated platform to the left; it's hidden though, so you'll have to use the itemfinder to locate it. Ignore the bottom door; it just leads back outside to the same place as before. Take the upper stairs up to the third floor, and fight the Ace Trainer you end up next to. He gives you another fully evolved dog to deal with, as well as a Pendoraa. Exit out the bottom afterwards.

Go over to the right past the rocky grass and slide down. Pick up the TM12, TAUNT by here then slide down either wall. You'll be back on the other 1F again; enter it and take it back up to 3F, then go outside. Again. We'll be doing this a few times in order to get all the items.

This time, go left. You'll see the scared guy from before, but there's nothing we can do to help him unfortunately. You'll have a choice of two doors; take the one on the right for now (or the middle door of the three.) Beat the veteran trainer in the middle of the room, who uses the evolution of Riguree, that alien looking psychic-type we saw back in the Tower of Heavens. Also, check the furthest right rock on the set of four rocks below her for a HYPER POTION. Descend the staircase on the right, and you'll be back on 2F again by a Strength boulder. Push this boulder in if you can to create a shortcut. Head back up the stairs afterwards and then take the northern steps up. Knock the Ace Trainer up here out too (yeah we were bound to see monkeys at some point) then take the south exit.

Pick up the FULL RESTORE out here, then retrace your steps so you end up back at the row of three doors on the outside floor below. This time take the left door as opposed the middle one. Fight the guy in here - who uses some interesting Fighting-types, including the final form of Dokkora, Roopushin - and then ascend the steps.

A doctor - excellent! Smash his Pokemon to bits and make him your healing slave. You can now come back here whenever the going gets too rough. Take the path around afterwards and check the bottom left rock in this dipped part for a REVIVE. Push the boulder to act as a shortcut, then go up the stairs.

Go straight outside through the southern exit and slide either gap; enter the room here and grab the CALCIUM, which happens to be right next to the doctor. Go back outside, go to the far left and slide down the whole way here and grab the ULTRA BALL. Now we must again make our way back; jump off the ledge to the far right and retrace your steps so you end up back at the floor above the doctor. Remember you can use that shortcut we made on 2F to get from there to 3F a lot quicker!

Once you're back on the floor above the doctor (5F for the record) take the path up this time onto 6F. Fight the trainer here, then exit out the bottom left door. Pick up the FULL HEAL, then go back inside and exit out the right hand door. Slide down the RIGHT gap to end up on a platform with one door. Enter.

Take this room up to fight a trainer who owns the incredibly big looking Gigaiath, as well as a Shibirudon - the final form of the electric eel line. Remember that it has Leviate, so don't try and hit it with Ground-type moves!

Examine the wall between the two rocks just above for a FULL HEAL, then continue going up the steps. At the end, check another wall between two rocks for a CARBOS, then go up the steps to the left.

Take the steps over on the left and you'll be in the back of a room with the running Ace Trainer from before. Push the boulder in and you'll be granted access to both the part we've been to AND a new part. Over on the left is a cave. If you did the whole of Fukiyose Cave and caught/defeated the legendary Cobalon, then you will be able to access this cave and inside is Terrakion, the last of the Fighting trio! Otherwise, it will be covered by a small classic rock which you won't be able to get through, so come back later when you've done the Fukiyose Cave events.

For those of you who are able to challenge Terrakion right now; why not save and have a go?

    * Level: 42
    * Type: Rock / Fighting
    * Ability: Justice Heart
    * Moves: Helping Hand / Retaliation / Rock Slide / Sacred Sword
    * Base Stats: 91 HP / 129 Attack / 90 Defense / 72 Special Attack / 90 Special Defense / 108 Speed

    * Terrakion - who is #145 in the Isshu Dex and #639 in the National - is a bit different from Cobalon and Virizion. While those two had their defense stats mirrored, Terrakion is a whole new game and instead has its attack stats mirrored! Specifically, it is mirrored with Keldeo, the event fourth member of the quartet who has 129 Special Attack and 72 Attack instead, but we can't get him normally. Terrakion has quite possibly the best stat spread out of the four, though.

    * It gets some interesting attacks being a Rock-type as well, and has both the attacking strength AND speed to use them. It can be a powerful force with moves like Stone Edge and Close Combat in hand and also has no quadruple weaknesses, although it does get a fair few doubles. The Rock-type nullifies the Flying-type weakness that Fighting-types have, but otherwise Terrakion retains all the double weaknesses, namely Water, Grass, Psychic, Steel, Ground and Fighting. Yeah, it's a unique type combo, but not the best one in the world.

    * As always, low health, status, good balls. Dusk Balls will definitely work in this cave. As always, if you kill it, either reset or come back after the credits have rolled.

After you either catch or kill/ignore Terrakion; take the stairs to the back up again. Exit this room out the bottom now, and we'll be outside again. There's still a few items we need, but for ease of use, we'll make ourselves a new Fly location. Go up through the arch on the north wall.
Pokemon League

At last, we're here. Enjoy the frontal view as you enter; quite an amazing building, isnt it? Go to the left; the building here contains both a market and a Pokemon Center. Heal up and buy whatever items you wish, then go back to Victory Road. I recommend you bring a flier.

VICTORY ROAD: Go to the right of the ranger (SPECIFICALLY the right hand side) and slide down. You'll land in a previously inaccessible clearing; grab the NUGGET here and then enter the cave. Go up the steps to the left and then take the path around to a rock. Check this rock for a MAX POTION, then take the steps above you and check the rock you reach by going left for a MAX REVIVE.

Descend the steps, go far left and then up these steps. Go all the way and up the next steps you come to for the next floor. You'll end up next to a TM02, DRAGON CLAW that you can pick up, which can be a useful move for a Pokemon coverage-wise, as Dragon is only resisted by Steel.

Now, exit this room through the bottom and use Fly to get back to the league. Exit the league again and this time slide down the wall from the LEFT hand side of the ranger. Slide down two walls, then pick up the TM93, WILD BOLT on the right. This is a pretty decent Electric move and the best physical Electric move in the game apart from Volt Tackle, but only the Pichu line can learn that anyway. 90 base power, 100 acc, gives some recoil. It is a bit weak compared to some other moves but it'll do. Now, that's every item that I know of in Victory Road. Fly back to the League, and this time we're doing it properly.

Make absolutely sure you're healed up. From the top clerk, you can buy pretty much any healing item in the game. I'd stock up on Hyper Potions and Revives, and maybe a few Full Heals. Hyper Potions are definitely the most valuable item you can buy at this point; there are very few Pokemon that 200 HP won't cover at the levels you're at (which should be about ~50) and they're less than half the price of Max Potions. Revives are also invaluable for being able to revive Pokemon from fainted status; you're bound to have plenty from getting hidden items (that goes for the Hyper Potions, too) but there's nothing wrong with having plenty. You'll probably need them in the future too.

When you think you're ready, attempt to move towards the steps to the main arena and the guy blocking it will become alert and talk to you. He'll explain the League challenge; say yes to his question and he'll move, allowing you entry. SAVE NOW. You won't be able to exit once we begin!

So I don't have to list my team for each individual member, I'll list them now:

Lv. 49 Washibon, Lv. 51 Doredia, Lv. 50 Musharna, Lv. 50 Emobar, Lv. 52 Doryuuzu, Lv. 49 Abagoura

Now, when you're sure you're ready, go up the steps.


The gate will lock behind you. Now, you may notice from the layout that there doesn't seem to be any linear way to do this; Isshu is different from the other Pokemon Leagues in that the Elite Four can be done in any order! I'm personally going to go clockwise from the far left room over to the far right room, but you are able to do it in any order you choose. For each member you beat, one of those spots on the ground will light up, and lighting all four will cause that centrepiece to move.

I'm going to start with the far left room, as I said. Go up the path and enter the room, having the camera angle change as you move. Inside, you'll find rather surprisingly that it's stormy, with a ghostly sound in the air and things floating about. Can you guess what type this Elite Four is? Go forward and ghostly flames will appear and lock you in a ring, then take you right up the stairs, dropping you in front of the Elite Four member, white light shining through the windows with every storm flash. No turning back now!

Talk to the woman to find out her name is Shikimi, and as you probably suspected trains the Ghost-type. She's also a writer of Ghost stories, so it makes perfect sense that her preferred type is Ghost. After some dialogue, the battle will begin! En garde!

    Ghost-type Specialist
    Reward: $6000

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Desukan	Lv. 48	Ghost	Mummy	Psychic, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Grass Knot
Burungeru	Lv. 48	Water/Ghost	Cursed Body	Shadow Ball, Surf, Energy Ball, Brine
Goruugu	Lv. 48	Ground/Ghost	Iron Fist?	Curse, Brick Break, Earthquake, Focus Punch
Shandera	Lv. 50	Ghost/Fire	Flame Body	Fire Blast, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Payback

    * And so the first Elite Four match begins! Electricity flying across the screen, close-up face shots, green and yellow bars, a big VS and an absolutely incredible song. What more could you want in an Elite Four match? The song really is grand; quite possibly my favourite in the entire game. That introduction is just amazing, and when it gets into it it's still good. There's even one part a bit over the one minute mark that is a homage to the Elite Four track from Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. Ahh, lovely. Unfortunately they now only have four Pokemon each as opposed to five, but oh well.

    * Anyway, that aside, Shikimi leads with her Desukan. Desukan is a Pokemon we've seen a few times before. It specializes hugely in the defense stat, with a 145 base, so I would recommend against physical assaults. It also has a pretty decent special attack (95 base) which you can see Shikimi uses to the fullest, stacking Desukan with three special moves. Shadow Ball will hurt the most, but be careful of the others; for example, you do not want to put a Gamageroge against Desukan or it will die a horrible death from Grass Knot! There's also Will-O-Wisp which causes burn; aside from causing residual damage it also cuts a Pokemon's attack in half, which makes physical attacks on Desukan near useless. My advice would be to try and hit it with a strong special move. Ghost or Dark - the two weaknesses that pure Ghosts have - are my recommended choices. Also, beware of Desukan's Mummy ability! If a Pokemon makes any contact with Desukan, then that Pokemon's ability will be replaced with Mummy until it somehow leaves the battle (ie switching out, fainting or the fight ending.) Overconfidence Waruvial with Crunch won't work here!

    * Shikimi's second Pokemon is Burungeru, which we have also seen a few times through the game. Being the female version, it comes with bright red lipstick and a huge pink face, all ready to annoy the hell out of you. How so? The main culprit is Burungeru's ability. Cursed Body is basically an automatic disable; hit Burungeru with an attack, and there is a 30% chance Cursed Body will activate and disable it automatically, possibly rendering your best attack against it useless. It's kinda bulky too, so it probably won't go down in one hit. The good thing about its typing is that neither type negates the other's weakness, so Burungeru gets the full load of four weaknesses - Electric, Grass, Ghost and Dark. Something like a Denchura's Thunder would work great, or perhaps a Waruvial's Crunch (no Mummy now!) but try not to put your Pokemon in too much danger, for Burungeru has a decently wide range with its four attacks. Brine also has a greater power if the Pokemon attacked by it is under 50% health, and it will probably murder you if it connects with that bonus effect, so try not to have your health too low!

    * Third we have Goruggu, who you won't have seen before unless you used one yourself. Goruggu is the evolution of Gobitto, and shares the same typing. It has 124 attack and decent defenses, and these are only amplified if it uses Curse, boosting its Attack and Defense while dropping its Speed. Its Earthquake is going to hurt if it connects, as will Focus Punch; Brick Break shouldn't be as much of a problem though. I recommend not letting up on the offense; attack any of Goruggu's five weaknesses for the best effect (Water, Grass, Ice, Ghost or Dark). Grass Knot in particular is a good move for this, as Goruggu is really, really heavy!

    * Finally, we come to Shikimi's main. You might remember me heaping a mount of praise upon Shandera back in the Tower of Heavens, and all that praise is now turned right at you. This thing has a monstrous 145 special attack, so if it fires its Fire Blast at you, it is going to take a huge chunk out of your Pokemon's HP! Shadow Ball also gets a STAB bonus and can do a fair bit. The other two moves - Payback especially - aren't too much to worry about. Luckily, Shandera is somewhat slow compared to your Pokemon (unless all six are all really slow ones) but 80 base doesn't rule out the possibility of it outspeeding you entirely. Shandera has a lot of weaknesses to pick on - Water, Rock, Ground, Ghost and Dark) so use one of them and take this thing down quickly! You may need to beware of Flame Body also, for its 30% chance of burning can cut your attack in half, just like Desukan's Will-O-Wisp.

    * It's worth noting she also has two Full Restores to use.

Once you beat her, take the now activated teleporter back to the beginning. The bottom left light will now have lit; one down, three to go. Do any healing you need to with items. Next, I'm heading into the top left room, or the second one across.

This room has you walk onto a rotating platform. Torches light as you move past them, and a giant chandelier is shown at the top of the room. Walk forward from the end of the rotation, and two more torches light, a gate appearing behind you to lock you in. Time for the second Elite Four member, whose type may not be immediately obvious from the room. Talking to him will reveal he is Giima, the Dark-type specialist of the Elite Four. Then, the fight begins!

    Dark-type Specialist
    Reward: $6000

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Zuruzukin	Lv. 48	Dark/Fighting	Overconfidence	Sand-Attack, Crunch, Poison Jab, Brick Break
Waruvial	Lv. 48	Ground/Dark	Intimidate	Crunch, Dragon Claw, Trickery, Earthquake
Lepardas	Lv. 48	Dark	Limber?	Fake Out, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Attract
Kirikizan	Lv. 48	Dark/Steel	Competitive Spirit	X-Scissor, Night Slash, Metal Claw, Aerial Ace

    * Giima leads with Zuruzukin, who we've only seen once thus far. As always, it has some good defenses and decent attack strength, which it can pair with the three offensive moves it possesses. Crunch is its strongest move, and it really isn't too damaging. The main problem is going to come in Sand-Attack; if that connects your accuracy will be lowered, and we all know how much one accuracy drop can do to the player. Try to take it down ASAP if possible; it can get especially troublesome if it manages to take down any of your Pokemon as its Overconfidence ability will activate, raising its attack. Zuruzukin's weaknesses lie in Fighting and Flying. The dual combination cancels every other weakness out.

    * Waruvial is something you won't have seen before unless you raised a Meguroco/Waruvile yourself. It is the final form of the line, encompassing 117 attack and 92 speed, which as far as things go is pretty decent. Pair that with the Intimidate ability that drops attack and its useful STAB Earthquake and Crunch and it can put the hurt on you. It also has the somewhat strange move Trickery; it's a 90 power, 100 acc physical Dark move, but it uses your attack strength instead of Waruvial's which can come out better or worse. Waruvial is weak to loads of things, namely Water, Grass, Fighting, Bug and Ice. No quadruple weaknesses, but any of those will put a good dent in it.

    * You'll definitely know Lepardas from both the Cheren fights and the amount of times the Plasma grunts used it. This one uses Fake Out on the first turn always - just like any other - then attacks you with a pittance. It's not likely to be a problem, although it does have Attract. Note that despite Giima being a male trainer, all of his Pokemon (Zuruzukin aside) are FEMALE! You'll have to send in a female Pokemon against Lepardas to be entirely immune, otherwise you stand at risk of Attract. It's easy to kill though.

    * Giima's main is the Dark/Steel Kirikizan, the evolution of the Komatana Pokemon we've seen a few times previously. It has pretty high attack and good defense, but is otherwise pretty susceptible. It does have some good moves, but none of them are likely to be a huge problem, either. Just try not to reduce any of its stats; doing so will give it an automatic +2 boost in attack due to its ability. That includes Intimidate! Fighting attacks are without a doubt the most effective, but you can use Fire and Ground moves to great effect also.

    * Note that Giima has two Full Restores he can use.

Defeating Giima will cause his teleporter to also switch on, allowing us to return to the league entrance. Again, heal any wounds. Now, for the top right room, or the third one across.

This is a pretty interesting room. Very glittery, with stars falling from the... sky? Anyway, head forward and you'll be hit with a star. A glow will compass you and take you up a transparent road. As you reach the top, a great cover will open and reveal a bed, in which the Elite Four member is in. ...She's sleeping? She gets up slowly, then walks over to the front of the bed. What a strange entrance that was.

Here, we have Katorea, a specialist in the Psychic-type. Talking to her will begin the battle, but she still seems a little tired. Note her cut-in pose being a yawn.

    Psychic-type Specialist
    Reward: $6000

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Rankurusu	Lv. 48	Psychic	Magic Guard?	Psychic, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, Thunder
Shinpora	Lv. 48	Psychic/Flying	Magic Guard?	Psychic, Air Slash, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball
Musharna	Lv. 48	Psychic	Synchronize	Psychic, Shadow Ball, Charge Beam, Reflect
Gochiruzeru	Lv. 50	Psychic	Frisk	Calm Mind, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball

    * This is one Elite Four member you may recognize. If you aren't able to tell by katakana or appearance, this is the same Katorea/Cattleya - or Lady Caitlin in English - of the Battle Castle in Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul Silver! It seems she also has the rank of Elite Four member in Isshu, so it is confirmed that she is fully able to battle. She just has Darach do it all for her in the Frontier facility, I suppose. At any rate, her English name is basically guaranteed to be Caitlin, unless they make a mistake during the translation.

    * Caitlin's first Pokemon is Rankurusu, who is slow but has surprisingly decent defenses and one hell of a Special Attack stat (125 base.) Caitlin uses this perfectly by stacking Rankurusu with four different special moves, each a different type. Collectively, Rankurusu can land a super effective hit on Fighting, Poison, Psychic, Ghost, Ground, Water, Rock and Flying Pokemon. Quite a large range, eh? They're all pretty high power attacks, too. Psychic gets a STAB bonus and Focus Blast and Thunder are both 120 power (albeit inaccurate). Energy Ball is the weakest one it has, but it'll generally go for the strongest move with a type advantage. Otherwise, it'll probably just use Psychic. Assuming Rankurusu has Magic Guard, it'll take no residual damage whatsoever, so don't try to poison it or anything. Just pile on the offense and it should go down. Remember pure Psychic Pokemon have three weaknesses - Bug, Ghost and Dark.

    * Caitlin is also a user of the crazy psycho bird. Shinpora's main advantages come from its pretty good special attack (103 base) and good speed (97 base). Don't be too surprised if it outspeeds you. It also has a good movepool to use, having four special moves with three being an entirely different type from Rankurusu's set. This birdy also has Magic Guard, so you want to do direct damage. Electric, Ice, Rock, Ghost or Dark will do the trick.

    * Musharna is pretty bulky, it has a very high HP stat and decent defenses. It's the slowest thing to grace the earth - well, not quite, but it's close - so it probably won't move first. Ever. The only thing that may be problematic here is Reflect, which will double the whole team's defense for five turns. Still, I would probably recommend a physical assault for as long as possible, as its defense is a little lower than its special defense. Musharna's actual attacks shouldn't be too bad; it has 106 base special attack, but aside from Psychic they're all kinda weak unless they strike a type advantage. It's worth noting that Charge Beam does have a chance of raising Musharna's special attack when it hits something, though.

    * Caitlin's main is Gochiruzeru, who has some of the defenses and none of the offenses. Her ability is completely useless to the AI, so don't worry about that. The only thing you really need to watch out for with this thing is Calm Mind - if it gets several under its belt then it can start to do damage with its three competent special moves. Again, Bug, Ghost or Dark will do the best damage. It's weaker to physical moves than special moves, so try and take it down with a ruthless physical assault!

    * Caitlin also has two Full Restores to use.

Beating Caitlin leaves us with just one left if you're doing this from left to right. The final room is to the bottom right; heal up and enter when you're ready.

This room has you get into a platform that resembles a wrestling ring - as such, you can probably guess immediately what type this last Elite Four member is. When you reach the top, a spotlight will shine upon the member. Talk to him to discover that he is Renbu, a master of (you guessed it) Fighting-type Pokemon. And so, the last battle of the four begins!

    Fighting-type Specialist
    Reward: $6000

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Nageki	Lv. 48	Fighting	Guts?	Stone Edge, Payback, Smooth Over, Mountain Storm
Dageki	Lv. 48	Fighting	Sturdy	Stone Edge, Karate Chop, Retaliation, Grass Knot
Roopushin	Lv. 48	Fighting	Guts?	Stone Edge, Hammer Arm, Retaliation, Grass Knot
Kojondo	Lv. 50	Fighting	Inner Focus	U-Turn, Jump Kick, Rock Slide, Retaliation

    * Renbu's Pokemon have some... pretty crap movesets, to say the least. It'll make things a bit easier for us, though.

    * Renbu's lead is Nageki, the red one of the two judo Pokemon. Nageki piles on the HP in exchange for crap speed, but is pretty much never going to die in one hit. It also still has a fair bit of attack to hit with, too. Nageki is composed of a fully physical moveset spanning across four types; none of them should be particularly dangerous in its hands, but all the same be careful. Remember that Mountain Storm is always a critical hit when it lands. Fighting types are weak to Psychic and Flying - use either to do the most damage!

    * Second comes Dageki, the blue judomon who is just as annoying as Nageki. It gets some very high attack and decent speed in exchange for weakened defenses, but is more of a threat than Nageki. It's moveset is a little weird though, considering it's using Karate Chop of all things, and Grass Knot will do nothing off of its terrible Special Attack. Retaliation can do a little bit the turn after Nageki dies, and Stone Edge is the usual 100 power Rock move that has a higher chance for a critical. The main annoying thing is Sturdy - you cannot OHKO it, then Renbu will probably Full Restore it, meaning you can't OHKO it again (Sturdy will activate any time the Pokemon's HP drops from 100% -> 0%), so it can be bloody annoying. Make sure you use a Pokemon that can take a hit from Dageki.

    * Roopushin is one we've seen once before in Victory Road. It's a very powerful Pokemon with an incredible 140 base attack, paired alongside some decent defenses and terrible speed. You're going to want to watch out for Hammer Arm; STAB factored in it is a pretty high 150 base, which is going to hurt off of Roopushin's excellent attack stat. It probably won't go down in one hit, but do what you can to finish it ASAP. Again, Grass Knot is nothing to worry about at all. If anything, it's a blessing if Renbu starts using it.

    * Lastly, we have Renbu's main, Kojondo. Kojondo is the evolution of Kojofu and is both strong and fast. It is pretty frail in comparison to its counterpart Fighting-types, but can hit hard. Jump Kick is a 100 power move that can do a number and it can also switch out with U-Turn should it not be the last of the four Renbu sends out. It also has Rock Slide which is able to flinch, which can be a threat with Kojondo's high speed. Again, Psychic or Flying will do the trick. Just don't underestimate the strength of Renbu's Pokemon!

    * Or his Full Restores, for he also has two.

With Renbu defeated, all four of the Elite Four members are finished. Are we the Pokemon Champion!? ... No, not yet. As with every Pokemon game since R/B/Y, we still have to beat the current champion. The elevator in the center of the main part will now be active; simply get on and examine the statue to descend. I would normally tell you to heal up, but don't bother. You'll see why...

The scene as a whole is incredibly elaborate; the elevator descends pretty far. You've then got a huge amount of steps to climb up to the north. After three flights of stairs, you'll come to the entrance of the champion's chamber. Enter if you so dare...

Enter and move up and you'll find... N has already beaten the champion, Adeku!? N has apparently smashed the Elite Four and the current champion to pieces with his legendary dragon. N eventually notices you, then uses a legendary power to summon a gigantic castle out of the ground! Well, this is certainly different from the usual Elite Four, champion, end for the League, wouldn't you say?

The castle will rise damn tall, then extend an absolute ton of bridges to the league, one of which breaks through the champion chamber roof. N goes up it, then Cheren will pop in from behind. After more dialogue, you'll be free to move again. The entrance to the Hall of Fame has been blocked by a fallen piece of rock, so we have no choice. Ascend the black bridge.

It'll lead you outside the league. Keep following it up and you'll get to the castle. Head inside, and you'll find... SIX Plasma sages! How the hell are you meant to stand up to that!? They'll move forward and prepare to practically demolish you, when suddenly... the Gym leaders arrive! Eight of the eleven Isshu gym leaders will appear in the room - last Pokemon music playing - and take on the sages, allowing you to pass. Now we've got us a castle to conquer.
N's Castle

Take the path left and around, and head up the stairs. For these next few floors, you will see rooms on the upper wall. The first one contains two Plasma grunts who don't seem to have a clue what is going on. As you approach towards the second, one of the members of the Dark Trinity will appear, and give some explanation as to the current happenings.

The second door contains two women, and the pink haired one on the left will heal you if you talk to her. See why I said not to bother healing now? Talk to her for a much needed refresh, then exit that room. Both women also divulge details on N, for the record.

The third room has a MAX POTION to pick up, as well as two more clueless Plasma grunts. Exit that room and head up the stairs to the right.

This next floor has another three rooms. Going from the right, the first one contains a PC you can use to deposit/withdraw/move your Pokemon like usual. The second room has a MAX REVIVE to collect. The third contains a couple Plasma grunts; the one on the upper wall to the left will give you an ULTRA BALL, while the one on the right will let you teleport back to the league if you wish - this is the only way to move in and out of N's castle, and the only way to shop for more Poke Balls. If you do so, just talk to the Plasma grunt in the Pokemon Center to get warped back into the castle.

As you attempt to go up the next set of stairs, another member of the Dark Trinity will appear and give some details as to the happenings, then leave. Head up the stairs now and another Dark Trinity member will appear straight away and give you some more info. Once he leaves, check the first room here.

This room is just weird. It seems to be N's play area or something from when he was a kid; the music that plays inside is even a juvenile version of his theme. At any rate, there's a RARE CANDY to pick up in here.

The second room across has a FULL RESTORE to get, while the third has but two Plasma grunts to talk to. Head up the stairs to the right again.

Long corridor on this floor, with a bunch of Plasma flags. Follow the corridor and attempt to enter the door, and Geechisu appears! He'll push you back and talk to you, then strangely enough let you pass. It all seems a bit suspicious, don't you think? Either way, we have to enter this room.

Inside, head up and you'll be given a camera movement towards N, who is sitting in a throne at the far end of the room. He'll come down a little. Walk up and he'll come down to meet you. He'll talk to you some more, then use legendary power again and summon his legendary! Reshiram/Zekrom will burst through the wall and land, then show off their amazing powers. Their tail will charge with their element, then cause a huge rush of their energy to course through the room. How it doesn't completely destroy the castle, I don't know, but it's a pretty awesome cutscene.

After the cutscene, something happens - the stone you got all the way back at Shippou City reacts! The Dark/Light Stone will float up and draw in the energies of the mascot of your version, then a cutscene plays. Zekrom/Reshiram rises from the orb and awakens! They also land on the floor and show off their power, causing a load of fire or electricity to go throughout the room. Really holy sounding music, don't you think?

It's now time to catch our legend. Save or don't save; it doesn't really make a difference. For the record, if you need Poke Balls, head back to that Plasma grunt that teleports you back and buy some balls from the League, then teleport back and go back to N's room. You're able to come and go as you please, strangely enough.

Anyway, challenge the legend when you're ready. For the record, if you lose in any fights in this castle, you'll be sent back to the League. Just talk to the Plasma grunt to get back into the castle.

    * Level: 50
    * Type: Dragon / Fire OR Dragon / Electric
    * Ability: Turbo Blaze OR Tera Voltage
    * Moves: DragonBreath / Slash / Extrasensory / Cross Flame (RESHIRAM)
    * Moves: DragonBreath / Slash / Zen Headbutt / Cross Thunder (ZEKROM)
    * Base Stats: 100 HP / 120 Attack / 100 Defense / 150 Special Attack / 120 Special Defense / 90 Speed (RESHIRAM)
    * Base Stats: 100 HP / 150 Attack / 120 Defense / 120 Special Attack / 100 Special Defense / 90 Speed (ZEKROM)

    * Reshiram and Zekrom come with their own special music, which is practically a medley of a lot of the old songs; it's a bit difficult to pinpoint what they are as the instruments are different, but some of the tunes you are bound to recognize.

    * Both dragons are pretty similar; Reshiram is specially based, while Zekrom is physically based, and the differences in their attacks reflect this. Of note is their Cross Flame/Thunder move; this is the exclusive move of Reshiram or Zekrom, and is a 100 power/100 accuracy move with the category that matches with the user. It'll probably hurt a bit if you get struck with it. The other moves aren't too much to worry about, although DragonBreath may paralyze you.

    * If you want to target weaknesses to try and weaken them, go for it. Reshiram is weak to Ground, Rock and Dragon while Zekrom is weak to Ground, Ice and Dragon. They're tough, so they should survive even super effective hits.

    * Low health, status and good balls make a capture perfect, although in this case it shouldn't actually be very hard at all - Reshiram and Zekrom have a catch rate of 45, which is on par with the 100 legends such as Victini and Shaymin. Even Ultra Balls will do the trick just fine here. Hell, you can probably get away with just the low health and an Ultra Ball. It isn't that hard to catch. DON'T use your Master Ball - you definitely do not need it here!

    * In the event that you end up killing Reshiram/Zekrom, you'll be sent straight back to the map and they'll be alive in front of you again. This will keep happening until you catch them. Basically, you have to catch the legendary to continue. Also, you don't gain any EXP from them, so don't think you can grind off them or anything.

After you catch your legendary and if you have six Pokemon on you already, you'll be asked if you want to swap one of the Pokemon in your party for the legend. Don't bother if you're really set on your team of six, but otherwise I would suggest replacing the weakest link (Washibon in my case). The legendary will come in handy for the next fight. It'll also automatically move to the front of your team, so if you happen to have a bad lead it'll help fix that. The Pokemon you select in your party will be sent back to the PC.

N will heal you, then challenge you to a final fight!

    :: TEAM PLASMA N ::
    Reward: $10000
    '''My Team: Zekrom Lv. 50, Doryuuzu Lv. 53, Doredia Lv. 52, Enbuoh Lv. 50, Abagoura Lv. 50, Musharna Lv. 51

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks	Notes
Zekrom	Lv. 52	Dragon/Electric	Tera Voltage	Cross Thunder, Zen Headbutt, Giga Impact, Light Screen	Only in Black
Reshiram	Lv. 52	Dragon/Fire	Turbo Blaze	Cross Fire, Extrasensory, Hyper Beam, Reflect	Only in White
Abagoura	Lv. 50	Water/Rock	Sturdy	Stone Edge, Aqua Jet, Crunch, Waterfall	None
Baibanira	Lv. 50	Ice	Ice Body	Ice Breath, Blizzard, Hail, Flash Cannon	None
Archeos	Lv. 50	Rock/Flying	Faint Hearted	Dragon Claw, Acrobat, Stone Edge, Crunch	None
Zoroark	Lv. 50	Dark	Illusion	Night Slash, Flamethrower, Focus Blast, Retaliation	None
Gigigear	Lv. 50	Steel	???	Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, Hyper Beam, Metal Sound	None

    * N is practically our new champion battle, and as such his team has really stepped up. No surrounding area Pokemon this time as there is no surrounding area! Well, aside from Victory Road, but whatever. His levels are slightly higher than those of the Elite Four, so he'll be a tough match for sure. He also has different music to usual; it's a lot more upbeat and epic than his usual track.

    * N always leads with his legendary. As you can see, both are outfitted towards their best stat; Zekrom is physically based and Reshiram is specially based. If you put your legendary in your party, they'll come out first, and you can use DragonBreath to great effect. Thankfully N's own dragon doesn't have a Dragon-type move. Black players will be able to kill N's dragon quicker with their legend since Reshiram has a higher special attack, although it works all the same. Might even tip the other way if N's Zekrom gets Light Screen out successfully. If you didn't bring your legend, HIT THE WEAKNESSES AND DO IT FAST. They're both incredibly strong so you want to get rid of them ASAP. Black players should use Ground, Dragon or Ice moves to strike Zekrom hard, whereas White players should use Ground, Dragon or Rock moves to take Reshiram out.

    * Then we get to N's other five Pokemon. Abagoura is the final evolution of the water turtle, and boasts a very high defense along with decent attack. It has a weaker special defense and is slow. Ideally you'll want to hit it with a Grass-type move, although watch out for Sturdy as it will prevent all OHKOs! N also has four Full Restores to use, so that can really drag a Sturdy war out. If possible, use some sort of status effect so that Sturdy is overruled. Also take note of Aqua Jet; if you have a Pokemon on low HP, Aqua Jet will allow Abagoura to move first and knock it out. Treat this thing with caution. You can also use Electric, Ground or Fighting moves pretty well.

    * Baibanira is the final form of the ice cream, and is now made up of a double scoop. Cool. In two ways. Baibanira is really nothing special, although it does have the Hail + Blizzard combo, in which Blizzard will hit with 100% accuracy. You should probably take it down ASAP with a Fighting or Fire move. In fact, Enbuoh will do the job perfectly if you have one. Pretty much any Fire type works though, as this thing can't hit better than a not very effective hit on any Fire-type, so long as they don't lose their resistance to Ice like Reshiram does.

    * Archeos is DANGEROUS! 140 base attack, 110 speed, no item and Acrobat make this one hell of a foe to beat. If it hits you with Acrobat, it WILL hurt! Outspeed and hit it hard if possible, since Faint Hearted will kick in and chop Archeos' attacking stats in half. If outspeeding it is not possible - which is likely - send a strong defensive Pokemon against it. The main importance is hitting it. OHKOing it is good, but as long as you can drop it below 50% it'll be a lot easier. Stone Edge will also be painful. If you have something like a Doryuuzu or a Steel-type in general that should work fine, but otherwise you're going to have to be on your guard.

    * Don't believe everything you see. N has a Zoroark, whose ability makes it mimic the Pokemon in the sixth slot of his party. It's most likely when he sends it out it'll appear to be Gigagear. One whack and it'll be revealed to be Zoroark, but you need to watch out that you don't give it a free turn or anything! You'll want to be careful in particular with your Psychic-type moves in this fight. Zoroark itself isn't amazingly powerful, although it does have some good moves to work with. If you find yourself with a Gigigear out on the field, you may want to use Fighting moves for a guaranteed effective hit. Of course, if the real Gigigear dies before Zoroark, then when Zoroark comes out it'll end up being something else, or possibly even itself if nobody else is left. What will it be? Keep your guard up. Also, even on shift mode, Zoroark's name will be disguised as the Pokemon it's impersonating! If something weird happens, such as Gigigear coming in on a Fire or Ground-type, then it's probably Zoroark about to come in. Prepare accordingly.

    * The real Gigigear is pretty crappy. Its strength is in its attack stat which N definitely does not use. Hyper Beam may do a bunch and Discharge may be able to paralyze you, but on the whole it shouldn't be that dangerous. As long as it doesn't hit something that's also been hit with a couple Metal Sounds, it really shouldn't be dangerous. Shut it down with a good Fire or Fighting move.

Defeating N will cause the plot to advance... even further!? Geechisu comes in now and reveals a rather large but expected plot twist; the whole Plasma ideal of separating Pokemon and trainers was entirely for his own benefit so that he could be the only one with Pokemon and control the world. Adeku and Cheren will also come in and listen to Geechisu's rant. Eventually, he'll fight you, in an effort to salvage and continue his wicked plans.

    Reward: $9720

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Desukan	Lv. 52	Ghost	Mummy	Toxic, Protect, Shadow Ball, Psychic
Buffalon	Lv. 52	Normal	Reckless	Afro Break, Wild Bolt, Earthquake, Poison Jab
Gamageroge	Lv. 52	Water/Ground	Swift Swim	Muddy Water, Rain Dance, Earthquake, Sludge Wave
Kirkizan	Lv. 52	Dark/Steel	Competitive Spirit?	Night Slash, Stone Edge, X-Scissor, Metal Burst
Shibirudon	Lv. 52	Electric	Levitate	Crunch, Flamethrower, Acrobat, Wild Bolt
Sazandora	Lv. 54	Dark/Dragon	Levitate	Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, Surf, Focus Blast

    * So we come to the true final boss of the main storyline. No champion this time around, but instead we have to handle Geechisu, who is every bit as strong as you'd expect a champion to be. Six varied Pokemon, and they're all somewhat tough. Not to mention a lovely DENNIS chant in the background of the music on occasion.

    * Geechisu opens with a Desukan, which we saw very recently in our battle with Shikimi. This particular one likes a Toxic and Protect strategy, inflicting you with Toxic and wasting turns with Protect to increase the severity of the poison. You should take it out ASAP; special Ghost and Dark moves are the most preferable here. As always, Mummy will change your Pokemon's ability if it makes any contact with Desukan, so don't count on strategies such as Overconfidence or Own Tempo + a self confusing move.

    * Buffalon is something you've probably seen in the wild before, but this time it's under the command of a trainer, and this time is ready to hit you hard. Buffalon's most dangerous move is by far Afro Break, which will hit you very, very hard. If you have a Steel or Ghost Pokemon, now would be a good time to use it, but be careful of Buffalon's other moves! Earthquake can hit Steels for effective damage and Wild Bolt will take down any Burungeru you may throw at it. Also, don't expect it to die in one hit; it's one of those Pokemon that has an annoyingly high chance of surviving whatever you throw at it due to its good defenses. The best type to use against it is easily Fighting, but anything will do apart from Ghost. Special attacks are preferred but not essential.

    * Gamageroge is one we've seen owned by a trainer before. As always, it is of the Water/Ground combination, leaving it weak to only one type, Grass. Thankfully it isn't that strong but it is a bit on the bulky side, so unless you're using a Grass move it may not die in one hit. It does have some pretty good moves to use including the new Sludge Wave move, which is basically a Poison-type version of Surf. That combined with Surf and Earthquake do give it some good coverage. It does also have Rain Dance but that probably isn't too much to worry about. Just don't try hitting this thing with Electric-type attacks, as it won't do anything at all.

    * Kirkizan we've also seen very recently under the jurisdiction of Giima. It still retains the same weaknesses to Fighting, Fire and Ground. This one is a tiny bit different in that it has the Metal Burst move; if you throw a move at it and it doesn't kill it then it may throw it right back at you with 1.5 the power with Metal Burst, which will probably knock any Pokemon you have out. There's no way to be immune to it, so you just have to hope you get lucky. The other moves it has aren't terribly dangerous, thankfully. Any Steel-type will resist the whole moveset, Metal Burst aside.

    * Shibirudon is as always our friendly levitating electric eel, so don't try to hit it with Ground attacks unless your Pokemon has Mold Breaker! It has quite a variety of moves to use off of its good 115 attack stat. Wild Bolt is the one to watch out for in particular, although Acrobat will also be decently powerful due to the lack of an item. Hit it with whatever you can; the more powerful, the better. Just as long as it isn't an Electric, Ground or Flying move.

    * Geechisu's main, Sazandora, is probably the toughest Pokemon you will face in the entirety of the main game. Sazandora is the pseudo legend of the game, much like Dragonite, Tyranitar, Metagross etc were in theirs and it is one hell of a force to be reckoned with. As you can see it has some very wide coverage and combined with its speed it's definitely in a position to sweep you. Don't be surprised if you find yourself being blown away by incredible force! You'll want to target one of its weaknesses - Bug, Fighting, Ice or Dragon - with a Pokemon that doesn't have any weaknesses to the four moves it has. Unfortunately that is easier said then done. There is one avenue; it has no Dark-type moves, so if you have a Psychic or Ghost with Focus Blast that will work well. Otherwise something like Daikenki's Megahorn might do the trick. It's likely to be a very tough fight; don't be afraid to use Hyper Potions and Revives if you need them!

    * Be warned that Geechisu also has four Full Restores to use.

Thus we've beaten the final boss. Watch the following scenes. They'll end with N flying away on his legend, going off to do who knows what. The credits will roll, and you can lie in satisfaction knowing that you've beaten the first half of the game! Of course, there's still more to come... a lot more, in fact.

Remains of the West

This section contains Home Sweet Home, Route 18 - Revisited, Abandoned Lot of Dreams - Revisited, Ancient Castle - Revisited, Freezer Container - Revisited, Electric Rock Cave - Revisited, Royal Isshu and Training Cave.
Home Sweet Home

Now that we've beat Geechisu and saw the credits, we've ended up back in our room right from the start of the game, which you might notice is now tidy. Guess our friendly mother did a good job of it, huh?

Go downstairs and you'll have... two mothers? Both of them will talk, then the lower one will reveal himself to be Looker, back from Pokemon Platinum! Looker will talk about locating the sages of Team Plasma who managed to flee after we took down N's Castle. While Geechisu - who was also a sage - has been taken care of, there's still another six to round up. The remaining parts of this walkthrough will be devoted to that purpose, as well as some extra parts afterwards. The sages are what I'm going to use to guide the walkthrough, however.

After Looker asks for your help and you accept, you'll get the SUPER ROD! At last, we have a fishing rod. Now that we've seen the credits for the first time, we're going to start seeing Pokemon from the original 493 in addition to the new 156 in this game.

When you go outside, you'll find Cheren and Belle who will congratulate you. After some talking, Araragi's father will show up and give all three of you the NATIONAL DEX, an expanded version of your PokeDex that shows data on all 649 Pokemon as opposed to just 156. The receiving of the National Dex has opened up a lot more to us, including the whole of eastern Isshu and expansions to some of the areas that we have previously visited.

Cheren and Belle will leave afterwards, allowing us to move freely. Now we may as well start rounding up the sages; the closest one we can find is located in Route 18, so make your way there.

Also, a warning: there is a SEVERE level spike now. I have no idea why, but pretty much any trainers you encounter that are unlocked once the National Dex is obtained will have an average level of 65. Yeah, I'm not kidding. Don't worry about it too much though - good strategy and type matching will get you through, and thanks to the new EXP system you will get some very nice experience as a result fighting these higher levelled trainers. The Wild Pokemon in new areas will also be pretty strong; you can expect those in normal grass to be around 50, whereas those in the tall grass may reach as high as 60.

Also, we still have an ultimate objective. Take a look at your trainer card - there is absolutely no record of defeating the Elite Four! The Elite Four we fought was broken and weak due to a smashing from N's Pokemon; they may well have been a lot easier than you would expect an Elite Four to be. No longer! They are now back at full power, and the champion - who you can probably tell is Adeku by now - is ready and waiting to face you. The catch? Their full power mode has them all with six Pokemon, with levels ranging from 71 - 77. You're going to have one hell of a time beating them at the moment! Of course, that's what we have so much extra content for. At any rate, our ultimate objective is still to become Pokemon Champion. N's intervention kind of ruined that for us.

We'll begin by getting the first sage. Make your way to Route 18; as you may recall, you can get there by Surfing left from Route 1 and following the path through here, taking the lowest current in Route 17. You might well want to try your luck with the Super Rod, as you'll be able to get some non-Isshu Water Pokemon! Hell, if you're really feeling lucky, dip the rod in some dark spots on the Route 1 waters. You might just get a Level 70 Milotic! (Don't count on it actually happening though, seriously.)

There will also be swarms happening across the region now; check any gatehouse and it'll tell you what route a swarm is occurring in. Go there and you have a 40% chance of a particular non-Isshu Pokemon appearing there.

Also, as a final note, it appears you get some box wallpapers for beating the League. You get four to use - a Reshiram design, a Zekrom design, a Monochrome design and a Team Plasma design.
Route 18 - Revisited

Make your way over to where we got the Waterfall HM before; on the very south of this beach you will find the Sage named Lot. Talking to him will yield some storyline details and a TM32, DOUBLE TEAM. Looker will appear out of nowhere and take him away afterwards - get used to this, because it'll happen for each of the remaining five sages.

Next, head over to the Abandoned Lot of Dreams. Ideally, Fly to Sanyou City and make your way from there.
Abandoned Lot of Dreams - Revisited

Trainer Pokemon: Drowzee L63, Hypno L63, Musharna L63 | Poliwhirl L63, Parasect L63, Musharna L63 | Beldum L63, Metang L63, Oobemu L63, Rankurusu L63 | Jigglypuff L64, Musharna L64 | Natu L64, Banette L64, Xatu L64 | Musharna L64, Stantler L64 | Starmie L65, Wobbuffet L65

Head over to the far right of the area. Previously, there was a traffic cone blocking our way through the gap between the barrel and the wall; however, the addition of the National Dex has somehow removed this cone, allowing us access. Go through (just go as far north-east as possible without going through where the Cut tree is if you didn't see this cone before). Literally two steps above the barrel is an ULTRA BALL to pick up (hidden). Afterwards, after go through the grass or around the wall and descend the stairs here.

Ready for your first taste of high levelled trainer fights? You might notice the music gets quieter here too - not bad, not bad at all. Make your way forward and around and a researcher will challenge you with three Pokemon. He sends out a Drowzee at Level 63! This guy will probably use an X Attack on it, but it's nothing huge to worry about. Be careful not to underestimate the enemies you face; the ~10 level difference will make stat up moves and the like that much more dangerous. Don't hesitate to return to a Pokemon Center if necessary.

Below is another researcher running around who will actually avoid you if she can - if you want to fight her you'll have to actually catch and talk to her. She has another three Pokemon to throw at you, in addition to an X Speed she likes to make use of.

Go to the right and check the boxes in the center for a hidden AWAKENING, then return to the section you were in and fight the Psychic on the far left. He'll also run away from you. This guy has four Pokemon, so watch out! Luckily his AI is horrendous. You can also check the singular box a bit above him for another AWAKENING.

Continue south now. There's a female researcher who will fight you without running. Fight the running Psychic to the right afterwards and then the researcher running around below her. There's another AWAKENING hidden in a singular box to the left, as well as one last Psychic running around and a visible TWISTEDSPOON to get.

Now to head back up; in the bottom right corner there are steps that lead outside. Take them, and the sage will be immediately visible. Go near him and he'll run towards you, then talk for a bit. He'll give you TM75, SWORDS DANCE before you part.

Go to the top left clearing here to find a REVIVE, then go left. Tall grass? Yes, and with non-Isshu Pokemon to boot!
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Miruhog	Normal	Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Lepardas	Dark	Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Raticate	Normal	Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Munna	Psychic	Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Ledian	Bug/Flying	Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Ariados	Bug/Poison	Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Kricketune	Bug	Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Venomoth	Bug/Poison	Tall Grass	10%	N/A

Quite an assortment of fully evolved classical Bug-types here, wouldn't you say? Try and encounter a Kricketune - you might be surprised by what its animation reveals! Or it might have just been me, but I honestly had no idea it had wings. The wild levels here aren't terribly strong compared to some places we'll see, but 47-50ish isn't bad.

On the other side of the grass there is a HYPER POTION you can pick up, as well as a hidden MAX POTION if you check one of the barrels. There's a Strength boulder to push; this creates a shortcut that lets you not have to go all the way around again. There's also some stairs; go down them.

Follow this route around and you'll be able to find a TM85, DREAM EATER, as well as some more grass. The grass has the following;
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Raticate	Normal	Tall Grass	35%	N/A
Kricketune	Bug	Tall Grass	35%	N/A
Munna	Psychic	Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Ledian	Bug/Flying	Tall Grass	5%	N/A
Ariados	Bug/Poison	Tall Grass	5%	N/A

There's also one other notable thing here. On the right side you'll see a 3x3 grid of grass; every Friday there will be a Musharna who sits in the center of this grass that you can battle and catch, much like Lapras back in GSC and HGSS.

    * Level: 50
    * Type: Psychic
    * Ability: Telepathy
    * Moves: Defense Curl / Lucky Chant / Psybeam / Hypnosis
    * Base Stats: 116 HP / 55 Attack / 85 Defense / 107 Special Attack / 95 Special Defense / 29 Speed

    * As previously stated, you can only catch this Musharna on Friday, but you can catch/find a new one each and every Friday every week. If for some reason you want a ton of Musharna, try setting the time to 23:59 on a Thursday and letting it roll over; a Musharna should appear if you refresh the area.

    * That aside, you may be asking why on earth there's even an event based Musharna. The answer is this: this particular Musharna has a different ability to normal ones. Normally, Musharna can have either Forewarn or Synchronize, but this particular one has the ability Telepathy. While Telepathy itself isn't too amazing normally (it allows the avoidance of partner moves in doubles or triples) it's unique in that it is a "Dream World" ability, a special ability that can normally only be obtained by catching the particular Pokemon within the Dream World setting, accessed via a particular option on the C-Gear. There's one other Pokemon like this who we'll see soon enough, but as far as things go Musharna is pretty unique.

    * If you happen to want to get Telepathy onto some baby Munna, you'll need a female Musharna to breed with any other compatible Pokemon. The baby Munna will have a 50% chance of inheriting the hex flag giving it its Dream World ability, which in this case is also Forewarn.

That's all to cover in the Abandoned Lot of Dreams. Next up, let's check the desert. Make your way to the Resort Desert via Hiun or Raimon, then head to the Ancient Castle, which you might remember was in the north of the Resort Desert, signified by a small staircase you could descend and a bunch of weird blue statues. It's time we see what those statues actually do, as well as rounding up the third sage.
Ancient Castle - Revisited

As you attempt to enter, Araragi will pop out and tell you about the statues surrounding the entrance, then give you a RAGECANDYBAR, an item which can wake these Hihidaruma statues up. Well, that's certainly a new use for them! You will probably have a second one too from all the way back in Sekka City.

Once she leaves, you can talk to any of the five statues and you'll be given an option to give them one of the candy bars. Agree to do so and you'll be thrown into a battle with a Hihidaruma!

    * Level: 35
    * Type: Fire (Normal), Fire/Psychic (Daruma Mode)
    * Ability: Daruma Mode
    * Moves: Thrash / Belly Drum / Flare Blitz / Hammer Arm
    * Base Stats: 105 HP / 140 Attack / 55 Defense / 30 Special Attack / 55 Special Defense / 95 Speed (Normal)

105 HP / 30 Attack / 105 Defense / 140 Special Attack / 105 Special Defense / 55 Speed (Daruma Mode)

    * These Hihidaruma are unique in that they also possess their special Dream World ability, which is known as Daruma Mode. Daruma Mode allows Hihidaruma to achieve an alternate forme that is generally not possible; specifically, it causes it to morph from its normal form into a strange blue Psychic thing with a changed stat spread whenever its HP drops to 50% or lower. The change happens quite seamlessly - though signified by a sprite swap - whenever Hihidaruma drops below 50% or rises above 50% again - if at any point a Daruma Mode Hihidaruma's HP rises back above 50% (ie with Leftovers or something) it'll swap right back into its old form.

    * As it is, the applications of the ability are limited due to the complete switch in attacking strength. Use it if you wish, but I personally think Encourage works better for it.

Now to actually go inside the castle. Head inside and make your way right to the bottom floor, where we found Adeku and Geechisu long ago. Once you get there, head to the right side of the room and you will see there's now a large pile of sand allowing you to reach a door high in the wall. Go up it and enter.
Ancient Castle Depths

Trainer Pokemon: Waruvial L64
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Waruvile	Ground/Dark	Castle Floor	35%	Level 40
Sandslash	Ground	Castle Floor	30%	N/A
Desukan	Ghost	Castle Floor	20%	N/A
Onix	Rock/Ground	Castle Floor	15%	Trade with Metal Coat

    * This encounter list remains the same for all of these new parts of the castle, with two exceptions.

Nice to see some old familiar faces in Sandslash and Onix. Head forward and you'll find a Plasma grunt, who gets scared and runs. Follow him (or her, I can never tell with these overworld sprites) into the next room and then the grunt will attack instead. Seems it is a guy! He only has one Pokemon, a tough Level 64 Waruvial. Handle it the same as you handled Giima's. It's not really any tougher considering the trainer it's being controlled by.

He'll allow you access afterwards, but now we have a bit of a maze to get through. Go straight down and move into the next room, then go left one room. Go down in the next room, then keep going left. On the second room you enter after that one, you'll find more decorations and the sage looking through a door. Talk to him to receive a TM04, CALM MIND before he gets arrested.

The room right above us now is interesting. If you go to the end of this corridor like room, you'll find a Pokemon! This is Ulgamoth, although it's more commonly romanized as Urugamosu or Urugamoth. It's the powerful and majestic evolution of Meraruba, the Pokemon we received the egg of a long time ago back in Route 18. If you've been wanting to use Ulgamoth but couldn't be bothered with the huge Level 59 evolution level, then this might be the chance that you have been waiting for!

    * Level: 70
    * Type: Bug/Fire
    * Ability: Flame Body
    * Moves: Silver Wind / Butterfly Dance / Heat Wave / Bug Buzz
    * Base Stats: 85 HP / 60 Attack / 65 Defense / 135 Special Attack / 105 Special Defense / 100 Speed

    * There's nothing special about this Ulgamoth such as being a Dream World ability Pokemon, but it's an incredibly rare Pokemon all the same. Ulgamoth is amazing for two reasons - one, its already very good stats. The first three may not look so amazing, but take a look at those last three! It has a 550 base stat total, which is incredibly high for a non-legendary. Second, it can boost those three good stats even further with its near signature move, Butterfly Dance. Butterfly Dance is a move that is only held by a few Pokemon - all of them Bug with the exception of Doredia - that raises Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed one level in the same turn. You can imagine the applications of this. Combine that with Ulgamoth's good attacking types and you've got one hell of a Pokemon to use. This is something definitely worth adding to your team if you have the room, and I think it's a pretty cool Pokemon on the whole. It has a catch rate of 15, so it may prove a little difficult, but it should work fine. Net Balls are probably your best bet.

    * On a side note, I find it a little strange that you don't even have the rare Wild Pokemon music when fighting this thing... Also, you might not want to hit it with a Rock attack if you want it to live, due to quadruple effectiveness. It should come back after you see the credits again if you knock it out though. In fact, knocking it out might not be such a bad idea if you don't want it or you've already got an Ulgamoth. My Level 54 Enbuoh with a Lucky Egg OHKOed it with Head Smash and got 6906 exp out of it. Ohohoho. But don't listen to that; catch it if you can.

Also, the room we're currently in (ie the one that has Ulgamoth in) has a different wild list to the rest of this place. Specifically, this room is absolutely full of Claydol wanting to kill you, as is the room directly outside the Ulgamoth room.
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Claydol	Ground/Psychic	Castle Floor	100%	N/A

Exit the room afterwards, then go left constantly. After about two rooms you'll be able to go left no more, but you will be able to go up. Do so and then go left, up and left again to reach a large staircase. Follow this path all the way and you'll end up in a room with a singular staircase. Go up this and keep going up every staircase you see.

You'll ascend a lot of floors (if you look at the Wild Pokemon you'll notice the levels decreasing). At one point the ground will turn from whatever it is to sand again, which you'll be able to hear as well as see. Get your itemfinder out here, as there's a hidden PP MAX to pick up a bit below the stairs on the left.

Continue going up the stairs and eventually you'll reach the surface again. However, this time you'll be in the tower like building left of the staircase entrance and you'll be on the opposite side of the ledge. Pick up the valuable TM26, EARTHQUAKE here and then jump off the ledge and make your way outside.

The next two visits we have are purely to round up sages. Fly to Hodomoe City and go into the Freezer Container at the bottom.
Freezer Container - Revisited

Simply make your way back into the open storage container that we fought the Plasma grunts in ages ago to find the sage. Talk to him to get yet more back story and TM01, CLAW SHARPEN. Once he gets forcefully vacated from the premises, turn your sights towards Electric Rock Cave. Fly to Fukiyose City and enter from that side.
Electric Rock Cave - Revisited

Trainer Pokemon: Miruhog L63, Zuruzukin L63 | Lepardas L62, Dasutodasu L62, Lepardas L62

You need to make your way to the bottom floor; when you enter, take the path north at the crossroads and descend the staircase, then descend the staircase directly opposite you.

This is the basement floor; head to the very bottom to find the sage. Talk with him, then two Plasma grunts come and attempt to stop you taking him away! Get ready to fight it out a bit.

Once you defeat them, the sage will give you TM69, ROCK POLISH, then Looker will come and take all three Plasma members. A job well done, sir. That takes care of five sages. We won't see the sixth for a little while yet, though.

There are still two things left to do that have unlocked in western Isshu. The first is the ability to sail on a boat. If it's evening on your game, you can take a ride on the Royal Isshu, which also includes trainer battles.

To get to the Royal Isshu, go down to the dock a little to the right below the Pokemon Center. There, talk to the receptionist and pay $1000 and you'll be let on.
The Royal Isshu

You'll be led properly onto the boat, then the journey will begin. You'll get to see a cutscene of it departing from Hiun City, which it then begins taking a journey around. You have two options; you can either fight the trainers on the boat or watch the views of Hiun City from the deck by going up the stairs right in front of you. The panoramic views are really very nice. You get to see the Sky Arrow Bridge up close and everything. Game Freak really outdid themselves graphics wise. It's noteworthy that you are on a time limit, however! You have until the boat makes a complete journey around Hiun City, though I don't know how long that takes.

The sucky part is that the only way to find battles is to go around all the rooms and hope the people inside offer you a fight. If you get unlucky - as is what happened to me one time - you'll get kicked off the boat before you can even find any battles. Plus you can only ride it once a day. I've only managed to battle one trainer a go though :/

On the chance you do find trainers, all of them will give you nice cash prices and defeating certain numbers will get you items. Possible items include BERRY JUICE, LAVA COOKIE, OLD GATEAU, RAGECANDYBAR and RARE CANDY. Basically all of the food items you can think of, berries aside.

If you're really desperate to get back on... set your time so that it's a minute before the evening starts (ie for summer set it to 18:59) and then go on B/W and wait for it to roll over to the beginning of the summer hour. It won't work immediately but if you give it about 30-45 seconds after it rolls over to the beginning of the hour, the receptionist SHOULD let you on. I've gotten it to work myself but it might be a bit weird in its execution, so my apologies if it doesn't work so well for you.


The last area to visit in west Isshu is known as the Training Cave. Remember the cave on Route 9 (west of Souryuu City) that was blocked by a fighter when we were there before? Now that we've got the National Dex, he's moved out of the way, allowing us to enter. Be warned - the Training Cave can be quite tough compared to the other areas, simply due to the trainers being more advanced. If you think you're prepared, enter. If not, feel free to skip to the east Isshu sections and come back here later.

Also, I would recommend you bring Flash. It's dark.
Training Cave

Trainer Pokemon: Golbat L65 | Dratini L63, Scyther L63, Sudowoodo L63, Manectric L63 | Furret L64, Gabite L64, Grumpig L64 | Gyarados L62, Snorlax L63, Gigaiath L62, Crimgan L62, Crobat L62, Doryuuzu L62 | Wormadam L64, Cloyster L64, Ninetales L64, Hahakomori L65
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Gantoru	Rock	Cave Floor	20%	Trade
Koromori	Psychic/Flying	Cave Floor	20%	Happiness
Graveler	Rock/Ground	Cave Floor	20%	Trade
Lickitung	Normal	Cave Floor	20%	Level Up with Rollout
Sableye	Dark/Ghost	Cave Floor	10%	N/A
Mawile	Steel	Cave Floor	10%	N/A
Doryuuzu	Ground/Steel	Dust Cloud	100%	N/A

    * This list applies for 1F, or the first floor.

Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Gantoru	Rock	Cave Floor	20%	Trade
Koromori	Psychic/Flying	Cave Floor	20%	Happiness
Graveler	Rock/Ground	Cave Floor	20%	Trade
Lickitung	Normal	Cave Floor	15%	Level Up with Rollout
Sableye	Dark/Ghost	Cave Floor	10%	N/A
Mawile	Steel	Cave Floor	10%	N/A
Riolu	Fighting	Cave Floor	5%	Happiness in Morning/Day
Doryuuzu	Ground/Steel	Dust Cloud	100%	N/A

    * This list applies for B1F, or the floor below the first floor.

Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Gantoru	Rock	Cave Floor	20%	Trade
Koromori	Psychic/Flying	Cave Floor	20%	Happiness
Graveler	Rock/Ground	Cave Floor	20%	Trade
Lickitung	Normal	Cave Floor	15%	Level Up with Rollout
Sableye	Dark/Ghost	Cave Floor	10%	N/A
Mawile	Steel	Cave Floor	10%	N/A
Riolu	Fighting	Cave Floor	5%	Happiness in Morning/Day
Doryuuzu	Ground/Steel	Dust Cloud	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Surf, Dark Water ~ Surf	100%	N/A
Poliwag	Water	Fish	65%	Level 25
Basurao	Water	Fish	30%	N/A
Poliwhirl	Water	Fish	5%	Water Stone or Trade with King's Rock
Poliwhirl	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	65%	Water Stone or Trade with King's Rock
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Poliwrath	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A

Use Flash immediately. A couple of steps forward and a backpacker will challenge you with a Golbat. Fun start, huh? Knock it out of the air, and then we can continue. Go down the steps right here.

The possible appearance of a Wild Riolu may interest some of you. They aren't actually too rare, but might be annoying to evolve afterwards. I'd catch one in a Luxury Ball if possible to speed things up.

There's an Ace Trainer a little in front of you. He has quite a variety of Pokemon, two of which are pretty fast. Try not to overexert yourself here - go back and heal in Souryuu City if you need it! Also, his Sudowoodo has Sturdy, which you will want to watch out for. Once you beat him, check the rock above him for a hidden ETHER, then make sure you have a fighting chance before you continue further on.

Follow the path around and you'll come to a female Ace Trainer. This girl has three Pokemon, none of which are especially tough thankfully, although Grumpig can be annoyingly sturdy. Once she's done with, keep following the path up and you'll able to get a PP UP in the top left corner of the room.

Head up the stairs near the PP Up then and take the bridge across. Pick up the NUGGET, then return to the female Ace Trainer and take the path left between the two rocks. By the stairs, go in between the two rocks and face the wall on the left. Examine it for a MAX POTION, then descend the stairs.

SAVE NOW. There is a very dangerous trainer down here. If your levels are fine then it won't be a problem, but otherwise... I recommend you shift your lead to something that can use an Electric move. If you have none, then I wish you luck.

Go up and you'll find some water. Surf across until you reach the end of the water. Get off on the bottom piece of land, go straight right and check the rock for a FULL RESTORE. Get back on the water and Surf over to the upper piece of land.

Follow this path along, going up the steps and across the bridges. Eventually, you'll go down the steps. SAVE AGAIN. The dangerous trainer I mentioned is very close by. If you go right (keep to the bottom wall), you'll see him. He's the guy dressed in black with the brown hat. You CAN avoid him, although he moves very fast. If you want to avoid him, sneak past him and head east.

If you want to challenge him, be my guest. This guy has SIX Pokemon, and they're all very good Pokemon at that. His lead is a Gyarados, which most Pokemon players will know is a very destructive Pokemon. If you have an Electric move, USE IT, though hopefully it's special so Intimidate doesn't cause you too many problems. Aside from that, this guy has a mix of fast and strong Pokemon. Of particular note is his Snorlax, who can prove particularly deadly. It has Body Slam, Crunch, Wild Bolt and Heavy Bomber to use, all of which are quite powerful off of Snorlax's 110 base attack. Fighting moves are best against it, and you want to attack it physically. Low Kick might work pretty well if you happen to have it, though a Close Combat will do just as well. Thankfully they were sympathetic enough to not give this guy any healing items, but it's a tough fight all the same. You get some very nice EXP for it though, at least, as well as a few new PokeDex entries. His Crimgan also has Outrage, which is definitely something to watch out for!

Once you've defeated that hellspawn of a trainer (though I bet I overreacted a little), go east and follow this path. Although it looks confusing because there's a fair few different levels, there is only one path to follow. After you cross the second bridge there's a MAX ETHER you can grab from the rock on the left, for the record.

Keep following the path and eventually you'll descend some steps and have a choice between left up more steps and right. Go right first so you can pick up a TIMER BALL, then go back and take the left route. Keep going on this route; when you see a rock after going down several steps, examine it for a STAR PIECE, then keep going.

The path will split again between a choice of left with more steps and right. Take the left route first this time and check the rock in the dip for a RARE CANDY. There's also a PROTEIN to pick up just above, and a valuable TM71, STONE EDGE if you move onto the raised ground above.

Return now to where the path split (ie go back up all the steps) and head right this time to find a woman veteran trainer. She isn't as tough as the guy, but still has four formidable Pokemon. Well, I say formidable, but maybe only some are. Wormadam and all... although her other three fit the bill.

Get onto the water with Surf and check the center of the rock a bit above you for a HEART SCALE. Surf around a gap in this rock now and you can find an OVAL STONE. Also, if you go back down to the bottom of the rock and Surf to the right, you can find a BLACK BELT to pick up.

That's all for this cave. There's no legendary or anything I'm afraid, but we got plenty of EXP and items out of this adventure, didn't we? If anything, that Stone Edge TM was a valuable reward, though I do find it weird that a post National Dex cave like this has no apparent secret.

Anyway, make your way back to Souryuu City and heal up. Now is the time to begin conquering the eastern parts of Isshu; when you're ready, head out east through the gatehouse on the right side of Souryuu City.
Eastern Isshu, Volume I

This section contains Route 11, Village Bridge, Route 12 and Kagome Town.
Route 11

Trainer Pokemon: Croagunk L65 | Rapidash L64, Cacturne L64, Mantine L64 | Dewgong L64, Pinsir L64, Pelipper L64 | Snover L65
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Vulchai	Dark/Flying	Grass (Black)	25%	Level 54
Vuljina	Dark/Flying	Tall Grass (Black)	25%	N/A
Washibon	Normal/Flying	Grass (White)	25%	Level 54
Wargle	Normal/Flying	Tall Grass (White)	25%	N/A
Golduck	Water	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Gligar	Ground/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass	15%	Level Up w/Razor Fang at Night
Morobareru	Grass/Poison	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Zangoose	Normal	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Seviper	Poison	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Kaburumo	Bug	Grass, Tall Grass	5%	Trade with Chobomaki
Komatana	Dark/Steel	Grass	5%	Level 52
Kirikizan	Dark/Steel	Tall Grass	5%	N/A
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	85%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%	N/A
Gliscor	Ground/Flying	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Shroomish	Grass	Swarm (Black)	40%	Level 23
Paras	Bug/Grass	Swarm (White)	40%	Level 24
Basurao	Water	Surf	70%	N/A
Buizel	Water	Surf	30%	N/A
Buizel	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	60%	Level 26
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	30%	N/A
Floatzel	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	10%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Fish	30%	N/A
Goldeen	Water	Fish	70%	Level 33
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Goldeen	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Level 33
Seaking	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	10%	N/A

Well that was one hell of an encounter list. I hope you have Waterfall on you, since you'll need to it to explore this route fully. If not, either don't worry about it or go back and get one. Your choice entirely. You can also get Wargle/Vuljina and Kirikizan in the doubles grass; it'll make your PokeDex completion a lot easier if you intend to do it. The wild levels can reach as high as 60 in the doubles grass though!

Directly right is a backpacker who will challenge you with a Croagunk. As you can probably guess, the levels aren't going to let up at all. Pick up the HYPER POTION in the grass above him and then continue moving to the right.

If you have your itemfinder out you'll probably notice it's being a bit on the erratic side; there's hidden items all around, but you'll need to go around waterfalls and on the waters to get everything.

As I said, head right and you'll find a ranger to fight. She'll throw a Rapidash at you, as well as a Cacturne and a Mantine. Quite an interesting mix of older Pokemon. She'll also give you a LEPPA BERRY as a reward for beating her.

Now, if you have Waterfall, get on the water above the ranger and move up this waterfall. At the top, go right for TM50, OVERHEAT, then Surf over to the left side and check the spot furthest left that you can reach (between the trees) for a hidden MAX REVIVE. Descend the waterfall afterwards.

Surf on the water below her afterwards and go straight left onto the land below the fence. One of the flowers near the end of this small path has a HYPER POTION. Get back on the water afterwards and Surf right. You'll reach a Waterfall; if you have Waterfall on a Pokemon you can descend it automatically, but otherwise you won't be able to cross it.

Go down if you can, then Surf up to the land. The doubles grass is here if you wanted it. There's a ranger to fight, who will give you another LEPPA BERRY'. There's also a PROTECTOR'' to be found at the end of this area. Head back up the Waterfall to the bridge with the ranger afterwards.

Now, we can continue heading right. There's nothing of importance in the caravan as far as I'm aware. There's a backpacker on the bridge who will fight you, speaking in French. At least on the Japanese version. Afterwards you can pass through the gatehouse to the right.
Village Bridge

Trainer Pokemon: Zubat L60, Slugma L60, Doduo L60, Electrike L60, Poochyena L60, Nosepass L60 | Morobareru L62, Ekans L62, Grimer L62, Seviper L62 | Combee L64, Ursaring L64
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Golduck	Water	Grass, Tall Grass	25%	N/A
Bibarel	Normal/Water	Grass, Tall Grass	25%	N/A
Vulchai	Dark/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass (Black)	20%	Level 54
Washibon	Normal/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass (White)	20%	Level 54
Zangoose	Normal	Grass, Tall Grass	15%	N/A
Seviper	Poison	Grass, Tall Grass	15%	N/A
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	90%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Surf	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	95%	N/A
Lapras	Water/Ice	Dark Water ~ Surf	5%	N/A
Carvanha	Water/Dark	Fish	70%	Level 30
Basurao	Water	Fish	30%	N/A
Carvanha	Water/Dark	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Level 30
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Sharpedo	Water/Dark	Dark Water ~ Fish	10%	N/A

This is probably the most interesting bridge area out of the five in the region (Sky Arrow Bridge, Hodomoe Drawbridge, Cylinder Bridge, Village Bridge and the Wonder Bridge which we have yet to visit.) Of course it has no incredibly panoramic views like Sky Arrow Bridge, but this place has trainers, Wild Pokemon and items to collect!

To start with, take the path up and you'll find a vending machine and a small relaxation spot. Talk to the guitarist here to add an extra instrument to the music! Return to where we entered and this time head down.

There's a fair bit of grass here, as well as a trainer here with a grand total of six - though weak - Pokemon. The fight unfortunately doesn't give that much EXP since they're all unevolved. Moving a bit right of that girl, there's a barrel by the shore in which you can obtain the valuable LEFTOVERS, which will aid you greatly if you want to take part in the Battle Subway, or even in the game in general since it doesn't disappear after one use.

If you keep going north here you can pass under the bridge. Do so and then Surf onto the small island to the right and claim the CALCIUM here. If you Surf further over to the right, you'll find a lot more land. Check out the top right here; there's tall grass and another instrument person. Talk to him to introduce another instrument into the song - it's beginning to build up now! There's also a HP UP to find in a gap enclosed by grass in the south-east of the area.

Return left out of this clearing and head south, passing under the bridge. There's a couple trainers here; talk to that scientist looking over the river and she'll fight. The baker in front of the caravan to the right will also fight you. She's the last trainer here though. She asks you if you want to hand out menus after the battle. I'm not sure how the whole process works but you can apparently get a LUM BERRY out of it daily.

Head up from the right hand side and we'll actually be on the other side of the bridge. Go left onto the bridge; now you will see why it is called 'Village' Bridge. The first house on the right has a girl who will heal your Pokemon. The second has a girl with four Minezumi, and all five of them will run out the house if you talk to her. We'll see her again later on.

The third house has a guy who wants to see a specific Water-type Pokemon. Show him it and he'll give you a DIVE BALL. The Pokemon also has to have been fished up; Surf won't work. You can do this once a day.

You can then go left across the bridge and you'll have a slight camera change as you cross. Talk to the guy to the right of the next house you see; he doesn't look like a musical player in the least, but this guy will add vocals to the music! They're not legible words or anything, but it sounds pretty cool. He doesn't seem to join in permanently for a while though. Aside from that, the next house has nothing and neither do the two houses next to that. So yeah, we're pretty much done here. Leave through the gatehouse to the east. Unfortunately all of the instruments reset when you leave, so you'll have to talk to the instrument players again to get the whole track back on the game. Oh well ;-;
Route 12

Trainer Pokemon: Shuppet L61, Snorunt L61, Phanpy L61, Skitty L61, Cacnea L61 | Kokoromori L65, Kokoromori L65 | Paras L64, Wormadam L64 | Makuhita L63, Riolu L63, Tyrogue L63 | Weedle L63, Beedrill L63, Kakuna L63
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Combee	Bug/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	Level 21 + Female
Sunkern	Grass	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	Sun Stone
Hatooboo	Normal/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass	15%	Level 32
Kakuna	Bug/Poison	Grass, Tall Grass (Black)	10%	Level 10
Metapod	Bug	Grass, Tall Grass (White)	10%	Level 10
Rapidash	Fire	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Cherrim	Grass	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Heracross	Bug/Fighting	Grass, Tall Grass	5%	N/A
Pinsir	Bug	Grass, Tall Grass	5%	N/A
Dunsparce	Normal	Grass, Tall Grass	5%	N/A
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	70%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%	N/A
Beedrill	Bug/Poison	Shaking Grass (Black)	5%	N/A
Butterfree	Bug/Flying	Shaking Grass (White)	5%	N/A
Sunflora	Grass	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Vespiquen	Bug/Flying	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Kenhorou	Normal/Flying	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Doduo	Normal/Flying	Swarm	40%	Level 31

This route is very... natural, for lack of a better word. You can see from the Wild Pokemon here that it's mostly full of Grass and Bug-types. Most of them are pretty new too, at least in the sense that you haven't seen them in Isshu before.

Going straight ahead, you'll exit the range of the fence. Slip to the underside of it by taking the gap right below the end and pick up the FULL HEAL, then go back and go straight forward and pick up the TM53, ENERGY BALL in the dip by here, a valuable Grass-type move of 80 power which a lot of Pokemon can learn. Battle the breeder by here for a SITRUS BERRY, then use the itemfinder to pick out a hidden TINYMUSHROOM a bit to the top left of her.

Go straight down now to find a pair of cheerleaders; beat their bats and continue left, taking this route under the grass. There's a school girl to crush, and another breeder a bit to the top right (we don't want to enter the city just yet) who will also give you a SITRUS BERRY for winning. Very near him is another hidden TINYMUSHROOM to get. There's a REVIVE in the top right, and another TINYMUSHROOM that is hidden a bit to the left of the last one. There's also one more trainer to take care of, who is looking around in the center of the route.

There's also a hidden BIG MUSHROOM a bit above him. That's all for Route 12 - head to Kagome Town via the southwest exit.
Kagome Town

There is honestly very little in this town. If you check near the upper left there's a hidden ELIXIR to find, as well as a MAX REPEL in the wall of one of the eastern houses.

There's also a woman in the Pokemon Center who you can show a Shaymin too, and get a GRACIDEA key item as a result, allowing it to change into its Sky Forme during certain times of day.

There's a guy in the top right house of the town who you can get a PECHA BERRY from. Perhaps there's other berries too, but I got a Pecha.

That's pretty much it. Make sure you're healed, and head out the town to the top right when you're ready.
Eastern Isshu, Volume II

This section contains Route 13, Giant Hole, Sazanami Town, Sazanami Bay and Undersea Ruins.
Route 13

Trainer Pokemon: Buneary L63, Snubbull L63, Shroomish L63 | Nincada L63, Mothim L63, Metapod L63 | Camerupt L65 | Tentacool L63, Qwilfish L63, Tentacruel L63 | Magikarp L60 (x6) | Surskit L63, Goldeen L63, Seaking L63 | Feebas L63, Remoraid L63, Kingler L63 | Krabby L64, Octillery L64 | Dageki L65, Hitmonlee L65 | Plusle L64, Minun L64 | Farfetch'd L64, Granbull L64 | Kricketot L64, Chimecho L64
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Tangela	Grass	Grass, Tall Grass	25%	Level Up with AncientPower
Swellow	Normal/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Golbat	Poison/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass	15%	Happiness
Lunatone	Rock/Psychic	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Solrock	Rock/Psychic	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Drifblim	Ghost/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Absol	Dark	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Shuppet	Ghost	Swarm	40%	Level 37
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	90%	N/A
Crobat	Poison/Flying	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Tangrowth	Grass	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Wingull	Water/Flying	Surf	60%	Level 25
Staryu	Water	Surf	30%	Water Stone
Pelipper	Water/Flying	Surf	10%	N/A
Staryu	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	60%	Water Stone
Corsola	Water/Rock	Dark Water ~ Surf	30%	N/A
Starmie	Water/Psychic	Dark Water ~ Surf	10%	N/A
Krabby	Water	Fish	65%	Level 28
Shellder	Water	Fish	30%	Water Stone
Luvdisc	Water	Fish	5%	N/A
Shellder	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Water Stone
Luvdisc	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Kingler	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A
Cloyster	Water/Ice	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A

Route 13 is a very large route, with quite a lot of Pokemon variety. Quite interesting to find things such as wild Drifblim, huh? There's plenty in this route to do as well as a cave to explore, but we may as well get the route done first; it's easier than splitting Route 13 into two parts.

Start by fighting the trainer directly below you, defeating her three Pokemon (including a very bouncy Shroomish). If you have Cut, cut the tree right below her to get a MAX ETHER.

Continue down south afterwards; there's a youngster circling trees that you can fight. Go down across the bridge afterwards. This girl here wants some letters, which we shall be receiving momentarily.

Move down through the grass and you'll find an artist overlooking the scenery; defeat his Camerupt and pick up the RAZOR CLAW and LETTER 2 below (Yup, a key item that you pick up off the floor. Strange). Return back across the bridge and go left, down the steps.

Take this path around and fight the fisherman (who at last has more than just a Basurao, thank the lord) and keep going right. You'll come to a path split; talk to the man right above you to get the LETTER 1, then go down. Beat the fisherman on this sand bar (here's your usual Magikarp fisherman), then get on the water to the left and Surf left; you can examine the wall over here by the rocks to get a HEART SCALE (as always, use the itemfinder.)

Return to shore afterwards, head south, fight the parasol lady then go out into the water on the right. There's a DEEPSEASCALE on some shallow water to the right, and a fisherman to fight on the shallow water patch below that. The island to the left also has tall grass and a RARE CANDY to pick up that's hidden in one of the southern grass patches, as well as a hidden MAX REVIVE in one of the northern grass patches.

Return to shore again and head left. There's a guy dressed in black by here; you can talk to him once a day to receive a certain treasure. When I say treasure, I mean he has a huge list of items that he may give to you. Possible items are:

Black Flute, Blue Flute, Red Flute, White Flute, Yellow Flute, Lucky Egg, Shoal Salt, Shoal Shell, DeepSeaScale, DeepSeaTooth, Dragon Scale, Dubious Disc, Electrizer, Magmarizer, King's Rock, Metal Coat, Protector, Razor Claw, Razor Fang, Reaper's Cloth, Up-Grade, Heart Scale, Lucky Punch, Metal Powder, Stick, Thick Club, Big Pearl.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of rare items to be found in that pile. They aren't all useful, but there are a lot of evolution items to be found there. Daily visits are recommended.

The house to the left contains two people; the old man on the left is the elemental beam tutor of this game, and will teach any of the fully evolved starter Pokemon (Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Meganium, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Sceptile, Blaziken, Swampert, Torterra, Infernape, Empoleon, Jalorda, Enbuoh and Daikenki) their respective elemental beam (Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn or Hydro Cannon). They are powerful 150 base power moves with the elemental type of that starter, with 90% accuracy. The catch? They are just like Hyper Beam and Giga Impact in that the user has to recharge after using them. New Gen V mechanics mean you can now switch on the recharge turn, but it can be wasteful all the same. It's not something I'd recommend for competitive battles, but it may work in the main game.

There's some water above the house. Get on it and take it left. You'll come to a piece of shore with a house; there's a ROUND PEARL to be found hidden on the ground here - it's useless, but it will sell for an incredible $60,000 if you give it to the stone enthusiast in Sekka City.

You can also enter the house and talk to the guy to receive the SPLASH PLATE and DRACO PLATE, special items that will boost the power of moves of their respective types, as well as change the type of Arceus when equipped to it. The remaining fourteen plates are found somewhere rather special which we'll see soon enough.

Return back to the elemental beam house and take the path back to near the parasol lady and head down this time. Talk to the parasol lady below you to receive the LETTER 3, giving us all three letters; we'll deliver them shortly.

There's another fisherman to fight just below, and then another path split. First, slip behind the land on the right by taking the sand path just above it. Follow it through and keep your itemfinder at the ready. There's a STARDUST and a PEARL, AND another STARDUST to be found on this path, as well as a trainer. Afterwards, rather than jumping off the ledge, return to where the path split.

This time the left stairs up. Follow this path around to get even higher; then above you there is a Strength boulder to push. Do so and you can pick up the TM29, PSYCHIC resting on the ground. I only wish this TM was a lot earlier in the game, but never mind.

Return to the path split and this time take the right path. Go straight down once you ascend the steps for a Cut tree; if you can, cut it down and grab the ELECTRIZER on the ground. Return and fight the twins - who use the energetically dancing Plusle and Minun - then the two elderly trainers over on the right.

That covers the majority of the route. Now, we could exit south into Sazanami Town, but there's still a bit more to do. Return to the girl with the Wingull we saw on the bridge on the northern half of the route. Now that we have all three letters, talk to her for a small sequence with a reward of TM89, U-TURN.

Secondly, return to where we talked to the old man for the first letter (just follow the path again from where you talked to the girl) and use Surf to get around the rock that is blocking the sand path by here. Get back on the land and take the path north. There's a set of steps as well as a CLEAN SCALE to pick up (a new item that replaces the old evolution method for Feebas). Move up the steps, then push the Strength boulder on the left into its rightful place. This creates a shortcut between the Kagome Town exit and this part of the Route, which can prove useful. If I were you, go and heal in Kagome Town now, then return to where we just moved the boulder.

Move north now and you'll enter a new area; this is the outside of the Giant Hole, but for all intents and purposes we are still in Route 13; the wild Pokemon are identical. When you're ready to explore properly, head into the cave entrance down the steps.
Giant Hole
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Piloswine	Ice/Ground	Cave Floor	25%	Level Up with AncientPower
Golbat	Poison/Flying	Cave Floor	20%	Happiness
Sneasel	Dark/Ice	Cave Floor	10%	Level Up with Razor Claw at Night
Delibird	Ice/Flying	Cave Floor	10%	N/A
Lunatone	Rock/Psychic	Cave Floor	10%	N/A
Solrock	Rock/Psychic	Cave Floor	10%	N/A
Jynx	Ice/Psychic	Cave Floor	10%	N/A
Gantoru	Rock	Cave Floor	5%	N/A
Doryuuzu	Ground/Steel	Dust Cloud	100%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Surf	70%	N/A
Seel	Water	Surf	30%	Level 34
Seel	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	60%	Level 34
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	30%	N/A
Dewgong	Water/Ice	Dark Water ~ Surf	10%	N/A
Poliwag	Water	Fish	65%	Level 25
Basurao	Water	Fish	30%	N/A
Poliwhirl	Water	Fish	5%	Water Stone or Trade with King's Rock
Poliwhirl	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	65%	Water Stone or Trade with King's Rock
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Poliwrath	Water/Fighting	Dark Water ~ Fish	10%	N/A

    * These Wild Pokemon apply to all inside areas of the Giant Hole.

The Pokemon in the Giant Hole are rather icy, although there are also some things from the outside. Start by heading left; just a little ways there's a branching path where you can take the upper path around to a rock, which has a BIG MUSHROOM hidden on it.

Continue along this left path and you'll come to a Strength boulder; push it in and collect the exposed STAR PIECE, then keep heading north. The path is pretty long. There's a hidden TINYMUSHROOM on one of the small rocks as you approach the upper wall.

Taking the upper wall across, there's a Strength boulder to push and a STAR PIECE to collect, as well as a hidden TINYMUSHROOM on another small rock. There's also a second Strength boulder to push in and a COMET PIECE to get, which will sell for $25,000 when given to the guy in Sekka City.

There's a path split as you approach the right wall. Take the right path to find a ledge; jump off it and head straight down. You'll eventually reach a Strength boulder; push it into the hole to allow yourself access to both branches of the path. Take this new path through left (there's Surf water above if you want a Seel) and you'll reach a set of steps. Go down them and exit the cave here.
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Clefairy	Normal	Grass, Tall Grass	30%	Moon Stone
Piloswine	Ice/Ground	Grass, Tall Grass	25%	Level Up with AncientPower
Ditto	Normal	Grass, Tall Grass	15%	N/A
Lunatone	Rock/Psychic	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Solrock	Rock/Psychic	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Metang	Steel/Psychic	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	Level 45
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	85%	N/A
Mamoswine	Ice/Ground	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Clefable	Normal	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Metagross	Steel/Psychic	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A

    * This encounter list applies to the inside plains of the Giant Hole.

Strangely enough there are plains inside the cave, with some interesting Pokemon. Of note here is the possibility of Wild Metang, AND Wild Metagross! Of course, there's a spiteful trick with these two; their catch rate is a measly 3, meaning they're just as hard to catch as the majority of legendary Pokemon you will encounter. Get one if you wish, but they can be pretty damn annoying.

There's fog covering this area, so it might be a bit irritating to navigate (it has no in battle effect though). Start by going through the tall grass on your left (note that the Wild Pokemon in the tall grass can reach as high as 65!) and pick up the MAX ELIXIR, then head north.

There's normal grass too of course, and it's worth noting that the Tabunne here are the highest levelled ones in the entire game; they'll give good EXP if you beat one. If you encounter a Ditto, you may want to grab one, as there's a trade later on that you'll be able to use it in.

To the top right of this left section is a MAX POTION to pick up. Jump off the ledge afterwards and head to the upper wall to pick up a REVIVE amongst some tall grass. Almost directly south from the Revive is a CARBOS, sectioned between some rocks. Afterwards, take the path to the right; there's a ledge but you don't want to jump off it. Rather, head through the tall grass and carefully go around the rocks here. Rather than accidentally jumping off the ledge, pick up the useful TM13, ICE BEAM located by here.

Continue forward on the path now. Almost directly south is a FULL HEAL. Now, due to the wide open spaces, it's a bit hard to actually write a walkthrough here, so please bear with me.

Continue going south. You'll reach patches of tall grass with a small rock on the side; keep going south. Eventually you'll pass through some tall grass and reach the southern wall; follow this wall across and you can find a MAX REVIVE hidden in the trees.

Head out of here and head a little north, then go left. There's a useful TM03, PSYCHO SHOCK to pick up in a patch of tall grass. Go left and up and jump over the ledge up north.

There is a humongous patch of tall grass here. Slip into the tall grass near where you jumped off the ledge and go right; you'll come to a little clearing. Take it south and you'll find a hole with water. Approach it and all of a sudden a Pokemon will cry and a blizzard comes forth, transforming the entire area into a snowy wasteland. Now, you can either exit back into the main cave through the south-western exit, or you can see what is going on by going through the north-eastern entrance.

The north-eastern entrance takes you inside another section of the cave. The encounter list is identical to that of the main cave - water included - but the levels are up by 10. If you head straight forward you'll come across a legendary! This is Kyurem, a legendary that has very little information shown about it in the game, but from several signs it seems likely that it is the third part to Reshiram and Zekrom, much like Rayquaza is to Groudon and Kyogre and Giratina is to Dialga and Palkia. It can be a pretty tough legend to catch, but have a go at it if you think you're prepared. I'd recommend saving before taking this one on.

    * Level: 75
    * Type: Dragon / Ice
    * Ability: Pressure
    * Moves: Frozen World / Dragon Pulse / Imprison / Endeavor
    * Base Stats: 125 HP / 130 Attack / 90 Defense / 130 Special Attack / 90 Special Defense / 95 Speed

    * Excluding special event Pokemon, Kyurem is the last Pokemon in both the Isshu Dex and the National Dex at a high number of #646, as well as the highest levelled Wild Pokemon you will encounter in the entire game at 75. It's relatively powerful, to say the least.

    * Now, can you see the evidence for Kyurem being related to Reshiram and Zekrom? There are two particularly big things I can point out. The first is the colours; Reshiram is White, Zekrom is Black. What colour is Kyurem on the whole? Grey. What colour is between Black and White? Grey. The colour certainly matches, giving it a possibility of being the legendary the third version of B/W focuses on. When you consider the last two third version mascots have been the third legendary of the trio, it seems very likely Kyurem is the third of the trio. There's also one very obvious link - the music that plays when you fight Kyurem. Most legendaries have a standard theme, but there are three distinct legendaries that have their own theme, namely Reshiram, Zekrom and Kyurem! The three of them share the same music (with some very slight differences in the background), further solidifying the theory.

    * Of course, compared to Reshiram and Zekrom, Kyurem hardly looks as imposing. There's a reason for this sighted ingame; legends tell that Kyurem's incredible powers of ice overwhelmed it and caused it to freeze itself, severely weakening it. You might also notice that the left 'wing' is broken; it's shorter than the other one, and quite stumpy. In fact, Kyurem barely looks alive at all. Could Kyurem be the broken remains of the dragon that Reshiram and Zekrom were once part of? There's also the question found in some simple mathematics; adding Kyurem's base stats together gives you a total of 660, whereas all powerful legendaries - including Reshiram and Zekrom - are of the 680 base stat total (with Groudon and Kyogre being notable exceptions at 670.) Kyurem is definitely weaker than the other two, and the reasons for it being so will probably be explored in the third version. It might even get a new forme, fixing those base stats as well as giving it the so far unobtainable Cold Flare and Freeze Bolt moves. Of course, it's all conjecture, but the evidence is quite strong.

    * Enough of the theory; returning back to the battle at hand, Kyurem is a Dragon and Ice Pokemon, giving it a few weaknesses. You can whack it with Dragon, Fighting, Fire, Rock or Steel to get a super effective hit on it; as far as things go it's a pretty bad defensive typing. Offensively it can be a bit more of a problem, as both Ice and Dragon have good offensive prowess (Dragon especially.) Frozen World - Kyurem's exclusive move - also has the ability to lower the speed of anything it hits, although it's a bit weak. There's also Endeavor, which will let it drag you into low HP with it. Not to mention there's probably going to be a rather severe level difference, amplifying the ferocity of its attacks.

    * You'll want to weaken and catch it ASAP. It has a 3 catch rate like most of the legendaries so it may not be the easiest thing in the world, but it's certainly not completely impossible. As always, status is the key to an easier capture.

Once you somehow remove Kyurem, exit the cave (though I don't think you can get back to it once you leave and Kyurem has been captured, so make sure you've caught whatever you want.) You'll be atop a staircase; just follow the path around and jump off the ledge. Now make your way out of the Giant Hole; either exit by foot by heading to the south-west exit or Fly out to Kagome Town.

Once you can get back to Route 13, head to the way south-east of the route, and pass through the gatehouse to our next destination.
Sazanami Town
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Wingull	Water/Flying	Surf	60%	Level 25
Mantyke	Water/Flying	Surf	30%	Level Up with Remoraid in Party
Pelipper	Water/Flying	Surf	10%	N/A
Wailmer	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	60%	Level 40
Corsola	Water/Rock	Dark Water ~ Surf	30%	N/A
Mantine	Water/Flying	Dark Water ~ Surf	10%	N/A
Remoraid	Water	Fish	65%	Level 25
Shellder	Water	Fish	30%	Water Stone
Luvdisc	Water	Fish	5%	N/A
Shellder	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Water Stone
Luvdisc	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Octillery	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A
Cloyster	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A

Sazanami Town is a nice, relaxing seaside village... except in Summer, where tourists flood in from all parts of the region. You might also notice from the encounter list that you have one hell of a choice of Water Pokemon to get in this small town.

Directly to your right when you enter is the Pokemon Center. As always, you can heal, though you can also get a CLEAN SCALE by talking to the guy on the left side of the Poke Mart. Sazanami Town is also the only place where you can buy Dive Balls, which I reckon have a very nice design on top of being good for catching Pokemon encountered by Surfing or Fishing.

On the left side, there is a girl facing the water you can talk to. She'll give you the last HM of the game, HM06, DIVE. Dive is used only once in the entire game and it's entirely optional, so feel free to stick it on some random HM slave. We'll get to using it soon enough.

Enter the house above for a welcome surprise! The champion of Sinnoh, Cynthia, is currently visiting the Isshu region, and she brings her special piano theme with her. She'll comment on her appearance here, stating that she is investigating Pokemon myths, as per her DPPt characterization. She'll then challenge you to a battle, with the option to refuse. I would highly recommend you say no, because it's unlikely you're going to be able to take her on at this point in time due to the extreme level difference. You can come back and agree to fight at any time. Whenever you agree to fight, you'll see the following:

    Reward: $15400

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Spiritomb	Lv. 75	Ghost/Dark	Pressure	Sucker Punch, Shadow Ball, Will-O-Wisp, Double Team
Milotic	Lv. 75	Water	Marvel Scale	Hydro Pump, Blizzard, Level Ground, Dragon Tail
Shibirudon	Lv. 75	Electric	Levitate	Wild Bolt, Dragon Claw, Crunch, Flamethrower
Wargle	Lv. 75	Normal/Flying	Keen Eye?	Brave Bird, Crush Claw, Shadow Claw, Retaliation
Lucario	Lv. 75	Fighting/Steel	Steadfast?	Extremespeed, Dragon Pulse, Close Combat, Aura Sphere
Garchomp	Lv. 77	Dragon/Ground	Sand Veil	Dragon Rush, Crunch, Earthquake, Stone Edge

    * Cynthia also brings her champion music and Pokemon team from Sinnoh. There are two differences, however; her Roserade and Gastrodon/Togekiss (depending if you want to go by DP or Platinum) have been replaced with the Gen V Pokemon Shibirudon and Wargle. Shibirudon you will have definitely seen as Geechisu used it, but Wargle might be a new one.

    * Cynthia still opens up with Spiritomb, as in DPPt. Its typing means it has no weakness unless you use Foresight/Scrappy and a Fighting-type move and Spiritomb has some high defenses so it may be a tough one to crack. Its offenses aren't too scary, although it does possess Double Team which is sure to annoy you if it gets going. It is perfectly possible to just setup on Spiritomb though; don't be afraid to do so if you think it might work.

    * Cynthia's Milotic returns once more and it can be as bitchy as ever. This time it is in high power mode, possessing the strong Hydro Pump and Blizzard moves. Of course, this means that there is every chance it might miss, but it's probably not something you should count on - especially with Hydro Pump, whose 80% accuracy is respectable. It does also get two new moves. Level Ground is probably Game Freak's idea of allowing Milotic to counter Electric-types, but coming off Milotic's poor Attack stat it's unlikely to do much beyond reducing speed, not to mention Hydro Pump hits harder anyway unless the Electric-type either resists Water (Lanturn) or the Pokemon has a quadruple weak to Ground (Magnezone). You can probably ignore it being there. There's also Dragon Tail which you may remember from the Souryuu Gym; if it hits something that isn't behind a Substitute or has the Iron Thorns ability, then your Pokemon will be forced to switch out and be randomly replaced by another one from your team. Basically the same as Roar or Whirlwind, but with damage too. Milotic retains its usual weaknesses of Grass and Electric, but it also has an annoyingly high special defense. If you can strike it physically with either of those types, go for it. Otherwise, either smack it with a heavy special attack or with a hard physical assault. It's not incredibly fast, but don't underestimate its speed if you have a large level gap.

    * You might remember from before that Shibirudon's niche is that it has no weaknesses thanks to Levitate; this means Cynthia has two Pokemon that have no weaknesses (sans things such as Mold Breaker or Gastro Acid coming into play.) This thing is slow, but has respectable defenses and pretty heavy offensive stats, so Wild Bolt is probably going to hurt if it connects. Be wary of the other moves too, although they aren't as severe. If you can somehow get around Levitate's effects, smack it with Ground; otherwise, hit it as hard as you are able. Its defense and special defense are equal, so it doesn't really matter which angle you strie it from. Just don't use any of the types it resists, namely Electric, Flying and Steel. Also, just to state again, DON'T use Ground-type moves unless you can disable Leviate.

    * Wargle is similar to Staraptor in several ways; it has a high Attack strength and a Normal/Flying type, as well as use of the powerful Brave Bird. Wargle is however different in a few ways; it lacks Intimidate in favour of Keen Eye or Encourage, and is a bit slower in exchange for more bulk. Its defenses are weaker than say, Shibirudon's, but it has quite a lot of HP. Basically, it can hit hard and it may not die incredibly quickly. Brave Bird is definitely the thing to watch out for, although Retaliation can also hurt when Wargle first replaces an opponent. The usual Electric, Ice or Rock moves will hit it for Super Effective and take it down with all due speed.

    * Lucario also returns, with a decent Speed stat and some good offenses, as well as an interesting type. Lucario remains weak to only Fire, Ground and Fighting moves, although any of them should do a number on it. Of note to watch out for is Close Combat. While it does lower Lucario's defenses, it will hurt when it connects. Then there's also Extremespeed to allow it to pick off low HP opponents. The other two provide some coverage on the Special side of things. Lucario can be a heavy hitter, but as far as things go it is pretty frail. Just watch out for its many resistances; hit it with something neutral at the very least.

    * Finally, we come to Cynthia's main, the almighty Garchomp. Garchomp ties with three other Pokemon for the highest levelled trainer Pokemon in this game, at a high Level 77. Garchomp was the pseudo legend of Generation IV and definitely deserved the title. With its 600 stat total spread out in the most ideal of ways, Garchomp became a bulky, speedy and powerful force to reckon with, becoming so dangerous that it ended up being banned in standard play. The in-game Garchomp were never quite so dangerous, but either way Cynthia's Garchomp is ready to rape you with Dragon Rush and Earthquake, both of which are a powerful 150 BP off of its scary 130 base attack. Then there's also Crunch and Stone Edge to provide extra coverage. If by some miracle you have a Steel-type that isn't weak to Earthquake then it should be able to mostly wall Garchomp, but it's going to be a tough foe to beat. Garchomp's primary weakness is Ice; strike it with any Ice move and it'll take a lot of damage. Otherwise, you can attempt to hit it with a Dragon-type move. It has no other weaknesses, however. This is probably by far the most dangerous Pokemon on Cynthia's team, and if you can take it down then you can probably win. Good luck.

Once you defeat Cynthia for the first time, things will change. What occurs in this villa depends entirely on the season. If it's Spring, then Cynthia will be in the villa and rematch you once a day. She'll also have Shikimi and Caitlin as guests, who will share some dialogue with you. Notably, Caitlin mentions the Battle Castle, which is pretty much an irrefutable confirmation that Caitlin is the same Caitlin from the Gen IV frontier - not that we needed it. I will mention that Cynthia gives some great EXP, so it might be worth abusing time to face her again and again if you think you can handle her.

In Summer, Cynthia is also in the villa, although she won't battle you, rather teasing you trying to decide what swimsuit to wear. She's also visited by Kamitsure, Fuuro and Iris. They'll also talk to you, with Iris being excitable and running around constantly as usual. In Autumn and Winter, the villa is entirely empty. A bit of a pity you don't get another 'secret' trainer or something, but oh well.

That's Sazanami Town's main feature, but there's a couple other things here too. The leftmost villa (two away from Cynthia's) is populated in Summer (it'll be empty any other season) with three people, one of which will ask for a Chillaccino, giving you a Munchlax in exchange. This is the only way to obtain Munchlax or Snorlax in Black/White, so it's a worthwhile trade.

A bit left is some grassland on a slightly higher plain. If you head up past the sign here you can find an item hidden quite sneakily among these flowery hedges; this is the HUGE GOLD ORB, which can be sold for a fair amount to the collector in the Sekka City Pokemon Center.

Outside the villa (the big building to the left) you will see two people. The girl is just some random NPC, but if you talk to the guy he'll fight you with a Level 60 Buizel. Defeating him earns you a rather surprising $12,000. Rich kid.

After the fight he leads you into the giant villa where he shows you around a little. An event has now been activated; there are six members to this guy's family (including himself) and other the next six days you can fight them. Defeating this kid alone was the first day; when the clock goes past midnight you can then fight the kid and who I believe is his sister in a row. Then the third day has you fighting them two and a third person; then the next day is them three and the fourth etcetera until the sixth day, where you fight all six. If you defeat the sixth one, the event ends and you can't fight them again.

The trick here is to lose to the sixth on purpose; this family's best use is farming cash off of them as they give an incredible $24,000 per fight. Since money hasn't been halved when you get defeated since Generation II, you can freely fight the first five with an Amulet Coin for $120,000, then take a mostly negligible loss by losing on the sixth. Of course, if you don't care about the money then by all means crush them as soon as you can. Though they give some nice EXP too.

Their teams are as follows;

    * 1st: Buizel L60
    * 2nd: Teddiursa L61, Lopunny L61
    * 3rd: Bronzor L62, Kangaskhan L62, Goruugu L62
    * 4th: Shuckle L63, Lickilicky L63, Waruvial L63, Politoed L63
    * 5th: Weavile L64, Doryuuzu L64, Kuitaran L64, Vespiquen L64, Kingdra L64
    * 6th: Donphan L65, Kirikizan L65, Lanturn L65, Tangrowth L65, Wargle L65, Ononokusu L65

There's also one more thing of interest in this villa. On the left side is a Black Belt guy who is the third item collector of the game; this guy collects ancient treasures and will shell out a hell of a lot of money for them. His desired inventory is as follows:
Item Name	Selling Price
Ancient Bracelet	$100,000
Ancient Bronze Coin	$1,000
Ancient Crown	$300,000
Ancient Gold Coin	$10,000
Ancient Silver Coin	$5,000
Ancient Statue	$200,000
Ancient Vase	$50,000
Black Flute	$7,500
Blue Flute	$7,500
Red Flute	$7,500
White Flute	$7,500
Yellow Flute	$7,500

I wouldn't recommend selling the flutes, but as you can see most of the other items sell for absolutely incredible prices, especially the crown. As it is, most of these items will appear unfamiliar, but we'll be able to pick them up pretty soon.

That covers all of Sazanami Town, but there's still a bay to visit. Heal up if you need to and then head out of the town to the east; I'd recommend you bring something with Dive as well.
Sazanami Bay

Trainer Pokemon: Seel L64, Mamanbou L64 | Shellder L63, Chinchou L63, Burungeru L63 | Wailmer L64, Wailmer L64 | Corsola L65 | Quagsire L64, Golduck L64 | Staryu L63, Wingull L63, Burungeru L63
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Wingull	Water/Flying	Surf	60%	Level 25
Mantyke	Water/Flying	Surf (Not Winter)	30%	Level Up with Remoraid in Party
Spheal	Water/Ice	Surf (Winter)	30%	Level 32
Pelipper	Water/Flying	Surf	10%	N/A
Wailmer	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf (Not Winter)	90%	Level 40
Mantine	Water/Flying	Dark Water ~ Surf (Not Winter)	5%	N/A
Wailmer	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf (Winter)	60%	Level 40
Sealeo	Water/Ice	Dark Water ~ Surf (Winter)	30%	Level 44
Walrein	Water/Ice	Dark Water ~ Surf (Winter)	5%	N/A
Wailord	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	5%	N/A
Remoraid	Water	Fish	65%	Level 25
Shellder	Water	Fish	30%	Water Stone
Luvdisc	Water	Fish	5%	N/A
Shellder	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Water Stone
Luvdisc	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Octillery	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A
Cloyster	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	5%	N/A

Sazanami Bay is pretty much the closest to a water route there is in Isshu, aside from Route 17 and parts of 18 of course. As you might expect, there are plenty of swimmers here with Water Pokemon, so this might be a good time to train any Grass or Electric-type Pokemon in your party.

Activate your itemfinder as soon as you get into the bay boundary. It'll lead you to a hidden PEARL on the coast, as well as a hidden STARDUST just a little further up.

Head up to the northern part of the shoreline, then Surf onto the water. A bit to the right you'll see a female swimmer by the rocks. Take her two Water-types down, then use the itemfinder and check this small alcove surrounded by rocks to find a hidden HEART SCALE on the bottom right face of one of the border rocks. The rest of this is all trainers now, so feel free to skip a few paragraphs if you don't care about EXP.

Head down so you can Surf right past these rocks. You'll notice a dark spot of water. Those of you who have played RSE may notice this looks like a Dive spot and it is indeed a Dive spot, which we will be visiting soon enough.

Continue Surfing right for now past this Dive and you should come into view of two swimmers; a female one below and a male one up north. Take out both. You'll see another Dive spot; again, ignore it for the moment.

Surf east from the male swimmer to find another female one. Take down her Corsola and then head down and slightly left for a male swimmer. Knock his Pokemon out and then terrorize the other male swimmer just a bit to the bottom left.

That's all of the trainers, so now it's time to try out Dive. I'd recommend you have Flash and Strength on you too if you want to cover everything. Go to the diving spot that is leftmost in the bay (they're arranged in a sort of diamond formation, minus the lines). When you feel ready, press A on the dark spot and say Yes to dive down.
Undersea Ruins

NOTE: If my descriptions are terrible or you just plain can't find your way regardless, take a look at the map of the area by Mew Jadester on GameFAQs. The link is:


Be sure to give him a recommendation by clicking the section at the top if it helps you!

No Pokemon or trainers are in this place, but there are a hell of a lot of items to pick up. The Undersea Ruins is an interesting puzzle - it's basically a maze where you need to use certain moves to get down to the lower floors. The first floor is full of the plate items, containing the remaining fourteen plates out of the sixteen total.

Dive has also changed a bit; it's now step based, and when those steps run out you will have to come in several times in order to collect every single item in here. To maximize distance, keep in the middle of the paths, hugging the walls wherever applicable when you have to change direction. At least, I think that's how it'd work.

Start by just pushing forward. You'll take a very spiral entrance into the ruins themselves. The music even becomes somewhat Egyptian like as it gets further into it; it's a track I'm quite fond of.

Once you get into the ruins, continue heading forward. Remember, do not waste steps! There's a purple wall you'll come to with some writing on it, but I have no idea what it says. Keep following the path until you come to a crossroads.

Take the path down. You'll see a pillar; go south past it to come to a dead end with a ZAP PLATE. Go back a bit and take the path to the right of the purple pillar. There's an ANCIENT BRONZE COIN to pick up on this path. Continue north and you'll see another purple wall; take this route going right past it and go down to reach another dead end, this time with a FLAME PLATE.

Head back up and left past the purple wall, then head as far north as you can. There's a DREAD PLATE to pick up just north of yet another purple pillar. For the record, when the screen shakes and a message pops up, it is sort of counting down to how long you have left underwater. There will be four shakes before you get kicked out of the area.

Return to where the Flame Plate was now and this time take the route north just north of the purple wall. You'll come to another split leading in three directions not including the direction you just came in; take the right one for a dead end with an IRON PLATE. Get back onto the split path and this time head straight up until you hit the wall, then go directly left for an ANCIENT SILVER COIN. That's all of the stuff we can effectively get from this western entrance, so swim around a bit until time runs out.

You'll end up back in Sazanami Bay; this time head to the southern entrance located at the bottom part of the middle of the water. Dive down here and again push up to take the spiral into the ruins.

Again, keep heading forwards until you reach a crossroads. Begin by going right and grabbing the ANCIENT BRONZE COIN just below the purple pillar here, then return to the crossroads and take the left path, following it right to the bottom left corner for a FIST PLATE.

Head right and take this path up until you reach a purple wall, then head right, going past the crossroads and the alternate path down until you get a chance to move up instead. Take this path up and then go left for an ANCIENT GOLD COIN.

Head straight right now until you hit a wall, then move up and go left as soon as possible. Go straight left without stopping to reach a MEADOW PLATE, then head straight back right until you hit a wall again. Head up and go right the first chance you get, picking up the ICICLE PLATE located just north when you go to the right.

Head down and go right as soon as possible to reach an up/down path split. Take it up and right for an ANCIENT SILVER COIN, then go down and right as soon as possible. Follow this path and go straight down (ignoring all possible alternate routes) to reach a SPOOKY PLATE. That's everything for the southern entrance, so either swim around a lot or exit out the ruins. When you get back into the bay, use Dive to go down the eastern entrance.

Once again, do the spiral path to get into the ruins and follow the path until you reach your first crossroad. Start by going up and then left ASAP. Keep straight left to get another ANCIENT BRONZE COIN, then go right and up ASAP. Follow this path moving up wherever possible. You'll reach a purple wall and a path split; the left one holds an ANCIENT SILVER COIN while the right holds the SKY PLATE.

Now, head down, following the path. When you have to choose between left or right, take the right path and continue heading down as much as you can. You'll reach the crossroads from the beginning; take it left then go down ASAP. You'll soon have a choice between down and right. Down is a dead end, so go right and follow this path until you have a choice between left and down. Take the left path first and grab the EARTH PLATE, then go down and keep going down until you reach the TOXIC PLATE.

That's all for the eastern entrance, so now exit the ruins and head for the northern entrance in the waters of the bay. Dive in, take the spiral path, then follow through the ruin path until you reach the crossroads.

Take the path right when there's a split and head down to get a STONE PLATE, then return to the split and go down. You'll have a choice between left and down. Go left, then up for a choice between left and up. Go up, then right and pick up the ANCIENT BRONZE COIN just in front of the purple wall.

Return to the left/up choice and this time go left. Make your way to the top left wall by any means necessary; there's an ANCIENT GOLD COIN to pick up in this corner.

Head back to the left/down split now (near where we got the bronze coin) and this time go down. Follow this path, taking the path up - going right is a dead end - and then go up again ASAP. The top right of this enclosed section has an INSECT PLATE to pick up.

Come out of this enclosed section and then go right, and down ASAP. When you get another split, take the left path, going straight left and following this path until you get a MIND PLATE positioned in front of a purple wall.

Go back until you reach the first part with a choice between right, down and left (where you came from) and take it down. You'll come out to a more open section. Head up and you'll find an ANCIENT STATUE slightly tucked away, the second most valuable item of them all.

Go back to the open area and slightly down, then right when you can and grab the ANCIENT GOLD COIN. We're running out of steps, so we'll have to move carefully. Move back a little so you can head down, then do so and go right when the chance comes. Straight right is an ANCIENT VASE to pick up, and with that we have picked up every item in the first floor of the ruins!

Yeah, that's right. First floor. There's another three floors, although at any rate we have picked up every single one of the plates now. Exit the ruins somehow or almost drown and get kicked out to get back to the bay.

Now we need to take a path that allows us to get to the centre pillar as soon as possible. As such, I would recommend the use of the western entrance in Sazanami Bay. Dive down it, then keep going until you reach the crossroads. Try to follow my steps as specifically as you can, as it's rather irate as to whether you've gotten there quick enough or not.

Go straight right until you hit a wall, then up past a purple pillar, then right and up. Go up and take the second right, then follow this path until you have a choice between right and down. Go straight down until you hit the southern wall, then go right and follow this path to come across a purple pillar pushed a bit back from the others. Interact with it and it should slide out of the way, allowing you access. (Unfortunately you do seem to have need to have gotten there very fast in order for it to shift; if it won't budge, exit the ruins and try again.)

Continue up now that the pillar has moved and a message will come on screen; select Yes and you'll float up to the next floor of the ruins.

Now that we're finally on 2F, go down and take the first right, then up for yet another ANCIENT BRONZE COIN. Go back down then left and take the second turn down. Next, take the first right and pick up the ANCIENT BRONZE COIN, then head back out and move slightly down, taking the left and following this path to reach another ANCIENT STATUE.

Return and take the first down you come to, then take the first up, then go right, then the next down you come to and pick up the ANCIENT BRACELET here, the third most valuable item of them all.

Next, go back right and up, then left and up, then right ASAP and pick up the ANCIENT GOLD COIN. Return out of this small section and continue north until you hit a wall. Grab yet another ANCIENT GOLD COIN to the right and another valuable ANCIENT BRACELET by going left and then down.

Head up north from the bracelet to get an ANCIENT SILVER COIN. Now, your time is probably running out unless you ran out before. I'm going to assume you haven't yet, so swim around a bit to finish off the remaining time and get kicked out. We're not done with 2F yet, but we did not have enough steps to finish everything.

Dive back down and make your way back to the pillar. It will have moved back into place, so again you'll need to rush to it to get it out of the way. Once you get back up to 2F, go down and take the first left, then go up and right to get another ANCIENT SILVER COIN.

Go down now and take the first right, then go down and take the first right. Go up as soon as you can and keep going up until the second right; take this and then go straight up, straight left and take the second down. Pick up the ANCIENT GOLD COIN here, then come out and continue left, taking the last down and picking up the ANCIENT VASE here.

You'll probably run out of time again. Once again, descend the western exit, reach the pillar ASAP and get back up to 2F.

Back on 2F, head straight down and take the second right, then go up ASAP and take the second right. Go through this then straight up and straight left, taking the first down. Follow this path and you'll reach a purple pillar, which you can interact with but nothing will happen. What to do? Use Flash! The pillar will shift out of the way, allowing us access through. There's now a split path; take the upper path around and it'll ask if you want to move a floor. Do so to float up to 3F.

From where you arrive, go down and left and pick up the ANCIENT VASE here. Next, go slightly down and take a straight right, grabbing a third ANCIENT BRACELET. That's $300,000 right there!

Go back to the crossroads then go straight north and grab the ANCIENT STATUE. From there, go straight right (if you happen to get kicked out just dive back in and make your way back to 3F with all the same techniques as before) and grab another ANCIENT VASE in this top right corner.

Go down, take the left turn and then go down again for yet another ANCIENT BRACELET. Go a bit more left then straight down; take the second right and go straight right for yet another ANCIENT BRACELET?! Go back left and take the second down, then go left and up for an ANCIENT SILVER COIN. Go down to the wall, then straight left to find the last item on 3F, another ANCIENT GOLD COIN.

Now we just need to get to 4F. You might well get kicked out around here like I did. At any rate, I'm gonna start these directions from where we came up to 3F.

From where you end up after floating up, go straight up to the wall, then straight right and take the third gap down. Go straight down to the wall, then left, then down again and take the right here. You'll come to a purple pillar. This time, use Strength! It'll shift out of the way, allowing you to float up to 4F, the final floor.

4F is a very spacey floor. Head straight forward to collect the ANCIENT CROWN, meaning we have finally completed the Undersea Ruins. Now THAT was quite an area.

Drown yourself or exit the ruins to get back out to Sazanami Bay, then head back to Sazanami Town, heal if necessary and get rich by giving the treasure to that guy in the big villa if you wish. The crown sells for the most, but is closely followed by the statue, bracelet and vase. Taking just those four items into account - assuming you got every single one of them in the ruins - you can make a total of $1,600,000 just by selling them to him. I have no clue where the collector gets his money from, but make full use of it! For the record, your money can go above the $999,999 barrier that was there in previous Pokemon titles, which is good considering the insane amounts you can get now. With no Game Corner, you don't even need to spend that much... For the record, the items in the ruins are finite - they never regenerate or anything. It's not like you'll need them to, though.

At any rate, when you're ready to continue, go the southern parts of Sazanami Town to enter the next route, and begin the penultimate chapter of our post credits adventure!
Eastern Isshu, Volume III

This section contains Route 14, Honor Shrine, Black City & White Forest, Route 15 and Wonder Bridge.
Route 14

Trainer Pokemon: Barboach L62, Whiscash L62, Corphish L62, Carvanha L62 | Primeape L64, Zuruzukin L64, Poliwrath L64 | Numel L65 | Purugly L68, Espeon L68, Lapras L68 | Hippopotas L63, Piloswine L63, Probopass L63 | Absol L68, Dodrio L68, Walrein L68 |
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Golduck	Water	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Jigglypuff	Normal	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	Moon Stone
Tropius	Grass/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass	15%	N/A
Kojofu	Fighting	Grass	10%	Level 50
Kojondo	Fighting	Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Altaria	Dragon/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Drifblim	Ghost/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Oobemu	Psychic	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Shuckle	Bug/Rock	Grass, Tall Grass	5%	N/A
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	95%	N/A
Wigglytuff	Normal	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Yanma	Bug/Flying	Swarm	40%	Level Up with AncientPower
Basurao	Water	Surf	70%	N/A
Buizel	Water	Surf	30%	N/A
Buizel	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	60%	Level 26
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	30%	N/A
Floatzel	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	10%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Fish	30%	N/A
Goldeen	Water	Fish	70%	Level 33
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Goldeen	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Level 33
Seaking	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	10%	N/A

Route 14 is a rather grassy, watery and sometimes foggy route. It's quite a nice one, I think, although there are some trainers here with some very high levelled Pokemon. I hope you have something with Waterfall here, as you will need it to get everything this route has to offer. There's quite a few interesting Wild Pokemon here too, not to mention you can catch Wild Kojondo and Oobemu, which can certainly save you time if you're trying to complete your PokeDex.

When you get up onto the first part with the grass, go down onto the bridge and fight the fisherman, then Surf on the water to the right and check the top right wall tile for a MAX ELIXIR. Get back on the bridge then continue down and follow the land path. You'll end up by a fighter on another bridge; beat his three (watch out for that speedy Close Combat Primeape!) and continue.

There's a backpacker just ahead with a Numel. Once she's done for, head up the steps to the left. You'll reach a grassy part of the route; the tall grass is just above if you want to take a look in it. To the left is an Ace Trainer with some incredibly strong Pokemon; you may want to save before fighting. She has a Purugly, Espeon and Lapras, all at a very high level of 68. That Purugly happens to have both Swagger and Attract to try and disable you, so watch out! Go back to Sazanami and heal afterwards if necessary, since it can be quite a bitchy fight with all of those status effects flying around.

Afterwards, go north through the tall grass and get on the water. Surf across to more land and pick up the REAPER CLOTH, then follow this land to the northern part, get on the water and Surf across to pick up an ULTRA BALL.

After that, get back on the water and go up this waterfall to the left. Surf a bit left and you'll see the last sage! Get off on the left piece of land and talk to him. He'll give you TM08, BULK UP and get arrested by Looker, ending the sidequest. Looker's dialogue will be extended a tiny bit including farewells and whatnot, but that's it. There's no real conclusion to this sage quest, unfortunately. Maybe something extra in the third version?

Continue left to fight a hiker, then get on the water and descend this waterfall. At the bottom, Surf right and you can find another Ace Trainer, a male one this time who also has three Level 68 Pokemon. Fight him if you dare; this guy is more offensively based, carrying an Absol, Dodrio and Walrein. You can get some pretty good EXP off of them, Walrein especially.

After that fight, Surf across to the left side (don't jump off the ledge!) and you'll find an opening to a new area. Enter.
Honor Shrine

Trainer Pokemon: Caterpie L61, Pineco L61, Pendoraa L61, Spinarak L61, Masquerain L61 | Horsea L63, Ponyta L63, Sunkern L63 | Burmy L63, Mebukijika L63, Tangela L63 | Yanma L63, Ledyba L63, Ninjask L63 |
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Chimecho	Psychic	Grass, Tall Grass	30%	N/A
Vulpix	Fire	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	Fire Stone
Noctowl	Normal/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass	15%	N/A
Stantler	Normal	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Monmen	Grass	Grass, Tall Grass (Black)	10%	Sun Stone
Churine	Grass	Grass, Tall Grass (White)	10%	Sun Stone
Bronzong	Grass	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Murkrow	Dark/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass (Black)	5%	Dusk Stone
Misdreavus	Ghost	Grass, Tall Grass (White)	5%	Dusk Stone
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	75%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%	N/A
Honchkrow	Dark/Flying	Shaking Grass (Black)	5%	N/A
Mismagius	Ghost	Shaking Grass (White)	5%	N/A
Erufuun	Grass	Shaking Grass (Black)	5%	N/A
Doredia	Grass	Shaking Grass (White)	5%	N/A
Ninetales	Fire	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Surf	70%	N/A
Slowpoke	Water/Psychic	Surf	30%	Level 37 or Trade with King's Rock
Slowpoke	Water/Psychic	Dark Water ~ Surf	60%	Level 37 or Trade with King's Rock
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Surf	30%	N/A
Slowbro	Water/Psychic	Dark Water ~ Surf	5%	N/A
Slowking	Water/Psychic	Dark Water ~ Surf	5%	N/A
Basurao	Water	Fish	30%	N/A
Goldeen	Water	Fish	70%	Level 33
Basurao	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	30%	N/A
Goldeen	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	60%	Level 33
Seaking	Water	Dark Water ~ Fish	10%	N/A

The Honor Shrine has another lot of new old Pokemon to find, including a new version exclusive in the form of either Murkrow or Misdreavus. Those two always seem to get split apart now. I bet neither will be in the third version too. Just like what happened in Platinum ;_;

Anyway, head forward and around the mud patches, then take the path south and follow it around for the valuable TM35, FLAMETHROWER. If you get on the water by here, you can find a FRAGRANT MUSHROOM hidden in the upper wall. Use your itemfinder to locate the exact position if necessary.

Get back on the land and this time go up north past the house and fight the youngster walking around the grass. Defeat his collection of bugs, then go right and pick up the HYPER POTION here. Go up the steps and check the left corner here for a TINYMUSHROOM, then go to the far right and up. Check the part in between the trees for another TINYMUSHROOM, then talk to the girl here to get in a fight.

Return to where the youngster is afterwards and head left. Keep going on this path and you'll find a RAZOR FANG to pick up, then go up the steps and fight the Lass here. Fend off her Grass-types, then (I use then way, way too many times ffffff) continue up further and fight another youngster, again with bugs. Whatever happened to Bug Catchers? If you go into the tall grass, the top left corner (the wall tile) holds a TINYMUSHROOM for you to pick up. Hidden, of course. There's also a RARE CANDY hidden in the bottom right.

If you head up the steps north, there are three kids who will mutter some stuff about the shrine by here. Once they've gone, get onto the water to the right. Land on the small bit of land in the middle and check the left part of the top tree for a hidden BIG MUSHROOM, then continue Surfing over to the right.

You'll reach a section with more tall grass; there's a TM92, TRICK ROOM to pick up in the bottom right. That's everything for this area.

...Or is it? Of course, you're not going to have a random place like this without a legendary. Training Cave is the only exception to the usual rule of a random dungeon holding a legendary! The legendary here is a little harder to access though. Remember when we released our Japanese god Pokemon (Tornelos or Voltolos) before, I mentioned there was a third named Landlos? Well, Landlos is here, but to get him you need both Tornelos AND Voltolos in your party.

The problem is of course that you can only get one of the two in your game, as they are version exclusive. A trade is absolutely required if you want to get Landlos. You'll have to trade with a friend/person who has the opposite version; GTS won't work due to the fact you cannot see the other legend.

Once you manage to obtain both, have them in your party and interact with the shrine. Landlos will appear and float down towards you, resting in front of the shrine. He won't fight you immediately and will stay there indefinitely until you defeat or capture him. There's just no way to make him appear without having both Tornelos and Voltolos in your party.

If you've got him there and you feel prepared, give it a go and challenge him!

    * Level: 70
    * Type: Ground/Flying
    * Ability: Sand Strength
    * Moves: Rock Slide / Earthquake / Sandstorm / Fissure
    * Base Stats: 89 HP / 125 Attack / 90 Defense / 115 Special Attack / 80 Special Defense / 101 Speed

Landlos' stats are a bit different to the other two; while the other two have a 580 base stat total with identical stats, Landlos' are slightly rearranged, giving him greater physical strength and bulk at the cost of some speed and special attack, but Landlos' BST is 600. It's ability also powers up Ground, Rock and Steel moves in a sandstorm, and you might notice Landlos has Sandstorm, Earthquake and Rock Slide to use it with. Quite a scary moveset, especially combined with the Fissure move that can OHKO any of your Pokemon. The accuracy only gets better with the level difference. You'll want to be careful. Landlos has a couple weaknesses, however. Strongest of these is Ice, to which it is quadruple weak to. Then there's Water and... that's it. Ground and Flying cover eachother's weaknesses pretty well. Gliscor and Landlos got pretty lucky.

As for the actual legend, Landlos is based on the Japanese fertility god, the Inari. One alternate romanization of the Japanese name of the area it rests in is the 'Fertility Shrine', which is a very possible reference to Landlos' origins. As with the other two, Landlos is nothing to do with genies, as much as it resembles one.

Landlos is the same as any other legend; weaken, status, catch. You'll want to be careful of those powerful moves, but as it is there's only a handful of Pokemon who can resist the Ground and Rock combination including Flygon, Claydol and Garchomp. Try to sleep it so it can't attack if possible.

Once you're ready to continue, head out the southern exit of Route 14.
Black City & White Forest

Now this is probably the biggest difference between Pokemon Black and Pokemon White. As I stated in one of the sections prior to the actual walkthrough, the area in this location actually differs entirely depending on which version you are playing.

Those of you who are playing Pokemon Black will find Black City here. Black City is a dark and rather large city (as you'll see from the zoom out) that is known for its heavy battling. Normally, Black City will contain several NPCs in the outside parts of the city. Talking to any of these NPCs will almost immediately put you into a battle with them; you won't get an option to refuse, so watch out if you aren't healed fully. Their Pokemon have quite a wide range in levels, which I believe is 30 - 67 inclusive. Black City also has a large central building which houses a private shop which may contain some rare items such as Heart Scales or the elemental stones, although the prices are hefty. Those items we picked up in the ruins might be useful for these.

On the other hand, Pokemon White players will find White Forest here. White Forest is a bright, nature filled area with a zoomed out camera and very tall trees, with leaves blowing in the wind and most notably a ton of wild Pokemon grass all over the place, possibly with some ponds too. White Forest has no battles, but in exchange allows you to catch Wild Pokemon at Level 5. These Wild Pokemon are different, however, in the sense that the Pokemon you can find in White Forest are ones that are located nowhere else in Isshu - aside from possibly the Dream World, if that counts - and must otherwise be brought in using the PokeShifter. White Forest also has the possibility of rare items such as evolution stones randomly appearing on the ground; it is apparently possible to have anywhere from 0 to 3 items a day. I THINK the items are visible, rather than hidden, but it's not something that I've personally confirmed.

Now, the catch? The Pokemon that you either fight or find, and the items that you are able to buy or find are predetermined when you start the game. You'll only have a small selection of items and Pokemon to begin with, and the only way to increase this selection is to use the High Link feature to visit another person's Black City or White Forest. Incredibly unfortunately, this has to be done over local wireless, which means if nobody in your lives has a copy of Black or White, then it's impossible to change your area at all - or at the very least add new content to it. If it's impossible to High Link, then you're stuck with whatever you get when you start the game with no way to change it, so you better hope you get a good draw.

There's a total of thirty-three Pokemon that can be found wild in White Forest, and as such that means there's an extra thirty-three Pokemon (PLUS their evolutions) that are exclusive to White in addition to those that already are. Their fully evolved forms are used by trainers in Black City, allowing their final forms to be added to your PokeDex and hence can be asked for on the GTS. In the case that a wild Pokemon in White Forest has a branched evolution, then the corresponding Black City trainer will use both evolutions of that basic Pokemon, making for a total of thirty-six Pokemon that can be seen in Black City (due to Gardevoir/Gallade, Beautifly/Dustox and Vileplume/Bellossom.)

The items that you can buy or find also change depending on which trainers/Pokemon are present in the area. Both Pokemon and items change to match the Black City/White Forest that you are visiting with the High Link, I believe, rather than adding to it, so I don't think it's possible to get ALL of the items or ALL of the trainers/Pokemon at any point. In fact, your options are likely to be limited unless you have tons of friends with the game. Of course, I might be wrong about some of that, but it's looking more and more like a worst case scenario each time I see it.

From this it may seem that White Forest is the obvious choice, although Black City can be helpful for EXP, particularly due to the fact that these trainers will rematch you once a day. It's kind of a question of whether you can PokeShifter/trade with other people or not, but all the same this is hardly the only factor to decide which version you should get. Don't discount Black City altogether, though!

At any rate, the thirty-three base form Pokemon are as follows:

Pidgey, NidoranF, NidoranM, Oddish, Abra, Machop, Bellsprout, Magnemite, Gastly, Rhyhorn, Porygon, Togepi, Mareep, Hoppip, Wooper*, Elekid, Magby, Wurmple, Lotad*, Seedot, Ralts, Surskit*, Slakoth, Whismur, Azurill, Aron, Trapinch, Corphish*, Bagon, Starly, Shinx, Budew, Happiny

[Any Pokemon that are starred (*) are found by Surfing on water.]

Items that may be found in the Black City market are:

Poké Ball, Luxury Ball, Max Repel, Fresh Water, Berry Juice, Fluffy Tail, Poké Doll, Fire Stone, Water Stone, Thunderstone, Leaf Stone, Moon Stone, Sun Stone, Shiny Stone, Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone, Oval Stone, Red Shard, Blue Shard, Yellow Shard, Green Shard, TinyMushroom, Big Mushroom, Pearl, Big Pearl, Stardust, Star Piece, Heart Scale, Rare Bone, Nugget

Items that might be found in White Forest are:

Poké Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball, Dive Ball, Nest Ball, Repeat Ball, Timer Ball, Red Shard, Blue Shard, Yellow Shard, Green Shard, Fire Stone, Thunderstone, Water Stone, Leaf Stone, Shiny Stone, Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone, Oval Stone, Dusk Stone, Dawn Stone (no Sun or Moon Stone!), Oval Stone, TinyMushroom, Big Mushroom, Stardust, Heart Scale, Rare Bone

As stated, prices in Black City are ridiculously high compared to other places. Take a regular Poké Ball for example. Normally, it's a measly $200, but in the special Black City market just one costs $10,000! It so happens that all nine of the evolution stones also cost $10,000, so at least the stuff you actually want is an okay price. Heart Scales and Oval Stones also fall under that pricing. Make sure not to buy stuff like Nuggets or Rare Bones though, since their only purpose is to be sold anyway and you most definitely do not make a profit.

Both Black City and White Forest have two things that are static across all games. Both have a Pokemon Center which contains the usual nurse and basic item store, which is probably a lot more preferable to buy Poke Balls in. The other thing is that there are two triple battles in each to take part in. These are just standard trainer fights though, so no rematches.

In Black City, the big central building with the item clerks has two trainers in it; a Backpacker and a gangster guy. The Backpacker has a Lv. 65 Tsunbeaa, Lv. 65 Doryuuzu and Lv. 65 Kuitaran, whereas the other guy has a Lv. 65 Gochiruzeru, Lv. 65 Waruvial and a Lv. 65 Denchura.

In White Forest, the house in the bottom left corner also has two triple battles. There's a teacher who uses a Lv. 65 Baibanira, a Lv. 65 Chillaccino and a Lv. 65 Shandera, and a school kid with a Lv. 65 Rankurusu, Lv. 65 Desukan and Lv. 65 Zuruzukin.

Once you're done in the area, head out the gatehouse to the bottom left of the area - it'll take us to Route 15, the final route in the game.

NOTE: There have been strange cases where people have entered Black City and White Forest for the first time and found absolutely nothing there aside from the Pokemon Center. White Forest has no grass, and Black City has no trainers inthe streets and has just packed up and gone. I've heard several things about this problem; some say that it's if you time travel too much, some say it's if you take too long to get there (ie days wise.) I've even heard some reports blaming it on the season, although that doesn't appear to be the truth.

Unfortunately, the only fix for an empty Black City or White Forest seems to be to use the High Link, which will refresh it. Unless you can do that, the place basically becomes completely useless to you. It's a pity, really.
Route 15

Trainer Pokemon: Hippowdon L63, Onix L63, Gligar L63 | Gulpin L62, Drifloon L62, Swablu L62, Spheal L62 | Altaria L65, Abomasnow L65 | Meditite L64, Hitmontop L64, Medicham L64 | Marowak L65, Exeggutor L65 | Mamanbou L65 + Oobemu L65 + Gigigear L65
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Fearow	Normal/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass	30%	N/A
Marowak	Ground	Grass, Tall Grass	20%	N/A
Gligar	Ground/Flying	Grass, Tall Grass	15%, 10%	Level Up with Razor Fang at Night
Dageki	Fighting	Grass, Tall Grass (Black)	15%	N/A
Nageki	Fighting	Grass, Tall Grass (White)	15%	N/A
Kangaskhan	Normal	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	N/A
Pupitar	Rock/Ground	Grass, Tall Grass	10%	Level 55
Miruhog	Normal	Tall Grass	5%	N/A
Mankey	Fighting	Swarm	40%	Level 28
Tabunne	Normal	Shaking Grass	75%	N/A
Emonga	Electric/Flying	Shaking Grass	10%	N/A
Nageki	Fighting	Shaking Grass (Black)	5%	N/A
Dageki	Fighting	Shaking Grass (White)	5%	N/A
Tyranitar	Fighting	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A
Gliscor	Ground/Flying	Shaking Grass	5%	N/A

Route 15 has a rather surprising Wild Pokemon - Tyranitar! Like Dragonite and Metagross before it, it is possible to encounter this beast in the wild, which has broken another tradition of the Pokemon series (the final forms of the 600 BST Pokemon not being found wild). Ironically, Tyranitar are found at Level 50. You'd think they'd be stronger than the wild Pupitar, but the Pupitar in the tall grass are actually about ten levels higher. Hmm.

The path splits up straight away as we enter the route; take the steps to the left up and fight the hiker on the bridge. He happens to be one of those trainers who speaks a different language in his dialogue.

A bit to the left is a rather large building. Enter and move forward to start getting raped by scientists. This is the PokeShifter building, where you can transfer Pokemon from your DPPtHGSS games. Once the scientists stop going on about excellence and badges, you'll be free to use the facility if you wish.

The way the PokeShifter works is through the use of the DS download play function. You will unfortunately need two DSes if you wish to transfer Pokemon across, so if you're not so lucky, perhaps borrowing a friend's DS will do the temporary trick.

When you want to transfer, have B/W in one DS in the PokeShifter building and one DS at the ready with DPPtHGSS in but not loaded. Talk to the scientist at the top and he'll let you start sending the download play signal. Navigate to the download play option on the DS menu with the other DS and select it and you will then be able to send any six Pokemon from any of your Gen IV eighteen boxes. Once they're transferred, you play a mini-game which you can retry instantly if you happen to fail. There's no limit to how many Pokemon you can send in one day, so keep going until you're done.

Note that there are two restrictions; you cannot send over Pokemon that know any of the eight (nine if you want to be technical) HM moves in Generation IV. This may also extend to Dive, but I'm not sure. The other is that the Pokemon cannot be holding any items. If any Pokemon fall under either of these, they will be greyed out when you select Pokemon from the boxes.

Going outside the building, there's still more in Route 15 to do. Head left from the PokeShifter building - passing a vending machine - and down the steps. There's a caravan here; inside is a woman who wants a Ditto. Remember I told you catching a Ditto would be useful? This is why. In exchange, she'll give you a Rotom, which - PokeShifter aside - is otherwise unobtainable in Black and White, so it's definitely a worthwhile trade. The Rotom comes at Level 60 with a Max Elixir attached. If you want to change the Rotom's form, it's possible to do so in the department store on Route 9. There's one separate room you can go in with a ton of boxes, and interacting with these boxes will allow you to pick an appliance for Rotom to possess. Changing Rotom's form changes both its type and stat spread in Gen V, as well as allowing it to learn a new move while it's in that form (Overheat, Hydro Pump, Leaf Storm, Blizzard or Air Slash.) I wouldn't recommend the Fan Rotom so much, but the rest can be pretty useful.

Below the caravan is a trainer to fight. Go down the steps afterwards and fight the trainer slightly to the right, who will give you a SITRUS BERRY for winning. Jump over the ledge to the right and then check the top left square for a hidden ULTRA BALL before jumping over the other. Go up and left so you can get to a higher part by going up some steps. Check the wall at the end of this tiny path for a MAX REVIVE. Go back and then fight the Battle Girl over to the right.

Move around the grass to the Strength boulder near the upper wall, then push it three spaces left. Go back around and push it up twice from the front, then go to the left side and push it in the hole. Go up the newly exposed steps; this is the tall grass, where you could quite comfortably get a Level 59 or 60 Pupitar. There's also a TM09, VENOM SHOCK to collect in the top right corner. With that, our collection of field TMs is complete! Every other TM is found either in a Poke Mart, through buying it with BP in the Battle Subway or in the case of TM95, through a special event.

Return down the stairs and fight the ranger to the right to get another SITRUS BERRY. Afterwards, push the Strength boulder to the right down three spaces EXACTLY, then push it ONCE from the left side, then ONCE from the top side and finally once from the left slide to get it into the hole. Grab the UP-GRADE, an item which will allow you to obtain Porygon2.

That's all for the main route; enter the gatehouse on the far left now. This gatehouse is designed a little differently from the others. In addition, there's a fight we can do. Talk to the Ace Trainer at the bottom and say Yes to get thrown into a battle. However, this one is a bit different. It's your first taste of a Triple Battle / Rotation Battle, depending on what version you're playing! Black players will see a regular triple battle, whereas White players will see a rotation battle. I've explained both types of fighting under the Hodomoe City section if you need reminding. She doesn't rematch you, unfortunately, so that's the only taste of the alternate triple fight you'll get (Wi-Fi aside). Go into the elevator at the top afterwards.
Wonder Bridge
Pokemon	Type	Location	Encounter Rate	Evolution Method
Swanna	Water/Flying	Bridge Spots	100%	N/A

The Wonder Bridge is a very technological looking bridge that connects Route 16 and Route 15 together, just like the Village Bridge does with Route 11 and Route 12.

Just go left; right by here you might see a girl flash and disappear instantly. This is a small ghost story - it seems a terrible accident happened years ago with a girl and her Abra, and she got teleported over the edge of the cliff (before the bridge was built, I believe) and died, to put it bluntly. Teleporting Pokemon can be dangerous.

As you go across, you might see some spots like on Hodomoe Drawbridge. These spots either will contain the EV feathers again, or a Wild Swanna (Koaruhie's evolution) which can range from Level 48 to Level 50.

Further across you'll find the girl with four Minezumi that ran out of the Village Bridge house ages ago. She'll play a mini-game with you if you say Yes to her question. It's one of those standard "find the specific object" games; one Minezumi will spin in the beginning to signify which the correct one is, then all four of them will begin dancing, swapping and jumping between each other to try and confuse you. Selecting the correct Minezumi will get you a BIG MUSHROOM as a reward.

A bit further across the Dark Trinity will appear and surround you! They'll apologize for their earlier actions and give you three items - the ADAMANT ORB, LUSTROUS ORB and GRISEOUS ORB. These three orbs are for Dialga, Palkia and Giratina respectively. The former two boost moves of their type (but only when held by their respective owners), whereas the Griseous Orb changes Giratina into its Origin Forme, as well as boosting moves of the same type as it.

A little further along again you'll see a man on the bridge. He tries to sell you something for $500. Sound familiar? Those of you who know RBY or FRLG might remember the salesman, who gave away a 'rare' Magikarp for $500. It's happening again, although this time, it actually IS rare, since this is the only way to obtain a Magikarp in Isshu. When you buy it from him, you'll receive your very own Magikarp at Level 5. I'd recommend it if you want Magikarp and Gyarados. You'll need a spare slot in your party, though.

A bit further left is the elevator, which will lead you down into the gatehouse that takes you out into Route 16. With that, we've covered every nook and cranny of Isshu! Only one thing remains - becoming Pokemon Champion.

The Elite Four and Champion have some rather high levels, so you'll want to be prepared for that. The highest level you'll be seeing is 77; if you can take on Cynthia fine then you should be able to handle these five.

If you need to train, you can either rematch Cynthia in Spring or use the trainers in the Raimon City sport domes. Remember that some particular trainers will give you items for beating them. On a Monday, Thursday or Sunday in the middle dome, there's even a doctor with a Level 65 Tabunne, which will give you some massive EXP, as well as a free Max Revive for beating him.

...Or, you can rematch a particular Game Freak employee every day. That's one thing I've not mentioned yet!

If you go to Hiun City, then into the street directly right of the Pokemon Center and into the first building on the right, you'll be in the Game Freak building. On the top floor, there is a gathering of three people near the bottom. The far left one will make the Team Rocket takeover music from HG/SS play, the middle will do nothing and the far right will challenge you to a battle!

GAMEFREAK MORIMOTO: Lepardas Lv.75, Yanakkiee Lv.75, Hiyakkiee Lv.75, Baokkieeee Lv.75, Kokoromori Lv.75, Zebraika Lv. 77

His team is pretty generic as far as things go, although his levels match with Cynthia and the Champion, so he's not so bad for EXP. Wasn't really a whole lot of effort put into this though; no custom sprite and no generic fight. At any rate, he'll rematch you once a day, so he's good for EXP if needed.

There's also the Royal Isshu which can be done once a day at evening. It's a pretty wide range of trainers to fight, so even without the VS Seeker it shouldn't be too hard to get any needed experience.

At any rate, when you're ready, make your way to the Pokémon League.
The Real Final Chapter

We've only the Elite Four and Champion left to do. Defeating them now will do something that did not happen when we beat N and Geechisu; it'll actually give you the rank of Pokemon Champion, and your trainer card will reflect as such! The whole objective of the games is to become the Champion, so it's not complete until we do this, wouldn't you say?

Once you've stocked up on healing items and healed up as usual in the left building, head inside the league. We'll be seeing levels from 71 to 77 here, so be on your guard. As before, you can do the Elite Four in any order you wish, which will then unlock the centre elevator allowing us access to the Champion.

If you happen to be curious, my team as I'm writing this is as follows:

Abagoura Lv. 67, Doryuuzu Lv. 68, Enbuoh Lv. 65, Musharna Lv. 66, Wargle Lv. 66, Doredia Lv. 65

It's perfectly possible to win even if you're somewhat underlevelled compared to them - like me - although you will need healing items. Hell, it's probably possible at even lower levels; I beat HGSS Red with Level ~60 Pokemon before, and I'm sure people have done it far lower than that. Strategy matters the most here, although levels do certainly help.

As with last time, I'm going to do the Elite Four in order from left to right. Entering the bottom left one will start us off in the Ghost themed room, where we can find our old friend Shikimi at the top.

I'll explain now the system that each Elite Four now has; rather than the four Pokemon they had before, they now have a full roster of six, as with what happened with HG/SS's E4 rematches (albeit they went from five to six.) The level spread has also increased massively. Previously, they were 48/48/48/50, but their Pokemon are now 71/71/71/71/71/73, meaning the levels have increased by 23! Let's just hope we can handle the firepower. Their rosters are composed of the same four as before, but with two extra Pokemon, one being a Hoenn Pokemon and one being a Sinnoh Pokemon (with one exception). They also all have a new lead Pokemon, again with one exception.

Also, to save me mentioning it every time, each Elite Four member now has four Full Restores to use.

Once you reach the top, talk to Shikimi to fight her and begin the first 'real' Elite Four match!

    Ghost-type Specialist
    Reward: $8760

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Desukan	Lv. 71	Ghost	Mummy	Psychic, Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball
Burungeru	Lv. 71	Water/Ghost	Cursed Body	Shadow Ball, Slime Wave, Psychic, Hydro Pump
Goruugu	Lv. 71	Ground/Ghost	Iron Fist	Curse, Hammer Arm, Earthquake, Shadow Punch
Froslass	Lv. 71	Ice/Ghost	Snow Cloak	Blizzard, Ice Shard, Shadow Ball, Psychic
Drifblim	Lv. 71	Ghost/Flying	Unburden	Thunder, Shadow Ball, Acrobat, Psychic
Shandera	Lv. 73	Ghost/Fire	Flame Body	Fire Blast, Psychic, Shadow Ball, Payback

    * Shikimi breaks the new lead rule by still opening with her Desukan. As you might recall from before, Desukan is a highly defensive Ghost-type with a unique ability in Mummy; any contact with it will result in the Pokemon's ability being changed to Mummy, which does nothing except spread around like a virus. Special attacks are still recommended although physical attacks do work, they just won't dent it as much. Its moveset (or her, rather) is the same as before, with the exception of Grass Knot having been changed into Energy Ball. If anything, this makes things easier, since Energy Ball is a fixed 80 power whereas Grass Knot could go as high as 120. The only thing you really need to watch out for - Mummy aside - is Will-O-Wisp, which will cut your Attack stat in half if it burns you. Ghosts are weak to Dark and Ghost, so something such as Crunch, Shadow Ball or Dark Pulse should work brilliantly. It's also worth noting that Shikimi doesn't seem to understand that substitutes block status, so if you have the TM90 from Mt. Neji then you might be able to just set up and sweep.

    * Burungeru has had her moveset changed a fair bit, having had three moves replaced. Hydro Pump can hit hard and Psychic can't hit quite so hard. Slime Wave is a new move you may be unfamiliar with; it's basically a Poison-type Surf. It's special, 95 power and has a 10% chance to poison anything it touches. It's not too threatening a move, although it can put up somewhat of a fight against Grass-types now. The Water/Ghost combination leaves it open to Dark, Ghost, Electric and Grass moves, although it has excellent HP and special defense stats, so don't necessarily expect to knock it out in one hit. It's one of those Pokemon that never seems to die immediately.

    * Goruggu has a much more varied moveset now, encompassing a powerful, reliable Fighting move in Hammer Arm as well as the Ghost-type Shadow Punch, which is relatively weak but does work off of Goruggu's typing as well as its respectable 124 base attack stat. Earthquake can still hurt a ton, and Curse will do nothing but help it, seeing as it is already incredibly slow. It's susceptible to Grass, Water, Ice, Ghost AND Dark, so it shouldn't be too hard to hit super effectively. As I said before, Grass Knot will work wonders.

    * Froslass is a new addition to her roster, and is also the break to the one Hoenn, one Sinnoh rule, although Froslass does come from Snorunt which IS a Hoenn Pokemon. Facts aside, Froslass is an interesting and unique Ice/Ghost typing, offering it decent offense. Froslass' stats don't support the offense quite so much, although with 110 base speed it is quite fast and is likely to outspeed a lot of your underlevelled Pokemon. Blizzard is bound to be able to do a number even with its average 80 special attack stat. Then there's Ice Shard which is an Ice-type priority move, and will pick off your low HP Pokemon in an instant. That might also be a chance to use a HP restoring item, however - if your Pokemon is on really low health and she can use Ice Shard then she WILL use Ice Shard without fail. Froslass is definitely frail, however, and a Fire, Ghost, Dark, Steel or Rock move will easily put her out of commission.

    * Drifblim is the other new Pokemon that Shikimi has. It's not an especially powerful Pokemon (although it DOES have 90 base special attack) but it is full of HP and its speed isnt too bad. Its terrible defenses mean it should fall quickly, especially to Ghost, Dark, Electric, Ice or Rock attacks. It can't do a whole lot with its attacks, although you might want to watch out for Thunder and its 30% chance to paralyze, as well as Acrobat being 165 base power due to Drifblim holding no item.

    * Shandera remains as Shikimi's main, and hasn't changed her moveset at all. It's exactly the same as before, so as long as you can handle high power Fire Blast attacks you should be fine. It isn't that fast so a quick Earthquake or Surf should dent it just fine. As usual, it's weak to Ghost and Dark, as well as Water, Rock and Ground on account of its Water typing. Just don't send out anything Fire weak against it, unless you're sure it can take Shandera down in one hit and one hit only.

Next on the list is Giima, in the back left room. As before, let yourself be taken up the rotating carpet and challenge him to a fight.

    Dark-type Specialist
    Reward: $8760

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Sharpedo	Lv. 71	Water/Dark	Rough Skin	Waterfall, Night Slash, Earthquake, Aqua Jet
Zuruzukin	Lv. 71	Dark/Fighting	Overconfidence	Head Smash, Crunch, Poison Jab, Brick Break
Waruvial	Lv. 71	Ground/Dark	Intimidate	Outrage, Knock Down, Trickery, Earthquake
Lepardas	Lv. 71	Dark	Limber?	Fake Out, Night Slash, Aerial Ace, Attract
Drapion	Lv. 71	Poison/Dark	Battle Armor?	Poison Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Crunch
Kirikizan	Lv. 73	Dark/Steel	Competitive Spirit	X-Scissor, Night Slash, Guillotine, Aerial Ace

    * Sharpedo makes an appearance at Giima's lead. Anyone who has played RSE will probably recognise this shark, which appeared very commonly when fishing with the Super Rod in the Hoenn region. Sharpedo's strength lies in its fast speed - 120 base - which will probably let it outspeed a lot of your Pokemon. Aside from that, it has a decent attack and special attack, the former of which it uses in earnest with four physical moves. Aqua Jet is priority, like Froslass' Ice Shard, and Giima will use it to pick off low HP Pokemon if possible. Sharpedo falls in the fact that it is INCREDIBLY frail. It has several weaknesses to target if you want, but any hard hit will make it fall. Rough Skin can damage you a little bit but it shouldn't be much to worry about. On a side note, how the hell does a shark learn Earthquake but Zekrom and Reshiram don't?

    * Zuruzukin returns - albeit with a gender change - with some much more powerful moves. Or at least, Id like to say that, but the only new move it gets is Head Smash. Head Smash is very powerful, however; it's a Rock-type move with a grand 150 base power, so it's going to hurt anything it connects with heavily unless a high defense stat or resistance is factored in. The good side (for you) is that half of the HP it takes off from the target is deducted from its own HP. It's a high power, but high recoil move. Aside from that, it's the same. Flying and Fighting are the only two things that can hit this gangster effectively.

    * Waruvial returns half the same, half with two new moves. Its Dragon Claw has now been replaced with Outrage, also a Dragon-type move which is 40 base power higher, but locks the user into the move for two or three turns, confusing them at the end. As Waruvial doesn't receive the STAB bonus on it, it's probably more beneficial to you, although it's worth noting only Steel can resist a Dragon attack. It also has the addition of Knock Down, a Rock move which can knock your Flying or levitating Pokemon out of the air, leaving them susceptible to Ground-type attacks. You'll want to be careful with a Pokemon like Skarmory. Otherwise, it's the same relatively frail red crocodile. Smack it with a Water, Grass, Fighting, Ice or Bug move for extra effect.

    * Lepardas is exactly the same as before, and still wants to annoy you. It will ALWAYS use Fake Out on turn one unless you have a Ghost out, then attempt to Attract and sweep with its mediocre stats. I'd like to say ignore it and move on, but we have to beat it. Fighting and Bug is best, but smack it with anything for a good deal of damage.

    * Giima's second new Pokemon is the ever rampant Drapion, a Poison/Dark who DPPt players may remember as Aaron's main Pokemon. Drapion's main annoyance is that it only has one single weakness in Ground. If you have a Doryuuzu or just something with Earthquake, great. If not, you're just going to have to smack it as hard as you can, and with its actually decent defenses it might be annoying. Thankfully its moveset isn't too bad. The only thing you really need to watch out for is Poison Fang's 20% to inflict toxic poison. I suppose there's the decently powerful Crunch which it gets STAB on, but it's nothing too big.

    * Kirikizan remains as his main, and with a unique typing and powerful attack strength it should save the day, but alas it is slow so it doesn't do so well. Special attacks are the ideal way to go here due to its comparatively heavily different defensive stats. Fighting will do a huge amount - a quick Mach Punch in particular will KO it pretty much instantly - as will Fire or Ground. No other weaknesses as the two Dark weaknesses are covered by the Steel, but it's honestly not hard to deal with. The only change to its moveset is the removal of the relatively useless Metal Claw for the infamous OHKO move Guillotine, which has 30% accuracy when Kirikizan's level matches yours and gains accuracy for each level you are below it. If you're above Level 73, then there's no need to worry, but otherwise the threat is there.

Once Giima is done, we have the Psychic-type specialist Caitlin to deal with. As always, she lies in the back right room. She'll get out of bed again, allowing you to challenge her... again.

    Psychic-type Specialist
    Reward: $8760

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Musharna	Lv. 71	Psychic	Synchronize	Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Psychic, Reflect
Rankurusu	Lv. 71	Psychic	Dust-proof?	Psychic, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, Thunder
Shinpora	Lv. 71	Psychic/Flying	Miracle Skin	Psychic, Air Slash, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon
Gochiruzeru	Lv. 71	Psychic	Frisk	Payback, Psychic, Thunderbolt, Flatter
Bronzong	Lv. 71	Steel/Psychic	Levitate	Flash Cannon, Psychic, Payback, Charge Beam
Metagross	Lv. 73	Steel/Psychic	Clear Body	Earthquake, Giga Impact, Zen Headbutt, Bullet Punch

    * Caitlin's lead has switched, but not to one of her new Pokemon; rather, we now see Musharna come out first. Musharna is as bulky as ever; great HP, good special defense and slightly worse defense make it a hefty job to take this thing out in one hit. You might be able to manage two, but you'll have to hope Hypnosis doesn't shut you down. Dark, Ghost and Bug are the best against Psychic-types as always. On that note, if you have a Dark-type out against Musharna, Caitlin will switch immediately since she can't hit it at all. She can put it to sleep, but her AI is too dumb to do that.

    * Rankurusu hasn't changed in the least, keeping the exact same moveset. As always, you'll want to be careful of its high powered moves off of its powerful Special Attack, but it's still slow all the same. It's generally better to hit it physically if possible, but its high HP will cushion a few blows. Just watch out for its massive type coverage!

    * Shinpora is almost the same as before, just with Shadow Ball exchanged for Flash Cannon. While Flash Cannon is a tiny bit more powerful, the change isn't really worth it, as Steel is an absolutely terrible offensive type. Take this psycho bird out ASAP, rather than trying to nerf it or anything. Dark and Ghost will work, as well as any of the three weaknesses Flying Pokemon possess.

    * Gochiruzeru is no longer Caitlin's main and has been relegated to one of the standard Pokemon. She possesses a slightly changed moveset, now utilizing the somewhat useless Flatter and the even more useless Payback (in her hands). Thunderbolt and Psychic are still the same as ever, but now Gochiruzeru can't even set up on you. Flatter will confuse you and raise your special attack, which may well be a blessing as confusion damage is decided through attack alone. Payback is a Dark-type move which doubles in power if the user goes last; while this is likely to happen, Gochiruzeru isn't meant to attack physically, so it probably won't do much damage anyway. Its bulk practically matches Rankurusu, so don't necessarily expect to take it out in one hit. A pure Psychic typing means that Dark and Ghost attacks are again the way to go.

    * The first of Caitlin's new Pokemon is the annoying Bronzong; you never seem to get a Psychic expert without a Bronzong anymore. Caitlin has one, Lucian has one and Will gets one in his HGSS rematch. Sabrina seems to be the only exception to the rule. This Bronzong comes with the Levitate ability, making it completely immune to Ground-type attacks. As such, the only weaknesses you can hit this wall with is Fire. All the same, it has the capabilities to be a pain, with Charge Beam there to raise its special attack. Thankfully, Bronzong's decent Attack stat is barely applied, used only for Payback, which might do a little more in Bronzong's hands than it did in Gochiruzeru's.

    * This lady's main Pokemon is now the incredible Metagross, who shares Bronzong's typing but has a great stat spread resulting in a 600 BST. Metagross' strong points lie in Attack and Defense. Caitlin uses this Attack to great measure, with all four of its attacks being physical. It's a little strange how it doesn't learn Meteor Mash, but Bullet Punch doubles as a priority move which will pick off your low HP Pokemon. She'll probably main Zen Headbutt otherwise, which isn't terribly strong but might be annoying. Metagross' ability also means you can't reduce its stats; my suggestion would be to hit it with a Fire or Ground move as soon as you can. It has much weaker special defense, so that would be a preferable course of action.

Thus we have one Elite Four member remaining, the Fighting-type specialist Renbu. Head into the last room and ride the fighting ring up to the top, and begin the final fight of the Elite Four!

    Fighting-type Specialist
    Reward: $8760

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Breloom	Lv. 71	Grass/Fighting	Effect Spore	Spore, Mach Punch, Sky Uppercut, Grass Knot
Nageki	Lv. 71	Fighting	Guts?	Earthquake, Superpower, Retaliation, Grass Knot
Dageki	Lv. 71	Fighting	Sturdy	Close Combat, Stone Edge, Poison Jab, Retaliation
Kojondo	Lv. 71	Fighting	Inner Focus	U-Turn, Fake Out, Acrobat, Hi Jump Kick
Toxicroak	Lv. 71	Poison/Fighting	Anticipation	Earthquake, Toxic, Venom Shock, Ankle Sweep
Roopushin	Lv. 73	Fighting	Guts?	Hammer Arm, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Payback

    * Renbu's main has swapped to the Hoenn Breloom, whose typing is almost unique, shared only by the legendary Virizion. Breloom has a high Attack stat - very different from its pre-evolution, Shroomish - and some interesting moves to use with it. Mach Punch acts as Renbu's priority move, but he also has the annoying Spore, a 100% accurate sleep move which is sure to make you cry. Sky Uppercut works as a main attack; Grass Knot runs off Breloom's subpar Special Attack, so that won't be much of a problem. Flying definitely works best on this Pokemon, hitting its quadruple weakness. Alternatively, you can try Fire, Psychic, Ice or even Poison moves to hit it effectively.

    * Nageki has now shifted to slot two, and is as bulky as ever. It's basically stolen Dageki's set from before, including the completely inappropriate Grass Knot which is terrible on its poor Special Attack stat. Superpower is a 120 power Fighting move which may be a pain, and Earthquake can put the hurt on you. Retaliation won't be a problem unless it hits you with it right after Breloom (or something else) is killed. Flying and Psychic are the two weaknesses that Fighting-types possess. OHKOing Nageki takes a lot of power, however; it's a surprisingly bulky Pokemon.

    * Dageki's moveset has changed to much more efficiently use its stats. The result has left it with the very powerful Close Combat, which matches in power with Superpower and causes only its defenses to drop after use. Close Combat will hurt a lot from this thing, and Stone Edge might also do a number. Retaliation is again only a problem if its base power gets doubled. Poison Jab probably won't be a problem at all, so Close Combat is the only real danger. Remember it has Sturdy! You won't be able to knock it out in one hit.

    * Kojondo has been shifted into a regular position, but is still a team player with the use of the U-turn move, which allows it to flee and switch into another Pokemon on Renbu's team. It also has Fake Out - which it will probably use on the first turn - and a no-item Acrobat, allowing for a pretty powerful Flying move. The most dangerous move by far is Hi Jump Kick, which has been boosted to a massive 130 power as of Generation V. A hit from this attack WILL hurt, although should it miss somehow (whether by bad accuracy or hitting a Ghost) Kojondo will be dealt damage itself. It is still fast, so you might want to be careful handling this one.

    * Toxicroak is Renbu's second new Pokemon and is not much of a threat at all. While it has some decent attack, it can only really take advantage of it with an unSTABed Earthquake, as well as the STABed but weaker Ankle Sweep. The use of Toxic allows Venom Shock to activate its double damage effect, but as Venom Shock runs off of special attack it's not likely to be too dangerous (although Toxicroak's special attack is surprisingly decent at 86.) Psychic will knock this one out instantly, although Flying and Ground can also hurt.

    * Renbu's main is now Roopushin, whose strong stats make it a force to contend with. It's slow as all hell and has a subpar special defense, but is otherwise very bulky with 105 HP and 95 defense, and then you have its extreme 140 attack to deal with, with every point aimed right at you and your Pokemon. Roopushin gains the use of Hammer Arm in this rematch, giving it a powerful Fighting move to make use of. There's also the standard QuakeEdge for great coverage, and Payback to hurt Psychic and Ghost Pokemon that you may try to send out against it. A good, quick, powerful Psychic would be the best way to knock it out, but you can try Flying-type attacks too - just be careful of Stone Edge!

With that, all four Elite Four members have been defeated and we can take on the Champion! Warp out to the main area and interact with the elevator to begin the descent down to the huge steps that we saw before.

Head up the steps and you'll reach the Champion's Chamber. Head inside and go up to find Adeku waiting - by himself, this time. His hair will suddenly blow in the wind, and after some pre-battle dialogue the fight for the Champion title begins!

    Various Types
    Reward: $15400

Pokemon	Level	Type	Ability	Attacks
Agirudaa	Lv. 75	Bug	Hydration?	Bug Buzz, Focus Blast, Energy Ball, Me First
Buffalon	Lv. 75	Normal	Herbivore	Afro Break, Megahorn, Stone Edge, Earthquake
Crimgan	Lv. 75	Dragon	Rough Skin	Outrage, Superpower, Payback, Night Slash
Baibanira	Lv. 75	Ice	Ice Body	Blizzard, Light Screen, Flash Cannon, Acid Armor
Shubarugo	Lv. 75	Bug/Steel	Swarm?	X-Scissor, Giga Impact, Iron Head, Aerial Ace
Ulgamoth	Lv. 77	Bug/Fire	Flame Body	Butterfly Dance, Overheat, Bug Buzz, Hyper Beam

    * Adeku's team is composed of various types, although Bug is a dominant theme in his team, with three Pokemon having it as a primary type. Having a Bug using Champion is interesting, to say the least.

    * He leads with Agirudaa, which you will have seen only once unless you raised one yourself. As a refresher, Agirudaa is an incredibly fast Pokemon at 145 base speed, beaten only by the likes of Deoxys (sans defense forme) and Ninjask. Poor Electrode... Anyway, Agirudaa also has a decent special attack to use, and this stat is reflected in its moveset. Its moves can hurt decently, particularly Bug Buzz which has both power and a good offensive type. Of note is Me First, an interesting attack that - if it goes before the opponent - will use the attack the opponent was juts about to use with the base power multiplied by 1.5 (effectively, free STAB.) It's useless if you use a non attacking move, however. Don't expect to move before this thing, but hitting it with an attack will put a heavy dent in it, if not knock it out. Its defense in particular is very weak, with a measly 40 base. As a reminder, Bug types are weak to Fire, Flying and Rock.

    * Buffalon is one buffalo that we've seen before in the hands of Geechisu, and it's as annoyingly defensive as ever. Despite being something that looks fast, it isn't, but it has the defenses and attack strength to back itself up. Adeku in particular uses its attack well, with four powerful moves. Afro Break especially can be a pain, being a 120 power Normal move that will hit damn hard. In fact, none of its attacks have a base power below 100, so this is one hell of a bull to deal with. Both of its defenses are equal, so there's no defined way to go with taking this bull down. As always, Fighting is the best way to take a Normal-type down. Just note that this buffalo is not effected at all by both Ghost and - thanks to its Herbivore ability - Grass. Watch out that you don't raise its attack!

    * Crimgan is something you will probably remember from the Souryuu Gym. It's slow, but has good attack strength which it can utilize with Outrage, which can dent pretty much everything except Steel Pokemon. It does carry Superpower to attempt to counter Steels, then two Dark moves for some reason or another. Ice or Dragon is the only way to hit this thing super effective and as with Buffalon it has equal defenses, so attack it how you choose. You might want to watch out for Rough Skin, although it's not likely to be much of a problem.

    * Baibanira is back as our friendly neighbour ice cream cone that is ready to freeze and kill you. It's not an especially powerful Pokemon and has only Blizzard and Flash Cannon to hit you, although it can't be denied that Ice makes a good offensive type. Though it has ways to increase both of its defenses, it shouldn't be too hard to take down. As a reminder, Ice-types are weak to Fire, Rock, Steel and Fighting. You get plenty to choose from.

    * Shubarugo is also something that you won't have seen much; it's one of the slowest Pokemon in the game, though with a high attack stat and decent defenses. Shubarugo happens to possess the most powerful Megahorn in the game, but Adeku doesn't use it, instead utilizing the weaker X-Scissor. As far as things go, it's pretty standard. Bug/Steel leaves Shubarugo with only one huge hole - a quadruple weakness to Fire. Any Fire attack will take it down pretty much instantly, unless there's a severe level difference or a bad stat involved.

    * Adeku's main Pokemon is the powerful Ulgamoth, a Bug/Fire with a strong 550 BST. It specializes highly in special attack, special defense and speed and can increase all three of these at once with the dangerous Butterfly Dance, which you do not want to let it use too many times. Bug Buzz and Hyper Beam are bound to hurt normally, but especially after a Butterfly Dance or two, although Hyper Beam does still have the recharge turn penalty. Overheat works both ways - it's incredibly powerful, but drops the special attack level by two, which might well eliminate any special attack boosts it gets. In addition, if you have something out that is weak to Fire, Adeku will probably keep using Overheat despite the stat drops, which might work to your advantage. Don't be intimidated by its high level and stats - it's perfectly possible to take it down. Its type leaves it open to several other offensive types. Most notably, it has a quadruple weak to Rock, but can also be hurt by Water and Flying. You'll want to attack it physically if possible, as Ulgamoth's special defense is high and will keep increasing with Butterfly Dance. If you have Rock Slide, Stone Edge or some other Rock move, use it!

With that, Adeku is beaten, and we are officially the Pokemon Champion. The storyline is complete! You'll be taken into the Hall of Fame, your Pokemon registered, and then the credits will play, signifying the end.

With that, the main game is finished. Of course, there's still stuff to do - complete your PokeDex, take part in the Battle Subway, etcetera. The main walkthrough ends here, but there's more information found in the sections below!
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